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pundachan13 minutes ago
A carnival date with BNHA characters
Request: hi, i requested the sharing food hc and i loved it, it was sho cute! exactly what i meant hehe could i request what a carnival date w mirio, kiri, bakugo and izuku (separate) would be like?
A/N: I've never been to a carnival before so Imma just go off on what I've seen in movies- This would be so fun to do with bnha boys, if only it were possible :< Wonder if I should do this with other characters..?
Tumblr media
Mirio Togata
I can鈥檛 really imagine Mirio going on many rides, only really goes on one if you want him to
He鈥檚 a big fan of the rides for couples though, more love for him
You drag him into the optical illusion building because he鈥檚 never been in one, he bumps into glass a few too many times for his liking and decides that he鈥檚 never going to enter one again
Runs off after a while to play with kids somewhere, comes back with his face painted and some snacks for you
Ends the day playing in an arcade with you
"One more game please baby :("
Eijiro Kirishima
Haunted mansion all the way, wants to protect you from the scary stuff and hold onto you
Will make up for scaring you with some food
Drags you with him the entire time to try out a bunch of rides, if you say no then he won鈥檛 go on one either though, he doesn鈥檛 wanna leave you alone
Will end the day with a peaceful ride in the ferris wheel where he holds you near him the entire time
"Sorry for scaring you in that haunted mansion, do you still love me?"
Katsuki Bakugo
Aggressive bumper cars, do I need to say more?
Some kid beats him in a shooting game and he plays the game multiple times until he wins, you run off while he鈥檚 playing and come back with some snacks for when he鈥檚 done
Keep him away from the arcade games, he will never leave
He鈥檚 gonna win you a giant teddybear, you can鈥檛 tell him not to, you don鈥檛 have a choice
Goes in a ferris wheel with you later because you begged him to go, while you鈥檙e looking at the area around you, he鈥檚 just staring at how your face lights up with amazement
"You better not replace me with that teddybear!"
Izuku Midoriya
Not the biggest fan of crazy rides so he just sits on the sidelines while you ride rollercoasters
He does try to go on a few rides with you though, regrets going into one of the rides because it went really fast
After begging him to go on the huge carousel he eventually gives in and goes on it with you, enjoys seeing you all happy like that
Rather than ending it with the ferris wheel he鈥檚 gonna end it with a walk around the place and something nice to drink
"I had fun with you today p-puppy..."
Tumblr media
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mha-platonic-yanderes14 minutes ago
Hero Hopeful: Diary Entry One
The soft grey walls of the Aizawa-Yamada apartment are too sensible for who they are, for what they鈥檝e done. They鈥檙e selfish and manipulative and cruel and you fell right into their trap.
You can say that with certainty. After seeing what they've done, the schemes they鈥檝e gone through, you know who they are. They aren鈥檛 the guiding teachers and inspiring heroes you thought they were. They鈥檙e the people who manipulated you into their home, expelled everyone they had to in order to just get you in the classroom by yourself with nobody to turn to.
They made sure you鈥檝e been suffocated by their love. And now that you鈥檙e in these double long leg casts, you can鈥檛 get away from them.
Dear Diary,
I never used to make one of these back when I was with my actual parents, but there鈥檚 nothing else to do here. I鈥檝e convinced Present Mic to let me continue my schoolwork, even on this extended leave of absence. I can write in here, making sure I don鈥檛 go mad while they鈥檝e isolated me.
Obviously, this is coded. Symbols meaning different letters in an alphabet I made with one of my friends, long ago. I haven鈥檛 been allowed to see them in so long. I haven鈥檛 been allowed to see them in so long. It鈥檚 been forever since I鈥檝e seen anyone really.
I have to redo this year. They鈥檝e sabotaged my grades and injured me until I couldn鈥檛 get up without them. They鈥檝e decommissioned my parents and I don鈥檛 want to even think about what they鈥檝e put them through.
I promise myself that I鈥檒l become a hero. I鈥檒l make this right. Even if it will be the last thing I do.
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raspberrysflavour15 minutes ago
In my personal opinion I feel like Horikoshi and his editors decided to humanize Enji once a lot of people already hated him, like it wasn鈥檛 something he planned from the beginning? Bc some things don鈥檛 add up, they shifted the narrative to make Enji more redeemable and his abuse 鈥榥ot as bad鈥
I agree with you, wholeheartedly. Endeavour's redemption has assumed a bigger role - proportionally to the role that both Shouto and Dabi's characters did. So there are few reasons why this happened: it probably has to do with the end goal of the Todofam storyline (involving and likely saving Touya), and it's because Dabi is a character that has had a lot of success, in terms of popularity. The fact that he got a solo cover (Vol. 30) is just testimony to that. But this also implies how people would relate to Dabi, in a way, and therefore acknowledge how the real villain here, in Dabi's villain origin, is Endeavour. Which brings us to the point of the hate E received. Horikoshi probably knew that Endeavour would be relevant, going forward, but he likely thought or a. the things he did would be interpreted less harshly or b. that his storyline would affect the readers less than it did in reality. And since he still needs E's characters (as I said before, for the likely end game of the manga), he tried to go back on his own narrative. This is further confirmed by the timeline (wrong) Horikoshi depicted in chapters 300, 301 and 302 (Touya's backstory) where he tried to shift part (or a lot) of the blame for Touya on Rei, and consequently let Rei's spiraling be caused by Touya. We saw Endeavour crying in those chapters too, as a proof that he is human (and therefore he, before being a hero is a person full of flaws), and that finally he has 'realized' his own mistakes. But that's really a question of perspective, so yeah, Endeavour's blame got distributed (or HK tried to) to keep at least people from entirely disliking the manga for the reasons I stated before. In my opinion, it just shows how people do understand how bad E's behaviour is, but as always, it is better to ignore and take the bread crumbs of 'Oh, see? He is not THAT bad' instead of actually criticising E's character's bad writing.
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kentoshousewife16 minutes ago
uraraka could fuck me with her strap and i鈥檒l thanks her everyday for it.
she鈥檚 so hot and for what. wanna call her mommy too馃槧
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adorable-deku17 minutes ago
in the normal life au, i was trying to figure out how to make izuku's plot intersect with the main plot (yknow bc hes trying to be normal, which is wverything thte hero class isnt) and hes in gen ed so he has no reason to be w the hero kids doing hero things
izuku does not have many people he really truly loves and cares about. many people he likes and would protect, but the people he would go to the ends of the earth for can be counted on one hand. inko, kacchan, mitsuki, and masaru.
his mother because of course. kacchan bc they were p close when they were young and izuku still considers him a friend even if he acts like an asshole sometimes (also bakugou was in danger a couple times bc of izuku so he feels that he owes him smth). he also admires and envies the boldness w which both kacchan and his mother go about their lives
bakugou mitsuki and masaru ofc bc they took care of him when he was a small child and he cares abt them like a set of secondary parents.
izuku would never imprison these ppl for their safety, but he DOES tag them w a danger sensor quirk that will notify him if they're in life threatening danger. this is invasive, but izuku rationalizes it like this:
bakugou bc hes gonna be a hero and if hes in serious danger maybe izuku could help him from the sides. bakugou's parents bc they are just average citizens and their contact w izuku could put them in danger. his mother bc even tho she can fight damn well on her own he is still very worried about her
anyway all of this was explanation to get to more explanation. i truly cannot be straightforward to save my life. you could put a gun to my head and id still talk in circles
when bakugou and 1A are at the usj, izukus danger sensor goes off crazy strong. the first thing he does is check his phone to see if theres anything on the news
nothing, except all might dealing w street robberies and not being at the usj where he should be
so, of course, izuku (being a tragically and fundamentally good person despite everything) goes to the usj to protect his friend. and This is how he becomes entangled with class 1A and makes all of the students (and teachers even if they wont admit it) very very concerned about him and the way he lives and the skills he has that nobody his age should have
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deadmickeysart18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Just did an art challenge where you take three BNHA and yourself and use them to create yourself in the BNHA universe. It was really fun. I had a pick a character closest to my age, closest to my height, and whose birthday was closest to mine
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charas18 minutes ago
im just searching up my old urls and looking at my old posts and omg
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teethmitez18 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
some more webcam pics
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red-writes19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Title: yandere! with a chubby! darling too scared they'll crush them
characters:聽shinsou, shigaraki, aizawa
notes: at first I was like mmmmm 鉁╝ yandere that helps you deal with insecurities by making you cum鉁 as a joke 馃榾 but bro I don't think its a joke anymore-
warnings: yandere behaviors, smut teehee
Tumblr media
猡 shinsou聽
It was you who asked him to do this for you. it was rare that any of your requests were ever listened to, let alone agreed to. your thighs were on either side of his head, the meat protruding enough to touch his ears without you having to try. purple eyes stared up at you with little to no emotion in them whatsoever- if anything he looked bored. he only let out a sigh as you shook your head聽鈥榥o鈥 for the fourth time, your rationale for saying no? it was strictly because,聽
鈥渋'm heavier than you shin...if i sit on you're face you won't be able to breath, i'll suffocate you鈥 you argued.聽
the man鈥檚 hands found your ass and nudged you forward gently,聽鈥渢his isn't for your pleasure but for mine, i want to taste you, i want to tongue-fuck you鈥 he said casually, you could feel your face warm, shyness invading your veins.
鈥測ou'd never deny me anything i want, right?鈥 his nails dug slightly into the meat of your ass and you shook your head quickly.聽
鈥渢hen?鈥 his eyes bounced from your pussy to your face, once he saw your reluctance slowly break down he gave you a small, almost unnoticeable grin.聽
a breathy,聽鈥済ood girl鈥 was given to you, before your cunt met his eager mouth. the man under you transformed into an animal before your very eyes. thick tongue shooting out immediately to lick a lewd stripe up your slit, you shivered at the contact, it felt so different from what you were used to.聽
lips wrapped around your throbbing clit, sucking the bud with the most delicious amount of pressure. your back arched, the action forcing a sinful moan out of your mouth. you leaned forward, hands gripping the metal headboard with a strength you didn't know you had.
his mouth was perfect, his lips finally letting go of your poor clit only for his tongue to begin lapping at your pussy like a dog, his eyes were closed, eyebrows furrowed, soft purple hair down and sticking to his face with the help of sweat. his expression looked so desperate, hungry.
that鈥檚 what had you grinding your hips down onto his face as you felt your cunt clench around nothing and drool endless amounts of arousal onto his face, your mind went blank the only thing running through your mind was his name.
you hardly realized you'd been repeatedly his name over and over again.聽
鈥渟hinsou! shinsou! shinsou!鈥 you whined out, he responded with a dark chuckle against your cunt.聽
鈥済unna cu-m?鈥 he asked, voice coming out muffled. you nodded, his tongue gave your clit a few more rough licks to the oversensitive bundle of nerves and that had your cunt creaming on his tongue as your orgasm slammed into you.聽
his face popped up from between your thighs, shinsou panted as his tongue licked over his lips. your eyes didn't miss the action.聽
鈥渟till alive鈥 he said, he rested his face on your left thigh as he gently caressed the other, his eyes closed, as he regained his breath. you couldn't speak, your legs were exhausted from being in the same position, you attempted to move your leg but a hard grip to your ass prevented any movements. his eyes shot open and met yours.
鈥渁gain. i wanna see if you suffocate me鈥澛
you could've gone your entire life without riding a man, you'd be fine!聽
but shigaraki saw it in one of his favorite porn videos and decided that you would fulfill his sexual fantasies tonight by riding riding him.聽didn't he understand the word no at all? you fought the man tooth and nail to keep your clothes on but you ended up naked, cunt hovering over his hardened cock. he stared up at you with mean eyes as he leaned back on his elbows.聽
鈥渟higgy..i can't do this..鈥 you said voice slightly wavering, praying that he couldn't see the tears build up in your eyes (he鈥檇 tease you for sure)
he gave you a long overdramatic sigh,聽鈥渋f you weren't my pet I would've dusted you for denying me鈥 he stated matter-of-factly.聽
鈥渃an we please just do it normally?鈥 you begged. the man merely shook his head and gripped your shoulder attempting to shove you down onto him. he gave another drawn out sigh at your resistance. he moved his hand from your shoulder to his neck where he scratched at the scared skin irritatedly.聽
鈥渨hy not? you're making me completely soft right now, boner killer鈥 he spat.
聽the last comment only made the corners of your mouth twitch downwards, you climbed off of him and found your shirt on the cluttered floor slipping it on, eyes scanning the room for your underwear. his room was so messy it was like a where's waldo page.
fingers gripped your forearm,聽鈥渙kay i'll admit it i'm still hard.鈥 he confessed to you, as if you didn't have eyes.
鈥渋t鈥檚 not that shigaraki! you just constantly compare me to girls i look nothing like, you want me to do things they do, wear the tiny outfits they do, you want me to pretend to be them because you don't actually like the way i am!鈥 you explained, anger forcing your words to come out in an aggravated huff.聽
鈥渁ll you do is make me more insecure, all the time that's all you do- being here, with you, is so hard.鈥 frustrated tears began rolling down your cheeks and you covered your eyes with your free arm, he let go of your arm. he stared at you, baffled at the sight. he鈥檇 never seen you cry and he doesn't know what to do when other people cry, especially聽someone he had 鈥榳armth鈥(read: love) for.聽
he really only knows one way to solve his dilemmas between the two of you, and that was sex. apologies and mature conversations were reserved for those who were, well, mature, which tomura was not. instead slim arms lifted you and carried you to the bed. he didn't drop you, instead with as much gentleness as he could muster he placed you down on his (most likely cum stained) sheets.聽
your bare cunt was soon face to face with the white haired male. there was no time to yell at him about the importance apologies, his tongue made quick work lapping at your pussy. his fingers collected your slick and slid your juices back inside of you along with two bony fingers. you couldn't help the whine of his name as you felt your clit get massaged by his tongue, his fingers didn't waste anytime either, they quickly thrusted upwards, pressing against that spot inside of you that had your body jerking and a hasty moan along the lines of聽鈥榝eels so good!鈥 falling out of your mouth before you could stop it.聽
shigaraki doesn't apologize. he communicates with actions. every flick of his tongue to your clit was an 聽鈥榠'm聽sorry鈥. every press of his fingers against your abused g-spot was an聽鈥榠 love you鈥 and every bite and nibble of your inner thigh was a聽鈥榶ou're perfect鈥櫬
shota aizawa is not stupid.
he can already sense the insecurity in you far before you ever mention it to him. every look in the mirror as you walk past, every meal you refused to eat. he noticed and he took note. so he understands why you decide that riding his face won't be for you.聽
that doesn't mean he won't encourage you to do it, and by encourage i mean force.聽
he鈥檚 already laying down, you refuse to get anywhere near him. aizawa didn't let you have a scale itself but you're sure the number alone would crush this man. heroes had to stay fit and in shape which meant that he for sure weighed less than you. that thought alone had heat rushing to your cheeks, there's no way he could possibly withstand your weight.聽
and unfortunately you didn't have time to contemplate the idea any further, the man simply pulled you onto him, thighs creating him his own unique pair of earmuffs. you couldn't do this, you'll hurt him.聽
鈥渘o- i don't think that this is a good idea鈥 you persuaded unsuccessfully. a small smile adorned his lips as large hands found your ass, he pushed you close enough to his face for his mouth to begin attacking you. you let out a surprised yelp, protest dying in your throat as pleasure clouded your senses.聽
your fingers carded themselves through long black hair giving the roots a unconscious tug. you felt yourself relaxing more and more, lust completely drowning out any feelings of shame or embarrassment. you could only focus on the way your cunt clenched around his tongue.
and before you realized it, your hips were gyrating in circles down on your captors face. your back arching graciously every time his nose bumped in your clit. all he could do was hold onto your thighs as his tongue massaged the fluttering walls of your cunt. your high was fast approaching, you toyed with your nipples from over your night shirt, desperately fucking your hips down onto his face.聽
from underneath you, you saw shota鈥檚 eyes open, the black seas were half lidded and hazy with lust, the tight coil in your stomach finally snapping. your hip stuttered as you were hit with your orgasm, you could feel your cunt squeeze his poor tongue refusing to let it go as your body shook.
your thighs shook as you climbed off of the man. his face was drenched in your arousal, you scooted backwards allowing him room to sit up, your hand accidentally grazing against his hard-on, it had a flurry of butterflies rushing through your stomach all at once and a heartbeat pounding between your thighs all over again.
he got hard while you fucked his face. you looked up from the tent in his slacks to his face. he looked almost bashful as a hand scratched at the back of his neck, his eyes looking everywhere but you.
鈥渋'm alive aren't i? now that we've confirmed that聽i鈥檒l live, would you mind giving me a hand?鈥
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shisnhou22 minutes ago
If you鈥檙e comfortable with it, you would be able to do a fluff fic of either dabi or the reader being babied by the other during an emotionally hard time? 馃ズ I really liked your Mother Day鈥檚 fic and how Katsuki babied the reader and was oozy soft despite him being such a tough guy.馃槫鉁嬸煆 If you鈥檙e not comfortable with Dabi, you could do any other character! Ok ok tysm, pretty!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
pairing: dabi [touya todoroki] x reader
genre: fluff
warnings: mental breakdown, mentions of blood because dabi can鈥檛 cry. do tell me if i missed any warnings!
word count: i鈥檓 on mobile still 馃馃徎
note: i鈥檓 not quite sure how people with breakdowns cope, so i鈥檓 trying to write this based on my experience (i鈥檓 really touch-starved so this is how i am on my breakdowns)
thank you for the request pretty anon :))
Tumblr media
dabi isn鈥檛 one to be usually emotionally in contact. most view and perceive him as a man who doesn鈥檛, and probably wont ever portray any sort emotion with anyone around. he鈥檚 always putting up the face, a cool facade that can mask each and every one of his emotions.
but one can only hold up a face and bottle so much emotion in one sitting, and unfortunately dabi is no exception to that.
dabi holds his knees close to his chest, heavily gasping for air as his thoughts plague and overwhelm him greatly. it鈥檚 the feeling of being drowned in cold water with no chance to get back up, that makes him heavily gasp and desperately try to claw for air.
blunt fingers digging into the marred skin of his knees as he shakes tremendously. he feels suffocated in his own body, his soul slowly detaching itself from his body as he sanity starts to slip away from him.
everything around him is muffled, unable to hear anything, not clearly seeing the space he鈥檚 in. the oxygen around him rapidly turning into carbon dioxide, slowly making him light headed.
he wants someone to hold, someone to touch, someone who鈥檒l tell him he鈥檚 fine鈥 even if it鈥檚 a white lie. someone to bury himself into, someone who will allow him to let loose.
but there鈥檚 no one around, no one to let himself crumble into.
or so he thinks.
you step into the room without thinking much of it, holding your bottled water as you listen to the soft hum from the buzzing streets.
so calm and private, unlike the usual thing you鈥檇 have in the league鈥檚 bar.
that鈥檚 until you hear ragged breathing, and the sounds of dragged sobs.
you snap your head to that direction, eyes searching for the source until you spot that person.
your eyes widen when you see the familiar black spiky locks lopsided, face buried into the skin of his arm as he heavily pants for air.
you snap quickly push open the doors, opening your bottled water and walk to the man. you don鈥檛 touch him immediately afraid that you may cause shock, so with caution you approach him softly.
dabi doesn鈥檛 hear you nearing him, doesn鈥檛 feel your presence in the room. he鈥檚 trapped in his own headspace, unable to feel the world around him. his hands grips his hair as he squeezes the pile and starts tugging on it harshly.
your eyes widen when he starts hitting himself, mumbling incoherent sentences underneath his breath. you swallow your own saliva, humming a small tune, in hopes that he may hear.
and he does.
鈥渙h dabi...鈥 you softly call for him, opening your opposite palm to signify that he can hold it close to him. 鈥渋鈥檓 here, you鈥檙e safe with me.鈥 you say with a say smile, trying to calm him down.
it doesn鈥檛 take him another word, grabbing your open palm and pulling you close to him. he wraps his arms around you, clutching your sides in fear that you might suddenly disappear.
鈥渋鈥檓 here, dabi. i鈥檓 right here.鈥 you coo, running your hand through his back. his back shivers at your touch, straightening when your slowly press your fingers on his skin.
鈥渄on鈥檛 leave me.鈥 he sobs into your shoulder, clutching sobbing against your shoulder. no tears leave his eyes, yet you feel droplets of what seems to be blood against your skin. 鈥測ou鈥檙e the one i鈥檝e got left, please don鈥檛 leave.鈥
your heart softens, feeling emotion through your veins as you wrap your arms around him as well, placing him in your warm embrace. 鈥溾榤 not leaving dabi, promise.鈥 you tell him.
he nods against the crook of your neck, allowing himself to loosen in your grasp. 鈥渋鈥檓 not the best, but i鈥檓 trying okay? don鈥檛 go.鈥
you nod against him, placing a peck on the side of his face. 鈥渋鈥檓 not going anywhere without you. it鈥檚 you and me against the world forever, dabi.鈥 you whisper against the shell of his ear.
he nods into you, pulling you impossibly closer into him. you feel his heartbeat start to slow, his breathing slowly stilling as he takes deep breaths with his eyes closed. he toys with your hair, carding his fingers through the strands.
鈥測eah, it鈥檚 us, always us, against the world.鈥
Tumblr media
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a-bnha-nerd24 minutes ago
Izuku: Have you ever met someone who's just... So dumb you wanted to punch them?
Katsuki: I'm looking at them right now.
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ladysunamireads25 minutes ago
Izuku vs Mirio
Izuku vs Mirio by Deathgod A
A self indulgent rewrite of the fight between Mirio and class 1a. This fic is originally part of a chapter for another fic I'm working on but I like it enough to post it on it's own as a one shot.
Words: 2343, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 鍍曘伄銉掋兗銉兗銈€偒銉囥儫銈 | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: Gen
Characters: Midoriya Izuku, Toogata Mirio, Aizawa Shouta | Eraserhead, Hadou Nejire
Relationships: Midoriya Izuku & Toogata Mirio
Read Here:
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thefieryphoenix26 minutes ago
*puts on shades to protect eyes as chaos ensues*
The reader鈥檚 ex returns with his own army of Yakuza men to get the reader back and is stupid enough to threaten the Yanderes that if they also don鈥檛 hand over a lot of weapons, money, and drugs; That they鈥檒l get torn to shreds by his men. He鈥檚 not aware of the number 1 rules that applies to yanderes:
But oh well, time to see some well deserved torture and suffering 馃嵖
The reader鈥檚 just letting some body guards play with her baby as she鈥檚 somewhere safe while a fucking massacre happens
Better grab your glasses and popcorn, shit鈥檚 about to go DOWN!!! Overhaul will most certainly erase that petty scumbag鈥檚 existence from this planet. He鈥檒l reduce him till he鈥檚 nothing more than a red stain or a pile of ash, that鈥檚 for sure. You鈥檒l most probably have no absolute clue what the heck is going on since the other Yakuza members had strict orders from their boss not to make you feel tensed of stressed about things like that and so, you鈥檒l most probably be in a room with a few guards who will be telling you funny jokes, stories and play with your child
And as for that little germ who decided to infect the place with his filthy presence... well, Overhaul and his other gang members already took care of him. How? By gouging his eyes out, snapping his neck, breaking his bones and then shooting him through the forehead. Yep... that was some gruesome shit that went down. Oh, and expect Overhaul to bleach the place down or have people clean it up with soap and disinfectants since he tainted the place with his filthy presence XD
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lindzgenix27 minutes ago
Fem!Deku Doesn鈥檛 Even Care Anymore
Bakugo: I can鈥檛 believe I got stuck guarding some hippie resort with you. *knocks on the door*
Fem!Deku: Yeah, well. Mutual feeling.
Random Man yelling in the Distance: SLUT!!
Bakugo and Fem!Deku, surprised:
Fem!Deku, yells back: YES?!
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randombnhathoughts29 minutes ago
Idk how many people read Conversations with a cryptid, and I don't wanna leave a spoiler in the comments so I'll be saying it here,
AFO : endeavor clearly is a horrible father
AFO : *kills Deku's middle school bullies*
AFO: I'm such a good dad
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kannra2129 minutes ago
I know that people want representation but there's a reminder that some things ain't canon, therefore I'm not obligated to agree, and I'd be right not to do so.
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theteapotofdoom30 minutes ago
Tumblr media
IT IS HE!!! 馃挄馃挄馃挄
Look at my son I miss him so much, thank you for the crumbs Horikoshi but when will he return to the main story 馃槶
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