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#Basically Ghosty
ghostlyanona month ago
ghosty when someone dear to her is in life-threatening danger:
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ghostlyanon2 months ago
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lavender-lass092 months ago
Greetings tumblr, I am Yuri and welcome to my blog.
This is a place where I will leave my thoughts since I have learned it is unhealthy to keep so many to myself. Feel free to talk to me, ask me questions, or just interact, though it may take me a bit to get back to you.
I hope you find enjoyment in my small corner of this site :)
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in-ade-quategh0st2 months ago
Okay so hear me out.
Y鈥檏now how some YA protagonists have zero personality so readers can self-project onto them?? Instead of expecting me to self-project onto some teenager whose only real personality trait is being privileged, publishing companies should just- give me money to do the stuff in the book.
I am willing to do any genre or plot, except please no gratuitous smut or sexy times because i am very asexual so that鈥檚 a no for me.
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mylastbraincql2 months ago
MA'AM! did you the short film from Nguyen Tran Trung Quan that was released today? Please tell us your reaction?
slkafasghsjd i鈥檓 sorry, i鈥檓 losing my mind a bit over being called ma鈥檃m!聽
anyhow, i did see it! i woke up at 6am to watch it after only getting like 4.5 hrs of sleep because i have problems (and because ive been waiting since the last third video was supposed to drop and was quite excited), and despite the trailers/teasers, i really had no idea what to expect.
my reaction to this one is similar to my reaction to the others:聽
stunning visuals/cast and beautiful song, like...just watching/listening for those aspects alone is worth it, imo. the colors, especially! so vibrant! *swoon*
mild confusion: is this the same cinematic universe? alt reality?聽something else entirely? separate or related to the events of the first two? while the first two seemed to have a pretty clear connection, this one was not as apparent, even though clearly some of the players were the same.
this fate could have been avoided with a polycule. it seems the smartest/easiest and sexiest solution to the problem.
bi rights!!! god i love how they just go for it!!! like, the wound tending?! im such a sucker for that!
everyone is trying to get a piece of denis dang鈥檚 character, and who can blame them, really?
i also adored the ending because it illustrates how sometimes love is letting go, but also that you don鈥檛 just stop caring about the people you鈥檝e loved even if their role or presence in your life has changed. and lastly, while i wouldn鈥檛 say i was disappointed, i was really hoping to get more of denis dang and nguyen tran trung quan鈥檚 characters鈥 interaction/storyline, so i鈥檓 crossing my fingers for another installment and continuation of that narrative!
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gh0st-k1ngz3 months ago
i created such a funny meme to send to my friends only to not send it to my friends
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worstloki4 months ago
I missed so much of your content these past few months because I have zero mental emotional and physical energy and I'm sad 馃ズ
aw hey it鈥檚 okay it happens聽
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veeeffvee6 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Facehole Solidarity!
This was supposed to be the start of a comic that I had planned, but after drawing and redrawing it a bunch of times I just wasn鈥檛 happy with the end result
So uh
Have this thing instead
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brat-atouille9 months ago
England: Keep that up and I WILL throttle the both of you.
Scotland: I鈥檓 a bag-piper but ye can try.
The friendly spirit possessing Wales鈥 eye: You can鈥檛 kill what鈥檚 already dead.
England and Scotland:
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wingedshoreline9 months ago
Apex legends but it ONLY takes place on a train
#talking into the void#respawning on your respective carts gathering your loot and hop on passerby trains that have other people on it#if you reach to the conductor he gives you one legendary and more epics#theres also a vault in the train you have to find a key for#either the conductor gives it to you or it can be on the signs that pass above the train that you have to jump over/shoot at or you'll die#if you get hit by them#like instant deathbox#what does the vault have? legendary weapons like gold flatline or the r99#speaking of respawns you have to find those carryon beacons and stick them on top of the train in order to respawn your mates#dont stick it onto the caboose tho bc they will fall off and you wont be able to get their death box but if you do do that those squad mates#come back as those revevant ghost and they can kill the person who put down the beacon and carry on or team up with other squads#in their ghosty form bc only the one who put the beacon down on your team can kill you but you have many retries to get your revenge#either or not you kill him once the beacon guy dies you come back alive and have to find loot either by yourself or your other squadmate if#they are still around#when it comes down to that last two people the trains will stop at stations and the ring comes back into play and slowly closes so no one is#camping a cart the ring stops at the station itself and you gotta duke it out in a small space and benches and poles for cover#you can go into the ticket booth and try to put a shelia and fences up in there but you know crypto if the team has one#or a caustic#the roof is breakable tho so bangalore and gibby can still send their missles onto you#basically you're never safe but if youre quick enough before anyone launches their ults you can get them#ambush is pretty much the key to this like how most apex fights for me goes fdhjkls#you cant already be set up at the station tho it begins to exist when there are two squads#again be fast to get there to set up#any close spaces legends are op for this but I like chaos so this had been my mayhem ghost train idea if you read all this drink water
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mylastbraincqla year ago
omg is no one going to talk about how yibo and xiao zhan were laughing really cutely when lwj gave wwx a piggy back ride? like their hair was covering their laughter BUT YOU COULD STILL SEE A GLIMPSE OF THEM HELLA SMILING/LAUGHING CUTELY??? PLS I HATE THEM WHY ARE THEY SO CUTE 馃槶馃槶馃槶 鈥 鉁ㄢ潳锔忦煂
Hahaha, I will gladly talk about it because it鈥檚 one of my favorite moments (though I鈥檓 sure others have as well), but all I can do is squeal in response, tbh! I was gonna make a set for it because it鈥檚 such an endearing moment and the actors are just too precious, but I believe amedetoiles beat me to it!
Shall we look at some screencaps, though, just because we can and to brighten our lives all a bit more?聽
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Honestly, every time I see it, I start to laugh myself and my heart grows warm because it seems to suggest they were having a good time while filming, and I love that. I wouldn鈥檛 have been able to keep a straight face, either, and just knowing how these two interact from behind-the-scenes vids, forever razzing on each other and whatnot, it鈥檚 not even surprising - the real question is how they didn鈥檛 slip up more?
I think what鈥檚 especially great is seeing how Wang Yibo tries so hard after that to keep the LWJ countenance, but the faintest of smiles is playing at his lips at any given moment during, and it鈥檚 almost like he鈥檚 biting his cheeks to stop from laughing? Idk I might be seeing things there, but that scene definitely makes me smile.
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mylastbraincqla year ago
Hello! If I may ask, what kind of nonsense happened to Wang Yibo?
I mean, I shouldn鈥檛 say it was any one particular event restricted to (as my tag might have implied; I鈥檒l go back and change it).聽 He just happened to post an update (that I saw today;idk if it was posted today) about shitty 鈥渇an鈥 behavior.
Your typical awful nonsense with people not respecting his privacy, knocking on his door in the middle of the night, using a tracking device on his vehicle, following him everywhere; basically, people stalking him.聽
And he鈥檚 fed the fuck up, and I don鈥檛 blame him!
Also, hi!!! *waves*
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namifloofa year ago
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One Piece OCs be like......
Lorelei Dek Percival--aka. Loki. A very tired, precursor to Orochi鈥檚 fruit. Alive during the Void Century and technically聽apart of the beta(tm) Straw Hats. Although really, they were just dragged around by the time鈥檚 Monkey.
Bonus:聽@ghostie-candy鈥 petting le hair
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nbnezumia year ago
would love to be able to edit music so i can make my dream come true of an eye of the tiger song without any tigers in it
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hollowsarta year ago
Man I really hate the new smut bots.
Stop replying to my posts with random heart emojis like you're some kind of human I know you're not because you only use 1 emoji with no comment and have the url of a 50 year old Facebook mom selecting a default option computer generated username.
Like. Sorry alyssasteward-869 but you aren't real. I'm immune to your obvious tricks. I hope Tumblr eventually fixes the bot problem. This is like having mice in your room and you don't know how many there are.
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