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ofwands · 16 hours ago
Tumblr media
🕷 LILITH IN 3RD HOUSE individuals usually get their words sexualised or taken too seriously by other people. they say anything and people find ways to twist their words and make it sexual or they just unintentionally say sexual things.
✏️ GEMINI AND VIRGO PLACEMENTS love stationery. they’re usually the bitches that get excited over a 0.5mm black marker. It’s me I’m bitches.
my Gemini moon friend literally buys stationery every week and loses them. she was so excited to tell me about her erasable pastel highlighters.
⏳ CAPRICORN / 10TH HOUSE PLACEMENTS no matter how 'patient' or 'chill' their rising or mars sign is, if you make them do something while they're focused on something else or when they're working, they'll literally get so annoyed with you. well done, you ruined their day 😐 /s
👶 whatever CHILD (4580) is in / touches, it can tell you where you are most child-like or most innocent and sweet. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you are, it can just be how you appear to people.
ex: child aspecting ascendant can mean having a baby face or soft skin
I have child in 1st house and aspecting my MC and I feel like I can't do anything right in life by myself and also people always treat me like I'm younger than them even if we're the same age / they're younger.
🍬 CANDY (3015) can tell you where and how you naturally attract people and where people notice you (in a good way), basically where you're an 'eye candy'.
someone I know has Candy in 6th house and literally all their co-workers know them and have a crush on them LAHDKFJF this can manifest differently too. people usually notice their health and their body.
🐴 WILD (1941) shows where you are ‘freed’ from / where you’re most free and where you have to do things yourself with no instructions. Idk how to word it but you know what I mean. basically where you’re most ‘wild’. because of how ‘wild’ you are, you may appear reckless to people in that area.
I have mine in 3rd house and my school life has been really crazy. I barely did any homework and I didn’t study and my classmates always thought I was too careless and that I wasn’t going to make it anywhere. also I dropped out of school. I feel like I have freedom now because I can learn things at my own pace.
🎼 TONE (1266) can tell you how you come across as to people by how you speak. I think this is also important if you want to know what first impressions people have of you.
ex: tone in sagittarius can mean you come off as someone humorous and people may not take you seriously
someone I know has tone in 7th house and people always think they’re flirting and give off player vibes
🐑 people with LAMB (16089) IN 1ST HOUSE / ASPECTING ASCENDANT have some sort of innocence to them and people just want to protect them. the downside of this placement or aspect is that these individuals often feel ‘preyed’ on.
🌹 BLESS (92891) can tell you *wait for it* where you’re blessed and what you’re blessed with. totally wasn’t expecting that.
Megan Fox has it in her 1st house and she’s obviously blessed with good looks since birth. It also sextiles her saturn.
🍭 LICK (1951) can tell you what you’re obsessed with or very interested in.
ex: lick in 10th house can mean you’re obsessed with your career, reputation and public image. It can also mean being attracted to workaholics and individuals that seem ‘put together’.
🍥 people with BEAN (13606) IN 1ST HOUSE / ASPECTING AC OR MC are literally so cute. you just want to head pat them. they also get babied by their peers.
💰 BONUS (10028) can tell you what you feel like you always have more of but if it’s negatively aspected, it can mean the opposite. It can also tell you your ‘extra’ talents and where you feel quite lucky.
ex: bonus in 11th house can mean you feel like you always have friends and you make friends easily.
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spiritual-thingss · a day ago
Nemesis in Greek mythology was said to be the goddess of revenge. When everything was going evil she decided to took step and stop people from doing wrong
She is often described as abuser and negative because it shows where can we destroy ourselves, how can we be our enemy. But knowing about is important since it can help not to be jerk or boastful about certain sign.
Nemesis in astrology can show where can we destroy ourselves and when can she come to you
Tumblr media
Nemesis in 1st house/aries- the obsession with ourselves, anger and being reckless can destroy you. And also you need to learn how to keep of your power not to give too much and not taking.
Nemesis in 2nd house/taurus- if being way too much materliastic and boasting about money can make you get your karma. Also keep in mind what you see you to other people.
Nemesis in 3rd house/gemini- your mind is your biggest enemy, don't let it control you too much. And try to keep yourself calm when you talk.
Nemesis in 4th house/cancer- if you're not helping people enough and being too selfish. Not taking care about people's feelings
Nemesis in 5th house/leo- Having too much obsession with getting fame and being rude to other people.
Nemesis in 6th house/virgo- thinking yourself as some kind of superior or just being into yourself way too much.
Nemesis in 7th house/libra- being way too dependent on relationships or just needing someone everytime. Not able to balance your life
Nemesis in 8th house/scorpio- when you want to control too much, being jealous of other people and always wanting more and more
Nemesis in 9th house/Sagittarius- when you're trying to put your beliefs on someone else, and also if you have some knowledge about something but being selfish by not telling it
Nemesis in 10house/capricorn- being too much career obsessed, always thinking about how can you get to the top and ignoring your home life
Nemesis in 11house/aquarius- by taking your friends granted. Living in present instead of future. And also not accepting yourself
Nemesis in 12th house/pisces- not having proper boundary, being obsessed with a particular idea, living in your own small world rather than go out and enjoy your life
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bestdamnpodcast · 2 days ago
#LIVE 11PM EST.  TH3 L@ST D@MN P0DC@ST! PART 2... #asteroids #pdc2021 #ww3 #russia #china​​ #meteors​​ #comets​​ #fireballs​​ #2021AsteroidImpactSimulation​​ #asteroidPDC2021​​ #planetnine​​ #spaceweather​ #ChineseRocket
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saturnianneptune · 2 days ago
More Asteroids❣️👀❣️
Hello my incredible readers, hope that you are having a wonderful day so far🥰❣️ I’m here with more asteroids to add to your list! Hope that you experiment with them, and most importantly, that you like them🧡🐣🧡
🌼Fierz (48782): Being protective and fierce, Standing up for what you think is fair.
🌼Nemesis (128): Traits of the person that we consider our enemy. In which area of our life are we going to find that person. 
🌼Lampetia (393): Protective, caring and defensive nature. Worrying about others.
🌼Gloria (34047): Means “Glory” in Spanish. Where do we feel glorious?
🌼Kalchas (4138): Prophetic abilities, divination.
🌼Estrella (11697): Shining, standing out. Someone beautiful. Related to astrology and its study.
🌼Unitas (306): Working in a team. What is our opinion in working in a team?
🌼Queens (5457): Someone beautiful, loved by others. Many people can worry about this person if the asteroid is prominent.
🌼Odin (3989): Powerful individual. Someone strong, respected and admired by many. This power can make us somewhat intimidating.
🌼Constancia (315): Perseverance, patient person. Someone that does not give up easily.
🌼Universitas (905): Our life in the university. Universities. What could we study? (Having this asteroid in Earth houses could indicate working as a teacher).
🌼Laertes (11252): Being independent, relying only on ourselves. Not feeling support.
🌼Sano (8660): Someone healthy that worries about their well-being. 
🌼Kitty (9563): Loving cats. Behaving like a cat.
🌼Sado (118230): Things that make us sad, things that we have a hard time expressing. Frustration, sadness.
🌼King (2305): Powerful individual. Leadership abilities, eloquence. If bad aspected can lead to a superiority Complex.
🌼Rey (13647): Means “King” in Spanish, so we gave it the same connotation.
🌼Freia (76): Someone attractive and liked by others. Type of beauty. Fertility.
🌼 Erida (718): Hate and being hatred. Negative traits that we can’t stand. For interpreting this asteroid better, just be conscious about the negative traits of the sign that it’s placed in. 
🌼 Champion (8732): Being, feeling or being seem as invincible.
🌼 Merlin (2598): Interest in magic. Prophetic abilities.
🌼 Elips (59): Having faith or on the contrary lack of faith (when is making many hard aspects).
🌼 Mentor (3451): Someone that would teach you many important lessons. How do we counsel others. What type of mentor do we are?
🌼 RIP (7711): It can give us insights about our death. Where are we likely to get huge transformations?
🌼 Fay (4820): Being dreamlike or out of this world. Ethereal and mystic beauty.
🌼 Meta (1050): Talks about our goals and aspirations. How do we behave when we are achieving our goals? 
🌼 Dones (21965): Means “gifts” in Spanish. At what are we gifted? 
🌼 Born (13954): This can give us insight about our birth and its circumstances.
Tumblr media
Wish you all a marvellous day! Sending big hugs and lots of love🧡🐣🧡 
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venusfun · 2 days ago
Rare/unheard but interesting asteroids💓
I don't allow to copy or plagiarize my work @venusfun
Side note - these are based on my opinions and experiences. I was sitting for 2 hours and experimented with these asteroids, and I'm NOT sure if everything is 100% right, so don't take anything too seriously.
What I noticed -
Fiala (3695) - Spiritual vision/knowledge. This asteroid prominence can indicate interest in spirituality.
Cyrus (7209) - champion/hero, protector of people. This asteroid prominence can indicate being seen as a savior, with a powerful personality. Maturity.
Koning (3815) - in German it means king. I believe that this asteroid can show where in life you have “power” and you feel respected.
Zero (4321) - “nothing”, new start. Zero placement in the chart may show new beginnings in your life.
Vasari (216757) - this asteroid can show talent in art (painting, architecture, sculpture). Named after the Italian artist Giorgio Vasari.
Fox (16248) - House where your “fox” sits at, can show where in life you would be the most tricked/fooled at OR where in life you might fool someone.
Saule (428694) - Sun. It's similar to the asteroid Apollo but shows more about where our hearts feel the most comfortable.
Savage (29837) - This can show where in life we are the most savages. Also, aspects with Mercury can indicate sarcastic humor.
Tartu (35618) - it's an Estonian city (which is very close to my heart) since it's often associated with higher education city, it might show that too.
Tell (16522) - your ability to express your thoughts with telling. Conversation topics that you might like to talk about with others.
Geographos (1620) - Your geography knowledge. What part of your life takes geography.
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spiritual-thingss · 2 days ago
moira solar return chart?
Moira in solar return could tell the what you can do this year, what are you fated to do. Like in 1st house you can change your appearance
In 6th house starting to do taking care of your fitness, health
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spiritual-thingss · 2 days ago
What does it mean when someone have Moira 2nd Square pluto and MC please 🙏🥺
if your square degree are more than 2 then there would be little to no effect
Moira square pluto
Moira represents fate, pluto represent transformation and square is the aspect in which the energy gets opposed. So this aspect would mean that the transformation will not be easy. Many time you will be quite overwhelmed by the change. You want to be in your comfort zone or in a little bubble.
Moira square mc
This aspect will mean that there will be many things which you think you can do but at the end it gets difficult for you to decide one of them. You can be lot confused about which path should you go which is better, which will give you success or failure
All together with 2nd house
It can mean that due to constantly change in your career, not having a stable job can lead to having unstable income and it can make you feel not so good.
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spiritual-thingss · 2 days ago
Moira 638
Moira in houses and signs describes where our life is fated. The thing which is meant to happen.
If it is in aspect with opposition/square then it can show negative karma
Moira in signs and houses
Moira in 1st house- one is fated to do something about our appearance like it can be having certain kind of appearance which you can't change
Moira in 2nd house- one can be fated to earn lots of Money in this lifetime like being rich and working where ethics are very strict. But money is important theme here.
Moira in 3rd house- one can be fated to Have a job related to communication or you have to express yourself through words
Moira in 4th house- one can be fated to have certain things happened in our childhood
Moira in 5th house- one can be fated to have children and expressing ourselves through Creativity
Moira in 6th house- one can be fated to have a good health it can a life purpose to be fit and not trying to get ill
Moira in 7th house- one is fated to get married and finding a soulmate connection can be one of the goal
Moira in 8th house- one can be fated to receive inheritance and also finding mystical things or meeting with certain kind of people can be fated
Moira in 9th house- one is fated to have a job in which we can write or can be interested in writing.
Moira in 10th house- one is fated to have a particular job and career like following a certain path
Moira in 11th house- one is fated to have friends which can help us through lots of things and generally can also have many friends
Moira in 12th house- one can be fated to hi through a spiritual awakening. And our main purpose in life could be is to heal ourselves.
If Moira is in positive aspect(trine/sextile/conjunction) then the energy will blend and the things which are meant to be happen they will
For ex- if sun is in positive aspect with Moira then one is meant to be shine in this lifetime and also to know ourselves
And if Moira is in negative aspect then it will give negative result
For ex- Moira square/opposition sun can go through identity crisis in this lifetime.
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a1-pharma · 3 days ago
Tel/WhatsApp: +1(530)324-2301
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a1-pharma · 3 days ago
Tel/WhatsApp: +1(530)324-2301
Tumblr media
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bestdamnpodcast · 3 days ago
#LIVE 10PM EST.  TH3 L@ST D@MN P0DC@ST! #asteroids #pdc2021 #ww3 #russia #china​​ #meteors​​ #comets​​ #fireballs​​ #2021AsteroidImpactSimulation​​ #asteroidPDC2021​​ #planetnine​​ #planet9​​​ #spaceweather​ #ChineseRocket
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star-astrology · 3 days ago
Asteroids Part 6; Sisterhood of Pallas Athena, Symbolism of the Asteroid Pallas Athene
Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
Tumblr media
The long overdue sixth part of my asteroid series is finally here. 
 The asteroid Pallas Athene is one of the more prominent asteroids covered in the astrological community thanks to Demetra George’s “Asteroids Goddesses; The Mythology, Psychology, and Astrology of the Re-emerging Feminine.” In this part, I will cover the asteroid’s symbolism and interpretation based on mythology, gathered research from authors such as Demetra George, and my own knowledge.
 The ancient Greek goddess Athena may have been synonymous with the Egyptian goddess Neith and possibly other earlier known goddesses. Throughout this asteroid series ( and just in general for my astrological interpretations) I’ve tried to peel back further from Greek origins and more toward Kemetic or Sumerian origins for a pure and truly ancient understanding of asteroids named after Greek deities. However, I’ve accepted that for Pallas Athene, the Greek mythologies derive important symbolism that just isn’t clearly depicted from what we know of Neith or other earlier goddesses synonymous with Athena.
The Mythologies of Athena
 Athena is the goddess of war and wisdom. She was revered by gods alike and those who worshipped her for her remarkable strength, courage, wit, and creativity. Her birth story begins with Zeus swallowing the titan Metis who was carrying the unborn Athena. After some time had passed, Zeus develops a headache that would only be cured by Hephaestus’ splitting open his skull. Out from Zeus’ skull Athena is born as a fully grown woman encompassing all of her remarkable traits. Athena was Zeus’ favourite child, for she was his creation; so purely in his image of goodness, power, and wisdom.  Like Vesta (or Hestia), she is a virgin goddess, she serves herself and is whole with herself. Though, she had a friend who she quite possibly could have been in love with and she did love; Pallas.
Athena and Pallas  Pallas was the daughter of Triton. She was equal to Athena in wisdom and the art of war. They were partners in battle and one day the gods were disputing which of the two goddesses were stronger. So the two goddesses sparred and Zeus interfered allowing Athena to have the upperhand. Unfortunately this ended up fatally wounding Pallas. Athena was so heartbroken that she added Pallas’ name to her own to honour her. While it is never mentioned in the myth between these two goddesses, I speculate the possibility that their relationship may have been more, possibly as lovers in war. In ancient Greek and Roman times, it was a known practice that soldiers would often become romantically involved with one of their peers, even if they had a partner back at home. This was because they believed you would fight better for someone you love, especially if it was to avenge the death of a lover. 
Athena and Medusa  While there are several interpretations of this particular myth, the one that I find significance with is the one that describes Athena aiding Medusa.   Medusa was said to once be a very beautiful woman who made a vow for herself to remain virginal. However, her beauty drew on the male gaze and she was preyed upon against her will. The ocean god Poseidon tried to have his way with Medusa, but Athena stepped in and transformed Medusa into an ugly creature with snakes for a head of hair, and anyone who looked into Medusa’s eyes would turn stone.   This myth often depicts Athena as jealous of Medusa’s beauty, but in truth, this would be extremely out of character for Athena who’s not concerned with how others perceive her, particularly men. Athena cloaks Medusa with ugliness as a defense– as a way to protect Medusa from unwanted attention. This myth parallels greatly with the internal struggle many people have, particularly women, with the threats and vulnerability that coincide with embracing beauty and femininity. 
Helper to Heroes  Athena often makes appearances in myths about a hero’s journey and aids the hero in some way. She often has some sort of valuable foresight or tool to give the hero. Mortals look to her for her strength, wit, and strategy.   The story with Medusa continues as Athena actually aids Perseus upon hearing he needs to take Medusa’s head. She gives him a reflective shield so he can see Medusa without looking into her eyes and turning to stone. Many of the common interpretations of this myth state that Athena hated Medusa which is why she was so willing to help Perseus on this quest. However, following the interpretation I mentioned where Athena turned Medusa into a gorgon for her protection, Athena would have been the only one to understand the circumstances of Medusa. In addition to this, in the myth itself Medusa plays more-so as a symbolic prop instead of a character. Particularly because Medusa as a gorgon is described as having snakes for hair– snakes in myths can (but not exclusively) symbolize treachery and bad spirits needing to be expelled. We see this in stories like Inanna and the Huluppu tree where people often confuse “lilītu” with the actual archetype or character Lilith; there was no Lilith in that story, just spirits needing to be expelled from a tree.
The Seer  Athena is often described by poets as being “grey-eyed” and there is symbolism behind this. According to Wikipedia the choice to describe her this way is quite deliberate; “In Homer's epic works, Athena's most common epithet is Glaukopis (γλαυκῶπις), which usually is translated as, "bright-eyed" or "with gleaming eyes". The word is a combination of glaukós (γλαυκός, meaning "gleaming, silvery", and later, "bluish-green" or "gray") and ṓps (ὤψ, "eye, face"). It is interesting to note that glaúx (γλαύξ, "little owl") is from the same root, presumably according to some, because of the bird's own distinctive eyes.” Athena is also often depicted as or with an owl which is all deliberate symbolism of her wisdom, keen perception, and foresight. There is a seer quality about Athena that is tuned into aiding justice and heroism.
Themes of the Asteroid Pallas Athene
Fear or repulsion of feminine expression in oneself
Deconstructing heteronormativity
Equality, democracy
Psychic vision, foresight
Companionship, sisterhood, brotherhood
Same-sex experiences, perceptions, and empathy
Creative vision
Intellectual power
Maternal absence
 Pallas Athene being an asteroid, only with prominence in the birth chart will her themes and the complexes arising out of those themes be noticeable. Otherwise, Pallas Athene in one’s birth chart demonstrates where one tends to have strategic foresight/vision, where one meets Pallas Athene-like characters, and where one is called to serve justice.
Aspects to Pallas Athene
Sun-Pallas Athene In hard aspects, such as a square or opposition, this contact can be quite troublesome and makes for complexes the individual will have to fight to overcome. The difficult aspects signify negative experiences with the paternal figure in their life which translates over into adulthood as having distrust in and difficulty with men. As most societies are patriarchal, these aspects tend to be harder for feminine identifying individuals. These individuals are keenly aware of the violence that can coincide with objectification, particularly the objectification of feminine expression. When this type’s innate identity is objectified, defences are put up and they reject and conceal their expression. Being viewed in a sexual nature in an unwarranted way kills the confidence in these individuals; it conflicts with how they view themselves as an entire being and their purpose. Being comfortable with one’s sexuality can be an issue in the more difficult aspects with this contact as well; there may be shame, repulsion, or rejection of one’s sexuality. To aid these complexes, therapy as well as companionship and empathy from people who share the same experiences or trauma is beneficial.   In positive aspects, such as a trine or sextile, we see the opposite of the crippling experiences in the negative ones. These individuals tend to be comfortable and even celebratory in either binary expression; they are often quite androgynous. They are also quite comfortable in their sexuality as well as they are firm believers in dismantling gender roles and heteronormativity. These individuals are fighters for people with Pallas Athene complexes and injustice in general. They have a tremendous amount of strength, empathy, and willingness to understand gendered, sexual, and political issues. These individuals can find their life’s purpose, fulfillment, and accomplishments through their intellectual creativity.  The conjunction brings out Pallas Athenian archetype within one’s character. These individuals will be very Pallas Athenian in that they will see within themselves the complexes that arise from both the positive and negative aspects. They often have quite a strong presence, cunning intellect, and the foresight vision.
Moon-Pallas Athene  In positive contacts, these aspects bring out the psychic nature of Pallas Athene– Pallas Athene’s foresight and the wisdom in part with that. These individuals are empaths and healers. In the positive aspects, this is Pallas Athene reconciled with the fact that she never knew her mother; in individuals, it is a deep connection with the maternal expression within them (through a Pallas Athenian lens) or a deep connection with the maternal figure in their life. The maternal figure in their life may have been very Pallas Athene-like or could have been a contributor to giving the individual the strength, wit, and wisdom that matches Pallas Athene’s archetype. Creative vision is evoked by emotional exploration  In negative aspects, such as the square or opposition, there can be an absence of a maternal figure. Just like Pallas Athena herself, this individual may have been raised by their father with their father’s interests on the forefront. As a result, feminine expression is often null or even despised or feared. These individuals may repress their emotions surrounding their own gender or sexuality issues. They can be quite defensive and unless the Sun has prominence in the chart, they can also disguise their expression and true identity. These individuals can be quite masculine, over-functioning, and independent; they fear depending on others and self incompetence. To aid these complexes, they need to surround themselves with people that can bring out the softer nature hiding within them; they need to see that being nurtured and loved does not diminish their strength and ability.  The conjunction brings out complexes that resemble both the positive and negative aspects, though the maternal figure is most often present like in the positive contacts. Psychic vision is very potent with the conjunction and there is an urge to serve justice with it.
Mercury-Pallas Athene  In positive aspects and the conjunction, we see individuals with immense creative intellect. These people are often leaders in the fields of science, art,  politics, and law. People look to these individuals for their ability to strategize and look at the whole picture. As Pallas Athene touches the planet of communication, these individuals will often have a powerful voice, especially for those who don’t and are in need of justice. They can make for great advocates for gender and sexuality issues.  In the negative aspects, such as the square or opposition, we see individuals who struggles to have a voice on gender and sexuality issues, or just in general. These people can find their voice by making connections with others who share similar issues and by being part of a group setting.
Venus-Pallas Athene  The Venus contacts to Pallas Athene can be quite similar to the Sun contacts in that the complexes surrounding feminine expression tend to be the same. In the negative aspects, such as the square or opposition, there is the same repulsion towards feminine expression in oneself. It stems from fears developed from observing a patriarchal society’s perception of women and sometimes trauma. There may even be internalized misogyny present as these individuals have a tendency to reject traits that could be perceived as feminine, as they equate femininity to weakness and incompetence. These individuals present themselves as tough, rigid, unlike the others, and often androgynous or hyper masculine. They fear being taken advantage of and avoid any sign of weakness at all costs. Their inability to let their guard down can hinder close relationships; these people often deny themselves of romantic connections and keep everyone at arm's length. To cope, these individuals will put all of their focus into creative outlets and put their accomplishments on a pedestal over relationships. To aid rigidity and to reconnect with feminine expression, these individuals need to surround themselves with strong figures who are very confident in their feminine expression; they need role models and will find strength in numbers (being part of a support system). Re-education may need to be involved in the healing process as well. Exploring further with where ever Venus is in the individual’s chart and honing in on Venusian activities can really benefit this individual’s self acceptance, inner beauty, and sexuality.  In the positive aspects, such as the trine or sextile, there is radiating confidence, beauty, strength, creativity and merging of masculine and feminine energies. In these aspects is where Aphrodite and Athena meet eye to eye. These individuals are often very comfortable in their sexual expression; they tend to be drawn to feminine energies. As Pallas Athene aspects tend to make for, these individuals also tend to be express themselves androgynously, but are comfortable with feminine expression. They are very celebratory over it, similar to the Sun aspects. These individuals tend to be quite independent, but definitely not closed off. There is often an urge to utilize their strength and confidence in advocating for women’s right and issues, and it should be encouraged as these individuals are often the perfect candidate to advocate on  these issues. These individuals possess some healing abilities as well and heal others through empathy. Empathy for same-sex experiences is a prominent theme for both the positive and negative aspects; the natural connectivity or alliance with one’s gender makes them feel protected and valid.   With the conjunction, many of the themes found in the Venus-Pallas Athene aspects are intensified. Pallas Athene is somewhat personified in the individual and there is a much more radical need to demonstrate their autonomy over how they choose to express themselves. Expressing themselves through creative means is often very important and almost always contains a very Pallas Athenian message.
Mars-Pallas Athene  In positive contacts, such as a trine or sextile, Mars emphasizes that accomplishments and success can be found through Pallas Athene. Individuals with these aspects make excellent leaders, people want to nominate this type of individual to be in control and make the decisions. These individuals have a lot of drive, strength, and prestige, as well as empathy and compassion that does not diminish those qualities. There’s a keen awareness for underdogs and an urge to aid those beneath them. In feminine identifying individuals, utilizing masculine traits yields success, and in masculine identifying individuals, utilizing feminine traits yields success. Strong, lifelong companionship with the opposite sex is a common theme with these aspects as well.   With negative aspects, such as a square or opposition, there can be intense strife with the opposite sex. Additionally, strife with one’s own gendered expression; either hyper masculine or hyper feminine to conceal one side of the binary. Much of the repulsion towards one specific expression is due to societal conditioning as well as upbringing; it’s a defense mechanism to protect themselves from being perceived as either too weak or too harsh. There can be a lot of anger within the negative aspects as well; it would be best to redirect this anger towards a cause, such as advocating for women’s rights, men’s mental health support, protecting children (particularly if the 5th house is involved), environmentalism, sexual freedom, religious freedom, and so on. Therapy and support groups can aid self resentment and resentment towards the opposite sex.   With the conjunction, Pallas Athene is personified in the individual when they are challenged or angry. They may be quite radical, independent, and domineering; they are always in charge. They despise being perceived as incompetent or submissive. Pallas Athene’s strategic and cunning qualities are apparent in the conjunction as well; these individuals are not people you can fool or surpass, especially when a goal is on the line.
Jupiter-Pallas Athene  In all Jupiter contacts, Pallas Athene’s psychic foresight is present. Individuals with these aspects are blessed with intuition and wisdom. They hold valuable advice and counsel to others as well as themselves. They tend to be respected by many; their companionships and kinships are their armies.  Particularly in the positive aspects and the conjunction, these individuals would do well in politics, law, and creative arts. Serving justice is particularly important to this asteroid when in contact with Jupiter. Symbolically Jupiter is Zeus, Athena’s father, who loved and praised Athena the most out of all of his children. This may translate as an individual who had a similar positive relationship with their father; a father who is particularly proud of the individual, who may also could have been quite Jupiter-like. It also signifies the urge to be the same type of parental figure to their own children.
Saturn-Pallas Athene  With positive aspects, such as a trine or sextile, there is creative focus and prestige. The hard work from these individuals doesn’t go unnoticed. Saturn amps up Pallas Athene’s urge to serve justice; there’s often feelings of responsibility over something as big as society. These individuals would do well in law, politics, or any position of leadership. Reconstruction of societal values is a common theme with these aspects. These individuals seek change for how society perceives gender expression, sexuality, and politics. On a different side of the same coin, these individuals may have a bit of rigidity within themselves when it comes to true self expression, particularly with expressing femininity. Though, the negative aspects are considerably more stark than the positive.  With negative aspects, such as the square or opposition, there is almost always issues with the paternal figure or one of the individual’s parental figures (particularly if one parent is a stern, overfunctioner). The individual may have had high expectations held against them at a young age or there may have been a preconceived notion from a parental figure that the individual is incompetent due to how the individual expresses themselves or based on the individual’s values. The individual will feel inadequate to their peers, especially to a specific sex. There is rigidity in their expression, as mentioned earlier. These individuals may overcompensate for gendered stereotypes inflicted upon them. These individuals need to redirect their purpose for themselves and not for others. Therapy may aid them in relearning that they are not put on this planet to meet someone else’s expectations. Once confidence is regained, they can reign the creative focus, prestige, and leadership qualities that the positive aspects signify.  The conjunction can demonstrate qualities from both the positive and negative aspects and is much more potent and noticeable out of all of the Saturn aspects.
Uranus-Pallas Athene  In all Uranus-Pallas Athene contacts, there is an urge to come together with people to make change. Here is where Athena builds her army and strategically conquers and destroys harmful constructs. The aspects with Uranus are all about world betterment, particularly with issues dealing with gender and sexuality.  In positive aspects and the conjunction, Pallas Athene’s geniusness is very apparent. Individuals with these aspects often find success in sciences or anything that utilizes creative intellect. 
Neptune-Pallas Athene  In all Neptune-Pallas Athene contacts, individuals can find access to psychic power and strong intuition. These individuals have dreams of prophecy and can see far into the future. These individuals also tend to have a knack for arts that require a lot of technicalities and vision such as music and film.   People with the conjunction may find their psychic powers to be particularly potent and these people are often very spiritually aligned. Their binary expression has special importance to their spirituality. Spiritual devotion is merged with their self expression; whether that be the type of spirituality they practice or perhaps a special relatability to specific deities or energies. 
Pluto-Pallas Athene  These aspects are most apparent when it’s the conjunction or accompanied with a personal planet. These aspects give an individual the urge to really explore the psychology behind Pallas Athene complexes. There is dedication to understanding difficult constructs, particularly gender, sexual, social, political constructs. This urge is accompanied with the desire to transform the world’s beliefs, similar to the Uranus aspects.    In negative contacts, these aspects can signify this urge stemming from a place of trauma and wanting to heal and rebuild the self. 
Pallas Athene conjunct or in the house of the Ascendant  Athena is personified in the individual. These are people of strength, prestige, wit, and beauty. They possess the creative vision this world needs. These people break societal norms through their self expression and defy gender and sexual stereotypes. 
Pallas Athene conjunct or in the house of the Imum Coeli  Here the asteroid is quite concealed as it is furthest away from the spotlight (midheaven) and squares the ascendant. These people tend to not outwardly express Pallas Athenian qualities unless certain aspects demonstrate otherwise. Pallas Athene’s psychic qualities are more awoken here as the individual identifies Pallas Athene inwardly.   There may be a very Pallas Athenian person in this individual’s family or they are somewhat of a Athena-archetype themselves to their family (most loved child, most outspoken, known for creative intellect, etc.)
Pallas Athene conjunct or in the house of the Descendent  These individuals encounter or even draw in many Pallas Athenian-like people. Either that because they are drawn to these types of people or their projection out into the world brings them about as a way of balancing the individual or teaching them something they don’t see within themselves. These individuals tend to have a particularly fondness (platonic, romantic, or sexual) to their own gender.
Pallas Athene conjunct or in the house of the Midheaven  Here the asteroid is furthest away from home (Imum Coeli) and squares the ascendant. These individuals may possess some of the complexes Pallas Athene signifies on gender and sexual expression. There may be maternal absence and there is almost always a hyperfixation on career and success over relationships. These individuals are often the leaders in their workplace, if not, they still walk to the beat of their own drum and tend to be well respected. They may confuse the respect they earn by how they express themselves rather than their actual accomplishments. This can cause some difficulty around being true to oneself in terms of self expression. They need to seperate who they are being a factor in what they can accomplish and be known for.
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lunarlibraa · 5 days ago
i don’t really agree with the meaning of asteroid medusa
she was a beautiful girl who spent a lot of her youth learning to become the best priestess she can be for athena. medusa was so devoted to this and when posiden assaulted her (took her virginity without consent ) and disrespected athena in her own temple, she was utterly heartbroken. athena directed her anger towards medusa and blamed her beauty (and hair) for what had happened and in return, transformed her into the beast that she is portrayed as today. she forced herself to go into isolation because she didn’t want to hurt anybody. the men that chased after her didn’t do it because they wanted to be with her and love her or because she seduced them, they did it because they saw her and their attempt at killing her as a prize and a symbol of power in a way. it didn’t work and they all turned to stone. during her isolation, she continued to praise and worship athena despite what was done to her and in return, athena forgave her and had her killed so her suffering would stop.
medusa, to me, symbolizes complete and utter devotion. being loyal to a fault. she reminds me of vesta in that way. it can show where one can find and lose themselves. a bit of naivety and where our loyalty can be taken advantage of. medusa is beautiful, yes, but to me, her beauty reminds me of purity. medusa was pure hearted and everything she aimed to do she did it with genuine love.
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