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#Arthur Pendragon
educatingmerlin · 11 minutes ago
A question from CuriousCat and my answer.
Image description below:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
First image, anonymous asks:
I have seen people talking about western POC and non-western POC but as this has been linked to fandom drama, I was wondering if a netural account meant for discussing issues like this, got explain what this is about? Thank you!
Second image, my response:
Hello, thank you for your question!
Yes, I will not be talking about drama here, however I can still answer questions such as these. Just keep in mind my responses will not be referring to the actual drama and more towards the question.
The topic about western and non-western POC is a complex one and depends on the context. Topics such as these have usually been created by white people to create a divide between POC. White people have always looked for ways to pit POC against one another.
Third image:
An example of this can be when white people say "Well, Black people are like this and the statistics of them committing crimes are this". From this, they want to fuel antiblackness amongst NBPOC and pit us against Black people.
Western and non-western POC live very different lives. The environment is different. The people are different and so is the lifestyle etc. The racism experienced by western and non-western POC is very different.
Fourth image:
If it is about comparing the two, that is hard to do and also should not be done. As I said above, everything is completely different in western and non-western countries. It is difficult to compare to very different things, especially if you have not experienced the other.
POC have very different experiences with racism anyway, no matter where they live. So to then throw in the equation of the difference of western and non-western POC is to create a divide between them.
It is, of course, important to recognise and understand how different things are for western and non-western POC. How difficult and hard things are such as the racism.
Western and non-western POC should come together to highlight and understand one another's experiences instead of letting their differences (or letting white people) create this divide amongst us.
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soulmatetobe · an hour ago
is anyone else still kinning from bbc merlin in 2021 </3
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rapha-writes · 3 hours ago
N'empêche, quand tu regardes le début du Livre V, tu m'étonnes qu'il ait totalement plongé dans la dépression, Arthur. Perceval, et dans une moindre mesure Karadoc, qui le divertissaient et lui permettaient de se sentir utile en leur apprenant des choses, se barrent. Merlin, qui prend soin de lui depuis qu'il est né, se barre. Lancelot, son meilleur ami, son frère d'armes, est peut-être mort. Le pauv' roi se retrouve virtuellement seul avec tous les autres dont il a rien à faire, et sur ce sa mère, son beau-père, etc, insistent qu'il faut qu'il rende son épée pour marquer le coup et montrer qu'il est toujours le roi légitime malgré les échecs et les putsch. Va garder le moral avec tout ça. Et en plus c'est l'hiver, il fait froid, il neige, y a des loups... Non, mais, ouais, c'est la déprime, quoi.
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thebookluvrr1816 · 5 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Thank you for saving my life.”
“You’d do the same for me.”
For @merlinbingo
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ao3feed-merlinarthur · 5 hours ago
by DrkValkyrie
Merlin & Arthur love exploring places they shouldn't be. So much so, they made a whole channel out of it on YouTube, and collected a rather large following of people who enjoy watching them screw around in abandoned and haunted places.
Their most recent location is an abandoned town that's said to be seriously haunted.
Neither ever would have guessed what was going to happen before it did. Series
Words: 0, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Merlin (TV)
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Categories: Gen
Characters: Merlin (Merlin)
Relationships: Merlin/Arthur Pendragon (Merlin)
Additional Tags: Paranormal Investigators, Ghost Hunters, Alternate Universe - Ghost Hunters, ghost - Freeform, Fanart
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yogmayawrites · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Just a reminder that Vincent van Gogh did not eat yellow paint to make himself feel happy, he ate paint, and drank different chemicals because he was suicidal and this is why he was not allowed in his studio while having breakdowns. He also did not paint starry night and his other great works because he was depressed, he painted most of them while he was in recovery and demonstrated his hopefulness and love of the world through this. Most of his great works were painted from his room at a hospital. Van Gogh’s depression should not be glorified. His hope and effort toward a better life, as well as his recovery from depression should be glorified.
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arthur-rex · 7 hours ago
Merthur - Once in Every Lifetime
Mun’s pick for fanvid this time. What? The song used is cute. Plus it was also the theme song for a terrible film about dragons. 
And I absolutely love the sequence from 1.25-1:47, particularly the butterfly/Arthur gazing into the distance montage because of many things, not least blog reasons. I’ve never changed my Arthur icon or the gif backdrop for Arthur's blog since I started this RP journey with the muse in December 2019. So seeing that used was a cool moment with the lyrics matching up. I hope all my followers have a good day today. Take care and shine bright!
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all-the-ships-here · 8 hours ago
Merthur Headcanon
in all the 4 seasons of merlin i watched so far, i have not seen a single hairdresser. if there is one in the late 4th season or 5th season, i apologize in advance. 
so if there are no hairdressers, merlin would cut arthur’s hair because he is arthur’s servant. and one day, merlin accidentally cuts one part too short, which leads to arthur saying it can’t be that hard, which then leads to arthur cutting merlin’s hair to prove it. of course, arthur is terrible at cutting hair but merlin won’t say anything so he won’t hurt his feelings, but merlin can’t run around with this hair. when he gets back home, he uses magic to regrow his hair and then gaius cuts it for him after his hair is long again, leading arthur to believe that he is a master at hair cutting. this then leads to arthur and merlin cutting each other’s hair whenever it gets too long, and arthur gets so comfortable with it that he starts falling asleep whenever merlin is cutting his hair. but then, merlin is watching arthur sleep and isn’t paying attention to his hair, so he has to use magic to fix it. however, arthur is a light sleeper (i know this probably isn’t canon because merlin has trouble waking up arthur but just go with it) so he wakes up when merlin starts talking, but he keeps his eyes closed. this is how he figures out merlin has magic and then realizes all the times merlin used magic to save him. 
sorry this was so long and poorly written. if anyone wants to write it better or in more detail i would love to see it :) 
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sensitivejuice · 8 hours ago
i’m still 99% sure if merlin just had opened up to morgana about his magic in s2 to show her she didn’t need to fear her gift, that she wasn’t alone and she was supported by all her friends she wouldn’t have turned evil but nooo >:/
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AU where Gaius talked Uther out of making Merlin Arthur's manservant and they still end up close friends but it takes years. They're always running into each other in the castle and by the end of that first week Arthur has already picked another fight with him. Uther, Morgana, or Arthur gets sick? Ugggg its him again. Arthur goes on long missions? Uther declares he's taking the physician's apprentice incase something goes wrong. Kilgharrah is ridiculously happy every time Merlin gets stuck being with Arthur and Merlin hates it. Merlin befriends Gwen and now its a 50/50 chance Arthur will run into him when he wants to see Morgana. Merlin feeling obligated to keep Arthur safe not because Kilgharrah told him too but he feels guilty knowing he could stop something but he didnt so he makes ridiculous excuses to be places he shouldnt. With the whole Cup of Life thing Merlin is basically assigned to be Arthur's personal physician and he copes by making Arthur's life miserable AKA the morning wake ups. Merlin befriends everybody Arthur knows and its so annoying. Hunts used to be Arthur's escape but now Merlin is the life of the party. Merlin is also suffering because its hunting and Arthur is making him carry the gear despite him not being a servant. I guess they eventually become friends from accidentally saving Camelot together or Arthur getting a prolonged illness where Merlin's stories of that day's worst patient or weirdest case is his nightly entertainment.
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slitchychan · 13 hours ago
[Modern Era]
*At the mall*
Merlin: *looses Arthur and finds a security guard* I can't find my husband!
Security Guard: Can you describe him?
Merlin: he has a GREAT set of tits
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flordedesiertonsfan · 13 hours ago
Ok, I’m going to point this out since I haven’t seen this topic anywhere here so far, and if it is in the depth of Tumblr I don’t know.
So, we all merthur fans know and relish in this scene:
Tumblr media
Here we see 2 things:
ONE: Arthur is obviously upset about the girl. Out of jealousy or the feeling of abandonment or both, it doesn’t matter, he is clearly, and trying not to appear, upset.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
TWO: He’s so upset he doesn’t care about the position he’s presumably putting Guinevere on by outright telling Merlin “She told me the secret you trusted her to keep”, and in front of Guinevere, no less
Tumblr media
 Alright, but that is just the prelude, and this is actually what I want to talk about:
Tumblr media
Here we see an Arthur following Gwen to discover her plotting with Morgana.
Now, because of the rush of the episode, the weird part here is easy to miss:
You see, so far, and especially in Season 5, Merlin doesn’t tell Arthur anything. He looks for solutions all alone and keeps Arthur in the dark more than ever. In fact, he was doing exactly that with the evil Gwen situation, to the point of letting them get intimate and getting utterly stressed about it all. He had a point to do so, because Arthur is not likely to believe that  someone close to him is an evil traitor, example: Agravaine, in which occasion he only managed to get angry at Merlin for the lack of proof (although we had to admit that Merlin didn’t deliver it in the right way either). With Gwen, Merlin doesn’t have proof either, he only got a piece of cloth that wouldn’t be of help. So, what changed for him to tell Arthur now?
What changed was ARTHUR.
When Arthur sees there is something wrong with Merlin (he is quiet, sad, tense, etc) he asks, sometimes directly, sometimes indirectly, but he always asks.
Tumblr media
The thing is: he only asks ONCE. He never pushes it when Merlin lies to his face or when he brushes it off, and Arthur notices, he DOES notice, but he just disappointedly concludes “he doesn’t want to share it with me” and he lets it go or tries to guess/assume what’s wrong on his own. The same rule applies when Merlin dissapears for days and returns with stupid excuses that Arthur CHOOSES to believe because "It's that or the tavern or him playing with the little animals of the forest, My Merlin would never get involved in anything wicked", and doesn't ask anymore.
So, yeah, he usually asks Merlin once when he wants to know something about him, he never pushes Merlin more than that.
HERE, IN THIS SITUATION with the “girl”, he DID.
Why would Merlin tell him, otherwise? Yes, it would have been difficult to cure Gwen without Arthur’s help, but at that moment they didn’t even know his participation was required so that wasn’t the reason he told him. Merlin has always managed to find a way and try to shield Arthur as much as possible from imminent danger, and the fact that it was difficult for Arthur to believe him (because it’s like he’s settled himself to deliberately not listen to Merlin for some reason and is very likely to say ‘MERlin, I know my own wife and would notice if something was wrong with her’) was still a very huge possibility.
So, the only thing I can think of is that Arthur pestered him so much that Merlin got cornered and also fed up and had to tell him. Because Arthur would ask and ask about “the girl” and Merlin could only say “There is no girl” or make up another weak excuse as always, but Arthur wouldn’t let it go as he usually does because HOW DARE MERLIN SEE A GIRL AND BRING THE RISK OF LEAVING MY SIDE. And at the end, Merlin had to tell him “Look, Arthur, Gwen is evil, she’s enchanted and she wants to kill you. I didn’t go to see a girl, she set me up and Morgana tried to kill me,” and I can just imagine Arthur’s mind going “So there is no girl? OMG, thank GOODNESS” and grasping the evil-Gwen explanation without blinking, “You’re right, Merlin, I haven’t noticed at all but if you say so it must be true, let’s follow her and catch her on the act”.
I repeat, Merlin had no physical proof on his hands, and Arthur has always been stubborn to doubt/question the loyalty/honor of a person dear to him, AND he didn’t notice anything weird going on with Gwen.
So, in conclusion:
· Arthur was so upset about “the girl” that he pestered Merlin about it relentlessly
· It was so much that Merlin didn’t know what else to say and had to tell him the truth (or at least part of it)
· Arthur accepted the Evil-Gwen explanation easily because it was better than to think Merlin was seeing a girl.
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botanicallyinclinednerd · 14 hours ago
merlin ask: make a ridiculous AU right now
A ridiculous AU, off the top of my head? Okay.
It's a canon divergent AU for Coming of Arthur
Morgana had an inside man in Camelot: Leon
That whole "My loyalty is to the king and Prince Arthur. There is nothing you can do to change that," thing? And the smirk Leon gave Morgana afterwards? Yeah, that was all an elaborate plan to con Gwen, to gain her trust. Leon knew where Arthur was, sure, but Morgana wanted Gwen dead too, to ensure that prophecy would never come true. And Leon maintaining his loyalty and breaking out of Camelot with Gwen to find Arthur was the best way to ensure both of them died
After all, Leon was a skilled swordsman and a high ranking trusted knight. Merlin had no issues with him. A little regicide in the dead of night would be easy
And it was.
After all, no one expects a loyal knight to kill his prince. Even less do they expect a soldier to kill using poison.
And sure, maybe killing every last one of them could be seen as a bit much, but Leon wasn't an idiot. He saw what happened to people that underestimated Merlin. He wasn't going to make that same mistake.
He got "recaptured" by Morgana’s men and brought a sob story back of how the prince had been slaughtered by Morgana’s immortal soldiers.
With Uther’s public execution soon after, the people of Camelot had no choice, no hope. So they submitted to their queen.
Now, again, Leon wasn't an idiot. His loyalty to Arthur and Uther was well known. He couldn't just abandon that loyalty, even with them gone. So in the public eye, he was the begrudging advisor and first knight to Morgana. But behind closed doors, to Morgana and Morgause, he was a loyal ally.
Well. Here's the thing about that: you should never trust a double crosser
With the trust of the sisters, it wasn't hard to learn how the cup worked or that those with blood inside the cup were cursed a half life.
It certainly wasn't easy, getting Morgana and Morgause's blood without them noticing and getting it into the cup and correctly and covertly casting the spell to make them immortal. But Leon was patient.
After that, all he had to do was empty the cup of blood.
With Morgana gone, and his image of loyal knight of Camelot still in place with the people of Camelot, it was easy to claim the throne after that
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illegalwarlock · 14 hours ago
Asking for a me
In the fic I’m writing Merlin leaves for a couple months to a year and comes back to Camelot super confident, powerful and much gayer among other plot things.
I need a good Gaius Excuse TM.
A) Arthur thinks Merlin hates magic so gaius sent Merlin to the druids to become more tolerant
B) Merlin left to help hunith with the yearly harvest and no Arthur you can’t go
C) a nearby town needs medical help and it’s very contagious no knights within a hundred feet.
D) Gaius just tells Arthur the truth and Arthur is just like yeah sure
E) the tavern
F) teenager Mordred is actually Merlin with a spell cast on him to make him a teen and no he doesn’t remember you Arthur he has the memories of a 14 year old.
G) tells Arthur Merlin is a dragonlord and he is taking a very long dragon nap.
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