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#Bucky Barnes x reader smut
metalbuckaroo · 5 hours ago
“is that a tattoo?” PLS
No More Friend Dates
Summary: After being away for a month, Bucky comes back to discover you made an impulse decision.
Warnings: smut, cursing, porn with hardly any plot 18+ only
AU: Bestfriend!Bucky x F!Reader
AN: This turned out to be porn with the slightest bit of porn and I'm not even gonna apologize for it.
Prompt from this list, requests are always open so feel free to send some in. Reblogs and feedback are appreciated
Gif not mine
Tumblr media
You were happy to have Bucky back in town, to say the least. He had been gone for work for over a month, not able to make any contact and it drove you crazy every single day.
Even with a year of friendship under your belt, you only knew bits and pieces of what he did for work. But, in that year, you had grown close to Bucky.
Every Friday was friend-date night, depending on the mood and how both of you were feeling is how it was spent. Since he was freshly back in town and still exhausted, you both had opted to stay in for some take out and whatever you could find on TV.
"Hand me my drink." Bucky said, patting your leg that was stretched across his lap. You nodded and reached behind you to the end table.
Bucky's eyes flicked down to where your shirt had lifted to show a little bit of your hipbones, his hand absent-mindedly reaching to hook in the waistband of your stretch pants, for a better look at what caught his eye.
"Is that a tattoo?" He said with raised eyebrows, turning his body to lean in closer to the still irritated art etched into the skin of your hip. "Uh, yeah. It was a bit of an impulse situation." You said, your cheeks burning from how close he was leaned and the feeling of his calloused fingers brushing so low on your abdomen.
Bucky had became pretty touchy over the last few months and liked being close to you; being touched by you, but, aside from when he'd lay his head in your lap, he hadn't been this kind of close. His curious eyes all but burned a hole into your skin as he pulled the elastic band down a little more to see more of the small floral design.
A shiver rolled through your body when he brushed a finger over it and tugged his bottom lip between his teeth. "Does it still hurt?" He mumbled. You shook your head, chewing on the inside of your cheek. "No, it's almost fully healed now."
Your stomach did a flip when his hand moved to grip the underside of your thigh. "Sweetheart." His voice was lower, huskier when he spoke this time; jaw clenching. "Yeah?"
Bucky swallowed thickly, eyes trailing up your torso to meet yours, his pupils blown. "I can smell how turned on you are. Just from me touching you."
Your eyes went wide, breath hitching at the feeling of him hardening under your legs; the thin athletic shorts he wore doing little to conceal it. "Sorry-" He shook his head and reached his vibranium hand to cup the back of your neck, pulling your lips to his.
You whimpered into his mouth when his fingers brushed against your clothed heat, his lips moving to kiss under your jaw. "You want me?" He mumbled against your skin.
Nodding lightly, you sucked in a sharp breath when your pants were being jerked down your legs with your underwear; Bucky maneuvering himself so he was between them.
Goosebumps rose on your skin when his hands glided up the insides of your thighs, your eyes looking to the impressive tent in his shorts.
You couldn't help but to lick your lips as you reached out towards his waistband; his right hand stopping you. "Not yet, sugar. Wanna taste you first." He purred, scooting back as far as the couch would let him before dipping his head between your thighs.
A mixture between a gasp and moan passed your lips when his hot tongue pressed flat against your folds, your hand flying to tug his dark hair gently; eliciting a pleased hum from him as his eyes fluttered shut.
His lips locked around your clit, sucking it gently as two cool vibranium fingers pressed into you, making your back arch. "Fuck-" you breathed, looking down to see him palming himself through his shorts.
Bucky was relentless with the assualt his mouth made, sucking, kicking and curling his fingers until you reached your high with a silent gasp, clenching around his fingers.
He was quick to pull his shirt off, yours joining his on the floor right after; taking a minute to look over each other before Bucky was shuffling his shorts down.
Your mouth went dry at the sight of his erection twitching in the air, the tip red and leaking as you tugged your bottom lip between your teeth and went to sit up.
Bucky shook his head and pressed your shoulder back. "As much as I'd love that, you can next time. I wanna be in you. Now." He rasped, metal hand gripping your hip as his body bent over yours; locking your lips in his.
"Shit- you're so tight and wet." He hissed when he slid into your walls, a shudder rolling through his body; not moving as you adjusted to the feeling of each other.
He moaned when he glanced between your bodies, warm hand running over the bulge in your lower stomach. "Look at that, sugar. So full of me." He panted, eliciting a moan from you when he rolled his hips.
You lifted your hands to hold his jaw, bucking your hips. "Bucky, please move." You whimpered, needing more. He lifted your leg higher on his waist before rocking his hips into yours.
The pace was slow and deep at first, turning into fast, rough thrusts that made your shoulders bump into the arm of the couch.
Salacious sounds filled the room, Bucky capturing your lips in his in a hungry, sloppy kiss as his hands roamed your torso and groped your chest. "So fucking good, baby." He whined into your mouth, eyebrows scrunched together as your sweet sounds filled his ears.
Each brush to your sweet spot added to the building pressure in your abdomen, nails digging into the flesh on Bucky's back when your vision went white; chanting his name as a second orgasm washed over you, much harder this time.
His hips stuttered before slamming into you as deep as he could, his dick twitching with each spurt of his release that painted your walls; his face scrunching up in pleasure as a strained moaned pulled from his chest.
His head dropped to your shoulder, peppering gentle kisses to your skin as he slipped from inside of you with a satisfied sigh. "Next time, huh?" You smiled, Bucky shaking his head with a smirk. "No more friend dates, now."
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bvccy · 6 hours ago
Nothing to Despair | 24. A different depth of ecstasy
PAIRING: Soft!Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader
SYNOPSIS: Bucky and a girl he never met before have to go undercover as married on a mission to Europe. He feels alienated in the modern world, while she goes through life alone and abandoned. Maybe they can find a new home in each other, but she’s not easily convinced.
CHAPTER NOTES: So much smut with feelings, the most emotional yet. Soft!Bucky, loving and being loved the way he deserves, being held and taken care of, and just... just cherished. Some creampie, some cockwarming, some breeding kink underneath everything, and a bit of playful choking (but really playful, and reader does it to him). Really all that happens this chapter is they make love, and then discuss the past and the future. The ship approaches NY. We approach the end of the story.
Tumblr media
Your fate is not to wither here, And, passionless, your soul to save Behind these walls, a scentless rose Unopened by the honey bee And dull to the Divinity. Ah no! My lovely one, your morrow Is marked by different destiny, A different depth of ecstasy. — Mikhail Lermontov, Demon
After their long morning outing, they went back to their suite, like Bucky said they would. But after they finished washing up and getting comfortable, she didn't let him even begin to talk about his plan again.
"I don't want to talk about it," she said, shaking her head at the protest she could read on his face. "I don't want to even think about it right now."
"But doll…"
"I want you to trust me," he said, cupping her face in his hands. With the black glove off, she leaned into the chill of the metal. "I want you to know that you can trust me completely. And it's never going to happen, but if I ever do wrong by you, you can do whatever you want with me."
She shook her head but couldn't contradict him. It was a clean solution, the sort she wouldn't have with any other man. The girl wrapped her arms around his waist and pulled herself closer, resting her head against his chest right where his heart was beating.
"It wouldn't be fair to you," she whispered.
"I'd take it," said Bucky, kissing the top of her head. "I'd take anything for you."
"You already have me, darling. You know I won't go anywhere, you don't need to do this."
"Is that how you feel?" he frowned, pulling a bit away to look into her eyes. "You still feel like you're forced to be with me?"
She took a moment to drink in just how hurt he looked, how desperate to the point of anger, but she smiled and shook her head and leaned up to kiss him. "No, I don't." She kissed him again and felt him melt against her. Bucky's arms wrapped around her and he held on tight enough to lift her feet off the floor while they kissed. "I love you," she said as soon as their lips parted again.
"I love you too," he smiled brightly as he held her close. "You've made me so happy. You're everything I've ever wanted. That's why I trust you, doll, I'd trust you with anything, I want you to —"
"Let's talk about it later, ok?" she asked as she cupped his cheeks. "See if you still feel the same. Just… think it through."
"Alright…" he sighed, though still itching with the need to do it. Bucky had been nervous the minute the idea struck him, but now, his wife seemed more scared of the prospect of taking that control of him than he ever was of relinquishing it. Seeing him relax slowly in her arms, she eased back into him with a fresh patter of kisses, light and hot and teasing, going from his lips to his chin to his cheeks and back, in random patterns as their hearts beat, ever faster, side by side. Still kissing him, she kept her eyes open and looked at him as if searching for something. Even after he noticed, it wasn't enough for Bucky to stop, though he did slow himself down, giving her every chance to say what was on her mind, because he could see her thinking. Maybe it was his gaze, or the soft petting of her back, or his waist tight against hers that got her to finally demand:
"Make love to me."
His every muscle froze and tightened, standing at attention, ready before his mind even accepted that he heard her say it. And once it got through to him that she really did, that she asked that of him, that she said something sweeter than he'd ever hoped, there wasn't enough room left for any other thought. Bucky's eyes stayed on her face, almost waiting for her to change her mind, while his hands rushed to strip her of her clothes and he walked her back into the bedroom. Her hands, trembling as if it was their first time together, unbuttoned his shirt and just about undid his belt when he took over and yanked it out. They finished undressing in a matter of heartbeats, and Bucky was just taking the pins from her hair while she looked down and admired the length of him so close and in front of her. With a light touch, she teased her fingers up his thigh, making him pause and forget what he was doing. She hummed and kissed the top of his chest in a comforting way while, below, her hand moved in tickling touches on his inner thigh, then just lightly over the length of his hanging manhood.
Bucky's fingers curled in her half-undone hair and he moaned, but let her play with him. His wife sighed as she explored that warm and still soft part of him. The head was just barely peeking out, and the way its blush clashed against the paler skin around it was at once perverse, and tender, and adorable. She moved her finger up and down the length, avoiding the tip, feeling just the warmth and the hint of heartbeat, while his member twitched and hardened beneath her hand, before her eyes, because of her. Bucky took her teasing pets as long as he could, but he lost his mind when he heard her moan — because he knew why: she'd seen the hint of wetness start to drip. He was barely done taking the pins out of her hair and placing them on the table when he wrapped his arms around her again, pulled her in for one long kiss, and eased them both down on the bed.
"Tell me how you want it," he husked, lips barely lifted from hers.
"Don't worry about me…"
"That's a tall order."
"I want to see what you're like," she whispered, teasing his lips with hers. "Pretend I'm not here, pretend I don't exist. I just want to see what you would do… if you didn't worry about what I wanted."
As he pressed her into the bed, Bucky kept looking at her with his own doubts, but it didn't stop him from moving them, slowly, into a linking of arms and legs that brought their whole bodies together, throbbing to the same rhythm. "I'm not sure you'd like it," he smiled timidly.
She cooed with a sudden sultry air and pressed her lips against his, quickly parting as she spoke between each kiss. "You don't want to show me, sweetheart?" she asked with an airy voice, then added a playful sound of inner hurt. "You wouldn't do that for me?"
"I've created a little monster, haven't I?" he grinned, chasing her lips while his hands moved up to pin her arms to the bed.
"I've always been one," said the girl, looking between his eyes and lips, timing her admissions with the spreading of her legs, still gripped by the instinctual fear that, with every whim, he might leave her. "I just didn't want you to see. Was afraid you wouldn't love me."
Bucky sighed and clenched his jaw at her irresistible manipulation, but she wasn't really teasing anymore. His flesh hand let go of hers to come up and pet the hair off her face, smooth the tension off her brows, brush gently over her eyelids and just feel the fanning of long lashes. She moved with him, sweet and docile, and barely reacted when she felt his member brush against her as it yearned for her centre. He laid his palm over her eyes and held it there, his thumb coming right down to her lips. And as he angled himself and pressed his tip to her, he felt her hips move along with him — first away in fear, then settling down, then trying to find him.
"Bite down," he growled. Her fingers tightened in his upper arm, but she just barely hugged his finger with her teeth. "Harder. Hurt me, come on." Her mouth pursed with a kiss, at first, then slowly curled around the length of him and she bit across the length. At the same time, her legs tensed around his waist as he found her womanhood and took his place, the head catching on her entrance, then with a jerk of hips he pressed inside and pierced the breath right out of her. Her other hand flexed in his metal fingers, the useless scraping of the nails the only hint he had of it, while dutifully her teeth bit deeper into his flesh. "That's it, doll. I love it when you hurt me," he gasped with complete abandon as he sunk into her. He heard and felt her moans under his hand, and the murmurs travelled up his flesh and bones to the beat of his thrusts. "You're always so vicious about it. Makes me feel like you're thinking of nothing but me…"
A plaintive sound rose from her at that, and for a moment she stopped her biting to press one kiss into his flesh. Her hand clasped his metal one, fingers now tightly interlaced, and with the other she scraped her nails up and down the side of him. As he finally sunk all the way inside, Bucky lifted his hand from her face, and kissed her. She sat still at first, letting him do whatever he wanted, but with the feeling of him all around, so warm inside and on top of her and his palm cupping her cheek, she melted against him and started gently kissing back. Her eyes opened, still adjusting, but her gaze went instantly to his. Bucky's fingers threaded through her hair, then stopped, holding her head while he rested his forehead against her, his eyes lidded and heavy but still locked with hers as he thrust forward. Her wince turned into a moan and she canted her hips, tightening around him so quickly he took a sharp breath from the pleasure-pain she caused. His warm breath fanned over her face and ended with another kiss. Though he watched her all through the struggle of taking him, enjoying every thought and feeling that bubbled to the surface of her face, her eyes slipped from his down to his lips, and his chin, and his chest, then grew unfocused and closed. He could feel the tension in her lower stomach, right against him, and could just about feel the hard little tip of her that she tried to rub against him with his every thrust out, chasing her pleasure on his shaft.
With every outward thrust, she could feel him move right beneath that surface of delicate skin that covered him, and with every thrust inward, could feel the ridges of his member against her weakest, most tender parts, making her relax and relent to him and grow wetter and warmer and welcoming. Then he stopped, and pressed in harder, and harder, until he almost bent her back, and his whole body tasted her. The girl whined and pressed her head back, spine arching as she took him in, and Bucky took advantage of it to slip a few suckling kisses to her breasts, lips and teeth pulling gently, his tongue soothing afterward. His other hand held her still, preventing her from moving too high on the bed, keeping her right where he wanted her. Her body came back down on the bed and her legs shivered, so he knew he'd teased her enough. Bringing his lips back to her face, Bucky pressed another brief peck to her lips, while still buried deeper inside her than he often dared. Her eyes cracked open and she smiled at him, shy and satisfied, and daring, then of all times, to blush. He chuckled lowly and pulled back out just enough to give her another firm thrust that stole every thought from her. Her panting breaths filled the air around them with the reedy, almost panicked sound, but she clung to him harder than ever before.
His metal arm let go of her hand to wrap around her throat, fingers closing with precision to the point where she felt it but it wouldn't hurt her. And just like she asked, Bucky didn't stop to think if she would like it, didn't pause his thrusts to check on her, or wait for her reaction. Only when his eyes moved back to her face did he see the scared look in her eyes, and beneath, the lip bitten naughtily between her teeth and pulled up in a smile. He thrust harder and pushed a moan out of her, and then another, slowly, and then shifted to a quick succession that had her gasping. He cooed at her, then soothed her cries with gentle kisses, thumb coming down to brush her upper cheek. Bucky felt her tense and throb around him, trying to close up but held open, and her cries were getting higher, more scared, and he could feel the heat inside of her from their joined flesh that worked its way through all her body, and the softness, and the unrelenting fighting of the muscles against him. His metal arm held her still while he whispered against her cheek, and marked each pause with kisses, saying ever more freely what he had learned, until then, to hold back.
"Take me, that's it, take me like a good little wife… I'm yours, I'm all yours, so take me." And on their own, his legs braced harder against the bed as he chased his pleasure into her, eyes half-lidded and distracted with the feeling of her beneath his hand, and down his chest, and all around his pulsing manhood. "I love you," he whispered, resting his forehead against hers. "I love you so much…"
By now, she'd relaxed enough to hear him and looked up into his eyes, mouth agape, and nodded slightly as if she wanted to say it back, but her every nerve was on edge. Bucky understood, still, and kissed her with a boyish smile lingering on his lips. He only parted to moan her name, and felt her whole body twitch nervously at that — it went against what she liked, and that's what she'd asked for now; it said her there, and then, and reminded her that he thought of her. He was always thinking of her, and maybe now she began to understand it. Bucky whispered and whimpered her name with every thrust, his pace more tempered but stronger. He pulled himself up and brushed his whole body against hers, held there, then pulled back like an exhale, moving freely in her softened womanhood. The metal hand slipped to her upper chest, holding her down gently for a moment, and though he couldn't feel her heartbeat through it, he came back down, closer to her, to feel her right against him. Then he was moaning her pet name, the one he'd come to call her when they were both happy and careless, like old friends, but he said it now with such overwhelming, mindless love, like the echo of a hundred thoughts he'd had on his own, and she felt, though present and attended to so intensely, as if she truly wasn't there — because so many times, for him, she hadn't been.
Her hands moved from the side of his chest up to his ruffled head and held him, brushing the hair back and keeping him by her side where she could kiss his cheek and whisper, once she found the courage, how perfect he was, and dear to her, and sweet, and how she loved him too.
"From the start," she whispered against his skin, "I've always loved you, sweetheart," and pressed it into him with a kiss.
Bucky savoured it with a moan and a shiver, and paused enough to turn his face, kissing her mouth with gratitude, and relief, and a happiness that was strong and unfamiliar, after having abandoned it so many weeks before, in moments of despair. It almost felt a shame to spoil the moment with anything carnal, but he stayed inside her, throbbing, and pressed deeper, and overwhelmed with love and pleasure he finally let go. His wife gasped as she felt it, the strong twitching that pushed him into her, the warm spilling of himself, and his flesh all around, damp and feverish and tender. Her body, which had come to know him so well, throbbed in sympathy, and relaxed, and opened up to take him in and keep and cherish him, just as she did. They moaned against each other as they finished, but it didn't stop their kisses, their soft and slow caresses, parting only to gasp in enough breath to keep on kissing and loving each other in every wordless way they could. He stayed inside of her as he softened, and moved his metal arm below to tilt her hips as he pressed closer, holding her body like an urn, thumb caressing the rim that was the crest of her hip in soothing, petting motions. She clung to him harder but tried to relax, letting the shivers run through her, the after-waves of pleasure and fear at the intensity of his claiming. Their kissing slowed as tiredness caught up with them, and she lay heavily on the pillow, Bucky's head resting right beside hers, turned on its side to face her.
"Alright, doll?" he asked breathlessly, smiling.
His wife grinned lazily — he was just fishing for compliments, he knew she was more than alright.
"So good… you're so good to me," she moaned, arching her back up into him, feeling the rumble in his chest as she clenched around his sensitive shaft.
He was still panting, sweat dripping and chilling on his back, every nerve aflame, but sated. She focused on tempering her breathing, and when she opened her eyes again, she found his waiting, their typical chill grey softened by the crinkle of a smile. With his lashes so long and his brown hair tousled around his face, he looked like a young deer. Her one hand rested on her chest, but she brought the other up to brush his hair back and pet him, and his eyes closed in contentment, lips curling in a smile.
"Not as good as you deserve," he mumbled sleepily.
"No, you're exactly what I want." Stretching her neck the slight distance, she pecked him lightly on the lips. "You're perfect for me. Don't say differently, don't even think differently. You're perfect."
Her tone was firm enough to stab into his soul while her eyes looked so lovingly into his. Every doubt she'd ever given him, with every rejection or cursing or clawing, was cut away and lost with those few words, that heartfelt look — and suddenly, he felt so full of not just his love, but her own, that it threatened to spill over his seams. All the other girls he'd been with, every couple he'd been jealous of, every young family he'd stared at with envy, seemed suddenly pathetic compared to what he had with her. And just the thought that they were on the way to starting a little family of their own…
Very carefully, Bucky laid her hips back on the bed, and with the motion, finally left her body, his member fully soft and satisfied and so warm from her that he growled when the air of the room hit his skin. She groaned at the loss, but her head lulled back dreamily, shivering with the final teasing taste of him against the parts of her rubbed raw and pleasured. Her skin was so warm and wet all over, but most of all she felt the thick, rich seed that threatened to overflow, even after pushing it so deeply in, and with a bit of sluggish movement she tucked a corner of the duvet under to keep herself tilted up, hungry and greedy for all that his body had made, enticed by her, and spilled, coxed between her lower lips. Now that she had caught her breath, she moved a bit up on the pillows and pulled her husband down, warming him against her legs and chest again, and pulled the sheets up over him, tucking them both in. Bucky rested his head against her chest and curled his arms around her, trying at first not to be too heavy, but seeing how easily she took him in her arms, he soon relaxed. Her legs curled around his, his stomach rested at her waist, and her hands were petting the back of his neck, fingers brushing through his hair. He breathed in her skin, listening to the beating of her heart as it slowly came down, and at the crown of his head he could feel her lips, cooing and kissing, then coming to rest.
"I love you," she whispered, rubbing her cheek against him, and he could even catch a hint of smiling in her tone. "My best boy, my own, my only… I've wanted you since I saw you, perfect, pretty, handsome lover. And you're so nice to me, so gentle. I don't know what I'd do without you."
He didn't trust himself to speak. His throat was gripped with new emotions that didn't even feel his own, so unused he was to this much care, to being held like this, and cherished as if he were the centre of someone else's world. As if all her thoughts were of him, all her feelings were for him, and she felt — she finally felt — for him what he felt for her. But it seems she'd felt it for even longer than he thought, she'd held it in and hid it from him, but it was there. Knowing that only drove him dizzier with love. All he could do was wrap his arms around her tighter, and nuzzle his face into her neck, and swallow his loss of control. Bucky didn't have to ask her why she hadn't told him. It was for the same reason he held the fullness of his feelings to himself up until he had her under his power, captured. Now that he had all but sworn to be her captive too, he finally could see it: how deep their love for each other was, how perfectly matched in intensity. He was already at the limit of how much of her affection he could take, but then she softly moaned into his hair and started praising him some more, in a way that completely undid him.
"My big, strong husband," she whispered, "who takes such good care of me," and kissed the top of his head. "I love you so much." To the rhythm of their breathing and her fingers through his hair, slowing, slowing lazily to long caresses, then to firm warm hugs, they fell asleep.
Tumblr media
They were just days away from New York, and every one of those days was spent trying to forget it. They went out every morning, walking hand-in-hand, and took their time with breakfast. His hand caressed hers while they waited for their order, playing with the wedding band around her finger — she finally admitted how much she liked it, too — then they went and window-shopped, or caught a show or movie, or spent time in a lounge, or he taught her how to dance. They made an event of lunchtime, and for dessert she sat by his side, leaning against him as she had a milkshake or an ice cream, her head on his shoulder and legs brushed up against his. It was difficult to stay out after that, and sometimes they skipped dinner to make love — which occasionally was just a series of kisses, a long undressing, resting with each other and leaving it there, and other times they sank so deeply in each other it hurt when he left her body. And on the days that were more quiet, they spent the evening on the deck, walking while they watched the sunset, or with her sitting on his lap as they sipped their drinks and talked. Once he got her to open for him, even just a bit, his girl let Bucky slip in as sleekly as a slip of water down a glass, and he made his way through every corner of her.
She sat sprawled on top of him one night as they lounged together, with no one else around on the deck. The sea looked as black as the horizon, sprinkled with foam and gentle waves like the sky was sprinkled with stars and little clouds. A breeze chilled the air, but they kept each other warm. Her head rested on his chest, and when she turned up to look at his face, she hummed and brought a thumb up to brush over his forehead.
"What's upsetting you, honey?" she asked, petting his frown away.
"Nothing, doll," he smiled down at her, but not being very convincing.
His little wife tutted and pulled herself up enough to cup his face and gentle her thumbs across his eyebrows, smoothing them back while she laid a kiss between them. "Tell me," she pressed again as she laid back down.
"I was just thinking about… I don't know. It's…" He sighed heavily as he thought of how to put it, worried no doubt about upsetting or offending her, but she waited and tilted her head up just slightly, encouraging him to go on. "About how it got to this. All the things you went through that I wish you hadn't… What I went through too, but mostly wishing you'd… you know, had an easier time of it. But then, thinking you wouldn't be here…" he trailed off, his arm wrapping tighter around her waist as if she could slip away, as if she was just something he'd dreamed up.
"You're feel guilty?"
"A little. No, a lot. I shouldn't feel it, but sometimes I can't help but be grateful for all the bad things that…" that had brought her to him.
"That's alright," she whispered, and through the length of her, she could feel his muscles relax.
"Really?" he winced, still doubting, but managing to smile a bit.
"There's a thought I had, from something you said once… Maybe more than once."
"You remember what I told you about how we look at evil, in our fairy-tales?" Bucky hummed again and kissed the top of her head. "There's another way I used to see it. I'd forgotten how nice it was, before you reminded me."
"Tell me, honey."
"There's this book I found out about," and she left out that it was from Althaus, she didn't want to ruin Bucky's mood, "by this ancient Roman author called Boethius. He was in prison awaiting execution, and he'd lost everything. His status, his wealth, his freedom and his library, and was about to lose his life. And while in prison, he wrote a book about how to get through that. To find happiness when everything's been taken away…"
Bucky hummed as he listened and kept his eyes on the sea, smiling at her showing off how smart she was again, but grateful that she did. Every day, he was learning something new about her, and he knew better than to scare her away by teasing her about it. His hand moved slowly over her hip in a petting motion as he waited for her to go on. Perhaps she hadn't meant it, but what she said brought him right back to his time as the Soldier, when he too had lost everything. Was that what she meant?
"And there's one thing he wrote about evil, a very interesting theory about it… He said that evil can only be perceived, by us, in time. But from a higher perspective, something like a Divine perspective, it ceases to exist. Because, when time has ended, everything is reconciled. Everything comes together."
He froze, as he understood her meaning. "I didn't want to say it, but when you put it like that…"
"It's helpful, isn't it?"
"To look at things that way, yeah."
"I was fascinated when I first read about it but, I couldn't really accept it, you know? None of the things that had happened to me seemed to make much sense. But now…"
His other hand came up to wrap around her, and he held her closer than before. He felt her hands come up to hold him too, and she turned over on his chest to press herself into his body, safe and warm with a complete belonging.
"I shouldn't say I'm grateful that you left your home, that you've been unhappy, that you've kept away from other guys — Well, no, I am grateful for that one," he smirked, and she chuckled into his chest. "Shouldn't say I'm grateful that it drove you into joining Hydra either."
"But if it led me to you, I can't say it was bad anymore," then quickly she added, "I mean, not that I'd say that about you but…"
"What do you mean?"
"About what happened to you."
"Just as I was about to feel better about it…" he chuckled jokingly. "So you'd get rid of me, huh?" he teased. "You wish you hadn't met me?"
"Bucky… If it meant I were alone again, I'd undo everything that's happened to you."
"Sweetheart…" he smiled and cupped her face, gentling her down-turned lips.
"You lost everything you had. I know I don't deserve you and I'm not enough to make up for ev—"
He pulled her down and shut her up with kisses.
"I told you not to talk like that," he whispered when they parted, his forehead resting against hers as he searched her sad and fragile eyes. "You just said it yourself, doll, everything comes together. And you make me happier than I've ever been before." His thumb brushed across her cheekbone as he waited, but she sat there, listening, neither contradicting him nor nodding. "If only you'd believe me…"
"I guess it makes me feel like… I need to make this whole century seem worth it," she joked with half a smile.
"That's right," said Bucky with a pout. "And it's not worth it when my best girl is being sad. So what can we do to make you happy, hmm?"
Tumblr media
Midnight found them wrapped around each other in bed, sheets strewn all around and tangled in between them. The hair around his forehead was matted with sweat and slowly she brushed it away, hand still trembling from love. Bucky lay half-way on top of his wife, feet hanging off the side of the bed while his arms were wrapped around her, face buried in the soft crook of her neck. Her body was strewn down on the bed, hair stretched across the pillows, sheets pulled off and half tucked underneath while she let her body cool and calm her thumping heart. He kissed her skin and ravished her with praises while her fingers pet his hair back, and kissed his head, and rested her cheek on top of it, lifting it now and then to kiss him again as if she just remembered how much she loved him, and hummed to him a gentle, sleepy tune.
"Keep going, doll," he murmured with a smirk. "Practice those lullabies."
"I hate it when you sound so smug."
"No you don't."
"No I don't."
He raised himself enough to reach her lips and kissed her tenderly, then rested his face against her chest, his ear against her heart, and looked up in her eyes. She looked down at him too with a half-lidded gaze, tired, at peace, and safe.
"What language do you think you'll sing in?" he asked with a proud smile.
"Oh, Dochian of course," she smiled back softly, but sounding unrelenting.
"You don't think we have pretty lullabies?" asked Bucky teasingly.
"I'm sure you do," she giggled. "But no child of mine is going to grow up speaking a foreign language. They will learn English only after."
Bucky grinned and nodded, and now that he had drawn her in, he said "So you're settled on those 5, or…?"
Feeling caught again, she turned her head away. His happy, hopeful face melted everything inside her. Her husband chuckled and finally got up, stretching in his feline way before plopping back down on the bed, and pulled her to lay on top of him. She sighed but let him do it, and straddled his thigh to work her way up, enjoying the little growl that bubbled in his chest as she did it.
"I wish I had your confidence," she said as she threaded her fingers together and rested her chin over them, right at the top of his chest.
"Everything's going to be alright, doll," he whispered as he held her. "There's 'Nothing to Despair', right? Isn't that the saying back home?"
"Oh you bastard!" she laughed, recognising the motto and surprised, underneath everything, that he even knew what it was.
"I'll have you know —"
"Using my own country —"
"— that your mother-in-law was an honest lady."
"— against me!"
"Hey, all's fair in love and war," he grinned.
"I could strangle you right now," she huffed, her smile mirroring his irresistible one.
"Yeah? Come on, do it," he goaded. "Really, come here. I want to see how you do it."
"You'll laugh at me," she muttered.
"No I won't." Slowly, she crawled up his body and wrapped her fingers around his neck, barely holding him. "Come on, you won't hurt me, harder," grinned Bucky. With her hand still around him, the girl straddled his waist and put more effort into it, her little fingers squeezing down. "Here, you should keep pressure on the side like this, cut off the blood flow."
"Like this?"
"That's right. Harder. Harder, come on." As she squeezed like he instructed, Bucky couldn't help but smile brighter, proud, and just slightly turned on. "That's pretty good," he husked as he looked into her eyes.
"Don't think I can hold it for long, though," his wife said with a little laugh as she tried to focus, then gave up.
Satisfied, took her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing the inside of her palm. "We'll make an assassin out of you yet."
"Bucky…" she winced, but could barely hold back a saucy grin.
"What? Knowing how to kill people is an essential life skill," he argued with a smirk. "Just don't tell Steve."
Tumblr media
Everyone gathered on the deck as they approached the coast, cheering as the shoreline waited, growing in the shrinking distance. Bucky and his partner — his wife, his heart, his everything — stood outside too and watched. Her back was to his chest as his arms were tightly wrapped around her, and without needing to speak, he knew she was completely wracked with nerves beneath her cool exterior. He leaned down to kiss her cheek and felt her smile, and her head turned to kiss him back. But on his arm, around her waist, he felt her tight grip clinging.
"It's all going to be fine, honey. Don't you worry about a thing." He felt his wife nod and rested his chin over her head, swinging them both of them gently side-to-side to the rhythm of the waves. "I love you more than anything, sweetheart. I won't let anything bad happen to you."
"I love you too," she told him ardently, hugging the arms that held her. "I love you no matter what happens."
Tumblr media
End Notes: Regarding their little talk about evil and time and Boethius, I took some parts almost ad literam from this recording. It's actually helped me through some really difficult times. Obviously, you don't have to listen to it for the story or anything, but I am sharing it in case it can be helpful to someone else as well.
Tumblr media
Taglist: @golden-ghost @themaskismyface @jeremyrennerfanxxxx123 @ximaginx @ahahafudge @vikingqueen28 @ihavemanyhusbandfandoms @alexmercer-reginaldpeters @lianadare18 @frietiemeloen @ovoftbieber @gloomybrieyxb @learisa @offcast-plus1 @humongouswinnerduckmuffin @sailorsammyy @irespostthingsiwanttoseelater @mandybug39 @fiositivity @caitdjarin @millennial-teenybopper @ficklemcselfish @panickingqueer @chipilerendi @caramelcandescence @general-bunny @ssa-steverogers @witches-of-discovery-a @bluemoon-icecream​ @sugarplum1996 @lo-manburg @priscilastyles @sugarpunch-princess
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So as some of you already saw, my requests are gonna be closed for a while. There are some requests just begging to be written in my inbox already so imma finish those and I will also keep writing Love & Other Desires. I also have to get some reading done do I can REVIEW THE SHIT OUTTA THEM
Until I resume my request taking, I will be accepting questions. Literally any questions. You can just talk to me too. Unload your feelings.
LETS HAVE A CONVERSATION and get to know each other!! (Anons are welcome)
Ok thanks, and I love you🌸💋 for all the love y’all gave me!!!
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Stucky: @spookyparadisesheep @marvelatthisone @eviegall
If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here. You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist.
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maeve-writes · 10 hours ago
W.A.P. - Cardi B feat Megan Thee Stallion
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x witch!Reader
Rating: 18+, Minors DNI
Warnings: Filth. Smut. Oral (f receiving), vaginal fingering, tons of dirty talk, unprotected sex (piv), magical interference, Bucky’s metal arm (yeah, that’s a warning).
Summary: Oops! You messed up and ‘accidentally’ created a sex pollen and Bucky just so happens to be the only one around to help you. How convenient.
a/n: I didn’t spend too much time editing this. Coming fresh out of break up, I needed a distraction. (Also, this was supposed to be Incubus!Bucky, but I might just do something else with that.) And the ending is kinda lame, sorry.
Tumblr media
You came into their lives as ‘one of the big three’ - technically a witch, not a wizard - and you were an ally, not a threat. They were wary of your magic at first, of course, because they had been around Loki and Wanda, they knew what destruction it could bring. You showed them the good you could do, how you could heal the wounded, the land, help restore droughts and famine. You gained their trust slowly but surely and they called on you when they needed a third and you happily joined in.
But then you became more than a teammate, you became a friend. You started to go out to meals, they came over for movies. You started a group chat once you upgraded Bucky’s phone and started to share memes. Things became comfortable between the three of you and you were happy, comfortable. You no longer had to hide what you were, you could practice your craft openly and fear being burned for it.
That’s what Bucky found you doing that Saturday afternoon with a six pack of craft beer in hand and balancing a pizza in the other. A large pink plume of smoke blew up from your cauldron and into your face from where you sat cross-legged on the floor in front of the black pewter. It threw you into a coughing fit which caused Bucky to rush forward, putting dinner aside on the coffee table nearby. “You alright, sweetheart?”
You blink up at him, confused, unaware for a moment of why he was there until the smell of pizza hits your nose and you realize you agreed to a movie night. “Yeah,” you laugh, hyper aware of his too close proximity and the heat radiating off of him, “I’m fine.”
“You tryin’ to blow up the neighborhood?” He gives you a good once over for any injuries before he turns attention to what you’re trying to mix up. Whatever it is burned up with that explosion and he settles his gaze back on you, amused at your half-dazed look.
“If I wanted to blow something up, I wouldn’t need a potion to do it,” you quip, wiping off the remnants of your failed experiment from your face. “And, for your information, it wasn’t supposed to do that.”
The corner of Bucky’s lips twitch and you narrow your eyes playfully. “Are you sure you’re a wizard?”
“Not a wizard,” you tut, shoving him away as you move to stand. You’re unsteady and he’s there to keep you from falling, closer now and you smell his aftershave, sandalwood and clove. You bite hard on your lips and let out a shaky breath. “Where’s Sam?”
Bucky shakes his hand and places both of his hands on his shoulders, holding you at arms length now to keep you upright. He dips his head to try and make eye contact with you as your gaze starts to gloss over, “Can’t make it. Are you sure you’re okay?”
“I’m fine, dad,” you spit mockingly, shrugging off his hands and audibly smacking your lips. Your mouth had suddenly gone dry and your head had gone light, “I am so thirsty.”
“I got that weird sour beer that you like,” he offers, pointing his dimpled chin towards the coffee table.
You lift up an arm to point at him but find it heavy and you stumble forward, straight to him and collapse against his chest. “You’re weird,” you lamely return as you grip at his too tight shirt and stare up at him. Your skin heats quickly and your pupils blow wide. “W- Weird,” you repeat. “You’ve got a lot of muscles, did you know that,” you quickly changed the subject as you pressed against his hard body.
Bucky clears his throat and grabs at your upper arms, “Everyone has muscles, doll. I think I need to get you to a hospital.”
You shake your head, more to disagree about the hospital rather than the muscles. “Don’t need a hospital, ‘m fine,” you insist. “‘nd everyone has muscles, but you... you’ve got the best muscles.” Your grip loosens on his shirt and starts to run down his chest and his stomach, trying to get underneath the fabric to feel.
He visibly shivers at your touch and when your fingertips brush at the skin near his stomach, he jumps back. “I think your little mess up has got you actin’ funny, sweetheart. Maybe you should lay down and rest, hmm?”
You nod and let him lead you to the couch. He gets you comfortable, a pillow underneath your head, all snuggled into the cushions and when he tries to move away, you pull at him, trying to get him to fall on top of you. “Lay with me,” you whine, it’s soft and needy, your face is desperate.
Bucky’s forehead pinches in thought. “There’s not enough room for the both of us,” he reasons, happy to find an excuse to not do this with you. It’s not that he doesn’t want to, because he does. He’s thought about it, multiple times, in many places - in bed at night, in the shower, alone in a safe house during a mission. He’s worried that if starts, he won’t be able to stop.
“There’s plenty of room,” you huff, “right here.” Your hands start to run up and down your body drawing a gasp from you. You can feel his eyes on you, watching you as you cup and squeeze your own breasts, moaning from the sensation. “Bucky,“ you whine, raking your teeth over your bottom lip and pressing your thighs together because the ache is starting to build.
His breath is coming in short pants, his skin is flushed. There’s an ache in him, too, and his fingers and itchy to replace yours. “Sweetheart,” he warns, his tone is rough with want, “you don’t know what you’re asking.”
“Please,” you continue, ignoring his warning, “it hurts.”
He doesn’t like to hear that and he shifts his weight, one knee on the couch, one arm on the back of it, hovering over you to look down at you properly. You stare up at him, looking right into those dark blue pools of wanting, and whimper. “You made a sex pollen.”
“A-a what,” you blink slowly, trying to process his words through the fog.
“It’s like an aphrodisiac,” he says, “but turned up to a thousand. Hydra used them on some of their targets.”
“How do I fix it,” you ask, breathing labored.
He shakes his head, “Only way I know how is to fuck it out of your system.”
“Oh. Good.”
His lips are on yours before you can catch your next breath, igniting a new fire inside of you that burns deep in your core. Your nails claw their way up his arms and into his short brown hair as Bucky licks into the cup of your mouth to draw a bone rattling moan from you.
He shifts his weight above you and your legs willingly part for him to slot between them. Your hips meet and you can feel how hard he is. This man, this legend, someone you found unattainable is pressed against you and wants this just as much as you do. The idea makes your head spin and you feel like you’re floating, you know that isn’t the sex pollen.
“Fuck, kitten,” he moans when you part for air and he’s biting at your jaw, “you have no idea what you do to me.”
“I think I have some idea,” you giggle and roll your hips. It cuts your laughter short and the pair of you share a moan. “Bucky...”
He nods against your shoulder and reluctantly moves to sit back on his hunches. You whine at the loss of contact, but he’s taking off his shirt and teases you with a wink, “Patience, sweetheart. I’ll make you feel better, I promise.” And you know he will because Bucky is a man of his word. “Let’s get you outta these clothes, huh?”
You nod eagerly and arch off the couch as he helps slip off your shirt. The fabric brushes against your aching skin and a hiss slips through your teeth. “I know,” he coos, “I’m sorry.” The sincerity in his voice soothes you while hooks his forefingers into the waistband of your leggings to pull them off in one smooth tug.
You’re left in your soft pink cotton bra and panties, both soaked through with sweat and your slick. “Look at you,” Bucky sighs, palming himself through his jeans. He pinches his plump bottom lip with his teeth and reaches out with his metal arm to cup you over your panties. The cool of the vibranium feels wonderful against your overly hot skin and you press up against him. “Does that feel good?”
“Yeah,” you breathe, the ghost of his touch too much and not enough. “Bucky, please,” you try again. Maybe if you say it enough, he’ll do something.
He blinks away his daze and realizes that this is not for him, it’s for you. If he’s lucky, he can take you apart again later, achingly slow and intimate like he wants. “Sorry, kitten,” he says earnestly. “I’m gonna take care of you now.” His fingers dance down the seam of your cover core sending you into full body trembles. “You look so sweet and pretty in these cotton panties. Fuck, got 'em drenched, too.”
His fingers travel to the edge of your underwear and push the fabric aside. You watch his tongue dart out to hungrily lick his lips. “Whew,” Bucky huffs, watching your slick leak out you and threaten to drip down onto the couch, “pretty as a goddamn picture.”
Your muscles clench at that and you lift your hips towards him with a desperate whimper. It hurt so much, everything, your teeth, your nails, your hair - things that shouldn’t hurt - feels pin-pricklingly painful. “Okay, okay. Enough teasin’, I got it,” Bucky relents and adjusts his position between your legs.
He leans down to get nose to nose with you, staring into your lust-blown gaze with his own, “Hey there.” His fingers now drag through your damp folds and finally provide some relief.
What escapes from you is a mixture of a gasp and a whimper, desperate and greedy for more, and Bucky just eats it up with a satisfied smirk and a chuckle as his nose bumps against yours. The middle metal finger slips inside of you, cold and thick. You make that noise again and this time he swallows it, his mouth devours you and whatever sounds you make as he plunges the black and gold digit in and out of you, adding a second soon after.
“Shit, kitten,” he hisses into your open mouth, “how can you be this tight?” He twists his hands and curls his fingers, his palm hits your swollen clit for the first time and you immediately snap. Your body tenses, your thighs shake and you cry out against the side of his face.
You caught him off-guard, but he doesn’t mind, he relishes it. “Oh, sweetheart,” he praises, “that was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.” You preen at his praise, your body fighting the feeling of the tingle from the aftershocks of your orgasm and the pain and need for more. “But you’ve got more in you, I know it.”
It takes effort, but you reach up to touch him again, to cup his face and scratch at his scalp. “More,” you plead.
“I’ll give you whatever you want,” he says and means it. His thumb finds your swollen clit and slowly rubs it as he slips a third finger inside of you. You bring him to your mouth again, the kiss as wet and needy as your sex. The push and pull of his fingers from your body is louder than your moans and it makes your body impossibly hotter.
“Bucky, I need you,” you tell him, tears welling in your eyes.
He looks down at you and his heart breaks a little. “I know. I know! Give me one more and let me eat this pretty little pussy and I swear- I swear I will give you need.” Your teeth bite down on your lips and you let out a sob, but he angles his hand deep and then suddenly it vibrates.
Your body locks up and you feel it shatter like glass as you come once again with a high pitched whine. “Oh fuck,” you pant, removing your nails from his shoulders. “How did you-?”
“I’m full of surprises, sweetheart,” he grins. “And so are you.” Your head is still foggy and your body is thrumming with need, but you look down to see his wrist and jeans covered with your slick. “Can’t wait to see you do that again.”
He dives in for one more kiss, hungry and promising. Your tongue is insistent, demanding. He parts with a laugh and bites his way down your jaw and marks up your neck. “Still bossy and didn’t say a word,” he grins against your bruising skin. You pull his hair in return, but that only makes him roll his hips into your thigh.
He’s all teeth and tongue down across your collarbone and makes quick work to pop your breasts out of your bra. “God, I think ‘bout these tits everyday,” he groans, pushing them together and rubbing his face against them. The scruff of his beard sends sparks down your spine. “Think ‘bout fuck ‘em. Suckin’ on ‘em while I had you bouncin’ on my cock.”
His words are making you dizzy. You can’t comprehend that Bucky wanted you before now, it’s too much. “I- Bucky... Please, I will. I’ll do whatever you want. I’ll be so, so good for you.”
He looks up at you and waits for your eye contact to see if you’re serious, that it’s not the pollen talking. “Yeah, you will be, kitten. Fuck yeah, I know you will be.” He doesn’t look away when he flicks the first nipple with his tongue, swirling around it before he takes it into his mouth and sucks on it hard. You groan, arching off of the couch and further into his mouth.
His teeth drag across your sensitive skin, pulling on your nub until it falls from his mouth. Your body shakes with need when he takes the other into his mouth, licking and lapping at the nipple as his hands roam further down your body and stops at your hips.
It’s not long before his mouth travels the same path along your torso, nipping and sucking on the skin to claim you as his. You encourage him, rolling up into his mouth, pressing his head against you with your fingers tangled into his hair.
He reaches the waistband of your panties and tugs at them with his teeth and a growl. Laughter bubbles from you and share a smile, innocent and intimate. It lasts for only a moment before he pulls the cotton off you and tosses them over his shoulder.
Looking like a kid on Christmas, Bucky settles between your thighs to become eye level with your sex. “Been thinkin’ ‘bout this, too,” he confesses. “Think ‘bout you a lot.” Your mouth opens to respond but whatever you have to say is cut short when he shoves his face greedily into your cunt.
He moans like he’s receiving all of the pleasure. His tongue works inside of you, lapping up your essence. He breathes heavily through his nose, not wanting to pull away from his task, from his meal. He tries to bring you closer to him, to devour you thoroughly.
You don’t want it to end but you don’t think you can take much more. “Bucky,” you warn, but he pays it no mind and continues his assault, moving to latch onto your clit and sucks.
Once again you tumble, your body shaking hard enough to have your teeth chatter.
He backs away when you start to push at his head, sit on his heels, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. It’s a lewd act and it makes you clench, and where he hits, he can see it. “Sweeter than a fuckin’ peach,” he says, licking his lips just to get more of your taste while he works to remove his jeans.
You watch him eagerly, eyes darkening when he drags down the zipper and shoves down his pants and boxers so he can free his dick. He sighs in relief, taking it in hand to stroke lightly, spreading the steady leakage along the thick, veiny length.
“You ready for it, sweetheart?” He crawls out of his pants and underwear, kicking them to the floor as your legs widen further. Your voice isn’t working, it’s now all raspy moans and whimpers. Bucky smiles down at you, running the head of his cock along your folds. “Look at you tryin’ pull me in,” he coos as your cunt desperately clenches at his tip. “Greedy lil’ pussy.”
Your hand grabs at his wrist, the closest part of him to you, and your nails dig in. “What is it, baby,” he grins, running the tip back up to your clit to rut against it. You open your mouth but all that comes out are squeaks and you can’t tell him what you want. He’s right there, so close, you just want him inside of you.
Nostrils flaring, your eyes glow purple. Bucky freezes, unsure if his teasing has done more harm than good. But the air crackles between you, the same purple glow shimmers into existence and swirls in the air, snaking slowly towards Bucky and his cock. It manifests in finger-like projections and wraps around his length, squeezing before it strokes him once, twice, pulling a moan from his kiss-swollen lips.
He relaxes then, allowing himself to enjoy the feeling of the power you wield and stares down into your new purple hues and fucks gently into the phantom hand. You continue to fist him and lead the tip to your center, the illusion morphing into a tight, snake-like coil which continues to move along his length even as he pushes into you.
It’s strange to be split open by Bucky’s cock, something that was already so thick and long, but to also feel your own magic pressing inside of you, your mind broke - Bucky’s may have as well. The both of you move on pure instinct, on the need for pleasure. His hips push and pull against your own, each a hard snap that rocks deep within you. You meet each one with desperation, the pure want of getting Bucky further into you, the coil of your magic twisting and twirling inside of you.
You don’t tell him when you’re about to come because he feels it, it’s more than just you clenching around him, the desperate sounds escaping from the both of you - it’s in your magic, it’s in the air around you. A new projection manifests, another phantom hand and it rubs against your clit. Bucky watches it, mesmerized by what you can do, what you’re doing to him - to yourself. Something ignites in him and he growls, two hands on your hip and he pounds into you and filthy praise pours from his lips like a cracking dam. “Fuck, sweetheart, that’s right, you touch your pretty little clit while I split your pussy in half,” he grunts between the snaps of his hips. “Make yourself come on my dick. My little witchy cockdrunk slut has to use her magic to get us both off, huh? Well, do it, kitten, make us come.” The twine of magic you have wrapped around Bucky tightens and he groans, but it doesn’t stop the relentless pounding. You have the phantom hand match the speed of his thrusts, flicking against your clit at a vibrating speed that you start to see white. It takes only seconds before you’re over the edge, your magic sparking in the space around you, wrapping the both of you in its energy as you call out his name in a broken tone.
He slams into you with a final thrust, his grip on your waist is bruising as he spills into you, filling you up to the point where it starts to drip out before he’s even finished. And when he’s spent, he nearly falls on top of you, just as breathless as you are, trying not to crush you with his weight. You curl an arm around him and pull him down to let him know he can, it’s okay.
You stay there in silence, still connected until your magic recedes, the pollen ebbs away. Bucky pulls out and you feel yourself leaking onto the couch. “Oh shit, sorry,” he mumbles, reaching around for his shirt to wipe it up and catch whatever else he can. “Don’t worry about it,” you reply, voice barely above a whisper. “I’m sorry about-” He stops you with a kiss, a slow one with a deeper meaning that you feel in your bones. “You’re not going to apologize for that. Please don’t,” he insists. With his trademark Bucky stare, those blue eyes tell you that he wanted it and he knew you did, too. “The pizza’s cold now.” “That’s why the Gods invented microwaves!” You move to stand and nearly fall from the effort. “I don’t think any God invited microwaves,” Bucky snorts, scooping you up easily and heads to your room towards the shower. He knows your every move before you make them. You were an easy read before, but now, after being intertwined with your magic, he knows. “But they did invent the guy who invented microwaves.”
“That’s the same thing,” you argue as he sets you down on the bathroom counter and starts up the shower. Bucky shakes his head while he fiddles with the nobs, “No, it isn’t. What you said implies a God directly invented the microwave. What I said implies they created a person who invented the microwave, therefore they would indirectly be responsible for said invention.” He holds his flesh hand under the spray of water and turns to you with a self-satisfied smirk.
You puff out your checks and stick out your tongue which earns you a chuckle. “I wonder which God would’ve done it,” you muse. “Probably Loki, the menace. Invents something useful, but gives off just enough radiation over time that could or could not lead to long term physical illness. Mischief.” “You give the man too much credit,” Bucky says as he scoops you up once more and takes you into the shower. “But you’re probably right. Now, let’s get you cleaned up.” -
a/n: Sorry for the lame ending. Uh, I hoped you enjoyed it anyway. Would you like more witch!Reader x Bucky? Yes/No?
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multifandomwriter · 10 hours ago
Feather Boas and Princess Crowns
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: You call Bucky to babysit your daughter while you go on a date. After seeing how good he is with her, you realize he’s a better guy than you’re date.
Word Count: 1.8k
Warnings: smut, unprotected sex, swearing, dirty talk, minors DNI
A/N: The first half is completely fluff, but the second half is pure filth
Tumblr media
“Remember her bedtime is at eight, and no sweets after seven” you reminded Bucky as you grabbed your purse. He lightly chuckled to himself, knowing that you did this every time he babysat.
“Everything will be fine. I remember all the rules. Just go have fun on your date” he said, pulling you in for one last hug. You sighed and tried to not stress yourself out too much. “Oh, don’t forget she needs her giraffe stuffed animal or she won’t go to sleep” you said, not being able to turn off your mom brain.
“I know. We’re going to have a great time, right Daisy?” He asked, swooping your daughter into his arms. You saw your little bundle of joy eagerly nod her head.
You knew that Bucky would never let anything bad happen to her, but you couldn’t stop the worrying. Bucky was your best friend in the entire world, and Daisy loved him.
“Okay. Have a good night, you two. I love you, sweet pea” you said, giving her a kiss on the forehead. You walked towards the front door and looked back at the two of them. “Wave bye to mommy” Bucky whispered in her ear, causing her to smile and wave at you.
You had a smile plastered on your face as you walked outside to meet your date. The date was fine. He was a perfectly nice guy. You both talked about all the normal first date topics. There wasn’t anything wrong with him; there just wasn’t anything extraordinary about him either.
When he dropped you off later that night, he gave you a quick peck on the lips before letting you go inside.
You walked inside and saw Bucky and Daisy sitting on the couch. They both were decked out in feather boas and princess crowns. Dress up was one of Daisy’s favorite games to play with Bucky. Daisy was curled up in Bucky’s lap, fast asleep.
He looked away from the movie that was on to meet your gaze. His eyes lit up when he saw you. “Hey. How was the date?” He asked, softly, so he wouldn’t wake up Daisy.
You walked farther into the living room, smiling down at your daughter. “He was really nice. We’re going out to lunch next week” you told him, before swooping Daisy up off his lap.
She was so exhausted that she didn’t even wake up as you carried her to her room. You lightly set her down in her bed before tucking her in gently.
You exited her room and heard Bucky in the kitchen working on some of the dishes. You noticed he had ditched his princess accessories. You met him in the kitchen, giving him a hug from the side.
“Thanks for watching Daisy” you said, leaning into him. He couldn’t help but grin down at you. You didn’t see it: the look in his eyes. He would do whatever you asked him to do, as long as it made you happy. “Of course, I love watching her. She’s just like you” he said, chuckling softly.
You pulled away from him before walking over to the fridge. You looked inside the fridge and huffed when you couldn’t find any appetizing food. “Didn't you both go out to dinner?” He asked, turning around after he finished the dishes. You slowly nodded your head before moving to the freezer.
“It was one of those fancy restaurants where the portion sizes are way too small” you complained, before settling on ice cream. He chuckled as you hopped up to sit on the counter. He grabbed two spoons and then walked up to you. “I thought sweets weren’t allowed after seven?” He teased before handing you a spoon.
You lightly hit his arm before giggling to yourself. Bucky always felt comfortable. He was like home to you. “Those rules do not apply to mamas who have had a very long night” you told him, opening the container.
“In the spirit of honesty, Daisy may have not followed that rule” he said, taking a bite of ice cream. You groaned, knowing she’d be awake super early. “I shouldn’t be surprised. You can’t say no to her puppy dog eyes” you said, smiling back at him.
He shrugged his shoulders, knowing you were absolutely right. “It’s the same reason I can’t say no to you” he said, looking at you with a twinkle in his eye. You felt your stomach do a flip as he said it. You figured you were reading too much into it.
You both sat there for a few minutes, passing the container back and forth, taking bites of ice cream. It was quiet, but peaceful. You both were just enjoying each other’s company.
His hand landed on your knee with just the right amount of physical contact that made you feel warm and fuzzy inside.
You slid off the counter to put away the ice cream, while Bucky put the spoons in the sink. You closed the door of the freezer.
“Cancel your lunch date next week” you heard Bucky command from behind you. You turned around with a look of confusion on your face. “Why—?” you began to ask before he cut you off with his lips on yours.
He shoved you back against the counter, his lips hungrily kissing yours. You were letting out all your pent up feelings into the kiss. You tugged at the collar of his shirt, needing him to be closer to you.
You had never seen Bucky be this passionate. He needed you like he needed to breathe. He cupped your face, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. His lips tasted like peppermint.
You were aching under his touch. You needed one thing right now.
He pulled his lips away from yours only once, just to pick you up and sit you on the counter. You saw that his eyes had darkened with lust. You knew he needed this just as much as you did.
“Oh sweetheart” he groaned, as you ran your fingers though his hair. He quickly spread your legs and let them wrap around his waist. You let out a slight whimper as he nipped at your bottom lip.
Hearing the needy sound fall from your lips made him jut his hips into yours. He loved all the sounds you were making. They only turned him on more. You felt his hardened length pressing up against your clothed heat.
You held back your moans, as you felt his erection. You unbuckled his belt, slipping your hand down the front of his jeans.
You palmed his cock through his boxers. You could feel him throbbing under your touch. “You have no idea what you do to me, sweetheart” he said, breathing heavily.
“Then why don’t you tell me” you teased, continuing fo run your hand up and down his length. Before he could come up with a cocky reply, a muffled moan slipped through his lips.
“You are so fucking gorgeous. Every time you come over to swim at my pool, I have to resist the urge to fuck you against the wall. I think about you at night time, with my hand wrapped around my cock. I imagine what your sweet pussy would feel like wrapped around me. Thinking about you is the only way I can get myself to cum, sweetheart. I think ramming into you until you’re a stuttering mess” he whispered in your ear.
You could feel yourself dripping as he talked about his fantasies. You were more turned on by his dirty talk than you cared to admit.
“Do it,” were the only words you could manage to put together. His eyes were almost black as he heard your request. He quickly hiked up your dress and slid your panties off before stuffing them into his back pocket.
His pulled his jeans down only far enough to pull his cock out. You finally saw it; the tip was red and leaking. You let out a moan as you realized how big he was. “We have to be quick. Just fuck me, Barnes” you commanded.
He was in no position to deny your request. He steadied himself by holding onto your hips before plunging his cock deep inside of you. He grunted as he felt how tight you were around him.
You threw your head back against the cabinets. You gasped for breath as you adjusted to his length. After a second, he began to thrust in and out of you.
It had been too long since you’d been properly fucked, and Bucky was going to change that. “Gotta be quiet, sweetheart” he mumbled, kissing you to muffle your moans.
You remembered that your daughter was sleeping in the other room, and she definitely didn’t need her innocence ruined like this. You clung to Bucky’s shoulders to hold back the urge to call out his name.
He could see how much you wanted to moan as your face contorted. He could hear himself thrusting into your wetness. The almost pornograhic sounds made Bucky’s cock twitch inside of you.
You felt him brush against your g-spot, and you clenched around his cock. He groaned, gripping your hips tighter. You knew you’d have bruises in the morning, but right now it felt too good to complain.
You knew it wouldn’t be long before you were cumming all over his cock. “Please, Bucky” you begged him, as your hips slapped against his.
“You want to cum? Do it for me. Cum all over my cock. Show me how good I make you feel” he told you, bringing his thumb down to rub harsh circles against your clit. You felt like you were seeing stars. He made you feel so good that you could barely process it.
You could tell from his sloppy thrusts that he wouldn’t last long either. You felt so much better wrapped around him than he could have ever imagined.
“Fuck” you muttered, before feeling your orgasm hit you. You felt yourself clenching down onto his cock as he continued to chase his own high. “—almost” he mumbled, before cumming inside of you.
You both were gasping for air as he slowed down his thrusts, easing you both down from your peaks. You watched as his chest rapidly rose and fell. His hair clung to his sweaty forehead.
You both just sat there for a moment, recovering from the best orgasms of both of your lives. “Why don’t we head to bed?” He asked you, softly.
You nodded your head, still having trouble putting together words. He pressed a loving kiss to your temple. It was completely different than the side of him you’d just seen. You were used to the super sweet and caring Bucky, but Bucky during sex was something you could get used to. He was like an animal.
“But no round two. I don’t think I can take anymore” you told him, letting him help you down off the counter. “There’s always tomorrow for that, sweetheart” he said, pulling you in for a short kiss.
taglist: @laurakirsten0502 @miraclesoflove @nathaliabakes @millipop18 @azghedaheda @shyinadarkplace @vanteguccir @missroro @bookfrog242 @buckys-doll17 @ice-dtae @leyannrae @sia2raw @sunwardsss @studentville-struggles @impossibleapricotlampbat @infjkiki @weirdfishy @lickmymelaninn @hailey-a-s @andreasworlsboring101 @glassesandthunderthighs @holding-on-to-my-youth @fanofalltheficsx @lukes-orange-beanie @golden-hoax @mostly-marvel-musings @madisondelstan @spookyparadisesheep @n3ssm0nique @v-is-obsessive @i-wish-i-knew-what-i-was @reniescarlett @multiplums @alotofrandomfangirling @bbl32 @who-the-hell-is-sebastianstan @bigbadspooky @faykyrie
Let me know if you want to be added to my taglist for all my imagines or for a specific character/fandom!!
Requests OPEN
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buppybucky · 11 hours ago
ex!dilf!bucky coming to your house super drunk telling you how sorry he is and much he loves you and your daughter. You end up letting stay the night and he fucks. After that your daughter walks in and she so happy that bucky is here she ends up laying in bed with you guys (you guys are changed) and she tells you how happy that you and bucky are together if that makes sense
PAIRINGS! ex!dilf!bucky x f!reader
SUMMARY! in which one drunken text leads to a heart broken man on your doorstep.
WARNINGS! mentions of alcohol use, 18+ minors dni, mentions of divorce, passionate sex, fluff, masturbation, bucky is a sap, dry humping, unprotected sex, needy bucky, oral (f), bucky has a wet dream,
A/N! okay so, i have one more dilf bucky fic to post after this and then i’m putting the trope to rest for a bit, gonna move onto other tropes:)
Tumblr media
you couldn’t wait, you kept checking your phone for the time, counting down every second for your daughter to go to bed. it’s not that you didn’t love her, it’s just that time with you and your vibrator was unbeatable.
at what felt like the millionth time of you checking your phone, you noticed a message from your ex-husband, bucky. ‘i miss you.’ it read.
you rolled your eyes and deleted the message. the time caught your eyes and your smile was wide. “c’mon petal! time for bed.” you ushered, lifting her up.
she whined and put her head in your neck. you brought her into her bed and tucked her in, reading her a bedtime story before going to the kitchen.
you poured yourself a nice glass of wine and went to feed your cat, alpine, that your ex-husband once adopted many years ago. you refilled his bowl before walking upstairs with your wine in hand and your vibrator on your mind.
you got into your comfy bed, placing your glass on the counter. you decided on putting on a movie for some background noise, choosing baywatch because why not?
you grabbed your small bullet vibrator from the bedside table and pulled down your pants in excitement. just as you got your fingers under your panties to pull them down, you heard a noise outside.
hoping it was just a fox or something, you continued with pulling down your panties and turning on the vibrator.
just as the small bullet hit your clit, there was a knock at the door. you groaned loudly and turned off the vibrator. you pulled up your panties and pants and walked downstairs.
you opened your door and sighed. “y/n! oh thank god, i thought i got the wrong house.” bucky slurred, chuckling after his words. you cocked your eyebrows and took in his body language.
“are you drunk?” you asked. he nodded and smiled at you, his eyes half lidded and his body flopping around slowly. you scoffed and lifted him inside. “thank you.” he whispered, almost falling asleep in your neck.
you threw him onto the couch and went to get him some water. “drink this slowly.” you handed it to him. he nodded and failed to open it, dropping the bottle on the floor. “oopsies!” he giggled.
you rolled your eyes and massaged your temples slowly. “why are you here, james?” you asked, sitting next to him. “jus’ wanted t’see my best girl.” he mumbled, getting up and sitting in your lap.
you sucked in a quick gush of air at the large amount of weight being plopped onto your lap. “m’favourite girl.” he whispered, putting his head in your neck. you sighed and pushed him off.
“bucky, we’ve been divorced for six months.” you shook your head. bucky sighed and wrapping his arms around you. “i miss you s’much.” he said, leaving sloppy kisses down your neck.
you pushed his head off you again and rubbed your eyes. “haven’t been able to sleep without you.” he groaned, pulling you on top of him. “cant look at anything in m’house without thinkin’ of you.”
you sighed and put your head on his shoulder. “you’re all i want.” he whispered, rubbing your back slowly. “i would walk through fire f’you.” he kissed your cheek.
“i didn’t want a stupid fuckin’ divorce, i wanted you to be happy, always wanted you to be happy.” he grabbed your face, looking into your eyes. you bit your lip and shook your head.
bucky sighed and put his hand on the back of your neck, pulling you in for a soft kiss. you put your hands on his shoulders and melted into the kiss slowly. bucky moved his hands into his hands into your hair.
you pulled away and put your forehead on his. bucky sighed and shut his eyes. “i love you so, so much, the only girl i’ve ever wanted.” he whispered, kissing you again.
bucky lifted you up and stumbled towards the bedroom. “bucky, you’re still drunk.” you whispered, shaking your head. bucky nodded and let you get down.
you walked him towards the bed and helped him take off his clothes. “can we have sex?” he asked, gripping your waist. you giggled and shook your head. “fine, make love?” he kissed your neck.
you pushed him down into the bed and tucked him in. “sober up, and i might consider it tomorrow.” you whispered, patting his chest. “at least sleep with me.” he pouted.
you nodded and got on the other side of the bed, stripping yourself of your own clothes before you got under the covers. bucky was quick to connect himself with your body.
you smiled and wrapped your arms around his neck. “please don’t let go.” he whispered, shoving his face into your neck. you smiled and kissed his forehead. bucky soon fell asleep in your arms like a baby.
the soft snores coming from bucky were nothing short of therapeutic. your hand fell onto his head, playing with the short strands of his hair.
the next morning, you were woken up to the feeling of something hard rubbing against your leg, and the soft whines coming from bucky. you looked over at the clock.
it read five twenty two. you looked down at bucky, his eyes still shut and his hips rubbing up against your thigh. his mouth open slightly with whines dripping from it.
you smiled and rubbed his hair. bucky woke up eventually and placed his head on your chest. “i’m sober, can we make love now?” he mumbled, rubbing his eyes.
you shook your head and giggled. “that’s a way to turn a woman on.” you said. bucky looked up at you and smiled before kissing you softly. “c’mon, we have about three hours before the devil wakes up and brings alpine.” you giggled against his lips.
he smiled and got on top of you, pulling down your panties. he kissed you again before sliding down the bed and getting between your legs. he placed each leg on his shoulders.
he connected his lips with the top of your cunt before moving down onto your clit, sucking softly. you arched your back and moaned softly. “fuck you taste so good.” he mumbled.
he went back in, sliding his tongue around your slit. he moaned at your taste, continuing to dive in like a starving man. he wrapped his arms around your thighs and toyed with your clit.
“s’fuckin’ good.” he whispered. he pulled away and wiggled his way back up to your face, kissing you lovingly. bucky pulled his boxers down and rubbed his tip against your clit.
you whined and gripped his shoulders. “gonna make my best girl feel good.” he kissed your cheek. you blushed and pushing him over. “i’m sick of waiting.” you mumbled, kissing his neck.
bucky chuckled and held your waist. you slid down onto him, moaning loudly. bucky groaned and shut his eyes. you bit your lip and slowly rolled your hips against his.
“shit.” you whispered, your grip on his shoulders tightening. bucky grunted and lifted your hips up and down slowly. “y’feel so fuckin’ good, missed your tight cunt.” he growled in your ear.
you sat up slowly, crying out when the tip of his cock hit your sweet spot. “that it? that where y’want me?” bucky asked, sitting up with you. you nodded quickly and put your head on his shoulder.
bucky moved you onto the bed, hovering over you and sliding back in. you whined and arched your back. bucky smirked and slid in and out at a fast pace, not wanting to waste any time.
he kissed you hungrily, letting you moan into the kiss. he pulled away and put his forehead against yours. “there’s no one like you, never will be.” he cooed, pecking your lips.
bucky continuously hitting your spot sent you to the edge, a toe curling, scream-worthy edge, that you forgot felt so amazing. “fuck, fuck, fuck!” you screamed, gripping his shoulders and releasing all over him.
“that’s it, good fuckin’ girl, fuck!” he groaned, releasing inside of you. “shit, sorry.” he mumbled as he got off you, moving to the other side of the bed. you chuckled and shook your head.
you looked over at him and sighed. “get dressed, c’mon i’ll take you out for breakfast before emily wakes up.” you said softly. bucky nodded and slid his boxers back on. “or we can stay in bed.”
his arms wrapped around your waist, that was now wearing his t-shirt. you squealed and giggled as he pulled you back into the bed. he shoved his face into your neck and let out a content sigh.
“mommy? alpine wants some treats, can i— daddy!” your daughter, emily, squealed from the door, running up to the bed with the white cat in her arms. you smiled and lifted her up.
you kissed her head before she cuddled in between you and bucky. “hi baby, i missed you.” he smiled, kissing her head too before petting the cat. “are you staying forever daddy?” emily asked.
bucky looked at you before nodding. “yeah, baby, for as long as i can.” he smiled.
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ahumannamedben · 11 hours ago
𝙨𝙝𝙤𝙬𝙨 𝙨𝙪𝙘𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙖 𝙨𝙪𝙥𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙤𝙞𝙡𝙙𝙚𝙧𝙨 𝙙𝙞𝙘𝙠,𝙠𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙞𝙣𝙜,𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙨𝙤 12 𝙮𝙚𝙖𝙧 𝙤𝙡𝙙 𝙛𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙣𝙙𝙡𝙮 𝙖𝙡𝙨𝙤,𝙢𝙤𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜,𝙥𝙧𝙤𝙗𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙮 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙘𝙖𝙣 𝙞𝙢𝙖𝙜𝙞𝙣𝙚 𝙞𝙣 𝙮𝙤𝙪𝙧 𝙗𝙧𝙖𝙞𝙣,𝙛𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙧 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩,𝙤𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙧 𝙨𝙝𝙞𝙩 𝙞𝙢 𝙣𝙤𝙩 𝙬𝙧𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙜..
(𝙖𝙡𝙨𝙤 shows 𝙗𝙚𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙨𝙚𝙚𝙣,𝙡𝙤𝙪𝙙 𝙖𝙨 𝙛𝙪𝙘𝙠 𝙢𝙤𝙖𝙣𝙞𝙣𝙜,𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧𝙮𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙝𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙚𝙫𝙚𝙧 𝙙𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢𝙚𝙙 𝙤𝙛..
𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙠 𝙮𝙤𝙪 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙡𝙤𝙤𝙠𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙡𝙚𝙩𝙨 𝙜𝙚𝙩𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙨 𝙨𝙢𝙪𝙩 𝙨𝙩𝙖𝙧𝙩𝙚𝙙 𝙨𝙝𝙖𝙡𝙡 𝙬𝙚?
:( please dont make fun of this smut
mostly a smut idk if your 15 or whatever you should not be reading this around your family im not resposible for you being grounded if you get in trouble you’ll regret this stay in a bathroom and lock it oh and im making this smut how i fucking want enjoy!
Probably a short as hell smut
You And Bucky return from a mission
Bucky: Exact reason why i dont like going on missions
Y/N puts your gear down Y/N: babe its just a gunshot wound Bucky: How The Hell do you know have you had a gunshot wound
Y/N takes your shirt off and you show your scars Y/N: I do have scars most of them are by protecting people I love including you
Bucky: Ok ok fine you have proved that you have bullet wounds,scars and everything else
You pull his pants down and start sucking his dick (yea i dont do this type of nasty shit but i wanted to im gonna continue)
Bucky moaning Bucky: what are you doing Y/N: well I believe it’s called sex ever heard of it?
Bucky smiles at you Bucky: how can i ignore a cute face like you
You take your pants off he puts his dick inside you You moan “this is all i ever wanted Bucky: im guessing thats a insult because me and you havent had sex in 1 week? Y/N: it might be
You stop sucking and you and bucky get on the bed and kiss him... He kisses you back and you and him roll onto the floor
Steve comes in... Steve: Hey Y/N i need your help with something- He sees you and bucky Nat: steve what is it oh shit they’re doing it
2 minutes later
Y/N: your filling my hole Bucky: 3,2,1 ok im done you are alot to handle Y/N: Im taking that as a compliment Bucky: it is a compliment
Nat and the rest come in Wanda: You do know that all of us have rooms and we can hear all of this. Peter: my poor ears im gonna go bleach after what i just saw. Steve: you guys are louder than me and natasha. Natasha: Oh thank you steve for sharing that out loud
Tony: you do know that me and pepper hear you two idiots moan and scream like a cat being strangled to death. Y/N: aw come on cant a teammate have sex with another.. teammate. Vision: I find it hardly disturbing and nasty as the kids say.. Wanda: Me and everyone else are gonna fucking bleach our eyes after seeing you idiots fuck each other on the bed to the floor.
:( again dont make fun of this or me
So i sorta lied about the short part.. Not my fault
So if you read this somewhere where your parents would come in im not responsible for what happend to you..
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darlingsteve · 12 hours ago
Stucky Wednesday 🥵😈
Professor!au where Steve is your art professor and Bucky is your history professor and obviously it’s offensive for them to be that attractive while teaching. you make an appointment for office hours and find them making out instead and you’re just frozen but they just smirk at each other and tell you to come earn your extra credit
you were expecting to find bucky on his office chair when he calls you in only to find him straddling steves lap on the couch he has in his office they had clearly just been in a heated make out session, “well, don’t you want that extra credit? come here.” Bucky says and you walk over nervously as the two men now sit next to each other half naked.
“how about you suck professor rogers cock and we’ll see if you deserve that extra credit?” you nod and sink down on your knees. steve bucks his hips every chance he gets trying to fit his entire length in your mouth while his free hand pays extra attention to bucky’s cock. both professors decide you may need a bit more extra credit and set up an appointment for tomorrow…👀
join stucky wednesday!
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nano--raptor · 12 hours ago
for each other
Tumblr media
Pairing: Winter Soldier x Female Reader
Words: 1382
Warnings: 18+ ONLY. A bit angsty, hurt/comfort, mentions of war/Cold War, mentions of HYDRA and missions, injuries, blood, mentions of brainwashing and treatment of the winter soldier, softness, smut and sex 
A/N: Written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club for the All Eras Day! This is a little angstier than one might expect for today, but I wasn’t in a fluff mood, and I just love writing winter soldier. Honestly I could do it again and again. I’m imagining this to take place in the 60′s or 70′s, I did a bit of war research but more just for time frame reference, etc. Thank you so much for reading!❤
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
My work is not to be copied, translated or reposted in ANY way.
My writing is 18+ ONLY. By clicking ‘keep reading’ you affirm that you are 18+. This work contains mature subject matter and is not intended for minors.
Tumblr media
The Cold War. Unrest all around you. Political tensions, rebellions, the constant threat of a nuclear missile crisis. You knew you had nothing to fear, your work with HYDRA had more than guaranteed your safety. Your subject - the Winter Soldier. Their favorite weapon, sent out time and time again to eliminate anyone who stood in their way. 
You were one of the soldier’s keepers. He might be a weapon but he still needed care. Food, water, bathing. Any time he wasn’t in stasis, he was your responsibility between assignments. Sometimes he came back a mess, blood and dirt caked in his hair, smeared on his skin, his clothes torn, wounds on his body that he didn’t even seem to notice. You didn’t have to touch him or restrain him, he’d follow you to your room, almost as barren as his, containing not much else aside from a bed, a desk and a washroom. HYDRA wanted order, and no one needed distractions. The soldier was enough of a distraction to you.
He stood facing you, rigid, tense, waiting for the next command, and you stood in front of him, reaching up to cup his cheek. There was a cut on his face, it had already started to heal, and you figured the dried mess in his hair was mostly his target’s. His eyes flicked to your face as you loosened the closures on his jacket, sliding it off and hanging it over the chair. He watched as you slowly removed layers of his clothing, his muscles twitching slightly when your fingers brushed over his skin, until he was stepping out of his pants and following you to the bathroom.
You turned on the water, filling the small bathtub, then turned your eyes back to him, looking him over for any wounds that needed cleaning or stitching. Today there was nothing concerning aside from the cut on his face and some darkening bruises on his torso. He’d be fine. 
You trailed your thumb over the cut and along his lower lip, his eyes rising to meet yours now. They were usually empty while he was here, in the compound. Empty, dead, waiting. Ready to comply. You’d seen him during a mission once, and there they’d burn, ice cold, piercing and locked onto his target. It was frightening, but there was a power there, a drive, an instinct, and it actually thrilled you. The only other time you’d seen life in his eyes was when you worked with him after debriefing, where your soft and gentle touch seemed to connect with something deep inside of him. Everyone else treated him like a weapon, the asset, yet you had the chance to show him some humanity, and you wanted to. So you did.
You nodded your head towards the tub and he stepped in, the tension seeming to fade slightly from his shoulders as he sat down. The wash cloth moved over his skin, washing the remainder of his mission away, until you were combing through his wet hair, loosening the knots and tangles. You couldn’t help gazing at his face, his eyes and his features seemingly softer now that you’d cleaned him up. Drops of water clung to his eyelashes, dark and long, and you couldn’t help but admire his beauty, secretly holding the warmth in your chest that you’d feel during these fleeting moments of softness.
There were no cameras in your room, HYDRA didn’t care what you did or how you cleaned him up or fed him, as long as he was ready for the next assignment when they needed him. The first time you’d pressed your lips against his it had taken a beat for him to respond, but he reciprocated, even though it felt stiff and robotic. Over time he warmed up, just as his eyes would once your soft touch lingered for long enough on his skin. When you set the comb down at the side of the sink, you heard him rising up in the tub, and stepping out. You turned, handing him the towel and he dried himself off, before standing rigidly again, his eyes following the movements of your hands.
You stepped towards him, leaning in and placing a kiss at the corner of his mouth. His breath huffed against your skin, your fingers intertwining with his, and his hand closed around yours. He didn’t move otherwise, waiting for your lead. You led him from the washroom to the bed, and he sat, watching as you removed your uniform, hanging up your own jacket, then undoing your blouse and your skirt. As the fabric pooled around your ankles, the soldier’s eyes moved down your body, then back up to meet yours. 
Stepping towards him, you took his hand again, and he glanced down, staring at his hand and yours, laced together, before you were lifting his chin and kissing his lips again. His mouth moved against yours, now knowing what to do, used to the routine, and you were grateful you could provide this small amount of tenderness for him.
When the kiss broke, he blinked slowly up at you with hooded eyes, giving in to the pleasure, his fingers twitching against yours, then resting on your hip as you straddled his lap. His muscles were strong and firm beneath you, and you'd already felt your arousal growing when you'd first undressed him. Now, as you slid forward, his grip tightened when you pressed yourself against his hard cock. You wanted him, something about this man had always intrigued you. He was handsome, yet dark and dangerous, almost feral at times. He'd reciprocated your advances, kissed you back, responded when you touched him, and he made you feel as good as you did for him.
The first sound he made that night was when you sunk down on his cock, something between a groan and a sigh, his hard length stretching you out and making you moan. Your back arched as he filled you inch by inch until his hips were snug against yours. A low groan left his chest, rumbling through him, making you shiver with want, and his hands gripped your hips, instinctively rocking you back and forth. His hips rolled up against you, his cock reaching deep, satisfying depths within you. Murmurs fell from your lips, needing more, begging him for more, your hands gripping his shoulders and digging into firm muscle.
The metal arm whirred, plates shifting as his grip changed, fingers digging into your skin hard enough to bruise. It sent a thrill through you, this sleek weapon, HYDRA's engineering that could easily crush the life out of you, on your skin in a way that was almost tender. It moved intricately, almost delicately, and you needed more. The number of times you’d fantasized in the dark of night about what he and those metal fingers could do to you, it should make you blush.
"Soldat, please," you gasped, grabbing his face and kissing him hard, your tongue meeting his while your fingers tangled into his hair. You were quickly losing control, your hips bucking to meet his thrusts, sending you closer and closer towards your goal, and you clenched around him, wanting him to feel pleasure. A slight shift in angle had you crying out as he pounded the spot that finally pushed you over the edge. As soon as you came he did too, growling in your ear as his hot release filled you, his movements slowing as you both rode it out. You sighed, shuddering and collapsing against his chest while you caught your breath. His flesh hand smoothed over your skin in an almost gentle, caring manner, and you let your eyes drift closed for a moment, listening to the rhythm of his breathing, and the steady beat of his heart.
Tomorrow they'd prepare him for the next mission, but on nights like these you wanted him to feel good, to try and ease the pain of his hellish life. There was a man in there, you’d seen him in the way that he looked at you when the two of you were alone. And truthfully, he helped you feel less alone on those nights too. You were good for each other, whether you knew it or not.
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salted-snailz · 12 hours ago
Bucky Barnes x f!Reader
Summary: When you just move out of a college dorm room, it can be hard to find a place to live, especially one with a half-decent roommate. Luckily for you, a friend of yours knew just the place for you.
Warnings: college au, shameless smut, kind of shy reader, teasing, age gap, size kink if you squint, buckys dog tags, unprotected sex (wrap it before you tap it)
A/n: This is my first time writing on Tumblr, I’m trying me best. I swear in the future I’ll have kinkier stuff. Also I tried adding a bit of a build up so don’t get mad.
Tumblr media
Moving out of a dorm room and finding an apartment in the real world can be stressful, especially when you’re drowning in student loans to pay off. Luckily for you, one of your older friends, Carmen, had a friend that was currently looking for a roommate. At first, you were nervous at the thought of living with a man you didn’t know, so you asked Carmen to introduce you to him.
“I swear he’s a nice guy,” she said with a chuckle as the two of you walked down the hall, “and it’s a nice building, you gotta admit.”
You always admired Carmen, her bold confidence, the way she gives zero fucks about what people think of her, and you’ll admit you love her Columbian accent. But there was something else about her, she was almost like an older sister to you. When you two first met, you were only a freshman straight out of high school, and she was in her third year. You two immediately connected when she offered to give you a tour of the campus. From that day forward, you became best friends, that’s how you know you can trust her with this.
“It is a nice building, I’m just worried about him, what if he hates me or something? What if we don’t get along? I don’t know where else I’d be able to go,” You told Carmen as you stopped in front of her friends door.
She raises an eyebrow and looks down at you, since her heels add a few inches to her height, “Listen, chiquita, everything is gonna work out fine, I promise you that. You know how I know?” She asks and you shake your head, “Because you are such a sweet person and I’ve seen you get along with nearly everyone. Barnes might take a bit getting used to you, but he’s not as mean as he looks.”
As Carmen finishes speaking, she gives you a sweet smile before knocking on the door. Not long after, it opens to reveal a man much taller than you, with messy brown hair, and a prosthetic arm. He’s wearing a dark red Henley shirt and dog tags around his neck. There’s also a kitchen towel draped over his shoulder and there’s a subtle scent of food wafting into the hall.
“Looks like you two made it just in time,” the man beings, “I actually just finished putting everything out. I’m not really used to having guests over but Sam sent me a recipe he thought you guys would like.”
He was so much different than you expected him to be, not that you even know what you were expecting. All you do know is that he is a lot more attractive that you imagined. You were so caught up in your own thoughts that you didn’t notice they were walking inside. Snapping out of your daze, you joined them, making sure to remove your shoes as you walked through the door.
And it all went uphill from that moment on. You learned that not only was Bucky a nice guy but he was a pretty good cook, you also learned that he served in the military, something you could’ve figured out when you saw his dog tags. You moved in about two weeks later, quickly getting settled in. You felt comfortable living there with him, and he was fine living there with you.
It had been about three months since you had moved in and things were going pretty smoothly. Of course all roommates have their ups and downs, it’s a natural human thing that happens.
“It’s not that hard to put your dishes in the sink, Bucky! Stop leaving them all over the kitchen!” You raised your voice at the older man, “You’re twenty-four years old, I would think you know better than this.”
Chuckling sarcastically, Bucky looks up from the living room couch, “Come on, doll, I said I’d do it eventually,” he said with a cocky look on his face.
You began loading the dirty dishes into the dishwasher instead of hand-cleaning them, “This is the third time this week, James, it’s starting to get annoying,” you huffed, annoyed that he wasn’t acting serious.
Standing up, Bucky walks over to you and leans against the counter. Taking a sip of his beer he looks down at you, “You’re so cute when you get angry, you know that?” He said, reaching out his arm to tap your nose.
Flustered, you swat his hand away and attempt to walk away from him, too irritated to deal with his shit. But he stops you, backing you against the counter and standing in front of you.
“You gotta quit being so serious sometimes, Y/n, I thought I was supposed to be the old grumpy one,” he says to you as you try to squirm away.
“I just don’t like the place being a mess and I hate when you don’t take me seriously. I’m a serious person!” You tried making your point by shoving him. Of course, that did nothing.
The man let out an amused laugh and roughly grabbed both of your wrists, pinning them at your sides. His forcefulness elicited a light gasp from you, “How do you expect anyone to take you seriously when you’re so tiny and adorable?” He asks you rhetorically. He leans in closer to you, licking his lips as he looked at your nervous face, “What’s a matter, doll, cat got your tongue?”
You tried to open your mouth and say something, but the only thing that came out was a pathetic squeak. You had no idea what to feel, how did you go from scolding him to being completely in his grasp!? You felt completely helpless and ashamed and… kind of aroused.
Bucky started to loosen his grip on your wrists and slowly moved his hands to your waist, noticing the slight bruises starting to form, “Shit, didn’t mean to hurt you.” He apologized.
“It’s okay, I don’t mind,” You told him, gently putting your hands on his hips. You knew where this was going and you didn’t want it to stop. You felt a sudden wave of confidence and decided to use it, “Please kiss me.”
“You have no idea how long I’ve waited for you to say that.” Bucky moved his hands to gently hold your face as he presses his lips against yours.
He was so much taller than you so you craned your neck to reach him but it was worth it. His lips were so soft and tasted like mint chapstick. You moved your hands biting his neck to hold onto his as he placed his behind your thighs. In a swift motion, he has you sitting on the marble island.
Your lips moved against each other’s like they had done it a million times before. You felt Bucky’s tongue prodding at your lower lip and opened slightly to grant him access. The moans that came out of you sounded like music to his ears. Soon he removed his mouth from your own and attached it to your neck, lightly biting your soft skin, eliciting a moan from the back of your throat.
“Fuck! Don’t bite me, you ass!” You scold him as you slap his arm, making Bucky laugh.
He beings sucks on your neck, making sure he’ll leave purple and red spots to mark you as his. You can’t help but moan in pleasure as he sucks on your sensitive spot. You pull his body impossibly closer to grind against him.
“I need you so badly, please.” You nearly beg him, desperate to feel him between your legs.
“You’re wearing too much,” Bucky says as he begins to remove your shirt. “I can’t fuck you if you’re fully clothed.”
You almost shivered at the vulgar words, and at the cold air against your skin. He wasn’t hesitant at all, nearly ripping your pants off of your body. He wanted you so badly. For weeks he’s been dreaming of this moment, to have you all to himself.
“God, you’re so fucking perfect,” Bucky awed at your nearly naked body, “So fucking wet too.” He said, pressing the pad of his thumb against your clothed clit. You gasped at the feeling and hid your face in his chest. “Don’t get all shy on me now, darling, this is just the beginning.”
He pushed your soaked panties aside and began circling your clit, watching as you slowly started to come apart. The man slowly pushed one of this thick fingers inside of you, watching you gasp in pleasure at the feeling. He curled his finger up and found that sweet spongy spot that made you roll your head back. He continued this in a “come hither” motion for a bit before adding a second finger.
You laid your entire body on the island and held onto the edge of it, “Right there! Fuck keep going please I’m so close!” You yelled out to him, begging for sweet release. “Please, Bucky!”
Right as you were about to reach your peak, he pulled his fingers out and stopped. Tears were brimming your eyes and you were gasping for air. “If I’m gonna be making you come for me for the first time, it sure as hell ain’t gonna be with my fingers.” He told you, not that you were able to pay attention.
The sound of a zipper and a belt hitting the floor brought you back to reality. You looked up to see that Bucky had removed his shirt and lowered his pants, revealing his above average cock. Your eyes widened, worried that it wouldn’t fit.
Bucky pumped his dick a few times before lining it up with your sopping wet entrance, “You ready, doll?” He asked and you nodded in response. “I’ll go easy on ya.”
Slowly, he starts pushing into you, moaning as he feels how warm and tight you are. You winced at the feeling of his girth stretching you out, he was definitely the biggest you’ve ever taken. Once Bucky was fully inside of you, he waited a bit until the pain went away. When you were ready, he slowly started moving in and out of you, firmly grasping your hips.
It was sure to leave a bruise
He was so close and he knew you were too, the feeling of you squeezing his cock almost threw him over the edge. He leaned over you so that his dog tags dangled in front of your face.
“You gonna come for me, darling? Gonna come all over my cock like a good girl?” Bucky was so close and you could hear it in his voice.
“Yes! Yes I’m so close! Please let me come!” You begged him, worried he might not let you again.
“Then come for me.” With a few final rough thrusts, your walls began to spasm around him and you nearly screamed as you were pushed over the edge. Soon Bucky felt his own release, emptying all he had deep into you.
It took a while to come down from both of your highs, but Bucky was eventually able to pull out of you, watching a mix of your fluids flow out of your sensitive cunt.
“Come on, doll, let’s go get you cleaned up.”
AAAAHH oh god sorry if this was bad I haven’t written in months!!! Ugh anyways special shout-out for @maeve-writes for inspiring me to write this!!
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noshame-bb · 13 hours ago
a switch ch.3
oop, here’s this
pairing: alpha!bucky x omega!reader
ratings/warnings: posessive!bucky, semi-torture, sad characters, angst
Tumblr media
 You woke up with a grown. You could feel that you were in a bed, a very uncomfortable one. The sheets and the pillows smelled of your alpha, pine, metal, fruit- that’s what confused you. Where were you? You finally open your eyes to see concrete walls, unfamiliar ones. 
What the hell?
 There was an explanation for this. Steve clearly was done with your shit and finally locked you up, right? Your alpha most definitely didn’t kidnap you? You looked around, trying to find Bucky, get an explanation from him. You spotted him huddling in the corner, he looked like a scared little kid. “James?” He didn’t move for a minute, “Who?” You flinched on how loud his voice was, compared to his body language. What did he mean? Did he not know who he was? What is his name was? You got up from the lovely smelling sheets, and slowly walked over to him, trying a different approach. “Alpha?” That got his attention but he flinched when you got closer. 
“No, no closer” He said as he held his hands out as if to halt your movements. ‘Okay okay, sorry.” You said, as you quickly backed up, and sat back down on the pile of blankets. You looked around and truly wondered where you were. There was only a pile of blankets with a small pillow, and a bench in this tiny prison? “Alpha? Is-is this your bed?” You asked a little shocked. Did he really live here? In these conditions? You knew he had to be brainwashed but, this is unacceptable. 
He gave you a curt nod. Your face fell, this couldn’t be comfortable for him. “Do-do you want to come over here and sit with me?” You knew you should be afraid, afraid that he would snap and hurt you. You weren’t, your inner omega  trusted him, and felt at ease, knowing he would never hurt you. Bucky started to get up from the corner he sat in, and stood there. You gave him a soft smile, hoping to ease him. 
He eventually got the courage to walk over to you, and stare at you for a moment. “Sit” he said before he did so. He looked uncomfortable, HYDRA clearly didn’t take care of this man, or showed him an ounce of affection. You wanted to make the best of the situation you were in, so you tried to get to know the person that you were destined to be with. This broken, shell of a man, who was brainwashed and doesn’t know any better. 
“Do you uh, do you live here?” You said as you looked around. He didn’t say anything, just nodded his head, and looked to the ground. That broke your heart even more. That means he’s been sleeping on this poor excuse for a bed, in this tiny concrete worm for years-decades. You could feel his eyes on you, watching as you looked around. You were distracted for a moment before you felt a slight poke at your arm. “Omega?” Bucky asked curiously. You nodded, not knowing if he was confirming how own thoughts or-
“Alpha?” Bucky asked again, this time he pointed to himself. Almost as if he was in disbelief, that’s who he was. “Yeah, James, you an alpha-”
“M-my omega?” He lifted his finger and placed it on your sternum. There was no ulterior motive to it, just an experimental touch. “Mhm, I’m your omega, your my alpha” Another head tilt of confusion. 
That went on for a while. You would ask questions, and he would give an answer the best he could. You wanted to ask him about how he got here, why these people would hurt him so bad. He seems…….. Sweet, kind, and loving under all that metal. You were sitting so close together that your knees were touching, you smiled at the thought that he trusts you. The conversation eventually came to a stop, and you both were gazing into one another's eyes. You slowly started to raise your hand, and he flinched. You wanted to put your hand down but something inside you said to keep moving. You eventually get to his cheek, and you softly plant your hand. Bucky froze for a minute, unsure of the contact, but leaned his head onto your hand. How could someone hurt him? He’s so soft, and gentle, and would never hurt a fly. An-and now they made him this-this killing machine. 
*A week later*
You both didn’t move from the cell. Someone would bring my food and water, and James would give you his extra’s. You always protested and said he needed to eat to but, he always shook his head, “No, omega come first”. He didn;t go in missions, or train or anything, just stayed with you, and watched over you, protected you. 
That was until Rumlow barged in one day and started making demands. “Alright vacations over, get up you have a mission.” God what a dick. Bucky started to get up, preparing for his orders. Everything was fine until you decided to open your mouth. “You could at least treat him like a human.” Everything ceased. Rumlow turned to you. 
“What did you just say?” You scoffed, getting up, trying to act tough.
“I said, you could at least treat him like a human fucking being. Because that’s what he is, not some toy you can-” SMACK 
You clutched your cheek in pain. Your alpha charged at the man, anger evident in his eyes. He grabbed Rumlow by the neck and slammed him against the wall. His hand squeezed tighter and tighter around the man's neck. As good as it would be to see the man dead, you needed to get him to stop. 
“Alpha-Alpha! Hey it’s okay you can let him go now.” You tried to reason with him. You even went as far as putting a hand on his shoulder to pull him out of his daze. He looked over to you, checking for permission, “yeah it’s okay-see I’m okay-let him go” Without breaking eye contact, James dropped Rumlow to the ground, and grasped your face in his hands. He gently moved your head side to side, inspecting the damage. “Hurt” was all he said. 
“No, I’m okay alpha, promise” You said with a tight lipped smile. Once he was satisfied that you were okay, he turned to Rumlow who was being assisted by his friends, with an angry expression. Before he could do anything, someone came from the side and electrocuted him. “No!” He dropped to the ground with a thud, and you dropped to your knees. You shook him. “James? Alpha? C’mon you gotta wake up!” 
Out of the corner of your eye, you could see Brock leaning against the wall, confused but, amused, expression on his face. “Why would you do that? Your all psycho’s” Tears started to gather in your eyes. Rumlow, completely ignoring your question, said, “You are going on his mission.” Your head whipped up to meet his gaze. “Why? I’m not gonna help you people MURDER others” He laughed, stalking over to you. “Oh sweety, we’re simply making the world a better place.” You wanted to gag. Sweety. 
“Besides, as much as I hate to admit it, we need you. You seem to uh, bring him back. None of us have been able to do it, he always takes it one step too far.” 
“Maybe you shouldn’t fucking brain wash him so much and maybe he wouldn’t de-rail” You spat. He didn’t press any further, he nodded to his men, and they all left the room. You were left there, in the cold room, with your alpha’s lifeless body. 
*a couple of hours later, during the mission*
Jame’s woke up not long after Brock left the room. He didn’t say much, just got up and started to get ready for the mission. You didn’t know what it was, just that you were to follow Rumlow and the team, so you could intervene at any time. 
You and the team were around the corner from where Jame’s was about to shoot his target, in broad daylight when, a familiar shield was thrown his way. It hit him square in the chest, making him stumble backwards. He grabbed Cap’s shield, and threw it right back at him, 10x harder. “You have to let me intervene” You gasped out to Rumlow. “What the hell are you-” 
“Steve isn’t the target, if I don’t step in right now Bucky will kill him. You really want Captain America’s blood on your hands?” You gave him a snide glare. He sighed, “Alright but, be careful, if he doesn’t stop, I tase him understood.” You didn’t even respond before you ran out to the mostly empty street. You started to put your hand out as the shooting ceased, Natasha still had her weapon drawn, and Bucky still had a murderous look on his face. 
“Hey Alpha” You said as you turned to face him. He grunted in response, still in fight mode. “It’s okay, you don’t need to hurt them okay? They aren’t your mission right?” His eyes flicked to your’s. “No” Relief flooded through you. “That’s right, good job. So, let’s lower our weapons,” You were mostly talking to the people behind you. “,and let’s go. We don’t need to fight them, they're friends, alpha.” James grunted again but reluctantly stood straight up, keeping eye contact with you. You put a hand on his cheek, he leaned into it. “Thank you alpha.” You turned around to see Steve and Natasha looking at you. “Please-if you don’t pointing weapons at him, he will try ot kill you.” You pleaded with her. “Put it down Nat” She side eyed him but, lowered her gun. 
“Y/N you know we can’t let him kill those people.” Steve said. You lowered your head, “I know Steve but, I’m doing what I can. I can’t stop him from killing but I can keep him steady.” He nodded
“It’s almost like you were made for this.” Natasha said, in a tone that sounded like she knew something. “Come with us omega and we can help you-get you out of HYDRA” At Natasha calling you ‘omega’ James started to stalk towards her. 
“No no no no, hey hey look at me alpha.” You quickly grabbed his jaw with both hands. “My omega” James said. You nodded your head at his admission. “Yeah yeah, your omega okay?” He moved his forehead to yours. “Not-not her’s, mine” You hummed as a response. To overwhelmed by his affection. “I’m gonna say by okay?” You whispered so he would hear. He moved away from you and let you say your goodbyes. 
“Y/N don’t do this-” Steve started to talk. 
“Steve I have to, he needs me. Pl-please understand.” He only nodded. Tears sprung to your eyes, James sensed your emotions and put a hand on your elbow as you walked back to the team. “Okay?” James asked. You gave him a sad smile. “Yeah I’m okay”
tags!: @wintershadowkat@yazzyun @fionanovasleftnut@bababasti @animegirlgeeky
let me know if you want to be tagged!
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sidepartskinnyjeans · 14 hours ago
Man with a plan - Part 2
Sequel to Girlfriend Boyfriend Girlfriend Boyfriend
Genre: still a but angsty, but mostly very very smutty.
Summary: there's a new plan and you finally have an honest conversation with your boys.
Warnings: very smutty, language, oral (m receiving), masterbation, vaginal penetration, double penetration, hint of Daddy kink, hint of power play don/sub dynamics, hint of choking, dirty talk, mention of edging, hint of orgasm control.
A/N: get your happy tissues, close the curtains because our little thruple have missed each other.
Tumblr media
The private car slows at the back of the hotel, pulling into the underground car park. This is nothing new, a member of staff leads you to a private room. 'The Pen' as you Steve and Bucky normally call it, a small room you wait in before you 'officially' arrive. Sometimes you and Bucky 'arrive' together, sometimes you 'bump into' him on the carpet and greet each other, surprised. The best one is when Steve takes you, the story that he has been looking after you while Bucky is away. Then he can put his arm around you for a while, even if you're not supposed to kiss properly he kisses you on the cheek when you greet Bucky.
This time the pen is smaller than normal and there's a table set but it's so dark, just some candles and low lights on the table. What on earth. A door opens on the other side of the room and you here voices, familiar voices and you allow yourself a smile hoping the dark will protect you.
"I don't understand why I'm not allowed to do by bow tie up though Buck, I look scruffy."
"I think you look good Stevie, disheveled, its sexy"
God you can't wait to see that, it's your dream, you're always telling Michelle they should do the 'end of the night' look for Steve, Captain America, ruffled. You stay in the shadow and bite your lip.
"I think they got us mixed up Buck, you look great"
"Ergh" you can hear the shudder. "A tie though" god damn you want to see that.
You had only seen him in a tie twice. The first time was for a very exclusive award ceremony dinner at the White House, he looked so good you'd pretended to faint and spent the rest of the night playing with it whenever he turned to you.
The second time was difficult for him. They had asked him and Steve to wear their uniforms, replicas of their 40s attire. Bucky had had a melt down remembering being taken, the prison, Steve had had to dress him and you coaxed him into the back of the limo. He was shaking and you could see tears in his eyes. You casually wiped off your lips stick, told Steve to not let him touch your hair, rucked your skirt up to your knees so it wouldn't get crumpled and squeezed in front of him. You edged him for 40 minutes until you arrived at the venue and he finally let go. He looked relaxed and happy for the pictures then you let the world have him for an hour before faking ill so he could take him home, your home. Their home.
They appear out of the shadows and pause at the table, probably time to make your appearance too.
"Hi" you say, shyly, earning a hi and a hey back. "I guess if they left snacks we're going to be here for a little while." They nod, speechless.
As you walk towards them your hips move the slits in your dress. This wasn't an outfit for you, hips and thighs too wide the slits won't close fully, you feel a bit exposed
Steve pulls a chair out and you aim for the one next to him but he touches your wrist at the last moment. Not a grab, just his fingers running under the loose bracelet, and motions with his head at the seat in front. He pulls the chair out further letting you sit down and then tucking you in, knees brushing under the table cloth.
They take a seat on either side of you, the small table crowding you together.
"You look beautiful, by the way" Steve says and he's not looking at your legs, or the too deep v of the top, he's looking in your eyes.
"You do, you look stunning" Bucky agrees "I'm surprised you picked it, we've been on at Michelle for ages that you'd look good in that"
"We didn't think you'd be comfortable though, so we vetoed it a few times" Steve finishes. Opening the bottle of wine from the middle of the table and pouring two glasses.
"She said it was the only thing I was allowed to wear, but thanks"
You lapse into awkward silence.
"Its weird because, I've asked her countless times to dress you like this" you use your wine glass to point at them "I wasn't wrong. You both look good. I just didn't think they'd do it when we're...." you stop. You were going to say over but you don't want to be. This is just a fight, right. It's solvable.
Steve looks around and checks his watch, eyeing the exits.
You start to feel a bit weird too, all the details have been very vague compared to the normally boring amount of notes you got before an event.
"Maybe" Bucky suggests, fingernail picking the label on his beer "we could talk?"
You put your hand over his "I'd like that. I want to talk about the house thing." Steve goes to speak but you cut him off, holding your finger up "but I want honesty. I don't want game playing. I don't want macho bravado. Tell me what you feel. Okay?"
They nod.
"I'll go first. I felt that I was being told I had to move and, I don't like being told what to do. I love my house and I thought you loved it too and I was hurt because I thought it, I, wasn't enough there. And this, us, is so new. I was so hurt before, what if you get fed up of me? I'd have no where to go, I can't start over again " You pull at a lose thread on your napkin, looking down at your lap and bringing your rambling to an end.
Warm arms surround you, pine fresh, almost citrusy, Steve, you take a deep breath and feel calmer just letting him hold you.
"We would never have made you do anything, my darling. I'm sorry for playing games, I wanted you to want to move in and I knew you would resist. I should have told Tony no to start with. I just, I thought I could give you a home and make you happy. I wanted you to have everything you could dream and I guess I got that confused with buying and building things. You don't have to do anything you don't want to." He kissed the top of your head. It felt like you were being recharged, you needed more. Lifting your head you meet his lips for a soft slow kiss. "I am worried about your safety though, I think it got me confused."
"Peach?" Bucky sounds wrecked now, he reaches for you and you can't deny him, you fall into his arms, settling yourself on his lap as he buries his face in your neck. "That day, when I came home, because it is my home still I hope" he feels you nod against his shoulder "you and Steve in the kitchen, my dinner in the oven, a beer in my hand, you were both so beautiful and I was so happy and so sad at the same time. I want to stay there with you, desperately, but Tony is right."
"If you want to stay why are you arguing with me" you lift your head and cup his cheek, making him meet your eyes.
"Because I can't protect you there. I dont have to worry about Steve so much, but you're so precious. And despite how fierce you are with us, at work, you're fragile compared to what we see out in the world. If you got involved, if they found you, I wouldn't be able to help you. That's why I was angry. I took it out on you baby girl because I'm scared but I'm sorry."
He had tears over flowing at the corner of his eyes, you kissed them away, he spread his hand at the nape of your neck, fingers tangling in your hair and pulled you down for a proper kiss. Not searing and angry like in Steve's office, gentle and full of love.
"I'm sorry too, I thought it wasnt enough for you and I lashed out. I've missed you both so much. If you really think it's about safety I'll do it, I don't want you worrying about me."
"We would both rather live with you, but that little house just can't protect any of us." Steve stands behind you, one arm around Bucky, the other resting on your shoulders.
"I'll do it. But, I want to keep my house, maybe rent it out or something?" You all agree to keep the little house.
"So..." you lean back, head resting on both their arms, their eyes flicking up and down your body. "I, I really did miss you. I've been really lonely..."
"Hmm, me too" Bucky agrees, the hand on your knee sliding forwards between your legs, brushing the fabric away.
"It's not the same without you Princess" Steve agrees, leaning over to kiss the back of you neck, hand already sat below your collarbone, fingers pressing into the top of your exposed breast.
"Do you have a room" you breath out against Bucky's lips. Steve slides a card into you hand. "Do you think there even is an event?" You worry. You all got chewed out the last time you were messed up before the pictures.
"I don't fucking care I need you both now" Steve growls tipping your head back for a fierce kiss.
"Me either, we'll protect you if we get in trouble" Bucky kisses up Steve's neck.
"Oh good" you watch them kiss "because I'm so frustrated right now, it's not the same without you" that gets their attention.
"Yeah?" Steve quirks an eye brow standing back up "wanna show us?"
"I wanna see" Bucky whines.
"Not here"
Steve pulls you and you stagger briefly out into the blinding light of the lobby before Bucky is tugging you into the lift.
"We're gonna get in so much trouble" you pant, but it's hard to care too much when you're pressed against the cold glass wall of of the lift, one leg around Bucky's hip as he holds it there with his left hand. Your skin prickles against the feeling. His right hand is splayed out next to your face as he dips down to kiss you, the force pushing your head back until he's the only thing keeping you upright.
"Are we gonna get to finish this this time" his voice is low, lips pressing at that spot you like under your ear.
"Uh huh" you nod.
"No, come on, tell Steve what we did"
"Bucky" you whine, his hand moving up your other leg, tapping your thigh. You jump into his arms and bury your face, embarrassed, into his neck.
Steve stands behind Bucky, arms around his shoulders, hand tangled in your hair.
"I know what you did on my desk, damn animals"
Bucky smirks "you love it"
The doors open and you search for Steve's room, stumbling on your heels as you fall through the door. The room is huge so you find the first soft surface, a long Chesterfield sofa with low arms.
"God that dress" Bucky's hands are on your thighs, your hands in his hair keeping you connected. Your legs hit the arm of the sofa, hands holding your shoulders steady. Steve is behind you, turning you so he can kiss you. He has one foot on the floor the other kneeling on the sofa, he sits back, pulling you forward as Bucky's hands hold your hips still.
You've lost all balance, just their hands keeping you steady and the occasional support of the sofa as you're bent almost double.
"Fuck Peach I can't wait, I've been hard since you walked into the room" his hands smooth over your back and down towards your ass, pushing the flimsy fabric aside and ripping your panties off. You know the feeling, it's like you've been wet for weeks. Unable to find satisfaction without them.
Steve kisses you as Bucky slides home, no preamble. You're so full, each inch of him pressed inside of you feels right. Gasping against Steve's lips as Bucky rolls his hips experimentally.
You squeeze your eyes closed and reach a hand to steady yourself on Steve's shoulders as Bucky finds his rhythm.
Steve's hands move to open his dress slacks as you lean your weight against him. Shaking with each thrust. He's hard too, you can see precum leaking out between his fingers. It's an involuntary reaction but he catches you licking your lips.
"Princess" he moans against you, a hand between your shoulder blades encourages you down until your lips find the head of Steve's cock, the skin soft against your lips, you move down as far as you can, meeting Steve's hand when you can't reach,smearing your lipstick over his thumb and finger.
"Baby girl you should see yourself" Bucky groans, hips faltering at the sight, you flutter around him. None of you are even undressed yet and you feel gone, spaced out.
"Oh it feels so good, please"
"Please? Please what baby, you need something" he knows exactly what, the bastard, but you're too far gone, too lost in the darkness of your own pleasure to even care right now. You know what he wants to hear, you keep it back on purpose and now you've reached your tipping point, your walls clenching, thighs soaking he can have it to.
"Please, Daddy, I want to cum" you feel the hand in your hair tighten, the smugness radiating from him.
"Cum for us Peach, let me feel you" you can't deny him and you cum hard at he same time, release trickling down your bare legs.
Steve squeezes your shoulders and spurts down your throat, unexpected and uncontrollably. You swallow audibly, making eye contact through your eyelashes as he pants. He cups your chin, thumb running over your bottom lip, a familiar feeling, normally the start of a gentle loving kiss. But instead of leaning in you open your mouth and stick out your tongue before licking your lips.
"Baby, give me a minute you're too much" he breaths but he still pulls you over the arm of the sofa and onto his chest. He's hard again, you can feel him against your leg even if he isn't mentally ready.
You're a mess and you want out of this dress now, a cool hand already on your back tugging at the zipper, it comes off in his hand and you squeeze around nothing, still not satisfied, their every move electric.
Bucky kisses up your back as he pulls the dress off you and you settle over Steve's hips, his hands on your waist.
He looks done. So tired from arguing and still panting from his last orgasm.
"Come on Stevie" you grind down onto him, the fabric of his trousers rubbing over you just right. It's not lost on you that you're the only one naked, save for your heels. He grips tighter stopping you from moving "please"
"Don't be cruel Steve" Bucky kneels on the floor face even with Steve's and kisses him slowly. "You gonna make her beg? That's mean"
It's rich coming from Bucky after what he's put you through.
You want to let him do the work for you but you're too desperate "please honey, please, I need you, need to feel you inside of me"
"Is that right princess" he tucks your messy hair behind your ear "how bad?"
"So bad, I can't live without you, I need you, need you to fill me up, need you to make me cum" Both soldiers groan, Bucky's hand squeezing your thigh
"Show him Peach" he moves your hand away from Steve's chest to your dripping folds "show him what you need"
You let your fingers dance over your clit, sliding lower through the mess you and Bucky have just made. Both men stare at you as you slide two fingers inside, curling gently. You lift up slightly at the feeling, moaning quietly.
Bucky straddles Steve's legs, sitting behind you, cupping your breasts, thumbs rolling over your nipples until they harden.
"Is this what you did when you missed us?" He asks, voice low as he presses kisses into your shoulders. "Or did you play with your little toys too?"
You gasp as a cold metal finger slides in alongside you own.
"I tried it all" your head falls back against Bucky's shoulder. "But I wanted more, needed more, needed you"
You writhe back against Bucky's hand, it feels so good but isn't enough. Your fingers curling inside are getting you close but knowing Steve is right there, the base of his hard cock pushing against your clit as you roll forward, you still feel empty.
He pushes your hands away and lifts your hips slightly so you can line yourself up. You brace yourself on his chest but he takes your weight anyway. Bucky's hands find yours and move them away. You slip slightly, sliding further down his length. Your hands behind your back you are completely at Steve's mercy as he starts to roll his hips.
Bucky keeps your hands in his, tugging slightly so you lean towards him, back arched and neck exposed.
"I'm gonna get a big mirror for next to our bed so you can look at yourself like this, so beautiful. So perfect." You close your eyes, his left hand slides up your throat, tilting your head so he can see your face. "Look at me Doll" he whispers, your eyes fluttering open, pupils blown. He doesn't look much different,there is only the faintest hint of blue grey now, eyes so wide he looks possessed, by you, by Steve, by the sound of your bodies moving together.
Steve's fingers dig into your hips stilling the roll of your hips and holding you high so only the tip of him remains brushing against your silky walls. He makes eye contact with Bucky who tightens his grip on your hands and slides his hand back around your throat, finger tips tickling behind your ear.
You try to move down, needing friction but it doesn't work and they won't tell you how to get it.
"Please, please please" you gasp out, mind gone.
"Say it" Bucky squeezes your wrists
"Please, Captain, please" you sob and that's all it takes before Steve is fucking up into you, grunting as his hips meet yours, bruises already forming under his fingers ripping another orgasm from you and filling you with the heat of his own pleasure.
Bucky let's your hands go and holds you, his hand on your hips, Steve's on your waist the feeling all consuming as he lifts you up. The evidence of Bucky and Steve leaving tracks down your red thighs.
"Holy shit Princess" Steve pulls you down for a kiss, firm but loving. "Are you okay?"
"More than okay" you feel limp, closing your eyes as they lay you on the huge bed. You can feel a towel cleaning you off and a glass bottle pushed into your hand.
"Drink some water darling" Steve helps you tip the bottle up to your lips. He's discarded his dress trousers, boxers and jacket, his shirt open half way, bow tie clinging to the sweat at his neck, sinful.
"Please tell me you're gonna wear that again" you grin.
"Told you she's fine" Bucky smirks, stroking your hair, his clothes haven't survived any better, although he is quicker to discard his shirt and tie.
You lay together kissing for a few minutes, just enjoying the feel of being with each other again.
"You know" Bucky hums "I'm one behind you both" his finger is dancing over your stomach, tickling your belly button and threatening to brush lower.
"That sounds like a Bucky problem and not a me problem" you turn to him.
"Oh really?" He leans down and starts kissing up your leg, lapping at the slow trickle of cum leaking down your thighs.
"Really" you move backwards up the bed az he chases you and rest your heel on the apex of his right shoulder.
"Maybe Stevie can help you, he's been very lazy this evening." You look over at Steve lying at the foot of the bed, arm throwniver his eyes.
"Leave me alone I'm an old man"
"Nuh uh, you and Bucky might have been born first, but I didn't laze about in ice for years, I'm the oldest. And I say come and help the Sergeant out." You can see his dick twitch and a cheeky smile peak out from under his arm.
"Or what?"
You move your foot from Bucky's shoulder to Steve's leg and slide the sharp heel over his thigh.
"C'mon Steve. Be a team player. Lead by example."
He glares at you but pushes your leg away, kneeling up to crawl over to Bucky, hand on his chest laying him back down.
You wiggle back up the bed so you can get comfy and enjoy the view.
Steve kisses Bucky lazily, hands tangled in his hair knee spreading his legs, pressing against Bucky's cock.
"Steve!" Bucky arched up as Steve's hand wrapped around him, large and warm.
"Hey, that's Captain to you" you poke him in the rib with your heel.
"Sorry, sorry," he pants, Steve's hand pumps slowly, drawing a whine from Bucky's lips as he kisses down his chest. "Please Captain please"
"Wait Steve" you stop him, Steve hovers over Bucky's leaking cock, licking his lips.
"Please what baby, what do you need?" Bucky's eyes fluttered open, dark and needy, staring at you.
"Please Captain, please please make me cum."
You nod at Steve and he finally licks slowly, you can see his tongue swirl in the precum dripping over his head.
Bucky fists his hands in Steve's hair, but the blonde predicts you this time and pins Bucky's hands to his sides, humming around him until he's writhing.
Jesus you should have done this weeks ago, your fingers move lower, you need to satiate the ache building between you legs.
The hotel phone rings. Steve's eyes flick over to you but he doesn't stop, just presses Bucky's hands harder into the mattress.
You lean over and wave for him to carry on.
"You left the pen, you're meant to be having your pictures taken, where are you?!"
"Oh Tony" Steve gags as Bucky writhes trying to get free. 'Don't fucking stop' you mouth and Steve continues "we had to leave, Bucky wasn't feeling well" as if on cue Bucky moans and then bites his lip.
"Right... you know he can't get sick" Tony laughs
"Its a super Soldier sickness" you shrug.
"And this is Steve's hotel room, that he booked in his own name, with his own money and I bribed the receptionist to give me the number for" shit.
You look to the end of the bed, Bucky can't help himself now, arching his back and silently begging. You nod and he finally releases, Steve pulls back wiping the edge of his mouth. You wish Tony would fuck off so you can take a picture.
"Oh dear Tony I'm going through a tunnel, you're breaking up" and you hang up stifling a laugh.
Downstairs Tony swirled the ice in his glass.
"Plan worked then?" Natasha asked.
"Like a dream"
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bucksfucks · 14 hours ago
dead of night | bucky barnes
Tumblr media
SUMMARY || you disclose your biggest fantasy; to be fucked by the winter soldier.
PAIRING || bucky barnes/winter soldier x f!reader
WORD COUNT || 2,435 words
WARNINGS || established relationship [wife/husband], bucky doesn’t turn into the winter soldier [just roleplays as him], soldat kink, authority kink, praise kink, language kink [russian], mention of death, dog tag kink, ruined kink [reader cry’s from blowing bucky + from being edged], blowjob [deepthroating/face-fucking], knife kink, power kink [bucky has the strength to k*ll reader], mocking & degradation [calling reader dumb, stupid, pathetic, etc…], boot riding/humping [alludes to], clothes ripping [by knife], crying kink [dacryphilia], unprotected sex, bucky restraints readers hands, breeding kink, all of this is consensual between reader & bucky — 18+ ONLY//MINORS DNI
NOTES || i have no words
   I want you to fuck me as the Winter Soldier.
     Your words replayed in both of your minds as you sat crosslegged on the bed drowning in shame, embarrassment, and regret. 
     He was going to leave you, surely, after a request like that. 
     The Winter Soldier was a distant memory now, a small part of him that he worked hard to accept and...
     You must’ve heard wrong. Did Bucky just say okay? Okay to fucking you as the Winter Soldier? A brain-washed Russian assassin?
     “What?” You blurted out, unsure of what was reality anymore as Bucky pushed off of the doorframe and walked further into the shared bedroom. 
     “I won’t tell you when. The safe word is blueberry, understood?”
     You were sitting there dumbfounded, shocked as Bucky looked at you expecting a verbal answer and it made you shiver all the way down to your core as you swallowed thickly. 
     “I understand,” your voice was hoarse and dry, but Bucky seemed content and he hummed and leaned over to give you a kiss on the forehead. 
     “Good girl,” he left without saying another word, leaving you practically vibrating in your own skin as you were left to wait until Bucky made the first move. 
     The days that followed were the worst. You were on the edge of your seat, jumping at every little motion as Bucky had to soothe you with a hand on your thigh. 
     After the first week, you let your guard down as you thought that Bucky had entirely forgotten about the night you disclosed your biggest and dirties secret to him. 
     “It’s just a short recall mission, don’t worry about me,” Bucky chuckled, wrapping you in his arms as you pouted and buried your face in his chest. 
     His scent was familiar, reminding you of home as you sighed, “some days I think Sam gets to spend more time with you than your own wife.” 
     Bucky laughs, “is someone a little jealous?” 
     You weren’t jealous, you were antsy. Waiting for the moment that Bucky, no, The Winter Soldier would greet you instead. 
     “Just be safe and don’t do anything stupid, yeah?” You joke, pulling Bucky in by his dog tags to pull him in for a kiss. 
     He welcomes it, hands on your face as he deepens the kiss until you’re forced to pull apart for air. 
     “Here,” Bucky smiles, “so you don’t forget about your old man.” 
     He drapes his dog tags over your head until they’re settling on your neck and lying neatly against your chest. They’re warm from his skin and your touches. 
     “They look better on you anyways,” he licked his lips, and it made you feel slightly better than he was leaving his tags with you.
     He always wore them just in case, a habit from when he was at war and it broke your heart seeing him leave with the tags gleaming, the thought of getting only them back made your stomach lurch. 
     “I love you, pretty girl,” he smiled, pulling you in for one last kiss before he was grabbing the small duffle bag of gear and other things before he was out the door and the apartment was plunged into silence. 
     It’s why you always had to have the television or radio going, hating the complete silence that you were left with when Bucky wasn’t around. 
     You missed the light whirring of his mechanical arm or the way he would sing horribly off-key in the shower knowing it made you laugh.
     The bright side is that at least now you were left with the soft clanging of his dog tags against your own chest, being able to snuggle up with his pillow as you fell into a dreamless sleep that night. 
     It didn’t last long, your body shooting upwards at the sound of the slamming front door. 
     Your first thought was Bucky, jumping out of bed in nothing but his shirt and a pair of old boxers as you rounded the corner and oh. 
     That wasn’t Bucky. 
     It was Him. 
     All black tactile gear, strapped with knives and a few guns that you could make out. His heavy boots thudded and left marks on your clean floors as your eyes met his. 
     The mask, his mask covered the majority of his face and you choked out a whimper when he moved towards you. 
     Fuck, fuck, fuck this was so hot. 
     He left you quivering, pussy practically in shambles already as he stood in front of you and he hadn’t even touched you yet. 
     “Aren’t you going to welcome your Soldat home?” His voice was lower and raspier than usual, Russian accent much thicker as it laced every word now. 
     You had to swallow, gulp, when he spoke as you took a shaky breath inward, “welcome home, Soldat.” 
     He could barely hear you, your words just above a whisper but you were too focused on drinking in the sight in front of you. 
     The weeks of waiting and it was finally time. You could barely believe it before he cracked his neck and grabbed you by your bicep, “what’s the safe word?” 
     That was Bucky. The man you married shining through as he locked eyes with yours. 
     “Blueberry,” you spoke softly as you saw the smile lines that formed around his eyes before they disappeared like he flipped a switch. 
     You were pressed against the cold wall seconds later, breath being knocked out of your lungs momentarily as Bucky—no, it was the Soldat, pinned you against it. 
     He was large, easily overpowering you as you whimpered at the way he pressed his thigh between your legs.   
     It was rough, material of his pant built to withstand slashes, gashes, and whatever else the Soldat would run into. 
     But God did it feel good against your core, through the thin fabric of Bucky’s old boxers that you were wearing. 
     You didn’t care if it was pathetic anymore, you couldn’t hold back the moan that slipped past your lips as he gripped your hips and moved your across his muscled leg. 
      “So desperate already?” He laughed, mocking you as he drank in your dishevelled appearance.  
     Another high-pitched whine left your body, a shudder rolling over your spine as you suck in a shaky breath.
    “Uh uh,” he suddenly tsks.
    “If you aren’t going to use your big girl words, then I won’t know what you want.” He purrs, low and slightly muffled as he leans in closer to you.
    You hear the crackling of his suit, the smell of the leather of the glove that’s covering the beloved metal hand and suddenly it’s around your neck.
    A strangled gasp leaves you, his thumb now on your lips and he’s cocked his head.
    You don’t need to see beneath his mask to know he’s smirking.
    “Speak.” He spits, not English, but Russian and it sends goosebumps prickling your skin.
    “W-want, mmm,” he tightens his grip around your throat, “you t-to use me.”
    You manage to stutter out, heart racing and breathing erratic not from fear, but the ache between your thighs.
    The ache that doesn’t go away despite Soldat’s thigh against your pussy. You want more, you need more, and right now? You’re not against begging.
    “Good girl, my Зайчик.” You know that one, Bunny.
    And it leaves his lips so seamlessly before he’s picking you up, throwing you over his shoulder and carrying you the shirt distance into the bedroom.
    You squeal as you’re hurled onto the bed, bouncing with the drop.
    The moonlight filtering through the curtains provides more than enough light, enough light to see the bulge that’s formed in his tactical pants.
    He shuts the door, loudly and with a thud.
    It makes you jump.
    “Up,” he snaps, standing a little ways away from the bed, “and on your knees.”
    You’re scrambling, watching him wide eyed as you stumble from the bed. You get tangled in the bedsheets, toppling onto the floor as Soldat just laughs. 
    “You’re such a dumb, clumsy baby, aren’t you?” He taunts, pulling you up to your feet and the only thing that’s holding you upright is him.
     His chuckle is muffled by the mask again, low, raspy, but smooth voice echoing in your mind. 
     “On your knees. Now.” He doesn’t give you a chance to reply before he’s pushing you onto your knees and grabbing your chin. 
     “What a pretty little face,” he cooes, making sure to tilt your head upwards so you’re looking up at him. 
     “And I can’t wait to see you all ruined. Cryin’ and beggin’,” your breath gets caught in your throat as you watch him pull his cock out. 
     “Open.” He barks the command out, lightly slapping your face when you’ve been staring at him just frozen and in awe.
     It makes you whimper, a new wave of arousal washing over you and soaking your panties as you learn that yeah, that’s a new kink.
     “What? Are you too stupid to follow simple orders now?” He snarls, cock jumping against his abdomen as you realize the massive array of knives he has strapped to himself. 
     “N-no,” you whisper shakily, licking your lips and opening your mouth before he’s slipping past your lips and you gag around him. 
     “Mmm, good girl,” he praises lowly, your eyes wide at his words.
     He’s still in control, fucking your mouth as you can do nothing but hollow your cheeks and let the tears fall past your eyelids and down your cheek as you moan around him. 
     It doesn’t help the almost painful ache between your thighs, absentmindedly letting your hand between your legs as you try to soothe the pressure.
     Suddenly, your hand is being kicked away, bent legs kicked apart as Bucky pulls his cock from your mouth.
     “What a shame,” he mocks, “you were bein’ such a good girl. And then I see you touchin’ yourself? Without permission?”
     You know you’re in trouble when you feel the heavy, steel-toed boot slide right between your legs and press up against your core. 
      He looks at you, “well? Go on, hump my boot since you’re such a needy little slut.”
     Oh God, why did that cause a shiver down your spine?
     You whimper, sniffling back tears as you shake your head, “I-I jus’ want you to t-touch me,” you hiccup. 
     He looks at you, standing with a blank expression before he’s grunting as he bends down.
     “Fine.” He spits, “if that’s what you want.” 
      You know better than to ask questions as you’re lifted and throw back on the bed. 
     He grabs one of the many knives, flipping it in front of you before he’s grasping the blade in the vibranium hand that you’ve held many times before. 
     “I hope these aren’t a favourite,” he whispers, confusion lacing your face before you hear the ripping and the fabric is pooling around your body.
      The boxers go next before you’re laying entirely exposed to him, the handle of the blade now circling your nipples and you’re squirming under him, on the verge of tears if he doesn’t touch you already.
     “Oh hush,” he mocks, throwing the blade, landing perfectly in the wall, a very real reminder that Bucky, Soldat, could kill you.
     “Cryin’ will get you nowhere,” he reminds, eyes dark. “In fact, I love watching you become a blubbering mess for me.”
     His hands are running along your body now, squeezing your curves and all the indents that you hated so much; showing them the love they deserve. 
     “Look at the mess you’ve made,” he tsks, spreading your legs apart as he examines your slick coating your lips and inner thighs. 
     “Pathetlic little girl,” he scolds, running a gloved fingers through your folds and your back arches off the bed from the contact.
     “You’re so wet I bet I’d just,” he bends his body over yours, masked face now level with yours and you can feel his hot breath through it, “slide right in.”
    You moan, going to grab at his face, hair, shoulders, anything before they’re restrained over your head. 
    “Silly girl, you never learn.” He chuckles, “now hold still for me.”
    You feel him lining himself up with your entrance, a shiver rolling through your body as you grip him the second he’s sinking into you.
     “Fuck,” he breaks character in that moment, resting his head on your shoulder as he sinks further and further into your heat. 
     It takes a moment for him to recover, sitting back on his knees as he’s pulling your lower body over his thighs and spreading your legs. 
     “Can you feel how deep ‘side you I am?” He purrs, pressing a hand to the bugle in your belly, eliciting a high pitched whine from you.
     “Takin’ me so goddamn well, Зайчик.” He praises as he rocks his hips against yours.
     He feels so good, filling you up so fucking well. And it leaves you practically sobbing because you needed this.
     With a hand around your throat, he fucks up into you, stealing the breath in your lungs with each snap of his hips. 
     “Good girl, lettin’ me use you like my own personal fucktoy,” he barks, eyebrows knit tightly together as your eyes are squeezed shut. 
     A tear slips past your shut eyes, then another, and another as Bucky continues to fuck you.
    “Need’a cum, please, let me,” you’re whimpering, begging him as your hands as twisted tightly in the bedsheets.
     He grunts, ripping his mask off his face and throwing it on the floor, “cum for me, baby. Milk my fuckin’ cock and let me fill you up ‘til you’re leakin’.”
     It hits harder than any orgasm you’ve ever had, leaving you floating in white, hot pure euphoria as Bucky’s hips stutter before he cums with a shout.
     You feel like your skin is prickling with little pins of pleasure, bolts of electricity still running through you as you pry your heavy eyes open to meet Bucky’s figure.
     He’s spent, pink lips and rosy cheeks, mouth open as he’s still gripping your hips.
     “You okay?” He whispers, sliding out of you, collapsing onto the bed beside you, “better than okay.”
     He hums, pulling you into his chest, still wearing all his gear. 
     “I didn’t know you still had the suit,” you whisper looking up at him as he smirks, “I had to make a few calls.”
     The cheeky smirk doesn’t leave his lips as he tilts your chin with his index finger, “we’re doin’ this again because I don’t think I’ve ever cum this hard.”
     You weren’t about to say no, kissing him passionately, “whatever you say, Soldat.”   
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darlingsteve · 14 hours ago
But could you imagine double penetration with DaddyDom!Stucky? *faints*
wake up, bestie!✋🏼 daddy!stucky have a huge breeding kink 😩
they would start off slow but once they’re all the way inside you they can’t help but be rougher which you absolutely enjoyed. you’d tug on their hair when steve rubs his thumb on your clit, “that’s it, sweet girl. let your daddies hear how we make you feel. gonna fill up your holes and knock you up with our baby.”
join stucky wednesday!
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angrythingstarlight · 14 hours ago
I wonder if masks have made it easier for Bucky to tease/edge the reader in public. She doesn’t have to worry as much about keeping her face looking calm while he’s got a vibe on her or is stroking her clit or etc
Tumblr media
Pairing: TFAWS Bucky x Reader
Drabble. Dont copy these, repost or rewrite them. Minors DNI. Public Sex, Bucky being a tease. two surprise guests. Toys, dom/sub vibes
Bucky loves online shopping because you can buy anything with a few clicks now. Including the remote-controlled vibe, he placed inside your pussy before the both of you left the house. You're wearing a custom-made version of his WS mask so only your eyes are visible.
You are on edge waiting for him to turn it. But only gives you sweet smiles and soft glances, holding your hand as you walk to the park.
Bucky sits down on a little bench tucked away in a secluded corner, surrounded by tall trees and bushes. He places your legs over his thighs and you see him take the remote out.
Bucky loves to tease so he tosses it hand to hand while your breath quickens in pure anticipation. Your eyes following the small device going between his vibranium hand to his gloved one.
You can't take another second of this, not with the base of the toy stretching your sopping walls, the curved edged sitting right on your clit.
You turn your head, your lips parting in a plea. "Buck-oh oh my god." you gasp, your head dropping back as he turns the vibe on. Small pulses of sensations rock through your pussy. You moan-loud-when he turns it up a notch.
Bucky smirks, running his tongue over his teeth. "Hey doll, you might wanna keep it down before Sam and Steve hear you."
"Huh?" you mumble, trying to focus as the vibe pulsates.
Bucky raises his hand. "Over here."
Craning your head, your eyes widen, almost bulging out when you see Sam and Steve jogging to you. "You son of -ah oh fuck," you hiss, scrambling off his lap and onto the bench beside him. You cross your ankles, hoping to hide the tremor in your legs as another wave of pleasure sparks in you.
Buck continues to smirk, placing his arm around your shoulder. You glare at him as he greets the guys. You nod, pretending to cough when they say hello to you. Chewing your lip, you're doing everything you can to not moan as the coil winds tighter and tighter in your belly.
You can't speak because you know, you just know, by the devilish gleam in Bucky's blue eyes that he's waiting for you to open your mouth.
Bucky places his hand on your leg, his body turned to his friends as they talk. He wedges the remote between your thighs, you can't believe the audacity of him. Another hot pulse of sensations surge through you and you clamp down on the whimper clawing up your throat.
You vaguely hear the guys laughing and talking, your brain focused on that little tiny device. You shift your thighs, a wave slick dripping down to the bench below you as the coil gets a little tighter.
Taking a deep breath, you grab the edge of the remote. Without missing a beat or even turning his head in your direction, Bucky snatches it from you and spins the dial.
Pure electricity shoots up your spine and your body locks up, your hand digging into Bucky's leather jacket, the other wrapped around the warm wooden bench. A grunt spilling out from your lips as the vibe pulses, thrusts, pulses, and- oh god fuck fuck. The coil snapping loose as you cum so hard you nearly scream.
"You okay?" Steve asks with concern.
You swing your glazed eyes over and nod. Bucky scrunches his nose at you. "Yeah, she's going to be just fine."
He leans to the side, his soft lips brushing over your ear. "You were really good, plum but you know what happens to naughty girls who touch things that don't belong to them."
The bench creaks and groans as they all stand up and surround you.
Bucky tilts his head, slipping your mask off. "Tell the guys what happens when you misbehave."
You shiver as Steve pulls your head back and Sam kneels before you, spreading your legs.
"I-I get punished." You quickly hide your smile when Bucky tsks.
Steve pulls down your bottom lip. "You're going to feel your punishment for days, little plum."
and I--
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darlingsteve · 15 hours ago
Happy Stucky Wednesday!!
I'm in a fiesty mood today sooo how do our boys react when I get a little fiesty during a mission? How about in bed?
ooh they’d definitely teach you a lesson after the mission. maybe you didn’t listen to steve’s orders and you almost get hurt which make bucky & steve upset.
“you think disobeying your captains orders would work?” steve smirks as bucky has you on his lap legs spread open with steve teasing your pussy with a vibrator.
you whine everytime you feel yourself about to come, “please!” but steve and bucky don’t care because their girl has to learn a lesson.
join stucky wednesday!
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dollfacev8 · 16 hours ago
Coming To My Senses
Tumblr media
Touch- Fingers running down puckered up skin, tracing over the scars with such delicate care it almost takes your breath away. Soft hair tickling down my stomach as lips skim down...down... down.... pulling a gasp from me as my body arches for him...
Taste- His tongue fervidly tangles with mine, claiming ownership of my mouth as rich chocolate still lingers on his breath. The sweetness, along with the memory of how we got here in the first place, pull a soft whimper from me.
Open mouthed kisses and licks are trailed down his sharp jaw all the way to the dimple in his chin. Pausing there, I nip him playfully causing his chest to rumble with a quiet chuckle. Smiling softly to myself I move down to his neck, not minding the salty taste of his skin in the slightest.
Sight- Stormy grey eyes stare into my brown ones, searching for any doubt, any second thought, I may have. Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth I reach up and gently run my fingertips over his cheek.
This man, this handsome man, with all of his hardships clearly written on his skin. Every scar. Every bruise. Everything down to the beautiful vibranium arm that he is so self conscious of... is beautiful. HE is beautiful.
Those eyebrows of his scrunch together in thought and instantly I know he's doubting himself. Doubting how "someone like me could ever love someone like him" as he'd put it. I want to put an end to those thoughts.... I want him so wrapped up in me his mind won't fight him anymore. As he usually says, what I want I get.
Moving my fingers slightly I gently stroke between his brows and almost instantly they relax, eyes closing and dark lashes fanning over pale skin. My eyes can't be persuaded away from the sight of those pink lips parting to let out a contented breath.
Those eyes flash open in determination and with that arrogant smirk I've come to love he slides his right hand down my thigh to hook my leg over his hip.
Hearing- "You ready Doll?" His voice comes out gruff, consumed with pleasure, sending a shiver up my spine as I eagerly nod my head in answer.
Pressing his forehead to mine he keeps those eyes on me as he slowly presses into me. I gasp at the stretch, the full feeling as he settles all the way to the hilt, hips pressing against mine.
"Fuck, you feel so good wrapped around me doll. Like heaven." He grunts out. I can feel his body tremble slightly above me as he fights to keep his control, cautious he might harm me. Reaching up I card my fingers through his hair before rolling my hips onto him, gently prodding him to move.
Leaning in to claim my mouth once again he obliges, pulling back to give hips his an experimental thrust. To my embarrassment an obscene noise is pulled from my throat as he thrusts once again. I can feel him, all of him.... with every push and pull I can feel the ridges; the veins running along his thighs shaft. It's driving me insane.
"Bucky, bucky please! You feel so good... faster!" Wrapping my legs around his narrow waist I dig my heels into his beautifully muscled ass, forcing him harder into me. Growling in my ear his hand that had still been gripping my thigh is gone just to come right back with a sharp smack, pulling a startled gasp.
"Look at you, so desperate. You like that? Hmm? You like the way I fuck you doll?" I'm instantly nodding vehemently when I see something in his gaze shift into something darker. More intense. In seconds he'd changed our position, pushing my thighs up and to my chest, folding me over and slamming into me to get a better angle.
I cry out and moan with every thrust as he hits some untouched spot inside of me, fighting to keep my eyes open and on him as the coil on my stomach tightens.
"There you go, such a good little girl. You're doing so good for daddy baby, you take my cock so well." Grunting me increases his speed to an almost unbelievable pace. I feel like he may break me as he smashes me into the mattress. "This pussy is MINE now, do you understand? Mine."
All I can do is whimper and cling to him. He's completely stolen my ability to speak as he completely and utterly ravishes me. He is everything I've ever wanted and more, but never did I think it could be like this. His words, that dirty mouth of his, have pushed closer to the edge than I care to admit.
"I can feel you pulsing on me baby. You gonna come? You going to cum on my cock? Come on baby!" At his command my body tenses, back arching and head thrown back as his name in the form of a scream is torn from my lips as I fall over the edge.
My pussy clenches around him in an effort to keep him there. Nails dig into his back as my heels lodge back onto his ass, holding him to me and my body gyrates on him of it's own free will.
The orgasms seems as if it lasts forever, my vision white and fire in my veins. Pure ecstasy envelopes me and I hardly register the shout from bucky as he pushes as deep into my body as he can, painting my walls white as he releases into me.
Smell- Coffee. It's the first thing I notice when my eyes slowly flutter open. Bacon. The sound of it sizzling in a pan.
A smile graces my lips as I roll onto my back, languidly stretching my sore muscles before sliding out of the big and utterly ruined bed. Staring at it for a second I bite my lip and giggle as butterflies fill my belly, remembering the events from the night prior.
Every thought, every feeling, and every memory boiled down to one thing. One person.
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nsfwsebbie · 16 hours ago
salvatore. | vii.
summary. | Bucky Barnes doesn’t believe in love anymore. Especially after the tragic, unknown death of his wife, Natasha. He thinks it’s stupid and a waste of time and- oh my. Hello there, you. There you were, with your notebooks and your novels, writing your heart away. He’s hellbent on saving you from this nasty world, his elusive neighbor that has him under the stupid spell of love. You soon find yourself trapped in a tragic love story with Bluebeard, not Prince Charming.
warnings. | NONCON/DUBCON, dark themes, manipulation, gaslighting, arguments, toxic relationships (reader and steve), cheating, nightmares, violence, mentions of death/murder, spying, voyeurism, stalking, use of cameras, angst, fluff, dark!bucky, protectiveness, obsessiveness, creepy bucky, perversion, kidnapping, choking (not the kinky kind), passing out, suffocation, and more. 18+, MINORS DNI.
word count. | 3.4k
pairings. | Dark!Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader, Natasha Romanoff x Steve Rogers.
a/n. | we’re nearing the end!! please read all the warnings before you click the ‘keep reading’ button! don’t forget to enjoy and don’t forget to reblog! salvatore masterlist.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I’ll be back before you know it, doll, don’t worry. I’ll call you and text you nonstop, okay?” Bucky reassured, pecking your lips between each word of his. You pulled further away from him and laughed. “Yeah, yeah. Where are you going, again?” you asked, hating yourself for forgetting so easily. It was almost like he never even told you. “That bachelor party, remember? For my friend Sam?” he repeated, almost as if he had told you billions of times before.
Truth be told, you didn’t remember.
“Oh, that’s right! Okay, baby, have a good trip and stay safe. Tell your friend Sam I said congratulations––wait, you have a friend named Sam?” you questioned, not knowing of this friend. You may have been quite forgetful but you didn’t recall him speaking of any friend by the name of Sam. “Yep, but I don’t talk about him too much,” Bucky informed, and you tilted your head. You opened your mouth to ask him another question, but he checked the time on his wrist before sharply inhaling.
“Gotta go now, doll, don’t want to be too late,” he told you, kissing you once more. “Love you, bye!” he shouted as he closed the door behind him. “Bye!” you called back, and you were left all by yourself in his home. He already gave you a tour a week ago, the day after he spoke to you about your nightmare. You never slept after that, but it wasn’t shocking. That kiss was everything you could’ve ever dreamt of.
You felt like Sleeping Beauty, finally getting that kiss from Prince Charming that you needed so badly. You sighed with a half-smile on your face, and you could already feel boredom settling into your bones. With Bucky, every second of the day was filled with fun. Whether it be through stupid conversations or through needless movie commentary. You hadn’t written in all that time, and it was just a tad bit upsetting for you.
Your notebook was untouched, and so was your nice fountain pen along with your computer. It wasn’t like you had writer’s block, and it wasn’t like you had no motivation to finish your first chapter… No, wait, it was exactly like that. Every time you thought of your story, you’d have to stifle a loud, loud groan that would be savoured for when you stub your toe or when you’d accidentally burn your hand on the stove.
You didn’t resent your story. It just felt like a burden at that point in your life. But with nothing else to do other than writing, you felt oh so pained. Not physical pain, no, just the kind that would be a burden. You were sure that the floorboards were tired of feeling your feet stomp on them throughout most days. Sometimes, you’d sit on the stairs and hum to yourself—some sort of random rhythm that you would then mess up and forget about.
“What to do, what to do, what to do…” you whispered to yourself, hooking your thumbs through the loops of your jeans. If it weren’t for Bucky and his easily distracted behaviour, you could’ve had a belt there. But mistakes were made, and even though you offered to help, you officially knew then that Bucky never wanted you in his basement. Not in the past, not in the present, and definitely not in the future.
You joked around, saying that he just has dead bodies buried behind the shelves that were covered in cobwebs. But his forced chuckle had you apologizing quickly, and he told you to go drink some water and throw out your energy drink. You did exactly that, and he was back to his happy self. Spewing stupid puns like hilarity was his college major, with a big silly grin on his face.
Steve was always stoic, so maybe that was why you weren’t used to the almost overwhelming (yet lovely) company of Bucky.
Though Bucky spoke most hours of the day, you never heard of this man named ‘Sam.’ You had hung onto every single word of Bucky’s whenever he spoke to you. Even if he was repeating himself most of the time, you still made sure to listen to everything. He had never spoken about his friend to you, ever. As a matter of fact, you didn’t know much about him personally. You knew bits and pieces about his life as a soldier, but you didn’t know anything else.
He had no family pictures, no childhood stories, no generation-old recipes, nothing. Absolutely nothing. It weirded you out because he knew every bit about you. Even things that you’d never tell your mother, even if you had to. You didn’t even know about any past girlfriends of his… Except for one. He’d call her by the name of ‘Natalia’ but only when cursing or spewing out on the grave swears that could have someone rolling even if they didn’t decay yet.
Only a man with something to hide wouldn’t tell you anything about him, right? Because that was what Steve did, and he had one too many things hidden from you.
You spun around, making a full beeline for the stairs that didn’t creak under your feet (unlike your staircase). You envied Bucky for that, but you also envied him for more practical, more reasonable things. Such as the way he just couldn’t fall for pranks easily or the way he’d get something right almost all the time. You gripped the railing tightly, careful not to fall as you were climbing up the steps as quickly as you could.
Cardio wasn’t really your thing, not then, at least. You preferred simple stretches and long walks. Maybe the occasional weight lifting, but your little coloured dumbbells never did much. You were faced with the first bedroom at the top of the stairs. It was a guest bedroom, and he told you that it was pointless to go inside and clean it. At the time, it made sense. But maybe he was just trying to avoid having you go in there and see something you shouldn’t have seen.
You exhaled shakily and pushed the door open. You were met with a gust of cool air only because the window was left open. Bucky did that a lot, only because his home would become predominantly more humid than usual. You didn’t search the drawers or anything else in that room as well as the other guest bedrooms because you knew you’d find nothing in there.
There was only one bedroom left to check, the one that you and Bucky shared. It was a work in progress. Not in the sense that you were renovating or something along those lines. It was a bit… bland, to say the least. Not one piece of that room felt like home. You asked Bucky if he had any mementos or paintings to keep, but he shook his head and walked out. He wasn’t a very personal man, and it had more flaws than perfections.
You turned the doorknob and walked inside, taking in the notes of that vanilla body spray that Bucky loved so much and the lingering scent of his aftershave. You went to his bed and lifted the fluffy mattress up. Nothing. You gently placed it back down, hoping that your muscles wouldn’t give out. You opened up some of the bedside drawers, and you even peaked underneath them. Nothing. You let out a groan that was also a sigh of relief.
You weren’t sure if you wanted to find something bad or if you wanted to find nothing at all.
You slowly brought yourself up to your feet. You strode a few steps over to the closet and slid the mirror door to the other side. Half of the closet was filled with your clothes, and the other half was filled with his clothes. He had more leather jackets and sweaters than anything. Steve had the opposite of that problem. The blond hero loved his white tank tops and his white t-shirts. The dryer would constantly shrink them, and you could never complain about that.
Neither could Natasha.
You ran your hands between all the pockets and fabric in your closet, but you didn’t find anything. You snapped your hands back, bringing some hangers down to the ground. “Fuck,” you gritted out, looking down at the mess. You wordlessly kept staring at it, all while flailing your arm around to find the door. You grabbed it and slid it close. You had more pressing matters to deal with.
You didn’t check the dresser because you’d know if Bucky ever touched it. Your next best bet was to check the bathroom, even if it might’ve been fruitless. You searched the cupboards underneath and above the sink. Still, you only found freshly purchased products that you would find yourself stocking up on at least once a month—pads, tampons, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and everything else you needed, not him. Nothing there belonged to Bucky.
You once again didn’t know whether you should be elated or frustrated.
You dragged yourself out of the bathroom and out of the bedroom. You wore a pout on your face, resembling a little spoiled kid in a candy shop. In the hallway, you were at a crossroads. “Goddammit,” you groaned, squeezing your hands into fists. You walked down the stairs, not even bothering to hold onto the railing or the wall. You always loved to run your hand against the wall, especially when you were descending down the stairs.
You knew that he was too smart to hide anything in the living room and the kitchen. You felt like you were losing your mind. Even though you couldn’t find anything, you knew Bucky was hiding something from you. It was the same gut feeling that you had when you were with Steve. You listened to it, and you were right. Therefore, you believed that you were right about Bucky being secretive.
You stood at the bottom of the stairs, with your hands on your hips and your bottom lip between your teeth. You didn’t know where else to check. The garden seemed idiotic, and none of Bucky’s floorboards creaked in a peculiar manner. No can or jar in his cabinets looked off, and his shelves didn’t seem like they could move. His stack of books about the human mind didn’t seem fake either.
You spun in a circle, and so did your mind. Everything merged into a colourful blur, and you nearly missed the large splash of white that suddenly intruded into your vision. You stopped moving and looked over just to see the door to the basement. The door was never opened, even when Bucky was downstairs doing the laundry. You smiled to yourself. It was perfect, and it made so much sense for him to hide something in there.
The airport was loud. Families and couples yelling at each other and the sound of suitcase wheels against the floor. A lovely voice came on the intercom, announcing a flight that was departing. From New York to some city in Arizona. In Bucky's hands were his passport, his ticket, and his backpack. Bucky wasn’t sitting in one of those enormously uncomfortable chairs that everyone else was.
He was meters away from the waiting area, contemplating whether the trip was a good idea or not. He didn’t need to be plagued with guilt by what happened to Natalia. He was doing much better now that she was gone. The gothic house probably needed to be cleared of cobwebs and creepy crawlers, but he could’ve just hired someone for that. The only reason why he was contemplating his trip was because of you.
You seemed to eat up every lie he spewed since he met you, but you didn’t appear to buy his cover-up for the flight. Bucky never felt bad about lying to you because you needed to be protected. You were bawling in your bedroom about your job, taking insults from your mother and getting carelessly drunk with a stranger just before he thoroughly swept in on his white horse. You needed him; you always did.
Bucky knew that you’d let your paranoia and suspicions get the best of you. He was glad you allowed that to happen with Steve, but he wasn’t going to let it fly when it came down to himself. “Fuck,” he grumbled before turning on his heels and making his way out of the area and out of the airport. He had to protect you from the harsh truth, only because he’s your knight in shining armour.
You didn’t grab ahold of the railing because it was made of wood. Splinters were the worst; you simply just loathed them like anybody else. You placed your hand against the wall for support and tried your hardest to not make too much noise. Basements always gave you the creeps. The air in the room was thick and heavy, week-old vapour stuck in there, and you wondered how the wood hadn’t begun to rot yet.
Your fingers clashed with what seemed to feel like a light switch. You were at the bottom of the stairs, an old carpet resting beneath your feet to protect you from the cold floor. Your nose was filled with the scent of different detergents and softeners that Bucky would use. Against the wall were the washing machine and the dryer. Next to the dryer was a small, worn-down sink. It was clearly stained and dirty, and you wondered how old the house was.
In the corner was a little wire deck shelf. On it were boxes and many other random objects. You managed to push yourself into the small space that was between the washing machine and the rack. You grabbed the first and the only box on the highest level, surprised that it was lighter than it seemed. You looked inside, only to find old leather gloves and a first aid kit. The white of the kit had a bit of dried blood on it, and the gloves were creased.
You grimaced, but you figured that they were from before he retired. You put the box back and reached for the other one that was two levels down from the top. It was much heavier than the previous one, and you were scared that you would drop it. You peered into the box and found a sleek black gun. Your eyes widened, and you nearly let go of the six faces of cardboard.
But it also made sense for him to own a gun. You didn’t want to think of the possible reasons to scare yourself, so you pretended as if you didn’t see it and put it back. The rest of the shelf just had little old objects that seemed like they came from a thrift store or a pawn shop. One was a small porcelain deer in a pink skirt with glitter on its spots. It made you smile; of course, Bucky would have something like that. The deer’s bright doe eyes looked up at you, but they seemed more sad than anything else.
Though you marvelled at the statue at first, it eventually made you feel uneasy. You tore your eyes away from it and slowly made your way out of the cramped space. You didn’t know where else to look, and your gut feeling didn’t seem to go away. Though the lightbulb was turned on, the room was still dark. The area next to the staircase was particularly shadowed, and your stomach dropped just a bit as you stared at it.
You swallowed thickly and nervously, but you were also elated at the fact that you finally found somewhere worthy of checking. You stepped into the darkness, and you pulled your phone out of the pocket of your jeans. You turned the flashlight feature on and shined the light throughout the space. The ground was barren, and so were the walls. Dust covered them, though.
You rested your off-hand against the side of the staircase, sighing to yourself before realizing that there was a space underneath the stairs. You bent down and shone the light there, moving it around to try and find something. When that was of no help, you stretched the hand that was on the stairs to try and feel for something, anything. Your digits brushed up against what felt like a shoebox. Your heart jumped, and you fumbled around trying to grab it.
You dragged the box out from the staircase while you bit your bottom lip. You sat down on the dirty floor, and you hesitated in opening up the box. You wondered if it was best to let sleeping dogs lie, to just ignore your intuition and to trust Bucky. But you knew better than that. You really did. Your shaky hand lifted the top of the box, and you set it down on the ground.
You pointed your flashlight inside the box, and you gasped loudly. It was filled to the top with different things that were oh so familiar. Maybe it was because they belonged to you. A pair of pink panties that you thought your washing machine ate was at the top. You took them out of the box just to find a few old notebooks of yours. You believed they were under your bed, but it seemed to be otherwise.
A few lipsticks and a hairbrush were there, too. You didn’t recall them being missing, and you certainly didn’t remember giving them to Bucky because you never did. You dug everything of yours out of the box. Polaroids, more panties, jewelry, polaroids of yourself and your body, as well as much more. At the bottom was a bunch of folded papers in a Ziploc bag.
You pushed the square slider at the top to open the bag, and you pulled out the papers. You opened them up just to be faced with a file detailing almost everything about you. There were pictures of you around your house, at work and doing other things. One was of you showering, and you felt sick to your stomach. You didn’t know whether you should cry, call someone, or be angry.
But what you did know was that you needed to get as far away from Bucky as possible. You quickly shoved everything back into the box, and you put the lid back on. You grabbed it and placed it under your arm before trying to stand up. You unlocked your phone and searched through the screen for the Phone app. You needed to call your mom, maybe ask her if you could stay with her for a bit. “Fuck, fuck, fuck,” you panicked, not being able to find her contact.
You turned around and managed to click on her name, and you began to make your way up the stairs. You clicked the call button and put the phone on speaker. You listened closely as it rang, and you waited for the ‘ringing’ to turn into a timer. But you didn’t look where you were going, which is why you let out a scream as you bumped into something. No, someone.
You looked up slowly, just to see Bucky staring at you. His face was filled with hurt, and you heard his metal arm whir as he clenched his fist. “Where do you think you’re going, doll?” he asked innocently, smiling at you. “Uhm, I- I was just going to go eat lunch!” you lied to him. Your voice was shaky, and so was your entire body. You felt nauseous, and your legs felt as if they were going to give out.
“Good, I’m glad you’re going to eat lunch. It’s important to have all your meals, y’know. But do you really need to go through my things and steal, too?” Bucky questioned, taking a step towards you. “Please let me go, Bucky. I won’t tell anyone!” you promised, ready to sob and beg to him. He clicked his tongue and shook his head. “No can do, doll. Can’t let my best girl go,” he exasperatedly explained to you, almost as if you didn’t learn about his stalking ways.
His hand came up to your face, and he stroked your cheek. The metal felt weird against your sweating skin. He moved his hand own to your neck, and he suddenly wrapped his fingers around your throat. You dropped your phone and the box, and you wrapped your hands around his wrist. “Shh, it’s okay, you just need to take a quick break from reality. That’s all,” Bucky cooed, and you found yourself struggling to breathe. Your vision began to darken, and you eventually passed out in his arms.
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skyeisawizard · 16 hours ago
Hii, just want to say I love your work and it's amazing 🤍 If you are still taking requests for Pet, could we maybe get a scenario where y/n disrespects Bucky or Steve and she gets punished but not in a sexual way 🤍
I’ll admit, I was a little sceptical about writing this at first, but then I didn’t overthink it and this is what came about 😌
Tumblr media
It was one of those rare days. One of the days that Bucky got to spend at the house while Steve was out for the entire day. He got his baby doll to himself and he couldn’t be happier.
When the day started, he got Y/N up from Steve’s bed and set about making her something to eat. She sat patiently at the breakfast table until Bucky reminded her of her place. “Pets don’t get to sit at the table, Princess,” he whispered, placing her food on the floor.
Y/N poured but slipped out of her chair and onto the floor. She got onto her hands and knees, ass in the air and began eating her breakfast. It was only a small mistake, Bucky thought nothing of it.
But then she made another mistake, one he was sure Y/N knew better than to make. She said no to him.
When he asked the question, Bucky didn't think his request was unreasonable. It was simple, really. All he did was ask her to go and put some socks on. They were what she knew she had to wear everyday. Bucky didn't know how he missed her not putting them on in the first place.
When he asked her to go upstairs and put her on knee high pink socks with the little bows on the front, she said no. Bucky almost lost it then and there. He was used to his newer girls saying no, but never his trained ones. And never his best girl.
But he dug is nails into his palm, keeping himself from overreacting. This was fine, this was okay. All she did was say no, he didn't want to lose his cool with her just yet.
The rest of the day passed seemingly without a hiccup. She got her socks on and came and sat on Bucky’s lap like a good little pet. She pressed kisses to his cheek and neck and buried her face in his shoulder. “Daddy,” she whispered, rocking her hips against his.
Bucky squeezed her hip in an attempt to stop her. “None of that now, doll.”
But she didn’t stop. She continued to rock against him until a wet patch could be felt through her panties. “Doll,” Bucky warned again, his jaw set.
The only thing that made her stop was when Bucky stood up. “I don’t You to stop, Pet!” He spat out the last word. “You’ve been nothing but disobedient all day and I’m sick of it.”
He gave Y/N no time to reply as he dragged her through the house, towards the kitchen. In the kitchen was a cage, the one she used to sleep in before she was moved to Bucky’s room and finally given to Steve. Bucky had brought it over just in case. He never thought he’d ever have to use it.
“In,” he commanded once he’d opened the door.
Y/N instantly turned towards him, her eyes wide and afraid. “No, Daddy, please. Please don’t put me in the cage. I’ll be a good girl, I promise!”
“Pets need to learn,” was all he said, eyes still on the cage. Somewhat reluctantly Y/N got onto her hands and knees and crawled into the cage.
Once she was in there Bucky shut and locked the door. A few tears sprang from her eyes and Bucky nearly reached forward to wipe them away. But he caught himself just in time and walked away, leaving her in there for the remainder of the day.
(She actually stayed in there until Steve got home. He came into the kitchen to find her there and immediately pulled her out. Steve basically babied her for the rest of the night, did whatever she asked of him and held her close)
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buckyownsmylife · 16 hours ago
sam throat fucking you while boyfriend steve watches
*screams in horny*
"Yeah, you like that, don't you?" Sam panted above you
Beautiful body glistening as the water kept dripping on the both of you
Maybe choosing to do this in the gym's showers wasn't the best idea, but what can one do?
When you get wet watching your boyfriend's best friend training and said boyfriend asks you to go check on him, you don't really think twice about it.
You knew Steve had smelled your arousal
He always did.
"Fucking slut," Sam groaned
"Never expected your girl to be such a fucking whore, Rogers."
He never took his eyes off of yours, so you didn't realize Steve had slipped into the bathroom unnanounced
You didn't mind
In fact, it made you wetter
Between your legs, not from the shower
Just the idea of Steve, sprawled in one of the benches ligned along the other wall, hand around his cock while he watched Sam wrap his fist around your hair and use it to control your movements...
You whined around his cock, and that's when his hips jutted up, choking you on him
He hadn't intended to cut off your breathing, but now that he's done it...
And especially since your nails bit on his thighs, your eyes watering but you still looked up at him, refusing to pull away...
Well, Sam would be an idiot to let this opportunity go to waste.
"I see I'm missing the party."
Bucky's voice startled you, but Sam kept your face down, lips brushing against his navel, mouth full of his cock
"Yeah, get in line, grandpa," he didn't even acknowledge the other surprise visitor. "It's not like you'd last much, anyway."
You didn't need to see Bucky's smirk, you could hear it in his voice.
"Wanna test out that theory?"
After "finding you", I'm clearly in the mood for gangbangs. Threesomes are not enough for me anymore 😂
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