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#Bryce Fierce People
Day 6 - June 11- The Bad to the Bone Boys
Tumblr media
In celebration of Chris turning 40 on June 13, we’re going all out here at the CE HBC and we hope you will all join us!!!  More info in the announcement post.
Everyone is invited to play along whether you decide to write something, create a mood board, make a playlist, a pic spam, or whatever you feel up to doing to celebrate Chris and these amazing characters.
Best of all, you don’t have to sign up for anything! Just do your thing for Chris or one of his many characters and tag @the-ce-horniest-book-club​ and use the hashtag “#CE HBC Happy Birthday Chris”. You can also dm us the links, too!
For each day (or just a day or two), you can choose to create something for all the characters or just one. You can do however many days/characters that you want to do!
The characters are the prompts, but if you’re looking for some more inspiration, check out our lists of available prompts and send an ASK or a DM to claim one!
Today’s Characters Are:
Ransom Drysdale (Knives Out)
Mr. Freezy (The Iceman)
Syd (London)
Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim vs. the World)
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moonlight-onyx · 16 days ago
bryce langley
Tumblr media
— misc
DISCLAIMERS: some of the following works are 18+ and should not be consumed by minors. by clicking any of the following links, you are agreeing that you are eighteen or older. i am not liable for any of the content that you consume, you are. be responsible & happy reading! -- any and all possible triggers are tagged accordingly and listed in the warnings on each post. please read them before continuing.
Tumblr media
[ silenced. ] you’d gotten attacked the night of the balloon race after Mr. Osbourne chose you as his partner. bryce was there for you through everything after that, but what happens when you find out he was there with you that night as well? • angst, DARK FIC, minors DNI •
Tumblr media
© moonlight-onyx
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luvinchris · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Chris Evans as Bryce -  Fierce People 2005 
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So I'm watching fierce people. And Bryce Langley. Is there a Bryce langley anon? Can you come this way 👀
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bluemusickid · 3 months ago
Hi lovely so Tumblr has decided tht it wants to make my life miserable and not send u the asks with my request in it. Alright I'm gonna try this one more time😂🙌🙌.
So I had an idea where Bryce has fallen for a happily married woman with a little baby. So he basically has developed a mommy kink and wants to nurse from her. Yup def my kinks 😂😂. Yeah so he somehow threatens her cos he's kinda powerful to do as he says. Also love ur fics❤️❤️❤️❤️. Bye dearie🖖
Lmao so I know you sent this to @smutsonian as well, and imma reaaallly try to write as well as she did (lol not possible), and also a lil diff from her. Hope you enjoy!
Bear with me, as I haven't written a character as dark as Bryce before so...fair warning.
Pairing: Bryce Langley x Fem!Reader
Warnings: 18+, mature themes, mommy kink (a lil'), Bryce himself, dubcon, NSFW, MINORS DNI
A/N: wow idk if people will like this, but time to challenge my brain ig, whew. Minors pls stay away. Send an ask if you wanna join my taglist or there's a link in my bio. I want to thank the lovely @ozarkthedog for beta-reading this and giving me her amazing views (love you a LOT, Ozzie!!) Dividers by the lovely and talented @firefly-graphics
Tumblr media
Saccharine Sweet
Bryce tightened his hand on the steering wheel, his grip like a vice. He'd seen you again in town, your beautiful form etched into his brain, as he saw you walk hand-in-hand with that jackass you called your husband, and your child, a beautiful baby girl who looked just like you: angelic.
He couldn't explain what came over him when he saw you. He's seen you since you were pregnant with that idiot's seed, blossoming inside your delectable body. He couldn't fathom it, yet he needed you. He needed you like the air he breathed. He needed to taste your sweet nectar that you nourished your child with.
He had watched you for weeks now, from the window you kept open every morning. He saw you shower your baby with love and affection, nurturing and caring for it in a way only a good, kind mother would. He couldn't believe it, but in some way, he was jealous of your child. He was jealous of the love it got from you, the love that he was sadly, a stranger to. His mother never doted on him, or cared for him. He was always an afterthought, and at times, a nuisance to her. While other mothers arranged playdates and birthday parties, his arranged charity galas and auctions. It was always a thorn in his side, the fact that no amount of romantic love could fill the void of maternal love in his life.
Which is why he was so attracted to you, like a magnet. His days and nights were filled with thoughts of you, of filling you, of loving you, of latching onto your breast to taste your milk.
So Bryce did what he could do best; he hatched a plan. He tailed your dumbfuck of a husband for a good week or so, getting information about where he worked, how long he was at work for. What a coincidence, he worked at Bryce's grandfather's company, as an assistant manager.
Lady Luck was finally on his side.
Bryce had to play his cards right, though. One wrong move, and all of it would go away in an instant, and he couldn’t let that happen; he couldn’t lose you. So he hatched a plan. He knew that the both of you were in somewhat of a pickle; what with the new house and the new baby, plus you were on maternity leave.
That wasn’t all, though. And whatever dirt he had, it was his fucking Ace of Spades. He rolled up into your driveway, making sure it was well past the time your husband would be home. He had to lay the groundwork well, else all his efforts would be in vain.
Knocking on your door, his heart hammered, partly out of excitement, but partly out of trepidation. Would this moment be like he had imagined it to be? All that anticipation building up had made him a bit antsy, but he knew that being impatient would get him nowhere, rather it could potentially mess up the one chance he had of doing this right.
You opened the door after a few moments, hair still a little damp, curling a bit at the bottom. Bryce swore he could feel himself getting harder by the minute, seeing your ample curves encased in a beautiful sundress, your delectable legs bare for the world to see. Gathering himself, he said, “Hello, Mrs. Adams. I’m Bryce Langley. My grandfather is the owner of Osbourne Industries. I believe your husband works for the company.”
“...Yes, he does. How may I help you?” you said, still a little wary of the man.
“Please don’t be scared of me, I only came here because I have something important to tell you.”
You made to move aside to let him in, but he held up his hand.
“Thank you, but I feel it would be better if we talked elsewhere. Your husband may come back home anytime and I wouldn’t want him to create a scene or wake up your baby; it would only serve as fodder for gossip for your neighbours.”
You took his words in, slightly raising your eyebrow when he mentioned your baby. How did he know about your son? No boss would keep such a deep knowledge of one of his employees, let alone the boss’ grandson. Alarm bells were ringing in your ears; this man spelt trouble. You chose to ignore them and instead focused on why he was here. Whatever the news was, it seemed to be quite important, considering the fact that he had come to your house himself and not sent somebody from the company itself.
Parking your car outside the huge mansion, you checked yourself in the rearview mirror once again. Your mind wouldn’t seem to shut up with its constant monologue about something being wrong. You wouldn’t be there for long though, just a few minutes, 20 at the least.
Reluctantly, you nodded your head and took his card. You hoped it was a quick meeting and that you wouldn’t have to leave the baby with your neighbour for long.
Tumblr media
Bryce saw you coming in from the window. He smiled, happy that his plan was finally gaining some traction and was well underway. Walking towards the door, he let you inside the mansion, which in itself was quite a sight to behold.
“Hello Mrs. Adams, I’m so glad you could join me. Would you like a glass of wine, or champagne?”
“ thank you. I’m feeding, so I can’t really have any.”
You saw something fleetingly pass through Bryce’s eyes, his eyes becoming a bit darker. It scared you a bit, yet you couldn’t understand why- he’d been nothing but a perfect gentleman since he met you. Maybe you were just being irrational, or maybe it was all the hormones.
“Well, I’m sure you must be wondering why I called you here. I assure you I wouldn’t have done so if it wasn’t important enough. But I felt like you need to know this from me rather than from someone else.” he said, leading you into a room which seemed to be his study.
“Mr. Langley, you’re scaring me a bit. Is everything ok?” 
He sighed. “I’m sorry to say it’s not. There has been quite an upheaval at the office since the past few months and your husband is at the forefront of it. A few months ago, we had an audit and some numbers didn’t quite add up. There was quite a bit of money missing, and to be honest, it was nearing a million dollars or so. We checked it and the person who signed off on majority of the expenses was your husband. Tracing his account statements, we found him making monthly transfers to an account in New York. We thought that he was probably making those transfers to you.”
You felt your knees buckle, your soul nearly leaving your body. Mark was embezzling money? What for? You were living comfortably, without anyone’s help. You were so caught up with the news of the embezzlement, you nearly forgot the detail about the fund transfer.
“There was no transfer made to my account, as far as I know.” you breathed, unable to fathom what was going on. You didn’t even realise that you were crying until you felt Bryce’s thumb brush them away. You looked into his eyes before averting your gaze and stepping away, regaining your composure.
Bryce’s mouth settled into a thin line, but he didn’t say anything. “We gathered as much. I personally value Mark a lot, and consider him a good friend, which is why I went to talk to him about this.” he paused a bit, gauging your expressions before adding, “ He’s..cheating on you, I’m afraid. I followed him out of a bar once, to talk to him, and saw him leave with two women. I tailed him and saw him go into a house with them. I’m really sorry.”
You felt like you would collapse any moment. Shaking, you mustered enough courage to ask, “do you have any proof, Mr. Langley?”
Bryce knew you would ask that. His angel was soft, but not dumb. Pulling out his phone, he opened his gallery to the picture of your husband. You held the phone, feeling your world crumble around you. You couldn’t believe it. He was always loving, always the perfect husband and father; why had he done this?! Was there something wrong with you? You would’ve fallen, had it not been for Bryce’s arm supporting you. 
Helping you to a chair, he offered you a glass of water. As you took sips, he pondered for a moment before saying, “My grandfather doesn’t know about this yet, but he’s sure to find out soon. And when he does, I’m sure he’ll have your husband arrested and put in jail for quite some time for embezzlement. The police would try to trace the payments back to you, pegging you as an accomplice in all this. I don’t think I need to tell you what would happen to your baby in the midst of all this fucking mess.”
Taking steady breaths, you struggled to take in the influx of all the details. He was right. You would be questioned mercilessly, and god knows what would happen of your child if you were somehow dragged into all of this. There was no one you hated more in this world at the moment more than Mark. He’d broken your heart, your trust, your family. There was nowhere to go from here, and you were hurtling towards the edge of a cliff.
Bryce looked at you, watching the play of emotions on your face. You were right where he wanted you to be. Shattered. That idiot deserved all the hate you were probably feeling for him. Placing a hand on your knee, he softly said, “There is a way out of this, of course. I can make all of this go away in a minute. You can have your life, your family, your husband back, if you make a promise.”
Looking at him with bleary eyes, you croaked, “what promise?”. Bryce took a deep breath and stood up, before remarking, “Spend a night with me, to do as I please with you. After that, I promise to get your husband out of the mess that he’s created for our company. You cannot tell anyone about our little arrangement, but as long as you give me what I want, I’ll keep your husband and you out of jail, and your boy safe.”
You felt a chill creep up your body as his words were absorbed. The rational part of your mind wanted to slap him for even suggesting this as a way out. But the emotional part, the part that still loved and cared for Mark, actually considered this as a get out jail free card. You were also thinking from a maternal view, about your boy and keeping him safe. That was all that mattered to you. As harsh as it seemed, his offer was the only thing that seemed sane to you. Bryce’s power and influence was greater than any lawyer or politician you knew. 
“No one would know about this? It would just be between you and me?” you squeaked. 
Smirking, he said, “No one would find out. You have my word on this.”
Hesitantly, you moved towards him, placing your shaking hand into his outstretched one. Bryce grinned, feasting his eyes on your body. You had blossomed, and Bryce wanted to make sure he was one of the people who had a taste of your sweetness. Pulling you softly towards him, he snuck his hand around your waist firmly, your body flush against his. He could feel your curves through your dress, the thought of finally being this close to you making him a little feral. 
He pulled your dress down, baring your body to him. You were wearing a black bra, a cotton one with thin straps, which showed how you weren’t overly extravagant in your purchases. He loved it; a mother who cared more about the wellbeing of a child than showing off.  There were a few marks that adorned your soft belly, and your breasts, which looked fuller than they ever had before. All wonderful signs of motherhood.
You made to move, unable to take it any longer. Any sort of contact with this man was wrong; it was simply wrong. You couldn't cheat on Mark, you never would. He was the love of your life, the father of your child, no matter what wrongs he did.
You felt yourself being pulled back into Bryce’s firm hands. Meeting his eyes, you saw lust and anger in them, swirling through the deep blue orbs. 
“Think about your next step really carefully, Mrs. Adams. Any wrong move on your part and you may end up losing everything you have in your hands right now. Just one night with me, and I can make all of your husband's ill deeds go away.” he rasped in your ear, his hot breath caressing your ear. Your eyes pooled with tears. There was no way out of this, the man had made sure of it. 
Wiping a stray tear, you turned towards him, unable to meet his gaze. He pulled your dress down fully, the dress pooling at your feet. You were totally at his mercy now. He let out a harsh breath, unable to control himself; it had been too long. Reaching behind and undoing the clasp of your bra, his hands lightly caressed your breasts, his fingers tracing the lines that had formed there. You felt your peaks hardening, but you chalked it up to your body’s natural response. You could feel his smile as he nibbled on your collarbone, his fingers playing with your hardened peaks lightly, yet firmly. You could feel your breath quickening, as he raised his eyes to meet yours, lowering his mouth to one of the peaks. Before you could stop him, he took one nub in his mouth and sucked softly. The first spurt of sweet liquid hitting his tongue nearly made him come on the spot. It was everything he had hoped and imagined it to be, and it meant more because it came from you.
You looked at him, a mixture of shock, disbelief and arousal flooding your emotions. Your core was heating up at his actions, and you were unable to stop it from happening. What was wrong with you?
He looked up and grinned slightly before giving his attention to your other nub, groaning as he felt the liquid flood his mouth, making him feel like he would combust any second. Lord, he had to have you, and now. Lowering himself to the ground, he pulled your panties down, baring your intimate area to his eyes. Embarrassed, you covered yourself with your hand, still not sure about your decision.
He looked up at you, moving your hand and running his fingers along your folds, not breaking eye contact. The fire within you was now being stoked and could only be put out by the man who had started it. His fingers stroked you, circling along your clit as he got you wetter and readier for him. He plunged two, then three fingers into your channel as you felt yourself sway to the rhythm of his intrepid fingers. You grasped his shoulder firmly as he continued his relentless pace, fucking you with his fingers till you reached your peak, your knees giving way which resulted in you falling to the ground, utterly satiated. Laying on your stomach, you briefly hoped that this was all he wanted to do, but in your heart of hearts, you knew that this man would not stop till he went all the way.
You opened your eyes as you heard his zipper being pulled down, his thighs encasing yours. You felt his skin on yours as he nudged you from behind, making sure you were prepared for what came next. You felt him enter you, in one swift move, your walls struggling to accommodate his girth. It had been quite some time since you’d had sex, and Mark had been more than happy to let you be. Your eyes pooled with tears as you realised why. There was a slight ache when he entered you, but he gave you no time to recover. Thrusting into you, he held down your arms to stop you from fidgeting, his thighs encasing yours. He increased his pace, pounding you into the ground with a force you were not used to. You were in a conundrum, your body was screaming for release, relishing the feelings that were being invoked. Your mind was chiding you, berating you for the step you had taken, which would further jeopardise your relationship. You couldn’t help the moan that escaped from your lips as he hit your sensitive spot square on, pushing you further towards release. Pulling your hips up, he circled your clit rapidly in tandem with his thrusts. You broke with a scream, your voice muffled by the carpet. With a few hard thrusts, Bryce came as well, pouring himself into you, till every last drop filled you. Dropping himself onto you, you both were panting, catching your breaths. A tear escaped from your eye as it hit you- there was no way you could go back to living your life. This was it.
Bryce grinned, his appetite satiated. He couldn’t believe it, his plan had actually worked. Those fake photos were so convincing, even he thought them to be real for a second. As for the embezzlement, well, Mark deserved it for abandoning his angel at home, all alone. You deserved to have a good husband take care of you, while you brought up your children. He thought about filling you up with his seed again, the vision of your belly swollen and your breasts round and full making him hard again. He smirked, taking himself in hand. Thank god for long nights.
Tumblr media
Tagging: @donutloverxo @gotnofucks @imdarkinme @worksby-d @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @chris-butt @patzammit @chrissquares @a-little-counter-esperanto @starlightcrystalline @jbreenr @readermia @harrysthiccthighss @ozarkthedog @tenaciousperfectionunknown
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bluemusickid · 4 months ago
Sneak Peak:Saccharine Sweetness
Ok, so i’ve been fully convinced by my sweetheart @ozarkthedog to write this, and I want to thank her for all her help and support, she has really been a brick.
without further ado:
Bryce tightened his hand on the steering wheel, his grip like a vice. He'd seen you again in town, your beautiful form etched into his brain, as he saw you walk hand-in-hand with that jackass you called your husband, and your child, a beautiful baby girl who looked just like you: angelic.
He couldn't explain what came over him when he saw you. He's seen you since you were pregnant with that idiot's seed, blossoming inside your delectable body. He couldn't fathom it, yet he needed you. He needed you like the air he breathed. He needed to taste your sweet nectar that you nourished your child with. And he was going to get it; by hook or by crook.
(of course, lemme know if you want to be tagged lol)
Tagging who I think would be interested: @gotnofucks @donutloverxo @chris-evans-indian-fanfic @imdarkinme @worksby-d @savior-adriana @chrissquares @starlightcrystalline @melli0112 @jbreenr
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ladychrisevans · 5 months ago
December 22, 2020... Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays. ‘Cause no matter how far away you roam, When you pine for the sunshine of a friendly gaze, maybe Bryce is the one you’re really pinning for. Fierce People is definitely a wild ride. If you can, you should check it out. It’s our guy in rare form!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 8 months ago
Oh my gods, i just watched Fierce People (finally!) and now all I want is to be the meat in a Ransom and Bryce sandwich. Why is he so good at that particular role?! 🥵🥵
Funny you say that...I was hit with a deliciously dark murder trio coughFOURSOMEcough story idea for Ransom, Freezy, and Bryce 😈🥵
As cray and evil as Bryce was, there is just something so captivating about him. And of course Chris played him so well. That scene with Finn at the party...the realization...and Bryce’s reaction?!
Tumblr media
Liiiike sweet lord almighty, please pierce me with your evil schlong, sir. 🥴🥴🥴
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jtargaryen18 · 8 months ago
A Gentleman & a Scholar Masterlist
Tumblr media
A Gentleman and a Scholar* (Bryce Langley x Reader (Finn!Female)) In Progress
Bryce catches you at Maya’s birthday party to give you a present.
Part 1
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stargazingfangirl18 · 11 months ago
SKSJAKSJJSJSJSJ Visitor was soooo good! I’m sure I’m a slut for Bryce after reading need to write more of him bc you’re amazing!! Anyway, gonna read it again xoxo bye, ily!!❤️❤️
SHDKSBAKDNEHEKS thank you, bb! I’m so glad you liked Visitor! I will for surrrre be writing more of that bohemian psycho, don’t you worry. Morals? I have none! Going to hell? I’ve already reserved my seat! Might as well play with our pretty murder bois before I go 👀😂❤️ Please have some Lying Lighter Daddy:
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 11 months ago
I meannn you could have more...I was really nervous and shy to post that hahaha...I dunno if my shameless hoe heart could take going darker. But we’ll seeee. I’ll see what else my muse cooks up for our Lying Lighter Daddy 👀🥵
I appreciate you, lovey!! ❤️❤️❤️
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stargazingfangirl18 · 11 months ago
Hi there!☺️so I just watched Fierce People aaaand it actually wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be!🤭Like, the first half had some vintage summer vibes to it so I thought it would be some kind of a romantic story or something (I hadn’t known what it was about until I watched it) and than just like that it turns into a dark one.. the plot twist with Bryce was 💯💯 ANYWAY I just wanted to know your opinion! Did you like the movie? Would you watch it again?🤔
This sweet nonnie sent a follow up too: 
Hi again, I’m the Fierce People anon and you don’t have to answer this, but I just want to say sorry for bothering you with the question but you’re my absolute fave and I genuinely wanted to know what you thought about the movie!! I love you and your fics so much!💗💗💗you’re amazing🥰🥰
You are soooo sweet and you’re not bothering me at all!! I love interacting with you all 🥰🥰🥰 
I actually really enjoyed Fierce People! It had this like vintage whimsy vibe that I was totally digging, and I just haven’t watched a movie like that in a looong time. And I think because of that initial feel I was totally 😱ing when the dark twist happened, I wasn’t expecting it at all, and I had no real context for the movie or plot so I was shook lol.
I’m also a Tumblr grandma and love actors like Donald Sutherland and Diane Lane, so the cast was a win for me.
And as for our boi, holllly moly. Look, Chris Evans could literally stand on screen and do nothing, and I’d stan, lets be real. But I thought he was great in this role. The initial charm and charisma of Bryce totally fooled me, and then when the plot took that dark turn, he sold that side of the character too, and I just am clutchin’ my pearls even thinking about it hahaha. So yes, I would totally watch it again, and now my shameless hoe brain is liiiike, lets play with this Lying Lighter Daddy, girl 🙌🙌🙌 I meannnn
Tumblr media
But also:
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 11 months ago
oooooh can’t wait for the Bryce story you’re gonna bless us with😏😏i’m a huge fan of your work! I love you so much!!!💞💞💞
I—🥺😭🙏🏻❤️ Thank you soooo much! I’m sending you all the virtual hugs right now. I’m grateful you’re here and enjoying my stories!
And WHEW Bryce...he is something. And my muse (and shameless hoe brain) sure does enjoy some fresh meat to play with. And let’s be real, Bryce would enjoy it too! 👀😂
Tumblr media
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stargazingfangirl18 · 11 months ago
You guys, I just watched Fierce People for the first time and I am 😳😳😳 What a wild ride.
Freezer Daddy for sure has some psycho competition in Bryce Langley. Geez Louise.
(Shameless hoe side note, I now dub Bryce: Lying Lighter Daddy 👀)
Also baby Anton Yelchin 😢❤️
Tumblr media
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giorno-plays-piano · 11 months ago
This moment when you saw an awesome fic with Bryce Langley, started watching the movie he was in, and then just went to scream in the bathroom...
Tumblr media
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jtargaryen18 · 11 months ago
A Gentleman and a Scholar
Tumblr media
Pairings:Bryce Langley (Fierce People) x Reader (Finn as a female)
Word Count: 2.7k
Warnings: This is a dark story so if you’re not about that, don’t read it and traumatize yourself, okay? Please read responsibly. Bad language, acid use, non-con, dub-con, explicit sex, oral sex, taking advantage of someone under the influence of drugs.
Summary: Bryce catches you at Maya’s birthday party to give you a present.
A/N: A bit of a rattlesnake. Not sure where this came from but...
“Finn? What are you doing skulking around over here?”
You cringed at the sound of Bryce’s voice. It was bad enough that you felt completely out of place at the party his grandfather had thrown to celebrate Maya’s birthday.
Sure, the red dress your Mom had picked out for you was lovely, had you looking like you belonged there even though you didn’t. Not really. You and she were poor imposters, there because of her weird relationship with Mr. Osborne. It was only a matter of time before they pointed that out to you, cast you out.
You also resented the fact that Mr. Osborne’s money paid for what you wore.
Bryce grinned, his gaze moving over you with an interest he’d never had in you previously. The dress showed off the curves you usually hid in baggy clothes at college. The heels made your legs look endless. Your mother had even arranged your hair in a wild riot of curls.
“Look at you,” Bryce said as he wrapped a heavy arm around you, pulling you into the solid muscle of his own body. He was warm, smelled like sweat and Armani. “You been hiding all this from me?”
Dropping your gaze, you shook your head. Bryce has always been like an older brother to you. A gorgeous, terrifying older brother but still…  You’d come to live here your senior year of high school and you’d managed to be just a third or fifth wheel most of the time when you spent time with him, Maya, and their endless parade of significant others. Three years later, you thought you were pretty good at being invisible most of the time.
“Let’s get out of here,” Bryce said low in your ear. His hand slid from your waist to your hip, slid down to flagrantly mold itself around your ass cheek.
You dodged out of his hold like a scared rabbit. It took everything you had to meet his gaze.
“I would,” you said, not wanting to piss him off because you knew it was important to your mother’s position. “But… I didn’t sleep well last night… I’m really tired.” It sounded lame to your own ears. “I’m just gonna turn in I think.”
Bryce rolled his eyes, wrapping a huge hand around your elbow and pulling you after him.
“Bryce,” you tried to pull against him, but he wasn’t having it. “What are you doing?”
Leading you to a bench near the musicians’ stand, he put a finger to his lips and pulled a dropper bottle from the pocket of his slacks.
“Just giving you a little something to help you sleep,” Bryce whispered, motioning you close.
Oh, okay. That didn’t sound so bad. You’d done weed with them before.  
“Open that pretty mouth for me,” Bryce whispered as he pulled the dropper top off the bottle. “Nice and wide.”
You did what he wanted, not really liking the way his eyes somewhat glazed over as he stared at you. Blowing out an exhale, he took the dropper, shaking several drops from it onto your tongue. You closed your mouth, sliding your tongue around your mouth. You tasted nothing. That could have been water for all you knew.
“What is that?” you asked timidly.
Bryce’s grin was positively indecent. “Liquid acid.”
What the fuck?
“Better run home now,” he told you, grinning. “Get into bed.”
The world was already shifting around you, a whirl of bright pretty lights. You heard the sound of Bryce’s chuckle, rich and warm.  
Yes, you’d head home. Bed sounded nice.
You’d just turned to do that when hard hands covered the spaghetti straps of your dress, strong fingers lightly digging into your shoulders.
“Run home red riding hood,” Bryce whispered into your ear from behind you. “Get home fast before the big bad wolf comes and eats you.”
You had to laugh at that. A fairytale. Bryce was so funny.
Weaving your way through party guests, you waved to Maya when she called out to you. You didn’t stop though. Your head felt fuzzy, your sight was dim. Oh, when you got to bed it was going to be the best night’s sleep you ever had. You’d thank Bryce tomorrow.
You reached the edge of the woods that would lead to the small cottage you shared with your Mom when you weren’t away at college. The fireflies were magical, floating around you like you were their queen and you smiled at their play, the way they left swirls of light all around you.
The August moon was high overhead and it was so warm out. You stopped and pulled off the heels your Mom had you wear. You wanted to feel the earth beneath your feet, to feel like you were part of the majesty of the night.
You felt like a child of the forest, skipping along by the light of the moon until you reached the huge oak tree there in the clearing. Laughing, watching the stars streak across the sky like comets, you started skipping around the tree happily. You were halfway home.
When strong arms wrapped around you tightly, trapping your arms to your sides, you squealed in surprise. Whoever it was had a black jacket on, and he was much bigger than you were. When his hold tightened, you huffed out a breath.
“Oh, please… don’t eat me, Mr. Wolf,” you managed. It was him, right? “Whoever you are…”
You sucked in air as whoever had you pulled you to the ground. You thought you were fighting them. Hell, you didn’t know. Okay, guess not. Your knees met the soft mossy ground beneath the tree and your heels flew from your hand as the person seemed determined to press more of you into the earth.
You got a whiff of… Armani? 
“Bryce?” you called out as he pushed in you into the earth, your breasts flattening against it. “It’s you?” You laughed. “You’re the big bad wolf?”
His pause gave you a moment to turn your upper body enough to see him behind you, some type of black mask over his head. Without hesitation, you grabbed it and yanked it off his head.
Sandy blond hair in disarray formed a halo in the moonlight about his head. His expression was pure surprise that melted quickly into his trademark grin. Bryce? Bryce was the big bad wolf? For real?
“Too late,” Bryce told you, pulling off the black jacket now, ripping off the dress shirt he’d been wearing at the party next. “I told you to hurry home,” he chided you.
“Or the… wolf was going to eat me,” you told him even as he roughly grabbed your hips and pressed you on your back now. “You didn’t tell me…”
You watched wide-eyed as he opened his slacks, shoved them down his slim hips. Bryce wasn’t wearing underwear and his cock was just… You’d never seen one like that. You’d only fucked a couple of guys, granted, but they didn’t look like that. Bryce was big.
Did he have a bigger prick because he was the big, bad wolf?
Taking it in hand, Bryce stroked himself up and down, straddling your chest. When did he get that close?
“I didn’t tell you what?” his voice sounded so loud in the darkness.
“That you were the… wolf,” you managed as that cock, his hand, moved even closer to your face. “You lied to me.”
Bryce’s chuckle was a dark sound that had you shivering in the grass. “I’ve been lying to you for years… Now, open that pretty mouth for me. Nice and wide.”
You laughed. “I already did that,” you reminded him.
You didn’t fight him when he pressed the hot head of himself against the seam of your lips. You did open for him, nice and wide. Saliva pooled in your mouth as he began to slide himself into your mouth, back out, and in again.
One hand clutched in your curls and it hurt. He held your head still for himself as he continued to fuck your face in slow, careful strokes.
“That’s it,” he told you, the moonlight echoing off the flash of white teeth. His gaze was fixed on you, watching himself slid in and out of your face like it was the most fascinating thing he’d ever seen. “Watch your teeth, Red. I don’t want to have to knock them out.”
Knock out your teeth? No. That wouldn’t be good. You’d look funny. So you wrapped your lips around your teeth, drool spilling from the corners of your mouth as his strokes sped up. His cock worked itself further into your mouth, towards the back of your throat. Once it met that resistance, his fingers tightened in your hair. He held you still, keeping the head of his dick back there for one beat, two beats… Your lungs burned.
Oh, you needed to breath.
You didn’t mean to spit him out, but you started coughing. Swiping at your mouth with the back of your hand, you wrapped an arm around your ribs as you tried to get yourself back under control.
Bryce moved back, letting you sit up and watching you carefully.
“I’m sorry,” you told him.
Again, that sinful grin, that laugh. “Oh, you’re going to make it up to me.”
Your world spun. Bryce flipped you onto your stomach, the move so fast your fingers were clawing at the grass so you could right yourself. You felt him pulling up the skirt of your dress. The air was cold on your thighs and ass as he ripped at the top of your panty hose, ripped off your panties.
“Bryce?” You weren’t ready to get in bed yet. What was he doing? You weren’t even back at the cottage. “What are you doing?”
“Gonna fuck you, Red,” he told you with his breath coming fast.
You felt his fingers sliding between the cheeks of your ass, down into your folds. They slid there roughly, circling your entrance, circling your clit in a way that had you bucking up under him. One hand landed between your shoulder blades, shoving you down and holding you there.
“But I promised you something, didn’t I?” Bryce’s voice was low and dark.
“What? What did you promise?” You couldn’t remember. Weren’t you supposed to get to bed?
“That I’d eat you…”
You panicked. You tried to crawl away, but he was so much stronger than you were.
Bryce hauled your hips up from the ground and then…
“Oh,” you gasped, feeling his lips and tongue all over you. “Wait…”
But talking was hard. Whatever he was doing felt amazing. It was wet and warm. The movement of his tongue had you fighting to push back into his face. He was laughing into your aching flesh, really going at it until you couldn’t breathe. Pressure built in your core, spirals of perfect pleasure, and it was coming for you like a whole pack of wolves. When you came, you screamed, long and loud. Helplessly you watched as the world spun around you, your body flooded with the currents of fire.
While you waited for the spinning to slow, you felt Bryce’s weight drop on you, felt the hot brand of his cock against the tender, wet flesh of your inner thigh. One arm wrapped around you, his hand clamping over your mouth.
“I doubt anyone heard you, Red,” Bryce whispered hotly in your ear. “But I’d really prefer no one come along to rescue you until I’ve fucked you raw so…”
The other hand was pushing him into you. The burn and stretch got your attention.
No. No. It wasn’t going to work. It wasn’t going to fit. You tried to tell him that beneath his hand.
“Shhhh,” Bryce soothed into you ear as he bottomed out inside you. His thick thighs pushed yours wider, his weight pressing you deeper into the cool grass. “Just relax.”
When he started moving inside you, it took your breath. You were pinned between him and the ground. It felt like the hard length of him would split you in half and his movements stung like fire at first. You tried to get his attention, tried to beg him just to give you a moment. The pain brought you back just a little from the euphoric state you’d been in.
If Bryce noticed your discomfort, you couldn’t tell. His hips powered into you, his thrusts firm and gaining speed while his tongue traced lazily along the shell of your ear.
“If I’d known… Mmm... how good your pussy was Red,” Bryce whispered hotly into your ear before plugging it with his tongue for a beat, “I’d have fucked you a long time ago.”
The stinging and the edge of pain started to fade after a few moments, blending with a craving that grew from deep inside you. You had to fight to breathe when his fingers shifted, covering your nose and your mouth. Bryce pushed your thighs wider, got even deeper in you. His thrusts came harder, faster.
Your fingers clawed at the grass and you felt light-headed. Your lungs burned, your pussy burned. Your walls clung to him with each push, wanting to hang onto him while the waves of pending pleasure rose again. Bryce was embedded so deep in you, you didn’t know if you’d ever be free of him.
When he slid a hand beneath you to stroke at the tiny center of your pleasure, you began crying out and screaming behind that hand, your channel clamping around him desperately as he continued to fuck you.
“Don’t fight me, Red,” he huffed into your ear, more of his weight bearing down on you. “Come… The way your little snatch… is grabbing me, I can’t wait… to feel you come around my dick.”
It wasn’t long until he got his wish. You thrashed beneath him, wild and screaming, and he held onto you as the world, the fireflies, the stars, the trees – all floated around you like you were caught up in a tornado that would take you to Oz. You came, came again. You screamed and bit his fingers, tasting blood on your tongue.
When it finally began to slow, Bryce tightened around you like a python. The beautiful snake in Eden. His was a deep, guttural cry as his hips jerked into you over and over to pump out his release.  
You collapsed beneath him, the grass and dirt stable and soft beneath you. You could stay there. It was quiet. Choruses of crickets began to play their music as you enjoyed the ability to breathe, to pull that cool night air into you aching lungs.
Dimly, you were aware that he was moving around you. Slitting open your eyes, you watched as he stuffed the mask and the scrap that used to be your panties into the pocket of his jacket, tying it around his waist. He’d done up his pants, pulled on the dress shirt though he left it open. As you watched, he swiped his left hand over the tail of his shirt, leaving a streak of blood.
You blew out a tired exhale. “You killed me,” you whispered. It sounded like a song. “Red never made it home…”
Kneeling next to you, you felt his hand skim over your ass and dip into the wet that pooled between your thighs, smearing it over your lower lips, your thighs.
“Are you going to leave me here in the woods?” you asked in a pitiful voice. “To die?”
“Fuck, no,” Bryce said on a laugh. Then he was hauling you up from the ground like you were a broken doll. Why were your shoes hanging from his fingers? “You were right about one thing.”
You grunted as his shoulder tucked into your middle and you were hauled up over one broad shoulder, dangling over his wide back.
“What?” you cried thinking you were a long way from the ground.
“You won’t make it home tonight.” Bryce started walking with you back in the direction of the party.
You yelped when he landed a solid smack on your tender backside. “Where am I going?”
“Back to my place,” he said, walking in no particular hurry. “I’m going to tie you to bed and try out that ass next.”
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mr-chrisevans · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
old school Chris Evans (6/?)
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soft-for-goofballs · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
"I'm just Masaomi Kida. That's why... I'm here! Now is the chance to chase my own past. I hear the past is lonely-so I better catch up soon." (Masaomi Kida, Durarara)
We start Dot rambles about her husbandos in anime with my OG when I was 12, and still one that I have a deep affection for Masaomi Kida from Durarara. While everyone else was simping over Izaya or Shizuo me I was too busy laughing at Masaomi. I should have known my type back then but it became something that my kryptonite, bonus points if they have a sad backstory which Masaomi does.
Masaomi is the childhood best friend of the main character, Mikado who moved away from him back in elementary school. Living in Ikebukuro isn't easy for a majority of the main characters. In a town fraught with gangs, criminals, and people just dying to screw you over sometimes you'll wind up doing something really, really stupid. Like maybe becoming a leader for a color gang?? That's what happened to Masaomi anyways. His backstory still makes me misty eyed to this day. That somebody who seemed so happy could have been through so much only to come out the other side still with crappy jokes and a lovable energy was just... so good for him.
Masaomi is protective over the people in his life. That was something that I instantly loved about him. His dedication to protecting those closest to him and stop them from doing things that he knows from experience are extremely stupid was a character trait that was beneath the surface of his disposition. He feels this need to protect people and when he fails he takes that hit personally. He will do anything to stop Mikado from doing the things that he did. This was what really stuck out to me about his character when I was younger. How fiercely protective, loyal, understanding, and sympathetic towards other people who had seen "the dark side".
When you find out that his usually happy exterior is just a shell of who he once was all I wanted to do when I was growing up was give him a hug. He decided that even if he was suffering, that he wanted to make other people laugh. It's hard to make me laugh as hard as Masaomi. From his awful jokes, to his goofball nature that always is at the forefront of his personality, to the way that Bryce Papenbrook voices him everything about his personality I continue to be drawn to like a moth to a flame.
Every time I rewatch the first season (I've yet to watch the second don't come at me) I'm reminded of how much I love the way that they did Masaomi. He was my favorite character of the entire show and will always be my first husbando. For that I maybe see him through some rose colored glasses but he'll always call out to me.
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stargazingfangirl18 · a month ago
Oh my god lol but
Ransom being the young rich murderer and Bryce being the ... young... rich... murder...
(I’ve never seen the movie Bryce is from hit everything I’ve seen shows him as like dangerous and not who you think and idk)
Hahaha I actually really enjoyed Fierce People! You should check it out 😘
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