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#Black and White
jennfercheck · 5 minutes ago
haikyuu is so good because it’s impossible to hate any one character and it’s easy to have multiple favorites but the internet is of course full of insufferable gremlins who ruin this
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adriennebakerdesigns · 7 minutes ago
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adriennebakerdesigns · 7 minutes ago
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baronmaymystery · 23 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Goths (with strong punk influence) in Leicester, England in 1983. I own nothing.
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o-tired-o · 54 minutes ago
Hi!May I request a matchup?I’m a mute straight girl with dark hair and blue hair. I’m pale and short. I’m cold, mean and I almost always make sarcastic comments (usually I write everything down). I’m pessimist and I often think deep useless philosophical thoughts. I like reading, listening to music and pat others’ heads. And I hate when they pat mine. Thanks! Great work!
Tumblr media
A/N: I’ve never written for Genma, but I was really exited to do that. I mean look at him hot as hell and underrated as hell. Give this fine man a bit more love. (also he might have danced over my sketchbook in class and then I might have ilustrated him in a comic like style later - so that should be up right now)
Wordcount: 1.9k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You got Genma
Why you got him:
- He doesn’t care about the fact that you’re mean since he kind of is that himself
- That goes for the cold and sarcastic part too. He likes to make sarcastic jokes at people
- He really doesn’t care for patting peoples heads, not that he hates it or anything - it just never flew past his mind to pat someone's head
- I see him enjoying head pats and you playing with his hair. Genma will pretend to not like it at first, but you’ll notice that he’s secretly enjoying it when he doesn’t stop you
What youy bring him:
- The Ninja is really surprised by how much he enjoys your head pats. It’s like the moment you pat his head his muscles relax and even he is taken back by that.
- You get him into books and reading. The man was skeptical at first, but since you read a lot he always threw an eye on what you are reading. Slowly, but surely he got invested in the story and asked if he could lend the book from you. Now he reads more than he used to - Genma still isn’t the biggest bookworm though.
- You help him relax a lot, especially before and after missions. (again those head pats do wonders)
- He likes having deep philosophical conversations with you. Especially if they are under a night sky lit by thousands of stars that make you both feel small
What he brings you:
- he learned sign language right after hearing that you were mute. The Shinobi did that even before really getting to know you (more on that on how you met)
- He likes sitting down with you and planing out your and his missions. It’s really nice because you often have missions together, especially since both of you are really smart you come up with some really good plans and strategies
- He always knows what sarcastic remark you’ll make and signs it to you or you sign it to each other at the same time
- He loves listening to you. Whether it is about philosophy or the book you’re reading. You’re smart and interesting so listening to you never gets boring
How you met:
- Genma would always catch you out in the corner of his eye sitting quietly in jonin meetings. You never let a word roll out of your lips and just listened carefully always carrying a raven colored notebook and a cheap, thin pen.
- The Jonin would always see you shifting uncomfortably on your seat, like a kid in class that had the teacher's answers, when someone acted stupid, breaking that stone-cold face for a moment before going back to sitting quietly.
- He would rarely catch you in nonformal settings, but when luck strikes him and he does see you, it’s always writing furiously in your notebook and then holding it up to the person speaking to you.
- The man lightly chewed on his senbon, wondering what this was about, but soon brushed it off as maybe you being an ANBU and at the end of the day it wasn’t his problem or place to sniff into people's personal lives.
- Almost a year goes by and Genma notices that he has never heard you speak. This topic comes up once while he was talking to Izumo and Kotetsu and they mention the fact that you are mute.
- Genma didn’t feel pity or bad for you, but wanted to be able to communicate with you, if you happened to be in a team for a mission.
- The next few months he spends learning sign language, though he didn’t make it public knowledge that he was - no one needed to know about what he does in his spare time.
- There was a big search one day for a kidnapped girl and she was found successfully by your guyses teams, this is why everyone made a celebration gathering at Yakiniku Q much to your’s and Genma’s disapproval.
- So there you both were, sitting and watching the others having fun - making fools out of themselves while doing so. Gai in particular got a bit tipsy and started slurring gibberish: something about sharks on moons fighting today's youth.
- The Jonin threw an eye over to you. He saw the witty remark you wrote about the guy. You looked over to him and he signed to you. “Do you think so? Sharks fighting today's youth isn’t nearly as bad.”
- You looked at him shocked and as much as you tried pulling your mouth muscles in the other direction a smile crept upon your face. As soon as that happened you turned your head and stopped smiling asking yourself why the hell you acted that way.
- Genma didn’t push you further, but noted to himself that you’re able to smile and that there is a person behind that cold and uninterested face. Although he had to admit to himself that he took a slow liking to you, leaving him wanting to see you more.
- He pulled some strings and got Tsunade to let you go on more missions together bringing you closer to one another. He would flirtatiously walk up to you and make dark remarks about the others. You’d often catch each other signing/ saying the same thing.
- Genma had to go on a mission for a few days and during that time you noticed the loss of his presence, the way he was never pushy with personal questions or his slight flirting towards you. Soon enough you brushed away these thoughts, tagging that relationship as just a friendship.
- Later the same day you got a message from Tsunade to go and join Genma’s team as fast as you can.
- You were running up to the location when you saw flying senbons through the air and knew who they belonged to you. From a distance, a racing kunai was splitting the air mercilessly going straight to the back of Genma's head just as you entered the battlefield, you shielded it off with your body.
- You ignored the sharp pain in your shoulderblade continuing to fight and slowly the pain faded into numbness.
- After a long fight, your team won, but the strong tingling and the loud high-pitched sound in your ear never left you. Before your dirty body crashed to the ground and your vision blacked out you heard a familiar voice sharply saying “Stay with me, you’re not going anywhere”
- Your eyes fluttered open. A nurse was next to you checking you're wrapped shoulder. “Hello, Ms. It’s good to see you awake. You are allowed to go anytime since you woke up and are in good condition. Your wound isn’t bad, just don’t overwork yourself this bad with a wound next time and you’ll avoid blacking out again.”
- You looked at the woman and nodded while putting your shirt back on that was sitting on the chair next to you.
- Your feet moved around through the Konoha hospital trying to find the exit when you spotted a familiar man with a bandana headband. He was not only talking to the nurses, but he was also asking them where to find you.
- You swayed your hips over to him and he spotted the familiar figure from the corner of his eye.
- “I didn’t know you were searching for me” you signed.
- “Yeah, I was looking for you. Looking to tell you how heavy you are honestly.” His answer should have been harsh, although it rolled from his lips like honey and made a warm feeling engulf your body. He carried you all the way to the hospital.
- After that, he walked with you home and got you some sushi on the way there. The man thought that you’d take the sushi and say your goodbyes, but instead, you just walked into the house leaving the door open for him - signaling to close it after himself. Genma didn’t think twice about the offer, he took off his shoes and stepped on the cold wooden planks of your floor.
- You wanted to unpack the sushi from the take-out box, but your bandaged arm really hurt and you needed to let your guest not only open it, but feed it to you too.
- Your face was a little red by now and Genma’s remarks definitely didn’t help. He got a little too carried away though smudging some wasabi on the corner of your mouth.
- The jonin wanted to wipe it away with a tissue, but had a better idea. He moved closer to you locking both of your lips into a gentle kiss.
- You never kissed back and that made him pull away faster than Naruto can say Ichitaku’s ramen. Now you two were staring at each other awkwardly. He ripped his gaze from yours averting it to the ground wanting to apologize.
- Then two hands snaked up to his face cupping it nicely. You drew his lips to yours before he could say he’s sorry and kissed him finally admitting to yourself that this wasn’t just a friendship: It was love.
The beginning of the relationship:
- The relationship isn’t much different from when you were friends. Nothing really big or spectacular happens between you two and there also wasn’t much PDA, most people didn’t even notice that you’re together
- Most of your dates are at home - listening to music, ordering food and talking to each other
- You guys don’t engage in a lot of physical touch in the beginning. Both of you not being found of being all lovey-dovey (though deep down you know you love it)
- You make fun of other couples in sign. Sometimes those couples would look over to you and you’d just continue talking about how stupid they look kissing/ cuddling in public
Deep/er into the relationship:
- Both of you open up to each other through time. You found it really nice that Genma never pushed you to tell him anything, just enjoying the you he had in front of him.
- People notice how you crack more genuine smiles around one another, look happy and like you’re having fun.
- ok now you are at the lovey-dovey faze too - all that making fun of other couples bit you in the ass, but you keep those things like cuddling and kissing to the comfort of your cozy home
- He starts to tell you his fears and worries. You are the only person Genma really trusts to go to when he’s in a bad mood.
Cute things you do/ habits you have:
- He once fell asleep on you while you were patting his head and of course made fun of him later for doing so
- Back to where I said he reads more. If he’s interested in your book, he sits behind you snuggling himself into your back and reads peacefully over you shoulder
- That often ends in you two falling asleep on each other after promising yourselves to go to sleep after one more chapter.
- You would often have sarcastic competitions to see who can make the better and the more bitter remark about another person
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attropin · 55 minutes ago
Tumblr media
A photo of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, taken in 1875
Israeli forces attacked Palestinian worshipers in Jerusalem's flashpoint Al-Aqsa mosque complex on Aug. 11, injuring at least 37, according to a Palestinian official.
Say stop to this persecution.
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