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ambivartence · 25 minutes ago
i'm using an old ass 10+ year old intuos to draw in PS too and I used to draw digitally years ago so that makes me feel worse LOL. i guess i should find tutorials or something to improve but it's just overwhelming finding something to start with when there's just too much content out there. sorry to clutter your ask with this non-relevant mess, your art is really beautiful and has a wonderful rhythm and ease to it.
omg wait i love talking like this pls keep them coming anon 🥺 also i completely feel u on the rustiness and overwhelming online resources. i may not have taken as long of a break as u but i used to only draw in spurts and then take a break for many months or even a year or so... it was real frustrating to get back into things and try to pick up where i "left off" and to only feel like i slid backwards. even today i'll look at older drawings / paintings i've done that i really like and think "wish i could be able to do that again." 😩but ig what can we do but try again anyways 😤LOL also i too have been trying to reteach myself to draw in the last few weeks and holy shit there'S SO MUCH out there. i told myself i'm just gonna focus on one aspect of drawing for now (basic head proportions) and then go from there bc i cAN'T there's too much 😭😭 even with head anatomy there's like so many different "methods" or "types” 🙄🤢 ur praise towards my art is so kind and flattering bc when i'm drawing it usually doesn't have that same "ease" 🤭 sdfjalsdf but ah well please don't be envious of what appears to be "easy" for others as r we not all suffering behind the scenes to achieve something that looks that way? 🤡 imo all we can do is try to improve ourselves over time 🤗 even if today the drawing i make is actually worse than yesterdays, maybe tomorrow's will be better than today...
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peepo · an hour ago
Tumblr media
#i genuinely need to jill myself#if i adress this with my mom she’ll just guilt trip me if i talk about this to anyone else nothing good will happen they’ll just b burdened#i keep thinking that maybe i just need to not talk to anyone else. maybe#but the last time i did thag i went into such a depressive spiral i nearly died for real for real. anyways#whining#at least it’s in the tags this time#genuinely see no way out of this unless i win the lottery or something which maybe i should start playing#i can’t do anything right or save my money because all of it goes to my mom i can’t not give her money when she asks for it and i just#wanna die real bad. i don’t even care if she’s left as a mother of none i just hate living here i hate being alive#and nothing helps even if i spend time with my friends i still come back to this sick house where i’m yelled at and berated and treated lik#a psych ward patient. i’ve been through that already i don’t need it at home. i hate this so much i wish i was never born and never alive#i can see why my friend killed himself and i just wanna join him in not having to bear any of tbis ugly ugly self hatred and suffering and#isolation anymore.#i hate this. i hate myself. i don’t want to be here.#please please please i just want to die and be rid of all of these issues. love gender money family psyche mind everything it’s just too#much!!! yesterday i kept having to wake myself up because my dream felt so real and i didn’t want to believe that i it t was or else i woul#due in real life or hurt myself or die for real i just. i’m so psychotic and mental and i just want it over with. i hate it here LOL#whatevrr. goodnight. my phone charged so i can listen and ruin my hearing#because my walls are so thin i have to blast white noise into my ears to sleep#everything sucks. everything is horrible. i just wish i were dead
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c0rpsebrains · an hour ago
imma marry henry clerval idc that he’s not real fuckin watch me
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Sorry about the veggietales stuff but I’ve had “I’m a lucky fellow, I’m a lucky boy / got a new umbrella, and it’s me pride and joy” stuck in my head the past few days
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floralkawa · 2 hours ago
ship your moots !!
clutches my heart ! i havent done this before, so this is fun ! the order of this is my oldest moots to my most recent (╯▽╰ ) also i really went into details with all of my reasonings, so under the cut at your own risk <//3 psps :: if i missed you, please yell at me ! i dont want to leave out anyone !
@missmorosis and bokuto ! the two energy balls who love goofing around together <//3 sigh they would be the only two people at the party still dancing and singing together while everyone slowly falls asleep on the couches - anyways energy is giving me late night drives with no destination, surprise gifts, and him attempting to do your hair (≧∇≦)ノ
@shoyotime and akaashi ! ugh these two are so cute, definitely a power couple and i’d honestly worship the ground they walked on together. i feel like you two give me vibes of those couples who post pictures of them locking hands on social media, even though he’s a bit hesitant at first because he doesnt really get the concept. dont worry though, he’s learning ! (;′⌒`)
@kelsuuki and asahi ! okay the wholesome couple - literally.. like melody has a presence thats like calming but at the same time very energetic and i feel like that would calm his nerves before games and important events !! <33 asahi always does his best for you, and every time he gets a point - his attention goes straight to the stands to see you cheering for him <//3 
@lovingtobio and sakusa ! okok hear me out, opposites attract !! like, the introvert ( him ) and the extrovert ( sera ) !! sakusa would be really shy and hesitant at first, but once he realizes he can be himself around you, hes a bit more talkative ! i feel like you two would just have a blast together ! 
@boba-duckie and osamu ! first of all - yes. do i need to explain ? okayokay i will. so, i just feel like he’d would be so head over heels in love <//3 like as soon as he saw you he just had that connection that people get when they finally meet their lover !%@^#( he always insists that you try his new recipes, because he know you’d give him the advice he needs to hear !
@kei7ime and iwaizumi ! that one couple that everyone kind of expected , you know ? like its so painfully obvious that iwaizumi had a big crush on you, and like when he finally confessed everyones just like “ thank you , finally “
@milktyama and kageyama ! kagerin is canon 110% anyways, you two are the wholesome couple that everyone at school aspires to be <//3 the energy im getting from this one is like.. saying i love you with no words, not so secret love letters, and a bunch of piggy back rides... dont ask.. q(≧▽≦q)
@fushiguroll and terushima ! okay i promise this isn’t just because your anon - i just get very much... chaotic relationship vibes from this one ! plus, his tongue ring ?? this just adds the flavor >> okok i also feel like this ship would be that one couple whos able to joke around with each other - without the other one getting mad ! energy is giving me painting each others nails, scary movie dates, and playlists for each other <//3
@tsumussweetheart and atsumu ! okok, now i have the second twin on the list <//3 okay anyways, hugging in the rain ( even though he insists you two go in straight away because he doesnt want you getting sick ) and drawing each other self portraits - but its not with paint//canvases it was just a random idea so you two are using crayon and line paper (╯▽╰ )
@h-grangerstudies and sugawara ! i feel like your personalities just go so well with each other ! you two do daily check ups on each other, but at the same time your relationship is filled with laughs and very very memorable memories <3 energy is giving me back hugs, and facetiming at the weirdest hours of the night.
@nvritoshi and tendou ! i feel like this ship would just feel like home, you know ? when you finally meet your person and you feel like you’re on the top of the moon ? yes thats what your relationship with tendou is like ! energy im getting from this is watching the moon, waking up late, and matching sweaters !
@kozu-zumi and kenma ! may i say more ? sitting in his lap while he games is a daily routine and you never miss it. if you ever fall asleep to the clicks of his keyboard he just lets you lay there and continues to game BUT he makes sure he doesn’t disturb you, and if you start waking up to the noise - he’ll pause his game and let you fall back asleep (;′⌒`)
@xstar-kidx and oikawa ! i feel like he always tries to prank you - but 99% of the time it backfires on him ?? he insists that you’re too smart to fall for any of his pranks - but he’s just terrible at plotting them out <//3 energy is giving me very competitive video gaming, comfortable silence, and matching bead bracelets !
@sobaluvr and kuroo ! i dont know just how far you got into haikyuu - but i feel like you two would go so well with each other ! he’s the biggest flirt ever, but luckily you know just how to get back at him. energy is giving me yelling at each other through texts, locking pinkies, and random stickers placed purposely on each others notebooks ..
@elektrosonix and tanaka ! i feel like he’d be a little shy at first - wondering how he actually scored his crush - but once you two warm up to each other.. chaos. he’s always rambling about you to his teammates, but none of them have the hearts to tell him to stop because he’s never looked more happy !! overall 11/10 relationship !
@kirishimas-manly-eyeliner and tsukishima ! okay - another opposites attract situation here !! i feel like he’d just forget about everything for a second and just stare at you - does that make sense ?? and like he’d only stop if someone calls him out about it..
@tetsurouandushigirl and ushijima ! i feel like he’d be kind of at ease with you ? not as tense and serious as he is normally, kind of like he let his guard down a bit ! he most definitely tells you stuff like “ i will win the match for you. “ before going onto the court <//3 the ! butterflies ! 
@eunoiwa and semi ! he’s such a romantic boy - expect a lot of strings of good morning / good night text AND occasional videos of him singing your favorite songs while playing the guitar. even though he’s shy on stage, your constant reassurance makes him believe everythings going to be alright <//3 energy is REALLY giving me plant shopping, matching rings, and disposable cameras !
@volexis and hinata ! the two sweethearts im <//3 he’s so in love with you please it wouldn’t even be funny (╯▽╰ ) like, you need someone to talk to ? he’s right there. need a favor ? he already said yes. want something ? at your door with it, you know ? however, you’d do the exact same for him so it evens it out ! energy is giving me bouquets of roses, pillow forts, and wearing his hoodie <//3
@cherriesradio and daichi ! okay let me explain really quick, okok - so i feel like this is another opposites attract but subtle >>?? he’s the one thats there trying to talk you out of doing in the moment decisions, but at the end he usually tags along even when he doesnt feel like it :,( this man would do anything for you i swear
@aki-galaxy and yamaguchi ! the dynamics for this one is beyond my words or explanations, but knowing me i will explain it anyway q(≧▽≦q) okok, this relationship is like hand kisses but both ways ! yes this is a love language i will not elaborate ! like you kiss his knuckles when he’s nervous, and he kisses yours as a form a love <//3 did that make sense ? sigh noelle is so small brain right now <:( anyways energy is giving me oversized coats, walking home together, and strawberry lollipops !!
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picaresquerogue · 2 hours ago
actually fun fact or lesson or whatever i promise you can almost never be too heavy-handed with themes or motifs i wrote a thing for class that i thought was wayyyy too like upfront with a particular piece of like symbolism or whatever but no one who read it (not even the teacher) even noticed
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