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#Are You My Mummy
softgothboi7 hours ago
To all the girls with daddy's, don't forget to wish them a Happy Father's day :)
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christmaszombies7 days ago
So is the new transphobic topic of the week being mad about being called a 鈥榖irthing person鈥 instead of a mother?
I love how TERFs make up issues that don鈥檛 exist. Nobody outside of the internet has ever said birthing person. Nobody is erasing the word mother lmao. Please go outside. Touch some grass. Bask in the sunshine. The teens on TikTok are not trying to take away your identity as a mother, Brenda.
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watchathon9 days ago
Phineas and Ferb, S1E4: Are You My Mummy?/Flop Starz
Hello, and welcome to the Watchathon, a blog where I watch an episode of TV every weekday, with a blog post where I write down my thoughts afterwards.
And now, here鈥檚 my thoughts on Season 1, Episode 4 of Phineas and Ferb: Are You My Mummy?/Flop Starz!
Are You My Mummy?
Tumblr media
This episode is a take on the formula where Phineas and Ferb don鈥檛 actually accomplish their goal. Instead, the story is about their search for a mummy, and Candace trying to bust them.
It鈥檚 unique since the usual thing that we would expect the episode to center around is the antics that Phineas, Ferb and friends get into while they鈥檙e having fun with whatever big thing the boys have created for the episode. But in this case, Phineas and Ferb are searching for something rather than creating something, and their plotline centers around that search.
Which leads to a lot of unique jokes, like Phineas and Ferb thinking that the runaway gumball machine is a booby trap (or, for that matter, thinking the movie theater has booby traps), or the chase once Candace encounters her brothers while she鈥檚 wrapped up in bandages with her mouth full of sticky expired bubble gum, giving her the appearance of a mummy.
On a side note, there were a lot of clips from this episode that I recognized from the music video for 鈥淲e鈥檙e Back!鈥 from Candace Against The Universe. And oddly, now that I rewatch that video, they鈥檙e all in quick succession. Candace running from the gumball machine (0:29), Candace poking her head through the theater door (0:33), Candace spying on her brothers through the bush in the movie theater鈥檚 lobby (0:36), and the zoom in on Candace in the backseat of Lawrence鈥檚 car (0:38). Weird, innit?
And lastly, the elevator music in the scene where Candace gets on the elevator is significant due to how it鈥檚 foreshadowing for the very next segment (heck yeah, perfect segue!):
Flop Starz
Tumblr media
Ah, the episode which prompted Disney to demand that every episode have its own musical number, one of the few times that executive meddling has resulted in something being good.
And I can see why the songwriting on show here caught Disney鈥檚 interest. Despite the intentionally-meaningless lyrics, Gitchee Gitchee Goo is an incredibly catchy song with a good tune behind it. Not to mention, Vincent Martella (Phineas), Ashley Tisdale (Candace) and Olivia Olson (Linda鈥檚 singing voice and the voice actor for Vanessa) have great singing voices that are shown off here.
And as we鈥檝e seen in a few of the episodes so far, and we will see many times in the future, these songwriters are also very much capable of pulling off songs with lyrics that are actually meaningful and relevant to the story.
Lastly, to explain what I said previously about how the elevator music was foreshadowing, that elevator music in Are You My Mummy? was聽鈥淚鈥檓 Lindana and I Wanna Have Fun鈥 by Phineas and Ferb鈥檚 mom back when she was herself a one-hit wonder. It鈥檚 her explanation of what a one-hit wonder is that inspires Phineas and Ferb鈥檚 big project, and one of the things she mentions is that聽鈥渂efore you know it, their song ends up as elevator music.鈥澛
...Not that she would know anything about that.
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phynali11 days ago
Aahh!!! I'm so pleased you also love The Mummy 1999!!!! One of my comfort movies. it has so much great moments! The Mummy returns as well (I don't acknowledge any other Mummy movies). Your blog is great for my interests because there's always something new and shiny to catch my attention, whether a fandom that I'll follow you into, or just see you enjoy a new fandom, or any of the other things you post. So just thank you (Sorry for not messaging, I think tumblr is not notifying me for messages)
the Mummy is one of my all-time favourite movies <33333 it's just got everything? snark and banter, perfectly-paced romance, casual theft and delightful drunkeness from the bookish character upending dull stereotypes, shenanigans, "looks like you're on the wrong side of the river", healthy and hilarious sibling relationships, competent comic relief character instead of useless and vexing, magic spells and ancient curses, the world's most sexy mysterious and flawless character Ardeth Bay, and a villain who's motives i can get behind, dude just really wants to resurrect the woman he fell in love with and died for (with maybe some horrific revenge thrown in nbd), bc tbh if Anck-su-namun made heart-eyes at me i would also die for her and possibly unleash several plagues to resurrect her as my queen.
god that movie was formative i love it so so much
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pistolslinger15 days ago
wes/per The Mummy au. jesper is rick, wylan is evie, and kaz is the bitchiest jonathan possible
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thehornylez8-016 days ago
What's your top five movies with wlw?
Omg this is like my worlds combining thank you so much
I鈥檓 so sorry for how long this is
So to start of with being basic
1. Carol - Gorgeous it had Rooney Mara absolute beauty. And as well Cate blanchett another beauty. Beside it being wlw in a film sense it鈥檚 a gorgeous movie the editing and cinematography just works.
2. Controversial but The Favourite - a gay periodic film which is both confusing, sad (I found it sad for the main character) and (I guess) funny? (Also pretty sure it鈥檚 based on a royal somewhere in the world)
It鈥檚 an odd one but it is the first wlw film I saw in cinema. And like before this film is gorgeous and I love every aspect about the makings of this film...beside the odd relationship between the three characters.
3. I care a lot - finally a gay film where we aren鈥檛 discriminated and being weak. Yo Eiza Gonz谩lez and Rosmand Pike aren鈥檛 playing. Low-key only know this cause trixie and Katy鈥檚 did an episode on it for netflix. Be gay do crime is basically what I鈥檓 gonna say.
4. Ammonite - okay I鈥檒l admit I haven鈥檛 seen this cause I wanted to watch it in cinema but it came out in lockdown and I didn鈥檛 know. BUT that being said it looks interesting and beautiful. Plus Kate Winslet is gorgeous and I would let her be my sugar mummy any day.
5. The half of it- okay the only reason this is below ammonite is because I鈥檓 pissed at the name. I know it鈥檚 stereotypical to be 鈥榖i people are 50/50鈥 BUT THEY HAD THE PERFECT CHANCE WITH IT BEING CALLED THE HALF OF IT TO MAKE THE CHARACTER BI!!!
(Plus there鈥檚 not many positive bi characters in teen films outside of the bi villain/psychopath characters, but that essay is for another time)
Anyway it鈥檚 still good and although I don鈥檛 vibe with Netflix originals it鈥檚 still good.
This is so long I鈥檓 sooooo sorry
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hashiramashonkers24 days ago
My earlier post and that post about Tobirama having no concept of personal space is giving me,,,,,,, thots.
Like what if Tobirama is just as unbearably physically affectionate as Hashirama is (in fanon). Except his hugs and excessive handholding and casual arm-around-the-shoulder as you walk together is never paired with a big smile and sunny demeanor so everyone outside his clan is terrified of him even when he's smiling and joking around.
Like they make peace and Izuna holds his hand out to shake on it and Tobirama, dead-faced, envelops him in a big hug and Izuna is like "well it's been a good life. i mean no it hasn't lmao but close enough i guess if you really squint. farewell big brother for i am to be dead shortly."
He slings an arm around Madara's shoulders as they walk somewhere and Madara's legs jellify because he's convinced Tobirama is about to snap his neck.
The only one who doesn't question it is Kagami who eagerly tucks himself under Tobirama's arm at every opportunity (like a little birdie 馃槶馃槶馃悾)
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betweenheroesandvillains26 days ago
me: lake superior isn't that creepy come on guys it's just a huge lake
lake superior: *doesn't let its dead decompose because the bottom of the lake is so cold so you can find corpses in fairly good condition from the 60s and 70s and maybe even from the 30s and 20s* :)
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disasterlibrariana month ago
鉁 + sunrise
Send 鉁 + a word / phrase for the mun to write a drabble about their muse and that word.
She's seen the sunrise over the Giza Pyramids many times throughout her life, but somehow the view has never been as captivating as it is now, standing hand-in-hand with Rick O'Connell on the balcony of her parents' house in Zamalek. Her head droops lazily against his shoulder, and they watch as the sun completes its climb above the splendidly painted horizon and bathes the three stone giants in golden daylight. Neither speaks, both of them content with the silence, until Evy turns to Rick and asks, "Do you know how the sunrise was represented in Egyptian mythology?" To her delight, Rick shakes his head, and she tells him enthusiastically about the god Khepri and how he supposedly rolled the sun across the sky the way a beetle rolls a ball of dung. When she finishes, Rick only blinks and repeats the last word, and Evy worries for a moment that she's ruined the romance. But he laughs, kisses her forehead, and says, "Are you kidding? I've never seen anyone look so beautiful while talking about shit."
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oscarinuellea month ago
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