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#Azul Ashengrotto
twstpasta · an hour ago
hello!! may i req for azul + 💫 + romantic for the event? also, happy one year!! ^^
Tumblr media
“They say if you make a wish upon a star, it’ll come true,” Azul told you, his gaze never leaving the bright, magical orb in his hands. The wish festival was nothing new within the grounds of Night Raven College, but you were looking forward to it. It would be your first time spending the occasion with Azul, and it would also be the first time that the two of you would be sharing your wishes with each other.
You held up your star, giving a small smile at the volunteers for the event. Mulling over your wishes for a bit, you glanced at your star and then at Azul. “My wish is that I can spend lots of time with the people I love until the next festival! And then I’ll wish for the same thing next year.”
Azul chuckled, holding his own star up. “That’s a fine wish. I suppose many people wish for well-being and community during this festival.”
“It’s easy to get caught up in work and stuff. But this year, I want to make time for the things that are really important,” you admitted, handing your star over. It shimmered a light blue, like it was agreeing with what you said. “Like spending time with you.”
The silver-haired student nodded, looking down at his own star. “I suppose that makes coming up with my wish for the year easier. I would wish for things that would further my own pursuit towards improvement, but this year… You’ve shown me that there are other things to watch out for too.”
He held the star up to his lips, whispering gently. “My wish is to love and be loved by the one I hold dearest until the next festival comes, and I can renew my wish once more.”
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zuly-rebird · 3 hours ago
Rich Kitty!🐈
Tumblr media
Did you all think i would go on in life without drawing Azul as a cat as well?•̀.̫•́✧ i am still working on other pieces but wanted to post something so i drew this last night (〃>▽<〃)/* (many thanks to my cat, Bixby, for being my reference) I may do more of these later on because i always love to draw cats ٩(๑ᵒ̴̶̷͈᷄ᗨᵒ̴̶̷͈᷅)و (maybe ill draw Jade and Floyd using more pics of Bixby ✨✨) anyways hope you all like it!!
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britishassistant · 5 hours ago
Supervillain Au??? So is reporter Yuu constantly getting kidnapped to where it’s like the typical Tuesday or something 😂 (I’m just imagining the Scene from Megamind with like Supervillain Azul as like the nerdy villain guy instead 😂)
Thank you for the ask, dear anon!
Tumblr media
But yes! That’s the general gist of it!
Though Jamil is more analogous to Megamind in this AU, while Azul has more Silver Age Penguin vibes…
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emyluwinter · 6 hours ago
Here Yuu is a girl!!I warned you! Please turn on this music to feel the atmosphere
After Mostro Lounge closed, Yuu worked part-time washing dishes, floors, and the gym after hours. Usually there was a lot of work and after each shift, her strength left her at the very end of the work.
This job provided extra rest for the staff and students of the dorm, and Yuu received a small income to the meager budget from Principal Crowley. Seriously, what was this obnoxious irresponsible feathered chicken hoping for, thinking that one teenager would have enough money?! To maintain the dorm, which threatened to collapse with every rain or snowfall. Dust and dirt simply could not be removed with your hands, you needed cleaning products. The Yuu thanked all the gods that they knew and heard that their plumbing was working even with difficulty. But it worked.
After looking at their work, Yuu nodded to herself with satisfaction, making sure that everything was done perfectly. She was a very diligent and hardworking girl, it helped her out many times. Azul is quite a demanding boss, but he can be understood. To maintain a certain reputation of the institution and your own, you must always maintain a certain bar.
Yuu was even a little envious of all the purposeful young men around her. Even they had the money, and she's more like a homeless person who pretends not to be.
Exhaling heavily from not very good thoughts, Yuu suddenly drew attention to a small "scene" in the hall, where Azul introduced himself to the "unfortunate souls" when there was all this business with anemones and dishonest contracts.
The light from the aquarium illuminated the entire room, filling everything it touched with its deep dark colors. The gloom that reigned here seemed even more to give the false impression that everything here was deep under water.
Yuu suddenly felt very sad and heavy. She missed her home, all the things she was used to.
I wonder if the sailors ' wives were also pining when they went to sea.
Waiting for them to return, with the hope that it will never fade away. That their beloved sailor would return to them, and not be taken away by the sea like so many others.
Yuu looked around once more. There was no sound of voices from Octavinelle's living room, and it looked like the students had all gone to their rooms. The "trio of sea mafiosi," as Yuu liked to call them in her mind, sat in Azul's office and counted the cash registers.
The hall was completely empty. Grimm was sleeping peacefully in Onboro, and he was very docile when Yuu went off to work part-time. Because he always got some small goodies that Yuu could buy with her earned money.
It was a small thing, but it was enough for them.
Every movement in the hall seemed to echo. I wonder how beautiful it will be if the song is played here?
Azul said that she does not have a "beautiful voice", maybe he lied to himself to take Onboro? What use was the voice of a non-magical student to him when he could get a whole building to expand his business.
Yuu put down the mop and took off the rubber gloves from her hands and went to the stage.
How much did the sailors ' wives miss?How did they live with this feeling for most of their lives?
There were so many questions, but the answers hardly gave Yuu any peace of mind.
Licking her lips, Yuu took a deep breath and sang softly. Barely audible, whispering to her heart, so sad and bitter, as if she wanted to pour out all her sorrows from her soul.
The lines echoed softly in the silence of the hall.
Upon one summer’s morning
I carefully did stray
Down by the warls of wapping
Where I met a sailor gay...
Yuu's voice sounded so bitter, so sad and wistful, as if she herself was really waiting for her "sailor" who would never return. She wanted so much to relieve the tension, let it be a little quiet singing. It won't hurt anyone.
The singing was a low whisper that filled everything around, and the students who were sitting quietly in the living room heard someone singing and decided to check out who it could be at such an hour.
Yuu slowly and unhurriedly walked around the stage, remembering the lines of the song, until she stopped and continued singing. Surprisingly, the words came one after the other and formed the right lines.
Conversing with a young lass
Who seem'd to be in pain
Saying, William when you go
I fear you'll ne'er return again
The students decided to listen to this impromptu performance with all their might and took out their phones to capture this moment. They hid around the corner and quietly watched everything that was happening on the stage.
Yuu looked like a lonely siren in an empty hall, with a soft, gentle singing that made its way to the most secret places of their souls and hearts. She wasn't given a uniform because of the extra expenses, Yuu couldn't afford it. So she used a change of clothes.
A long cloth wrapped around the legs and tied with a piece of rope. Something like a homemade long skirt with a slit on one side. And a loose and obviously oversized white shirt. Although it was hardly "white", the fabric was worn and apparently part of the uniform of one of the students. Yuu was not buttoning her neck, and thus her defined collarbone was exposed and exposed, as if it was a clue for Cupid where exactly to shoot.
My heart is pierced by Cupid
I distain all glittering gold
There is nothing can console me
But my Jolly sailor bold
Floyd, who was already terribly bored with finishing all this routine, every day the same thing became terribly uninteresting. He visibly perked up when he heard an extraneous sound and listened when he heard singing. It was much more interesting than counting all these numbers and adding up pieces of paper. This didn't usually happen in the evenings.
- Hmmmmm?Do you hear that, too? Floyd asked, glancing back at the office door. It was more interesting to him than the current case, and he closed his eyes and listened to the words of the song. A song about a sailor? It was something interesting.
Jade and Azul looked at each other, at first not understanding what he was talking about, and followed his example and listened.
Did someone.... sing?Now?
Yuu takes a deep breath. Unaccustomed to it, she is short of air and her breathing is a little erratic from time to time.She had to take breaks of a few seconds to catch her breath. Otherwise, my head would start spinning.
The students held their breath as they watched her every move. The way she moved her arms and the way she danced lightly on stage.
She lured them like a siren.
Lured and unknowingly drowned these unfortunate viewers.
His hair hangs in ringlets
His eyes as black as gold
My happiness attend him
Where ever he may go
Floyd listens with pleasure.
- What a beautiful voice~ I wish I could listen to him more often. Floyd chuckled, already seeing the look in Azul Madola's eyes. It was getting more and more interesting. The octopus definitely already has an idea how to turn all this into its own benefit and profit.
Azul gets up from his chair and heads for the exit. As always, he was determined and already thought of different options for the best outcome in his favor.
"Jade, Floyd, we need to get that voice!"!
"Whatever you say," the twins smiled, smug and predatory. They were awfully fond of such" hunts " for Azul. They quietly slipped out of the office and hid and decided to watch.
What was their surprise when they saw that the non-magical student was a real siren of legends on their stage. They barely restrained Floyd, who immediately wanted to destroy everything so that he could run to Yuu and squeeze her.
Azoul suddenly had the idea that he wanted to decorate this beautiful neck with a necklace. No, seriously. She looked amazing. So simple and so mesmerizing. It had its own charm and charm. If only he could persuade her to sing just for him. I wonder if she would agree.
Yuu continued to sing, trying to relieve all the tension that had been drowning in her for so long. All these emotions, all these feelings that had been bothering her for a very long time.
It seemed to her that she was all alone, and her singing could not be heard by others. How surprised she would be that most of the dorm is Octavinel, and Azul and the Twins are hiding to hear the singing through.
After all, they are gentlemen, they will not rudely interrupt such a performance. And just listen quietly, and write it down on a dictaphone.
Azul noticed his students and heard their low whispers.
"Damn it, she's got a voice like a siren, I'd follow him to the bottom of the ocean." - quietly whispered one student checking whether the sound recording is on the phone.
- I've never heard this song, I wonder how she knows it? Another student stared at Yuu as if she were an opera singer.
"It gives me the creeps." Do you think we can persuade her to sing again?
Azul smiled ominously.
Oh, how close his students were to his idea. To lose such an opportunity of profit would be the most terrible crime! But still, even for the refined taste of Azul...
this song..
She was so beautiful and so sad.
Let's be honest greedy octopus, you would have sworn that you have at least 8 possible scenarios where Yuu would sing just for you. His personal songbird without a cage. Free and inconspicuous.
Oh, how he wanted that voice. It turns out that so many unknown songs were hidden in this cute head!So much money could be made out of it!Why hadn't he thought of it before?!
Judging by the fact that Yuu had taken a short break, it was possible to guess that the song was coming to an end.
If only she could be persuaded!!Just agree with Yuu and Azul will arrange for you the most beautiful dress and jewelry that he can afford, just to turn you into the pearl of this place!!
Azul would surely come up with a whole performance, would pick up an outfit for each performance. Every detail, every little thing. I'd even get Wil to give me some advice!
But damn it, knowing her character, she would stubbornly refuse.
She didn't need all this attention, all this gossip and gossip. All this glory and praise. She just wanted a peaceful life in a strange place with a bunch of rude, smug boys.
Suddenly, one of the students lost his footing and stumbled, trying to get closer and shoot a better video, but this caused only a small noise. She didn't need all this attention, all this gossip and gossip. All this glory and praise. She just wanted a peaceful life in a strange place with a bunch of rude, smug boys.
Suddenly, one of the students lost his footing and stumbled, trying to get closer and shoot a better video, but this caused only a small noise. The Octavinel trio mentally cursed this poor fellow in every way they knew.
He himself understood that his life would not be as easy as before. The next couple of days for sure. The others could only sympathize with him.
Hearing a strange noise, Yuu shuddered and stopped singing. She wanted to know where the noise was coming from and make sure it wasn't dangerous.
Noticing the confused students who waved their hands and raised their hats in greeting, Yuu quickly turned pale with horror. Did they hear her??Have you heard her all this time??
And then she saw Azul and the twins.
Azul could have sworn that she was dead white, her face as red as years of wine. I wonder if you could touch her rosy cheeks, what would the taste be like?
Azul, you're thinking the wrong thing. He was talking to himself, not understanding what had suddenly come over him.
It's just a little singing. Maybe it was her attitude toward him. She acknowledged and praised his efforts, his intelligence and work.
Did Cupid miss an arrow in one of his three hearts? (A moment of abstraction. Octopuses have three hearts. one (the main one) drives the blue blood all over the body, and the other two-the gill-push the blood through the gills)
Yuu was confused and desperate to think of an escape route, and she took off and ran out of the hall.
This development of events was definitely not foreseen by Azul.
Did she run away? Just ran away from them?She absolutely didn't want to even stay here?What if she stopped working here?
Although it was naive to think that it would help her.
- Floyd..bring the young lady to my office. And please be gentle with her. We don't want her singing voice to be lost. Azul asked the twin matter-of-factly, knowing that Floyd was only a fraction of a second away from rushing after her.
Still hunting, there was any part of it in the business.
"All right," Floyd said cheerfully and ominously, and immediately disappeared after Yuu.
Azul will do everything to get this opportunity and this voice.
Only, did he really want this pearl to be shown to others, and not just become his own?
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majesties-palace · 8 hours ago
grim crawls on top if your chest, orb balancing in between the space of his ears, giving it a blue hue. "taking care of the sick dorm leaders," he announces. "this time it includes kalim, vil, idia, and malleus."
Tumblr media
with jamil taking care of the mess that had made kalim sick, that left you to take care of him. he's pouty and restless. if he begs you for something and you say no, expect puppy eyes. do not give in. "sick kalim causes even more problems than regular kalim." is one of the first things jamil tells you when you enter his room to play caretaker. "he'll get the impulse to buy something.. absurd.. like a country or some sort."
he didn't buy a country, thankfully. he did buy a an entire stadium and filled it up like noah's ark under the guise of wanting to show you a world that's less likely to make jamil have a breakdown [which happened regardless]. kalim's impulse control and common sense would lower whenever he's sick, so most of the things he buys during this period would be for you if not to try and show off. he'll get sad if you don't take them, try to return it, or tell him off.
find some way to keep him distracted if you don't want him to bother you in every way possible. i suggest putting on a single movie and staying in there so he won't feel lonely. he'll be out within the first fifteen minutes if you play your cards right. if you can't get him to focus on the movie, play some game that involves some brain power. "'m sorry—" he'll yawn, "— this game just seems to really make me tired.."
kalim wants attention, but he also doesn't want you to get sick. this creates a great dilemma in his mind. having you in the room close to his bed gives him some sort of relief, but he'll take what he can get. as mentioned, just put on some movie or play a game with him and you should be fine. on the off chance that he doesn't want you around him, just make sure to hang close enough to where he's staying in case he calls you back in.
his brain is running on a small amount of the sleep it needs while kalim is sick. he wants to stay awake and see what everyone is doing, not lay around in bed all day! be sure to give him updates on all of his friends, jamil will come in every five hours to tell him about the dorm if he feels it's necessary. if you ever have to leave for something like class, be sure to tell him all about it! he'll just live through you if you're comfortable with it.
if you can get over kalim's impulse buys, you should be fine! keeping him entertained is also important, so be sure to bring some type of game [or book. a riveting story will always keep kalim's interest on you]. to jamil, you'll be a godsend, so expect some of sort of feast sometime soon.
kalim looked like a kicked puppy. having been told he would have to stay in his room all day had put an extreme damper on his mood. the dorm leader's pout made you heavily sigh and toss your phone to the side. "cater and lilia said they would bring your instrument not to long ago, so they should be here soon." you relay to the bedbound boy, leaning your head over the head of your seat. "why don't you teach me how to play it when they drop it off?"
this seemed to lift kalim's mood. he sat up on his elbows, eyes lighting up as he thinks of different songs to teach you. "is there anything specific you want to learn?"
shaking your head, you let out a laugh. "no, nothing in particular. i'm fine with whatever you first think of." VIL SCHOENHEIT
vil takes his sudden illness seriously as to make sure that he doesn't trickle into something worse. he's an important figure, he can't risk anything when it comes to his health. while vil is concerned about your health, he comes first in this scenario. do him a huge favor and just stay out of breathing distance.
if you want keep rook away from you, just pull him off to the side and tell him that you want to be romantic. he'll understand in a less than a heartbeat and backs away to keep epel in line. in the case that you do need his assistance, he'll either give you advice or come in whenever you're struggling.
vil isn't a fan of being coddled. at all. let him do what he needs to do! step in when it's apparent he can't do something himself, he asks for help, or if neige shows up with a bouquet of flowers. you don't have to spoon feed him some soup or pour out his medicine for him, just hang around in case he does show signs of struggle.
as mentioned, neige will be showing up, no doubt about it. vil's a celebrity; if the public knows, neige was one of the first to know. do vil a huge favor and lie. tell the ravenette that whatever he has is contagious and doesn't want to risk anyone else catching it. he might leave a little saddened, but it's not enough to put a damper on your own mood.
assist him with his routine! face washing, hair masking, fingernail trimming, all of it! he isn't all to keen on getting out of bed, but doing it outside the bathroom can make a mess. you might as well join him while doing this. just sitting and watching him do this can't be good for your eyesight. as much as vil would love to take over because "you're supposed to go counter-clockwise, darling," vil is aware that touching your face while sick doesn't do anyone any good.
vil is probably the best one to take care of when sick seeing as he wants this to be over as soon as possible. he won't be a brat and will be much more comprehensive than his peers from before. depending on how doting you are, vil might become a little snappy but other than that? there's nothing for you to worry about.
vil allows his body to sink back into his pillow once you re-enter his room, eyes glaring harshly at the group of flowers in your hand. "burn them." he speaks abruptly. "give them to rook and have him turned to ash."
"i'm sure they'd go nicely with your.. other.. gifts.." you reluctantly reply, eyes shifting to look at the pile of stuffed animals, letters, and balloons from his fans.
the blond turns on his side with a scoff. "if it's from neige, i'm positive it'd make my condition worse."
you shake your head mutely, placing the flowers on his dresser before sitting on the edge of his bed. placing your hand on his calf, you lean over so you're able to see his face. "they'll be gone soon enough," vil's attention is now on you. "isn't it time for another dose anyways?"
no one can be surprised when idia catches something given his unhealthy habits. make sure he doesn't try and sneak his way to his computer, he'll be there until you or ortho pry him off. "what am i supposed to do when you take as long as a loading screen with bad wifi?" he'll try to make excuses as to why he should be able to game in between your little check ups. just tell him that staying hunched over like that will only make him feel worse.
ortho will be there to help [regardless if you want him to or not]! use this as an opportunity to give idia some sort of entertainment unless you want him to be depressed the entire week. watch some sort of gameplay, preferably something that he's already done a 100% playthrough of so that he can judge them harshly. listen to him tear into their attack strategies before rushing to give him a glass of water because his throat also got torn up.
seeing as idia won't be able to check in on his afk farm, guilds, and whatever else he said, you'll have to be the one to do it. he'll backseat game if you have no idea what to do so you don't have to worry about anything. if he starts getting to obnoxious just threaten to shut the game down without saving, he'll stop real quick.
an absolute menace when it comes to medicine. tell idia that resistance is futile and will result in his games being unattended for even longer. he'll down it reluctantly and request for something in return. be nice and give whatever you think is fitting, he'll appreciate it greatly and might even give you something in return!
idia's guaranteed to stay in bed and only his bed during this time which means you'll have to worry about him finding some way to use all of his pent up energy. seeing as he mostly gets fired up when playing some type of game: make him play some uno! make it fun and add some rules of your own to make him get real invested!
if we're ranking the dorm leaders on a scale of best to worst when sick, idia's certainly one of the lower ranked ones. he could care less that he's sick. he just wants to get back to binge watching the latest summer anime! who cares if his eyes begin to worsen and there's a pounding migraine in the back of his head! threats [subtle or not] seem to be the only thing that get to him while he's sick, so use them to your advantage and don't be afraid to carry through with them.
after looking at idia's self-pitying pout for the past eight minutes, to say you were beginning to feel aggravated was an understatement. after unplugging the cords that led to his pc in an attempt to get his focus off of his games, any attempts at conversation resulted in a cold shoulder.
it's not as though. he just needed you to understand that all actions had consequences and your result just so happened to be idia ignoring you.
finally giving in, you heave a sigh and extend one of the controllers you had confiscated in order to get him to sleep. "we can get in one round before ortho comes back in with something to eat," you state, watching as idia sits up and takes the controller from you with the excitement of a child.
"that's enough time to get back in and check on my warriors and do another set of tasks." he hums, booting his system back up and opening up his laptop back up.
he doesn't take this cold seriously because [one] he's been alive for more than a hundred years. if a cold as simple as this killed him, he was unfit to become the king of thorns; and [two] getting special attention from his very own beastie? a privilege indeed.
if anyone [sebek] insisted on helping you take care of malleus, there's no need to fear! lila will give him small tasks until the prince is feeling better. of course, you'll have to give him updates. "did anything interesting happen while we were gone?" the old fae will ask, voice lilting in hopes that you'll catch onto what he's saying.
malleus doesn't act any different when he's sick, not wanting to take advantage of this time or you. he'll only do those sick i'll only take the medicine if you give me a kiss scenarios if you're okay with it or in a relationship. on the off chance that he doesn't jump onto an opportunity like that, it's because he's to shy and finds things like that to lewd.
speaking of medicine, malleus doesn't really need it. he's lived for more than a hundred years and is a powerful dragon fae; his immune system has been through much worse. if you do request that he downs the horrid drink, he'll do so without question. "although it does taste horrid, it's much better than lilia's cooking." he'll note with furrowed brows.
as vulnerable as he may look while he's sick, malleus is still able to hold his own. though, he would get quite the laugh out of it if you were to tell him about your perilous mission of keeping rook away from diasomnia. bonus points if you make it even more dramatic than it actually was! being forced to stay inside his room all day without the chance of seeing you had made him quite depressed. seeing you so animated made him feel much better.
in the end, malleus is probably the third best dorm leader to take care of when sick because he doesn't put up any fights, isn't a brat, and loves your attention. spoil him like the prince he is and he'll be like that piece of putty that won't leave the inside of your nail no matter how how much you try to wash it. unfortunately, he does lose points for not eating the food lilia slaved over so you might as well just take another one for the team and start preparing meals for all of them
malleus looks up from his position in your lap, eyes gazing up at you with an emotion you couldn't yet place. "what's wrong?" you ask while using the back of your palm to feel the fae's forehead. it was lukewarm, which thankfully meant that his fever had gone down over the last few hours you'd been there.
"is this not dangerous for your own health, child of man?" he finally speaks up after a few moments of staying silent.
shaking your head, you his bangs so you can see the entirety of his face. "i could care less, sweetheart," you hum while leaning down in order to kiss the exposed skin. "your health matters the most to me."
a look of offense crosses malleus' face before he sits up and gently nudges you away. "and yours matters the most to me.." he gives you another nudge when you refuse to stand. "now leave before you catch this illness as well."
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aeppermint-soffice · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
(He got 3 days before he transforms back into normal grown Jade, so why not?)
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draceempressa · 13 hours ago
So Yana Toboso admitted that Descendants was the inspiration for Twisted Wonderland, and I find it ironic that Uma was formidable opponent for Mal in Descendants, but Azul certainly wouldn't dare to poke Malleus in the slightest, that Malleus simply would sic that Rare Valley Of Thorns mineral and Azul would be busy picking them up , being the capitalism octopus he is. Though Evie being Mal's second in command isn't so ironic, or maybe it is, considering Vil is one of the few in NRC who dares to stand to Malleus, and unlike Leona who is on bad terms with Malleus, they may or may not in cahoots to something, with all the foreshadowing in both lore and gameplay that points to Pomefiore and Diasomnia. Hmmmmm.
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drac0nia · 14 hours ago
I see the request are opening 👀👀
So...I'm an absolute mess for those "danger warning" guys. Would you mind doing headcanons for Jamil, Leona and Jade reacting to being verbally defended by the cute and extremely shy fem!reader in a discussion? Maybe all this time they thought that she feared or just hated them as the other students but it was just her being >shy<
Feel free to pass this ask tho, take care of yourself and I hope you have a really happy birthday!
Tumblr media
— 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥, 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 , 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞
Tumblr media
Pairing ; Jamil Viper x Reader, Leona Kingscholar x Reader, and Jade Leech x Reader
Tagging ; @strwbryrainbows
Tw ; -
Thank you, anonie! 💕
Tumblr media
— 𝐉𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐥 𝐕𝐢𝐩𝐞𝐫
➝ Azul had an arguement with him about a certain topic and of course they want to one up each other. Azul was obviously losing but he let out a personal insult to Jamil which made you turn his way and saw his surprised yet offended expression.
➝ You stood up from where you were sitting and spat out all the dirt you manage to collect on Azul after doing a little secretive digging around. Jamil was not expecting his friend be this.. aggressive, usually you're well behaved with him but he didn't know you act like this when his back is turned.
➝ He placed a hand on your shoulder so you could stop from futher making this situation worse like Azul calling the tweels over. You got pushed away from the scene and ushered to exit, while you were out the door, he shot a glare at Azul and left.
➝ Jamil sighs and placed a hand on your head, "You should know your limits sometimes, prefect, you'll never know when a shady businessman like him would do to you," you pouted, "I'm not weak." He smiles, "I know you aren't, just a reminder, prefect."
— 𝐋𝐞𝐨𝐧𝐚 𝐊𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬𝐜𝐡𝐨𝐥𝐚𝐫
➝ Leona had an earful of complaints from a new member of his dorm, a first year, he paid no mind to his mindless blabbering of how much of a useless leader he is; just lazing around the dorm, barking orders left and right to a second year he claims his "friend".
➝ It was fine until the fool of a student said a personal attack to him, one that made him remember bad memories. You stood up and stormed over to the student, you sent insult by insult from his head to his toes, from his strength to his intelligence.
➝ Meanwhile, Leona wasn't fazed at all, he knew you have some bite inside you and from the looks from it, he was proven right. He watched this like it was a tv series, he eventually stood up and tapped your shoulder to sort of politely ask to stop now, the rowdy student finally humbled himself.
➝ "I didn't know herbivores could bite", he teased, "Oh, please, I only did it because it was unnecessary, if anything, if he wants change in the dorm you are in charge of, he could at least talk to you with proper manners." He hums, "Thank you", you felt his tail wrapped around your leg.
— 𝐉𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐋𝐞𝐞𝐜𝐡
➝ Floyd was arguing with him about switching places at work since he didn't wanna come today due to his mood. At first glance, you would think it was just a regular squable between the brothers but as time passes, Floyd let out a unnecessary insult to Jade.
➝ You stepped in the arguement and defended Jade from his twin, you said all the things he shouldn't do and he didn't have the right to force him.
➝ As you continued on, Jade observes you from your side, how interesting, a enduring looking woman like you is defending Jade from an eel with a moody personality. He made sure to stay on guard so he can be ready fro Floyd launching an attack towards you.
➝ The arguement ends, and both of them were just staring at you, it was enough make anyone uncomfortable; Floyd laughs, "Aaw~ Shrimpy thinks she can bite a strong eel~" Floyd exhaled while Jade gives you his evil grin, "I believe she will be a fun person to play with, Floyd, do you want to fool around more to see if she wants to stay?", they both turned their heads to each other and nodded in agreement.
➝ Both eels towered over you with their sadistic grins as they think of other ways to play around with you, "Prefect, thank you for such a kind gesture", Floyd joins in, "Let us,
➝ repay you," they both said in unison.
Tumblr media
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leviskokoro · 20 hours ago
I just had a thought
Azul and MC are sort of two sides of the same coin
they're both in a world they're unfamiliar with and they have 2-3 people to rely on. Azul is a merfolk walking on land among land creatures and MC is a magicless human in a school full of mages. They act like tacticians in their friend groups and are quite smart when it comes to utilising the strengths of the people around them which must be why MC played the biggest part in the Octavinelle arc.
The difference between them is how they use their talents obviously. Azul uses his for his own gain and MC, whether they like it or not, has to use their skills to help with overblot cases in NRC or wherever they're needed
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nyabiitwst · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So cute and they light up! Even the instructions are cute!! ❤️
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crazyaboutto · 23 hours ago
With Euro 2020 going on and most characters being based on European countries, I’m imagining them during the Euros 😆 It would be chaotic
Rose Kingdom based on England so Riddle, Trey, Ace and Deuce
Village of Harvest is either based on England or Germany so Epel
Land of Pyroxene based on Germany so Jack, Vil and Cater
Isle of Lementation based on (Mythological) Greece so Idia and Ortho but they are not qualified
Coral Sea based on Denmark so Azul, Floyd and Jade
Valley of Thorns is based on Russia Germany
Rook is French enthusiast but he is from Afterglow Savannah so not sure if he would be counted 🧐
We would have at least 4 major teams in the school. I can’t imagine the excitement the passion on match days 😆 except Idia, he is just brooding somewhere and supporting the teams that didn’t cause his team’s elimination
At least none are facing each other in the groups except Valley of Thorns. It’s doing friendly fire
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simpingfortwst · a day ago
Tumblr media
What happened to Azul’s skills after those contracts were destroyed? Yeah he got smart and good at magic on his own, but the deals made in those contracts granted him a good voice, speed and presumably a lot of other cosmetic stuff that should have been reversed when the contracts ceased to exist.
Point is we should give him credit for doing a ‘100 Layers of Illusion Spells’ challenge everyday
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aeriine · a day ago
"i’ll be your home”
synopsis: night raven college’s dorm leaders and their vices discover why you seem to break the rules so often
tw: implied abandonment, reader is an orphan and was never taught rules by the parents they never had
Tumblr media
☼ riddle was so offended by your actions and behaviour the first time he met you
☾ i imagine the both of you often butted heads in the beginning before his overblot
☼ but it didn't really get better after the incident either
☾ riddle thinks you're tactless, completely irresponsible, have no conscience whatsoever–
☼ and i can confirm that trey is the  most common victim of the 3 hour long talk about how frustrating you are
☾ but besides that, riddle but despite that, riddle is actually the first one to find out about the way you were raised
☼ it happened while he was reprimanding you again for causing trouble
☾ and in a fit of fury he suddenly bursts out
☼ "is this how your parents raised you!? do you think that they would be proud of the person that you have become today!?"
☾  to which you respond, without a moment of hesitation:
☼ "i didn't have any parents to raise me in the first  place."
☾ riddle is silent for a whole minute, before he manages to stammer out a shocked, "w-what?" in shock
☼ "w-what?"
☾ when he learns about your background, he's initially awkward. despite the things that happened between him and his mother, he does love her. and he couldn't be half the person he is today with her help, so he can't imagine living your entire life without a parental figure
☼ but after seeking advice from trey, he eventually settles with trying to teach you the  things parents would teach their children
☾ etiquette, rules, how to speak respectfully, et cetera. his lessons are by no means fun, but they do help!
☼ you were hesitant about it at first, and the first few lessons went by less than smoothly, but eventually you guys begin to get along!
☾  riddle still can't stand how often you get into trouble, but it's doesn't come off as much of a surprise
☼ even if you suddenly become a prim and proper student overnight, it's nearly impossible to stay out of trouble with your friend group
☾ trey, on the other hand, is much more understanding
☼ you  would be surprised by the variety of individuals he's met while helping out at the counter in his family's bakery, so he easily recognises the signs of someone who hasn't had a proper parental figure in years in you
☾ but knowing trey's character, he wouldn't actually say anything. at least, out loud. his actions speak louder than his words though
☼ he takes it upon himself to act as an older brother figure, gently reminding you to say please when you ask for one of the pastries and bailing you out of trouble when you need it (though he only ever bails you out of serious trouble,,, if you've got detention with crewel or trein, he'll just send you off with a smile and a promise for snacks later)
☾ when riddle confides in him about your background and asks for advice on how to help you, trey just offers him a smile and tells him to be like a 'big brother'
☼ which is completely useless advice to give an only child
☾ but!! riddle is a smart boy, and trey knows that. with the vice's help, riddle learns to be a reliable brother figure!!!!
☼ basically riddle is the older brother who's a little bit too  strict but he really means well and his lessons are helpful
☾ and trey is the older brother who's really chill and would bake you something if you can't go to sleep in the middle of the night, but he's also kind of annoying when you ask him for help with your homework like fifteen minutes before classes start and he's just like "no :) i want you to learn" like sir i will not be learning ANYTHING if im always being yelled at all the time
☼ GOD heres another dorm leader that youre always butting heads with
☾ leona couldnt care less about your behaviour, but the moment it involves him? CATFIGHT
☼ hates it when you disrespect his name and talk back to him. he honestly doesnt care if you get into trouble all the time, but the way you act towards him is something he just cannot stand
☾ makes it a point to stay away from any place he thinks you might be at. and if you're coming his way? well, herbivore, you better turn around and leave because he got there first (you do not, in fact, turn and leave when you  see leona in the way of your destination. another argument breaks out as you two begin snapping at each other again, but what's new?)
☼ anyway, because of the dynamics of yours and leona's relationship, ruggie is most likely the first of the two of them to find out about your background
☾ neither of you are in bad terms, and the topic is probably brought up randomly in a conversation
☼ perhaps ruggie is telling you about his grandmother and the three younger hyenas they take care of back at home when he asks you about your family, to which you respond with the same thing you told riddle
☾ he's shocked at first, but realises that it explains a lot of your... trouble-making. hey, grim, ace and deuce might be a troublesome bunch, but the amount of times you've been sent to detention or threatened with suspension is just odd
☼ in a way, he kind of relates to you never knowing your parents in the first place. but in his case, he's had his grandmother to take care of him, and she's had plenty of stories about his mother and some about his father, so at least  he knows the type of people they were. because of that, he really can't imagine not living without a parental figure
☾ but don't think he's going to let you off easy for all the trouble you get up to (even if he partakes in them too sometimes)!!! ruggie knows better than anyone that in this world, it's survival of the fittest, so he'll teach you his ways of getting by in the world!!
☼ you can't get by without any manners though, so ruggie makes sure to teach them to you first!! can't have people looking down on you, right?
☾ his lessons are admittedly easier than riddle's, but that's because ruggie's more laid-back in a sense,,, that means that if you have the right bribe (donuts) you could convince him to let you off early. at least he's a good teacher... right?
☼ i feel like judging how casual you were when you told ruggie about your background, he might tell leona so that the second prince can take it easy on you (spoiler: he does not)
☾ ruggie and leona both share that mindset that it is survival of the fittest, until it comes to status, wealth and power. they know it best after all,  but while ruggie tries to teach you how to survive in a world that can shun those with no family, leona just doesn't change the way he acts around you altogether
☼ don't be mistaken though, he's quite impressed with how you've managed to take care of yourself all on your own until now, but he knows that's not enough. so he tries to toughen you up. i guess some would call it tough love?
☾ leona doesn't really teach you manners. instead, he reminds you. most likely uses that excuse that 'that riddle kid teaches you enough manners. it's  not like you're going to become royalty or anything, so why ask me?' and then the conversation is over
☼ to him, all that matters is that you treat him with respect. in his opinion, you can speak informally to anyone you can take down in a fight, but you most certainly cannot take him down in a fight, so better respect him, got it?
☾ though after he finds out about how you were raised,, you notice he doesnt avoid you as much as before. whenever you step into his 'territory' (read: step on his tail while he's taking a nap around school) he always makes sure to send you a glare and tell you to apologise, or at  least say please before entering
☼ the first few times he did that, you two ended up fighting again (unsurprisingly) but after ruggie set you both down for a talk, the both of you (begrudgingly) started to try and lighten up to each other
☾ it doesn't really work the way they wanted it to, considering that you and leona still argue daily, but hey!! it's actually working!! with leona's constant reminders and ruggie's helpful, easy-to-follow tips, you begin to stay out of trouble more and more!! not completely, of course, but hey!!! small  steps, right?
☼ this is the first time you've actually seen these guys speechless
☾ like,, even considering their personalities,,, they  still had their families, you know? azul with his mom and step-dad, and jade and floyd with their parents. so when the fact that you've never had any parental figure in your life to teach you basic things to  keep yourself out of trouble baffles them
☼  yeah, none of them might be able to talk about getting into trouble considering what they do, but they actually know how to get out of it. not to mention that they (read: floyd) usually do it for fun
☾ they're.... concerned for you. it becomes an unspoken law for them to act as your older brother figures!!!  after all, they have had the blessing of family with them for as long as they could remember,,, so of course they would be generous enough to extend that blessing towards you!
☼ at a price, of course
☾ it comes off as a bit of a surprise when azul suddenly hires you to work in mostro lounge
☼ esp since you,, get into trouble a lot while working
☾ theyre small things, like 'accidentally' talking back to a customer (it was, in fact, ace in disguise. because ace is an ass and he is also your best  friend, which makes him double the ass to you) or violating dress code (suspenders,, that thing around ur waist,,,, how do people wear this fancy clothing all the time you wonder,,)
☼ and azul actually uses these mistakes to correct you on things you didn't learn before bc nobody taught you
☾ for example,, teaches you the right way to wear the mostro lounge uniform because you have no idea how it works  (why is it so fancy?? this is a school lounge)
☼ he's very helpful,,, very benevolent,,,
☾ ok yeah he may have tried striking a deal with you but could you blame him for trying?? he is a businessman after all!! and it was with good intentions!!
☾ you..... appreciate his help.... a little.... maybe.....
☼ plus, azul has the bonus of his businessman knowledge!! knowing how he is with his contracts, you can bet that he teaches you about the loopholes in the school rules
☾ he understands how hard it may be to suddenly switch things up so quickly.... from resident troublemaker (it was an accident?? you can't help it, really,,) a little bit so he lets u take it easy!!!
☼  jade helps too, but floyd is literally useless (i'm sorry floyd lovers but its true)
☾ he is a chaos enabler. please dont take his advice. whatever he says, purposely giving a customer the wrong drink is not polite even if you say that it's a 'surprise' gift
☼ between the two of the other octavinelle heads, he's the most unhelpful, but he teaches you some things in his  own way
☾ like how to get out of trouble. literally
☼ no loopholes in school rules just. the best ways to get out of detention
☾honestly it only works if you're floyd. like,, what sane person would jump out of a window and survive,,, just to get out of detention,,,, isnt that a bit much, floyd-senpai! (no!!! no it isnt!!! you have a lot to learn!!!)
☼ that's it. that's all he teaches you. and if you can't get out of trouble? not to worry!! he'll swoop you off of your feet  and run away with you in his arms like a damsel in distress!!! fun, isn't it?
☾ please don't ask him for help. i'm begging you. it's for your own good.
☼ so with azul  and jade actually helping you (in their own way) and floyd just being, well, floyd, i'd say it's a pretty good balance of chaotic fun and learning from your mistakes to stay out of trouble!!! (even though you do still get into a whole lot more trouble with floyd than usual)
☾ you literally need to stop kalim from calling up his parents and convincing them to adopt you into his family
☼ jamil will help you of course, but he completely understands why kalim had such a reaction (as exaggerated as it was)
☾ neither of them can really imagine living without their family, even though they may have their troubles..... (assassination attempts... poisoning.....), so when they hear that you grew up without a family, their heart just kind of,,, drops
☼ kalim is DEVASTATED im telling u this rn this boy is CRYING his eyes out
☾ jamil has to pry him off you while his dorm leader continues sobbing about how he'll 'be your big brother now, so don't you worry anymore okay!?!?'
☼ and you might think that jamil could care less abt ur issues (esp with how casual u were when u told them abt ur background,, he might have just assumed that you were already used to it, as horribly sad as that sounded) but he is. another example of actions speaks louder than words
☾ whenever he has time, he makes sure to take care of you alongside kalim
☼ like making sure that you eat your meals and drink water every day (he may nag you if he finds out you haven't yet, but you really can't take him seriously when he nags you while simultaneously cooking for you
☾  doesn't approve of you getting into trouble so much so he constantly  reminds you that SCHOOL RULES EXIST FOR A REASON!! and yeah some of them may seem a bit unreasonable but he really prefers that you dont break half of them every day
☼ jamil strikes me as the type of person who, upon finding out that you got into detention AGAIN, just deadpans at you like. you deserve it ://
☾ but then he shows up outside the classroom when your detention ends and says to you with a straight face:
☼ "c'mon, let's go back to the scarabia dorm. i can cook some dinner for you and help you with your homework"
☾ bc he knows that you would have trouble finishing all ur homework yourself esp since you lost a lot of  time bc of detention
☼ he cares for you ok :')
☾ but ANYWAY
☼ it's surprisingly easier taking care of both you and his dorm leader bc kalim is less likely to be jumping off the walls like a hyperactive child when you're around. scarabia's dorm leader focuses all his attention on you when you're together
☾ so now you have both scarabia's leaders looking after you!! good for you
☼ please be fully prepared for the parties and celebrations kalim throws in your name
☼ that reasoning made it hard for jamil to refuse him sjsjjsjs
☾ it's fun!!! it's grand!!! honestly there's no dull moment with these two around
☼ know what, there's never a dull moment even when these two aren't around
☾ grim: yo y/n??? there's a bunch of huge boxes at the front door– is that real gold!?!?!?
☼ you, horrified: oh my god thats the fifth batch this month
☾ neither you nor your monster cat companion ever get used to it..... but you're both still impressed that kalim somehow manages to send all these gifts to you without jamil knowing
☼ meanwhile in the al-asim residence,,,
☼ kalim, confused: LIKE A PEACOCK???
☾ jamil: NO!!!!
☼ tldr: they may be a tad bit too chaotic, but they really do mean well!!! like your typical, bickering older brothers,, i love them sm
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onyx-kitsune · a day ago
Art for June 11, 2021
I finished! I’m so proud. Much better than what it was before.
(New main blog profile pic go brrrr)
Tumblr media
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twstpasta · a day ago
happy 1st anniv to uuu!! may i get azul + 🍁 + romantic?
Tumblr media
“What a beautiful sight…,” Azul murmured dreamily. You wrapped the scarf around your neck closer to yourself, the cool autumn breeze brushing against your skin like a friendly whisper. All around the two of you were the reddening leaves, signaling the height of the gorgeous, plentiful autumn season. You had one hand tucked into your jacket pocket, and in the other hand, you held Azul’s hand.
“It’s your first time going out to see the autumn leaves, right? Red maple leaves are the best to go sightseeing with,” you remarked, glancing at him briefly. Wonder and admiration was all over his face: his eyes were widened, his lips were parted just slightly, and his cheeks were flushed a light crimson like the leaves.
“Yes, indeed. I’ve never seen anything quite like this. I feel like I can’t tear my eyes away,” he admitted, squeezing your hand. He smiled peacefully, intently watching the maple leaves as they danced alongside the wind on their branches. It looked like they were waving at the two of you, blushing at your lovers’ rendezvous.
You grinned, squeezing his hand back. Azul seemed to shine amongst all the leaves fluttering about you, his ivory colored hair and sharp body standing amongst the colorful scene like you were being introduced to the main love interest in a movie. He was breathtaking, every little bit like the vivid autumn leaves all around you.
“Thank you for showing so many new things,” he whispered, stepping closer to you. “I’m lucky to love someone like you.”
You felt a bit shy, a small smile overtaking your face. You leaned into his comforting presence, sighing happily. You really couldn’t ask for more. “You took the words right out of my mouth, Azul. Thank you for showing me so many new things.”
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star33dust · a day ago
Azul simps come get your man
Tumblr media
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pandoraw27 · a day ago
900 Follower event list:
Tumblr media
🍰Red Velvet Cake🍰
~Azul Ashengrotto~
🍋Lemon Tart🍋
🍵 Tea🍵
🍫Hot Chocolate🍫
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raven-san, can we please have a wedding crashing where jade needs to marry this girl from another crime family to consolidate power and become the next head of the leech mob :)) but floyd's like I'M BORED and annoyed that his brother's being snatched up by a random chick, so he asks basketball bros, and azul, to help save jade?
This one is super long, so I added some extra sections and placed the rest of the wedding crashing below the cut!
***Spoilers for Jamil and Floyd’s Unique Magic!!***
"I object to this wedding...!"
Tumblr media
Pre-Wedding Jitters
A call comes for the twins in the dead of night, without warning. It’s their parents with exciting news: they’re naming Jade as the next Don Leech. The catch? The Leech mob’s in the middle of a merger with the Worm mob, and he’ll have to marry Don Worm’s daughter to secure the deal.
Jade, ever the dutiful son, is honored by his future title and calmly agrees to the arrangement. On the other hand, Floyd’s annoyed by the idea, and can’t keep quiet about his irritation. He calls out to his twin in the darkness.
“... Ne, Jade.”
“Ee, Floyd?”
“Are you really okay with going through with this? You’re just gonna do what they said? Even though you don’t know the Worms at all? Even if you’ve never met that girl before?”
“It is a request coming directly from father and mother. How could I refuse them? And, furthermore... If I do not undertake this task, then it would fall to you, the next choice to inherit the title of Don Leech. I cannot allow that to come to pass--fufu. You do so enjoy your freedom, yes?”
“... Jade, you’re so dumb sometimes. What’ll happen to your freedom, then? Will you get so busy with being the big boss and being married... that you won’t have time to play anymore?”
“... Perhaps. But that is a sacrifice I am willing to make.”
That thought doesn’t sit well with Floyd--not at all.
“I trust that you will make your own fun of the situation,” Jade reassures him. “You always do.”
As the weeks pass, Floyd sees less and less of Jade around, since he has to prepare for the wedding. Jade reassures him that he’s doing just fine, but Floyd can see right through his lies. He can tell that Jade’s more frazzled than usual--there’s a lingering to his words, and a longing in his eyes, savoring every last bit of autonomy he has before his fate is forever sealed.
Floyd hates it. He hates being lied to by his own brother, and he hates feeling powerless to stop the wedding. Floyd’s so angry that he develops this murderous aura in the weeks leading up to the wedding, which makes everyone around him shy away.
One day, he gets sick of being in the water--it’s a reminder of the wedding to come--so Floyd plays basketball on land to vent. He ends up chomping down so hard that he deflates a ball, then dunks another basketball so hard, he breaks the net.
He sprawls out on the ground and angrily shouts at the sky. His basketball bonks him on the head... and that’s when an idea hits him: maybe he can’t stop the wedding alone, but no one said he couldn’t phone some friends.
Assembling the Dream Team
Floyd first dials up Azul, who agrees to help after some whining and signing a contract agreeing to pay Azul handsomely for his services (... although truthfully, the octopus does want to help Jade, but doesn't immediately agree to do it because of his pride as a businessman).
Floyd also calls his old basketball buddies for help! Jamil and Ace are much more adamant than Azul, but Floyd strongarms them into pitching in. ("Umihebi-kun, Kani-chan, if you don't help me rescue Jade, I'll get suuuper mad, you know? I don't think you'll like me when I get mad. Moray eels are strong hunters, so I don’t think it’ll be a problem for me to track you guys down and give you a good squeeze~" "OKAY, OKAY, WE'LL DO IT!!")
Together, the four boys meet up to scheme of a way to disrupt the wedding without jeopardizing the Leech mob's future. Floyd actively leads the discussion, allowing his hidden genius to come to the surface.
Ace doesn’t contribute much to the strategy (laid out by Azul), but he does keep the spirit up with some jokes. Meanwhile, Jamil provides snacks for them when they work late into the night (though he keeps passing semi-glares to Azul whenever the octopus compliments him or tries to be friendly).
In preparation for the crashing, Azul brews some potions to give Jamil and Ace so they can take on temporary merforms. After all, the wedding will be underwater, in the Coral Sea, and they’ll need tail fins.
The date of destiny draws ever closer... and Floyd's never been so excited to cause chaos in his whole life.
The Crashing - Team Azul & Jamil
They split into two pairs on the day of the wedding—Azul and Jamil, and Floyd and Ace. Floyd uses his position as the future son-in-law to Don Worm to arrange a meeting between himself and the don... except Azul and Jamil will show up instead.
Don Worm shows up to the meeting in his finest clothes (which is very little, given that he’s a merman), sounding a bit annoyed the sudden summoning. “Make this quick, I’ve got to go see my baby girl’s big day... Wait. You fellas aren’t the F. Leech boy.”
“No, we aren’t, sir. We are his representatives... Proxies, if you will,” Azul insists, giving his warmest and most welcoming smile. He uses a tentacle to tug on Jamil’s tail, forcing him to smile too. “You see, there is an important business matter we needed to discuss with you on behalf of Floyd.”
“Hoh? And what would that be?”
“I believe my business associate would be better off explaining the matter than myself.” Azul gestures to Jamil, who has his head down.
“Oi, what’s with you? Don’t you know who I am, boy? It’s rude to not look your elders in the eye when they are speaking to you!! Show me the respect I deserve, from one professional to another!!”
“My apologies, sir.” Jamil looks up, locking eyes with the mob boss. “... Is this better?”
“Yes, that’s...”
“Snake Whisper.”
Don Worm suddenly goes glassy-eyed and slack-jawed. Azul claps at the sight, showering his partner with compliments. “As expected of the talented Jamil-san! Even one look from you can bring a mafia lord to his downfall. Truly, your Unique Magic is most impressive!”
“Save your flattery for later.”
Azul’s lips curl into a smirk as he whips out a golden contract from his briefcase and offers it to the don. “Now then, if you wouldn’t mind, sir... sign on the dotted line.”
The Crashing - Team Floyd & Ace
Ace and Floyd rush to the wedding venue, their tails cutting through the water like knives as they swim at a breakneck pace. Ace can barely keep up with Floyd, who surges far ahead.
“H-Hey, should we really be barging in like this?! Don’t mob families have weapons and other dangerous stuff? Is there a backdoor we can take instead? Hello?! Floyd-senpai, are you listening to me?!” (He isn’t.)
The open, underwater comes into view, and Floyd barrels in without any hesitation, tearing right through some decorations and knocking over the wedding cake with his tail. A loud CRASH! echoes through the waters, drawing eyes to him.
Jade stares at his brother from the altar—wide eyed, but a mirthful smile on his lips. Floyd waves to him, and then to his mom and dad in the crowd of guests. “Hiii, Jade! I’m here to pick you up now.”
The Worm girl starts sobbing, wailing something about how her special day’s been ruined, and where is her papa to put an end to this? At her signal, security guards, and some of the rougher looking guests—Worm family associates—lunge at Floyd, claws and teeth out. A few of them have produced wands, and what seem to be guns—loaded with harpoons.
“Bind the Heart!” Objects and stray magic go flying in all directions, hitting both people and wedding decorations. Cloth tears, columns crumble—but it’s one man against many, and he can only bind so many hearts before the blot starts to stack.
Ace makes it just in time, sending their foes and their weapons hurtling through the water with a blast of wind. “This is why I said to be careful, dammit! Your Unique Magic’s such a crapshoot—don’t just use it whenever, or you’ll be sushi!!!”
“Ahahahah! Kani-chan’s being all heroic today! That’s so cute. Don’t worry, I can play my part, too...!!”
Using his tail, Floyd hooks around a drifting merman and chucks him straight into another. They collide with a CRACK!—but Floyd barely registers it. He’s already bolting off, grabbing heads and smashing them together, slicing through others like a knife through butter.
There’s a crazed, frenzied look to him, gleeful laughter cutting through the waters and mixing with the Worm bride’s screeching. I forgot how scary Floyd-senpai can be, Ace realizes. (Jade and Floyd’s parents are cheering for him from their seats.)
Jade looks quite proud of his brother, even laughing along to the brutal slaughterfest. His bride stares at him incredulously. “Stop that brute! He’s ruining MY special day!!”
“No,” Jade replies calmly. “I don’t think I will. This is far too amusing to let it end so soon.”
She lets out a frustrated scream and launches herself at her groom, hands going for his throat. The Worm girl is slammed back with a strong hit to her gut, courtesy of Jade’s tail.
She flies back, slamming into a column—and feels a tail wrapping around her and squeezing tight. Constricting her to the point where it was difficult to breathe. A livid mermaid glares down at her, teeth bared in a snarl.
“No one lays a hand on my children,” Mama Leech declares. “No one.”
From the corner of her eye, the Worm girl can see that Jade has cast off his bow tie and flitted over to Floyd, embracing happily in a battlefield adorned with red ribbons trailing through the water. Her vision is abruptly blocked off by a broad-shouldered merman wearing a grimace.
“Now then, what shall we do with this one?” Papa Leech wonders aloud—though from his tone of voice, he has nothing good in store.
The Aftermath
“You’re all fish bait when daddy hears about this...!” the Worm girl warns, her words raspy. “Th-The merger won’t go through...! There’ll be war between the Leeches and the Worms...!”
A loud throat clearing comes from behind. “Fortunately, that won’t be happening.”
Azul and Jamil make their appearance, the octopus merman smugly showcasing a contract. “Ashengrotto—Azul Ashengrotto, legal and business extraordinaire at your service, Don Leech and Lady Leech.”
Papa Leech grunts. “What’s that you’ve got there?”
“This?” Azul’s smirk widens. “Why, it’s a prenuptial stating that, in the case that an act of violence is enacted by the bride toward the groom, the marriage is considered null and void... and the bride’s family assets are to be claimed by the groom. Signed by Don Worm himself.”
“Wh-What?! Impossible!! How did you get daddy to sign such a stupid deal?!”
“Oh,” Jamil says nonchalantly, “we have our ways.”
“So... Uh, Jade-senpai’s still gonna be the next Don Leech?! And he’s gonna be in charge of an even bigger and richer family... How is that any better than the situation before?! You’re just giving him more resources for committing crimes!”
At that moment, two hands come down on Ace’s shoulders, causing him to freeze up.
“Kani-chaaaaan! Everyone!! Thanks so much for your help~”
“Yes, you have my sincerest thanks, Ace-san, Jamil-san... Azul.”
“It is my pleasure to assist such VIP clients. Ah, but there remains the matter of my promised payment—” (Jamil and Ace internally groan at Azul’s words.)
“Payment?” Don Leech scoffs. “After the ballsy operation you boys pulled off today... I’m more inclined to give you job offers instead of a one time sum. How do you lads feel about being hired as the Leech family’s personal lawyer, interrogator, and... well, whatever the heart one is good at.”
“My, my! Such a generous and lucrative offer—“
“There is no way I’m accepting that, especially if that means working with Azul.”
“Oi, I’ll have you know I’m good at lots of stuff!! I’m the one that saved Floyd’s tail fins, is no one gonna acknowledge that?!”
“You did amazing, sweetie!!” Mama Leech chirps—her tail grip tightening until the Worm girl passes out. Ace leaps back in fright. “As a reward, why don’t you let me give you a hug?”
“Ahahahah! Everyone’s getting along so well, Jade. Isn’t this fun? You wouldn’t be able to enjoy this if you had gone to get hitched.”
“Fufufu. You are correct, Floyd. How sad it would have been if I were to miss out on touching moments such as this. From the bottom of my heart... I thank you for thinking of me, and for rushing to my aid. I could not have asked for a better brother.”
... What Floyd doesn’t know is that this was all according to keikaku Jade’s own machinations. He would never take the order to marry lying down—but he couldn’t outright defy it without immediate consequences, either.
Thank the Great Seven Jade has reliable puppets friends to help him out of a pinch. I’ll be certain to put the additional funds we have gained to good use... Perhaps to start a little mushroom farm.
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