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#And I dig this Thor
thunderbringer · a month ago
Tumblr media
“This statue of you makes you look like a  midgardian lawn ornament. Gnomes I believe they are called?" cue the giggling.
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defectcd · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
𝙿𝙰𝙶𝙴 𝙵𝚁𝙾𝙼: 𝚃𝙷𝙾𝚁  𝙾𝙳𝙸𝙽𝚂𝙾𝙽   (   via   @thunderbringer​​  )   ↳   𝙼𝙴𝚂𝚂𝙰𝙶𝙴:   [ 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 ]   𝚢𝚘𝚞𝚛 𝚖𝚞𝚜𝚎 𝚝𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚖𝚒𝚗𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚢 𝚠𝚊𝚗𝚝 𝚝𝚑𝚎𝚖.
Tumblr media
missions    get    intense,    adrenaline    runs    high,    coursing    through    one’s    veins.    there’s    always    a     lull    at   the    end.    coming    home    after    a    day    of    fighting    &     physical    exertion    typically   left    her   unable   to   just   lay    down    &    call   it    a    night.    her   body   was   still   too   wired,   too    on    edge    -    sleep   was   ever-escaping    (    not    like   she   got    much   of   it   to   begin    with    ).    natalia   often   felt    herself    being    left    with    the    question:   𝐍𝐎𝐖   𝐖𝐇𝐀𝐓? perhaps   thor   reacted   the    same,    perhaps,   he   too,   couldn’t   unwind.   his   own   senses    still    on    high    alert    after    a    day    as    taxing    as    theirs.   at    least    that’s    what    she’ll    tell    herself    when    his    declaration    reaches    her    ears.    nat,   who    at   this   point   was    sitting    on   the    counter   in    the    kitchen   at   the    compound,   turns   to   look   at    him,    openly    studying    him    as    he    says    this.   
Tumblr media
❝  ━━━    is    that    right?    ❞    she    questions,    a    smirk    beginning    to    glide    onto    her    lips.    a    part    of    her    felt    as   if   indulging   this    temptation   was    wrong,   that   it    would    cause    more   problems   than   it   was   worth.   but   regardless   of    that,    she    needed    a    way    to    unwind,   &    this   could   be   viewed   as   scratching   a   sort   of   itch.   it   was    thor’s   idea    after    all.   
❝   &   what    are   you    going   to    do   about   it?   ❞    her   head    tilts,    teeth    coming   to    graze   her    bottom   lip   as   she   looks   to   thor.   natalia   is   using   this   as    an   invitation   -    &    now   it   was   up   to   him    whether   or   not   he   accepted   it.   
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funnyincorrectmcu · 9 months ago
Never go in against an Asgardian when death is on the line! Tony, to Bucky: Hello. My name is Tony Stark. You killed my father. Prepare to die. Thor: Give us the Tesseract. Loki: What Tesseract? Thor: Banner, tear his arms off. Loki: Oh you mean THIS Tesseract. Thor: I could give you my word as an Asgardian. Tony: No good. I’ve known too many Asgardians. [Steve is fighting Loki in Stuttgart] Loki: I know something you don’t. Steve: And what is that? Loki: I am not left-handed. Steve: *struggling against Loki* There’s something…I ought to tell you. Loki: And what is that? Steve: I’m not left-handed either. *cue Captain America music* Peter: With great power comes great responsibility. Tony: You keep using that phrase.  I do not think it means what you think it means. Loki: I admit it. You are better than I am. Thanos: Then why are you smiling? Loki: Because I know something you don’t know. Thanos: And what is that? Loki: I am not left-handed!
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bullysquadess · 10 months ago
This season has accomplished the impossible: making me like Luther 😔
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fcmilybonded · a year ago
honestly the mikaelsons being vikings should have been mentioned more in the series apart from a few lines here and there. like. vikings are so interesting. maybe i’m biased cos i’ve always been interested in vikings and also their mythology and their customs and stuff but like ghifug
pre-vampire viking boyos going on raids with mikael bc that’s what THEY DID ( except esther stopping klaus from going out to keep her secret )
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shellheadtm-a · a year ago
Tumblr media
so...thinking of rarepairs, bc i decided to go digging for fic (and by fic i mean 616 fic obviously) for pairs that i could be brought around on but aren’t necessarily sold on without like...some good examples or giving it a shot in rp is...there is no fic.  nada.  zip.  zilch.  zero.
case in point:  thortony.  nothing.  there’s like one fic on ao3 and it is...well.  i wouldn’t call it ic, you get me?  weird placement in the timeline for a heel-face turn.  how am i supposed to know if this is a ship i can behind if there’s literally nothing in the 616 realm of things?
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ynscrazylife · 11 hours ago
A Sister’s Power | l.l angst fic
Summary: What if when Loki thought he was sending the Dark Elf after Thor and ended up sending him to Frigga, that it was not Frigga the Dark Elf targeted, but Y/N Odinsdaughter? How will Loki react to seeing his sister kidnapped due to him in his file?
Authors Note: I fully acknowledge and support Loki being genderfluid. In this fic, I will be using he/him pronouns for Loki since those were the pronouns they’ve used for Loki in the show so far, indicating that at the time this fic is set, Loki’s genderfluid identity is of a man. Should those pronouns/identity change, so will the pronouns for my fics. I do not intend to be harmful in any way so if this is harmful to the genderfluid community, PLEASE let me know!
Request to be on a Taglist (or multiple) here! (Taglists are at the end of the fic)
MCU Masterlist #1 | MCU Masterlist #2 | Main Masterlist
PSA: Do NOT copy, steal, translate, plagiarize, republish, etc any of my works on Tumblr or any other platform. Also, do NOT claim any of my works as your own. All of these works are either requests I’ve gotten that people have wanted me to write or original ideas I’ve had for works. If you happen to take inspiration from anything I’ve written and want to write something inspired by that, please a) ask me first and b) IF I say yes, credit me as inspo in your post by tagging me and link whatever work of mine that inspired you. Thanks.
header c @sithsmcu on twitter
Tumblr media
Mobius pauses the film at the moment the Avengers defeats Loki and turns to his companion, a smirk playing at his lips. “Now, after you got conquered, you were supposed to go and live on imprisonment in Asgard, but instead, you created this alternate timeline,” he recounts.
Loki rolls his eyes, bored, and leans back in his chair, mockingly folding his hands together on his lap. “Yes, thanks for stating the obvious,” he quips sarcastically in a monotone voice.
Mobius just scoffs and turns back to the screen. “Now, you’ll get to see what happens in the correct timeline,” he says, paying Loki’s cheek no mind and pressing play.
Loki rolls his eyes again but directs his attention to the screen, eyebrows slightly raised. He watches as he was delivered to Asgard, sent to an imprisonment by his father, and given books by his mother. He expected as much, and yawns out loud, hoping to give Mobius the hint that this wasn’t providing any new information or helping him.
However, something ends up piking his interest.
He had been sitting in his cell when the muffled sounds of screams filled his ears. Loki sits up in the chair and leans forward, eyebrows furrowed. He watched his future self observe as one of the Kurse’s in the cells reveals his status as a Dark Elf and broke out, fighting the Asgardian’s who tried to stop them.
His future self smirks and rushes up to the bars of the cell, gripping them, smirk turning devilish. Loki’s future self is far too happy to let the directions to the exist spill out, wishing to enact one last trick on his father and brother.
“You see, you think you’re messing around with Odin and Thor,” Mobius comments, stepping back to give Loki a better view of the screen.
The scene switches to show a new person, and Loki blinks when he recognizes the person as his younger sister, Y/N Odinsdaughter. Y/N is followed by Jane Foster, his brother’s girl, but being the master of mischief, Loki easily spots that the girl is one of Y/N’s illusions.
Y/N rushes with the illusion into a room and goes to lock the door when it is thrown open. She stumbles back, eyes widening when she sees the dangerous face of Malekith.
Loki doesn’t know what this has to do with him, but he finds himself not caring. He’s preoccupied with the worry for his sister that grows like a beanstalk in his stomach. The nausea brings to crawl through his throat, itching to escape, and he digs his fingers into the table to center himself, clear his brain.
Yet he can’t.
Immediately Y/N’s fingers fall around her sword and she swings it at Malekith without thinking, being forced to stumble back more as he enters in further. They begin in a fierce fight, and Loki feels just the tiniest bit relieves when Y/N’s blows get sharper and she gets quicker, falling into her usual fighting style and training. She’s shaken off that initial surprise and is bringing her all.
For just a moment, a smile crosses Loki’s lips - one Mobius catches - as he is proud of his sister and her valiant moves. She is doing well, sure to beat him, when the unthinkable happens: the Dark Elf that Loki had given the directions to bursts inside and comes up from behind Y/N, grabbing her roughly and pinning her back. In seconds, the fight turned on her, since as she struggles against the Dark Elf’s unmatchable strength, Malekith rips her sword from her hand, pointing her own sword at her.
Loki stills, dread and horror flooding his body. His knuckles turn white as he digs his nails into his fresh, mind racing a million different directions.
Malekith raises her sword, pressing it against the tip of Y/N’s throat. She stares at him and ceases struggling against the Dark Elf, going as still as a stature. Loki watches intently, fear coursing through him for his sister - her life. 
Then, Malekith smirks and swiftly lowers the sword, enjoying having installed fear in her. He turns to the illusion of Jane and in quick strides is standing in front of her. He goes to get the aether but then freezes, realizing he’s been tricked. 
In a sudden change of mood, he turns back to Y/N. “WHERE IS SHE?” He yells, cheeks heating up and spit flying from his tongue.
Y/N does not say anything. She forms her lips into a tight line, only her eyes holding emotion: defiance, determination, passion. She won’t give in. Loki is proud of his younger sister, but wishes she could spare herself harm. 
Malekith’s cheeks return to his normal color and his eyes lose its anger, but he carries fury, reels it into his body instead of at Y/N, and quickly raises his fist, smacking Y/N in the face and knocking her unconscious. 
Loki raises from his chair, his force kicking it back, and glares at the screen. He’s too angry to even form words when he sees the Dark Elf carelessly pick his sister up and throw her over her shoulder like she’s nothing - when she’s everything. To him. To Asgard. 
“Bring her back to Svartálfheim. I’ll use her as leverage to get the aether,” Malekith orders. 
“NO!” Loki screams, raw with emotion as he brings his fists forcefully down on the table, sending the other objects flying. He pants with his entire body, needing to get to his sister, to save her, to stop this. 
But Mobius pauses the film and turns to Loki, oddly calm. “What makes you do the evil that you do?” He asks, ignoring what just happened. 
Loki turns to Mobius. “WHERE IS SHE? WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?” He screams. 
Mobius did not expect such a reaction. He didn’t except for Loki to care so much about his sister. “Loki-” He begins to stay, still calm. 
Loki interrupts him with a seething tone. The words leave his lips like they are the most important golds and riches in the world. “You need me. That’s why you kept me from returning to the ‘sacred timeline’. I’ll help you - but only if you help me save my sister first.” 
Mobius frowns and steps forward. “That’s not how it works. Once you two return to the sacred timeline and the one where your sister is freed gets reset-” he says. Loki interrupts him again. 
“Or you can continue struggling with whatever threatens you until it conquers you. It must be bad if you turn to a criminal for help, and it must be big if you need an Asgardian,” Loki points out. 
Silence fills the air for a few beats. A stare contest breaks out. Until Mobius relents. “Fine. Have it your way.”
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no-gorms · 23 hours ago
Steve swooning at how strong Tony is in the suit, the strongest Avenger there is! (and Thor and Bruce are like, uhhh excuse me???) and he can FLY!! really no one compares (and Sam and Thor again are like 😑). And Steve might be team leader but Tony is like a global leader, he’s got so many people under his leadership who he’s responsible for, wow (Prince Thor 😑😑😑😑😑)
(Sam gets it, and gives back even better by listing how HIS super soldier is the best one in Tony’s earshot. Mostly it’s Thor who is (heh) sore until he figure out oh it’s a dumb flirting thing. Thor like being the best and strongest but he’s ok with people being clearing wrong because love is making them dumb)
(following up on this)
Ahahah yes, I dig it! Steve is 100% biased and ridiculous when it comes to Tony, sorry Thor! Also sorry to everyone else, but mainly Thor who needs some time to understand that it's not a literal thing and also not a slight against him personally. Anyway once he realizes what's going on he'll also remember the couple of times that Tony checked out his (Thor's) biceps and go AHHH, Captain Rogers must overcompensate, that makes sense. 😌
Sam and Tony fighting over who's the best supersoldier is also great! It's also funny in a different way because neither Steve nor Bucky care about being "better", but they love the justifications their partners give -- though Steve's at the stage where he's basking contentedly in everything Tony says about him (because he loves knowing how much Tony's into him), while Bucky is at the stage where he's like, Noooo Sam stop it aaahhhhh 😓
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buckaroosplums · a day ago
Cold Feet (Brutasha x daughter! reader)
Tumblr media
A/N: This is my first time writing for Bruce and Natasha, I hope it's alright! I also did some research and the island they use in twilight for "Isle Esme" is located on an island in Paraty, Brazil. So I did end up changing the location name, still the same spot though. Also, the last time I was at a wedding I was like 3, so I didn't write the actual ceremony.
WARNINGS: Anxious reader/cold feet
REQUEST: The reader ( me ) is the adopted daugther of bruce banner and natasha romanoff and the reader is going to married to a human ( jake) * a random name* and her family is going all about the wedding, but the evening before the wedding the reader dissepear,and her mom and dad going to look for her, and the find her in her room, and they aks " what are you thinking" and the r comes clean that she has cold feet of is this the right choice, and they tell her that everything is gonna be allright, and the morning of the wedding , the reader is still nervous, her mom does her hair and make up the ceremonie is all cute , and her family gift is a honeymoon to the island esmé, and a lott of fluff thanks
Readers Age: 23 years old
Y/N= Your Name
Y/N/N= Your Nickname
Word Count: 1,610
Requested By: @maximeevansblog
Tumblr media
You stood in the communal kitchen inside of the Avengers Compound, helping Wanda, Pepper, and your mom prepare tonight’s dinner. It was the night before your wedding day, and you had planned to spend it with your family before you created your own little family with Jake.
You chopped the remains of the feta cheese, romaine lettuce, carrots, cucumbers, tomato, and red pepper, tossing them into the large wooden salad bowl. Wanda, who was on the other side of the kitchen came over beside you, a small measuring bowl in hand. She grinned widely as she poured the salad dressing she had made over the salad, making sure to mix it evenly with the wooden utensils, designated for scooping and mixing salad.
Natasha peeked at the finished salad from over your shoulder before taking the bowl out of the kitchen and into the dining room. You took a step back, going to the stove you placed oven mitts over your hands before opening the oven to take out the chicken parmesan casserole, while Wanda began to help Pepper and Natasha with setting the table.
“Has anyone seen the salt?” Pepper asked, neither the black pepper nor the salt was in their usual places on the table. You took the oven mitts off your hands and strode over to the cupboard in the furthest corner of the kitchen, digging around through the spices. Cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, ground ginger, garlic, onion powder, Italian seasoning. To the left of the Italian seasoning stood the salt shaker, and beside the salt shaker, stood the shaker containing black pepper.
You took the shaker containing the sale in one hand and the shaker containing black pepper in your other hand, making your way to your mom, Pepper, and Wanda. “Oh, thank you, Y/n!” Pepper thanked you before placing the two shakers in the middle of the large table.
One by one, some of the earth’s heroes began to flood into the kitchen and dining room area, Thor, being the loudest of them all. “Why hello young Romanoff! It is excellent to see you again, Mjolnir and I have decided to grant Midguard a much needed visit!” Thor beamed happily, lifting his hammer slightly to show it off to everybody in the room. Tony rolled his eyes, “Alright pointbreak, put the toy away. This is a family dinner not show and tell.”
“Stark! I will have you know that Mjolnir is not a toy, Mjolnir is a friend! And as a friend, he will be joining us for dinner! Have you provided him with a seating arrangement?” Thor exclaimed, “Some of the guys are on a mission so we’ve got an extra chair for your uh...Mjolnir.” You said and Thor set the hammer down to wrap his arms around your torso in a tight hug, practically a bone-crushing one. He released his grip from you and stepped back to pick up Mjolnir again, taking a seat at the table and gently setting the hammer down on the chair beside him.
Nearly everyone, excluding the few avengers that were on a mission, gathered at the table and took a seat. You sat in between your parents, Bruce and Natasha, Thor sat diagonal from where Bruce sat, Wanda sat on the other side of the table in between Steve and her brother, Pietro, and Tony sat beside Pepper.
Everyone began to indulge in the meal while conversations floated around the table. Thor discussed Asgard and his brother, Loki, Steve brought up what team activities he had planned to start in two weeks, Tony began to bring up a new lab project to perfect the billionaire’s newest suit to your dad, who was his fellow lab partner.
“Just, please for the love of God, don’t blow anything up this time Tony.” Pepper groaned at the mention of Tony’s newest project. “No promises Pep!” Tony winked at the redhead, causing her to shoot a glare his way. The man cleared his throat, “Yes ma’am, no shit is to be blown up in the lab.”
You happily ate dinner with your family, occasionally participating in any conversations you found to be interesting.
Wanda took a moment to swallow her forkful of the casserole before speaking up excitedly, “Are you excited for your day tomorrow, Y/n?” Everyone had turned their attention to you, eager to hear what you had to say. “Yeah, yeah. I’m excited.” A fake smile made its way to your lips. You hadn’t thought into it much before, but now you weren’t looking forward to your wedding as much as you had been a few weeks ago. You’d be leaving your parents, Bruce and Natasha, the two people who were kind enough to adopt and raise you, for Jake. You wondered if getting married and starting your own family...would it be selfish? Would it be wrong?
You kept up your happy facade until the last bit of your dinner was finished, you struggled with it all, trying to stay happy and upbeat, even though you weren’t. You suddenly excused yourself from the table, not bothering to clear your plate and rushing away from the table.
You didn’t quite know where you were going, all you knew was that you had to go somewhere away from everybody else. They couldn’t know about your doubts, you didn’t want them to.
You locked yourself in a spacious room, the bedroom you had growing up. Everything was the same. The bed was freshly made with your favorite set of sheets as a child, the desk had your high school textbooks, and the bookcase had a collection of children’s stories your dad used to read to you before bed every night. You smiled as your child memories flowed into your mind, the memories of having your parents play chase with you, making mother’s day cupcakes with Bruce but putting the icing on too early, causing the lavender icing it to melt onto the vanilla cupcake.
Natasha and Bruce excused themselves from the table after dinner, looking to find you. The last time you had left the table so abruptly, was when you had gone through a stressful day at school, causing you to break down.
“Where do you think she went?” Bruce asks Natasha who shakes her head, “I can’t say for sure, but I don’t think she would’ve left the compound.”
They checked the movie room, no Y/n. Next, the pair headed to the lab where she, Tony, and Bruce used to complete small experiments together. No Y/n.
“Miss, would you like me to alert your mother and father of your distressed state?” The sound of the AI startling you slightly. “Uh, no thank you FRIDAY. I should be alright.” You told the AI. Although part of you wanted nothing more than to find comfort in being held in the arms of your parents, you knew you weren’t a child anymore. You were an adult, you had grown up since the day Natasha and Bruce took in a little girl. You were no longer worried about tomorrow’s sixth-grade pop quiz and were instead worried about what would be taking place the following day, your wedding.
Your parents had searched nearly all of your favorite places, the two places were between their shared bedroom and your childhood bedroom. Bruce pushed the door to his and Natasha’s shared bedroom open to walk inside, while Natasha chose to search your bedroom. Your parent’s room was left just as it was this morning, the bed was made and everything was tidy, with you nowhere in sight.
Nat, on the other hand, had found you. She took in the sight of you curled up on your old bed, tears freely flowing down your cheeks with the occasional sniffle. Your mom cautiously sat on the end of your bed, brushing the soft hair that had covered part of your face before she began to hum softly, just as she had done when you were younger.
Bruce had stepped out of the room and made his way towards the sound of your mom’s soft humming. He took quiet and awkward steps toward your old bed and sat beside Nat, who had stopped the soft humming. “What’s going on? What are you thinking about?” She inquires and you wipe your tears from your face with your hands as you sat up to face your parents.
“What if the wedding- getting married, what if it’s not a good idea?” You place your head in your hands, “It’s just, it’s selfish leaving you and dad behind.” “No, honey, it’s not. Your mom and I, we’ll be fine, you and Jake will be fine.” Your dad tried to comfort you, he was never great at being comforting, but he was trying to ease your nerves.
Your parents laid with you as you ranted. They stayed with you all night, knowing that this would more than likely be the last time they could lay with you like this. They wanted to cherish it.
You had still been nervous all morning, but as your mom, Pepper, and Wanda all worked on your hair and makeup together, your worries had drifted away slowly. You knew you’d be okay, and having a few second thoughts and anxieties was normal.
The ceremony had gone more than smoothly, everything had been beautiful and you felt it was perfect.
Your family had spoiled you and Jake, showering the two of you with various gifts such as high-end kitchen supplies. The by far largest gift from your family was a vacation to a private island in Brazil.
But you knew that everything would work out just fine for you and your family.
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Headcanons for the Dear Spacedevil Arae
Tumblr media
Arae is an exceptional example of the phiknae Ocir, sweet and timid. Very conscious of everything around them, but also an absolute horror to fight. Four muscled arms ending in clawed hands, the giant hand like wings and of course the clawed feet. They also have the fangs goring out of their molars(think oni).
They create nests to sleep in, then pile up blankets or other material and then throw their wings over the sides. Though arae prefers to sleep curled up in their wings like a shell.
Arae can make excellent jewelry given the claws on their hands and wingtips. They especially like making necklaces out of the spines of enemies, and little jade gems.
They take baths like birds would, scooping the water up with their wings and throwing it over their head. They can’t swim very well given their size so they prefer to stay in knee deep water.
They sometimes randomly drop deer at the grounds of the avengers stations. Either it’s a gift to the team/workers(which banner thinks, so does steve and natasha), while vision tony and thor believe it’s a subtle threat.
They hate people grabbing their neck/horns, They will almost go awol if someone attempts this. They almost tore thor apart for him trying to see if they were “like the dragons i fought once”.
Arae speaks very very articulate, though they also express more with whistles and expressions.
Araes people usually win their loves affection by acts of greatness either in strength or sweetness. If you’re a big buff alien? For you, araee probably does both.
They like to dig out and live in tunnel-type things. Basically they have a whole system underneath the teams base.
Their number one love will probably always be Talos, but once more they’re very very respective as species that “hey. He’s taken”, so even though arae is the big alpha they leave him be.
Arae on few occasions will let the asgardian children paint their claws. However they wash it off later.
They help protect the new asgard and the saved aliens the gotg and team bring in, all in exchange only for strawberries or peaches.
Captain danvers calls them the “Big beast” but in a loving way, anyone else calls them a beast Carol would go off on them. Given Arae has already spent their whole life being called that and treated as a dumbminded creature.
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hopeslastchxnce · a day ago
Tumblr media
[  𝑆𝑒𝑛𝑑 𝑚𝑒 🔪 𝑓𝑜𝑟 𝑚𝑦 𝑚𝑢𝑠𝑒’𝑠 𝑟𝑒𝑎𝑐𝑡𝑖𝑜𝑛 𝑡𝑜 𝑦𝑜𝑢𝑟𝑠 𝑠𝘩𝑜𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑡𝘩𝑒𝑚 𝑎𝑔𝑎𝑖𝑛𝑠𝑡 𝑎 𝑤𝑎𝑙𝑙 𝑎𝑛𝑑 𝑝𝑟𝑒𝑠𝑠𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑎 𝑘𝑛𝑖𝑓𝑒 𝑡𝑜 𝑡𝘩𝑒𝑖𝑟 𝑡𝘩𝑟𝑜𝑎𝑡  ||  @niteswcrd  ]
     Was  it  something  I  said?  That  ALMOST  spilled  from  his  lips  instantly  except  the  way  in  which  she  pressed  the  dagger  to  his  throat  had  him  second  guessing  just  how  much  he  should  reel  it  in.  It  wasn't  in  Charles'  nature  to  be  completely  subdued,  for  he'd  sooner  die  than  let  people  intimidate  him  too  much.  On  the  other  hand,  people  and  other  mutants  were  one  thing.  A  goddess  likely  capable  of  leveling  planets  was  another.
     Blue  eyes  narrowed  slightly  ---  no  doubt  much  to  her  delight  ---  as  lips  remained  firmly  shut  for  the  time  being.  The  longer  this  went  on,  the  more  he  found  himself  itching  to  press  his  luck.  She'd  been  coming  and  going  for  a  while  now.  Not  as  often  as  Thor,  but  often  enough  to  be  a  right  pain.  She  terrified  everyone,  even  the  master  of  the  house  himself,  so  everyone  was  always  on  edge  during  her  little  impromptu  visits.  ---And  this  wouldn't  be  the  first  time  she's  threatened  to  kill  him  either.  That  temper  of  hers  was  legendary,  but...
     She  could  have  killed  me  ages  ago,  yet  here  we  are...                      A  goddess...  playing  with  her  food.  How  quaint.
     Again,  such  things  were  kept  to  himself  as  he  thought  to  respond  aloud  in  kind.  Choosing  his  words  somewhat  carefully,  he  spoke  up  quietly,  though  his  voice  lacked  the  usual  gravitas.
Tumblr media
     ❝  If  you  wanted  my  attention  Hela,  you  could  have  simply  asked.  In  your  case,  am  I  really  in  a  position  to  decline  your  desires?  ❞   A  joke  with  a  dash  of  truth,  but  also  a  thinly  veiled  dig.  Hopefully  the  joke  outweighed  all  the  other  things  because  he  really  wasn't  looking  to  die  when  he  was  finally  starting  to  feel  better  about  his  life  choices.
     ❝  Look,  I'd  like  to  keep  my  head  attached  to  the  rest  of  me  so  what  do  you  want,  Hela?  An  apology  for  the  sass?  ❞
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shansenfan · 2 days ago
Most of you probably will understand this so stay with me.
I read this amazing long ass post about Gwydion and Gwyn being connected somehow (reblogged it so check that out) and @yazthebookish said things that just- ugh it's so great so read ittttt.
Anyway, yazthebookish was theorizing where Gwydion could possibly be.
Here are some of the things that pointed out to me:
The sword could possibly be hidden under Ramiel which would explain why an ancient enemy was desperate to reach the healing rock at the top.
If Gwydion is hidden under Ramiel, then Koschei is trying to get his hands on it to conquer Prythian. It was the sword that rid Prythian of the Daglan. Maybe Koschei was their master too and wants to restore them.
What if the ancient bone Nesta sees is the remaining bones of whoever hid Gwydion under Ramiel and cast a spell around it to keep it hidden but died in the process or was stuck and couldn't get out. I doubt the sword would find its way there alone.
And me, being an insane overthinker and a creator of crack theories/hc/ff/random ass nonsense, had this idea.
I am making this all up, don't quote me. this is a thought that is running off of three large cups of iced coffee so yeah.
Ramiel and the swords and their histories and even the Daglan/Wild Hunt are so important in acosf and they all need to be talked about more.
*deep breath*
Nesta sees in her vision about the "fourth dread drove item" bone(s). I love the idea of it being the remains of the person who hid Gwydion. But let's dig a little deeper.
Gwydion was the sword who banished the Daglan from prythian right? But what if it didn't actually banish them physically physically?
My theory is that the Daglan obviously had a leader of some kind. A General, a King, or even something like the a Valg Princes from TOG. Daglan Princes.
And I could be wrong with this and if I am I am sorry, but... I am like 89% sure that there are people trapped in stone in the Prison. It happened when Nesta was battling Lanthys.
What I am saying people, is that maybe MAYBE, King Fionn and Gwydion banished the Daglan under Ramiel and Nesta saw one of the Daglans skeleton.
Imagine this- deep in the base of Ramiel, there is hidden catacombs full of the corpses and bones of the Daglan. Like in Thor Ragnarok when Hela brings back her army of the dead and maybe- just think- when Fionn was overthrown by whoever it was, general and his... wife?, Fionn as his last dying request, gives Gwydion to someone, idk an innocent bystander and tells them to guard the Daglan's remains under the mountain for eternity. Since the general and the bitch wife could want to use Geydion for bad and Fionn's like
"Hey, I need you to take this and hide. Guard the catacombs of the Daglan under Ramiel because General Whatshisface and princess betryal wants the sword and there is someone out there who might want to revive the Daglan (Koschei) and destory/enslave this world and many others because his is petty af"
I could be wrong, Maybe the daglan are really gone gone and they aren't under Ramiel and Gwydion isn't there as well.
But hey, tumblr is where we can say the weirdest shit and hopefully somewhere in the shitty world a dude can be like "hey, i thought of the same damn thing"
I love this fandom and their ideas so much, please don't stop!!!:))
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bucky-bucket-barnes · 3 days ago
Pansies, Pain, and Other Things about Bucky
Summary: You and Bucky are begrudgingly paired on a mission together. This is less than ideal considering neither of you are too keen on the other tagging along. All goes as normal until a surprise attack severely hurts both of you. Feeling incredibly guilty, Bucky helps you tend to your wounds. He has trouble admitting it, but he wants to make sure you’re safe.
Pairing: bucky barnes x avenger!reader (enemies to lovers)
Warnings: swearing, mentions of blood, slight descriptions of wounds, a lil angst, fluff, and hurt reader
Word Count: 2.7k words
Tumblr media
“With Y/N’s little flower power bit and Bucky’s super serum, you two are perfect for the mission. Neither of you can get sick from whatever the hell is in that truck,” Sam rationalized to the two of you.
“First off, it’s not a ‘flower power bit’ it’s agrokinesis, and second I don’t think this is a two-person mission, Sam,” you countered. You tried to deliver your point as gently as possible without coming off as a total jerk. It wasn’t that there was anything necessarily wrong with Bucky, but there wasn’t anything right about him for sure. He never was much of a talker to begin with, but around you, he’s even more stoic than usual. He never looked you in the eye, and when he did, he’d quickly turn away, almost as if he were disgusted. You weren’t sure what you’d done to offend him, but you were past the point of trying to figure it out. You were content to keep your distance when possible.
“Y/N’s got a point, I work better alone,” he responded. “And she can still get hurt. I’ll be fine.”
“Is that a dig, Barnes?” you questioned, snapping your head to face Bucky now. “Listen, I know my little ‘flower power bit’ may seem silly to some of you guys, but it gets the job done. I’m going, that's final.”
“That’s not what I-” he trailed off, realizing there was no point in arguing with you. He genuinely looked like he felt bad for implying you weren’t strong enough, but he knew not to push it further.
There was tension in the room now. You hadn’t meant to come off so rudely, you were just tired of no one taking you seriously. Whether it was Thor only referring to you as the gardener as a joke or Tony teasing you about being a glorified cabbage patch kid, the jokes weren’t funny anymore.
Avoiding eye contact with Bucky, you apologized, “I’m sorry. I’m just stressed. We’ll both go.”
Without another word, it was decided Bucky and you would go on the mission. There was a truck by an organization called The Red Pipes that was carrying around cases of biological components that could poison an entire city’s water supply within an hour with only one case. Now there you were, riding on the back of Bucky’s motorcycle, hunting down that said truck. You weren’t used to being situated so close to the soldier, arms firmly wrapped around his midsection. His bike made a fast approach to the blue truck you had been trying to catch up to.
“If we get a little closer, maybe you can shoot out the tires,” he called to you, his normally quiet voice carrying over the traffic that surrounded you.
“I’ve got a better idea,” you shouted back, noticing the lush green that surrounded both sides of the highway. You unwrapped your right arm from Bucky and with a wave of your hand caused vines to shoot out of the ground and wrap around the tires. The truck quickly came to a halt in front of you. So quickly, in fact, Bucky wasn’t able to stop in time, and instead, he had to drive the motorcycle into the grassy patch beside you in an attempt to avoid slamming into the truck.
“Fuck,” he mumbled, “we could’ve hit the truck. A little heads up would be appreciated next time.”
Getting off the motorcycle and not even turning to look at him you replied, “A thanks would have sufficed.”
You both darted to the truck in front of you. Bucky went towards the front seat to subdue the vehicle’s driver while you worked at prying the back door open. With all your might, you tried getting some more vines to pry the door open, but it seemed almost glued shut. Damnit, damnit, damnit. He’s never going to drop this if you can’t open the door. You’re not some stupid flower girl, you’re an Avenger. Damnit, damnit, damnit.
“It was on autopilot,” Bucky said, making his way to the back of the truck. Without even thinking, he punched a hole through the metal door and pried an opening wide enough to stick his hand in and open it from the inside out. Upon entering you expected to be greeted with maybe some weird jars, maybe just one test tube, or even just some ominous shelves. None of that was there. Nothing much was in the truck really. Alone from a piece of paper that was taped to the middle of the floor.
You walked over cautiously to pick it up to inspect it further. It read the simple word ‘Gotcha’ in red letters. You’d been giving crappy information. This whole mission was a goose chase, there wasn’t anything in the truck of use. You’d been fooled. You handed Bucky the note to see for himself as you cursed under your breath.
“Y/N” Bucky spoke urgently all of a sudden, “we have to go.”
“There’s nothing to run from, we got played-”
He had already grabbed you and was heading out of the truck before you could finish your sentence. His grip was firm and sure around your waist, his metal arm digging into your sides from holding on so tightly. You both landed on the ground, Bucky on top of you, huddling himself over your body, your head buried in his chest as a loud boom went off only a few feet behind you. Before you knew it, you two had been pushed back by the blast, bodies barreling further down the highway. The whole time he had his grip firm on you, ensuring flying debris didn’t fly into your face. Once the rumbling had stopped, he rolled off of you, taking in labored breaths.
You shot up, your heart still racing from the recent sequence of events. Immediately you turned over to see Bucky, face caked in sweat and blood. That’s going to leave a mark. On instinct, your hand cups his face as you panickedly reassure him he’d be okay. He groggily sat up, wincing from just withstanding an explosion while simultaneously protecting you.
“Hey, hey, hey,” he spoke in a calmed voice, “I’m all right.” He could see the panic seeping into your face. His gaze quickly traveled down to your abdomen. His eyes widened as he saw a huge velvet red stain forming around your stomach. With adrenaline pumping through your body, you hadn’t noticed the huge gash that occupied where your skin should be. You could feel your face turn grey with fright. You had been on some pretty tough missions, but none of them had ever ended with a piece of glass lodged in your stomach. Oh, that’s definitely going to leave a mark.
You could feel the adrenaline wearing off as you lost control of your senses. First, there was a ringing in your ears that seemed to sound for miles. Bucky gingerly cradled you in his arms as he whispered over and over again It’s going to be okay. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. Next, your vision went, every detail around you turning to a black abyss. The last thing you felt was Bucky pulling you closer to his chest, heart pounding.
After you lost consciousness, Bucky and you were taken to the hospital. Bucky had a few scratches and had broken his one flesh arm, but the super serum that ran through his veins made him fully heal within three days. You, on the other hand, had not been so lucky. Your powers had granted you the ability to avoid illnesses and diseases alike, but it didn’t grant the gift of super regeneration. Great. You were going to have to let this wound heal like everyone else; with time and sitting around doing a bunch of nothing.
It had been four days since the truck explosion, and you were finally allowed back into the comfort of your own bed at the compound. You hated the pitied glances you received going to the kitchen and you only had disdain for all small gestures of kindness. You never had been treated like a real adult, and now everyone was babying you even more. Well, this fucking sucks.
You had decided you would spend the day in your room as opposed to being met with sad eyes. Every Avenger gets hurt, that’s part of the job. What makes you so special? You had napped through most of the day and woke up to a slightly damp feeling around your waist. You got up to inspect the substance in the mirror and saw that the bandages had begun to become a little soaked. Nothing major, you just needed to change them. Reluctantly, you reached for the bandages on top of your cabinet and began to take your other ones off.
As you began your grueling task, you heard a gentle knock at your door.
“I’m not here,” you answered, not even looking up from your current task at hand.
“I just wanted to see how you’re doing,” Bucky spoke shyly from behind the door. A moment of silence passed. “Can I come in?”
You huffed. Walking over to the door, you swung it open to reveal a perfectly fine Bucky. He definitely didn’t look like he just survived a bomb. He looked great, even. A pang of jealousy ran through your body. It was silly, he was literally a superhuman of course he was alright. You were glad he was okay, really, you just hated how it made you look even weaker in comparison.
“Are you changing your bandages?” he questioned, indicating towards the bed where you had thrown them when you went to answer the door.
“Yeah and I’d like to-”
“Let me help you,” Bucky offered. This was probably the longest conversation the two of you had held. You expected the worried glances coming from everyone else, but not him. It was a nice change, just odd.
“I’m a big girl, I can change my own bandages,” you retorted, slightly wincing from standing for so long.
“I know you can,” he reassured. Sighing, you opened the door all the way for him to enter.
He entered your room and you daintily lifted your shirt up enough to expose the concealed area. His large hands began to gently unwrap the dampened cloth around your stomach. It was strange, you had expected his hands to be rougher from years of fighting, but they were soft. They worked with a certain rhythm to them, moving with purpose as he worked. Once your skin had been exposed, he went to your bathroom to retrieve a wet cloth to wipe away the dried blood.
“Tell me if I’m hurting you,” he spoke quietly, swallowing in nervousness. You had noted that he didn’t touch you with his metal arm.
“If it helps, you can place your metal arm on me for support. . . I don’t mind,” you suggested to your own surprise. This whole experience seemed surreal. He went from avoiding all interaction with you to now tending your wounds.
Nodding in agreement, he softly placed his metal hand on your side for more support as he worked. The coolness of his touch made you jump and he immediately pulled back and apologized profusely. In an attempt to reassure him, you placed his hand back and assured him it was only how cold his hand was that made you jump. It was sweet he seemed scared to hurt you accidentally, though.
Another couple more minutes of silence passed. You were content to watch him work steadily on your abdomen, but you wanted to seize the opportunity to talk to Bucky.
“Bucky, why are you always so quiet?”
“I don’t have anything important to say,” he answered simply.
“But you’re especially quiet around me,” you confessed, a trace of hurt in your voice.
He looked up to meet your eyes. He had a guilty look on his face, his eyebrows twisted into a sheepish expression.
“It’s- it’s silly. I’m sorry if I’ve seemed rude. It’s not you,” he blurted out, stumbling over his own words. He was still kneeling so he could finish wrapping your bandages, you standing over him. He’d never seemed so small.
“Then what is it?”
He couldn’t maintain eye contact. He returned to your wound as he made his confession, red rushing to his cheeks as he continued.
“Y/N, you have the ability to make life. Even without your power, life seems attracted to you. You make flowers rise up out of the concrete, you create happiness with your presence. . .” he paused, collecting his thoughts. “It’s amazing. It’s lovely. But I can’t do that. I destroy, I kill. Creation isn’t in my nature, and I don’t think it’ll ever be. I feel- I feel dirty around you. I feel like by just being near you I’m going to somehow corrupt you, hurt you. I don’t want to do that.”
You cupped your hands around his stubbled face and lifted his gaze to meet yours again. “Hey, you don’t have to worry about me. I can handle myself. You’d never hurt me, Bucky.”
He gave you a melancholic smile in return and resumed his work as he responded, “The only reason I didn’t want you to go on the mission was because I was scared I’d mess up and you’d get hurt. I don’t think you’re weak, I’m just worried about you always. . .I know you don’t need me, but I’m here. I promise.” He was finished. Fuck, Bucky likes me. I thought he hated me, but he’s just been avoiding me because he thinks he’s going to hurt me. Fuck.
He stood on his feet and you thanked him for his help. He had done a beautiful job patching you up, taking his time and making sure everything was done right. He was capable of destruction, but he was so much more than that.
He wished you goodnight with a sad smile and turned to go exit your room. Before he could take a step you took a hold of his wrist and professed, “Bucky, I need you. Okay? Don’t you ever forget that. I may not say it, but I do.”
You were both blushing as you stood there. You released your grip on his arm and began to conjure a flower between your fingers to give to Bucky. Within an instant, you had created a gorgeous yellow and purple flower to give to him.
“Have this as a thank you,” you smiled, placing it gently into his palm and closing his fingers around it.
“It's a wonderful. . .” He racked his brain for what kind of vegetation he had just received and drew a blank. He’d never tell you, but he had been trying to memorize flower names so he could compliment the ones you grew in the kitchen. He’d just never grown the courage to say anything to you.
“Pansy. It symbolizes love and admiration. It fits you well,” you explained. You had slowly been assigning what flowers fit each Avenger in your head. It wasn’t until this moment that you decided pansies would be the perfect ones for Bucky. Gentle and severely underappreciated.
“Thank you,” he replied, beaming shyly. He was smiling so hard it almost looked like his face would split in half. You had never seen this man so joyous. It was beyond endearing to see him light up at such a small gesture as a pansy.
Before you could stop yourself, you pulled Bucky into a kiss. He quickly picked up on the rhythm and you two indulged in the other for a minute. Pulling away you both giggled at yourselves.
“I should change your bandages more often,” he joked, moving a stray piece of your hair behind your ear. You gave him a quick peck on the lips and placed the pansy in his hair. He was great company to keep. He pulled back in for another kiss, this time both of you prepared for the impact. You could feel the butterflies crashing into the sides of your ribcage as he held you close.
That was the start of many more flower-ridden makeout sessions.
A/N: Here's another enemies to lovers that quickly turned to fluff! Thank you all so much for your support on my past few fics, it's really appreciated. I'm open to all constructive criticism and requests are open :)
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shedobewritingalittle · 4 days ago
As It Was
Pairing: Loki x Reader
Summary: Loki watches his future plays out on screen before him. (Takes place during Episode 1 of Loki, so spoilers)
Rating: R
Word Count: 3.4k
Warnings: Sadness, depictions of nudity, pregnancy, mentions of injury, mentions of blood, graphic depiction of death, spoilers for Episode 1
Tumblr media
Curiosity had gotten the best of him, as it tends to do.
Even though his eyes were stinging with unshed tears, Loki still scrolled forward through his future, past some uninteresting adventure with Thor. Loki immediately stops when he sees a new, yet awfully familiar face. He pauses the projection, his blue-green eyes narrowing at the woman on the screen.
Loki had fought her hours-had it been hours since he had fought the Avengers? That man-Mobius-had told him that time moves differently here at the TVA, so in all honesty Loki had no idea how much time had passed while he was stuck here. Loki racked his mind for the woman's name before it suddenly appeared into his head as he continued to study her face-Y/N. His tears dried in his eyes as he leans back in his chair, wondering why this random "hero" was important enough to be included with all of these other important parts of his past/future. Loki lets his trademark smirk grace his face as he hits play on the machine.
"You still haven't given me a good reason why I shouldn't just kick your ass again." Y/N announces as she holds her knife to his throat, the sharp tip digging into his Adam's apple ever so slightly. The Loki on the screen smiles at the woman, holding his hands up to show that he wasn't a threat.
"Because I'm not here to cause any trouble, my dearest Midgardian." Loki replies, completely disregarding the fact she could slit his throat in a second. The real Loki sitting in the chair reaches up to press his fingers against his throat, almost expecting to feel a scab. He watches as Y/N's eyes narrow.
"That sounds exactly like someone who is here to cause trouble would say." She retorts as she slowly lowers her weapon, for some reason choosing to believe him. The real time Loki reaches out and pauses the recording, studying the image of him and Y/N on the screen. He is still confused as to why he is supposedly visiting her, seemingly for no important reason. The God of Mischief shrugs it off and fast forwards a little more, seeing glimpses of him and Y/N together. It takes him a few minutes to realize that the reason why she's filling up his memories so much is because they're in a relationship.
That doesn't sound right to him. Loki, being in a relationship with a meaningless Midgardian? He would never do that. He was god after all and she was nothing but a mortal, albeit a powerful one. Loki stops the recording once again, but doesn't play it. His eyes study the image on the screen of both he and Y/N kissing in what looks like the throne room. Once again, he is confused. The God of Mischief had never really been in a relationship with anyone. His adopted mother had tried and tried, but Loki was always more focused on the throne. He has had his trysts with a multitude of different partners and that had been good enough for him. What could cause such a shift that would cause him to abandon all previous beliefs for her?
Loki fast forwards again, almost obsessively. He needs to know what happens next, but then again he can't really help it. This was his future after all. The Asgardian stops when he sees a glimpse of Y/N unclothed. Loki chuckles and plays the hologram. Old habits, seemingly, die hard.
They were curled up in bed together, a thin layer of sweat covering both of their bodies as they tried to catch their breaths. Y/N was tucked into his side, her hand resting on his bare chest. The Loki in the hologram was grinning from ear to ear as he held her close. His hand resting on her bare hip, his thumb absentmindedly rubbing circles into her flesh. They looked every bit of the happy couple they seemed to be.
"Marry me." Loki suddenly breaks the silence, making both the real life Loki and Y/N widen their eyes in shock. The woman suddenly sits up in the bed, turning her body in order to look at the God of Mischief. Loki couldn't believe what has happening before his eyes. Him? Propose marriage to a damned Midgardian? This has to be wrong, it just has to be.
"I'm sorry-What?" Y/N questions, studying her partner's face for any telltale signs that he is just joking. The Loki on screen holds out his hand to her and makes a small black velvet jewelry box appear in his palm. Y/N looks at him, then the box, and back at him before taking the box, carefully opening it. She gasps softly as her eyes land on the glittering ring. The ring consisted of a pear shaped emerald surrounded in a halo by dozens of tiny diamonds, all resting on a delicate gold band. Loki knew this ring all too well. It had belonged to Frigga and she had given it to him in hopes that one day Loki would give it to a partner.
The real life Loki lets out a shaky breath, muttering curses under his breath.
"My love, will you marry me?" Loki asks as he sits up, his eyes only focused on Y/N. Tears start to brim in her eyes as her face softens as she looks back up at him. A smile spreads across her face and she starts nodding.
"Yes. A thousand times yes." Y/N answers, holding the box tightly in one hand as she throws her arm around his neck, slamming her lips against his. Loki happily kisses her back, pulling her onto his lap. When they pull away to breathe, Loki carefully takes the ring and puts it on her left ring finger, a grin on his face as his hand moves to cup her cheek. He looks happy and...and in love. Completely and utterly in love. Y/N smiles back at him, her adoration for him clear in her eyes.
"My queen." Loki murmurs to her before kissing her again. Present time Loki once again fast forwards the hologram, flying through memories of planning a wedding and the wedding itself as he feels his heart ache in his chest. Years from now, he would be..deserving of love? He would have finally have someone who loved him, despite of what he had done? After all he had put others through, after all he had been through, he was still deserving of it. Loki tries to ignore the way his emotion was wrapped around his throat, causing to to practically close. He stops going through his memories when he sees a clip of himself sitting beside his father on a grassy hill.
"I love you my sons...Remember this place...Home. " Odin tells both Loki and Thor softly, causing tears to well in Loki's eyes once again as he watches his father fade into into stardust. Loki breathes in a shaky breath as the scene shifts again. He was getting emotional whiplash from all of this. A happy marriage and how Odin saying he loved him? Oh Gods.
"Loki, I thought the world of you. I thought we were going to fight side by side forever." Thor confesses to him while they stand in a lift. The clip changes, showing him standing proudly beside his...wife, Thor, and a Valkyrie? He doesn't get much time to take that information in before the scene changes again.
"Maybe you're not so bad after all, brother." Thor teases, now sporting a patch over his eye, similar to the one their father wore. The Loki on screen smiles as the one watching waits with bated breath, wondering how this scene was going to go.
"Maybe not." The God of Mischief replies, making the Loki watching to smile ever so slightly, even causing him to chuckle a bit.
“Thank you...If you were here, I might even give you a hug." His brother announces, tossing a ball at Loki, who catches it in his hand. The real Loki chuckles again, a warm feeling spreading in his chest.
"I'm here." Loki replies, smiling at his brother. The man watching looks down, trying not to cry at the scene of the two brothers together, of them seeming more like equals than ever before. Loki tries to compose himself, but the hologram once more captures his attention, forcing him to look up again.
"Loki, I....I didn't know how to tell you and then everything went to shit and I-I.." Y/N trails off, tears brimming in her eyes as she wrung her hands nervously, pacing back and forth. The god on screen is confused, his raven eyebrows knitting together as he stands, walking over to his queen. Loki shifts in his chair, his brows also knitting together.
"My love, what is it?" Loki questions, his hand reaching out to hold onto her hands, stilling her actions. Y/N's eyes look up at him, her bottom lip wobbling ever so slightly as tears start to roll down her cheeks.
"I-I'm pregnant." She forces out, her voice no louder than a whisper. Both Lokis's eyes widen at the confession and the Loki watching lets out a choked out a sob. His onscreen counterpart has tears brimming in his own eyes as he looks from his wife to her stomach and back up at her. The god laughs, a grin slowly, but steadily stretching across his face.
"You...You're with child?" Loki asks, his voice just as quiet as hers. Y/N nods, looking down at their clasped hands. Loki reaches out, wiping the tears off of her face and forcing her to look up at him.
"Why are you crying, my love? This is a joyous occasion." He says to her almost sweetly, causing Loki to smile at the interaction, despite the fact he keeps having to blink away his tears. Y/N smiles back, nodding. The Loki on screen smiles, leaning forward to kiss her forehead before kissing her lips. The god watching can almost feel them-these phantom touches. His brain hurts as he tries to remembers these memories-memories that he will never have. These memories will never belong to him, neither will these feelings. He will never get to experience any of this.
The scene once again shifts, this time abruptly.
"Heimdall, send her away!" Loki commands as he quickly stands amongst all of the rubble-the remnants of a ship, Loki realizes as the scene unfolds. Y/N shakes her head as she kneels beside the Hulk, crimson blood trickling down her face. Her lip is split and there is blood coming out of her nose. Gods, what happened?
"I'm not leaving you, Loki!" She yells back, trying to force herself to stand, to force herself to fight back. The God of Mischief sits up in his seat, shaking his head as his heartbeat quickens. The Loki on screen shakes his head, tears forming in his eyes.
"Don't. Don't." Loki finds himself saying quietly, as if she could hear him. Although Loki has no true feelings or true attachments for this human, he doesn't want to watch her die just because she wants to stay by his side. He has already watched so many others die and he doesn't know if he handle watching hers, especially since he knows that she is carrying his child.
"I love you, my queen. I love both of you." The Loki on screen replies, giving her a sad, sweet smile. Y/N opens her mouth to respond, but before she can even get a word out, the Bifrost lifts both her and the Hulk up and carries them both away until they both disappear. The scene once again changes, showing Loki aiming a dagger at Thanos's throat but the Titan stops it using the stones in his Gauntlet. The god watching feels sick to his stomach, but he doesn't stop the device. He lets his future continue to play out on the hologram.
"Undying? You should choose your words more carefully." Thanos announces as his large hand wraps Loki's throat, lifting him up. The real Loki rises in his seat, his eyes glued to the screen as he watches himself get strangled by the Titan. He watches himself struggle, trying to pull the large fingers away from his throat, kicking his legs violently. Loki walks closer to the screen, unable to look away. He waits for some trick, for something to happen. He watches himself, hoping that he can find some way to escape.
"You...will never be...a God." Loki forces out, his face turning colors as the blood vessels in his eyes burst. The Loki watching it all gasps when he hears the crack of his own neck. Only then does he force his eyes to the ground, breathing heavily. The sounds of explosions capture his attention once again and he looks up in time to see his brother holding onto his body before the ship they are on explodes.
The film runs out and that's it. That's the end of his file. That's the rest of his life, a life that he will no longer get to live. No conclusion and certainly no happy ending.
Loki scoffs, shaking his head. He laughs. The God of Mischief laughs at his future, at his utter misfortune. He laughs as those tears that have been his eyes the whole time start to roll down his cheeks as the door behind him opens.
"What's so funny?" A woman asks-the guard that had been chasing him around. Loki forces himself to stop laughing as the door clicks shut. He sets the multitudes of feelings that he is currently experiencing aside, sobering himself up.
"Glorious purpose." Loki replies before turning around. Both of them walk quickly to meet each other, Loki being the first one to swing. She blocks his hit, planting one of her own to his stomach before twisting his arm back and forcing Loki to the floor. He quickly stands, but she still slams him into the table. Loki reaches out to grab the device from earlier before maneuvering out of her hold and forcing one of her arms behind his back. He uses the device to unlock the collar around his neck. The god rips it off of his neck and puts it on hers. It locks almost immediately and the guard attempts to hit Loki, but he uses the small golden remote to send her back in time.
Loki pants at he moves to stand up straight, turning to look back towards the door as he plays with the device in his hands. The woman flickers in and out of time, only able to get a few words out every time she appears. Loki hits a button that seemingly causes her to disappear before tossing the golden remote back onto the table. Loki picks up the Tesseract from it's spot on the ground before sitting down on a step. He sighs before putting his head into his hands.
His mind was racing, his thoughts completely jumbled. He didn't know what to think of it all, of his future. Loki almost had it all. He had the throne, a wife, a child. He was so close and then...and then he lose it all. His one bit of happiness, his one bright spot in the universe was snuffed out. Maybe he just didn't deserve an happy ending. He wasn't good and he had never been good. Villains don't get a happy ending. He could reckon with that, could find a way to come to terms with that, but what about Y/N? She was a hero, shouldn't she be happy? Loki wanted to know what happens to her-no, no he needed to know what happens to her. Did she live? Did both her and their child survived? Gods, he hoped so.
Loki still didn't understand why he had chose her and couldn't understand why Y/N, an Avenger, would want to be in a relationship with him. A part of him wanted to watch the parts of his future that he had skipped in order to learn more about their relationship, to learn more about her, but he knows he can't. Loki knows if he goes back and rewatches he would only feel worse, feel more confused. He already finds his heart aching in his chest, longing for someone that he doesn't even know.
The door opens and shuts once more, but Loki doesn't look up. The God of Mischief doesn't care anymore about what the TVA will do to him. What's the use? His family is going to be gone regardless and no matter what he does, he is going to meet a painful death.
"Loki?" Mobius calls out as he walks further into the room, holding a one of the weapons Loki had seen earlier, "No where left to run."
"I can't go back, can I? Back to my timeline. Back to her." Loki breaks his silence, looking at his hands clasped in front of him, half expecting to see the gold wedding band he had seen himself sporting in the hologram. He takes a deep breath before continuing, "I don't enjoying hurting people. I...I don't enjoy it. I do it because I have to, because I've had to."
"Okay, explain that to me." Mobius replies as Loki shifts uncomfortably. The god tries to put the other feelings he's dealing with on hold, yet for some reason knowing what happens-or at least what was going to happen-in the future was helping the truth flow from his mouth a little bit easier.
"Because it's part of the illusion. It's the cruel, elaborate trick conjured by the weak to inspire fear." Loki explains, motion to himself when he says "the weak".
"A desperate play for control. You do know yourself." Mobius muses, lowering the weapon in his hand as he walks closer to the god, deeming him no longer a threat.
"A villain." Loki sighs, looking back at his hands. How many people had he hurt with these hands? He's hurt his family, his friends, countless of faceless and nameless beings across the Nine Realms. He had hurt Y/N when they had first met.
"That's not how I see it. If it was like that, you wouldn't have gotten her." Mobius retorts, which causes Loki's cheeks to heat up. The god picks up the useless Tesseract, which the agent takes note of, "You try to use that?"
"Oh, several times. Even an Infinity Stone is useless here." Loki answers as he fiddles the cube. He scoffs again, tossing the Tesseract in the air before catching it, "The TVA is formidable."
"That's been my experience." Mobius jokes before shifting on his feet uncomfortably and continuing, "Listen, I can't offer you salvation, but maybe I can offer you something better."
"I want to see what happens to her." Loki announces suddenly, his voice thickened with emotion as he looks up at Mobius. He doesn't know what the man was going to offer, but he doesn't care. The god needs to see her, needs to see what happened. It doesn't matter to Loki that the only true memory he has of Y/N is of her kicking his ass in New York. That little tidbit is far from his memory. No, Loki has to make sure she got some semblance of a happy ending, even if he wasn't in it. Mobius just simply nods, as if he had expected it.
"A fugitive Variant's been killing our Minutemen." The agent informs him, not having to announce that he agrees to Loki's terms. The prince nods, rising to his feet.
"And you need the God of Mischief to help you stop him?" Loki questions as he walks over to the agent.
"That's right."
"Why me?" Loki inquires, a little confused as to why an entity as powerful as the TVA would need someone like him. Hunting and taking care of Variants seemed to their primary priority.
"The Variant we are hunting" Mobius answers simply, causing a look of shock and confusion to appear on the God's face. There had been too many twists and turns that had happened in such a sort amount of time that Loki was positive that he must be a part of some cosmic joke.
"I beg your pardon?"
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Finally watched the first episode of Loki and it was AMAZING. It’s just the first episode but about a third into it it was already getting into the meta questions of “does Loki’s story belong to Loki” and “Loki is supposed to be the villain of other heroes’ stories,” and Loki not having any of that because he refuses to fit into a box is quintessential Loki right there!!! This show GETS IT. Amazing, wonderful, fantastic; I want to go reread Agent of Asgard right this minute. Tom Hiddleston has an executive producer credit on this show and I can tell. (He gave the crew a multi-hour-long lecture on Loki continuity with a whiteboard and everything and I think that’s awesome.)
Literally my only gripe is the DB Cooper scene because aside from the whole scene just being absurd (to quote Loki), Loki says he did it “because he was young,” but it was in 1971! That’s 50 years ago.
Thor is canonically 1500 years old (might be an estimate imo, but those are his own words from Infinity War) and we know for a fact Loki is a smidge over 1000 from the Thor prologue and then Odin’s story of adopting him from the same movie. Fifty years ago for Loki is probably something like 3 weeks ago for a human being. Maybe even less!
However, he does follow it up by saying he only did it because he lost a bet to Thor, which makes a lot more sense, and it’s clearly a sequence that’s meant to be ridiculous anyway, so I’m going to just ignore the timeline issue. And given that that scene is in so many of the trailers I wonder if someone insisted on putting it in the show for trailer footage.
Random thoughts on the episode:
I’m pretty sure I called the villain of the piece in abstract speculation way before the show started, but I just want it on record that as I was watching the show, literally the first whiff we got of a villain, the scene of Mobius investigating and asking the kid who did it and the kid pointing to a picture of the devil that had very prominent horns, I immediately went, “the bad guy is an evil Loki isn’t it.” It only makes sense, because Loki’s greatest enemy has always been himself (from both a narrative perspective and from a “who has Loki gone up against in comics” perspective), but still. I’m kinda proud of myself for that immediate reaction.
In fairness, it should also go on record that the Mephisto theory memeing from WandaVision clearly got to me, because my second thought was “or it’s Mephisto.” 😂 Admittedly, based on that picture of the devil the kid pointed to, the thought wasn’t completely out of nowhere!
Speaking of villains, the Time Keepers seem MASSIVELY shady to me. Three beings deciding the fates of everyone across possibly infinite universes isn’t right. I hope this show does what Legends of Tomorrow did with the Time Masters and has them go away somehow. Would love to see Loki taking them down as the finale. Actually, now that I said it I wonder if that’s where the show is heading...
The Miss Minutes commercial that gave the background of the TVA reminded me very much of Secret Wars only a step to the left. Plot twist, the Time Keepers are actually Doctor Doom! Jk. (Now I’m thinking about that time Doom froze Loki in time and turned him into a sculpture...)
The TVA looks like a giant subway station filled with the most red tape-y police ever and I hate it. I’m pretty sure Loki does too. I’m pretty sure both of those things are on purpose, major props to whoever came up with that aesthetic. It’s basically the exact opposite of Asgard and an excellent counterpoint to anywhere Loki’s likely to have ever been.
The giant heads behind the judge (the Time Keepers I assume?) look VERY Kirby-esque and also very familiar, but I can’t figure out if they look familiar because of the Kirby style or because I’ve actually seen them in a comic. Will have to poke around and see if I can dig anything up. (My first thought is Celestials? My second is those gods the Asgardians worship whom Loki encounters in the final AoA issue. Though a quick google tells me the latter is majorly wrong. It’s been a hot minute since I read AoA.)
Mobius saying there’s no magic where the TVA is made me sad. The idea of there absolutely being magic in the universe and a place being completely without it makes me sad.
The Soul Stone being in that drawer hurt me. Sure Marvel, just rub in how pointless Gamora and Natasha’s deaths were some more, why don’t you.
I just had an epiphany- MOBIUS IS LIKE THE TVA’S VERSION OF PHIL COULSON. No I will not elaborate currently; it just feels true!
I miss Coulson. :( And his team. I know there’s all that corporate infighting between Marvel Studios and TV but the show I am by far the most salty about them refusing to acknowledge is Agents of SHIELD. Feige can say whatever he wants but I refuse to stop referring to any of the shows as MCU. He can pry them from my cold dead hands.
Getting off-topic so final thought is that all the multiverse theories about a single correct timeline (and especially all the stuff about Steve and his going back to the past 🙄) seem premature. We’re one episode into the show and the whole idea of one “correct” timeline/universe with benevolent Time Keepers watching over it seems extremely counterproductive to both actual good things- free will is important!- and to everything Loki’s story was ever likely to be about. Because Loki’s story is very much one of him asserting his free will and choice over the boxes everyone and everything else try to put him in.
...I lied, last one now: Speaking of the multiverse- I caught that Multiverse of Madness almost-namedrop in the Miss Minutes short, and I would love it if we got a surprise Loki team up in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Give me a Stephen/Wanda/Loki team up, Marvel! And a real one this time, not one where Loki and Wanda are actually demonic hallucinations. So close but yet so far, Damnation event. So close.
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