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#Bad Guys
star-puff · an hour ago
i’m all for hurting ‘tsumu while reader is growing/healing/better
HHHH i'm not sure about hurting tsumu but reader for sure will be growing & healing & getting better with sakusa :")
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blazichu · an hour ago
You ever just... accidentally storyboard a seven page comic because a concept was just too choice?
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real-michael-demiurgos · an hour ago
Before the season 5A trailer dropped I had my own version of Michael planned out. I even picked out an actor for him, his mojo, his personality (surprise surprise he also doesn’t like Lucifer and Lucifer doesn’t like him) all because I wrote fanfiction for him that will never see the light of day. It was about Lucifer and him fighting during the rebellion and Michael flying down to earth centuries later to be an asshole.
I’m like -this- close to making a sideblog roleplay blog for him.
Don’t get me wrong I still enjoy the canon version.
Tempted. So tempted.
Responses are in my drafts! It’s gonna take me a bit to get through them. Should see them in queue in like two days..?
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mementovivere · 2 hours ago
#it’s so funny thinking about how I feel bad sometimes when I had to stay for months in my college apartment and couldn’t go home#until I remember the reason why I don’t like being home in the first place#I’m glad I didn’t do summer school since I just knew I was going to be force to babysit my 17 yo brother just so he would actually do his#school work for once and not fail like he did when I wasn’t here#and I’m it’s barely day 1 of me helping and I’m already so tired of trying to parent him and my mom not doing anything#like i understand she doesn’t know English and she works all day and she gets to rest today but it doesn’t help that she just doesn’t try#to make sure my brother actually does his work?? like today I kept on waking him up and telling him to pay attention in class and asking if#he did his work while my mom just watched his videos and made unnecessary comments as if I she can’t see me struggling to wake him up#and somehow I’m the bad guy because I want him to go to summer school in person while my mom kept on saying she doesn’t care if he goes in#person like excuse me? you’re the one complaining he doesn’t do school work and the solution for that is sending him in person so he is#forced to pay attention but somehow she doesn’t want him to fo that? and she’s going to work tomorrow early in the morning so it is going to#be my job to wake him up early and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to fight him to make sure he actually leaves the house and goes to#school and i want to cry just thinking about the stress of it
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tturing · 3 hours ago
i think it's hilariously sad how many men see eating pussy as like. something to be ashamed of. WHAT
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littlepuffy4ever · 3 hours ago
No matter what you decide to do, I know me and the others will continue to support whatever you do! I hate to see you get so stressed over this situation, it's heartbreaking to see this happen to so many other people Whatever you do, we'll be here to have your back! we care about you Puffy!
Thank you ;;--;;
The fandom has become so toxic and quick to defend him and that's what has been bothering me the most since minorities (as always) can't be dissapointed at anything
I'm hoping this drama will dry out the next few days and I'll be able to draw it bc I really do like my dumb (/lh) aus and it's making me go through a lot of stress ngl
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katiebug586 · 4 hours ago
Gloria: You can’t name something what it is, that’s stupid! What am I going to do, go inside and say hello to my coworker, Farm Boy?
Gloria: *goes inside* Hey, look! It’s Massive Disappointment!
Chip: Hey!
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equalseleventhirds · 4 hours ago
also (w359 spoilers ahead), marcus cutter is a stand-out villain bcos like, u kno that writing advice that goes 'everyone feels justified in their actions so u have to make a Justification for your villain doing evil', but ppl keep doing those villains wrong (i have Thoughts on why but that's another post)
cutter, like, we understand his motivations. we know he was wronged in his youth! we can see some sympathy there! and we can see his goal is what he genuinely thinks of as a Better Humanity.
and yet we are not pulled into 'well he's right he's just Using The Wrong Methods'. we can also see how what he believes is wrong, even tho he's twisted it around to think it's right. we can see where a lot of his goals are mostly about making things better for himself, even as he pushes a line of 'for progress! moving forward!' along with those self-interested goals. and, vitally, he's not up against heroes who are trying to ~keep the status quo~ or w/e, or go sadly 'well because of your Methods we cannot accept your Very Good Goal'
he's a very good example of a villain with a reason, a plausible reason, an at times sympathetic reason, but with whom we do not side, and who also gets to be campy and evil and fun.
#w359blogging#i think one of the major failings of ppl taking the 'give villains a justification' advice and doing it wrong#is that they assume 'justified' means 'sympathetic' but like. VERY sympathetic.#unfortunately if a villain is TOO sympathetic we the audience... stop liking the heroes#ppl don't necessarily... like to feel conflicted abt good vs evil in media. this is why sometimes Just Evil Villains succeed so well#bcos the 'give villains a justification' thing is about adding realism to your writing#but sometimes audiences don't want realism. they want to feel GOOD when the villain is taken down.#(not all the time. some ppl like the conflict. but also some media is so damn bad at doing a Properly Conflicted Thing#like? black panther? did great on 'good motive bad methods' bcos the good motive was CONTINUED by the good guys#other media... says 'good motive bad methods' and dismisses the motive entirely bcos of the methods#no one can ever take up that cause again without being tarred by the same brush (is the message of the story)#and that's uhhhhhh rly shitty writing and also NOT a good way to feel conflicted abt the heroes & villains for the audience#bcos either they must hate the villain's good motivation or they have to like. question the heroes. .......anyway.)#this is all to say! cutter's a fantastic balance between 'understandable motivations' and 'just genuinely evil u can root for him to fail'#like you UNDERSTAND him but you don't AGREE with him. he's got the realism without that ethical quandary.#it's not the same approach to an understandable villain as black panther but it is a good one for a different message#....................i said these thoughts were another post. they are instead tags. sorry about that.
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murder-by-sk8board · 4 hours ago
Anyways school is over and I told my boss to change my availability so I think now that I'll actually have the time I'm going to set aside fridays for doing art and maybe start enjoying myself again
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latenight-dnd · 4 hours ago
The hero glares at the villainess. This is his last chance.
“Why are you doing this!?” He demands.
And then, without preamble, she shoots him.
As her victim’s head falls limply foreword, with gun powder floating up from the barrel like smoke, she answers.
“Im not sure I have an answer to waste explaining to you; I guess some people just want to watch the word burn— and frankly, I find that dead men listen far better than live ones,”
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