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#Bucky series
bethanyjade77 · 16 minutes ago
So, fans of shoot me down (and my writing in general, read till the end), I’m at a bit of a crossroad at the moment.
During my health recovery I’ve been reading a lot of enemies to lovers and fantasy books (fanfiction and published works) and it has made me second guess my writing.
I feel like I have went towards being ‘lovers’ way too quickly in my works, and (to me) plot wise it seems very rushed. Maybe I am just being a self critical author, but I am really disappointed with myself when it comes to the series.
So, part of me wants to take it down, add a couple of other chapters and scenarios in that really explains how Tom and Viola become lovers (instead of using time skips like I have done currently).
But another part of me feels like just carrying on as it is since you know how it is going to reach the point of lovers?
I would really like some input on this.
Criticise my writing, please. It helps us writers improve! I have never published my work before this blog, so all my feedback before this has been through self learning. Some (kind) but critical feedback will be very useful for me so do not hold back if you have an opinion! I would rather someone tell me their ‘bad’ opinion than someone holding back their true thoughts!
Some feedback on how I have moved their relationship along will help and let me know if you think adding some chapters in would help you, as a reader, understand their relationship a bit better!
 As a writer, I am disconnected to all my works in a way because I already know the ending. This post is mainly about shoot me down but feedback about any of my works is welcome, needed and appreciated too!
The shoot me down (and its sequel) plot was planned months before I started writing it. Which has almost been my downfall because I have wanted to get to the ‘best parts’ of the plot without creating the context behind it.
Just some thoughts on what I’ve said will be appreciated, wether they are through my asks (if you want to be anon) or by reply. Just give me your truthful thoughts so I can improve and grow as a writer!❤️
Tagging the people who are on my tag lists since this extends to all my writings in a way:
@juladrinkswater  @allthisfortommy @yvngaquarius  @bi-lmg  @elizabeth228
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visl0ki · 3 hours ago
Loki: I can’t be swimming around with a bunch of five year olds! They can be so cruel when they sense weakness..
Bucky: That’s why on the first day, you have to beat up the biggest one in the yard.
Vision: Mr Barnes, that’s prison-
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giodoodless · 4 hours ago
Yesterday i had this weird dream where i was at TVA, same as Loki, but i didn't wear the clothes he does and that collar. I went straight to Mobius, asking for a favor and promised i wouldn't change anything in the main timeline or some shit like that.
We get in that place where Loki saw the future events of his life, and i ask to see the futures of Samuel Thomas Wilson and James Bucky Barnes. Mobius gave me a concerned look and turned on the projector. I don't remember exactly what i saw, but i remember feeling really happy with what was showed in the beginning of the file, i even laughed out loud, shaked my head and thought 'those idiots were made for each other wtf'. Then the part i don't like comes.
I remember feeling angry, upset actually, and I cried a lot, like a fucking baby. Mobius even tried to calm me down but i just couldn't??? I was crying so much that my eyes hurted, my chest hurted and i couldn't breath. I couldn't believe what i saw, i didn't want to believe that that was their future. I was so furious, thinking how unfair it was, that i couldn't change what was going to happen to them, to Sam. I remember saying these exact words, and Mobius just looked at me like 'yeah, you're right, there's nothing you can do about it'.
I shouted at Mobius, almost throwing the table at him. I said “but he's going to loose him, they're going to loose each other”
Lmao wtf is wrong with me????? Why did i dream something like this??? WHY????
if anyone wants to write a fanfic from this, please do
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coldfingers-warmheart · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
summary: it was something cliche but your fuck buddy fell for you nonetheless, even though you swore you would never do relationships again.
general warnings: smut (18+), angst, tfatws!bucky, fwb!bucky, casual sex with no mutual feelings, minor alcohol consumption, more to be added as series progres
sweet dream
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spideyyboii · 6 hours ago
Dating Bucky Would Include Headcanon
Tumblr media
Main Masterlist
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
Dating Bucky would include lots of hugs and affection as he lacked it for such a long time. He couldn’t go more than an hour without kissing you as it reminded him that he had someone who cared for him even after all the mistakes he made. 
He would constantly be touching you so that everyone knew the two of you were together. These touches would range from him holding your hand whilst in public or hugging you from behind when he felt anxious. 
When the two of you were alone the former assassin would let his guard down and would tell you about all his guilt and regret. “Every time I close my eyes all I see is the people I hurt and even though I tried to make amends I can’t get over the pain I’ve caused.” The man explained with tears in his eyes. “Bucky, you have to remember that wasn’t you. Hydra manipulated your brain and forced you to do awful things but at least you feel remorse so it shows that your clearly no longer the Winter Soldier.” You told him hoping to reassure the man that he had worked to being a better person.
During the night you were aware there was a possibility of Bucky waking you as his mind was plagued with traumatic memories of the war, his torture from hydra and his fine as the Winter Soldier. Every other night he would wake up and begin searching the room in a state of panic only relaxing when his eyes landed on you.
When Steve left it was almost as if all the progress Bucky had made disappeared. The soldier went back to sleeping on the floor and avoiding spending any time with you as he feared you would leave him just like Steve did.
“James if you don’t open this doo right now I swear I’ll break it down!” You shouted to your lover through his apartment door. When he continued to ignore you and your attempts to see him your resolve broke. 
The next morning when Bucky found you outside his apartment door you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
When you woke up in Bucky’s apartment you were even more confused than before. “Doll, I’m sorry about everything I was just scared that you were going to leave me as well or that you would realise I was an awful person.”
After his confession the two of you mended your relationship and were quickly back on track. 
Soon the two of you were joining Sam and his family on the weekends and enjoying the simpleness of life. Seeing Bucky with Sarah’s children made you smile and realise that he may be okay with the little surprise you had growing. 
Overall, dating Bucky was never easy but it was worth it as you knew the solider was a good man who just needed to focus on everything positive he had done and had been doing for the world. 
The love the both of you shared was unconditional and was going to last a lifetime especially when your little one joined the both of you. 
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tuiccim · 9 hours ago
Terrigenisis (Part 21)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Stucky x Inhuman!Fem!Reader
Word Count: 1.7K
Summary: After undergoing terrigenisis unwillingly your life is turned upside down when you are deemed too dangerous to return to life as a civilian. You are put with the Avengers team to train and rebuild. As you hone your powers and skills, you must also decide if you can find home and love again. Or is your curse to be a lonely wanderer forever?
Warnings: Fluff, Smut (NSFW 18+)
Dividers by @firefly-graphics​
Terrigenisis Series Masterlist
Tumblr media
You, Steve, and Bucky file into the conference room. Artie turns to greet you and then introduces the pretty redhead by his side.
“This is Molly Fitzgerald. She’ll be planning the wedding.” 
“Well, I’ll be helping you plan the wedding,” Molly laughs lightly. “I’ve pulled some ideas together. Mr. Stark has advised me to spare no expense. There was a cancellation at the Plaza for 7 weeks from now, since time is of the essence I secured the venue. It seats 500 so we shouldn’t have a problem with the guest list.”
“No,” you laugh at the absurdity. 
“Were you thinking of a smaller, more intimate gathering? 200 or so?” Molly mistakes your meaning. 
“No to the Plaza. No to 500 guests. No to 200 guests. 7 weeks is insane.,” you balk. 
Molly looks between you and Artie narrowing her eyes. She smirks as she appraises you shrewdly, “I’m going to like working with you. Tell me what you’re thinking.”
You glance at Bucky and Steve who nod at you. They were letting this be your show and had agreed to the few things you had suggested. They had only a few requests and you were more than happy to oblige. 
“The wedding will be here at the compound on the back lawn at sunset. The press has dubbed me Artemis and I think we should play it up. She was the goddess of the moon, so a theme of moon and stars for everything. After all, Steve’s symbol is a star and my engagement ring is a star sapphire. Silk tents so we can see the stars. Silver and sapphire blue will be the colors.” You pause to look at Artie and Molly expecting some pushback, but Artie simply smirks, nods at Molly, and exits. 
Molly smiles at you, “I love it. Let me show you some options I have. Several designers have expressed interest in designing your wedding gown, but we’ll discuss that when your fiance isn’t in the room.”
“You signed the usual Stark NDA, correct?” you ask Molly.
“Yes, of course. Why?” Molly asks. 
“Uh, doll, I think we’ll leave you two to the planning.” Bucky interrupts. 
“Right. Don’t want to spoil anything.” Steve smiles. 
“You’ll still have to decide on a few things but I’ll narrow it down for you,” you chuckle at their eagerness to escape. 
“See ya later, doll,” Steve kisses you quickly. 
“Bye,” Bucky says quietly heading towards the door. 
“Barnes, she signed the NDA. Get back here,” you grin as he makes his way back to you and kisses you hungrily before leaving. 
Once the boys have exited, you notice Molly glancing at you but obviously not wanting to ask the question. 
“They’re both my fiancees. Yes, that part of the story is true. The rest of it was bullshit but we’re going through this charade to appease, I don't know, everyone I guess,” you shrug. 
“Forget everyone else. Let’s make this what you want it to be. You know, Maggie Sottero might be ideal for designing a gown. If you want to go with a greek goddess style.”
“Yes, all out. I want a tiara of moon and stars and instead of a traditional veil, I want a cape veil.” 
“Perfect. Now, when are we having this wedding? I know you said seven weeks is insane but it should be sooner than later.” Molly pulls out a calendar. 
“It is, but nine weeks,” you point to a date on the calendar, “That will be one year exactly since I first met them. Doable?”
“An extra two weeks? Absolutely doable.” Molly grins, “Let’s go through the rest and pull some pictures for ideas.”
“Sounds good. I think I’m gonna love working with you, too.” 
You wait two days before calling out to Heimdall. You needed Loki to return but you wanted to give him time to complete his mission. Within an hour of calling out, the bifrost drops Loki and Thor on the back lawn where you are exercising Dizzy. 
“Loki!” you run to him and throw your arms around him. 
“What’s wrong, darling?” Loki embraces you while looking at his brother with a worried expression. 
“I… It’s best if I show you.” You guide them both to the conference room where Steve, Bucky, and Tony join you. You play the clip for them and watch Loki’s reaction. The murderous looks that cross his face as he listens to the story are both reassuring and frightening. 
“It’s a pack of lies,” Loki seethes. “The only truth in the story is your relationship with them. How dare they bandy about Charlie’s death. This calumny will not stand.”
“Whoa there, Reindeer Games. We’ve got it under control.” Tony holds his hands up. 
“I’m so sorry, Loki. I know this isn’t the publicity you need. Or want,” you say quietly. 
“Don’t apologize, darling. This was not your doing.” Loki holds a hand up and then looks to his brother. 
“What do you need from us? You need only ask.” Thor looks at each of you. 
“You left before we saw you the morning after the party, but Bucky and I proposed that night and she accepted,” Steve explains and you hold up your hand to show your ring as he speaks. “The story breaking has accelerated the timeline for the wedding.” 
“I see,” says Loki, eyeing you carefully. 
“We’d like you to be here for it.” Steve looks between the two. 
“Of course,” Thor smiles broadly. 
“I’d like you to stand with me, Loki. Be my Man of Honor,” you smile at him.
“What?” Loki, Thor, Tony, Steve, and Bucky say nearly in unison. 
You giggle at their confusion, “I want you to be my Man of Honor, please?”
Loki grins and pulls you into a hug, “I would be delighted.”
“Yay! Thank you,” you grab his hand and pull him towards the door. “Come on. I’ll show you some of the plans. See ya later, guys.”
Loki chuckles as he follows you to your room, “Excited, are we?”
“Truthfully, I just wanted to get you alone so I can-”
“Make the rumors about us true?” Loki jokes. 
“Haha, no. Did you see her? Did you tell her how you felt? What happened?” your words rush out. Loki’s face falls as you look at him, “Oh, Loki. I, I’m so sorry.”
“I was too late, darling. My own fault. I went to her and I told her the truth. She was angry with me. She had every right to be. Sigyn, that’s her name. Sigyn said I only wanted her now that I couldn’t have her and then she threw me out.”
“I’m so sorry, Loki.” 
“It will be fine, darling. She…” Loki falters. 
“Tell me the whole story. Please.” you guide him to sit on the couch with you. 
“I arrived back in Asgard-”
“No, from the beginning. You only told me you’d known her a long time before. Never how.”
A ghost of a smile appears on his face, “She was a lovely girl who caught my notice one day running through the halls of Asgard. We were eight and she asked me to help her hide from her mother. Of course, I did and that was the beginning of our friendship. We grew up and she morphed from the pretty little girl running through the halls into a beautiful woman. She has similar magical powers to myself, where she differs is her good heart and pristine reputation. Something I’ve never had. She was so dutiful and upstanding when around everyone but she had her wild streak. Or maybe I just brought it out of her. I fell for her. She’s beautiful, smart, funny, and… my friend. I’m her opposite, a mischievous heart with a reputation for exploiting every opportunity. I was undeserving of her and couldn’t think of sullying her by asking her hand. I still think I am unworthy of her. She stood by my side through everything, counseling me, admonishing me even, until I sent her away. Then the fight with my brother and father and my ‘death’ happened. She moved on and got engaged to another. Lucky bastard that he is. I reappeared and disgraced myself on Midgard. I think…”
“You think?” you prompt when he pauses.
“I think your friendship taught me to hope. Maybe I am worthy. Perhaps I could be enough. You seem to only see the good in me. But I was too late for Sigyn. She was right to reject me. I should never have dared to hope.” 
You put your hand to Loki’s cheek, “You were right to hope. You were right to tell her. She deserved to know, Loki. Even if she can’t see a future with you, now she can look back upon her past with you and know that you did love her and she was right to be there for you. It may not have been the closure you or she hoped for, but it is some closure.”
“You’re right,” Loki nods sadly. “But, on a happier note, you and your two men are having a fairytale ending.”
“Well, the wedding is only for Steve and I. PR wants to put on a big show to help the narrative move away from my alleged prolific love life,” you roll your eyes. 
“Some would say that since everyone already believes it you may as well indulge,” Loki wags an eyebrow at you.
“Loki!” you shout laughingly and shove him away. 
“I’m kidding!” Loki raises his hands and chuckles.
“There are some details about the wedding we should go over.”
“Yes, do you want me in this form or should I shift to be the maid of honor?” Loki asks. 
“Wait. You can shapeshift?” you ask in surprise. 
“Yes. Would you like to see my female form?”
“Uh, yeah!” You exclaim. 
“Very well, darling.” Loki’s form shimmers green for a moment and there sitting before you is a gorgeous woman who looks as if she is Loki’s twin sister. 
“Wow,” you say under your breath as you study her face and then figure. “So, are you entirely shifted? Like everything is female or is this like the glamour you do with your clothes?”
“I’m entirely female. I could take a lover and produce children if I wanted.” Loki’s female voice has the same beautiful tone, slightly higher pitched. 
“You’re beautiful,” you grin. 
“Sure you don’t want to indulge?” Loki leans towards you with a smirk. 
You look away embarrassed and then your eyes flit back to Loki’s, “I…” 
“You what, darling? Tell me,” Loki leans closer. 
“Loki,” you lean in, bringing your lips within inches of hers, “I am not gonna indulge you. Ever.” Pushing Loki away, you laugh and scoot away. 
“Only with you,” you say with a raised eyebrow. 
Loki chuckles and shimmers again as he shifts back to his true form, “What are these details we need to go over?”
“Well, I’m going to need a favor from you.”
“Name it, darling.”
The next few weeks went by with everyone sticking to their general routine with a few missions interspersed. Most of your free time was taken up by Molly with dress fittings and wedding planning. Things were moving along well and Steve agreed with all of your suggestions making things even easier. You hated it. The whole wedding was turning into a spectacular pantomime. The guest list was the most ridiculous part. Neither you, Steve, or Bucky had any living family you knew of, so it stood to reason that the guest list would be fairly small with only close friends in attendance. Unfortunately, most of New York and DC seemed to believe themselves to be entitled to an invitation. The President had even made overtures about attending. The guest list you had originally created of just over 100 guests had already seemed huge to you and now the list had grown to 250 and it didn’t seem as if it would ever stop. 
You were exhausted from all of it. You hated how excluded Bucky was from everything. They didn’t even want the two of you making appearances together for the time being in order to keep the rumor mill down. The tabloid had issued a retraction of it’s speculation in regards to Charlie’s death and had reiterated that the allegations of your man eating ways were unconfirmed. Most of the response to the wedding announcement had been extremely positive with only a few black remarks about it being a cover up and some benign online threats made against you for stealing America’s most eligible bachelor. 
Finishing yet another meeting with Molly, you were heading to your room to change for a training session with Loki when you were suddenly grabbed around your middle and hauled through the door. 
“Bucky! What are you doing?” you gasp as he presses you against the wall with his body and his mouth is on yours hungrily.
“Need you. Need you now. Right now,” he growls as his hands pull the straps of your dress down. You wrap your arms around him in response, putting everything you feel into your kiss. Your dress pools at your feet, your bra is discarded, and Bucky kneels in front of you as he removes your panties. His tongue swipes over your mound and you moan as your head falls back against the wall. Encouraged, Bucky puts one of your legs up and his tongue delves into your folds. Metal fingers press in making you gasp for breath as the pleasure spears through you. Bucky plays to your passions and within minutes you are riding out your orgasm on his tongue. He stands, turns you around, and shoves his pants down to free himself. You feel him line himself up and then press in with measured strokes. 
“Okay?” Bucky asks. 
“No,” you respond and Bucky stops immediately. Looking over your shoulder, you stare into his eyes as you say, “I need you. Make me feel it, baby. Feel every bit of it.”
Bucky grabs your hands and holds them against the wall as his hips slam forward. 
“Fuck, yes!” you cry out as he pumps into you unrelentingly. “Oh, fuck, baby! Don’t stop!”
“That’s my doll. So fucking perfect.” Bucky groans as his thrusts create obscene slapping sounds against your ass. 
“Touch me, baby, please. Please touch me!” you beg. 
Bucky slides one hand down your body until he finds your clit. Swift circles around it bring you to the edge quickly and you cry out as you clench around him. He pulls out and turns you around, “Get on the bed.”
You go to comply but your feet tangle in your dress and you lose your balance. Bucky attempts to catch you but the pants around his knees trip him and instead you end up on the floor together laughing. 
“Forget the bed,” Bucky chuckles while grabbing you and sliding in again. He grabs your hips and you plant your feet to provide leverage. His thrusts are near brutal but you arch into him enjoying the intensity. 
“Bucky! Bucky! Oh, fuck!” you shatter again and Bucky follows you. His growl as he comes inside you is feral and sexy and you clench around him. 
“Love you, doll,” He whispers as he looks into your eyes. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?”
“Not at all, love. I love you, too. Love you so much, Buck.”
Bucky kisses you, slow and sweet. You understand his need to claim you since everything right now revolves around you and Steve. He was understanding how Steve must have felt in the beginning of your relationship when everyone thought you and Bucky were together and no one knew about Steve. 
“Few more weeks, baby. Then this will all be over,” you whisper. 
“I can’t wait to marry you.” Bucky whispers. 
“You know one of the things I’ve always loved most about you is that you’ve always been so open with me. I mean-”
“Darling, I thought we were meeting in the training room,” Loki speaks as he walks in the room. 
“Loki!” you snatch the closest thing to cover yourself while standing. Bucky stands and pushes you behind him to cover you while attempting to pull his pants up. 
“Don’t you knock?” Bucky grouses. 
“Hm, I see why she’s so enthralled with you, Sergeant Barnes.” Loki smirks as his eyes wander. 
“I’ll be there in ten minutes, Loki. Get out!” you yell at the god, peeking over Bucky’s shoulder.
“Take twenty, darling Looks like you two had quite the warm-up session.” Loki chuckles as he exits. 
“I’m gonna kill him,” Bucky growls. 
“You are not allowed to kill my best friend,” you admonish. 
“Unfriend him.” 
“That’s not how it works,” You grin as you turn Bucky to face you. “Hey, we have twenty minutes. Wanna take a quick shower with me?” You grin, biting your lip as you stare at him. 
“Hell, yeah, I do.” Bucky picks you up and kisses you while walking towards the bathroom.
Tumblr media
Part 22
Tuiccim’s Masterlist
Updates and taglist: Due to the unreliable nature of tags, I no longer keep a taglist. Updates for series are made weekly. Please follow my sideblog @tuiccimfanfiction​​ and turn on notifications for updates. All series and new stories will be reblogged to it. You will only receive notifications when a new part or story is out! Nothing else will be blogged to the page. I can’t thank you enough for your support!
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acacia-digi · 9 hours ago
Steve Rogers request #1
Tumblr media
Pairings: Steve Rogers x f!reader, Steve x Bucky (platonic, friendship)
Warnings: a little bit of angst, but happy ending and fluff
A/N: request for @afutureinthesky​, hope you like it. Also requests are still open!!!
Steve Rogers was many things. American hero. Captain America. The Golden boy. Best friend of the former Winter Soldier. A good man. Brave man. But he was also a man in love. A man, whose heart was broken for the past five years. A man, who might be a little selfish, because when he and the rest of the Avengers were hunting down the infinity stones, his mind was not on the half of the population that disappeared in the blip. It was on you and Bucky. The love of his life and his best friend.
Could anyone blame him? Maybe someone could, but he didn’t care. He just wanted the two most important people to him back. He would fight through ten more armies. He would go through thousands of creatures just to get to you. So, when his shield was broken, and there was almost no hope in his heart, you came back, walking out of the portal with Bucky standing next to you. For you, no time passed, but for him, it was like he could breathe properly for the first time in five years.
His heart was heavy now because you were standing in front of him with a smile on your face and tears in your eyes. It was a rough time. For you to learn that Nat never came back from Vormir, burying Tony and now Steve was going back in time. Some would say he was facing a tough decision, but his heart knew what he wanted, and his mind was made.
Steve was vaguely aware of Bruce, Sam and Bucky standing somewhere behind him, talking. All he could think about was you, being so soft, gentle, right there, so close he could reach you. But he didn’t. All he could do was watch you, let your beauty swallow him to the point where his heart was almost aching.
“It’s okay,” you whispered, and smiled even wider, but it was an act. He knew you. He knew your heart better than anyone else. It didn’t matter, that things between you were never official before the blip. And it surely didn’t matter that you were just hopelessly pinning after each other before you disappeared. To him, none of that mattered. “It’s okay,” you repeated, and his heart broke just a little.
He reached out his hand and caressed your cheek lovingly, making you lean onto the palm of his hand, just to enjoy his touch for the last time. His calloused hand wasn’t soft, but it was gentle, just like his eyes and his heart softly beating under your hands positioned over his chest.
You knew what he wanted, and you would be damned to stand in his way. The love you felt for him was too strong, too pure to rob him of his dreams. Even if it meant that you would hurt, suffer and never feel this kind of love again. Just the mere thought of him being satisfied and truly happy was enough for you.  
“You’re so beautiful,” you heard him say, and it only added to your heartbreak hiding behind your smile. As much as you didn’t want to admit it, you wanted Steve to go back, and stay there. It was his only chance to get back the life he could have if he wasn’t buried in ice. Peggy was the future in his past that was waiting for him. So, who were you to stand in his way? You would rip your heart apart just to see his own whole again. You would exchange your own happiness just so he can have what he always dreamed about.
But you didn’t know that it was your eyes he saw behind his closed eyelids every night. You couldn’t know that his heart was singing your name over and over again every time you smiled at him. that your voice was a remedy for bad days. That his heart was only desiring your own. That his mind was focused on you for every minute of the five years you weren’t here.
He knew what you were saying. You were giving him a green light because both of you knew there was a chance for Steve to go back and live a life in the time he was meant to be in from the start. He could be with Peggy, get his promised dance and so much more. So yet again, you were asking yourself, how could you stand in the way of his happiness?
Steve stepped a little closer to you and leaned in to give you a lingering kiss on the forehead. “See you soon,” he whispered and went to stand on the platform.
“You ready, cap?” asked Bruce, making Steve slightly nod and look at you for a split second before a helmet appeared on his head, covering most of his face.
You felt a hand on your shoulder, Bucky, who was standing next to you with a smile on his face, but the same heartbreak was written all over his blue eyes. He knew what is going to happen. He also knew that Steve’s opportunity is right there in front of him, just waiting for him to reach out and take it. But just like you, he will mourn the loss of his best friend.
“You, alright?” you asked and put your hand on his own hand that was still on your shoulder. His way of showing you, his support.
“I will be,” he nodded. “You?”
“Same,” you mumbled and looked away from him before he could see the glistening tears betraying your real feelings about this whole situation. You had to sacrifice your own happiness to see Steve’s and gave him one last brave smile before he disappeared from the platform. Bruce was counting the seconds before he returns to them, but both you and Bucky knew it won’t happen. However, when Bruce counting stopped, Steve appeared in the same place he vanished from just seconds ago.
You quickly looked at Bucky, and he was just as confused as you were before his lips stretched into a smile. “I guess he didn’t want to leave you.”
“Or you,” you said lightly.
“Or both of you,” came from Steve, who was slowly walking to you, eyes glowing with mischief, white teeth showing in a blinding smile.
“We thought…” you started but couldn’t find the right words. Especially, after he stepped close to you, and caressed your cheek again.
“Oh, I know what you thought,” he chuckled, and looked from you to Bucky and back, clearly enjoying your confused state. “But how could I leave you behind?” he asked and stepped forward to wrap his hands around Bucky.
“Welcome back, pal,” you heard Bucky say quietly and the metal-armed man would never know the expression his words brought to Steve’s face. But it made your own heart swell.
Steve looked at you again with many things written in his eyes and came closer after Bucky encouragingly patted his shoulder, leaving you two alone. “Did you really think I would just leave? Leave you?”
“I thought…I thought this would be your chance to be with…with Peggy, and have the life you’ve always wanted,” you shrugged your shoulders.
“Well, maybe if this opportunity came a couple of years ago before I found Bucky again,” he gently grabbed your face in the palms of his hands and ran his thumb over your lips. “Before I found you. Before I fell in love with you,” his face was relaxed, the same smile never leaving him. “For a long time, I knew, that you were the one for me. The one I wanted to build a life with. The life I’ve always wanted. Not Peggy, but you.”
Quickly nodding your head, you took his wrists in your hands. “I want you too. I want everything with you.”
Steve couldn’t help but grin. “I’m glad, otherwise this would be awkward.”
“Man, just kiss her already,” called Sam from behind them, and it made both of you laugh.
“So, can I? Kiss you,” asked Steve, and came even closer to you. He knew you wouldn’t say no.
You rolled your eyes and put your hands on his shoulders. “Just do it already, Rogers.”
You didn’t mind, that Bruce, Bucky and Sam were watching you, and as soon as your lips touched, they were applauding you, acting like total teenagers. You couldn’t help but laugh when you pulled away from Steve. “I’m sorry for that,” he mumbled, hugging you around your waist closer to him.
Grabbing the front of his suit, you pulled him back into a kiss. This time far more heated and passionate. This was exactly what you wanted and where you wanted to be. And he felt the same, you told yourself over and over again. He could have Peggy, life with her, kids, marriage, but he chose to stay with you and Bucky. He wanted a life in this time as unfamiliar it’s still to him, just because important people to him were here.
“We have so much to explore together,” he whispered and pulled you to his chest. This hug told you everything. Your desires, your expectations, everything you wanted to do together. Your future, that was looking as bright as ever.
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gogolucky13 · 11 hours ago
Southpaw (3)
Tumblr media
Series summary: Tied up in the criminal world your godfather has built, you have no reason to leave, until you find one in the man they call Southpaw.
Pairing: boxer!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Word count: 1,740
Warnings: Swearing.
A/N: We’re getting somewhere! Thank you all again so much for reading and enjoying this series. 💜 Divider by the amazing @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Sam Wilson is an impeccable fighter. Surprisingly quick on his feet given his broad stature, he moves around the ring with ease, controlling the space and leading the fight. He lets his opponent tire out, giving them ample opportunities to think they have the upper hand as they continuously swing, their punches only connecting with the air around them. When he’s ready, Sam will land a quick one, two to the unsuspecting opponent, often earning him a knockout win in the first few rounds. Muhammad Ali once famously said float like a butterfly, sting like a bee, a line so true to Sam’s own fighting style.
But in addition to being a great boxer, Sam is an even better trainer. He’s patient, understanding, and doesn’t take shit from anyone. Bucky is both grateful and irked by this.
The first few weeks of training with Sam consisted of Bucky showing him his fighting techniques, his preferred moves, and what his weaknesses are. Luckily for Bucky, his weaknesses seem to be Sam’s strengths. Despite originally thinking he didn’t need a trainer, Bucky would admit Sam has shown him some worthwhile moves and has helped to improve some of his own he thought were faultless.
Sweat trickles down his back and builds along his hairline. A few stray pieces of hair fall from the low bun Bucky has pulled at the nape of his neck. His muscles scream in agony, exhaustion beginning to settle in as Sam pushes Bucky to his limits. Sparring with Sam always keeps Bucky on his toes.
The loud bang of the entrance door rattles through the air, and Bucky falters in his movements just the slightest, earning him a soft hit to the ribs.
“C’mon, man,” Sam heaves, beads of sweat dripping down his temples, “you gotta block.”
“I am,” Bucky grunts in response, but stumbles again and Sam sighs in frustration.
“Alright, let’s take five,” Sam states, standing upright and beginning to pull at the velcro of his boxing gloves.
Bucky drops his gloved fists, momentarily scrunching his eyes closed as he takes a deep breath, willing some of the exhaustion to leave his body. Removing his own gloves, Bucky reaches for his water at the corner of the mat, and when he stands, that’s when he spots you. The water bottle is lifted slowly to his lips, Bucky’s eyes never trailing from you.
Eight times. This is the eighth time Bucky has seen you since he started training almost two weeks ago. A few times he’s seen you around the gym while he trained with Sam, twice while you sat in your office and he passed by on his way to the locker room, and once while he held the door open for you as you left. He can still distinctly hear the soft thank you that fell from your lips as you passed by, sweet like sugar and played on repeat.
And after every opportunity he gets to see you, the pull inside him intensifies. The smolder of curious wonder and desire sparking to life each time, burning him from the inside, and screaming for him to do something.
He never misses the quick glances you give him, either. Your smiles always on the cusp of being something more than just friendly acknowledgments, and it’s enough to convince Bucky you’re just as intrigued by this enigmatic attraction as he is.
But then Bucky is snapped out of his daze at the sound of Sam’s voice.
“Huh?” Bucky asks, only recognizing Sam was talking but lost on the context.
“I said, five minutes are up.”
“Oh,” Bucky replies, turning his attention back to you as he takes a final swig of water.
Sam walks up to where Bucky still stands at the edge of the mat, a slight dip in his brow as he studies the new Southpaw. He folds his arms over his chest, his bulging biceps visible from the red cut off shirt the wears. With his focus still on you, Bucky misses the way Sam’s vision follows his own line of sight. Concern settles over Sam’s features when he realizes Bucky is watching you with a glint of awe, lighting up the bright cerulean.
“No way, nuh uh, nope.”
Sam takes several steps back away from Bucky, his head shaking at every word.
The stern force behind Sam’s voice finally pulls Bucky’s attention back to his trainer, confusion evident on his face.
“What?” Bucky chuckles, sealing his water bottle.
Pressing his lips into a hard line, Sam is unimpressed with Bucky’s ignorance. “I told you to stay away from her.”
Bucky barks a loud, sarcastic laugh. “I am!”
“I’m serious, man,” Sam warns, pulling his boxing gloves back on. “You don’t want to get caught up with her.”
Rolling his eyes, Bucky places his water bottle down and picks up his own gloves. “I assure you Sammy, nothing is going to happen.”
“Don’t call me Sammy.”
Still unconvinced, Sam warily watches as Bucky replaces his boxing mitts, sneaking a final glance in your direction.
From across the gym, you can feel a pair of ocean blue eyes on you, and there’s a fluttering of excitement in your belly at the idea of it. You’ve been at the gym almost every day since James Barnes started training and fighting for your godfather. Before, you came twice, maybe three times, a week to finish payroll or collect money from the safe. But now you’ve got an ulterior motive to make more frequent appearances at the only other place on this planet you despise.
Knowing how dangerous your godfather can be, and with the memory of his previous warnings to stay away from his fighters, you’ve tried to make your reasons for coming to the gym so frequently as unsuspicious as possible. But even with the fear of being called out and the possibility of uncertain consequences incessantly nagging at the back of your mind, it still isn’t enough to keep you away from the new Southpaw. The risk very much worth the reward of getting even just a glimpse of him.
And you get one. Even from yards away, his stunning features are always blinding. The buildup of sweat glistens across hard muscles that look to be carved from marble, illuminating the various blackened designs running along his left arm. Straggly pieces of dark hair fall into his face, sticking to damp skin, sometimes getting caught in the light scruff that speckles around his sharp jaw. An Adonis of a man, a walking work of art.
A quick peek of striking blue eyes is the last thing you see before disappearing to your office.
Hours later, the glow of your desk lamp bathes you in a warm, yellow light that induces a small headache as you catch up on work. Now that you’ve decided to spend most of your time in this office, you’re still getting used to the effects of not having any windows to offer a small respite from all the unnatural lighting.
It’s late and you know there are probably only a few fighters left in the gym. Sam came to bid you a goodnight almost an hour ago, along with a warning to not stay too late and to get home safe. He’s always been kind to you, and you often think if you didn’t have him around, you probably would’ve gone insane a long time ago.
The sound of the locker room door opening then slamming shut catches your attention, the ripple of hope that it’s him quickening your heart rate. And then he appears. Walking past your open door and you silently watch him through the window of your office. He wears a white t-shirt, a stark contrast to the black, intricate tattoos along his left arm. His long hair brushes over the tops of his shoulders, dampening the fabric, evidence of the shower he just took. The thought of him being completely unclothed in the other room just moments ago creates a dull throb between your thighs and you briefly squeeze them together for some relief.
Then he shoots you a glance before disappearing behind the other side of the wall, and you’re woken from you trance.
“Mr. Barnes!”
The call of his name is almost desperate sounding, and you inwardly wince from embarrassment. But then he’s reappearing in your doorway and you feel like you’ve forgotten how to speak. Wide, almost panicked eyes stare at him as he waits for you to say something. Your mouth opens then closes several times, like a fish on dry land, but nothing comes out.
“Did you call for me?” He finally asks, a hint of amusement in his tone. The size of his frame nearly takes up the entirety of your doorway, and it’s just another fact that has you lost in everything that has to do with him.
“Yes,” you breathe, chest deflating from the breath you were apparently holding. A small smile begins to spread across your lips as you’re thankful you’ve found the confidence to finally speak. “Yes, I did.” Tearing your gaze from him, you open a drawer to your right, pulling out a sheet of paper. “I have your check here. I just need you to sign it for me.” A pause before you add, “please.”
Raising his brows, he nods in understanding before entering your office. You pick up a pen, and hold it out for him. Silently, he signs the document, the muscles of his forearm rippling under taut skin at the movements. When he’s finished, he hands you the signed check followed by the pen, and as you reach for it, you can’t help the light caress of your fingers over his hand.
It’s soft, warm, and the touch is even more electrifying than you could’ve imagined. A pleasant shiver creeps up your arm, sinking into the flesh and finding its way deep inside, unlocking that little piece you thought would never see the light of day.
Bucky stands before your desk with a pounding heart and the lingering sensation of your touch on his skin, and it’s in that moment he decides he can’t hold back anymore. Saying fuck all to the threats and warnings from Sam, Bucky takes one of the biggest risks of his life, almost as risky as jumping out of a helicopter flying 50 feet in the air.
“Would you wanna get a drink with me?”
Part two // Part four // Masterlist
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sambucky-stupidity · 14 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Two sides of the same stubborn five-year-old coin
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strawberrypincushion · 18 hours ago
Sorry fam, gonna be salty here for a second about the marvel series and what either the writers (or execs) and / or the fandom consider to be "therapy".
Wandavision: specifically episode...8, was it? Where Agatha Harkness makes Wanda relive all her trauma - in the hopes of manipulating her / getting Wanda to divulge her "secrets of how she's running wandavision and other such illusions" - such as the ones miles away from town
Falcon (Captain America) and the Winter Solider: Now I have a whole seperate post for this one - but the gist here is - Bucky going to government court mandated "therapy" where he is also forced to relive past trauma and where he discusses his time as the winter solider and how he needs to "make amends" (*cough* for crimes he was forced to commit that weren't technically his fault).
Loki: not technically therapy - but I see some people discussing Mobius' interrogation / sassying of Loki - while he physcially (and mentally) pushes Loki around to a get him to a breaking point being talked about as though it is therapy.
Now - lets recap. What's going on in the Scene, and what are the character motivations etc.
Wandavision: As discussed before - Agatha's main goal and purpose here is to make Wanda forcefully relive her worst memories / past trauma so she can figure out how Wandas powers (as the scarlet witch) work.
Tfatws: Bucky's therapist has a specific ruleset that he must follow while "making amends to right the people he has wronged" as penance for his time as the winter solider.
Loki: Mobius walking Loki through some of the worst moments of his life via a vcr holo-projector only to then blame him for his mothers death (which he doesn't know about because this is supposed to be 2012 Loki) and THEN tell him that his entire purpose in life is well, to make sure others become their best selves in response to him existing because he is the adversary.
In actual therapy - yes there is such a thing as having the patient go through exposure and reliving past trauma... to a small degree - for closure purposes. (Like EMDR and Cognitive Behavioral therapy).
Therapy should have some kind of catharsis for the patient - this type of "therapy" that Wanda, Bucky and Loki go through is not that. It is not for their benefit - it's essentially acts as a power trip for the other characters to assert their dominance over the situation. (e.g: Agatha, Bucky's therapist - and by extension the government (and I guess Zemo too) and Mobius + the time keepers.
What I'm saying here is that Wanda, Bucky and Loki all are forced to relive their worst moments + memories because it benefits the narrative of the story (and their enemies) - it does not result in a sort of turning point for them to accept the past and move forward in a necessarily positive way (Think of Wanda using the Darkhold - which is not a good coping mechanism btw).
For Agatha, 'the government + Zemo', and Mobius + the tva - its about one (well two) things: Power and Control.
If this was actually therapeutic then perhaps Wanda, Bucky and Loki would walk away with some sense of catharsis and growth - of healing. But the way the "therapy" is presented is "Character A is struggling. We want them hit their lowest point so they can change - we want them to fall further into the abyss of self destruction so they can come out a better version of themselves".
And in theory this would work - except that character A is already on their back and instead of character B offering them a helping hand, their handing them a shovel so character A can keep digging.
You do not make someone relive their worst trauma and then leave them there so they are stuck in that mindset.
Yes, maybe Wanda learned more about herself, and yes, maybe its realistic that Bucky would feel guilt over his time as the winter solider and would seek to fix it and yes, maybe Loki will come to the realization that his actions (reactions, really, to certain info - like him being lied to over being adopted) have led him down not a great path and will push him to do better, to be better (not for himself exactly, but because the tva + Mobius require him to, so he will fix the 'sacred timeline').
Again, the character 'growth' happening here feels like it is not for Wanda, Bucky or Loki's benefit - its for their adversaries - so they know which buttons to push to break them further to get what they want from them.
If this is what Marvel and or fans think therapy is, then I am concerned. That's all I'm saying.
(And who knows, maybe I'm just spouting off bullsh*t because these are some of my favorite fictional characters and I want to see them heal and have healthy coping mechanisms and be able to live their best lives...maybe im just reading it wrong or reading into it too much, time or angry anons will tell).
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musical-broken-heart · 19 hours ago
Sam: Bucky?!
Bucky: what?
Sam: where's my super suit?!
Bucky: what?!
Sam: where is my sUpEr SuIt?!
Bucky: I uh put it away
Sam: where?!
Bucky: why do you need to know
Sam: I need it!
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anarcoqueer1994 · 20 hours ago
Also if they weren't fucking explain these faces
Tumblr media
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ren-therose · 21 hours ago
"Daddy made you some content"
Sooo working two jobs and do a college class- not a good idea kids. But I am sitting in the airport knowing my flight will keep being delayed (I have been here since 3:30, and my plane leaves at 9)
Lets see, I have so many unfinished drafts, including:
Bucky Barnes smut
Peter Parker series
John Watson smut
Please tell me what you guys freaking want, I need a push. Love you all and I am sorry you are hungry.
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lokiofsassgaard · 22 hours ago
Cuz I haven’t seen anyone else post it, here’s a 40-minute group roast disguised as a Variety interview with the D+ Marvel stars.
Highlights include Stan and Bettany having constant webcam issues, Mackie dragging Hiddleston over the Loki Lectures, and Olsen nerding out over wigs.
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lokiscollar · 23 hours ago
H.C.M.C. || Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Pairing: Biker!Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Reader is new to Brooklyn and after ans incident at the garage belonging to Howling Commandos Motorcycle Club, her life is changed forever.
Warnings: Mentions of death, guns, smut (knife and blood kink)
Word Count: 3,042
Authors Note: Ooooh we get a glimpse into readers past! Tagging my hoes @bitchassbucky @borikenlove @babyboibucky @buckybarneschokeme because they hype this up!
H.C.M.C. Masterlist
Reblog & leave some feedback!
Tumblr media
“Alright, babydoll, c’mon and get dressed. I wanna teach you something,” Bucky said as he climbed out of bed.
The two of you had been laying in bed since you got off work and he had shut the garage down early since it was slow.
“Where are we going?” You asked, tilting your head as you sat up.
“You’ll see. We’re gonna take the bike,” Bucky spoke, tossing you a jacket. You caught it and slid it on before pulling on jeans and your boots.
Bucky drove you out to the same clearing the two of you had been to that night you watched the fireworks. Now it was empty, just the two of you and whatever little woodland creatures that decided to watch.
“I’m gonna teach you how to shoot,” Bucky spoke, walking over to the tree. He pulled out his knife and started to carve a target into the bark.
“We don’t have to do this,” you said, biting your lip.
“Yeah, we do. I want to know that if something happens, you at least can get a shot in,” he grunted slightly as he finished the target.
“Buck…” you trailed off.
“No fighting me on this. Here,” Bucky said as he walked back over to you, pulling out his .22 pistol from the back of his jeans. Stepping up beside you, he started to give a detailed rundown of how a gun operates. “This is the safety. Switch it off and on here. Now when you aim…hey wait!” Bucky didn’t get to finish.
You grabbed the gun from his hand and shot three bullets perfectly in the center of the target. No blowback from the gun sending you on your ass, no hesitation. Bucky stood there with a shocked expression, staring at the target as you handed the gun back to him, flicking the safety back on.
“What…how…” Bucky stammered, his gaze moving towards you as you walked over to the picnic table.
“I told you I didn’t need this,” you shrugged.
“Oh no. You gotta tell me how you did that! You’re as good of a shot as the rest of us. Who taught you to shoot?” He asked, walking over and setting the gun on the table while taking a seat across from you.
“My ex,” you spoke, looking down at your hands.
“I don’t know about this,” you muttered, looking out of the passenger side window as Beck drove up to a house that seemed like it could cave in at any moment.
You were nineteen and scared. Beck was older, much older. You fell for him because you thought he was good, funny, someone who cared about you. That was, until you found out what he really did for a living. How he managed to have more money than he knew why to do with.
No one could have told you he was a hit man. And you ended up being his accomplice more than once. You never pulled the trigger. You never made the kills. You were only there to be an alibi, a helper to clean up the dead bodies. When you first found out, you were beyond scared. You passed out the first time you saw a dead body. It didn’t help that now Beck was trying to make you help him. It had been a year of this now. You were barely out of high school when the two of you got together.
“You’ll be fine. Shut the fuck up and go knock on the door like we practiced,” he said, pushing you out of the car. You climbed out, pulling down the sleeves of your shirt to hide the bruises he had left on you from the day before. He didn’t like when you talked back to him.
Walking up to the door as he slid out of the car and walked around to the back of the house, you knocked and waited.
“Go away!” A gruff voice yelled from inside.
You knocked again.
You could hear more grumbling as someone got up and pulled the door open. “What do you want?” The old man asked.
“Hi! I’m here on behalf of the church in town. We’re going around asking for donations so we can start building a spot for children to come and play without the worry of any violence. Would you be interested in hearing more?” You said, putting on your best fake smile while you say Beck sneak in from behind.
“No,” the old man said but it didn’t matter now.
“Hold it! Put the gun down,” an old woman spoke. When the old man moved, you saw a woman with a shotgun behind Beck, aiming it at his head.
Beck raised his hands, showing he wasn’t going to be a threat, or at least that’s what they thought. Quickly he shot the man in the chest, but the old woman was quick with her shot before Beck could get her. She shot him in the back, right next to his chest. By the way he gasped for air, it looked as if it hit a lung. The woman aimed at you, causing you to back away from the door and down the porch. With what breaths Beck had left, he shot the woman in the back of the head.
“Y/N, get me…out of…here…” Beck gasped, clawing at the floor as he tried to crawl towards you. Your eyes were wide as you saw the scene before you. Blood caught in Beck’s mouth, filling his lungs. Before you could think, you were running out and away from the house.
No one ever came looking for you. You saw it on the news, how Beck and the old couple were found. His DNA matched to a few other crime scenes as well, though no one found the missing bodies. You had kept that information to yourself and it killed you everyday.
It was a big reason why you needed to get out of Nevada. You worked hard, got yourself through college, and found a job on the other side of the country. Away from your old life. Away from the secrets you kept.
Bucky stared at you, trying to think of anything he could say in that moment. “So that’s why when I was tearing Brock apart, you didn’t flinch.”
You nodded, crossing your arms loosely. “I wanted to tell you, but I didn’t know how to. I mean, how do you tell someone that? It was damn near ten years ago and I’ve tried to wash my hands clean of it. But then I get here and I think things are going really, really well for me. I have an amazing job, coworkers who I can talk to, a great apartment that my aunt is letting me stay in…and then the shooting happened. Then the fire. Then the kidnapping. I just…” you trailed off, running a hand through your hair. “I thought this would be different but I don’t think I’m meant for that amazing life I’ve worked so hard for. No matter what, I’m going to be sucked back into this. The violence, the shooting, the killing. Even though you don’t hit me like he did or call me names for not doing something right…” you took a deep breath, looking over at Bucky. “I know you’re better than him. I will always know that. It’s this life that I won’t be able to escape. The only good thing is knowing you’re not him. I have yet to see any part of you that wants to hurt me.”
“Because I would never do that. I see no reason to hurt you. Whatever he saw, it was wrong. He pulled you into his disturbed life and forced you to be the accomplice. I’ll never force you to do anything like that for me. I brought you out here to teach you how to shoot for your own protection. I didn’t even want you in the room with Brock in the first place but you insisted on staying,” Bucky ran a hand down his face before looking at you. He didn’t want you to think there wasn’t a way out. There wasn’t for him, but there is for you. “This is my offer. I will help you get a car and a new place and call it even. You won’t be linked back to me or the club. If you want out of this life, this is your chance,” he said, though you saw the pain in his eyes as he spoke. He didn’t want you to leave but he wasn’t going to hold you back if this wasn’t what you wanted.
Looking over at him, you swallowed hard and thought for a minute. You tried to have a good life, one without violence. And it was great…for a while. Then it felt boring. Bucky and the club came along and suddenly you felt like you had a place. Bucky was much more than Beck, giving you more than your ex could ever do. He didn’t make you feel like a burden, he didn’t make you feel like you were just there to help him and be a punching bag. Bucky held you every night, calming you through nightmares and making you laugh when your thoughts became too much. It scared you to think that you were falling in love with this man. The L word was always terrifying to you. Reaching across the table, you took Bucky’s hands into your own.
“I don’t want to leave. Has my life turned chaotic since stepping onto the lot of your club? Yes. Do I feel like I have to watch my back anytime I leave it? Yes. But do I also enjoy having you in my life? More than anything. I appreciate you giving me the out, the door to leave, but I don’t want to. I don’t want to leave you or the club. I can handle what comes with it. Hell, I don’t even think Sam trusts me right now with the way he’s been looking at me, but I’ll win him over again,” you explained, squeezing his hands softly.
Bucky furrowed his brow, his thumbs caressing the back of your hands. “What do you mean?”
“Ever since Walker showed up at the clubhouse and said that shit about me seeing him that morning, Sam has been avoiding me or staring me down. I’m pretty sure he thinks I’m working with the cop,” you shrugged. “I don’t know why else he would just stop being nice to me.”
Bucky chewed the inside of his cheek for a moment as he thought. “I’ll have a talk with him,” he spoke. Bringing your hands up, he kissed your knuckles and sighed. “Any other secrets hiding around in there?” Bucky asked.
“I’m pretty good with a knife too,” you said, earning a smirk from him. Bucky let go of your hands and handed you his knife, motioning for you to have at it. Standing up from the table, you walked about ten feet from the tree. Taking a deep breath, you flicked it straight into the middle of the target, right between two of the bullets.
“That’s my girl!” Bucky called out, clapping as he stood. “I gotta say, that’s pretty damn hot,” he laughed as you pulled it out of the tree and walked over to him.
“I don’t know, I can’t help but get wet anytime I see you pull it out,” you smirked as you handed it back to him.
Bucky eyed you with a curious expression. “Is that so?” Slowly his metal hand moved to your throat. He found out the night before that you liked being choked and now he was just finding out another thing you liked. Or at least wanted to try. He led you over to the picnic table, pulling your pants down before hoisting you up to lay back on the wood. Your jeans and panties hung around one ankle as Bucky watched you. “Stay still.”
You watched as Bucky slid the cool blade up your leg slowly, the metal leaving goosebumps in its wake. Using his free hand, he spread your legs further apart before letting his tongue slide along your slit. Biting your lip to keep from moaning, the knife slid down your inner thigh and that’s where Bucky pulled his lips away. You whimpered, wanting him to keep going.
“Ah, ah, shh. Don’t want people to come watch my pretty little baby get off. This is all mine,” he smirked. Bucky brought the flat edge of the blade to your clit, ever so gently tapping it. “Gonna make me remember this pussy anytime I use this. Hmm…can I?” He asked, holding the edge of the blade with two fingers as he held up the handle.
You raised an eyebrow, understanding where he was going with it before nodding. Bringing it back down, he spit on the handle, covering it before holding your lips open and slowly sliding it inside. You had to bring your hand up to cover your mouth as he slowly slid it in and out, your juices covering it. He growled low under his breath as he watched, licking his lips as his thumb circled your clit. To see you in his jacket, struggling to stay quiet as he fucked you with his knife, he nearly came in his pants at the sight. He kept pushing it in and out, pushing you closer and closer to your orgasm.
The moment it hit, your legs shook and nearly closed, causing the knife to nip your leg slightly. “Ah! Oh fuck…” you moaned out, gripping the jacket as you came, not even feeling the gash until Bucky pushed your legs apart again.
“Oh shit, hey, stop,” Bucky said as he pulled the knife out and away from you, setting it on the seat of the table.
“What? Why?” You leaned up on your elbows, looking around to see if the two of you were caught.
“The knife got you,” Bucky said, holding your leg up to look at the mark on your thigh.
“Oh,” you said as you caught your breath. “That’s okay. It doesn’t hurt,” you shrugged slightly.
Bucky raised an eyebrow, brushing his thumb over the blood that started to seep out. It wasn’t deep by any means, a cut that would heal within a few days. But what Bucky did next completely surprised you. Bringing his thumb up to his lips, his eyes watched yours as you watched him lick the blood clean.
“Jesus Christ,” you muttered, feeling as if you could cum again at the way he looked. Bucky chuckled, leaning in to press his lips to yours for a moment.
“We all have our secrets, babydoll. You trust me?” He asked. You nodded softly. “Words. Use ‘em.”
“I trust you,” you said clearly.
With another kiss, he knelt down and licked the blood slowly dripping down from your cut. His free hand moved to slide two fingers into you, curling as he pushed you for a second. He wasn’t really sucking on the cut, just licking whatever dripped out. One hand slid into his hair as your second orgasm found its way much quicker than the first. The man was giving you much more than you bargained for and you were loving it. You tightened around his fingers as you came again, feeling his teeth bite right beside the cut.
As you came down, Bucky moved to hover over you. “Think you can handle a third?” He asked, though you knew you weren’t going to have a choice by the way his belt rattled and his jeans fell away.
“Fuck me, Bucky,” you said, grabbing his chin and kissing him deeply.
Without much warning, Bucky lined himself up and slid deep into you. He stayed still for a moment, groaning at how wet and tight you were. Then slowly he started to thrust in and out, pulling out completely before sliding back in. He gripped your thighs, holding your legs open as his pace started to quicken. Your hands explored his body, his club cut, beneath his shirt to his skin. Your nails gripped at his hips as he thrusted harder, faster, his hand wrapping around your throat to quiet your moans.
“I told you to stay quiet,” Bucky growled. He didn’t squeeze hard, just enough to make your eyes feel like they could roll back in your head. You never had sex like this before. Hell, even the sweet and gentle sex was something you weren’t used to. Bucky gave you everything you were missing. He wanted to see your pleasure, not just his. Not like Beck who only used you to get off.
“Bucky…” you whispered almost inaudibly, gripping his shirt as he pounded harder into you.
“Almost there?” He asked, loosening his grip and licking his lips as he watched you struggle to stay hushed.
“So…close..” you gasped, back arching as it hit you hard. Bucky gripped your neck harder the moment he saw the scream try to escape. He knew just where to hold, how to silence you without causing harm. Moments later, he came, filling you as he leaned forward and kissed you deep. Both of you were spent as you started to come down, your arms now wrapped around his neck as he breathed hard against your neck, his hands resting on your hips.
“Fuck…” he whispered, chuckling as he peppered kisses along your skin.
“We gotta do that again,” you muttered, watching as he lifted his head with an amused expression.
“Yeah?” He asked. You nodded. “I promise it won’t be the last time. Let’s head back, okay? Now I’m really gonna spoil you,” he smirked.
And he did. After finding out about your past, he vowed to make up for everything Beck had done. He even decided he would speak to Sam in the morning, despite your pleas not to get involved. He used the excuse that his club needed to trust you like he did. You weren’t the enemy, Walker was.
And Walker has his own plans on how everything was going to work out.
Starting with Brock Rumlow’s wife.
Tumblr media
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Dark Paradise - Chapter (eight / ?)
Pairing: bodyguard!Bucky Barnes X fem!Reader
Series Summary: Through out your life you’ve been able to easily get used to many things. Sudden wealth, new cities, affairs, new step-parents, drugs, etc. All of these things were normal for you, your life was pretty normal to you at least. That was until a certain man flipped your world upside down.
Chapter Summary: On one of the days where Wanda or your step-mother don’t come to take care of you, Bucky does and he makes it his job to make you feel all flustered.
Warnings: None, just brief dirty thoughts towards the beginning + the reader and Bucky teasing each other ;))
Word Count: 1.4k
a/n: sorry this is so short and boring, i promise that the next chapter will be better lol
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Tumblr media
It had now been a few days since you had come home from the hospital and you still hadn’t gotten the chance to shower.
You still faintly smelled like your own blood and you knew you couldn’t put off cleaning yourself any longer.
Bucky offered to help you bathe, but you refused, too embarrassed to ever agree to that. So, you told him that you’d be fine and if you needed help, you would call out for him.
So far, your shower was going alright. It hurt a little whenever the hot water went over your bandage, but you could manage this.
As you rinsed the conditioner out of your hair, you shut your eyes and let your head fall back under the stream of water behind you.
While you did this you started to think about Bucky.
You thought about what it would be like to be fucked by him against the cold tiled walls. You thought about how it’d feel to have his hand wrapped around your neck while he pounded into you.
You softly shook these thoughts away, your folds were already growing wetter at the mere thought of him doing that to you.
As much as you wanted him to fuck you, you also didn’t want your stitches to accidentally get ripped open while he did.
You’d hate to have to go back to the hospital.
Once you got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around your body, you called out for Bucky. As, he had asked earlier to replace your bandage for you and you accepted this offer.
“Bucky! You can come change my bandage now!” you called out.
Bucky raced into your bathroom, his jaw dropping with shock as he laid his eyes on your wet and almost naked figure.
His eyes flickered up to your hair, which was sticking to the back of your neck and cheeks. His eyes then shifted down to the top of your towel, where your cleavage could be just barely seen.
He harshly swallowed and blushed before he said anything. You giggled at him as you noticed this.
“You look so beautiful, doll.” he said, still obviously very nervous and speechless.
“You don’t look too bad yourself, Buck.” you replied, cheekily grinning at him.
He awkwardly laughed at your comment as his eyes left your body and he went to go get a clean bandage.
While he took it out of the packaging, you teasingly opened the right side of your towel, giving Bucky a view of your naked body.
His jaw dropped once more as looked over at you.
“You ready, doll?” he quietly asked.
“Mhm.” you replied with a nod.
You screwed your eyes shut as he took the old bandage off, groaning every few seconds as the sticky product left your skin.
While Bucky put the new bandage over your stitches, he started to plant deep kisses onto your now exposed v line and hip.
You shuddered under his touch.
Once he was done, he pressed a soft but loving kiss to your lips before leaving you alone in your bathroom to change back into your clothes.
After you finished changing, you combed through your hair, tied it back and then headed back into your room.
You did still have a play to write after all.
But luckily for you, after hearing about what happened to you, your teacher extended the deadline for this project until early July.
Which definitely lifted a ton of weight off of your shoulders, to say the least.
You sat in your bed and began to finish writing act 2 of your play.
After thinking about it for a while, you decided to write your play about The Winter Soldier, that assassin that killed for a while then disappeared.
While you continued to write, Bucky walked into your room and plopped down next to you on your bed. You softly chuckled as the bed bounced with his body.
“What did you decide to write your play about, doll?” he asked you as he propped his arms up and rested his face in his hands.
“I decided to write it about that Winter Soldier.” you said, your eyes remaining on the screen in front of you while you continued to quickly type.
Buckys eyes widened as these words left your lips and he hoped deep down that you didn’t know that he was this assassin.
You could see how tense he was from the corner of your eye. So you decided to address his clear anxiousness because you brought up the topic of the soldier.
“I know that you were The Winter Soldier Bucky, that’s probably why my father hired you anyways. But don’t worry about it, I know that you’re not him anymore.” you explained to him.
As you finished speaking, you reached your hand out to him and he gladly took it. He then looked up at you with that apologetic look in his eyes again.
“You don’t scare me. Even when you were him, you still didn’t scare me. And who you were then and who are now, doesn’t make me like you any less.” you assured him, pressing a quick kiss to his knuckles.
“Okay.” he said almost silently, snuggling up to you.
You could tell that he was trying to distract you from your work. But you had to admit, you adored how clingy he was.
You enjoyed the extra attention, it was cute.
“Bucky, I have a play to work on. We can’t cuddle right now.” you jokingly warned him as you tried to hold back a smile from spreading across your cheeks.
“But, you have until July! You can skip one day of work.” he dramatically whined as he hugged your waist against his chest.
“Oh alright.” you said as you shut your laptop, letting him win this time.
You then set your computer aside and slid down your bed a little bit so that Bucky could comfortably hold your entire body in his arms.
As he held you, you thought back to when you were a little girl and your father rocked you to sleep. You continued to think about the childhood you had before your father gained this wealth and became distant.
The memory of this part of your childhood was now distant as well as bittersweet to you.
You quietly sniffled and let a few tears slip down your face as the reminder that your father was still dead popped into your mind.
And thanks to his heightened sense of hearing, Bucky heard your sniffles the second they started.
He knew he couldn’t just ignore the clear pain and grief you were going through. He wanted you to feel okay again.
So, he pulled away from the crook of your neck and looked at your tear stained cheeks as he began to think of ways to comfort you the best he possibly could.
He knew how it felt to loose someone in your family and he didn’t want you to feel alone while you mourned.
“What’s wrong doll?” he asked you, running the pad of his thumb across your cheek.
“It’s not your fault, but you holding me like that just reminded of my father. Before he became rich, we had a really good relationship. But, after that he just became distant and cold. I still miss him though now that he’s gone.” you told Bucky.
He furrowed his eyebrows with concern as these words fell from your lips. His arms then shifted to your back and he brought you in closer to him.
“I understand, doll. My relationship with my father was strained too. What can I do to make you feel better?” he said.
Your hand slid up to his cheek and you began to slowly rub your thumb up against it. You stayed in your thoughts for a few seconds prior to answering him again.
“I don’t know, I just want you to hold me tight and promise that you’ll never leave my side.” you said, hesitantly looking up to meet his blue eyes.
He nodded as he held you tightly like you had asked and his face then went back into the crook of your neck.
He traced circles into your spine as he spoke, “I’ll never leave you, I promise. You’re all I’ve ever wanted, doll. And as long as I’m alive, you’ll never be able to get rid of me.” he cooed.
You nodded into his shoulder as your own arms went around his ribs. You pressed a few kisses to his neck as he comforted you with these words.
“I feel the same way. I’ve never met anyone who has shown me as much love as you have Bucky.” you made known.
“I’m glad you feel the same way. All I want is to give you the world.” he replied, a gentle smile on his face.
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