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killmywildflower · 18 minutes ago
there’s this video on tiktok that i cannot find to save my life where the guys do this really dramatic but cool entrance to WWYLM and it’s the only thing i love for.
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sunshineeeluke · an hour ago
ashtons usually this quiet when he’s working really hard on something which means he’s working really hard on 5SOS5 and IM SO EXCITED!! last time he was this quiet was during the making of superbloom the silence is productive don’t forget that 5sos5 is cooking up real good!
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cthomashoodstory · an hour ago
Best Years but Not in the Same Way (25)
Calum Hood x Reader
Previous Part
Who Do You Love by The Chainsmokers and 5 Seconds of Summer out at February 7 and your new single I Like Me Better out today, February 26.
You were so excited to released this new single because of Calum. You made this song back before you dated him and now since you two are dating now, the song is more special to you. You and him were teasing each other on Twitter and also as promotional to our new singles.
Tumblr media
Since we did that on Twitter, people been asking about the relationship we have now. Some people guessing right, some people especially his fans hated you if you were around him. Your fans supporting you whoever you’re with, but some of it still shipping you and Justin. And you didn’t care what they said at all. But honestly it hurted your feelings. Their mean words really affect you but you really tried not to take into your feelings.
Being in relationship with Calum was the big step in your life since you had failed in relationship before. You never thought that you could love someone else than Justin. You really glad that you’re out of your miserable past and moved on to your better life.
Minutes later, Calum called you. “Hey babe.”
“Hi, i miss you.” You greeted him. “How you doing?”
“I’m good. I’m at the studio with the boys and I’m in the corner so they won’t hear us. What about you?”
You sipped your drink. “I’m at Julia’s because she’s throwing me a party for my new single.” “I wish i could see you right now.”
“Yeah it’s been 2 weeks since the last we met,” you could hear Michael laughed in the background. “I’m sorry Michael laughed so loud. Oh by the way Luke has been asking me nonstop about the tweets that we post at the same time. I haven’t told them that we’ve already dating. Should we announce to them or…?”
You put the glass on the table and you walked away from the crowd. “Yeah i haven’t told my friends especially Mike. They had no clue that we’ve been together for a month. Like i teased them about us, but they still not realized it. I’m kinda scared if i or we told our friends about this, they reaction would the the opposite as we thought.”
“You have a good point,” he said. “What if we posted something at midnight when we’re on our own house? Or you can come by and stay on my house? I’ll be home anytime soon.”
You check your watch on your wrist and it’s 10 PM. “Uh… this party might ended at midnight, and tomorrow i have to be on my label office by 7 AM for meeting. But i think i will stop by at your house and can you drive me home after that?”
“Sure. I’ll see you at midnight?” The call about to ended but he was interrupted and talk to someone. “What? No, she won’t talk to you… hey stop.” “Hey Miss B, congrats on your new single. We missed you bestie bye.” “Sorry Mike is so annoying.”
You laughed. “Hahaha it’s fine. Tell them i missed them. Bye see you tonight.” You hung up the call and you continue mingled with your friends.
“Hey, who you called? Calum?” Julia approach you and asked you. Then you nodded. “How you two doing? I know you two doing good. Don’t answer that.” You just chuckled.
You really grateful because you have a very supportive friends, they never pushed both you and Calum to be together because they knew and they believed in our process.
It’s midnight already, 2 AM to be exact, and you arrived at Calum’s house. The party ended at 1 AM when people start to go home one by one and only leaving you and Julia only. You went to Calum’s house by uber because nobody could drive you and you couldn’t drive either. You were so sleepy and tired but you want to see your boyfriend so bad.
You opened his house and the inside was dark. You turned the lights on and walk slowly to the kitchen. You grabbed water bottle from fridge and drank it. After that you walked to his bedroom and he was there watching some shows that you didn’t know.
“Hey,” he was so shocked when he saw you and he even got up from his bed.
“You didn’t throw away my skin care, did you?” You asked him while you opened the bathroom to find all your skin care that you put here in his house, because you ofter stay on his house for days.
“Of course it stills there. Are you staying for tonight?”
You nodded weakly. “Yes, I’m too tired to drive away to my apartment. I will figure something out tomorrow. Right now, i need to clean up and i will see you in minutes.” You waved and closed the bathroom door.
15 minutes later you finished clean up and walked out from the bathroom and joined him to the bed. You hugged him from beside. “I missed you so bad.” Then he kissed your forehead and continued watching show.
“Oh after Michael greeted you on the phone, He asked about us. Like how’s the progress, is it good or bad, et cetera. And i didn’t answer him. I was too nervous.” He held your right hand.
“What was your idea then? We posted something? Let’s do it then to surprise them, hows that sound?”
He nodded. “Great idea. Lets post something. You post something you like and i’ll post something i like, okay?” And now you’re the one nodded.
Then you posted a picture on instagram. And so did Calum.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Within minutes you and him got so many likes and comments from fans mostly. And we read it.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You and him read the comments and we were so happy because most of them congratulated you and him and some of them gave a bad comments.
Minutes after Mali called Calum. “CALUM THOMAS HOOD WHY YOU DIDNT TELL ME THAT YOU AND SAARA ARE DATING?” She literally yelling at Calum and you laughed quietly.
“So sorry sister, we just want to surprise you and people.” He smiled and looked at you. “You can congratulate me and Saara because she’s beside me.” He pointed the camera to your face.
“Hi Mali, I’m so sorry we didn’t tell you earlier because we really wants to surprise everyone including you. But i promise you i will tell you everything starting from today.”
She cried and she wiped her tears. “I’m so happy for you and Calum. I’ve been praying everyday so you and him could be together. I knew the struggle you carried, but I’m glad that you’re dating him now. I always believe in your process and now it’s proven. I love you so much Saara. Can’t wait to tell mom and dad about it. Bye lovebirds.” The video call ended and you decided to sleep because you have to wake up early.
To be continued.
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teeswrites · an hour ago
anemoia- C.H
Tumblr media
nostalgia for a time you've never know.
If he closed his eyes, he could picture the image perfectly. blue sky, purple toned, LA afternoon, watching the sunset at the roof of his house, the one he shared with Roy. Roy. She would light a cigarette and offer it to him because kindness was one of her many qualities. And, yes, she had many of them. They would share it, in silence, staring at the sunset. Hypnotically, peacefully. But he would discontinue it, cause he'd feel the needing to put a lock of hair behind her ear, she would smile and lean in for a kiss. The cigarette taste mixing up with her watermelon lip gloss. And he would love it. Any second. Because he was simply there with her.
However, it was never going to happen. He was just a bro for her and it wasn't something he individually thought. She was Roy's girlfriend. And even that it was completely sinful to have those kinds of feelings for one of his best mate's girl, he couldn't avoid the image of her haunting his mind 24/7, couldn't avoid his heartbeats growing faster every time she walked around their place wearing one of the blonde guy's tees and some pink underwear, and nothing more. Her scent impregnated on his hoodies after a hello or goodbye hug. Even that it was driving him crazy, he, of course, will keep it for himself.
Though, he could swear for his mother's life that those memories he had, the ones that never actually happened, made him feels something real. Like they had lived those moments together. A "fake nostalgia". He was suffering from anemoia.
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teeth-livefromthevault · 2 hours ago
is someone going to tell me what the fuck kind of crack 5sos put in Outer Space/Carry On?????
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icseyic · 2 hours ago
Sir, any Luke thoughts to share?
Luke. Everyone treats him like he’s made of glass. He fucking HATES it. So he gets a taste for rough hate sex with people who aren’t afraid of bruising him. He gets them to beat the shit out of him and degrade him and he gets so fuckin weak for it 🥵
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i will forever be amazed at the sims getting all these famous singers to sing their songs in simlish and i thank them for it
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