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grauntiemotersblog · 29 minutes ago
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Making cookies!!!
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assgod · 31 minutes ago
i'm stoned from edibles while making edibles
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gothships · 53 minutes ago
i'm baking madeleines and i can't wait to make my f/os to try them <3
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azuluuv · an hour ago
date idea — you, me, at home 🏠 in one of our houses? we don’t need anything classy or expensive 💵 to have a good time. we wanna have fun, what do we decide on? baking 🍰, because it’s fun, bonding, and we’ll hopefully have a good result regardless of date 👍. we bake a cake 🍰 or cookies 🍪 , or any other desert — i’ll let you decide, i have no preference. we bake, we have fun because who doesn’t have fun while baking with someone? we nearly destroy the kitchen 💪 baking, we make a mess 🧼, but do we care? no, because we have frosting 🧁 to slowly eat while we wait for the cake to bake 😎
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claraofthepen · an hour ago
Anyone who sees this, reblog or comment with one or multiple recipes from your culture or country that you absolutely love. 
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softfunnyman · an hour ago
@ the anon u can very much bake bacon n baking is cooking ^_^ peace and love
oh this makes much more sense
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athenas-atlas · an hour ago
June 14 National Bourbon Day 2021
Also National Strawberry Cheesecake Day
First thing first, not technically a bourbon but got some good tasting liquor for it. We sometimes do boilermakers which is an ounce or two of whiskey in your beer but I prefer it straight or I shoot it with water. Sounds odd but it works.
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Second thing was that cake. I'm not much of a baker. It's so technical. I always screw it up. No matter how exact I follow the recipe, it never quite hits the mark. Except vanilla cake. I can make a box cake taste professional. My cookies aren't half bad either and that is about where it ends for my baking skill. I made a mirror glaze cake before that turned out perfect other then the colours.
So here I am following along and it seemed weird but I did what the recipe said. It was more like a bread dough? It said "ungreased" pan which is like a nightmare to inexperienced bakers. If you know anything about baking, you know it ended up stuck to the dish and a hard, crappy bread dough like thing. Oof. It sucked. Too dense. Hard. Bleh.
So I tried a different recipe and it worked. Whipped up some cream with vanilla and lemon. Did the sandwich thing and placed the strawberries. It was very meh. I think it woulda been better with a sponge cake.
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