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#Boxer pants for men
coast-clothing-co · a month ago
The Trend of Linen Clothing in Australia
Tumblr media
Guess the fabric that’s light in weight, available in different colors, and most importantly it is organic. Well, you must have got another hint from the title itself. The fabric we will be discussing in this article is Linen. Linen has not always been in the trend. The clothing industry is vast. It’s like an ocean that has no end to it.
Beginning from the 80s and 90s, the quality of Linen you get these days was not the same. That time the fabric was much hard and to remain wrinkle-free, people had to stand still. A slight movement could result in many wrinkles on the dress. After the 90s, this fabric was not much seen in the clothing industry.
People started using household products made of Linen instead of clothes. The included bed sheets, curtains, and all those things that would require a cover of a particular fabric. As we have advanced in every field and industry, the same goes with this Fabric. The quality of fabric you get these days is not the one people got back in the early days.
The current linen fabric is much lighter and hence does not wrinkled easily. Linen is not just about wrinkles. It is perhaps among those fabrics that are best for a sunny season. Their lightweight and the texture of the fabric are among their other qualities that allow people to wear outfits made of this fabric with comfort.
The hype behind Linen Fabric can be contributed to its natural habitat. There is hardly any person on this planet who does not love organic products. Organic products help us establish a relationship with nature, thereby spreading positive vibes all around the place. What is even better than wearing clothes made of organic fabrics?
This is where Linen makes its way into our lives. Right from our bedroom to our body, this Fabric does not fail to amuse us with its all-time fresh and classy look. Here are some of the ideas to wear this fabric in this best way:
Linen is for summers and summers are for light colors. Wear this fabric with soft colors. It would not just enhance your complete outfit but would also make you feel comfortable in sunny or warm weather.
Although Linen clothes come in different patterns. The white color never goes out of fashion. Pair it up with pale denim to complete the outfit.
These days, wrinkles on clothes do not matter. Hence, do not give ironing much focus while adoring this outfit.
Looking to buy a Linen outfit for this summer? Coast clothing is the one-stop destination for all kinds of Linen outfits that come in different colors and patterns.
For more Information about Linen Clothing Australia Please Visit Our Website:
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coast-clothing-co · 2 months ago
Shop Men's Board Shorts Australia -
Australia is indeed a very beautiful country that is famous for its beaches and surrounding landscape as well. However, if you want to integrate with the tone of this country you need to explore the beaches and the coastlines and for that, you need the perfect clothing solutions. You can find your perfect clothing solutions from
Buying them online to get the best deals
These websites offer you the perfect clothing that is suited for you and so that you can get integrated with the overall environment of the place. Board shorts are certainly necessary for a person’s voice looking out to explore their beaches .p particularly in summers when people are not opting out to wear many clothes these boarding shorts that are available in can give you a notion and the perfect solution that you are wanting out.
Buying boarding shorts in Australia
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Delivering network of the company enabling you to get them early
Because of a vast span of delivery network these products are accessible to you sitting around from any part of the world particularly if you are coming from countries like the US, Canada I’m of course throughout the whole country of Australia and New Zealand. Australia is a lovely place to explore the beaches and to get into the mode you need to buy products accordingly and board shorts are certainly one of those products that you need to wear as a clothing accessory on Australian beaches. It not only gives you the perfect clothing solution that we are wanting out for and the perfect Australian summer beach, but it also gives you a great sense of fashion choice. You will love the products and the designs of the boarding shorts that are getting sold on the website.
Lovely design of these shorts
Particularly, these products are famous for the lovely designs and simplistic approach that the designers give to the boarding shorts which make it so much acceptable to the overall public world visiting Australia. Not only this, but you can also wear them for other purposes as well and you can buy them to wear them in doing other activities as well.
For More Information about Summer Coast Clothing Please Visit Our Website:
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garoswife · 8 hours ago
class 1A men & how they fuck
pairings: bakugo, midoriya, kirishima, shoto, iida, denki, & sero x fem!reader
genre: thirst, smut
warnings: twt vids, degradation, praise, spanking, use of “daddy”
minors dni
Tumblr media
Katsuki Bakugo
after coming home from a long day of pro hero work, all he wants is to feel the tightness and warmth of your cunt. after quickly ripping off your clothes he gradually starts his usual rough and brutal pace. getting drunk off of how your gummy walls desperately try and hold onto him with each thrust. he watches how your eyebrows furrow and mouth drop open from seeing his thick cock penetrate your hole. “yeah? you like being fucked like a slut?” he uses his thick fingers to furiously rub your throbbing clit. throwing your juices off of his digits and right onto your face.
Izuku Midoriya
loves to rub his pink tip on your clit before sliding inside of you. he cherishes how his veins glide against the inside of your pussy. enjoying how your cum coats his cock “taking me so well sweetheart.” his praise causes you to clench around him, making him to groan at the action. even though he isn’t plunging into you, the thickness of his dick stretching you open is enough to make you cream all over him.
Ejiro Kirishima
enjoys the sound of skin slapping filling the room. he loves giving your ass a harsh smack as he fucks your needy cunt. can’t keep his hands from roaming all around your body. pulling out of you and watching you rub your ass on his dick makes him smirk. he spanks you for it “such a needy girl are we?” teases your pussy with the tip of his cock until you finally have enough and put him inside yourself.
Shoto Todoroki
feels content with you setting the pace. is mesmerized with how your pussy desperately clings onto his long dick. watching your cum create a white ring around him makes him twitch inside of you. loves the peek he gets of your asshole each time you slide up on him. “enjoying yourself princess?” he likes when you just use his dick just how you like.
Tenya Iida
missionary is his favorite position because he can lean down and hear your beautiful moans and pants directly into his ear. puts your legs on his shoulders so he can get a clear view of your tits bouncing for him. asks you to lay on your side so he can push his fat cock into your hole in a new angle. “your cunt is so addicting fuck.” pulls out just in time to cum all over your ass. loves the view of it tricking down and onto your asshole.
Kaminari Denki
you knew what was coming after you bent over in front of him ass naked. he couldn’t resist sliding down his sweats and boxers to ram into you. he loves to pound into your needy hole causing you to squeak and moan for him. your pretty noises motivate him to go even faster and pull your arm back to push himself as deep into you as possible. “fuckkk doll, you feel so good.” his golden eyes are glued to your ass jiggling against him.
Hanta Sero
pulls your body tightly against him so he can feel your hardened nipples press into his chest. your mind is filled with how his slender cock drags up inside of your pussy. your moans are muffled into his mouth as his lips press and bite onto yours. “my baby missed her daddy huh?” he leaves wet kisses all over your neck and starts to suck on your skin.
Tumblr media
A/N: i’m so obsessed w the vid i used for bakugo’s….
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calgarydl · 16 hours ago
Mike held you in his arms, when Marcus checked the time. “Hey guys, we should feed the baby.Wayne, get his bib.” Wayne appeared, holding the bib, as Mike places you in the high chair.They took turns spoon feeding you, but when Mike took his turn, you slowly started to rub your diaper.They didn’t notice at first, until they noticed the loud crinkling coming from the seat of the highchair. “Holy shit, little baby’s gotta hard on from looking at Mike!!” Marcus laughed, taking a long sip of his beer.Mike stopped feeding you the sweet apple cinnamon baby food, and switched it out for the gross mushed peas and chicken.He kept feeding you, spanking your thighs if you spit it up. “Awww my big babys quite fussy.This is what happens when baby is trying to be naughty.” He stopped feeding you, and you saw Ben and Rick assembling the crib in the living room. “Hey Mike, can we hold him?” They picked you up, and places you on the floor.Ben untaped yourdiaper while Rick whispered something in Mikes ear.Mike walked over to you, placing his boot on your dick.He bent down and started to rub your dick. “You like that little faggot? I bet you wanna cum so bad don’t you? Yeah, all of this talk about diapers and being a baby is getting you so hard isn’t it?” You panted, and begged to cum. “Pwease let me cum Daddy. Pwease. Pwease.” Mike chuckled. “Uh uh boy, call me Sir.” You started to leak precum, when he quickly stopped, flipped you on your back, and held your hands behind your back. “Look at you, a grown man precumming while sitting on a wet diaper.So pathetic.In fact....” He grabbed your wet diaper on the floor, and pushed your face in it! You started to wiggle and plead, but he just spanked you. “Marcus, cage.” He turned you back over, while following Mikes instructions, Marcus gave him a chastity cage and a glass of ice water.He poured the ice water on your dick, making you shriek from the cold.He quickly put the two inch cage on you, locking it and putting it in his pocket.He taped your diaper back up, and put you in the baby bouncer in the kitchen.The five men assembled the furniture, and in a course of four hours, turned your section of the sleeping quarters into a nursery.You were picked up, and placed in the playgym. Mike, Ben, and Rick went to a conference in the city, so it was a day with just Uncle Marcus and Uncle Wayne.Marcus had a bowl of cereal and watched you watch your baby cartoons, and when you turned around, you saw the drops of milks on his abs and the bulge in his boxers.Suddenly, you sat up, whining behind your pacifier. “Uh oh, what happening little one?” Marcus said, his Mexican accent seducing you.He heard the grumble from your stomach, and grinned.He stepped in the playpen, standing behind you, rubbing the front of your diaper. “Aww, the little baby needs to mess.Just release baby.Be my little huggies baby.Please, I saw the pink briefs in your locker.Now mess.” He forced his bulge against your diapered ass, pressing against your lower stomach.You squatted, and messed your diaper against his bulge. “This is all very hot you know.” Wayne said from the doorway, the gray sweatpants making him look even sexier.He walked over, and turned around to get to the kitchen, when you saw the back of his jockstrap.He came back, and got in front of you, smushing your mess with one hand and rubbing Marcus’ boxer bulge with another. “You know, lately I’ve been feeling quite...excited” Wayne grinned, when you remembered his delicious ass from the shower.You whisper into Uncle Waynes ear, “Pwease fuck me Uncie Wayne.” He stopped smushing your diaper.Marcus started rubbing Wayne’s bulge, and pushed you into your knees, forcing you to sit in your huge mess. “Too bad pathetic baby, but if you want, you can watch.”
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calgarydl · 20 hours ago
You’ve been working for this for years.Today is your first day as a firefighter, you walked through the open garage with your duffel bag, containing your uniform, boots, three diapers, your pacifier, and baby powder.”You new here?” asked the captain.He was wearing his pants, boots, and suspenders, with his abs on full display.“Yeah, you got a bathroom?” you asked him.He pointed at the door with “Locker Room” You stopped in your tracks, but told yourself that everything would be fine.As soon as you walked in, you saw in the shower a naked man, his delicious ass facing you.You tripped, alerting the other three men in there.They saw you on the floor, and helped you gather their things, when one of them picked up your diapers. “Excuse me- Matt- are you in diapers?” He chuckled, getting laughs out of the other men, when the man in the shower screamed. “What’s happening?!” The man holding the diaper yelled loudly to him, “THE ROOKIES A WITTLE DIAPER BABY!!!!” The man in the shower roared, and opened his locker with his name on it, Wayne. The man with the diaper, Bryce, opened the door and yelled at the captain, Mike, “AY MIKE COME LOOK AT THIS!! APPARENTLY YOU HIRED A WITTLE BABY!!!” Mike ran in, and saw the diapers on the floor, and you crying, sucking on your thumb, force of habit. “Aww poor baby, are the big boys being mean to you?” He picked you up and bounced you on his knee. “Come on, let’s check our baby.” He set you on the bench, pulled your pants down, and began to rub your soaked diaper. “Looks like we got a super soaker on our hands boys.” One of the men said, his manly boxers hugging his tanned bulge, his name was Marcus. “I can’t take it from here guys, but you can watch.” Marcus took some baby wipes from Wayne’s locker, and started wiping you down.You instantly got rock hard, pulling laughs from the other two men, Ben and Rick.Marcus pulled the soaked diaper from under you, powdered your ass, and wrapped on of the diapers around you, adorned with letters and numbers and bright colors.Mike picked you up, and carried you to the living area upstairs, followed by the other guys.When you went up there, you saw a high hair, disassembled crib, a giant teddy bear, a playgym, a baby bouncer, hundreds of diapers, and a pile of baby toys. “You see boy, we actually hired you for this reason.When you posted on your fetish account that you wanted to be a firefighter, we hired you to be our little cuck.Everyone was so excited for your arrival, Marcus learned how to change diapers, Wayne learned how to prepare a diet for a baby, Ben and Rick always wanted to be daddies to a little boy, and I’ve always wanted a little cuck to humiliate and punish.” (ok ok I can’t help myself, part 2?)
😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 so hot
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slytherco · a day ago
@drarrymicrofic "caught" // nc-17
Harry sheds his sweat-stained clothes as he walks towards the shower. They're crusty and disgusting, and Harry abandons the trail of unsalvageable apparel on the floor like breadcrumbs—shirt, holster, socks, trousers—feeling lighter with every shed item. If he had any strength to spare, he would smile at the blissfully empty communal bathroom.
Sparring sessions have been a nightmare lately, and Harry isn't used to losing, whether it be Quidditch, or duelling, or even war.
Or, in his current quandary, men that he wants.
Auror training is nothing like he had expected—it was supposed to be like that underwhelming flyer had said, join us, it's a boring ministry gig but you might actually help some people if you try hard enough, sign up for the entry program and join the force. Must've been a typo, the 'force' non-capitalised, an unassuming, small-ef force, harmless, like a mild, half-arsed Stinger.
Draco Malfoy entering the room on day one, though, was a different kind of force. Capital-ef, as in Fuck me, he looks like sex on legs.
For a job that consists of filing paperwork and desperately trying to look upstanding for the first few years, the DMLE had greeted them with Hit-Wizard caseloads with all the impetus of a black market Bludger, and that momentum had never really run its course, even after six months into the whole thing.
It's a lot to take—hours of duels so strenuous Harry can barely move by the end of the day, heaps upon heaps of textbooks, law, order, workplace conduct, and they get tested on that, and Harry obediently jots down sexual harassment in a neat script, under the ‘dishonourable discharge offences’ section, and thinks about Malfoy.
Draco Malfoy, sweaty, flushed and downright edible, wearing grey bloody joggers and a damp white t-shirt that might as well not be there at all, sticking to all the curves and crevices Harry wants to graze with his teeth. Draco Malfoy, smiling as he knocks Harry down to the floor, forearm across Harry’s throat, moisture beading in the dip of his cupid’s bow, his weight hot and so real Harry wants to arch into it to show Malfoy how hard he makes him.
Malfoy’s good—smart, athletic, and powerful, every inch the redeemed prodigal son he was rumoured to be and the whole getup gets Harry so feral and relentless during those training sessions it's got him to the top of the class but, tragically, not on top of Draco Malfoy. Or at the bottom, because Harry’s flexible like that.
It was the last spar of the day and the place on the inside of Harry’s thigh still burns where their legs brushed, he can still smell their mingled sweat and Malfoy’s tobacco-mint-clove breath, and Harry’s reaching inside his boxers, and shoves them down past his arse and down to the groud with the other hand.
The water turns on and Harry groans, revels in the slow dissolve of muscle and the sharp, cutting pressure lashing against his skin, and he can’t stop himself, can’t help reaching for his cock, teasing the head with his thumb.
It’s a Friday routine because, evidently, four days is what it takes for his testosterone levels to reach a boiling point, four days of watching Malfoy, of circling, goading, provoking. The fifth day is denouement day, Harry’s personal cadenza of slap, slap, and groan, fuck, it feels so good, harder, faster, he's panting so deeply the steam becomes suffocating, he’s breathless and deaf in the unison murmur of water rushing down his back and blood rushing down to his cock.
Malfoy grunting under him, Malfoy casting with vicious finesse, Malfoy biting his lip as he helps him up. Gods, does he get Harry up.
He’s close, hand rushing up and down in a stuttered rhythm, pleasure mounting as Harry imagines what he would do to Malfoy, what they could do to each other, all these long hours wasted on firing jinxes and curses instead of all the dirty, sinful things they could get up to.
In the next second, Harry’s grabbed from behind; there’s a hand over his mouth before he can make a sound, and another hand sliding down his stomach, going lower. A naked, wet body behind him, a hard cock rubbing at the crease of his arse.
A familiar voice in his ear. “Got you, Potter.”
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droolymutt · a day ago
i want daddy 2 call me a silly little girl, want him to rip off my pants n boxers n force my legs wide open in front of him, my pretty pussy exposed as he laughs, want him 2 tell me that real men dont have cunts, only silly girls that were made to b bred full of cock have such a sweet little cunny. want daddy 2 push his fingers inside of my virgin hole making me take way more than i can but he doesnt care, he just tells me how wet i am, how my body knows that i need a cock filling me up n its not even a few seconds later i feel the tip of his hard cock press into my tight pussy 🥺
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butfirstwine · a day ago
confession time
so last night my brother and i went to his best friend’s house to watch the canelo vs. saunders fight again to just analyze it. we were all drinking and having fun when suddenly my brother’s best friend’s brother came over. you could tell he was already a bit drunk and i’ve been around him plenty of times, while he was drunk or sober, and nothing came out of it. he was just always there, since i could remember but i always thought he was cute, even when i was just a little girl. so we watched the fight, ate, kept drinking and another one of their friends came over. suddenly, my brother and his best friends kept teasing me because i’ve always had a crush on my brother’s best friend’s brother. it was all innocent and playful until suddenly i felt his eyes always on me. mind you, he’s 14 years older than me and recently divorced. he kept standing next to me, shoving me playfully, looking down my blouse and hugging me. i figured, ‘he’s drunk and he’s just teasing me because now he knows i’ve always been into him so whatever.’  around 2:20am he left, but before he left, he came up to me, hugged me and whispered in my ear his condo apartment number, since i know he lives in the same condos as his brother, where we were currently at, but i’ve never actually been at his place or know where exactly it’s at. again, i thought nothing of it until 15 mins after he left, he texted me to come over. i have NO idea how he got my number since i’ve never actually texted him and i forgot to ask how he got it but that’s not important anymore. i asked for his condo number as if i didn’t remember it and i said goodbye to my brother and his friends and left.  when i got to his place, my heart was pounding. literally fucking pounding. i kept overthinking and literally took like 5-10 minutes outside his door, contemplating if i should knock or not. when i finally did, he opened the door and let me in. i walked inside and in the kitchen, there was a bourbon and an empty glass with ice. he had been drinking still before i got there. he got me a glass of wine, asked me to sit on the table with him and he kept teasing me about me crushing on him. i felt like a little school girl around her crush, it was embarrassing. he scooted closer to me and leaned over me and i could smell the alcohol in his breathe and he kissed me. right there. while we sat on the kitchen table. i felt his hand on my cheek and another on my outer thigh. that was it. no turning back. he kissed for what felt like an eternity but must’ve been only 5 minutes or so. then we moved to his living room, and he wouldn’t put down that fucking bourbon bottle and glass. he turned on the tv and talked to me and we discussed the boxing fight and other shit. after his 3rd or 4th glass, he set it down on his carpet, took my hand and led me upstairs. i sat on the edge of his bed while i watched him walk to his bedside table and i kept looking around his bedroom. i could see pictures of him and his kids, that made me kind of uncomfortable because i know these children and a wave of guilt struck me but i was already there and it was too late to back down, not that i wanted to anyway.  he sat next to me and placed the foil packets of condoms next to him and i kissed him. i got on top of him, straddled his legs and kissed him so fucking hungrily. he was laid down on the bed before i knew it, me on top and i started kissing his neck. the sounds coming out of his mouth were angelic and i wanted more. i’m not sure why some men hold back from moaning but i’m grateful he’s not one of them. i lifted his shirt, kissed his tummy down to his hip. i got down on my knees, pulled down his pants and boxers and jfc he was big and hard as fuck. i sucked him off for a while and enjoyed the sounds he made. he never once was rough or pushed me down to take his whole cock, he just so calmly brushed my hair and told me how good i was, etc. he grabbed the condom, opened it, and gave it to me. he scooted further back on the bed and i just took my heels and pants off but kept my blouse on. i sat on him, put on the condom and he stood up on his knees and guided me to lay down on the bed. he spread my legs, got between them and leaned down to kiss him. my heart was pounding even louder than before. he leaned back, guided his cock in me and fucked me so hard. he got off the bed, pulled me back so my ass was on the edge of the bed and continued fucking me. i was a moaning mess. his cock felt so fucking good. he then turned me around doggy style on the bed and fucked me hard. i know i say it all the time with new partners but i mean it this time, best dick i’ve ever fucking had. i felt him pull out, take off his condom and came on my ass cheeks. the fucking sounds he made. holy fuck. music to my ears. when we were done, i laid down on his bed, unsure of what to do whilst he went to clean himself off. then he laid on the bed with me, resting his head on my chest and i was tracing my fingertips on his head/hair and back. less than 5 minutes passed and he was gone, snoring away. i left his place, made sure his front door was locked and walked home. it must’ve been almost 4am. and another wave of guilt hit me when i got home and cried myself to sleep. i’m not sure what came over me but i felt horrible. i felt easy, slutty, disgusted. now that i think about last night, i feel my pussy throbbing and wanting more. i’m a fucking mess. what’s wrong with me??
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mtfstuff · 2 days ago
"Shit. I have to hide somewhere",  I thought. "The cops will be here soon"
I look around the mall, seeing people shopping happily. I pull my backpack even tighter and walk straight forward trying to get myself lost in the crowd of people shopping.
I got myself into this bad situation. Ever since the black market was flooded with the bodysuit serum and other enhancers, crime rate sky-rocketed. I was one of them too. Before I started robbing banks I was an athlete in a circus. Heavily underpaid of course. One day I got my hands on the serum and on a kind of time enhancer. I used both of them on myself and now I can turn everyone I want into a bodysuit. With the Enhancer I can move much faster than every other person and I'm so much more agile. I often turn old men into suits to rob a bank. No one expects them to be a thief but this time I messed up. Someone managed to call the police while I was robbing the bank and now they're following me.
So I walk through the mall, pulling my cap deeper down. I search for an unsecured exit but security is everywhere. But then I see a possible way out. I rush towards the men toilets and look around if no one got suspicious of me. Inside the bathroom I looked around for a new skin. At first I thought I was alone until I heard someone pulling up his pants and flush. I stand in front of the cabin door and prepare to ambush whoever is in the cabin. The lock turns, door opens and a shirtless muscle jock comes out. He looks at me confused and I look confused too but then I remember the sign. The toilets are shared by the mall and the gym next to it.
The jock wants to say something but I push him back into the cabin. He falls onto the closed toilet.
He looks perplexed by the fact that an old man managed to push him back. I close and lock the door behind me.
"What the -", he isnt able to speak any further as I grabbed his nipples to start the transformation.
While his body deflates I'm admiring his godly physique. Big pecs, beautiful abs and great biceps. I admire his handsome face, wild hair and his nice tanned skin.
As he deflates further he's losing his clothes. His shoes and socks slip from his feet and his wallet falls out of his pocket. I lift it up to see who I'll be for the next few days.
Joshua Hunter, 27, resident in San Francisco. Nice.
He deflated completely and I start to strip myself. After that I peel off the old mans skin. I pull it over my head, take my arms out of it and woggle it down my body until I can step out of it.
Joshuas shorts and boxer briefs fell to the ground as I lifted his skin. I stretched his mouth wide and stepped into him. Even though I have an athletic body too, it was impossible for me to fill his skin. I position my legs inside his and pull it up further.y arms enter the bodysuit and I pull it over my shoulders. If anyone would see me right now would think that I was standing here in a way too big, dumb looking muscle suit. As I positioned my dick inside his, mine felt so small in comparison.
Everything arranged I pull his face over mine and the transformation began. The loosely fitting skin starts to fit better as I feel how my muscles grow to his size. It was the first time that I took a body that was buffer than my own and it filled myself with testosterone. My blood was rushing through my body and I got a boner. My cock, still growing in size to Match Joshuas, started to twitch.
I sat down on the toilet as his memories started to flood my brain. I saw his friends, his career as a model, his memories of masturbating himself to sleep and so much more. As I sorted his memories I noticed that the transformation had finished and that my now thick cock was spurting pre-cum. I opened my backpack and put my old skinsuit and clothes on top of the money I stole from the bank. I took Joshuas clothes and put them on. I opened the cabin door and checked myself out in the mirror.
Tumblr media
As I wanted to leave the bathroom 2 officers entered the bathroom.
"Hey you!", one of them shouted.
My heart started beating faster.
My heart started to beat faster.
"Yes, officer. How can I help?", I answered.
"Have you seen an older man, between 55 and 70 years old, coming through here?", the other asked.
"You mean the creepy guy with a backpack who ran through the gym? Yeah, he left tje gym.", I lied.
"Thank you for your help.", one said as they walked through the gym towards the door.
Now I'll go home to test my new body. I'll definitely enjoy the time as Joshua Hunter.
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bestfrndscloset · 4 days ago
Check out this listing I just added to my Poshmark closet: PINK Victoria's Secret Boyfriend Lounge Pants Sz S.
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jujywrites · 4 days ago
Neil/Eva + 26
it’s aliiiiiiveeeeeeeeeeee
leave it to a smutfic challenge to get my butt in gear again!! 1 request down, 19 total to go owo
anyway A Simple Favor is an amazing movie, plz go watch it. and i cannot shut up my brain even when it takes 5 years like
or keep reading
Baby Doll Eyes
That one.
The thought is a klaxon in Eva’s head blaring through the heavy bass of the club. She had come here looking for an Alpha-type to adopt, make him her pet remolding project. It had been a long-standing plan set down to the smallest detail, including how she’d cut him loose once she was done. The signal the scruffy-haired nerd stereotype down the bar was sending her way, however, was a siren call.
Yes, Eva was a planner. But she also always, always followed her instinct.
Do you? Even when that instinct’s telling you “fuck the plan”?
“Abso-fucking-lutely.” She gulped down her second martini and stood up from her plush booth seat. 
Since he had no qualms about staring her down, she stared right back as she made her way over. Ridiculous glasses, but a nicely fitted jacket, sleek-as-fuck pants– the guy clearly had a good tailor. And, okay, money, given how he just took out cash for some extremely top-shelf booze.
Not a complete nerd, then. Probably a trust fund baby. She’d read him wrong.
That only made her more determined.
“What are you having?” she said next to him, just this side of Too Close. Two identical martinis were on the bar.
“This,” he said. He pushed the other one toward her. “Noticed you have similar taste.”
She slammed it back and watched him fumble his drink. Stared openly at his Adam’s Apple while he swallowed. “Perceptive.” Or obsessive.
“So do I get a name for my powers of perception, or do I just call you gorgeous all night?”
Startled into a laugh, she cut it off quickly.
Over the years, she’d learned how to tweak her personality to offset the intimidation her choice of clothing tended to elicit, so she could get certain kinds of men to do certain kinds of things without sacrificing her style. This one, though, had taste. He appreciated sharp women in sharper suits.
She just needed to make him realize how much.
“Eva.” The wolfish grin came easily. So much more easily than the simpering and the doe eyes that she could wield just as deftly. She moved in close, cupped his cheek, savored his stuttered breath as she asked, “You got a name? Maybe you’ll let me try some out on you.”
He didn’t blink. “Neil." 
A card pressed into her palm.
"Come up to 612, and you can call me whatever you want.”
His eyes were green, it turned out.
She didn’t let him undress her, but when he took his glasses off with being asked (told) to she let him pick one thing for her to keep on.
“The tie,” he said, while taking off his slacks.
Two points more, to go with the handful she’d given him so far (this was getting wildly out of hand): one for undressing completely, the other for the interesting choice. Most men wanted her the keep the heels, sometimes gloves when she had them.
Maybe this guy was into breathplay. He sure gave off woman-on-top vibes.
But when she straddled him, stroked his dick through his black boxers, he grabbed her tie then, and pulled her mouth down to his.
She must have frozen for a few seconds too many, because he pulled away just enough to ask if it was okay.
Neil meant something with that kiss. It had been so long since she’d had a kiss with any kind of feeling that the difference was shockingly obvious.
“Pull harder,” was all she said before pulling him back in.
She let him kiss her, kissed him back, while they fucked. He knew how, too, cared about more than just getting himself off. So she wasn’t faking anything, couldn’t, and that scared her but she felt too good to think about it.
His hand found her hip and his breathing turned harsher around the time her belly started growing tight. So she pulled away from his lips, shoved him down onto the bedspread and watched his face as she came with a lip-biting growl, her head thrown back into the pull of her necktie.
He looked at her like he was willing to choke down all her secrets and ask for more. He made her feel things she had never felt, if only for a few seconds: vulnerable. Transparent.
Then he shut his eyes, gasped, and filled her up.
She stayed, after. Another bad sign. But again: instinct. Or something dumber, something primal she’d convinced herself she was in control of.
…It wouldn’t kill her to let go of her analytic mind for a couple hours, but that was a fucking Sisyphean task. So she just looked at Neil and stopped fighting.
He was… pretty, she decided, watching him sleep. And intriguing. They’d barely spoken. 
She had her project.
They went another round that night, and several more for the next three days he was at the hotel. When they talked it was about superficial things (probably because she was too distracted by his mouth. And his dick.). No matter; now that her sights were set, she could take all the time she needed. All the time she wanted.
When was the last time she had wanted something, let alone someone?
When they said goodbye, she kissed him soft and sugary. The genuine smile felt so out of place on her face, but the smile she got back was all that mattered.
She was in so deep, forgetting everything she knew about swimming.
Fuck it. Time to grow wings and learn how to fly.
(And despite all of those warning bells, if Eva had been told, in that moment, that she would marry the man, she’d have laughed until her sides ached.)
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harryandlena · 5 days ago
Neighbors- Summer burns (Pt c4)
Since they weren't going out as much their circle of friends had shrunk. Well, her circle of friends. Outside of Lena he only had three people he considered as friends. There were people he was on friendly terms with but that of course wasn't the same as being actual friends. Only Kieran, Janos and Pete Vargas were within range of his very tiny circle of trusted people. Sarah Niland had been there as well but she had moved out of the city after a nasty break up. Harald found he missed having a feminine perspective to cautiously bounce ideas off from. Pete's boyfriend could occasionally fill that role but was often in varying shades of disgust or despair in regards to the shortcomings of men overall.
August was a grind. Hot, tepid days with no breeze and no rain and no relief in sight. Their air conditioning unit had gone out on the first. Many of the units in the building had failed already back in July. Meaning there was no replacement unit on hand. Mr. Ziniewicz had suggested they pay for a new unit out of pocket and have the landlords reimburse them. Since they planned on moving out inside of the next four years neither Harry nor Lena considered that for even a moment.
So Harald spent most of each day in nothing but boxer shorts. He still sweated but at least it cut down trips to the laundry room in the basement. Before Lena came along he would have, he knew from past experience, been dressed in jeans and a button up shirt even just by himself in the apartment. He wasn't all that comfortable with his body still but he no longer felt that odd shame at showing skin. He still kept a shirt on around anybody besides Lena. There were scars he didn't want to be asked about.
Pete came to call on a Thursday at midmorning. Usually, well, every time ever before that, he had called first. Someone downstairs had either let him in, or more likely the door had been propped open by another tenant, for some reason Harald could never quite fathom. Use your key, buzz someone in. How hard was that?
He was in the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee. The abrupt knocking startled him so much that he dropped the filter scattering freshly ground coffee all over the floor. Well, except for the third or so of it which stuck to his feet and legs. Pete called out his name and that was more unexpected than the knocking. This time of day? This was out of sorts, not within acceptable variations of the routine.
"Pete?" he'd called out and gone to the front door so discombobulated that he forgot he was in nothing but boxers. He checked the peephole. It looked like Pete. Cracked the door with the security chain still fastened. Definitely Pete.
Pete apologized as he was let in. He made no comment about Harald's state of undress. He seemed to pay no attention to the scars displayed on Harald's skin, but then Pete had had an upbringing similar (inasmuch as abuse can be considered similar in a broadly general sense) to Harald's. Pete had scars of his own, most hidden from anyone's sight. They had gotten along well before either knew anything of the other's back story. Pete had a stray dog air to him, scruffy and bedraggled but charming and eager to please. He liked Harald because, in his own words 'you're relaxing to be around.'
"What's going on Pete? You're not at work." Harald said as he used a damp paper towel to get the coffee grounds off his legs (he obviously couldn't put pants on over that mess-besides Pete had seen him as is). "What's wrong?"
"Sorry to fuck your day up." Pete said and ran a hand through his long and somewhat unkempt hair. "I know it's really rude coming here and I'm interrupting your work."
"It's good, don't worry." Harald told him. He looked at the mess on the floor. "Unless you want coffee I'll get this mess later."
"I'm good, thanks."
Harald considered the notion of getting dressed. It was stuffy and hot in the apartment. His friend had an obvious urgent problem and had already seen him. Clothes weren't important. He grabbed a bottle of water from the refrigerator and motioned for Pete to sit wherever he wanted. Pete chose the couch, Harald spun a chair away from the dining table and sat down, somewhat self conscious but worried enough to ignore the discomfort.
"What's going on Pete?"
"Jimmy is HiV positive."
He felt an unusual sensation, or rather series of sensations. Shock, fear for his friend and a sort of vague disbelief that this was actually happening. He had never heard Pete and his boyfriend discuss their intimate lives, anymore than Pete had heard about he and Lena's.
"Have you been practicing safe sex?"
"No." Pete said and looked at Harald with hollow eyes. The poor man looked like he hadn't slept in days. "We both got tested about two years ago when we first got together. We were both negative. So no, we haven't been."
"Damn." he said because he knew exactly what that meant. Jimmy had been cheating on Pete and had been forced to admit that infidelity in probably the worst possible way. "God I'm sorry Pete!"
"He told me two days ago." Pete said and dropped his face into his hands. "I...I took today off. To go get tested. Oh fuck Harry I'm scared! Jimmy tried to apologize! Like it's not bad enough he was cheating on me! I don't have insurance! Fuck! I'm scared!"
"You sure you don't want something to drink?" He got up and moved to the couch to sit next to Pete. "Maybe a beer?"
"What do I do Harry?" Pete looked at him with eyes on the verge of tears. "Even if I don't have it, he did this to me! Fuck Harry, I thought he loved me! I never cheated on him, never even thought about it! How could he do this to me?"
"I don't know. I'm not going to say he must have his reasons because I don't think there are any valid reasons."
"It wasn't once, and it wasn't one person." Pete said in little more than a whisper. "I trusted him. I never doubted, I didn't question where...I never even imagined. Even as he's handing...I was looking at him thinking 'can't be true, he wouldn't do that to me' like it was maybe a bad joke!"
"And you still love him?"
"I don't know! I don't know!" Pete seemed to crumble in. Harry reached out hesitantly and put his hand upon his friend's shoulder. "He's been staying at his sister's. I don't even know if he feels guilty! He didn't even TELL tell me. Just handed me the printout from the clinic!"
"Wow." Harry said because he really didn't know what to say. He squeezed Pete's shoulder gently.
"I thought we were meant to be! And...and...he cheats and...oh fuck Harry I'm scared! I don't know what I'm gonna do if they say...if they say..."
"I'll go with you."
"Yes. I'll go with you. If you want."
"I can't ask you..."
"You're not asking, I'm offering."
Pete started to cry. Harry gently pulled him closer and hugged him. He held his friend as he shuddered and wept. Because life was too hard to go through feeling alone and right now Pete needed to know he wasn't.
"Let me get dressed." he said when the sobbing had eased. "Then we'll go. Go find out. If it's good news we'll figure out what's next. And if it's not good news, well we'll do the same."
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lovely-alicia · 5 days ago
(the link to the requests didnt work so im usin this) can you do a nsfw punz x reader x sapnap in a discord call?
( The current links only work for PC I don't know about mobile though but I'll fix it someday. )
Pairings - Punz x Reader x Sapnap
CW - Threesome, riding, Smut.
Punz and sapnap were in the discord call because they would plan something sooner or later and didn't want it spoken out loud. They're pretty close together mainly for their competitive actions inside of games.
Sometimes they would argue about the dumbest shit like " who had a girlfriend " or " who was a virgin. " You had always overheard most of their childish conversations because it was pretty funny.
You were sitting on punz's thigh and drinking the white monster. The two men weren't doing anything but going back and forth about who wasn't and was a virgin.
You weren't interested mainly because you weren't a virgin yourself neither was punz. " I'm not a fucking virgin you piece of shit " sapnap just replied with a very small and sarcastic " sure. "
Punz went on mute for a second and told you to get up off of him. You stood up and looked down at him, sapnap was still rambling on about something but you couldn't tell the exact words.
Punz pulls down his pants, " cmon sit in my lap. " you would have agreed if sapnap wasn't still on the call. Even if you were muted it could unmute anytime.
You bit down on your nail and sat on his lap with your legs spread out on each side. He grabs his headphones and then places them on top of you and then up mutes in discord.
" Why'd you mute idiot," sapnap was busy yelling through the headphones " no punz went to go do something." Sapnaps voice lowered and it was a slight sigh, he went on about bragging about how much better than punz he was.
Punz started taking your shorts off pushing them off to let them drop on the floor. You move slightly "Stop it, idiot." You were talking to punz but sapnap thought it was directed towards him.
" I'm not doing anything, what the fuck " you bring your attention back to punz and him taking your underwear down sliding it down your thighs to your ankles.
He places his hands back on himself and slides his boxers down. He grabs onto his dick and looks up at you, "C'mon don't be the shy princess." He's so smooth on his words making him seem like a god compared to you.
He grabs onto your waist and places you on top of him. You grunt into the mic and look down at Punz. You try not to make as much noise as possible.
"Sorry, I was stretching" You were covering up for Punz's disgusting deeds. He moves your body lifting you up and down, You bite down on your lip closing making your lip shiver.
You didn't like being publicly humiliated but it was an amazing sight for punz to embarrass you and make you look like a slut. You had your arms wrapped around his neck.
You buried your head into his neck trying to cover up your heavy breathing. He keeps moving your hips up and down on top of his dick. It's hitting a nerve inside of your body sending you in sorta a shock..
A few moans did slip out while trying to ride him, It's hard to swallow down moans and keep communicating with sapnap on the call. "Pass the headphones," Punz pulls the headphones off of your head and unplugs them from the computer.
"Hey, sapnap, what's up?" Punz was still taking control of your lower half just with one hand helping you ride him. You were still riding but you did need help if your legs ever gave out.
" Didn't know you and your girlfriend were having sex on a call, should have just left." Sapnap doesn't like third-wheeling especially from having to deal with Dream and George flirting and people falling for it.
"I wanted you to listen to her poor whining" It's just teasing at this point and listening to him degrade you and having to ride him was amazing as always. You could say you hated it but that would just be lying through your teeth correct?
"C'mon princess don't you love it when you're taken care of, isn't this what you wanted?" Sapnap was teasing you a little with his words, "Fuck off."
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ghostnovels · 7 days ago
boxers or briefs?
author’s note: just lil headcanons i thought of on the spot. nothing too big.
includes denki, katsuki, izuku, eijirou, & sero
synopsis: do they wear boxers or briefs? *plus what’s in their drawers?
Tumblr media
— boxers
prefers loose clothing. it’s just comfy like that.
plus he likes the way it just slings across his hips, showing off his v-line and hip bones.
lowkey adores the stares he receives when walking around in just a white tee and gray sweatpants. exhibitionist slut.
also easy to take off and put on. yk whenever in a quickie scenario it’s very helpful.
*cartoon boxers all the way. it’s a mess in there, not even folded or clean. you’ll find a range from teenage mutant ninja turtles to pikachu to literally puns. has one that says ‘juicy’ across the ass, because it was a three a.m. impulse buy.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— briefs
have you seen this man’s ass??? briefs for sure.
perky too. gotta show off the goods.
can’t tell if it’s real muscular or real jiggly, yk? like when kiri slaps his ass after a good training sess does it ripple like some jello piece or does it feel real hard like smacking a basketball? i need answers. how does that ass shake, kiri???
*muted red colored briefs. some blacks, grays, and whites too. it’s kind of boring actually, but “oh, what’s this?” a hint of bright yellow and blue is peeking out in the corner. yeah, that’s a boxer-brief of all might’s face plastered across it with ‘plus ultra’ signed across the ass.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— briefs
i know this man has the cutest lil bum ever, which means he’s got to accentuate it.
got a nice jiggle to it too. just so damn slappable.
it also shows off that big ass bulge.
so skin tight and it’s clinging onto him like a wet tee.
whenever he’s changing into his hero costume it’s hard not to stop and stare.
*all might briefs. an embarrassing amount of them too. like a ton. but bought plain ole white ones and has some sexy dark green ones on the occasion. sad that when he was gonna get his first blowjob that his partner was greeted by all might’s face when they pulled his pants down. he definitely will remember that moment for the rest of his life. his partner laughed about it though.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— boxers
on occasion wears briefs, usually for his hero costume, but he’s mainly a boxers man.
sometimes boxer-briefs.
he’s the guy that walks around in nothing but his boxers. all chest and low hanging on his hips.
whenever he sits down his thighs fill the underwear in so nicely. just stretching the material everytime his sexy huge thighs expand.
*mostly red boxers and briefs in his underwear drawer. but he has a special section for lil cartoony ones. like his shark ones, cute character ones, and he got lucky to find a nice red crocs one. wore it once to one of the hangouts the boys have at baku’s room, literally shoved his pants down and was like “check out these boxers i got online!”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— boxers
this man has the biggest fucking load.
did you know men who wear boxers have like 25% more sperm than those who wear briefs?
anyways, he has some boxer-briefs, but initially likes being cozy and comfortable most times.
though with his hero costume, he wears briefs, since he wears that skimpy, leaves nothing to the imagination, holy shit fuck me please, skin tight spandex.
plus sero in gray sweatpants hanging low with his boxers showing is the hottest mf sight ever.
*he has plain colored boxers, some cartoony ones, but sticks to the sexy ass black / gray calvin klein boxers. he also has a cute lil pair of spiderman boxers that kami got him as a gag gift. knows that staining the black material with his cum will definitely show, but lowkey likes the thought of it.
Tumblr media
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moms-milfs-matures · 8 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Submission  (thank you!)
Fictional story added.
She was 45, I was 17.  She lived a few houses away from one of my friends.  There were rumors and more rumors of the number of men that came in and out of her townhouse on any given day.  So one day on a dare and went up to her door and rang the bell.   She answered and motioned for me to come in.
She shut the door behind me and then looked me up and down.  Without a word she took my hand and led me into a dimly lit bedroom.  “Your first time?”  she asked.
“Yes” I replied timidly.  She smiled, put a finger to her mouth, “then it’s free for you today dear.”
She started to unbutton my shirt and pulled it back off my shoulders. Then she undid my belt, unzipped my pants and pulled them down to my knees.  She ran her hand up across my already erect cock then looked up into my eyes and smiled again. “We’re going to have some fun today. Okay hun?”
I nodded and said “ok”
She tugged my boxers down and leaned in to run her tongue from my balls to the top of my cock.  Then she took it into her mouth and squeezed it with her lips as she pulled herself off of it.  The precum was already there and I was already feeling like I could explode.  She sensed it too and went down on me again.  I shot a load down her throat and it just kept coming.  She swallowed every drop and licked up the residue of what remained on my cock.
“That was fast honey.” she said.   I was too humiliated to say anything except “I’m sorry,”
“Ohh it’s okay hun.  But we’ll need to get you to learn a little more control if you want the fun to last.”  
I don’t know if she liked my potential or thought of me as a project but she had me come back everyday for the next month.  I did learn to control my timing and maintain an erection but it was a month before she let me into her pussy.  Eventually I could last close to an hour before cumming and we were fucking all the time.  
I lost touch with her when my parents shipped me off to college but the things she taught me got me off to a great start with the coeds at the university.  I will be forever grateful for her lessons.
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seiyasabi · 8 days ago
Baby Fever
(Here’s a Risotto x Female Reader x Melone  fic. I typically don’t write anything besides dark content lol, so sorry @risottosplug if this sucks 。゚(。ノωヽ。)゚。 Anywyas, happy b-day, queen :)) 
CW: Sex (ahaha), creampie!, DP!, Dom Daddy Ris, Papa Melone, light degradation!, breeding kink!, kinda pillow princess reader?, fucked dumb lol!, etc. )
“Can you take me farther down your throat, Princess?” Risotto’s deep voice echoes throughout your master bedroom, an open hand petting your head. Whining, you nod, trying to take more of his fat cock down your throat. Your other lover is currently lapping at you quivering pussy like a dog, making it harder for you to choke him down, because of your moaning and panting. His precum helps slick your throat, luckily only having a mild taste. 
He chuckles down at your attempts, heart warming at your cute expression and actions, “I know you can do it, pretty girl. You’re my pretty, little slut, such a good girl.” 
His words of praise make you work even harder, completely relaxing your throat, trying to ignore your white haired lover and his sinful ministration. 
Melone starts to lick and suck like a madman, trying to draw a reaction from you. 
Your red eyed lover ‘tuts’ at his action, “Don't be a brat, Melone. Keep acting like that, and the only thing our Princess will call you is ‘Pig,’ Not ‘Papa.’” 
He detaches his mouth from your drooling pussy, a pleading look on his face, “Don’t be like that, Daddy. I want to breed her pussy, too!” 
Risotto laughs at him, before dragging him up by his hair, and claiming his lips with his own. They messily make out over your form, tongues practically shoved down each other’s throats. Ris uses his hand on your head to force you up and down his length, causing you to choke and drool around him messily. 
Moving away from Melone with a smirk, he licks his lips tantalisingly, your teary eyes looking up at him in wonder, before he speaks, “Just wanted to taste our pretty girl on our pretty boy’s lips. You both taste wonderful.” 
Releasing his grip from your head, he allows you to remove yourself from his cock. Strings of drool connect you to his thick prick, as you take in deep breaths you were previously deprived of. 
“You did so Good, (First Name),” He kisses you tenderly on your puffy lips, “Are you ready for us to reward you?” 
You nod, a bright smile appearing on your face, “Yes please, Daddy! I want you and Papa to give me a baby!” 
At your words, his grip on the purple boxer clad man tightens, making him cry out in pleasure, “Your wish is our command, Princess,” He slams his lips onto yours once more, his tongue forcing its way into your mouth-which you submissively begin to suck. 
Risotto releases Melone in an instant, allowing him to come up behind you, and grope your ass and tits. The purple haired man leaves open mouthed kisses up and down your throat, sucking love bites onto your most sensitive spots, triggering keens to echo through your chest. 
One of the white haired man’s hands slide down to your pussy, ghosting over your clit, before stuffing three fingers into your tight, wet walls. You disconnect your lips to throw your head back in pleasure, effectively pushing yourself against Melone’s muscular chest. 
The purple haired man pinches and twists your nipples, relishing the way you gasp at both men’s ministrations, “You’re so precious, (First Name). Always so good for us,” Ris’ thumb rubs circles on your puffy clit, drawing especially loud moans from your mouth. 
“Daddy, Papa! I need you inside of me,” Risotto lightly pinches your clit, reminding you of your manners, “Please!” 
Both men shoot each other a pleased grin, before nodding in agreement, “If that’s what you want-” Melone begins. 
“-Then you shall receive,” Ris finishes, before the banged man pushes your body onto your more dominant counterpart. You hover over his hard cock, his one hand still playing with your dripping pussy, “Are you sure you don’t want Daddy to prepare you more?” He asks, suddenly serious. 
You shake your head, “No, Daddy, I like the stretch!” He nods, kissing you on your glossy lips, before removing his fingers from inside of you, and spreading your pussy lips with slick fingers. 
“Tell me if you want me to stop,” He nudges his cockhead into your hole, slowly forcing his fat dick into your gummy pussy. Your mouth falls open at the feeling, although you knew it was coming. 
It takes a few moments for him to bottom out, but when he does, the head of his cock nudges your cervix. A small bulge is seen through your tummy, causing Melone to push down on it. Moaning, you place your own hand on top of his. 
“Look what you’re doing to our sweet angel,” He coos gently, smirking up at the red-eyed man, “It’s a shame we’re going to ruin your pretty cunny, I’ve always loved how tiny it was.” 
At his words, you feel the slick head of his cock at your stretched opening, lightly pushing against Risotto’s. Melone’s cock is a bit skinnier, but a little longer than his counterpart. A flurry of light kisses are placed on your right shoulder, as the purple haired man hooks his arms under your thighs, “Is it okay if I come in, too? It wouldn’t be fair if Ris went first- the baby would only truly have the odds of being his,” You can practically hear him pout. 
Looking up at your more reserved lover, you see his serious look. Smiling up at him gently, You nod your head yes, “Yes, Papa, I’d like that very much.” 
There’s a moment of silence, as your more perverted lover starts to push his way inside of your already stuffed pussy. Mouth falling open at the feeling, a high pitched whine escapes your throat. Your white haired lover starts to circle your clit with his middle finger, trying to make it easier for you to take Melone’s long cock. 
You can hear your purple haired lover moan into your shoulder, relishing the feeling of your tight, wet cunny, along with the veins of Ris’ cock rubbing against the underside of his own. His prick slides in with a little resistance, before bumping into your cervix; he’s not fully inside of you, but your hot juices dripping down onto him is enough to sate him. 
Your chest heaves with deep breaths, as you try to stop yourself from clamping down as hard as you can. Both Stand users have a hard time not cumming there and then. 
“Fuck- you’re so tight,” Risoto muses, still playing with your puffy clit, “Are you ready, Pretty Girl? Want your Daddy and Papa to breed you full?” You fully lean back against Melone, a bleary eyed look on your pretty face. 
“Yes, please! I need you to give me a baby!” Hearing this, both men set to work. With the same fast pace, both men start to fuck up into your crammed cunny. 
Melone’s own hand finds its way to your clit, rubbing it with three slender fingers. He applies more pressure than your other lover, trying to milk you of an orgasm before he cums, “Come on, Precious, milk our cocks of our milk,” Your eyes roll back, as your tongue lolling out of your mouth in pleasure. 
“Please, please!” Your hips roll, trying to meet their brutal thrusts. Melone’s cock helps Risotto’s rub harshly against your g-spot, causing your spread thighs to shake. More moans and whines escape your throat, as you clamp down on them, and cum. 
Your walls knead them for everything they have, causing Ris to grunt with his entire chest, and Melone to practically scream. Both men simultaneously release, adding their own milk to your gushing release. Rivulets of all three of your cum drip down their cocks and down your thighs, splattering onto your black silk sheets. 
Both men watch in awe as you continue to gush, Melone having not stopped his fingers from rubbing your sensitive clit. Shameless noises escape your gaping mouth, as you try to grab the purple haired man’s wrist, “Pa-Papa, ‘m too sensitive!” 
Your words cause them both to grow hard almost immediately, a sinister smirk on both of their faces, “That’s alright, My Love. By the end of tonight, your stupid mind will be mush with pleasure! Doesn’t that sound nice?” Melone’s voice is light, yet lustful, as he starts to pinch at your clit, causing your hips to jolt and your pussy to spasm. More pitiful whines and keens come from your open mouth, which Risotto fills with two of his fingers. He holds your tongue in between the phalanges, loving how you drool and such them. 
“You want a baby, don’t you, Princess?” You nod your head dumbly, eyes unfocused, “Well, we have to fuck your stretched pussy until you’re round with our seed,” He moves his face right in front of yours, relishing your cute, fucked out look, “Tonight is going to be a long night.” 
They start to move their hips once more, bouncing your pliant form up and down, your conjoined juices flying onto everything around you. Your loud voice bounces off of your pristine walls, yet neither of them stop their breakneck pace. 
They doubt that you’ll be able to walk for the next week. 
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misowriting · 10 days ago
Extra Credit - 11
"Jaejoong... are you okay?"
Jaejoong looked up at Hiroki, as he came back into their apartment, limping slightly. "Oh... yeah... I just uhm. Had gotten a bad cramp in my leg last night... it's still sore," he blushed, sitting down on the sofa gingerly. Needless to say, Jaejoong sat at his desk most of the day in school, and just had the students study.
Hiroki raised an eyebrow, "Oh yeah, sure. Like I'll believe that one," Hiroki laughed, sitting with Jaejoong, "So if I was to take a guess... just a wild guess... I'd say Yunho topped last night."
"Good guess," Jaejoong laughed slightly.
Hiroki smirked, "Thought so. Why didn't you just call out from work today?"
Jaejoong shrugged. "I don't know. Maybe I should've."
"You should've," Hiroki nodded, "If it'll make you feel better... I'll get Akira and we'll hunt Yunho down for you and bring him here to make you feel better."
"Thanks," Jaejoong laughed, "But he's already stopping over later on. He was going to the library with Changmin and Keita to do research on some essay."
"I see," Hiroki nodded, leaning back against the sofa, "I'm too tired. I think I over did it today at school. Too many dance lessons in one day."
"But you got Akira and Yunho in one of your classes," Jaejoong teased, nudging Hiroki with his elbow.
"True," Hiroki smiled, "Which reminds me, I should go get changed. I told Akira I'd meet him at the movies tonight."
"Ooooh hot date, huh?" Jaejoong laughed.
"You know it," Hiroki grinned, getting up and heading to his bedroom.
"Karma Sutra..." Keita giggled, peering over Changmin's shoulder, "May I ask why you're reading the Karma Sutra?"
Changmin flushed red in the cheeks, "Well... you see... what happened was..."
"Don't worry," Keita smiled, innocently, then whispered into Changmin's ear, "It's making me hot..."
Changmin gaped at Keita, "Who are you, and what have you done with my innocent Keita?" he laughed, "That's it, no more hanging around with Junsu and Yoochun."
Keita smirked slightly, "Well... I'll be in the bathroom," he grinned slightly, walking off.
Changmin bit his bottom lip slightly, weighing his options. Be like Yoochun and Junsu, and have sex at the spur of the moment, in weird places... or not, and don't get any action until later.
In moments, Changmin was at the bathroom, which was a one person bathroom, one for men and one for women. Changmin's eyes widened as he heard moaning.
"Mmm... Changmin..." Keita breathed, quietly, letting out a low moan.
Changmin felt his Minnie-Min jump to attention at the sound. "Oh... yeah... like that, Minnie..." Keita moaned again a little louder this time. Changmin was glad the bathrooms were in the basement of the library. Otherwise, they'd get in some serious trouble.
Changmin opened the door slowly, biting back a moan at the sight he was greeted with. Keita was leaning back against the wall slightly, pants and boxers down around his ankles, his right hand stroking his length slowly, face flushed and small moans escaping his lips.
Changmin closed the door behind him. Keita glanced to Changmin, a lustful look in his eyes, making Changmin swallow hard. He moved over to his boyfriend, kissing him roughly.
"Mmm.." Keita moaned into their kiss, his hand still stroking his length, "Changmin... take me. Now."
Changmin wasn't one to deny Keita that. Or anything, for that matter. All Keita had to do was give that innocent look, and he usually got his way. Changmin gasped slightly as Keita's hand undid his pants, pulling Changmin's member out from it's confines, stroking it slowly. Changmin moaned softly, "T-There's no lube..."
"Don't worry... I took care of it," Keita smiled slyly, before kissing Changmin, turning around and bracing himself against the wall, spreading his legs further apart. Changmin moved forward, his body seeming to move without his mind telling it to, and wrapped his arms around Keita's waist, kissing the back of his neck as he pressed into him slowly.
They both moaned in unison when Changmin's length slipped inside, and as Keita said, he'd already taken care of the preparations. And that knowledge only served to make Changmin that much more excited.
"Move... please," Keita panted out, moving his hips impatiently.
Changmin nodded slightly, eyes slipping closed as he started thrusting, pulling back, before pressing back inside quickly, causing Keita's head to fall back onto Changmin's shoulder, moaning. Changmin reached one hand around Keita, gripping his length and stroking him.
"Uhn... oh gods," Keita panted, moving his hips back against each of Changmin's thrusts, "More... please..."
Changmin did as he was told, moving harder and faster against Keita, panting out his name slightly. "Oh gods... I'm... I'm close.." Changmin breathed into Keita's ear, who moaned, nodding.
"M-Me ... too..." he panted, his breath coming faster, his moans getting a little louder, before he came with a moan of Changmin's name. That alone was enough to set Changmin off, crying out as he came within Keita, hugging him close. They both slid down to the floor after that, panting.
"Oh my god! Jeeze guys..." Yunho made a face, covering his eyes. All he wanted to do was wash his hands, and he'd gotten MUCH more than he hoped for, "Well.. at least Yoochun and Junsu would be proud..."
"Chunnie.... where are we going?" Junsu pouted, as Yoochun led him along. Yoochun had blindfolded him, and was leading him... well, somewhere.
"You'll see," Yoochun smiled, still holding Junsu's hand, as he led him into his house, before picking Junsu up bridal style, causing him to giggle.
Yoochun carried Junsu upstairs, setting him down at the top of the stairs, before leading him down the hallway. When they got outside Yoochun's bedroom, Yoochun opened the door, leading Junsu inside, before closing it. There was soft jazz music playing, the volume up just enough so you could hear it. Junsu also noticed the scent of lavender; and he smiled slightly. Yoochun knew he loved that smell.
"Alright... ready?" Yoochun smiled, standing behind Junsu, who nodded. Yoochun took off the blindfold, and Junsu blinked a moment, before his eyes widened. The curtains were closed, the bed made [with silk sheets, mind you], and there were candles spread around the room, all of them lit, making the room glow slightly in their light. That combined with the music and smell of lavender alone, brought tears to Junsu's eyes. Yoochun had done all this, for him? Judging by Yoochun's reaction that morning, Junsu expected the total opposite of this; but he wasn't complaining. He was a sucker for romance.
Junsu went to say something, but noticed a sheet of paper on the bed, with his name written across the top. He felt his legs carry him over to the bed, sitting down before picking the paper up, reading over Yoochun's neat handwriting.
Dearest Junsu,
            I'm well aware that what you see around you right now, probably isn't what you were expecting. I wanted this time to be special, just like how you are to me. Every time we're together is special to me, and I treasure each moment of it. But this time, I wanted to take the opportunity to show you how much you mean to me. I love you, Junsu.
Under the pillows, you'll find a gift from me, to you. With all my love. I know we're still young, and have our whole lives ahead of us, but I want to spend mine with you. Forever.
If Junsu wasn't crying before, he sure was now. But not in a bad way. Tears of happiness. Yoochun bit his bottom lip, smiling as he watched Junsu look towards the pillows, before reaching under. He pulled out a small black box, eyes widening. Was that... what he thought it was?
Junsu opened the box, gasping as he saw two identical silver rings inside. Promise rings. Rings you and your loved one exchange, promising yourself to the other forever. "C-Chunnie..."
"I love you, Junsu," Yoochun smiled, sitting beside him on the bed, "And... I know we're still young, but... I want to spend the rest of my life with you. One day... down the road... will you... marry me?"
"Of course!!!” Junsu cried, all but throwing himself onto Yoochun, hugging him tightly, crying slightly into his shoulder. Never before had anyone been so sweet, caring and loving of him. Junsu thanked god that he had Yoochun. "I-I love you so much, Chunnie..."
Yoochun smiled, taking one of the rings out, and slipping it onto Junsu's finger, blushing a little as Junsu did the same for him. They both looked at each other for a moment, before meeting in a kiss.
They fell back against the bed, Junsu on his back, Yoochun on top of him, their lips never once parting. Clothes were pulled and tugged off, and eventually tossed onto the floor.
"Chunnie... make love to me, please..."
"Of course... anything for you..."
They kissed again, Junsu crying out in pleasure as Yoochun penetrated him, his back arching slightly, longing for more contact. Junsu's arms wrapped around Yoochun's neck, Yoochun's arms around Junsu's waist.
Yoochun moved slowly, pulling out and pressing back in just as slow, keeping his steady rhythm. Junsu moaned slightly at the feeling, pulling Yoochun down for a kiss as their bodies moved together.
"Oh... Yoochun..." Junsu panted slightly, holding onto him tightly, feeling his release creeping up on him. Yoochun moved a little faster, his own release building up as well. He kissed Junsu again as he released, whimpering in the back of his throat as Junsu came moments after him, hugging him closer.
Minutes later, they both laid together, under the covers, their limbs tangled with the other's, Junsu's head resting on Yoochun's chest, listening to his steady heartbeat, while Yoochun stroked his hair softly.
"Joongie, my love!"
Jaejoong looked up as Yunho came into the apartment, smiling at Jaejoong, who was busy cooking dinner for that night, "Hey Yunho... Mmm.." he smiled, as Yunho kissed him, "How was the library?"
"Aside from finding Changmin and Keita on the bathroom floor, having just had sex, boring," Yunho laughed, as Jaejoong snorted slightly.
"Seriously? Are you sure it wasn't Yoochun and Junsu you found?"
"Positive," Yunho laughed, peering over Jaejoong's shoulder, "Smells good! You'll make a good housewife one day. OUCH!"
Yunho pouted, rubbing his head, Jaejoong smirking and holding spatula menacingly, "Watch it, Yunho," he smiled sweetly, going back to making dinner.
"Meanie," Yunho pouted dramatically.
"Oh, I know. Keep it up and you'll get detention."
"Is that a promise, or a threat?"
Jaejoong only smirked, not answering. "Thought so," Yunho laughed, then frowned slightly as he watched Jaejoong walk over to the fridge, with a slight limp.
"BooJae... are you alright?" Yunho asked, worried, "You're walking kinda funny..."
"Oh... it's nothing," Jaejoong blushed, not wanting to upset Yunho.
"BooJae... tell me," Yunho said, looking at him, "Please?"
"It's nothing, really. I'm just a little sore."
"...From last night?"
"I'm so sorry Jaejoong!"
Yunho was on Jaejoong in and instant, hugging him and kissing him and apologizing repeatedly. "Yun-"
"I'm so sorry.. I didn't mean to hurt you..."
"I'll make it up to you, I promise!"
"Here, you sit down, let me finish dinner for you. Do you need anything? Anything at all?"
Yunho blinked, staring at Jaejoong, who sweat dropped. "Yunho, I'm fine. I'm just sore from falling asleep on the floor..."
"...But I'm still sorry!"
Jaejoong laughed slightly, kissing Yunho, "You've nothing to be sorry for. Except maybe catching me off guard like you did last night," Jaejoong giggled, causing Yunho to smirk.
"Oh come on... you KNOW you liked it BooJae..."
"Oh yeah, I did," Jaejoong smiled, as Yunho hugged him tightly, "Now, you can either help me finish dinner, or start setting the table."
"Yes Mr. Kim," Yunho smirked, bowing like he would if they were in school, causing Jaejoong to laugh.
"You're too much, Mr. Jung."
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titless-wonder · 10 days ago
Today's walk was exquisite. It also produced a lot of extra fluid in the drains... So glad my wife is helping me in general an on drain duty.
I can do about 80% of my usual activities of daily living (ADLs). I can feed, dress, bathe, toilet, and more. I cannot open doors or lift my arms above shoulder level.
Was speaking to a friend about what I did to prepare and what I wish I knew.
To prepare:
1. Everything you need should be at shoulder height or below because I cannot loft my arms above shoulder height.
- clothes are clean but in a laundry basket so I can pick what I want
- shampoo and soap is more like belly button height
- bowls should be down at your height too ours are not as our kitchen was built for a giant man. Neither of us are giant men. So, bring bowls, cups, plates, cereal, etc down
2. Button down shirts and sweatshirts will be your garb for a while. I lost 30 lbs in the past year and was about to get rid of many work shirts (button downs) but kept them and I'm so glad I did. Although it feels weird to sleep in business casual clothing, the buttons save the day because I cannot lift my arms up so tee-shirts are out for a while.
3. Elastic pants/shorts are also essential. Boxers/underpants are good and easy to manage. But for outerwear elastic pants/shorts are key. Easy on and off which is nice. Plus, the IV fluid causes bloating and some medication causes constipation so elastic is not only comfortable, it's essential.
4. You will probably wear a compression vest. I am. It is ironic and strange to wear a binder after having the titties removed but it helps with recovery. The binder zips in front and has hook/eye clasps between the zipper and skin to help you zip it up. Wear it.
5. The world is full of doors I cannot open. I'm now allowed. So plan ahead and get used to understanding why the neighbor's dog barks and howls when they're ready to go inside. That includes the our fridge because the door is heavy. A physical therapist friend advised me to use a dog leash around the fridge door handle and tug it open with my body so I could still access the ice cream. Lol
6. Nutrition is also key. As the body heals it needs nutrients and sleep. So snacks sound nice but won't get you the results you want. Therefore, invest in healthy well balanced food and meals with plenty of protein and veggies, cut down on the snacks, and stock up on dissolvable vitamins.
7. A lower bed. We have two beds. Our bed is about hip height and I can't comfortably get it and out of it independently. It is too tall. The guest bed is lower, about knee height. It works much better for me. I reposition using my head and legs, no arms because that's not allowed (and it hurts).
8. Wedge pillow for the first night. Extra pillows to support the body and arms. Invest in a couple extra pillows and wedge pillow if you can. The first night the wedge helped immensely.
9. Slip on shoes. For the sake of you and your help/love/partner/parents/whoever, get some of the stretchy laces on a comfortable pair of broken in but still functional running shoes. You'll both be thankful that they're easy to get on. Or find a pair of slip on shoes.
10. Tylenol (paracetamol) is your friend. Take it as allowed. It will help. And get ahead of the pain. Don't wait until you feel pain to take something.
11. Laxatives and/or metamucil or something to help your poor bowels recover from anesthesia and medication which will cause constipation. Don't be shy about it and don't wait.
Ask away if you have questions!
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ash-rigby · 10 days ago
Amber (AMAB Nonbinary Human/Female Demigod)
Tumblr media
Description: Mara has been in love with her human friend Bellamy for years, but has never gathered the courage to confess or even ask if they like women. While Bellamy is out on a date, Mara takes the opportunity of having an empty apartment to have a bit of solo fun. However, Bellamy returns much earlier than expected and just in time to find Mara pleasuring herself while calling their name.
Categories: F/Nonbinary, Erotica, AMAB Nonbinary Character, Bisexual Characters, Fantasy, Nonhuman POV.
Contains: Masturbation, Magic Sex Toys, Mild Finger Sucking, Oral, Unprotected Sex.
Note: Both of the characters depicted in this story are consenting adults. Bellamy is 31 and Mara is 27.
Completion Date: May 1st, 2021
Word Count: 4856
Mara waited for about an hour after Bellamy left to make sure that she was guaranteed to be alone in the apartment. Her roommate was out on a date and likely wouldn’t come home until much later—if they did so at all that night. She grimaced at the hot, anxious pang in her chest. An envy that ran so deep within her that it was almost sickening.
The demigod was madly in love with Bellamy. It was no surprise; very few wouldn’t fall for them. They were tall, confident, poised. Their honey-brown eyes could melt steel as easily as they did hearts. Mara had yet to meet another human that she could accurately describe as a god among mortals. Such was the divine air about them that could make even the mundane turn exciting simply being done in their presence.
But the reality was that Bellamy had exclusively dated men. In all her years of friendship with the human, Mara had never found the courage to ask them if they also liked women. She couldn’t bear the thought of Bellamy saying no; a painful confirmation that she never had a chance from the start.
Mara sighed and shook herself. No sense in getting worked up about it—again. She instead focused on her goal at hand. A certain itch that needed scratching. It was one of those days where she could just really use a good orgasm.
She had been spending the last hour laying in bed and reading erotica on her phone. It was just to get herself more into the mood while she waited. But as her eyes scanned the increasingly raunchy lines, she found her hand slipping down the front of her pants and rubbing at her pussy over her underwear. She bit her lip around a quiet moan and stopped touching herself; she couldn’t wait any longer.
Mara rolled over and placed her phone on the end table, throwing her legs over the side of the bed. She removed her two-sizes-too-large t-shirt and tossed it to the chair in the corner—the “laundry chair” which she would have to deal with in the next couple of days. Then she stood and slipped out of her sweats and boxer briefs. The simian-humanoid added them to the pile and went for her bedside drawer.
Inside was her favourite toy. The dildo wasn’t anything extreme; average-sized with a realistic design in a light brown skin tone. Her fingers curled around its familiar length and she took out a half-empty bottle of lube along with it. She situated herself back on the bed, her body thrumming with excitement.
Laying back against her pillows, Mara held the dildo in her hands and summoned her magic. There were just two extra touches that she needed to add to turn it from a good toy to the perfect one. The twin horns on her head heated and glowed as the dildo warmed to a natural body temperature. She cast the second spell and watched the silicone start to expand and contract with quick, rhythmic throbs.
Mara’s heart raced as the toy pulsed in her light grasp, intensely erotic in its mimicry of needy flesh. She reached for the lube and began slicking up the false shaft. It twitched excitedly under her palm, shining in the light. Sitting back, she brought it between her spread thighs.
The soft, round head pressed against Mara’s folds. She teased herself with it, running it up and down her slit. The pulsating was divine; almost like the toy had the mind to be desperate to fuck her. Her fingers went to her clit and a breathy moan escaped her parted lips. She rubbed the swollen bud, slowly at first, but gaining speed.
Mara had damn near started to soak the sheets by the time she moved to probe herself with the toy. She slipped in just the head, pausing on a gasp. Her desire-addled mind had given her a thoughtless image; thick curls of dark auburn hair, a fiery gaze, an impish smile she had long wanted to taste. A needy whine bubbled from her throat as she dashed it away—not now.
Mara pushed the dildo the rest of the way inside her, holding it still just to feel it throbbing while she stroked her clit. She started pumping it in and out of her sopping pussy. The sounds were wet and filthy. Heat tingled at her folds, raged a sultry storm through her body, and brought a glistening sweat to her light teal skin. She moaned honestly, her hips trembling and bucking slightly into her touch.
Her pleasure mounted and she squirmed as she stopped rubbing her clit; she didn’t want to cum yet. Still slick with her own juices, her free hand went to her breast. She craved the feeling of a tongue tracing the lines of the sweat dripping between her breasts before a hot mouth latched onto the erect, sensitive nipples. Her chest heaved with panting breaths. Thoughts of being sucked and fondled made her whimper, her body arching into invisible touches.
Mara could feel herself dribbling around the toy’s girth. But at that angle, she found that she couldn’t get the last inch and a half or so of it inside her. She wanted it deeper; needed to fee all of its thick, pulsating length. With a bite on her lower lip and a slightly frustrated groan, she pulled it out to properly position herself.
She turned and went down a little further on the bed, staying on all fours with her simian tail raised out of the way. Her horns glowed once more as she reached out her magic, focusing on the toy. She raised it telekinetically from the sheets and made it float into the air behind her.
Wasting zero time, Mara eased it into her pussy. A satisfied moan accompanied the sensation of it seated fully inside her, the silicone balls flush against her. She slowly drew it out before slamming back in, making herself yelp in pleasure as she built the pace.
Mara’s hands tightly gripped her sheets. The dildo pounded relentlessly into her as per her command, drilling to the hilt with each thrust. She curled her tail underneath and rubbed at her clit with it. The shock of ecstasy that radiated through her almost brought her crashing to the mattress. Her legs and elbows barely managed to hold her up, shaking as her body raced toward the edge.
The demigod’s mouth was open on unabated moans. She could feel her pussy going wild around the toy which she poured more magic into so that it throbbed even harder. A long, stuttering noise left her as the pulsations escalated, mimicking the fervid twitching of a cock ready to burst. Her walls milked the toy as if that were possible—fuck, she wanted it to be able to cum. She wanted to feel hot seed shooting inside her as she came apart.
Mara started bucking herself into the toy’s movements, her breasts bouncing back and forth. Eye-rolling pleasure surged, building upon itself with each passing moment. She ground her tail hard against her clit and felt her excessive wetness dripping down the inside of her trembling thighs. She cried out, panting and gasping around her shameless sounds.
She could almost feel a set of hands gripping her waist, pulling her back into deep thrusts. Warm, comforting but strong hands. Irresistible hips hitting her ass and driving that fevered, pounding member into her over and over again.
“B-Bellamy,” she whined, the name leaving her almost against her will. “Bellamy…s-so good.”
Mara didn’t fight it any longer. She let all of her depraved fantasies spring forward.  All of those times she wanted Bellamy to take her any way they pleased against every surface in the apartment. How their voice would sound, gasping and desperate as they told her how good she was for them.
“Bellamy! Oh, fuck!” she cried. “Oh…oh I’m—ah! Oh, I’m so close! Bellamy! Bell—!”
“Yes, Mara?”
The demigod froze, the toy abruptly stilling—fully sheathed. Her long, pointed ears twitched at the familiar, lilting voice that had spoken. With her heart pounding in the cavern of dread that had suddenly become her chest, she turned her head to her open bedroom door. Leaning against the door frame, dressed in all form-fitting black, was Bellamy. Dumbstruck from sheer mortification, Mara could only stare back at them for an uncomfortable moment.
Finally, she stammered, “Wh-what happened to—?”
“Canceled then ghosted,” Bellamy said. They shrugged gracefully. “Hardly my loss. I never got the sense that he knew exactly what he wanted from me and you know I can’t stand indecision.”
Their tone was inexplicably casual; they didn’t seem to be at all disgusted. In fact, it was as if they were drinking in Mara’s state, their eyes bright and curious as an almost amused smile graced their features. The demigod thought—beyond all reason—that there was interest in that look, but she had to be wrong.
Coming to her senses, Mara jolted and started pulling the toy out of herself.
“I…shit,” she said, suppressing a moan at the feeling. “I’m s-sorry. I’ll just—.”
“Stop,” Bellamy said.
There was no anger; the order was strangely soft. But Mara still couldn’t help but obey. She bit her tongue, her face flushing as the head of the dildo continued to pulse inside of her.
“Stay right where you are, darling.” Bellamy sauntered over, their gaze glued to the demigod who shivered at the term of endearment. “Don’t you dare move.”
As they sat on the edge of the bed, Mara looked away. She felt Bellamy lean towards her and then a soft hand was lightly gripping her chin. The rings on their fingers felt cool against her skin. In a gentle and fluid motion, her eyes were meeting Bellamy’s once more. She stared into honey-brown pools decorated by a faintly shimmering smoky eye makeup. Though subdued, there was an intensity there that nearly left her breathless; like watching a distant storm.
Bellamy held her still, dragging out the tension-filled silence. Their perfume enveloped her senses; a warm and spicy amber fragrance with subtle, enticing notes of vanilla and something woody. The more Mara breathed it in, the more her anxiety at being caught bled away. She leaned into Bellamy’s touch, heady neediness rising in her that made her feel weak.
“Keep going,” Bellamy said, their voice low and sultry. Mara blinked slowly at them, not sure that she had heard correctly. “I want to see you cum.”
Mara hesitated as she processed exactly what had been asked of her and, most importantly, that this was happening. But after only a few stunned moments, she eased the toy back in, taking its full length with a shuddering gasp. She deeply fucked herself, and kept the thrusts short and quick. Bellamy watched, their striking eyes locked on Mara’s increasingly wanton expression.
The demigod trembled and whined. With the bewitching human right in front of her, she wanted more—the toy be damned. Just the single point of contact of Bellamy’s hand on her chin was leaving her starved. She thought of clambering onto them and grinding her pussy into their clothed cock until they were desperate to be inside her. The desire to feel the hot press of their body against hers was a fervent craving that blazed hotter with every passing second.
“Bellamy…I want—.” Mara was cut off by a forlorn mewl. “I want…your—.”
Bellamy tsked and gave a playful shake of their head. “Not until you finish what you started, darling. Call it punishment for leaving me out of the fun.”
They leaned in closer then, their breath ghosting over Mara’s parted lips as they spoke.
“If you wanted a taste this badly, all you had to do was ask.”
Closing the minuscule distance, Bellamy kissed Mara. It was far from how the demigod envisioned a first kiss from them going—the dildo was a surprise—but she wasn’t about to complain. Her moans were captured and muffled by warm lips. Short, neatly trimmed facial hair tickled her lightly. She allowed the kiss to be deepened, meeting the probing tongue with her own.
Mara’s body was begging for air by the time Bellamy pulled away but she still briefly chased their lips. She could feel patches of her short, dark teal fur clinging with sweat to her neck and lower back. Her pussy squeezed around the toy’s throbbing shaft. There was a near flood soaking her thighs, dripping down with every thrust into her stretched, twitching hole.
Bellamy slowly grazed their thumb over Mara’s bottom lip. She darted her tongue out along the tip of it. The human looked at her curiously and she did it again, licking as far as she could manage while locking on to the excited gaze. Bellamy smiled and slid the single digit into her mouth.
Almost voraciously, Mara licked and sucked at their thumb. Saliva glistened over the light brown skin and dripped slightly from the left corner of her lips. She closed them around it, moaning and worshipping it with her tongue as it was lazily pumped in and out.
Bellamy swallowed thickly—another betrayal of their collected exterior.
“There’s a good girl,” they praised, their voice barely above a murmur. “Such a talented mouth.”
Mara’s eyes darted downwards and she could see Bellamy palming themself through their pants. They hardly made a sound, but their breath came a little heavier as they stroked their growing bulge. The hand still holding Mara’s jaw began to minutely tremble like its owner was only just managing to hold themself back. Mara whimpered; Bellamy wanted to fuck her so badly. If actions weren’t screaming loud enough, then the searing arousal in their expression was.
The demigod teased her clit with her tail once more. Heat pooled between her legs, an incessant throb of burning pleasure that fell just short of the release that she needed. She made the toy slam into her faster, digging it persistently into that sweet spot. Her dripping pussy took each thrust and tightly hugged the pulsating silicone.
A loud moan escaped Mara, making her let go of Bellamy’s thumb. They lightly hooked it over the center of her bottom teeth and held her mouth open. Her tongue lolled over the knuckle as she began letting out a string of ceaseless cries. She was so close, balancing on quivering toes over the edge.
A last look into Bellamy’s face was her undoing. Their beautiful lips opened on a gasping but delicate inhale.
“Cum for me, Mara,” they said in their rich, smouldering tone.
Mara practically wailed as her body obeyed. A powerful orgasm crashed into her like an ocean wave, much stronger than her usual solo sessions with the toy. She shook through it and dropped bonelessly to the side once it was over. Basking in the euphoria, she laid there and caught her breath. The toy continued to throb away deep inside her, making her whimper and jolt. She made it stop to save her brain from being fully scrambled from the overstimulation.
Mara felt Bellamy move and watched as they leaned over her. A cloud of their intoxicating perfume descended onto her. Heat bloomed on her face as the mere scent of it was enough to make her pussy clench. She gasped when the toy suddenly shifted; Bellamy had reached over and gripped the base.
“Allow me,” they said, the phrase casual but spoken with an air of reverent desire.
Slowly, they pulled it out. Their free hand trailed down Mara’s side and over her thigh, smoothing down her fur. She gave a low, weak moan as each inch left her. The head exited with a lewd, wet pop.
Bellamy sat back then and held up the glistening toy. Looking down at Mara with hooded eyes, they gave a devious grin. They languidly dragged their tongue up the length of the toy, swirling it around the tip and tasting her slick. The satisfied sound that left them made her already racing heart skip.
“Fuck,” she hissed. “This has to be a dream.”
Bellamy chuckled and licked their lips before depositing the dildo on the bedside table. “It better not be. I’m having too much fun.”
Mara smiled, but it was fleeting. The nervous insecurity that had plagued her for years surrounding her attraction to Bellamy poked annoyingly at her happiness. Even after all that had just been proved. Her trembling hand dug into the sheets as she stared at the back of her friend’s head, entranced by the dark waves.
“I…never thought this would be how I found out that you like women,” she said meekly.
There was a faintly sad look of surprise on Bellamy’s face when they turned to look at her. Realization dawned on them as they pieced together the novel hinted at by that single sentence. Their voice turned achingly soft.
“You didn’t know…so that’s why you never—?” They reached out and cupped her cheek. “I’m so sorry, darling. I should have seen.”
“Don’t be. I shouldn’t have been so scared to ask,” Mara said. She sighed contentedly and leaned into their touch. “There’s…a lot that I want to talk about.”
Bellamy nodded, looking at her intently. “And I will listen.”
Mara wanted to spill everything then; to sing every praise of Bellamy she had ever locked away inside of her, to weep and mourn the time lost to yearning, and to scream at the sky how much she wanted to be with them and not just for some curiosity-satisfying fling. But in that moment, any of those words refused to be spoken and became rippling energy that craved only physical expression.
 “But, hell, there’s gonna be time all the time in the world for that,” she said, listening to her body’s wild call. “If you’re down, I fucking need you like air right now.”
Instantly, Mara knew there would be no argument or tentativeness. The radiant smile that she loved so much returned along with a flash of excitement in Bellamy’s eyes. They gently brushed their thumb along her cheekbone and then stood.
“Well, it seems that I have a lot of ground make up,” they said, taking off their necklace and stripping out of their shirt. Their hair cascaded down to their mid-back, covering half of a floral spine tattoo. “You’ll have the night of your life even if it kills me.”
Mara chuckled. “Please don’t.”
Bellamy removed their rings and earrings, putting them onto the table. Their hands then went to the button of their pants. Mara followed the motion as they were slid down smooth, brown legs. She sucked in a breath as her eyes trailed back up; Bellamy was wearing a pair of black, lacy underwear. They knew exactly where their night had been headed—though likely not with whom.
Mara sat up and moved to sit on the edge of the bed as Bellamy turned. She eyed the enticing bulge under the dark fabric; though pretty, she wasn’t inclined to take much time to appreciate it. Her hands reached out and lightly grasped their hips, pulling them closer. She placed a soft kiss at their navel before slowly removing the sexy garment.
Bellamy’s cock was half-hard, twitching under Mara’s gaze once the human was fully naked before her. She took it in her hand and gave the tip a cheeky kitten lick. Raising it up, she moved her attentions to the shaft, licking her way down the side. Bellamy breathed a restrained curse as she mouthed at their balls, briefly sucking one of them into her mouth.
By the time Mara moved on, Bellamy’s thighs were trembling. They were looking down at her with desire-glazed eyes as she teased the head of their cock with her tongue. It was the same look they had given her while they had been finger-fucking her mouth; this had probably been all their mind was filled with as they did.
She wrapped her lips around the head and started to take their length. Bellamy’s natural scent began to peek through that of their perfume, the two mixing as an arousing ambrosia. The warm taste of them was thick on her tongue as she pushed their weeping cock further. Once she had taken them as much as she could, she paused to feel them pulse and leak. She looked up at them, putting on her best pleading, ‘fuck my mouth’ expression.
Bellamy let out a shuddering breath. They brought a hand to the back of her head and started a slow, shallow thrust. Mara intermittently hollowed out her cheeks and caressed the curved underside of their cock with her tongue.
“Good, Mara,” Bellamy praised after some time. A low moan sounded in their throat. “How about you touch yourself for me?”
Mara readily did as she was told and her fingers went to her clit. Bellamy wasn’t able to see from their position, but they could certainly hear. The demigod’s already-fucked pussy was still sopping wet and filled the air with slick, erotic noises as she rubbed at her sensitive bud.
“There you go,” Bellamy said. “Moan around my cock…ahh, yes. Just like that.”
Mara let out her muffled cries. Waves of pleasure rippled through her, making her swollen folds quiver. But she didn’t think she even needed to touch herself to moan as Bellamy liked. Her body was such a needy mess that she could have probably cum untouched just from them fucking her mouth. Their pace stayed slow, but her head still spun.
Precum oozed from Bellamy’s rock-hard, flushed member. The hot flesh throbbed against Mara’s tongue and cheeks. Just when she thought that she would be taking their load down her throat or across her face, Bellamy pulled back. Breathing heavily, they leaned down and captured her in a very tongue-heavy kiss that made her feel drunk.
Mara looked dazedly at Bellamy when they ended it. They smiled, wiping a trail of saliva from her chin.
“I think you’ve cleaned your seat off well enough, hm?” they said.
Bellamy was climbing up onto the bed, moving pillows, and sitting against the headboard before Mara had processed what that meant. They waited patiently for her, though their cock twitched and strained in the air. She snapped out of it when they invitingly patted their sweat-glistening thigh. With a joyful wave of her tail, she was practically teleporting closer to them.
Mara crawled up and straddled Bellamy, quivering in anticipation as the two of them worked together to line themselves up. The soft, round head was teased up and down her slit and she couldn’t help but whine. ‘So close. They’re right there,’ her body cried. She looked Bellamy in the eyes as she sunk down onto them.
Mara took them with ease. It was only seconds until Bellamy’s dick was fully sheathed. There was something like awe in their expression, overshadowed only by intense lust. She sat still, seized by their gaze and revelling in the feeling of them inside her. They hadn’t even moved, but it was mind-blowing; the sheer heat of them, the beating of their pulse against her squeezing walls, the overwhelming sense that her passage felt made for them.
This was real, and the euphoria of that fact washed over her. She felt like crying, but she kissed Bellamy before that could happen. It was messy—something that wanted to be both tender and desperate but was caught in between. Her body started moving, bobbing up and down on Bellamy’s cock.
 She broke away only when her lungs were aching.
 “Oh, fuck! Bellamy!” she cried. “You’re so deep…I—ahh!”
Her praises were cut off by a yelp as she felt Bellamy’s mouth latching onto her breast, their hands lightly gripping her ass. Their passionate tongue teased her nipple. Hot breath panted over her skin through the relentless action, audible between quiet groans. Bellamy wasn’t a loud fuck, but those simple little noises were driving Mara crazy.
The demigod’s head tossed back. Pleasure built like fire through dry brush; unstable, raging. She fluttered around Bellamy’s cock as she dropped down just shy of the hilt with unflagging vigour. The curve of their shaft deliciously stroked her g spot with every clinging pass of her pussy.
Bellamy released Mara’s nipple and her hands immediately went around the back of their head. She dug her fingers into their thick hair and pulled them forward, pressing their cheek just below her collarbone. Their body was nearly flush against hers, the heat between them sweltering.
“You feel amazing,” Bellamy praised. Their cock somehow felt harder, positively pounding with ardent throbs. A low but long groan preceded a quick, breathless warning. “Oh, I’m getting close.”
Mara gripped their dick purposefully, feeling them jolt.
 “C-cum inside me,” she begged in a high voice. “Cum inside…make me drip with you.”
She rode them hard enough to make the headboard bang against the wall. It wasn’t much longer before she was feeling a flood of warmth as Bellamy spent themself. A choked noise left them which grew into loud, proper moans of ecstasy and it was beautiful; a symphony of their pleasure as they trembled against her.
“Keep going!” they cried, the familiar words coming out desperate rather than teasing. “Go until you cum…more…more…ngh, so good!”
Mara kept bobbing on their hypersensitive cock. Her heart thumped in her chest, a rapid pulse she could feel even down to her folds and clit. Bellamy’s breath was heavy. They hadn’t stopped shaking, their legs kicking out slightly. Mara’s pussy squeezed and prolonged their orgasm, but her own wasn’t too far behind.
With misty eyes and a final cry of Bellamy’s name, Mara slammed down once more and came. Her throbbing pussy clamped onto their dick like it wanted to lock them in for good. She could barely breathe, her lungs seizing on quavering moans. But she relished the intense pleasure quaking its way through her body. If this was how she passed out, then so be it.
Her orgasm dropped her almost abruptly. She slumped against Bellamy, smiling as she felt the warmth of their arms wrapping about her waist. They sat for a wordless few moments, just breathing together. The scent of their love-making swirled with Bellamy’s lingering, delicately sweet amber.
“Is…is it too early for the ‘L’ word?” Mara asked between breaths.
Bellamy chuckled and moved the two of them, guiding Mara down onto the bed while they hovered over her. Their make-up and hair were messy, and their eyes sparkled down at her. She didn’t think they would ever cease to stun her.
“Given how you’ve had to wait, I hardly think it’s ‘early’,” they said softly. A gentle finger brushed away a sudden tear trailing down Mara’s face.
“I love you,” the demigod said, beaming as the words that had been imprisoned in her chest finally found their way out.
Art of Mara
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