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#Brine King
jeremy-the-guy · a month ago
Tumblr media
Looking back at the recent Aquaman movie, I think I’ve decided that, despite their very limited appearance in the story, the Brine are probably my favourite characters in the whole thing. Not only are they the only Atlantean kingdom not interested in interfering in anyone else’s business, they’re the only ones outside our main cast who actually try to fight the actual big bad of the movie, though admittedly only when the latter comes to them first. I mean, come on, standing firm against an army that outnumbers you three to one? That’s badass right there. If the more-or-less human protagonists Arthur and Mera weren’t in this film, these guys would probably be our main heroes. Kinda makes me feel bad that Arthur probably killed a whole bunch of them when he came in at the last minute in his big hero moment 😅
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sitta-pusilla · a year ago
“Two years of reconstructive surgery, or you could amputate it.”
“And I said ‘Amputate it.’”
“If I stay in the hospital, the media wins.”
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themissyvonne · 2 days ago
Elriel Month | Day 3: Spies At Work
Tumblr media
Spies at Work
Word Count: 3154
Content Warning: VIOLENCE / INJURY
He gave her a squeeze and sighed. “I would take a hundred ash arrows to keep you safe, El.”
“And I’ll rewrite as many futures as I have to to make sure that doesn’t happen, Az.” She slid her arms around him carefully, hugging him gently.
Elain walked with Azriel, the disappointment clear on her face after Nesta had turned her away again. Azriel hated to see her like this, but he never interfered or tried to talk her out of visiting. The sisters had their own ways of dealing with things and he was certain that his interference was both unwelcome and unnecessary.
“Thank you for brining me anyway.” Elain said, looking over at him and giving him a halfhearted smile. “Sorry I wasted your time.”
Azriel shook his head. “It wasn’t a waste of time, El. She knows that you came here, that you still want to see her and that you love her. She knows you haven’t given up on her, no matter what she tries to tell herself and that means something even if she can’t admit it to you or to herself right now.”
Elain looked over at him and smiled. “Y’know, for a man of few words, you always manage to say just the right thing.”
He smiled. “Thanks, centuries around Cassian makes one keenly aware of what sort of words end in violence. I try to avoid that if I can.”
She laughed. “Poor Cassian, I hope she isn’t being too hard on him. He may be tough, but he isn’t some unfeeling husk.”
Azriel nodded. “I can promise you that they are evenly matched. Cassian will be fine, and so will Nesta, you’ll see. I’ve seen her training, she’s learning to channel her energy differently. She won’t change overnight, but the spark is there, she wants it.”
Elain nodded, looking thoughtful and hopeful. “If you say so, then I believe it.” She looked around. “It’s nice here…quiet.”
Azriel just hummed, he hated coming here but he would bring Elain any time she wanted to come. “It has its moments.” He finally conceded.
“Emerie has a shop just ahead, I think you might enjoy having a look before we head back.”
“Alright.” Elain nodded, walking with him, keeping her eyes ahead even as she noticed a few of the Illyrian males looking their way. She knew how they felt about Azriel and was sure that neither of them were welcome there. Azriel led her to the very end of the row of shops.
“I have something to pickup, but I won’t be long, have a look around.” He said, fidgeting with a music box, leaving it to play while she browsed. Elain looked around while the calming melody played, Azriel’s voice never far away.
“Are you the witch’s sister?” a voice asked. Elain turned to find a tall Illyrian before her. He wasn't nearly as big as Azriel or Cassian but her was certainly bigger than her. “You should take her with you when you leave.”
Elain sighed, shaking her head. “My sister is not a witch, but she is the King Slayer and...and she is deserving of your respect. She’ll leave when she's ready.”
He sneered and opened his mouth to respond when Elain heard heavy footsteps behind her and felt Azriel’s hand on her shoulder. “Problem here?” He leveled a glare at the Illyrian who returned it, but retreated, simply saying, “No problem here, bastard.”
Elain felt Azriel give her shoulder a squeeze. “You alright?” he asked. “I’m all done here if you’re ready to go.”
“I’m ready to go.” She answered, looking up at him. He gave her a sympathetic smile, saying, “Charm wore off already huh? That may be record time.”
“All the charm left this place when you did.” She said, following Azriel outside and sliding her arms around his neck as he scooped her into his arms and shot off into the sky.
Elain gasped and clung to him tightly, she may never get used to taking off so fast. Azriel chuckled, his warm breath tickling her neck. “Every time.”
Elain laughed, relaxing in his arms as he leveled out and they were smoothly drifting along. “I thought you were picking something up.” She said, noticing he didn’t have anything with him.
“I did, its with the shadows.” He said, raising his brows, practically begging her to ask about it when one of his shadows appeared, delivering a message.
“Something wrong?” Elain asked, noticing the change in his mood.
“We’re watching someone, I got word they’re on the move. I need someone on the ground there.” Azriel explained, brow furrowed. “I’m going to take you home and then I’ll have to come back and check it out myself.”
“Come back? Here?” she asked.
He nodded. “It isn’t too far from here.”
“Then why don’t we just go now?” she asked.
“Elain, it could be dangerous.” He said, shaking his head. “If something happened to you-”
“It won’t, I’ll stay out of the way and do exactly what you tell me. Come on, it can be our first real mission. What safer place could there be than with an elite Carynthian level Illyrian warrior? She asked, smiling up at him.
Azriel chuckled. “Even if things went well, Feyre would kill me and Nesta would resurrect me just to kill me again.”
Elain sighed. “Nesta isn’t even speaking to me right now, so she’ll never know, and Feyre has been spending more and more time at the River House. If she happens to visit and I’m not there, I’ll just explain that I asked you to take me to visit Nesta.” She explained, smiling up at him and it was at that moment that Azriel knew that he was in big trouble.
Elain watched quietly, knowing that he was calculating every possible risk before he finally relented. “Alright, but ONLY because time is of the essence and I trust you to follow my instructions.”
“I will, I wouldn’t do anything to put you in danger.” She promised, and she meant it.
“I know you wouldn’t, it isn’t you I don’t trust, El.” He said, looking down at her.
“Whats the worst that could happen?” she asked, holding onto him as the wind blew through her hair.
Azriel closed his eyes and sighed. “The more you sound like Cassian, the more I start to think about the worst possible things happening.”
She smiled reassuringly. “Don’t worry so much, I know much more than I did before and I'm much better prepared even if something does go wrong.”
He nodded. “You’ve been an excellent student. Just don’t forget the most important thing.”
“Stick em with the pointy end?” She teased. “I know, I know...only fight when you have no other choice.”
He nodded. “Exactly, but I’ll be sure to let Cassian know that his advice has stayed with you as well.” He said with a smirk.
Azriel landed them just outside a small village, the shadows guiding him to an inn where he secured a room for he and his wife. Elain blushed at how her heart fluttered when he said it, even if she knew it was a lie, because she had wished for it to be true more times than she could remember. One wish for every star in Velaris by now.
They made it to their room and Az sat and sighed. “The shadows are with them now, if they move, we’ll know about it. If we’re lucky, they’ll have to leave for food or drink soon and then I can have a look around, maybe get some idea of what they're planning.”
Elain nodded. “Should I keep watch for you?”
“No, the shadows can do that. You just stay here and sit tight.” He glanced over at her and she nodded, excited and anxious.
He chuckled. “You can relax, you really are like Cassian. I expect we’ll be waiting for some time before anything happens. Why don’t you sit and read a while...”
“What do you usually do while you’re waiting?” She asked, sorting through her bag and plucking out her book.
He leaned back in the chair, crossing his legs at the ankles. “Watch, rest, sharpen my daggers.”
She hummed and sank herself into a chair, glancing over the top of her book every now and then to steal glances at him, watching as he sharpened Truth-teller, blushing when she realized he’d stopped and noticed her watching. “Sorry.” She said with a smile.
“Would you like to try your hand at it?” He offered.
Elain shook her head slowly, considering. “I wouldn’t want to damage it.”
“You couldn’t, come on, I promise you won’t break the rare and precious dagger that I never let anyone touch.” He teased and she narrowed her eyes at him. He laughed and waved her over. “You’ve handled it before and it is still in perfect working order, Elain.”
Elain set her book aside and walked over to where Azriel now stood. He handed her the sharpening stone and Truth-teller and Elain felt her whole arm tingle as she held the dagger again. It felt lighter than she remembered, her mind drifting back to that day on the battlefield until Azriel moved behind her, taking her hands in his and her mind snapped back to the present. She could feel his warmth at her back, his strong arms coming around her as his hands covered hers.
Azriel wondered what the hell he'd been thinking as he gently guided her soft hands, helping her slide the dagger along the stone, stroke after stroke until she did it on her own and his hands fell away from hers. He watched her continue, not able to make himself step back and away from her.
Elain cursed herself for not pretending to need help just a little while longer, missing his touch as soon as she'd lost it. She stilled her hands as shadows appeared and swiftly made their way to Azriel, no doubt providing an update for him.
“They’re moving, they’re heading for the pub.” Az said, going back to the window and watching a group of men filter out and into a waiting carriage.
Elain nodded, watching him as he sheathed Truth-teller at his thigh. “Be careful, Az.”
“I will be. Sit tight, I won’t be long, I'm just gonna have a quick look and then we can go.” He said, leaving and locking the door behind him.
Elain moved back to the window to watch, even though she knew he was already in the shadows and likely already searching the room. She craned her neck, trying to see if she could catch him in the window when a blinding pain shot through her side and she fell to her knees. She struggled to move, but the vision held her now and it wouldn’t let her go until it was finished with her. She saw Azriel being dragged out of the room, chains that glowed violet on his wrists. He was struggling and calling out to her as she lay bleeding on the floor. Elain had barely been released when she shot to her feet and stumbled out the door. She flew down the stairs and across the street, rushing up stairs and turning down hallways as if she'd been here before. She burst into the room only to find it empty, starting when Azriel appeared behind her. “Elain, what are you-“
“We have to go now!” She said, the words flying out of her mouth as she gripped his arm. “I had a vision, they’re here for you! Please!” She begged and he didn’t hesitate, putting his arm around her and letting the shadows take them, but not before a dozen ash arrows speared into the room. Azriel snarled, his arms tightening around Elain as the shadows closed in and carried them away.
“Azriel? Az?” Elain said softly, her voice trembling as they both fell to their knees, clinging to one another in the middle of what appeared to be a bedroom.
Azriel groaned and shifted and she could feel how tense he was.
“I’m alright, Elain.” He struggled to say and she didn’t understand why until her hand brushed against one of the arrows sticking out of his back. She gasped and whispered in a shaky voice.
“Do you know where we are? Is it safe here, Az?” She looked up at him, brushing the hair away from his face with her trembling hands.
He nodded weakly. “It’s safe.”
Elain nodded and pulled herself from his arms, choking back a sob as she saw the arrows in his back and side.
“Can you stand? Just try to make it to the bed.” She asked, trying her hardest not to fall apart.
Azriel nodded and she offered herself as support, letting him lean on her, however little help it was. He made it to the bed and let himself collapse onto it with a groan, his massive wings dragging and hanging limply on the floor.
Elain helped move his legs onto the bed and took in his injuries. Five, they had hit him five times, at least they’d missed his wings.
Azriel groaned and she was immediately at his side.
“Az, I need to get these arrows out. The ash wood, if it splinters...” she didn’t want to finish. She wasn’t an expert, but she’d suffered through enough dinners with Graysen and his father to know how much damage an ash arrow could do to a fae body.
He nodded, his breathing ragged as Elain moved around the house at lightening speed, rushing back to his bedside where he winced, breaking off the last of the arrows, his hand shaking.
Elain moved to unfasten his leathers, being as gentle as possible as she peeled them away, careful not to disturb his wings and surveyed the damage. Azriel tensed, trying not to express the pain he was feeling, and trying not to panic Elain anymore than she already was.
Elain gently cleaned away as much blood as she could before checking on him again. “Az? Still with me?” She asked, hating the tremble in her voice.
“Still here, El.” He said, reaching back to take her hand give it a gentle squeeze.
Elain squeezed it back. “Just tell me if you need a break, okay?”
“You too.” He said and she could hear the faint smile as he said it.
Elain took a deep breath and clutched the small knife in her trembling hand, waiting for it to steady before she went to work. She felt Azriel tense as she began to remove the first arrow.
“I’m sorry, Az.” She said softly, tears filling her eyes every time she felt him flinch and knew how much pain he must be in. “Talk to me, please? Tell me...tell me about the snowball fight. 200 wins seems very impressive.”
“199...not 200 YET.” He clarified.
“I see...and are you plotting your strategy already?” She asked, listening to his grand battle plans as she removed each arrow one by one and gently washed the blood away.
“You’re KIDDING. He’s NEVER won?” She asked in shock.
“Not once, but that’s a secret, I would never tell.” He mumbled, the blood loss clearly catching up to him for a moment.
“You’re the best at secrets, Az, the best.” She agreed. “Can you sit up?”
Az grumbled but gave a grunt in the affirmative as he pushed himself into a sitting position, his wings finally pulling up off of the floor.
Elain carefully bandaged him, her arms around him as she passed the bandage around and around until his wounds were neatly wrapped. She scolded herself for thinking about touching his bare chest, those swirling tattoos teasing and tempting her to trace them with her fingertips. Gods, she had to stop reading Nesta's books.
Azriel looked down at her, watching as she concentrated, bringing his hand up to tuck a loose wave behind her ear.
Elain swallowed and looked up at him. “Feeling alright?”
He nodded, eyes closing as her hand brushed his wing. “Sorry...”
She moved to tie the bandage off and gave him an exhausted smile. “All done. Now you can lie back and rest. Are you thirsty or hungry?” She asked, shifting away from him as she gathered everything and cleaned up.
“No...just feeling weak.” He sighed, watching as she moved around the room. “I’ll be fine in a few hours.”
“Mhm.” She nodded, washing her hands.
“Elain...I’m alright.”
Elain just nodded, not trusting herself to speak as she scrubbed his blood from her hands.
“Elain, I’ll get out of this bed.” He threatened.
“Azriel, don’t you dare.” She turned, wiping her face. “I’m fine, you’re the one who is hurt. I'm fine, really. I will be.”
Azriel shifted, making room for her before patting the bed. “Come on, come keep me company.”
Elain dried her hands and sulked back over to the bed, settling next to him, his arm wrapping around her to pull her in close. “I’m gonna be fine, Elain. I promise you.”
“What did they want with you, Az? They were there for you, I saw it...they didn’t want you dead, they wanted to take you.” she whispered and he could see the fear in her eyes.
“The ash arrows say different.” He said with a wince. “Seems like they wanted me dead pretty badly.”
Elain stayed quiet, looking down at her hands, the hands that had been covered with his blood just moments ago.
“El?” He pressed. “What did you see? Why do you think they didn’t want me dead?”
“Because they weren't meant for you, they were meant for me.” She said, voice shaking. “In my vision, they hit me, not you, I’m sorry, Az, I tried to fix it and I made it worse.” Tears streamed down her cheeks at the thought that she had nearly gotten him killed by trying to change the future she saw in her vision.
It took every ounce of energy that Azriel had left not to return to that town, find those responsible and extinguish their lives at the realization that they had intended to kill Elain, no doubt to prevent her from spoiling their plans. The secret was out, somehow others now knew that Elain was a seer. Elain’s sniffling broke him from his thoughts and he leaned in, kissing her temple.
“You didn’t make it worse, El, we’re BOTH safe now, right?” He asked, tipping her chin up.
Elain nodded, sniffling. “Right…”
He gave her a squeeze and sighed. “I would take a hundred ash arrows to keep you safe, El.”
“And I’ll rewrite as many futures as I have to to make sure that doesn’t happen, Az.” She slid her arms around him carefully, hugging him gently.
Azriel held her close, shifting until they were both tucked in tight and snuggled together.
“Lets both have a little rest.” He suggested. “This place is warded, only Rhys and Cassian know how to get here.” He added, noticing how she tensed at the suggestion.
Elain nodded, letting Azriel tuck her into his side, her head resting on his chest, the sound of his steady heartbeat relaxing her and the soft humming of a familiar tune lulling her to sleep.
Azriel reached out for his shadows, the ash arrows had dulled his power, but he could still feel them enough to know that he would be able to get them back home in the morning. Rhys and Feyre would still be at the River House and no one would be there to ask questions or demand answers.
He rubbed his hand over Elain’s back, feeling her shivering against him. His heart ached and his rage flared at the thought of her being shot with those arrows. She had seen it and rushed in anyway to warn him. His worst fear, the worst possible outcome of their game had almost come to pass. He’d been careless and she had almost paid the price. He should end things now, to keep her safe, he should push her away, but he couldn’t bring himself to lie to her, to hurt her, to ignore the fire they’d been building together for all this time. Eventually, he finally let sleep take him, draping his arm over her, smiling as he felt her arm drape across him.
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ladeaeveld · 7 days ago
Notes on Tevinter Nights
I finished reading Tevinter Nights not so long ago, so here is an overview of what is happening in Thedas. There is probably nothing particularly new since I'm a bit late to the party. However, I find such overviews convenient to refresh my memory when needed. Perhaps it will be useful to someone else!
This overview was meant to be short, but there were so many interesting details... now, it is huge.
Also, since I’ve read the translated version, any help with wording clarifications is greatly appreciated!
The post is under a cut due to Tevinter Nights spoilers (and length).
Global events
- There is a war between the Qunari and Tevinter.
- Three branches of the Qun do not agree with each other. The Antaam, the military branch of the Qun, attacked Ventus and continued the invasion without the permission of the other two. It results in faster progress of the invasion as the other two branches were a moderating influence on the Antaam. The Ben-Hassrath holds a neutral position.
- In Tevinter, the Venatori are still a problem.
- Smaller countries like Rivain and Antiva are under serious threat of the Qunari’s invasion.
- The heads of the Antivan Crows, eight Talons, held a meeting to join their forces, protect Antiva, and withstand the Qunari's invasion. The meeting was disrupted, and four out of eight Talons were murdered. New heads of the Crows will be chosen soon.
- The king of Nevarra is on the brink of death. The Mortalitasi, who have always had great power in Nevarra, continue to interfere in politics.
- All the Grey Wardens were summoned to Weisshaupt.
- We were introduced to a considerable amount of characters from the guild of treasure hunters, the Lords of Fortune.
- Regarding the Inquisition, little is known. All external issues of the organization seem to be handled by Varric Tethras. He gives quests, monitors their implementation, hires new people.
- One of the Executors, or ‘those across the sea’, showed up in the flesh. Solas said they are particularly dangerous and cautioned against interacting with them.
- By now, many have heard rumours of the Fen’Harel’s cult.
- A demon or something far worse is imprisoned under Minrathous. With the help of the Venatori, it is now unsealed (will probably be sealed again later). Yet, to awake it, some blood-magic ritual must be performed.
- The creature was sealed with eight blood-bonded enchanted clay disks. They showed a long and thin four-winged dragon rising from the dark waters.
- It is said that ‘demon’ is not the best word to describe this creature. It is something ancient and mighty, unnamed, something that will subject to god only.
- This ‘demon’ was a part of Corypheus’ plan of making Tevinter great again. According to this plan, Minrathous was to become the cradle of the new world. If Minrathous had not surrendered to Corypheus, the ‘demon’ would have left the city no choice.
- Most of the population of Minrathous could have perished as a result of this creature awakening.
- Enchanted predators and monsters resulting from magical experiments seem to be common in Minrathous.
Tumblr media
Elven experiments
- In Nevarra, under a mountain with three asymmetric peaks wrapped around each other, there is a dwarven thaig. This thaig is called Hormak, and it was lost to the darkspawn hundreds of years ago.
- In Hormak, Grey Wardens have found elven halls, where experiments on living were conducted. And it is quite lively in these halls now.
- There is a huge pool with a greyish fluid that reeks of brine. It creates hybrids.
- There were different types of hybrids: darkspawn with other darkspawn, animals with other animals, darkspawn with animals, and even a centipede and a Grey Warden hybrid.
- When a hurlock stepped in the greyish fluid, it was enveloped and then transformed into a drake and a hurlock hybrid.
- The transformed Grey Warden said that the fluid affects ‘them’ (sentient races?) differently. To be transformed, it is not enough to touch it. The fluid should get inside the body.
- All over the place were large repetitive bas-reliefs depicting ancient elven. There were three types of them. The first one showed majestic elven kings and queens with reverent supplicants. The second one showed elven mages healing sick. The third showed big aravels, drawn by herds of hallas, going to distant mountains (one of the mountains had three peaks wrapped around each other).
- Later, those bas-reliefs were described differently. On the first one, elven rulers were arrogant and despised their subjects, who seemed to be in great terror. On the second one, mages weren’t healing sick, but on the contrary, they were injecting corruption into bodies. On the third, a halla had a strange rounded body and very long and ridged horns, and an aravel had bars on its windows, which made it look like a cage.
- Somewhere at the entrance of the halls was one more type of repetitive bas-reliefs. It showed three figures: a supplicant, a priestess, and a monster. On each subsequent bas-relief, a supplicant and a monster were different, while the priestess remained the same. It seemed that with each subsequent bas-relief, her grin grew wider.
- The experiments are directed by some will, which is referred to as a female. ‘She’ is not yet there, ‘they’ are waiting for ‘her’.
- Symbols of horns of a halla are present on each column in the halls.
- According to bas-reliefs, there are twelve such places in total.
Tumblr media
The Inquisition members and allies
For completeness, this part should have included information from the comic, but I tried to avoid that.
- According to Tevinter Nights, Varric and Charter remained in the ranks of the Inquisition.
- Charter mentions her lover, Tessa.
- Vaea and ser Aaron show up but without a clear relation to the Inquisition.
- There are two mages, Vadis and Irian, who saved a peaceful Qunari settlement called Kont-aar from an agent of Fen'Harel, thus keeping the chance of subtle peace between the Ben-Hassrath and Tevinter. The Ben-Hassrath returned the favour by directing said mages to Kirkwall, to a certain dwarf, where they intend to go after seeing Val Royeaux.
- Sutherland and Company are still loyal to the ideals of the Inquisition.
- Quentin Calla, who was a bearer of the enchanted clay disk for a while, provided the Inquisition with some information.
- Philliam, a Bard!, (formerly) Sister Laudine, and Brother Ferdinand Genitivi, with the help of the Lord of the Fortune, Mateo, accepted and completed the quest from the Inquisition.
Tumblr media
Fen’Harel and the red lyrium idol
- The red lyrium idol's adventures ended. It is now in Solas' hands, or at least he says so.
- There are three descriptions of the red lyrium idol's appearance. The first one, made by the dwarf, the Carta assassin: two figures, too thin to be dwarves, caressing each other. The second one, by Mortalitasi: two lovers or a god mourning the sacrifice. The third, by Solas: crowned figure comforting another one. (Note: I remind you these are not exact quotes but a translation of the translation, and nuances might have been lost.)
- Some qualities of the idol: red lyrium weighs more than the usual one; the idol is liquid inside; it reacts to other lyrium.
- The idol created or revealed a ritual blade.
- Solas calls the idol his.
- The Mortalitasi recounted the events in the Fade in which Solas took a form of a giant wolf the size of a high dragon. He had burning eyes like those of a pride demon and wings of fire which later resolved themselves into lesser demons. The Fade is called his natural home, and it is said spirits serve him gladly.
- Solas pays special attention to the actions of the Inquisition.
- Members of Fen'Harel's cult would rather die than be captured.
- The ritual the Dread Wolf performs already affects the Fade.
Tumblr media
Random interesting facts
- The Qunari slowly cut down a part of the Arlathan Forest.
- The Ben-Hassrath are said to know the most about Solas’ actions.
- Among four killed Talons was Giuli Arainai, Eighth Talon, and this might be a good time for Zevran to show up somehow.
- There was a lyrium crystal that produced a light with shades of green and yellow in Hormak.
- Dorian no longer has slaves, only hired labourers.
- Josephine sent Dorian some good Antivan wine. :)
- Vaea now possesses a healing artefact, which seems to be able to heal anything except death.
- There is an example of a dwarven metal prosthetic of a leg, which does not seem to restrict movement in any way.
Since I’ve read Tevinter Nights after the last Dragon Age Day... - Evka became a Grey Warden and did rescue the next one!
- The hunger demon that turned a person into a werewolf in the village called Eichweill was not completely defeated.
- It seems those elven artefacts do strengthen the Veil, after all.
- The Randy Dowager is Ferdinand Genitivi. Five scarves fluttered in shock out of five.
This is all for Tevinter Nights for now. I did not include plenty of curious facts, probably enough for another post. I hope you enjoyed it anyway!
If you have any corrections regarding facts, or grammar, etc., don’t hesitate to DM me! Or you may leave a comment in my ask box if you want to stay anonymous.
Thank you for the attention, and have a nice day!
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dcbbw · 10 days ago
Runaway (#TRRAW Day 6)
Tumblr media
This story is my submission for Day 6 (side characters) of #TRR Appreciation Week, and I owe @trraw​ the biggest apology. Not only am I incredibly late posting this, I have four more to write and they will ALL be out of order.
I have set this story within my Secrets of Cordonia AU (kind of).
THANK YOU to all who laid eyes on this fic! Your encouragement and reassurances mean the world to me.
To all who will read this, THANK YOU for your time, energy, and effort. I hope you like it.
Please excuse any and all typos, missing/extraneous words, and/or grammatical errors.
All characters belong to Pixelberry.
Song Inspiration: Secrets and Lies, Ruelle:
Word Count: 3,380
Ana De Luca stalked into her office located within the Trend/CBC building in the Capitol’s downtown district; she flung her arm out behind her to slam her door, but Donnie Brine’s shoe prevented the door from closing completely.
“Ana, what are you so upset about?” Donnie demanded as he followed his colleague inside. “This could be our big break!”
The world-famous fashion designer and editor-in-chief of Trend magazine fell heavily into her rolling desk chair; her pale-blonde hair lay against rich leather while her eyes peered at Donnie through the lenses of her red-framed designer shades.
“An exposé about a long-forgotten Queen is hardly what I would term a big break, Don! If it can even be called that. The woman ran away, never to be seen again and was declared dead seven years later.”
“THIS could elevate us from paparazzi to investigative journalists!” Donnie argued.
“I am NOT paparazzi! I am renowned, respected, and my magazine is read in every household in Cordonia,” Ana corrected as she pulled herself up to her desk.
“You’re a celebrity chaser who sews dresses and pushes a monthly coffee table ornament,” Donnie retorted as he rummaged in her mini refrigerator for lemon seltzer. “C’mon, Ana … aren’t you curious? Like, did she have any friends?”
Queen Laura stood in the East Wing’s ballroom, surrounded by her friends Annabelle Beaumont and Joelle Theron. Joelle held a nearly full wineglass in one hand; the other went from one woman’s burgeoning belly to the other’s.
“I think you two are in a competition of sorts,” she joked.
“Ahhh, but only one will be Crown Prince,” Laura crowed, rubbing her belly protectively.
“Do either of you have names for the children?” Joelle inquired as she set her glass on a nearby table.
The Queen shook her head. “Constantine and I have yet to discuss that.”
Annabelle looked at her friend curiously. “What is he waiting for? Barthelemy and I have decided upon Bertrand if it’s a boy, and Miranda if it’s a girl.”
“Bertrand?” Joelle scoffed before sinking to her knees, palms pressed firmly together just beneath her chin. She rolled her eyes heavenward as she pleaded, “PLEASE let it be a girl. PLEASE let it be a girl.”
The ladies laughed merrily at Joelle’s antics; Laura looked around the room, her eyes landing on the King. He was at the bar, speaking with Barthelemy Beaumont and Hakim Theron.
And Lucretia Nevrakis.
The redhead was listening intently, her fingers resting lightly atop her monarch’s shirtsleeve.
The Queen turned her head swiftly, murmuring she was going to see what delicacies the buffet table had to offer. The two Duchesses saw Lucretia as well; they nodded their heads in understanding and followed their friend to the buffet station.
As Laura filled her plate, her eyes glanced over at the bar again; her husband and his mistress were gone.
“No one cares if she had friends or not, Donnie! Queen Laura is a deeply buried footnote in Cordonian history.”
“I wonder if she was happy,” Donnie mused, ignoring Ana’s statement.
Queen Laura lay in her hospital bed, her body still vaguely achy and her face drenched in perspiration. Her head was tilted down, staring at her newly born son: Blonde hair so pale it looked white, just like hers. Eyes that were a light blue/gray mix. Just like hers.
He had his father’s nose and mouth.
Laura’s eyes were wide as she fawned over the Crown Prince’s perfection; a smile graced her lips as she counted his fingers and toes. The small bundle in her arms began to stir and fuss, and she pulled the sheets down to expose a swollen breast; the infant latched quickly.
“Look at him, Constantine. Look at our son,” she encouraged in a whisper while her eyes stayed locked on the baby’s face.
The King looked up from the magazine he was reading, his expression bored. “I’ve seen babies before.”
Laura looked up at his words, her expression stricken. She had hoped that with an heir, her marriage would at least become sufferable. “But this is our child and Cordonia’s heir,” she protested softly.
With a sigh, Constantine rose from the couch and walked over to the hospital bed. He gave the child in his wife’s arms a cursory glance before meeting Queen’s eyes. “You and the boy will stay here for the next 72 hours; there will be a public announcement one week from today. I will see you then.”
And the King left the room, leaving the door open as he did so.
Laura’s chin quivered; she blinked rapidly in an attempt to hold her tears at bay.
“His name is Leopold. Leopold Alexander,” she spoke quietly to the room. Her eyes fell back down to her hours-old son, and the smile that lifted her lips was small and sad, but genuine.
“Of course she wasn’t happy, Donnie! Happy people don’t leave,” Ana said irritably as she stared out her fifth-floor window. “And doubtful the King was happy either; there is no portrait of her anywhere, no mention of her in Cordonian history books.”
Ana stood, her white silk pantsuit fitting her svelte, trim figure just a tad too tightly. The wide-legged pants swirled about her strappy, ivory-colored, peau-de-soie heels as she paced her office. The glance she threw Donnie Brine was contemptuous behind her sunshades.
Donnie settled back in his chair, his hands interlocked behind his head. “This isn’t like you, Ana,” he said gently. “You’re always the one looking for the story no one else has touched. And this is a request from King Liam himself. Don’t you want to know what happened to Queen Laura? What made her leave the fairytale?”
Queen Laura quietly shut the door to Leo’s door. Her son had fallen asleep in the middle of his bedtime story, which had been a surprise to his mother. At four years of age, Leo was an inquisitive and energetic child; normally Laura had to bribe him with promises of his favorite breakfast and toys to get the Crown Prince to go to sleep.
With a sigh, she walked the carpeted hall to the bedroom she still shared with Constantine. When she arrived home from the hospital with Leo years ago, she suggested separate chambers, but the King was adamant about presenting the façade of a happy marriage. He had even stopped making public appearances with Lady Lucretia, but the affair was most decidedly not over.
Laura nearly bumped into her husband when she stepped through the doorway. He scowled at her. “Move out of my way, woman!” he ordered curtly.
Taken off guard, Laura did a stumbling sidestep, giving the King some leeway. “Where are you going?” she asked curiously.
Constantine rolled his eyes. “Lucretia is in the East Wing; I’ll be there for the duration of her visit, and I expect no interruptions.”
“NO! I will not stand for THAT!” Laura angrily stamped her foot. “You have a son now! You have a FAMILY! You will NOT lay with that WHORE under MY ROOF!”
The sound of Constantine’s palm smacking Laura’s cheek was deafening, the silence afterwards even more so.
“You will not call ANY woman I lay with a whore. EVER!” the King hissed.
Laura pressed a palm against her reddened cheek; her free hand reached out. Her nails were like talons as they dug into Constantine’s cheek; she dragged her hand downward, strips of his flesh catching beneath her nails.
The King howled in pain as he violently pushed his wife away; one of her feet tripped over the other, and she fell onto the floor. She looked up at Constantine, her expression both fearful and defiant. His face dark and twisted with rage, Constantine drew his leg back as if to kick Laura, but he didn’t. Instead, he squatted so he was eye level with the Queen. The scratches on his face were deep and bleeding.
“I will take care of you when I return, and not even God Himself will be able to help you.”
His tone was menacing, his eyes flat. Laura felt fear settle in the pit of her stomach, cold and heavy. She had no doubt Constantine would follow through on his threat; her husband was a man who removed obstacles that prevented him from getting what he wanted.
Rumor had it he was a commoner’s bastard who had killed his half-brother, the true Prince of Cordonia, to ascend to the throne.
The Queen knew their marriage wasn’t one based upon love and trust. Laura had been a means to an end when Constantine’s first choice for Queen rejected his advances in favor of Duke Godfrey of Karlington.
And now that Laura had fulfilled her duty by giving Constantine an heir, she truly was disposable.
By any means possible.
Laura had to leave.
When the door slammed shut behind him, the Queen scrambled to her feet. She didn’t know if she had two hours or two weeks, but she had to go. NOW.
She ran to the wall safe, turning the knob swiftly from left to right until she heard the tell-tale click; she yanked the door open, her hands grasping at priceless jewelry and stacks of banded money. She already knew where she would go: her twin sister, Liselle, had left Cordonia for America shortly after the royal wedding. Liselle had moved to California, changed her name, and was working in Hollywood.
Laura ran to her closet and grabbed a purse, stuffing her passport and the confiscated bounty into it. She pulled open a drawer, pawing through clothing and fabric to grab a photograph, which she also shoved into her purse. The Queen quickly glanced at the clothing in her closet and decided to leave it all behind. She had money and was an excellent seamstress; she wouldn’t be naked in America.  She ran out of the closet, quietly shut the door to the bedroom, and raced into Leo’s room.
She stopped short when she reached his bed; her son was sleeping peacefully, his body turned so when he awoke, he would see his favorite picture of him and his mother on his nightstand. The moonlight shone upon his cherubic face, and Laura had to strangle the sob flowing from her mouth.
The Queen could not take her son with her. It would be a death sentence for her, that was certain.
But how could she leave behind the most important part of herself?
The Queen sank to her knees, tears silently flowing down her cheeks; her hands and fingers combed through Leo’s hair and ghosted the contours of his cheekbone and jawline. Her eyes stared over all of his features, committing each one to memory.
“I love you so much, my sweet boy,” she whispered into his ear as she leaned over to pepper his sleep-warmed cheek with kisses.
Leo stirred slightly, a small smile on his lips. “Mama,” he breathed contentedly.
Laura stood, and hurried out of the room, trying to convince herself she was keeping them safe, and she could do more good alive than dead.
“King Connie was an asshole! There’s probably countless reasons the Queen ran off,” Ana raged as she sipped cool water from its plastic bottle. She noticed her hand was trembling slightly; she wondered if Donnie could see it.
“When he was questioned about her disappearance, he said the trash took itself out.”
Donnie raised an eyebrow as he let out a low whistle. “Really? I heard he was cold, but …” He shook his head. “Damn, bruh.”
“I just don’t think it’s a story we should be doing,” Ana said in a coaxing tone. “There’s no information on the Queen, and Leo has since abdicated. The Crown has a lot of secrets, and King Liam needs to realize that transparency in a monarchy is not always a good thing.”
Ana De Luca stepped off the plane and into Cordonia International Airport. She glanced around, searching for an exit. The Hollywood columnist and budding fashion designer had accepted an offer to launch her own magazine which she didn’t yet have a name for.
She knew she wanted it to be about gossip, fashion, and movers and shakers, both international and local. It would be a periodical that touched on all things trending.
Ana insisted that the magazine be headquartered in Cordonia, and that Donnie Brine, a member of the paparazzi the sisters often called upon for consultation, come with her. She had her reasons for both. She also had plans to revive her fashion career which had not fared well in the States, but that was a project for another day.
When Ana De Luca teamed up with her twin sister Stacy in Hollywood fifteen years ago, the two quickly became a force to be reckoned with. There were rumors the two were European nobility which helped open doors for them that remained closed for others.
A weekly column where the two sisters debated the gossip of the week became a daily feature syndicated in major markets; that led to a podcast called The De Luca Diaries. Their slogan was: Gossip is better when it’s repeated.
Where her sister Stacy was abrasive and fed the rumor mill, Ana was gentle; she drew the person’s story out slowly, precisely. She used any tactic necessary to get to the truth of the matter. Everyone trusted her, even when they knew they shouldn’t.
In addition to her journalistic skills, Ana was also adept behind a camera. Her photographs had been praised as masterful and understated, and soon all of Hollywood was clamoring for Ana to take their picture.
And now Europe wanted her as well.
She strode to the car rental counter, giving her name. The clerk smiled as he took her credit card before giving her directions to pick up her vehicle. Crossing the asphalt parking lot, the wind blew through her bobbed, light-blonde hair. As her fingers combed through the short locks, she remembered a time when it was longer.
A lifetime ago.
The glare of the sun reflected off the designer sunshades she wore constantly in both public and private. Once upon a time, she had good reason to keep her face covered; now it had become her trademark.
Ana mulled what she wanted showcased in her magazine’s debut issue as she tossed luggage into the vehicle’s back seat, and realized it was a no-brainer.
An interview with the Cordonian Crown Prince, Leopold Alexander Rys.
Ana was once again seated at her desk after preparing a plate of sliced pears and creamed cheese, her favorite snack.  She slathered the cheese onto a slice of fruit and took a bite before her index finger circled over the plated snack. “You want some?” she asked Donnie.
Donnie shook his head. “I don’t eat such things, at least not together,” he teased.
He chewed thoughtfully on one of his thumbnails. “Ana, level with me … why are you so against us doing this story? You’ve interviewed Leo before. You’ve done pieces on the royal family before. You’ve reported on the social season. Why not do this piece?”
Ana De Luca looked around the Crown Prince’s study appraisingly. She looked over walls topped by gilded crown molding and covered with portraits and photographs; there were diplomas from Cordonia Preparatory School and University of Cambridge.
Her eyes took in the pictures that told the story of his life; she noticed that there were no pictures of his mother hanging on the wall.
The journalist wandered slowly around the oversized, expensively appointed room: She stared out the bay window at a hedge maze; she looked over the bookcase behind the massive desk. In between books on governance and international politics were sandwiched Sherlock Holmes novels. She glanced behind her and saw a framed photograph of the Crown Prince when he was a young boy, perhaps no more than four years of age.
He was facing the camera: His eyes crinkled with happiness, and a shy smile was on his lips. A woman held him on her lap, only the light blonde of her hair visible; her face was nestled into his pink cheek. Ana stared at the picture, her hand reaching out to lift it when the study door opened.
“Please, make yourself at home,” the Crown Prince joked; in his hand he held a plate.
Ana flushed. “I’m sorry, I was just … looking around.” She scurried from around the desk to curtsy before the monarch.
“No harm,” Leo flashed her a bright smile. “And for heaven’s sake, don’t bombard me with protocol. No more curtsying, please.”
Ana nodded, her eyes covertly taking in the Prince’s tall, muscular frame and high cheekbones; his eyes that easily changed from blue to gray, depending on the lighting, and his blonde hair that was almost platinum in the sunlight. His fingers, curled around the edge of the plate, were long and slender.
Leo took a seat in the chair behind the desk, placing his plate in front of him before handing Ana the framed picture. “It’s the only photo I have of my mother, Queen Laura. When she … disappeared, my father made sure to remove every trace of her. I hid this for years. Now that he’s on wife number three, he no longer gives a shit.”
Ana took the proffered picture. “You can’t see her face,” she commented softly.
Leo’s expression clouded. “She was telling me she loved me,” he whispered in a cracked voice. “And then I woke up one morning and she was gone.”
Quiet for a few moments before Leo flashed another smile. “Where are my manners? I brought a snack because I missed lunch, and there’s enough to share.”
He lifted the plate to show the reporter sliced pears and creamed cheese. Ana’s eyes widened. “You … you eat … that?”
Leo laughed. “I rather enjoy it in spells.  And I’ll take your response as a ‘no’.”
He settled back in his chair. “So, I’m your first interview for your magazine. Trend, is it? What do you want to know?”
Ana pulled out pad and pen from her purse. “Everything.”
Ana chewed thoughtfully on her fruit and cheese as she studied her colleague. “Donnie, how long have we been a team?”
Donnie was perusing a restaurant’s online menu. “What do you think about pizza and pasta? It could be a late lunch or early dinner.” His eyes lifted from his phone to stare into the lenses of Ana’s sunglasses. “Why’d you ask that?”
“I want to share something with you, but not sure if I can.”
Donnie tossed his phone onto the sofa cushion beside him. He leaned forward, his hands spread flat against his thighs, his eyes fixed on Ana’s face. “We’ve been together nearly twenty years, and I haven’t betrayed a confidence yet. I never would.”
Ana nodded briefly. She was conflicted; she had sworn never to tell anyone, but Donnie was like a dog with a bone regarding this assignment. Perhaps the truth would get him to drop the subject.
Slowly, her hand rose to remove her sunshades. Donnie would be the first person, outside of herself and Stacy, to see Ana’s full face in almost 20 years.
Donnie watched Ana carefully, his eyes widening at seeing her remove her glasses. Her skin was flawless porcelain, her cheekbones high and almost classical in structure. Her eyes were a bluish-gray and naggingly familiar to him.
Ana ducked her head as she pulled open a drawer to pull out her purse; she dug through its contents until her fingers grasped an old photograph, now laminated to both protect and preserve it; she passed it to Donnie.
Donnie’s lips pursed before falling open; his eyes filled with disbelief as they darted between Ana and the people in the picture.
In the photograph was a younger Ana De Luca wearing the Queen’s crown, staring regally into the camera. A small boy with her hair and eyes had his arms wrapped around her leg as he grinned up at her.
The boy was definitely the former Crown Prince.
That meant …
“Holy SHIT! It’s … it’s YOU!” Donnie finally breathed out. “You’re …”
“Queen Laura, “Ana confirmed before placing the shades back over her eyes.
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Rules: Post the file names of all of the files in your WIP folder regardless of how non-descriptive or ridiculous the name. Then tag as many people as you have WIPs.
Send me an ask with the title(s) that intrigue you the most and I will tell you something about it!
Tagged by: @rochelle-echidna
(It says “all of the files in your WIP folder. It doesn’t say fanfics specifically, so I’m just listing all the files in my WIP folder that haven’t been published somewhere as long as they’re mine--not calling out my friends’ wips that I’ve beta’ed lol)
Shadows of Sable and Indigo (need a better title)
Ice pick Sanctuary 
King of Thieves (series)
Only Human After All
Bet Your Bottom Dollar
Master Thief: third times the charm
Balance (possible zine fic)
Beneath the Blackberry Bramble
Western AU
Steal the Jewels from my skin and a kiss from my lips
A fanfic in the Woods
Point of View
From Darkness Returned: Lost Chapters
When He Fell In Love (chapters 1-8 as different docs, but I’m not posting them individually lol)
Stained Glass Window (1-4 as different docs)
The Hunters
A Sweet, Good Death
Good Death outline
Golden Chalice and Seventh Seal (docs 1-7)
dragon fic
dragon notes
Foam and Brine
Shopping Carts In the Alley
a concept
Kul Elna outline
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Tumblr media
when comes the dawn ; the vi drochona dynasty
the imperial family ; the vi Aetiers
Since the founding of the Aetierian Empire by Kaelstansa the Great, officially there has only ever been one family, one dynasty, the ruled over Aetier. Those bearing the surname vi Aetier (literally meaning "of Aetier") have since then become synonymous with the empire, and the empire synonymous with the imperial family. That does not mean however that there were not sub-dynasties within the empire. Families who, by their own good fortune and the ill fortune of others, found themselves seated on the Phoenix throne with the right to take the vi Aetier names for themselves.
ascendance of the drochonan dynasty ;
When Emperor Alexios V died of an illness and left no blood heirs to assume his throne, the short-lived and tragic Arkadian dynasy came to an end. Ascending the phoenix throne in its place are the vi Drochonas—first cousins once removed—whose reigns are as bloody as they are prosperous.
Below is a partial list of all known members of the Drochonan dynasty since Empress Saphynia's coronation.
The younger of the vi Drochona twins and the one who assumed the crown upon her coming of age at eighteen. Her reign saw the end of the Cal-Aei war and the expansion of the Aetierian Empire, brining victory to the empire after almost half a century of gruelling losses. Her sexuality gained her the criticism of her advisors and the nobility, as her adamant refusal to take a male consort sprung up questions of heirs. A problem easily remedied when she adopted her brother’s son.
The elder of the vi Drochona twins and the duke of Rubello, the seat of the vi Drochonans. He famously refused to the crown in favor of his twin sister citing that the crown was ‘too much work’ and would drive him to an early grave. This did not stop him, however, from being one of Empress Saphynia’s most trusted advisors and he had even ruled as regent for long stretches of time in his sister’s absence.
Kareo’s son and Saphynia’s appointed heir. His reigns saw relative prosperity, though it is during his time that Aetier declined its expansion eastward towards the Taulan Plains. Their efforts stymied by the rising power of the Iskaavar and the threat of the unification of the numerous Taulan tribes. He is most known for his numerous children and was killed by his fifth son, Dantalion I.
The first child of Karleon III and his first wife Empress Meidira of Aranthia. She was praised for her brilliance in numerous subjects such as history, science, theology, literature, and military tactics. She was named reilma-imperessa but perished from an undisclosed illness, though there are rumors that foul play was involved.
The second child of Karleon III with consort Silvia. The blood-sibling of Astaria vi Aetier. He was confirmed as the next reilma-imperessor a decade after Areiona’s death and was the first of Karleon’s children to die in the King’s Game.
The third child of Karleon III with consort Silvia. The blood-sibling of Astaria vi Aetier. She was Dantalion’s main contender for the crown, with their feud lasting six years as she fought for her crown and revenge for her family. She died at the Siege of Konstantinye, marking the end of the King’s Game. Astaria only had one child, though it is rumored to have died during the Siege.
The fifth child of Karleon III with consort Ruona. The blood-sibling of Andras vi Aetier. He was Astaria’s main contender for the crown. He was sent as a political hostage to the Iskavaar atthe age of 10 and would not see his homeland for more than seven years. He distinguished himself in the military with the reclamation of the Islands of Cer and his nigh prodigious control of arcana. He is known by many epithets, including “Areia-blessed” “favri deori” “the Lionheart” and most famously “the Kinslayer” for the assassination of his father and his many siblings.
The seventh child of Karleon III with consort Ruona. The blood-sibling of Dantalion vi Aetier and the current Duke of Rubello. He is the only one of Dantalion’s siblings (sans those who married into other kingdoms) that survived the King’s Games. He helped Dantalion secure strategic victories during the King’s Games and often acted as his brother’s representative in gaining supporters.
The first child of Dantalion I with his first wife, the once-empress Titania of Taul. What was supposed to be the herald of a new age and a source of stability for his reign turned into an ill omen. Adeadborne, she grew up far from the eyes of court in the dukedom of Isidore.
The second child of Dantalion I with his second wife the consort-premier Illysandre vi Soresi. Beloved amongst many, he is expected to take up his father’s mantle as the next emperor of Aetier. He is known as the gentlest of the vi Aetiers.
credits ;
+ psd coloring by @/mikrokosmosresources
+ psd coloring by @/aeslayout
+ gif overlay by @/texturegifs
+ graphic style inspiration @/serpentarii
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Zeno Head-canon Time!
Zeno seems to have been getting more tense during the most recent arcs - everyone has, understandably, as the stakes having been getting higher, his brothers and Miss have been placed in greater danger several times, and as a man pushing 2017 years, he’s probably just overall exhausted.
But I have a head canon that there is an additional layer to his frustration - and it is that, for him, history is repeating itself.
Let me elaborate (ramble)...
I believe, at his core, Zeno is someone who wants most to help others. When he was approached by Ouryuu to become a dragon warrior, he didn’t hesitate to agree (even though he stated himself that he was no warrior or veteran) because he wanted the chance to make people happy.
Tumblr media
So, being unable to help his fellow brothers and his king on the battlefield would have been incredibly frustrating. He did not have any knowledge of weapons or fighting, but would do what he could, even if it was just serving as a few additional layers of flesh and blood between any danger and the people he cared about.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was understandable that the others wouldn’t want him in harm’s way, given that he was a weakling, but he still wanted to help.
But then he found out about his powers, and while they didn’t make him a strong warrior, healing faster would mean that the king and his brothers would be fine with him on the battlefield, right? Right?
He could be useful!
Tumblr media
But somehow, despite more capable than ever of being a reliable human shield, Hiryuu forbade Zeno from shielding him. The king meant it to protect the Yellow Dragon, but his ways of trying to protect him just meant that Ouryuu Zeno had to discover the traumatizing truth on his own, alone.
And he also had a long, long time to stew on his own immortality and perceived disgusting “monstrousness” without someone else to temper it. His self-worth pickles in a brine of self-disgust, frustration, and depression for two thousand years.
But then, he sees the red star, and things start to click back into place.
Upon meeting his new master and her companions, he’s content to settle into his role as the new guy and the shield holder who apparently has no battle skills whatsoever. He had a long time to see how people reacted to his powers, and probably was none too eager to see their reactions - and it wouldn’t change anything in the long run. Meanwhile, he could protect them like he was supposed to.
Tumblr media
And then the battle with Kai happens, and the truth comes out. Everyone sees the bloody, gory truth for themselves.
Tumblr media
So...everyone knows his power. Everyone now knows that he is more than capable of being a shield for his master, and for everyone.
But once again, despite this information, NO ONE IS LETTING HIM DO IT.
It was easier to stomach being treating like the youngest sibling when he was the youngest sibling, and no one knew what he could survive. Now, everyone not only knows what his powers are, but who he truly is, and he has years of experience and practice and knowledge of the world based on a long time of observation more than they do.
Tumblr media
So why don’t they think he is capable of being a shield?
Zeno is pretty smart, but I think he’s too blinded by his own low self-esteem (too many years of thinking himself a monster) to realize that everyone knows that he is more than capable in the battlefield - they just hate seeing him get hurt. They have seen it far more often then they can bear to.
I hope that in the oncoming arcs, they delve into this part a little with Zeno’s character - I want him to grow to see that he is not worthless, that he is in fact a person who is worth knowing, worth loving, worthwhile.
Tumblr media
I need to read some HHB shenanigans chapters, my heart hurts for this boy.
Tumblr media
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4/11/21 Loft Notes
Some one help, I am the grounds of a never ending peep parade!
There are peeps playing king of the mountain on me, Nobu alternately asking for nursies and trying to pull my phone down to preen icons, Nettle and Komodore trying to alternately play fight and preen me, Patch and Rogue taking turns posing on my knee, Lucy and Dio trying to run every one else off with pretty much no success...
Chiffon, Tandy, Leela, Cookie, Farthing, Thistle, Angel, Satin, and Sprinks vying for their turn.
Dio and Couture DEMAND I not just support, but full on cradle them with one hand and stroke with the other.
Sprinks, relieved from nest duty by Satin, danced wildly exuberant circles on my head.
The attempts to tread Luxie do not seem to have taken.
Farthing's attempt just now drew Alex, Leonard, Leela, and his own daughter to tread him.
Leonard is now circling Farthing like a horny little shark.
Aaand tread him.
Luxie off in the corner like "Really...?"
He tried to come tread her and Alex is like "Heey~ that ass for me?~"
Holy shit, he finally tread  her!
Then he crouched, and Leonard tread him again.
Legs... Asleep!
So many lap birds!
Finally got up!
I'm so proud of Cherub!
He fled his first clutch Liang-style and used to be terrified of my hand reaching to check peeps.
He has not fled this peep once, before or after it hatched.
And on only day two, his defensive boxing is drastically reduced.
It has been a long day.
Got into a minor wreck running errands.
I'm fine. No one was hurt.
Car still drivable.
The other car barely scratched.
Went as well as such a thing can go.
We earned $0.50 back from Paypal.
Betty's family sent $100.75 to cover his postage.
Brining our PayPal Balance to: $191.99
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planetalkinguk · 24 days ago
Ep 362 ft. Michele - Turning Left for Less
Join Carlos, Matt and Nev for this week's programme. They're joined by special guest Michele from the fantastic website Turning Left for Less.
Michele has over two decades of experience in the travel industry and her passion is brining everyone tips and tricks to help indulge in luxury travel for less. Check out her website at:
In this week's show not one but two aircraft land at the wrong airport, London Gatwick airport ramp up drop off fee's & Singapore Airlines brings out the posh seats on their 737's. In the military the F15EX finally gets named, the Israeli air force debuts its new spy aircraft and Italian Eurofighter Typhoons Scramble To Intercept a US-Registered Beech King Air.
We also pay our respects to the news of the sad passing of His Royal Highness Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh.
Don't forget you can get in touch with us all at : WhatsApp +44 757 22 491 66 Email or comment in our chatroom on YouTube.
Michele's Social Media links are :
Website: Twitter: - @turningleftfor Facebook: - @turningleftforless Instagram: - @turningleftforless YouTube:
Here are the links to the stories we featured this week :
Explanation of terms and conditions from:
More details on the programme can be found here :
Details on the charges can be found here :
Pictures from this story were from :
Our latest episode is now ready for your listening pleasure -->
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