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#Bucky x OFC
uprootbasic · 13 hours ago
Imagine that the reader is married to stucky and they have two twin daughters. Now they both are planning with their mum for surprising their dadies in on father's day. A lot of fluff on how they surprise him🥺🥺🥺
strength is something you choose
pairing: Stucky x Reader
warnings: pure fluff!
a/n: thank you for the request and I hope you enjoy! happy fathers day! title is from I Learned From You by Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus.
Tumblr media
Bucky was the first to wake up.
he rolled over, and his heart sank when he saw that you weren’t there. then, he remembered it was father’s day, and you were most likely in the kitchen with your two girls, Grace and Aurorra.
his eyes traveled to Steve, who was still sound asleep on his side of the bed. his arm was still extended over the bed, having not moved from when you slithered out of this grasp. Bucky slid over, and lifted the arm, cuddling himself underneath, and next to his husband. Steve grunted slightly and mumbled something about Tony being an asshole, his hand fisting in Bucky’s shirt, but he settled down again.
Bucky lifted a hand, and traced Steve’s lips, always cherry red and kissable. he ran his flesh hand through the light brown, almost red, hair of his facial hair that Steve let grow after the girls were born. he never had time to shave when they were newborns, and it just became habit. it was short but thick, a manageable length, while also incredibly soft, a sign that he took care of it religiously, which he did. he didn’t want to scratch up the skin of his little girls, or you and Bucky, despite how much you and Bucky claim to love his beard burn.
Bucky leant up, and pressed a kiss to the lips of his husband, who stirred, and kissed him back. “i love you.” Bucky whispered. “thank you for making me a daddy.” Steve laughed quietly, and pulled Bucky closer.
“you were made for it. even in the fourties, i hoped that some way, some how, we’d be parents. i saw the way you were with Becca. you were meant to be a father, baby.” he whispered, and Bucky chuckled.
“taking care of you gave me good experience with that.” he said and Steve pressed another kiss to his lips. he was rolled onto his back, Steve slotting his body between Bucky’s legs, the kiss deepening. Steve pulled his lips off of Bucky's for a brief moment. "happy fathers day," Steve said, smiling down at the man he'd never thought he'd get to marry. just as Bucky opened his mouth to respond, the door opened, and your two little girls, followed by you, came barrelling in the room.
"Daddy! Papa!" Aurorra screamed, climbing on the bed. Steve pushed himself off of Bucky, and pulled Aurorra into his lap, while Grace climbed on top Bucky, and snuggled into his chest. "made you b'ekfast," Grace said.
"thank you baby girls, that was so sweet of you." Bucky said, running his hands through Grace's hair, prompting giggles from her. the twins, while polar opposites, were 100% Steve. that was never in question. when the three of you were trying to conceive, Bucky was just coming off of his medication, so his sex drive was virtually non existent, so the three of you made the decision that Steve would biologically father the first baby. one baby ended up being two, and you swore after that that you would only have Bucky's babies.
Aurorra was high energy and excitable, and could be a little bossy at times, which was Steve out in the field, where as Grace was more mellow and quiet, and desperate to be a good person, which was Steve at home.
you set the tray with both of your husbands breakfast down before pressing a kiss to Bucky's lips. you bit your lips before your next sentence. "did you see their shirts?" you asked, and both men looked at you, before lifting their respective girl away from their bodies to look at the shirts on the 3 year olds.
"big sister?" Bucky said, utterly confused.
Aurorra felt her pockets, and gave you a panicked look just before Grace sat up. "oh, I have it Rors, we mixed up our pants." she said, before pulling out a small stick from her pocket.
Bucky sat up and read it. he quickly deciphered what the two lines meant, and looked back at you in shock. "you're pregnant?" he asked, looking between you and Steve, who had a knowing look on his face.
"yeah I am, baby." you said. you ran a hand through his hair, and smiled at the look of disbelief on his face. his eyebrows pinched together as he did the math. he looked back at you, tears rimming in his blue eyes. "is it-" he asked, unable to finish the sentence.
"yeah, baby. it's yours." you said, and hugged Bucky to your chest as he sobbed in happiness. you turned to the girls. "why don't you two go and get your presents for Dada and Papa." you said, and the girls nodded, before jumping off the bed and running out of the room, talking about where they hid them.
"I-it's mine?" Bucky asked as he was pulled into Steve's arms.
"yeah sweetie. I didn't say that I'd only have your babies from now on for no reason." you said, just as the girls came back in with two gift bags. one red, for Steve, the blue one for Bucky. they took their respective bags, and opened them, both boys tearing up at the pictures inside.
"of course the got your art skills," Bucky said, admiring the gold and black arm that was from Aurorra, judging by the writing on the bottom that looked more like Anrna than her actual name. he looked over at Steve who was complimenting Grace on how well she drew his shield.
Bucky pulled Aurorra into his lap, and pressed a kiss to her cheeks. "you're such an artist, aren't ya doll?" and she nodded.
"yeah, Daddy. so is Grace." Bucky pressed another kiss to her cheeks before pulling you into bed with the others. Aurorra climbed out of your lap to go compliment her sisters work, and Bucky placed his hand on your lower belly.
"thank you so much, this means so much to me." he whispered, and you smiled at him.
"happy fathers day."
Tumblr media
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buck-buck-boose · 19 hours ago
I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky x OFC
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 3.2k
Author’s Note: Lottie is going through it in this chapter. Teenage boys suck sometimes.
Chapter Five: The First Heartbreak
October 18, 1934
“C’mon, you know we can’t play a proper game without another player!” A voice called in the distance.
Bucky responded with a snort, “Since when have we been playing proper games here?”
Lottie stood behind the wire fence, observing it all. She didn’t come to watch the ball games often, since she usually went straight to her job at the corner store after school. Mr. Edwards had given her the day off, so she stood next to Dolores Grant and watched the upperclassman boys play their ballgame.
“Well what other options do we have, Barnes?”
Lottie’s gaze was drawn towards Bucky, all broad shoulders, taut muscle, and blue, blue eyes. Gosh, they could probably swallow her whole; sometimes it felt like she was drowning in those eyes, left sputtering and out of breath. She’d noticed it happening more often as of late; in past years, her affections has simmered under the surface, they were manageable. It seemed that ever since she’d entered high school, it was so much harder to contain.
Her best friend left her so utterly speechless and flustered.
“I’ve got a trick up my sleeve,” Bucky grinned, running a hand through his dark hair, “Little Lottie, c’mere!”
Lottie went through the metal gate in the fence, shooting Bucky a questioning look. She could feel Dolores’ gaze hot on her back— she had some obsession with their relationship —as she strode up to Bucky.
“Alright, have you ever hit a baseball?” Bucky walked to the fence and grabbed a wooden baseball bat.
“You’re seriously gonna make me fill in for Gordie?” Lottie asked in exasperation. She wasn’t dressed for the activity at all, her feet clad in oxfords, with her best skirt on, no less!
“Well I don’t think Dot would be too keen on gettin’ all sweaty with us boys…” Bucky trailed off, rubbing the back of her neck.
Lottie ignored the spark of annoyance that coursed through her, “Just give me the bat, Buck.”
A few wolf-whistles came in from the outfield as she stepped up to the plate; she rolled her eyes at them and situated her feet. Before she knew if, the ball was thrown and she missed it terribly.
“Little Lottie, you gotta actually look at the ball when you swing!” Bucky called from first base, “Yeah, I kinda figured that out,” she retorted.
She heard a distant, “You got this Lottie!” from left field. “Thanks, Stevie!” She called, sending him a grin.
The second ball was sent her way, but it was another swing and a miss. She let out a groan of frustration and Bucky jogged up to her.
“Little Lottie, you’re holdin’ the bat all wrong, lemme show you.” He grabbed her by the shoulders and adjusted her positioning. She was completely unprepared for the feeling of his hands sliding over hers and he moved her hands further down the bat. She was nearly sent reeling when she felt the light pressure of his chest against her back as he moved her arms. She briefly wondered if the boys on the field noticed their proximity.
And as quickly as the moment began, he was gone, leaving her with a properly positioned grip on her bat, and a deep ache in her bones that would not leave.
This time, she managed to actually hit the ball, but Bucky caught it and stepped on the base before she could get there. She teasingly scowled at him while he winked and crowed, “Atta girl!” Steve sent her a congratulatory holler from his position.
“Well that sure was cute,” Dolores smiled, “you and Bucky sure are close, aren’t you?” Damn Dolores for being so nice. It would be so much easier to hate her if she was ditzy or rude, but she was a genuinely nice girl. Of course Bucky would be chasing a girl like that.
“We’ve been friends for a few years, I guess you could say that makes us close” Lottie shrugged.
“Well I’m just so jealous of you, y’know,” Dolores giggled, “If Bucky gave me half as much attention as he gave you, I’d just die of happiness.”
Lottie furrowed her brow, “Well I’m just like another kid sister to him, it’s nothing really. Bucky’d be 100 percent certifiable for not going after a girl as pretty as you.”
It always saddened Lottie to come to terms with her relationship with Bucky; he teased her and showed her affection, but it was never more than in a brotherly sense. She responded in kind, lest her true feelings be revealed.
Dolores cheered for one of the boys’ plays and then turned to her, “That’s very sweet of you, Lottie. But you must know how pretty you are. I’d give anything to have those curls of yours.”
Lottie blushed at the compliment and averted her gaze, not knowing how to respond. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like Dolores was looking for one, because she went back to cheering on the boys. The teams had switched positions, and evidently, they’d given up on using her as an extra player. Bucky was up to bat, and shot Dolores a grin, “Hey Dot, if I get a home run will you go down to the dance hall with me tonight?”
Dolores giggled, “You don’t even have to get a home run! Just swing the damn bat!”
Lottie internally groaned. How sickening. Sure enough, he swung the bat and got a home run. She hadn’t exactly planned on hanging out with Bucky all evening, but she’d been hoping for it. On these sorts of nights, she’d usually head down to an ice cream shop with Steve and Bucky to have a milkshake, but now she was stuck with a night of doing homework. She tried not to get too worked up— Bucky was 17, nearly an adult, he had the right to do anything he wanted for the rest of the evening. Dolores was a perfectly nice girl who could probably dance exceptionally; she and Bucky would have a wonderful time.
And Lottie would be stuck thinking about it all night from her little tenement’s fire escape.
The ball game continued for a little while longer; once it was over, Bucky jogged over to the fence, “Alright Little Lottie, Steve and I’ll walk you home.”
One of the other boys in the group muttered to the others, “She’s not so little though, is she? I mean have you seen her ti—?”
Before the boy could finish his sentence, Bucky whirled around and gritted his teeth, “I think it would be in your best interest, pal, if you shut your fuckin’ mouth before you give me even more of a reason to beat you into next Tuesday. I hear her name from you lips again, you’ll have me and Steve to answer to. Now piss off.”
Steve added on a more stern note, “Every man knows better than to talk about a dame like that, especially in her presence. If you talk about our Lottie like that again, you’ll sure be sorry.”
Lottie and Dolores stared at each other, speechless from the interaction. Lottie had heard similar comments at school, sure, but it still hurt to hear. To be talking about in such a raunchy manner left her feeling so dirty, so violated, even though he hadn’t so much as touched her. As a young girl, she hadn’t received much attention from her male peers; she simply hadn’t grown into her looks at that point. Now that she was more developed and feminine, she attracted attention; it was quite unwanted and caused her a lot of discomfort.
Bucky turned to Dolores, face still red with anger, “I’ll see you tonight at eight. I’ll come by your place to pick you up.”
Dolores nodded and smiled thinly, still a little shaken up.
Bucky grabbed Lottie’s arm and stalked away from the vacant lot, Steve in tow.
“Sorry ‘bout the language earlier,” Bucky grimaced, not looking at her. “Oh as if in all the years I’ve been friends with the two of you, I haven’t heard the word ‘fuck’ before.” She said, sarcasm laced throughout her reply.
“Yeah, well I’m also apologizin’ for Robert’s language. Geez I shouldn’t’ve even given him a warning, I should’ve just socked him in the nose—“ before Bucky could continue, Lottie freed her arm from his grip and placed a hand on his shoulder.
“Buck, it’s alright. Yeah, what he said was real nasty, but it’s nothing I haven’t heard before. If a guy ever gives me trouble, I know to go for the nuts and use my elbow as much as possible.” Bucky cracked a grin at the last part, letting out a laugh, “I guess I taught you self defense against guys pretty well,” he became more solemn, though, and glanced at Steve.
“I just hate the way guys talk about girls like that. Especially when it’s you; just gets under my skin, y’know? Some guys are stupid and only care about one thing, but you don’t deserve a guy like that…” Bucky trailed off, scuffing his shoes along the sidewalk.
Steve interjected, “That’s why any gentleman callers will have to go through a vetting process with Bucky and yours truly to make sure you’re getting only the cream of the crop.”
Lottie rolled her eyes, “That’ll leave me with no chance of finding love whatsoever because Bucky here will do anything to find something wrong with them and then threaten to beat them up if they ever approach me,” she turned to Bucky, sending him a playful scowl, “If I turn out to me a crotchety old spinster, I’m blaming you.”
Bucky guffawed at that, eyes sparkling, “Little Lottie, we’d never let that happen to you. We can’t let our best girl turn out to be a spinster.”
The group of them crossed the last street that led to her tenement, and they continued down the block.
“How thoughtful of you,” Lottie responded, climbing the stone steps in front of the tenement, “And thank you boys, really, for what you did earlier. I’ve gotten sorta used to those comments at school, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. You two always treat me so well.” She thanked them earnestly, a genuine smile breaking out across her face.
“Anything for our best girl,” Bucky and Steve said solemnly.
Lottie raised her eyebrows, “Don’t let Dot hear you say that Buck, you better run along and get ready for that date. Don’t keep her waiting!”
“Y’know, I was actually gonna invite you and Steve to come along. Whaddya say?” Bucky grinned, looking at the two of them. Her mother would surely kill her, but she didn’t care, “I’m game if you are Stevie.” She grinned slyly at him while he sighed, “I don’t seem to have a choice do I? I’m in. I’ll come pick you up here at eight. Then we can all meet up at the dance hall.”
Lottie nodded at the two of them, “Sounds like a plan.”
Admittedly, Lottie only had one nice dress for going out, so she donned the same blue dress that she’d worn last time she went out to the dance hall. It was a comfortable dress that gathered at her growing curves and flared out at her waist, the skirt dancing around her legs.
She didn’t have much in terms of make-up besides mascara and borrowed lipstick from her mother. Lottie pinned her curls away from her face and examined herself in the mirror. Her curls had become frizzy throughout the day and there were a few wrinkles in her dress; she didn’t look her best, but it would have to do.
At eight, Lottie stepped outside her tenement to find Steve waiting outside, sporting a nice set of trousers, a button up, and a tie. She grinned at him slyly, “Whaddya know, looks like I’m stepping out with the best looking fella tonight.”
Steve returned her smile, offering his arm for her to take, “And all the other guys will be dripping with envy when they see I’ve got the prettiest dame—“ she gave him a pointed, but teasing look “—lady on my arm tonight.”
She hummed, “We’ll see about that.”
They walked to the dance hall arm in arm, chatting about work, school, and anything under the sun. Steve really was the perfect gentleman, standing closest to the curb and keeping her hand securely on his arm.
When they approached the entrance of the dance hall, she could already her a woman crooning ‘On The Sunny Side of the Street.’
“C’mon Steve, let’s go get our boogie-woogie on,” Lottie winked, striding through the door he held open for her. Inside, there was a mass of people; many were pressed together, swaying to the music, while others were sitting at the bar, smoking and drinking.
“May I have this dance, little miss?” Steve asked, causing Lottie to giggle. He and Bucky continued to use such endearments despite the fact that she was a full-fledged teenager and even had an inch on Steve— much to his chagrin. “But of course,” she smiled, taking his hand and allowing him to lead her onto the dance floor.
“D’you think you could keep a look out for Buck and Dolores? They probably got here before us,” Steve asked, trying to scan the crowd. Lottie nodded, trying to catch a glimpse of red hair or Bucky’s tall figure. She frowned when she came up with nothing; maybe they weren’t even there yet.
“I’m not seein’ ‘em anywhere, Stevie. I’m sure they’ll turn up,” she shrugged. The end of the song was signaled by a swell of trumpets and appreciative applause from the audience. “Would you mind grabbing me a glass of water? I’m gonna go have a look around and try to find Bucky and Dolores,” Lottie inquired, glancing about the room once more.
“Of course,” he nodded, “I’ll wait for you by the bar.” She smiled softly at him and weaved her way through the crowd. The singer took a break and the band began playing a soft, romantic tune, one she particularly enjoyed— ‘If There is Someone Lovelier Than You.’
She took a lap around the room and came up with nothing. Lottie then decided to head down the hallway that was next to the bar. She passed a few alcoves and found no one, absentmindedly humming to the muffled music. She passed a few doors but paused in her steps when she heard a few giggles and a stifled gasp.
Lottie proceeded with caution, coming upon the last alcove in the hallway, but it was taken up entirely by a tall, broad figure, slightly hunched over and murmuring softly. She recognized that dark hair and low voice immediately; she’d finally found Bucky. Then he lowered his head, revealing a little redhead pressed against the wall. Oh. Oh. The realization hit her like a punch to the gut; leaving her breathless in all the wrong ways. She had no reason to be surprised, really, she’d heard all the gossip about the alcoves in the dance hall, but to see it firsthand was jarring.
Lottie backed away in an attempt to be discreet, but her heel caught on a loose floorboard, causing her to yelp in surprise. At the sudden sound, the couple jumped apart, “Ah shit, Lottie I—“ Bucky began a sputtered explanation or apology. Lottie didn’t know, she wasn’t really listening; she couldn’t even bear to look at him, her eyes were locked on Dolores, all swollen lips and mussed hair.
“S-Sorry,” she stammered out, still not looking at Bucky. Lottie didn’t wait for a response; she turned on her heel and walked as quickly as she could out of the hallway. As she emerged back into the dance hall, she heard the singer in the midst of another song,
“They're writing songs of love, but not for me
The lucky stars above, but not for me
With love to lead the way, I've found more clouds of gray
Than any Russian play could guarantee”
Oh how wonderful; the universe truly was against her today, wasn’t it? Lottie could feel tears threatening to spill over, but ignored it. They would pass; this pain would pass. Right now, she just needed to find Steve for a bit of cheering up. He was always pretty thick headed when it came to women’s emotions, so he probably wouldn’t notice anything off. For once, she was grateful for that quality of his.
Sure enough, Lottie found him at the bar like he said he would, and he handed him a glass of water. “So, did you find them?” Steve questioned, sipping at his own water. She nodded, “I did but they seemed a bit… busy. So I let them be.” Lottie’s escape from the aforementioned couple was short-lived, as the two of them soon emerged from the hallway and located she and Steve at the bar.
Lottie suddenly found the water rings on the bar utterly fascinating and began to trace them with her index finger. “Sorry about that,” Bucky began, running a hand through his hair, “Dot and I got a bit distracted. You two wanna join us on the dance floor? I hear they’re playing some Benny Goodman next.”
Steve looked to Lottie, who hadn’t looked up from the water rings on the bar, “Maybe in a moment, I think I tired our Lottie out for the time being.”
“Alright, well Lottie, if you’re lookin’ for an actual dance partner that won’t just drag you around like a sack of flour, I’m sure Dot here won’t mind if you cut in later,” Bucky grinned, and she finally met his eyes, a question forming in her mind. Lottie? Lottie? When was the last time he had called her just… Lottie?
Somehow, this hurt her far more than the incident from earlier had. It struck her to her core and seared her from the inside out. Lottie smiled tightly through the pain, “Maybe in a few dances, Buck.”
“Okay, you know where to find us,” he responded, and offered his arm to Dolores, leading her to the dance floor.
She spent the rest of the night glued to that spot, trying not to watch Dolores and Bucky dance so intimately, so freely. After about an hour, Steve complained of his asthma acting up again and Lottie used that as an excuse to head home. She bade farewell to the couple and allowed Steve to walk her home.
Once she’d gotten home and was safely in bed, Lottie let her tears from early flow down her cheeks. Her tears were not paired with gut-wrenching sobs or wailing; they were silent tears of mourning. She mourned the death of “Little Lottie,” the girl that Bucky cared for so dearly. Some change had suddenly occurred as his fondness for Dot grew; she was now simply “Lottie.” She allowed herself to grieve, for she knew that come morning, she needed to be free of the pain. She valued her friendship with Bucky far too much just to let it tarnish over the disuse of a childhood nickname.
For the first time in her short life, her vow was whispered with a trace of sadness,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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likeahorribledream · 22 hours ago
The One That Got Away
Chapter 5: Conditional Love
Summary: Parents are supposed to love and protect you no matter what, Charlie's didn't get that memo.
Word Count: 3.1k
TW: Angst, shitty parents
Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 |
Tumblr media
Charlie was running and crying. The conversation she just had with her parents played over and over again in her mind. She didn’t know where she was running to, she just needed to be anywhere but her home. When she finally stopped running, she was completely exhausted. Looking up, she realized that she had run to Steve’s apartment. With the little strength she had left, Charlie ran up the stairs and knocked on her friend’s door, praying to whatever God that was listening that he was home.
A few frantic knocks later, Steve opened the door. He smiled when he saw who it was until he noticed the tears that were still falling on her cheeks and how her body spasmed with every hiccup caused by the lack of oxygen in her lungs from both the running and the crying.
Steve stepped aside, telling Charlie to come in. His front door opened right into his living room and when he moved she could see into the room. That’s when she noticed the coffee table covered in a deck of cards and the man sitting on the floor, cards in hand from the game she had clearly disturbed. Bucky. When she looked at him, he had already been looking at her. It was the first time she saw him in almost a week and it wasn’t because he wanted to see her. After making eye contact with Bucky, Charlie started to panic.
Breaking eye contact to look at Steve, she slowly started to walk backwards.
‘’I’m.. sorry.. I.. didn’t.. know.. Bucky.. was.. here..’’ She apologized, each word followed by a hiccup.
Charlie turned around to walk over to the stairs, her heart beating so fast that the only sound she could hear was the blood rushing to her head. It’s probably why she didn’t hear the footsteps that followed rapidly behind her and before she knew it, hands were gently grabbing her and she was pulled back into a man’s chest, one arm wrapping around her shoulders and the other one wrapping around her middle, holding her. She let herself relax into his arms and her hands reached up to the arm around her shoulders. Being taller than Steve, Charlie didn’t need to turn around to know it was Bucky who was hugging her. She only started crying harder, overwhelmed with emotions from everything that happened in the past week.
Feeling that she was only getting worst, Bucky turned Charlie around in his arms. One hand cradled the back of her head, making her hide her face into the crook of his neck while the other, rested on her back, gently pushing her against his chest. She instinctively wrapped her arms around his waist and held on tightly like she was scared he might let go. He moved his fingers on her scalp in a reassuring movement and whispered in her ears to try and calm her down It’s okay. You’re okay. I got you. You’re safe. After a few minutes her breathing finally slowed down, her hiccups were gone and instead of sobbing, only a few tears kept falling on her cheeks at a much slower pace.
Steve was standing on his doorstep, looking at the scene in front of him. Seeing Charlie in so much pain was truly heartbreaking.
When she moved to leave, he hadn’t had time to try and stop herbefore Bucky was on his feet and chasing after her. As his best friend passed him, he caught a glimpse of his face and how worried he looked. Steve was relieved to see that Bucky still cared about her. He wasn’t the kind to hold a grudge and the fact that he hadn’t reached out to her at all since the incident had worried Steve.
Bucky moved to delicately cup her cheeks in his hands, his thumbs brushing away her tears as they kept falling while he leaned back to look at her. She kept her eyes to the floor, embarrassed and scared to look at him. He let one of his hands fall from her cheek to her chin, using his index finger to gently tilt her head up so he could finally meet her eyes. He felt a lump form in his throat when her blue eyes met his. There was so much pain in them, he had never seen her this way and he felt theneed to protect her, theneed to hurt whoever had hurt his Lily so badly. With his finger still tilting her head up towards him, he moved his hand to bring her face closer to his and kissed her forehead, lingering for a few moments.
Charlie felt her whole body relax at the contact of Bucky’s lips on her skin, letting her eyes close slowly and her hands tightenedaround him. He gave her another small kiss on her forehead before stepping back but never letting go of her.
‘’Come on, sweetheart. Let’s go inside.’’ He smiled at her, reassuringly.
She nodded and let go of him, expecting him to do the same. Except, he never broke away from her. His hand slid down from her cheek, to the crook of her neck, to finally wrap his arm around her shoulders while moving to stand next to her instead of in front of her. Steve was still standing there, looking at them fondly. Steve didn’t know if he he would have been able to calm her down the way Bucky just did.
Charlie walked in first, followed by Bucky and Steve was right behind them, closing the door. The 3 of them moved to Steve’s couch and sat down together. The boys waited for their friend to talk, not wantingto make her feel pressured totell them what had happened, both trying to hide how anxious they were to know who had hurt her while already plotting what they would do to make those people pay.
Bucky held her hand, his thumb rubbing the back of it slowly back and forth while Steve went to get her a blanket and gently put it on her shoulders and instinctively, Charlie snuggled into the blanket and silently thanked her friend.
A few minutes went by in total silence. Charlie had almost completely stopped crying, a few stray tears lingered on her cheeks. She cleared her throat and sat up on the couch, catching the attention of her friends.
‘’I...’’ She started but trailed off.
Bucky squeezed her hand gently. ‘’You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.’’
She shook her head slightly, squeezing his hand back and cleared her throat once more before taking a deep breath.
‘’My parents took everything from me.’’
‘’We need to talk.’’
She had a bad feeling about this, a really bad feeling. She put her books down on the small table near the staircase and looked back at her father. She slowly nodded, showing him that she was listening.
‘’Your mother and I talked about your little temper tantrum you’ve been having for the past week.’’
The conversation was off to a really bad start. She was already getting angry but decided against cutting him off and that it was best to let him continue.
‘’Avoiding us, not talking to us, you even went as far as ignoring us. You have been acting like a spoiled brat.’’
Maybe she should have sat down for this.
‘’But, it’s not your fault.’’ He continues.
Okay, that she wasn’t expecting.
‘’No, it’s not.’’ Her mother chimed in.
‘’It’s our fault.’’ Her dad added. ‘’It’s our fault for spoiling you and letting you get away with everything. We should have been more strict, more firm with you. We took it easy on you.’’
Her heartbeat picked up and her palms started to sweat. Now, she wanted to say so much but she couldn’t make a sound, as if her brain had forgotten how to talk.
‘’As long as you live under my roof, you will do as I say and there will be no talking back to me otherwise you can kiss this..’’ He waved around to him, her mother and their house. ‘’..goodbye.’’
Charlie started to feel nauseous.
‘’If you want to keep that stupid little job that Igot you, and that I have let you kept so far, you will do what I ask of you.’’
Mr. Mathews walked to the living room, his wife on his heels but Charlie couldn’t move. It was like she was paralyzed.
A ‘’Sit down’’ came from the living room. Loud enough for her to hear and stern enough to know it wasn’t up for debate.
Doing as she was told, Charlie walked into the living room and sat on the sofa, facing her parents. She kept rubbing her hands together, trying to make them stop sweating so much. Her heart was beating so fast and so loud, she was sure they could hear it from where they were standing.
‘’We are making some changes around here. First off, you are too old to be single. Girls your age are supposed to be married and have kids. We’velet you have your littlefun, you tried to find ‘’true love’’ but all that nonsense ends now. Your mother and I have 5 men, sons of our closest friends, who have the potential to be excellent husbands. Some of them are even too good for you.They all have the means to provide for you and the family you will have. You will be going on dates with each of them and if by the end of date number five you haven’t chosen who you are going to marry, we will.’’
Charlie’s eyes opened wider with every word he said, her heart started beating even faster and she could barely hear what he was saying. It felt like something was crushing her, keeping her lungs from expending properly to give her oxygen. She wanted to stand up and scream at him but she was so dizzy, she knew if she tried to get up she would fall right back down.
His last sentence completely broke her. Her vision was blurry from the tears that were rushing down her cheeks and she wasn’t sure if she was crying because she was sad or if it was out of anger.
‘’No, please.’’ She begged, barely above a whisper.
‘’You will be married by the end of the year. If for some reason, you aren’t, you will be forced to move out, I will make sure you lose your job and you won’t be allowed in this house again. Under no circumstances.’’
She couldn’t believe what she was hearing. It couldn’t be happening. Her parents looked at her, no emotions showing as if they had just announced her they had decided to paint the living room a new shade and not like they had just crushed her dreams and ruined everything she had been working towards. They knew how much it all meant to her and that she didn’t have the means to live on her own. They knew that she had no choice but to comply to their orders.
‘’Please, please, please don’t do this.’’ She cried out. ‘’Why are you doing this? You know how much all of it means to me.’’ Panic overtook her. A few minutes ago she couldn’t get a single word out, and now she couldn’t stop talking.
She should have stopped. She should have stayed silent. Because there was something that they hadn’t taken away from her yet, something she could have kept and when she realized what she had said, it was too late to take it back.
‘’I’ll do everything you want but not this, please. Is it because of James? Because you don’t like his family? I promise we are just friends. Please.’’ She kept begging.
She knew she probably sounded pathetic, spineless and weak as she was begging her parents to let her have the freedom to choose how to live her life.
Bringing up Bucky was a bad idea.
‘’Which brings us to our next point.’’
Everything in her started screaming, alarms were going off. You should have kept your mouth shut being repeated over and over again in her head.
‘’You are forbiddenfrom seeing that Barnes kid again. If I see him in my house again, if I hear from anyone that you so much as smiled at him you will be gone. Do I make myself clear?’’
In under 10 minutes, she had lost almost every single thing she cared about. They had taken everything from her. Even one of her best friends. She had been smart enough not to mention Steve.
At this point, Charlie was full-on sobbing. Her parents were still looking down at her, no emotions showing whatsoever aside from the disappointment that was burning in their eyes. Seeing that there was no point in continuing the conversation, her father just scoffed at her, shook his head, walked out of the living room and disappeared into his room. Her mom lingered behind for a few more moments and followed her husband.
Charlie stared blankly ahead, her cheeks and nose red from all the crying. So many emotions were rushing through her. Heartbreak, pain, betrayal, anger, grief and the overwhelming feeling of being absolutely powerless.
She had completely spaced out and when the world finally came back into focus, she had gotten up, out of the house and she was running.
The sun had set and the streets were only lit up by the porch lights that were still on, there was no one in sight and the only sound was her feet hitting the ground as she ran. She didn’t know where exactly she was running to, her legs knew exactly where to take her, to the one person she felt completely safe with: Steve Rogers.
Both men were silent as Charlie was finishing telling them what had happened. She had left out the part where her father had forbidden her from seeing Bucky.
Steve sympathized with his friend’s pain, her parents had crossed so many lines. Bucky, on the other hand, was absolutely furious. He kept thinking of the story she had told him about her grandparents and her locket, about how she wanted a love like theirs and the glimmer in her eyes while she talked about it.
The glimmer was gone and happiness had been snuffed out of her eyes.
His jaw clenched from the anger and his brows furrowed, making deep creases on his forehead.
‘’Do you want me to talk to your dad? I’m gonna go talk to your dad.’’ He didn’t even wait for her answer, he was already up and on his way to give Mr. Mathews a piece of his mind, using a language that shouldn’t be repeated out loud.
‘’No!’’ She almost screamed, freezing him into place.
She started chewing on her bottom lip when Bucky turned around to look at her. She had been speaking so softly ever since she had gotten here, none of them were expecting for her voice to come out so loud. Not even her. It made Bucky suspicious, as if she hadn’t told the whole story. He raised his eyebrow and when she did everything to avoid looking in his eyes, it confirmed what he had been thinking. She had left out something. Something important.
He slowly walked towards the couch and kneeled down on the floor in front of her, putting both his hands on her knees.
‘’Lily.’’ His tone made her flinch, it was clear that he knew she hadn’t said the whole truth.
She looked at his hands that were resting on her knees, but never into his eyes.
‘’Lily...’’ He repeated, his tone a lot softer. Almost a whisper.
She looked into his eyes and tears started to burn her eyes again.
Steve sat closer to her, wrapping his small arm around her shoulders on top of the blanket. He brought her closer to his side and looked at Bucky.
‘’What aren’t you telling us?’’ Steve asked.
“I don’t want to say...”
‘’Please don’t make me say it.”
Steve simply gave her a light squeeze and kissed her cheek.
‘’You can trust us.’’ He tried again.
Charlie sighed and looked up at Steve, begging him with her eyes. He gave her a small smile, encouraging her to get it all out. She took a deep breath and looked down again, into Bucky’s eyes. They were so beautiful and so full of life. Guilt was eating at her. She grabbed both of his hands in hers and squeezed them hard which only made him frown more. Her eyes fell to their hands and she told them what her dad had said about seeing Bucky, but she had mumbled in such a hushed voice that neither Bucky or Steve heard what she said.
‘’You’re gonna have to speak up sweetheart, we can’t hear you.’’Bucky chuckled, trying to lighten up the mood.
‘’My dad...’’ She stopped, her voice breaking from the tears. She cleared her throat. ‘’My dad said I wasn’t allowed to see James anymore... Forbidden, was the word he used.’’
Steve was shocked, his jaw to the floor. His eyes quickly turned to his friend, worried about his reaction. He looked like someone had just sucker punched him. His expression was blank and he was staring into nothing.
Bucky’s mind was overflowing with thoughts. Was he that bad? That much of a low life that fathers had to forbid their daughters from being in contact with him? You’d have to be pretty worthless to have someone forbid their daughter from being friends with you.
Breaking from his trance, he lean backwards and got up, pulling on his hands to free them from Charlie’s but it only made her tighten her hold on them.
‘’Let go.’’
‘’James... Please talk to me.’’ She pleaded.
He tried pulling on his hands again.
‘’Let go.’’ He repeated.
‘’Charlie, let go!’’ His tone was harsh and he pulled harder, leaving her no choice but to let go.
He used her first name. He hadn’t used it since he had decided to call her Lily. His Lily.
She started to panic again, raising to her feet. She took one step towards him while he took a step backwards, trying to put some distance between them.
Her throat tightened, making it hard to swallow.
‘’James...’’ She croaked.
‘’Bucky. My name is Bucky.’’ His tone was dry, emotionless.
In that moment, Charlie swore that everyone in the room heard the sound of her heart breaking in her chest.
I don't even know if people are still reading this, but if you are I hope you like it.
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Tumblr media
picture by @sinnersonsunday
Summary: Bucky is a robber part of the HYDRA THEFT ORGANIZATION that hides behind a failed circus façade. When he is tasked with robbing Cirque du Stark, something or someone is holding him back from going through with the operation.
Pairing: Criminal!Bucky x Stark!Reader
Word Count: 2K
Warnings: Angst, mention of death, language
🎪Series Masterlist🎪
Thank you to @simrantheconqueror for beta reading this chapter❤️❤️
Tumblr media
Bucky watched on as Loki hurled a knife into the centre of the dartboard.
Loki had a certain charm about him that seemed to dissipate whenever he was in Bucky’s presence, which made training as an act harder let alone performing.
Y/N was watching the two opposing men carefully, half admiring and half wondering how they would be able to work together.
Loki was all hard angles, lithe muscles and cold eyes. His chiselled jaw seemed to be cut from the palest of marble; calculating, knowing blue eyes harvested from the waters of the pacific; whilst the hair on his head seemed so dark some days, that it threatened to consume all.
The opposite of Loki was Bucky, with haunted, dark eyes that seemed as if they were a physical manifestation of the darkness within; bulging muscles that were at risk of ripping free from the seams of his clothes.
They were so similar in their darkness, yet so different it sent Y/N’s mind into a tailspin.
“What’s gotten our little Stark so enamored?” Natasha smirked, as she and Wanda came to stand with her.
“More like who!” Wanda snickered as she eyed the direction of the two men.
Y/N sighed, “Nothing- little Stark is watching those two dance around each other.”
“You know, if I hadn’t already know that Loki and Bucky are straight, I would’ve thought their intensity was actually a different kind of intensity.” Natasha spoke as she looked at the duo.
“I think I would’ve preferred it if they were gay- I mean I get stress rashes being in the same room as them.” Wanda agreed.
The women laughed, but Bucky and Loki’s dislike of one another were well known within the circus and these days most avoided spending time in a room when the two were both present.
“I think there’s something going on with you, Y/N, so we are staging an intervention slash girl’s night.” Natasha paused, “Not in my trailer though because I don’t think there’s a single surface that’s clean- Wanda?”
“Mine smells like elephant food so probably not.”
“What elephant food? Peanuts? Hay? Fruit?”
“Elephants eat hay?” Wanda stared at Natasha with incredulous eyes.
Y/N tuned out the girls’ discussion as she looked back at Bucky, inadvertently locking eyes with him. They stared at each other for what seemed like only seconds, but who knew how long they were trapped by something as simple as each other’s gazes.
“So, Y/N’s trailer, tonight?” She was brought back to the present by Wanda’s voice.
Y/n snapped out of her trance and nodded.
Bucky turned back to the board and went to retrieve the knives he had thrown before being locked in a stare with Y/N. As he saw Loki moving in the corner of his eye,
he pulled the knives out with ease, his hands accustomed to the smooth heaviness of his knives as he had been for many years. Suddenly, a knife whooshed past his face and lodged itself into the board. If he had moved just slightly, he would’ve ended up a dead man.
Bucky looked at the knife board, which had a single knife with an obsidian hilt glinting at him.
The knife had missed him by millimeters.
Bucky turned his head sharply to glare at the man in question. "Apologies, but I find that an actual target makes for good practice.” Loki drawled, a ghost of a smirk and a cold glint in his eyes, almost mocking him, daring him to retaliate with so many of their co-workers milling about.
“I’m sure.” Bucky gritted out, walking away from the board.
“You may have everyone else here fooled but not me.”
Bucky paused, his arm raised in the air slightly as he aimed. But Loki continued.
“I can see right through your act, Barnes. I know you. And sure, it hasn’t come to me yet, ” Loki was close to Bucky now, his voice hissing in his ear,“But I would watch my back if I were you. You never know when a stray knife might embed itself into it.”
Loki moved back slightly, straightening up, “I think we’re done here for today.” He turned around on his heel, leaving. “Oh, and stay away from Y/N. I will not allow you to speak with her.”
“Excuse me? You won’t allow me?” Bucky half-shouted, raising his voice to the retreating man.
But Loki stopped and pivoted on his heel once more, stalking into Bucky’s space.
“I don’t need your damn permission to do anything, Laufeyson.” Bucky watched as Loki’s nostrils flared at the name as Loki filed away Bucky’s knowledge of his name before being adopted by Thor’s mother and father.
They were in each other’s faces at this point and could feel each other’s short, angry bursts of breath on their faces.
“Then I suppose I should mention this: Y/N and I are in love and the only reason we aren’t together is because of Y/N’s focus on the circus with what happened with her father last year. You think she was watching you? Hah!” Loki gave a sardonic laugh before encroaching even further into Bucky’s space, “In. Your. Fucking. Dreams!” He enunciated each word with a hiss.
Bucky watched, dejected, as Loki sauntered off.
Y/N, Natasha, and Wanda were surrounded by junk food and various food wrappers.
Girl’s night was on.
Natasha cleared her throat dramatically, building up to something, “So, Y/N, back to Barnes: what’s going on with you and him?”
“Nothing.” She answered, looking down at the half-eaten chocolate bar in her lap. “There is nothing going on between me and Bucky. I mean come on, the man only just got here!”
The older woman sighed, “I know that there’s something going on between you two- and I’ll figure it out!” She waggled her eyebrows at her.
“Just drop it, guys. I don’t want to talk about boys.”
Wanda and Natasha gave each other hard looks before Wanda leaned forwards and spoke, “Is this about what happened with Stephen?” She gently suggested.
“I said drop it!!"
Girl’s night became much quieter after that.
There were sounds of raucous laughter in the bar.
Guy’s night was on!
Bucky, Steve, and Sam sat in a booth with the exception of Pietro, who according to Sam, wouldn’t dare miss an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.
“So,” Bucky paused, taking the new information in, “Y/N isn’t with Laufeyson?”
Steve nodded, having been asked the question twice before, “No,” he said slowly, “She is not.”
Sam began chuckling, his shoulders shaking. “Got the hots for the Boss’ daughter, huh?" Bucky shook his head, “No, of course not. Loki mentioned something about them being together. I thought, why not get to know the crew a bit more.” He shrugged, taking a gulp from his beer. “And, I suppose I was worried for Y/N- he doesn’t seem like a good guy.”
“Yeah, we all had our doubts when we first met the greasy snake, but once you spend some time together, he opens up and seems less… snake-like.” Steve spoke.
“Anyways, a little birdie told me that Wanda…” Sam started.
And just like that, the conversation resumed.
Shortly after the tense conversation, the girls left to go to their own trailers.
Y/N decided that some fresh night air would do her some good.
She looked up at the stars, the absence of clouds showing the splendor of the night sky. Memories of her mother made her smile bittersweet.
Whenever Y/N was stressed, her mother would take her outside to look at the stars, explaining each constellation and planet visible to the eyes. Y/N had regretfully forgotten most of what her mother taught her about star systems. Her father would be in his office looking over documents left to him by his own father, Howard Stark.
She made her way to the hill that overlooked the circus, pausing when she found a silhouette of a man standing, gazing up.
He turned around and she came face to face with Bucky.
“Hey.” He murmured.
“Hey." Y/N paused before continuing, "rough day?” She asked, a smile in her voice.
“Yeah, something like that.” He huffed, half laughing. “Loki isn’t the easiest to work with.” He groaned, rubbing his neck.
“Sometimes yes.” She chuckled. “I’m sure he’ll warm up soon enough- he’s not a bad person.”
“People keep telling me that. But I don't think he will.”
She smiled softly, grabbing his hand, “Everything turns out fine in the end.”
She leaned her head against Bucky’s shoulder, both looking at the stars.
“You see that small red dot over there? That’s Mars. And over there.
That’s Venus. And you see those groups of stars over there. Those make a constellation.”
Bucky chuckled at her excitement. “How do you even know all this?”
Y/N smiled softly albeit sadly, ““My mom and I used to watch the stars when I was little. She used to teach me about the stars and planets. She used to take me to the ocean at night whenever we travelled close to one- we used to sit on the sand, watching the waves. God, I miss her sometimes.” Her voice tapered off into a whisper.
There was a lull in the conversation for a few moments before Bucky spoke. “If you don’t mind me asking, what happened to your mother? We can stop talking about this if you want, of course.” He quickly backtracked.
She looked down at her lap, fiddling with her hands. “She died.”
Y/N looked up, eyes trained at a point in the distance.
It was just past 11pm on a warm summer night. The circus was finally back up on it’s feet with the crowds large and loud. The smell of popcorn and hot dogs only fuelling the excitement in the atmosphere.
“Our next act, ladies and gentlemen, presenting Gloria the Glorious Elephant!”
The elephant came into the ring, in full view of the audience, as the mahout began ushering the three other elephants to join their sister on the stage for the finale of the act.
But out of the corner of his eye he saw a dark blur.
Moving his eyes off the elephants for a second, set off an unfortunate chain of events.
The elephants suddenly trumpeted and began storming the ring, and hitting beams, gas lamps and all manner of things as they moved, spooked by something unknown.
Fire sparked by the gas lamps began spreading through the tent.
Tony ran into the ring, jumping over the fencing and into the audience section, eyes rapidly moving as he searched for his daughter.
Grabbing her from under the audience chairs he began rushing her into the waiting arms of her grandfather outside the entrance of the tent.
He turned around just as the beam hit the floor. He saw her scream before he heard it.
His minds sparked to action as his legs began moving him into the circus, ignoring his daughter’s screams. He made his way tripping over various debris, a second too late, watching in morbid slow motion as multiple wooden beams fell onto his wife.
Tony watched in horror as his circus had killed his wife.
“I’m sorry,” Bucky breathed out. Y/N looked up at him, a melancholic smile twisting her features and glassy eyes illuminated by the moon. “My father hasn’t been the same since. He blamed himself.” “How old were you?” “I was 8. I saw how she died.” She laughed bitterly. “Some days I think it’s my fault.”
“Don’t do that to yourself.” Bucky whispered after a long pause. “Thinking about it over and over, blaming yourself, probably isn’t what she would’ve wanted.” He sighed, opening his mouth as if her wanted to say more but decided not to. “Thanks.” She whispered. Bucky slowly drew an arm around her and she relaxed into his shoulder, both reminiscing the past. “ I suppose there’s someone else for her to watch the stars with now.” He mumbled to himself.
Deep within the shadows, lurked a dark man watching the two cuddled together, with a scowl on his face.
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I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky x OFC
Warnings: None
Word Count: 1.9k
Author’s Note: This will be my last 10 year old Lottie chapter! There’ll be a time skip to her freshman year. I’m debating on whether Steve and Bucky would’ve stayed in school till graduation or if they would’ve dropped out to work for their families. Let me know what you think! If you’d like to support me on ao3, my user is wurstings. Also I removed the “mini-series” subtitle because I have so many ideas for this series lol.
Chapter Four: The First Day
The first day of school came quickly; Lottie spent the last few days of summer collecting school supplies, making sure that she was prepared for fifth grade. She left her apartment in a flurry, a piece of toast dangling from her mouth while she tried to shove her journal into her bag.
She was extremely protective of her journal; mostly out of embarrassment. She’d listened to Steve’s suggestion that she use it to practice sketching, so several of the pages were full of jotted down thoughts and haphazard doodles. Most of the time they were sketches of crinkled, mischievous eyes or lips curled into an easy smile. It was like she was trying to memorize the features, trying to perfect them in her art.
The gifted necklace thumped against the hollow of her throat as she went down the stairs, taking two at a time. She knew Bucky and Steve had been waiting for her outside the apartment for too long, so she needed to hurry. She burst out onto the front steps, slamming the door shut.
“‘M sorry ‘m late!” She mumbled around the toast, fiddling with the ribbon in her hair so it would be more secure.
“S’alright,” Bucky shrugged, “Not like Steve and I haven’t been late before.” Lottie rolled her eyes and swallowed the rest of her toast, “Yeah, well, I’m not gonna be late on the first day of fifth grade. You eighth graders get to do whatever you want.”
She hooked her arms through each of theirs, “C’mon boys, let’s hop to it!”
And so the students of PS 102 in Brooklyn were treated to the sight of Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers walking through the gate arm-in-arm with Miss Lottie Green. When they approached the doorway to the school building, Steve and Bucky disentangled themselves. Bucky looked at her, “Alright Little Lottie, Steve and I are gonna head to Mrs. Baker’s room. See you at lunch?” Lottie nodded and walked through the door, calling over her shoulder, “Have a good day, boys!”
The first half of classes passed easily; Lottie’s arithmetic, English, and science classes were nothing exciting, but they weren’t horribly boring. When the lunch bell rang, she strode into the cafeteria, sack lunch in hand. She spotted Bucky and Steve sitting with a few other eighth graders; before she headed over, she waved goodbye to her friends Mabel and Lucy.
“Hello Bucky, hello Steve,” Lottie greeted as she sat down across from them, trying not to pay any mind to the looks the received from a few other boys present.
“Hey Lottie,” Steve greeted, smiling at her kindly, “how was your first half of lessons?”
“They were alright,” she shrugged and picked at the crust of her peanut butter sandwich, “English seems promising, but I’m already sick of arithmetic and science. How about you?”
Steve and Bucky shared a look. Steve sighed, “A couple classes were okay. But in our wood shop class this guy was makin’ a fool of himself talkin’ back to the teacher. He’s a real pill. I told him to knock it off and long story short, he told me he’d thank me real good for what I said to him. Told me to meet him in the alley after school.”
Lottie opened her mouth to protest, but Bucky stopped her, “Don’t you worry that little head of yours, Steve’s not goin’ into it alone. I’ll be there if he needs me. ‘Sides, we’ve been doin’ this sorta stuff since we were your age; we know what we can handle.” He puffed out his chest at the last part, mischief sparking in his eyes.
“Well aren’t you plenty rugged,” Lottie commented sarcastically, “when your Ma gives you worse bruises than Mr. Wood Shop ‘cause of your rendezvous in the alley, don’t come crying to me.”
Steve chuckled, “Don’t worry, I can sweet talk Mrs. Barnes into going easy on him.”
Bucky shook his head and pulled his handkerchief out of his pocket, wiping at some crumbs on the side of his mouth. Gordon King, who sat across the table and a few seats over, glanced at Bucky, seeing the handkerchief.
The boy sneered, “Your grandma give you that handkerchief, Barnes? Or did your Ma lend you one of hers?”
Lottie’s heart instantly dropped. She should’ve known better than to decorate the handkerchief as she had; yes it might have made Bucky happy when she gave it back, but not he was getting mocked for it. She stared at the table in front of her, feeling her face flush in embarrassment. This was all her fault.
Bucky retorted, “Y’know Gordon, you’re a real crumb. This handkerchief belongs to me; it’s my favorite, actually. One of my best friends, a real doll, went out of her way to embroider if for me. So piss off would you?”
Gordon muttered something under his breath and went back to shoving his lunch down his throat. Lottie was still staring down at the table and said in a small voice, “I’m sorry about that, Bucky. You can just rip the threads if you want, it’ll come out real easy.”
Bucky just rolled his eyes and reached across the table to ruffle her hair, “Like I said, Little Lottie, it’s my favorite.”
A warmth bloomed in her chest at the reassurance; he really did appreciate her handiwork, albeit pretty mediocre at this point.
Before she could respond, the bell rang, signaling a return to classes. She rose from her seat and disposed of her lunch, but kept the brown bag. Lunch bags were expensive, so she always reused the same one. She parted ways with the boys, waving goodbye, and headed to her classroom.
When school ended, she walked home with Lucy and Mabel. They were chatting about the events of the day and after-school plans for the week. Lucy asked the two of them, “D’you wanna go see ‘Song o’ My Heart’ tomorrow?”
Lottie hummed in thought, thinking it over. “How ‘bout we see it in a few weeks when the admission’s a little lower? I’m really keen on seeing it, I just don’t wanna ask my Ma for the money right now. My parents already sorta spoiled me for my birthday.”
Mabel nodded in agreement, “In a few weeks it is, then! And we’ll know if it’s good or not by then. I hope it’s real romantic, I love a good romance. Like Anne of Green Gables or something— that unrequited love is so divine.”
Lottie had to admit there was something romantic about unrequited love. It was painful, yes, but sometimes pain is so bitterly beautiful. To love another quietly from afar can be such sweet suffering.
Lottie shook herself from her thoughts and listened into the conversation between Lucy and Mabel; Lucy had suddenly gotten all moony-eyed, “Have you seen Eddie Lewis? I feel like his hair is blonder than it was before, and I never realized how much green there is in his hazel eyes.”
“I’m sure you’re the only one who’s noticed,” Mabel giggled and Lottie joined in on the laughter.
“Alright girls, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow,” Lottie said as the approached her tenement. Both girls said their farewells and continued down the block.
Lottie hurried up the steps to her apartment and called a quick greeting to her mother. She grabbed a wet rag and some bandages, then assumed a post on the stone steps in front of her tenement. She knew Steve and Bucky would have to walk past her tenement to get home, so she waited patiently for them.
At around half past four o’clock, they appeared. Steve had a black eye and a split lip, but Bucky only had some bloody knuckles.
“Boys!” She scolded, motioning for both of them to come over. Steve had a slightly guilty look on his face, probably over the fact that the fight had worried her, but Bucky strode over with a sort of swagger that made her swallow a sigh.
“Alright, go on and tell me what happened. But you need to sit and let me help you,” she said sternly, eyeing the two.
“Well I was doing just fine till Bucky here stepped in—“ Steve began, shooting Bucky an annoyed look.
Bucky responded with a hint of exasperation, “The guy was twice your size! If I hadn’t stepped in, he would’ve beaten you to a pulp. You’ve got the moxie, Steve, no doubt about it, but you know I’m always gonna help you out. ‘Til the end of the line.”
The annoyance seemed to leave Bucky, and he responded in kind, “‘Til the end of the line, pal.”
“Well now that you two have proved how much cojones you have, sit still and let me clean you up,” Lottie said, shooing Steve’s hand away as he started picking at his split lip. She used the wet rag to clean up his split lip and advised him to put some ice on his eye.
She then moved on to Bucky, “Y’know you look like a real schlepper right now, your Ma’d go bananas if she saw you like this.”
“And that’s why you’re gonna clean me up real nice,” he grinned at her, adding a wink at the end. Lottie rolled her eyes, but a smirk made its way onto her lips.
She carefully pressed the wet rag onto his knuckles, trying to stay gentle as she knew it probably hurt a bit, “S’alright if you cry,” she joked, “you said yourself that Becca wails like a newborn at this sorta thing.”
“That’s some baloney, I’m not all pint-sized and dainty like you. I can handle it,” Bucky replied, smirking. Steve let out a bark of laughter at that, “Yeah, well you didn’t handle it very well when Billy Spencer kneed you in the n—“
Buck cut him off before Steve could finish, “Yeah, okay, no need to finish that story Steve, we’ve got a lady in our presence. ‘Sides, that was obviously a very different circumstance.”
Lottie furrowed her brow in confusion but said nothing; she figured if she even dared to ask, it would be one of those “You wouldn’t understand, Little Lottie” situations.
When she finished working on Bucky’s knuckles, she wrapped them in bandages. She smiled faintly at the memory of their first interaction; now she was the one taking care of him. Bucky and Steve were always teasing her for her age and stature, but she knew deep down that they respected her as an equal— they all looked out for each other.
Lottie wrapped up the remaining bandages and looked at the two of them, “Alright boys, you’re all set. But you better not start treating me like some nurse who can always tend to your wounds, you better stay out of trouble.”
“Thanks a million, Little Lottie, but we can’t make any promises! See you tomorrow morning,” Bucky responded, pulling her in for a hug and a ruffle of her hair.
“Lottie, thank you. I really appreciate it. You’re a gem,” Steve said earnestly, throwing an arm around her and giving her a squeeze, “See you at 7:30 sharp.”
Lottie stood at the top of the tenement’s stone steps, waving goodbye to the two of them. Before they crossed the street, Bucky turned and sent her a wink. Lottie rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out at him. As he and Steve disappeared from sight, she whispered,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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Tumblr media
𝒮𝓂𝒾𝓁𝑒 𝐹𝒶𝒹𝑒𝓈 𝒾𝓃 𝓉𝒽𝑒 𝒮𝓊𝓂𝓂𝑒𝓇
Bucky Barnes x Alice Winters SlayerSoldier AU
A/N: So I was listening to The Reason by Hoobastank and this idea came to me :/ this is definitely an AU, it's if Alice never got back to Bucky, and the Council captured her again instead... it's just really mean of me, I'm so sorry :'(
Word Count: Less than 2k.
Warnings: Mentions of torture but nothing specific. VERY SAD ENDING. ANGST. YOU WILL NOT LIKE ME.
Divider by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
It’s summer here. Where Alice Winters had been not one day before, it had been winter.
Everything still hurt, perhaps she should’ve listened to Simon when he said she should rest, let herself heal a little… but she had been too eager.
Alice had dreamt of coming back since Ivar had dragged her back to the Council two years ago.
“You’re mine now, pet. Sharpe has allowed this, there is no fighting it.” Ivar’s breath was against her neck, the concrete beneath her knees was cold and painful, shivers and aches ran through her.
He had already bitten her once… please not again…
“Good work, Ivar.” Sharpe’s voice was coldly amused as he looked down at Alice, bound in the ropes Ivar had tied her in, and helpless with the serum in her veins that rendered her useless. “Well, we better get her back to the lab.”
Alice’s pleas for mercy fell on ears that didn’t care for them. She was ignored, and dragged back over to the portal that would take her home… and away from Bucky…
Even the sight of Ivar being incinerated didn’t make what was to come any better. Ivar couldn’t hurt her anymore, but the Council had already proved that they could…
“Al? I Uh… you’re going to want to look at this, mate.”
Simon's voice jerked Alice out of her musings, and she took the paper from him that he offered with a frown, “What? I don’t care about these settlers, Simon. What the hell is a Blip?” Alice’s frown deepened as she scanned through the article, none of the words making sense to her.
It was like this two years ago when she first got into this dimension from her first incarceration. Remembering to read and write… it had taken Alice two weeks to remember how to take care of herself - and that had been through sheer determination because of the vampires. It was different now.
“No, Alice, not the fucking Blip,” Simon pointed to the date at the top right hand of the paper, “Look at the fucking date.”
On a huff, Alice looked… and then again…
“No,” Alice threw the paper down and ran over to the nearest person, snatching their phone from them to check the date on that too, “it can’t be!”
But it was. The year was 2025. Ten years after Alice had gone.
“It- it can happen, Al. You know that. Time moves-”
“Shut up, Simon.” Alice ignored him, and started to run towards the building she had shared an apartment with Bucky in, hope curdling like sour milk in her stomach. Two years was one thing, but a whole decade?
Would Bucky have waited that long for her?
Alice only made it a block before her legs started to give out, and Simon caught her up and dragged her out of the way of all of the oncoming people,
“Are you fucking mad, mate?! Or have you forgotten what I pulled you out of twenty four hours ago?!”
The explosion rocked the building that Alice was in, but she barely noticed it. The doctor had just put away his tools, she was hoping the full feeling would return to her right side soon…
The sounds around her were noisier than usual, but Alice didn’t notice the violence until a pair of pale blue eyes hovered over her, concern and guilt dulling them,
“Alice? Wake up. You’re safe now, I promise.”
“Of course I haven’t forgotten, you asshole.” Alice wrenched her arm from his grip, and continued to walk, trying to ignore the way her right leg wanted to drag, “I just need to find him, Simon.”
“I know, and we will.”
It took too long - almost an hour and a cab journey - but they finally made it to her old apartment.
That was where Alice’s legs did finally give out.
The building was gone, replaced with a newer looking high rise and a banner that proclaimed “displaced people welcome!”.
Bucky is gone. Bucky is gone. Bucky is gone.
“Al? Come on, mate. Let’s get you to a hotel. We’ll find him, but you need to rest, need to get healthy… we’ll find him.”
Simon's words rang in Alice’s ear as they found a cheap motel and Simon paid up. Alice collapsed on the bed as soon as they got in, and stared at the wall, too tired and too in pain to even move anymore.
“I waited too long… I waited too long…”
“You didn’t wait, Alice. You were taken again. The lab-”
Alice managed to turn her head enough to stare at Simon, who was glaring at the carpet.
She knew. She knew Simon knew. The lab had been his fault. Four years in total, and it had all been Simon’s fault, this whole time…
“Find Bucky. I’m going to sleep.”
Four years. Two of them were after Alice had tasted the only freedom - the only love - that she had ever known.
What would she do if he wasn’t around anymore… what would she do if he had moved on…
Tumblr media
Delacroix was a beautiful place, calm and serene in a way that New York just wasn’t, and could never be. Alice found she quite liked it, even if the heat threatened to melt the skin from her bones.
It hadn’t been hard for Simon to track Bucky down, he was quite the celebrity currently. It had only been a few months before Sam Wilson (the new Captain America) and Bucky had saved Manhattan from a group called The Flag Smashers. The story had been intense.
All Alice had cared about was how good Bucky looked with short hair. He was visibly a different person now, but her heart rate still quickened just looking at him… but ten years was so long…
“We’re almost here, Al.” Simon's gruff voice filled the cab of the truck he had rented, his eyes firmly on the road. His grip was white knuckled on the steering wheel, “So… catch up with Barnes… then what? Are you going to…”
Alice’s tummy flipped, and she felt heat creep up her face, “I ummm… I don’t know. We wanted to… I mean before- we wanted to run away and, well, we don’t need to now, do we?”
Simon’s answering grunt was awkward, and Alice allowed herself a small smile at that, “I just… I’m so nervous, Simon. It’s been ten years. What if he’s forgotten about me? I don’t know… he’s all I thought about when the Council- whether he knew it or not, I survived because of him. What if I can’t do it without him.”
Alice didn’t quite phrase it like a question, and Simon didn’t hasten to answer her like it was. The satellite navigation said that they were barely ten minutes away, and Alice started trembling,
“I love him. Please let Bucky still love me… please…”
The first thing Alice noticed was cars and trucks everywhere. The second was flowers. A place like Delacroix was full of flowers regardless, but these were the type that were picked and bunched for how pretty they looked together… the type that would look pretty being held by a woman’s hands as she walked down the aisle…
“Simon…” Alice whispered the man’s name like a plea, “this is a wedding…”
“It uhhh… Sam lives here too, remember, Al. Just wait, okay?”
It was a celebration, people everywhere, the outside space filled with happy voices and the smells of tasty food cooking over grills and open fires. Alice and Simon were able to get to the edges without drawing too much attention to themselves, and they watched.
Alice’s eyes were better than Simon’s, she saw him first.
Bucky in a grey suit. Black bow tie loose around his neck, a couple of buttons undone on his white shirt, and a smile that reached well past his eyes on his face. He looked beautiful, he looked happy, and he looked at peace.
Sarah Wilson next to him looked beautiful too, but Alice couldn’t pay too close attention. Her heart broke between one beat and the next when Bucky leaned over and kissed his new wife on the lips, lingering for a moment to whisper words that Alice couldn’t hear.
“Al… we need to go, I’m so sorry-”
Bucky stood up, tapping a spoon against a glass until the place went silent, and he had everyone’s attention. He was far away, but Alice could hear him,
“Thank you all for coming. Today is probably the best day of my life, and sure, I haven’t had a high bar for that in a long time… but Sarah pulled me out of a very dark place. I thought I was lost. I had been abandoned…”
The first tear fell past Alice’s lashes.
“But Sarah brought light back to me so I want to make a toast to my new wife, Sarah Wilson-Barnes - I love you, doll, more than words can ever say. Thank you.”
“To Bucky and Sarah!”
Alice had never cried in the lab. She didn’t cry when Ivar bit her and left his mark on her. When Richard Sharpe ordered more tests on her and the lock on her cell rang out once more, Alice barely wavered.
She had Bucky to live for, and he loved her more than anything. Bucky would want her to be strong until she could find him again.
The party continued, but Alice didn’t see it. Tears blurred everything until it was all but erased from her sight. Alice didn’t put up a fight when Simon led her away.
Bucky was happy without her. Alice chanced one more look over her shoulder… and met eyes of blue.
Alice stared at Bucky, watching the shock and recognition cross his face, her heart screaming for him, but she didn’t say anything… she just smiled, waved, and turned away.
Bucky Barnes wasn’t her happy ending anymore.
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Hey guys, I wrote something new!
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Chrome & Leather - Chp 6
Tumblr media
Series Masterlist
Pairing: Steve Rogers x OFC, Brother Bucky x OFC, Eventual Billy Russo x OFC
Chapter Warnings: Smut, Cussing, Verbal Threats, Little Angst
Word Count: 3475
Chapter Summary: While raising money for a charity Jessie overhears Becca talking with someone about owing them. As she confronts both, Becca goes on the defense about it. Tension and secrets start to build between the two sisters. Will Jessie be able to find out what she is hiding?
A/N: This is my first fic with an original female  character, Jessie Barnes. Face claim for Jessie Barnes is model Jessy Hartel, Images of her are slightly altered to give her blue eyes for my OFC by @happygowriting​​​​​. (Thank you for also creating the biker cut from pics online) All photos in moodboard are from Pinterest.
To read more of my work here is my Masterlist
Thank you to my beta @bxccxdxll​​​​ for looking this over for me. Thank you to my friends in the discord who helped bounce ideas around with me.
Page-break by @whimsicalrogers​​​​​
Taglists are temporary closed. With Tumblr not sending notifications I’m going to see if the side-blog works better. I will tag those who interact. To stay up to date with my writing follow my side-blog and turn on the notifications for @saiyanprincessswanie-sideblog​​
Reposts  & Translations on other social media pages or apps are NOT allowed. I do NOT give consent to have my work posted anywhere but my own Tumblr and AO3 account.   If you see this anywhere other than my AO3 or Tumblr please let me know  as it was stolen. 🚫🚫  
Reblogs & Comments on Tumblr are welcomed and encouraged. 😊💜
Tumblr media
Jessie’s life was exactly how she pictured it years ago as a daydreaming teenager. Now as Jessie wanders the farmer’s market with Wanda in tow, she finds her head once again in the clouds. Today the Howling Commandos booth was selling homemade pies to raise money for renovations at a women's shelter on the far edge of town. 
The shelter housed battered women and children from the surrounding towns. This was something Jessie had brought to the club's attention and they all voted to help this shelter until all repairs were made. Seeing these women who came in with nothing but the clothes on their backs broke her heart. If there was one thing for sure Jessie lucked out on it was a good guy.
Living with Steve for almost a year has changed her daily routine for the better. She had quit working at the bar with Sam so she could have weekends off with Steve. With Wanda still dating Sam, he hired her for the hours Jessie used to work. It gave each couple time to spend with the one they loved. That left Jessie working the diner shifts Monday to Friday, either open or closing shifts depending on when Becca needed her. 
Working a forty-hour work week was strange at first to her but now Jessie knew there was no going back to long hours. It helped that Steve would help with household bills. On top of that their mom's debt was finally paid off with the debt collectors. Becca had surprised everyone when she told them she took care of it. Though Becca was vague about where the money came from she kept a tight lip about it when she was pressed.
Wandering the market both women purchased various jams, fruits, and vegetables for the shelter to help feed the families that were currently there. Jessie was paying for something when she caught a tall, built man with his back to her talking to Becca behind one of the booths. Becca was waving her arms in the air as the man kept pointing a finger at her chest. Quickly Jessie paid for her items, placing them in a bag Wanda was carrying. Jessie looked at Wanda and lightly squeezed her hand. “Stay here.” Jessie left Wanda where she stood as the redhead called after her.
“I told you I would have the rest at the end of the month. I just need a little more time,” Becca frantically spoke.
“I have been very patient with you but I think you don’t understand how deep you’re in. Between that diner and the people you keep around you, there’s no excuse,” The man harshly spit out. “It would be a shame if something happened to those you loved to get the point across…”
Jessie didn’t like the little bit she heard and interrupted. “Is there a problem here?” The man turned around to face Jessie as Becca looked at her with concern. Jessie eyed the man up, warily taking in his size and demeanor. “Brock, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you in town. When did they release you from jail?”  
“There is no problem, just a friendly conversation with your sister here.” His eyes raked over Jessie’s body as he took a few steps towards her. “Look at you kitten, you have grown into a beauty. I got out of the big house months ago, maybe you and I could catch up.” Brock lifted his hand to touch Jessie and she quickly swatted him away, sneering at him. 
“Don’t touch me,” Jessie growled out, hands balling up into fists by her side.
“The kitten has claws.” Brock held her glare for a moment before his gaze caught someone approaching.
“Is there a problem here?” A deep, authoritative voice spoke.  
Jessie turned around and saw Billy standing behind her in his uniform. Billy’s dark eyes were staring back at Brock who threw his hands up in defeat. 
Brock looked at Becca and frustratingly said, “You know what you have to do, no exceptions.” Brock looked over Jessie once more and chuckled at her. “See you around kitty cat.” He walked away leaving Jessie and Billy to stare after him.
After Brock disappeared from sight Jessie smiled at Billy. “Thank you.” 
Billy nodded at her as his eyes looked between both sisters. “I’m going to follow him out of the market. I will leave you both to talk.”
As soon as Billy left Jessie then turned to her sister. “What was that about?” 
Becca rolled her eyes and pushed past Jessie storming through the farmer’s market. “It’s none of your business Jessie so leave it alone.”
Walking fast past Wanda, who was watching everything unfold, Jessie grabbed Becca by the arm to stop her. “It’s kind of my business when Brock is threatening my sister.” Becca wrenched her arm away from Jessie and shoved her.
“Stay out of my business Jessie I have this under control. Whatever you think you heard or know, just forget about it.” Taken back from Becca’s outburst she watched as she stalked by the Howling Commandos booth heading towards the parking lot. 
Steve and Bucky had apparently watched the exchange between the women and stood watching Jessie approach them. Thor quickly got up and chased after Becca as Jessie walked by everyone trying to avoid their stares, heading in the opposite direction of her sister.
Jessie was hurt and angry because of how Becca acted. Never in her adult life did Becca snap like that. There was just an odd feeling about what she did hear between Brock and Becca. Why would Becca talk with him in secret? What was she hiding? Keeping secrets was not something they did in her family. Lost in her thoughts she didn’t hear Steve approach.
“Are you okay sweetheart?” His voice softly asked, snapping her out of her thoughts. She turned to see Steve walking towards her with a concerned look on his face.
Jessie let out a sigh as she walked the short distance to him. “Yeah, just a little annoyed but I will be fine.” She wrapped her arms around him, resting her head against his chest.
His strong arms enveloped her as he placed a soft kiss on the top of her head. “Do you want to talk about it?”
“Not right now. Can we go for a ride? I really need to clear my head right now.” 
Steve smiled as he hugged her tighter. “Of course we can. Let me go tell Bucky we are heading out. I’m sure Nat and Buck can handle the last hour by themselves.” He pulled back and kissed her briefly on the lips. Before she could deepen it Steve grabbed her bag full of goodies and jogged off to the booth. A ride with Steve was always something that calmed her nerves when she was feeling tense. Steve jogged back with a grin on his face. “Bucky said he would drop your bag off at your house when they are done.” 
Jessie put her helmet on as Steve got onto his bike. “Sounds good.” She climbed onto the back of the bike and the engine roared to life. Jessie wrapped her arms around him as they sped out of the parking lot.
Tumblr media
Riding with Steve around the surrounding areas was something that always calmed Jessie’s nerves. They had pulled off to an area that oversaw a lake. There Jessie had told Steve what had happened back at the farmer’s market. Steve was not happy to hear what Brock had said or the fact he tried to touch what was his. Just the thought of another man touching Jessie made him so angry that he could punch someone. Hell would freeze over before he allowed that to ever happen again. 
As for Becca, Steve thought that they needed to find out what she had gotten herself into. Brock had been a troublemaker through their high school years and eventually, his bad-boy ways caught up to him as an adult. With Brock out of prison and working for an unknown person, this smelled like trouble. If there was trouble then the Howling Commandos would have to look into it. No one would be allowed to cause trouble in their town, not while Steve and Bucky were around. Steve would be bringing this to the club’s attention tonight. Maybe this is something they could squash before it became a bigger problem.
They were riding back into town just as the sun was setting. The orange and pink hues in the sky were fading as the dark starry sky started to take over. Steve and Jessie were heading over to Bucky and Nat’s place for the club’s cookout. The house sat alone on a large plot of land not far from Winnie’s place. Bucky had always wanted a house away from nosy neighbors and out in the countryside. This is where most weekends were spent if they weren’t at Sam’s bar. The bonfire was already roaring when they pulled up to the house. 
Steve had slung his arm around Jessie’s shoulders as they made their way to the back of the house. In the back, Bucky was manning the grill as Tony, John and Clint criticized his grilling skills. Thor was sitting in front of the fire with Becca in his lap while Nat was bringing out the condiments. The redhead caught you both walking her way, “About time you two showed up. Was the ride good? I thought for sure you would be walking funny. Apparently, Steve didn’t do a good enough job.”
“Gross Nat, you know they took the Harley out. Why must you make me lose my appetite with those nasty thoughts of them.” Bucky groaned as he grabbed his beer and chugged it down. Nat was chuckling at Bucky, she absolutely loved traumatizing him any chance she could. 
Steve walked over to Bucky, patting him on the back. “Don’t worry Jerk, I swear my hands are clean.”
Bucky elbowed Steve, “Don’t start punk. I swear I’m not against punching you.”
Jessie watched her sister who refused to acknowledge her presence. Something definitely felt off and she was going to get to the bottom of it. A beer was dangled in front of Jessie’s face breaking her from her thoughts as Nat waved it back and forth.
Grabbing the beer from Nat, Jessie took a swig of it as she turned her back on Becca. “Want to tell me what happened between you two today?”
Jessie shook her head. “I’m not even sure what exactly is wrong.”
“Well, give it time. When you both are ready, talk it out. There isn’t anything that was done that could keep you both this mad at one another.” Nat’s hand squeezed Jessie’s shoulder lightly to reassure her. “Now how about we take some shots and dance.”
Tumblr media
The night was filled with laughter, drinking, and good food. When the club came together they all knew how to let loose. Sam and Wanda had shown up later in the evening, leaving the bar tended by a new assistant manager named Joaquin Torres. 
Steve and the guys were all joking around while Jessie, Nat, and Wanda danced to the music playing on the outdoor speakers on the back porch. There was still tension between Becca and Jessie but Steve figured they would eventually work everything out. For now, he would watch his girl dance provocatively with her friends. Jessie was dressed in jean shorts, a tank top, and sneakers. His eyes danced over her sweat-slicked skin as she swayed to the music. 
“So Bucky tells me that you bought some land with a garage on it?” Steve snapped out of his trance as Sam's question hung in the air.
Steve’s eyes cut back to his friends as he cleared his throat. “Yeah, it was a really good deal. John here told us about a friend he knew that wanted to get rid of the property. I bought it outright with cash that I’ve been saving with Jessie. I haven’t been able to really get a good look through the garage yet but I’m hoping to get over there by the end of the week.” 
John patted Steve on the back. “Least I could do for my boss. You will love the location and the wide-open property. The garage is huge by the way and my friend said it would need to be cleaned out. Anything we find though he said you could keep.”
Steve took a swig of his beer as his eyes went back to Jessie. Her hips swayed to the music as his eyes traveled up her body, finally locking eyes with her. Jessie flashed him a grin knowing how to get a rise out of him. Steve could feel his cock twitch in his pants as she continued to tease him with a sultry dance. 
As the men continued to talk amongst themselves Steve made his way over to his girl. The song ended just as he stepped up behind her, his lips kissing the side of her neck. “You’re a tease sweetheart.” His warm breath tickled her ear as he spoke. “Come with me.” Steve grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the music and their group of friends.
Jessie giggled as he pulled her into Bucky’s garage attached to his house. The only light inside came from the moon shining through the side window. Steve knew the garage by heart having worked in here with Bucky on their bikes. Steve brought her over to the workbench.
Their kiss was a frantic mix of lips and teeth as they both fought for dominance. Steve’s hands undid her shorts, pushing both her shorts and underwear down her legs. Jessie stepped out of them and Steve lifted her onto the workbench. He pulled her tank top off discarding it on the ground leaving her in a black lacy bra. 
Jessie pulled his shirt over his head just as his fingers swiped through her wet folds. A needy moan escaped her lips as he covered his fingers in her arousal and thrusted his fingers into her channel. His fingers pumped into her, working her open for his cock. Jessie gripped the base of his neck as she felt him bringing her higher with each pump of his fingers. Her fingers worked open his jeans and pushed them down just low enough to free his hard cock. Her fingers wrapped around his length, giving him a few languid strokes. 
“Stevie, I need you, please,” Jessie whined as his fingers curled inside of her. Her hand sped up on his cock making him groan from the feeling.
He pulled his fingers from her, sucking her slick off them. Steve looked down as he dug into his pockets searching for a condom. “Fuck, sweetheart. I don’t have protection on me. I will just have to get you off another way.”
Jessie’s hand squeezed just a little tighter around him making him bite down on a groan. “The fuck you are Steven. You will take me now or so help me God I will push you down and ride you.”
Steve’s blue eyes searched hers as he took in what she said. There was longing written on her face. “Are you sure?”
“Yes. Please, Steve.” Jessie pleaded with him as her fingers wove through his hair.
Steve could never deny her anything in this world. If she wanted the moon he would give it to her in a heartbeat. His hands pulled her to the edge of the workbench. Steve replaced her hand with his and ran his cock through her wet folds a few times, coating his cock with her arousal. 
Jessie mewled from the feeling of his cock so close to where she needed him. Finally, she felt the tip of his cock breach her entrance, and he sunk into her, both gasping and moaning from the feeling. Jessie hitched her legs around his waist, pulling his body as close as she could to hers.
“Fuck doll, so warm and tight for me.” Her pussy gripped his cock like a vise. Feeling the inside of her for the first time without a condom almost made him cum right then. Steve’s fingers dug into her hips as he set long, hard strokes into her.
Her breath hitched every time he thrust into her as he hit her special spot over and over. “Steve. Ah-fuck, baby. Right there. Don’t stop. Please.” Jessie’s fingers grasped onto his shoulders as they both met each other thrust for thrust. The sound of skin slapping against skin and moaning filled the garage as they both took each other higher. Jessie could already feel that coil within her building. 
“Jessie, I’m close. Can feel you gripping me so well. Do you want me to pull out?” Steve fumbled the words out as he concentrated on making her cum before him.
Her legs wrapped tightly around him. “I want you to cum inside me.” Steve’s eyes looked at her again in surprise. “Please. You feel good.”
Steve nodded, as he continued to pound into her. His right hand left her hip, moving in between them as his thumb found her clit. Jessie’s breath hitched again as he circled it firmly. Her walls gripped him tightly as she finally cried out her release. “Ah-Steve!” Her legs trembled from the aftershocks of her orgasm as Steve frantically chased his end.
He loved the feeling of her walls hugging him tightly. A few sloppy strokes had him cursing as he emptied himself into her. Jessie’s walls continued milking him for every single drop he had. Steve rested his forehead against hers as they both shivered from the intensity of their release. Jessie lightly kissed his lips as they started to come down from their high. The sound of the door to the garage opened and the light turned on. Jessie and Steve looked to see who it was and saw Bucky nonchalantly walk in.
Bucky made it halfway into the garage before he caught sight of Steve’s bare ass and Jessie’s head peeking over his shoulder. “Jesus Christ, you have got to be kidding me.” Bucky covered his eyes and turned to leave but walked into a shelf, knocking things off it. “I swear you two better be changed in the next five minutes or so help me god I’m going to put a bullet in your ass Rogers!” Bucky slammed the door shut leaving Steve and Jessie laughing from once again traumatizing him. 
“As funny as that was, I love your ass too much to see it shot.” Jessie chuckled. 
“Yeah, I wouldn't want to walk with a limp,” Steve said as he pulled out of Jessie and tucked himself back in his pants. 
Jessie hopped down from the workbench and pulled her clothes back on. “Let’s head out there before he comes in with guns blazing.” She finished straightening herself out and grabbed his hand as they headed outside to where everyone stood. Whistles and catcalls erupted from their friends teasing them about being caught.
Bucky locked eyes with Steve, “You are going to clean that entire garage tomorrow to get rid of any bodily fluids.” 
“Sure thing Buck.” Steve chuckled out. 
Nat looked up at Bucky. “It’s not like that garage has never been used for sexcapades before. If I remember correctly you had me bent over your Harley before everyone showed up.”
Jessie was the one to let out a groan now. “That is not an image I needed Nat.”
Nat smiled at her friend. “Only fair since you defiled my garage.”
“On that note, we are leaving. See you guys later.” Jessie and Steve waved goodbye to their friends as they headed home.
Tumblr media
Brock was smoking his cigar as he listened to his informant on the phone. 
“Everything is transferred to the garage like you asked Brock. Also, If you want to get your point across to Becca I found out she is working the closing shift with her mother in two nights. They will be keeping the money they raised today in the safe at the diner until they can go to the bank. It will be an easy in and out.” The man on the line spoke quickly.
Brock flew out a push of smoke. “That’s perfect. My boss will be pleased to hear that everything is coming together as planned. Keep me updated if anything changes.” Brock hung up the phone with his inside man. He took out his phone and texted his employer relaying the information to him. Both Brock and his boss wanted the same thing, to see the Howling Commandos crumble. If everything went to plan, Bucky and Steve would be out of the picture.
Tumblr media
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Home is Where the Heart Is
Chapter Seven: I Won’t Say I’m in Love
Fandom: The Falcon and the Winter Soldier
Ship: James “Bucky” Barnes x Original Female Character (OFC)
Summary: Hestia, the goddess of the hearth and home, has been tasked with returning Olympus’ missing Heart to its rightful place. Things are made more interesting when she bumps into one James “Bucky” Barnes—a man more in need of a home than anyone she’s ever met.
But despite being uniquely qualified to guide him home after decades of fighting, it’s hard to do that with the eventual destruction of her home hanging over her head. Will the Heart be returned? Or will Olympus fall?
Rating: E (eventual smut)
Warnings: one (1) punch to the face
Word Count: 7,686
[Previous Chapter]
Tumblr media
Hestia had visited GRC camps before. She witnessed firsthand the amount of effort it took for these people to make whatever food and water they had last. It was through these struggles that created a tight-knit community that was understandably wary of others. If only because outsiders, whether with good intentions or not, would make promises that ultimately weren’t kept.
Or in my case, try to exchange necessary goods for nonessential information. Hestia started to question if she’d really thought her plan through.
They’d left Zemo’s apartment as soon as Hestia was certain that she could transport the large pot of stew she’d made safely. Once they got to the camp, the boys decided to split up to see if anyone knew about Donya Madani.
While the boys went about their mission, she wandered around and asked who to speak to about the supplies she’d brought. She didn’t ask about Donya. She assumed it would be best to do so after her car was emptied. The mention of supplies caused people to look at her with mistrust and suspicion. Eventually, someone pointed her to a man by the name of Emilio. 
She found him in a classroom, speaking quietly to a handful of children there. It was sparse, with very few items for the children to use. It made her heartache. She smiled softly at one of the boys when he glanced up from his drawing. At the sight of her, Emilio instantly stood up. “What do you want?” His voice was tired, but there was a clear edge of wariness there.
Hestia shifted her weight to her other foot. There was something deeper in his tone. As if he’d asked this question before and didn’t get a satisfying answer. I wonder if Sam’s run into him… She brushed it off for now. Hestia gestured to the doorway she came through. “I was told to speak to you about the supplies I have in my car.”
Emilio crossed his arms and pressed his lips flat. “You brought supplies?”
“Yes,” Hestia answered without hesitation. “It’s in my car downstairs.”
“We haven’t been able to get anything in months, and yet you come to me now, offering up valuable supplies.” Emilio was calm when he pointed it out, but the sharpness was still there. His arms tightened across his chest.
Hestia glanced around the room. The children were watching her carefully with frowns on their faces. Hestia realized what this must look like. That’s why so many people were suspicious before. “You believe I’m fooling you,” Hestia guessed.
Emilio’s shoulders were tense, but he eventually dropped his arms. “People have never come here just for the sake of being kind.” His tone was wiser than it should be. Hestia couldn’t imagine the experience that led to it. “People aren’t like that.”
It was at that moment that Hestia realized her grave mistake. These people had been taken advantage of time and time again. They’d been mistreated by everyone, including the people whose job it was to take care of them. They had no reason to trust anyone who walked into their camp, and they certainly had no reason to trust a single woman who came claiming to bear supplies. 
Hestia had the compass that could direct her to the two remaining pieces of the Heart. She didn’t need to ask for information about Karli. However, she had planned to do so anyway, if only to help Sam and Bucky with their quest. But if it means tainting the goods I’m giving them, I know what I need to do. She sighed softly. I’m sorry, Sam. Though, something told her if anyone would understand it would be Sam Wilson. “There’s no catch,” Hestia finally said.
Emilio narrowed his eyes and shook his head. “No one is that kind.”
Hestia shrugged. She repeated, slowly but surely, “there is no catch.” Whatever reason he believed she was doing this for was up to him. 
Emilio took a deep breath. “I can’t trust you,” he said firmly. 
Though Hestia could admire his unwavering beliefs, they were in dire need of the supplies she had. “Please,” Hestia took a step forward, face earnest. “I have supplies.” Her tone was sincere. “I understand that you have no reason to trust me. I have nothing to offer you other than my word.”
“And promises are often broken,” Emilio pointed out sharply.
“Yes, they are,” Hestia agreed easily. “But does it matter?” Emilio’s lips tightened. “I have supplies that you desperately need.” She gestured to the sparse room and the children watching the exchange carefully. “I am telling you that I want nothing in return. The supplies are yours to do with whatever you wish.”
Emilio watched her carefully. Hestia stood tall. She had nothing to hide. Suddenly, a small hand tugged on Hestia’s pants. Glancing down, a girl stood next to her, no more than six years old. She blinked up at Hestia with wide, innocent eyes. “Do you have any new toys?” She asked quietly as if it was a big secret.
Hestia blinked and then smiled. Kneeling to her level, Hestia leaned in to whisper in her ear. “I’ve got lots of toys. Pencils and markers too. I even have…” she paused for great effect. The little girl’s eyebrows raised high. She leaned in, curious. Hestia giggled and said empathically, “ play-doh .”
“Play-doh?!” The little girl screeched in delight. She started clapping in excitement. “She’s got play-doh! The nice lady brought play-doh!” 
At that, the other children started clamoring out of their seats. Emilio sighed, and then turned back to Hestia. She rose to her feet, smiling, rather unapologetically to Emilio. “Does everyone want to go on a short field trip?” she asked the students. They cheered. She laughed. “Alright, we’re gonna go downstairs to my car.” As the students started filing out of the room, she turned back to Emilio. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not,” she threw out offhandedly. 
Emilio shook his head, but he followed his students. They all clamored around her car, chattering excitedly until Hestia opened the trunk door. “ Whoa!” The students exclaimed in unison. Hestia eyed the truck. I might have gone a bit overboard. Not that she could muster up regret over it.
Emilio stood there, slack-jawed. Probably believes me now, Hestia thought with a smile. She handed a few bags to the children. Only, they didn’t know where to put everything. “Emilio,” Hestia called, with just a hint of teasing in her voice. Emilio tore his eyes away from her car. His mouth was still hanging open. Hestia did her best not to laugh. She nodded her head to the kids in front of him. “Mind helping?” she asked good-natured.
“Oh, uh… of course…” Emilio shook his head as if waking himself from a dream. Then, he started organizing where all the supplies were to go. “Let’s start with the classroom, for now, kids.” They echoed their acknowledgment. 
Hestia turned back to the car. Eventually, the same little girl was standing behind Hestia, eyeing the bags with an intense, hawk-like gaze. Hestia slowly followed the line of sight. She laughed at what caught the little girl’s eye. Hestia leaned in and pulled out the pink little bunny with a white bow tied around its neck. She turned back to the little girl, and whispered, “I think this little bunny needs a friend.”
Her face lit up like it was Christmas. Without hesitation, she snatched the bunny up and hugged it tightly. Immediately, she was already in a deep conversation with the stuffed animal as she wandered off to play. Hestia giggled. She caught a few of the adults wandering over to investigate the large crowd. Eyebrows shot up and mouths dropped at the stuffed car. 
It gave her just as much joy as Emilio’s expression did.
It was made even better when an older gentleman started fingering through the books she had. One of them caught his attention. He pulled it out and gasped when he caught sight of the title. “Oh,” he murmured gently. “This is my granddaughter’s favorite…” He ran shaky fingers reverently across the smooth cover. “We’d lost it after…” he trailed off, eyes glassy.
Hestia’s chest warmed. She reached over and placed a hand on his shoulder. “Well then, I’m so glad I found another copy for you,” she said, equally soft. “I can only imagine how happy your granddaughter is going to be when you show her.”
The smile he gave her in return was priceless.
Once most of the bags were given away, Hestia pulled out the pot of stew. She was pleased that it was still hot to the touch. “Oh, let me,” an Italian woman rushed over and took the pot from Hestia’s hands.
“Thank you,” Hestia smiled.
The Italian woman returned the gesture. She took a deep whiff of the stew. “Oh, smells delicious,” she cooed.
Hestia chuckled. She waved it off. Then, before she forgot, she gestured to the front of the pot where a small card was tapped on. “I listed all the ingredients just in case someone was allergic.” She’d learned her lesson from last time. Never going to let it happen again. Hestia shuddered.
Once all the supplies were gone, Hestia slammed the trunk door closed. Just as she turned around, Emilio stood before her. She blinked, rocking back on her feet. His expression was stern. Oh boy… “What do you want?” he asked again.
Hestia sighed, upset that he was asking again. I’ve just given you thousands of dollars of supplies out of my pocket, and you still don’t trust me. She knew the GRC camps had a close community, but this was a bit extreme. “I told you,” Hestia repeated patiently, “there’s no catch. I don’t want anything.”
Emilio shook his head in defiance. “I know that you came with those two.” He gestured to Bucky and Sam standing side by side. They watched Zemo carefully farther down the courtyard. Hestia frowned. That same spike of regret hit her. She knew they needed information. This was important to them. But… I can’t … Given all she knew about them both, she hoped they would understand. She turned her eyes back to Emilio. “You want to find Karli,” Emilio continued, gesturing sharply at her. 
“I don’t want anything, Emilio,” Hestia repeated, this time firmer. How many times do I have to say this?
Emilio scoffed. “No one is that nice.” He glanced around and deflated. His posture hunched over, his hands hung loosely by his side. Hestia’s brow furrowed. “Take back your supplies,” Emilio finally said. Hestia’s head jerked back. “We don’t want anything to do with you.”
The fact that Emilio was stopping his community from enjoying the free supplies that they needed out of pride was the final straw for Hestia. “Are you serious?” Hestia hissed. She took a step closer until she was nose to nose with him. “You’re going to deny everything I’ve given you, that you need, out of what? Pride? Spite?”
“I can’t—” 
Hestia cut him off. “It doesn’t matter if you can’t trust me,” Hestia growled. “I bought those supplies with my own money and have given them to you without any questions about Donya or Karli. Yes,” Hestia gestured sharply to Bucky and Sam, “I did come with those two. But it shouldn’t matter ! You have taken the supplies from my car,” she slapped a hand on the door, “They are yours.”
“I’m not going to accept what is clearly a carrot on a stick,” Emilio rebutted. “If anything you’re worse than those two.” Hestia took a deep breath to keep her cool at the accusation. “They at least are honest about what they want.” Bucky’s head turned minutely at their heated argument. “You offer us supplies we need in exchange for giving up information on the one person who’s trying to help us.”
Hestia threw her hands up. “I haven’t asked anything .”
“ Yet,” Emilio snapped. “So you can take your supplies back because I will not allow you to use us for your own devious purposes.”
Hestia snapped. Her lip curled and her eyes narrowed. “I won’t accept them,” Hestia growled. “Those supplies are yours to do with whatever you wish. You want to throw them away because you can’t accept any goodness, fine. It doesn’t matter. The moment you took the supplies out of this car is the moment they are no longer mine. I knew you needed supplies and I gave them to you.” Hestia pointed at him firmly. “That’s it, Emilio.”
Emilio scoffed. “Nothing is ever that simple.”
“Now,” Hestia continued, ignoring him. “Do you want to know the whole truth, Emilio?” She didn’t let him answer. “Since you’re so eager to place judgment, I’ll tell you. There is a reason why I came to this camp with them,” she gestured to Bucky and Sam. Distantly, she noted that Bucky was now eyeing them out of the corner of his eye. “I came because I have reason to believe that Karli Morgenthau has a relic that belongs to my family.”
“I knew it,” Emilio muttered, shaking his head as if this was all the proof he needed.
Hestia scoffed, knuckles turned white from her grip. “I’m not finished,” she said sharply. “Because once I talked to you, I understood the situation you’ve been put into. I can’t imagine how many times this exact situation has happened before, of people offering you things you need in exchange for things they need. Now, my intent with these supplies has been completely genuine. So,” Hestia continued, widened her stance as she glared at him. “I decided not to ask for any information in return. I didn’t want these supplies to be tainted with whatever devious thought you believe I have.” 
“So you’re just giving them to us?” Emilio scoffed, and it was clear that he didn’t believe her.
Hestia didn’t care. “Yes,” Hestia answered so surely that it made Emilio pause. “Now that you have them, you can do whatever you want with them. You can throw them out a damn window for all I care. But,” Hestia added firmly, “I will not take them back.”
She took a deep breath, and with her piece being said, she walked past him without hesitation. She walked over to Bucky and Sam and took deep breaths to cool off. She crossed her arms over her chest and dug her nails into her skin so hard she left marks. Her jaw was clenched so hard she was getting a headache. “That sounded rough,” Bucky finally said.
Hestia blinked. Tilting her head, she frowned at him. “What are you talking about?”
“That speech,” he jerked his head behind them, “sounded rough.”
Hestia stared at Bucky. “You… heard that?”
Bucky stared at her for a moment, and then slowly nodded. “Yeah, doll, it’s called being a super-soldier.”
Just like that, all the tension in her body melted away. She lit up. “You can hear that well?” She squealed in delight. “That’s incredible, James!” Bucky glanced away with a blush. She stared at him for a while, and then muttered, more to herself, “you never cease to amaze me.” 
His eyes snapped towards her. Their gazes locked. Am I in love with him? She pondered, even as she kept her eyes on him. She did like him, she knew that, and she flirted with him without any shame. Yet, could she say she was in love with him?
It’s been so long, she thought to herself nostalgic. Yet no matter how many years it’s been, she still remembered perfectly what the buildup was like. It’s happening all over again. Her heart fluttered at the thought. Bucky’s eyes were entirely blue, with shades of green, and Hestia never wanted to look away. A warmth grew in her chest. Oh, my pretty James.
“Can you two just kiss already?” Sam asked flatly. “‘Cause at this point, this tension between the two of you will kill me.”
The world restarted. Hestia and Bucky snapped out of it. Hestia’s heart skipped a beat when she noticed that they’d been closer than they were before. Had we been leaning in? A blush grew across her cheeks and nose. She giggled, even though it wasn’t funny. “Sorry,” she said to Sam. She was a bit guilty of letting that grow when Sam was right there. 
Bucky’s was so red it was past his shirt. He turned and growled at Sam, “we’re not going to kiss.” There was a hint of an emotion there that Hestia picked up on. It took her a moment to decipher it. It was like Bucky wanted to say as if Hestia would want to kiss me instead. It reminded her of what Sam told her back at Zemo’s apartment. 
“Bucky’s probably thinking he’s not good enough for a woman like you.”
That same righteous fury filled her veins. “James,” she called before she could overthink it. He turned back to her. In one smooth move, she reached up so she could kiss his cheek. 
Bucky froze.
His eyes were blank when she pulled back. She laughed softly, and then, just because she wanted to, leaned up to place a quick peck on the tip of his nose. Bucky still didn’t move. Even as she straightened herself, Bucky continued to stare forward with wide unseeing eyes. 
Sam rolled his eyes and gave Bucky a hefty smack across his back. “Wake up, Buck,” he drolled, his eyes filled with mirth. “Being a little too obvious around her.” 
Hestia leaned forward to stare at Sam. “Obvious?” she asked, confused. “Obvious about what?”
Bucky came to life instantly. “Nothing,” he said before Sam could. He threw another glare at Sam. “It’s nothing. I’m not being obvious about anything.”
Hestia stared at Bucky. “You’re kind of being obvious now,” she pointed out slowly.
Bucky’s head snapped back to her. He shoved his hands into his pockets, as his Adam’s apple bobbed. He was trying to steer the conversation away from him. He then glanced out to the courtyard and something caught his attention. “What the hell is he doing?”
Both Sam and Hestia turned to see what Bucky was referring to. A few feet away, Zemo was speaking to a young girl in hushed tones. Then, he held out a handful of Turkish delights and walked away as the children clamored around the treats. “Cute kids,” Zemo said flippantly as he walked by them. 
Well that’s a red flag, Hestia thought and judging from the expression of her boys, they knew it too.
Getting back to the apartment wasn’t any better. Sam made good points about why people at the GRC camp would trust Karli, the only person who was doing something to help them. “Well,” Bucky threw out his hands in frustration. “What about you, Hestia?” he asked. “You must’ve got something from them.”
“I got nothing,” Hestia answered with a hint of hesitation. Both stared at her. She shrugged. “I quickly realized that if I gave them all the supplies that I’d bought, and then asked about Donya, it would’ve been a carrot on a stick.” Hestia frowned when she remembered Emilio’s phrasing. “As much as I realized you must find Karli, giving them the supplies was more important.” 
Bucky sighed heavily. As Zemo walked up with a tea set, Bucky’s eyes narrowed. “That little girl,” Bucky said slowly, watching Zemo critically. “What’d she tell you?”
“The funeral is this afternoon,” Zemo answered. 
Hestia’s eyes shot up. “How did you find out?” she asked. Zemo pursued his lips. Hestia put the pieces together on her own. “Candy,” she breathed out once the puzzle came together. She blinked and then tilted her head. “Really? That’s all it took?”
“Well,” Zemo threw out, “that and I was more approachable than either of these two.” He gestured to Sam and Bucky.
Hestia paused, eyed both of them, and then shrugged. “Fair point.”
“Point?” Bucky gave her a funny look.
Hestia smiled sheepishly. “With the way you scowl, dear, it’s not exactly inviting.” Sam snickered. 
Bucky snorted but turned his attention back to Zemo. “Ya know the Dora’s comin’ for you any minute.” A familiar shudder ran down Hestia’s spine at the mention that Wakadans were involved. “In fact, they’re probably lurkin’ outside right now.”
“Don’t remind me,” Hestia muttered to herself as she glanced over her shoulder on instinct.
“Keep talking,” Bucky demanded, pretending he didn’t hear her.
“Leaving you to turn on me once we get to Karli,” Zemo pointed out smoothly. He shook his head with a hum. “I prefer to keep my leverage.”
Bucky stood up abruptly. Hestia didn’t like the stance he was taking, setting her on edge. She watched carefully as he walked over to Zemo. Then, without warning, he grabbed the glass in Zemo’s hands and ripped it from him. He sent it flying past Zemo, shattering against the wall. “You wanna see what someone can do with leverage?” Bucky breathed harshly at Zemo.
Hestia immediately stepped in. Walking over to them, she reached out and tugged on Bucky’s arm. “James, dear,” she called to him softly. “Let’s all cool off.” 
“Hestia’s right,” Sam said, as he stood next to Zemo. His eyes were on Bucky. “Don’t engage him. He’s just going to extort you and do that stupid head tilt thing.” 
Hestia stepped close enough that their bodies brushed against each other. She pressed her other hand to his back. “Walk away, dear.” She ran her fingers across his spine, trying to distract him and loosen the tension in his muscles. 
“Let me make a call,” Sam said. As he walked past them, he leaned closer to Hestia. “Keep an eye on him.”
Hestia nodded but didn’t take her eyes off her pretty soldier. She grasped his arm with both hands and tugged again. “Come with me, darling,” she cooed. 
Bucky didn’t put up much of a fuss and followed her as she led him away from Zemo. She got him into a separate room and closed the door quietly behind them. Bucky huffed. “You should’ve let me at him,” he growled, pacing the room.
“No,” Hestia said, as she turned and walked towards her belongings. She lifted the compass she had and eyed it carefully. The second needle was still swinging sharply back and forth. It has to mean that the piece is with Karli. If Karli had just stashed it somewhere, then the needle wouldn’t be moving so erratically. 
Except… Hestia realized the flaw in her thinking. Karli might not be the one who has it. One of her other followers may have it. They might not even realize what it is that they have in their possession. Hestia chewed on her lip. Well, considering that she didn’t ask any questions at the camp, the only way to find this piece of the Heart was to use the compass.
Bucky stood next to her, examining the compass over her shoulder. “Isn’t that the same one you had when we first met?”
Hestia’s head snapped up and over to him. It took her a minute to realize he asked a question. She took a deep breath, inhaling the pine trees and the freshness of a winter breeze. Hestia’s eyes glanced down at his pink lips. Just as pretty as the rest of him. Stars above, now that Sam had asked her if she was in love, suddenly she couldn’t stop thinking about it. 
“Hestia?” Bucky called.
She snapped out of it. Glancing away, she cleared her throat. “Uh… yes,” she said when she remembered his question. “It is.”
“If all you were looking for was the cube, then why does it have three needles?” Bucky asked, watching her expression curiously.
Hestia stared at Bucky, thinking this through. Before, she hadn’t told them anything more than what she believed was necessary because she didn’t know them or trust them. Information like this in the wrong hands could be dangerous to both Olympians and humans. But now…? She took a deep breath, but before she could say anything else, Sam walked in. “I called Sharon,” he said. He glanced around and once he was certain Zemo wasn’t around he continued. “She’s gonna gather up some of her resources and give me a call if anything pops up.”
Both of them nodded. Hestia knew that now was the time to explain. “I might be able to help as well.” Sam walked towards them. Bucky crossed his arms, tilting his head. “If I’m right,” she hesitated then muttered, “and stars above I hope I am,” she cleared her throat, and continued, “I can find out where Karli is.”
“How so?” Bucky asked.
“You’re going to want to sit down,” Hestia said, gesturing to the couch in the room. “It might take a few minutes.” Both blinked surprised, but after sharing a look, they turned and walked over to settle in. Hestia wrung her hands together but knew this was the right decision. I trust them. She followed them but kept standing so she could watch their expressions carefully. 
Then, she told them everything. She told them why they even met her in the first place with the trucks in Germany. She explained to them why she was there, and what happened afterward when she found out that the cube was empty. It was sweet that Bucky and Sam immediately grew concerned when she explained the dangers of the Heart missing, but she assured them that, at the very least, this danger was very slow to come. She held nothing back and told them everything, including that Eris was the one responsible for the Heart missing. 
The only thing, perhaps, that she left out, was that Eris believed that Hestia would end up throwing her lot in with Eris. A part of her hoped that if she didn’t admit it out loud, then, as irrational as it was, the problem would go away.
Finally, as she sat between them, she opened up the compass to show it to them. “Each needle represents a piece of the Heart,” she explained. “Now, I’ve got one in my possession,” she gestured to the top needle. “Now, this one,” she pointed to the one at the bottom. “That one’s not moving, which in my experience says that it’s probably somewhere far away.” Which was curious, Hestia had to admit, but it wasn’t her main concern right now. “But this one,” she finally pointed to the one that kept moving sporadically. 
“I take it that means it’s close,” Sam guessed as he leaned over her shoulder to examine the compass closely. 
“Yes.” Hestia nodded. 
“And you think Karli has it,” Bucky added.
“I do,” Hestia confirmed. “Given all the facts I told you, I believe that since Karli had the cube on hand, it probably wasn’t the only thing that she had that day.”
“Why didn’t you realize that when she gave up the cube?” Sam asked curiously.
Hestia shrugged. “At the time, even the idea that the Heart could be in pieces was…” Hestia paused, licking her lips as she shook her head in disbelief. “It was so far out of the realm of possibility.”
“Except…” Bucky turned his eyes to her. “You don’t sound too confident that Karli has it.”
“I’m not,” Hestia sighed. She leaned against the couch. She rubbed her eyes. “The problem is this only tells me where the piece is. There’s no guarantee that it’ll lead me to Karli.” There’s a whole host of reasons why it wouldn’t be with her. “A part of me even hopes that it’s not with her.”
“Why not?” Sam asked.
Hestia knew that Sam worried about Karli, and wasn’t sure how encouraging this would be. But he deserves the truth. “This entire situation is unprecedented. The Heart has never been outside of Olympus before, let alone in mortal hands. I have no idea what will happen or what could happen if Karli holds onto the Heart for a long period of time.”
“It might affect her somehow?” Sam guessed, and the concern was loud and clear. 
“I don’t know,” Hestia shrugged, hating the words coming out of her mouth. “I really don’t. I wish I did, I do,” she insisted when Sam’s face fell. “But this has never happened before.” 
“So, we need to get that piece away from Karli,” Bucky said firmly.
Hestia nodded. “It would be best for everyone if I took it away. That way we won’t have to guess about what effects it may cause mortals.”
Sam nodded. “Given what I know of Karli, I think she has it on her,” he said confidently. 
“What makes you so certain?” Hestia asked curiously.
“She wouldn’t trust it to anyone else,” Sam explained. “Think about it, you said it yourself, Hestia, she doesn’t trust gods and she cares a lot about the people she’s fighting for.”
“So she wouldn’t give them an unknown artifact,” Hestia hummed, following the train of thought. “She’d keep it for herself in case there were any side effects they didn’t know about.”
“Exactly.” Sam grinned.
Bucky scoffed. “Why doesn’t she just throw it away or stash it somewhere?”
Sam and Hestia shared a look. “Because she’s too proud to let it go,” Hestia answered. Sam nodded to show he had the same thoughts. 
“Plus a goddess came down and told her it's important,” Sam added. “She’s the type of teenager who will always do what authorities tell her not to do out of spite.” That too … If it was any other situation, she would’ve laughed at it.
Bucky hummed. Hestia held up the compass. “So, at the very least, I can tell you if Zemo’s just leading us around in circles.” 
“That’s a nice safety net to have,” Bucky said dryly. 
Sam caught her eye. “When we get to Karli, let me talk to her.”
“Okay,” Hestia said, without issue. Sam paused, and Hestia had to laugh at his surprise. “What?” she teased. “Did you think I was going to object or something?” 
Sam shrugged. “I mean, I guess. Figured as a Greek goddess, you’d want to talk to her.”
Hestia shrugged. “Look, Sam, as long as I get the piece back from Karli, you can do whatever you want.” She paused, then added as an afterthought. “Plus, you know how I feel about conflict. If you can get Karli to back down without a fight, you know I’m always happy with that.”
Sam smiled. “Knew there was a reason I liked you.”
Bucky snorted and rolled his eyes. Hestia couldn’t help but tease, “it’s alright darling,” she cooed, “you’re my favorite.”
Bucky grumbled as red brightened his cheeks. “Every goddamn time,” he growled. 
“You look cute, Bucky,” Sam teased. 
“More than that, you’re pretty,” Hestia added.
“I hate you both so much,” Bucky grumbled as he shot up and out of the room to hide his reddening ears. Sam and Hestia glanced at each other and laughed.
Bucky hated John Walker. On the way to Donya’s funeral, they ran into him and Lemar. He wasn’t exactly thrilled and even threw a few snarky comments just to see Walker’s face mottle.
The most enjoyable part was the fact that Hestia was holding her tongue the entire time. If he was honest, he mostly enjoyed it because she kept her hand in his. It was clearly just a way to help her hold her tongue, but it made the small hair at the back of his neck stand on end. Especially when she started playing with his fingers.
Though, he had fun imagining all the snarky comments Hestia could throw Walker’s way.
What can I say? I adore strong women, he thought as he watched her keep her cool with amusement, maybe a little bit of adoration too. It didn’t help that no matter how many times he told himself off, his eyes still dipped down to her mouth.
Lips that are as soft as her hands. The same ones that have been across his skin before. Every time he recalled the times she’s pressed a pretty little kiss to his cheeks, chills run through him. He couldn’t think of anything else on their way to the funeral. 
Which, of course, was bad. 
Ten minutes was longer than most people think. It was certainly long enough for Bucky to be completely consumed by his thoughts. He had a crush. Despite the same bolt of irritation over how juvenile it is, he knew there was no point in denying it—at least to himself. He just… really didn’t know what to do with that. The idea of cutting it off with Hestia almost brought him physical pain.
Not to mention, he didn’t have anywhere near the amount of strength needed to keep himself away from Hestia.
At this point, he figured the best he could do was nip this crush in the bud before it got too bad. It was a hopeful thought. It was also perhaps the worst lie in history. The longer he spent with her, the stronger this crush got. He’d give her a piece of the moon if she asked for it. Though, she wouldn’t, because she was so fucking kind and she’d never give him a task that she knew he couldn’t complete. 
Am I even really trying not to be in love? Bucky swallowed around a tight throat. The idea of being in love scared the absolute shit out of him. There were a shit ton of reasons why this was bad. For one, he was the Winter Soldier. For another, he had ninety fucking years of baggage that he’d just recently started unpacking. On top of it all, he had to reacclimate himself to today’s society. Not to mention, he was a super-soldier with a metal arm. With the slightest effort and careless thinking, he could seriously hurt someone. 
He froze when it occurred to him. Fuck, I could hurt Hestia… The thought left him ill. He licked his lips and swallowed past a dry mouth. “James…?” His head snapped up. Hestia had stopped pacing and walked over to him. “Is everything alright?”
The fact that she could read him so easily should scare him. Instead, it gave him comfort. Even if it is awkward at times. “I’m fine,” he said gruffly, glancing away in shame for lying to such a beautiful woman.
“Okay,” she answered, though her tone made it clear she knew he wasn’t telling the truth. Of course, she does. He was half convinced she could see into his soul. When he turned his gaze back to her, her eyes were warm honey. How can she see my black soul and still look at me like that? He couldn’t wrap his head around it. 
Hestia opened her mouth, and Bucky unconsciously leaned forward, enthralled with whatever words would come out of her mouth, but Walker—of fucking course—ruined it. “This is a bad idea.”
Bucky snorted softly. He wasn’t even surprised. Walker wanted things to go exactly his way. Steve wasn’t like that, Bucky thought confidently. Steve would’ve trusted Sam to do this. Just another reason why Walker wasn’t Captain America. “It hasn’t been ten minutes, John. Just sit tight.” He didn’t bother to listen to Walker’s reply. He turned back to Hestia. “Were you going to say something, doll?”
Hestia’s eyes always lit up every time he called her that. His chest warmed under her smile. She glanced over at Walker. “You really should learn to trust other people,” Hestia commented lightly, though there was a slight sting of an insult somewhere in her tone. That’s my girl, he thought, and then almost smashed his head against the wall for the thought. What is wrong with me? “Sam knows what he’s doing. And if anyone can convince Karli, I know it’s him.”
Walker wasn’t listening at this point. He started marching to the stairs. It was exactly why Bucky put himself there. He knew Walker wouldn’t be able to handle five minutes, let alone ten. “I’m goin’ in,” Walker announced with false authority.
The stand-off between them wasn’t unexpected, but there was no way in hell he was letting Walker ruin this for Sam. He and Sam may bicker a lot and they were not friends, but he trusted Sam. And if it helps save Karli from going down this path, then we need to take it. The road Karli was determined to go down wasn’t one someone could retreat from. He knew that from personal experience. 
Except, it was because of his past that Walker knew exactly what to say. “Barnes, your partner needs backup in there.” Just as Bucky was about to correct him—seriously, not my partner, idiot—Walker continued, “do you really want his blood on your hands?”
Bucky shouldn’t have taken the bait. He knew what Walker was doing. Yet, so many lives had been taken because of him, that the mere idea of Sam’s death also being on his conscience was too much. They weren’t friends, but it didn’t mean he wanted Sam to die. Bucky’s eyes lowered. “You bdelyrós,” Hestia growled, metaphorical hackles raised. 
Walker threw a glare at Hestia but shoved past Bucky to get to Karli. Hestia sneered at his back and then softened her face. She cupped his face in her hands. “Sam will understand,” she said softly.
Bucky closed his eyes tight. The words hit harder than anything else she could’ve said. In a moment of pure weakness, he leaned forward and pressed his forehead to hers. He took a deep breath, letting the warm milk and honey sit heavy in his lungs. He was in such dangerous waters. He wasn’t even trying to stop it at this point. She was too intoxicating. 
She’ll ruin me. Bucky was certain about that. Yet, when he opened his eyes and looked into her pretty brown eyes, he knew that he was so close to handing over all his broken pieces. Though he didn’t want to admit it, he knew— from deep within his damaged soul—that this was becoming more than just a little crush. 
But I won’t say it. I won’t say I’m in love.
Hestia had so many insults lined up for what Walker did. Picking the one comment that he knew would hit Bucky low just sent her into a rage. The ancient Greek word slipped out without any conscious thought. It didn’t matter, because the sentiment was still the same. Once that piece of shit walked off, Hestia’s first concern was making sure Bucky was okay. 
Pressing his forehead to hers made her heart slam against her ribcage so hard it hurt. Oh, my pretty soldier, she thought as she held his face in her hands. I’ll do anything for you, just tell me. I’ll give you the moon if it’ll make you smile. 
When he pulled away, he ran the tips of his fingers down her cheek. He left behind a trail of pins and needles. Hestia did everything she could not to shudder. Then, Bucky blinked, and it was like he woke himself from a dream. He was already turning away from her. “We need to make sure Sam is okay,” Bucky called over his shoulder.
She didn’t hesitate to follow after him. It was truly unfortunate when they did finally find Karli with Sam. From the brief-expression on Karli’s face, it was clear that Sam had been getting through to her. Curses, Hestia thought emphatically. If they’d just given Sam the time he needed, then all of this might’ve been avoided. She was throwing every swear word and curse she knew at Walker.
It was no surprise that Karli ran. Hestia went after her without hesitation. She had to get the piece back before Walker could mess that up too. So, urgently pulling out her compass, she followed the needle until she caught a gunshot. Head snapping up, she paused, and when a few more went off, she ran towards the noise. 
Only it was farther away than she first thought. As she slid around a corner she came face to face with Karli, who leaned heavily on Emilio’s side. Everyone froze. Hestia caught the flash of red and realized that Karli was bleeding. Well shit. She knew how mortals got when they were wounded. If only I’d gotten to her sooner. “Karli…” she started, holding up her hands in a sign of peace. “I’m not here to fight you.”
“I don’t believe you,” Karli snarled, like a vicious animal backed in a corner. Hestia’s mind spun quickly, trying to figure out how to defuse this situation. “You came in with that Nazi bastard.”
Hestia rolled her eyes. “If you accuse me of working for that, then you need to remember who you’re talking to.” She walked forward slowly. Emilio stood in front of Karli. Hestia stopped. “Emilio,” she said calmly, “Karli,” she stared at both of them to try and convey the honesty of her message. “I really am not here to fight.” She was getting tired of how many times she had to repeat herself. Given how frightened and betrayed Karli must be, Hestia was willing to say it one last time. “All I want is the piece of the Heart that you stole.”
“I don’t have a piece,” Karli spat as she shuffled around Emilio to glare viciously at her. 
Hestia stayed peaceful. Her hands still held up. “Yes you do, Karli,” she stated calmly but firmly. “Don’t bother lying to me, okay? I know you have a piece. All you have to do is give it back and I’ll walk away.” 
Karli scoffed. “Liar.” Karli pulled something out of her pocket. The Heart glowed brightly in her clenched fist, peaking through the gaps between her fingers. Ice ran through Hestia’s veins. “How does it feel to be scared now, goddess?” Karli mocked. Hestia’s chest tightened, irritation snapped at her nerves. Does she even know what she’s got in her hand? 
“Karli,” Hestia took another step forward. Emilio stood aside, watching Karli curiously. Hestia refused to take her eyes off Karli’s hand. So close, Hestia thought, holding her breath. “You don’t know what you’re messing with.”
“Maybe not,” Karli admitted too easily. Her eyes were harder than steel. They burned into Hestia. “But I know it’s powerful enough for gods to come off their thrones. So, why should I give it up when all you’re going to do is put yourselves back in power?”
Hestia had a vivid flashback of speaking to Eris in Madripoor. “They sit up there in their goddamn golden palace and look down on the rest of us.”
It seemed Eris and Karli had a lot of beliefs about gods in common. Except I know how to calm down my niece. I don’t even know where to begin with Karli. “Karli,” Hestia tried again. She took a few steps closer. Karli was wounded, and the guilt would undoubtedly come later, but if she had to, she’d yank that piece out of Karli’s hand if she got the chance. “Please,” she asked, softly, “please just give it to me. Let me take it away. It’s never been in mortal hands before. None of us, you nor I, know what’ll happen if you misuse it.”
“Oh, that’s so rich,” Karli snapped, waving the piece around erratically. “Of course a high and mighty bitch like you would think I’d misuse it just because you’re a goddess and I’m not.” Hestia was almost close enough to reach Karli’s hand. “I’m fighting for something bigger than myself. And I will use everything I have in my possession to change this world. And I don’t care what you say!”
Hestia was so focused on the piece in Karli’s hand that she noticed it immediately. Without warning, the light flickered briefly. Hestia’s brow furrowed. Why is it doing that?
Then, Karli punched Hestia.
The force knocked Hestia’s vision sideways and almost drove her into the wall beside her. Stumbling back, gaze spinning and now entirely confused for another reason, it took her a minute to even understand what happened. 
Karli hit me. That much was clear. As her vision finally cleared, Karli and Emilio were gone. The silence was deafening. What? Her mind spun for an entirely different reason. Karli had thrown punches before and Hestia shrugged them off without any problems. She’s never struggled before. Mortals, even super-powered ones like Karli, couldn’t injure her. 
She blinked and finally straightened herself. Maybe it was just because she caught me off guard…? That must’ve been the answer. It wasn’t until she finally caught up with Sam and Bucky that it became clear. “Hestia…?” Sam asked incredulously.
Hestia tilted her head. “What’s wrong, Sam?” Bucky walked up to her, frowning at her face. She almost pouted. “You know I only like it when you smile at me, darling.”
Bucky didn’t seem to hear her. “Did you run into another one of your family members or something, Hestia?” Sam crossed his arms. “‘Cause if so, I think we need to discuss abuse. Even Greek gods should be aware of it.”
“What are you talking about?” Hestia asked, glancing between the two of them. “No, I…” Hestia gestured behind her. “I tried to get the piece of the Heart that Karli has back.” She frowned. “It… well, it didn’t go as I would’ve hoped.”
Sam and Bucky continued to stare at her intently. It was putting her on edge. “I’ll say,” Sam muttered to himself. 
“What?” Hestia asked again. “Why are you both looking at me like that?”
Bucky reached up and with very gentle fingers brushed across her cheek. Instantly, Hestia jerked her head back, hissing, pain crackling through her entire head like a wildfire. It took a long minute before the pain finally faded. Then, the realization struck her. Her wide eyes snapped to Bucky. “Oh no…” Her eyes flickered across his face. “Am I…?”
Bucky slowly nodded. “You’re already bruising, doll.”
Oh, fuck, Hestia thought in disbelief.
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Finding Home Chapter 22
Chapter 21
Once in the training room, I don’t even bother prepping. I march right to the bags and just start hitting them. No pattern, no technique, nothing.
I am focused solely on getting out the frustration, these emotions I’ve been burying for so long, and just trying to clear my head.
The door is flung open with such force, and I know who it is before even turning around.
“I’m not in the damn mood Barnes.”
“How could you possibly fall in love with someone like me?!”
I look at him with confusion painted across my face, “what are you talking about?”
“I heard you, Petrova. I heard you talking to Natasha, telling her about us. Things you still haven’t explained to me. Now answer my question.” I can hear the slight growl in his voice, “how could you possibly fall in love with”
“Bucky - just don’t.”
“I was dangerous! I was a monster, Marena!” The anger is apparent in his voice.
“You were not a monster Buck,” I growl in response. My tone and mentality in the situation mimicking his.
“You said, and I quote, ‘he killed with no remorse.’ How is that not a damn monster? How could you ever find it okay to fall for someone like that? You deserve so much better, Petrova!”
“I didn’t fall in love with you, Barnes!” I yell out. I take a deep breath and try to compose myself at least a little, “if you can call what we had love. I walked into, whatever it was, with you - my eyes were wide fucking open. I chose to take every damn step along the way. You had no control over yourself. That wasn’t you doing that stuff, and I knew it! I, on the other hand, had full control over myself. My actions, my choices, were mine and mine alone! If either of us is a monster, it’s me!”
I turn my back to him, quickly throwing a right hook and almost knocking the bag off its hook.
His voice softens, “You’re not a monster, Marena. You didn’t have a choice. You may have been more in control than I was, but that doesn't mean you had a real choice.”
“But it was still me. Right? Isn’t that what you told Rogers when he said damn near the same thing to you?” I narrow my eyes, glaring at him. “I’ve killed more people than you have. I’ve done things you can’t even begin to imagine. Through it all, I was never out of control. I was never triggered and forced to act.”
“You still couldn’t have said no. They would have killed you.”
“That’s just it, Bucky. As a kid, maybe I was stuck. But eventually, I was offered the chance to walk away. They offered it - but I chose to stay.”
I can see the confusion in his eyes. I squat down, resting my arms on my knees, my eyes focusing on a spot on the floor.
“I couldn’t bring myself to leave you there alone. It was clear how you changed when I was around. No one else ever noticed it, and I was glad for that, or who knows what might have happened. The thing is, they started to use you against me, Buck.”
“What do you mean? They found out about -”
“No. Not right away anyway.” I let out a heavy sigh before continuing, trying desperately to gather my thoughts.
“They realized that I would do pretty much anything if it meant you didn’t have to do it. It didn’t take long for them to utilize that and get me to do whatever they wanted — even convincing me to do some of the vilest things without having to trigger my dark side. All they had to do was threaten to send you instead. So that left me with two choices. I either left, leaving you behind, or stayed and did whatever they wanted.”
“You shouldn’t have stayed just because of me.” His voice is quiet, sad.
I chuckle a little, avoiding his eyes at all costs. “The Soldier said the same thing.”
“I am still that Soldier, Marena.” He crouches down in front of me, “you know Petrova. Whatever happened to me in Wakanda may have taken away my memories of you, but -”
“Don’t remind me, please.” I groan. “Not that it was all bad. Trust me; I’m glad you forgot the pain I caused you.”
“But…” he emphasizes, “they didn’t erase how you made me feel.”
I finally lift my eyes to meet his, revealing the glossed-over appearance. “What do you mean?”
“I don’t know what I felt before when we were together. If it was love, or what, but, the longer you’ve been in this Tower, the stronger the feelings have been, and I couldn’t explain them at all. Then that week we spent together on the mission? That was the first full week I’d had without a single nightmare.”
“Shut up.” He says softly, placing his finger over my mouth to shush me. “I couldn’t figure out why. I couldn’t figure out why the first night back, I woke up screaming. Later that same morning, with you in my arms as we slept, I never felt more…”
“...Home,” I whisper.
“Yeah.” He smirks a little. “I still don’t know how you could have ever -” I see the pain in his eyes. The confusion. The hope.
“Despite what you’re thinking, I wouldn’t change a damn thing about our past - except to spare you the pain - or our future.”
“What do you mean?”
“I believe in fate and destiny, but I also believe we are only fated to do things we’d choose anyway. And you know what? I’d choose you,” I reach out, cupping his face in my hands softly, “in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality, I’d find you, and I’d choose you.”
This time I didn’t bother holding myself back. Rocking forward, allowing my knees to quickly make contact with the floor that was just inches away, and I press my lips to his.
It has been a few days since Bucky had confronted me in the training room, and ever since, it is as if he can’t be out of my sight.
He will wait until he knows Steve is asleep each night and then sneak into my room. Climbing into bed, he’ll curl up and drift off to sleep. Even nights when I come in late, whether from a mission or a rare night out on the town, I find him asleep in my bed. He always manages to wake before Rogers, though, and make his way back to his room just in case.
During the day, he is always by my side. Whether I am cooking, training, or just relaxing with a movie, it doesn’t matter. He still makes sure to keep me in view.
He will ask questions here and there, but there is more to it. I know it, he knows it, I can’t get him to tell me what exactly is going on in his head, but I know there is something.
At first, his questions are typical, I suppose. Things like how long he was a winter soldier, was he really that heartless of a monster, stuff that he already knew, but wanted validation from someone who had been there.
Then his questions change. As I face the counter, making myself a cup of coffee one morning, I hear him slide into one of the seats at the island bar.
“Petrova, why did Hydra send me after you?”
I freeze. That isn’t anything Steve would have told him. He didn’t know, exactly. And I know I didn’t mention it, did I?
“What do you mean, Buck?” I turn to face him. Cautious but trying to stay relaxed.
“When you ran off, left Hydra, they sent me -well, the Soldier- after you. Why?”
“Ho-How, do you know they sent you after me?”
“I remember…”
I sure hope this is just an isolated thing. Please don’t let him remember everything.
“W-Well Bucky… I, uh…”
“Please tell me honestly, Petrova. Good or bad, I don’t care. It’s in the past. Just, please, tell me?” His voice held hope and worry.
I let out a heavy sigh. He is right; there’s no sense in lying to him. “I was your mission, Buck. They, uh, they sent you after me, so you would either kill me or bring me back to them. You had never failed, and they were determined to get me back.”
“Did I - Umm - Did I ever succeed?” The tone of his voice worries me. He is scared of the answer.
“You found me once.” I shrug, “kind of.” I chuckle a little.
“Kind of?” He raises a brow, questioning. I can see his demeanor relax a little.
“You were in the right country, wrong part. I found you instead. We talked, albeit briefly, and then I left again. As far as the Winter Soldier’s history goes, I was the only mission you ever failed. In part, because Hydra forgot I was the best they had, but also -”
“Because I loved you.” He whispers.
“Yea, Buck. At least a part of you did, I suppose.” I smile softly.
“Do you… Remember the last thing I said to you?”
“Of course I do.” I lean against the counter, looking down at my cup, avoiding his eyes as I repeat some of our conversation, “You said… ‘Ты мой дом, и мне нелегко его разрушить. Часть меня всегда будет твоей, моя прекрасная тьма. (You are my home and it is not easy for me to destroy it. Part of me will always be yours, my beautiful darkness.)’”
There is a pause, a deafening silence engulfing the room after I spoke the words. He reaches across the bar, lifting my chin with two of his fingers, forcing me to look into his eyes.
“Моя тьма (My darkness)…” He mumbles. “Моя Королева Теней (My Queen of Shadows)…”
“Мой свет (My Light)…” I mumble in reply. “Мой солдат (My Soldier)…”
Those phrases. They aren't written in the diaries anywhere; I made sure of that. Bucky shouldn't know them. No one did.
Except, of course...
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I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings: very very very mild suggestiveness?
Word Count: 2.2k
Author‘s Note: Another one! Please let me know what you guys think!
Chapter Three: The Birthday
August 25, 1930
Lottie rose with the sun on the morning of her tenth birthday, a thrill of excitement jolting through her body to wake her up. Before she left her room, she pulled on her newest flour sack dress, with its blue and white floral design, puff sleeves, and rounded collar. Clad in her dress, with her feet squeezed into her Mary Janes, she stepped out of her room and into the main room of the apartment.
She was met with a view of her mother and father sitting side by side at the table, her mother’s head resting on her father’s shoulder. It was a scene that Lottie rarely saw— she was usually the last one awake in the house, so her father was usually headed off to work by the time she came into the kitchen.
“Good morning Ma, good morning Pa,” she greeted, coming up behind each of them to kiss them on their cheeks.
“Well good morning Lottie-Love, aren’t you the early bird this morning? Your Pa and I made you some milk toast; the pot of milk on the stove should still be hot,” her mother turned to look at her, smiling at her fondly.
“Thanks Ma, thanks Pa!” Lottie grinned, scooping some toast pieces from a plate and into a bowl and pouring some hot milk from the stove over them. She relished in the sweetness of the cinnamon and sugar; it was a treat that she rarely got to experience.
“You know, Lottie, I’ve been picking up extra shifts at the restaurant and working real hard recently. I wanted to treat you to a real nice birthday, so I’ve got somethin’ for you,” her father said, pulling a package from beneath his chair.
At the sight of the brown paper package, tears began to prick in Lottie’s eyes. She’d never expected a present from her parents on her birthday; they’d stressed the importance of maintaining financial stability because of the depression. She accepted the package from her father, tearing the paper carefully. Inside was a box, where a pair of white t-strap Mary Janes were nestled. The oncoming tears were now trickling down her cheeks; she’d endured so many blisters in silence because of her old Mary Janes, these new shoes were big enough to fit her feet comfortably.
She enveloped both of her parents in a hug, whispering “Thank you,” over and over again. Her parents grinned at her and ruffled her hair, “I also have a dollar for you to spend at Coney Island, Lottie-Love,” her mother said, pulling some quarters from her pocket. Lottie gratefully accepted the coins and changed into her new shoes.
Lottie prepared to meet up with Steve and Bucky, grabbing a wicker basket in which she placed some bread and cheese. Before she left, she grabbed Bucky’s handkerchief from her sewing kit. The past couple of days, she’d been begging her mother to teach her how to embroider; she wanted to show her gratitude for Bucky’s kindness by decorating his handkerchief for him. The handkerchief was freshly washed and adorned with a clumsily stitched floral pattern— a replica of the pattern on the side of his mother’s tea cup. In the corner, she’d carefully stitched the monogram “J.B.B.” It was done in a deep green thread to complement the light pinks used for the floral pattern.
She realized that the new decorations on the handkerchief may seem a bit feminine, but she figured that Bucky would appreciate having a little piece of home in his pocket. Regardless of how he acted, he obviously loved his mother deeply, so he would appreciate having something to remind him of her.
“I’ll be seein’ ya at supper!” Lottie called as she walked out of the apartment, wicker basket in hand and new shoes on her feet. The four blocks to Bucky’s apartment was a quick trip; upon her arrival, she found Steve and Bucky on the stone steps in front of the tenement, waiting for her.
“There’s the birthday girl! Happy birthday Little Lottie!” Bucky crowed standing up to ruffle her hair. Steve joined to two of them, giving her a kind smile and a heartfelt “Happy birthday, Lottie.”
Lottie grinned back in thanks, and turned sharply to lead them towards the trolley station while calling over her shoulder, “Come on boys, what are we waiting for?” Together, they walked a few blocks down to the closest subway station, where they boarded the subway that would take them to Coney Island.
On the half hour subway ride, Bucky explained the various attractions and rollercoasters. The Cyclone intrigued Lottie, but when she glanced at Steve, she noticed his face taking on a green hue at the mention of the rollercoaster. Most of all, Lottie was excited for the beach; she’d been to the beach before, but she was younger then. She hadn’t put a woolen bathing suit on underneath her dress, as she found it too heavy to be comfortable; she still planned on wading in the water at least.
“You know, they say the Cyclone is the steepest wooden coaster in the world,” Bucky commented, giving Lottie a look, “you game, Little Lottie?”
Lottie took the offer into consideration, mulling over the idea. She’d never really been on a rollercoaster, she’d only seen them from a distance; she did enjoy adrenaline rushes, though. She supposed that if Bucky was brave enough for it, she could be too. “Alright, I’m game,” she nodded.
Steve let out a sick sort of groan, “I hope that doesn’t mean I have to go with you two. I think I’ll just stay back and watch.” Lottie’s heart broke a little for him— she didn’t want him to feel left out from all the fun. “That should be fine, Steve, then we can walk along the boardwalk and wade in the water!”
When the subway pulled into the station, Lottie and the boys stepped onto the platform and ascended the stairs, leading to the sidewalk outside. A line spanned from the subway exit to the entrance of Coney Island, crammed full of other New Yorkers seeking a final summer Saturday before the beginning of school. She immediately changed her train of thought, not wanting to linger on the impending doom of school.
“Well I think it’s a good idea we got here this early, I remember one time my Pa and I had to wait for hours because the line wrapped around the next block,” Bucky observed as they shuffled along with the crowd. The trio passed the time playing “I spy” and whispering different observations about strangers in line.
“See those boys up there? I recognize ‘em from school. Always sayin’ they come here just for the steeplechase; there’s these funny jets that blow air up girls’ skirts and they like to watch ‘em. Imagine payin’ a nickel admission just to look at some underthings,” Bucky shook his head and Steve made a sound of disgust, “Always knew they were bad eggs.”
Lottie simply cocked her head in confusion, “Seems like a waste of money to me, seeing as they could get the same thing for free just walkin’ past the ladies’ section in Macy’s.”
Bucky let out a guffaw at that, “It’s not exactly the same, kid. Guys our age can just be real greaseballs, believe me.”
Lottie felt as if there was something she wasn’t getting but she shrugged it off; she would revisit this conversation later on. She was more focused on their close proximity to the entrance of Coney Island.
The three of them paid their nickel admissions fees and strolled into the park; Lottie was in between the two boys, gazing at the beach and towards Luna Park, where the coasters were. Bucky turned to her, “C’mon, let’s grab a locker to put your basket in— we’re going on the coasters first.”
The three of them explored all the attractions that Luna Park had to offer. When it came time to ride the Cyclone, Bucky threw his arm around his shoulders, “I know it looks scary, but I promise it’ll be alright, okay Little Lottie?” She simply nodded and struggled to figure out what to do with herself; this was the first time he’d ever really shown physical affection, albeit a very brotherly form. She sighed inwardly at that— brotherly. Nothing more, nothing less.
The Cyclone turned out to be her favorite ride in Luna Park; although it made her stomach drop, the adrenaline rush sent her into fits of giggles. They only went on once, since they wanted to save their money and didn’t want to leave Steve waiting.
The mid-day sun was beating down on them by the time they wandered down the boardwalk. Bucky and Steve went to town in a couple frankfurters while Lottie sipped on her lemon soda.
Lottie consumed the rest of her soda then disposed of the cup, turning to the boys, “Are you two ready to go to the beach? I’ve got some nice fixin’s for a picnic.”
“Well Little Lottie, you know the best way to a guy’s heart is through his stomach. Lead the way!” Bucky threw an exaggerated wink her way and she laughed, rolling her eyes. “Buck, we all know the best way to your heart would be through your head ‘cause it’s practically empty—you’d go straight through. But you’re always stuffing your face with anything you can find,” Steve scoffed.
Lottie led the two of them back to their locker, grabbing her wicker basket. They walked towards the beach, weaving in and out of the crowds. Once they found a fairly empty spot, the trio sat down and divvied up the bread and cheese that she’d packed.
“So how’s your birthday been so far?” Steve questioned, nudging her shoulder. “I’ve really enjoyed it so far. Probably the best one yet,” Lottie grinned, popping some cheese in her mouth.
“Well now seems like a good time for gifts, yeah? I’ll get us started,” Bucky announced, pulling out a small package. She really hadn’t been expected gifts at all, so she was left blushing and flustered. Inside the package was a chain with a gold pendant, roughly the size of a dime. At its center was a little green gem, glinting in the sun.
“My Ma was getting all excited over your birthday, sayin’ stuff about girls becoming women and needin’ proper jewelry and all that. I saw this at the rummage sale and it just reminded me of you ‘cause your last name’s Green. Don’t worry, it wasn’t a pretty penny or anything, pretty sure it’s just brass and green glass,” Bucky shrugged, trying to come off as nonchalant. Lottie didn’t try to keep up a cool appearance and threw her arms around him, squeezing.
“All a gal ever really needs is brass and green glass. Thank you, Bucky,” she said earnestly.
“Aw c’mon Buck, you really had to pull that? Now my gift’s gonna be lame in comparison,” Steve jokingly sighed, pulling out his own package, handing it to Lottie. Inside was a little leather-bound book, full of lined pages with dates on them. “I thought you’d enjoy a journal. Just to write your thoughts down on, or to even practice your new art skills on,” he explained.
Lottie smiled down fondly at its pages and gave Steve a fierce hug, “I love it, thank you Steve.”
“Oh, before I forget,” Lottie started, reaching into the bottom of the basket, “I have something of yours, Bucky.”
She grabbed his handkerchief and handed it to him, his eyes widening. “Did you do this?” He asked, a look of fondness taking over his features as he looked down at the floral pattern she’d recreated.
“I just thought it would be a nice favor ‘cause you let me borrow it,” she shrugged, looking down at the sand. This time she was the one who had to feign nonchalance.
“This is just aces, Little Lottie!” Bucky grinned at her, pulling her into a bear hug and a signature ruffle of her hair. She teasingly shoved him off to fix her dress and her hair, “Maybe next time try to thank me in a more civil way,” she chided, sticking her tongue out at him. He simply barked out a laugh and carefully folded the handkerchief, putting it in his pocket.
They all gazed at the horizon, enjoying a moment of amiable silence. Lottie broke the silence, albeit regretfully, “I think I gotta get home. Ma’s gonna be wanting me home for supper soon.” The boys nodded and they all got to their feet, ridding their clothes of sand.
The subway ride home was all quiet murmurs and soft laughter; the children too tired for rowdy behavior. They parted ways in front of the Barnes’ tenement, and Lottie gave both Steve and Bucky hugs goodbye, thanking them profusely for a wonderful birthday.
That night, as had become her routine, she gazed at her little treasures, especially the new addition to her collection. The necklace found a home in the mason jar along with her lucky penny, both winking at her by candlelight. She whispered her vow, soft and sure,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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a-edgar-allan-hoe · 4 days ago
The Last Chthonian
Part 17
Bucky x Reader, Sam x Reader, Zemo x Reader
A/N: It is here! So sorry for the late update lovelies! I’ve been having really bad writers block lately and my job keeps switching my hours up so now my sleep schedule is all fucked up. And after writing this part I want to go stargazing so bad but the light pollution kind of sucks where I live. 🥲 Also this is my first time writing a steamy scene so I’m sorry if it’s awkward. Feedback is much appreciated and let me know if you want to be added to the tag list. 😊
Summary: Imagine being Hekate, the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft, the night and the moon, doorways and crossroads, creatures of the night, and ghosts and necromancy. You stumbled upon Earth many centuries ago and since then have resided on the foreign planet. During the recent years you created an alias for yourself to hide your true identity, and after the war against Thanos you chose to live out your days in the Scottish countryside, until a certain trio appears at your doorstep one day.
Warnings: language, angst, some foreplay and making out
Tumblr media
You had still been wrapped in Zemo’s arms, the two of you indulging in each other’s presence in a silence, which combined with the faint beating of his heart, you only found to be comforting. The meteors still swept by the earth’s atmosphere above you in flashes that lit up the sky, leaving behind trails of white that resembled the strokes of a brush, as if your mother Asteria had painted the celestial bodies using diamonds onto a canvas that was the night sky. You could only make out the few stars and constellations that were scarcely scattered across the vastness above you, caused by the light pollution that unfortunately managed to mantle the wonders and beauty that settled just beyond, separating humanity from the marvels of the universe. The stars flickered like the diminishing of the flame of a candle, a farewell to the billions of years lived by the remnants of those enormous spheres of hot plasma, thus leaving behind the birth of other stars to fulfill their legacy. However, there was a certain star that did not flicker like the ones around it, a certain spectacle distant in time and space that still managed to burn bright despite the innumerable amount of light-years that separated Earth from it. The remaining light of your planet Olympus. You stared at that particular star, your brows knit together and your face etched with this certain melancholy that one could not explain. How could one thing be so near, within the reach of your fingertips, and yet be entirely outside the capacity of reach.
“Draga.” You heard Zemo softly speak, his chest slightly wavering beneath your cheek from his words.
“Something troubles you.”
“What makes you say that?” You stared off, your eyes still fixated to the fading existence of your world.
“Your eyes draga.” Zemo looked down at you, his eyes scanning over the troubled creases that masked your features. “I have seen this shadow in your eyes that has seemed to occupy them as of recently. What troubles you?”
“…………You see that star there, right between those two constellations?” You pointed above you.
“Mhm.” Zemo nodded as he followed the line of your finger, his eyes now focused on the same exact star yours have not yet left.
“That’s my planet………Olympus.”
“You’re welcome to tell me about it if you’d like.”
“Well, when I was little, I used to live with my mother in this quaint cottage by the sea, similar to the one I live in now with my daughter. She used to bring me out most nights for stargazing. She had built this outdoor platform with bedding and blankets and we would have a small fire going to keep us warm as we watched the stars and constellations while she told me different tales and epic poetries. As silly as it sounds, she would make shooting stars appear in the sky for me knowing how much I loved them. Gods, I wish you could’ve seen my home back in its days, back when everything still remained. Everything was so…..beautiful, and the skies, gods the skies, you could see the different planets and galaxies as if they were only miles away. To this day, I have yet to see anything in my travels that compares.”
“I would have loved to seen it Schatzi. Your mother sounded like a wonderful person.”
“She was the kindest soul I knew.” You turned your body so that you could look up at him, resting your chin on your hand.
“You miss her.”
“There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss my family and planet.”
“I’m sorry about what happened to them Schatzi. I wish you never went through what you did.”
“If only I could bring them back. I’d do anything to be able to just see them again.”
Zemo was silent, believing that no amount of words could have provided you comfort, no matter how deep the meaning or how significant. He could not imagine what you went through. He had lost his country and his family, and you had lost your family as well, but you lost your world, your entire race, leaving you to be the last remaining entity of your people, the last Olympian and the last Chthonian. Words could not bring your family back, just as they could not with his. So he only did what he was able, making a silent unspoken promise within the abyss of his damaged heart to be there for you as he held you closer to him and pressed a kiss to your forehead.
A sudden feeling of guilt crawled up your spine like a venomous scorpion ready to sink its stinger in your skin with means to cause nothing but pain and suffering. You felt guilty for being here, lying next to Zemo wrapped in his arms like a pair of star-crossed lovers from the pages of a novel. A part of you felt selfish for what you did, undeserving of the affection that was bestowed upon you from a man who had suffered enough from the loss of his family. How much longer did you think you could give in to your mindless emotions without a single thought of the consequences it might bring about. Did you really think you could go on as if nothing is happening? As if you can conceal your true form from him forever. No. You could not. You did not have the heart to keep such knowledge from him. If you wanted to pursue what you had with him, you would have to tell him the truth when the time came.
“We should probably get back before Sam and Bucky notice.” You mumbled, blinking back the tears, your heart aching to go back to the way things used to be, wishing you could leave all of this and just be able to go back home. You didn’t belong here on earth, an immortal amongst mortals. At least on Olympus, if your titaness form had been revealed, many would not have bat an eye. They had already seen the likes of Titans before and the locals had become accustomed to you. But here on earth, you were nothing but a stranger, a drifter.
The two of you walked back to his place in silence, the only sounds being the whistling of the wind, the chirping of crickets, the voices of the few pedestrians and the humming of the cars that drove by. Your hands brushed against each other, craving to intertwine your fingers with his as you walked down the stone paved streets lit by the lamps that lined it, the two of you still withdrawn despite what occurred between you both. You felt it would have been silly, holding his hand like a couple of teenagers, though a century ago, you wouldn’t have gave it a second thought.
You arrived at his place, standing at the bottom of the steps in front of the double doors with Zemo opposite you, illuminated by the street lamp that stood just behind. Feelings of conflict washed over you, drowning you in waves of despair. As much as you wanted to be with him, a small part in the back of your mind kept telling you that it was wrong. Neither of you wanted to go through those doors just yet, wishing you could have spent the night under the stars. But life seems to have a way of working against your favor. The Wakandans would be here to collect him possibly tomorrow, and you would have to bid him farewell, separated from each other for what could be forever. As much as you did not look forward to that moment in having to turn him in and never see him again, you wouldn’t stop the Wakandans from what they were promised. And though you hadn’t said a word, Zemo had already knew what your decisions were regarding it, and he could not blame you for it. You were a woman of justice and you followed a code, and he respected that.
“Zemo.” A frown appeared on your face.
“Please,” Zemo whispered to you as he pushed a strand of your hair behind your ear, “Call me Helmut.”
You looked at Zemo once more, a look of longing hidden behind your eyes as you unconsciously swiped your tongue across your mouth, watching how his eyes followed the movement before lingering on the wetness of your lips that resembled the petals of a rose after the pouring of cold rain in the midst of spring. Oh how he wished to be the drops of rain that were gifted the pleasure of grazing upon the velvety petals that belonged to such beauty of a flower, a symbol of union between the two domains in which the heavens came down to declare its love for the earth. A pulling sensation filled within your core, drawing yourself to Zemo as if he were the sweet berries of deadly nightshade that have lured many unfortunate souls. Banishing the thoughts of doubt that clouded your mind, you grabbed him by the collar and pulled him to you, crashing your lips against his in a heated kiss. Zemo was initially shocked by your bold gesture and stiffened from the way your mouth moved against his, surprised you would pull something like this when just a wall away Sam and Bucky were awaiting your arrival, before loosing himself into your embrace.
Your fingers clenched the collar of his sweater and your fingers grazed across the exposed skin of his neck while his hands went to your waist in a desperate attempt, fumbling to grab at anything and bunching up the bottom fabric of your sweater as he pulled you against him. The tips of his fingers brushed against the skin of your waist that was exposed below the hem of your sweater, leaving behind goosebumps in its trail. You smiled into the kiss from the way he completely melted under your touch, a part of you amused from the affect you held over him as you managed to elicit a moan from deep within his throat. Zemo’s brows were furrowed in the passionate moment, something you have noticed when you first kissed him, a small crease in the muscles of his face that showed just how lost he was when encased in this moment with you, and it absolutely melted you. He was addicted from the warm numbness, the ecstasy he felt from kissing you. Your lips were like heroin to him, leaving him yearning for more, and it didn’t ameliorate the fact that his years spent in a German prison had left him somewhat inexperienced and filled with a chasmic longing for touch and intimacy from the lack thereof. Deep within him, masked by his ideas and objectives, Zemo wanted to be able to love someone again, a chance at a new life and a family, and perhaps, he saw that possibility with you. But, behind the passion of the kiss you shared with him, there was something else, a poison that laced your lips with feelings of despair and forbidding that consumed you as if you had tasted those sweet berries of nightshade, slowly loosing yourself to its malice. His lips which were at first warm to the touch, now felt cold like ice and sent shivers of dread through your veins, as if this would be the last kiss you shared with him.
You pulled away from the kiss to catch your breath, your teeth softly grazing against his bottom lip as you did so. Both of you were left breathless as you rested your foreheads against each other, panting as your breaths fanned each other’s face as if you had just been trapped in the depths of the ocean before breaking through the surface to allow oxygen to fill your lungs.
“If you keep doing that Draga.” Zemo rasped between breaths, “I won’t be able to compose myself.”
“Good. Maybe I don’t want you too.” You smirked before placing a playful kiss on the tip of his nose. “But I really should go back inside, and you should do the same. Just make sure you go unnoticed.” You slipped his coat off your shoulders, his cologne that lingered on his fur collar leaving your senses with discontent as you returned his coat to him before going over to the doors, stopping to turn back to him with a smile before stepping inside and closing the door behind you. Gods, what the hell did you do that for???? You felt your cheeks heat up in embarrassment as you wanted to slap yourself for pulling a move like that.
“Gods I’m stupid.” You muttered to yourself.
“Hey.” Bucky smiled once he spotted you, his voice soft as if he were afraid you would shatter at any moment from the discussion that took place earlier. “How was your walk?”
“It was nice, relaxing. I went to the park to stargaze.”
“That’s good. As long as you feel better.”
“I do, actually. Thanks Bucky.”
“You look flushed. You okay?” Sam noted as he stepped over to you.
“Huh?” You stopped short. “Oh yeah, I’m fine. I just had to kind of uh power walk back here so you guys wouldn’t get worried. But I’m fine, yeah. Anyways, I’m going to hit the sack since I’m feeling a bit tired. Goodnight you guys.” You waved them off before going to your assigned room, making Sam and Bucky give each other questioning looks before they both shrugged it off.
You shut the door behind you, letting out a breath of relief that they had not caught on to anything and praying that Zemo had managed to sneak in. You had just gotten off the phone with Maze and your daughter, catching up on their activities after cleaning yourself up and changing into your nightgown. You had pulled up a chair next to the window that was in your room, your feet tucked underneath you and a warm cup of rose and blackberry tea in your hands. Your robe hung loosely off your shoulders as your index finger twirled above the small silver spoon that swirled in your cup, mists of violet wrapping around the handle of the spoon as you used your powers to stir the contents of the tea. You stared out the window onto the old streets of Latvia before glancing down at the teacup that was nestled in your hands, the glow of your eyes reflected off the window pane along with the tiny stars that swirled through the small globe of your necklace your mother gave you. You hadn’t stopped thinking about the moments that passed and the ones that have yet to come.
There was a knock on your door, interrupting you from the thoughts that had resided in your mind. “Come in.” You spoke as you looked through the reflection of the window and saw a figure step in. “Zemo?” You stopped using your powers, the clinking of the spoon scraping against the sides of the porcelain cup coming to a stop. “You know, you gotta stop sneaking into my room.” You teased before frowning, seeing the expression that sat on his face. “What’s wrong?” You got up from the chair, setting your cup down on the table before walking over to him.
“The Wakandans will…….be here for me tomorrow.” His eyes were lowered to the floor, the browns of his irises which reminded you of the dunes of the Sahara desert were whirling in thought, resembling the dunes caught in the midst of the fury of a sandstorm, as if searching for an answer to his troubles.
“Ze-Helmut, I………” You sighed, your tongue and mind lacking the ability to compose any words that might have provided some solace. “I’m sorry………..I don’t know what to say.”
“Y/n, schatzi” Zemo grabbed your hand, tracing his thumb over the bumps of your knuckles. “You don’t have to say a word. My actions………must be accounted for.”
You were silent, your brows knit together and your lips sealed as if your voice was ripped from your throat. Your heart wanted to tear itself from your chest, begging to be released from its cage so that it could be free to lament, so that it may be able to express the words that held it captive. But your tongue was tied, held back between the prison that was your teeth as you clenched your jaw. Zemo’s hand still held yours, stroking the soft skin on the back of your hand which were a contrast to the small rough patches on your palm, before you heard him speak again. “Can I kiss you?”
You blinked at him, lips parted in surprise that he would even ask such a question when you were honestly willing to kiss him any time of the day. The Zemo you had come to know was far different than the one you had heard about, his cold demeanor seemed to completely fade when he was around you, like a fog that dissipated with the coming of daylight. A part of you pondered whether this was how he used to be, before the events that happened. Though he hadn’t had a chance to share such affection with anyone and lost practice, you still found him to be great kisser and it always managed to leave you breathless. “Yes, please.” You whispered, your voice barely audible before you felt his lips brush against yours. What was sweet at first became more feverish and filled with hunger as an unfamiliar spirit seemed to possess your body, darkening the amethysts and golds of your eyes that resembled the galaxies, into the blackness of the abyss that swallowed the outer edges of space where not even the slightest bit of light could reach, almost as if you were sinking your claws into your prey.
A heat pooled in the pit of your stomach, filling your body with an electrifying warmth as his mouth moved against yours more confidently this time, catching you utterly by surprise and leaving your knees weak, a feeling similar to the stillness in the air a mere second before lightning strikes the ground beneath your feet. His hands slipped down to grab the flesh of your waist, dehydrated, and filled with an intense thirst that could only be quenched by your body that was the ocean, your skin separated by the silk fabric of your nightgown. Your hands went up to grip his shoulders as a gasp escaped your lips upon feeling him move down to your jaw and neck. Gods, since when was the last time you were touched like that?
“Helmut.” You rasped, struggling to hold back a moan as his lips sucked on the skin where your collarbone met your neck, making you lean your head back to allow him better access. Your robe had fell to the floor, leaving your arms completely bare while Zemo’s hands caressed the skin that lined them before resting on the dorsal part of your upper arms, the combination of the frigid air and his fingertips that felt like the touch of fire sending shivers through your body. “What if they hear?”
“Let them.”
“Well if you’re that worried Draga.” Zemo stopped to look at you. “The walls are thick enough.”
Gods that completely sent you over the edge. It felt as if you were on a high, your mind was not even within this dimension as Zemo met your lips again. You had to throw your arms around his neck to keep yourself from collapsing as the two of you shifted in the room, Zemo guiding your body before the back of your knees came in contact with the side of your bed. You let yourself fall back into the soft mattress, bringing Zemo down with you. You both were a mess, your hair disarray, the thin straps of your nightgown fallen past your shoulders had almost left your breasts exposed, and the skirt of your nightgown had ridden up to your thighs as you wrapped your legs around his waist. Zemo squeezed at the soft flesh of your thigh before attacking your neck again. He didn’t know how to describe it but you tasted absolutely divine. Perhaps being a goddess made you taste of ambrosia; the golden, honey-flavored fruit that grew on the trees of Olympus. You were in absolute bliss and thanked the gods he wouldn’t be able to leave a mark, at least you hoped not.
“Helmut.” You moaned, your nails digging into his biceps as his warm lips made a trail down your collarbone and lower to where the lace trim of your nightgown met just above the curve of your breasts, lingering on the space between, filling your mind with thoughts of a certain region you desired those lips to be. “Fuck.” You hissed from the contact, your hand moving its way to his head as you ran your fingers through his soft hair, your nails raking across the back of his scalp as the heat between your thighs only grew. You unconsciously pressed your heel to the lower part of his back, beckoning him closer to that heat between your thighs as you bucked your hips up. Zemo growled at the movement, slightly nipping at the skin where your breast had started to form, causing you to gasp and your eyes to fly open from the sensation.
“Apologies draga.” You heard him mutter before tenderly kissing the spot where his teeth had been.
Seeing Zemo in a close proximity above you in such a position had you dazed, wanting him to take you right then and there and not caring if the others heard you or not. And as your eyes wandered lazily over the sight of him, they widened in horror once they glimpsed at the image of your hands. Your nails became sharp, claw-like, and that deathly color had returned once again, slowly making its way up your arm like the tendrils of a shadow belonging to a demonic spirit.
“Helmut.” You whispered, your voice becoming panicked as you loosened your grip on his arms, being careful not to pierce his skin. “Helmut wait.”
Zemo stopped, pushing himself up to meet your eyes as his concern grew from seeing the frightened look that filled them. “Schatzi, what’s wrong?” He brought his hand up to your face, brushing away the strands of your hair. “If you’re uncomfortable let me know.”
“No, gods no. If anything I don’t want you to stop.” You breathed out, trying to catch your breath. “It’s just that………….”
“What is it schatzi?” His voice was soft as his fingers caressed your cheek, afraid that he might have offended you in some way, afraid that he might have been too forward.
“I’m sorry Helmut. I want to, I really do, but not like this.” You shook your head as you got up, shifting over to where the dark shadows of the room fell on the bed to hide your arms, afraid to meet his eyes as if you had made a fool of yourself. “Not like this.”
“You don’t have to apologize to me y/n.” Zemo smiled at you. “If you’re not ready, than I’m not ready.”
“Thank you Helmut.” You smiled back before giving him a delicate kiss. “I’d………uh like to think some things through.” You prayed that he didn’t see your hands, hoping that the darkness of the room managed to disguise it.
“Of course draga.” Zemo placed a lingering kiss on your forehead before leaving your room, stopping at the door to give you a comforting smile as he carefully shut it behind him.
Your eyes still lingered on the door, waiting to make sure he didn’t come back before turning on the bedside lamp and staring down at your hands. You had managed to stop the color from spreading up your arm, yet it strangely still remained, stopping halfway up your forearm. This wasn’t good.
“What the hell?” You scrunched your nose, trying to use your powers once again to remove it but to no avail. Fear coursed through your veins as you attempted to remove the color, spell after spell, hoping those vine like tendrils would crawl back down your hands and disappear. You cursed under your breath as each attempt proved to be as futile as the one before. What the hell was going on? Why were your spells not working? It vanished before from your magic, why wasn’t it doing so now? You were struck with a sudden realization that perhaps this change would become permanent, that maybe suppressing your true form for all those years had caused it to spiral out of control and in turn try to overpower you as if it had a mind of its own. You growled through gritted teeth, the furniture around you shaking as your fists were clenched in frustration, the violet mists of your powers encompassing your hands and sparking with small bolts that corresponded with the vexation that overwhelmed you.
You closed your eyes and took a deep breath, the mist around your hands disappearing and the shaking of the furniture coming to a stop. You had to work something out. You were left no choice but to keep your hands covered from now on until you found a solution. If any of them questioned it, you had to have a damn good lie. Getting up from the bed, you walked over to the double doors that led to the small balcony and opened them, your hands gripping the cold iron rail as you stared out at the view of the Latvian streets and buildings before you. Oh how you wished your sister Athena were here. She knew everything.
“Oh Athena.” You stifled a sob as you stared up at the stars, focusing on the light of your planet as if she could have heard you, a tear cascading down your cheek and dropping to the streets below. “Gods I wish you were here. I really need your help.”
Despite your pleas, you knew she wasn’t there, her existence only an artifact of the past. You were praying to nothing but a memory. It was extremely urgent that you got information on this matter of your form and the words of the prophecy that still threatened and echoed within the depths of your mind. And since you couldn’t obtain such knowledge from another Olympian, you would have to gather it from the old texts. Muttering a few words in Ancient Greek, you waited, searching, until a small white moth came into view, fluttering in your direction. You held out your finger, letting the tiny creature come to rest upon it.
“Hello little one.” You smiled at the moth as you gently stroked it in greeting, bringing it closer to your face so that you could speak to it in your language. “Please send word to my familiar and tell him to gather as much information he can on Titans and the prophecy. And tell him to come find me when he is done. Thank you.” The moth looked at you with understanding behind his tiny black eyes, it’s antennaes twitching before fluttering away into the moon. You sighed, watching it disappear into the night before giving your distant planet one last glance before shutting the doors and going back over to the bed. You laid down under the covers, your hands rested on your stomach as you stared up at the ceiling, dreading the day to come. How could you face Zemo? And however were you going to keep your hands a secret? Surely the three are bound to find out sooner or later? You just prayed that the message you sent would be returned in a short time. You needed to fix this before it would be considered too late. And the sooner you found Karli the better. Your mind was racing with thoughts, but you closed your eyes, desperate to get some rest and forcing those thoughts away. Gods help you from this moment on.
Tag List: @girl-obsessed-with-things @aerynchromie @sunshinepower17 @viviace @kakimakiloh @thehornyles @awhorewithissues @gambitsqueen @spookycereal-s @lulu-yuming @mochminnie @Gabitanaka47 @s00nhi @vanteguccir @tomhollandsslilslut @dracoxxyoflam @suchababie @uhhhcrypticbastard @on-my-way-to-erebor @thewinterrbucky @mylifeispainandiloveit @fillechatoyante @padmoonyfeorge @montypythonsholysnail @pollynx @aziraslowlylosestheirshit @roundbrownlover @awesomeowlbook @bookloverfilmoholic @hargreevesd @death-is-beautiful @ilovespideyyy @peakyrogers
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In Her Eyes
Chapter Eleven
Tumblr media
Master List  /  Bucky Barnes Master List / Series Master List
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x OFC Lana Perez
Warnings: language, all the fluff
Previous Chapter
Over the courses, Bucky watched Lana animate as each new plate brought a fresh glass of wine. Appetizers, salad, soup, entries, and finally dessert where something called an ice wine sweetened his tongue. With each, she expressed her delight to Luca, the food divine, and only once did she recommend an option she thought might pair better with the meal if he were giving a seafood option instead of the chicken and beef they had enjoyed. 
Luca appeared halfway in love with Lana by the time he delivered the classic Tiramisu to their table. The slab was big enough to share, though they both ate slowly, not wanting the date to end. 
She'd opened up about more of her life with the second glass of wine, and he'd learned about the dozen neighbours who took cello lessons and the few kids who came once a week thanks to Nate's mom spreading the word with her homeschooling group. 
He discovered her serious Pinterest addiction when she pulled out her phone to show him her collection of boards. There were dog boards, cat boards, art and music. She had DIY projects, and that's when he found out the wine cabinet in her apartment was one she found at a flea market and rehabbed on her balcony. 
She had funky tastes in music and clothes though she veered toward more conservative styles in her wardrobe. Nevertheless, it was clear to him that she dressed plainly to avoid drawing attention to herself, and he began formulating a plan to help pull her out of the turtle shell she hid inside. 
The more she talked, the more he was fascinated by Lana Perez.
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Teaser #2: Proof of Heart
“With all due respect, Ms. Knight --”
He pressed his lips into a thin line. “With all due respect, Maverick, I think it would be best if we had you out in public as little as possible. Makes my job easier, which generally makes me easier to be around.”
“So I’m supposed to just hole up in this office until the expo is over?” Maverick frowned.
“Of course not. I know you’re going to have to be in public from time to time, but if we can minimize that, we minimize the chance of a threat becoming a reality.” He drew in a breath. “Let me tell you how this works. You do what you need to do, but outside of that, I call the shots. All communications go through me before they get to you. If I think there’s a threat, no matter what you think you need to do, you do what I tell you until the threat is cleared.”
She snorted. “I thought Pepper said I was getting a bodyguard, not a prison warden.”
Bucky stood firm. “It’s my job to keep you alive. I won’t tell you how to do all this tech shit, you don’t tell me how to be a bodyguard. Ms. Potts trusted me to watch out for you, maybe you should take that for what it’s worth.”
Tumblr media
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Finding Home Chapter 21
Chapter 20
Waking up alone the following day was strange. I knew it was bound to happen, but that didn’t change the fact that I missed his presence.
After getting dressed, I make my way down to Natasha and Wanda’s floor. I didn’t bother knocking on her door because there was no way she’d respond anyway. So, I open the door and walk-in.
She is still curled up in her bed, sleeping peacefully. She looks just like the beautiful, deadly angel she is.
I know the best and most dangerous way of waking her up is to simply, well, jump on her.
Walking quietly and carefully up to her bed, I pounce, landing on my knees just behind her while driving my hands into her side. Not enough to injure her, but hard enough to knock the breath out of her momentarily.
“What the hell!?” She yells out.
“Язык, Наталья, (Language, Natalia,)” I laugh as I run to the door, pressing my back against it. Not trying to leave, but just being out of her reach.
“Тень! Ты сука! Я убью тебя, пока ты спишь! (Shadow! You bitch! I will kill you while you sleep!)” She scowls, trying to hide her smile.
“Продолжай мечтать, сестра. (Keep on dreaming, sister.)”
Looking at her clock, she groans. Natasha never was a morning person.
I walk back to her bed and take a seat. Crossing my legs under me, I wait for her to wake up enough to have a conversation.
Sitting up, she pulls her knees to her chest. Anyone who didn’t know us would probably think we look like a couple of middle school kids about to gossip over boys. Well, I suppose they’d be partially correct in that thought.
“Что это, Петрова? (What is it, Petrova?)”
“You were right last night, Natalia.”
“What do you mean?” She looks at me, concerned.
“I do need to talk to someone. This - This feeling? It’s destroying me, Natalia, and I don’t know what to do.”
“First things first. Coffee.” She rolls out of bed, and I can’t help but laugh.
“I suppose it couldn’t hurt.”
Unlike my floor, Nat and Wanda don’t have a mini kitchen on their level. So the two of us make our way to the central kitchen. I start the coffee while Nat finds something for herself to snack on.
She settles herself onto one of the stools at the island, and I make her coffee just the way she likes it. I know I’ll need a little extra to get through this, so I add a small amount of bourbon to my cup.
Who am I kidding? I add a couple of shots worth of bourbon to my cup.
Setting her coffee in front of her, she smiles as she inhales the sweet steam. Sighing, she finally looks at me and says, “Okay, now you can talk.”
I laugh and take a couple of small sips of the still-burning liquid in my hands. Leaning against the counter on my forearms, I take a deep breath before starting.
“Well… “ I pause, not sure where to even begin the story.
“Start at the beginning. It’ll be easier. We were at the Academy - is that where you met him?”
I knew she was trying to help. Frustrating as it was. I have to keep my calm.
“I wasn’t a Widow, as you know. My program was -- Well, it was basically --“ I struggle to find the words.
“Take your time, Shadow. We have all morning.”
I take a deep breath, knowing I need just to rip the band-aid off, sort of speak. “I was a Winter Soldier, Nat. The only difference was, they started training me as a child, even before the Red Room. By the time they gave me the serum, it just enhanced everything they had taught me.”
Her eyes widen a little at the information. She knew I would leave home on occasion but never knew where. Only that when I returned at night, I was too exhausted to spend time with her. She knew about the Red Room training, of course, because she was there.
I still had never told her the truth about my past after the Red Room throughout all these years.
“Once I hit a certain point in my training, they gave me to Barnes. I was like his shadow. He became my handler, my trainer. He made me into what I am.”
“The best damn assassin on the planet?” She looks at me with a raised brow, clearly trying to lighten the mood.
“Yeah.” I chuckle. “The student surpassed the teacher as it were.”
I take a few more sips from my cup before deciding how to continue.
“So, what happened then? Did he turn on you? Or what?”
“No. We uh -”
I pause, sighing quietly, trying to decide on the right words yet again. “It started small, away from others. Holding onto him a little tighter when on his bike or holding hands even if we weren’t undercover. Somehow, I could get through the shell that Hydra created and see glimpses of the real James Barnes.”
I take another sip of the liquid courage in my hands before continuing, “Those glimpses at the buried truth seemed to have solidified me into his mind somehow. So, regardless of what happened to him, regardless of what state he was in mentally, he always remembered me. Always knew I was someone to be trusted.”
“How did you get free from Hydra then if you were one of them? Did he help you escape?” Natalia knew how difficult it was to get away from Hydra.
“God no,” I pause a moment again, taking a deep breath. “No, um, somehow, one of the agents found out. They, uh, made me watch as they strapped Bucky into some fucking chair. One, I learned, he was all too familiar with in general. Though I had never seen it before, I never knew about what happened to him when we were apart.”
Looking at my cup, I can’t lift my eyes to her. I can’t let her see the tears that threaten to fall - for some reason.
“The agent held me,” I continue, “as best he could, not that I put up much of a fight at first, and… I won’t forget the words, ‘Ты посмотришь, принцесса. Пока мы берем твою память от головы солдата. (You look, princess. While we take your memory from the Soldier's head.)’”
“Explains why you hate that nickname.” She mumbles quietly. I hear her, but it doesn’t register what she says. I have focused my mind elsewhere.
I grip my cup tighter, gritting my teeth, remembering the pain on his face, the muffled screams because of that mouthguard. Trying to look away, but the agent forcing me to face Bucky.
“His screams, Natalia? Were because of me.” I growl. I slam the cup onto the counter, cracking it enough to allow the coffee to trickle out. I can do nothing but stare blankly at the mess, tears still threatening my eyes, not from sadness but anger.
“So… I ran. Simple as that.” I go for a towel, but Nat reaches across the island and takes my arm, stopping me.
“You can’t beat yourself up over what happened, Shadow. It wasn’t your fault. It was -”
“But it was Natalia! I knew the consequences would be horrific for myself and him. With Hydra, they always were. I knew what it meant to harbor ‘feelings’ of any kind for the Winter Soldier. And I did it anyway! All because I convinced myself that I could get away with it!” I yell. Sure by now that someone can hear the commotion.
“I knew damn well what I was doing! I knew damn well the procedures in place should any of us from the program stray! And do you know the worst part of all of it?”
She mumbles something in reply, but I wasn’t paying close enough attention to care.
“I doubt he ever actually felt anything for me in return! He was void of emotion, for god sake - we both were! We killed with no remorse. You honestly think he could be capable of anything even remotely close to - whatever the fuck it was, I was feeling for him?!” I throw my cup at the wall, watching it shatter into a hundred pieces.
“Hey! Relax! -- Go cool off. I’ll clean up.” Her voice calm, collected as if my outburst was a regular occurrence.
I storm from the kitchen and take the stairs down to the training room. I knew, as soon as the words left my tongue, that I was lying. I knew Bucky had loved me, or at least some form of that emotion. He had his ways of showing as much. The Winter Soldier may not have been capable, but Bucky sure as hell was.
Chapter 22  - Masterlist - Tag List @lostinwonderland314
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I’ll Love You ‘Til I Die
A Mini-Series
Summary: In which Lottie Green makes a vow to James Buchanan Barnes in her childhood. Against all odds, she kept that vow.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x OFC
Warnings: Language
Word Count: 1.7k
Author’s Note: Here’s another chapter, lmk what you think :)
Chapter Two: A Visit
During the remaining weeks of summer, Lottie took it upon herself to continue delivering freshly laundered and mended clothes to the Barnes family. Lottie tried not to linger in the tenement, but Mrs. Barnes would often invite her in for a cup of iced tea before she could duck out; it was often a weak cup, but it was tea nonetheless.
“So Lottie, tell me, what grade will you be in this year?” Mrs. Barnes inquired over the rim of her cup. It had a chip in the handle and no saucer to match it, though Lottie adored the pink floral pattern that graced its side.
“I’ll be in fifth grade, ma’am. Though I’m a bit younger than the others; I turn ten on August 25th.” Lottie puffed out her chest proudly; excited to be approaching the double digits in age. She knew that she would receive nothing for her birthday, but she didn’t mind. She’d rather have food on the table every day of the week than a new dress or shoes that she’d probably ruin in a week flat.
“Oh, only five days away,” Mrs. Barnes hummed, “what do you plan on doing to celebrate? It’s quite an important age.”
Lottie tilted her head in thought, scuffing her shoes along the floorboards as swung her legs, “I dunno, I—“ Before she could form her answer, the door to the apartment burst open, revealing a rather disheveled looking Bucky, who had the arm of a wheezing blonde boy thrown over his shoulders.
“Ma! We were in the lot around the corner playin’ ball and Steve started having one of his attacks again!” The larger boy moved to guide his friend to the sofa across the room while Mrs. Barnes quickly rose from her chair, taking the blonde’s— Steve’s —other arm, to help her son.
Lottie quietly observed, a crease forming in her brow. She didn’t know the boy, but she vaguely recognized him; he was the boy usually left to sit aside during the neighborhood baseball games. He was at least a head shorter than his gangly counterpart; really, he was closer to her in height than he was to Bucky. His hair clung to his pale forehead, while his flushed cheeks puffed in and out in an attempt to control his breathing.
Mrs. Barnes turned to her, “Lottie dear, would you wet a rag for Stevie while we try to calm him down?”
Lottie nodded, leaving her chair to rifle through the kitchen drawers for a rag. Once she’d acquired one, she ran it under the faucet and soaked it in cold water. She brought the rag over the sofa, kneeling down so that she could press it to his sweaty forehead.
“C’mon Steve, let’s do those breathing exercises your doc gave you, just breathe deeply like me,” Bucky instructed, taking exaggerated deep breaths for Steve to copy. Once the two had been at it for a few minutes, Steve managed to control his breathing again.
“Oh, and this right here is Little Lottie, the best damn laundry deliverer in Brooklyn,” Bucky added, nodding in her direction. In any other situation, Lottie would’ve been at least a little annoyed with the nickname she’d earned, but with Bucky, she didn’t mind. She took a sort of pleasure in it, knowing that he thought she was special enough to deserve her own nickname. She relished the way he said “Little Lottie” in an almost sing-song voice; as if the nickname was a lyric to a song that he couldn’t quite place.
Mrs. Barnes smacked him upside the head and scowled teasingly, “I don’t know where you learned that language, but you certainly shouldn’t be using it in front of your mother and a young lady.”
Bucky held his hands up in mock surrender, but a smirk never left his face, “Alright, alright Ma, I’ll never do it again. Cross my heart,” and he made a show of solemnly drawing an imaginary “X” over his chest with his finger.
Steve barked out a laugh from the sofa, “I’ll watch out for him Mrs. Barnes, make sure he acts real saint-like around young ladies like Lottie over here,” he then met her gaze with an easy smile, “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.”
“Nice to meet you, Steve,” Lottie grinned, “Now how’d you end up having one of these attacks in the first place?”
“Well as you heard, we were playing ball in that lot around the corner, and Buck here tried to show off for this little redhead Delores— but he calls her Dot —and long story short, I was the sucker that had to run for the ball when he hit a home run,” Steve explained, giving Bucky a lighthearted glare. Lottie’s heart sank and her stomach twisted at the mention of this “little redhead.” It seemed that she wasn’t the only girl in his life who was special enough to deserve a nickname. It sent her mind racing— how did he say her name? Did he drawl the nickname all slow like he was trying to savor the taste of it? Her eyes were probably a pretty green or blue, to complement her fiery hair. She probably had Mary Janes that fit just right and a dress that didn’t show off knobby little knees.
Lottie was shaken out of her stupor by Bucky nudging her with his foot, as he was standing next to the sofa where Steve lay, and she was still kneeling next to the sofa even though the wet rag she had used for Steve lay limp in her hands. “Little Lottie, Steve here asked if you’ve ever come to watch us play ball. A lotta the girls from school like to come watch,” Bucky said, staring down at her.
She shook her head, “No, my Ma hasn’t let me go that far away from home on my own yet. She’s probably nervous about all the rowdy older kids there.” Mrs. Barnes laughed at that, “As if my Bucky is any better than the ‘rowdy older kids.’”
Lottie shrugged; even her own Ma knew that Bucky had a good head on his shoulders. Most boys his age would tease her on the schoolyard, they were never as kind as Bucky. Her thoughts drifted briefly to her lucky penny tucked into the pocket of her dress and the borrowed handkerchief stored in her beginners’ sewing kit; she’d begged her mother to teach her how to embroider so she could decorate the handkerchief as a show of thanks for his kindness.
“Well you should come to the next game on Saturday, and your Ma won’t have to worry, you’ll be escorted by yours truly,” Bucky offered.
During the remaining weeks of summer, Lottie took it upon herself to continue delivering freshly laundered and mended clothes to the Barnes family. Lottie tried not to linger in the tenement, but Mrs. Barnes would often invite her in for a cup of iced tea before she could duck out; it was often a weak cup, but it was tea nonetheless.
“So Lottie, tell me, what grade will you be in this year?” Mrs. Barnes inquired over the rim of her cup. It had a chip in the handle and no saucer to match it, though Lottie adored the pink floral pattern that graced its side.
“I’ll be in fifth grade, ma’am. Though I’m a bit younger than the others; I turn ten on August 25th.” Lottie puffed out her chest proudly; excited to be approaching the double digits in age. She knew that she would receive nothing for her birthday, but she didn’t mind. She’d rather have food on the table every day of the week than a new dress or shoes that she’d probably ruin in a week flat.
“Oh, only five days away,” Mrs. Barnes hummed, “what do you plan on doing to celebrate? It’s quite an important age.”
Lottie tilted her head in thought, scuffing her shoes along the floorboards as swung her legs, “I dunno, I—“ Before she could form her answer, the door to the apartment burst open, revealing a rather disheveled looking Bucky, who had the arm of a wheezing blonde boy thrown over his shoulders.
“Ma! We were in the lot around the corner playin’ ball and Steve started having one of his attacks again!” The larger boy moved to guide his friend to the sofa across the room while Mrs. Barnes quickly rose from her chair, taking the blonde’s— Steve’s —other arm, to help her son.
Lottie quietly observed, a crease forming in her brow. She didn’t know the boy, but she vaguely recognized him; he was the boy usually left to sit aside during the neighborhood baseball games. He was at least a head shorter than his gangly counterpart; really, he was closer to her in height than he was to Bucky. His hair clung to his pale forehead, while his flushed cheeks puffed in and out in an attempt to control his breathing.
Mrs. Barnes turned to her, “Lottie dear, would you wet a rag for Stevie while we try to calm him down?”
Lottie nodded, leaving her chair to rifle through the kitchen drawers for a rag. Once she’d acquired one, she ran it under the faucet and soaked it in cold water. She brought the rag over the sofa, kneeling down so that she could press it to his sweaty forehead.
“C’mon Steve, let’s do those breathing exercises your doc gave you, just breathe deeply like me,” Bucky instructed, taking exaggerated deep breaths for Steve to copy. Once the two had been at it for a few minutes, Steve managed to control his breathing again.
“Oh, and this right here is Little Lottie, the best damn laundry deliverer in Brooklyn,” Bucky added, nodding in her direction. In any other situation, Lottie would’ve been at least a little annoyed with the nickname she’d earned, but with Bucky, she didn’t mind. She took a sort of pleasure in it, knowing that he thought she was special enough to deserve her own nickname. She relished the way he said “Little Lottie” in an almost sing-song voice; as if the nickname was a lyric to a song that he couldn’t quite place.
Mrs. Barnes smacked him upside the head and scowled teasingly, “I don’t know where you learned that language, but you certainly shouldn’t be using it in front of your mother and a young lady.”
Bucky held his hands up in mock surrender, but a smirk never left his face, “Alright, alright Ma, I’ll never do it again. Cross my heart,” and he made a show of solemnly drawing an imaginary “X” over his chest with his finger.
Steve barked out a laugh from the sofa, “I’ll watch out for him Mrs. Barnes, make sure he acts real saint-like around young ladies like Lottie over here,” he then met her gaze with an easy smile, “I’m Steve. Steve Rogers.”
“Nice to meet you, Steve,” Lottie grinned, “Now how’d you end up having one of these attacks in the first place?”
“Well as you heard, we were playing ball in that lot around the corner, and Buck here tried to show off for this little redhead Delores— but he calls her Dot —and long story short, I was the sucker that had to run for the ball when he hit a home run,” Steve explained, giving Bucky a lighthearted glare. Lottie’s heart sank and her stomach twisted at the mention of this “little redhead.” It seemed that she wasn’t the only girl in his life who was special enough to deserve a nickname. It sent her mind racing— how did he say her name? Did he drawl the nickname all slow like he was trying to savor the taste of it? Her eyes were probably a pretty green or blue, to complement her fiery hair. She probably had Mary Janes that fit just right and a dress that didn’t show off knobby little knees.
Lottie was shaken out of her stupor by Bucky nudging her with his foot, as he was standing next to the sofa where Steve lay, and she was still kneeling next to the sofa even though the wet rag she had used for Steve lay limp in her hands. “Little Lottie, Steve here asked if you’ve ever come to watch us play ball. A lotta the girls from school like to come watch,” Bucky said, staring down at her.
She shook her head, “No, my Ma hasn’t let me go that far away from home on my own yet. She’s probably nervous about all the rowdy older kids there.” Mrs. Barnes laughed at that, “As if my Bucky is any better than the ‘rowdy older kids.’”
Lottie shrugged; even her own Ma knew that Bucky had a good head on his shoulders. Most boys his age would tease her on the schoolyard, they were never as kind as Bucky. Her thoughts drifted briefly to her lucky penny tucked into the pocket of her dress and the borrowed handkerchief stored in her beginners’ sewing kit; she’d begged her mother to teach her how to embroider so she could decorate the handkerchief as a show of thanks for his kindness.
“Well you should come to the next game on Saturday, and your Ma won’t have to worry, you’ll be escorted by yours truly,” Bucky offered.
Mrs. Barnes interrupted the conversation, shooting Bucky a pointed look, “Actually, Saturday is Lottie’s tenth birthday! She’ll want to spend the day with her family, I’m sure.”
“Well when you say it like that Ma, let’s ditch the game altogether!” Bucky looked at Lottie, “Whaddya say to a day out at Coney Island with me and Steve? All special for your birthday.”
“Well rollercoasters and the beach sound an awful lot more exciting than a ball game. My Ma and Pa won’t miss me too much if I go out for my birthday, I’ll just make sure I’m home in time for supper,” Lottie said, accepting Bucky’s generous offer with a grin. She didn’t know Steve too well, but she knew if Bucky cared for him so deeply, he was a boy worth getting to know.
“I guess it’s settled then. Now Bucky, Steve, I’ll put the kettle on for when the two of you would like some tea. I left the teabag that Lottie and I used on her saucer,” Mrs. Barnes said, gesturing at the cracked porcelain saucer that held the reused teabag.
Lottie spent the rest of the afternoon with Bucky and Steve, she sipping on her watered down iced tea from earlier in the day, and the boys drinking their fresher drinks.
She learned a lot about the boys in those few hours; Steve’s passion and skill at art and Bucky’s love of film musicals— that fact made her giggle while he defended himself.
“I don’t care what you think Steve, Eddie Cantor was aces in Whoopee! ”
“I never said he was bad, I’m just sayin’ no one can take a guy seriously when he’s dancin’ around and singin’ like that, Buck.”
“I’m really keen on that song, ‘My Baby Just Cares For Me.’ When Eddie sang it, it was so charming and romantic.”
“Thank you, Little Lottie, glad to know you’re not bumping gums like Stevie over here. We’ve got a taste for the finer things, you and I.”
When the sun began to dip below the horizon, Lottie knew that it was time to go home for supper. She thanked Mrs. Barnes, who was handling a distressed Becca, for her hospitality and bid farewell to the boys. She skipped down the stone steps of the tenement, scraps of sketch paper in hand— the boys had attempted to teach her how to draw with charcoal like they’d been doing in their accelerated art classes during the last school year. She would never be quite as good as them, but something inside of her warmed at the memory of Bucky looking over her shoulder to see what she was drawing.
Tucked between the scraps of paper was a drawing that Bucky had done while Steve was teaching her shading concepts— it was a picture of her and Steve, both sitting on the floor, using a low coffee table as a desk to draw on. Bucky had gotten the shading on Steve’s golden hair just right; his strands reflecting some sun, while her mousey curls hung around her face. Bucky had taken extra care in creating the curls, as they were no doubt difficult to recreate on paper. She giggled at the shape of the nose he’d given her— he needed to do some work on drawing facial anatomy. Looking closer, it seemed that the coffee table in front of her and Steve was in no way proportional to their bodies, making them look like giants compared to the furniture. Regardless, she loved the picture, especially the loopy signature at the bottom of it.
That night, Lottie placed the sketches on her dresser, right next to a mason jar, where she placed her lucky penny. She surveyed her most prized possessions with a look of fondness and sighed happily,
“James Buchanan Barnes, I’ll love you ‘til I die.”
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TEASER: Proof of Heart
“Finally,” Pepper continued, “you will have a bodyguard at all times -- one I approve from a list I’ll get from a personal contact.”
Maverick’s frown deepened. “A bodyguard? I can’t decide if you’re serious or if you’re trying to make it too difficult for me to --”
“Tony still has enemies. So does Stark Industries. So do you, for that matter. I can’t say that I’m happy with this idea -- or with you at the moment -- but it doesn’t mean I don’t have concerns for your safety and the safety of those around you. If you want to do this, Maverick, these are the stipulations I’m setting out.”
Realizing she had poked at an open wound, Maverick nodded but said nothing. She wanted to apologize and explain herself further, but it didn’t seem like productive communication. Instead, she stood when Pepper did and shook the other woman’s hand.
Tumblr media
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Chapter 14: To The Moon & Back
Thank you everyone who read the last update! I hope everyone enjoys this chapter! Lots of fluff and romance :) 
Special Shout Out and thanks to @whimsicalrogers​ for making my divider check out her amazing edits!
Credit to @atenexo for the lovely gif 🧡🧡
Warnings: PTSD Attacks, Nightmares, War Themes, War Triggers, Romance, Sweet fluffy Bucky. 
Parings: Bucky X Renee
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Renee & Bucky Masterlist
Road To Recovery Masterlist
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5, Chapter 6,
Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11,
Chapter 12,  Chapter 13
Tumblr media
“You failed Bucky. Renee doesn’t want you. Your babies won’t want you. You should have just died over there and not came back. You don’t deserve them. You aren’t a good man.” 
“You chose war over them. It’s only fitting you die in war, isn’t it? You are not fit to be loved.” 
Bucky covers his ears as sounds of explosions surround him, he’s shaking at the loud bombs his men yelling. His eyes widen when he sees Renee walking through the battle. 
“Renee! No get out of here!” he screams pulling himself up as he runs after her. Renee just looks over at him. 
“We’re not your mission remember. Why do you care what I do?” Bucky tries to reach her as another bomb goes off. Bucky goes flying as he looks down his left arm missing, he cries out. 
“Renee, please... I didn’t mean it.” 
Everything closing in on Bucky as he tries to block it out. 
“Bucky?” A whisper sounds through the dream as a wet nose bumps his cheek and a wet tongue licks him.
Bucky sets up in a cold sweat his breathing heavy he’s on the floor of the nursey he realizes he looks around as he’s face to face with big eyes, one brown one blue as Winter licks his face. Bucky gently wraps his arm around him as he breathes with him.
Tumblr media
“Hey, Bucky are you okay? I heard the yelling and Winter came running comforting you.” Bucky looks up seeing Renee’s concerned eyes he sighs as he looks around.
“I... Yeah... just a bad dream.” Renee frowns as she walks further into the room.
“Why are you on the floor Bucky?” Bucky sighs as Renee slowly sits by his side. Bucky reaches for her hand as he squeezes her hand gently. She smiles softly at him.
“Sleeping on the floor helps, plus sleeping in that guest room... I just felt alone and I know we’re working through our issues and I’m giving you the space you need.”
Renee frowns as she cups his cheeks gently.
“Hey, you’re my husband. To be fair you not sleeping in our bed doesn’t feel right.” She takes a breath as she stares into his blue eyes. “Come back to our bed please.” She whispers as Bucky stares into her eyes.
“Are you sure? You said I needed to earn your trust and love back.” Renee nods.
“I did but you sleeping with me in our bed holding me and me snuggling into you is something I need too and something you need.” Bucky just nods as Renee offers her hand. Bucky smiles taking it as Winter is excited tail wagging like crazy.
Crawling back into his bed Bucky felt ease felt at peace as Renee snuggled into his side. The feel of the twins kicking his rib cage even made him happy. Winter at his feet, Renee’s body pressed into his this is what Bucky needed. Finally feeling at ease Bucky closes his eyes.
No nightmares. Bucky was able to finally sleep.
Tumblr media
“You want to talk about your nightmares Bucky?” Sam asks as Bucky sits in a room with Steve sitting next to him.
“They finally stopped once I was able to sleep in the same bed as Renee again, but I know that’s not a permanent solution. But being with her seeing her slowly let me back in is rewarding.” Steve pats his shoulder as Sam nods. Winter lays his head on Bucky’s leg as Bucky smiles patting him.
“Of course, you’ve always been a huge help and support Winter. I would have been lost without you buddy.”
Sam smiles at the interaction.
“Have you decided on any steps on how you plan to gain her trust back to work on your marriage?” Bucky pulls out a little notebook.
“Steve gave me this I’ve written down little things I think will hopefully help.” Sam smiles at that.
“I’m proud of you Buck. I know it’s not easy I know this hasn’t been an easy journey, but I believe in you. We all do.”
“Till the end of the line,” Steve whispers as Bucky nods smiling at them.
“How are your dreams, Steve?” Steve just sighs as he takes a breath.
“Come and go. I regret ever going back over there. I know it was to finally bring an end to Zemo’s crew, but I left my family. I left my wife and kids, then my best friend took it upon himself to put his own life at risk leave his wife and future kids to come to find me. I regret a lot of things Sam and it still eats at me.”
Bucky frowns at Steve’s words not realizing Steve held so much guilt. Sam nods as he eyes both men.
“Steve you always want to do the right thing, you have honor and integrity you believe in the good of people. I know you believed in this mission and going back and that is why you are an amazing man and soldier. But I feel it's time and you Bucky both realize that you guys have a new mission now. I know you were retired Steve you hung up the uniform but the moment it came calling back you jumped. Bucky you stayed home but your loyalty your love for your brother and men caused you to come back. I know you both feel that the call to war and battle is strong, but I feel you two need to look deep inside and figure out what is you want to do now. War do you want to go back over and there fight and take on missions again for Fury. Or is being home with your wife and kids what you want?”
Tumblr media
Bucky leaves the session feeling a mix of emotions Winter looks at him making sure he’s okay as Bucky rubs his head. Bucky feels a tap on his back as he turns around and sees Peter.
“Petey!” Peter just smiles as Bucky gently hugs him.
“Good to see you, thank you for being there for Renee while I was gone.” He whispers as Peter nods he looks down at his feet and back up at Bucky nervous about stuff.
“Promise you won't leave her again? Won’t do that again she was so worried about you.” Peter whispers as Bucky’s heart aches at the words. He gently places a hand on Peter’s shoulder.
“I don’t plan to ever do that again. Renee is my world, and I made a mistake leaving but I can’t turn back time now I have to live with what I did and move on from it.”
Peter nods as Bucky looks up seeing Renee waddling around still tending to patients. Bucky just shakes his head smiling she probably shouldn’t still be on her feet working as much but he wasn’t about to tell her she couldn’t work. Bucky was already deep in the doghouse and he wasn’t going to put himself further in it.
Renee smiles seeing Peter and Bucky talking she walks over.
“Hey boys.” Winter wags his tail and licks her hands as Peter smiles.
“Hi Renee, was just saying hi to Bucky. I better get back to my work. See you two later.” Peter smiles walking off as Renee and Bucky stand staring at each other both unsure who should say what first.
“How was your session?” Renee gets out as Bucky smiles at her.
“It was good opened my eyes to things. How was your day are you feeling okay with the twins?” Bucky gently lays his hands on her belly.
“I know I have to start taking it easy but I want to work a little bit longer.” Renee chuckles as Bucky rubs her belly a kick causes him to smile big. Renee leans into his touch enjoying this for a moment. She’s missed Bucky she’s missed his touch.
“I love you Nee so much and I am so sorry.” He whispers as Renee nods her head kissing his cheek sweetly.
“I know and I love you too. I still have the image of us on the porch with our swing swinging as the kids play.” She chuckles as Bucky’s eyes widen for a moment; he pulls her gently as best as he can in her arms holding her close.
Tumblr media
Spending days with Nat and Wanda doing a girl's day was something Renee needed it was relaxing and felt good.
“Thanks for the pamper day girls,” Renee says goodbye as Wanda drops her off home. Renee slowly walks up the steps her eyes stop taking in a beautiful wooden swing porch. Renee walks over to it. A red bow was on it as she runs her fingers over it. Her eyes take in the little things on it. Wolves and little pawprints craved in it, her finger runs over it as they stop at the initials craved in it with an inscription attached to it.
“B & R- I Love You To The Moon & Back Forever My Doll.”
Renee wipes her eyes as Bucky and Winter slowly make their way out.
“I had started making it before I left. I remembered all you wanted was a porch swing for us. For us to grow old and watch the kids play and grow up and grandkids maybe someday? I know this doesn’t just fix everything, but I am trying so hard to show you how much I love you how much you mean and matter to me I should have always put you and the babies first I am so sorry I didn’t I am sorry I left you guys.”
Bucky has tears in his eyes as Renee cries at his words. Winter just wags his tail softy happy at his owners as he lays down feeling at ease.
“I love you too Bucky so much,” Renee whispers as Bucky presses a kiss to her as they stare into each other’s eyes.
“Shall we sit on this swing? Enjoy the sunset and just enjoy being together?” Renee nods smiling as Bucky helps her on the swing. Bucky gently pulls her close as Renee snuggles laying her head on his chest.
The swing gently sways as the sunset slowly sets. Winter looks up happy his tail wags thumping on the wood.
“I love you Renee to the moon and back,” Bucky whispers kissing her head holding her close. Renee smiles Bucky’s heartbeat thumping and soothing her.
“I love you Bucky to the moon and back.”
Tumblr media
Next Chapter
:) Looks like things are looking up for our couple :) 
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Favorite Crime ~ Prologue
Tumblr media
A/N: A short intro to a Bucky fic that ran into my head today. Unbeta’d so apologies in advance!
Warnings: descriptions of fear, death, guns, blood, overall retelling of the last battle of End Game, spoilers ahead.
Bucky’s POV
It seemed like the impact of the snap had reverberated across the entire battlefield. I could smell nothing but blood, smoke, and gunfire; a memory of a life I had lived before. An eerie nausea seeped deep in my stomach as I watched the alien lifeforms around us fade into the air as if they never even existed in the first place. My mind was running a million miles a minute as I finally had the chance to stop and think about what the wizard, this Dr. Strange, had told us before portaling us onto the battlefield. He said it had been five years but it only felt like a blink of an eye since the last time I had seen Steve in Wakanda.
I can still recall every moment of that day. Steve returned and told us Thanos was coming to Wakanda to end the fight once and for all. I knew fairy tales couldn’t last forever but I still wished for another second of bliss with her. before everything would come crashing down.
I remembered this feeling rushing over me. To this day I still don’t feel like I can properly put it into words what it felt like. The only feeling that had come close was the time I fell off the train back in the 40’s. And the look I saw on Steve’s face as I descended further and further down the seemingly endless mountain.
I remembered the silence most of all. Looking around at the luscious forests that I had called home for years now. The birds had long flown away, as they do when they sense incoming danger. But it seemed as if the entire Wakandan ecosystem had just...disappeared. I scanned the battlefield as far as I could see. Looking for a glimpse of her. She had been my rock since I started my deprogramming in Wakanda. She was the only person I came in contact with that never looked at me with pity or sadness. Everyone had walked around eggshells around me for as long as I can remember before she came around.
Given my track record, I was weary of trusting anyone at first. Especially her and Sam. But Steve had told me how they helped track me down and how he trusted the both of them with his life; a statement I knew he didn’t throw around easily. I remember thinking how young she was, no older than 25, but had seemingly crashed every glass ceiling she came in contact with. She was stubborn as all hell but it was that fire in her that I loved so much.
She was everything I didn’t know I needed.
I still remember the prickling sensation running down my spine as I couldn’t spot her blonde hair on the battlefield. All the hairs rose on the back of my neck. We had been all but inseparable these past two years but I had quickly lost track of her during the fight. I hadn’t even worried about her, I knew she could handle herself in the most dangerous moments life had to offer but I still felt my stomach churn as I called her name only to hear nothing but the shaking of leaves answer back. If only I had stayed by her side...
If only...
I knew immediately something wasn’t right. I could feel it deep in my soul. My heart raced and I suddenly felt a rush of fear; a feeling of pure dread spread over me as I walked closer to the man who was like a brother to me,“Steve?”
I remember falling into the soil but the impact never came. And just like that...there was nothing. I was alone like I had been for so many years before. But I could still hear her laugh, see her smile, and feel the way her skin felt as it pressed up against mine in our most vulnerable moments.
It wasn’t long after that I was opening my eyes again, on that very same field in Wakanda except this time, Steve was nowhere in sight. I heard Sam call for me over the comms and soon after was when Dr. Strange showed up in his glowing portal out of nowhere, “Thanos won. It’s been five years. We have to go now. The Avengers need us.” He spoke quickly and efficiently as if he wasn’t giving the most mind blowing information I had ever heard.
He waved his hands in the air, opening up a portal out of thin air, something I had previously only thought possible in Lovecraft novels but life continued to surprise me.
I could spot Steve right away, he was beaten and battered, but nothing I knew he hadn’t felt before except this time he held not only his broken shield, but also a hammer. I stepped through the portal, cocking my gun in the process and coming face to face with the mangled aliens I felt like I had only just defeated a few minutes ago.
“Avengers…” Steve lifted the hammer and entered a fight stance as more and more of our people came out across the field via the glowing portals. It looked like Strange had just as many friends with magic powers as we did. Again, I took a quick cast around the line up, looking for a sign of her. But still, even after five years, I couldn’t find her.
“Assemble!” I snapped myself back into reality and faced the challenge that was in front of me. I knew I would find her after the fight. I’d kiss her no matter how bloody and sweaty she was and I’d finally tell her what had been on my mind for weeks (years?) now.
But sometimes life doesn’t go as we plan and I should know that better than anyone.
The aliens fell to my bullets as easily as every enemy before them had. It seemed that with all of us working together, we could never be stopped, not even by the Mad Titan himself.
It wasn’t until long after the fight, when I finally got to catch up with Steve, he had told me that the official consensus was she had disappeared along with half of the planet on that day five years ago. I had spent hours looking for her on that battlefield after the fight. I couldn’t even fathom the thought of her coming back after five years only for her to die in this fight. But I had never found her. And that truly was the beginning of the end for me.
It’s been 42 days since all of life and living things have returned to planet Earth. And every night, I look up at the stars and pray to whoever is up there and listening, to bring her back to me.
My love.
My Angel.
Thoughts? Like or dislike, I’d love to hear the feedback! I still don’t have a name for the OFC so if you have any recommendations, send them my way. 
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suitofvibraniumarmor · 6 days ago
Tumblr media
Maverick Knight was Tony Stark’s wonder child but finds herself wandering and lost without him around. When she convinces Pepper to let her execute her genius tribute idea, Pepper’s only condition is that Maverick has a bodyguard to keep her from harm’s way. 
Bucky Barnes is transitioning to a life without HYDRA, without his best friend, and without a place that feels like home. He’s completing the conditions of his pardon, not completely thrilled about the new job addition, but maybe he owes Tony this much, anyway. 
Thanos came and wreaked havoc on the universe. He’s gone now and those left behind are working to figure out what their lives are now. Without the people closest to them, and with threats lurking not far in the distance, Bucky and Maverick learn that some secrets aren’t worth keeping, and sometimes trust -- and love -- form where you least expect it.  
Tumblr media
Proof of Heart will premiere later this week. OFC Taglist will automatically be tagged, but if you’d like to be removed or added, please let me know via my ask box. 
Note: I am currently working a full-time job and working my way through grad school. This fic will post an average of one or two chapters a week. 
Current OFC Taglist: @captain-s-rogers​ @whitewolfvibraniumdreams​ @just-dreaming-marvel​ @averyrogers83​ @shynara51​ @hurricanerin​ @fullprunerebelstatesman​ @connie326​ @letsgetfuckingsuperwholocked​ @heartsaved​
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