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manda-kat · 3 minutes ago
Day 322
Today was great!
I went to work
My manager said I could be manager someday
I got another comic page done
I tried mentioning d&d to my siblings but got minimal reactions
Then I got sad about d&d and the lack of d&d
I love d&d
It would be great to play it sometime
I whine about this a lot on here
*looks at YouTube d&d campaigns where everyone is adventuring and being buddies*
*looks at my siblings*
Why can't we have what they have??
My best friend won't play because she has convictions against media with magic in it
Which is understandable
But like
Sad too
I love my best friend
I would love to see her sometime
(Low-key I think there are folks I know on the internet that I would consider more of a friend than her, just because we talk so much more and about more topics than just 'what's up with you lately?')
(But it feels weird to give that "title" to someone who isn't an "irl" friend, but also does that matter at all if they're closer to me than she is???)
Y'all know who you are, we've been messaging back and forth all night
I love you 💜
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zombified-queer · 4 minutes ago
Cute date ideas 44 or “Do me a favor and be gone by morning.” from small town gothic horror, s4m. No strong character preference other than I’d like to see a less used/written about character taking a central part of it
Kamal gets Putunia into the backseat of Marv's truck. "Do me a favor and be gone by morning, Marv."
"Y'ever going to tell me what's going on?"
Hand on the door, Kamal sighs. "I, uh, don't really know. But I know it's not good."
"You trust me with these kids, though? Should I drive them to their parents?"
"No!" Kamal shakes his head, eyes wide with terror. "No, god. Just..."
Marv watches as Putunia stirs, mumbling and wiping her eyes.
"Go back to sleep," Kamal soothes. "'s okay."
"I know. Just get some rest." Kamal shuts the truck door. "Marv, you have to keep them safe."
"What about Jerafina? She's more, uh, maternal?"
"It's too late for her." Kamal shakes his head. "Something's wrong in town. With the water. The air. You must've felt it too."
"Lake hasn't had fish in months," Marv muses. "Something keeps scarin' them off." 
"I think it's Habit. His greenhouse is...I dunno yet. But I intend to find out."
Marv sighs. "Well, don't get killed. Putunia would never forgive you."
"I know." Kamal glances at her. Sleeping again. "But, uh, I'll come find you guys when this is all over."
Kamal licks his lips. Goodbyes like this are never good, Marv knows. But Kamal heads back to the florist's van. And then they're gone.
Marv gets in his truck. He drives slowly, not wanting to wake the kids. All of them are sleeping except Tim Tam, who stares at Marv. 
"Wanna take over the radio, kiddo?"
"Cool." Tim Tam fiddles with the knobs. "DJ."
All the radio stations are static. All except one. It's that same advert for Habit's little greenhouse commune. It plays on loop without end, like someone forgot to shut it off.
"There's some tapes in the glovebox," Marv says. "If you want. Mostly fishing music."
"Sure. A couple of those somewhere."
Tim Tam fumbles with the tapes in the dark. Finally they find one, waiting for the next streetlight to confirm it's what they want. With a nod, Tim Tam crams it in, letting the sea shanties play.
There's more potholes in the road than Marv remembers. And the woods at the edge of town are so dark and deep. Marv never thought trees could look sinister. But it's not just trees. Every bush and every blade of grass seems alive with malice.
"Spooky," Tim Tam whispers, barely louder than the sea shanties.
"You said it, kiddo." Marv has to drive carefully around the roots breaking the road apart. "Spooky."
Was this road always this broken down? Were these roots always such a problem to drive over and around? Or is something trying to keep them here.
"I hope Kamal's okay," Marv says to no one in particular. 
And then he sees it. One of those blackberry bushes moves. Not like a breeze rippling through it or an animal darting down in the thorns. It moves like it is an animal. That darting out onto the road is exactly like a rabbit.
He slams on the brakes. The truck hits the bush anyway, blackberries splattering on the hood, leaves sticking to the splatter.
"Cool," Tim Tam says. "Radical!"
"We're not going to do that again if we can help it," Marv answers when he catches his breath. "But good to know they're not impassable."
The earth shakes as one of the pine trees takes long, awkward strides into the road.
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megumei · 5 minutes ago
hey there!! im itadori yuji nice to meet cha!!
omg hi itadori >< i’m mei !
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fy-2pm · 6 minutes ago
Tumblr media
The cup made by me
Trans @junkaystreet
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stylishmuser · 9 minutes ago
re that post: lol also my favorite fake deep thing on here is people only saying nice things about Niall / supporting him if he does something to support Harry
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dautubitcoins · 11 minutes ago
Hướng Dẫn Tạo Ví Metamask Lưu Trữ Tiền Điện Tử mạng BSC
from WordPress via IFTTT
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spindlethief · 11 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Character doodling during game. I might add dialogue text if I can figure out how I worded it in game.
Getting so much favor from your goddess so quickly that the other priestesses get jealous and throw you out of the temple makes for some A+ b*tch scolding opportunities.
"Perhaps if they want to encourage Umberlee's favor, they should focus less on me and more on their faith."
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fy-2pm · 12 minutes ago
Hottest Japan Original Content「OMOTE 2PM」Teaser
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frogtanii · 12 minutes ago
wait wait i’m confused the description says choose ur own route... i gotta dust off the gears in my brain for this one i’m so confused -d
SORRY i suppose that’s misleading akjs it’s more choose ur own ending like a one moment thing
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bloodforthebloodg-d · 12 minutes ago
I just saw ur theme on desktop and it looks soooo good heart eyes
🥺 bro ty
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businessbois · 14 minutes ago
the reaction to the hiding behind/standing in front compilation is very interesting to me because half of you think it’s cute and half of you are crying about. im reveling in it all 100% but very interesting indeed
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fy-2pm · 27 minutes ago
Tumblr media
@dlwnsghek: These guys...
[Pic Trans] Group manager deleted you from the group [+] You can't send a message to this group
@dlwnsghek: Visited a group chat. Later on if I have to go, I will let you know. Don't miss understand guys😄
Trans @2pmalways
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jreed3842 · 28 minutes ago
Today D&D’s session without context
The Frost Undone be like:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The Youth’s of the Island be like:
Tumblr media
Helianthos be like:
Tumblr media
Emily be like:
Tumblr media
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