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#Aragorn always makes decision
mania-mono5 days ago
Chapter 2, The Riders of Rohan. The Two Towers.
Legolas, Gimli and Aragorn's courageous flight to rescue Merry and Pippin from the Orcs. A conversation-
Aragorn: *has to make another decision* uh... So, guys we have to make a difficult choice. Shall we rest or pursue the Orcs at night? *looks at Gimli and Legolas hopefully*
Gimli: You are leader and the most skilled in this endeavor. You decide. *successfully puts Aragorn back in his position*
Legolas: Going would be the best idea but we gotta stay together. Hmm. You decide. *looks back at Aragorn earnestly*
Aragorn: *why did I bother asking!* I fear I am having difficulty in this. *thinks about what to do*
Aragorn: Let's just rest.
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kazoosandfannypacks29 days ago
Your turn >;3
13: Favourite word?
16: TV show I always recommend?
20: Favourite video games?
41: Do I have any strange phobias?
53: What makes me smile?
57: Favourite drink?
60: Pet peeve?
69: What do I admire most about others?
74: Favourite place on the planet?
88: What makes me really angry?
107: Guilty pleasure?
130: Favourite piece of advice?
145: In a film about my life, who would I cast as myself, friends and family?
147: Do I have any piercings?
150: What is the best decision I have made in life so far?
13: Favourite word?
I should've seen this coming and been thinking ahead oh snap um imma say beans because I say that a lot but if i ever send you a random ask that's just one word, know that I've changed my answer XD
16: TV show I always recommend?
If always is as of two months ish ago, Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure, hands down.
20: Favourite video games?
I like to play Lego Star Wars and Disney Infinity, especially with my little brother, but one of my favorites as far as aesthetic is Dust: An Elysian Tale. I've not played it through yet, but I watched my brother and my dad play it, and the music and visuals are soothing, and the storyline is pretty cool
41: Do I have any strange phobias?
Ah, yes, chromophobia, my beloved XD tropical fish, shower curtains, beach towels, sometimes Pixar characters, honestly they freak me out so much
53: What makes me smile?
Being known by people- when they remember the little tiny details about me that I've almost forgotten.
57: Favourite drink?
Right now it's frozen (or hot) hot chocolate (or mocha) with a shot of hazelnut. Legit the greatest.
60: Pet peeve?
Oooh definitely making people feel inferior or like there's something wrong with them when they haven't seen or heard of something before. It's been sounding more and more aggressive in how they say it as I've gotten older, and it has made me cry many times
69: What do I admire most about others?
The way they talk about women, or with each other, or about God. And also their singing voices.
74: Favourite place on the planet?
Right now Imma say a little town out east that's home to me, either at my house, or by the lake at the camp I work at
88: What makes me really angry?
See #60 and take a wild guess
107: Guilty pleasure?
Mocha Kit-Kats. And soundtracks to musicals and Disney and stuff
130: Favourite piece of advice?
"Fins yourself before you find someone else," which is advice I gave a friend entring college, but only because it was advice I wish I had heard sooner.
145: In a film about my life, who would I cast as myself, friends and family?
So I think if Daisy Ridley or Kiera Knightley ever played me it would be a very huge honor
Mom- I wish I could cast Carrie Fisher 馃挋 maybe Danielle Fishelle
Dad- Viggo Mortensen, because Aragorn always makes me think of my dad
Sister- Idina Menzel.
Older brother- I feel like Oscar Isaac could play him well
Younger brother- Imma say August Maturo, who played Auggie ib GMW, because that's about the siblingship I have with my little brother.
Best friend 1: Phillipa Soo
Best friend 2: ope she can be Kiera and I'll be Daisy
147: Do I have any piercings?
My ears are pierced, but I don't wear earrings as regularly as I should :P
150: What is the best decision I have made in life so far?
I'm going to be That Church Kid and say asking Jesus to be my savior, because that means a lot to me.
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What is your favourite scene in the LOTR movies?
Oh man so many!
I think my favourite in terms of emotional punch will always be Sam鈥檚 speech in The Two Towers. I tear up every time - and the older I get the dearer the words and sentiments are to me (and the greater my awareness of how important it is to hold onto hope).
Tumblr media
For a combo of visual and speech would be Where is the Horse and the Rider scene. The flickering light behind Theoden as people move back and forth behind the half closed doors; the questions raised about trusting your leaders and the implied: when is the time to stop?; the pain and weight of rule unspoken as the weight of armour is put on - I always loved it, for such a small scene in the grand scheme of things
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then I mean - I love my Grima 鈥淚 made a calculated decision and boy am I bad at math鈥 son of Galmod moment with Saruman鈥檚 鈥渢o war鈥 and watching the orcs march off to destroy his people. (My thoughts on the stupidity of the whole 鈥渨ipe out everyone in Rohan鈥 storyline aside. Cause it makes no sense at all.)
Tumblr media
I know you asked for one but you got three. Close runner鈥檚 up:
Eomer鈥檚 charge down the hilariously steep grade at Helm鈥檚 Deep
Introduction of Aragorn in Bree
Boromir鈥檚 death
They Have A Cave Troll (literally just that line)
Nazgul sniffing on the side of the road (Nazgul in the the shire in general - peak spoopy)
The whole bit with the Balrog
Thank you so much for the ask!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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nikoshebaa month ago
... autocorrect hits again! It was BOROMIR, not brownie. I was referring to the discussion about his character you had with absyhte.
Hello again!! Is it Boromir-loving hours? Yes, it鈥檚 Boromir-loving hours.
I have. A LOT of thoughts about him. I鈥檓 writing a Boromir/Th茅odred fic now, because when I have thoughts I express them through smutty fanfiction, which I think is very cool of me.聽
After uh, several hours of conversation with @absynthe--minded, I鈥檝e come to some conclusions that I cannot shake, and don鈥檛 want to, because they really inform my perception of him as a character. This is probably going to be out of order, but, uh, well, this isn鈥檛 school and you鈥檙e not getting a formal essay out of me.
Boromir in Fellowship has been watching his father fall--but not in the way he thinks. He鈥檚 41 years old; he鈥檚 watched his father govern his entire life. But only recently does he see the way his father governs change. He has no way of knowing that his father has a Palantir, or that he could be corrupted through it, even if only corrupted to a lack of hope. (By the way, that鈥檚 the corruption of Denethor I see most plainly--not an erosion of his morals, but an erosion of his hope. Lack of Estel, I鈥檝e seen some people say, though not expressly about him.) So Boromir has been fighting on the front lines of Gondor since he was a teen, and has recently, without much external change that he can see, watched his father go from being Morgoth鈥檚 Mightiest Foe, seeing his father basically as a Fingolfin-sort of figure, waging a constant, unending stalemate with Mordor, to his father suddenly acting as if they鈥檙e post-Bragollach. I can鈥檛 imagine the terror, the anxiety, the despair that would inspire, to see someone you鈥檝e looked up to as a rock against The Enemy your whole life, your leader, your inspiration, suddenly start behaving as if it鈥檚 only a matter of time until you all lose everything you鈥檝e fought tooth and nail for.
Boromir thinks his father is essentially always right--and chooses to follow Aragorn anyway. This is a bit more headcanon, but has to do with Boromir鈥檚 acceptance of Aragorn. So, I think deep down, Boromir knows that Denethor II isn鈥檛 going to want to give up Stewardship. Also on the surface. Because of all the times he鈥檚 basically said, you know, the Dunedain have left us to defend alone, no one helps us, we鈥檙e the Only Thing standing between Mordor and Total Devastation of the world. That鈥檚 very much Denethor II鈥檚 identity, at this point. If Boromir had showed up with the Rohirrim at his back ready to assist as allies, Denethor II would probably have been weird about it, because in his mind, he鈥檚 the only thing keeping Sauron at bay. And Boromir still swears to Aragorn with his last breath. Even in the books, where he tells Aragorn,聽鈥淪ave my people,鈥 he鈥檚 commending the soul of Gondor--its people--to Aragorn, rather than saying something like聽鈥淗elp my Father,鈥 or even聽鈥淒estroy Sauron,鈥 etc. With his final breath, he chooses to trust, which is huge, given that in my perception...
Denethor II doesn鈥檛 want Boromir to be a big thinker. Again, this is headcanon, but I think it鈥檚 borne out. Boromir is noted as being unfond of learning, romance, etc, preferring聽鈥渁rms and warfare鈥 to all of this. While I think a good portion of that is natural inclination, I also think Denethor II sees him that way, and encourages it. He doesn鈥檛 want another son to question what he does, he wants his son to be a faithful lieutenant and follow orders without wondering whether they鈥檙e right or wrong. Boromir isn鈥檛 known for creativity and decision-making, he鈥檚 known for being told what the simplest situation is and achieving it at whatever the cost. I鈥檓 not聽calling him stupid here, but he鈥檚 not clever, either. He鈥檚 not crafty or innovative. He鈥檚 a weapon in his father鈥檚 hands, and his father likes that, because deep down, Denethor II knows Faramir is a lot more like him, and that鈥檚 why they butt heads. He treats Faramir more like an heir--constantly evaluated, challenged, found wanting, because he鈥檚 supposed to replace him someday, whereas he treats Boromir as an extension of himself, his Longer Arm.
鈥淚 do not love the bright sword for its sharpness, nor the arrow for its swiftness, nor the warrior for his glory. I love only that which they defend.鈥
Faramir loves not the sword for its sharpness, the arrow for its swiftness, the warrior for his glory. Denethor II does love the sword for its sharpness, loves the arrow for its swiftness, the warrior for his glory. Boromir is聽the sword loved for its sharpness, the arrow loved for its swiftness, the warrior loved for his glory.
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camblogshomestucka month ago
Day 57: Glitches and Retcons and Clowns, Oh my!
Dave鈥檚 time traveling days are more or less over, and I think we鈥檙e intended to draw a line from his grief over his Brother鈥檚 death to this decision. Dave knows that he can鈥檛 use his time traveling powers to change any details of consequence, so what is the point?
All that happens when he plays along with his own time loops is he becomes a puppet.
More after the break.
Dave is clearly suffering guilt over not just his own emotions, but over his actions - the events of three years ago are extremely fresh on his mind. This is really the first chance he鈥檚 had to see Jade since then, and he鈥檚 bringing up his guilt over making her watch him die immediately. It鈥檚 the first thing on his mind.
Particularly because of his association with broken swords (one of which is nearly identical to Anduril/Narsil), the existing Lord of the Rings references, and his heroic reluctance, as well as sharing the name Strider, we should be thinking of Aragorn, at least if we鈥檝e read the books or watched the films.
Forces of Destiny, not just Dave鈥檚 Bro, are conspiring to turn him into a Hero, someone who can exercise violence to bring about the destruction of ultimate evil. Dave wants nothing to do with it.
According to my reading we should absolutely consider Davesprite and Dave to be basically the same guy, for the same reasons we should consider different versions of Jack Noir to be basically the same guy, or even Lil Hal and Dirk as being basically the same guy - they are all legitimately extensions of the same Ultimate Self, each one contributes to our full understanding of the same person鈥檚 character.
Jane is already amusingly a lot more competent a villain than Jade, and she does it by aping Gamzee of all people. I guess he proved to be a semi-competent mentor after all.
Dave鈥檚 choice of the word heretical is interesting, because the concept of heresy is in some ways very closely related to the concept of canon.
See in the early centuries AD, when the Christian Church was underground, there wasn鈥檛 yet a strictly and well-defined centralized authority, and the Church had to go on a mostly unstated but overall pretty well understood and agreed upon set of sacred texts for wisdom, in a very 鈥渃irculating the texts鈥 sort of fashion.
It wasn鈥檛 until the seven ecumenical councils, over the course of another few hundred years starting in 325 that a Canon was formalized, and as a result, teachings that relied on extra-canon sources for their teachings would be formally heretical.
So if what John is doing here is heresy, we know that what he鈥檚 actually altering is literally the canon.
Just as we鈥檙e meant to interpret Jade鈥檚 Grimbark behavior as basically in line with her true will, we should interpret Jane鈥檚 behavior as being in line with her true will. This is what she wants, even if she has to be coaxed by artificial intelligence and brainwashing to pursue it.
This is the destiny she鈥檚 been raised since birth to assume, and unlike Dave who is deeply opposed to the idea of becoming a Heroic Figure, Jane is all about the idea of becoming a villainess.
It鈥檚 far easier for her than it is for Jade.
John and Roxy are natural fits for each other between their shared interests, and Roxy鈥檚 similarities to Dave, who seems to me to be by all accounts into John for a lot of the same reasons.
More little similarities between Roxy and Meenah too - their storytelling has more or less the same style, as does their tendency to come up with new nicknames practically every time they refer to someone.
Though it鈥檇 probably be good form to wait until Roxy actually gives the Ring of Life to Calliope, I thought now would be a good time to bring up the fact that Roxy and Calliope鈥檚 friendship has pretty strong romantic overtones to it, and this conversation, and John鈥檚 idea to give the Ring of Life to Calliope, hearkens back to Roxy鈥檚 thoughts about giving the ring to the person she wants to marry, and Tavros鈥檚 similar ideas.
So John is unwittingly helping Roxy to engage with a romantic rival in some way shape or form, though he is almost certainly too goofy to tell even with a lot of time to think about it. (And almost certainly to Aro, Ace, or both for it to really matter all that much :3c)
And we鈥檒l catch up with Caliborn tomorrow!
Glad to be back in the saddle with you all. We finished Lord of the Rings, and my Mom was able to take off her cast today, so it鈥檚 safe to say she鈥檚 well on the mend.
Thanks for tuning in as always. See you tomorrow;
Same Cam Time, Same Cam Channel.
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aion-rsa2 months ago
Where Are All of the Mothers in Fantasy Fiction?
This is a guest post from Gabriela Houston, the London-based Polish author of Second Bell, a Slavic fantasy debut described as a cross between His Dark Materials聽and聽The Bear and the Nightingale. You can find out more about the book here.
Historically speaking, the fantasy genre has a thorny relationship with motherhood.聽Technically, it鈥檚 acknowledged that the protagonists must have sprung from somewhere. But it is often solely their paternity that is seen as important鈥攚hile the mothers, if mentioned at all, are usually either dead of irrelevant: unmentioned or languishing in a convent somewhere.聽 If the mothers (or stepmothers: a different type of a mother-figure) persist in being alive into their children鈥檚 adulthood they are most often presented as an obstacle to their child鈥檚 self-actualisation/quest, or, as is most common with the stepmother archetype, present an actual threat to the protagonist.聽
Since mainstream fantasy as a genre was Eurocentric, this is a trend that is very much connected to the patriarchal structures persisting throughout Europe for most of recorded history.聽 King Arthur, whose legend was first written down in the 12th Century by Geoffrey of Monmouth, had a mother, of course, but her only real importance was in how her beauty drew the eye of Uther Pendragon, who raped her, conceiving Arthur. Since Uther ended up marrying Arthur鈥檚 mother, Igraine, story-wise all was considered to be well, and, her role in birthing the future king done, Igraine became an irrelevance, just as any feelings and thoughts she might have had on her second husband.聽All we know is she was beautiful, chaste and gave birth to the real protagonist of the story.聽
The courtly love conventions forming the basis of many medieval European legends have seeped into the genre of fantasy, especially high fantasy, and have shaped the way in which female protagonists are related to. In most 鈥渢raditional鈥 fantasy, motherhood was seen as nearly opposite to personhood. A female character鈥檚 value centred squarely on her attractiveness to the male protagonist, meaning that the moment she aged/became a mother, she ceased to hold that particular form of attention that comes from extreme youth and innocence. Motherhood is seen as the end of a female character鈥檚 journey. The experiences, shifting relationships and emotions linked to motherhood are not seen as interesting enough to garner any space at all.聽
In The Lord of The Rings, we are faced with a whole cast of missing mothers. Moreover their absence is not noted as particularly important or carrying any emotional load.聽Aragorn, son of Arathorn, clearly had a mother, but when his father died he was shipped off to live with the elves. We neither know, nor are expected to care about what his mother thought on the subject. Then, of course, he falls for the elven maiden Arwen, whose mother, we鈥檙e told (as an aside) had the good sense to disappear from the scene by sailing beyond the sea before the plot of LOTR begins.聽Frodo Baggins鈥 mother helpfully died before he was born and Bilbo Baggins has the rare privilege of having a named mother, Belladonna Took, who, however, is quite dead by the time The Hobbit begins, and is referenced only as a link between Bilbo and the adventurous Took clan. She was a Took and she birthed him. Thus her role ended.
The halls of speculative fiction are carpeted with the corpses of the mothers who died of聽 broken hearts and colds in order to not complicate their progeny鈥檚 journey.聽In fantasy TV and Film the trend, quite naturally, continued. In the original Star Wars trilogy, Princess Leia and Luke鈥檚 mother, Padme Amidala lived a full life of adventure but then died of a broken heart shortly after her children were born, as of course she should have done. Can you imagine, had she survived, the plot-spoiling link to their past she would have become?聽In Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Joyce Summer鈥檚 death, whilst arguably the critical highpoint of the series, was seen as necessary.聽 She had to die, or else Buffy might have never become who she was always meant to be. As a mother she was an obstacle, one the scriptwriters helpfully removed.
Occasionally, the death of the character鈥檚 mother brings about the advent of the perennial archetype of the evil step-mother. A twisted parody of what a mother should be, just as the dead mother was convenient to the character鈥檚 journey, the insertion of the stepmother exists solely to scupper all of the character鈥檚 efforts. The examples of the conniving stepmother trope abound in traditional folktales (like in Cinderella, or its Slavic equivalent, Vasilisa, where the young protagonist is sent off by her stepmother to ask a favour of the infamous witch, Baba Yaga), mythologies (think the ultimate evil stepmother, Hera, who habitually persecuted the innocent results of her husband Zeus鈥 many indiscretions), and, not surprisingly, in fantasy genre as well.聽
In A Song of Ice and Fire by George RR Martin (which actually does portray an unusual range of mothers with agency), Catelyn Stark, an otherwise fiercely loyal mother, is a cold and distant stepmother to Jon Snow. In the first novel in Katherine Arden鈥檚 fantastic Winternight trilogy,聽 the main protagonist grows up in the shadow of her vapid, fearful and cruel stepmother. Part of the reason, I鈥檇 argue, why older women are so often portrayed as annoying and conniving, is because, as far as the traditional narratives are concerned, the whole of their role and purpose is fulfilled the moment their physical (youthful) attractiveness wanes. Those without the wisdom to exit the stage by dying become at worst a cumbersome plot bunny and at best an obstacle.
The issue of a lack of older women in fantasy is such an expansive subject that it demands the respect of a separate thought piece, really. And, as regards the stepmothers, I鈥檓 not saying, of course, that they should always be portrayed as kind and loving. But precisely because their archetype is rooted so strongly in our collective consciousness, it鈥檚 particularly important to acknowledge their humanity. And as far as the humanity of the older female (in the traditional fantasy fiction this seems to describe any woman over twenty) character goes, the good news is the tide is turning.
Part of the reason for that is that more women than ever are given the platform to write their stories. Perhaps somewhere along the way the publishing industry as a whole realised that as women account for the majority of fiction readers (according to one cross-Atlantic research they make up to 80% of fiction market), then perhaps portraying women as actual people, whose agency doesn鈥檛 evaporate once they get pregnant, might simply be good marketing.
In the recent years I鈥檝e been ecstatic to see nuance brought into the motherhood trope within the genre. Where the mother of the character is dead, she is so for a damn good reason, with the echoes of her absence reverberating through the story in the most compelling ways, like in Tracy Deonn鈥檚 Legendborn.聽Mothers fight beside their children, and grandchildren (Like the pink-haired protagonist of The Phlebotomist by Chris Panatier), and battle hardship and heartache, like in Madeline Miller鈥檚 Circe.
As a mother it was important to me to focus on the humanity of motherhood in my debut, The Second Bell. The mothers I wrote are not perfect, and they are not always right. And even when they are, they might not know it for certain. And that is the point. Mothers deserve their place in fiction not because they鈥檙e perfect, but because they are human. Their decisions are just as complex as their younger counterparts and are complicated further by their new and life-changing bond with their child.
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Writing mothers is writing humans. No more, no less. They matter and they are worthy of notice.
Second Bell will be released on Tuesday, March 9th. You can find out more about Gabriela Houston here.
The post Where Are All of the Mothers in Fantasy Fiction? appeared first on Den of Geek.
from Den of Geek
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dalleyan3 months ago
Shattered (3rd chapter of new LoTR story posted, 1-27-21)
Eomer thought that his life would be less complicated after the War, but loving a woman he could never have made that unlikely. 聽Then unexpected circumstances altered everything. Complete in 5 chapters.
聽Chapter 3 聽 聽(April, 3020 III)
During the course of the winter, Eomer finally believed he was beginning to get his feelings for Lothiriel under control. 聽The pain that had eaten at his insides had subsided to a dull ache. 聽As promised, she had written to him, newsy letters of the happenings in both Dol Amroth and Minas Tirith, but she was careful to keep the tone of the missives light and airy, not delving too deeply into any areas that might stir up flames. He responded in kind, saying nothing substantial but maintaining their contact as he had said he would. 聽He very much suspected that once she was married, the letters would stop anyway. 聽Surely Gaerost would not wish her to continue the correspondence, if he learned of it 鈥 that is, unless he felt there was something to be gained by it. 聽Eomer knew it was a cynical view of the man, and possibly he was doing him a disservice, but in all their associations Eomer had been unimpressed with Gaerost. 聽Maybe his view was colored by the circumstances, but he did not think so. He had never had much use for men like Gaerost; that he was betrothed to Lothiriel was only an added reason to dislike him.
As spring finally arrived and the temperatures warmed, he still had not reached a decision about attending Lothiriel鈥檚 wedding. 聽An announcement had come, fixing the date for the 25th of May, but though he thought it might be rude to Imrahil, he was not sure he could put himself through that torture. 聽He had promised to always be her friend, but did that necessarily include such torment? 聽He could not decide, so he deferred the choice a little longer.
He had written to Imrahil, and Lothiriel, in late February but as yet received no response, which he thought odd, though it did not overly worry him. 聽Possibly both were just very busy at the moment and would write when time permitted. Even so, it took until mid-April before the expected packet came from Dol Amroth. 聽As Lothiriel had been a faithful correspondent, sending a letter in every packet, however brief it was, he was a little surprised to find nothing from her included. 聽Thinking perhaps Imrahil鈥檚 missive would offer some reason, he quickly slit the seal to read it.
聽My dear friend,
I must apologize for taking so very long in responding to your letter. 聽Sadly, I have a very good reason for my tardiness, for our family is facing a great tragedy just now.
Eomer sat up straighter and pulled the letter closer into the light of the lamp, his attention riveted where it had not been before.
聽I would not alarm you, Eomer, but our sorrow concerns our daughter, Lothiriel.
聽Not alarm him! 聽His heart was in his throat, and he felt a terror like nothing he had ever felt in battle.
聽She is鈥ell, as well as can be expected under the circumstances. 聽There was a most unfortunate accident.
聽Imrahil鈥檚 handwriting had become unsteady then, making his words difficult to read, and the ink was smudged in spots, as though dampness had been blotted from the paper. 聽Fervently, Eomer scanned more quickly 鈥 he must know the details.
聽Lord Gaerost had suggested that it might be better if Lothiriel were to learn to ride using a sidesaddle, as other refined ladies do in Gondor. 聽I had never pressed that issue prior to this, but as it seemed important to him and Lothiriel was willing, she undertook the learning of it.
As you might expect, it is a tricky proposition and likely it would have been better to use a steadier animal than Lothiriel鈥檚 usual mount, but alas we see perfectly in hindsight, do we not? 聽The horse became fractious and Lothiriel lost her balance. 聽Her horse reacted poorly to the shift in Lothiriel鈥檚 weight and my daughter was thrown upon the pavement. 聽There is a decorative border of stones near the stables 鈥 ones that never seemed all that dangerous until that moment. 聽The side of her face was slashed by one of them, only just missing damage to her eye. 聽The healers have treated her with the utmost delicacy, but there is little doubt she will bear an unsightly scar along her face, from brow to chin, despite their efforts. Aragorn has been kind enough to prepare an ointment used by the Elves that is good at reducing scars, but only so much may be done. 聽Now she keeps to her bed, refusing to be seen outside of her room, and only permitting a very few to enter there.
I confess I am greatly disappointed in Lord Gaerost. 聽I do not blame him for the accident, do not misunderstand.
聽Eomer wasn鈥檛 so sure that wasn鈥檛 too generous on Imrahil鈥檚 part! Lothiriel! 聽Beautiful, lovely Lothiriel 鈥 to be so marred.
聽continue reading on AO3:
聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
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make-me-imagine3 months ago
MASH, Marvel, and LotR ships please! I'm a college gal, bi (with a slight preference for men) I'm an INTJ, Enneagram 5, very introverted until I get to know someone very well. I'm a film and english double major, and my hobbies include reading, writing, watching movies, and writing fanfic haha. My love language is gifts, with acts of service as a close second, and my lowest is touch. I appreciate a good sense of humor, but also someone patient with how slowly my affections move. Thank you!
Ships are now Closed
I hope you like them!
I ship you with BJ.
I chose BJ because I think he is the most patient, accepting and loving of the bunch and would honor your feelings as well as he could.聽
BJ is quite the extrovert, but he likes be-friending introverts because he believes everyone to be interesting.
Once he managed to get you to open up a bit more and learned more about you, he fell head over heels for you.聽
He has no problem giving gifts or performing acts of service so these are definitely the ways he shows his affection.聽
BJ is never pushy with you and never rushes you to make any hard decisions or bold moves in your relationship. He loves you enough to wait forever if he needs too.聽
He definitely has a good sense of humor as well and he absolutely loves when he makes you laugh.聽
Tumblr media
I ship you with Bruce.聽
I think Bruce would be slow moving in a relationship as well and would never put any pressure on you.聽
He would be very loving and would do whatever he could to make you smile.聽
Bruce loves to read and write as well so you share this in common.聽
He is very good at getting you out of writers block as well.聽
Sometimes he is afraid that he might not make you laugh enough, but you love his sense of humor.聽
Bruce was not very interested in film until he met you, now you two plan movie nights together at least once a month.聽
He is always terrified that he might lose control around you and scare you away, or rather that the Hulk would scare you away.聽
But in the few occasions you鈥檝e interacted with Hulk he is surprisingly gentle with you and also cares for you deeply.聽
Tumblr media
(why is this like the only gif of him on here :( its sad )聽
Lord of the Rings聽
I ship you with Aragorn
I think Aragorn would be well suited for you because he is kind, patient and very sweet mannered.聽
Aragorn loves people deeply and understand that not everyone moves at the same pace in a relationship, so he would be as slow as you needed him to be until you were fully comfortable around him.聽
He loves your writing and appreciates your interest in books.聽
He will give you gifts and good luck charms to remember him by, especially if he has to go away for a while.聽
He will often bring you back books as well.聽
Aragorn also will perform random acts of service/kindness for you, especially if you are busy or overwhelmed.聽
Tumblr media
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mulderfox3 months ago
i love seeing all your d&d posts recently! tell us more about your character!!
ahhhh oh my god it means a lot to me that you noticed!!!! i鈥檓 super proud of this pc so get ready hahaha my character鈥檚 name is elwin 鈥渨inn鈥 arakhor and he鈥檚 a wood elf ranger/druid and his ranger archetype is drakewarden which is ua content but my dm was super on board with it so he has a copper dragon named azarail!!!! his background is outlander so he鈥檚 a wandering vagabond that is dealing with traumatic events from five years ago! if you wanna check out his stats and everything you can go to but i鈥檒l tell you his backstory/appearance/personality and everything under the cut 馃グ馃挄 i鈥檓 also in the process of making a goblin character and a possible elf pirate???
i鈥檓 just gonna copy/paste everything i put into dnd beyond because it鈥檚 a lot easier than retyping everything but here it is!!!!
ALSO before i get started he looks like the lovechild of aragorn and legolas, mixed with murtagh (eragon) and he鈥檚 got the standard ranger getup! he鈥檚 5鈥11, has dark brown hair and eyes, pointed ears, and olive skin!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
and this is what i wrote for his appearance:
Elwin has a rugged, wild quality about him. He has dark brunette hair that falls just above to his shoulders, and is wavy in texture. He has brown eyes that look amber in the sun, and has dark eyebrows as well. He has medium length pointed ears. Most would say he is strikingly handsome. His clothing consists of greens, browns, and golds, with brown leather armor. He has a tunic, pants, and boots that are quite weathered from the conditions he's faced. He doesn't show his face all that much, and usually wears a face covering up to his eyes, that wraps around his face and neck.
ok onto traits and shit!!!!!!
Personality Traits: I鈥檓 always picking things up, absently fiddling with them, and sometimes accidentally breaking them. I feel far more comfortable around animals than people.
Ideals: Change. Life is like the seasons, in constant change, and we must change with it. (Chaotic) Nature. The natural world is more important than all the constructs of civilization. (Neutral)
Bonds: I will bring terrible wrath down on the evildoers who destroyed my homeland
Flaws: There鈥檚 no room for caution in a life lived to the fullest. I am slow to trust members of other races, tribes, and societies.
he鈥檚 also chaotic neutral
more about his personality:
Overall personality: observant, wild, mysterious, brave, energetic, sarcastic, soft, heart of gold. Elwin cares greatly for his family/people, friends, animals, and his drake. If he steps foot in civilization, you'll find him in the corner smoking a pipe of playing his pan flute softly. He mostly keeps to himself unless spoken to first. This adds to the air of mystery around him. He feels a lot of things but tries to keep it hidden, though he does let his emotions slip from time to time. He鈥檒l shut down at any mention of home or family unless he really trusts you. Once he befriends you though, he becomes much more energetic and talkative, it just takes a while to break the ice. He'll even crack a joke or two once he feels comfortable enough, but mainly sticks to dry humor and sarcasm. His friends call him Winn. His last name Arakhor means tree warden/one who protects the forest in Elvish. Those who don't know him call him Ranger or Rider (pretty self-explanatory).
and now the backstory!!!!!
Elwin comes from a small village of wood elves hidden deep in the Hight Forest of Faer没n. His parents, Lyria and Calen, taught him the way of the druid and to be respectful of animals when he was a child, and as he came of age he trained to be a ranger. His mentor also played a big role in teaching Winn the ways of the ranger (everyone in the village has a mentor until they come of age). The village clan essentially fends for themselves from monsters, beasts, etc. and hunts through the Rangers Guild.聽
Along with the Rangers Guild exists a secret order of elves who protect drakes, draconic lore, and other lost lore- the Order of the Keepers, which both of his parents belonged to. This Order is present in different clans of elves and humanoids alike, and is only open to those who know of or share the genetic lineage of the Dragonlords, who were humanoids that were able to tame, ride, and speak to dragons. While you don't need to be a Dragonlord yourself, you need to be trusted enough to keep the secret in order to protect the drakes within the Order. Elwin will eventually step into his role as Dragonlord.聽
Unfortunately, his parents were taken from him before they could teach him the way of the Dragonlord. While Winn knows of drakes and the Order, he has no clue his parents' genetic lineage is that of the Dragonlords.聽
His village was the target of an attack, set out by monstrosities 5 years past. His father was presumably murdered, as Winn technically saw him die, and his mother was taken, though no one knows where. His village was destroyed and his people are gone, and Winn fled.聽
The reasoning behind the attack was that these monstrosities wanted the dragon eggs the Keepers were protecting, in order to breed them to be war machines or evil entities that would terrorize life as everyone knows it. They wanted to wipe out the Order of the Keepers, which included Winn's parents and is the reason his father was murdered and his mother was taken, so they could steal the eggs and control the drakes as they hatched. When Winn sees his village set on fire, his mother tells him to save the drake eggs before she and his father are taken away by the monstrosities. So he flees with the only egg that was left. This is a decision he regrets for years to come, as he lives with the guilt of not being able to save his parents or people. The drake imprints on him quickly because of his genetic lineage, as it knows that Winn is a Dragonlord, although Winn 聽doesn't know that yet himself. Saving the drake is something he will never regret.聽
Now Elwin is on the run because he has this drake and he is technically the last of his Guild and the Order. He lives a nomadic/drifter lifestyle and is always on the move. He is slow to trust others, especially after the attack and for the fact that he has a drake with him, and decided against joining another clan or moving to another village of elves. Instead, he fled to the mountains outside of the High Forest to raise his drake Azarail in secret. His main goal is to find his family and people, and to reclaim the dragons that were once stolen from his guild. His mentor will soon come back into his life, and Winn will discover his genetic lineage.
and that about sums up winn!!! i love him so much thank you for wanting to hear more about him 馃グ
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elvish-sky4 months ago
2, 4, 14, 32 !!
Thank you for the ask!!!
2. Which character do you connect with the most?
I think Eowyn. She is one of the characters that really jumped off the page for me, even before seeing the movies. I see some of myself in her, definitely, but she is also just an amazing example.
4. Which scene always makes you cry?
I have yet to cry at anything in the first two movies, but without fail every time I watch RotK, I start sobbing when everyone bows to the hobbits and I don鈥檛 stop until about fifteen minutes after the movie is over. It鈥檚 just such a beautiful scene and then everything that comes after is so touching that it just gets me.
14. Do you think Tolkein would have liked Peter Jackson鈥檚 movies?
I hope so! I would hope that he would have respected the portrayal of his works, and the decisions that PJ chose to make. I personally think that the LoTR movies are very well done, and while the Hobbit movies stray I still enjoyed watching them. So I would want Tolkein to recognize that while they aren鈥檛 perfect, they did bring this world to life in a whole new way, and I feel like he might have appreciated that.
32. Favorite outfit?
I adore Legolas鈥 whole getup in the two towers, and actually I really like Aragorn鈥檚 as well (the ruggedness is fabulous). But my overall favorites would be either Eowyn鈥檚 green dress or the one she wears at Helms Deep.
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jazzistolkienfanfics4 months ago
Sinners and the Saints - Legolas x reader
Hi there! Can you please write a Legolas x elf friend reader where they are fighting in the War of the Ring and Legolas is severely injured? Major angst and fluffff please <<333
sure thing anon. i was feeling like a theatre kid so it got real hamilton real fast. also there was less fluff and more angst haha i really ran away with this one
Tumblr media
Type: Imagine Pairing: Legolas x reader Summary:聽鈥渄eath doesn鈥檛 discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes.鈥 Warnings: angst, me being a theatre kid,聽鈥榮hit鈥 Word Count: 912 words
There were too many of them. There were always too many.
Of course, it made sense that the Black Gate itself would be heavily guarded, but Y/N hadn鈥檛 expected how tiny their army looked when surrounded by Orcs, and more Orcs, and ... more Orcs. Wonderful.聽
The elleth聽sighed, reaching for an arrow from her quiver. She couldn鈥檛 believe that she鈥檇 let her best friend, Legolas Thranduilion, drag her on this quest, but then again, she鈥檇 always been easily convinced by the kind ellon.
He was beautiful, in every sense of the word, and there was just something about him聽being who he was and felt that he should be that made Y/N entranced. Legolas could always make her laugh, and she felt that they had a good relationship.
Yes, okay, she鈥檇 fallen for a prince. The聽prince.
But that really didn鈥檛 matter, seeing as, no matter how good she was at archery, this was close-range combat (which really wasn鈥檛 her strength), and she had a very large chance of dying.
Y/N shook herself back to reality at the brush of a hand against her forearm.
鈥淎re you ready, melleth nin (my friend, in this case)?鈥 Legolas asked her, a surprising neautrality on his face.
鈥淣ot really,鈥 Y/N admitted.聽鈥淗ow are you so, so-鈥
鈥淐alm?鈥 he laughed.聽鈥淭he truth is, it鈥檚 a big act, Y/N. You just need to fight your way through it, and hope that you鈥檒l survive.鈥
鈥淗ow diplomatic,鈥 she responded sarcastically, drawing her bow.聽
Then, Y/N looked forward, to Aragorn.聽
鈥淔or Frodo,鈥 the King declared, running forward towards the army.
If he, a mortal, can be so fearless, I can be too, she thought, roaring in challenge and sprinting forwards, Legolas by her side.聽
She fired quickly, releasing the taut bowstring and reloading in one fluid motion.
For a moment, they were winning.
A moment, only.聽
The Orcs closed in on them, choking everyone apart so that they were on their own, surrounded and outnumbered.
Y/N stayed back to back with Legolas, but the Orcs pressed in too quickly.
She really needed to get better at short-range combat.聽
A sword released a spurt of blood from her face, that made it difficult for her to aim properly.
鈥淛ust keep going, Y/N,鈥 Legolas gritted out, sounding wearied.聽鈥淲e-we can do it. We need to.鈥
If Sam and Frodo could destroy the Ring, then the fight would be easily won. Just ... a little ... longer聽...
But not everyone would make it out alive, she knew that.聽
She might not make it out alive.聽
Just as that thought was passing through her mind, the worst conceivable thing happened.
With the blood sticking to her face, Y/N couldn鈥檛 see the erratically thrown dagger headed for her heart. But Legolas could.聽
He slashed it out of the air with his hastily drawn sword, but that left him open to more attacks.
As Y/N turned around to thank him, her heart beating wildly out of her chest, she wiped the blood from her eyes just in time to see an arrow embed itself in his chest, a spray of blood exploding from the wound.聽
鈥淟egolas!鈥 she screamed, rushing back to his side as he fell onto one of his knees.
鈥淚鈥檓 ... fine ...鈥 he panted, forcing himself to stand again, reloading his bow. But he had lost balance, concentration and strength, and his aim was now skewed.聽
鈥淣o, you鈥檙e not,鈥 she hissed back, stealing one of his swords from where it had fallen beside him and awkwardly slashing it at the approaching enemies.聽鈥淎nd it鈥檚 all my fault ... shit!鈥
A bit of colour seemed to be seeping back into Legolas鈥檚 face, but he was bleeding a lot for such a small wound, and there was pus mixed in with the red.
鈥淧oisoned arrow,鈥 he realised, muttering a couple choice curses under his breath.聽鈥淕reat.鈥
Y/N pushed forwards, but her energy was running low. She was never normally injured in battle - this didn鈥檛 bode well for the rest of the battle.聽
Legolas had fallen again, groaning with his eyes squeezed shut, seemingly in a lot聽of pain. She stayed by his side, shooting and slashing and doing all that she could to protect herself, but, more importantly, Legolas.
If she had to die for him, she would.
Y/N reached for another arrow, but her quiver was empty. Shit.
She hoped that none of the enemies had noticed, but one had. A large Uruk-hai hefted its spear and threw it with deadly accuracy.
But it wasn鈥檛 aiming for her.
It was trying to finish off Legolas. The ellon鈥檚 blue eyes were wide with shock, and he seemed unable to move.聽
Y/N made a split second decision, leaping in front of Legolas to face him, and letting the spear go through her back with a yell of pain.
鈥淵-you saved me,鈥 Y/N managed to get out, her legs collapsing as she braced her hands on either side of where Legolas lay, mere centimetres above him.聽鈥淚 s-saved you.鈥
鈥淣o, this-this wasn鈥檛 how it was meant to happen!鈥 he cried.聽鈥淵/N, no, please!鈥
Her e/c eyes closed and she fell by his side. Lifeless. Unmoving. Dead.聽
Legolas didn鈥檛 even have the strength to finish off the evil Uruk-hai that had killed her.聽
In his hazy state of mind, a line from a song came to him.
Death doesn鈥檛 discriminate, between the sinners and the saints, it takes and it takes and it takes.
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shyvioletcat4 months ago
10. Who is your OTP?
19. What scene always makes you laugh?
21. Which 3 characters would you choose to go on an epic adventure with?
32. Favorite outfit?
36. Which character would you want to be your best friend?
(Now I'm eyeing my dvd set again lol)
10. Arwen and Aragorn.
19. Probably when Frodo does that ridiculous laugh at Bilbo鈥檚 party after pushing Sam into the dancing.
21. Legolas, Galadriel and Eomer.
32. Too easy, Arwen鈥檚 riding outfit when she comes to rescue Frodo.
36. It鈥檚 a tough decision, but I鈥檓 going to go with Legolas.
Just do it you won鈥檛 regret it
LOTR Themed asks
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jackoshadows4 months ago
Maybe this is me being naive and hopeful but I don't see the point of Dany dying in the books, yeah, I know what happened in the show, but nothing that happened in s8 made sense anyway. Martin spent a ot of time in ADWD with the political and economic aspects of Meereen, with all the problems that making a new system has to erase at the end the character that has that storyline and that will be needed at the end of the book for Westeros rebuilding.
I have to agree. This was what was so disappointing for me as well with season 8. That GRRM spend an entire book on characters like Dany and Jon being leaders and having to make the tough decisions and getting actual experience and the show ending just gets rid of these characters.
I mean, we had Jon spend a chapter literally counting grain and barley and veggies in the store room. Why? We had to read Dany making the hard decisions, right and wrong decisions, compromise, lose and win. All for nothing.
The writing the show gave it鈥檚 endgame leaders was abysmal. Tyrion turned into an idiot, they didn鈥檛 care about Bran and Sansa鈥檚 qualification was making snarky comments.聽
In Bran鈥檚 case, I could see GRRM taking him down the path of Leto II Atreides from Children of Dune, in which scenario he could make King Bran of Westeros work in the books. But D&D did not write ANYTHING at all for Bran. On the other hand, they were really invested in Sansa as a character, they wanted her to be more important on the show, they took story arcs and characterization from other characters in the books for show Sansa and they still could not make queen Sansa work on the show.
And the show鈥檚 ending does not gel with GRRM鈥檚 take on ruling:
We had GRRM鈥檚 entire spiel on what ruling means:
One thing that I am trying to get at in the books, the political aspect if you would, is to kind of show that this stuff is hard. I think that an awful lot of fantasy and even some great fantasy falls under the mistake of assuming that a good man would be a good king and all that is necessary is to be a decent human being and then when you are king everything will go swimmingly. Tolkien is great but we never get into the nitty gritty of Aragorn ruling. What is his tax policy? How does he feel about crop rotation?
How does he handle land disputes between two nobles, both of whom think that they should have the village, so they burn it down to establish their claim. This is the hard part of ruling be it in the middle ages or now. It鈥檚 not enough to be a good man to be an effective ruler. It鈥檚 complicated and it鈥檚 hard and I wanted to show that with repeated examples in my books with my kings and hand of the kings - the prime minister if you would - trying to rule. And whether it be Ned Stark or Tyrion Lannister or Tywin Lannister or Daenerys Targaryen or Cersei Lannister trying to deal with the real challenges that affect anyone trying to rule the 7K or even a city like Meereen and it鈥檚 hard.
You know, we can all read the books or read history and say oh, so and so was stupid and made a lot of mistakes and look at all these stupid mistakes they make. But these kind of mistakes are always much more apparent in hind sight than when you are actually faced with the decision about, oh my God, what would I do in this situation. How do I resolve this thing? Do I do the moral thing? But what about 聽the political consequences of the moral thing? Do I do the pragmatic, cynical thing and kind of screw the people who are screwed by it? I mean, it is HARD. And I want to get to all of that - GRRM
This statement here?
If I am ever a queen I will make them love me
is an antithesis of everything GRRM says above. This quote shows, to a certain extent, Sansa鈥檚 naivete at this point. The Tyrells deliberately cut off food to KL and then Margaery Tyrell distributes food to the people to win their favor.聽 It has聽 nothing to do with the well being of the people here.聽 Sansa sees this and thinks that when she is queen, she will make people love her and some folks think that this points to Sansa being the most compassionate, best queen ever.
That鈥檚 why Queen Sansa is so attractive to people who subscribe to the simplistic notion that all ruling entails is being beloved by the people. She鈥檚 a blank slate who has yet to negotiate or hash out deals with adults, or make a single decision that affects the lives of the people under her. She鈥檚 perfect because she has yet to do anything. The Disney fairy tale version - ironically something Sansa believed in at the start of the books. That鈥檚 why Jonsas think that we will get King Jon and Queen Sansa ruling happily ever after.
Dany should by all rights be a popular, beloved leader in Meereen. But it鈥檚 not easy. She has to hand out justice which is complicated. She has to start building up an economy from scratch - one not based on slavery. She has to deal with an insurgency, famine, disease. She has to make hard choices and she has to do it surrounded by enemies. The former slaves want her to reopen the fighting pits. Does Dany do the moral thing or what her people want?
Both Jon and Dany make mistakes. They make some emotional decisions that are not right. But to quote Leto II Atriedes when he gives his father鈥檚 ring to Stilgar in Children of Dune:
To remind you that all humans make mistakes, and that all leaders are but human. 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽 聽
Dany is not in a similar situation to the rich Tyrells who can 鈥榖uy the vote鈥 so to speak, by handing out food to the starving populace of KL. Starvation that happened because the Tyrells closed off the Roseroad during the WOT5K. But Sansa is not thinking like the Tyrells here. She genuinely thinks that all it takes to be a good queen is to make her people happy - and it鈥檚 that simple.
Jon Snow at the wall, being the head of a military institution, has it easier than Dany. But, not having Dany鈥檚 charm and charisma, he has a harder time convincing people that he is making the right decisions. 聽By the time we reach the end of ADwD, Jon knows that he is hated by a majority of the watch.
Jon is not making decisions that are popular or liked by his men. He is making decisions based on defending the realm. Save the lives of the freefolk - and not provide more dead to the Others, save the men he send to Hardhome, prepare the watch, prepare the castles, get more food, train more people etc. He too makes mistakes - fails to read the mood of the people. Fails to take warnings seriously. Undermines the neutrality of the watch by interfering in the affairs of the realm.
Doing a re-read of the Wheel of Time series before the TV adaptation premieres, I am reminded of this line from Rand al鈥橳hor returning to one of the kingdoms he conquered. This is the hero of the story, the good guy.
The pair gathered themselves, drew deep breaths 鈥 and saw Rand over the Maidens鈥 heads. Their eyes nearly popped out of their faces. Each man glanced sideways at the other, and then they were on their knees. One stared fixedly at the floor; the other squeezed his eyes shut, and Perrin heard him praying under his breath. 鈥淪o am I loved,鈥 Rand said softly. - A Crown of Swords
Ruling is not always about being popular, beloved, compassionate, always being right etc. I doubt GRRM intends it to be that way. He has given several instances of rulers and leaders in his books and as he points out none of them has had it easy. Hindsight is 2020 and all that and leader often times make unpopular decisions.
I am torn on Dany鈥檚 ending. On the one hand, I find it hard to believe that GRRM is going to kill off a character that he spend so much time building up as a ruler. She is also one of the big 5, who is mentioned as surviving till the end along with Jon, Arya, Bran and Tyrion in the original outline. Why would he kill off just Dany from the big 5?
But would Benioff and Weiss really kill off Daenerys if she does not die in the books? That鈥檚 a really big departure for a central book character. I think GRRM knows the endings of the big 5 - in interviews he has always stated that he knows Jon, Arya and Tyrion鈥檚 endings.
So whether Dany lives or dies in the books? I don鈥檛 know. It will indeed be very disappointing if she does die though. I want the big 5 to make it and have decently good endings.
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elfy-elf-imagines4 months ago
Champagne Problems | Elladan
Pairing: Elladan x Human!reader
Genre: Angsssssttt
Warnings: ---
Words: 2k
Note: If you鈥檇 like to be added to a tag list for any of my works, there鈥檚 a link on my page 馃挄 I have a potential part 2 in mind for this, so let me know if you鈥檇 like to see it!
Tumblr media
An odd concept to accept after years of nonstop war. The sudden change from devastating battles to peaceful leisure was like a slap in the face, sending you reeling and scrambling to adjust. Yet here you were, standing in the midst of Minas Tirith鈥檚 feast hall in silks instead of ringmail, with braids dancing through your hair, soft curls flowing down your back. Everyone in the room was either drunk or nearly there; merry cheers and stories of grandeur echoing in the hall, quickly overtaking the minstrels in the far corner. The room looked like a fairytale, pulled from the imagination of a small girl with her head stuck in the clouds.
You're sitting at the same table you sat upon upon first entering the hall, and it鈥檚 where you鈥檒l remain until the night ends, only moving to retire to bed. The people around you were as rowdy and as boisterous as the rest of the room. Legolas鈥 eyes were glassy from wine, loosening his normally tight mouth. Elladan and Elrohir took full advantage of this, gathering verbal ammunition that they would use against him for the rest of eternity.聽
But Elladan鈥檚 head wasn鈥檛 as in it as Elrohir, his eyes wandering to you more often than not, his ocean eyes carefully watching you. Normally you鈥檙e the life of the party, beguiling people with witty jokes and enrapturing tales - both fiction and not. But tonight you鈥檝e hardly muttered a word - only answering questions with short responses and vacant eyes. There鈥檚 a slight smile on your lips, but it didn鈥檛 reach your eyes, not the way it normally would. Your head was heavy, swirling with thoughts you鈥檝e constantly suppressed.
It was never the right time. Never the right place. And never the most important thing. Because getting lost in champagne problems whilst everyone around you was dying was ridiculous. But now you couldn鈥檛 contain them anymore, now that Sauron was gone, his orcs fleeing and quickly dwindling in numbers, there鈥檚 nothing keeping them at bay.聽
You looked at Elladan, and he looked at you. He smiled, a genuine beaming one that was so contagious you returned it, but it lacked the lightness in his. Instead it was more somber, showcasing the weight of all your thoughts.聽
鈥淒ance with me,鈥 Elladan whispered in your ear, a gleam in his eyes that told you not to refuse, even as everything screamed at you to do just that.聽
Instead of answering, you placed your hand in his, standing from the table, and allowed him to guide the two of you to the center of the makeshift dance floor. The sea of humans - speckled with the occasional elf or dwarf - parted like the Red Sea, curious eyes stuck on you. It was nerve wracking, pressing onto your lungs until you nearly couldn鈥檛 breathe, the unspoken expectations laid before you stifling. But you tried to mask it, hoping to pretend it away.
Elladan placed one hand on your waist, while you put one on his shoulder, the both of you intertwining the fingers of your remaining hand. The sweet ballad rang through the room, almost managing to pierce through the echoing laughs. You glanced at your feet, careful to not step on Elladan鈥檚 feet or to trip up. Or maybe it was just so you didn鈥檛 have to look in his face.聽
The two of you started to sway with the music, free flowing and unchoreographed. To any bystanders the two of you were in perfect sync, like two halves that came together as one person. But you didn鈥檛 feel in sync. Everything seemed slightly off beat; you鈥檇 move too far to the left while he tried to veer right. And you don鈥檛 know why, you used to move as one, in perfect sync constantly.聽
Actually, that was a lie, you do know why everything, but you won鈥檛 admit it.聽
Not when you finally got him back.聽
鈥淎re you well, meleth? You seem...not entirely yourself,鈥 Elladan asked, his lips inches away from your ear, breath hitting your neck, causing goosebumps to travel up your body. He pulled back, his eyes meeting yours. There鈥檚 concern in them, but also a passionate desire to do anything to make you feel alright. Like he鈥檇 alter the path of the sun to rise in the west and set in the east if he thought it might please you. Your stomach twists in knots, heart feeling a touch heavier than it had a moment earlier. He always looked at you like that, and you used to love that, returning it with equal fervor.聽
Another thing that seemed different.
But you put a smile on your lips, forcing it to seem as bright as possible.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 okay, just a bit tired I suppose. It鈥檚 been awhile since I鈥檝e been able to celebrate without Sauron and his forces looming over me like a dark cloud,鈥 you answered. His eyes continue to bore into your eyes, searching for any lies. He finds none, so he simply nods his head, tightening his grip on you, pulling your body closer against his.聽
鈥淚 understand. War has weighed heavily on all of us these past years. I鈥檓 just glad you returned to me,鈥 he said, voice nearly drowned out by a group of drunken dwarfs, their cheers clashing horribly with the music. You almost wish they had been, so you wouldn鈥檛 have to feel the tightness in your chest, or the throbbing of your head.聽
Suffocating guilt that left you breathless.聽
鈥淢e too,鈥 you whispered, keeping your voice quiet, not wanting to betray the storm whirling inside your head.聽
Silence, was there always this silence between the two of you.聽
鈥淚 have something I want to ask you. I wanted to wait for a better time, but I can hardly take it anymore,鈥 Elladan said, briefly pulling you from your mind. Confusion and curiosity sliced through the storm clouds, momentarily bringing daylight, if only for a moment. Your lips curled upwards, a small and sweet smile on them. Like gems, your eyes shined with child-like excitement, anxious to have your curiosity sated.聽
鈥淲hat is it?鈥 you asked.聽
He pauses, swallowing thickly. He glanced upwards towards the ceiling, then at Aragorn, then back at you.聽
鈥淢arry me.鈥澛
鈥淲hat?鈥 Your voice was hardly above a whisper - similar to a croak of a frog or the rasp of an old evil witch from any fairytale. You heard him, clear as day, but maybe he鈥檒l change his mind, and take it back. You didn鈥檛 want him to mean it. Because that鈥檒l mean you鈥檇 shatter his heart made of glass, taking it in your hand and dropping it to the floor.聽
鈥淢arry me,鈥 he said, louder this time, gaining the attention of a few nearby dancers. Their heads whip in your direction, whispers already on the tip of their tongues, echoing in your head like hissing serpents.聽
鈥淚-- why?鈥 Your heart wasn鈥檛 pounding, nor was your mind bombarded with a million and one things. Instead your heart was completely still, beating as if you were a dead man, with a mind devoid of any coherent thoughts - like a room of only white walls.聽
鈥淏ecause I love you. What other reason do I need?鈥 Elladan answered, brows furrowed in confusion. This wasn鈥檛 how he planned for it to go, you weren鈥檛 supposed to react this way, so why were you? He had a speech prepared, but instead he found himself speechless.聽
You opened your mouth, but nothing came out. All the words you wanted to say - needed to say - entangle themselves on the tip of your tongue, vying to escape first. Your stomach twisted uncomfortably, heart heavy in your chest. There was a pulsing sensation in your head, an odd pain associated with having to deal with a problem you never wanted to face.聽
鈥淚 can鈥檛.鈥 Your voice was a whisper, but Elladan鈥檚 elf ears easily heard them. And he wished he never had. You shook your head, taking a step away from him, and he followed you, as if the two of you were still dancing, his arms outstretched and eager to pull you into his embrace.聽聽
鈥淵/N--鈥 You take another step back, and still time he didn鈥檛 follow, his arm limply hanging at his sides.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry,鈥 you said, managing to speak the words in between the sobs that threatened to pour out of your mouth. Without a moment of hesitation, you turned, and rushed towards the exit. No one stopped you, instead the crowd of people parted from you as if you held the plague and one touch would kill them.聽
You escape the Main Hall, finding solace in the empty hallway. The silence and emptiness was comforting, yet left you drowning in waves of emotion you brought onto yourself.聽
The door opened once more, allowing some cheers to pour into the hallway, before it shut with a loud thud. You turn, and see Elladan. He didn鈥檛 speak, but he didn鈥檛 need to. His eyes said a million things, asking all the questions you didn鈥檛 want to answer. But there鈥檚 one in particular you pick out, the one loudest in his eyes.
His eyes are pleading, the devastation you caused him clear as day on his face. You already know the answer, your response leaving your mouth without a moment of hesitation.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 human.鈥澛燞e scoffed, giving you the chance to elaborate.聽
You didn鈥檛.
鈥淎nd I鈥檓 an elf, what does it matter?鈥 he asked, voice louder and firmer than before. The words rang in your ears, echoing in the hall and dissipating into another corridor to haunt another couple.聽
鈥淚t should,鈥 you responded, trying to pretend that you weren鈥檛 ruining what should be a night of celebration.聽
鈥淏ut it doesn鈥檛,鈥 Elladan argued, stepping closer to you, and you move back, pressing tightly against the wall, hoping to melt into the stone and disappear forever.聽聽
鈥淚t will when I die and you鈥檙e all alone.鈥澛
The words were sharp and piercing, bypassing all the armor he encased himself with. But you weren鈥檛 ashamed nor did you regret saying them. It鈥檚 the only thing you鈥檝e been able to think about for months now, lingering with you like a ghost. The inevitable end the two of you would have to face, his half-elven blood forcing him to make a decision he never should; it was all too much. To spend eternity with his family - to be reunited with his mother whose fate still haunted him - or stay with you, a mortal who would die before he could blink. You couldn鈥檛 fathom being the reason he鈥檇 have to decide.
鈥淚鈥檇 rather have you for one lifetime than an immortal life without you,鈥 he said, determination covering his face like war pain; stubborn like an ox and unyielding like a mountain, the same he鈥檇 always been.聽
鈥淏ut I can鈥檛 do that, I won鈥檛 make you choose,鈥 you said, trying to keep your voice steady and strong; like the steel of the blade you wield in battle.聽
鈥淪o you鈥檒l break my heart?鈥 he asked, a crack in his fa莽ade, voice shaking like a weeping child.
鈥淚鈥檒l do it eventually, so I might as well do it now before you give up everything,鈥 you answered, salty tears dripping from your eyes and onto your trembling lips. He opened his mouth, ready to fight for what he wanted, not willing to let you slip through his fingers - not yet at least, not when he just got you back. But you shook your head, tears blurring your vision, making everything hazy and distorted.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 you said. You took one step to your left, waiting for him to make a move or to try and stop you. But he doesn鈥檛. Instead he watched you walk away, tears streaming down his face and onto the marble floor.聽
You fled the scene, with your head held high, trying to feign dignity you didn鈥檛 possess.聽
鈥楬e鈥檒l be fine.鈥 聽you thought to yourself. 鈥楬e won鈥檛 remember all my champagne problems.鈥
You had to believe that, to keep repeating the words over and over again. Because if you didn鈥檛, if your belief cracked even for a split second, you don鈥檛 think you鈥檇 be able to bear it.聽
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okay but i mUST know. what..... i mean how did you start shipping grima and eomer??? am i missing something bookcanon-wise? like..... could you explain it to me?? I'm definitely intrigued!
oh lord - I started shipping them maybe ten years ago? It was something I stumbled upon, there was a fanfic on Livejournal that I read and it was them and I thought: Huh, I like the dynamic.聽
So no, you aren鈥檛 missing anything book!canon-wise.聽
Grima does have his sarcastic moments which we were robbed of in the film. Including him sassing Treebeard.聽
Because LOTR is ultimately a comedy.聽
Eomer is more somber in the movies and less hot-headed/prone to acting before thinking than he is in the books. We were also robbed of the time Saruman called Eomer a serpent, which is something I enjoy reading into as I like to imagine there is a bit of a cunning streak beneath Eomer鈥檚 bonhomie.聽
But the two of them interacting? There is nothing 鈥渙n screen鈥 in the book, but clearly they did. Aside from Eomer threatening Grima鈥檚 life in the king鈥檚 hall for, presumably, treason & looking-at-Eowyn reasons (which is why he was under quasi-house arrest when Gandalf et al showed up), they would have interacted. Like, it would make absolutely no sense if they never talked to each other/didn鈥檛 know one another.聽
Grima is a member of the King鈥檚 Household (he's taken an oath to Theoden and fulfills an adviser role, which makes him most likely a household member. It would be weird if he wasn鈥檛) and Eomer grew up in Theoden鈥檚 household after his parents died.聽
We don鈥檛 know how long Grima has been working for Theoden, but I always assumed it was for a fair while. Well before the Treason Years, if only based on the line from Gandalf: 鈥淭his here, is a snake. To slay it [Grima] would be just. But it was not always as it is now. Once it was a man, and it did you service in its fashion.鈥
So, they would have known each other, interacted, worked together in some capacity. Eomer as Third Marshal would have had dealings with his uncle鈥檚 main adviser, just out of necessity to make sure there鈥檚 coordinated approaches in tithing, maintaining winter rations, defense of the borders, road maintenance etc. All those day to day workings of a geographically disparate kingdom.
Anyway - as for why I ship them? tl;dr: I like the opposite-attract dynamic; couples-who-bicker is a favourite trope; angst!potential!high!; fun things to explore in terms of leadership/kingship/how do you make a decision when there is no moral choice to be made? All options for X situation are terrible. Make your bed and lie in it./Necessary Man + Honourable Man = hnnnngyes/People finding their way in from the cold is beautiful/I just Really Love Redemption Ok??聽
I like the dynamic - I am a sucker for The Mean Cold One Falls In Love With The Sunshine One. Also, if we run with Eomer being a little more sly than people assume he is, there is a lot of possibility there with the two of them snaking around one another.聽
(Grima: I thought I was the only gay snake in the village.)聽聽
Grima is a favourite character and I never was into Grima/Eowyn, personally. They鈥檙e too similar (two sides of the same coin), so it鈥檚 not really my cup of tea. I love dynamic, drastic opposites. Also, I almost never write/engage with straight pairings in fandom. Ever. Because I can鈥檛 write straight people. Everyone is bi/queer/something when I write them. (Side-characters are an exception; but main people? Never straight)聽
Enemies-to-grumblegrumble-to-lovers is the Best Trope; followed closely by we-must-continue-to-pretend-to-be-enemies-for-reputation-reasons.聽
Court! Politics! Are! Fun! Grima and Eomer as a team is such a ruthless combo and all of Rohan should tremble. Like actually though, great power couple potential.
Angst potential is high! But with catharsis, because this is LOTR after all.聽
Grima鈥檚 subversion of gender is something that speaks to me on a spiritual level. Much of it is born from the classic聽鈥渆vil=effeminate鈥 equation that consciously, or subconsciously, appears in fiction for misogyny/homophobic/etc. reasons. But, it鈥檚 present in the text and I am always drawn to those characters and enjoy smashing them together with their polar opposite.
The above is further complicated by Rohan鈥檚 hyper-masculine militarized idealization of manliness and what is expected of men in terms of behaviour; occupation; relationships with each other and with women; socialization etc.聽 聽
Trauma is born from relationships, and it is through relationships that we heal trauma. This isn鈥檛 to say that you can聽鈥渇ix鈥 or聽鈥渉eal鈥漮r聽鈥渟ave鈥 a person, because you can鈥檛. That鈥檚 not how things work. But relationships are still integral to healing. Particularly, having safe, healthy ones help give a person the space they need to work through their things and come out the other side.
I love the journey of someone who is on the bad-guy side switching over to the good side but they still remain an ugly person in many ways. Goodness doesn鈥檛 require niceness. Grima is a nasty person, but I like the idea of him being a mean piece of work who is has learned to be like I GUESS I WILL MAKE THE MORAL CHOICE FUCK IT FINE. UGH.聽
Eomer learning kingship, especially in the shadow of Theodred鈥檚 death and Aragorn鈥檚 Straight-From-A-Fairy-Tale kingship, has buckets of potential. So, adding to that, Grima/Eomer makes for an excellent opportunity to explore power, what it means to lead, what it means to be a real-human-king and not the ideal that is stitched into tapestries and sung about in mead halls.聽
Related to the above: questions of what it means to be the Necessary Man who makes the Necessary But Often Brutal Decisions are fun to explore, and again, this dynamic really lends itself to it. More so, if you run with Eomer having a bit of a snakish streak in him that he is aware of - take your pick on if he is trying to suppress it; work with it; run with it; ignore it lalala je suis Honourable(tm).聽
Additionally, the idea of love of country and desire to ensure survival becoming warped into something evil? I live for it. Then finding a way back to the light? Sign me up.聽
Sorry for the long reply! Again,聽tl;dr: I like the opposite-attract dynamic; couples-who-bicker is a favourite trope; angst!potential!high!; fun things to explore in terms of leadership/kingship/how do you make a decision when there is no moral choice to be made? All options for X situation are terrible. Make your bed and lie in it./Necessary Man + Honourable Man = hnnnngyes/People finding their way in from the cold is beautiful/I just Really Love Redemption Ok??
Much of what I like about them is bound up in what I like about Grima and his character and the potential that he had to exemplify the idea that it is a kind act, a loving act, that can change the world. Frodo offered his hand, offered forgiveness, offered safety and peace and Grima was going to take it (and all that comes with that, including relearning goodness). But then Tolkien killed him off. What a sad ending.聽
Anyway - not sure if this makes sense or is helpful as a response!聽
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abrazimir4 months ago
meta + Galadriel? what she said to him in Lothl贸rien and how that affected him? any continued effects or feelings in verses where he survives?
Requests for Headcanons! - ALWAYS ACCEPTING
SO there is some pretty clear book canon on at the topic,聽manner聽and effect聽of Galadriel鈥檚 interrogation of Boromir, confirmed by Frodo, Faramir and Boromir himself.聽
鈥楾o me it seemed exceedingly strange,鈥 said Boromir. `Maybe it was only a test, and she thought to read our thoughts for her own good purpose; but almost I should have said that she was tempting us, and offering what she pretended to have the power to give.鈥 - Boromir Frodo caught something new and strange in Boromir鈥檚 glance, and he looked hard at him. Plainly Boromir鈥檚 thought was different from his final words. It would be folly to throw away: what? The Ring of Power? He had said something like this at the Council, but then he had accepted the correction of Elrond.聽 - Frodo 'Boromir, O Boromir! What did she say to you, the Lady that dies not? What did she see? What woke in your heart then? Why went you ever to Laurelindorenan, and came not by your own road, upon the horses of Rohan riding home in the morning?' - Faramir
Galadriel was tempting him with the ring and that caused his attempt to take it.聽
It鈥檚 important to put this into context of her other conversations with the fellowship too, everyone else spoke of being tempted by home and the promise of returning to what was safe and familiar to them and not having to worry for the fellowship anymore. But, of course, that could not聽be what she promised Boromir. He lives this quest, his home IS the quest. And Boromir knows what the others were tempted by, because they discuss it together, which I think was a deeply alienating moment for him. It put into the starkest perspective that his priorities were simply not the same as the fellowship鈥檚. Which is an important addition to his mindset going forward.聽
Another important part of this mix is that Boromir, at this point, does not trust in the fellowship. They have been lead through horror and darkness, ignoring or belittling his suggestions to NOT go through horror and darkness the entire way, and by the time Gimli has been threatened with death by Haldir (whom he鈥檚 told to trust) and Galadriel has invaded his mind- Boromir doesn鈥檛 trust the judgement of anyone within the fellowship anymore. Not that he considers them bad people, he just doesn鈥檛 believe they have the ability to complete this quest.聽
So Boromir has lost faith with the fellowship鈥檚 perspective of聽the quest and their ability to do聽it. And then Galadriel tempts Boromir with the ring, and that is the moment that Boromir begins to view the ring as something that can be used. He has聽鈥榓ccepted the correction of Elrond鈥 up until this point. But now his advice seems hollow, careless and ill advised.聽
Heartbreakingly, Boromir does recognise that Galadriel is manipulating him somehow, but that just isn鈥檛 enough for him to discount it, not with the weight of all his loss of faith and mounting grim doom. And this is important too, Boromir鈥檚 reach for the ring is entirely聽logical. No one could blame him for thinking this was the most sensible decision, but once he has that reasonable hook then the ring can control him in short bursts, like making him attack Frodo.聽
So! Yes, in a version where Boromir lives, this significantly and enduringly impacts his view on Galadriel and elves as a whole. I always find it funny that people have this perception of Boromir going from聽mistrusting elves to聽coming around to them as he meets and befriends more, when it鈥檚 entirely the opposite. Boromir came ready to trust Elrond and from then on every subsequent elf he met made him trust them less. He doesn鈥檛 blame Galadriel for his taking the ring, that was his failure, but he views her as fell and dangerous and with motives he cannot and will not ever decipher. He also views elves as folk who are very self serving and hypocritical, with a desire to be lauded as good and merciful but no urge to do anything overly taxing to earn those titles.聽
And this impression reflects directly on Arwen! And colours his view of her. It is hard to see her decisions as sacrifices when so many of his own people have died horrifically just to keep Mordor at bay. When she has already lived thousands of years and will live a hundred more in peace and love as Queen of a country who鈥檚 traumas she has never seen and will never comprehend. And he does not trust that she has the empathy for humanity necessary to feel any of that, he does not trust that elves view humans as anything more than things to be manipulated (as he believes her grandmother does). She married Aragorn yes, but he鈥檚 very conscious that Aragorn was raised culturally elven, and is a king.聽
I could not tell you why Galadriel did this! She was testing the fellowship, but in that case Boromir must聽have failed that test. So why didn鈥檛 she do anything with that information? Why do this to him if she was never going to use it in the first place, and why treat him so differently from the others? Who knows what John was ever thinking or intending, a mystery! But it鈥檚 a moment with a dramatic effect on Boromir鈥檚 actions and thoughts going forward and he never really shakes it.聽
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unnamedelement5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Image description: The first image is a drawing of Gimli from the side. He sits at a table in the archives/library in Minas Tirith and is holding a piece of parchment in his [poorly drawn] hand. There is a sheaf of notes to his left, and a venn diagram similar to the one in Image Two is sketched on it. The second image is a picture of notes from a statistics lecture on multiple regression. There is a three-way venn diagram in the upper right hand corner and others notes scrawled about.
聽I don鈥檛 usually draw because it is absolutely not at ALL one of my skills and talents--have you SEEN the beautiful things people create in this fandom?!--but I started doodling after a headcanon came to me during the last hour of my Stats class today, and it carried me away. So here is a picture of Gimli laboring in the library in Minas Tirith, poring through old lore about the elves and their ailments, in an attempt to lift the spirit of his friend in the only way he knows how. Also, please indulge me by reading a new headcanon I have about dwarves. Eventually I鈥檒l be writing up this little concept into a one-shot spinoff of my WIP series At Sea in the Middle of Ithilien.聽
Non-Spoiler Summary of the Series this Headcanon Orbits
You can find the At Sea series here (Part I) and here (Part II, the WIP). Most of my other writing about the sea-longing can be found at this link.聽 聽Please dear God, do not hesitate to talk to me on Tumblr, Ao3, or FF about the sea-longing. There is little in this Middle-earth I love more than exploring this concept.
Long and short of it, these stories take place around Fourth Age 30. Legolas and his elves--including his partner--are living in Ithilien while Gimli is in Aglarond. Legolas has been increasingly struggling with the Sea-longing, and the methods he and his friends have employed for years to curb it are running thin. Eventually, a tragedy of sort strikes, and it forces them all to take a new approach. Because Gimli has always been Legolas鈥 anchor in the midst of the Sea-longing, they begin the long labor of piecing Legolas back together.
And that鈥檚 where the headcanon comes in! Click below to read about dwarves and statistics and how Gimli tries to heal his favorite elf鈥檚 heart.
Basically, I decided that dwarves have an excellent understanding of mathematics and statistical analysis--beyond the understanding of even the Noldor in the Third Age--due to the limitations of their mortal lives. They are makers, creators, craftsmen, and builders, and they do not have forever to wait around to watch what happens, to piece together the patterns of things, and yet there is a drive and a fire to create. And, thus, for dwarves, math and formulas and statistics become a key and increasingly complex part of not just the designing of things but also the predicting of them. The dwarves collect data on a number of things, so they can answer questions like--聽In what circumstances is a flood most likely to collapse a tunnel? What factors increase the likelihood of death during famine? Which jewels are most lucrative when brought in which seasons to which markets of Men? Dwarves are a sturdy people, but this self-created knowledge is part of what makes them so. So, after the War, Gimli brings these skills of his people to Minas Tirith and then, afterward, to the Glittering Caves--the planning and safety of these places, their structures and their beauty is rivaled only by the reliability of his work.聽 Thirty years pass and we are just past the time of At Sea. Gimli and Legolas travel together while he puts himself back together, and they follow Aragorn鈥檚 careful instructions on all those things that he thinks and he hopes--as a healer--are most likely to keep Legolas鈥 feet on the ground.聽But elves are not meant to resist the Sea, and they do not have much to go on but supposition and prayer.聽 But then Gimli begins to think. For, oftentimes, aren鈥檛 decisions made without all the data? Certainly there are not elves a-plenty to ask about the Sea here in the Fourth Age, he ponders, and there are none living save Legolas who are actively denying it, but surely there is information hidden about somewhere? There are archives in Minas Tirith, he muses, and libraries kept still by the Sons of Elrond in Imladris, after all... And if he can collect as much data as he possibly can from accounts of the past, might they not have a better idea of what things to expect, what things to avoid, and what things they might try to sooth his friend鈥檚 soul? For even if no elf in the history of the world resisted so long as his, there are probably hints hidden in all these millenia of writing that may open the door to improvement... And, so, when they return from their wandering, Gimli sets to it, for he is stalwart and stubborn and a solver of problems. He pores over texts and writes to Rivendell to ask they do the same; he recruits Faramir and Elboron to the project; he consults Arwen and writes to Mirkwood for whatever oral lore they may have stored away there in Wood-elven minds, and he works and works and works. He catalogues every possible example of Sea-longing and its effects and outcomes and the traits of the elves that have suffered it. He analyzes specific cases closely and uses them to guide the coding until he has buckets of predictors and traits and variables that might map onto outcomes and behaviors and feelings that he can just barely grasp, dwarven as he is, but that he hopes--if intervened on--might alter the course of things for his friend. So, eventually, Gimli has set to work with his formulas and his statistics, and he labors and calculates and checks and rechecks until he thinks he has some answers--he takes what he has found to Aragorn and Arwen, and eventually to Legolas and to his people. Then--after much time and much patience; some tears and much frustration; moments of failure and triumph and vulnerability and forgiveness--the stability of a new normal emerges, and it becomes a little bit more enjoyable and much more manageable for Legolas to move through a world in the Fourth Age of Men that is no longer built to accommodate elves. It is not perfect but it is enough. And that is the way that Gimli became the first dwarf in Middle-earth to labor so for the cause of an elf as to be named elvellon twice over. And it is also the story of how a dwarf became the first person in the history of their world to approach the healing of hearts in so logical a way that--nestled within the complimentary knowledge of those things beyond numbers--a new era of treatment was born. And all of this because a Dwarf could not bear to be parted from his Elf.
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absynthe--minded5 months ago
I liked your post about why Aragorn is qualified to be a king, and I wondered what you make of George R. R. Martin's answer to his own question? If the Game of Thrones show runners are being honest that king Bran is his plan, I'd love to know how you interpret that in relation to his criticism of LotR.
So first off I want to say that I鈥檓 not actually sure I buy that Bran is going to be King of Westeros - I tend to side with joannalannister鈥檚 endgame theories over GoT, though I think some things about the ending of the show are accurate (who lives and who dies, the Iron Throne being destroyed somehow, Sansa as either Queen in the North or Lady of Winterfell). I don鈥檛 recall who it is who told Bran that greenseers鈥 lives are short (I think Bloodraven but I鈥檓 not gonna say for sure, despite knowing quite a lot about ASOIAF I鈥檓 not a fan and can鈥檛 always cite accurately from memory) but I don鈥檛 foresee him living long enough to be a very effective king.
Assuming he is king, and that there鈥檚 a Great Council that鈥檚 going to act as an oligarchy and elect a ruler every time the old one dies? I think realistically you鈥檇 see Bran dealing with the same kinds of problems that Jon (as Lord Commander of the Night鈥檚 Watch) or Dany (as Queen of Meereen) or even Ned in AGOT might have dealt with - it鈥檚 hard to make good decisions when you鈥檙e governing a lot of people. It鈥檚 hard to be a good person according to your own moral code and to please everyone, especially when they鈥檒l happily rebel against you or subvert your aims or straight up tell you they鈥檙e not listening. (Also frankly I want to see where Bran ends up moral-development-wise before I make a call about whether or not he even qualifies as a good person, because at the moment I don鈥檛 know where his warging-into-humans is going to take him and if he winds up king while still having some conception of that as being okay? Hm. Plus it鈥檚 just terrifying to think of a young king with the ability to take control of any animal or human he likes while also having greenseer capability - he could be spying on you at just about any moment, and ought one person have that much power? But that鈥檚 not what鈥檚 being asked.) I think King Brandon would have to face a lot of challenges and he鈥檇 have to do it without the stability of the old regime that kept the realm working even after Robert鈥檚 Rebellion, and if he wound up taking the reins he鈥檇 have a lot of long, hard work ahead of him to create a functional government, and Martin seems like the kind of writer who would temper any idealistic reforms with challenges and struggles. Also Bran would probably be in a position of having to rely heavily on more politically savvy advisors, and whether or not those advisors would be good people is up in the air.
I think Martin鈥檚 answer, that there is no such thing as an uncompromisingly good person who鈥檚 also a good ruler because ruling is hard, is a worthwhile examination of the question of morality in politics. It鈥檚 certainly more realistic-to-our-world than Tolkien鈥檚 鈥渆very good person is also a good politician who鈥檚 competent and well-trained for their role鈥, though I find Tolkien鈥檚 world more fun because it鈥檚 substantially less depressing. My issue with his comments on Aragorn comes from the fact that by painting Aragorn as a person who鈥檚 just Good At Ruling Because He鈥檚 A Good Man, Martin simplifies Tolkien鈥檚 worldbuilding and ignores or glosses over the very real work done to make Aragorn a good candidate for the throne of Gondor outside of his moral fiber or his divinely-ordained destiny. He鈥檚 not magically the best option just because he鈥檚 there and a Lawful Good type, he鈥檚 had 80 years basically of prepping for this job. It鈥檚 still an idealistic story, but it鈥檚 idealistic in a different way. And I鈥檓 frustrated by people who miss the canonical depth while also acting as if they can speak authoritatively on the choices JRRT made, or who act as if a deliberate choice for idealism and simplified good-vs-evil are immature and unrealistic and unsatisfying by virtue of not reveling in complexity and grimdark faux-history, and then pat themselves on the back for being objectively 鈥渂etter鈥 when they鈥檝e just made a choice that鈥檚 different from the one Tolkien made and isn鈥檛 better or worse solely on the basis of tone.
(I think the showrunners for GoT missed the point, tbh, by deciding Bran gets to be king. They鈥檙e derailing their 鈥渞ealistic鈥 plot and perspective to end with a decision that makes very little sense according to even their own in-universe rules. I鈥檓 aware this probably isn鈥檛 what you wanted to hear and I鈥檓 sorry, lol, I got stuck on a tangent.)
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dalleyan6 months ago
After the Rain 聽(Ch 4 of new LoTR story posted, 10-28-20)
Grief can drown a person, unless someone throws a lifeline, but just who is the rescuer and who is being rescued? 聽
聽 Complete in 5 chapters.
聽Chapter 4 聽 聽 (late July-early Aug, 3020 III)
The Valar have a sense of humor. 聽An odd one, to be sure, but they have one all the same. 聽There may be those who doubt it, but I stand firm in my conviction of this truth. 聽How else to explain my situation? 聽Just as I decided to remain in the Mark rather than riding to Gondor to woo a lady there, where do I end up? 聽In Gondor!
Two days after I sent my reply to Lothiriel鈥檚 letter, a messenger rode into our camp full tilt, bringing word from Aragorn of trouble with some dissident Haradrim causing problems in Ithilien. 聽Peace had largely been established, after the War, with most from that land, but there were still those unhappy about Sauron鈥檚 defeat who continued to weary Gondor鈥檚 eastern border. 聽Aragorn asked that I bring an eored, and ride with him to quell the difficulty, and I could not refuse. 聽So I found myself riding for Gondor in spite of my full intention not to go there at present.
Still, despite the irony inherent to this circumstance, I reminded myself that Lothiriel was of Dol Amroth, not Minas Tirith, and I was unlikely to encounter her during my brief time in the White City.
Wrong again! 聽I arrived at Mundburg only to learn that Imrahil had come to offer counsel to Aragorn, and his daughter had accompanied him. 聽Before I could even fully adjust to that discovery, I was being drawn into a meeting with said lady. 聽That was when I got my next unexpected jolt. 聽Perhaps because I always envisioned Lothiriel as she had looked at Eowyn鈥檚 wedding, I had forgotten that Gondor mourns differently. 聽Seeing her still clad in her stark mourning attire was like being doused with a bucket of cold water.
Surely any overtures I might have been inclined to make toward her, would not only be inappropriate but unwelcome. 聽I suppose, in the long run, it was just as well that I was reminded of her sorrowing state before I inadvertently wrote something in a letter that would offend her. 聽Here I had set out to ease her grief, and yet I had callously pressed beyond it long before she was ready to do so.
Gazing at her, I wondered which of us had the right of it. 聽Did Gondor mourn excessively, or did Rohan lay aside their grief too quickly? 聽I still thought of Theoden and Theodred; indeed, it seemed I wondered almost every day what decisions they would make in my stead toward resolving the problems the Mark faced. Even so, any pain I felt over their loss was not expressed outwardly. 聽My pain was my own, and kind words from another person would not ease it, or so I thought. 聽I knew there were people who wept and wailed long after someone had died, and I certainly did not think Lothiriel that sort, but Gondor鈥檚 outward show of loss by wearing mourning clothes for a full year seemed too much, as though seeking perpetual consolation from others.
On the other hand, once a precedent has been set, how would one break the tradition without suffering censure? 聽While Gondor had tolerated Imrahil鈥檚 family setting aside their somber clothes for Faramir鈥檚 wedding, I did not think they would be so understanding if they failed to properly display their tragedy for the prescribed duration. Even if Lothiriel wished to put away her mourning sooner, it was unlikely she could do so unscathed. 聽The attending uproar probably would cause her more pain than simply adhering to society鈥檚 strictures.
continue reading on AO3:
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elfstone6 months ago
what is the significance of aragorn's love for / relationship with frodo and how has it shaped him?
frodo doesn鈥檛 get to return to the world that he鈥檚 saved. his journey has changed him fundamentally in a way that makes it impossible for him to relate to the world, to experience it actively. i think there is a part of aragorn that feels the same way, though a smaller part, and i also think there is a part of him that feels that frodo鈥檚 part should have been his鈥攖hough he knows that if he鈥檇 had frodo鈥檚 part, he would have failed. he could not have done what frodo did. not only has frodo done what he could not do, he also takes on the suffering that aragorn feels should have been his, but couldn鈥檛 have been.
when frodo realizes the danger of the ring, his immediate impulse is to abandon the place that he loves in order to protect it. he does not, at that time, bemoan that it鈥檚 his lot, and he doesn鈥檛 try to pass it off on someone else. he鈥檚 doesn鈥檛 wait, or hesitate, or run. he鈥檚 truly selfless in a deliberate and simple way that aragorn, at the time of learning his destiny, was not.
hobbits aren鈥檛 men and they aren鈥檛 elves (who are, in many ways, representative of lesser demigods when viewed amongst mortals). frodo doesn鈥檛 want to destroy the ring to right the wrongs of his ancestors or win a contest old as time against the entity of evil, he has no historical score to settle in this fight, no obligation of any kind. he wants to destroy the ring to protect his home and his neighbors. frodo volunteers to take the ring to the mountain purely because it is the right thing to do, the purest expression of moral free will. frodo believes they must do the right thing no matter what, and sam believes that they will succeed no matter what because they are doing the right thing. together, goodness and hope are what it takes to persevere against evil and despair.
someone like frodo has to be the heart of the story, because a man like aragon is too flawed to fill the role. but aragorn gets to live on in history, celebrated as the greatest man of his age, he gets to have happiness, love and children, a full life. he gets to primarily recover from his part in the story. but i think there is a part of aragorn that feels the same as frodo feels. he passed into the world of the dead, lead an army of dead, he confronted the wraiths聽(note that 茅owyn, too, has that permanent聽鈥榯ouch鈥 from the nazgul that i don鈥檛 think she ever fully recovers from, and i think it鈥檚 possible that, later in life, she and aragorn may be able to feel witnessed by one another in a lesser way, and provide some comfort), he was able to give of himself to use immortal magick (though he himself is not immortal) to save merry and 茅owyn and faramir from the touch of the black breath, he looked into the palant铆r and thus into the eye of evil where he communed in silence with sauron and wrestled the object to his own will (a feat whose danger can be compared as a lesser action to frodo鈥檚 using the ring to command gollum鈥檚 death, which changed him irrevocably, linked him to that thing which was destroyed and took that linked piece with it forever).
if we want to follow the metaphors of the trilogy through, these聽鈥榖rushes with evil鈥 that start to make wraiths of us are the incurably traumatic scars that arise from the perceived heroism of war. frodo has them most gravely, aragorn has them, faramir and 茅owyn both have them. every member of the fellowship has them to some degree, as do countless others in the world. but frodo is the only one who is unable to recover from them, he is the only who doesn鈥檛 get to ever truly come home. he loses his future, and he loses his feeling of connection to the present.
aragorn loves frodo for who he is, because he鈥檚 good, and wise, and clever. funny and tender and curious. but he also loves frodo because there are parts of them both that no one else can understand. they share trauma, and they share despair. aragorn loves him so much, sam loves him so much, all of the fellowship love him, but love is not always enough to save the ones we love. and there鈥檚 a special kind of heartbreak that we feel for the people whom we鈥檝e failed, who we couldn鈥檛 help, something we never get over.
that part of aragorn that can鈥檛 be in the world the same way really only feels less alone when he is in frodo鈥檚 company. i think there is a part of aragorn that only really feels real and valid and witnessed by frodo, by frodo alone. in the way that people who have experienced similar trauma find witness in one another. when frodo goes, that piece of himself is utterly alone. unreflected. unseen. when frodo elects to cross the sea, it is an obvious metaphor for death. the聽鈥榠t鈥檚 time to go鈥 impulse, the lack of this impulse, is /exactly/ the folly of men. it was their hubris in seeking immortality, their desire to take 鈥榚lvendom鈥 for themselves, to be a step closer to being gods, that destroyed numenor and drowned so much of the world, signaling the beginning of the end for the world as it was before time.聽 it鈥檚 the earliest form of greed for men, the most powerful metaphor for it. aragorn watches frodo say goodbye to the world, and then, a hundred years later, he himself makes the same decision, and dies.
tolkien makes it a聽鈥榩assing鈥 into the west, the undying lands where the notion of elvendom-associated-with-godhood began, where living at the feet of the gods meant the聽鈥榤ortal鈥 world was meaningless, and where elves who are killed in middle earth can return to that life amongst the gods, but we know that hobbits aren鈥檛聽鈥榦f鈥 the west, just as men aren鈥檛, even if tolkien is trying to soften the blow by disguising that death as a passage to peace. men, in tolkien鈥檚 world, have no afterlife. hobbits don鈥檛 either.
it should also be noted that it is arwen who initially asks that frodo be taken to the undying lands in her place, requesting that gandalf petition the valar on her behalf, since she has elected to die rather than pass into the west thus leaving a 鈥榮pot鈥 open. we have the sense that this despair is something shared between them all, that they understand their own suffering in a way that they cannot share with others, but only amongst themselves. arwen doesn鈥檛 just give up immortality, she passes on the possibility of eternal peace to frodo, who takes bilbo to this place to die.
we don鈥檛 know that frodo lived forever in the godlands. mortals still die when they travel there and he, like gollum and bilbo, would have had a very long life due to his being 鈥榖ound鈥 to the ring, but we know that he died in the world that he saved the moment he decided to leave it. and that was his choice.
the monumental change after the war of the ring isn鈥檛 the defeat of sauron so much as it is, thematically, the end of immortality. the end of the gods, and their remnants, on earth. it鈥檚 the end of immortality that brings balance back to middle earth. aragorn chooses to die, to let go of the long life of westernesse (which can be read as elven-ness, which can then be read as godliness/god-ish-ness) and reject the original human greed against death, he accepts his own temporality, celebrates it, finds relief and peace in it, but frodo did it first, and aragorn watched and was involved in helping him find his way in that decision. and i know that the last thoughts in aragorn鈥檚 mind upon dying are thoughts of frodo, hopes for him, and simple sensation of peace in the conclusion of life through that feeling of love, through thinking聽鈥榓t last i follow frodo, as i always should have done.鈥
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