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sigyn-laufeyson0609 · 38 minutes ago
Evil Part 2~
4062 words of ticklish smut.....
You're welcome :)
Tumblr media
Loki pointed to the mess between your legs, grinning evilly and growling, “Look what you’ve done. I’ll have to punish you like the whore you are.”
“You don’t scare me, God,” you teased as you arched your back slightly.
Loki met your gaze with a knowing smirk, “Oh, well let’s change that shall we?” He gripped your wrists tightly, feeling your pulse quicken against his palm as he pinned your hands above your hand. Helplessness and vulnerability overcame your writhing body, Loki’s firm touch stealing your breath. “If you don’t truly fear me,” he taunted, “then why have you forgotten to breathe, love?” His words crept down your body and knotted your stomach.
“Shut up and fuck me--” you groaned frustratingly as your fluids soaked through the sheets. Immense passion coursed through your veins, causing your entire being to tremble.
The sound of Loki’s naughty chuckle combined with his warmth forced you to suppress a small moan as you throbbed harder. “Mh, so impatient,” he said, his characteristic smirk plastered on his glowing face.
Lust licked your heated skin, slickening your core with its fiery tongue. Loki met your lips with a sharp bite to your lower lip. His hands wandered your body, like lost adventurers seeking something to conquer. You whined as he broke the kiss, “Stop with the teasing….”
“I’m afraid I can’t, love,” Loki simpered with a snicker, biting your earlobe and growling, “you like it, don’t you. My filthy mouth enraptures you, doesn’t it?”
The sensation was unbearable. His breath against your neck gave you goosebumps while his bawdy words rippled through your ears, down your body, between your legs. You whimpered, “P-please,” as you throbbed one more.
Loki’s lips pressed to the sensitive spot on your neck. “Please what?” he mused, admiring the mark he left on your skin.
“Fuuhck,” you whined as you set your wrist free, grabbing his hand and pulling it to your thigh.
“Ah ah--” he quipped with a bite to your neck. You could feel his grin as he dug his nails into your inner thigh, purring, “Let me savor you…” Loki met your lips, his tongue relishing your taste. He groaned into your mouth, sending another wave of anticipation and pleasure through your body.
Loki broke from your lips and trailed his kisses down your neck, hitting a new spot that elicited a small giggle. Instinctively, your head jerked to the side to shoo his face away. Your eyes shot open, praying that he wouldn’t notice. He glanced up at you briefly, meeting your gaze with a smirk before letting his lips explore your chest. With a wave of his hand, you suddenly laid utterly naked under him. You didn’t even know, for you were lost in your lecherous trance. It was until he gently pushed your legs open and began to tease your heat that you realized what was happening. The only protest you could make was a moan. He moved his long, wicked fingers into you and lured you into a deeper level of pleasure you never experienced before. You cried out as Loki sped up slightly, locking his digits into your heat.
Then there were the footsteps. The knocking on the door…
“Shit--” Loki whispered as he threw his hand over your mouth. You saw him manipulate the room slightly, concealing your bodies with an illusion and cloning himself. “Fuck--”
The door handle shook aggressively, “Loki, I KNOW you’re in there. Answer me.” It was Thor. “Are you deaf, brother?”
“Would you shut up for once?” Loki’s clone retorted. You couldn’t help but giggle at the silliness of the situation, causing Loki’s grip to tighten around your mouth, “SHH--”
Thor’s muffled voice sounded again, “Are you with someone?” He sounded hesitant.
“Heavens no!” Loki’s clone replied as he opened the door. “I’m busy. What do you want?”
Glancing suspiciously around the room, Thor spoke, “We…have duties. A mission.”
Loki’s clone scowled, “Stop probing my room. It’s irritating.”
“Everything irritates you, Loki.”
“How long will we be gone?”
“A few days. Get ready.”
“Wait...we’re going now?”
“Of course, what did you expect.”
“What use am I?”
Thor sighed frustratingly, “No more questions, Loki. Just get ready. Now.”
“Fine,” Loki glowered.
Smirking, Thor teased as he stepped to leave, “I love you, Loki.”
Loki rolled his eyes, “I love you too, brother.”
With a chuckle and a smile, Thor left. Loki caused the illusion to dissipate.
Loki uncovered your mouth, letting the laughter spill from your throat. “Aaaawww, you two love each other,” you smirked.
“Quiet,” Loki growled and capped a hand over your mouth again, though he couldn’t hide his reddening cheeks.
Regaining your confidence, you cooed, “Loooook you’re bluusshhhinnnggg,” You poked his cheeks gently.
Loki’s hand slid to your jaw, his firm grip stealing your breath. His other digits lingered on your neck, carefully choking you. You were once again reduced to a puddle in his arms, writhing as your face prickled. Loki leaned in, chuckling, “Who’s blushing now?”
“I--” you were at a loss for words. His deep chuckle seemed to reach into your being and rouse something within you.
“Listen to me,” he growled menacingly yet playfully, “once I return, you will be mine.” Loki whispered, leaning closer into your ear and letting his voice toy with your growing need, “All of you. Without mercy.”
The only thing you could do was nod as you met his charming gaze, your hands still above your head, completely at his will.
“Good girl~” He spoke gruffly and kissed you before helping you clothe yourself and preparing to leave for the mission.
You hugged his muscular arm, nuzzling your head, “Be back soon.”
“I know, love,” Loki laughed softly, “you’re drowning in lust, darling.” You nearly screamed, mortified Loki noticed your apparent hints. “Don’t worry,” he said as he pinched your cheek, “I’ll return to put you back in place. Behave now and wait.”
It had been about two weeks since the fateful night with Loki. You sat in the garden, daydreaming about your many moments with Loki among the flowers, including that particular night. No words from the team, no news, no information about Thor, Loki, or half the Avengers’ whereabouts since the beginning. It shouldn’t be new to you, but this was different. Before, you at least knew about what was happening to those on a mission.
Worry clutched your heart and began to roll down your cheeks. You felt pitted. Empty. What if this was another Infinity War?
You were torn from your sorrows when you heard Natasha approaching you. “God, you look terrible,” she teased as she took a seat next to you.
Flinching slightly as if she caught you red-handed, you blushed and gathered your words, “Oh, I um--” You looked down and shook your head with a chuckle, “Sorry, I was daydreaming."
She smiled sadly, her eyes glassy and knowing. Her warmth startled you as she put an arm around you, “Don’t lie to me.”
“I just…” Your voice broke into a soft sob as you doubled over, falling into Nat’s embrace. She held your shaking body tightly, letting her own tears slip. “I…I’m just scared,” you sniffed. “S-so scared.”
“I know,” Nat hushed. Her heart ached, relating with your grief. “I know, y/n. But they know their strength. And worst comes to worst…” she paused. “Worst comes to worst, they die with honor.”
“B-but what happens next?” you sobbed harder, urging Natasha to tighten her arms around you. A bit older and much stronger than you, you coveted her advice.
You could feel Nat’s tears on the back of your neck as she thought about what to say, “We learn to move on. I know it seems impossible right now, but it’s what we have to do. No matter what, we keep going.” With a finger under your chin, she lifted your face to meet hers, “If not for ourselves, then for the universe. We fight.”
You gave her a slight nod as your cries became soft whimpers. Nothing needed to be said as you and Nat held each other, relishing each other’s temporary presence.
“Hey,” Nat said with a smile and a pat to your back, trying to cheer you up, “I’m gonna make cookies or something. Want some?”
“Ugh, get me vodka,” you giggled through your remaining tears. Natasha laughed with you, promising your drink and taking her leave. Dark thoughts embodied your spirit once again. You regretted not taking advantage of the time you had with your closest friends, especially Loki. You had feelings for him for the longest time. And yet, you did nothing. A lump of guilt formed within your throat as you felt your lip tremble with another sob.
“Crying for me?” someone familiar purred behind you. It took you a second, but you gasped when you realized who it was. You couldn’t believe it. Your heart fluttered as you felt an arm grip your waist from behind. “I’m honored.”
You were suddenly overcome with a crashing wave of immense happiness and relief. Losing control of your sobs, you sank into Loki’s arms. “Y-you fucker,” you sobbed and whirled around, hitting him gently before clutching his body.
Outside your vision, Loki’s mischievous smirk became a soft, sympathetic smile as he held you closer. “My my, missed me this much?”
“I-I th-hought you were d-dead!” you wailed and buried your face into his green armor.
“Then tell me, love,” Loki spoke as he lifted your face and wiped your tears, “am I dead?”
His fiery touch failed to cease your uncontrollable tears, “Sh-hut u-up.” Unexpectedly, he snatched your face and stole a kiss on your tear-stained lips. Your mouth moved with his, wholly cherishing his heat. When he broke the kiss, your extreme mourning resumed as you were tormented with silent sobs. He hushed and rocked you like a child, soothing your aching heart. After a few moments, he smirked, “I’m here, my love. Must I kiss you again to calm you down?”
“Yes,” you said curtly and kissed him once more, your body finally tranquil. “Where are the others?” you inquired, snuggling into Loki.
“Right here,” you heard Thor chuckle. The flood of happy tears flowed at the sight of your friends, all healthy and standing right in front of you. You were immediately enveloped in a giant group hug as you became an emotional mess again.
Loki rolled his eyes once you parted, “Really? I JUST got her to calm down.” He grinned when you laughed and slid your arm back around him, shaking your head.
“Oh, by the way,” Tony smirked, “since when has this been happening?” He gestured at your and Loki’s intimacy.
You instinctively lied, stumbling over your words and blushing, “W-what are you talking about?”
“Yes y/n,” Loki crooned and frowned playfully, “how long has this been going on?” His fingers sneakily dug into your side, evoking a squeak.
“L-Loki,” you growled through your teeth, “fuck you.”
“Oh, I know.” was all Loki said as the team snickered at your adorable reaction. You crossed your legs, feeling yourself throb eagerly for him. He leaned into your ear and whispered, sending tingles down your spine, “Tonight.” Your body burned and flushed a deep red. You had no idea what was to come.
That evening, all of your interactions with Loki could be characterized as a tantalizing build-up to the moment you had been anticipating since developing feelings. At dinner, he’d occasionally squeeze your thigh, sneering when you would slam your knee into the table and embarrass yourself. Passing each other in the hallways, Loki’s wicked fingers would find a way to your stomach, poking gently simply for your adorable squeal. Whether it be messing with your ticklish spots or stealing playful kisses, he couldn’t keep his hands off of you.
The late hours of the night drew most to sleep. However, your entire body raged with the fire of desire. You searched through the compound, but Loki was nowhere to be seen.
“Y/n,” Loki growled intimately. You looked around in confusion, his pestering leaving you soaked. He was definitely concealing himself.
“Lokiiii,” you whined as you throbbed again, butterflies and passion stirring in your stomach, “enough trick--AH!!” Then, yelping, you were swept off your feet and carried, feeling a distinct arm slinging around your back and another behind your knees.
In a flash of green, Loki revealed himself as he carried you to his chest. He was adorned in nothing but dark trousers. His entire body was yours to marvel at (pun not intended). Chiseled, lean, and ripped perfectly. Loki placed you on the floor of his chambers, kissing you while locking the door with a wave of his sexy hand. You wrapped your arms around his neck, letting his tongue seize your mouth. “Mmh,” he groaned, trying to speak through the kiss, “turn around.”
“Hm?” you asked to confirm if you heard correctly.
Loki demanded, “Turn. Around.”
“Excuse me?” He bit your ear.
“M-mh,” you pushed your pelvis into his bulge, keeping your composure so you could provoke him, “No.”
Grabbing your shoulders, Loki forcefully twisted you around so that your rear met his bulge. He clutched your wrists in front of you, his pulsating veins running through his hands. His other hand grasped your jaw and pulled it to one side, exposing your neck for his lips to abuse. Loki drew his tongue from your collarbone to the middle of your neck and sucked hungrily. You could feel his smirk. He knew exactly what he was doing…
“A-ah! L-Lohohoki,” you giggled, covering it with a moan. You attempted to squirm away, but his free hand shot to your arm and kept you in place. “H-hehehey--” Loki’s smirk was evident as he playfully nibbled a particularly sensitive spot, eliciting a squeal.
You jerked helplessly, the prickly sensation radiating from your neck and through your body. Loki only made it worse as he muttered with a mischievous growl, “What the matter? Why are you laughing, hm? Are you a bit sensitive?”
“N-nohohoHO!” you giggled when he flicked his tongue against your delicate skin. You were writhing desperately against him to escape, yet you ached for his touch. Your body was confused, but you loved it. He suddenly bit the crevice between your collarbone and your neck muscle, stimulating a cascade of sparks that transcended your thoughts and blurred your conscience. It was nothing like you’ve felt before. To be fair, this man is a GOD, so you should’ve expected so. His sly teeth, his tongue, his lips set your loins aflame and constricted your chest with tension, which released through a deep moan, “A-ahh~”
You tried to slip out of his grip, but Loki simply increased his grip on your arm and kissed harder. “Mh, stay still,” he gnarred against your skin, his canine grazing your ear.
“I-I--,” you were already breathless, “I c-cahan’t mm-mh!”
“Did I say you had a choice?” Using his bicep to keep you in place, his strong hand slid up your chest, caressing your breast and neck before clutching your jaw and pulling your head aside. This time, he held his grasp firmly as his lips teased your ticklish spots once more. “You’re not going anywhere…”
“A-ah--HA, fuck Loki!” A giggly, moaning mess, you mustered the strength to slither out of Loki’s hold, distancing yourself so you could gather yourself. Your heart was racing, your knees trembling, your thoughts unordered and senseless. Placing your hands on the wall behind you to steady yourself, you caught your breath.
Loki wore his sly smile as he lurked over to you, slamming his arm above you and using his body to pin you. “You continue to impress me, love,” he chuckled darkly, “but I’ve weakened you, haven’t I? Come closer…” He snaked an arm behind your back and forced you to arc into him as he snarled, his rich voice reverberating in your chest, “Submit to me.” You couldn’t think of a snarky retort, so you let him capture your lips in a deep, passionate kiss that seemed to lift you. Your body moved with his in a slow, sensual rhythm.
However, his evil hands found their way under your shirt and you could feel his fiery fingertips toying with your navel, causing you to squeal against his lips, “MMH!”
Loki’s lips curved into a smile, never breaking the kiss as his nimble fingers fluttered against your torso. He had you pinned in such a way that robbed you of any movement aside from your arms, which were useless as his body prevented you from protecting yourself. After a few seconds of you writhing and smacking fruitlessly at his shoulders, he finally pulled his lips from yours and allowed you to laugh aloud. “What, you thought this would stop?” he taunted with another soft jab to your exposed stomach.
“A--HEY!” you squealed, doubling over. His teasing was unbearable. “You insufferable bastard!”
Loki’s chest shook with laughter, “Insufferable bastard? That’s not something you should say to a god, love.”
“You’d rather me lie?,” you smirked as you formulated your retort, “I thought I could never lie to the ‘God of Mischief.’” Rolling your eyes, you airquoted ‘God of Mischief’ for emphasis.
Subsequently, the look Loki gave you struck your loins. His wickedly playful smirk and lustful eyes seemed to reach into your throat and snatch your hidden desires. He shook his head, his smile only growing. A pang of pleasurable sparks flew throughout your body as you felt his canines sinking into your skin, his lips curling into a wider smirk as he heard you hiss. The wandering of his hands over your curvaceous body quickened your breath. “You lost the privilege of mercy…” Loki’s growled. His rich dark voice combined with the anticipation absolutely killed you.
Before you knew it, his arms grew taut around you as he lifted you up and threw you onto the bed. You squealed, landing with a rough thump against the green silk sheets. Loki merely stood at the edge of the bed, his lithe fingertips working his pant buckles loose. He then met your eyes with a renewed vigor. His playful prowl toward the bed urged you to sit up out of instinct. However, he gripped his warm hand around your ankle and tugged at your leg, jerking you onto your back.
Anticipation fluttered in your stomach, rose in your chest, and bubbled up nervous giggles, “L-Loki…”
Never leaving your eyes, Loki crawled onto you like you were his prey and he, a fierce predator. “You’re not going anywhere, princess~” he growled, tasing your sides and reaching for your wrists.
You immediately swatted Loki’s hands, yet that proved fruitless. “No no no no no,” you giggled. He managed to wrestle you down and pin your wrists. Your breaths mingled with one another just as they did that night, yet the apprehension intensified everything. It was the irresistible anticipation that knotted your stomach, heated your core, and pulsed between your trembling legs. This was the man you wanted, no, needed ever since you met him. And tonight was the night.
Loki lifted your shirt and covered your belly with light, playful kisses and nibbled that evoked a louder squeal. He raised his head, sneering, “Enjoying yourself, little one?”
“Hehe A-AH-- L-LoKi!!,” your giggle morphed into a laugh as you arched your back against his body, “y-you’re s-so mEA--EE”
A sudden soft raspberry near your ribs shocked your belly and drew out a scream, to which Loki laughed, “Awww, my adorable little quim…” he planted more feathery kisses and spoke against your skin, “such an innocent game arouses you, hm?” Another nibble to your belly button, “I could do this all day, love. I do fancy your squeals. And how responsive you are...” You screamed and groaned once more at the slightest vibration of his lips on your stomach. “See?” Loki laughed, “Adorable.”
His words unwound you, and you could feel yourself relaxing, only to tense up once his lips and teeth hit another ticklish spot. His mouth toyed with your ribs before returning to your lips. Loki pulled off your shirt and ceased your lips passionately. His fingered fluttered teasingly against your sides, distracting you as he unclipped your bra and threw it aside. Loki trailed his playful kisses down your upper body, drowning you in pleasurable ticklish agony. “L-LOki mmh~”
His lips met your throbbing clit with ferocious vigor. You cried out and arched under him, but he didn’t relent. Your legs shuddered as he dug his nails into your legs, “Stay still, whore…” The sudden change of his tone amused you, urging you to rebel and push him further.
His tongue flicked over your most sensitive spots, savoring your taste. Your abdomen tightened with each lick, tightening your chest with another intense moan. Bucking your hips, your legs tightened threatened to clench Loki’s head as his devilish tongue devoured you. “A-ah! Sh-shit!~ L-Loki I--” You pulled at his hair in a fruitless attempt to pull him away from your heat. Your moans rose an octave as his fingers worked your overly sensitive nipples. All you could do was lay there and writhe as his very touch drowned you in ecstasy.
“L-Loki FUhcK!~ Mmh, I-I can’t,” you whimpered, “p-please...s-slo-slow do-down! I-I’m gonna c-cum ahh!” Tears blurred your vision. You’ve never felt anything like this. He wasn’t even inside you and it seemed like your body had its fill. You screamed when Loki’s tongue pressed into your clit, suddenly urging you to push at his shoulders for mercy.
To your dismay, Loki pulled away completely instead of easing his torment, leaving you tottering on the edge of the most intense orgasm of your life. He chuckled, “What’s the matter, love? Too much?”
“N-ng m--mm,” you shuddered, unable to form coherent words.
“Hmm, looks like you need to be trained,” Loki purred, placing playful kisses from your stomach to your lips. “I’m not finished with you…” He kissed you deeply, letting his tongue explore your mouth. “Taste yourself,” he growled, drawing another helpless moan from your chest and a convulsion between your legs. His thumb played with your nipple as his free hand traveled back to your soaked cunt, inserting two skillful fingers.
Squeezing your breast to hear your sharp gasp, he groaned, “You’re so weak, i could ruin your body and leave you bedridden for days.” His fingers curled sensually against your most sensitive spot. “But that’s exactly what you want, isn’t it whore,” he growled. His fingers quickened as he applied more pressure, causing your to throw your head back. Loki’s lips curled into his mischievous smirk, “Oh you like that, don’t you princess?” He laughed and slid an arm behind your back, forcing you to arch against him. “Don’t you dare cum,” Loki admonished as he fingered you harder.
“A-Ah nG--FuHCk!” you howled, since this was all you could do. “S-St-ohp t-talk-ing!”
“Did you just tell me to shut up?” Loki inquired, cocking his head.
“AH--” Loki pulled his fingers out, leaving you on edge again, only to smack your clit. The painful sting radiated through your body, though your vagina clenched harder in pleasure. “FUCK!”
He caught your legs before you could close them and plunged his fingers back in, pulling you even closer. “Don’t,” he snarled as he yanked his digits out. Your body quivered, having to recover from several failed orgasm.
“P-pleEase L-Loki~” you beseeched.
He laughs darkly, biting your neck before kissing your lips. “Hush, harlot, “ Loki growled, “you’re utterly ruined and yet you still want me?” He gripped your throat, “Did you not hear me? You’re weak, mortal. A weak, pathetic little slut desperate for release.” Loki leaned closer, roughly kissing your neck and growling, “I am your god. Say it.”
“Y-you’re m-my g-god,” you sobbed and trembled for him. “P-please f-fuck me!” Loki’s lips Each kiss fueled the lustful fire that grew within you. You burned for him, but he wasn’t giving you what you wanted...and it drove you insane. You shuddered as your need seared through your spirit, every single kiss, caress, and tease like an insufferable dream come true.
“Good girl~” When his teeth nipped your collarbone as he pushed in, you lost all control. Succumbed to the apprehension and thirst that tore your mind, your body. Finally.
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malloryiswlw · an hour ago
[notebook emoji]
mcga as a dnd campaign
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andreashennen · 2 hours ago
Part 09 of the first chapter of the first volume of the TRONDHEIM SAGEN “Earth Shattering”.
May the Warrior Gods bring you to Glory!
Tumblr media
Illustration by Angelo Coletto
Schola Sforzesca
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malloryiswlw · 2 hours ago
Samirah: Mallory, what are you doing?
Mallory: Well Magnus told me to drink more fluids
Mallory: So I'm waiting for this ice cream to melt
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malloryiswlw · 3 hours ago
Sapphic Summer Day One
It would’ve been a pretty standard day for her. Killing people here, killing people there, getting killed herself, waking up, doing other stuff until she went to sleep and repeated it all. 
It was a Tuesday too, free for all fighting, the best kind. No stupid wyrms to mess things up, no seige warfare where she got hit by missles or killed by stupid hyperactive diseases. 
No, today was just good old fighting, dodging falling bodies and flying axes and hoping her knives would find their mark somewhere in another einherji’s throat, or at least an important artery. 
It was kind of awkward when they took a while to die and were just looking up at you all betrayed and in agony. 
Unfortunately her moronic hallmates, her so-called “shield brothers” had gotten themselves killed already. Halfborn took an axe straight to the dick and she just ended it quickly for him because his squealing was uncomfortable to be around and T.J. decided to try and charge a legion of Thor’s children from Floor 35 and fell unlucky from being fried with lightning. 
That looked like it hurt. Poor T.J.
So she was all alone, just standing behind a tree a few minutes after T.J. died, trying to gauge where she could make the most effect, when she realised she’d been spotted. 
Now, she wasn’t hiding. There was a difference. She was being strategic, clever, all that. If she was a coward, she would’ve just left. Or never arrived. Or just not in Valhalla at all. They were “Odin’s chosen warriors” after all. Except her hallmates. They were just Odin’s chosen idiots. 
The fucker with the eyepatch and the axe was there. Mallory hated him. He talked too much and was just so smarmy and annoying and thought he was so much better than anyone just because his mom was Frigg. What an arsehole. 
“Keen!” Oh great he’d spotted her, “How’s it going?”
“Shut the fuck up, let’s just get this over with.” She drew her knives but even they weren’t much compared to the entire group of sheep with Eyepatch and their purposefully deadly weapons. 
“Let’s-” He was suddenly cut off by a sparking flying hammer to the head, bursting his skull open in a way which was almost artistic, if it wasn’t plain disgusting. 
Mallory couldn’t see far enough down the hill to see who had killed him but Eyepatch’s group could and did, since they all turned tail up to her and started running away. And chasing after them, at the bottom of the hill, holding a matching sparking hammer, in full armour and already bloodied, was the woman, the legend herself: Gunilla. 
She gulped and took up a fighting stance, ready to meet her. If anyone was taking her down today, it would be the most beautiful and most terrifying woman Mallory had ever met. 
Gunilla didn’t look interested in fighting her though. She went for the stragglers, people who were running away from her, just not fast enough. When she reached her, she stopped clean in front of her. 
“Well? Aren’t you going to help me kill them? They were going to kill you.” She was so tall, Mallory had to crane her neck to see her face properly. The sparking and lightning had gone but in her icy blue eyes, there were still tinges of it firing away, like synapses in a brain. 
“Oh! Of course, uh, let’s- let’s go.” 
“Come on.” Gunilla grabbed her wrist, despite Mallory’s complaining and lifted her off the ground and onto her back, charging right to where the rest of the einherjar were hiding or trying to escape. 
The problem was, this hill had a bottleneck entrance into this basin, where there was a lake. Outside of battle, it was probably very beautiful, but at the moment, there were too many corpses, or soon to be corpses, lying around, for Mallory to appreciate it properly. “Lemme down!” She kicked Gunilla’s back and was dropped onto the ground immediately. 
“You’re welcome for the lift.”
“Thanks? Now can we please deal with them.” She pointed at them, trying to find another exit. There wasn’t one. She’d discovered that the hard way when she and her hallmates got chased in there, about five years ago and ended up drowning because of it, pushed in by some dickhead from floor 29. 
“My pleasure, you stop them escaping, I deal with them?”
“Sounds like a plan.” Mallory felt herself blush from Gunilla’s rare grin, probably matching her hair. 
She marched off, cornering a few quickly while the worst of them jumped into the lake, trying to escape her by water since her armour would probably drown her before she caught them. 
Mallory grimaced. That was a poor mistake to make. 
As soon as all the einherjar on land were dealt with, bloodily and bodily, Gunilla set her sights on the lake. 
She left her post at the bottleneck and joined Gunilla at the edge, who was looking at the water, almost gleefully. “So, you’re going to do your zappy thing and kill them?”
“Yes. It’s gonna be fun.”
“I like your style.” She cocked her head to the side, “But why do I never actually see you out here so often. I can’t remember the last time I’ve seen you on the battlefield.”
“Huh,” Gunilla looked up. At her. Like, right at her. “I’m just busy. Lotta paperwork with the valkyries and the thanes and all that. Figured I deserve a break. And I’m looking for a new sparring partner, I don’t want to feel like I’m getting out of practice, you know?” She flexed her biceps and Mallory couldn’t resist it. She just felt it, only for a minute. 
“Sorry! Sorry. I-”
“It’s fine. You fight good though. What you doing next Saturday?”
“You want me to spar with you?”
“If you want to.” She looked… nervous? 
“Course I do.” She finally tore her gaze away from Gunilla’s face, to the einherjar trying to escape the lake now, furiously swimming to the side now that they were apparently distracted. “You wanna deal with them now?”
“With pleasure.” She focused for a few seconds and her hammer started sparking away and she slammed it down on the water, being careful to let go in enough time, just in case and both her and Mallory took a steady step back. 
Once it was over, they were both still standing there, looking at Gunilla’s hammer, which was sitting in the shallow part albeit, covered in water, still sparking away.
“So how are we getting that back?”
“I may have not thought this far through.”
“Seriously-” She was lucky she was cute. 
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justbivibing · 6 hours ago
saw someone say "why is it Magnus chase and the gods of asgard and not alex fierro and the gods of asgard cuz yk, alex." and i've come up with the optimal solution:
behold: Alex Chase and the Gods of Asgard
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badnerina · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤthe thunder will strike ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤwhen mjolnir descends for the last time ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤforeshadowing the doom of asgard
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malloryiswlw · 6 hours ago
Alex: Does Samirah always walk into certain death?
Magnus: Sometimes she walks, occasionally she shuffles, periodically she ables. Once, I'm pretty sure I saw her trip into certain death
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worstloki · 6 hours ago
i kinda thought kid Loki dying was kinda triumphant actually
I mean I cried when I got there, cause I kept thinking there would be some sort of miraculous other way or some clever trick
But when he said “I win” and I realized that him dying was the trick, it made it less sad for me
I think the sad part about it is that the whole story was him trying not to die, trying to find a way out of it- plus he’s a kid
So it would be sad to see happen, but he did win and that would make it more of a “glorious finale” than a “tragic ending”
Loki wins by proving Loki can do good even through using tools of wicked and cunning and trickery, but in order to stay good he's constantly stuck in scenarios of making a bad thing happen to prevent a worse thing and that's why it's a tragedy? Literally a self-constructed demise. And the way that theme carries through from the earlier issues of the run is wonderful :')
#it's beautiful#the line ''a comedy in 30 parts or a tragedy in 31'' lives in my mind rent-free#kid loki asking thor for advice because he doesn't trust only himself is so cute ???????#loki was really out there proving the world wrong by trying to do good and being fine if it was only himself and thor who know it#you know?#so he did win#he proved he could do good and make sacrifices and not care for others#but then ikol-loki comes in and has to relearn what the smaller more innocent version of him did#except no one understands that kid loki was set to die anyway#so now he's guilty of having killed a better version of himself and struggling to match up to him#that's Young Avengers by the way#then you jump over to Agent of Asgard and he cares for how he's seen so wiping his past crimes is a substitute to deal#it doesn't actually make him less guilty of anything because it's still him who did those old crimes and lying through redemption#and then he burns 🥺 because an older version of himself found even when he changed nothing else did 🥺🥺🥺#but in intervening and making loki understand that he can only change himself the older loki makes things brighter for his present self 🥺#and then we get to War of the Realms where Loki's siding with the bad guys but doesn't care what people think of him on either side#and it's not from his own POV but you can tell he's messing their plans up and prodding even as he helps#and then he does the betrayal and turns side and it's like#he's not going to be seen as good and he;s fine with that as long as people can trust him enough to let him do good#it's just 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺#Loki (2019) was rushed imo but Loki asking if he could be an Avenger and getting laughed at??? but still asking again and accepting terms??#beautiful#JiM Young Avengers AoA Loki my beloveds <3
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helfury · 7 hours ago
@vorcotec​ ♡’d          the goddess still walks with a subtle pride to her step, though her stride is no longer as fast or as steady as it once was. nothing comes as it once did: if each step is a test of endurance, then hela has no prayer in seeking any vengeance (yet), or rallying a loyal few to her side. time will be her greatest ally, as will her own talents, once they too begin to heal. she is not, by nature, a patient woman, and yet it is the greatest gift her father ever burdened her with.
here, there is no hood to conceal the decay of her face;  why should she hide? this is not hela’s home, but it is ... good enough, with the destruction of her world. beggars, unfortunately, cannot be choosers, loathe as she is to admit it. nearly as much as hela loathes the next words that fall from her lips —
“aides,” she addresses the other; her head dips in acknowledgement; “consider ... a bargain, on my behalf.” 
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scribe-of-maat · 7 hours ago
Man, I cannot STAND Viria’s art for the black PJO characters. You can LOOK at them and tell she never drew non-pale people before getting her Riordanverse gig.
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