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marghisari11 hours ago
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reiner in the shower !
hsshhdhnuf8hn8v5t hope u like it <3
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fsnowzombie13 hours ago
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Armored Lady Monday
yesterday i dreamt, something, i dont know what, but the only thing that stuck was this design, and even that was pretty vague, but at the same time, the thought wouldnt leave me alone, so i had to transfer it from my (probably) nightmares, to my screen
i think
i think
she is a fucked up doctor of some kind, maybe...
so i hope you like it!
full resolution images and more at my patreon!
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yjhgvf15 hours ago
Bitches decide to make drawings of office supplies as mushroom creatures into a whole series and draw a tape roll/dispenser as a toad.
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It鈥檚 me. I鈥檓 bitches.
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yodawgiheardyoulikemecha21 hours ago
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bloggersbloggga day ago
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textsfromvoltrona day ago
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(512): you never know when you'll meet the man of your dreams and bang him in an elevator
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gerichtetera day ago
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@brashstallion鈥 said:聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽" how could you do that?! "
His hand acted independently. In hindsight, he could not even recollect how he managed to get from one side of the camp to the other this fast. The conversation at hand had them all on edge, and Bertholdt more so than most. The warrior towers, hunger-lean, over the unfolding cataclysm. With each question his shoulders tensed more, a coil tightening every time he took a breath. A spark on the fuel and the whole damn thing blows up.聽
Jean blew up, in fact. Bertholdt, who had said nothing, whose grief like acid ate away inside his throat, followed suit. Jean crashed into Reiner and Bertholdt crashed into Jean. Mute, so mute it borders on hateful, he curled his fingers in the back of Jean鈥檚 collar and rips him back. A jerk goes through the other man鈥檚 body and sends him back, staggering, blind with fury. Bertholdt, not blind, steps in front of his struck comrade, Annie at his back. He can feel the hot, growling breaths of Pieck鈥檚 titan as they stir up the air. Where are the children? Keep them well within the fold. Keep them safe. If he could draw a moat between them he would. Alliance. Bertholdt is not allied. He is out of options.
Energy will find its outlet. Thus intercepted, the soldier鈥檚 ire unloads onto a new target. Bared teeth, raised hackles. Jean has grown but so has Bertholdt. He snarls back. There is no more grief from him. It has all been starved out of him.聽
鈥斺 鈥樎犅燞ow could you do that?!聽 鈥櫬
Tumblr media
鈥淥ne step closer and I鈥檒l show you.鈥澛
Voices pipe up, snarling caution, snarling orders. Both sides, begging for diplomacy. Begging for communication. Bertholdt cannot hear them. He is staring at Jean, at what Jean has become. What they made of him. Would he be here if Marco had lived? No, most likely not. Would they be here? Also no. No use looking back. No use wishing for a different world. This is the one they have. It鈥檚 awful. It鈥檚 not worth the tears you spill because of it. Bertholdt has learned that. Temper flares and ebb. When no second attack chances to break into Bertholdt鈥檚 shielding frame, he speaks again.
鈥淲e didn鈥檛 see a different way. He overheard us. There was no way we could have let him live, knowing what he knew. To us it was kill or be killed. We were scared children. We chose the simplest and most selfish solution. Marco paid the price. None of us will ever get away from what we鈥檝e done. He was our friend, too, much as you might hate to hear it.聽鈥擜nd if you want to discuss this further, you鈥檒l take it up with me. Do you hear me?鈥
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themothermiranda2 days ago
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For anyone like me who is interested in listening to soundtracks, check out Capcom Music on YouTube. It is finally here! We can now enjoy it without the sound effects and other background noises.
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nyanmarumori2 days ago
Assassin鈥檚 Creed Valhalla in the midst of a monastery raid:
ASV - To blend in and avoid conflict in distrust areas use your hood and hide among the locals.
Me - [just generally beholding the screaming, panicking, burning and murdering] It might be a little late for that now...
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tgsk-452 days ago
Hi) This time I brought you a sculpture made of plasteel. Newly armored Titan
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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eyes-brainrot2 days ago
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Tumblr media
aww look, he鈥檚 standing on his ribs <3
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an-organized-confusion3 days ago
Incorrect Sanders Sides #21
[While in front of the VWXX-800 train...]
Janus: 鈥淚 like the 鈥淒o Not Hump鈥, honest.鈥
Remus: laughing, 鈥淚鈥檓 gonna hump the radiation!鈥
Logan: 鈥淥h my god. Not a good idea.鈥
Roman: 鈥淒irections unclear, stuck my dick into raw uranium.鈥
Remus: 鈥淕uys call me The Hulk, because I鈥檓 really ANGRY and my dick is... glowing green. Should I see a doctor about this?鈥
Logan: 鈥淵es.鈥
Remus: 鈥... And on that day, his prostate grew three sizes too big.鈥
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textsfromvoltron3 days ago
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(608): Some guy said that sham wows were the same as regular shammys. needless to say you had to be restrained. you kept trying to 'slap chop' him.
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bisrsrch3 days ago
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The global military ammunition market is a mature market that has been witnessing the production of an increased number of munitions over the years for various platforms in armed forces such as the navy, air force, and army. The market has experienced a major transformation in the innovation of ammunition by different countries. The military ammunition market has witnessed the development of different product types for military applications. The outbreak of COVID-19 mildly affected the global military ammunition market in 2020 and 2021. The global military ammunition market is expected to witness a substantial growth over the forecast period 2020-2025. The market is expected to see the growth of the missiles mainly due to the increasing procurement for enhancing the offensive and defensive strength of the armed forces. A high demand for military ammunition in emerging countries (such as Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and Africa) is expected to create opportunities for military ammunition players across different platforms, such as navy, land forcers and air force.
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