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#Bucky Barnes fanfic
moonlight-onyx · 7 minutes ago
Ok I'm feeling angsty...can I request list D, Angst #50 with Bucky plz? But like the reader says it? Maybe?
Tumblr media
oh god 😭 im sorry ahead of time
1.5k sleepover + list d
angst #50: “I’m sorry I’m not enough for you.”
Tumblr media
bucky barnes was many things, each one different depending on who you asked.
some would say he was a killer. sometimes, a hero. sam would say that he was his bestfriend, as would steve.
but never, would you ever hear someone say that bucky barnes was a cheater.
not until now.
you’d come home from a mission with sam, your brows furrowing when you saw that the bedroom door was closed. bucky never closed that door during the day.
it wasn’t until you got closer that you understood the reason why.
instead of opening the door or alerting them, you went back into the living room and took a seat on the couch, waiting them out.
it took about an hour before the blonde girl came down the hall, a dopey grin on her face.
she jumped when she saw you, a scream leaving her lips. “who the hell are you?!”
you only shrugged in response, waiting for bucky to come and inspect the commotion. “oh, shit.”
“oh, shit’ is right,” you hummed. “you gonna send her outta here so we can talk?”
bucky sighed and bid a quick goodbye to the blonde, rushing her out of the front door.
“i can expla-“
“i’m sorry i’m not good enough for you,” you cut him off quietly, your eyes watery, “i’m gonna stay at my sam’s for a while, i already talked to him.”
“doll, wait,” he begged as he followed you down the hall, “please, don’t do this.”
“we aren’t a good match, anyway,” you shook your head, sniffling quietly. “goodbye.”
Tumblr media
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metalbuckaroo · 29 minutes ago
i saw that you wanted to even out all the smut with some fluff, so maybe #2 and #24 from the fluff prompts :) as always no pressure!
Warning: pretty sure this is just a lil fluffy
AU: Biker!Bucky
AN: Not a huge fan with how this turned out, or with how short it is, my mind blanked out a little.
Prompt from this list, requests are always open so feel free to send one or more in
Tumblr media
"The bar will survive a few more minutes, come back." You mumbled, wrapping your arms around Bucky's torso to try to pull him back into bed with you.
He chuckled and sat on the edge of the mattress so you could sit your chin on his shoulder, the metal cool against your skin. "I won't be long, I promise."
"Sam and Steve can handle a couple plumbers."
"It'll only take two hours. Now, come on. Take a shower with me." He said pulling himself from your grip.
You huffed out a breath and fell back against the mattress, silently cursing Sam for interrupting your peaceful morning.
Bucky's hand wrapped around your ankle and he tugged you to the end of the bed, laughing lightly when you squealed from the sudden movement. "Quit pouting, I know you wanna shower with me." He teased, grabbing your hands to pull you onto your feet.
"You hog all of the water." You said as be wrapped his arms around you, walking with you towards the bathroom. "Can't I just take one peaceful shower?"
"Its good for the environment." He mumbled, pressing a kiss to the top of your head. "It takes twice as long and a lot more hot water."
It didn't take much convincing for you to get in with him. Although, you never said no, a few kisses to your cheek mixed with a soft smile and you fully agreed.
Carefully placing bubbles on his stuble as he washed his hair, you smiled. "Awe, you're so cute." You giggled.
His blue eyes opened to look down at you, eyebrows raised. "Cute? I don't think many people would agree with you on that one." He said squinting his eyes at you. "You're about as terrifying as Santa Claus to me, Buck."
He chuckled lowly and leaned down to peck your lips, his head going directly into the stream of water.
"Ow, you prick." You cursed when soap went in your eyes, showing his chest lightly. "That was, by far, the stupidest thing you've ever done." He laughed, making you glare at him.
"That was your fault. The stupidest thing I've done is agree to shower with you."
"You love showering with me."
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drysdale-barnes · 50 minutes ago
1k sleepover!!!
firstly, i want to thank all of you lovely people for 1k. i couldn’t be more grateful for all of you and it boggles me that there’s one thousand of you voluntarily following me😳🥺
so, here’s what i’m doing to celebrate 1k....
a sleepover!!!!
it goes as follows:
it will run from the 16th June to the 18th June!
you can:
send in asks -> (anything about me, ask games, ask anything about my writing, anything you have on your mind)
ask questions -> (would you rather, fmk ((kiss or kill ;)) with any of seb or chris’ characters or any marvel characters), send any thots that you have about any characters
send in drabble requests -> make them as specific as you like, about any character i write for!! i’ll write pretty much anything so go wild (if i don’t get around to yours i will write it after and it will probably be posted the following night!)
send in concepts or thoughts that you have -> could be a certain trope, au or anything really, and i’ll give u my thoughts on it too!
also,,, please rb to get the word out! bc if i do this and no one asks anything i’ll be mortified lmfao
tagging some moots (soz lol)
@mianorth @goaskbarnes @mypalbuck @buckybarnesthehotshot @belladonnabarnes @buckyblues @buckysbbyy @blackberrybucky @teddybearbucky @elijahs-wife @wintersfilm @egcdeath @buckylove123 @winter-james @jurassicbarnes @uprootbasic @buckyshattergirl @thefanbasewhore @peterssweetpea @bitchassbucky @ritesofreverie @buckysbabyyy @itsapeterthing @lokiscollar @tinymalscoffee @bvckysmoon @bucks-bunny @avengerslittleprincess @cloudystevie @sableseb @fuckandfluff
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rivers-rambles21 · 55 minutes ago
The one with the flipping
Part 10 of The one where Bucky has a cute neigbour series!
Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader (f)
Summary | Reader and Bucky become friends after he saves her from  a creep in their apartment building. Each chapter explores a different point in their friendship - very slow burn!
Warnings | 18+ only, Smut in later chapters (this is a slow burn), swearing, unprotected sex, oral sex, (later chapters)
We’re starting to see more from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier - there are some bits taken from the show to help shape the story.
We’ll also be seeing Y/N & Bucky texting whilst he’s away
Chapter 10 | Chapter 9 | Chapter 8 | Chapter 7 | Chapter 6 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 1 | Masterlist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It didn’t feel right with Bucky away. Although he’d only been gone for just over a day you felt the void he left. Over the past few months you’d become inseparable, seeing each other every day - whether it be hitting the gym together, cooking or just hanging out.
After coming home from yet another terrible day at work, you wanted nothing more than to open a bottle of wine and binge watch TV with Bucky who was undoubtedly now your best friend. 
You were two glasses in when you heard a banging outside your apartment door. 
Stepping out into the hallway you were greeted with two cops hammering away on Bucky’s door, nearly breaking it clean off. “Excuse me, can I help you?” 
Both officers quickly spun on the spot and reached for their guns, stopping when they saw you were on your own. “Do you know the man who lives here?” 
“Yes, do you?”
“Ma’am do you know where he is?” 
“No I don’t” You lied, not trusting the two men infront of you. 
One of their radios suddenly turned on “-he’s is now in custody in Baltimore” 
Both cops nodded to one another before turning back to you. “Nevermind ma’am” 
You watched as they left as quickly as they arrived before running back into your apartment, grabbing your phone and frantically calling Bucky. You tried a few more times before stuffing your wallet into your purse and heading for the door. 
Fortunately you managed to catch a last minute flight to Baltimore after confirming with the police precinct they were holding him in . You hadn’t thought twice about going to him, your heart ached at the thought of him being confined to a cell, trapping him like an animal. 
After paying the cab driver your fare, you sprinted into the precinct heading straight for the desk. 
“Hi, you’re holding my friend Bucky -  I mean James Barnes.” You panted, tired from the sprint to the officer behind the desk.
“Who the hell are you?” 
Turning around, you came face to face with someone you instantly recognised. “Falcon” You grinned, a little bit star struck at meeting an actual Avenger. 
Sure Bucky was one too but to you he wasn’t some superhero on the evening news who fought aliens and terrorists, he was just Bucky - your friend who stole your food and listened to your never ending rants. 
Realising you hadn’t answered his question, you continued. “I’m Y/N, a friend of Bucky’s.” You extended your hand out to him which he shook. 
“Sam” He replied, releasing your hand from his. 
“The one who believes wizards are real” You joked, trying to remove the tension. 
“I’ll tell you the same thing I told the cyborg, a wizard is a sorcerer without a hat!”
“Uhuh” You laughed, rolling your eyes. “Have they said when they’ll let him out yet?” 
Sam gestured you to the seating area and sat down. “Once his therapist arrives they’ll let him out.” You sat in comfortable silence for a few moments as the busy precinct bustled around you, cops and civilians passing through constantly. 
Sam was the first to break the silence. 
“Do you want to watch a funny video?”
The first time you watched the video of Bucky jumping out of the plane you were worried sick he’d hurt himself with his terrible landing. But by the fifth time watching it you’d found it hysterical as you laughed along with Sam as you watched the video over and over again from different angles to kill the time. 
Reluctantly, you left the waiting area and headed to the restroom to relieve yourself. When you came back you were stumped to find Sam wasn’t where you’d left him. 
“Excuse me, do you know where the man that was sat there went?” You asked the officer behind the desk. 
“Therapy session” She replied, pointing towards the double doors before returning back to furiously typing on her computer. 
“Thanks” You muttered before returning back to your seat, patiently waiting. 
You didn’t have to wait for long before Sam came back with an annoyed look etched across his face. “He’ll be out in a minute” he said as he passed by you, heading for the exit. 
With a sigh of relief you stood from your seat and adjusted your clothing as you watched the door with eager eyes. 
The moment you saw him through the small windows you felt all the stress and anxiety of the day seep out of you as you saw he was relatively okay. 
Bucky must have been distracted as he didn’t notice you standing in front of him until his eyes landed on you, his mouth hanging open in shock. 
“Hey Buck” 
“Doll what are you doing here?” He asked as he strode over to you, pulling you into him in a tight hug, your face pressed against his warm chest. Your arms wound around his back, pulling him in closer, his scent overwhelming your senses. He left a kiss upon your head before pulling back slightly to look down at you, searching for answers. 
“Cops came to your apartment looking for you, and then I heard they’d got you and I just panicked. Are you okay?” Reaching up, you cupped his face in your hand, your thumb stroking his soft cheek. 
His eyes fluttered closed for a moment before he opened them again, suddenly aware of where you were. 
“C’mon lets get out of here.” Taking your hand in his, he led you out of the station and into the fresh evening air. 
A shiver ran down your spine as the cold air hit your bare arms. In your rush to go after Bucky you’d foolishly foregone a jacket. 
Instantly noticing your discomfort, Bucky dropped your hand and shrugged his jacket off and wrapped it around your shoulders, the leather swamping your form. 
“Thanks” You said shyly, Bucky merely smiled back at you in response. 
“Well I feel better” Sam’s voice broke you out of the moment as he walked up to you both. Bucky opened his mouth to respond before being interrupted by the sound of a siren and flashing lights.
“Gentlemen!” You recognised the voice from the news - the Captain America knock off. “Good to see you again.” 
You felt Bucky's hand slide down your arm to grasp your hand once again as he walked towards the imposter, angling you behind him. 
“Look, if we divide ourselves, we don’t stand a chance, you guys know that.” 
“So what do you got?” Sam asked, rolling his eyes. 
“Well the leaders name’s Karli Morgenthau. We’ve been targeting civilians who’ve been helping Karli move from place to place.”
“They geotagged a location then scrambled the signal. But our satellites have found their symbol popping up in various displaced communities all across Central and Eastern Europe.”
“We think she’s taking the medicine she just stole to one of these camps.” 
“Well, there are hundreds of those all over the planet since The Blip so I guess you’ll have to look real hard.” If it wasn’t for present company you’d have rolled your eyes at Bucky’s sarcasm.
“Good thing I have 20/20 vision, huh?”
“Where is she now, Walker? Do you know?” 
“No we don’t know Bucky. It’s only a matter of time before we find out”  
“Things are really intense for you, aren’t they Walker” Your lips twitched as you fought off a smirk.
“Take it easy. Look Walker’s right. It is imperative that we find them and stop them. But you guys have rules of engagement and all kinds of authorisations you have to get. We’re free agents. We’re more flexible. So it wouldn’t make sense for us to work with you.” 
You all turned to walk away, Bucky squeezing your hand as you did before fake Captain America stopped you in your tracks. “A word of advice then… stay the hell out of my way.” The two men turned and began to walk before Walker stopped again. “Nice to finally meet you Y/N” 
You felt Bucky tense as he turned back to the two men, his eyes glaring at them. Gently, you squeezed his hand and tugged his arm, pulling him back towards Sam, not bothering to respond to dumb and dumber. Looking down at you, he sighed before complying. 
With one last glance behind, you raised your hand as though to wave before smirking and flipping them both off instead - earning a chuckle from Sam.
A few blocks later, Sam hung back to give you and Bucky a moment alone. 
“I can’t believe you came for me doll” Bucky couldn’t keep his hands off you, he kept switching from rubbing your arms to keep you warm and tucking pieces of hair behind your ears. After the day he’d had you was a welcome sight, reminding him that not everything in his life was terrible. 
“Of course I did” You replied, confused as to why he would even doubt it. “I’d do anything for you.” Your confession came as a shock to both of you. You weren’t quite sure as to why you voiced your feelings, maybe it was the day of stress finally getting to you, or the realisation what Bucky and Sam was up to was dangerous and you feared losing him. But regardless of your reasoning, you didn’t regret saying it. 
Bucky's breath hitched as his blue eyes searched yours, looking for the moment where you’d crack a smile and make a joke out of it. But that didn’t happen. 
Gently, Bucky leant forward and pressed his lips against your forehead, lingering for a moment before pulling back. “I don’t want you getting caught up in this doll.” His right hand cradled the back of your head as his eyes sought yours, trying to memorise every part of your face, committing it to memory. 
“I’ll stay out of it, I promise. I just couldn’t bear the thought of you caged up again-” Your voice had become erratic as you processed the days events. Bucky pulled you into another hug, silencing you as he did, his metal hand rubbing up and down your back. 
“I’ll be fine y’know that right? But I have to stop these people Y/N, the serum can’t end up in the wrong hands. I need you to trust me, to trust I know what I’m doing.” 
You merely nodded in response, too caught up in the feeling of being in his arms. 
Bucky pulled away from the hug and stroked your cheek, wiping away the tears you hadn’t realised had fallen. “Cmon, where’s that smile?” 
You couldn’t resist his boyish charm and smiled back at him, although weakly. 
If you’d like to be added to the tag list let me know!
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moonlight-onyx · an hour ago
Ok but 51 from list b with c!Bucky is so soft??
um yes 😭
1.5k sleepover + list b
it’s brooklyn, baby
#51: "You're cold, take my jacket."
Tumblr media
bucky was an asshole, at least, that’s what you loved to tell sam.
truthfully, though? he could be a real sweetheart when he cared for someone. and for you? he’d never be able to quit caring for you.
steve had found this cute little drive-in movie theatre down the road that was showing old horror movies tonight.
all of you had been cramming for exams and such, deciding that it was time for a much needed break from everything.
so, you packed a bunch of blankets and pillows into the back of steve’s old pickup truck and found a spot in the back to park.
even with the amount of blankets, you couldn’t help but shiver a bit when the breeze kicked up some more. usually, you’d ask sam for his jacket, but he wasn’t wearing one tonight.
bucky’s attention was caught by you not-so-smoothly trying to rub some warmth onto your arms.
he smiled softly and pulled his dark red hoodie off, handing it to you, “here.”
you went to decline but he cut you off. “you’re cold, take my jacket.”
you sighed and took it, quickly slipping it on. “thanks,” you whispered, curling into yourself as you let your hands disappear in the sleeves that were far too long for you.
it smelled nice, at least. smelled like bucky and his cologne; like home.
“anytime,” he watched you get comfortable, his chest warming a bit when he saw you try and hide your smile.
Tumblr media
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moonlight-onyx · an hour ago
AHHH congrats on 1.5k bubs, you deserve it!!!🤍🤍 we're gonna ignore the fact you posted this like five minutes ago and i'm requesting something, but i got the notif on my break sooo :)
but can i request from list a 44&50 with bucky boi
1.5k sleepover + list a
#44: sitting on the other’s lap
#50: putting a hand over the other’s mouth to shut them up
Tumblr media
bucky had you sit on his lap most of the time. it wasn’t always a sexual thing, he just liked having you close to him.
especially whenever he was feeling down, being able to feel your warmth always lifted his spirits.
he’d had a nightmare this morning, long before the sun came up and couldn’t fall back asleep. he’d also had a giant stack of paperwork to do that he’d been trying to catch up on for a week.
you’d woken up shortly after him and made your way to the spare bedroom that was being used as his office space. “buck? whatcha doin’ up this early?”
he looked over at you, giving you a soft smile. “couldn’t sleep. what’re you doing up this early?”
you shuffled over to where he was sitting, climbing into his lap to wrap your arms around him. “didn’t feel right without you there.”
“m’sorry, doll,” he hummed, rubbing your back soothingly. “i just have so much paperwork to do an-“
your hand gently covering his mouth was enough to shut him up. “shh, i’m taking a nap.”
bucky laughed and pulled your hand from his mouth to kiss it softly. “i love you.”
“mm, love you too, bucky.”
Tumblr media
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wicked-mind · an hour ago
Summary: The team is watching a documentary about the avengers and its centered on Bucky, his girlfriend, and you.
Word Count: 5.2k
Warnings: Swearing, someone gets their nose broken, tiny bits of drinking, angst?
Note: This may be confusing and a little messy, but I liked the idea so here we are! Not beta’d, any mistakes are my own.
As always, any likes, comments, and/or reblogs are deeply appreciated! I love that shit (:
All Writings Masterlist
Italics are for parts of the documentary.
*gifs not mine
Tumblr media
“Shut up!” Sam said, flinging himself onto the couch with a bowl of popcorn in his hand, “It’s starting!”
The whole team was sitting in front of the movie theater sized screen to watch the show. It was a two hour long documentary on the ‘Life of the Avengers’ that Tony had arranged to build a good relationship with the public to show that the avengers were just normal people also. It had taken two weeks of constant filming around the facility.
“I’m so happy they started filming when Y/N punched Barnes’ ex.” Clint snickered, “I’ve been dying to see it. Too bad she’s off on a mission so she can’t relive it herself.” You were off on a solo mission to do some recon which happened to be the night the premier was.
Bucky sat in a chair off to the side away from everybody, grumbling something under his breath at Clint’s comment. “I think that was on purpose.” Natasha said as she sat next to Steve, passing him a bottle of beer.
“We are about to give you a look into the lives of the Avengers in this two hour premiere. Get ready for drama, secrets, and an inside look of the lives of the Avengers!”
The show started with Tony at the gala, talking to the camera as he walked around through the crowds of people, “We try to host charity events once a month.” Tony said to the camera with a smile, “This one is for the Brooklyn Movement Center.”
The cameras floated around the gala, focusing on the avengers. The footage was mostly of them interacted with the crowd but then it deadpanned over on you who stood at the bar with Natasha, eyeing everybody at the gala. The two of you weren’t really ones to put yourself “out there” but instead liked to sit back in the corner to be able to watch everybody. Natasha wore a white dress that made her red hair and blue eyes pop while you wore a long black dress that sparkled anytime you moved when the light caught you. You look over at the other end and rolled your eyes with a groan.
“What?” Natasha asks before her eyes moved to who you were looking at, “Oh.” It was Makayla, Bucky’s girlfriend who you hated with a passion. To put it nicely… Makayla was a manipulative bitch with no soul, “Just try to ignore her. Tony will kill us both if you start a problem at his charity event in front of the cameras.”
You look over at Natasha, “I don’t know what you’re talking about, I’m on my best behavior.” You reply with a sarcastic smile before bringing your whiskey and coke up to your lips, taking a small sip hoping it’d calm your nerves. And it would’ve, if Makayla and her friend didn’t open their big stupid mouths.
“You’ve got him wrapped around your finger.” Makayla’s friend, you think her name was Amy, said with a giggle.
Makayla smiles, “Oh I know. So easy too. Anything I want, I get. He’s like an abused puppy eager to please. Now I get to come over whenever I want and come to these fancy parties.”
“Have you two… you know?” Amy asks curiously.
Makayla smiled and shook her head, “God no. He may be hot and give me everything I want but he’s still a murderer. What if we are in the middle of it and he goes all Winter Soldier?”
Natasha grabbed onto your arm as she saw you tense. She could practically see the steam coming out of your ears, “Don’t. Just let it go.” She warns in a low voice.
You roll your shoulders as you try to calm yourself down, looking up at the ceiling and counting the lights to try to focus on anything else except Makayla and Amy. You and Bucky were partners, have been for a long time, practically best friends until Makayla came along and somehow managed to be digging a trench through your partnership with Bucky.
“Besides, I would’ve picked Steve but he’s unavailable.” Mickey said, glaring over to Natasha.
“Okay, I’m team cause a scene now.” Natasha said to you, putting her drink down on the bar.
You look over at Natasha and smile for a moment, “Nah, Steve will be mad if his best girl is the one to ruin the party.” You told her, “I got this.” You say, giving Nat one last smile before walking over to stand beside Mickey and Amy, “Hi, ladies. Having fun?”
Amy’s eyes widened at the sight of you. She has heard all about you from Makayla and nothing but the bad things. Makayla puts her drink down and folds her arms as she turns to you, “Of course. What do you want?”
You kept a smile on your face, tilting your head slightly at Makayla, “Well, I couldn’t help but overhear your conversation,” You say, standing up straight and taking a step towards her, “But I didn’t even have to try to listen to you bad mouth Bucky with that loud mouth of yours.”
Makayla smirks and rolls her eyes at you, “Right. I don’t know if James told you, but he talked to Steve about getting a new partner so you two won’t be spending much time together anymore.” She snaps back at you, “I wonder where he got the idea from.”
Her words made you frown and anger grow in your system. You could hear Natasha let out an ‘oh shit’ from across the bar where you were before. You took another step towards Makayla, staring her down with fists clenched at your sides, “You’re lying. Bucky would never ask for a new partner. You don’t even really know him.” You told her. This, you thought, was true. He wouldn’t do that. He was practically your best friend other than Natasha and you didn’t think anything would separate you, especially some stupid girlfriend.
“Oh yeah? Then why do Sam and James look so snug over there?” Makayla replies, nodding over towards Bucky who was laughing with Sam, “I don’t like you two hanging out so much, especially those undercover missions. You’re probably eye fucking him the whole time.”
You look over to see Bucky with Sam, picking up small bits of conversation about an upcoming mission together. That was when your anger reached its peak and the moment you turned back to see Makayla chuckling with that bitch-ass smirk on her face, you landed a punch right to her nose. Makayla stumbled back for a moment before calling you a bitch rather loudly and throwing her drink at you. You caught the glass with ease but the liquid still splashed on your face. You lick the alcohol from your lips before smiling over at her, “That was a bad choice.” You say, starting to approach her again but in a moments flash, Bucky was between the two of you looking at Makayla.
“You alright, doll?” Bucky asks, looking at Makayla who now decided to start the waterworks and whimpering. He turned to you with anger in his eyes, “What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”
Your jaw clenched for a moment at Bucky’s anger towards you, taking a step towards him as you stared him down, “Teaching your bitch what happens when she isn’t leashed.” You reply, your voice like venom, “What does it matter to you anymore? We aren’t partners. We don’t have anything to talk about.” You say before turning on your heels and walking towards the elevator to go back to your room. Natasha was right on your heels, glaring at Bucky, Makayla, and Amy as she passed by.
As excited as everybody was to see the punch you landed to Bucky’s now ex girlfriend, it was dead silent. Everybody was sending glances over to Bucky who was staring at the screen with his mouth parted. Makayla had broken up with him not long after he told her the documentary was going to air, but he never knew what was said between you two. He had believed Makayla when she said you had punched her unprovoked and it was even more reason of him to ask for a new partner other than you. Bucky felt a tinge of pain in his chest, realizing that everything you told him about Makayla was true. She was an awful person, using him and he didn’t believe a word you said because he thought he had found love. He sniffled slightly and avoided eye contact with the rest of the team as he stared at the screen.
You sat in a room alone in front of the camera, your arms folded and your face having that expression that said ‘I am so done with this bullshit.’ You sigh and shake your head at the camera, “I don’t want to talk about it.” You said into the camera before getting up and leaving out of view, ripping off the microphone from your collar and leaving it on the couch.
Steve was glancing down at Natasha with a look that said ‘you knew about that and didn’t tell me’ to which Natasha shrugged and focused her eyes back on the screen.
The show proceeded to show the rest of the night at the gala, Tony announcing how much they raised for the charity proudly. Then it showed the next morning, everybody sitting at a long table enjoying their breakfast. Bucky was at one end of the table beside Sam and you were at the other by Natasha. Bucky was glaring over at you and he ate his pancakes, obviously still angry at you for punching his girlfriend. Sometimes you would look up and meet his glare, sending a look that could kill over at him.
“Okay, so since we are all here I think we should have a family meeting.” Tony says after clearing his throat, “Given what happened last night,” He shot a look over to you to which you just rolled your eyes and sat back in your chair with your arms folded, “We are going to rearrange partnerships a little bit. Sam is going to work with Barnes and Y/N will be working with Natasha.”
“Thank god.” You mutter out.
“Yeah, thank god.” Bucky scoffs back at you.
“Really, Barnes? I have half a mind to kick your ass for being so stupid.” You hiss out at him, Natasha grabbing your arm to try and calm you down.
“Hey! Not at family breakfast!” Tony says, slamming his hand on the table, “And not in front of… you know..” He said, motioning towards the cameras.
“This was your stupid idea, Tony! You wanted to give them an inside look at the Avengers, well here it is.” You look over at one of the cameras and smile, “We bicker, fight, and sometimes, someone is dumb enough to not see they’re making a big mistake.” You eyed over at Bucky before standing up and leaving the room.
“I got it.” Natasha said, standing up and running after you.
“God, what happened? You two were two peas in a pod.” Sam says shaking his head.
“She punched Makayla.” Bucky grumbles out, stabbing his pancakes repeatedly with his fork.
“What?! Is that what happened last night? Where was I?” Sam asks with wide eyes.
Steve sighs, “You were flaunting yourself in front of the camera, showing them redwing.”
“Dammit!” Sam said with a chuckle, “I would want to see that one.”
The camera switched to Tony and Sam sitting on the same couch for their small interview about the events, “Well, she’s right. We are just like any other family. We eat together, train together, live together and sometimes we do bicker.” Tony said with a shrug.
Sam nods and chuckles, “And sometimes one of us punch our partner’s girlfriend. It happens.”
The camera switched again to show everybody doing their morning workouts and training. You were wrestling with Natasha while Bucky and Steve stood in the boxing ring sparring. Tony was doing a voice over about the type of equipment used to train. Sam came up to the camera, flexing his muscles, “Yeah, gotta make sure we stay in tip top shape.”
“Camera hog.” Natasha said over to Sam with a laugh.
Sam shrugs before flexing his arms again, “I was just giving the people what they want to see. When you look this good, it’s hard not to steal the spotlight.”
The camera switched to you walking down the hallway after training, running into Bucky. You glared at him and tried to push past him but he stood like a brick wall, his angry eyes on your face, “Move, Barnes.”
“No.” Bucky said down to you, “Not until you explain why you punched Makayla unprovoked.”
“Unprovoked? That’s what she told you?” You hiss out at him, folding your arms across your chest, “Boy, was she right- she has you wrapped around her finger.”
“You’re saying you have a reason? You broke her goddamn nose!” Bucky yelled down at you.
Your nose twitched in anger, “And if you don’t move, you’ll have a matching one.” You threaten before pushing yourself past him, “Besides, we aren’t partners anymore. I don’t have to tell you shit.” You say back to him before disappearing through your bedroom door.
This time it was Bucky sat alone on the couch, a sour look on his face that clearly stated he didn’t want to do any of this, “I don’t know what her problem is.” He said simply.
The next few scenes were uneventful. You and Natasha were off on a mission for a few days and the rest of the team was doing their normal routines. There were clips of Bucky and Makayla, who had a bandage across her bruised nose, hanging out and also clips of Tony and Bruce working in the lab on some new technology. This was how things usually were at the Avengers facility, working, training, and just hanging around in the spare time.
Then the camera was shaking as whoever was behind the camera was running behind Steve, Bucky, and Tony towards the landing zone for one of the quinjets. The door to the jet opened and Natasha came out holding you propped up to her side.
“What happened?!” Tony asks, looping your other arm over his shoulder to help take the pressure off of Natasha, “You two weren’t supposed to engage, just recon.”
“Yeah well, there was a sniper watching us too.” Nat said, keeping a steady pace towards the medical bay. You were bleeding from your left shoulder, a hole in your tactical suite where the blood leaked from, “Y/N got the sniper though, after they got her.”
Bucky and Steve trailed close behind Tony, you, and Natasha as they walked you to the medical bay, helping you sit on one of the beds while doctors came around you to assess your wound.
Bucky had a look of concern covering his features with the smallest bit of guilt as he stared at you. If you were still his partner, maybe this wouldn’t have happened and he felt guilty about that. He took a few steps towards you, “Are you alright?”
You close your eyes, taking deep breaths as the doctors prodded at your wound. Hearing Bucky’s voice made you open your eyes to meet his concerned and guilt ridden stare, but you were still obviously mad, “Get out, Barnes.”
“What?” Bucky asks shocked before a more stern look came over his features, “I’m not leaving. All I asked is if you were al-“
“That’s not your concern anymore.” You hissed out at him, cutting him off, “Natasha’s my partner. Steve and Tony are here. It’s not your concern. Get. Out.”
Steve gave Bucky a look and walked him out of the medical bay, “Look, Buck. I’m sorry but the doctors have to work and you being in there isn’t helping.”
Bucky crosses his arm, his expression angry, “I don’t get what her problem is. This was supposed to make it easier, switching partners was supposed to make less problems. I was just asking if she’s okay.”
“She’s mad.” Steve said, placing a hand on his shoulder, “Just give her some space.” He said before walking back into the medical bay to go over the failed mission with you and Natasha while the doctors took care of you.
The scene changed to you sitting on the couch with Natasha, “It’s all fine. Patched up, giving some pain killers, all better.” You say as you pulled your sleeve up to show the patched bullet hole. Natasha nodded with a smile, “Nothing us badass girls can’t handle. Bullets can’t stop us.” She paused and slowly looked over to you, “And apparently neither can annoying girlfriends.”
You sigh and roll your eyes, “You’d figure getting shot would be more important than the fact I punched Makayla. I’m never living that down.”
“Nope.” Natasha says with a smile and nudges your good shoulder.
“Wow, she was really mad at you.” Sam said over to Bucky during the commercial break, “Correction, is still really mad at you.” That was true. Bucky and you hadn’t really talked at all since the documentary ended their filming. You two avoided each other like water and oil.
Bucky was sitting further slumped in his chair, half embarrassed for being so rude to you when you were right all along. He glared over at Sam, “I was just trying to make sure she was okay.” He replied.
“You know, I think this is the first time a documentary wasn’t focused on me.” Tony said with a grin.
The show came back after a short recap which happened to show you punching Makayla again. It was midway into the second week of their filming with only a few days left. It showed everybody going throughout the day, of course Sam was taking up most of the time flirting with the camera which made everybody in the background roll their eyes. The team had gone through their different suits and the accessories that went along with it. Then it came to a scene where Makayla and Bucky were curled up on the couch watching a movie. Her nose was less bruised but she was still flaunting the bandage on the bridge of it.
You and Natasha walk into the room, seeing the two on your couch. You watched Makayla glare at you before giving Bucky a sloppy, wet kiss, “Let’s go, Nat. That’s so disgusting I think I’m going to throw up. So gross.” You said, loud enough to earn a glare from Bucky before you and Natasha walked out onto the darkened patio. The camera was zoomed in on you two from inside the facility.
“Are you okay?” Natasha asked as she sat on one of the patio chairs next to you.
“Oh my god!” Natasha said, scrambling to her feet, “Where’s the remote?!”
“What’s wrong?” Steve asks with an eyebrow raised as he watched Natasha scramble around trying to figure out who had the remote.
“We didn’t know they were still filming us right here. It’s a very private conversation!” Natasha said as she scrambled toward Sam who tucked the remote beneath him.
“Nothings private now, it’s out there for the whole world to see.” Sam said with a grin.
Natasha glared at him, “Not this.”
“Why not?” Bucky asks, his interest perked on what was about to be said on the tv between you and Natasha.
Natasha looked at Bucky wide eyed, forgetting he was here also, “Bucky, you can’t watch this. Please just-“ Sam turned the volume up louder on the tv, “Shhh! We are trying to watch!” He said, pushing Natasha back into her seat beside Steve.
“I’m fine, Nat.” You sighed, propping your legs up on the patio table in the front of you two as Natasha handed you a beer
“Riiiggghhhttt…. Okay. Let’s just pretend everything’s fine.” Natasha said giving you a knowing look.
“What’s that look for?” You ask with an eyebrow raised.
“What look? I don’t have a look.” Natasha replied innocently with a smile.
“That is your ‘I’m the all seeing knower of everything’ look.” You said with a sigh, “Just spit it out, Nat.”
“I think you’re in love with Bucky.” Natasha stated simply with a shrug of her shoulders.
That made you spit out the beer you had taken a sip of and look over at her with wide eyes, “What?!”
Natasha shrugs as if it was the most simple thing in the world, “You heard me! I was the same way with Steve. We were partners for so many years, having each other’s backs. Then he kissed Sharon, which I found out, which is why I punched him a little harder than I should’ve during the whole thing in Berlin.”
“I didn’t punch him, I punched his girlfriend.” You clarify.
“Oh please,” Natasha said rolling her eyes, “You’re like me. Loyal to a fault to those you love which is why you punched Makayla. It’s okay to be in love with him, I can see it clear as day so no need to lie about it.”
You chewed on your lip as you listened to Natasha before shaking your head, “I’m not saying it.”
Natasha smiles over at you, “Don’t worry, you don’t have to. I can see it all over your face.” She took a sip of beer, “I know I’m right.”
Natasha covers her face as the scene ended, hiding from all the eyes that were directly on her, “I told you it was private! She’s going to kill me.”
“Well, watch out for her right hook or you’ll end up like Bucky’s ex.” Sam said with a chuckle.
Bucky was just staring at the tv screen, his mouth parted in shock. You didn’t exactly say you loved him but you didn’t say that you didn’t either. No wonder you were so mad at him, and not just for him being a dick to you after everything with Makayla. His eyes flickered over to Natasha who was still hiding behind her hands, trying to search her for answers. Did you still like him? This was filmed over six months ago and maybe all that had faded. You couldn’t even stand to be in the same room as him even after Makayla broke up with him. He wished more than anything you were here right now so he could apologize and talk it out with you. Truth was, Bucky had fallen in love with you after your third mission together but it felt wrong to change the relationship you two already had which is why he got with Makayla. Mostly a distraction, but he did really like her. But all of that was out of his brain now that he knew you were once in love with him.
Natasha looked down at her phone when it buzzed, a message from you. You must’ve been watching from wherever you were on the mission.
You: I’m going to kill you.
Nat: I didn’t know!
You: Please tell me he wasn’t watching.
Nat: Okay. He wasn’t watching.
You: Liar.
Natasha looked up from her phone to see Bucky staring at her which made her quickly advert her gaze back to the tv. A few scenes had passed while everybody processed the shock from the private conversation you and Natasha had that wasn’t supposed to be on the show. Natasha silently thanked whatever god there was that the show as almost over.
The closing scenes were pretty uneventful. Tony was doing a voiceover as it had a montage from the two hour premiere put together. When the credits rolled, everybody silently looked over at each other.
“Well, I thought it was great!” Sam said, breaking the silence with a smile.
“Could’ve focused on other things besides the whole Barnes, Makayla, and Y/N triangle, but it was good.” Tony remarks.
“She’s going to kill me.” Natasha said with a groan.
Steve sighs and rubs Natasha’s back, “Let’s just be happy there’s no cameras to film the aftermath.” He said, trying to uplift her spirits.
You wouldn’t be back for another week, and during that week, Bucky processed everything from the documentary. He watched the scene on youtube at least a dozen times of you and Natasha’s private conversation outside, “Fuckin’ idiot.” He would mumble to himself each time after watching it. He couldn’t believe he was so blind when it came to Makayla and her manipulative ways to the point of ruining the friendship you had with him. He hoped he could salvage it because the longer he sat with his thoughts, the more he realized he was still in love with you.
When you returned, you immediately went to your room to avoid everybody and their questions that you knew they would have. More importantly, you were avoiding Bucky. As much as you wanted to hear his apologies and saying you were right about Makayla, you weren’t ready to have the conversation about what you and Natasha had talked about. You tried to get over your crush, especially after the documentary was filmed. You avoided Bucky, staying away from him as much as possible except when you were forced to have team discussions. But the more you saw him, the more you realized Natasha was right. You did like Bucky, even more than like, which is why you had to stay away from him.
Thanks to your mission, your internal clock was all screwed up from being halfway across the world which meant you found yourself in the kitchen at two in the morning making yourself some pancakes. You were humming softly to yourself when you heard his voice.
“Hey… Can we talk?” Bucky asks, keeping a good amount of distance between the two of you. He knew you were avoiding him and he tried to give you space, but he needed to apologize and get everything off his chest. It was eating him alive.
You scooped the two pancakes onto your plate and turned off the griddle, turning to face him, “I… Uhm, well I just made food and I’d like to eat them before they get cold. Can we do this later?” You ask as you buttered the cakes and put syrup on them. You pick up the plate and try to walk past Bucky, not meeting his eyes.
Bucky grabbed your plate swiftly and set it down on the counter, “Please, Y/N. We need to talk.” he said more sternly although you could hear the pleading in his voice.
You let out a deep sigh and fold your arms, “Fine, what do you want to talk about?” You ask as you finally met his eyes.
Bucky sighs when you met his eyes, seeing all the hurt behind them even though you were trying your best to not show it. He could always read you like a book, you two had been partners for a long time after all and he wondered how he didn’t realize how you felt about him before, “I watched the documentary… I’m sorry for not trusting you about Makayla. You were protecting me and I was a dick.”
You nod slowly as you listened to him, “Yeah, you were.” You say to him, “But it’s fine. Now if you don’t mind, my pancakes are getting cold.”
Bucky watched you pick up your plate again but stood in your way, snatching them from you again and holding them away, “Y/N, please. Talk to me. More than just a few words.” He watched as you folded your arms again, knowing that meant you were done with the conversation which meant he was going to have to do the talking, “I saw what you and Nat said outside.”
“Oh god.” You breathe out, unfolding your arms to cover your face, “I don’t want to talk about it.”
“Well, I do.” Bucky said, placing the plate back on the counter. His eyes never left your face, even when you covered it with your hands to hide from him. He reached out to you and gently took your wrists, prying your hands away from your face, “Is it true?”
You stare up at him, not tearing your wrists from his grasp. It had been so long since the two of you had talked and being this close that it was a little overwhelming, “It was true.” You whisper out to him, “I was in love with you.”
“Was?” Bucky asks softly, feeling his insides start to turn uncomfortably at your words as his heart hurt, “You’re not anymore?”
You look away from him for a moment, “I don’t know, Bucky. I don’t know who you are anymore or who we are. We have avoided each other for months, barely talking to each other. I don’t know how I feel.” You say honestly as your eyes found his hurt ones again.
“I want to know you again, doll.” Bucky said, releasing your wrists to move his hands up to cup your cheeks, not allowing you to look away from him, “Please. I like you. More than like you.” He confessed, “And hearing you, well you didn’t really say it, but it was something I’ve longed to hear for so long.”
You stare up into Bucky’s gorgeous blue eyes, feeling yourself be hypnotized by the way he was looking at you. There was nothing but honesty reflected in his eyes toward you, “I don’t know..” You repeated softly, just above a whisper.
Bucky nodded slowly, looking down at the floor for a moment before meeting your eyes again. His hands didn’t move from your face, still wanting to relish in the feeling of touching you and talking to you but he wasn’t giving up so easily, “Please. Just let me take you out for dinner. We can get to know each other again.” He watched the hesitancy in your eyes, “Please. I’ll be punishing myself forever if I just let this slip away.”
You sigh and slowly nod after a few moments of silence, “Okay. Dinner.” You tell him, watching the relief fill his features, “But if you take me anywhere you took Makayla, I’m going to break your nose.”
Bucky let out a breathy chuckle and relaxed a little, “Thank you.” He whispers before leaving a soft kiss to your forehead, “I’m so sorry about everything.” He told you before releasing your face from his hands and taking a step away.
You half smile up to him, “You’re going to show me just how sorry you are with an expensive bottle of wine and Italian food.” You tell him, picking up your pancakes again, “And a few more apologies wouldn’t hurt. I like to hear I was right.” You say over your shoulder as you make your way back to your room.
Bucky chuckles and watches you go. He made a vow to himself right then that he would do anything to make up for what a jerk he was to you when he was with Makayla and switching partners after she manipulated him to do so. He had so many things to make up for when it came to you and he was going to start right now.
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