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#Bucky Barnes one shot
sergeantbuckybarnes · an hour ago
speak now // bucky barnes
Summary: You have a family dinner and need a fake boyfriend. Sam suggests you ask Bucky but things don’t go as planned. 
Word count: 1.6k
Warnings: language, angst, fluff if you squint your eyes, mom’s reader says some bad thing 
A/N: As always, please remember English is not my first language. Also, thanks to @coffee-books-music​ 💙
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Tumblr media
It was the fifth time it rang. You exasperatedly screamed against your pillow, wishing your mother would take the hint, and stop calling you. You knew the words that would leave the woman’s mouth the minute you picked the phone, and you refused to hear them again.
Your sister had gotten married last year, and now she and her husband were expecting their first child. But the thing is, that was your younger sister, and for your mother it was a dishonor that her younger child was married and expecting while the older one was still single.
She always found a way to stick a finger in the wound and ridicule you in front of your entire family. You loved your sister, and you were happy for her, but you refused to go to the dinner she and her husband had organized only to be your mother’s punching bag.
When the device rang for the seventh time, you decided to leave your room. The moment you stepped into the common room of the compound, Wanda’s eyes landed on you. Taking in your annoyed face, she knew exactly what was going on. “She keeps calling?”
You only nodded and sat on the sofa next to her. “Why doesn’t she take the hint?” your voice was annoyed and tired. Wanda placed her hand on your shoulder, offering you comfort.
“Why don’t you go to that dinner?”
You gawked at her, frustrated. You had told her before about your mom and why you didn’t want to go. She seemed to understand you, so why was she suggesting now that you go to that dinner?
The redhead seemed to understand your frustration, and knew what you were thinking and quickly added, “Why don’t you ask one of the boys to go with you as your boyfriend?” she suggested, “I’m sure if your mother sees you walking in with Steve or Sam by your arm, it would shut her mouth.”
Your eyes lighted up and a smile grew on your face “Wanda, you’re a genius!” you kissed her cheek and ran out of the room to find the boys. How could you not have thought about this before? You were best friends with two sexy and hot superheroes. You could bet your mother’s jaw would reach the floor when she sees one of them beside you at the dinner.
Steve and Sam were chatting in the kitchen when you spotted them. You put on your best innocent smile and walked towards them. “Hey, there guys! You’re looking good today. Oh Sam, is that a new shirt?”
Both men shared a look and raised their eyebrows. “What do you want, Y/N?”
“I need a tiny little favor,” They looked at you, waiting for you to continue. “Which one of you is going to be the lucky one to have the honor of being my fake boyfriend?”
When you noticed the way they were looking at you, the smile disappeared from your face and you quickly explained to them the situation you were in.
“I would love to help you, but I have to go on a mission. Sorry, Y/N.” Steve was the first one to reject your offer.
“But the dinner’s on Sunday!”
“Evil never rests,” he patted your shoulder and walked out the kitchen, disappearing into the hallway. Your gaze then landed on your other friend. You gave Sam your best puppy dog eyes and your pouty lips. “Sorry, buttercup, Cap needs me on his left.”
You fumingly groaned, throwing your head back. The only two people who could help you weren’t available. You could ask Tony, but everybody knew he was with Pepper. Bruce wasn’t around, and Thor was in Asgard.
“Why don’t you ask Tin Man?”
“Bucky?” you asked, thinking he couldn’t be serious.
“He has nothing to do on Sunday. Pretty sure he would love to help you with your tiny problem.”
“I’m not asking Bucky to pretend to be my boyfriend in front of my mother.”
“Why not? You know he used to be a lady’s man in the forties.”
“The last thing I need is a brainwashed ex-assassin by my arm at my family gathering.”
When you noticed Sam’s facial expression change, you turned on your stool. Your eyes widened horridly when you saw Bucky standing there. His face was stoic, as usual, but you knew he had heard your words. You were about to apologize when he left the room.
Tumblr media
Sunday arrived sooner than expected. You had been avoiding your mother’s calls, and you didn’t go to the dinner.
Sam and Steve were out on the mission they told you about, Wanda and Nat had gone out, they asked you to go with them, but you politely declined. So the only people on the Compound right now were you and Bucky. You had been trying to apologize, but he had been ignoring you, and you couldn’t blame him. But you would rather him to yell at your face than experience his silent treatment.
“Miss, (Y/L/N) there’s this woman on the door who insists on getting in. Should I let her?” F.R.I.D.A.Y.’S voice pulled you out of the book you were reading.
You frowned. “Which woman?”
The AI system showed you a view of the outside of the compound. Out standing was your mother, and she didn’t look happy at all. You groaned. She really took the effort to make the way from her place to here just to yell at you.
“Let her in,” you replied in defeat. Knowing your mother better than anyone, you knew she would not give up. So it was better to let her say whatever she had to say and then continue with your life.
“How could you do this to your sister and me?” She was mad, but not because you missed the dinner but because she had lost a new chance to humiliate you. “We were waiting for you, you selfish brat! You knew it was important to your sister for you to be there!”
“Alright, first of all, Mia knew I wasn’t going, and she was okay with it. So stop making me feel guilty.”
“You are ungrateful! After everything I gave you-” But you didn’t let her finish that sentence.
You scoffed. “What did you give me?” you asked incredulously. “All you ever do is compare me to Mia! Made me believe I wasn’t good enough-”
“Because you aren’t good enough!”
Your throat felt tight and your eyes started burning, but you bit your lip and suppressed the cry that you wanted to let out your mouth. You were not going to give her the satisfaction of seeing you cry.  
“(Y/N)? Is everything okay? I heard screams and-” Bucky didn’t finish his sentence, stopping in his tracks when he saw the scene of your mother and you.
Your mother stared at the super soldier and then looked at you with a disapproving look. One you knew too well. Because it was the only one you had received from your mother in all your years alive. “Who’s this?”
You rolled your eyes. “None of your business.”
“Is that why you didn’t come to the dinner? To fuck around with this guy?”
“I missed the dinner because I didn’t want to hear your disparaging comments!”
You felt Bucky’s hand on your shoulder. “Calm down, (Y/N).”
“No. I’m not gonna calm down! You don’t understand- “ you pinched the bridge of your nose, took a deep breath and you looked at your mother again. “Leave.”
“I will not leave you alone with him.”
“What is that supposed to mean?” For the first time since Bucky came to the scene, he addressed your mother’s presence in the room.
“Oh, don’t play innocent with me. I saw the news.”
“Whatever happened and what he did, it wasn’t his fault.” you said, gritting your teeth.
“He’s a murder, (Y/N). For the love of god! I know you always liked lost causes but come on.”
Alright, that is it.
“F.R.I.D.A.Y, please call the security to escort her out. It’s time the lady leaves the building.”
“You are going to kick your mother out?”
“Yes! You can call me whatever you want, but you better clean your mouth before talking about my friends. Especially him.”
You sighed in relief when two guards walked into the room and took your mother with them. She kept rambling her profanities and how ungrateful you were, but you ignored her.
You turned to Bucky, who was staring at you with a shocked expression. “I’m so sorry about that. My mom just… says whatever she thinks.”
“Has she always treated you like that?”
You only nodded. “It’s okay, though. I got used to it at some point.” Although your mom’s words still affected and hurt you, it was something you had learned to live with. But that doesn’t mean it was something you liked.
“There’s nothing okay with that.”
Maybe this was a good time to apologize before he went back to give you the silent treatment. “I’m sorry. About the other day, I was just frustrated and… I don’t know. I wanted to please her.”
“It's fine.”
“I just… I don’t think you’re messed up or anything. And I meant what I said to my mother. What happened wasn't your fault.”
“Would you… Would you maybe want to grab coffee sometime?”
Did he - Did Bucky Barnes just ask out?
You could feel the heat on your cheeks as you bit your lip, suppressing a smile growing on your face. “I would love to.”
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multi-stann · 3 hours ago
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: When Bucky is in between your thighs, it causes problems.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, requested!!!, dom!beefy!bucky, smut, unprotected sex, oral(f rec), fingering, multiple orgasms, squirting, praising, size kink(?), biting/leaving marks, belly bulge kink, breeding kink, pregnancy kink(?), some overstimulation, bucky holds down the reader(consensual), use of the pet name bunny, daddy kink, bucky being a tease & him being a mean dom a couple of times, he smacks reader once on thigh, uhhhh i think that’s it?
i’m trying to get better at warnings
It’s just an average Friday night. You and Bucky always have movies nights on Fridays. It’s a ritual by now. Somehow, neither of you manage to schedule missions or other plans on Friday’s, and it’s a miracle. Neither of you have missed a Friday night yet.
Currently, he’s laying in between your thighs. His long hair is splayed out on the skin of your thighs where your shorts don’t reach, and he keeps shifting ever-so often to get comfortable. He can’t decide if he wants to lay on your right thigh or your left, or opt to use them as ear muffs and lay his head…..else where. By this point, from all of his damn shuffling, Bucky has caused an ache in you to form down south. It also doesn’t help that your period is upcoming, so your hormones are starting to get a bit out of balance, but Bucky always causes problems when he’s in between your fucking legs.
Your hands finally manage to rest in his hair once he stops moving, but soon enough when the person on tv is getting on their motorcycle and driving away from the cops, Bucky shifts again….and again….and again. It’s like he’s doing it all on purpose. His hands are lightly rubbing your calf’s and his hair is still splayed out a little on your thighs. His head keeps rubbing against you and you know he’s doing it on purpose. He has to be, right?
This time, when he finally gets settled down, his head is turned away from the tv. His right cheek is pressed against your clothed pussy, and you can feel his breath on your right thigh as he breathes out through his nose. Your hands still manage to run through his silky hair- that smells like fresh coconut by the way-, but the ache and the throbbing is only getting worse. Curse James Buchanan Barnes for being such a God.
He then snuggles further into you and you shift a bit. You clearly don’t notice, but Bucky is smirking now. He wasn’t sure before if you were having some difficulties, but now he’s positive that all of his shifting and comfort problems have caused you to become a horny mess. He can feel you throbbing and the heat radiating from your clothed pussy and it makes him hard in his pants.
He knows you’re trying to focus on the movie the best you can, but he also knows that you’re having a difficult time. But all he can think about is eating you out until you’re a whimpering, whining mess. Your thighs clenching around his head, until you’re soaking the sheets and his face with your orgasm. He wants to feel you come undone, he wants to taste you, he wants to stay buried in between your thighs with no clothing blocking his god damn access- making you cum until you physically can’t anymore. He knows that you want to cum too, he can feel it, he can fucking smell it.
Bucky places a kiss to the inside of your right thigh and you hum. Oh, he’s got you right where he wants you and he’s barely done a single thing. His hands then help him flip over so he’s on his stomach and so that he’s looking up at you. His blue eyes peer up into yours and they have a gleam to them. It’s almost as if he’s begging you to let him rip your shorts and panties off and dive right in.
“What’s up, Buck?” You ask nonchalantly, hoping to avoid the huge elephant in the room, but your wording fails epically. “You know what’s up, bunny….and it’s all because of you.” He huskily replies before placing another few kisses that are sloppy now, to your thighs. You hold back a moan at his words and actions, your hands are still tangled in his hair so you give it a light pull. “Bunny, are you wet right now? Did i get you all needy and all wet?” He asks before his teeth nip at the inside of your left thigh. You whine and then trail your fingers down to his neck, giving him a little push to try and push his face closer to your clothed heat; but he doesn’t budge. “Hmm? Answer me, bunny.” He’s teasing.
“Your shuffling and moving. It’s not my fau-.” “Oh, but it is your fault, bunny. You get so wet and needy over the slightest little things- over the slightest movements on your pussy, between your pretty thighs.” He nips at your right thigh after speaking this time, and you whine again, thigh tensing up. Bucky’s hands move to your outer thighs, then up to your hips. His face then slowly moves to make contact with the outside of your shorts, and once he does, he inhales- not breaking a moment of eye contact with you. “Fuck, bunny. Always smell so good….so wet, aren’t you? My cute little bunny all ready for her daddy?” You nod, “yes daddy, please…?!” “Don’t think that’s enough, bunny. Need to hear you beg for daddy to please you.”
Bucky then pulls your shorts and panties down, and you help him by moving your hands from his hair and lifting your legs so he can get them off better. He discards them to the floor and then he grabs the outsides of your thighs. He massages the skin in his hands and you keen from delight. “Please daddy-.”“Look at that, you’re soaked, sweetie. So wet that i could slip my cock in your tight pussy right now.” Bucky grunts as he interrupts your pathetic begging. You go to move your hands to his head again, but he gives you a stern look this time. “You know better, bunny. Put those hands up or by your side. I was being nice before…” His tone makes you obey his order, so your arms immediately rest by your side.
His pretty blues then focus back onto your wet pussy, taking in everything. Bucky wants to dive right in, but he knows he can get you even wetter. “What do you want, bunny?” Bucky licks his lips as he continues to stare at your pussy- almost like he’s hypnotized by your glistening sex. Your breathing is rather heavy, so your chest rises and falls with ease. “Your cock, daddy. Need your cock.” Bucky laughs deeply, and the sudden burst of air on your cunt has you bucking your hips up and whimpering in need and want.
“You don’t need anything. I asked you what you wanted. Daddy wants to eat this pretty little pussy raw, eat this pussy until you soak the fucking sheets. And you know it’s either daddy’s way or no way, bunny.” His words have you gushing. You know Bucky always wants to have you cumming against his lips or on his fingers so he has easier access to taste you, you never get his cock first unless it’s a quickie, you’re not even sure why you tried that tonight. “S-sorry, daddy. I want you to eat me out, please?” You ask politely, knowing that’s just how he likes it.
That earns you a soft smile from the man who’s head is in between your legs currently, doing filthy things to you- about to do even filthier things. “Good girl, see you still have manners. Daddy’s gonna start now, okay? That okay with you, bunny?” You happily nod as his blue eyes look your face over for any form of discomfort, then you speak, “please daddy. Wanna cum for you.” Bucky chuckles and the air that comes from his mouth yet again has you squirming, “such a good girl for daddy. Love my little bunny.” He presses a sweet kiss to the inside of your right thigh before he licks a stripe up through your wet pussy- from your entrance to your swollen clit.
You whine as you watch his blue eyes peer up at you through his lashes. He repeats the same motion, but this time even slower- savoring the way your pussy tastes. He groans at the taste of you, he can’t seem to ever get enough. “Fucking hell, bunny. You always taste so good.” He mumbles into your folds before he sucks on your swollen clit. Your hands fist a bit at the sheets and then he sucks even harder. That earns a gasp from you and you sink further into the bed. His hands grip onto the flesh of your thighs and he barely grazes his teeth over your small bud, enough to where it causes you to squeak out in pleasure. His blunt nails on his right hand dig into your skin, and your fists bunch the sheets up even more.
“Daddy, please use your fingers.” You whine when he focuses on your clit with his tongue, slowly flicking over the nerves then swirling over it with the thick muscle- only to do it over and over again. He obeys, only wanting to make his bunny feel good, then quickly sucks two fingers before gently slipping them inside of you. A moan passes your lips at the stretch, and Bucky can’t help but to watch your facial features contort into pleasure- the pleasure he’s providing you, only he can provide you.
“Feel good, bunny?” He questions before giving your clit a kitten lick, and then another, only for you to whine a “yes” in reply. He then starts to curl his fingers up, and within no time, he’s found your pleasure spot- from knowing your body like the back of his own hand. Your hips buck up and your thighs quiver as his tongue rolls over your clit repeatedly. His mouth then sucks on the nerve, knowing you like that best, and he doesn’t stop. His fingers curl at a nice speed, one that has you keening in pure delight and pleasure and ecstasy. Your back is beginning to arch off of the bed and your knuckles are getting stiff from how tight you’re holding onto the covers.
“Daddy, feels so good. Another finger, please?” You ask him, your voice nearly goes into a moan when he sucks exceptionally hard on your clit taking you by surprise. He chuckles, sending vibrations through you, then he adds another thick finger. “My good bunny, takin’ daddy’s fingers so well. Think you can take daddy’s cock just as good?” You give him a head nod, but that’s not enough. His hand smacks your thigh and you moan before replying, “yes daddy, always can take your cock.” “There’s my girl, my very good girl.” He presses a quick kiss to your thigh before he’s back to kitten licking your clit, then sucking. His three fingers work on your g-spot to push your further to your orgasm.
He can tell you’re close because of how tightly your pussy is squeezing him, the way your eyes flutter, the way your tummy spasms and tenses. He knows you’re about to cum. “Can you cum for me, bunny? Wanna see how many this sweet pussy of yours can give me tonight.” He growls before he presses a suckling kiss to your swollen bud. You moan, his fingers making a squelching noise as they curl into you so well, and you’re so wet. The obscene noises of Bucky suckling on your clit and your wetness have you repeating his name in a whine “daddy, daddy, daddy….” Bucky’s cock gets even harder- it’s straining against his sweats even worse now, and the face you’re making that he knows all too well, signals that you’re cumming- and you’re cumming hard.
With your toes curled, your eyes shut, your mouth opened in a near scream of “fuck daddy”, your juices are squirting all over the bed sheets and Bucky. His chest, chin, mouth, and bearded cheeks are covered in a shine from your orgasm, but Bucky’s fingers keep on moving inside of you. “Give me another, bunny.” He grunts out as his eyes are transfixed on your sopping, wet cunt. You gasp at the feeling of another orgasm building up so quickly- the overstimulation helping with that- and your hands reach for his head, fingers tangling in his hair as you cum again on his fingers. It’s not as hard as the first one, but you’re still out of breath by the end of it.
You keep your hands in Bucky’s hair as you come down from your high. He slowly pulls his fingers out of your cunt and then he sucks them off, savoring your taste like he won’t ever get another. He then closes his eyes as he rests his cheek against your right thigh. “Sorry about the no hands thing.” You mumble to him, realizing that you broke a rule during any form of sexual activities- it’s not the first time though. “‘S okay, bunny. Know you get carried away because of how good i make you feel.” That’s Bucky’s reply, and you gasp a bit shocked. “Is it not true?” “You’re very cocky, Mr. Barnes.” You reply sarcastically and his eyes snap open. “I’m cocky because it’s true. Does someone need a reminder of how good my cock makes them feel?”
You sheepishly close your mouth from the beginning of your snarky remark, and your hands remove themselves from Bucky’s hair. “Ithinkiforgot.” You manage to reply anyways, quickly but lowly. Bucky tugs down his sweats in an instant and is immediately hovering over you. “Bunny, you’re in for it.” You smirk up at him, but his hand lines his leaking and angry cock up with your pussy. “Want me to remind you?” “Yes, daddy.” He then pushes into your entrance and his hands pin both of your wrists down beside your head. His face comes to only inches away from yours and you moan at the stretch as he pushes further into you.
“Be a good bunny, make all the noise you want for daddy.” You can’t find the words when he fully bottoms out and his tip is nearly kissing your cervix. All you can do is whimper as Bucky slips his tongue into your mouth. His hips pull back and his tip is only left inside of you. You’re intoxicated off of his scent, his taste, the feeling of him. You definitely didn’t need reminding, how can you ever forget such a euphoric feeling? But you most certainly can’t ever get enough of the way his cock feels- the way he feels above you.
His lips then move from yours to your neck and he slams his hips back into yours. You moan, your back arching slightly as his teeth leave marks onto your skin near your collarbone and on your pulse point. His hips keep a steady pace and rhythm as he fucks into you- his cock filling you up so full that you remember the very first time you had sex you didn’t think that he was going to completely fit. He showed you that he’d fit, that your pussy would take every inch of his length and all of his girth.
You can feel nearly every vein in his cock and he slides in and out of you. The drag of his heavy length has you in a near blubbering mess, even a couple of tears are rolling down your cheeks as to how good it feels. “Remember this, bunny?” You nod at his question, knowing it was probably rhetorical. “Love this pussy, love these thighs, love you. Love every bit of you, can’t get enough of you. God….your pussy would be my last meal if i was on death row.” Your eyes snap open and you look at Bucky. “Really?” You giggle and Bucky stops snapping his hips into yours.
“What do you mean? Your pussy’s that good.” He mumbles before he presses his lips to yours. His hands then slide both of yours up above your head and he pins them down with his vibranium one. His right hand slips underneath your shirt and quickly finds your hardened nipples. He teases and plays with one, giving it a few pinches, then he does the same to the other. Your mind has quickly left the previous slightly funny statement that Bucky made, and is already back to focusing on how well his hips are bruising yours.
Your hands push against his to try and loosen his hold, but it doesn’t work. “Daddy….harder, and please i wanna feel you.” Even though you beg, you know he won’t let your hands come loose.
Bucky’s pace speeds up and his thrusts also become harder. Your legs wrap around his waist, but his right hand is quick to place your left leg onto his shoulder, giving him a new and better angle to work at. “You feel so good, bunny. Love it when you squeeze daddy like that.” He grunts when your walls clench around him, the new angle that’s causing him to go deeper has you nearly seeing stars. “Little more, daddy. Nearly there.” You moan.
His hand comes down and his thumb begins to rub your clit. His face is a few inches from yours but his eyes are locked onto the slight bulge that keeps forming in your tummy when he thrusts into you and then his eyes flicker to your swollen clit he’s rubbing. “God, bunny. You have such a pretty pussy.” He mumbles more to himself than to you, but you still hear it. This whole view has you keening, whining, and squirming under him. He’s got you so close to another orgasm, and you know he’s going to pull it out of you. You’re going to be gushing again.
“Daddy, i’m right there.” You warn Bucky- as if he didn’t already know. “I know, bunny. Cum for daddy and daddy’ll give ya his load. You want daddy’s load?” His eyes flicker up to yours just for a moment before they’re back onto your pussy and lower tummy. “Y-yes daddy. Want you to cum in me, please!” You squeal when he applies a bit more pressure on your clit. “I know, bunny, i know. You want daddy’s load so deep in you that you’ll feel it for days. You wanna carry daddy’s baby, don’t you pretty girl?” You nod your head as you feel your high about to wash over you. “I’d love that too. Daddy’ll give ya what ya need, bunny. You’re just milkin’ my cock so good….fuck…..daddy will make sure you get it all in that pussy of yours.” Your orgasm washes over you at his filthy words, the low tone and near growl he lets out afterwards has you spiraling.
You feel his cum spurt into your pussy, rope after rope filling you up so much that you don’t think you can hold anymore while he’s still cumming. “Daddy…oh fuck….that’s so much.” You moan at the feeling while you’re coming down from your high. A few seconds later and Bucky is releasing your hands from his grip and flipping the two of you over so that his cock is still inside of you and you’re on top of him. His arms wrap around your waist as your legs go on the outside of his body, and your head rests on his chest. “Love you, you’re so good to me, baby.” He mumbles before he presses a lingering kiss to the side of your head. You smile, “love you too, Bucky. I think you’re the one who’s even better.” Bucky chuckles at your words before squeezing you tightly. “Yeah yeah….you’re the one who’d carry the baby in the relationship, and that to me means you’re the best.”
Bucky’s hands firmly grip onto you and sit you both up. You look at each other’s fucked out expressions and hair. “Yeah, guess you’re kind of right.” Bucky presses a kiss to your forehead after you reply, “see….i always win at these games, bunny.” “But i’m also the one on top right now.” You remark back and Bucky lightly pushes you away from his chest so he can see you properly again. “Oh really? Want to rethink that?” He quirks an eyebrow at you and you just shrug, “you did promise me about a week and a half ago that i could be on top again.” You look up at him with puppy eyes and he sighs, “you’re right, and i’m always a man of my words.” Bucky says as he lays down, his head against one of the many pillows on your bed with his arms behind his head. “Go ahead, bunny. Show me how well you can bounce.”
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wicked-mind · 16 hours ago
Summary: Bucky has a crush on you but doesn’t know how to go about it. Especially since you and Natasha seem so close.
Word Count: 6.5k
Warnings: Swearing, angst, drinking, a little of reader x Natasha but not really, nervous/soft Bucky.
Note: This fic is entirely based off of this part from Grey's Anatomy and it does contain the quote shared between Yang and Grey, just twisted a tiny bit.
As always, any likes, comments, and/or reblogs are deeply appreciated! I love that shit (:
All Writings Masterlist
*gifs not mine
Tumblr media
Since Tony and Clint retired to spend time with their families, Vision and Wanda off god knows where doing god knows what, and Bruce focusing on his own work the Avengers have sort of shrunk, meaning they needed more people on the team to keep it an actual team now that Natasha, Sam, Steve, and Bucky were the only ones left living in the gigantic facility. Which is how you joined the team. You and Natasha went way back, were the best of friends and it just so happened that you were looking for something to do to keep your mind occupied other than mercenary work.
When Natasha introduced you to the team, you had smiled as your eyes flickered between Sam, Bucky, and Steve, “You weren’t kidding, Nat.” You say over to her, “It’s like team testosterone in here.”
“I know!” Natasha said with a laugh, “Exactly why you are here.”
Sam folds his arms and smiles over at you, “So what’s your gimmick, Y/N? You a deadly assassin too, like the redhead?”
You smile over at Sam, “Do you want to find out?”
Sam narrows his eyes at you, “Nope.” He said, a little creeped out by the confident smile and fire in your eyes, “I’m good.”
“Smart choice.” Natasha said with a laugh.
The trio of men quickly figured out that you and Natasha weren’t just best friends but you two were close, like close close. You two were always around each other or in each other’s rooms. You two would go out dancing and come back in the early morning hours drunk and giggling until the both of you fell asleep cuddling on the couch. You brought out a side of Natasha nobody knew she had. You two were inseparable and it lead to conversations between the trio of men wondering if the two of you were more than just best friends.
You two never really talked about how you met each other, every time one of the men would ask either of you the two of you would just shrug it off and say it was meant to be with smiles. What they didn’t know is that you had been in the Red Room Academy with Natasha and never stopped being friends after the shared trauma.
It’d been a few weeks since you moved in and you walk out of Natasha’s room in the morning hours, wearing a large v-necked shirt that hung at your thighs and no pants after a night of going out dancing with Natasha. You smile over at Bucky who looked like he just got done with a workout, walking down the hallway, “Mornin’ good lookin’.” You smile over at him.
Bucky swallows hard and drops his water bottle to the floor at the sight of you in front of him with your bare legs on display, “Mornin’.” He manages to mumble out to you. He watched you bend over, not being able to control his eyes as they focused down the front of your shirt. Bucky watched you pick up his water bottle, straightening up and holding it out for him. There had been many instances like this where Bucky just couldn’t keep his cool around you and managed to drop things or just scramble away in embarrassment from not knowing what to say and he couldn’t figure out why he was feeling this way around you. Sure, you were beautiful but the way you flirted with him constantly made his insides flip like there were millions of butterflies rearranging his organs probably because he had a huge crush on you.
You smile as he snatches the water bottle from you, “And here I thought you wouldn’t be the one to have butterfingers.” You tease before turning on your toes and heading down the hall. You send a wink over your shoulder his way before disappearing into your room.
“You think they’re… you know?” Sam asks Steve and Bucky curiously as the three sat on the couch. The three hadn’t seen you or Natasha in the morning, well all three of them aside from Bucky who managed to drop his water bottle this morning after running into you.
“She came out of Nat’s room this morning again.” Bucky informs, causing both Steve and Sam to look at him, “Wearing no pants.”
“Really?” Steve asks with his eyebrows raised. He’s known Natasha for a long time and she had never mentioned you before.
“Mhm.” Bucky nods in response, not bothering to mention the view he got down your shirt or the flirty wink you gave him. He had no idea why he turned into a literal pile of jelly around you.
“Damn.” Sam said with a chuckle. He thought you were interesting, and was trying to unravel the puzzle known as you, “Does she even sleep in her own room or is she just bunking with Natasha?”
Their focus came onto you and Natasha as you walked out into the kitchen, your arm around her shoulders as the two of you giggled about something. You were no longer pants-less, instead wearing a flowy tank top and a pair of black skinny jeans with black boots. You wiggle your fingers at the boys in a wave, following Natasha to the kitchen and pulling yourself up to sit on the counter while Natasha grabbed out a glass to fill with some orange juice.
“I have a question for you two,” Sam says, turning to look at the two of you from over the couch. He at least needed to ask, the questions had been exchanged between him, Steve, and Bucky non-stop since the first time you came out of Natasha’s room in the morning with your hair all messy.
You tilt your head at him and raise an eyebrow for him to continue.
“Are you two like… a thing?” Sam asks curiously, finger pointing between you and Natasha.
Natasha grins over at him amused, “What gives you that impression?” She asks as she puts the orange juice back in the fridge.
“Well, you know, you two seem really.. close.” Steve said with a gesture of his hand at the two of you.
You grin over at Nat before hopping off the counter and walking over to the back of the couch. You lean over between Bucky and Sam, your eyes flickering between the two, “We’re not a thing,” You chuckle out, “I’m not sure what gave you that impression considering we screw boys like whores on tequila.” You joked.
All the boys went wide eyed and each of them swallowed hard at your words that came from your mouth and the smell of your perfume so close to them. Each of them knew you were teasing them and, by god, it was working.
Natasha sips the rest of the orange juice from the glass before piping in, “Yeah, then we either try to marry or kill them.” She says with the same amused grin on her lips. She walks around the counter over to you and pats your ass, “C’mon lover, we have brunch reservations.”
You laugh softly at the expression on the faces of Steve, Sam, and Bucky before turning on your heels and following Natasha out of the room. The two of you really enjoyed teasing the boys, watching them get all flustered and confused had turned into a game.
“I feel like my question didn’t get answered.” Sam said softly once you and Natasha were gone.
“Me either.” Steve nods in agreement.
Bucky sighs, “I’m so confused.”
The next few weeks didn’t help clear anything up. It seemed you and Natasha were toying with the three, enjoying the confusion the two of you caused them. If you were gasoline, Natasha was the fire and you two were trouble when together. One night the trio of men came home from dinner to you and Natasha blasting the Katy Perry song ‘I Kissed A Girl’ and dancing together in the living room and you two had no business being that close. You and Natasha had a good laugh about it after they all scampered off to their rooms after prying their eyes from staring.
Then Natasha and Sam went away on a mission and that’s when Steve and Bucky got to see more of the real you. One night, Bucky found you outside in the chilly air drinking a coffee which he thought was odd. It was two in the morning and the only reason he was awake was because it was a bad night of nightmares for him. He grabbed a beer from the fridge before making his way out to you on the patio and slumping down in the chair next to you, “Coffee at this hour?”
You look over at him and smile, “Why not?” You reply before tilting your head up to look at the stars.
“Don’t you want to sleep?” Bucky asks curiously. Tonight you seemed different. Usually you were running around with that flirty attitude on that made his arms and legs turn into jell-o but right now you seemed to be trying to relish in the peacefulness.
You bring the cup of coffee to your lips, taking a small sip before shrugging at his question, “Not really. What are you doing out here?”
Bucky tilted his head in confusion, wondering what was going on in that playful brain of yours, “I couldn’t sleep, nightmares and such.” He admitted softly before asking his question, “Why wouldn’t you want to sleep?” He couldn’t understand why you didn’t want to especially when someone like him would do anything for a few uninterrupted hours of sleep.
You smile sweetly over to him, “I don’t like sleeping alone.” You tell him simply.
Bucky raises an eyebrow at you, “Is that why you’re always coming out of Natasha’s room?”
You nod to his question, taking another sip of the coffee before speaking, “It works out for both of us.” You shrug, “I don’t like sleeping alone and Nat likes to cuddle.”
“Natasha’s a cuddler?” Bucky asks a little shocked with an amused smile.. For someone who has the most creative threats, he didn’t think Natasha would be one to cuddle.
“Oh yeah,” You chuckle out, “She likes to be the small spoon.”
Bucky let out a laugh before taking a swig of his beer. It was silent for a moment between you and Bucky cleared his throat, “How’d you two meet?”
You look over at Bucky with an eyebrow raised, “You really want to know?” You ask, watching him nod. You shifted in your chair a little then began, “We were in the Red Room together. We shared a room, more like a holding cell really. They used to handcuff us to our beds to make sure we wouldn’t escape.” You sighed at the memories, “Sometimes one of us would dislocate our thumbs to get out of the cuffs and come curl up next to the other. It was nice to have some sort of kind human contact after hours of ballet and training to be emotionless.”
Bucky listens and nods slowly. Now your and Natasha’s relationship made more sense, why the two of you seemed connected at the hip. You were like each other’s life line in the Red Room Academy and he knew things like that were hard to shake.
You tilt your head and look at him, “Tell me, do I make you nervous?”
Bucky looks over at you with a confused look at your sudden question. Yes, you made him nervous but he thought he was doing better at controlling it. How could you not make him nervous with all those flirty remarks and the winks you’d send his way, “What makes you think that?”
“Oh, I don’t know.” You smile over at him, “Maybe it’s the fact that your reflexes are superior but you always manage to drop things around me.”
Bucky shrugs and takes a drink of his beer, trying to hide the nerves that were creeping up on him at your smile. He let out a sigh before replying honestly, “You make me a little nervous. You’re just… different.”
You grin at his words and lean closer to him from your chair, your eyes locked on his, your face inches away from his, “Am I making you nervous now?” You whisper to him, your tongue running along your top lip slowly.
Bucky stared at you as you leaned closer, staying as still as stone. His eyes flickered down to your lips, watching your tongue trace your top lip, “A little.” He confessed in a soft whisper.
“Good nervous or bad nervous?” You whisper to him, your eyes staring right through his as you gauged his reaction.
Bucky swallows hard, he could feel your breath on his face and it was making goosebumps crawl up his skin, “I… I don’t know.” He answers. He had that same feeling of millions of butterflies in his stomach to the point it was making him sick.
You hum in response and lean back into your chair, “Let me know when you figure that out.” You tell him with an amused smile before picking up your coffee and disappearing back into the facility.
Bucky watched you go, his lips parted in shock at how you could go from so flirty to just walking away from him. He sat there and thought while he drank the rest of his beer alone. Did he have a crush on you? Maybe Yes. Did he know what to do about it? Not in the slightest. But it seemed like you had just thrown the ball into his court so he was going to have to try and figure it out.
Bucky spent the next few days doing his best to avoid being alone with you while he sorted out his feelings and you seemed to be cutting back on the flirtatious antics towards him but he didn’t know if that was because you weren’t sleeping well without Natasha and you were tired or if it was to give him some space. He even talked to Steve about it.
“I think I like Y/N.” Buck sighed out as him and Steve watched another Indiana Jones movie since it was Steve’s favorite.
Steve raises an eyebrow at Bucky, “You think?” He smiles.
Bucky grabbed one of the pillows and threw it at Steve, “I know, I get it. I like her.” He grumbled out, “Just don’t know what to do about it.”
Steve laughs and sets the pillow beside him on the couch, “Buck, we are from the forties. I don’t think either of us know what to do with someone like her. She’s very… forward.”
Bucky hums and nods, “Yes, she is. Thought she was going to kiss me the other night but she asked me if she makes me nervous then just left me saying to let her know when I figure it out.”
“Well,” Steve said, patting Bucky’s shoulder, “Good luck with that.”
“Very helpful, punk.” Bucky mutters out, “Thanks.”
“Look, Buck,” Steve started, “You were the one who always had two ladies in your arms. I think you can figure it out.”
So Bucky sat on it and thought of what he could do. Instead of nightmares keeping him up, it was thoughts on how he was going to approach you and possibly tell you he really liked you. Maybe he could give you flowers and confess? That would’ve made girls swoon in the forties but times were different now, and you didn’t really seem like the type who would swoon over flowers. Bucky would groan and push his pillow to his face, why were things so hard now? He used to be so good at being the ‘ladies man’ that made women nervous but now he was the opposite of that and was the one being turned into a nervous ball of putty by you.
Bucky wasn’t really sure what happened the next time he saw you. He was just going with whatever popped into his head. It was the night before Sam and Natasha were going to return from their mission and he found you walking down the hallway with headphones on humming softly to yourself. He wasn’t sure what came over him but he walked right up to you, pushing you up against the wall and pinning you there with a tight but soft grip on your arms. His eyes flickered from your eyes to your lips for a moment before he pressed a passionate kiss to your lips.
Your hands immediately went up and wrapped around the back of his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss and you parted your lips, allowing his tongue to dance with yours. But then he pulled back and looked at you for a moment and then just walked away like nothing happened even though you could see the blush rising up his neck to his cheeks, leaving you more confused than ever.
Bucky slipped back into his room quickly, shutting the door behind him and releasing a deep breath. Why’d he run? Were you really that intimidating to him? You did kiss him back so he shouldn’t be so nervous anymore but he was still trying to figure out what to do and hoped this didn’t ruin things with you or make you act differently. He groaned to himself, “Why’d I do that?” He mutters to himself, upset that he just left you there standing in the hallway. He wanted to kiss you but now he may have potentially fucked things up by bolting the moment the kiss ended. What could he say? He was a nervous guy now and you were so confident that it made him a nervous wreck.
Natasha and Sam made it back early in the morning from their mission, and you were waiting to greet Natasha back. You figured she would want to get some shut eye, but she had different plants. She wanted to soak up in the warm sun after being a mission where it was below zero degrees.
Sam and Steve had made some late lunch for everybody while Bucky tried his best to help but couldn’t get in the middle of the two bickering about who made better chicken or how to properly cook vegetables on the stove. You and Natasha came out carrying towels and in swim suits with sunglasses perched up on both your heads.
“Hey, foods almost done!” Sam smiled at the both of you.
“Thanks, but I’m going to go try to remember what warmth feels like. Plus we have some girl talk to do.” Natasha said with a smile before walking out onto the patio.
“I’m great at girl talk.” Sam said to you with a smile.
You laugh, “Somehow I don’t believe that.” You tell him, picking up a strawberry from the fruit bowl. Your eyes lingered over to Bucky as you took a bite of the strawberry, giving him a small wink before following Natasha outside.
Sam nods out to you and Natasha sitting on the patio by the pool, sunbathing, “What do you think those two are talking about?”
Bucky shrugs, “Who knows…” He mutters out, passing a plate over to Steve for the food that was laid out in front of them. He was trying his best to hide the way your flirtatious matter made him fluster and his cheeks pink.
Natasha closes her eyes and sighs at the warmth on her skin from the sun. It was nice to be back to warmer weather, “How was hanging out with the super soldiers?” She asks.
You look over at Natasha, “Bucky kissed me.” You say.
Natasha sits up and looks over at you, “What? When?”
“You heard me. Last night, just pinned me in the hallway and kissed me.” You say with a smile.
“What kind of kiss? Like a nervous kiss? Sloppy kiss?” Natasha asks curiously, taking her sunglasses off and smiling over at you, interested in this conversation. She knew you liked Bucky and judging by the way Bucky turned into pudding around you, she figured he felt the same.
You shrug, sitting up as well and looking over at her, “I don’t really know. He kind of ran away afterwards.”
Natasha rolls her eyes and takes your sunglasses off, “Well was it likes this?” She asks, taking your cheeks in her hand and pecking your lips, “Or this?” She leans forward again and presses her lips to yours in a more bruising kiss, her tongue tracing your bottom lip. She pulls away and looks at you with her eyebrow raised.
“I think the second one.” You shrug and laugh, leaning back into your chair.
Natasha smiles and puts her sunglasses on, leaning back in her own chair, “Hmm, well that’s a good kiss. That’s a ‘I think we are onto something’ kiss.”
“I also may have let it slip you like to cuddle.” You confess with a snicker.
Natasha glared over at you through her sunglasses, “What? You know I have a reputation to uphold.”
“Don’t worry, I think your reputation is in tact, Nat.” You chuckle, shaking your head, “Even though you’ve gone a little soft.”
“Call me soft again and you’ll regret it.” Natasha mutters out to you.
“Only if you cuddle me after.” You remark with a grin.
The trio of men watched the whole thing. Sam spit out the water he was drinking all over the floor at the sight of you and Natasha randomly just kissing. Steve was just looking from you to Natasha to Bucky, since Bucky had spilled the beans about kissing you to him. But Bucky was just staring at you and Natasha with his jaw dropped to the floor.
Sam cleared his throat and put his plate on the table, “I need to go shower.” He grumbled out and walks down the hallway quickly.
Steve looks over at Bucky, “Did that just happen?”
Bucky nods slowly and looks over at Steve, “I think so. If you just saw them kiss then yeah, I think so.”
“That’s what I saw.” Steve said and shakes his head, starting to pile food onto his plate, “I know you kissed her and all, but are we still sure they aren’t a couple?”
“I’m not really sure anymore.” Bucky mutters, stabbing his fork through a piece of chicken a little rougher than intended. You were confusing to him. He kissed you then ran away and now Natasha is kissing you. What was going on?
The rest of the day was weird. Bucky was still seeming to ignore you and you couldn’t figure out why. You understood it though, as far as your knowledge went (which is everything Natasha told you), Bucky hadn’t been with anybody since he’s been back and wasn’t as confident as he was back in the forties. But you had enough confidence for the both of you so the next day when you found Bucky sparring with Natasha, you walked up to the ring, “Nat, switch out with me.”
Natasha smiles and nods, sliding out from the ropes and jumping down before walking out of the gym after giving you a knowing look.
You slipped up into the ring and tilt your head at Bucky with a smile, “Think you can handle me?” You ask.
Bucky was panting, he had been in the gym for hours trying to sort everything out running through his mind. He lets out a deep huff of air, looking down at the wraps on his right hand, “Actually, I think I’m done.” He muttered out, walking towards the ropes and slipping out of the ring before making his way towards the door.
You frown and jump out of the ring, running ahead of him and blocking the door with your arms crossed, “Okay, you’re giving me emotional whiplash. What’s the issue?” You say with narrowed eyes focused on his face.
“Nothings an issue.” Bucky said softly, still not meeting your eyes as he tried to push past you.
“Uh-uh.” You say, planted an arm across the doorframe to block him, “Try to run from me and I’ll break your pinky.”
Bucky frowns at you and holds up his vibranium arm, “You do know this is vibranium, right? I don’t think you’re breaking it.”
You tilt your head at him, “Steve’s shield is vibranium and it got smashed up now and then, I could figure it out. Besides, you have two pinky fingers and the right one would be much easier. So, why have you been avoiding me since you kissed me?”
“Why’d Natasha kiss you?” Bucky hisses out, finally meeting your gaze, “Thought you said you two weren’t a thing.”
You raise an eyebrow at him, “That’s what this is about?” You ask, suppressing a laugh, “That wasn’t the first time Nat and I have kissed and probably won’t be the last. I am a very kissable person.”
“Oh, my bad, I didn’t know that your lips are up for anybody to enjoy.” Bucky snarks out. It was mostly caused by jealousy but also because he didn’t know what to do with you or how to be with you. He didn’t know how to do the whole dating thing anymore but he knew he was interested in you.
You nose twitched in anger and your grip on the doorframe tightened, “Don’t get pissy with me. If you must know, we were talking about how you kissed me then ran away like I lit you on fire. She was helping me try to figure out what sort of kiss it was and what it meant since you’re confusing as all fuck. It didn’t mean anything at all and to get it straight, she kissed me. I didn’t kiss her back at all.”
“Wait,” Bucky says, his expression changing to confusion, “So you two really aren’t anything more than friends and the kiss between you two really wasn’t anything? You actually like me?”
“Duh.” You say, your face emotionless. You watch him try to process a response for a few moments before sighing, “See you around, Barnes.” You huff out before turning and exiting the training room leaving Bucky to sort out his thoughts.
Bucky stood like stone for a few moments as the gears in his head turned. Fuck, he was being a dick without using his actual brain. How many times has he seen Natasha kiss people on missions for a cover, even smooching him a few times, to maintain cover? So many times and the more he thought about it, the more there were similarities in the way Natasha kissed you the way she kissed people on missions. Was it really nothing? Did he just ruin things with you? You were obviously pissed off at him and he had been avoiding you since he kissed you. He would be upset too if the positions were switched. Not that he’d kiss Steve (probably), unless he was a pretty girl like you or Natasha. Bucky had left you hanging in the hallway and hadn’t said a word to you since he kissed you besides just now when you confronted him.
Bucky returned to his room in a nervous wreck. He finally had found someone he liked and who liked him, but he had gone and ruined it because he was too busy worrying about his nerves than just letting things flow with you and being himself. He sat on the edge of his bed and put his face in his hands, trying to figure out how he could smooth things over with you.
The next day, Bucky decided he was going to try and make things up to you in his own way. He knew he should probably talk to Natasha and get some advice, maybe even Sam since he had more experience with dating women in the now world, but that’s not what he did. Instead he walks into the training room to find you sparring with Natasha, each of you armed with a Bō. He walks up to the edge of the mat and looks at Natasha, “Let me have a go, Nat.”
Natasha pauses and looks over at you then Bucky, “That’s really not a good idea, Barnes.” She warns, knowing you were still pissed and a Bō was your weapon of choice which meant Bucky for sure was going to get his ass kicked, even if he was a super-soldier.
You twirl the Bō in one hand, your jaw clenching, “Let him, Nat.” You say, your face emotionless as you look at Bucky.
Nat steps off the mat and hands her Bō to Bucky with a warning look, “Really bad idea.” She said again to him before stepping back and folding her arms to watch the show.
Bucky twirls the Bō in his hands as he circles around you, “Think you can handle me?” He asks, quoting you from the previous day.
You raise an eyebrow at him before starting to attack him with your Bō. He blocked your first blow, but didn’t see the second one as you hit him in the leg, making him wince and stumble back a little. You twirl your Bō again in one hand with a smirk on your lips that could be considered evil and beckon him forward with your free hand as a challenge. You watch Bucky step towards you and attack with his Bō, blocking his attacks until you slid your Bō between his feet and force him to fall backwards onto his back in one swift movement. You twirl your Bō again before pressing the end of it to his neck, tilting your head, “I think you’re the one who can’t handle me, Barnes.” You tell him before walking off the mat, handing your Bō to Natasha and walking out.
Natasha sighs and steps onto the mat, helping Bucky up and shaking her head at him, “Told you it was a bad idea. You may be a super soldier, but that’s her weapon of choice.”
Bucky sighs and rubs the back of his head which was a little sore from slamming it on the mat from you slipping him, “I’m sure the anger didn’t help either, huh?” He asks.
Natasha shook her head, “Definitely not. You really pissed her off, Barnes.” She replies, taking both the Bō staffs and placing them back in their place.
“Any advice, Nat?” Bucky asks, following her, “I think I screwed up.”
Natasha folds her arms and look at him, “You think? You most definitely did. But I’m honored you were jealous over me kissing her.” She teased with a small smile.
Bucky groans and rolls his eyes at her teasing, “Seriously, Nat, help me out. I really like her.”
Natasha sighs and nods, “Fine. Just because I know she really likes you too and when she’s angry, she tends to kick in her sleep and I already have enough bruises from one night.” She grumbles out, “Well first, don’t try talking to her when she has something in her hands that could be used as a weapon.”
Bucky nods, “Thanks, I figured that out myself. What else you got?”
“She’s just like any other woman, Barnes.” Natasha said with a smile, “Apologize, tell her how you feel, and ask her out.” She says then turns to exit but pauses, turning back to him, “And next time you kiss her, don’t run away like a coward.”
Bucky watched Natasha leave, already mentally working on his apology as he walked back to his room for a quick shower. He kept reciting it in his head: Y/N, I’m really sorry for being a jealous jerk about you and Natasha. I was a dick and idiot. And I’m sorry for running away after I kissed you. That was also a jerk move but I really like you and want to take you out sometime. Bucky groaned at the apology in his head, it didn’t sound good enough but he didn’t know exactly what to say. Maybe he would know what to say when he looked at you. So after his shower, he started on his mission to find you. He checked everywhere before finally finding you outside in the pool.
You swim up to the edge as you see Bucky walk towards you, leaning your arms up out of the pool to rest of the edges, “Came to get your ass kicked again, Barnes?” You ask, raising an eyebrow.
Bucky walks up to stand in front of you, looking down at your wet face. Your hair was dripping wet and slicked against your skin and it made those stupid butterflies in his stomach flutter again at the sight of you, “No, though I’m sure you could.” He said, offering a small smile, “I came to apologize for everything. For being jealous, running away from you after I kissed you, avoiding you. It’s just been a while, a long while, since I did this whole dance. Shit, the last time I really kissed a girl was in the forties.” He sighs, hoping his apology was enough for you though it didn’t sound enough for him, “So, do you forgive me?”
You bite your lip and look up at him, listening to his apology. You took a deep breath and shook your head, “Nope, I don’t.” You say up to him, watching his shoulders slump in a defeated fashion as he nods sadly. He looked like he was about to walk away, but before he could you grabbed onto his ankle and pulled him into the water. You laugh as he resurfaces and looks at you with wide eyes, “Now I forgive you.”
Bucky was shocked you pulled him into the water fully clothed, but then he heard you forgive him and a smile slowly crept onto his lips. He swam towards you slowly, pushing you up against the pool wall, “That was mean.” He says softly to you, his hands going down to grab onto your hips.
“You were mean first. You deserved it.” You reply with a triumphant grin, moving your hands to touch his shoulders, “So, if I kiss you now are you going to run or swim away from me?”
Bucky’s grin grew at your words, leaning his face closer to his, “Never again, doll.” He whispers to you before pressing his lips to yours. He swore he could feel fireworks as you kissed him back and he let out a soft groan at the way one of your hands went up and gently tugged on his hair to pull him closer to you. He pulls away slowly, leaning his forehead against yours, “This would be a lot better if I wasn’t wearing wet jeans.”
You smile at him, “Yeah, bet those are weighing you down now.” You tease with a soft chuckle. You push him away from you and pull yourself out of the pool, noticing the way his eyes glazed over your figure, “Go change and meet me in my bedroom, I don’t like sleeping alone and I think Nat is mad about how many times I kicked her last night.” You chuckle before heading inside.
Bucky pulled himself out of the pool, his clothes and hair dripping onto the concrete and onto the facility floors, but he didn’t care. He was on a mission to make you happy and make sure you really did forgive him. He went into his room and quickly changed into some sweats as well as a black t-shirt and ran a towel through his hair to get rid of the drips, then made his way over to your room. He knocked on the door and waited until you said ‘come in’ before he entered. He found you already laying on your bed, in a grey t-shirt and some pajama bottoms.
You smile over at Bucky, watching him hesitantly make his way over to your bed. You roll your eyes and grab onto his arm when he’s close enough, pulling him down beside you, “I don’t know why you’re so nervous. You’ve already kissed me and I know you’ve already seen down my shirt.”
Bucky blushed and rubbed the back of his neck as he shifted beside you, “You saw that, huh?” He asks softly, a small smile resting on his lips.
You nod, “Oh, I see everything, darling.” You say, turning onto your side and snuggling into his, “This is going to work out great. I don’t like sleeping alone and I’ll scare away your nightmares.”
Bucky chuckles and wraps an arm around you, rubbing one slowly up and down your back, “I think this is going to work out great too, doll.” He murmured out.
In no time, both of you were half asleep when your door opened. You open one eye to see Natasha creeping over and crawling into bed on the other side of you making you chuckle which woke Bucky up.
“What’s so funny?” Bucky grumbles out sleepily, his eyes still closed. Then he felt the bed shift and opens his eyes, peaking over your shoulder to see Natasha laying there, “Nat, what are you doing?”
Natasha lifts her head to look at Bucky, “I had her first, Barnes.” She says with a glare before putting her head back down on the other pillow.
Bucky shakes his head, pulling you closer to him and away from Natasha, “She’s mine now, Nat.”
You giggle and kiss Bucky’s cheek, “It’s okay. You two can share me.”
“No we can’t.” They both say at the same time which made you laugh into Bucky’s chest and that made him smile, placing a gentle kiss to your hair. Eventually, Bucky would figure out a way to kick Natasha out of your bed, maybe he would try hooking her up with Steve or Sam, but for now, for the first time in a long time, he was content and happy.
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Hehe since I just saw your latest Stucky post, I've had this idea brewing in my head. So imagine the boys having to deal with a drink avenger!reader. Like this woman is a boss bitch, takes no nonsense, can kick some serious ass but drunk she is a flirt, and softie who just wanna cuddles and kiss her beautiful Beaus. Does she spill some spicy secrets at the party to the rest of the team who knows 🤷 maybe Sam tricks her into playing never have I ever adult version 😂
Idk where this so going, but I would love to read your take on it 😂♥️♥️
awwww nonnie this is-this is gonna be great
pairing: stucky x reader
rating/warnings: fluff, drunk!reader, swear words?
Listen, you didn't mean to get this drunk. Natasha just kept feeding you drinks as the night went on. When you drank you tended to get a little, touchy? You wanted to be cuddled and loved, and praised. During the day, you were a fucking warrior. You were a badass in the feild, fighting peole left and right, always got the job done. You were the teams best technical anylist (besides jarvis of course), in simple terms you were a boss bitch.
"Pssst Natasha!" You whisper yelled to the woman at the bar. "You see those fiiiiiiine men over there?" You point 10 feet away to your super soldier boyfriends chatting with Sam and Tony. "Yeeaaaah I get to go home with them and there gonna sex me so goooood mmhm" You flopped your head onto the bar. Natasha waved Sam, Wanda and Vision over to witness this.
"Oh yeah, what else?" Nat egged on. "Oooooh their such great cuddlers. Having two boyfriends is great because when we cuddle, it's like a big super soldier sandwhich and it's just uuuuuuuuh" At this point Bucky, Steve and Tony walked over to see the comotion.
'Hey! There they are! Hi guys!" You flopped yourself into their arms and hummed. "Hi darlin' " Bucky said with a drawl. "God you guys are warm, kiss please" You looked up at them and puckered your lips. Everyone was trying to hold in their laughs, including Bucky and Steve.
Steve leaned in first and gave you a quick peck, which you pouted at. Then Bucky leaned in and gave you a longer, more forcefull kiss. "Alirght alirght, there's people." Steve asserted as he nudged you both. You pulled away with a angry look, "First you don't even cuddle me properly," looking at how Steve had an arm around your waist, and an arm around Bucky. Bucky had one arm around your shoulders, the other around Steve's waist. ", then you take away my kisses rights! not fair." You yelled as you stomped your foot.
"Yeah boys give her some love" Sam joked. "Shut it Sam" Steve wasn't big on pda. It's not that he didn't want to love on you, he just prefered to keep it private. Bucky started to rub and scratch at your head, making you hum and push your head onto one of their shoulders. Steve's big, warm hand started to rub up and down your back, making you pull away, and grab his hand.
You held it up to your face, examining it. "Watcha doing Y/N?" Wanda questioned with laughter. "Look how big it is! It's like the size my face. UUUh guys! You know what this hand does?" You waited for a response. When no one gave one, you continued. "This hand, wraps around my neck sometimes and then he puts his big fingers-" Bucky put a hand over your mouth. "Alright sweetheart that's enough."
Everyone was stunned. Shocked even. Golden boy, Steve Rogers, kinky? "No Y/N go on, what about Bucky?" Tony asked. Bucky took his hand away, also curious about what you were going to say.
"OOOOOh Ton's you have no idea. His lips, my gooooood he does this thing in my pus-" This time it was Steve that cut you off. "Y/N, love, that's enough." He looked at you with THE look. And with that tone? Oh fuck.
"Uh oh, he's using his daddy tone, I think I'm in trouble." You whispered the last part as if they couldn't hear you. Steve was beat red, and Bucky was laughing his ass off like the rest of them. He looked to Steve, so serious, that means he had to be too.
"Y/N, stop, that's enough" He tilted his head, to let you know he meant buisness. "oooooh he also likes to be called daddy, which is greaaaaat because I like calling them daddy because their amazing and they take care of me and give me amaaaaaaazing orgasms" People couldn't breathe from how hard they were laughing. And that made you laugh.
Steve grabbed your cheeks by one hand and moved your head towards him. "Baby" He said in a low tone. Bucky turned you to look at him as well, "Enough"
You hung your head, "sorry" you once again flopped into their chests, as they continued their minstrastions from ealier. "cuddles now?" You asked in a sweet, innocent tone, complete 180 from ealier. Everyone gawked, h-how did they just-
"Of course darling." Bucky answered. "kissy's too?"
Steve smiled down out you, seeing your innocent doe eyes he loves so much. "Mmm course bubs, lets go to bed hmm?" You hummed. Bucky picked you up but your thighs, you wrapped your legs around his waist. You reached an arm out to Steve, wanting his hand to hold. "Alright little love, I'm coming," He turned to the group. ", night everyone"
"night night!" You yelled out before falling asleep on Buckys shoulder.
Everyone just stood there. Not knowing what the hell just happened.
Vision spoke up, "I did not find any of that amusing"
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brooklynerster · 19 hours ago
Rasputin- Bucky Barnes x Oc {Marvel}
My first one-shot yay!!! warning it is a bit short ill try to make my others longer
I usually write one-shotes based on songs and songs will be written like this
"Aunt Nancy can you tell me a bedtime story, please?" asked five-year-old Morgan Stark.
"I don't know my stories aren't really good little iron," spoke Nacy tucking in her goddaughter tiredly from a long day of babysitting her.
"Please, I love your stories," asked Morgan with puppy dog eyes.
"Fine, I'll tell you a story, which one do you wanna hear," answered the girl's godmother Nacy.
"One you told me last time please!!!" Morgan
Nancy rolled her eyes at the small girl's excitement and began her story.
"There lived a certain man in Russia long ago.
He was big and strong, in his eyes a flaming glow.
Most people look at him with terror and fear."
At the same time, Bucky Barnes was walking to his and Nancy's little home tired from a long day with Sam, having saved some civilians here and there.
Bucky looked around noticing his girlfriend to not be seen nor the girl they were supposed to be babysitting. Until he heard a little laugh from their guest room he went to investigate and when he got there he saw that his girlfriend was telling morgan a story, not wanting to disturb them he stood at the door listening to the story.
Lover of the Russian Queen.
There was a cat that really was gone.
Bucky smiled to himself the story Nancy was telling morgan was one he never knew of but yet again his girlfriend had quite the imagination.
Russia's greatest love machine
It was a shame how he carried on
Bucky started going back to the couch quickly as he didn't want to get caught listening to the girl's conversation. When he sat down Nancy came down from the guest room and went to the kitchen to get a glass of water when she noticed he was home.
"Oh yay your home, Pepper called she'll pick up morgan tomorrow at 2 only if that was okay with us and me being the nicest person ever I said yes hope that was ok I didn't check with you cause I knew you were busy, anyway how was your day," she spoke quickly in one breath walking towards the couch and sitting beside him.
Bucky chuckled at her behaviour "It was good, I heard you telling a story to morgan while you were putting her to bed."
"y-y-you did?" Nancy studdered
Bucky chuckled, "No need to be nervous doll I thought it was cute, who was the story about."
Nancy placed her glass on the coffee table, " Well the story was about you, course changed it up a tad for Morgan so she wouldn't think it was you. We don't her thinking of her Uncle Bucky of some person like that." Nancy answered which Bucky nodded to excepting her answer.
Startled by the noise Bucky and Nancy turn around to the source to find Morgan sitting on the stair wide-eyed by the discovery she uncovered, that her favourite bedtime story told from Aunt Nancy was about her Uncle Bucky.
Welp here it is my first one-shot and it's trash hope you enjoyed it. Write a request in for one-shots you want me to write, I write for a whole bunch of characters also follow me one wattpad I post one-shots on there and other stories.
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Tumblr media
summary bucky takes care of you after a girls night out.
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings drunk!reader, drinking, (kinda) shitty friends, fluff.
a/n I hope everybody's feeling well <3. not my gif.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was watching some soccer match on the tv even though his mind was somewhere else, thinking about you.
You were having some kind of a girls night with your friends and Bucky couldn’t sleep without you next to him. He wanted to call you but he was afraid of being clingy or overprotective. He wanted you to have fun without being worried about him.
His thoughts were interrupted by his phone ringing. He let out a breath when he saw that the call was from you, but worry filled his heart quickly. He wondered why you were calling him.
“Doll?” His voice was raspy but still music to your ears. You silently smiled at the pet name he always called you.
“Hey Bucky,” you said and he could hear your smile in your voice, and hearing your voice calmed him a little bit.
“How is the girls night going, baby?” he asked, still worried and you knew he was, no matter how hard he tried to hide it. He was wondering why you would call him when you already told him that you were going to stay at one of your friends’ house that night.
“It was fine. Everybody left without telling me. It’s just me now.” you mumbled at the end and he could tell that you were drunk from your voice.
“Are you okay, sweetheart? How drunk are you?” he asked.
“I can’t remember. What time is it?” you said and hiccuped.
“It’s 2 pm. Do you want me to pick you up, doll?” his voice was calm.
“No, I’ll call a cab. I can come home by myself.” you mumbled.
“I’ll come pick you up, dollface. Just tell me where you are, okay sweetheart?” Bucky grabbed his keys and left the apartment.
Bucky’s car was in front of the bar in ten minutes. You were waiting outside, your coat wrapped tightly around you and your feet naked. He quickly walked to you and hugged you, inhaling your scent. He kissed your forehead before asking.
“How was your night, sweetheart?” and you just lifted on your tiptoes, your heels in your hand, other hand on his neck, kissing him. The kiss was tender and filled with love. You were just so thankful that he was here, thankful that you have him.
He broke the kiss to look at you. A tired smile on his face.
“It was good. ‘Missed you though.” you smiled back at him and his heart felt so full.
“I missed you too, dollface. Let’s go home now.” he took your hand in his and walked you to the car.
You fell asleep quickly after you sat on your seat, your heels in your hand, sleeping. Bucky’ heart swelled at the sight of you sleeping, your head resting against the car window.
When you reached the building he didn’t want to wake you up but he knew he had to since he couldn’t open the door while carrying you.
“We are home, pretty girl.” he whispered and caressed your hair to wake you up. Your eyes opened slowly, smiling when you felt Bucky caressing your hair gently. He held your and helped you stand up, his arm wrapped around your waist as you two reached the apartment shortly.
You sat on your shared bed, your make up and hair messed up. You were just about to lay down when you heard Bucky’s low voice.
“Honey, as much as it looks beautiful, you don’t want to sleep in that dress. Let’s take it off.” he said, motioning you to stand up, and unzipped your dress quickly. You sat down again, rubbing your face sleepily. Bucky’s eyes softened at the sight of you being so sleepy. He took one of his hoodies from the wardrobe.
“Arms up.” he said and you did, hoodie covered your body. You were practically already asleep, too tired to get under the covers. Bucky put a blanket on you and changed his clothes too before laying down next to you.
He wrapped an arm around you, and you buried your face in his neck, needing to feel his body close to yours even when you are sleepy.
“Goodnight, doll. I love you.” Bucky whispered and kissed your hair.
“I love you too, baby.”
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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spideyhexx · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media
bucky x tva agent!reader aka agent x
will time heal all wounds or deepen them?
summary; 18+. Bucky is arrested by the TVA and if that isn’t enough trouble, he’s assigned to assist a rambunctious agent on her mission to capture one of her longtime foes.
*in this, we’re deviating a little from canon on the TVA’s mechanics and steve's ending (he stayed!)
talk to me about bucky x tva agent!reader here
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savemesomenachos · a day ago
Congratulations on 200 followers!!
Can I request a stucky x reader with angst prompts 5&7?
Angsty with a fluffy ending?
Nonnie, why are you doing this to my almost non-existent heart?! And also thank you💋
You can find my other works on my Main Masterlist If you wanna be tagged in my works, lemme know here
Drabble #5
5. “Maybe you should just leave now.”
7. “Maybe, this is it coz I can’t do this anymore!”
Alternate Universe
AN: My 200 follower celebration event is officially CLOSED!!!
Pairing: Stucky x Reader
Warnings: An unhealthy amount of angst and some fluff to help me lick my wounds at the end
Word Count: 1507
Y/n’s POV:
“Are you seriously doing this right now?” I hiss in frustration as I strip out of my gear. Bucky stands behind me and Steve at a careful distance, ready to intervene
“You were so fucking careless out there. Do you have any fucking idea what could have happened?” Steve screams as he looks up from his task of unlacing his boots.
“I’m not some dumb newbie agent Steve. I’ve been doing this for years. It was a calculated fucking risk,” I scream equally loud. I see Bucky visibly flinch at the tone of our rising voices.
“How about we all take a step back huh? Talk about this when we’ve cooled down,” Bucky says, stepping between the both of us with an arm raised in surrender.
“We’re not children Buck. Stop coddling us,” Steve says as he rises to his full height and glares at Bucky.
“Hey! Don’t talk to him that way. Besides, it’s not his fault you are an actual child,” I say as I push Bucky aside with a gentle nudge to the side but he doesn’t budge.
I can see that that particular statement makes Steve particularly mad. His nostrils flare in barely constrained anger and his pupils dilate to completely engulf the blue and darken to look like black holes.
“Maybe you should just leave now,” Steve jeers as his fists continuously clench and unclench at his sides.
“Yeah, maybe I should,” I whisper, my stance not softening for a second.
“Woah, no one’s going anywhere,” says Bucky, ever the mediator. “We’re gonna sit down like adults,” he pointedly glares at the both of us, “and talk about this.”
“There’s nothing to fucking talking about Bucky. I’m not a child and I refuse to be treated like one,” I say, marching to my wardrobe and grabbing a duffel bag.
“Y/n please, we can talk about this. He was just worried about you getting hurt,” Bucky pleads, moving closer to me and laying a comforting arm on my shoulder.
“Fuck no. I just wanted to make sure she doesn’t fuck up the mission with her recklessness,” Steve huffs, taking a seat on the bed.
My jaw tightens in frustration but for Bucky’s sake, I keep my mouth shut. I shovel some clothes in, determined to make a point.
“Shut the fuck up Steve,” Bucky hisses as he turns to look at Steve over his shoulder.
“It’s fine Bucky,” I say, moving around him and toward the door. “But I can’t be around him right now.”
“Good thing I feel the same fucking way,” Steve says from his seat at the foot of the bed.
“Shut the fuck up! Both of you!” Bucky screams, his anger spilling into the room, his voice reverberating in my chest.
“You know what?” He says as his gaze shifts between the both of us. “Maybe this is it coz I can’t do this anymore!”
We gape at Bucky like fish and the breath rushes out of me. Suddenly hearing Bucky say it causes a pit in my stomach.
“I can’t always be the mediator. Left to deal with your fights. I’m fucking tired. If you can’t even go a day without fighting then maybe we shouldn’t be together,” he whispers, his words sitting like a weight on my chest.
Tears form on my eyelashes and I look to Steve for help but he looks equally lost.
“I just…” he sighs, “I just need a break from all the fighting ok? And I can see that you both know I’m right so work this out. I’m going out with Sam.”
“Are we breaking up?” I whisper, my heart thumping in my ears. Steve’s gaze shifts to the floor where I see him biting his lip to hold in his tears, I think.
“You tell me,” Bucky says as he slips out the door quietly leaving the room in an eerie silence.
“Do you hate me?” I hear Steve’s whisper.
I toss my duffel aside and take the seat next to him on the bed, our thighs touching.
“I could never hate you. I just don’t like it when you fuss over me on a mission. It makes me feel incompetent.” I say, my fingers knotting together nervously.
“That was never my intention. What Bucky said was true. I just wanted to protect you Me and him? We’ve seen and done so much shit and I never want you to be a part of that. To have nightmares that never let you sleep,” he says, shifting closer to me, his hand trailing across my thigh, clasping my hand in his.
“Yeah, I know,” I say, our fingers entwining. “But I don’t want you to do that. I wanna protect you too but I don’t wanna get in your way either. You think you could maybe… do the same? Protect me without coddling me?” I ask, tightening my grasp on his hand.
“Yeah, I can,” He says, his warm, dirty hand cupping my cheek.
His thumb strokes my lip as he turns to face me completely. He draws me to my chest with a hand on the back of my head and I lean in without hesitation.
“We fight a lot huh?” he asks, his fingers drawing circles on my partially bare waist.
“I guess,” I say as I sigh against his chest while my fingers play with the buckles on his pant clad thighs.
“I think we really need to work on communicating more,” I say after a beat of silence.
“Yeah, we will. I promise,” he whispers against my cheek as he tips my chin up to his face. I see the blue return and I drown in them.
“Can I kiss you?” he asks as he leans closer to my face while he twirls a piece of my hair around his finger.
“Like you have to ask,” I whisper, a breath away from his plush, pink lips. He closes the distance between us and kisses me.
My fingers tangle in his dirty blonde locks and tug. He moans but I swallow any sound that follows. I straddle his thighs, needing to be closer and he understands. He wraps and arm around my waist and settles me on his lap and both his arms wind around my back.
“Wait,” I pant as I pull away from the kiss which makes Steve whine. “How are we gonna make it up to Bucky?” I ask, getting up from Steve’s lap and pacing the room.
“How about sex?” Steve says casually, leaning back on his elbows.
“Steve! I’m serious.”
“What makes you think I’m not?”
“No! It has to be words,” I say as I stand in front of him and tug on his hands.
He straightens and wraps his arms around my waist while burying his face in my stomach with a hearty chuckle.
“Ok,” he says with a sigh, “we’ll talk to him when he gets back.”
*time skip*
“I see you’ve made up,” I hear Bucky’s voice before I see him. I shoot up from bed where me and Steve lay cuddled and rush to him.
My arms immediately wrap around his broad frame and I bury my face in his firm chest.
“I’m sorry Bucky. We shouldn’t have dragged you into the fight,” I say. “And I shouldn’t have been mean, it was uncalled for,” Steve continues.
“We talked about things and we know we fight a lot and never communicate. But from now on, we promise we will,” I say, pulling away to look at him.
“It’s not fair you always have to be mediator and I’m sorry I upset you,” Steve says as he round the corner of the bed and stands in front of Bucky, his gaze dropped to the floor.
“Yeah, I’m sorry too,” I say, shifting closer to Steve.
“Ok,” Bucky says as he moves deeper into the room. Steve’s head snaps up at his response and we stare at each other, dumbfounded.
“Ok?” I tentatively ask as I follow Bucky, Steve hot on my heels.
“Yeah, ok. What did you expect?” he asks, stripping himself off his Henley and tossing it into the hamper.
“We thought…” Steve trails off as he looks to me for help.
“We thought you were gonna break up with us,” I breathe as my heart hammers against my chest.
“What?!” he asks incredulously. “Fuck no. I love the both of you but you needed to figure some shit out.”
“But you said-”
“I exaggerated, obviously. I didn’t mean to. It slipped. So I guess I’m sorry too,” he says, cupping each of our cheeks in his hand and drawing us both closer for a kiss simultaneously.
He pulls away and slips out of his pants and launches himself on the bed while me and Steve stare at him.
“Cuddles?” he asks, draping himself elegantly across the bed with a pout on his lips.
“I… don’t even know what to say,” I sigh as I shuffle toward Bucky and his outstretched arms.
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multi-stann · a day ago
Only a real man can- B.B.
a/n- Please like, comment, and reblog!! It means a lot to me that i know anyone who reads my stuff, likes my work! Don’t be afraid to send me asks as well. I’m currently taking requests(for sds and main fics), and i’m always open to talk to new ppl:)
Summary: Your best friend and her dad join you on your family vacation.
Warnings n stuff: 18+, requested!!!, best friends dad(so also dilf?)! chubby! bucky(bucky is about the age of 42), age gap(reader is drinking age; like 21), smut, unprotected sex, daddy kink, lots of praising, oral(f rec), squirting & multiple orgasms, mentions of alcohol and drinking, idk what else
the idea of bucky making the reader squirt, just screamed at me to write a best friends dad fic😏
It’s the first time in nearly a year since you’ve seen your family, and a vacation to the Bahama’s is what your mom decided on. You’re not complaining, it’s nice to get away from the busy life in New York, and your best friend is accompanying you; along with her very hot dad that you’ve had a lingering crush on for some time now, and anything to get away from college work, you’re on board with.
You just landed and you have around a thirty minute ride to your hotel. It’s right beside sand and ocean, nice little five minute walk from your room to the sand. You’ll be able to hear the waves crashing throughout the night- peaceful.
You’re sharing your room with your best friend, Becca, while your parents share a room, and your younger brother has his own. Becca’s dad, Bucky, has his own room. Yours and Becca’s connects to Bucky’s. Your parents room connects with your brothers. Your parents informed you of this a few days ago, but it doesn’t bother you.
Once you arrive to the hotel, you and Becca grab your key cards and head on up, Bucky hitches a ride in the elevator with the two of you as well. Your parents are finishing grabbing their things, along with your brother, so they’ll be up momentarily.
You and Becca chat about what your plans are, knowing that the older adults won’t want to do anything the two of you will more than likely. Your brother will probably be a loner, or join the two of you here and there, but that’s about it.
You feel Bucky’s eyes lingering on you for a second before the elevator doors open up. You have no time to look at him, because you’re following Becca out of the elevator in a hurry. Bucky follows a bit behind the two of you, and once you make it to your connected suites, you open your door and he goes into his.
You make sure to lock the connected door that leads to Bucky’s room, Becca’s words being “my dad can be nosy, think we both know that. Don’t want him intruding” with a laugh.
Since it’s fairly late within the day, your plans are dinner all together and then maybe a late night walk on the beach. Perhaps stopping by the bar and grabbing a drink before heading back up then chilling in your rooms before having a full and fun day tomorrow.
You and Becca get dressed and have your makeup done within a good time. You’re not running late nor are you too early. You’re wearing a relatively short, red dress with thin straps on your shoulders. The back is kind of low, but only reaches to about the middle of your back. You’ve chosen to wear strappy, white sandals since it’s the beach, and some simple makeup.
You’re both planning on coming back up after dinner and changing, then going to the beach for a little walk and a dip in the ocean.
You two walk out of your suite as Bucky does at the exact same time. He’s dressed in a dark, red button up, the shirt tucked into his black dress pants making it hug his slightly rounded belly…and you freeze for a moment.
You’re one of those types of people where if someone at your table goes to take a sip of drink at the same time you do, you instantly stall and wait for them to finish before you drink. This, this is a nightmare. Wearing the exact same color- basically matching? And considering you also have a crush on the man?! It’s even more embarrassing even if it’s an inner thought thing.
Bucky smiles to his daughter and then turns to you. Becca, by this time, has already began walking, so Bucky is lucky that he doesn’t get caught raking his eyes down your figure. “Look nice, see that red’s your color.” He gives you a wink before motioning for you to walk, so you do.
This is going to be a very….interesting vacation.
Once you guys all get to the restaurant, you sit beside Becca and your brother. Bucky, your mom, and dad sit on the opposite side of the table. You all chat about how nice the rooms are, your mom goes on to tell you guys about the pools, the gym, the small game room, the rest of the restaurants, the sauna, the spa, and then….the bar. Which you and Becca perk up at. Bucky laughs at your reactions and…God, his laugh. If you could openly swoon over the man, you’d be doing it within a heartbeat.
Your dad then goes on to talk about the weather and how it’s supposed to be over the course of the week, and then you all get your food. The food is nice, definitely worth trying something new, and you all enjoy your meals. You all, except your brother, drink some wine, and all of your are good and pretty much sober except for your mom. She downed at least a whole bottle of wine, and your dad is having to steady her steps as you guys walk to the elevator now. “You guys go on up. We’ll take the next one.” You chuckle as your dad gets your mom into the elevator, your brother towing behind sending you a glare. You stick up your middle finger before the door closes not giving him a chance to react back.
Becca gets on her phone while you guys wait for the elevator. Bucky stands right beside you, not too close though, but close enough that you can smell his cologne and- it’s absolutely heavenly. What you’d do to be in his bed tonight instead of yours in the suite with Becca.
The next elevator comes rather quickly, and the three of you file in. Your plans are still on: beach, drinks, back to suite. “You girls still going to the beach?” Bucky asks almost as if he read your mind and just to kill the silence within the elevator. “Yeah, then we’re going to the bar.” Becca replies after she puts her phone away. Bucky nods, then nudges you, “your mom loves her wine. Never seen a woman love wine more than she does.” He chuckles right as the elevator comes to your floor. “Yeah, she gets a bit carried away with it.” You reply back.
The walk back to your suites are relatively quiet, as you’d suspect. But once you get in, Becca is running to her suit case. “Okay, i brought that new swim suit, and i think there will be some cute boys down there….soooo i’m wearing it. I’ll also wear it tomorrow but like….tonight too.” She’s already pulling her clothes off before you can even get a sandal off, tossing the fabrics in different directions. Her shoes come off last and then she’s pulling her underwear off. “Becca, please! My eyes!” You tease her and she laughs, “nothing you’ve not seen before, ma’am.” You both laugh and then she immediately starts to slip on her bottoms.
You manage to slip off both of your sandals, but Becca already has her full bikini on. “Bec….are you in a hurry to get dick or what?!” You laugh as she grabs her towel, slips on some flip flops, and she grabs her phone. “Look, ya girl hasn’t gotten any in a few months. Don’t act like you won’t hop on the chance, too! Oh, you grab the key card? Imma go ahead and head down.” She gives you a pat on the shoulder before she skips towards the door and then out of the room.
You laugh to yourself as you begin to start getting ready. You put on one of your new swimsuits as well and then head for your towel that’s on one of your bags. But before you can grab it, a knock comes from the connected door. You hurriedly walk to it and then open it up to see Bucky. “Becca just went down.” “She left you up here all by yourself?” His eyes wander a bit but he manages to contain himself. “I’m about to go down, too.” You turn around to head to grab your beach towel again, and your bottoms give Bucky a full display of your ass cheeks. “Well….i could think of several better things to do than to drink and mess around with silly boys.” Bucky announces before he shuts the connected door.
You whip your head around and see that he was staring at your ass, and your cheeks automatically get hot. “Hm? What kind of things?” You’re not sure if you’re both on the same page here, but you’re sure hoping that you are. “You want me to name some off? See which one you like best, angel?” You nod with a small bite of your lip, and that causes Bucky to smirk. “Okay, i could bend you over my lap and tear that pretty ass of yours up with my hands and finger fuck you until you’re squirming. Or i could press your pretty self up against that window and fuck you against it. Or i could have you sit on my face and eat your pretty pussy until you’re creaming all over my lips. Or…..” at this point, Bucky is only a few inches away from you- his hand comes up and gently grasps your bare hip where your skin is exposed. It makes your skin form goosebumps and causes your breath to hitch. “….I could fuck you right in front of that mirror and let you watch as my cock drives up into your pretty pussy. Bet you have such a nice cunt, don’t you baby?” His other hand, his metal one, comes up and gently caresses your cheek while his voice gets deeper.
You’re getting hotter with each word he speaks and your thighs press together in some attempt to relieve the ache that’s getting progressively worse in between your thighs. “Are those all of my options?” You meekly ask, trying to taunt him a bit. “Would you rather me have your face pressed into the mattress while i plow you from behind? Pulling your hair, smacking your ass, biting your neck?” You whimper and he smirks even bigger. His body now presses against yours- his round belly against yours- and you can feel his erection through his pants. “I could have you ride my thigh, make you work for it. I could finger fuck you until you’re a blabbering mess. I could have you cockwarm me until you’re begging me to fuck you. I could even fuck you up against the wall, or the shower wall, or in the pool. The options are nearly endless, just tell me what you want and i’ll give it to you, because you’ve been driving me crazy, angel.” He bites his lip before he grazes his nose against your cheek.
His hand moves from your cheek and goes to your neck. His lips are now merely two inches away from yours. “Beg, beg me for it.” He whispers as he lightly squeezes your throat. “Please…oh fuck, please. I don’t care what you do just…just fuck me.” You give in easily, not wanting to wait much longer for him to satisfy you. His smirk gets wider, it’s almost as if it’ll split his face in two, and within an instant he’s picking you up. “Becca shouldn’t be back for a few hours, right?” He asks as he hauls you over to your bed, but you stop him. “Wait, I want to be in your bed. Just incase she does come back ya know?” You give him a shy smile and he laughs, “you’re so precious.” He rubs his nose against your cheek again, and this time he’s hauling you over to the door that connects your suites. Your legs are wrapped around his waist and your hands are fisted into his long locks. Your barely clothed pussy rubs against his belly and you can feel his erection with every movement as he walks, and fuck….you’re nearly sure he’s going to ruin you and your thought process.
Once you get into his room and he’s locked the connected room door, he’s plopping you down onto his suite bed. It’s a king size, neatly made of course, with dark red comforters. He immediately eyes you and the exposed skin you’re flaunting currently and he looks at you hungrily. “Think i’m gonna start with you sitting on my face….let me see that pussy, angel.” He lightly grips the band of your bottoms and you lift your hips up off of the bed to give him an easier time in tugging them down your legs. He tosses them to the floor and then his eyes look back at your pussy. He licks his lips as he stares at your cunt, and he can’t help but to palm his erection. “Just know you’re gonna taste so good, angel.”
Bucky then crawls onto the bed and situates himself. He makes a “come here” motion with his fingers and you’re up in an instant, pussy hovering over his slightly bearded face. “Put ‘er on my face, angel.” He grunts, and after, you lower yourself. Your pussy comes into direct contact with his face and you whimper when his tongue darts out, licking a stripe up your cunt. His hands then hold onto your thighs and he begins to suck on your clit. His eyes trained on you as he sucks and kisses your sensitive bud. He’s loving the sounds you’re making, the quiver of your thighs, and how your pussy clenches around nothing when his tongue briefly darts into you. “Bucky…” you whimper quietly, knowing that your parents and brother are still on this floor even if Becca isn’t.
“Ride my face, angel. Use me to cum….wanna hear how good you’re feeling.” He mumbles before he’s pressing you further against his face, helping you to move your hips against him. You moan a bit louder, but nothing to where anyone else can hear you, and one of your hands goes to his hair. “Daddy….your mouth…oh god!” You squeal a little louder when Bucky sucks especially hard on your clit, so hard that it makes a popping noise when he releases it. His tongue dips back down to your dripping hole, and his nose rubs against your bud, causing you to jerk up as you ride his face harder. His tongue licks up most of the juices you’re leaking, then he’s back to sucking and twirling his thick tongue around your throbbing clit.
It’s not long before your body is jerking and your thighs are squeezing around his head as you cum on his face. He doesn’t stop until you’re pulling away from him and moving to lay beside him. Your chest is heaving from the orgasm you just had, and you’re nearly seeing stars. “C’mon, angel. Don’t give up on daddy now.” You involuntarily moan when he calls himself that name, and your legs spread open for him to crawl in between. “That’s my good girl.” He grunts as he moves. His hips are in between your legs within seconds, his cock being sprung free rather quickly as he discards of his pants and boxers. It helps that he’s not wearing a shirt already.
He slings his clothes to the ground before he spits in his hand, then lubes his thick cock up. You watch his hand move up and down his shaft and your mouth waters. He has such a pretty cock it’s insane. Why the fuck did his ex cheat on him….he’s so sweet too. “Flip over, angel. Show daddy how good of a girl you can be.” You obey, not wasting a single second. You flip over onto your stomach, no hands involved, just your ass up in the air and your back arched. You hear him groan at the sight. “God…love this ass. Look at it, can’t believe it’s all mine. You’re mine aren’t you, angel?” You nod the best you can, “yes, daddy.” He then lays a smack to your right ass cheek and you moan. “That’s my girl.” And then he’s sliding into your pussy.
The burning stretch that his cock is causing is one that borderlines pain and pleasure, but it’s definitely something you like. He’s so thick, so girthy, you didn’t think this through- you didn’t think he’d be this thick-, but with each push, he lets you adjust a bit. “Daddy….you’re so big….hurts a little.” You whimper as you wiggle your hips. His hand rubs soothing circles onto your back, “i know baby, i know. Just be a good girl for me, it’s almost done.” And you know you can take it. You want to take it. You want to take all of him, because you know it’s going to be worth it. That it won’t always hurt like this.
“Such a good girl….takin’ daddy’s cock like this. You’re doing so good, angel. She’s so tight…she’s takin’ me in so so well.” He grunts his last words before finally easing the rest of his cock into you. You hum at the full feeling, his tip nearly kissing your cervix. “You okay, angel?” His hand rubs up and down your back as he stays still. “Yes, daddy. Feel so fucking full of you.” You moan, and you feel his cock twitch. “My girl….” he groans before he’s pulling out and thrusting back in.
Your hands grab onto the sheets in an attempt to hold on at the unexpected movements, but all you can do is jolt as he continues to fuck into you. He’s doing hard thrusts, you can hear the wetness that’s accumulated in between your thighs, and his skin slaps yours as he fucks you. His flesh hand grabs onto your hip and his nails dig into your skin. You can’t help but whimper and moan at the pleasurable feelings he’s giving you.
Bucky is so fucking high on the noises you’re making. The way your body responds to him and his touch. The way your pussy is gripping him and squeezing his cock. He knows it won’t take much longer until he’s blowing his load into you. “Gonna let me breed you, huh? Gonna let daddy fuck a baby into you, angel?” You moan at his words. The thought of being pregnant with Bucky’s next child….? It of course should be a turn off, but fuck…it turns you on. “Yes…yes yes please! Fuck a baby into me, please!!?” You beg him, and his hand comes into contact with your ass, hard. “Gonna give you all of my cum, then fuck it into you. Make it stay as long as i can in this pretty pussy of yours.”
Your pussy clenches around him at the sound of his words. “Oh, you love that. You love the idea of that, don’t you, baby?” You nod slightly, it being hard because your cheek is pressed into the mattress. His vibranium hand comes up and grabs ahold of your hair. Your back meets with his front- his chubby belly molds with the curve of your back perfectly- and the new angle has you crying out in pleasure. “Come on, angel. Wanna feel you cum. Need to feel you let go for me. Cum for me, angel.” He grunts in your ear before he peppers kisses down your neck and over your shoulder. He doesn’t leave any marks behind because….well, he doesn’t need his daughter interrogating you on who you’ve been with.
“Please, please mark me…please.” Oh, but you’re begging him so prettily and he wants everyone to know who’s been fucking you. He wants to so badly, but he can’t. “Maybe next time, baby. Can’t let them know, or even give them a thought that you’ve been with someone this quick, huh? They might catch on.” Bucky whispers in your ear as his thrusts become a bit sloppy. His lips then reattach to your neck, but soon enough, he’s turning your head so that his lips attach to yours. It’s a sweet kiss, a loving one. Something so soft you think it means something, and to you both- it does. Neither of you just will admit it so quickly, so soon- scared to run the other away. After all, this all is kind of unexpected- to some, it would be weird.
“I’m close, daddy.” You whimper when he lightly bites down- not hard enough to leave a mark- onto your shoulder. “Cum for me, angel.” He then forces your head back down into the mattress and you cum again. You cum with a muffled cry and your pussy clenches so tightly around him, that he can barely thrust into you anymore, but he manages to. His hand comes around your shaking body, and begins to rub your clit. “Fuck…daddy!” Bucky manages to make out through the muffled-ness, and he feels himself coming closer. “You sure you don’t want me to pull out?” “No…cum in me!” You squeal into the covers, and with two final thrusts, he’s spilling inside of you while rubbing your clit. And in a matter of just a few seconds, you’re cumming again, but this time, you’re squirting. Bucky’s cock slips out of your pussy and the rest of his cum spurts onto the outside of your pussy, and your juices cover the comforter on the bed along with his seed.
“Fuck….you’re such a messy thing, aren’t you?” He grunts out as he slows his movements on your clit. Your body jerks a bit and he takes that as the sign to stop. “‘M sorry…i just messed your covers up.” You breathe out heavily, but Bucky doesn’t even care. He’s just had some of the best sex ever, with someone he deeply cares about, and he cannot put in the work to even care about fucking comforters or bed sheets. “I don’t care, I’ll just take the top ones off and get ‘em to change ‘em tomorrow. The sheets are fine, angel.” He whispers before he places kisses down your back- his tummy grazing your backside and it causes you to giggle. “Guess i need to clean up and find Becca, make sure she’s not into any trouble.” You reply, but before you can get up, Bucky is stopping you. “No, i’ll go make sure she’s okay. I’ll start you a bath in your room and get you settled before i go down. It’s the least i can do after i’ve spent your energy, angel.”
He flips you over gently before placing a kiss to your lips, “I’ll be right back, don’t move.” He presses one last kiss to your cheek before he gets up and tosses on his boxers, then he makes his way into your suite.
Oh god…what the fuck have I done? I most certainly don’t regret it, but what in the hell is to even become of this???
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thicccsimp · a day ago
The Lesson
Summary: Bucky helps coach you through a lesson in domination with Steve as your eager volunteer.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader & Steve Rogers x Reader
Word Count: 2,850
Warnings: 18+ Smut. Explicit Sexual Content. Dom/Sub Dynamics. Pet Names. Oral Sex (F Receiving). Oral Sex (M Receiving). Unprotected Vaginal Sex. Slight Possessiveness. Praise Kink. Cumshot.
A/N: This was based on a dream I had a while back that I just haven't been able to get out of my mind, so I've now put it to words for you all to hopefully enjoy! 
I’d also like to give a huge thank you to @providencia-journal for betaing this piece for me and giving me her much needed domme perspective so my subby ass could make sure this actually made sense. Any and all mistakes are completely my own. 
As always, I’d appreciate any feedback y’all would like to give me. Please feel free to like, comment, and reblog if you feel inclined to.
Tiny Tag Gang: @pepsicup @wakingbeauty @lifeofrileyp @sweetkingdomstarlight-blog​ @tuiccim
Tumblr media
You look down, mouth agape as you take in the sight of the Captain America, on his knees for you. This isn’t a situation you ever thought you’d find yourself in, you’ve always been submissive, you’ve always been the one taking orders, not giving them. 
“C’mon Kitten.. You can do this. Look at how badly he needs you.” Bucky's smooth, husky voice whispers in your ear, his hot breath tickling the shell of your ear. 
You look back over your shoulder at him, gnawing on your bottom lip nervously. His warm calloused hand comes to caress your cheek for a moment before turning your face back to Steve, still waiting in front of you with wide eager eyes, his cock standing at full attention, weeping precum as it twitches of its own accord. 
You take a deep breath before reaching out, grabbing a fist full of Steve’s hair and pulling his head to crane back, a needy whine comes spilling out of his lips and it’s so sinful in your ears it sends a shiver up and down your spine. “I’m going to need you to listen to my words very carefully Stevie.. I will not be repeating myself. Do you understand?” 
Steve nods as much as your grasp in his hair allows him, looking up at you with lustful hooded eyes. Bucky clears his throat, pulling your gaze to him, he gives you a subtle shake of his head before tapping on his ear. You knit your eyebrows together for a moment, trying to comprehend his silent directions when it clicks. You tighten your grip on Steve’s hair, your words come out stern with a hint of derision, “What was that? I can’t hear you.”
Steve groans, his tongue darting out to lick his lips, “Yes ma’am. I understand.” 
“That’s better. Now you’re going to lay down on your back on the floor, and I’m going to take that pretty little face of yours for a ride and I’m not going to stop until I’ve had enough. Now I want your hands behind your head, I wouldn’t want you tempted to touch yourself. After all, this is all about my pleasure. Not yours. Maybe if you do a good enough job, I might actually let you cum.” Your voice is smooth like velvet and shockingly firm, you almost don’t believe it’s really coming out of your own mouth. 
“Yes ma’am.” Steve manages to croak out, his voice dry and hoarse with need. He quickly lays down on his back, his hands laced behind his head obediently. You can't help but admire the way it makes the muscles in his arms ripple, you never had considered how sexy it would be to see such a strong powerful man, on the floor at your will, needy for your touch. You come to stand with a foot planted on both sides of his head, you bring yourself to straddle his face, your knees pressing firmly into his arms, pinning them roughly to the ground below, you watch as his eyes roll back slightly at the pressure. You suddenly press your core down hard against his face, grinding your pussy against his eager mouth. 
“Fuck.. Yes.. Just like that Stevie.” You praise as you feel his tongue needily lapping against your swollen bud, occasionally trailing down to delve as deep as he can into your entrance. 
Bucky comes around from behind you and plants himself firm in front of you, his cock obviously straining against his jeans. He stares down at you, his pupils nearly swallowing his beautiful blue irises whole as he drinks in the view of his girl taking her pleasure from his best friend's mouth because he told her to. He reaches to his belt, undoing it steadily before pulling his pants down just enough to release his cock from it’s confines. 
You eagerly lean forward, wanting to feel Bucky's hard cock in your mouth, as your weight shifts you feel your knees digging deeper into Steve’s arms. He lets out a moan from deep in his chest and you feel it vibrate against your clit, your eyelids flutter and your jaw slackens at the sensation. You reach a hand out to grab Bucky's cock, but he quickly side steps just out of your reach, you can’t help but let out a small whine of frustration. He tsks his tongue at you as he shakes his head, his warm hand coming up before he slowly starts to stroke himself as he watches you. “Sorry Kitten. No reward for you until you complete your lesson with Stevie.” 
You open your mouth to protest but Bucky cuts you off before your first word even hits your tongue by shoving in two of his cold vibranium fingers. “Ah ah. No attitude. Only a yes sir,” he firmly reminds you, “If you’re frustrated, take it out on him. Don’t forget your place with me.” You try desperately to keep your eyes on his as he speaks but you can’t help but let them fall on his cock as he languidly strokes himself. He pulls his fingers from your mouth and you fight the urge to roll your eyes before letting a meek “yes sir” fall from your lips. You cast your eyes down at Steve between your legs, still eating your pussy like a man starved, you can’t help but grab a fist full of his hair and grind down harder against his mouth while your other hand comes up to tweak your sensitive nipples. You begin to buck your hips roughly against Steve’s face, feeling your release grow closer with every desperate moan that comes flooding from his mouth. You feel the tension in your stomach tightening until it feels like it’s about to burst, “C’mon Stevie.. I’m so close.. I know you can do better,” you pant out. You feel his lips wrap around your aching bud once again and he starts harshly sucking, that’s just the little bit more you had needed. Your head falls back as your eyes flutter shut and moans come pouring from your lips; your eyes shoot back open when you feel a hand grasp your jaw firmly, angling your head up to meet his eyes. 
“Eyes on me when you cum,” Bucky commands, pulling his bottom lip in between his teeth as he watches you come undone. You can’t help but to grind down a bit harder, prolonging your climax for as long as you can while you stare up into Bucky's eyes, the desire behind them nearly making your mouth water. After a moment when your heart stops pounding in your ears, Bucky releases your jaw and you finally rise from Steve’s face. He lets out a slight hiss as the pressure of your weight against his arms finally vanishes. You look down at him for a moment, admiring how flushed his face is and how your arousal glistens on his skin. His lustful eager eyes meet yours, and you just know he’s waiting for your next command. 
“Back on your knees,” you order, your voice steady and firm. Steve quickly pulls himself back up and onto his knees, his hands instinctively clasping together behind his back. You take a step closer towards him, reaching out your hand to lightly grab his chin, tilting his face up toward you as you run your thumb lightly over his lips. “Well since you did such a good job with this pretty little mouth of yours, I’m going to give you a reward Stevie. I’m going to fuck myself on your cock, while you kneel here and take it. Doesn’t that sound good, Stevie?” You coo at him, your core clenching around nothing when you see the way his eyes roll back at the praise and very thought of being inside you. You bring your eyes from Steve’s to Bucky’s for a moment, who is still standing off to the side a bit, lazily pleasuring himself to the scene unfolding before him, he gives you a small nod of approval before you drop your eyes back to Steve’s. 
“Yes ma’am, that sounds amazing. Thank you ma’am,” the words flow from his mouth obediently, the husky tone behind them indicating just how desperately he wants you. 
“Such a good boy, Stevie. So grateful for whatever I give you,” you praise him before giving him a light slap to his cheek, relishing in the moan that he lets out. You turn your back from him and drop down to your hands and knees, you back yourself up until you can feel his cock pressing against your entrance. You look over your shoulder at him, “Keep those hands behind your back, you better brace yourself and just take it,” you direct him before backing yourself fully onto his cock without further warning. Your walls flutter around him as you adjust to the new sensation of him inside you, Steve bites down on his bottom lip in response as he groans, his hands flexing in and out of fists behind his back. 
You begin to slowly rock back and forth, fucking yourself on his cock, being sure to take your time and feel every inch of him. You can hear Steve’s moans beginning to turn to whines, silently pleading with you to move faster. You cast your eyes over your shoulder once again, never ceasing the slow and steady rhythm of your hips rocking back into his, “What’s the matter Stevie? Do you want more?” You tease, slowing yourself even more, watching his face contort with a mixture of pleasure and restraint. 
“Yes ma’am.. Please. I need more. I need you to move faster,” his voice comes out strained and desperate as his hooded eyes stare longingly into your own. 
“Okay Stevie. Whatever my good boy needs, he’ll get. But you better not cum before I do, trust me you don’t want to test me on this,” you reply back soothingly, but your words gaining a sharp edge to them towards the end to punctuate how serious you are. Steve nods his head, eager to please and needy for more, without hesitation you begin slamming your hips back into his with reckless abandon. The pace you set is fast, deep, and unrelenting as you begin to lose yourself as you use his cock to chase your own release.
The sound of clothes rustling pulls your attention back to reality as you look up to see that Bucky has stripped down in front of you, stroking himself a bit more forcefully now. His signature smirk playing at the corners of his lips as he looks down at you with hunger obvious in his eyes. “You’re doing so well, Kitten. You almost have me wondering if this is really your first time domming someone like this,” he muses, as his eyes wander your body, watching you fuck yourself on Steve’s cock like he’s nothing more than a glorified sex toy. You shudder a bit at the praise, beginning to crave the domination that Bucky has forced you to dish out instead of receive, you open your mouth to respond only for Steve’s voice to cut you off. 
“Ma’am… Ma’am I’m going to… I’m going to cum s-soon,” he stutters out, his eyes squeezed shut right as he fights to hold his release back. You whip your head around to look back at him and nearly lose all your resolve when you see the sinful expression on his face, you bite down on your bottom lip for a moment to ground yourself before snapping your hips harshly to be pressed flush against his. 
“Then you better reach around and make sure I finish before you do,” you nearly growl out at him. You almost are shocked at the voice that came out of you, you’ve never heard yourself sound so demanding before, though you didn’t have too long to contemplate it before Steve’s arm wrapped under your hip. It took him no time at all to find your throbbing nub and begin to rub firm circles onto it with his slightly calloused thumb, you moan loudly as you throw your head back as the coil in your abdomen grows exponentially tighter, “Yes Stevie. Just like that.” 
You go to start gliding yourself on his cock again when you feel a firm, cool hand on your shoulder. Your eyes flutter open and you stare up at Bucky who’s planted firmly on his knees in front of you, his vibranium hand on your shoulder, keeping you in place with your hips flush to Steve’s, his perfect cock teasingly close to your face. Bucky reaches his other hand out and cups your chin, tilting your head up towards him, “Good job, Kitten. You finished your lesson. I think it’s time I give you your reward.” Bucky coos at you before bringing his attention to Steve, buried balls deep inside you but not moving a muscle, even his hurried circles on your clit have stopped as he now looks to Bucky for instruction as his chest rapidly rises and falls. 
“Hands back behind your back,” Bucky barks at Steve who immediately straightens up and clasps his hands behind his back once again. Bucky drops his eyes back to your face he’s still gently cradling in his hand, “Did you have fun trying to be like your Sir, Kitten? You really seemed like you were enjoying yourself. Almost a little too much… I just want to remind you, Kitten, you may own him, but I own you.” Bucky says, his voice thick with arousal and possessiveness. You feel yourself clench around Steve’s cock at Bucky’s words, and can feel Steve’s entire body shudder in reply, you open your mouth to answer him but Bucky quickly makes use of the opportunity and shoves his cock deep into your mouth. You can’t help but gag and sputter at the sudden intrusion into your throat as you try to adjust to the new sensation of being so full in two of your holes. “Shhh.. No need to say anything. It’s time for me to have my fun now,” Bucky hushes you before grabbing two fistfuls of hair on either side of your head. He begins to roughly guide you back and forth, your entire body rocking with the movement. Bucky sets a brutal pace, fucking you on both of their cocks as he moves your body back and forth effortlessly, treating you like a doll he can use as he pleases. 
Your eyes begin to water as you try to remind yourself to breathe through your nose, but the thought gets lost with every other jarring thrust from Bucky. Your knees start to ache as you’re bounced between the two men wildly but the pain only adds to the pleasure that’s buzzing through every inch of your body. Your walls begin to flutter around Steve as you feel yourself approaching the edge of ecstasy, your throat contracts and vibrates around Bucky as you moan, utterly blissed out from being so filled by the two super soldiers. It only takes a few more rough pumps from Bucky to send you toppling over the edge. You feel yourself clamp down around Steve as you give into the pleasure bursting all over your body, your moans come out like choked whimpers as Bucky continues to pound into your throat with no signs of slowing. Steve lets out a deep groan from inside his throat before choking out the words, “I-I’m.. I’m going to c-cum.”
“Pull out.” Bucky snarls at his friend, while continuing to chase his own release, “No one cums in her but me.” 
Steve obediently responds and pulls out of you completely, you let out another muffled cry at the sudden loss. You hear Steve mutter a few breathy curses before you feel his hot spend land in thick ropes across your lower back and the swell of your ass. Your vision starts to swim as you lose yourself in the overwhelming bliss that surges through your body like electricity. Bucky continues to fuck into your mouth wildly, his hips begin to falter a bit and you know he’s getting close. You moan out the best you can, encouraging him to finish, the vibrations are the last bit that help push him over into his own release. You feel his cock twitch in your throat as he lets out a primal moan and swears under his breath as you feel his hot cum coating your throat. He gives your mouth a few more sloppy pumps before pulling out from your mouth. 
You gasp for air as you also try to swallow down the last bits of his seed that threaten to leak from your mouth along with all your saliva. You look up at Bucky, your face covered in smeared makeup and tears, “Thank you Sir,” your voice is rough and raw but filled with pure infatuation.
Bucky stoops down beside you and holds your face gingerly in his hands as he admires your beautifully blissed out face, “Of course, Kitten. You earned it.”
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mjoubertt-1 · a day ago
Hii there, seeing as I have a multifandom blog, this is a list of what fandoms and which characters I will write for personally as well as take request for. I will however consider writing for other characters from these fandoms if I'm asked and if I like the request idea. 
Some details to consider before requesting:
The more info you give, the better your fic will be.
I have every right to deny your request for either lack of inspiration or simply because I don't necessarily like your request.
I will write either reader insert or your personal name and description.
I will write fluff, blurbs, headcanons or angst- please specify which you want when requesting.
Please request over the “ask” feature instead of messaging me personally. 
I don't write smut.
Tumblr media
Sirius Black (young or old)
Remus Lupin (young or old)
James Potter (young or old) 
Harry Potter
Draco Malfoy
Tumblr media
Derek Hale  (young or old)
Peter Hale (young of old)
Stiles Stilinski
Isaac Lahey
Tumblr media
Steve Rogers (vintage or modern)
James B. Barnes (vintage or modern) 
Tumblr media
Elijah Mikaelson
Klaus Mikaelson
Kol Mikaelson (witch or vampire)
Marcel Gerard
Link for original header picture before editing:  
Link for icon:  
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teebarnes · a day ago
Tumblr media
Updated: 24/06/21 ( 12am NZST )
!Currently in construction! - still adding more...
Important Notes:
⤑ Most of the fics I will recommend are 18+ (MINORS DNI), I will note if they're 18+ or not. Please respect the writers warnings.
⤑ Please do not copy, repost or translate any of these author's works!
⤑ Non of these Fics are written by me, just recommendations by me.
⤑ Send the Author's some love on their fics, likes, comments and reblogs are always appreciated by them.
Enjoy reading!
Tumblr media
Important Notes To Authors:
⤑ If you would like me to remove you or any of your fics from my fic-rec list feel free to message me or comment on this post (I will be more than happy to do so if you feel uncomfortable.)
⤑ If I have gotten information wrong for your fics or content rating please let me know so I can change that.
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Tumblr media
Authors I recommend reading that have under 18 content.
(Please note, these authors may have 18+ content too)
⤑ Wicked-mind | @wicked-mind
⤑ Buckyswintersoldiermask | @buckyswintersoldiermask
⤑ Lex-the-flex | @lex-the-flex
⤑ Avengersassemble-fics | @avengersassemble-fics
⤑ Sam-wilsonnn | @sam-wilsonnn
Tumblr media
Authors I recommend reading that have 18+ content.
⤑ Navybrat817 | @navybrat817
⤑ Whisperlullaby | @whisperlullaby
⤑ Tuiccim | @tuiccim
⤑ Nsfwsebbie | @nsfwsebbie
⤑ Gotnofucks | @gotnofucks
⤑ Wicked-mind | @wicked-mind
⤑ Propertyofpoeandbucky | @propertyofpoeandbucky
⤑ Buckycuddlebuddy | @buckycuddlebuddy
⤑ Mypoisonedvine | @mypoisonedvine
⤑ Babyboibucky | @babyboibucky
Tumblr media
⤑ Marry Me? ~ Steve Rogers x Fem!reader
By Buckyswintersoldiermask
Summary: Steve takes you on vacation and asks you to marry him.
Warning(s): none, just fluff
Tumblr media
⤑ Promised to Him ~ Biker!Bucky x reader (18+)
By Gotnofucks
Summary: You return back to your town after years, hoping to start anew. But faces of the past reappear, set to fulfill promises you had made years ago.
Warning(s): Non-con, forced marriage, breeding kink, kidnapping, language, 18+ ONLY.
⤑ Flawless ~ Steve Rogers x Fem!plussized!reader
By Buckyswintersoldiermask
Summary: Steve walks in on you in your underwear causing you to avoid him for a bit, but in the end he tells you what you needed to hear.
Warning(s): insecure reader, body images issues, mentions of being in underwear, mentions of being curvy.
⤑ The Hotel Bed ~ Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader (Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader)
By Buckswintersoldiermask
Summary: You get an unexpected visitor on your solo mission and you have to share the room and well the bed.
Warning(s): one bed. cuddling and just basically fluff.
⤑ Angrythingstarlight {Ask} ~ Dad!Bucky x reader (18+)
Summary: no summary, you just have to read it :)
Warning(s): smut, creampie, breeding kink, Minors DNI, 18+
Tumblr media
Completed Series:
⤑ War of Hearts ~ Bodyguard!Bucky Barnes x reader (18+ Series)
By lex-the-flex
Summary: As the world has started to change, an attempt on your life has been made. Once the news spreads, the famous Bodyguard, Sergeant James “Bucky” Barnes has be assigned to protect you. However, when the tension starts to rise, Bucky realises he must do everything in his power to keep you safe.
Warnings(s): Fluff, a large amount of it, action, descriptions of violence and injuries, angst, 18+ - voyeurism, smut, sexual assault, stalking, kidnaping, slight drug use, death, and language. MINORS DNI
⤑ From Then, 'Till Now ~ The Winter Soldier/ Bucky Barnes x Reader
By lex-the-flex
Summary: For the last seventy years, the assassin known as the Winter Soldier has been the main impromptu for the organisation known as Hydra. In 1994, the wicked soldier took many lives beyond his control, including your father’s in a sabotaged assignment. As the years progressed, the man broke free from the Hydra programming, as you continued to live your life shrouded by ignorance. Now, as the two of you are free from your shackles, your minds are finally at ease. That is, until you ran into the real Bucky Barnes. Now, can you teach him how to be human again?
Warnings: Fluff, (Of course!) large amounts of it, action, violence, slight brainwashing and mentions of it, descriptions of injuries, brief mention of smut?, frustrated reader and Bucky, equal amounts of PTSD, (so if you’re uncomfortable, then please don’t read). Finally, it takes place in the MCU, and the movie’s timeline. So don’t worry about an AU!
⤑ Love, Above ~ Ikaris the Eternal x reader {Soulmate Pairing} (18+ Series)
By lex-the-flex
Summary: The Eternals have been around since the creation of the Solar System. They’ve shaped the Earth and have lived through its vast history. Now, the year is 2024, and the Leader of the Eternals known as Ikaris is starting to believe if he’ll never feel love again. That is, until he meets you, and you both learn how to love.
Warning(s): Fluff (tons), action, descriptions of violence and injuries, angst, mentions of and heartbreak, mentions of abusive relationship, self isolation/self loathing, alcohol consumption, language, and smut, 18+ - MINOR DNI.
⤑ I'll Love You Forever ~ Bucky Barnes x Powered Reader
By Buckyswintersoldiermask
Summary: Your time with Bucky in Wakanda. (Post credits scenes of Civil War and Black Panther)
Warning(s): fluff, slight angst, crying.
⤑ The Super Soldier and His Friend ~ Bucky Barnes x friend!reader
Summary: When you’re friends with a 106 year old Super Soldier, anything can happen.
Warning(s): Angst, Fluff, all chapters have their own warnings.
⤑ Stark's Girl ~ Steve Rogers x Stark!reader (18+ Series)
By Avengersassemble-fic (Check below in ongoing series for the sequel to this)
Summary: Tony Stark is a good man. He has lost his entire family yet lives his life devoting himself to helping others. Steve Rogers never knew the secret that Tony has kept since his parents death long ago, but it finally comes out, and everything makes a little more sense. Things change for the billionaire, playboy, philanthropist when someone he thought long gone, has been alive this entire time. And Steve has to learn how to keep his secret from everyone around him, without hurting those he cares the most about.
Warning(s): Author hasn't mentioned but from reading: Sad! sad sad, Smut (18+ MINORS DNI), Angst, fluff, swearing hehe.
Ongoing Series:
⤑ The Match ~ CEO!Bucky Barnes x Reader (18+)
By babyboibucky
Summary: You come across your boss’ Tinder profile.
Warnings: Smut! Boss x employee affair, office sex and all that filthy stuff, 18+ only!!!
⤑ Invisible Ink ~ Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader + Steve Rogers x Fem!reader (18+)
By navybrat817
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Summary: The owners of the Howling Commandos Tattoo Parlour want to make you their best girl
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, unprotected sex, flirting, tension, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.
⤑ Visible Mark ~ Bucky Barnes x Fem!reader + Steve Rogers x Fem!reader (18+)
By navybrat817
Part One | Part Two | Part Three
Summary: Being Bucky and Steve's best girl feels too good to be true.
Warnings: Explicit sexual content, oral sex (f receiving), feels, slight angst, tattooed Bucky Barnes and Steve Rogers.
⤑ New Perspective ~ ModernAU!Steve Rogers x Reader
By Avengersassemble-fic
Summary: Life seems to be falling apart around you as your husband of three years suddenly reveals an affair, and seeks a divorce. Your perfect life is flipped upside down with his revelation and you have to learn how to be you again. An unforeseen friendship starts to bloom between you and your neighbours new lover, but will these late night rooftop rambles be enough to keep you from going completely batshit crazy in the turmoil of your life?
Warning(s): Author hasn't put any as far as I am aware but from reading: Fluff, angst, sad, mentions of sex, there are a few others but those would spoil it :) so you'll have to read it.
⤑ Stark's Legacy ~ Possible Bucky Barnes x Reader
By Avengersassemble-fic
Summary: Following the events of Stark’s Girl, explore the world post-Blip, post-Tony Stark’s death. A look into the deep trauma of losing family and love, the history of HYDRA and the unknown brutal assassin program they hid for years, and the real truth about what happened in Paris 2015.
Warning(s): Angst, Sadness, Fluff, Alcohol, Swearing.
Tumblr media
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deexchanel · a day ago
Word Count: 2,778 - not accurate as of rn -
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x BlackFem!Reader
Warning: Swearing, arguing.
Summary: Y/N rides along with Sam, Zemo and Bucky to Madripoor.
A/N: I know this episode is over used but I been wrote this and I just wanted to give you guys something after been absent for so long. My birthday is next week and I’m excited. Enjoy this one-shot.
Tumblr media
They followed Zemo to his personal jet. A older man stood at the end of stairs waiting on their arrival.
"So all this time you've been rich?" Sam asked looking at the jet. Y/N walked between him and Bucky behind Zemo. She haven't really been talking to Bucky because of their argument.
It was basically about how he disappeared on her. He left without warning. Only reason the previous couple is around each other now because Y/N was there when Sam gave up the shield and decided to stay by his side through the journey. That’s how she ended up here on a plane with someone that broke her heart.
The reason why Bucky left because he’s scared to love. He’s scared that’s she was going to leave him because of his past since it was to much for her. So Bucky left and still haven’t told her the reason why he did.
"I'm a Baron, Sam. My family was royalty until your friends destroyed my country." Zemo replied then spoke to the older gentleman in Russian. After the men greet each other the trio followed Zemo into the jet.
Bucky placed a hand on Y/N’s lower back to help her up the stairs, but she pushed his hand off. She had every right to be mad at him. Y/N really love Bucky but he can't just leave her whenever he get the chance.
Y/N sat in the chair in front of Zemo with Sam beside him and Bucky beside her. She nervously looked out the window, Y/N isn’t a big fan of heights.
"The fridge is out. But I will see if there is some good food in the galley." The man said to Zemo who replied in Sokovian. My nerves were getting really bad, She starts to fumble with her fingers.
"Y/N you okay?" Sam’s voice laced with concern. She turn to see them staring at her like a worried parent. Y/N gave them a small smile trying to ease their worries.
"I'm fine."
"Just checking Y/N. Why don't you tell us about where we are going Zemo?" Sam asked looking at Zemo for answers.
Zemo opened a book, "I'm sorry, I was just fascinated by this. I don't know what to call it but this part seems to be important." He pulled a little book that was inside the bigger book holding it up.
"Who is Nakajima?"
Bucky swiftly gets up wrapping his gloved hand around his neck. Y/N’d eyes widened from seeing how worked up he got up from that. All the nervousness about flying left her body.
"What the hell James??"
"If you touch that again, I'll kill you." Bucky seethed then unwrapped his hand from around Zemo's neck sitting back down. Y/N rolled her eyes at how dramatic he was. Deep down she wished it was her he was putting into place but no one needs to know that. (Our little secret.)
"I understand that list of names. People you've wronged as the Winter Soldier." Zemo said obviously not phased from what just happened.
"Don't push it." Bucky warned glacing at him then towards Sam.
"I've seen that book. It was Steve's when he came out of the ice. I told him about Trouble Man. He wrote it in that book. Did you hear it? What'd you think?" Sam amused but Bucky kept a straight face.
"I like '40s music, so..."
" '40s music? You definitely need to put me on some good music then." Y/N said engaging in their conversation. She thought it was kinda cute that he held on to the book Steve had. Bucky gave her a small smile.
"Whenever I get the chance, I will. Just for you."
Y/N bit her lip to keep from smiling to keep up the ‘I’m mad at him act.’ But it wasn’t working.
"You didn't like it?" Sam asked shocked.
"I liked it." Bucky said giving him the face of 'duh i liked it.'
"It is a masterpiece, James. Complete. Comprehensive. It captures the African-American experience." Zemo said in the most formal way possible. Y/N gave a humorous smile nodding her head.
"That was one of the best way to explain it."
"He's out of line, but he's right. It's great. Everybody loves Marvin Gaye" Sam agreed as if Bucky didn't agree. Y/N laughed at what he was doing.
"Sam why are you still going on about it? James literally agreed."
"I like Marvin Gaye." Bucky continues looking at him.
"Steve adored Marvin Gaye." Sam said bringing up another memory of Steve.
"I have to go to the bathroom. Excuse me." Y/N held up the finger going to the mini bathroom. She struggled so damn hard in that small ass bathroom trying not to fall on her ass. Y/N soon came out to hear them talking about Madripoor.
"What's up with Madripoor? You talk about it like it's Skull Island." Sam questioned looking between the two used to be villains.
"It's an island nation in the Indonesian archipelago. It was a private sanctuary back in the 1800s." Bucky start while Zemo finished telling them the information.
"It's kept it's lawless ways. But we cannot exactly walk in as ourselves. James, you will have to become someone you claim is gone."
Y/N glanced at Bucky who tensed up at those words. I knew it was going to be hard on him. Sitting back down her seat, She moved the hair that was in her face.
"So who do I go as?"
"Miss Sapphire, one of the richest lady there. She models for every company you can think of." Zemo said showing Y/N a picture of a woman looked exactly like her.
"Ooo I think I'm going to like this." Y/N smirked looking at the outfit that she was going to have to put on. She knew Bucky wasn't going to like it but oh well, it apart of the job.
Tumblr media
Y/N was beside Sam as they walked down this empty bridge. She kept sneaking glances at Bucky because he looked so good with his new arm. Y/N didn’t know she staring to long when his eyes linked with hers. She quickly looked away, face turning really hot.
"We have to fix this. I'm the only one who looks like a pimp." Sam complained touching his suit. Y/N rolled her eyes, her feet were starting to hurt from walking for so long.
"Only an American would assume a fashion-forward black man looks like a pimp." Zemo said. Y/N’s walk began to turn into limping which made her fall behind a little.
A little "Ow." came from her mouth, grabbing Bucky's attention. He slowed down walking beside Y/N.
"You okay?"
"I'm good."
"No you're not. You just said 'Ow'. What's wrong?"
"None of your business James. I'm okay."
"So you’re calling me James now? And I know your feet is hurting Y/N. Let me help."
Y/N decided to be stubborn even though she wanted to get off her feet so badly. "It's always been James. I'm able to handle myself, I can take pain."
Bucky rolled his eyes, in the matter of seconds Y/N was in his arms bridal style. Not in the mood to argue, Y/N ooked everywhere but him.
"And it's Bucky to you. It's always and forever going to be that to you."
"Before you left, it was Bucky. Now it's James. You know what, I can walk myself." She moved but his grip tightened not wanting her to get out his arms.
"No, I'm going to continue to carry you." Bucky said but Y/N didn't respond which made it quiet between them. She fought the urge to look at him since she was mad.
"I saw you looking at me and my arm."
She looked up at him fulfilling her urge and they made eye contact. Y/N quickly looked away nervously "Um, no I wasn't."
Bucky let out a laugh,"You indeed was."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"Was not."
"Was too."
"Guys! for the love of god, shut up!"Sam scolded from in front of them.
"He started it!" Y/N eplied back like a little kid. Bucky laughed a little then sigh.
"Y/N, you've barely said a word to me today. Did I do something?"
She scoff getting irritated from that dumb ass question. "DiD I dO sOmEtHiNg?? Huh? Bucky stop talking to me before I say something I might regret."
"What? Y/N I just asked a question." Bucky said in defense. She huff rolling her eyes, 'a dumb ass question at that'
"No matter what happens, we have to stay in character. Our lives depends on it. There's no margin for error." Zemo explained as the car came into view on the bridge. Bucky placed her down on her feet when they neared it, opening the door for Y/N who climbed in the middle seat.
"Here we are."
Walking into into the bar you could feel the intense stares they were getting. Bucky glared at anyone that looked my direction. Y/N had to fight off any instinct to grab his hand. It wasn’t the appropriate time to do it.
You could hear the whispers of the crowd looking at them. "Is that the Winter Soldier?" . Zemo guided them directly to the bar. A tall dark skin man walked over to the trio so they could order.
"Hello lady and gentlemen. Wasn't expecting to see you, Sapphire and Smiling Tiger."
"His plans changed." Zemo nodded towards Sam. "We have business to do with Selby."
The bartender looked at Sam,"The usual? Anything for you Ms Sapphire?"
Sam nodded his head while Y/N replied, "No, Thank you." The bartender turned around grabbing a dead snake out of a glass jar. She covered up her mouth to keep from gagging. Y/N turn to Bucky shaking her head no.
"Ah, Smiling Tiger, your favorite." I heard Zemo say from behind Y/N. She would’ve laughed but Y/N wanted to puke at the moment. She knew Sam had drunk it when Bucky looked the other way to keep from I guess laughing.
Y/N moved to the side of Bucky when a man walked up to Zemo from behind. "I got word from on high. You ain't welcome here."
"I have no business with the Power Broker, but if he insists, he can either come and talk to me." Zemo then pointed towards Bucky.
"New haircut?" The man asked but Bucky just stared.
"Or bring Selby for a chat." Zemo continued his deal. The man walked away not even giving a answer.
"A Power Broker? Really?" Bucky finally spoke up.
"Every kingdom needs its king. Let's just pray we stay under his radar." Zemo explained.
"Do you know him?" Sam whispered not wanting to give himself away.
"Only by reputation." Zemo replied. "In Madripoor he is judge, jury, and executioner."
Y/N leaned against the bar with my back facing the crowd. She felt a hand being placed on her lower back. The other hand moved Y/N’s hair from the side to show her neck.
"Sapphire, baby, we didn't get to finish from last night. Let's get out of here."
Y/N prepared to punch him but stopped myself when I heard Zemo say "Зимний Солдат, Атака" ( Winter Soldier, Attack.)
Y/N turn around to see it was a different man this time. He had smirk on face, as his index finger touched her bottom lip slowly then used the rest of his fingers running down her exposed chest.
Y/N had never felt so disgusted in her life. His fingers stopped on her boob when Bucky's metal hand swiftly grabbed it, crushing his hand.
You could tell that Bucky was so angry for him even getting close to Y/N. The man grunt out in pain as both of them walked away from her while Bucky still clutched on his hand.
The pair shared a quick look. The way he eased back into his Winter Soldier character bothered her a bit. Maybe he had it like a switch?
Y/N winced not really wanting to see none of the combat taking place so she turned around with her back facing the crowd.
She didn’t want him to feel he can protect her all the time. Y/N didn’t want to seem so dependent on him especially if he isn’t going to always be in the picture. When Y/N needed him, he wasn't there. Getting out of her thoughts when Bucky slammed the man that touched Y/N on top of bar holding on to his neck, eyes never leaving his face.
Everyone around them start to take their gun off safety. Y/N’s heart start to pound as she looked around. Zemo placed a hand on Bucky's arm whispering.
"Stay in character or the whole bar turn on us."
Zemo says something else in russian which make Bucky let go of the man. "Selby will see you now." The bartender announced.
"Thank you." Zemo said then walked off.
"You good?" Sam asked Bucky concerned. He looked at me but Y/N quickly glanced at them then followed behind Zemo not uttering a word.
Turns out Y/N wasn’t the one she want to talk too since she was just some famous model . She had to stand in the hallway and wait on them. Y/N was so uncomfortable, especially with what she had on.
Y/N heard a gunshot which makes her kick in the door. Both Bucky and Sam aimed the gun at her then lowered it.
"What the hell happened in here?!" Y/N asked seeing the bodies on the floor.
"We'll explain later , let's go." Bucky said grabbing her hand and they all walked out of the building. They walked through the streets hearing surrounding people phones going off
"This is not good." Zemo said looking around at the people who looked on their phones. They near the end of the street when bullets aimed for us. Bucky pulled Y/N to him as they ran in one direction.
"I can't run in these heels!" Sam yelled while he ran.
"You better learn today!" Y/N yelled back holding on to Bucky's hand since it was in the heat of the moment, not wanting to let go.
Sharon help killed off the bounty hunters they had on us. At the moment Y/N was in the bathroom getting ready for the party she was having. Finished with getting dressed, she walked out the bathroom running into a hard chest.
"oops sorry!"
"It's okay doll."
Y/N gave him a small smile then began to walk to room where everyone else wad until Bucky grabbed her hand.
"Why didn’t answer my question from earlier? What did I do?"
"You know what you did Bucky. Is there I need to say?"
"I think I know what I did? I don’t know Y/N. Just talk to me. Tell me what’s on your mind.”
"To answer your dumb ass question, you did do something wrong. You act like everything's okay between us, when it's not! Bucky, you left me. Like disappeared on me without explaining why!"
"I knew telling you that I was leaving would crush you. I didn't want you to be hurt over the fact that I left." Bucky rubbed his hand over his mouth.
"Leaving you was the best way to protect you. I'm feared by many but that still doesn't mean you aren't going to be a target to hurt me."
"Best way to protect me?! You leaving hurted me way more then what you think it did. You're worried about protection but not focusing on my feels. You said you love me but you left like it wasn't nothing." I groan flustrated raising my voice. He couldn’t look at Y/N and it raised her suspicion.
“You’re lying Bucky? What is it? What is the truth.”
“Y/N... Please.”
“Bucky tell me!”
"I was scared Y/N! Scared that you were already planning to leave because of my past. I know I shouldn’t have left when you needed me but I didn’t know what to do. You deserve better then me Y/N.” Bucky confessed as his head dropped. I placed my hand under his chin so he could look me in the eyes.
“Bucky I could’ve told me. You leaving hurt me more then what you think it did. I love you and that means that I’ll understand anything you’re going through. I don’t deserve better, and I don’t wan better. I want you Bucky. You’re not alone in this baby I swear.”
Bucky pulled Y/N to his chest, as she wrapped her arms around his waist. “I’m so sorry baby. I love you too Y/N so much.” He kissed Y/N’s forehead.
“Oh and I wanted to kill him so bad but I knew you wasn't going to like that so I stopped."
"You know me so well."
Bucky apologized again, “I’ve missed you so much. I can’t wait to make up.” He began to kiss on her neck making Y/N tilt her head to the side so he could have more access.
"Hm, I'll accept it if you dance on the dance floor with me."
"No! God no. I'll do anything but that. You know I don't like dancing." Bucky pulled back groaning but she gave him the puppy eyes.
"Please? Or I'm going to stay mad at you."
Bucky rubbed his hand over his face, "Fine."
Y/N smiled jumping in his arms and they rested under her butt to keep her held up.
"Yayyy!! This is going to be fun."
"I’m only doing this for you baby.”
“That’s the best part.”
This took a long ass time to edit but I hope you guys like. Like I said earlier I know this episode is overused but I had wrote this when tfatws was still airing so yeah.
I’m posting something since I haven’t posted in so long.
If this one-shot don’t make sense let me know cause it’s almost 3 am while I’m trying to edit and add stuff to this and I’m so sleepy 😂
Thank you for reading!
Stay slutty my friendsss 💕
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teebarnes · a day ago
🌿 | Please Forgive Me, Love.
Tumblr media
Pairing: AU!Bucky x Fem!reader
Summary: Bucky has one more name on his 'Making Amends' list that he needs to tick off, it took him a while but he's finally ready.
Word Count: 2k
Warning(s): Sad Bucky, Therapy, Swearing.
A/N: Not sure what urged me to write this... I was curious about making this a series but ended up writing this. I wrote it as AU tfatws Bucky because of the importance of the reader in this fic. I hope you enjoy! :)) just a whole bunch of sadness...
**This will possibly end up as a two-part fic, let me know what you think?
Likes, Reblogs and Comments are really appreciated! Thanks for sticking around :)
Regime to make amends with everyone on his list, James Bucky Barnes successfully crossed the second to last person out of his small notebook. He sat on a park bench somewhere on the streets of New York City, tapping his overused pencil onto the lines of the notebook as the thoughts rush through his head.
His focus turns back to the list he had created in the old notebook Steve had given to him years before he died. Then, with a great big sigh, he looks at the last name that lingered at the bottom of his list, one more, there was one more name that he had to cross out. The one he had been avoiding ever since he started his 'making amends' journey.
"Fuck you, asshole", you chuckled as you ran away from him, "now c'mon doll, don't be like that, you're gonna get your dress wet" he smirks as the pair of your run through the rain trying to catch you in his arms. Grabbing you by the waist he wraps his arms around you from behind, lifting you up as you squirm, trying to get yourself free from his grasp.
His chin sits on one of your shoulders as his lips touch the lobe of your head; resting his cheek against yours, he cuddled you. "I love you so much," he said, making you melt right into his hold. "I love me too," you laughed, which only made him hug you tighter, squeezing all the laughter you hand out through your mouth.
He let you go, turning around wrapping your arms supportingly around his neck. Both of you begin to slow dance to the music that was playing a tent away. His hands firmly gripping your hips, you both sway, staring into the eyes of each other. The way you both smiled at each other, he looked at you in awe before leaning his head down to kiss your soft lips.
"I love you so much, Mrs Barnes", he smirks into the kiss. You blush, looking up into his ocean blue eyes. "I love you so so much, Mr Barnes". The newlyweds you were, danced away into the night, making it one you would remember. "With all my heart", you let out, causing Bucky to grin cheesily before pretending to rip his heart from his chest giving it to you. You both chuckled; taking his hands into yours, you kissed the inner of Bucky's palms.
Snap! Snap! The sound of clicking fingers alluded to the ears of James as he sat on the couch of his therapist, Dr Raynor's office. "Earth to Barnes. I mean, what the fuck are you doing?" The therapist asks, "you've been sitting like a duck for a good 10 mins now", she retorts. Bucky looks at her with a deep glare. "I was trying to drown out the noise of your voice", he half laughs.
His comment caused Raynor to shake her head in disappointment. She opened her notebook, resting it on her lap, "oh cmon' doc! I was just joking." he half laughs again.
"No need to bring out your journal," he warns as she begins to write things onto the page. "dear diary... James was a total ass today in therapy," "James! I'm serious. You have no friends and still only four contacts on your phone. the last person you called was me, and that was four weeks ago." she sighs. "I have friends... they just don't have phones", he lets out. "Mhm, okay, sure." she rests her notepad back on the table beside her.
After the mishap with John Walker, overruling Bucky's mental health judgment, he thought it would be best for himself to go back to therapy. Now everything was slowly going back to a dull and eventful mood. Bucky needed something to lull himself out of his own apartment every week besides the constant hanging out with Sam.
"Now tell me? How has your list been?" Bucky cringes at the mention of his list "yeah, all done" he gave a fake smile which didn't fool Raynor. The notebook sat beside him as a force of habit when coming to these therapy session, "can I see?" She asked, and he didn't reply but gripped the book of paper tight in his hand. Finally, the therapist got up and snatched it from him "for fuck sakes, James, stop being a child" it wasn't often a therapist and their clients would fight like that. Still, they had a good bond, and quite frankly, Bucky didn't care.
"You're lashing out at me again, doc, how professional," he remarked as she sat back into the mould of her seat, opening the folded notebook. She looks up at Bucky, "you haven't crossed off her name yet."
Raynor awaited his reply, "James..." "I-I'm not ready yet, okay?" He looks down at his hands. She nodded. "Well, when you are, I'll be here if you ever need me", Bucky gets up as Dr Raynor returns the book to him "don't go soft on me now, doc" he nods before walking out, "see you next session James".
Bucky was determined to get your name crossed off his list, but he never did have to courage when attempting to "make amends". Thinking about you only brought back the happy memories he once had. After the blip, and before the blip, all he could do was think about the life he could've had with you. If Bucky had just stayed when you begged him before he went off for his tour, maybe everything would’ve been a bit different.
But it was 80 years too late. Bucky knew; that life wasn't there for him anymore. After the return of the infinity stones, Bucky retired away from S.H.I.E.L.D. The only request is that if he were to be pardoned, he had to endure weekly therapy until he was deemed fit for life again. He secluded away into a small apartment that he got from Steve's inheritance which Bucky was reluctant to accept. Steve had put Bucky into his will, knowing that he'd eventually need it when he needed it.
An hour after Bucky got back to his small apartment, Sam stopped by. Not that it was anyone's business, including his therapist, but Bucky harboured an iPhone that Sam set up for him. Bucky had gotten a burner phone to use at the therapist, so she didn't know what he was really doing these days. Nevertheless, he had actually talked to Sam quite a lot, formed a somewhat tolerable bond with his fellow Avenger. His life was going great except for the part where he had been missing you for the last 80 years.
"I got what you asked for, Bucky," Sam said, opening the door to his apartment. Bucky looked up from the couch. "Oh hey, Sam", he nodded, getting up as Sam handed him over the paper. Bucky looked light-eyed at Sam, giving a big shy "You still want me to come?". Sam asked, patting his friend's back, "y-yeah… Thanks, man." Bucky replied, grabbing his jacket from the rack. Sliding it onto himself, adjusting the straps for his gloves.
Sam nodded, walking back out the door, waiting for Bucky to follow out. "Now… did you want to walk there or-" Bucky cuts Sam off when he closed the door to his apartment "walking there is fine. I need to walk", he huffed before walking across the road. "Are you sure she is there? Did you check" Bucky turns to his friend before resting his hands into the nooks of his jacket pockets. Sam nodded. "Yep, I double-checked, and I asked in the favour from Sharon," he replies.
Sam and Bucky were just around the corner of their destination, nervous, the strong, determined Bucky was having second thoughts about his plans to make amends with you. Sam knew he'd eventually give out, so he continued to walk in encouragement. "Cmon' bud. Around here" Sam stops opening the gate to the cemetery. "S-sam, I don't know about this" he scratches the back of his head, reluctant to step foot in the yard. "Bucky, please don't do this. Look how far you've gotten, just a little more bud?" Sam looks at Bucky, who is mustering up the courage to walk in. It only took him a few moments more before he stepped foot inside the gate, fuck! There is no going back now.
Sam leads him to the beautifully engraved headstone. Black marbled, fresh flowers protected the monument. Bucky falls softly to his knees at the read of your name. Tears fall in sadness and heartbreak as he glides his thumb over the gold lettering 'In the memory of y/n m/n Barnes'. Sam takes a kneel beside Bucky resting one hand on his shoulder for support. Bucky lets his cry slip from his mouth as his head hangs down in shame. he read the lettered headstone that looked too new to be old.
'A friend, family and Wife of beloved husband Bucky Barnes, mother of the late Lane Val Barnes', Bucky stoped at the name before breaking down even more. "L-lane?.. I-" "I didn't know if I should've told you or not, Buck-" he looks down before continuing "Sharon found out that your wife must've been pregnant, u-unfortunately, she passed a few months after birth.". Bucky furrowed his eyebrow in pain. "P-please leave me for a few minutes, Sam. I need to be alone", he sniffed, using the side of his hand to wipe his running nose. Sam nodded and got up. "I'll be around if you need me." He said before walking a distance.
Bucky scooted closer to your headstone before resting his forehead on the stone. His eyes closed.
"I'm serious, doll! Lane is a beautiful name for a girl" It was a few months after the pair of you wed, and Bucky began to talk about kids with you. You weren't opposed to the idea, and quite frankly, you were ready for kids. "That's if we have a girl, Buck." You laugh, shaking your head as you stir the pasta sauce listening to the sound of your husband mumble on about names blah blah blah… "How about Val?" You questioned as you turned to face Bucky, using the spoon to give him a little taste of your homemade sauce.
"Val?" He squints at you before tasting the sauce "mhm, that's your best yet." He smiles, and you continue, "Val short for Valerie? Or Val on its own. I believe it's a gender-neutral name" you giggle to yourself before turning back to the stove. "Well… Well." Bucky took a second to think, "Lane could be a boys name too, no?" You laughed lightly at your husband's remark, "No Hunny, Lane is better for a female than male". Bucky grinned ear to ear.
"I'd think a girl would be amazing, then I'd have another of you to love so dearly?" He said, sneaking up behind you wrapping his buff arms around your waist. You jump a bit before snuggling back into his chest, "only time will tell, my love" you smiled. Ending the memorable conversation before Bucky assists you in finishing dinner, not without continuing his rant on having children.
Bucky's tears fall like rain onto the fresh irises and tulips that laid softly against your rest. He softly rested his hand on the top of the stone; wanting so hard to wrap his arms around you again, kiss you as if it was the first time, dance around with you like you did all those years ago or even hear your voice telling him it would all be okay but that wouldn't happen regardless his deepest desire. But, Bucky knew what he had to do and why he had to do it. It was the only way he could move on.
"Thank you for your love and the life you had given me; rest softly, my doll". He set a kiss upon your gold-lettered name before standing on his two's, letting himself glance once more at your headstone.
Bucky makes his way towards the gate, his eyes fixed on the little note book in his hand. Staring right at the only name not crossed out on his list, he mutters one last request letting a single tear fall from the surface of his face
"Please forgive me, my love".
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daringbarnes · a day ago
Something To Believe In pt. I
Tumblr media
Bucky Barnes x reader.
Summery: Y/N goes back home to Delacroix, only to find out that her mom has to go on a last minute business trip, but her godfather, Sam, offers for her to stay with him at his sister’s place.
Warnings: age gap. some angst? I think? FLUFF!!!
Word count: 4K.
A/N: okay, I’ve been wanting to write this for so long now, but never had the motivation to actually do it. One day I was listening to the radio, and this song came on, Wilder Days by Morgan Wade. It perfectly fit this story that I’d been wanting to write. I think the lyrics that really caught my attention were “you say I am too young for you. You’re scared I’m too right for you” and “you got a secret, I wanna keep it”. It’s just such a great song, and it’s so fitting for the story. I definitely recommend listening to it! Anyways, I really hope y’all enjoy this series!
Tumblr media
The car ride home was boring, but they were always boring when you had no one with you. I was excited to go back to Delacroix. I’d missed everyone there, my mom, Sam and his family, I also just missed the town, the atmosphere of it all, the homey feeling of it.
Mom was thrilled when I pulled into the driveway. And she wasn’t the only one there. Sam and his sister and nephews were there, too.
After I hugged my mom I ran over to Sam and threw my arms around his neck. “I missed you!”
“I missed you, too, kid,” he said as he picked me up and spun me around.
He placed me back on the ground. “How’ve you been?” I asked.
“I’ve been great, became Captain America, ya know.”
I smiled up at him. “I know! I’m so proud of you! You deserve it, you really do.”
“Thanks, kid, that means a lot,” he said.
“Now, where’s my hugs?” Sarah, Sam’s sister asked.
I laughed and walked over to her. “Don’t think I forgot about you,” I said and gave her a big hug. “I’ve missed you, Auntie Sarah.”
“I’ve missed you, too, sweetie.” She kisses the top of my head and released me from the hug.
Turning to Sarah’s kids, I said, “AJ, Cass, I’ve missed y’all so much!” And I threw my arms around the both of them in a group hug.
They both giggled.
“We missed you, too,” said AJ.
“Yeah,” Cass added. “Like a headache.”
I jokingly rolled my eyes at the two boys. “Brats.”
“Hey,” Cass whined. “We’re not brats.”
“Hmm, are you sure?” I ask in a teasing tone.
“Mhm!” AJ says.
“Well if you say so.” I stood back up and started heading towards the house, grabbing my suitcase and dragging it behind me.
“Oh, sweetheart, there’s something I need to tell you during dinner tonight,” mom said once we all got in the house.
I set my suitcase by the stairs. “Is everything alright?”
She nodded. “Yes, everything’s fine, just something I forgot to tell you.”
I started to get a bit suspicious at the way she was fidgeting, but I decided to let it go. “Oh. Alright…. So, what’s for dinner?”
“Spaghetti,” she said. “Nothing fancy.”
“Alrighty.” I nodded and headed over to where Sam was sitting in the living room. “So,” I said while looking at him. “What’s it like being Captain America? Is it fun? Is it stressful? Have you met the President yet? Ooh, is John Walker in jail? Please tell me he’s in jail. Oh! What’s it like working with a fossil? Wait, was that mean to call your partner a fossil?”
He laughed once I was done speaking, he always thought my constant questions were amusing. But that’s just the way I was, always asking questions.
“Well,” he began. “It’s pretty cool being Captain America, but, yeah, it can be stressful at times. No, I haven’t met the President. I’m not sure about John Walker. And working with the cyborg staring machine is… interesting. And no, definitely not mean.”
“He looks scary, your partner, is he?” I’d always found James Buchanan Barnes an interesting person, he was one of my favorites to learn about in history class when I was attending high school.
“He can be a bit… overwhelmingly intimidating, but not scary, not unless you get on his bad side.” I could tell that my godfather was close to the ex Winter Soldier, they seemed like they were best friends. I wanted to meet the man, maybe I would one day, it’d be very interesting to see what he’s like in person.
“He seems… interesting,” I said. “I remember being absolutely fascinated by him in history class in high school, I wrote so many reports on him. I even wrote one last year before I went to college, it was about when he was no longer the Winter Soldier.”
“Yeah, I told him about all your reports on him. Now, let’s talk about you. How’s college been? They been teaching you anything good?” Sam asked, obviously wanting to know everything that’s happened since I went to New Orleans to go to college.
I nodded. “Yeah, it’s been great. The classes are stressful at times, but it’s all worth it, especially when I’m getting to learn so much about the music I’m wanting to pursue. And New Orleans is such an amazing city, it’s exactly how I remember it from when we’d all go there together when I was little.”
“Good,” he said. “I’m glad you’re enjoying everything. What else have you been up to? Have you wrote any new songs?”
“No,” I said, letting out a sigh. “I’ve had absolutely no inspiration, it sucks. I want to write new music, or at least write some sheet music, at least, but I’m just not inspired enough. It’s like somethings off, you know? My friend, Amy, says I’m probably just missing something. She swears that I’m just having this music writing block because I haven’t found the right person to write songs about. It happened to her a few years ago. She was having a really hard time writing music, but she met her boyfriend, fell instantly in love, and then the music just started flowing out of her again. I told her that she’s absolutely crazy for thinking that’s my situation, because there’s no way that I’ll ever fall in love, I just don’t think I’m destined for it.”
“Why do you think you’re not destined for love?” Sarah, who was sitting on the other side of Sam, asked. “You’re literally the biggest hopeless romantic I know.”
I shrugged. “I don’t know. I guess since I’ve never even been in a relationship for the first nineteen years of my life I’ve kind of just given up on ever finding love.”
“Y/n, you can’t give up.” She said. “It’s not you, it’s not in your nature, and you know that.”
I looked down at my lap. “Yeah, I know, but it’s just hard. I don’t think I’ll ever ever find love. At least not any time soon.” I looked back up to see both Sarah and Sam giving me a look. “What?” I asked, an involuntary laugh escaping my lips. “Why are y’all looking at me like that?”
“You know damn well why we’re looking at you like this,” Sam stated, crossing his arms. “It’s not like you to be like this. I’ve never known you to give up on anything. And especially not on love.”
“Guys, it’s fine, don’t worry about me. I’m sure I’ll be back to my old ways in no time. I’ve just been… off here lately,” I tried to reassure them.
“We always worry about you,” Sarah said. “You’re our family, so we’re always going to worry.”
“You don’t have to, though,” I told them. “I’m fine. I’ve been fine. I’ll always be fine.”
“We love you, kid, so naturally we’re always gonna be a bit worried,” Sam says.
“And I love y’all, too,” I said. “Also, Sam, can I please see the shield?”
Sam laughed. “Maybe later, it’s at Sarah’s house.”
“Sarah’s house?” I raised a brow at him.
“Yeah, I’ve been living there for a little while.”
“And it’s annoying,” Sarah says, jokingly.
I giggle. “Oh, I’m sure it is.” I look over at her and smile.
“Girl, you don’t ever know, you don’t live with him everyday,” she playfully argues.
“Yeah, but he can be a bit annoying at times,” I said sarcastically while looking at Sam who put a hand over his heart and pretended to be offended.
“I’m hurt.” He leaned his head back. “Truly, I’m hurt.”
“Oh, quit whining, you big ol’ baby.” I poked at his side.
“I’m not a baby,” he said and glared at me.
I giggled. “Yeah, you are.”
And then his phone started to ring. He answered it.
“What now?” He said, rolling his eyes. “How to- man, I already taught you how to use a coffee maker…. Well, figure it out on your own, I told you I was busy tonight…. Yeah, okay, bye.” He was obviously annoyed by the other person on the line.
“Who was that?”
“No one,” he said. “Just someone I work with.”
“Okay…?” I said, very confused. Who the hell doesn’t know how to use a coffee maker? And why would they be calling Sam about it? Can’t they just look it up on Google?
I heard footsteps and looked over to see mom coming towards us. “Dinners ready,” she said. “The boys were a big help with preparing it.”
I looked in the kitchen to see AJ and Cass with spaghetti sauce all over there fronts and had to hold back a laugh.
We all got up from the couch and made our way to the dinning table.
“Oh, it smells amazing, Y/M/N,” Sarah said. She looked over at her sons. “And you two are a mess, not even surprised.”
I chuckled. It really wasn’t a surprise.
We all gathered around the table and began digging in to our food.
“Mom, this is so freaking good, I forgot how amazing your homemade spaghetti sauce was,” I said with a mouthful of spaghetti.
“Y/N, don’t talk with your mouth full,” mom said in a very mom sounding voice. “And thank you.”
With noodles hanging from my mouth, I gave her an apologetic look. “Sorry.”
“So, Y/N, there’s something I need to tell you,” mom said after a few moments.
The whole table got quiet, and the air got very thick, there was so much tension.
I looked up from my plate. “What is it? Everything alright?”
She nodded. “Yes, everything’s fine, but, you see, I got a call from work earlier this morning… baby, there’s a last minute business trip that I have to go on, it’s in New York, I’ll be gone all summer.”
My fork dropped from my hand onto my plate, and tears welled in my eyes. “O-okay. When do you leave?”
She took a deep breath. “Tomorrow.”
It was quiet again. Quieter then before.
Looking down at my plate, I could feel the tears trying to fall, but I wouldn’t let them, I closed my eyes and held them back. “I need a moment.” I stood from my seat and ran to my room.
“Y/N, wait,” mom called after me.
I ignored her.
Slamming the door to my room, I ran to my bed and threw myself on it. This was supposed to be a good summer. The summer where I got to see my mom after so many months of college. But now she’s leaving. To New York. And for the whole summer.
There was a knock at my door.
“Go away,” I said, though it came out muffled because my face was buried in my pillows.
“It’s Sam.”
I looked towards the door and the knob slowly turned. Sam peaked his head through the door.
“Can I come in?” He asked.
Sitting up, I said, “yeah, that’s fine.”
He came in and sat down beside me as I wiped the tears from my eyes.
“You okay?” He put a hand on my shoulder.
I shrugged. “It’s just… this was supposed to be a good summer, maybe the best summer of my life, but now mom’s leaving.” I looked down at my feet. “I never really got to even spend that much time with her growing up because she was always busy with work. I guess I just thought that we’d spend some time together this summer. And now I have to spend summer in this house all alone.”
“I mean, you don’t have to be all alone this summer.”
My eyebrows knitted together, and I looked up at Sam. “What do you mean?”
“Why don’t you stay with me and Sarah for the summer? We’d love to have you.”
“You sure?”
He nodded. “Yeah! And Sarah could really use some help with the boys, too, and I know how much those boys love you.”
I smiled. I would love to spend some extra time with AJ and Cass, they were like little brothers to me. “Yeah. Yeah, I’d like that.”
He smiled. “Good. You can spend the night here for tonight, and then I’ll be over tomorrow to pick you up and help you pack some of your things.”
I gave him a hug. “Thanks Sam.”
He hugged me back. “Anytime, kid.”
Tumblr media
I decided to go ahead and pack some things up that night. I packed some books and sheet music in one of my duffel bags. I was hoping that Sam would let me bring my keyboard with me to Sarah’s house, though I was pretty sure he would though.
When I woke up the next morning, I completely ignored my mom the whole morning, too annoyed by her from the night before.
Sam arrived soon and helped me pack the last of my things, just some clothes and bathroom necessities.
Sam took his car to Sarah’s and I took mine.
When we arrived, the boys came running out of the house and tackled me to the ground in a hug.
I squealed and wrapped my arms around the both of them.
“Did ya miss me that much?” I asked. “You just saw me last night.”
“Yeah, but we also haven’t seen you in months,” AJ pointed out. “We’ve missed you like crazy.”
“Aww, I’ve missed y’all, too.”
“Would you two leave the poor girl alone?” Came the voice of Sarah.
“Fine, fine, we’ll leave her alone,” Cass said, and both of the boys got off of me.
I giggled and stood up. I looked ahead of me to see Sarah… and a very familiar looking man behind her.
Sarah came over and hugged me. “We’re so happy to have you sending the summer with us.”
“Me too,” I said, but my eyes never left the man, his eyes were locked with mine as well.
“Bucky!” Sam called. “Get your ass over here and help me with these bags.”
The man, James Buchanan Barnes, tore his eyes from mine and looked over at Sam. “Yeah, coming.” He jogged over to Sam and grabbed some bags from the back of my car.
“What’s James Barnes doing here?” I asked, pulling away from Sarah.
“Oh. He’s been living with us,” she explained.
“Really?” I asked. “How long?”
“Ever since Sam came back.”
“And you never told me?”
She shrugged. “I figured Sam did.”
“He’s cute, don’t you think?” Sarah said and winked.
My face fell, she caught me totally off guard. “Don’t you dare.”
“What? I’m just saying.” She held up her hands defensively.
“Yeah, yeah, sure you are.” I walked over to where Sam, Bucky, and the boys where. “Need some help?”
“Sure,” Sam said, handing my my guitar case and the duffel bag full of books and sheet music.
Bucky looked over and smiled at me. “Hi.”
I smiled back. “Hello.”
Sam looked between us. “Let’s take this all in the house.”
I walked back over to Sarah and she took the duffel from me.
“We can take this all up to your old room that you used to stay in,” she said and led us into the house.
Yeah, I had my own room at Sarah’s. Mom was always busy on business trips, or long nights at work, so I’d actually spend most of my nights at Auntie Sarah’s house. Truth be told, she was more of a mom to me that my own mother ever was.
After we took everything up to my room, we went back downstairs and sat in the living room.
Sam introduced me to Bucky.
“Y/N, this is James Buchanan Barnes, I believe you know who he is.”
I smiled up at the man and held out my hand for him to shake. “Nice to meet you, Sargent Barnes. I’m Y/N, Sam’s goddaughter.”
He grasped my hand and shook it. I felt a surge of energy run from my fingertips all the way up my arm when our hands touched.
“Nice to meet you, too, Y/N. And please, just call me Bucky.”
“Alright then… Bucky.” I let go of his hand, and let mine drop to my side. We were staring in each other’s eyes, though I had no clue why.
“So,” Sam said. “Didn’t you want to see the shield, Y/N? I can go get it and show it to you.”
I tore my eyes from Bucky’s and lit up at once. “Oh, yes, please, I want to see it so bad!”
Sam smiled at my excitement and walked over to a round case in the living room and unzipped it. I let out an audible gasp and put and hand over my mouth when he pulled out the red, white, and blue shield.
“Oh my gosh! Look at it! It’s so pretty! Oh, the colors are so much more vibrant than I thought they’d be.” I walked over to Sam and traced over the shield with my fingers. I traced over the star and then over each of the circles. Looking up at Sam, I said, “you really do deserve this, being Captain America. I’m so proud of you. And I’m sure Steve Rogers would be proud of the work you’ve done so far.”
“I hope he would be,” Sam said and looked down at the shield on his arm.
“Trust me, Sam, he’d be extremely proud,” Bucky said, causing me to turn my head to look at him, giving him a small smile.
I turned my head back to look at Sam. “See? I told you so, even Steve Rogers’ best friend knows he’d be proud.”
Sam placed the shield back in it’s leather case. “It’s a pretty big title to live up to.”
“Yeah, but if anyone could live up to it, then it’s definitely you,” I told him. “I’ve always known you were destined for great things.”
“Thanks, kid, it’s nice to know you’ve always believed in me.” Sam ruffled my hair and then sat down on the couch.
I sat down between him and Sarah, kicking off my shoes and leaning on Sarah and resting my feet on Sam’s lap. I was tired. I woke up extremely early so I could pack a couple of things before Sam arrived at my house earlier. I looked over at AJ and Cass to see them playing on their Nintendo Switches. They looked so happy and content. I honestly can’t remember the last time I was happy and content like that.
I felt a pair of eyes on me and looked over to see Bucky staring at me, he immediately looked away and struck up a conversation with Sam. They were talking about something to do with someone named Zemo, a person that they worked with to stop the Flag Smashers.
I watched as they conversed, my eyes mainly focusing on Bucky. Holy cow, his eyes were so pretty, I’d never seen such blue eyes before.
I felt a nudge in my side and looked up at Sarah. “Hmm?”
“You’re staring,” she whispered with a smirk. Only I could hear what she said.
“What?” I asked, confused.
“Bucky,” she said. “You’re staring at him. And he was staring at you earlier.”
I let out a snort of a laugh. “Not true.” It was really amusing for her to think that a guy as cute as James Buchanan Barnes would actually be staring at me. “He was probably just staring into space or something. And so what if I was staring, he’s kinda cute.”
“Yeah, okay, whatever, believe whatever you want, but he was for sure staring.”
I rolled my eyes and turned away from her. “Just let it go.” I closed my eyes.
“What are you two whispering about?” Sam asked, suddenly curious of what Sarah and I were discussing.
“None of your business,” I said, opening one eye to look at him. I closed both of my eyes again.
“Y/N-” sam began, but I cut him off by placing my foot over his mouth.
“Shh.” I placed a finger over my lips. “I’m trying to sleep.
He swatted my foot away, and I heard Bucky chuckling. “All I was gonna ask,” Sam said. “Is what do you want to for dinner?”
I opened my eyes and sat up straight. “Oh, uh, I don’t know. Ooh, could we get McDonald’s?”
Sam just looked at me, obviously disappointed by my reply. “We’re not eating McDonald’s.”
I pretended to be sad and whined. “But why?”
“Because,” he said. “We’re just not.”
“Hmph,” I pouted and sunk back into the couch.
“Oh, come on, Sam, just get the poor kid some McDonald’s,” Bucky said, looking from me to Sam.
“No,” Sam said. “We’re not getting McDonald’s, that’s final.”
I groaned. “Fine, whatever, I’ll just go and be sad then.” I leaned back onto Sarah and whispered, “your brother is being mean.” Which made her laugh.
“Yeah, he’s pretty good at that,” she said.
“I’m not mean,” Sam defended. “I just don’t think we should eat McDonald’s tonight.”
I looked over to see Cass perk up. “Wait! I want McDonald’s! Can we get McDonald’s?”
I laughed. “See? McDonald’s is a great idea.”
“I could eat some McDonald’s,” Bucky said and looked over at Sam.
“You’re all gonna fight me on this, aren’t you?” Sam asked while crossing his arms.
I nodded my head. “Mhm!”
“Fine, we can get McDonald’s,” Sam gave in.
“Yay!” I said and began to clap. Standing up, I slipped my shoes back on and ran over to the front door. “Well, come on, y’all!” I motioned for everyone to walk over to me.
“We’re coming, we’re coming,” Sarah said and stood up, too, leading everyone to where I was.
Tumblr media
McDonald’s was fun, we all had a good time eating and catching up. Bucky was really nice, not something I’d really expect just by looking at him. Trust me, he’s very intimidating looking. But he’s actually just a big sweetheart.
I fell asleep in the car on the way home, but when I woke up, I was in my bed.
I yawned as I sat up in bed and stretched. Looking at the clock I saw that it was seven in the morning. I crawled out of bed and stepped into my bunny slippers. Pitter pattering down the stairs, I look over at the kitchen to see Bucky drinking coffee. I went and poured myself a cup of coffee and put some creamer in it.
“Good morning,” I said in a groggy voice while sitting next to Bucky.
“Morning,” he said with an equally groggy voice.
“Sleep well?” I took a drink of my coffee.
“Yeah, as well as I can,” he answered.
I yawned. “That’s good.”
“How about you? Did you sleep well?”
I nodded. “Yeah, I slept pretty good.” I took another drink of my coffee, trying to wake up a little bit more. Resting my head on my hand, I felt myself beginning to doze off.
Bucky shook my shoulder. “Hey, you’re falling asleep.”
I jerked back awake, a little bit of my coffee spilling from the cup.
“Oh, sorry,” he said and reached over to grab a paper towel from the dispenser. He began to wipe up the coffee.
“It’s fine,” I said and smiled at him sleepily. “No big deal.”
He stood from his seat and threw away the towel. “Why don’t you go back to bed? You look exhausted.”
I shrugged. “Don’t want to. Rather just try and stay awake.” I felt myself dozing off again, my head dropping from my hand and landing on the counter, waking me up.
Bucky chuckled. “Go sleep.” He pointed to the couch.
“But…” I began to protest, but then gave up when I yawned again. “Okay, fine, I’m going back to sleep.” I sat my coffee down and walked over to the couch, kicking my slippers off and laying down and dragging a blanket over my body, soon falling completely asleep.
Tumblr media
Something To Believe In taglist: @sam-eve
Bucky Barnes taglist: @euthoricspidey
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noshame-bb · a day ago
Stucky x Reader
The boys can be sometimes pretty jealous when it comes to the reader. It’s like a competition who kiss her more? Who makes her more laugh? ....
nonnie, stucky makes me want to wrap them in a hug and never let them leave
pairing: stucky x reader
ratinf/warnings: jealousy, doubt, sad!stucky, jealous!stucky, relationship competition, fluff at the end
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Tumblr media
Being with 2 super soldiers was great. Sure you worried everytime they left for a mission, worried they would come back battered and bruised. But, being with them made you feel safe, and secure and loved and cherrished. You honestly could go on forever. 
You, Bucky and Steve have been together for almost a year, and it’s been amazing. They were both so atnentive, caring, compassionate, loving. Except, lately it’s been a compitition between them. I can’t compliment one without making the other mad. You try to divide your time equally between them-you even started sleeping in the same bed because Bucky claimed ‘you sleep with him more!” with the biggest cutest pout. 
You all were at one of Tony’s party, havibg a great time. You and Nat were at the bar, you were wearing a little black dress, while she was in a strappy red dress. You could feel the boys eyes on you, they both sat away from each other..... wierd? Bucky got up from his seat and started to stalk towards, like he was on a mission. 
“Hey Buck-” You were cut off by his lips. His hands cupped your face, and yours went to his huge biceps. This kiss felt......rushed compared to other times he’s kissed you. He eventually pulled away, smirk on his face as he looked to Steve across the bar. What the hell?
“Bucky what’s going on between you two?” You questioned. 
“Don’t worry about it doll” He said before he bopped you on the nose and walked away. You looked to Natasha, she gave you a ‘what the fuck just happned’ look. Waving it off, Wanda came up and started chatting. “Hey loves!” 
“Wanda! Hey!” You guys hadn’t seen Wanda for awhile, her and Vis went on vacation together so, you were excited she was back. She talked about how peaceful it was, and how she can’t wait to do it again. “We’re happy for you Wanda” Natasha said with a sweet smile. 
“Yeah we are! Seriously you guys-” Steve came up behind you and wrapped a arm around your middle, beer in the other. “-are uhm the uh cutest couple here.” You stuttered. God, what the hell is happening? They usually aren’t into so much pda. 
Time went by without anymore hiccups when, suddenly a slow, sensual song came on. Still deep im conversation with your girls, you started to slowly sway your hips to the beat. (instert freak by doja cat) 
“Hiya doll” Bucky whispered in your ear from behind. You nearly jumped out of your skin “James! You scared me!” He only laughed. “Sorry sorry,” He held his hand out “, dance with me?” How could you say no? You took his hand and he led you to the crowded dance floor. 
Bucky held your hips, while you held onto his shoulders as you swayed to side. He pulled you closer, so your head went just under his chin. “You look beautiful doll” You giggled. “Are you trying to butter me up or something Barnes” He turned you around so your back was against his front, still swaying grinding,”Maybe” 
Unbeknown to you, Steve was watching the whole interaction, squeezing his beer glass tighter and tighter. “Hey man, you alright?” Sam asked, as he put a hand on the super soldiers shoulder. At that moment, Steve broke the bottle, and glass went everywhere. You and Bucky looked at each other before rushing over to him. “Steve! Are you okay? What happened?” You grabed his hand that had blood running down it. “I’m fine sweetheart.” Steve said before he rudely snatched his hand from you, and gave Bucky the nastiest look. Oh that’s it.
“Alright I’ve had enough.” You grabbed Steve by his right ear, and Buck by his left and drug them into your room. “Sit down, now” You demanded as you pointed to the bed. They did so with a sigh. “Now I don’t know what the hell has gotten into you two but, someone better start talking.” They looked to each other. Trying to comunicate who was going to talk. You snapped your fingers in front of their faces, “Hey!” That got their attention. 
“Sweetheart it’s not what-” 
“No you don’t get to ‘sweetheart’ me Steve! You both have been acting like our relationship is a compitition for WEEKS, so what.the.hell?” Bucky sighed. 
“I think we just got jealous of one another. I think we-I mean I know i felt like, Steve was getting more love than I was.” 
“Yeah and I felt like Bucky was getting more.” That made tears spring in your eyes. You knelt down so you were smaller than them. 
“I’m sorry that I made you feel that way-”
“Doll you didn’t make us feel that way we were just being id-” You put your hand up to stop him. 
“Regardless, I’m sorry. I love you both, so fucking much. So much it’s like I have no more room in my body for it. I promise not to let you guys feel like that, ever again, okay?” You gave them a sad smile. 
They grabbed you by the arms and pulled you into their laps for a hug. 
“Yeah bubs, we got it.” Bucky said quietly into your shoulder.
“Course baby, love you” Steve murmered
You let a tear fall
“God, I love you guys” 
a/n: writing this made me sad :(
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Citrus, Miniature Sun ✗
Tumblr media
pairing: bucky barnes x fem!reader
summary: Steve's getting married, and as much as it thrills you that one-third of your 'to the end of the line' trio is getting hitched, it also fills you with dread at the prospect of your ex-fiance also being on the guest list. Luckily for you, the other third of your trio (who you are most certainly, absolutely not in love with) has a plan. A childhood friends-to-lovers, fake dating AU fic.
author's note: This is my first commissioned fic, written for @/pham-tastical! Anna, thank you so much for entrusting me with your vision! I hope you love it. (The title comes from the beautiful poem Oranges by Roisin Kelly.)
warning(s): cursing, alcohol consumption, mutual pining/oblivious idiots in love
word count: 6.4k
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Tumblr media
The save-the-date arrives on a Tuesday morning, tucked away inside a baby blue envelope.
It matches the gleam in Steve’s eyes—all cotton candy, mid-afternoon skies blue—in the photo that falls out from it. He beams up at you so hard from the picture that you have to blink back the image of him decades younger, backwards baseball cap on his head and dirt caked in the hollows under his eyes and lips split so wide around those missing baby teeth that his cheeks look pinched, like his ma’s fingers had just caught him there, drawing all the red blood to the apples.
“He looks happy, doesn’t he?” Bucky’s expression mimics that of Steve’s in the photograph when you tack it to your refrigerator, an easy, white-toothed smile at his lips.
The look must be contagious—or maybe it’s the fact that one-third of your childhood trio would be getting married come spring—because your own mouth slides up into a relaxed smile, teeth not quite making their appearance yet.
“Yeah,” you nod, hopping up on the counter to peel the last orange from the fruit basket. A hint of citrus hits your nose as your fingers dig into the ream. “He does.”
Bucky doesn’t look away yet, crepey skin of his eyes still crinkling as he looks between Steve and Peggy’s inked faces. “Looks kinda dopey.”
“‘Course he does,” you laugh around an orange slice, tart juice sugaring your tongue. “He’s in love. He always looks like that when he’s in love.”
It’s the sweet smell of the orange that finally draws his attention away from the card stuck to the fridge, long limbs seeming to move towards you on their own accord. He leans back against the quartz island countertop, elbow brushing your waist.
Placing the flesh palm of his hand in your lap, the backs of his fingers tickling the bare and dimpled skin of your thigh, he awaits the offering. “Please tell me I don’t look so damned goofed up when I’m in love.”
“Never seen you in love,” you shrug, dissecting the little orange between your fingers, your nails collecting remnants of its peel beneath them. His fingers curl around the slice you’ve given him, pink lips enveloping it, even as his brows furrow. Another slice settles against your tongue as you continue, “Tara? Evie? Claire? You think it was love with any of them?”
He chews, jaw sliding back and forth, lips pursing against the slightly soured sweetness. “Guess not.”
He’s licking his fingers, droplets of juice or the flavorings of food never allowed to go to waste from James Barnes’ tongue. How many times had his ma smacked him upside the head for that? Given him that silent warning with her eyes, just as steely blue as her boy’s, just as scary when sharpened with reproach?
It’s rude, James, she’d tell him. Go wash your hands, son, for Christ’s sake.
But you’re not his ma.
“Last one,” you tell him, holding the final, near-translucent fruit slice up to the light streaming in from the kitchen window. “Wanna split it?”
“Nah,” he shakes his head, a strand of hair falling in his eyes. “You have it.”
He knocks his elbow against your knee—the heat of his touch still looming there—pushing away from the counter to go dig in your refrigerator, the sound of drawers opening and bottles rattling in his wake.
“Wanna beer?”
“From my own fridge?”
You swallow down the last of the orange, tossing the peel into the bin. The scent of citrus is soaked deep into the skin of your palms, deep into the skin of his fingers. You smell like the juice that he’s licked from those long, flesh and bone digits—your shared scent tangy on his tongue—and the thought sends you clearing your throat before answering him.
“Yeah, hand me one.”
The glass bottle clinks against the silver ring on your middle finger as he tucks it into your hand. Bucky’s eyebrow raises at the sound, eyes flickering to where the band glitters beneath the fluorescent kitchen lights before meeting your gaze again.
“He’s gonna be there, ya know,” he says instead of asking the unuttered question that’s already been swallowed down with the first barley-tinged swig of his beer. It’s probably swimming around deep in his belly by now, but you know him better than he knows himself, know the words dissolving in his stomach acid: Why are you still wearing that thing?
“It’s pathetic, isn’t it?” You twist the band around your finger, watching the sapphire twinkle blue in the light as it slides up and down past the knuckle. It never did fit your ring finger.
He shrugs, another swallow of the beer. “A little.”
There’s the tilting up of his right mouth corner, white-squared teeth playing peek-a-boo from the window his lips create.
“Wanna hear something even more pathetic?” You offer to the sliver of cornflower blue in his eyes, the color darkening to harbor belittlement or shame in your direction.
“Always,” he says, eyes lightening—always lightening, only ever lightening towards you—in amusement.
“I ran into him at Sam’s work thing last weekend,” you begin, Bucky’s eyelids narrowing slightly now, looking at you down the neck of the amber bottle. “He was with her—Jo—and he asked how I was doing, and I panicked, and I might’ve told him I was seeing someone.”
“Might have?”
“What was I supposed to say to him?”
“I don’t know,” he huffs, annoyance not directed at you but still grazing your cheeks as he sets the bottle aside to rest his hand against his hip. “Tell him to kiss your ass? That he owes me about fifty bucks for all the ice cream it took to get you out of bed that first week?”
“No, come on,” he says seriously now, grabbing your left hand up in his, fingers wet from the condensation as they rub at the place where the ring’s left an impression in your skin. “You gotta pawn this thing, alright?”
“I’m not going to—,”
“Jesus, your hand’s freezing,” he ignores your protest, frowning at the chilled flesh of your digits that rivals the coolness of the Heineken abandoned against your thigh. “Remember when you used to chase me and Stevie around in the winter with those cold ass hands of yours, trying to press ‘em up against our cheeks?”
You laugh then, watching as he tries to melt away the ice in your skin with the familiar flint of his thumb. “Yeah—and I always caught you.”
His tongue pokes out, swiping around his bottom lip like he wants to say something and he’s got to slicken up the runway for the words to slide out just right. At the last moment, he just chuckles instead, shaking something from his head like a swimmer shakes the water from their ears.
“Steve and those skinny little legs of his—outran every last one of us.”
“And then he’d have to come to my rescue, hauling you off me when you’d wrestle me to the ground, shoving my hands in your jacket pockets,” you shake your head like you’re developing the memories like film in your mind, a Polaroid of a pre-teen Bucky, all dark hair and a dimpled chin, holding you down in the snow, his breath hot and stuttering with laughter against your neck, grows clearer. “You were such an asshole.”
But even then, you were harboring the secret, the one you hadn’t dared spoken into the air lest it became real—you liked the way the furnace of his skin, the smoke of his breath, reduced the glacier in yours to ice water in your chest each time.
“Hey, I was doing you a favor,” he argues, pulling your palm up to rest flat against his chest like he used to back then, shoulders broader and sternum stronger all these years later. His heart still beats the same beneath the lifelines. “Your ma sending you out without mittens—you know Steve’s ma used to threaten to knit you a pair every Christmas?”
You nod, grin at your lips softening at the memory of Mrs. Rogers, thick Irish accent wrapping around your name as she called out to you from their apartment stoop, warning that she’d better not see you at St. Andrew’s after dinner with frostbitten fingers or she’d lob ‘em off herself.
Something shifts in the conversation with the mention of Steve’s ma.
Bucky’s sweatshirt is soft and well-worn against your fingers as you grab up the material and gather it up inside your fist, pulling him back into the present—back to this version of you with time-marked skin and furnace-heated cheeks—by the collar. “What am I gonna do?”
“About the wedding?”
“I’m going to look so stupid when I show up without a date, and he’s sitting there with Jo, smiling like an idiot because she looks so perfect and—,”
“I’ll go with you,” he says, fingers curling around your grip on his shirt.
“Well, yeah, I figured we’d go together—,”
“No,” he shakes his head. “I mean I’ll go with you—be your date. Pretend to be your boyfriend, or whatever the hell will get his eye twitchin’.”
And now your eye might begin to twitch, eyelid jumping in beat with the sudden quickening of your heart, a Morse code of fluttering eyelashes betraying you at the prospect of Bucky being your date, your romantic partner—even if just for a night, even if just in pretending.
You say his name like a hiccup against the obtuse feel of your heart in your throat. “You don’t have to do that.”
“Come on, it’ll be fun,” he insists, eyes so light now that crystalline. “You, me, a little dancin’, too much champagne? Don’t tell me you don’t want to see the way Steve’s eyes will bug out when we tell ‘em we’re together.”
You can’t help but laugh at the thought of how your friends would react, even as your mind can hardly think of anything but the warmth of Bucky’s fingers still wrapped around your own, the ice in them long melted by his touch.
“Nat’ll know,” you tell him in a breathy giggle. “Nat always knows.”
It’s your attempt at giving him an out—giving yourself an out before this goes too far, before you get a taste of what it would be like to call Bucky yours, enough of him on your tongue that you’d have to admit that it’s what you’d been craving all along, a hunger in your belly all these years you could never let yourself sate.
He shrugs, and there’s a cerulean glint of mischief in his eyes—and something almost indigo in shade that you can’t quite place—when he says, “We’ll just have to make it believable then… if we’re gonna fool Romanoff.”
Your stomach is somersaulting, all acidic and light from the orange still lingering beneath your fingernails, as you swallow down the fleshy red organ of your heart enough to tease, “Let’s see how much you remember from drama club.”
His heart flutters strongly beneath your palm, teeth glittering white like snow, in reply.
Tumblr media
“You comin’ or what?”
His knuckles tap against the hotel room door, exasperated tone of his voice muffled by the thick wooden barrier.
“I’m coming,” you call out from in front of the mirror, neck angled uncomfortably to peer at the back of your dress. A huff of irritation blows past your painted lips. “Can’t get this fucking zipper to zip up.”
“Steve’s gonna have my ass,” he groans against the wood, voice a little clearer now. The shadow of his loafers peeks in from underneath the gap between carpet and door. “Kinda fuckin’ important that the Best Man isn’t late.”
“Co-Best Man,” you remind him through another huffy sigh, dropping the material between your fingers and shuffling over to the door in your heels. “Sam can cover for you for a second,” you say as you start to unlock the bolt, “Just get in here and help me with the damn thing.”
When you swing the door open on its hinges, Bucky stumbles forward a bit, righting himself from where he’d been leaning up against it.
“Jesus, couldn’t give me a warning—?” he begins to complain, scowl marring his features, before his neck snaps and he’s blinking at the sight of you in the doorway, jaw slackening as the words catch in his throat. “Uh, hey.”
The way he’s looking at you, as if he’s never truly seen you before, makes you shift uncomfortably in your heels.
“Hi,” you test, a nervous smile creeping up on your lips. You’re suddenly second-guessing the extra swipe of blush to your cheeks. “Everything okay?”
His fingers fiddle with the bow tie at his collar, blue eyes blinking back that strange indigo tint again, before he’s correcting his face, placing a familiar half-cocked smile at his mouth that puts you more at ease. “Yeah, it’s fine—I’m great. Uh, you needed help with your dress?”
“Yeah,” you nod, turning your back to him to allow him to trail you into the room. As you retreat, two pairs of feet padding against the carpet, it’s impossible to not feel the burn of his eyes at the bare skin of your back. “It won’t zip up.”
He grunts, nodding, as you stop in front of the mirror, watching the eyes of his reflection flicker from where the zipper rests just above the curve of your backside up to your own reflection in the glass.
You offer him a soft smile, lips not quite parting to display a flash of teeth, to coax him on. His Adam's apple bobs beneath the milky skin of his neck as his left hand hovers for just a moment at your waist before he gingerly leverages it above the swell of your hip.
The feel of those firm, metal fingertips pressed into the material of your dress sends your heart hammering away inside your chest. Your pulse is a deafening thunder in your ears that follows the lightning strike of his touch.
How many times had he touched you before, hooked a casual arm around your waist, without calling the thunder to your rib cage like some Norse god? This was a new power over you.
His right hand finds the zipper, mouth flattening into a straight line as he tugs at it, fingers digging a little less featherlight into the bunched material of your gown for purchase.
“Damn thing,” he mutters under his breath, and you feel the curse hot on your shoulder. His lips are so close to the blade of your back that he could lean forward, just less than an inch, and press a kiss into—
There’s a little puff of relief that fans across your neck when the zipper pulls upward on its track, Bucky smoothing the material of your dress at your back before taking a step back, eyeing you with a raised eyebrow in the mirror. Pink dusts his cheeks like windburn.
“Alright,” he rubs a large palm down his face. “You ready? Steve’s gonna kill me.”
“Let’s go,” you nod, grabbing your clutch up in your hand as Bucky opens the door for you to step out into the hallway in front of him. “You can tell Steve it’s my fault you’re running late.”
“Still don’t think he’s buying that we’re seeing each other.” He presses the white button for the elevator, and it glows yellow beneath his fingertip, beckoning the lift to your floor.
The elevator doors open with a ding. “Nat’s not buying it, either,” you tell him as you step inside, leaning up against the stainless steel wall opposite from him. “Sam’s the only one convinced.”
“Yeah?” Bucky’s lip twitches amusedly, ghost of a laugh rolling off his tongue. “What’d he say?”
“‘Finally,’” you parrot Sam’s voice from earlier in the day when you’d told him that you and Bucky had started seeing each other.
Bucky laughs at your impression of the man, running a hand through his hair as the elevator doors close. “Well, at least we’ve got one down. Three more to go.”
Your bottom lip works its way between your teeth, the waxy taste of lipstick in your mouth preparing your tongue to speak a name you’d forbidden from it months ago. “Nate’ll probably be quick to believe it. He was always jealous of you.”
A surprised little chuckle catches in his throat, nose scrunching into itself. “Of me?”
“Yeah,” you laugh a little awkwardly, a little ungracefully. “Always thought that maybe there was something between us.”
Bucky doesn’t respond outside of a grunt, head nodding back against the metal wall of the lift before a smirk begins to transform his features. He’s shaking his head a bit incredulously, shoulders shivering with a silent laugh.
“What’s so funny?”
He drags his shoulders up into a nonchalant shrug. “Guess I just like the idea of making the prick jealous.”
“Bucky—,” you begin to warn.
“No, I’m serious,” he shakes the air of fun from his voice, picking up a sharper, more serious quality as he crosses the lift to stand next to you. “He’s a prick—he was a prick for leaving you, and he’s gonna feel like a prick when he walks in tonight and sees you with me.”
He’s so close, face just inches from yours, that you can smell the mint of his toothpaste still on his breath.
Your mouth parts in time with the parting of the elevator doors, an image of a guest in a maroon wrap dress coming together on the other side. Before you can speak, Bucky’s already leaning, lips nearly brushing the hot skin of your cheek in their path to your ear.
To anyone else, it would appear he’s placed a gentle kiss on your temple. “Follow my lead.”
You nod, words lacking the air needed to produce sound, and then he’s pulling you by the hand, fingers interlaced with yours, off the elevator and towards the reception hall.
The sound of your heels clicking against the floor reverberates in your mind, colliding with the constant stream of thoughts bouncing against your cranium.
Bucky’s held your hand a hundred times before—guiding you through the crowds at the fall fairgrounds, pulling you to your feet after Kat McNamara knocked you down at Sam’s twenty-first birthday party, bracing you against the clergyman’s words at Ms. Roger’s funeral—but it had never felt like this. Never had it felt so tender, so warm with affection, and yet so electric.
The feel of fingers interlocked with yours, his thumb pad rubbing circles into the underside of your hand, sends white hot bolts of lightning into your veins, the energy following the path-of-least-resistance straight to your heart. Underneath your dress, away from prying eyes, you’re certain there’s a tree-branch marking of his lightning strike branded into your skin.
He’s motioning for you to sit on the end of a row of chairs, the aisles still mostly empty save for a handful of guests. Ahead, Steve is talking to the officiant, hands in his pockets and head bowed slightly. When he catches sight of you and Bucky, he waves a little exasperatedly, but the annoyance doesn’t reach the edges of his face. Instead, he wears a broad smile, gesturing for Bucky to join him and the rest of the groomsmen.
“Better go,” he tells you, hand unlacing from yours. “I’ll be right up there the whole time—I’ll find you after the ceremony, okay?”
“Okay, go,” you smile up at him, raising your hand to swat him away. He catches your open palm, delicately closing your fingers into a fist and pressing his lips to your knuckles before dropping your hand and bounding down the aisle without another word, seemingly entirely unaware of the state he’s left you in.
Watching him while you try to steady your heartbeat again, you take in the sight of him, muscular shoulders cloaked in his navy suit.
He’s all sharp cheekbones and angular jawline and dark hair as he laughs with Steve and Sam, eyes crinkling so familiarly. He looks the same as ever—still your Bucky with the flattened nose bridge and the round eyes and the two parallel lines between his eyebrows—but none of this feels familiar.
You’re absent-mindedly rubbing at the joints where he’d pressed his lips, soft and pink and warm, when someone clears their throat beside you.
He’s smiling when you angle your neck up to get a glimpse of him, a beautiful woman you’ve met only one other time before on his arm. “Mind if Jo and I sit with you? Everyone we know’s in the bridal party.”
“Oh, uh,” you flicker your eyes towards the flower-covered arbor that Bucky stands beside, drawing strength from his side profile. “Sure.”
They both nod their thanks, bright smiles plastered against their cheeks, as they scoot past you into their chairs. Your left middle finger burns, the indent from Nate’s ring long disappeared, as he leans closer to ask, “So, where’s this lucky guy of yours? Been dying to meet him.”
Bucky’s already looking at you when your eyes flit up from your hand to find him, concern etched into those two parallel lines at his forehead.
“You’ve already met him,” you smile sweetly, nodding in Bucky’s direction. He waves, the worry dissolving in the wrinkles in the center of his face, melting them down to the lines that form around those cornflower blues instead.
Nate doesn’t try, or maybe isn’t able, to hide the note of surprise in his voice. “Barnes? I didn’t know you two were—uh, when did that happen?”
“It was still pretty new when I saw you at that Christmas party, the one at Steeple & Chase?”
The lie rolls off your tongue easily, and you’re a bit surprised by it, by how easily you’re allowing yourself to slip into this fabricated reality where you and Bucky are some happy couple.
“Right,” he nods slowly, fingers drumming in his lap as they always did when the gears in his mind were overworking. He glances down at your left hand, finding the fingers bare. “Well, I’m happy for you. Guess you and Barnes were always meant to be.”
And just like that, the runaway train of your heart hits a solid brick wall. That little red caboose stills in your chest, one last push of red hot blood to your cheeks before the engine sputters out, dark steam practically billowing from your ears.
“Thanks,” you force out against the sudden, smokey thickness in your throat.
You paint a smile at your lips, one that Bucky returns from across the room, unable to see the wreckage of your heart, ribs a splintered mess like uprooted tracks and twisted turnstiles.
And when the ceremony begins—when everyone rises as Peggy walks down the aisle looking like an angel in white and with lips of red, when Steve’s a little teary-eyed and Sam’s clapping him on the back with a smile that shows that little gap between his teeth—that matrimonial march is the work song singing in your chest as Bucky winks at you. A vision in a navy suit, he untangles the railings, refastens the crossties, and welds the pieces of you together with a single gesture.
Tumblr media
“Be honest, is my mascara everywhere?”
Bucky’s holding you close, arms wrapped around your waist as the two of you sway to the soft rhythm set by the live band, the bright white lights of the banquet hall acting like the heat lamp of an incubator. Sweat clings to your hairline, and you swear you feel your makeup beginning to slide off around the edges of your temples.
“Nah,” he shakes his head, toothy smile on his face that hasn’t managed to make a disappearance all night. “Still looks good… you look good.”
Even as the blood rushes to your face, dizzying you a little, you grin. “Steve did you a real favor, picking out navy for the suits.”
“Yeah?” There’s a gleam in his eyes, irises impossibly blue.
“Yeah,” you nod, hands leaving the back of his neck to straighten the bow tie at his throat. He peeks down at you beneath a fan of dark lashes. “My date just so happens to look good in blue… something he should have heeded when picking out his tux for prom.”
“Now that’s low,” he shakes his head, the motion doing little to dislodge the reflection of string lights, like little white stars, in his eyes. “You know my ma picked it out for me.”
“I think she was trying to deter Krista Levens from meeting you under the bleachers.”
He laughs out her name, nostalgia blanketing the syllables. “Krista—ma never did like her.”
“No,” you mimic the airy noise. “She did not.”
When you finish smoothing the wrinkles in his bow, more pop up around the corners of his eyes as your fingers find the warm skin of his neck again. He leans in close, lips hovering millimeters from your cheek.
Just barely over the thundering of your pulse in your eardrum, you hear him say: “Always liked you, though.”
Warm lips climb the highest peak of your cheek—the place where flesh is most scant over angled bone—and deposit a kiss so gentle that it would be easy to believe that you’ve imagined it.
But it’s not a figmentation; that much is clear when Natasha catches your attention from across the dance floor, her own arms draped around Sam’s shoulders. Her lips, plum in color and plumped in satisfaction, draw up into a smile. Those eyes, green and so often dangerous, glint brightly.
They’re filled with belief.
Suddenly, the temperature beneath the lights—beneath Natasha’s approving gaze and Bucky’s false attentions—has risen to become unbearable.
“I’m dying in here,” you mumble, pulling away from his grip. You already feel cooler, familiar chill returning to your skin, as his hands drop from your waist. “I think I’m gonna get some air.”
You’re already several steps towards the French doors marked by the glowing red exit sign when his fingers catch you around the wrist, spinning you on your heels to face him. His eyebrows are drawn together, eyes rounded in concern.
“You feeling okay?”
You force a smile, and he notices. “Yeah—just burnin’ up in here.”
He nods. This time, the motion does seem to shake some of the glittering from his eyes.
“Okay,” he drawls out a bit. When he slows his cadence down like that, he sounds like Brooklyn. Sounds like home. It makes you suck in a breath as he says, “I’ll come check on you in a bit, yeah?”
“Yeah,” you exhale, feeling his grip on your wrist falter, releasing you to scurry towards the exit, heart beating in time with the clacking of your heels.
The sun had set hours ago, stealing away the April warmth with it.
Dogwood trees and neatly-pruned hedges and just-bloomed lilies meet you in the courtyard, the rustling of their branches and leaves and petals in the wind a hushed greeting. There’s an iron-wrought bench beneath a particularly lonely looking tree, and as you sit down on it, the chilled metal digs into the exposed flesh at the underside of your thighs.
The sensation sends goosebumps rising on your forearms, your teeth gritting against the coolness of the evening, but you don’t move to return to the reception yet.
It’s too hot in there.
Nat’s in there, lips stained like merlot, pulled up at the edges in an undeserved, misplaced blessing of a lie. Nate’s in there, too, swirling Jo around, skirt of her dress spiraling pink across the dance floor like his words in your mind: Guess you and Barnes were always meant to be.
Bucky’s in there, too—the blazing hot sun at the very center of this solar system. If you orbit him again, his arms wrapped around your waist like solar flares from a red hot star, it’d surely mean an extinction-level event for your little blue planet.
It seems you’re meant to orbit one another, gravity working like fate, when he eventually comes hurtling through the door like an asteroid.
He searches the ill-lit garden, eyes like sad, demoted-to-dwarf-planet Plutos until they land on your face. He crosses the courtyard silently to sit beside you on the bench, leaning casually into the intricate iron details of its back.
There’s a beat of silence between you, the most uncomfortable pause there’s ever been in the twenty-year expanse of your friendship, before he’s clearing his throat. “Cold out here,” he says without turning towards you.
“A little,” you lie. Before the night is through, maybe you’d actually grow to be good at weaving fabrications and falsehoods, as good as him.
He’s watching you out of the corner of his eye, you can feel it. “Your hands cold?”
You pause the absent-minded rubbing of your hands together you’d been doing. “No.”
“You’ve always been shit at lying,” he laughs, though the noise lacks its usual lightness.
His hands reach forward and gather yours up in them, gently guiding your freezing fists to the pocket of his suit jacket. Almost immediately, the ice that’d set into the long bones of your fingers begins to melt.
When you look up to meet his face, his eyes are so warm—ever warm, always warm in your direction—that they boil the blood in the capillaries of your cheeks. It feels like anger, something easier to acknowledge in its regard of Bucky than this other burning, all-consuming fire that threatens to eat up every bit of oxygen in your lungs.
Your tongue sharpens the words like a whittle. “How is this so easy for you?”
“This,” you nod down to your hands resting in his pocket, avoiding that irksome, unplaceable shade of indigo in his eyes. “Lying. Lying to our friends. To Steve, to Nat, to Sam. Making them think that we’re together.”
He blinks, and you can’t look at the surfaces of those dwarf planets. The coloring of them looks too much like pity.
“How is it so easy for you to touch me like that?” And even as your voice begins to break, like hot magma oozing from the crater he’s dug in your exterior, you don’t have the strength to fall out of his orbit. “To lie about—to pretend like you could love me?”
There it is.
You shut your eyes against the sight of it, decades of friendship imploding because you couldn’t take the heat of him, couldn’t force the molten, ugly truth of your feelings back down into your core.
“Wanna show you something.”
You pry your eyes open, expecting to see unfamiliar blue planets on the horizon. It’s still two Plutos that greet you, welcome you back with reddened rust on their surfaces.
Cool, metal fingers brush away tears from the hollows under your eyes. “Come with me to my car?”
It takes you a moment to collect your voice. “Where are we going?”
“Nowhere,” he chuckles like he’s tired, pulling you to your feet. He loops his arm around your shoulders, and it feels nothing like a lie. “Just something I’ve been meaning to show you in my trunk.”
Your heels are scuffing against the asphalt of the parking lot. “Your trunk? The last time you showed me something in your trunk, it was that box of pizza that’d been in there for—,”
“It’s not old pizza, alright?”
“Better not be.”
“It’s not,” he insists, palming his pocket for his keys. He presses his thumb against a button on the fob, and the car unlocks, tail lights flashing red as the trunk pops open.
There’s a little silver paper bag inside with silver handles, a card taped to its front. Your name is written across it in his neat, blocky handwriting. When you look at him with a question in your eyes, he nods, gesturing for you to open it.
“Your birthday present,” he says sheepishly, palms spread flat and fingers flexing nervously against his thighs. When you raise your eyebrow at him, he says, Uh, last year’s.”
“I thought you forgot.” He’s put enough tissue paper in here to completely obscure whatever’s lying in wait at the bottom from view, but you begin to make out something fuzzy and maroon. “You paid for mine and Nate’s drinks—I thought that was you making up for forgetting.”
He shakes his head. “Since when have I forgotten your birthday?”
But you don’t answer him—can’t answer him when you fish the hand-knitted, maroon mittens out from the bottom of the bag. They look just like the ones Steve and Bucky used to wear, woven on the end of Mrs. Roger’s needle, every winter.
“Bucky,” his name is a choked sound in your throat, coated in disbelief. “Did you… did you knit these?”
“Fuck no,” he laughs now, and it’s a sound that’s familiar. “Got ‘em on Etsy.”
“Read the card.”
He nods towards where the envelope flaps against silver, wind picking it up before the tape tethering it to the bag brings it back down. It rips as you glide your index finger between its flap, revealing the little yellow card inside.
On the front of the card is the image of a dog wearing  a party hat, blowing out the candles on his birthday cake. Happy Doggone Birthday!
You laugh, splitting the card open to read the message he’s undoubtedly scrawled inside—every year, he’d wish you a happy birthday in that comic book lettering font of his. To your surprise, a lengthy letter in blue ink, blocked letters even smaller than usual to fit within the space, is dashed into the paper.
Your eyes flit up to his again, and he simply nods, spurning you on.
You have any idea how long I spent on Etsy, searching for the perfect pair of mittens? I’ll tell you how long. Three months, every night before bed, I’d be scrolling and searching and reading reviews before I finally found a real nice lady, lives in Michigan, to custom knit a pair just like the ones Mrs. Sarah always threatened to knit for you.
Still, three months is nothing. Nothing compared to how long I’ve been wanting to write this letter—hell, needing to write this—and chickening out. I always was the chicken, wasn’t I?
You and Steve, you were the brave ones. Brave but so damn tiny. I was just the one with the height, the one that followed the two of you into whatever trouble there was to find.
Jesus, my stomach hurts just writing this, telling you about the damned mittens, and I haven’t even gotten to the hard part yet.
Truth is, my stomach’s been upset for a long-time now. All twisted up.
Thought I was gonna puke, when you called me that night, telling me you were engaged. Even went to the toilet bowl, clingin’ on for dear life, but nothing would come up. You sounded so damn happy. Couldn’t even get sick, couldn’t push that happy laugh of yours out of my stomach if I tried.
Even if it’s killing me, seeing you smiling with that damned ring on your finger, too damn small to fit the way it should—the way it would, had someone who cared enough about you been the one to ask you that question.
And really, it’s nothing personal against Nate. He’s a prick, but you seem happy. Real happy.
Fuck, I’m running out of space. Alright. Here goes nothing.
I wish it was me. God, I wish it was me who’d asked you. I always thought it’d be me and you. Believed it so bad that I guess I never realized I’d have to come clean with it, tell you the truth, for that to happen.
I got you these mittens—took them six weeks to come in the mail, mind you—because I know your hands stay so cold all the damn time. Doesn’t matter if it’s summer and the AC’s out, your hands are freezing, and I can see now that I won’t always be there to hold them, warm them up against my chest or in my pockets or in my own hands, like when we were kids. I bought them because I know you, and, dammit, I love you.
So, happy birthday.
I hope these keep your hands warm, but there’s a bigger part of me still hoping that you’ll never stop letting me do it.
Love always,
The card wavers between your fingertips, but it’s not the wind that sends it fluttering now. It’s the tremor in your hand, the same tremor at your bottom lip, when you breathe out his name.
“Couldn’t give it to you,” he shrugs weakly, his voice sounding choked and wet. “Not last year.”
“Chicken,” you tease, but it comes out softer, affectionate like a pet name.
His face splits open in a smile, area around his eyes wrinkling, and you realize that you’d never want to do anything that’d risk ironing them out from the silk of his skin.
“It was easy.” He doesn’t dare move, allows you to orbit always closer to him, as he watches. “So damn easy today, ‘cause it was the first time all these years that I wasn’t pretending, not for even one second.”
It’s a gentle collision—a satellite docking into a space station always expecting its arrival, built to welcome it home—when your body meets his. There’s nothing between you now, nothing but the little silver bag and the card and the mittens.
His hand finds your face, cups your cheek. There’s that indigo in his eyes again when he leans down to close the gap between your features and his, and you finally understand.
Before, when Bucky asked you what he looked like when he was in love, you didn’t have an answer for him. You thought you’d never seen how it might’ve impossibly widened his smile, like Steve, or heard how it would honey his voice like Sam.
It never occurred to you, not until now, with his lips so close to yours that you can already feel their warmth, that you’d been seeing what it looked like for Bucky to be in love every day. Same angular cheekbones, same hardened jawline and pink lips and parallel lines between his brows. Same round, blue eyes.
Just a tint of indigo to color them.
“Been wanting to do this for a long time,” he says against your lips, thumbpad stroking your cheek. “Dreamed about it.”
“Feels like I’m dreaming,” you whisper.
He kisses you then, lips smothering any doubt that this could be anything but real, and his tongue tastes like the mimosas they’d passed around on little white trays earlier. Champagne and orange juice.
Citrus, on your tongue and his.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
summary bucky finds out that you had been hurt during a mission
pairing bucky barnes x reader
warnings knife wounds. doctors. a worried and very sweet bucky.
a/n have nice day/night <33 this fic is based on this request! thanks anon <3 not my gif
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
Bucky was running through the compound halls, his mind only focused on finding you.
Quinjet had just landed and Bucky found out that you were injured. He started trembling right after he heard Steve telling him that you had a little injury. He didn’t even think about the word “little”, just focusing on the fact that you were hurt.
His thoughts were so loud but so quiet at the same time. He was so focused on finding you, he didn’t even realise that he was crying. Were you okay? Were you in pain? How could he let you get hurt? How could he fail?
I couldn’t protect her. He kept running, hoping to find you in the medical wing.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
“It should heal in just a week, just be careful, y/n.” Dr. Cho said with a small smile on her face. You nodded with a smile and thanked her before she left.
You had been on a solo mission for about three days. It was tiring and even though you had a knife wound on your stomach, the mission was pretty successful.
After Dr. Cho left, you wondered where Bucky was but since it was 2 am, you assumed he was asleep and decided not to wake him. You wanted to hug your boyfriend more than anything but you didn’t want to wake him up either.
You were almost falling asleep when you heard loud footsteps. Someone was running to the medical wing of the compound and you exactly knew who it was.
You weren’t surprised when you saw Bucky running into your room. His messy hair was in a low bun and the purple circles under his eyes were telling you he didn’t sleep in the last three days. His eyes were concerned at first but when he saw you in the medical bed, awake and alive, he let out a breath.
“Oh, thank god.” he muttered under his breath and quickly walked to the bed. He sat down on the chair next to the bed, holding your hand. He kissed your hand a few times before looking at you again.
“It’s nice to see you too, handsome.” you smiled at him.
“You have no idea, doll. You have no idea how nice it is to see you. I-I swear I stopped breathing when I heard you were hurt.” he said and you could see tears prickling his eyes. You squeezed his hand, I am here.
“How did you find out?”
“I wasn’t asleep, I saw Steve awake and asked him what was wrong, he said that you had a little injury.” he kissed your knuckles again. You put your free hand on his cheek.
“He was right, Bucky. Nothing too serious, just a little injury. Cho said it will heal in a week.” you said and he leaned in to kiss you. His lips were chapped and you could feel all the concern and love in his body. When you finally broke off, he smiled.
“I was so worried, doll.” he whispered. You kissed his cheek and scooted over on the bed, motioning Bucky to lay down next to you.
“You sure, doll? I don’t want to hurt you.” he said, making you roll your eyes.
“You could never, Bucky. Now come cuddle with me.” he grinned and carefully laid down next to you. He had an arm around your shoulder and your head was on his chest. He kissed your hair a few times after sighing.
“I would never let you out of my sight until your wound heals properly, you know that right?” he said and you looked at him.
“Would you carry me everywhere?” you asked playfully, making him smile.
“Anything you want, dollface.” he said and you closed your eyes, loving the feeling of having him this close.
“Goodnight, Bucky.” you mumbled to his chest.
“Goodnight, baby.” he said and kissed your hair, sleep taking him.
✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*✧・゚: *✧・゚:*
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