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morathicain · 2 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/2 Fandom: นิทานพันดาว | A Tale of Thousand Stars (TV) Rating: Mature Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Tian Sopasitsakun/Phupha Viriyanon Characters: Phupha Viriyanon, Tian Sopasitsakun Additional Tags: Bodyguard-AU, They're a bit OOC, Phupha is a professional bodyguard, with no connection to Tian's father, Tian has no health issues and is being a brat, Kinda, Getting Together, Just not yet, Pining, a bit of smut, Misunderstandings, this is NOT how being a bodyguard works, Highly unprofessional behaviour, But whatever, who could refuse Tian?, no beta we die like Thana Series: Part 5 of When Phupha and Tian invented love™ Summary:
tumblr-prompt: Phupha is Tian's bodyguard and Tian has no health issues. Shenanigans and pining happen!
Yes, ANOTHER bodyguard-AU XD this one a bit different, so have fun ;)
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ao3feed-todoroki · 2 minutes ago
Alone with You
Alone With You by FreshFruitAndChocolate
The last place Fuyumi thought she would see the number 2 hero in the country, is at a house party downtown.
Words: 8711, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/M
Characters: Todoroki Fuyumi, Takami Keigo | Hawks, Todoroki Enji | Endeavor, Todoroki Natsuo, Todoroki Shouto, Todoroki Rei, Dabi | Todoroki Touya, Original Female Character(s), Original Male Character(s)
Relationships: Takami Keigo | Hawks/Todoroki Fuyumi
Additional Tags: Past Abuse, Healing, House Party, Slow Dancing, Past Relationship(s), Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Todoroki Fuyumi-centric, Takami Keigo | Hawks-centric, Touch-Starved, both Fuyumi and Hawks really, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Character Study, Platonic Cuddling, i guess XD does it count as cuddling? idk, Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms
Read Here:
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concierge-bell · 2 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/?
Fandom: Infinity Train (Cartoon)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Ryan Akagi/Min-Gi Park
Characters: Ryan Akagi, Min-Gi Park, Min-Gi Park's Mother
Additional Tags: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Love Confessions, Alternate Universe, ghost au, No Train, Friends to Lovers, a lot of cursing lol, Not Actually Unrequited Love, Possible Unrequited Love, Humor, i guess?
"Look. I'm pretty confused too, alright? I'm still not entirely sure what's happening. All I know is I died, I figured out how to become a ghost, and now you're freaking out. Oh, and also you're in love with me."
"You heard that?!"
"Pretty hard not to."
Do you believe in the strange and unusual?
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morathicain · 6 minutes ago
I am the worst and I come back here to ask for a prompt if you continue accepting them XD Phutian! bodyguard! (Earth fits the suits really well, ugh). Tian has no heart problems, but his father has hired phupha to protect him because he likes to go out at night very much. and they fall in love! or they hate each other! or both! I don't know, I just want phupha in a suit (making tian super horny) and tian being a brat (and phupha want to discipline him.... and making him super horny too). XDDDD
Ahhhh, thank you for the prompt and sorry for taking so long! I know I wrote another bodyguard-AU already, but this one is now for you ;) after all the plotting we already did XD
Hope you're gonna like it ^^
Have you ever?
“How many times did you two cheat on him?!”
Phupha knew he was being petty. But they were currently being chased by three bulky men who had apparently been sent by the partner of one of Tian’s affairs and he might be the bodyguard, but come on!
“We didn’t!”
Luckily, Phupha’s death glare still worked while running for their lives.
“Twice!”, Tian shouted, clearly more out of breath already, “But I didn’t know!”
Okay, Phupha was ready to accept that, even if only because Tian was the type not to ask any unnecessary questions. Like: Will I be chased by hitmen if I sleep with you?!
With a snarl, he pulled Tian around a corner, deep into an alley, around another corner and down some steps, to the door of someone’s basement.
“Hey”, Tian tried to protest, but Phupha effectively put his hand over Tian’s mouth and glared at him, trying to convey all of his frustration and then some orders silently.
The footsteps of the men following them came closer, stopped, turned, came back and then vanished.
Phupha gave it a few more minutes before releasing Tian, who had by now stopped trying. Which was better for both of them.
If he’d needed another reason for why this guy needed a bodyguard, it had been today, really.
Scowling at Tian, who was stretching his neck now, still quiet though, he remembered the days when he’d still wondered why he had been engaged and if there was a secret behind it, like some sort of illness. He’d really feared Tian might drop dead any second for about half a week. Until the man had gotten into his first fist fight over a damn game.
Since then, Phupha had been busy with gaming opponents, random strangers who’d been pissed because Tian had looked at them wrong, people who had been rightfully pissed, ex-lovers and their partners.
Now, he didn’t believe Tian might die any second because of an unknown illness, but because someone had had finally enough and had sent a sniper after him. And he’d thought it would be an easy job, protecting a rich brat, when his boss had offered him the job.
Just something easy after the actor he’d protected before. Nothing too publicly or stressful.
Ha, he hadn’t known Tian and his friends yet.
“Thanks”, Tian finally said, standing with his back straight, his hair in order again, as well as his suit. And Phupha’s frustration rose, even more, making him want to ruffle this hair and suit until Tian looked as guilty as he was.
Images rose in Phupha’s mind, unsolicited, raising the heat in his cheeks.
Images of how he could ruffle this man and his handsome look and make him speechless for once. Make him breathless, too.
Ignoring the tightening in his chest, Phupha took a deep breath and stepped away.
No. He wouldn’t.
No matter how much he wanted, how it itched him to try.
“Stop fucking idiots who’re in a relationship”, he grumbled, albeit a bit late, as a response to Tian’s gratitude.
The guy had the audacity to smirk.
Phupha’s urge to push him against the next wall and rumple his suit aggressively, grew further. He settled on a scowl instead.
“How can I, if they lie to me about it?”
“Use your brain.”
“Na, too exhausting”, Tian shrugged and the smirk grew, “You tell me what I should do instead.”
Phupha stared, wondering if this was a trap. Had Tian actually asked him right now?
“Keep it in your pants.”
Tian almost recoiled at that, as if Phupha had requested the greatest sacrifice.
“But I don’t want to.”
“Then get a boyfriend”, Phupha had enough, just wanting out of this situation. It definitely wasn’t what he was being paid for, “Or a friend with benefits.”
Why Tian suddenly seemed so much closer than he had been only seconds before, Phupha couldn’t say, but he froze, reduced to a watching mess.
“Sounds like an idea”, was there a tongue wetting Tian’s lips?, “But where would I find such a person?”
Phupha was old, not dumb. He could recognise an innuendo if he heard one. He just couldn’t handle it.
Or to say it differently, he could, but not very good. His two options were to either kiss Tian right here and now, which would have been highly unprofessional, or flee.
And flee it was.
“Use your pretty head”, he gritted out, before walking up the stairs.
Better to fight those idiots than spend another second with Tian alone. Tian, who, of course, followed him.
“So, my head is pretty?”
“It won’t be anymore if those guys get us. You might want to shut up.”
Interestingly, Tian did exactly that, following Phupha silently and even carefully, but always close by. A bit contrary to what Phupha had wanted, but he couldn’t very well have left him there, even if he’d wished to.
Carefully, they stepped out of the alley, looking left and right, but no one was to be seen. Around the next corner, nothing as well. Another and they were almost back to where they had started, which was the club, where the car was parked at. And hopefully, no one had thought of waiting right there. Otherwise, they’d have to take a taxi.
Phupha’s annoyance was just rising again when they rounded the last corner, his eyes finding the car, left alone in the parking lot, as well as those bulky idiots a few hundred metres away.
And they weren’t looking yet.
“Come”, he whispered, grabbed Tian’s hand and ran, the man hot on his heels, his grip on Phupha’s hand tight.
They escaped.
It was a close call, but they did, with a racing heart and sweating, hands, holding on.
Five beer, Phupha had counted.
Five beer and something he hadn’t identified, which probably meant it was something strong. Strong and delicious from the way Tian’s eyes were glinting and how his laugh was getting louder.
Phupha edged closer, his eyes on the man directly next to Tian, who’d paid for the drink, uncomfortably close by now, his hand more often on Tian’s back than by his own side.
Tian was laughing, but otherwise, he didn’t seem interested, his flirting habits by now way too familiar. And, from what Phupha could see, he was already quite drunk.
Silently he stepped right next to Tian, his sharp gaze enough to make the guy shift in his seat, taking his hand back.
“Heeeey, P’”, Tian grinned as he recognised his bodyguard, making grabby hands in Phupha’s direction.
“Hey, Tian”, Phupha responded, letting the man keep a hold on him, “Are you tired?”
“You think I’m drunk?”
Phupha pretended as if he had to think about it for a few moments: “Yes, I think so. Shall we go home?”
“Hey”, the other man intercepted, dared to, “What about another drink? Didn’t you want to stay till morning?”
Tian turned to look at the guy as if he’d already forgotten he existed.
“No”, he said with the wrong kind of smile, “P’ says I have to go home.”
“Is he your babysitter or what?”
Phupha was used to such accusations and didn’t even bat an eye, but Tian suddenly sat up straight, the charming smile gone: “Fuck you, you have no idea!”
With all the grace he had still left, Tian stood up and turned back to Phupha, holding out his arms: “Take me home!”
And Phupha did, ignoring the satisfaction, which spread in his chest, telling him he’d done well to protect what was his.
In the car, Tian slept, or pretended to, Phupha wasn’t sure. When they arrived back at home, he staggered, his eyes barely open. Usually, he’d go to bed alone, but in this state, he’d only make it to the door.
“Come on”, Phupha softly said to him, trying to get him out of the car.
“I try”, Tian grumbled, but did, even if his success was debatable.
“You have a meeting tomorrow”, Phupha reminded him as they were on their way, Tian leaning heavily against him, “Why did you go drinking?”
“I don’t care”, was the slurred reply, “They don’t need me anyway.”
“Aren’t you one of the main advisors?”
“They just pretend to listen anyway. They and my father decide it all and you know it.”
Of course, Phupha did know it. It was, in fact, hard to miss, but sometimes he still tried to remind Tian of his responsibilities. But maybe this meeting had exactly been the reason why Tian had gone out.
Slowly, Tian seemed to sober up, his last steps to his own room more steady than before.
“Can you change on your own?”, Phupha asked, unwilling to let go yet, but desperately needing to.
Tian looked at him with one of those smirks, even if it was a tired one.
“Will you help me, if I can’t?”
Phupha swallowed, Tian’s heat too close, his scent so overwhelming, Phupha could almost taste it. As if he’d li...
No, he told himself.
“Awww, come on, P’Phupha”, Tian whispered and suddenly there was a hand at Phupha’s chin, cupping his face with far more tenderness than Phupha would have dreamed.
Although no, he never dreamed. Especially not of Tian in connection with touching. Nope. Never.
But Tian’s eyes were so close, his breath hot on Phupha’s skin and he licked his lips again, tying Phupha’s stomach into knots, a thousand maybe. He could feel the pull, bringing him closer, taking his breath away, letting him ...
The smell of alcohol made him stop, reactivated his brain in the best and worst moment possible.
Tian was drunk.
He was drunk and maybe a bit horny and desperate and probably frustrated about the next day and again, definitely drunk as fuck.
“Stupid”, Phupha huffed, trying to calm down his racing heart, smoothing the knots in his belly, “Stop the shit-talking and go to bed.”
When Tian only stared at him, flabbergasted or still processing what he’d heard, Phupha poked him, making Tian step back with a scowl.
“To bed, you drunkard.”
“I am not”, Tian grumbled but stepped away, his hand finally at his side again, leaving Phupha’s cheek cold, “Spoilsport.”
“You must be drunker than you seem”, Phupha grinned with some kind of humour he didn’t feel, “To mistake me for one of your lovers.”
“I have no lovers anymore”, Tian grumbled but stumbled into the direction Phupha pushed him.
Phupha ignored the obvious lie: “Good night. See you tomorrow.”
Not looking back but waving somewhat sluggishly, Tian went towards his bathroom, his shoulders the last thing Phupha could see before he closed the door with trembling hands.
Tian had been drunk.
He’d been drunk and in the mood for jokes and he’d surely forget about it tomorrow.
Somehow the thought didn’t soothe him as much as he’d hoped.
Accompanying a very quiet Tian with sunglasses to his meeting, reminded Phupha again of the main reason why he’d been engaged as a bodyguard. Outside of all the people Tian had provoked on purpose or by accident.
Protesters outside the headquarter were screaming when they arrived and Tian had pulled out his sunglasses after he’d watched them for a while.
Phupha couldn’t read his silence, wondering if Tian was still hungover from the night before, felt awkward or was simply concentrating on the task at hand.
He, Phupha, definitely had to, his eyes everywhere as he accompanied Tian inside the building. There wasn’t a high chance of something life-threatening happening, but the chances weren’t zero. Not right now, when there were important decisions to be made, which would affect lots of people.
Tian hated the ideas of the people around him, hated what they proposed and how little they seemed to think about anything but money and connections.
But he never said a word, didn’t seem to think it was worth the breath.
Only once, since Phupha had been appointed as his bodyguard, had he seen Tian engage in the discussion, trying to include his own ideas and values, his voice brimming with frustration.
He’d been shot down so quickly, it must have felt like a slap. Especially since Tian hadn’t been treated like an adult, but rather as a child. His father’s child, to be precise: the minister of agriculture.
Since then, he sat quietly during the meetings, present with his body alone. Sometimes, it seemed as if he rebelled by withholding his signature, but it didn’t seem to change any decision. Not really.
Today was no different though, his frustration almost palpable, but for Phupha alone. The rest didn’t seem to care, one of the old men in the room even asking what Tian was thinking, right before the end.
“I hate it”, Tian said with an ice-cold voice, “But you know that already.”
The older men laughed, as if it had been a glorious joke and then proceeded to tell him he’d have to explain the new decisions to his own father so he could approve them.
If death glares worked, the room would have been littered by corpses by now.
But Tian nodded and waii’d and walked to his father’s office with a straight back, full of cold fury.
What father and son said, Phupha didn’t know, since the minister’s office was the only place he wasn’t allowed to go into.
“You’ve got an hour off. Get some lunch”, Tian said with an even voice after he’d looked at his watch.
“Your tie”, Phupha coughed subtly, “You want some lunch as well?”
Tian tried to correct his tie in the reflection of the window, his eyebrows drawn together in concentration.
“An egg sandwich”, he said and Phupha took over to pull the tie into the right position.
The movements were familiar, practised way too many times and they went through them quietly, Tian enduring the close proximity with a stoic expression, quite the opposite from the night before.
It was difficult though, not to look into Tian’s face and wonder what the man was thinking, what he wanted and needed.
But none of those thoughts had a place between them.
It wasn’t his job to wonder and afterwards, he wouldn’t have to, too far away from Tian to be presented with the mystery. And the handsomeness.
Finally stepping back, Phupha let out a rushed breath: “You’re good to go.”
“Thank you”, the ghost of a smile was to be seen, punching Phupha directly into his heart, “See you.”
One clap to his shoulder and Tian was gone through the door, off to present his father with the decisions the committee had made.
And Phupha was left staring at Tian’s back again, wondering how often he’d have to watch him leave.
How often he had to watch him move and behave like a grown-up, but being so miserable about it, Phupha wished for the brat to return. And maybe a drink.
Back in the car, the egg sandwich in his hands, Tian let out a groan and Phupha offered him a bottle of water.
By now, Tian’s appearance was nowhere close to the proper advisor he had to present, anymore. His tie was more than crooked, his jacket crumpled and his hair ruffled beyond any style.
Phupha wanted to ask how it had been, but that wasn’t part of his job and he kept quiet, waiting for Tian to be ready to talk again.
“Where to?”, he asked after Tian had sat with his eyes closed for a few minutes, his chin so tense, Phupha feared it might break into a million pieces any second now.
Tian sounded tired, but it still surprised Phupha.
“You don’t want to go out?”
Tian let out an amused huff and opened his eyes again: “Do I look so desperate?”
“I ...”
“No, don’t answer”, there was a dry laugh and a shiver ran down Phupha’s back, “I know I must look like shit.”
That’s not how Phupha would have described the man, but he didn’t dare to answer.
“I’m still tired from yesterday though. Just let me go home and rest.”
“As you wish.”
Tian let out a huff but didn’t reply and Phupha drove, his neck on fire the whole time.
When Tian stepped out of the car, he’d rolled his sleeves up, his shirt now wide open. Phupha tried not to stare, but it was difficult.
Instead, he tried to focus on the surrounding, hoping no one had followed them home. It hadn’t happened yet, but ...
He saw the man right before the light of the camera hit their eyes. Whatever he had tried to capture, he probably had half of Phupha’s back in the picture, who’d instantly jumped in front of Tian, blocking the sight. With one swift movement, he took Tian’s arm and pulled the stunned man forward, to the door and inside in seconds. Thank all the inventors for key cards.
“Stay inside”, Phupha warned and let go off Tian’s arm, just to storm outside again, to follow and catch the reporter.
The man was running already, but Phupha was trained and furious and very determined to get this done. And the reporter didn’t have a chance. Not even a tiny one.
Sweating and huffing but satisfied, Phupha came back half an hour later, the name and phone number of the guy in his hands, as well as the camera. This would teach him. Maybe. Hopefully.
“Oh my gosh”, Tian exclaimed as Phupha stepped back inside the house, “That was so amazing!”
Tian hadn’t changed yet, still wearing his rumpled suit. But he was, opposite to earlier, not tired anymore and instead, excited. Overly excited, Phupha thought as the man in front of him proceeded to jump up and down, his grin stretching from one ear to the other.
“Stop it”, he grumbled, his shoulders tensing, “That’s no joke.”
“It was just a reporter, not a hitman, so chill”, Tian laughed and somehow this grated on Phupha’s nerves suddenly, his satisfaction suddenly gone.
“Be glad it was no hitman or one of the protesters. This guy only managed one blurry picture with me covering half of it, but it could have been worse.”
Tian was still grinning, but he calmed down a bit: “Chill, man. It was just that reporter now and why would a hitman even come here? I am not important enough and ...”
“You make enough enemies as it is”, the frustration was too big and Phupha couldn’t stop, “Maybe someone finally had enough of your shenanigans.”
Tian grew still.
His grin froze and his hand was still lifted as if he’d wanted to touch Phupha, out of excitement or to calm him down, there was no way to know.
Phupha knew he’d fucked up.
This wasn’t what he’d wanted to say.
It wasn’t even what he was believing, but he’d just been so angry that Tian had seen this encounter as something funny and entertaining instead of something dangerous to himself.
The man had the self-preservation drive of a deer crossing the road and it riled Phupha up more than he’d like to admit.
“Sorry”, he managed through gritted teeth, knowing he’d gone too far.
Tian stepped back, his hands curled into fists while he tried to manage a smile, hollow and painful.
“Maybe I do want to go out tonight.”
Tian’s voice was even as if someone had smoothed out all the bumps and edges.
“No, you don’t. You said you were tired”, Phupha shook his head, trying to calm himself down again, knowing this was just Tian provoking him.
“Oh, I am very sure I do”, Tian’s smile was by now like a blade, cutting and fake, “It’s been some time since my last shenanigans, hasn’t it?”
They stared at each other while a cold shiver ran down Phupha’s back.
“No, you don’t”, he tried again, his voice sounding weak even to himself.
“Don’t worry”, Tian stepped closer, suddenly directly in Phupha’s personal space, “You can go home and relax. If anything happens, I deserved it anyway, didn’t I?”
It was if he’d punched Phupha directly into the gut, or maybe the throat because there was no way he could speak now.
Phupha was reduced to staring, his chest tightening painfully.
He’d lost of his goal, he realised, hadn’t thought like a bodyguard for a few minutes already.
Tightening his hands into fists, he reminded himself he wasn’t here to keep Tian from going out. He was just here to keep him safe during the time. And he sure as hell wasn’t here to blame Tian for his own choices, insult him or hurt him.
He’d fucked up, he knew, but he had no idea how to take it back.
For a second, it seemed as if Tian was searching for something. As if he wanted Phupha to say something, anything, but Phupha didn’t know what he was supposed to do. Supposed to say. How to make it better.
Everything was muddled in his mind, no thought even resembling coherence.
How had he come to this point?
When had he lost all his control? All his professionalism?
Having enough of a silent opponent, Tian huffed and pushed Phupha aside with one shoulder against his chest.
“I guess I’m going to call Stud then. So, no need for you to accompany me. You know he’s safe and he can take me to the hotel instantly then. Maybe I’ll stay the night. Haven’t had some satisfying sex for a while now ...”
When Phupha pushed Tian against the wall, pinning him with his body weight and heat, there was no thought left in his head. Nothing except the raging jealousy he felt when hearing Tian talk like this. Nothing except the desperation he’d been storing in his bones for weeks now. The guilt he was feeling because of everything and anything.
His chest was heaving with forced breaths, each one like a punch.
Tian’s face was like a mask, the absence of any kind of surprise even more maddening than his talk before, but not as much as his sheer presence, driving Phupha slowly insane.
None of this had gone the way he’d wanted or could have predicted, but somehow they’d gotten here, staring at each other as if anything else would mean defeat.
“Stay”, Phupha ordered and begged and prayed.
There was still pain in Tian’s gaze, but also a fire, new and burning.
“Make me.”
When Phupha kissed Tian, he was being welcomed by open, hungry lips and a fire within, binding him, holding him, drowning him.
And when Phupha kissed Tian, he felt as if he was finally able to breathe.
It was wrong, a voice told him, but for once, Phupha didn’t care.
“I’m sorry, I’m sorry”, Phupha said, again and again, while kissing his way down Tian’s naked chest, Tian’s hand in his hair.
“Why?”, Tian huffed aggressively, pulling gently at Phupha’s hair until he was looking up again.
“Why”, he demanded with a surprisingly clear voice and another kind of shiver ran down Phupha’s back.
His feelings.
The words were stuck in Phupha’s throat as if the only thing he could do was to apologise.
But Tian leaned forward now, still holding Phupha’s head up, their eyes firmly locked.
“Tell me, what you mean. Or I will go. Right now.”
A calmer Phupha might have chosen this chance to get out of the situation, out of whatever they were doing, but he was neither calm nor collected.
“I said it was your own fault”, he rushed to say, his tongue suddenly loose, “I didn’t mean it.”
Tian kept the hold, his brows still furrowed, before leaning back again, letting out a deep sigh.
“Maybe you’re right.”
“I did provoke a few people.”
Tian looked down as Phupha moved up, so he was leaning over the man now, his head caged between Phupha’s hands.
“I’d save you.”
“Even if I deserve it?”, there was an amused glint in Tian’s eyes now and he seemed rather comfortable, his fingers playing with Phupha’s shirt, getting closer to his neck, his heated skin.
“You don’t deserve to be hurt”, by now, Phupha was desperate, “And I’m sorry.”
“You think so?”
He couldn’t say if Tian was as desperate or if he was calm, if he was hot or cold, but the feather-like touch was an unbreakable hold he couldn’t get out of.
“Yes”, he begged again, “Please.”
Because he needed Tian to believe him.
Leaning up, propped on his elbow, Tian pushed himself into Phupha’s space once more, his lips so close, Phupha could feel their movement.
“Prove it”, Tian whispered, making Phupha’s blood boil, “Show me.”
Tian’s face buried in his neck, his hands around their erections, Phupha finally came. The feeling of closeness and the heat were too much but not enough at the same time.
Having Tian in his arms was also the best and worst experience he’d ever had. And still, he didn’t want to let go.
Not when he himself was finished and done.
Not when Tian cried out, whimpering while Phupha peppered kisses across his face, his hands holding the trembling man.
Not when they were calming down, his mind finally clearing and the realisation setting in.
And oh boy did it set in ...
“Stop thinking”, Tian grumbled and freed himself to roll to the side, giving both room to breathe.
Instantly, Phupha’s arms felt too empty, his hands were trying to hold on to empty, cold air.
His chest was still heaving, but his gaze followed Tian automatically, helplessly.
What was he supposed to do now? Should he go or should he stay? Were they supposed to talk about what had happened? Should he quit his job? Move into the mountains?
And more importantly, when?
Tian rose a bit, to look at Phupha with a curious glance: “Was it your first time?”
“I ... what?”
“Was this your first one night stand?”
Oh ... Phupha felt himself blush from the embarrassment, but also this tiny, horrible part, that had wanted it to be more.
Tian grinned, apparently satisfied with what he was reading in Phupha’s face or eyes or whatever else he was looking at.
Abruptly, Phupha sat up, desperate to just go. Vanish, if possible, from this earth.
The mountains did seem like a rather good spot.
A hand at his arm stopped him though and he looked down again. Tian was controlling his laughter, while his touch was tender and weirdly calming, lowering Phupha’s wish to run.
“Stay”, Tian said softly as if he knew how close Phupha was to fleeing, “Let’s wash up and sleep, okay?”
Now, Phupha was confused. He was a one night stand, but he should stay? Was this, how Tian usually did it?
He tried to remember the last time Tian had gone with a man, but all he could remember were a few fleeting flirtations and way too many crossed ex-lovers. Since he’d been Tian’s bodyguard, he hadn’t met with one lover, not once. At least not when Phupha could have known about it.
He stared at Tian, wishing he could just reach out without a doubt, to let his fingers run through his soft hair, brush the strands out of his face and place a kiss somewhere, just somewhere. Tian’s shoulder, maybe, or his temple.
But he didn’t know any longer, maybe had never known, what was going on between them.
With a huff, Tian got up from the bed and held out his hand.
“Come on, let’s wash up.”
As if in trance, Phupha accepted the hand, warm fingers curling around his in a tight and steady grip. Knowing, holding on, holding him.
“If you’re up for it”, Tian said with a grin, pulling Phupha off the bed, “I have a few suggestions for the next time.”
The fact that Phupha only stumbled and didn’t crash, was probably based on pure luck, but Tian held on and laughed and led Phupha further, making it all worth it.
Next time.
to be continued
(also on AO3, comments and kudos are appreciated)
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ask-the-kids-from-304 · 11 minutes ago
Aaayyye chapter 4 of Vanessa's story is on my AO3 (link to AO3 in bio) sorry it took so long
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ao3simulator · 12 minutes ago
Peter Parker/Messy Sora Kingdom Hearts
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ao3feed-larry · 16 minutes ago
be my light [l.s]
by morninglarry28
Louis got a scholarship at a private university in Oxford. He could've never afforded it otherwise. Even though he got a fresh start, his past still haunts him in many ways. Harry got rich parents, so he can get anything he wants. Except for one thing, so he'll spend his life protecting it until he can have it. But how do you protect something from itself?
Words: 6391, Chapters: 3/?, Language: English
Fandoms: Onedirection - Fandom, larrystylinson - Fandom
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Relationships: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson
via AO3 works tagged 'Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson'
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ladysunamireads · 16 minutes ago
I Swear I Wasn't High
I Swear I Wasn’t High by FanofaFanofaFandom
690 words of me projecting my own midnight musings onto this duo while they kick back in their dorm and talk about anything and everything while sharing a bag of chips.
Like the title says I swear I wasn't high when I wrote this…though the same can't be said for our two protagonists.
Words: 690, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English
Fandoms: Avatar: Legend of Korra
Rating: Not Rated
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: F/F
Characters: Korra, Asami Sato
Relationships: Korra/Asami Sato
Additional Tags: Implied/Referenced Drug Use, Recreational Drug Use, Slice of Life, Alternate Universe - College/University, Korrasami is Canon, Korra & Asami Sato Friendship, Dork Korra, Korra/Asami Sato-centric, Nerd Asami Sato, Dorks in Love, Dorks, Idiots in Love, Potatoes, Vibing, Happy Ending, Fluff, Dirty Jokes, Cocky Korra
Read Here:
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for-lovely-things · 17 minutes ago
Chapters: 1/1 Fandom: Cyberpunk 2077 (Video Game) Rating: Explicit Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply Relationships: Kerry Eurodyne/V, Kerry Eurodyne & V, Kerry Eurodyne/V/Johnny Silverhand Characters: Kerry Eurodyne, V (Cyberpunk 2077), Johnny Silverhand Additional Tags: Gay Sex, Anal Sex, OT3, kinda ot3, Threesome - M/M/M, Romance, Light BDSM, Light Dom/sub, Dom/sub, Rough Oral Sex, Shameless Smut, Smut Summary: “You,” Eurodyne breaks another kiss, grinning, “You’ve been ignoring me for two days already,” V doesn’t even have time to feel guilty as Kerry continues, “Now you’re going to pay attention to me.”
Another work from me, while i’m still writing that big fic xD this one is just shamless smut between Kerry and V, with apperance of Johnny, who’s stuck inside V👀
Russian version of this work can be found by the link on ao3
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touchstarvedasclones · 19 minutes ago
Someone Asked the Cast!
Read all about the 501st favorite prank they ever witnessed.
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boxesandrings · 21 minutes ago
The Farmer hopped out of her truck outside of Elliott’s house, nearly falling over a piece of driftwood as she raced to the cabin. Underneath her long coat she was wearing a large sweatshirt and sweatpants, not exactly the sexiest outfit, but had decided to forgo underwear entirely.
The anticipation of what was to come was more than enough to turn her on, having spent the last half an hour thinking of how Elliott might touch her, or how she might touch him. The door was unlocked, but before she could turn the handle herself the door was open, Elliott standing there, in nothing but his underwear. The two regarded each other for a moment, the sexual tension between them almost acting like a physical barrier before the Farmer sprung toward him, wrapping her arms around his neck and she kissed him deeply. Elliott responded by pulling  her body in closer, into the cabin, shutting the door behind her before pinning her back against it.
Aaaand... Chapter 5! I published them together because I didn't want to have to sit on it. Read Love Letters on Archive of Our Own by searching for BoxesAndRings, or by clicking the link in this post!
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ao3feed-geralt-jaskier · 21 minutes ago
by ButtercupFics
Jaskier has travelled with Geralt for many years; it's only natural that he should one day eventually no longer need Geralt but Geralt isn't giving up that easy, not when he can make Jaskier rely on him soley with a little help from axii.
Words: 1821, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English
Series: Part 16 of Dead Doves and Kinks
Fandoms: The Witcher (TV), Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: Rape/Non-Con
Categories: M/M
Characters: Jaskier | Dandelion, Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia
Relationships: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion
Additional Tags: Mind Control, dependency kink, Rape/Non-con Elements, Improper Use of Axii (The Witcher), Axii (The Witcher), Dead Dove: Do Not Eat, Piss kink, Omorashi, eventually, do not be fooled this fic will turn very kinky
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ao3feed-geralt-jaskier · 21 minutes ago
by lineofpepsi
It takes him a while, but Geralt eventually conveys to Jaskier that he wants to return to Kaer Morhen for the winter. Jaskier has to explain to the remaining witchers of the Wolf school just how Geralt has become the way he is. Triss Merigold tries her best to help, but there's only so much she can do.
Everything ends up alright. it's just a bit of a bumpy road to get there.
Words: 429, Chapters: 1/7, Language: English
Series: Part 2 of got what you wanted, lost what you had
Fandoms: Wiedźmin | The Witcher - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Categories: M/M
Characters: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia, Jaskier | Dandelion, Eskel (The Witcher), Lambert (The Witcher), Vesemir (The Witcher), Triss Merigold
Relationships: Geralt z Rivii | Geralt of Rivia/Jaskier | Dandelion
Additional Tags: Misunderstandings, Jaskier reads too much into everything, Mild Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Happy Ending, Jaskier meets the family
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boxesandrings · 23 minutes ago
After dropping Elliott off at his home to quite a bit of protesting, the Farmer drove back to hers, her mind racing. She had asked Elliott to move in with her as a gut reaction, not as something she had thought through. Not as if she hadn’t thought about it before— they’d been dating for over two years now, and the Farmer was certain they’d be married before their next anniversary. They were going to move in together eventually, but when she had blurted out the question today she had caught even herself off guard.
How soon would he be ready to move in? Robin was a quick worker, with so few people in town she would be able to devote all of her time to the task of patching up the old beachside cabin. At most, the Farmer thought, biting her lip, it would take a month, if any more storms blew through before the winter was over. The renovation aside, Elliott would probably start moving in even sooner, perhaps abandoning the cabin before Robin waas even done with it. Not that the Farmer necessarily minded, if it were easy enough she’d have Elliott move in tomorrow.
Parking in the driveway, it hit the Farmer that if they lived together, there would be no point in sending each other letters anymore. She felt the realization hit her hard in the chest, like the wind was being knocked out of her. It was a silly thing to be upset over, the pair would be living together, it wasn’t like they needed to supplement their distance with letters anymore. But the Farmer knew she’d miss the excitement of the mail deliveries, and smoothing the letters out into her notebook. She pulled out her phone, and typed a quick message.
Chapters 4 and 5 of Love Letters are out! Find it by searching for BoxesAndRings on Archive of Our Own, or by clicking the link in this post! This is the first time I've published a story on the actual tumblr desktop site and not the mobile app, so I'm hoping the link works correctly.
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haikyuu-fic-recs · 26 minutes ago
on the basis of us by auvelli
pairing: sakusa/atsumu
my tags: love confessions, moving in together
6,404 words, completed
Author Description: In which "I'm moving out" could be "We're moving out," if they would just let it.
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samwiluncle · 26 minutes ago
send me sambucky prompts!
i wanna write something but i cant really come up with any ideas so feel free to send an ask!!!
it might take a while for me to actually write it but ill try
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