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#Betting on a Duke's Heart
ktliterary · 20 days ago
Happy Book Birthday to Royaline Sing!
Please help us celebrate with Royaline Sing whose debut historical romance releases today!
BETTING ON A DUKE’S HEART Aetius White, the Duke of Saxton, couldn’t save his father, but he’ll be damned if he won’t save the man’s dream. He’ll acquire a Triple Crown–winning horse at any cost, even marriage. Luckily, the lovely lady in mind loves challenges as much as he. Certainly he can win her heart without losing his own…
Hell will freeze over before Miss Dina Campbell agrees to marry a horse-mad man who wants her dowry of a prize stallion, no matter what her father wants. The duke may be handsome, but he’ll have to prove he is a suitable match for her before she’ll even consider the offer. And there’s no way this love-averse man will ever succeed with the wager that she has planned…
Available today in print, ebook and audiobook – here’s to many happy readers!
Follow Royaline on her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @RoyalineSing
Happy Book Birthday to Royaline Sing! was originally published on kt literary
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sandythereadingcafe · 22 days ago
Tumblr media
BETTING ON A DUKE’S HEART by Royaline  Sing at The Reading Cafe:
‘nicely written, enjoyable read’
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ktliterary · 24 days ago
Audiobook Pre-Order goes Live for Royaline Sing's Debut
On Monday April 19th, Royaline Sing’s debut historical romance, BETTING ON A DUKE’S HEART hits shelves!
Today we’re excited to announce that the audiobook is live for pre-order!
Our audiobook publisher, Insatiable Editorial, hired two brilliant narrators and we can’t wait for readers to hear them! Neha DeLancie and Tristan James bring Royaline’s book to life – check it out on Audible.
BETTING ON A DUKE’S HEART Aetius White, the Duke of Saxton, couldn’t save his father, but he’ll be damned sure to save his father’s dream. He’ll acquire a Triple Crown-winning horse at any cost, even marriage.
Miss Dina Campbell wants a soulmate, and hell will freeze over before she’d marry a horse-mad man who loves horses more than a woman. However, with her father aging quickly and her Indian heritage drawing interest in town, she may not get the say in her future that she’d hoped. Those prize horses belonging to her father are drawing attention from suitors, and time may be over for her to find a love match.
When the two are contracted for an arranged marriage, sparks fly. Only way to settle? A game of challenges where winner gets it all. If only their fiery wills stop clashing and sizzling kisses don’t get in the way.
Follow Royaline on her website:
Say hi and congratulations on twitter @RoyalineSing
Audiobook Pre-Order goes Live for Royaline Sing’s Debut was originally published on kt literary
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hannalim456 · 17 days ago
Hitting 샌즈카지노 in the Deer Business #4291
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Tumblr media
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bookaddict57 · 20 days ago
Most anticipated new romance for April 2021
Week 4/18-4/24 4/18 * The Gargoyle and the Gypsy ( the sacred duet) by Rebecca Harp The Insatiable Lover by: Krystyna Allyn Alphas Vow ( shifters ops 2) by Renee Rose 4/19 Falling in love with you ( the hate-love duet) by Lauren Rowe * Pieces of us ( second chance sinners1) by Claudia Burgoa Maverick ( grim sinners mc originals 2 ) by Leann Ashers Betting on a Dukes Heart by Royaline…
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shunindy · 23 days ago
*D.o.w.n.l.o.a.d M.O.B.I The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4) Books full online
*Download [PDF] The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4) Books Full Page
Tumblr media
  You Want The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4)?
  The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4)
by Tessa Dare
√PDF / √Kindle / √Epub
  Read Now
 Description :
     How to lose a duke in ten years?without losing your heart.Once upon a time, two sworn enemies - the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke - made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other.It was a joke, Nicola thought. A duchess? Her?But when the Duke of Westleigh returns a decade later, he?s serious. He needs an heir, so he?s holding her to their marriage bargain?diamond ring, lavish gown, engagement ball, and more. Nothing Nicola says can dissuade him. When she calls him arrogant, he praises her honesty. When she makes social stumbles, he catches her fall. And when she gets exasperated, the duke can?t seem to get enough. For reasons she can?t fathom, he claims that no other woman will do.He?s betting he can change her mind, with logic and passion.She?s betting she can change his mind, just by being herself.And as the clock ticks down to a wedding day, neither is counting on losing their heart. .
  © Copyright 2021. All Rights Reserved.
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fournipplesau · 26 days ago
Coming soon!
Tumblr media
Lightning Strikes The Heart
A Bridgerton AU by @fournipplesau​ & @justalarryblog
Shrewsbury, 1814
Dearest reader, I present to you your new bulletin of news regarding Shrewsbury citizen's activities. My name is Lady Merriweather and I will be in charge of the updates. I will make sure you are to know all the important details of what is to happen this season. You must know that you do not know who I am and you never shall. But be forewarned; I certainly do know you. I advise you be on your best behaviour, lest you want the whole town to be privy of your business.
As expected every year, the Lockhart House hosts the season’s opening ball, and its invitation is the motive of the hustle in town, and every family hopes for the invitation. This year is no different, but this year everyone's attention is focused on the new Duke of Montgomery, His Grace Harry Edward Styles, and whether he will attend it.
All the omegas will be in their best manner, behaviour and clothes as it is expected. And here, dear reader, is where we will find out which young omega might succeed at securing a match, hoping to not become a spinster. Place your bets.
For @hlmpregficfest
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grrooper99 · 26 days ago
*[PDF]|[EPUB]|[KINDLE] The Sixteenth Round: From Number 1 Contender to Number 45472 *Books Full Page
(Scarica libri in PDF) The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4)
Who Else Wants The Bride Bet (Girl Meets Duke, #4)?
This book is a very good book to read!
Do you want to read it ? 
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How to lose a duke in ten years?without losing your heart.Once upon a time, two sworn enemies - the bookish daughter of a scholar and the devilish heir to a duke - made a pact: If they were both still single in ten years, they would marry each other.It was a joke, Nicola thought. A duchess? Her?But when the Duke of Westleigh returns a decade later, he?s serious. He needs an heir, so he?s holding her to their marriage bargain?diamond ring, lavish gown, engagement ball, and more. Nothing Nicola says can dissuade him. When she calls him arrogant, he praises her honesty. When she makes social stumbles, he catches her fall. And when she gets exasperated, the duke can?t seem to get enough. For reasons she can?t fathom, he claims that no other woman will do.He?s betting he can change her mind, with logic and passion.She?s betting she can change his mind, just by being herself.And as the clock ticks down to a wedding day, neither is counting on losing their heart.
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dark-wired · a month ago
Baby Steps
Rematch time! Place your bets.
Phase 1: Part 4
Word Count: (About) 1,280
"You. Me. Rematch. Tonight."
"...Tomorrow night?"
With that, Crow leaves to his room for some much needed rest. He could only think about what Holger said about him steadying his emotions. Is he really going to take his words to heart? Why should he? Maybe because it's been a long while since he's had his ass handed to him. Or maybe it's because even though Holger won, he wasn't boastful about it like he would of been? Or could it even be that Holger actually gave him another shot to prove himself? What does Holger gain from all of this anyways? He doesn't even seem to like him, or well, most people.
All these questions were stopping him from gaining any type of rest. So he decided to make use of this time and train instead. He remembered seeing a gym type area when he got lost looking for his Uncle's office, guess it wouldn't hurt to practice 'steadying his emotions' there.
Why does he have to make things difficult, not only for himself, but for others as well? Holger was trying to come to terms with this new assignment he pretty much gave himself. It's not like he can't handle it, but it's definitely a new type of challenge. Beating Crow up daily won't solve anything, he needs him to listen and understand him as well. He never had this much trouble with the other men in his unit, what makes Crow so special?
"Hiya! Huhg! Ah! Ya!"
The aggressive grunting of training broke him out of his spell. He must of wandered near the gym, but who would be training this late at night. Oh, wait.
"Heya! Hut! Ha!"
"Hmph, you really want to kick my ass that badly, huh?"
"Huh? Oh. Well, if you put it like that your gunna make me feel bad about it. To be fair, I don't really have anything against you. I realize that you were trying to your own...stupid way. I just want to win, at least once, then I'll be out of you're hair for good."
"Even if, in the slim chance you do manage to beat me, I...I don't think you should leave."
"...Why? All I've done was cause trouble since I got here. This isn't really a place for someone like me. I'm better off going back home and living out my sad little life drowning in music and booze like I was before."
"Your Uncle believes you could be putting your skills to good use here, instead of wasting away with 'music and booze'....Look, I get that you don't feel as though this place is for you, it's...a different atmosphere here, trust me I know, but you have so much potential, I know Guile sees it, and I'm sure Charlie did as well."
"And you?"
"...You...definitely impressed me, even if you weren't able to land a single hit. I think that if you would be open for taking some advice, you would be a fine addition to my unit."
" seem almost genuine...alright. You were watching me a bit before you came into talk to me, ya? I'd hate to ask this, any pointers?"
As the night went on, the two of them practiced together. Crow was pretty good about keeping a calm head and an open mind as Holger tried to guide him in the fine art of assault. Not much progress was made on Crow's end, but he took all of what Holger taught him to heart, and is totally not planning on using those skills in their next fight.
The day went on and Crow was sent to do push-ups for entire time he was supposed to be training with the unit, as punishment for the low performance of their first bout. Not that he got through most of them. Staying up till God-knows-when trying to keep his cool while training, takes a toll on ones body. It turned into more of an impromptu nap time. Holger noticed, and since he ordered him to do it and was partially responsible, he'd let Crow rest a bit...before waking him to keep going every five 5 minutes.
After dinner, there was some time before Crow and Holger had to duke it out again. Crow took this time to find a nice spot to relax. He found an old, rusted, barely used plane, and sat on it's wing to get a nice view of the sunset. Thinking this might be the only time he'll have a moment of peace for a while.
"We can't seem to keep away from each other can we?"
"Oh, Holger! I...didn't think anybody would be out here."
"I usually come here to get away from the others, they can become annoying at times."
"Yeah, you don't quite strike me as a people person."
"Hmph, I like people just fine. I'm not a fan of the annoying, stupid ones though."
"Ah, like me."
"I'm just teasing you, don't get so huffy about it. Hey, why don't you come up here and join me, it's a hell of a view. It'd be nice to relax a bit before we have to kill each other."
"I most likely won't kill you, but I will join you. Peace is a rare thing around here, more-so since you showed up..."
"You're welcome! I've been known to make things more....interesting. have something to ask you though..."
"Can you try not to send me to infirmary this time? You really had Uncle Bill worried about me. He even gave me a whole speech about being 'safe' afterwords. I just...don't want him to have to worry about me like that again, okay?"
"I...suppose I can give it a try. No promises, though. You are very easy to punch."
"Hehe, yeah, I can understand that...but that won't be the case for much longer. You mark my words."
The two of them fell silent, watching as the sun slowly set in a sea of beautiful colors. Waiting for the dark blues and blacks to settle in the sky, signalling that their moment of peace was over. They both silently moved off the plane wing and into a more open area of the field. Now it's just them, all alone.
"Are you ready, then, Crow?"
"...More-so than last time, at least."
"Very well, let's begin."
As the familiar song and dance of their fight begins, the feelings of stress and anger from their first bout seem like a distant memory. This time the air is filled with determination and respect. Holger noticed that Crow is slower than last time, he's seems to be actually thinking about his next moves, not as much as he should, but still, he's learning. Crow still can't seem to land a punch and is knocked down, again and again. However, he seems to be keeping his cool...somewhat.
"Fuck! Let me....hit you!"
His anger seems to be geared more towards himself than anything else this time. Holger lets up, giving Crow a clear opening to land a hit, just to see if he'll take it. He doesn't. Crow instead seems to be lost in thought, as if he's trying to keep something down, stopping himself from losing the little control he has left. Realizing what Crow's doing, he goes in for a knock down, but Crow dodges it, and follows through with a counter, landing a good hit on his jaw. Crow's learning, and Holger almost feels proud, but it's time to put this fun to an end. He manages to get a good trip on him, and on the way down delivers a final blow. Knocking Crow out, once again.
"...I did promises..."
Continued in Phase 1: Part 5
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incorporateddeposit548 · a month ago
Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein Car Bodies
A. G. Leventis Gallery Nikosia CY .. Tartu Uni Museum EE .. Estonian National Library Tallinn EE .. Finnish Maritime Museum Helsinki FI .. Finnish National Library Helsinki FI .. Musée Archéologique Départemental Jublains FR .. Musée National Adrien Dubouché Limoges FR .. Bibliothèque d'études Rousseauistes Montmorency FR .. Le Louvre Paris FR .. Choppy table craps table. MuCEM Fort St Jean Marseille FR .. Bosworth Battlefield Heritage Centre Nuneaton GB .. International Slavery Museum Liverpool GB .. Labman Automation Ltd. Stokesley GB .. Mary Rose Museum/Mary Rose Trust Portsmouth GB .. National Maritime Museum (Neptune Court) London GB .. Nottingham Trent University School of Science & Technology GB .. Oxford Ashmolean Museum GB .. Sir John Soane's Museum London GB .. Stonehenge Museum GB .. The Rothschild Archive London GB .. Uni College London GB .. Wakefield Museum GB .. Warrington Museum & Art Gallery GB .. British Museum London GB .. Cambridge University Library Cambridge GB .. Archaeological Museum Heraklion/Crete GR .. St. Panteleimon (Pantaleon's) Monastery Mount Athos GR .. Palace of the Grand Dukes of Lithuania Vilnius LT .. Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein Poederoijen NL .. Norwegian Folk Museum Oslo NO .. Halland Museum of Cultural History Varberg SE .. Topkapi Museum Istanbul TR
Tumblr media
Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein Car Bodies
Slot Loevestein. Slot Loevestein lies in the heart of the typical Dutch river landscape of Munnikenland, where the rivers Meuse and Waal are merged. The old castle is a wonderful attraction for young and old. In the museum castle, the outer fort and the soldiers’ village there is lots to be discovered. Loevestein is open. Loevestein will re-open on November 19th. We kindly ask you to book a ticket and timeslot in advance, and to bring your mouth mask. Also, please check our houserules regarding corona before your visit to the museum. You can book your tickets here, and read the houserules here. The Most Famous Castle in the. Slot Loevestein heeft een gespecialiseerde collectie van een kleine 6000 objecten. Educatie Op Slot Loevestein leer je van de 650 jaar Nederlandse geschiedenis die zich hier heeft afgespeeld. Voor de Stichting Museum Slot Loevestein heeft Humble Tech diverse werkzaamheden verricht inzake beheer en onderhoud van het monumentale pand te Poederoijen. Het gaat om NEN2767 inspecties, meerjarenonderhoudsplanning, onderhoudsbestek plus aanbesteding en uitvoeringsbegeleiding. Na een succesvolle aanbesteding eind 2016 zijn we doorgegaan met de implementatie. Slot Loevestein: Museum Catharijneconvent: 乌特勒支: Museum Catharijneconvent: Museum de Gevangenpoort: 海牙: De Gevangenpoort: Teylers Museum: 哈勒姆: 荷兰现存最古老的博物馆 Teylers Museum: Stichting Gelders erfgoed: 聚特芬: Stichting Texels Museum: De Koog: Museum of the Image: 布雷达: Stichting MOTI: Politiemuseum.
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