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olenoname · 28 minutes ago
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
My first fan art of the brothers and my mc and started off with drawing them as titans. Got impatient and started uploading before I draw Diavolo, still thinking about how to model him. (I hate drawing hands)
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otome-scribbles · 36 minutes ago
Imagine Adult MC just....having a death grip on their favorite brother's arm as Diavolo starts planning an arranged marriage with some high ranking family.
Imagine Adult MC just grabbing said brother's face and kissing them while Diavolo has a jaw drop face... "Sorry dad.... but this man now holds my heart, my soul and my life....."
Meanwhile Diavolo
Tumblr media
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zibijilptelemieu · 48 minutes ago
Smile for Me, Mammon! (Chapter Two)
// Authors Note: Alright guys, with the last chapter of the fanfiction being posted out a little while ago, I wanted to try and improve my writing method for this fanfiction. I know that the last chapter was far from the best in writing style, message, and entertainment. That is okay though, because I hope to improve and make this a lot more memorable. Eventually. Feel free to leave harsh criticisms if needed, I am fine with that. I don't have much to say on behalf of the story now, though, so let's get going!
>> Reminder: To an extent, this is an AU, or Alternate Universe, of sorts. Belphegor was never in that attic, where the MC finds him in the game (because he had already been let out.) Mammon is the only demon that is under the means of the contract with the human. None of the other demons have made one with Zibijil/MC.
This is a page break. -
From downstairs, loud crashing was heard. The leader of the dorm, and eldest brother of the demon avatars sets down his coffee and he sighed, feeling annoyance crawl up his spine in the same way a spider climbs its web. It was slow, and surely going to reach the top at the limit of the web eventually. No matter how long it took. After deciding to let it go, at least for the time being, another loud crash was heard.
Looks like that spider crawling up the web was fast, or the web was short. Either way it went, there was not going to be any relaxing for him before heading to the academy after the hours they reserved for breakfast time.
Not-so-gently closing his book after another deep, and tired sigh, the first-brother stands up from his study, and tread to the door. A tired expression washed over his face, and some irking of regret shimmied up his spine. Even for himself not liking the thought of staying in his room longer than he needed to; he somehow wished that he had just stayed in his room today. He was not ready, or mentally prepared to have to deal with his constantly bickering younger siblings. There was a good chance Mammon was the one that caused all of it, he was sure.
Mammon seemed to really be the cause of nearly everything that happened down there. More worse than better, of course. Typical. Annoying.
After opening the door, Lucifer walks out into the hallway, buttoning up his coat as he makes his way down a slim, but well-decorated corridor. The longer he let this go on, the more likely it was that he was going to have to pay to clean up damages. More than likely he would gravitate towards making Mammon do most the cleaning before even considering calling in anyone to repair anything that might be broken.
The closed he listened in, the more glass or porcelain he heard. If that was the nice tableware and dishes that he had gotten for the dorm, there was going to be a major issue.
Walking faster, he makes it to the dining hall, where the large table stood filthy and scrambled. Dishes were everywhere, either broken or still in one piece. More broken than not, of course. Looking over to the source, Lucifer had spotted Mammon, which was not unexpected. However, seeing the one that the white haired brother was fighting with kind of did shock the eldest a bit.
Mammon was wrestling with Satan, both of them in their demon forms as they rolled around on the ground, trying to attack each other. Mammon took the lead most the time, managing to get Satan pinned down to the hard surface. Satan would quickly kick the other off, and roll on top of him, attempting to keep him down as long as he could while throwing punches or little hexes of power. Mammon didn't stay down for long, though.
Mammon quickly kicks the other off, and lunges at him, pinning the blonde to the ground again while baring his teeth, exposing his slightly more-grown canines. Not nearly fangs, yet.
Satan was thrown off by the way Mammon was acting, though. Sure, he had hit his brothers upside the head, or punched them in the arm hard, but to outright fight with an intent to actually hurt was odd. First, Mammon would never admit it, but he was a coward. He knew that even if his little brothers were not as strong as he was, they were smarter. They would still beat him in a fight, no matter how hard he tried. Satan already proved this before, and Mammon didn't want to suffer the embarrassment of losing again. Especially in such a way as he had.
Mammon finally got Satan pinned down to where the other could not move, even going as far as breaking the others arm in three places. Satan grimaced, and continued trying to move away, but it was no use. He glared hatefully up into Mammon's eyes, just to stop and look dumbfounded, and maybe even, dare-say, worried in the next moment.
"What... is wrong with your eyes?" He questioned the other, continuing to attempt to wiggle free from the older brother's grasp. Mammon hadn't said a thing, not to boast, not to threaten, not to belittle or berate. There was an uncomfortable silence coming from the white-haired sibling.
Mammon let his claws extend out a bit further, and with what seemed to be a hiss, he brought his claws out to attempt to dig them into the blonde's neck. Just before he could, though, there was a pressure on his back, and the sensation of flying. Just a bit, anywho. He went almost weightlessly stumbling into the nearby wall with a harsh crash.
"As much as I love to see things get hurt and suffer, that is quite enough for you two." Lucifer commanded down to his younger siblings. His deep red eyes were narrowed in anger, and a slight tinge of confusion. Mammon had yet to say anything, along with the fact he had seemed outright set on trying to seriously maim Satan. Almost none of the demon brothers had ever done that to each other, though they had no problems losing self-control around other demons or humans that were down there in the Devildom. Maybe even a couple celestials here and there.
Lucifer's blackened heart thumped in an unknown kind of joy upon even thinking about how much that either one of them could harm or maimed each other. At the same time, it lurched, just knowing that it could happen. Sure, demons could revive, but that doesn't mean that they don't feel pain. Depending on the demon or even some kind of spell, hex or creature that had caused it, it could be even MORE painful.
Sometimes he really did hate the way his subconscious or even his body reacted to scenarios like this.
After moving forward to grab Mammon, the other turns on his heel and jumps forward, knocking him over with what seemed to be a feral growl. Mammon was face to face with the eldest, the eldest on the floor right under him.
The only reason Lucifer was caught off guard was because of the fact everyone knew Mammon was scared of the eldest. He would have NEVER done something like this, especially if he knew that it would make Lucifer mad. The condition of the kitchen was a hot mess, all of the other brothers stood over by the door, staying out of the way unless Lucifer gave them a signal to come and help him. He hated when others got in the way of whatever he was doing.
Beel looked shocked and nervous. He had nothing against Mammon, most of the time. However, with what he had just witnessed, it seemed there definitely WAS something very wrong. Belphie leans against the doorway, eyebrow quirked in interest, and confusion. Being the avatar of sloth, he didn't always express himself too well. Everyone was sure that he was just as confused as everyone else was. Levi didn't show much expression other than confusion, but he certainly wasn't too worried about Mammon, per se. Asmo was starting to wonder if part of what lead to this confrontation between Satan and Mammon was his fault, seeing as he was the one poking fun at the older brother just a bit beforehand.
Zibijil wasn't in the room anymore, which wasn't too helpful.
Lucifer summoned out his demonic form, before shoving Mammon off of him again, and pinning the other to the ground with such immense force that he heard a crack in one of the wrists. It would heal in a couple hours, more than likely. Mammon didn't take notice of the pain in the wrist, though, he was still acting ballistic. The growling coming from him was constant, and his eyes were wide in their unnatural, and worrisome color.
"Mammon, I will punish you if you do not knock it off this instant." Lucifer states coldly, despite the obvious confusion. "Get off of me, and get yourself back in line!"
Zibijil walks back into the room, looking as if they were wondering what the heck they missed. Looking over at Mammon and watching for a second, they quickly shouted out to the white-haired demon friend of theirs. Their gaze held something odd behind it, however, none of the brothers even noticed.
"Mammon. Stop."
With that, the binding chains of the contract that Mammon made Zibijil had quickly done their job. The second-eldest stopped, and made a painful grasp at his through with a low hiss before backing up and falling off of Lucifer. He was writhing, as if it was some kind of burning pain that had caused him to cease.
Satan, who had already taken his time to stand, was over Mammon, who was wriggling on the ground, still in immense pain, he was sure. His face had changed again, though. After mammon opened his eyes, everyone felt themselves move back in discomfort or shock. Maybe both.
Their brothers eyes were stained an endless jet back, no pupil, or iris, just blackened eye whites that almost tricked them into thinking that his eyes were nothing but sockets. Continuing to struggle on the floor with the invisible binds of his contract, he hissed and clawed anywhere he could, thinking he could escape. Black leaks from his eyes and down onto the floor, making a 'sss' sound.
Lucifer quirks his brow in confusion, before looking back to Mammon who tried to bring his hands up to rub at his eyes. They all took notice that under the tears, his skin was starting to blister and burn. His tender, tan skin was reddening, and boiling, it seemed.
"What in the world even is that?!" Asmo wondered aloud, before backing up, not wanting to touch the substance. It made him feel even worse for what he was doing to Mammon earlier. His eyes were leaking acid, and it clearly hurt him. He had no control over his body, and he was acting like a wild animal. What were they to think of all of this? What were they going to do?
Lucifer sits there and keeps his gloved hands over Mammon's shoulders, seeing as he had to go through and pin him down all over again. His hands tingle, though, tempted by nature to rub that acid deeper into his poor little brothers skin. Whereas the other side of him wanted it to end as soon as possible. It was clear it was some kind of estranged otherworldly pain. He needed to talk about this to Diavolo later, see if he knows anything about it. Let's hope he does...
Eventually, the growls and snarls of Mammon subside, and he goes back to his more human form in a dim flash of yellow light. The second eldest was left there panting, before the eyes started to clear up, leaking whatever the black liquid was down the cheeks with more subtle sounds of burning skin. The eyes were damaged, but not nearly so as much as they all thought they were going to be. Reddened, and swollen.
Just as Mammon went to breathe though, he started to cough, and with an odd burst of strength, he turned over fast enough to make Lucifer go flying off of him and to the side. Grabbing his stomach, the arrogant brother curls into a ball and coughs violently over the flooring of the kitchen. More of the black ooze starts to pool from his mouth down onto the floor. The coughing subsided into pained wheezing, and labored breathing.
Just as Lucifer goes to put his hand over the others back, Mammon toppled forward noiselessly, and fell face-first on the floor. There was no more noise from him. Just a subtle 'sss' sound as some of the inky acidic substance starts to burn the side of Mammon's face.
Lucifer quickly pulls his brother away from the blackened ooze, and sets him off to the side, laying on his back.
Some of the ooze from Mammon's chin hits his glove, and instantly burns through it, causing a quick spike of immense pain. One of which he had never felt before.
Part of his body tingled with some unknown excitement, most likely feeding off of his sadistic tendencies. The other part felt it pain for what it was. He quickly pulls the glove off and throws it wherever he could. The object lands in the large pile of acidic bile and burns up so fast it shrivels and eventually turns into nothing. Gone, as if it had never existed.
"I need all of you to get over here, and help me."
// To Be Continued //
(Hella Tagg)
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thedevilsdom · an hour ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Using @kistune-oji's template!!
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radnewspaper · an hour ago
Beelzebub: I'm trying to cut back on eating so much, can you please cut the pizza in four slices instead of six?
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trash0receptacle · an hour ago
My personal Obey Me Rabbit hole of theories
(Spoiler Warning for Lesson 36)
(So I haven’t updated in forever but finals are done and I’m on break so hopefully I should have more frequent posts now)
I like learning about things so go on a journey with me to learn about demonology and whatnot. So remember that post I made about the circles of hell? And how obey me has the circles according to Lucifer referencing them? Well I’ve found some more stuff.
So based on what the story and other characters have told us Solomon has made 73 pacts so far (I believe before coming to devildom) Going off this we can assume that our Solomon is based of the biblical character King Solomon. (I believe it’s said he’s king Solomon in one lesson but I honestly can’t remember which)
Why I bring this up is because in the mid 17th Century a book was published titled “The Lesser Key of Solomon”. It was an anonymously published series of grimoires about demonology. It’s where we get a lot of information about demonic rituals and practices. This book claims to have been written by King Solomon but considering it takes a lot of information from the 16th century it’s speculated if that’s entirely true. It tells us how Solomon got his powers and how we could do it as well.
The book is divided into five sections:
1. Ars Goetia- it contains descriptions of 72 demons King Solomon supposedly had control over
2. Ars Theurgia Goetia- The second part explains names, powers , and characteristics of 31 aerial spirts Solomon had summoned and controlled.
3. Ars Paulina- It was apparently discovered by the apostle Paul and has two chapters. Both chapters deal with angels and how you deal with them as well as their powers.
4. Ars Almadel- This part is basically telling us how to make Almadel, which is a wax tablet with protective symbols drawn on it. It tells us about seals and rituals if you want to summon demons and which angels to summon if you fuck it up.
5. Ars Notoria- Mainly comprised of prayers to attain knowledge for example. It also details the rituals you would need to practice.
Fuck now I forgot what I was thinking about
Uh let me know if you want more stuff like this I guess
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just-somehuman · 2 hours ago
How the Brothers and the Other 5 Would React to MC Coming Out
Dead silence
Lol jk nope get ready because he swings you into a hug
*hugging you tightly*
"That doesn't bother me one bit, I still love you, MC."
Confused at first
Why is Mammon doing a weird dance
Oh wait that's his happy dance
"Hell yeah! My human found out who they truly were! Praise them!"
Shame man, give the poor guy a hug
He's crying internally because he's so happy for you
*anime girl squeeling*
"MC!! Thank you for telling me! This is just like an episode in my all time favourite anime My Best Friend Who I Secretly Have Crush On But I Don't Know How To Tell Them Just Came Out To Me And Now I Want To Kiss Them So Badly Because I'm So Happy For Them"
Yes that isn't a real anime, he made it up to describe the current situation
Like father like son, dead silence
Oh look, he's taking your hands into his
"Well done, MC. I'm proud of you for discovering who you really are. I love you and support you."
Mmm yummy, forehead kisses from Satan 👀
*high pitched 15 year old anime girl squeeling*
Is he holding your hands
Lol he's jumping up and down and still squeeling
"OMG MC!! Eeee! I'm so happy for you! Oooh! We should go looking for someone for you to hook up with right now! Or you could hook up with me, of course ♡"
What else did you expect he's gay too
Awww, look at that smile on his face
Hugs from Beel are the best, and this one's tight. You should feel protected.
"I'm proud of you MC"
The baby accepts you 🥺❤
Give him forehead kisses
Oh he's picking you up and spinning you around
Mmm, being pulled into a kiss by Belphie, yummy 👀
*slight laughter*
Oh no not that smile, it's too precious
"Well done MC. I'll continue to support you"
"No ways, MC! That's so cool! I support you, don't worry!"
Diavolo what do you mean "that's so cool" you're fking gay for Lucifer
Nah he's really happy for you
Like, really happy
He ain't even surprised
He saw this coming, literally
"Congratulations MC, I'm proud of you"
Mmm, headpats from Barbatos, yummy 👀
Why is he downloading Hinge onto your D.D.D
He's confused, shame
Poor boy hasn't been exposed to these things yet
"I'm not sure what you mean, MC, I'll ask Simeon. But either way, well done!"
He'll be even happier once he finds out what it really means
"I knew it!"
Fking Simeon
Oh, hugs from the angel
Awwww look, he's super supportive and happy
Oh, headpats from the angel
Guess you're getting forehead kisses from him too
"So is this the part where we kiss intensely and then run away together"
Wow Solomon
Nah he's gay too so he's proud
Just two guys sitting in a hot tubbb, five feet apart 'cause they're not gay-
That's his anthem now for some reason
He probably feels better now that he knows
Headpats from the sorcerer? That's disgusting for me *cries in tsundere*
Yours Truly
"Yes bb, come here for hugs"
Well done my child, you discovered who you are and I'm proud of you
I may be straight but I'm an ally
Love you bb, well done ✨
And Happy Pride Month!
Mmm, rainbow text, yummy
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belphies-pillow · 2 hours ago
Hello! I wasn't sure if you were currently taking requests on headcanon/reaction posts but- how do you think the demon brothers (+diavolo and the others) would react to a sleepwalking mc? And when i say sleepwalking i mean full on walking around the house, moving things around, having conversations- probably has to be stopped from walking out the house some nights.
Heya! 👋🏻 requests are always open! I’m just reeaaalllyyyy slow with getting to them. 😅
Just so the post doesn’t get too long, I’m going to include the bros in this one and then make a separate post for Diavolo and the others! 😊
Demon Bro’s Reacting to a Sleep Walking MC!
Warnings: GN!MC, really minor spoilers(?), sleep walking, no MC’s were harmed in the making of these headcanons.
First one to notice your night wanderings. Between being up all hours of the night working on RAD paperwork or patrolling the halls to catch his brothers trying to sneak out or back in. *cough* Mammon *cough* Asmo. At first was annoyed when he saw you walking about but then became slightly concerned when he noticed your gait was a bit wobbly and you didn’t seem to have any real direction. Just wandering from room to room, opening random cabinets, mumbling to yourself. Understood finally when he gently grabbed you and saw the unfocused, glazed over look in your eyes. Will try to guide you back into bed, and uses magic to lock your door until morning. Afterwards, becomes hyper vigilant of you. Pretty much baby proofs the house out of paranoia you’ll get hurt or wander outside and get lost.
The whole house found out when he did. Mams has quick reflexes and can wake up in an instant. (Sharpened these skills from avoiding a sneky debt collector 😆) Was sleeping on his couch when he sensed someone was in his room, his eyes snapped see you....standing over him, staring at him with vacant eyes.
*tires to panic jump over the back of the couch, face plants on floor*
In the process you were startled awake, scrambling and tripped over the coffee table landing with a loud thud. The other brothers ran into the room in demon form thinking there was a threat. Mammon will start insisting on staying in your room (as if he didn’t enough already 😆) or you in his and cling to you like a baby koala while you sleep to try and prevent your wandering.
Poor otaku bb! Felt like his little demonic heart stopped when he pulled off his gaming headphones to turn around see you standing behind him!
Almost summoned Lotan.... 👀
Luckily, he realized in time it was his Henry! Tries to awkwardly talk to you, but after you just keep staring at him, swaying slightly, he gets scared and runs into Lucifers room. The catch was, you keep coming back! Became such a regular habit that it didn’t startle him anymore. It’s becomes a routine for the two of you. If he’s still gaming he’ll guide you to rest in a special bean bag chair he got just for you, complete with a super soft fleece blanket. If he’s in his tub, he’ll help you in and let you cuddle with his Ruri-Chan pillow, sleeping peacefully next too him. Also wraps his sneky tail around you so he can know the minute you start to stir.
Avatar of kitty is a smart cookie. After seeing you wandering around one night, he went right to researching everything he could about sleeping walking. He will help you try to stick a set sleep schedule, rest properly, avoid caffeine when possible, also another one to spell lock all doors and windows that can dangerous.
Likes to read you to sleep as well! I mean have you heard his voice?? How awesome would it be too fall a sleep to that? 😌
Asmo cherishes you, he really does! Buutttt, he also doesn’t want his skin to look bad so… he’ll just leave it too his brothers to handle.
Usually is wandering at night in search of snacks. Will seek out Satan too teach him all he can about sleepwalking. Beel is also the one that will make it mandatory to peek in on you at least twice a night to make sure you’re ok.
If he’s rummaging in the kitchen and sees you wander by he will first try to guide you back to bed. If that doesn’t work then he’ll carry you in one arm, grab snacks in the other, then bring you back to his room. On more than one occasion you’ve woken up snuggly, warm and toasty with the sweetest cinnamon roll in the three realms.
My moo-over-my-hammy, feral ray of moonlight! ✨
Well, tbh this can go a few ways. If he’s up with Beel on a snack run, he’ll probably help. On the other hand he finds it out F’ing hilarious! Especially enjoyed when you scared the hell out of Mams and Sneky. Will be the one to take pictures and tease you the next day.
Even though he’ll deny it (tsun-tsun) he will make sure you don’t get hurt and when he’s done giggling at you will carry you like a piece of luggage back to your room and snuggle up with you too sleep.
The alternative that happens is that he just straight up sleeps through it. Sorry MC, sleepy cow go night night. 😴 🐮
Thanks so much for the request! (Sorry it took so long! Getting back into the swing of things! 🙌🏻)
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leviathans-watching · 2 hours ago
➳ beel x gn!reader (no pronouns mentioned)
➳ wc: .3k | rated g | m.list
Tumblr media
You strain, reaching for the box of food that’s just out of your reach. Even though you’re on your tippy-toes, it’s still not enough.
A large hand reaches over you and grabs the box. You turn, swiftly, and are met with a fairly tall guy (taller than you, anyway) standing a little bit aways, holding out the food to you.
“Sorry, it looked like you were struggling. Here,” he says, shaking the box a little bit.
“Thanks,” you say slowly, reaching out and taking the food from him.
“No problem,” he mutters, getting ready to turn away, but something inside of you compels you to stop him.
“Wait!” you call, a bit too loud. Great, now you’ve embarrassed yourself. And on top of that, you don't know what to say. “I’m MC,” you finally decide on, a bit breathlessly.
It prompts a smile to form on the man’s stoic face. “Beelzebub.”
“Nie to meet you.” Fumbling, you manage to slip the box into the basket hung over your arm, then offer your hand for him to shake.
He does, and again, your struck with just how big his hands are compared to you.
“Would you…” His voice surprises you, and you look up, watching him search for words. “Would you like to shop with me, MC?”
Hearing him say your names sends butterflies fluttering in your stomach, and you’re all too eager to say yes. “Sure! That’s uh, quite a load you’ve got there.”
His cart, which is parked next to you, is already filled to the brim with things, making you wonder who all he’s shopping for.
Beelzebub chuckles, the sound low and rough, yet kind. “Yeah, I tend to get a lot when I shop.”
You laugh, and again, a small smile forms on his face.
“Well,” he says. “Shall we?” Gesturing to the aisle in front of you, he allows you to go first, like a gentleman.
“We shall.”
You miss the way his cheeks are ever-so-slightly flushed, the way his heart is thumping loudly in his chest as he takes in your wide smile.
Tumblr media
© leviathans-watching - all rights reserved. please do not repost, copy, or claim as your own
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wholesomeangelluke · 2 hours ago
Cheering Me On (Beelzebub x GN! Reader)
Pairing: Beelzebub x Gender Neutral Reader, Demon Brothers & MC wholesome family moments
Summary: Beel has a Fangol game so the demon brothers + MC are going to cheer him on. Leading up to the game, the Demon Brothers & MC are working hard to best cheer on their favorite Fangol player. (Based on “Cheer Squad” text series in the House of Lamentation group chat. Spoilers ahead for those chats.)
A/N: This will have a different format than what I usually write. I will contain quotes of the texts and then put my little imagine based off that text under it.
Satan: “So then, let’s decide on a design for our flags”
Beel: “I want everyone to write something on it.”
The Demon Brothers and you were sitting in the HOL living room vigorously preparing flags for Beelzebub’s Fangol game. Your forehead was scrunched in concentration as you pondered what to design your flag with. Originally you were gonna design the flag like a pizza, but you figured that may distract him during the game and you didn’t want to be accused of sabotage.
You heard Mammon’s boisterous laugh as you looked up, slightly junping in your seat from the unexpected, loud sound breaking through the air. “Oi Mc, you look like your studying for an exam, loosen up a little. It ain’t that hard to decorate a little flag. The great Mammon will show you how!” Mammon puffed up his chest as he finished his sentence. You stared at him warily as Satan spoke, “If it isn’t hard, then why is your flag still empty?”. Laughs could be heard as Satan’s blunt tone set Mammon back to working on his own flag.
Suddenly, the perfect idea for your flag popped into your head. You quickly went to work decorating the flag with purple and orange as an homage to Beel’s twin, Belphegor. It’s no secret that Beelzebub absolutely adores his little brother and that he greatly misses him. In this way, you hope that you can put a smile on Beel’s face and remind him that even though Belphegor isn’t here in person, he is still cheering him on.
Time flies by as the brothers and you finally finish your flags. After you each made your own individual flags for Beel, you all decorated one giant flag together. The group flag was bright orange, with the words “Beelzebub’s Cheer Squad” painted in big font. There was also words of affirmations written by each of you and some little doodles. You smiled as you looked at your work, greatly anticipating the day so you could see Beel’s reaction to it all.
Beel: “Make sure I can see your cheering from the field. I want to see the stands rumbling from all the excitement!”
“Ok let’s go over this one more time!” Asmo said as peppy as ever while Mammon & you looked like shriveled flowers in the middle of Summer. You guys are going over a cheer routine for Beel’s Fangol game. Since Asmo very willingly volunteered, you let him choreograph the cheer. Oh boy were you deeply regretting that decision. When you envisioned a cheer for the game, you thought it would be a simple chant with maybe a hand motion or two plus some pom-poms. Instead, Asmo came up with a full on cheer routine accompanied with cheer uniforms, pom poms, and many complicated moves. You start to wonder just how Asmo put this all together in such a short amount of time, as the demon gained a bit more respect in your eyes.
“Oi, give us a break for a second. Humans are weaker than demons, MC might just break at this rate!” Mammon managed to say in-between his labored breathing. “Eh? But MC looks just fine to me, your the one who looks like they’re gonna break”. Asmo’s rebuttal made Mammon glare at him from his crouched position on the floor. You decided to butt into the conversation before a fight broke out, “Ok everybody, let’s just calm down. We can do this! Just think how happy Beel will be seeing us all decked out just to cheer him on!” Your words seemed to hit the mark as Mammon rose from the floor, his eyes more determined than before. Asmo smiled and clapped his hands together, signaling  to start again from the top. Y’all practiced the routine over and over again, only stopping when you almost passed out from exhaustion. Though it was tiring, you had no regrets. For it was all worth it as long as it made Beel even a little bit happy.
Beel: “Seeing you all cheering me on will give me the energy I need to fight on.”
[Beel’s POV] As the bright lights shined in his eyes and the cheers of the crowd roared on, all Beel could hear was his family & MC rooting for him. Beel looked over and saw a light brighter than the ones shining above him. Through the visor of his helmet he could make out the imagine of his family and MC sitting on the bleachers. Each of them held their own little flags, with a bigger flag hung on the fence in front of them. His heart leaped with joy seeing them and even more so seeing Asmo, Mammon, & MC decked out in cheer uniforms while chanting, “Beel, Beel, He’s our man! You can’t beat him, no one can!” He let out a little chuckle at the chant, wondering just how MC roped Mammon into doing such a thing.
The shrill noise of a whistle pierced the air, shaking Beel from his thoughts. Beel raced forward towards the ball, as determined as ever to win. If not for him but for his family faithfully cheering him on tonight. “I won’t let them down”, he thought as his feet carried him across the field. Time passed and a loud buzz could be heard over the yells of the crowd. The game had ended and RAD won with an overwhelming victory of 72 - 19! Beel, being the star player and the one who essentially carried the team to victory, was the center of attention as the crowd raced towards the field. However, he had his eyes set on his family as he easily pushed through the crowd. He stood in front of them and grabbed them into a hug. “Beel, you were amazing! We’re so proud of you!” Mc beamed up at him with their beautiful smile, filling his heart with more joy than he knew was possible. As he watched the scene before him, he couldn’t help but think about how lucky he was to have such amazing people by his side. "This is all that matters. For as long as I have them by my side, I can do anything”.
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honeybeesiness · 2 hours ago
i put together some matching obey me! icons based on the memory cards i have 👁️👄👁️. pt. 2 maybe?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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twinsimphere · 3 hours ago
So i kinda have this whole lil fanfic thing about the next gen that im planning to writing out more... But i made my characters all too diverse. I'm only african american and sadly they dont teach me too much about my own culture that I've seen. But since i made my characters so diverse i just need help making sure i dont make it stereotypical and wrong! I want people to relate and feel happy too see their religion, culture, or sexuality struggles in it!
So imma start naming my characters traits that i really need help with! The next one will the some Mc's in trying to pair with the brothers and all
(Lucifer's kid) Lilith (ofc that's her name 😭) is lesbian
(Mammon's kid) Haru is African and asexual
(Leviathan's kid) Yumie is Japanese and demisexual
(Satan's kid) Ayake is Blasian and Panromantic (Black and Russian)
(Asmodeus) Daiki is bi and polyamory
(I just kinda picture Satan as russian for some reason-)
(Beelzebub's Daughter) Saki is Latina and omnisexual
(Belphegor's kid) Ziki is trans ftm
So please who all have the culture or religion and sexuality of the characters i listed can i please get some tips or maybe even a link to an article too help i would love it! Maybe even first had experiences! Thank you so muchhh!
Tumblr media
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katzcandraw · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Check these sales and more on my Etsy
Likes and shares are super appreciated 💕 Thank you guys and happy devil day😈
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ashxrsbeloveds · 3 hours ago
Solomon: Simeon broke the Purgatory Hall's router, so I'm borrowing your guys' router for a bit. Hope you don't mind.
How do bros react?
Solomon borrows the House of Lamentation's router!
*sighs* This is a normal occurrence at this point. Losing, breaking the router, buying a new one, repeat. But seriously, the immortal wizard stealing their router out of all things?
He's too tired for this. Then again, there's this thing called data so he's not as affected as the others...
He ordered a new one right away. Turns out they ran out of stock, so they have to wait for a week to get another one. I suppose this is because of their router being replaced almost every week-
Curses. Literal. CURSES. He's so close to banning Solomon from HoL. How did he even steal their router??
He wasn't bothered by it much. Until he remembered his illegal online business that was booming. Fuck.
How will he maintain it? Damn it, even DevilTube's gone! What will he do now? Just sit down and stare at the loading screen as if it will do sumn?
He can't see all the new modeling gigs he could join in now, great. His cash flow is now blocked. (As if it wasn't already)
He can use data!- Nevermind. He has no data. His balance is on negative and he can't afford to pay it. Pain.
He's close to crying. That router carries his whole existence and worth, you can't just take it as if it were nothing!
Great. Guess he'll have to order a new one, wait. How is he going to order a new router when there's no internet??? His data is also in negative numbers. F in the chat mates
How is he going to watch the new anime episode scheduled for today? How will he claim his daily rewards in his game? HOW IS HE GOING TO SURVIVE???
Another member of the "This is not ok" squad
He relies on the internet to give him cat videos (aka daily serotonin booster and mood reliever) and tons of E-books. He's more devastated than you'd think he should be.
He NEEDS to finish the documentaries he's been watching. He despises Solomon so much right now you don't understand.
In the end of the day he shrugged it off. He's still hoping to get the router back though. Guy might go insane if he doesn't get the wifi back.
Pain. Sorrow. Pighati. Everything you could think of that relates to Asmo's grief right now.
How will he interact with his followers in Devilgram? They might miss seeing him post and his beautiful face! Ugh, the series he's watching too!
He won't be notified with new sales and such for a whole week. His data is on life support because he uses it almost everyday. What is he going to do???
Guess he'll hang out at Purgatory for the time being. Maybe he'll stay there till their new router arrives...
The dude doesn't really care that their router is gone.
Aside from the fact he can't order food and watch those sports videos he loves anymore in DevilTube, he's fine.
He could survive a day without internet, but I don't think his stomach will survive a day with no AkuDonald deliveries
Probably the last sane demon in the house after Solomon stole their router. He doesn't need the internet to be honest. He does miss the cooking show he used to watch though...
He's asleep. The router was stolen? Okay, he doesn't really care.
Probably slept the whole week as a way to pass the time as they wait for the new router to arrive.
Actually, forget sleep. Leviathan's cries for help are making him sleep deprived. They need the router right now because if he misses his afternoon nap again-
Someone, please donate a new router. He can't stand their complaints anymore and is this 🤏 close to leaving the house and sleeping on the grass.
if you wish to have the new router given to us immediately, consider signing this petition I made! - Levi 🧡 /j
masterlist ♡
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sushifurr · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
hello, obey me male reader community! i'm new to writing male reader fics and especially for the obey me fandom. as a genderfluid person who leans into he/they pronouns, i speak for all the male mc's out there when i say that we barely have any content. :(((
so i decided to give writing a try and i hope you guys'll like my works! i just recently published a cheater asmo (with boyfriend reader) fanfic on this account, so if you guys need some male reader content or need a safe space as a male in the obey fandom then feel free to check my fics out. i'm an aesthetic-obsessed small obey me author in need of your hearts and reblogs, after all. hope you enjoy your day, stay safe loves !!
Tumblr media
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sushifurr · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
## asmo: sure, let me get it for you!
Tumblr media
smut !
↷ top! male reader x virgin! simeon (@aesoaphilia)
fluff !
↷ gender neutral! reader x jealous! lucifer (@goatchulu)
↷ immortal! mammon x reincarnated! reader (@goatchulu)
↷ gender neutral! reader x child! satan (@goatchulu)
angst !
↷ cheater! asmo x boyfriend! reader ( in this blog! )
Tumblr media
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