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ravynwytch · 10 minutes ago
One thing I love about Ethan Winters is how he responds to defeating bosses the same way I do.
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merelypassingtime · 22 minutes ago
I just realized I've never written anything in first person.
And, yeah, that probably because I'm not the biggest fan of it, but I feel like I should try it out at least once, just to say I did....
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gulaabee · 25 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Veils of reality seem so thin
A living nightmare
My heart is heavy and racing
The crossroads of hours are upon me
No living thing witness my misery
I search for you in my mind, and in the sweet words we exchange
In the middle of the night I crave for your sight
Your presence
Your shadow
Your voice, which I never heard
But you're not here, you're never here
Not this way, not this way
Not for me
The spear of my illusions pierce my chest
Like the heart of the Dolorosa
In the middle of the night
I remember of the words of the Tathāgata
Dukkha, dukkha, everything is dukkha
Viparinama-dukkha sankhara-dukkha
I'm aching due the weight of impermanence and attachment, oh, Enlightened One
I'm wasting my time on illusion
And I can't get rid of it
Minha amiga,
My heart burns with the bittersweet sorrow of this love-attachment
Minha amiga
Impermanence will eventually transform everything
Into shadows, into dust, into whispers
Into nothing
From the void, I want to yell like the poet:
Guarda estes versos que escrevi chorando,
Como um dever do meu amor; e quando
Houver em ti um eco de saudade,
Como um alívio a minha saudade,
Beija estes versos que escrevi chorando
— Gulabee
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kalelraejepsen · 34 minutes ago
yeah see i looked at the notes on that post and now i’m annoyed at people missing my point lmao see this is why i delete posts when they get popular unless i’m trying to bait the supernatural fandom into something silly
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clingylilkoala · 50 minutes ago
About Me/FAQ
Hi hi! I’m Koala! I’m 22. I’m a switch whose almost exclusively submissive but I have my moments. I’m a little, pet, brat and soft domme. I’m bi and currently with my amazing partner @gothteddies! My blog mostly consists of cnc, cg/l (mostly dd/lg as that’s the only cg/l dynamic I have rn), pet play, pain/impact play, praise kink, degradation kink, the occasional monster fucking, some rare domme content and body positivity thrown in all over. I’m always more than happy to get messages and make friends but keep in mind I am garbage at keeping up with people as it takes up a lot of mental energy for me. While this blog rarely contains explicitly political posts (as those tend to go on my main) I and this blog are feminist, anti-racist, anti-colonialism and leftist, and if your blog reflects that you aren’t any of those, I will block you on the spot. I hope you enjoy your time on my blog!💕
Why did you block me?/why did you message me then immediately block me?
You got blocked for being under the list of people I ask not to be on my blog. 95% of the time it’s bc you didn’t have an age in your bio but other common reasons are interacting with minors, ignoring other peoples dni’s and fetishizing my weight. I’m on a side blog and almost entirely on mobile so messaging is the only way to block you from this blog.
Can I show you my dick?
Do you want to sext me/send me pics?
What’s your snap?
My snap is only for mutuals. If you’re a mutual feel free to ask! Even if you can guess it, please give me a heads up bc I do block everyone that I don’t know/can’t identify immediately to avoid it being accessible to non mutuals. (If you’re not sure if you’re a mutual you’re totally welcome to ask since I know it can be confusing with side blogs)
Where did you get your lingerie?
The majority of the time I get it from Romwe but if you’re not sure/want the direct link pls feel free to message me!
Why don’t you want people sexualizing your weight?
Weight is an incredibly touchy subject for me for a number of reasons so on a good day this sexualization is incredibly uncomfortable to me and on a bad day has the potential to trigger a relapse for me.
Are you and @gothteddies polyamorous?
This is a pretty complex thing for us that doesn’t have a straightforward answer. But for the purpose of tumblr, unless we have reached a point in talking where the intricacies are relevant, just assume it’s a no lol.
Why do you kinkshame race play, misogyny kinks, sissies, etc.?
I don’t view any kinks that play an actively harmful role in systemic oppression as kink. I believe when you fetishize people for identities that cause their marginalization in society, it’s impossible to separate what’s going on in the bedroom and what’s going on outside of it, and you don’t have the right to fetishize a community even if it’s only through your partner. This is the short explanation but I’m happy to further explain it to anyone who asks (this is not an invitation to disagree. If you disagree with this stance I’m not engaging in conversation with you).
Why didn’t you reply to my comment on your post?
Since I don’t want my main blog to be common knowledge, I can’t reply to anything on a post itself. If it’s a question or something pls send me a dm instead!
~I’ll probably add to this over time so if there’s any other info you’d like to see here/think would be good to include feel free to say so!~
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freshwitchgladiator · 55 minutes ago
#this is a weird ranty post I’m feeling weird today and trying to figure out why and typing helps but I don’t want to look at this afterward#the one thing tumble tags are good for esp on mobile tbh#mothers day is weird for me and id completely repressed it until my sisters talked about getting treats at church for being#quote: FUTURE MOMS#my one sister isn’t even 12 yet. but I think about Mother’s Day and I just feel weird. sometimes the kiddos call me mom still#it’s not often but it happens and part of that is oldest sister syndrome from being 6 years older than my oldest sibling#my parents for a really long time worked opposing full time jobs so while mom was at work dad was home but usually sleeping because he#works the grave shift and is an idiot who pushes himself to be awake at such random times that he has three different sleeping pills he has#to take whenever he fully exhausts himself#one of them and only one is ambien.#but I remember from the time when I was in like 6th grade I was expected most days to get me and my brother up and off to school#he was in kindergarten at the time#and I remember one day getting hyper fixated on something for school that morning so I didn’t get my brother to school on time and I got#grounded for two weeks for it#I was expected to parent without actually having any of the responsibilities or ability to discipline and so when things went wrong it was#always my fault#but because I don’t have kids bio or otherwise I’m overlooked#you ever look at yourself at go “huh apparently I need therapy for that too”#shut up Alex
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sweetlysilent · 56 minutes ago
okay question:
i wrote the epilogue for apartment 509 and it’s 12 pages long.. do y’all still want me to post it??
i have no idea if anyone is still interested or even remembers that story bc it’s been so long, but yeah, it’s been sitting in my docs for months now 😳
anyways, love y’all <3
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falling-through-void · an hour ago
Can someone please yell at me so I finish and then edit the story I started today
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fjoresterthoughts · an hour ago
for the kiss prompts: maybe 22? not because I like the prompt, but you have to admit, an interrupted kiss is just Fjord & Jester’s luck
22. A kiss that is leading to more, but is interrupted by a third party.
Jester isn’t sure how it happened. First, her and Fjord were just talking in her bedroom, and then they were kissing, and then they were kissing on her bed. She just found kissing Fjord so fun - she loved the way their mouths moved together, she loved her heart beating faster and knowing his was too. Plus, there were so many different types of kisses. And it seemed like this one was getting heated and Jester was very interested in it leading to more.
Just as Fjord pulled off his shirt and Jester was reaching for hers, they were interrupted by a knock at the door.
“Sapphire! May I come in?”
The two of them make panicked eye contact as Jester responds. “Ummm... just a minute Mama!”
“What do we do?” Fjord hisses, frantically looking for his shirt.
“Hide, hide!” Jester whispers back, and begins looking around the room quickly.
“Under the bed!” Jester replies, and as she is half-pushing him off her bed, Fjord is already making a dive and that extra push makes him stumble and fall. 
“Sapphire?” Marion calls, “Are you alright?”
“Yep! Just knocked something over, everything’s fine!” Jester says, trying very hard to sound and act normally as she watches Fjord and his dignity crawl under her bed. Before she opens the door, she mouths “I’m sorry” to Fjord as he gives her a displeased look and cleverly casts major image. Jester quietly lets out a sigh of relief as he makes it look like she had stuffed the party’s camping bedrolls under the bed, giving him some cover.
Hopefully no one will notice Fjord’s shirt is still on the floor. 
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cheeseanonioncrisps · an hour ago
I feel like this will be somewhat controversial, but *takes deep breath*…
Elon Musk being a total dickhead doesn't change the fact that if he is autistic then he is allowed to describe his own personal identity however he wants.
Like yes, he uses "Aspergers"— a lot of people use Aspergers. If he was diagnosed before 2013 then that might have been his official diagnosis. Yes, he described himself as "running human in emulation mode"— a lot of nd people describe themselves as not feeling human, or joke about being robots or aliens or something of that sort.
I love the autistic community on Tumblr, but one of it's major flaws is it's assumption that there is One True Way in which autism should be viewed, and that anyone who deviates from that is Wrong and Bad, even if they are autistic themselves.
(Again, not saying that Elon Musk isn't Wrong and Bad for totally separate reasons, but being autistic and not following the party line isn't something I feel people should be blamed for. We're real human people, not Tumblr talking points come to life.)
This attitude can be extremely alienating to people who don't feel 100% happy and positive about their autism (I know I've avoided talking about negative feelings on here before, because I felt like I wasn't Allowed to be feeling that way) and in some cases has literally lead to self-identified low functioning people experiencing harassment from within the community, because they're using Bad Words to describe themselves and thus Letting The Side Down.
Musk is shitty. Autistic people can be shitty sometimes, just like any other group. I am in no way saying that he is Good Representation— but I do think that the idea that autistic people are only allowed to talk about our identities if we are fluent in Tumblr and constantly work to keep up the veneer of Good Representation is a toxic one that we shouldn't indulge. Even if it means losing an opportunity to have a go at Elon Musk.
It's not as if there aren't plenty of other things to have a go at him for.
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heydragonfly · an hour ago
man i know the nature of social media at this point is to try and condense extremely complicated social and political issues into easy-to-digest mini infographies that lose all sense of nuance with the issue but uuuh gotta say y’all seeing the Arab-Israeli conflict be condensed into ten pictures with a couple sentences on each is A Lot
#and unsurprisingly it was filled with things that were either so biased to be bordering on misinformation or were just blatantly incorrect#bc hey guess what! what can be considered one of the most complicated conflicts in human history CANNOT be boiled down to TEN SLIDES#i mean jesus ‘Israel has only existed for 77 years’ i mean yeah TECHNICALLY but Zionist settlers have been in the region since the 1880s#and calling it a settler nation is just that’s a Whole Thing and it is nowhere near as simple as that#and talking about the nakba and the 1948 war without even saying those terms or putting them in context i mean jesus christ#and to have those condensed into like FOUR SENTENCES i mean COME ON#and to frame the conflict as israel being a settler nation who just needs to leave to free palestine is both tragically unrealistic#and a disservice to what freeing palestine actually means#like if you want to spread support for the issue talk about israeli settlements in the west bank!!#you can’t just throw out the term apartheid and not apply it to the west bank if that’s your argument#and talking about palestine without mentioning the terms west bank and gaza even once like????#it’s just a whole bunch of misinformation framed as being for the free palestine moving but acting more as a detriment to it by not even#addressing the current state of palestinians#SORRY for all this im just whdhsjbd#i’m by no means an expert on this topic or anything close#i know enough to know how much i don’t know#but like posts like that are just dangerously misinformative about such a complex issue#and prey on peoples like of familiarity with the issue#which is to say if you’ve reblogged that post you’re FINE i’m irked with op or the person who made it#ash rambles
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monster-oftheweek · an hour ago
Margaret Atwood’s ever present watcher that is the male gaze but now it’s the eternally observed and performative feeling of social media
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gabbyzvolt25 · an hour ago
Tumblr media
An edgelord for the @jojosartisticadventure vampire pile. I touched up his vest and pants colours bcuz I can never be satisfied with his design completely tbh. That said here I was seeing “Dio-ify anyone you want” and being confused bcuz in my mind Jonathan is the vampire by default. Too lost in the sauce am I.
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