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#Anti KakaGai Fandom
rin-nohara-brainrota day ago
How is KakaGai a wholesome ship, but their shippers are extremely toxic af? They brag about having more canon screen time than other Kakashi ships, but they always feel the need to compete with other ships and talk sh*t about other Kakashi ships unprovoked? 馃槶
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moderndayportia9 months ago
TMI Tuesday... Is there something you would like to see more in the KakaSaku community, or fandom as a whole, Naruto or otherwise?
Ooooh good one. A couple things based on nostalgia:
1) I miss those sprawling, epic fanfics that people used to write. More 500k+ word mission fics please! I should probably shut up and just write one myself...
2) Competition! Events are fun, but we used to have really cool competitions that people got very in to. It was good fun, but a lot of work.
3) I miss civility. Maybe because we used to be a bit more siloed in our Livejournal circles or NFF fanclub, but I didn鈥檛 have to confront antis mischaracterizing an age gap ship as pedophilia every week like I do here on Tumblr. Anti culture as a whole was a lot less in your face. We should go back to that: ship and let ship. (I鈥檓 looking at you kakagai shippers....)
Changes I love:
1) FANART! There鈥檚 so much more fanart these days and I love, love, love it. Thank you artists!
2) Respect for artists. The discourse and work that鈥檚 done around art theft prevention these days is inspiring.
3) Ao3- Bless this wonderful site! One day The Pit will burn down and I will dance in the ashes.
How about you guys?
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leagueofidiotsa year ago
what are some of your favourite tumblr blogs on here may it range from bnha to other fandoms?
Crackheadery, metas, and Dabi
Platonic loveliness among the Dekusquad, Tododeku, anti-Katsuki
Great art, iCarly BNHA AU, need I say more?
I'm a simple man, I see my dad, I cry
Bruh they draw Spinaraki and Magnetmagic, what can ya do
Good art!! Much friendly many wow!!
Appreciates Barney Barton, wrote my favorite fic ever (Remember, I Loved You)
Good art, inspired me to learn animation
We stan the rooftop squad
I sAid we stan the rooftop squad
Good drawings, I'm a Hawkeye stan
Bro bro bro I see Kakagai as a QPR but their stuff Bops
Narutoooooo and more Kakagai
I think that's it...???
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