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#Bard the Bowman
meteors-lotr · 2 days ago
Bard: Why are there small hand prints on the walls?
Thranduil, whispering to Tilda: Why are there small hand prints on the walls?
Tilda: Because I have small hands!
Thranduil: Because she has small hands.
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midearthwritings · 4 days ago
What I think the Hobbit characters smell like (just because)
Tumblr media
Most of my memories are attached to particular smells and scents. And as weird as it sounds, I love to associate people with a certain smell. It helps me remember them. When I write a fic, I often try to describe what the character smells like. So I thought, let's do a headcanons on how the Hobbits characters smell like. I hope you guys will like it!
Thorin : He smells like steel and sweat. But when you pay attention there is this soft scent of rocks after it has rained.
Bilbo : Like caramel and mint tea, and like freshly cut grass.
Fíli : For some reasons, I think Fíli smells like the ocean, sweet and salty, and like the sand after being bathed in sunlight for hours.
Kíli : Leather and smoke, definitely. But there is this very light touch of lavender.
Dwalin : Sweat and ashes, like right after a fire that has died down, and like a wet dog.
Balin : Very old parchments, and candle wax. Old wooden furnitures and rhubarb.
Ori : Old books and ink, obviously. But he also smells like mud and dirt, for some reasons.
Nori : Oranges and spices. Probably a bit like whiskey too.
Dori : He smells like honey and potato soup, of freshly cleaned sheets, and soap.
Oin : Like sugar and peppermint, and there is this strong scent of thyme and rosemary.
Gloin : Melting gold and sweat, pepper and weapon cleaning oil. He also carries the soft smell of freshly baked pie for some reasons.
Bifur : He smells like dirt, like an old farm and a little bit like chocolate.
Bombur : Cinnamon, honey and a teeny tiny bit like lemon.
Bofur : Like old wood. He also smells like sugar, apples/cider and like coffee.
Thranduil : He smells like silk, like wine and wild flowers.
Tauriel : Her skin always carries this soft almond scent, and her hair smells like pine trees.
Lindir : Lilac and river banks, and like a midsummer night around a bonfire.
Radagast : Like a room that hasn't been opened in days, and kept in the dark. But also like mushrooms and weed.
Bard : Of course there is the smell of fish, but there is also this scent of nuts and daffodils, and some mint.
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Bard: Why are you like this??
Thranduil: I used too much "No More Tears" shampoo as a kid and I haven't felt a single emotion since.
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geetimesthree · 7 days ago
Considering just doing a load of metal dwarves comics. I...just want to draw what makes me happy.
Fuck it, we’re doing it live.
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theresonlyzuul · 7 days ago
Bedtime Story
Tilda is finally starting to become agreeable to going to sleep as Bofur tucks her in, when she makes those big puppy dog eyes at him and he accepts defeat. “Can you read me a bedtime story?” she says, lip wobbling.
Bofur is powerless to resist.
"Finnne” he says.  “What kind of story would the madame like this evening? Unicorns and Rainbows or Dragons and Demons?” He holds up two vinyl albums: one by Gamma Ray and one by Ronnie James Dio.
“Rainbows and Unicorns!” shouts Tilda excitedly.
“Well, lucky for you there’s some overlap!” grins Bofur.
Bard smiles to himself. He’s drifting off to sleep, his eyelids heavy. He can hear the soft sounds of Bofur tucking the kids in in the next room and he starts to nod off.
Until he’s bolted wide awake and practically jumps a mile at the sound of Dio’s voice belting out the chorus to Sabbath’s Heaven and Hell.
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theresonlyzuul · 13 days ago
ooooh, number 35 for the Bardfur prompts please and thank you! :D
More Metal AU again:
Bofur has always known Bard is a good man, even before he admitted to himelf that he was in love. But what he didn’t figure was on how protective he could be. He’s curled up on the couch with a mug of tea, hair dripping wet after a miserable day and Bard is hovering over him like a worried bumblebee.
“Do you need anything else?” asks Bard, eyebrows knit in concern. “I can get you a warm blanket? Some more ice for your head?”
“A towel would be good,” Bofur grins. “But you don’t have to fuss. M’alive and in one piece.”
Bard shakes his head, but gets a towel for him. Bofur takes it gratefully and starts to wring out his hair.
Even though the towel is hiding his view, Bofur knows that Bard is still hovering with a worried look on his face. He finishes drying his hair and looks up at Bard. “It happens,” Bofur shrugs, a sheepish smile on his face.
“Well it shouldn’t.”
“Okay, yeah. But I mean I’ve been playing in clubs since I was 19, and there’s always been jerks at one time or another who throw things. The bouncers usually take care of them.”
“I just worry. What if next time it’s not a bump on your head but something worse. That bottle could have cut you.”
“What am I supposed to do? Stop playing?”
“No...that’s not what I meant. I just...argh.” Bard stops pacing and wrings his hands. “I just hate the idea of you being hurt. It makes me really angry to be honest. I wish I’d been there.”
Bofur huffs softly. He can’t imagine Bard getting into some kind of bar brawl but he has seen the flash of anger in his partner’s eyes when he feels someone is taking advantage of Bofur, or mocking him in an underhanded way. Then they get the razor end of Bard’s tongue, and he’s very good at cutting assholes down with words (which Bofur secretly finds hot), but Bofur can’t imagine Bard using his fists in a fight at all.
“Please. Don’t worry. The last thing I want is you getting stuff thrown at you too. Or worse. Like, you’re tall,but a lot of those guys are huge.” Bofur winces. Smiling hurts, yet his immediate instinct in the face of pain is to always smile, to joke. To not just make himself feel better, but other people around him.
“That’s precisely what worries me.” Bard sits down on the couch next to Bofur.
“M’not gonna stop playing music.”
“I don’t want you too. I just wish I could protect you.”
The statement makes Bofur’s heart clench in his chest. Bard loves him so much and every day he gets reminded of that in a million ways and it still takes him to pieces.
“Would you be upset if I kissed you?”
“Oh, hell no. I’m not mad at you,” grins Bofur. “I just wish I could put your mind at ease.”
Bard’s lips are soft and gentle, careful.
“I have worked in a bar you know,” says Bard against Bofur’s lips. “People get bottled in there sometimes too. I just worry when it comes to you.”
“Well come along next time and you can keep an eye out for bottlers if it bothers you that much. Hopefully the bouncers won’t be too distracted by your presence when you walk in.”
“It amazes me that you have the energy to flirt after today.”
“I always have the energy to flirt,” says Bofur, wincing as he sits back on the couch, the icepack falling over his eyes. “I just might look like a dork doing it right now.”
Bard gently peppers his dork’s face with kisses.
Going to tag the usual starved-for-content crew.
@alienfuckeronmain @derspatz @telltalelily @ahufflepuffhobbit
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feanarotherindion · 16 days ago
Thorin: If elves are that cool then beat us at beard growing competition.
Thranduil: Ah we'll do that when you'll be beat us at actual growing in height competition.
Bilbo: Hobbits might have none of that but our feet are so cool we don't even have to wear shoes.
Bard: *thinking of cool traits humans got and coming up empty*
Tumblr media
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happenedinmiddle-earth · 18 days ago
𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐝𝐢𝐜
s: you are one of the few medics in the small town of Esgaroth
p: Bard The Bowman x fem!reader
w: illness, canon-violence (upcoming chapters), explicit scenes (upcoming chapters)
Tumblr media
Chapter One: Night Falls
The usual, certain softness lacked in Bard’s brown eyes when he looked at you by your doorstep. His chest heaved, up and down, and the barely controlled panic made his words tangle together. It didn’t take a academic to know something was truly gone wrong, given that the man rarely bothered you after sunset.
”Tilda’s sick.”
You two quickly made haste back to the Bargeman’s old home, through the town, trying not to cause any more alarm than necessery. Your medical preparations laid in your satchel you always carried around, with pain-easing herbs, sleep inducing flowers and other convinient medications you’d need while tending to others. The satchel had been a family posession for a long time, having seen the world with your father before you and his father before him.
As soon as the door was opened, you could see two of the three siblings, worried and pacing around the room. Based on the look Bard gave them, he must have told them to go to bed already. You couldn’t quite blame them, knowing how tense the situation was.
Bard led your through the room and behind a curtain. There was a small chamber, most likely the children’s bedroom, with three beds woth thick cotton linens to keep the cold away. In the middle on, the largest, laid a very pale and small child.
While you kneeled by the bed and took out your pocket watch to check Tilda’s pulse, and rested your head against her chest to hear her very ragged breathing, Bard stayed by the curtain door. His stance was rigid and tense, one hand by his mouth in a worried way.
”Hey, sweetie”, you spoke softly to the small girl and wiped some of the hair off of the forehead. Droplets of sweat had already formed and rolled down her face, and her usual thick and rosy cheeks were hollow and white.
”Can you show me where it hurts the most?” You tried, when the child opened her eyes the slightest. Poor thing couldnt even lift a finger but you could read off of her dry lips.
”Chest? Alright”, You rolled open your leather binder where all your concotions were in small viles and looked up at worried Bard.
”I’ll need two bowls, cold and hot water and towels for her”, you said clearly, wanting that the worried father would understand. He nodded promptly and dissappeared behind the curtain. You could hear him speak to Bain and Tilde.
Soon Bard emerged again, and he carefully placed two bowls on the bedside table. You thanked him briefly, alreay going through your head which herbs would help the most in the situation.
Sigrid coughed once more, her small body wailing like a rag in the wind. Bard was on the other side of the bed, not wanting to leave his child by herself.
”Oh, dear...” your face went almost as pale as the poor childs when you caught the glimpse of the back of her hand. Heart thumping in your chest you kept your demeanour calm and precise, althoug quickened your work.
The red blood was haunting against Tilda’s pale skin. You could hear Bard’s sharp intake of breath, but couldn’t glance up at him from the midst of working. Grounding up some kingsfoil and hagás to ease the pain and mixing some of your medicine into the hot water bowl, you wished these would help.
”It’s a little bit hot”, Tilda didnt seem to mind, as the hot liquid helped with the sore throat for a brief moment. Bard, who had by now gotten back up, walked out of the room. Once again your heard the two chilsren outside chatter.
You placed te bowl back by the nightstand.
”You don’t need to swallow this just yet if you feel unable”, you said softly while gently pring the girls lips open just enough so you managed to slip a rolled leaf with kingsfoil and hagás into her mouth.
”The leaf will soften in few minutes and then it’ll be easier”, you priomised the girl.
Outside the children’s room, Bain and Sigrid were sitting by the fire, while their father was staring out the window, into the snowy night. There wasn’t much light, other than the few candles the children had been kind enough to put on the wooden table. It made the situation at hand even darker.
”I’d like to speak with your father”, you spoke so softly it was almost a whisper to Sigrid. She bit her lip, eyes glossy and nodded. Both of you turned to the dark haired man. Desperation was written all over his face.
A bit further away from the children you broke all the knowledge you had so far.
”Tilda has blood cough”, you grimly said, making Bard swallow thickly. ”I’ve given her some kingsfoil and hagás for the pain and a concotion of mine for the actual illness.”
Bard’s eyebrows were furrowed deeply and he clenched his jaw. You didn’t know of the Bagreman that much, but you did know of his late wife, who had passed away from the same illness a long time ago. And now little Tilda was in same position.
”The night will show wether she’ll...” you trailed off. ”But you did right getting me. Now she has the help she needs”, you tried to ease him.
”What do you believe?” Bard asked, his already deep and gravely voice even huskier. His brown eyes pierces through yours and you bit the inside of your cheek, glancing at Sigrid’s siblings further away.
”Tilda’s very young, she has much better chances at beating this than the old townfolk”, you said confidently as it was true. You lifted your hand by his bicep to give him a reassuring squeeze.
”I know it’s difficult, but you have two children put there who need you right now”, you said, tone a little bit more stern this time. Bard looked at you and nodded in agreement.
”You should all try and rest here, I’ll be with Tilda’s the night. No buts or ifs”, you cut the man off before he even managed to say anything. Bard, seemingly knowing about your stubborness enough, didnt put up a fight, instead nodded. Your turned to Bain and Sigrid aswell.
”Thta goes for you too, medic’s orders”, you said, lips tugging into a faint smile.
You helped Bard and the children (mostly the children, given that the Bagreman barely stood still for a few seconds) to get comfortable by their fireplace. Every now and then Bard would offer you tea or anything warm for that matter and every time you’d politely decline, knowing how hard it already was to someone feed their family.
As the midnight rolled over the town and the sky was now painted with stars, you sat by the small girl’s bed, wiping the sweat away. It was a sad sight, of course it was, and even though as a medic you had seen quite many things this one was one of the saddest ones.
”Your da and Bain and Sigrid are very worried”, you spoke to Tilda , as you had done for many others while they were battling with fever. Her face was paler than before and her breathing was very raggedy. Everytime she’d cough there would be dark splatters of blood on the tissue.
You dapped a few drops of your medication on her lips and let it fall into her mouth itself. You could hear Bard walking around in the other room, despite of your attempts to calm him down. He had made sure that Bain and Sigrid had gone to bed, by the fire and now kept and eye out for you if you happened to need anything. You hadn’t really talked with the kind bargeman much before, but his reputation exceeded him. He was thoughtful, and rational and calm, something you could appreciate. Especially now.
It wasn’t like you actually needed to know someone to help them. Your father had taught you ever since you had been born to overlook the wealth and prosperity of someone, as it sometime would be better to help the less fortunate than a man with all the gold in the worlds. You never really understood what he meant by it, but you thought it was a nice thought. The master of Laketown had all the gold in the town, and because of that believed he could buy anything and everything. As if he was a sort of a god. And you absolutely despised him because of it.
”You’re going to alright, darling”, you swiped Tilda’s forehead again, glancing outside through the small window. The moon was almost full, and shone light into the room. It made the poor child look even more pale and you sighed heavily.
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clownkid246 · 21 days ago
"Those shoes have seen better days. And so has that coat."
Bard's coat is very visibility grubby, it's to be expected he's a poor bargeman. It's dirty, thin, and frayed around the edges, but there is not a single tear in that coat.
Except, on the arm inseams.
Because it's his wife's old coat. It was too small on him so he had to tear the seam to make it fit. His coat is the last physical piece of his wife left with him. So he did what he had to in order to keep it.
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beenovel · 22 days ago
Bard's family as mice
Tumblr media
He is Very Done with All of This
Tumblr media
Da? Why are there dwarves climbing out of our toilet?
Tumblr media
"Will they bring us luck?"
Tumblr media
He needs a Nap
The picrew I used:
Tag: @thewhiteladyofrohan
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meteors-lotr · 23 days ago
Bard: Okay, since I will be gone for a while, I have left a Complementary-bowl of Advice near the Front door.
Bard: For a instance; "Tilda, stop doing that" applies to everything,--
Bard: "No, Bain, You cannot pet that" applies to what Bain did the week prior--
Bard: And "No, we are not adopting another dog" of course, applies to Bain as well since everytime whenever I come home, somehow there's always another dog
Bard: And Lastly, "Sigrid stop trying to dangle Tilda over the lake simply because she stole your book"
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thewhiteladyofrohan · 25 days ago
Tumblr media
"For your own self-respect and sanity, your creative freedom, you have to be careful that you don't rely too much on other people's opinions of what you do because it can stunt and inhibit you." - Luke Evans
Happy 42nd Birthday, Luke Evans! *Click for better quality*
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beenovel · 26 days ago
Picnics and Surprises
Pairing: Sigrid x fem!reader
Word count: 1,647
Warnings: fluff I guess?
Summary: Four years after the quest you prepare a surprise for Sigrid.
A/N: I was very sad that there were so few wlw fics for Sigrid (or any Tolkien females, really) so I decided to take matters into my own hands. This is my first fic so please be kind. Thank you to @elvish-sky for beta reading!
Character ages: Sigrid is 19 with you being around the same age, Tilda is 13, and I couldn’t find and age range for Bain so I just went with around 15-16 for him.
You walked through the markets of Dale looking for the florist. You wanted this to be perfect. Sigrid had done so much for you, and you wanted to do this for her.
You had been a part of the company during the quest to reclaim Erebor (at Gandalf’s insistence of course). That’s when you had met Sigrid. You knew there was something there but you didn't have the time to deal with it.
Then the quest was over and the dragon slain and the mountain claimed by Thorin. You had decided to stay in Dale instead of in the mountain. You felt more at home under the open sky and Bard offered to let you stay with him.
You knew you had fallen in love with Sigrid and after that, it was only a matter of time before you got together and started courting.
Four years later and you were ready to take the next step. Tonight you were going to propose. If the weather cooperated with you that is.
You had been planning this picnic for weeks, plotting with your found family to make the perfect proposal.
You were going to propose under the starlight and you had almost everything ready. Food, candles, blankets, books, and the most important part. The ring.
It had a silver setting and a moonstone surrounded by small leaves and flowers. You were sure she was going to love it.
Finding the flowers you wanted, you bought them and looked to the sky with trepidation. It had been bitingly cold and windy all morning. Those clouds were far too dark for your liking.
This morning’s errands had taken a lot longer than planned and you began to worry. Tilda could only keep Sigrid out of the house and away from Bard and Bain’s preparations for so long after all.
It turned out your worry was well-founded because as you turned to go back to Bard’s home it started to drizzle. By the time you got back, the drizzle was a downpour and your cloak was soaked through.
Bain was waiting for you at the door and relieved you of your basket while you shed your cloak.
“Quite the storm out there” he commented.
“I know,” you said with a frown “so much for proposing.”
“We’ve taken care of it,” Bard said as he joined you in the entryway.
“What are you talking about?” you asked, confused.
“Come with me!” Bain said excitedly as he dragged you to the study.
You gasped.
“Do you like it?” Bain asked, clearly nervous.
“Like it? It’s wonderful!”
They had removed all the furniture from the room and replaced it with what appeared to be every blanket and pillow in the house. Lanterns from the ceiling gave off a soft glow as Bain added the wine, fruit, and flowers to the small pile of food on the floor.
With that you and Bard headed upstairs, you to change and him to get some of his, Bain, and Tilda’s belongings. He explained that when Sigrid and Tilda returned he, Bain, and Tilda would all go to a friend’s for the night.
“How did you get all this done so fast? The rain only started an hour ago.”
“When I saw the clouds on the horizon this morning I knew it was going to rain. We started pretty much as soon as you left.”
You stopped on the landing and turned to Bard.
“Thank you.”
“Thank you for making my daughter so happy, and for being a part of my life.”
You let out a shaky exhale at that and Bard chuckled and pulled you into a quick hug.
“Come now, we don’t want you getting all puffy-eyed. There’s work to do.”
You nodded and laughed and went to your room. You changed into a simple dress that would be comfortable for sitting on the floor.
Grabbing the ring from its hiding place and putting it in your pocket, you went and laid out one of Sigrid’s favorite dresses for her.
You went back downstairs to find Bain in the kitchen heating the wine with spices.
“I figured with it being so cold and wet-” he cut off with a vague gesture to the pot.
“A splendid idea!”
Bain rewarded you with a warm smile.
“I can’t wait for you to be my sister.”
Your heart swelled.
“I can’t wait either.”
“Neither can I,” Bard said from the doorway, “but let’s get moving before they get back.”
“No need to get pushy, Da, we have time.”
The front door opened with a slam as the frozen girls rushed in. Bard turned to Bain with an expression that had “I told you” written all over it. Bain raised his hands in surrender as his father turned to waylay the girls before Sigrid could see the study.
You and Bain looked at each other and suddenly you were both stifling excited yet hysterical giggles.
You breathlessly listened to Bard as he explained that Sigrid had to go upstairs and get changed because there was a surprise for her but she had to be in dry clothes for it.
“I have no complaints with dry clothes Da, just the secrecy” you heard Sigrid say as Bain poured the wine into mugs.
Once you were sure Sigrid was upstairs you took the mugs from Bain and went to the study. You set the mugs down on the table and went to the entryway to see the others off. You got quick smiles, hugs, and words of encouragement from everyone, then you bolted the door behind them.
You could hear Sigrid approaching the stairs and you went to stand at the bottom. When she saw you she gave you a wide, but nervous smile.
You laughed lightly as she descended the stairs.
“Calm down, my love, I just wanted to spend some time alone with you.”
She visibly relaxed and reached out to hug you.
“Mmmm, I missed you” she murmured into your shoulder.
“You saw me this morning.”
“Doesn’t matter, I still missed you.”
You pulled away from each other.
“Now what’s all this about a surprise?”
You smiled and led her to the study.
“I was planning on a picnic at sunset but with the rain-”
You opened the door to the study and Sigrid gasped.
“Y/n, this is beautiful!”
“Thank you, but I’m afraid most of the credit goes to your father and brother. They set everything up.”
Sigrid leaned in for a quick kiss before walking over to where the basket was set up. You grabbed the wine and joined her.
You gave her the flowers and she smiled before bringing them up to her nose to smell them.
“Mmm, my favorites!”
You chuckled lightly.
“I know, that’s why I got them.”
You pulled out the books and the food with a smile.
“Dig in!”
Two hours later and you were both very relaxed, any and all stress melting away in each other’s company. Even just reading together was enough to relax you both completely, but the talking was better.
There was a gentle lull in the conversation as you leaned back on the pillows and Sigrid leaned back on you. Looking up at the lanterns above you decided it was time.
Taking a deep breath you gently helped Sigrid sit up.
“My love?”
“I wanted to ask you a question.” Well, looks like you were getting right into it.
Sigrid turned to face you completely.
“I actually had a question for you too.”
Your eyebrows lifted.
“It’s probably better if I ask my question first.” You turned to your pocket to get the ring for a moment and when you looked back to Sigrid your jaw dropped. She was looking down at her lap nervously.
In her hand was a ring.
“I wanted to ask if you would-” she cut off when she looked up and saw what you were holding.
You locked eyes for a moment, staring at each other with disbelief before you both burst into laughter. Sigrid bent over double and you were wheezing violently.
“Looks like we had similar plans my dear!” you gasped out when you could finally breathe again.
“I guess so!” Sigrid said as she continued to laugh, which set you off again.
When you had both finally calmed down you looked back up at Sigrid. She had tears in her eyes.
“So I take it that’s a yes?” You chuckled.
“Yes!” Sigrid yelled as she tackled you backward with a kiss. It was long and sweet. When you finally resurfaced for air you both sat up and you held out your ring for Sigrid to see.
“Y/n...” she breathed out “it’s stunning.”
“I’m glad you like it,” You said as you took her hand in yours.
You gently slid the ring on her finger and you smiled at each other.
“Now where’s mine?”
“Bain, calm down,” Bard said with a poorly concealed smile and you and Tilda stifled giggles as the conversation went on.
“As I already told you, I wasn’t planning on it yet but I figured if I was getting some alone time with-”
You and Tilda began to openly laugh at this and Bard was also struggling to hold back laughter.
“Hey! What am I, an orc?” Tilda cried, indignant.
Bard came to stand beside you as you watched a new round of bickering unfold.
“Are you sure you want to join this family?” He asked with a laugh.
“Positive.” you cackled in reply.
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missiemoosie · 27 days ago
Chapters: 25/? Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings Relationships: Bofur (Tolkien)/Original Female Character(s), Dwalin/Ori Characters: Bifur (Tolkien), Bofur (Tolkien), Ori (Tolkien), Nori (Tolkien), Dori (Tolkien), Dwalin (Tolkien), Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s), Bombur (Tolkien), Fíli (Tolkien), Bard the Bowman, Thorin Oakenshield, Dís Additional Tags: Slice of Life, movie and book verse, Friendship, Humor, Family, Adventure, everyone lives au, Slow Romance, Rewrite, Bofur is a Sweetheart, Ori Is A Sweetheart, Bifur Is a Sweetheart, hell they're all sweethearts, even nori, To An Extent, Spymaster Nori (Tolkien), Dwalin is a Good Friend, Nori technically kidnaps a child and becomes a papa, Disabled Fili, Dwalin is a big softie, Major Original Character(s) Summary:
It's been eight years since Erebor was reclaimed by the Company of Thorin Oakenshield and both the Lonely Mountain and the city of Dale are well on their way to restoring their former glory in a time of peace and prosperity. For Bofur, Bifur, and Ori, however, things are...well, things are boring. The three turn their eyes towards Dale, where the cousins hope to renew the city's toy market and once again make it the wonder of the north while Ori just wants to escape Dori's overbearing nature. After arriving at an inn called the Full Tankard, they soon discover that Dale has a lot more in store for them than they could have ever imagined...
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missiemoosie · a month ago
Chapters: 25/? Fandom: The Hobbit - All Media Types, TOLKIEN J. R. R. - Works & Related Fandoms Rating: Teen And Up Audiences Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence, Major Character Death Relationships: Thorin Oakenshield/Original Female Character(s), Kíli (Tolkien)/Tauriel (Hobbit Movies), Bilbo Baggins/Bofur Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Thorin's Company, Bilbo Baggins, Bofur (Tolkien), Original Hobbit Character(s), Fíli (Tolkien), Kíli (Tolkien) Additional Tags: Adventure, Humor, Slow Burn, Friendship, Family Feels, Canonical Character Death, Heartbreak, Bilbo's a worrywort of a dad and rightly so, Took blood is a pain in the ass, Fili gets more 'screen' time than Kili, Thorin is a Softie, Original Character(s), Lost Love, Overprotective Bilbo, not all adventures are fun adventures, Book verse and movie verse, Accidental Boffins Summary:
Bilbo had raised his daughter to be a proper, respectable Baggins: Polite, friendly, a good cook...But, like her father, she had Took blood running through her veins that left her quietly wishing for some sort of excitement to happen in her life. When Thorin and his Company arrive at Bag End, she gets her wish and signs a contract, becoming the fifteenth member of the Company. But she soon learns that not all adventures are fun and games like the fairytales Bilbo read her as a child--some are dangerous, frightening, and heartbreaking.
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elvish-sky · a month ago
Thranduil: Some people are like slinkies.
Bard: What?
Thranduil: Not really good for much, but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs.
Bard: Please don’t push Thorin down the stairs.
Thranduil: You can’t stop me.
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celeste-clearwater-06 · a month ago
Please Send Requests!!
Tumblr media
I need some inspiration!! I'm taking requests for LOTR//The Hobbit Characters!! Ask and request boxes are open atm!! ❤✨
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