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coconutscentedshawty8 minutes ago
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violasmirabiles22 minutes ago
if you call this sentimental crap you鈥檒l make me mad聽 鈥檆ause you know that i would not sing about some passing fad聽 and if my attempts at rhyming aren鈥檛 convincing to your ear聽 then memory鈥檚 betrayed you through the passing of the year聽
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veerledejaegers27 minutes ago
sometimes you just have to listen to ball park music and vibe the fuck out
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joynmisery2256 minutes ago
tell me i'm pretty,
tell me i'm rare,
talk to the boy in me, he's there
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auditorystiman hour ago
cracking ice stuck to a window
*ice doesn鈥檛 ever fully break in the video
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daughterofchaosan hour ago
Glass & Patron by FKA twigs
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mercurialmidnightan hour ago
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booisorange2 hours ago
Just added to my tracks on Spotify "CALL ME BABY" by EXO
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afieldinengland2 hours ago
a heathen, conceivably, but not, i hope, an unenlightened one. [link]
venus in furs - the velvet underground
severin, severin, speak so slightly / severin, down on your bended knee / taste the whip, in love not given lightly / taste the whip, now bleed for me
hollow hills - bauhaus
ancient earthwork, fort and barrow / discreetly hide their secret abodes / the most fearful hide deep inside, and venture not there upon yuletide
wicked woman - coven
she cuts a man's heart, making deep gashes / she blazes like wildfire, love turns into ashes / what she's doing is insane / the poor man's weeping and crying, her incantations resound / uh huh, she crucifies him, yeah / wicked woman, who do you think you鈥檙e fooling?
the witch - mark fry
the witch is looking through my window / her cold breath on the windowpane / the witch is eating watermelon / the pips she鈥檒l try to rearrange
lord summerisle - blood ceremony
of barren earth and orphaned sun / of crop-yields promised, still to come / will they dance with us this night? / the answer lies with summerisle
how soon is now? - the smiths
i am the sun, and the air / of a shyness that is criminally vulgar / i am the son and heir / of nothing in particular
the killing moon - echo and the bunnymen
fate, up against your will / through the thick and thin / he will wait until / you give yourself to him
true believers - the black angels
in the middle of the holding out / nobody will be dropped out / except fake gods whose faux pas are offsetting bets / well, who knows, yeah, who knows / which birds will be left / to sing, and sing, and sing for me? / well, who knows which birds will be left for me?
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acciogryffindordudes2 hours ago
just wanted to remind you this masterpiece exists
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upfrontradio2 hours ago
The Admiral @dj_tempo_uk stepping up at 6pm usual Sunday #House business 馃幎馃幎馃幎 www.UPFrontRadio.Live #OnlineRadio #ListenOnline #WatchOnline #InternetRadio #ListenLive #Audio #Video #LiveDJs #TuneIn #RadioStation #Alexa #AlexaSkill #Mixcloud #MyTuner #Streema #UPF #MusicPower #HomeIsWhereTheMusicIs (at UPFrontRadio)
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sleepynegress3 hours ago
The recap is up!
Tumblr media
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yellow-sprout3 hours ago
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