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#40s bucky requests when
natasha-romancff · 4 days ago
1940s Bucky Headcanons
a/n: under the cut because I went ~a little~ overboard
he was definitely raised right and a complete gentlemen
he would always walk you home, the usual for the time doing what his mom had taught him to do when he was with a lady
but bucky wasn’t just a gentleman, he was a hopeless romantic
he would have gone on dates here and there before but he had always been set on a true love, wanting to just find someone who he could see himself spending forever with
so he went on his dates but never courted any girls. it wasn’t that he didn’t want to have a real relationship but didn’t want to settle for courting anyone who he didn’t see himself marrying.
as sad as it was he never saw himself marrying any of those girls so he would go on a date and nothing more with them
bucky, ever the hopeless romantic, was willing to wait for the person he would want to spend forever with
and he did find that person in you when he saw you
instantly bucky just knew that you would be the one so when he was walking down the busy streets of Brooklyn and saw you
maybe you weren’t any more beautiful than the other girls in the city. after all, brooklyn was not short of beautiful girls but to bucky you were something special
a diamond in the rough, if he ever saw one. so when he saw you he stopped dead in his tracks, catching a clueless steve by surprise
whatever bucky had been doing had ceased as he caught your eye and he found himself strolling across the busy road over to you, not caring about the traffic.
steve had called after him but bucky didn’t seem to notice and he make his way over to you. they had places to be, bucky knew this, but he didn’t care. you were the only person on his mind even if he didn’t know your name.
from the very first time you met him, bucky had swooned you. he was confident, handsome, and ever so funny,
there was more to him than that though, you soon learned. not only was he a gentleman and raised right bu his parents, he cared about you.
you could tell how he cared about you how he really listened to you, valuing your opinions and respecting you in a way that the men you had met had rarely done. 
it was easy to say that bucky was unlike any other man you had met before
and god, was he a romantic. he bought you flowers before a date - not the red roses all the guys bought but your favorites. you hadn’t even told him that those were your favorite but he knew somehow. he really paid attention to you, that much was certain.
the dates you went on were always simple - the the dinner to shake a shake, grabbing a slice of pizza at your favorite place, or a drive in movie - but it was who you were with that made it special.
it was every time you caught him fond stare, every time he held your hand so tenderly, every time he kissed you like you were his entire world and his stars, that you knew he not only loved you but was different than all the rest.
bucky knew it the frist time he saw you, before he even knew your name, that you were it for him. perhaps you did too because looking at him for the first time you just knew that he was different form all the rest.
all of his actions, his sweetness and caring attitude, showed that he loved you. you were so lucky, this you knew more than anything else in your life.
because of this it wasn’t at all surprising in a way when he got you those flowers you loved more than anything, took you to the first place you had told him you loved him, and got down on one knee and asked you to marry him
and it was certainly no surprise when you said yes, giving him the kiss of his life with the promise of many more to come
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lazypeachsoul · 2 days ago
hi! i've had this idea stuck in my head for days, if u like it and want to write about it i would be so happy!!! it's bucky x reader they fall in love in the 40s. they go their separate ways but she happens to work with peggy and decided to sneak around and help steve save bucky. they are together for a while until they both fall from the train when reader tries to help him up. they are super-soldiers and are trained to kill different people. once bucky is himself again, he looks for her everywhere but they never find her. flashforward to endgame, steve goes back in time and tells buck he might know how they can find you and he eventually does. you were kidnapped, no longer brainwashed but very scared and sad. flashfoward to happily ever after with buck because they deserve it after all that shit. maybe he proposes? idk up to you but please lots lots of fluff, soft and happy bucky and a bit of angst of course for all the bad stuff. you can add anything you want really, feel free <3 thank uu
Hello anon! Thank you for trusting me with your idea 💖
I’ve added it to my excel sheets of wips and I really hope I can make your idea justice!
Thank you for requesting 🌼
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queen-of-the-avengers · 5 days ago
Alright listen, I’ve been thinking of ideas left and right here so I got another request for you. It’s kinda dumb, ngl. But I gotta get it out of my head. So y/n let’s say she is a goddess(but no one knows this) maybe like of plants and animals orrrrr fire orrrr idek something cool. And she was best friends with Steve and Bucky in the 40’s. Well fast forward and she’s at home and people show up at her door telling her that her bestfriends are dead. Fast forward again til like 2015 or whatever and ya know, the effects of civil war never happened and everyone is living peacefully at the compound/tower and Nick fury(or dr strange) comes in and is like “I need help finding someone. Her name is (fake name) I’ve been looking for her for years but she always seems to be two steps ahead blah blah blah” and then Steve and Bucky are shocked and look at each other then they’re like “her name isn’t (fake name) it’s y/n. And yeah, we’ll help.” And then(omg I’m sorry this is really long) and then when they find her she’s like “how are you alive?” And they’re like “oh yeah, we could ask you the same thing” and they argue for a bit or whatever. AND JUST FOR THE SAKE OF SOMETHING FUN: y/n sees Tony and goes “you look just like your mother” and he’s like “you knew my mother?” And she goes “oh yeah, she was like my bestfriend” and maybe make The love interest Bucky. But I know how much you like Steve so do whatever with that lol it doesn’t matter to me. And maybe make it to where y/n knows like everything about everyone. You don’t have to do this but I have been thinking about this for a little while.
i’m just gonna tell you right now i love your ideas so please, keep them coming 😂 and yes, this sounds like a great idea! i’ll add it to the list!
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cazzyimagines · 7 days ago
Request from anon: Hi, I really enjoy your writing, particularly your Zemo fics! I had an idea for one that basically follows the while y/n joining Sam, Bucky, and Zemo through Madirpoor and Riga. Only despite Zemo’s flirting, y/n doesn’t really do anything about it or even notice until y/n along with Sam and Bucky witness Walker (New Captian America) murder a flag smasher in the street. They all go back to the safe house and y/n is like, in shock. “Captian America just killed someone” is all y/n can really say. And Zemo is able to calm them down. Maybe the romance can start then?
Word count: 3.4k
Author’s note: This one-shot can be multiple parts, if you would like to see a sequel please say! If I do decide to write a sequel though it will take me a while as I’ve had a lot of requests, please check out my master list to see what I have coming up next and if requests are currently open or not
(Please check out my master list to see what I will be writing next and if requests are open or closed)
Cross-posted to ao3 under the same username
Tumblr media
Heels clicked along the pavement as you sashayed along the road, approaching the men before you, two of which you know fondly. The other one, however... not so much.
They all stood close together in a circle, obviously discussing something important but at hearing your voice call out their heads turn towards you, a smile appearing on Sam and Bucky’s faces as they see you. “Long time no see boys,” you say, stopping a few feet away from them to lean on a wall.
They both walk over to you, Bucky pulling you into and hug then followed by Sam hugging you tightly. “Thank you for agreeing to help us out y/n. I know things haven’t been easy for you,”
You fake a smile at Bucky, one you hoped he wouldn’t see past resting your arm around his shoulder. “Anything for my friends,”
He was right, though. These times haven’t been easy for you, especially after Steve Rodgers left. Captain America had always been your idol, ever since you were a little kid you aspired to be just like him. You collected all the Captain America merchandise along with your brother Phil, always arguing with him who owned which toy of his. Meeting Steve had been a dream come true for you. He was the person you were closest to. He helped you come to terms with your brother’s death and whenever you needed help; he was there. You two stuck together through the thick and thin. That’s was how you got to become good friends with Sam and Bucky. You and Steve have always had a complicated relationship, though. You two liked each other and tried to see if you could be something more, but it never seemed to work out. Then Thanos happened. You, along with half the universe, were dusted. For you it was as if you had simply blinked however for Steve it was five years without you. You barely got to see each other again before he went away for good. You couldn’t hate him for it, you understood why he did what he did. He was always telling you about the ’40s, about his childhood, about her. You just wished you weren’t so connected with him. Seeing him there, old, dying. It broke your heart. But times move on. You can’t live in the past as he did.
Your eyes focus on the man behind Sam and Bucky and you frown, pulling your arm away from Bucky. A man you never thought you would see again was staring right back at you.
He stood a few feet back, knowing he wasn’t welcomed in the warm reunion of friendship. He clasped his hands, unsure what exactly he should do right now, feeling awkward, but as he looked over at you his eyes twinkled with recognition. Now you had been interesting to him. You weren’t a super soldier like Steve and James. Yet you certainly could hold your own against them. He had seen when he had first activated James. No, your strength and fighting abilities were down to your own human powers and he admired that. You were one of the few avengers he might have had an inkling to like if the Sokovia attack never happened. Still, it wasn’t as if you were to blame for it. The people who were to blame had suffered for it. You were merely the pawn in the giant game of chess. Perhaps he could grow to like you, after all, he could admit you were certainly tempting to him, the way your body was shaped excited him, the way your neck was shaped made him want to brush his fingers along it and your piercing eyes felt like they could look into the darkest corners of his soul.
“Why is he out of prison?” you snap, bringing Zemo out of his trance
Sam turns to scowl at Bucky as you all turn to Zemo, who awkwardly smiles. “Bucky thinks we need him,” Sam mutters
“Why would we need him!” you exclaim, crossing your arms and shooting Bucky a glare.
“I am invaluable,” Zemo explains with his hands, his eyes unwavering from you as he answers for Bucky.
“He hates super-soldiers, therefore he will help us in getting to Karli,” Bucky says, stepping in front of your eyesight trying to explain himself.
“That also means he hates you, Buck,”
All of them freeze as you address the elephant in the room. Bucky grits his teeth and steps back, averting your gaze as you and Sam stare expectedly at him but he doesn’t respond so Zemo takes his opportunity to step closer to you, now only a few feet apart.
“I can assure you, getting rid of Karli and her super soldier friends is my priority. Not James,”
You clench your jaw in anger as you look at Zemo. He tilts his head, the side of his lip curling up slightly, hoping you’d take a chance on him. Sighing, you turn to shoot one more look at Bucky.
“Steve wouldn’t have liked this,”
Later you sat across from Zemo on his private jet. All of you sat in uncomfortable silence as you flew to Madripoor. Sam and Bucky did not seem as close as you were to both of them. They both just sat on their respective sides and looked out the window. Zemo had a book on him which he seemed very preoccupied reading, yet there were moments where you could feel his eyes settle upon you. Ignoring his inquisitive gaze, you choose to follow in Bucky and Sam’s lead of looking out the window and daydream the rest of the trip away.
Your mind trails back to Steve. You wondered just what Steve would have thought about you teaming up with Zemo. He would have understood, wouldn’t he? It was the best option you had. Ah, but he had always been such a stickler about the rules. Breaking a criminal out and helping him avoid the law wasn’t very patriotic of you. Yep, he would not have gone through with this plan, he would have found another way that worked. But none of the people here were him. He choose not to be here. You knew you had to let him go.
You pull your eyes away from the window, coming back to reality as you see a bottle of champagne in Zemo’s hand and an empty glass in his other hand. He already had another glass full beside him as he looked at you expectantly.
“What part of no do you not understand,” you snap harshly glaring at him then back out to the window
“My apologies,” he says, pursing his lips together as he looks down at the empty glass. He glances over to Sam and Bucky but they both shake their heads as well so he hands the glass and drinks back to his butler and sighs as he opens his book again.
The tension between all of you sticks around as you arrive at Madripoor. Zemo had provided you a tight-fitting dress to ‘appear the part’ of your allice, and it showed off a bit too much of your chest than you liked. It was too bright for you, golden and sparky, cutting off at your upper tight, and had a very low v cut. You try your best to pull it down to cover you some more but to no avail. Begrudgingly, you leave the plane to meet up with the rest of them.
“My my y/n, the dress suits you,” Zemo says, smirking as his eyes trail up and down your body as you walk past him taking a straight beeline towards Sam and Bucky.
“How long will this mission take?” you ask, already feeling the cold air nip at your skin.
“Few hours at the least. I’m sorry that you have to do this, y/n”
“Hey, I knew what I was getting into when I agreed to help you two,” you mutter as you hear a car pulling up behind you
“Not exactly this though,” Bucky grumbles, glowering over at Zemo who motions to the car that had arrived. Zemo opens the door and waits for you to get in however you walk to the other side of the car and get in. Bucky chuckles at Zemo’s annoyed expression as he instead gets into the side, which Zemo held open.
During the mission, Zemo kept getting uncomfortably close to you. Occasionally his hand brushed against your back as he moved past you, or his hand would bump into yours slightly, lingering against yours longer than normal.
You knew why he was doing this. Because of Steve. He knew how close you and Steve were, everyone did. During the fight between Steve and Tony which Zemo had helped cause you stuck by Steve every second. Now that Steve was gone, Zemo was trying to rub that in. Trying to irritate you on purpose. You would not let him get to you.
During the meeting with Selby you stood off to the side with Sam and you were feeling pretty good about yourself that the mission was going well until Sam’s phone rang. You tried to keep cool while also giving Sam the wtf look as to why he didn’t put his phone on silent. You hung out hoping things would go okay, but today wasn’t your day.
Shelby got gunned down in front of you, and the mission was ruined. Running in heels wasn’t ideal, but you had to make do. You followed Sam and Bucky as Zemo split up from you, running off somewhere else. Eventually, you kicked off your heels, believing running barefoot would be better than dealing with the agony of heels.
Finally, meeting back up with Zemo, you were ready to have to fight your way out of this mess, but then someone you didn’t think you would ever see again appeared. Sharon Carter. You two weren’t exactly buddy buddies. You got along for Steve’s sake, but it always felt like a sort of rivalry between you two for his attention.
“Y/n,” she says, finally addressing you
“Sharon,” you say back, feeling the awkwardness seep back in. Sharon didn’t seem bothered however, she even kindly let you have some new clothes and shoes which were much more comfortable than the ones Zemo lent you and more your style.
Walking back into the main room you see Zemo sitting down, once again drinking, Bucky sitting down as far away from Zemo as he could get and Sam standing at the side. You choose to stand by Sam.
“Hey, y/n, you doing okay?” Sam asks as you walk over.
“Better than other days. What are we waiting around for?”
“For Sharon to lead us to a party where she can get the information we need,” Zemo answers for Sam, peeking over at you. You ignore him.
Sharon comes back in and tells all of you not to get in trouble while you are out at the party.
“Trouble,” Zemo jokes, and he once again glances over to you, raising a glass and winking at you as he downs it.
Following Sharon, you head into the party. It was to show off the art pieces she had got a hold of so you thought you might as well look at them as you were unlikely to see any of these genuine pieces again. You could see however Zemo following you. He tried to be sly by checking out the other artworks near you, never exactly where you were, but you could tell because every time you moved to a new place soon enough Zemo would suddenly appear there as well. He leaned into one of the artworks, pretending to study it closely, but the corner of his eyes would flick over to you.
Groaning in frustration at your new stalker, you decide you had to lose him in the crowds. Swaying your body, you enter the dancing crowd and jump along to the music, letting yourself go. You could feel your excitement growing with the crowd as you danced, but with one quick turn around there, you saw him.
Zemo had now entered the crowd and was dancing along to the music as well, pumping his hands in time to it. As you stared at him in disbelief, he notices and takes that as an innovation to dance over to you.
“Dancing is fun, right?” he asks as he claps his hand to the music
“Why are you doing this!” you exclaim glaring at him.
His eyebrows furrow as he looks at you, “I don’t understand what you mean?”
You huff in annoyance and storm away, going to find Sam and Bucky leaving Zemo alone on the dance floor. He watches you go and sighs, moving away from the dance floor. It had been a long time since he last got to socialize with anyone and he was trying with you; he wanted to know you more, but he didn’t want to push you too far either if you were uncomfortable with it.
The next few hours felt like a blur to everyone. Sharon found out where the doctor was and you found out a bit of information before Zemo choose to shoot him. Then the whole place exploded, and you had to fight for your life while Zemo hijacked and car to pick you up. Now you were standing outside the safe house.
Zemo opened up the doors, and with his arm motioned for you to go in first. You roll your eyes at his extravagance and storm in, looking around the place. It was simple, but you could still tell that it was all designer, expensive to Zemo’s tastes. You sit down on the sofa while Zemo instantly gravitates towards the liquor cupboard.
“If you drink so much you won’t have long left to live” you mutter as you watch him pour some whiskey. His head shoots up as he turns sidewards to look at you, raising an eyebrow.
“Concerned about my health now?”
“I’d rather have you not pass out during a mission, at least till you are no longer of use to us then you can drink yourself to death for all I care,”
“Ah concern for the mission, yes you avengers folks are all the same. The mission takes precedence before anything else,” Zemo says, grabbing his glass and walking over to take a seat on the sofa opposite you.
You give him a cold hard stare crossing your arms. “What do you mean by that” you hiss
He tilts his head, smirking as he sees how riled up you were getting. “I’m simply observing that you have to put your mission before human lives. I know from how much I studied Steve-”
“Don’t bring Steve into this!” you exclaim, leaning forward, baring your teeth at him.
Zemo pauses for a moment shocked, he pulls his head back to observe, his mouth slightly ajar as his eyebrows cast down but realization dawns across his face.
“Ah, you and Steve, you two were an item,”
“It wasn’t like that” you murmur, jumping up from the sofa and pacing around the room to try to alleviate the agitation you felt, your nails digging into your arms as you wrapped them around your body in comfort.
“But there was something,” Zemo replies, watching you pace around the room then looking into the glass bitterly, his grip on it tightening.
You turn your back to Zemo to stare at your reflection in the mirror, seeing the tears swell up in your eyes.
“Why are you bringing this up? Why do you keep trying to annoy me Zemo, what purpose are you getting from this apart from some sick sadistic pleasure?”
It was Zemo’s turn to jump up from the sofa, hurt you could ever think so lowly of him, his eyebrows furrowed as he speeds over to you. He stands beside you, getting a lot closer to you than you would like. You turned your head away so he couldn’t see the tears threatening to fall.
“Do you think that bad of me? Y/n we may not have had the best first impression but know that it is never my intention to irritate or upset you,” Zemo says, trying to move even closer to you, but he moves a step too far and you back away.
“Just leave me alone, Zemo” you whisper, then run out of the room to find a bathroom to let everything out.
Zemo watches your form leave, angrily clenching his jaw, knowing he pushed it too far. The vein in his neck twitches as he grabs an ornament by the side of the mirror. Holding it in his hand, he observes the glass figure, a dove, then chucks it into the ground in rage, feeling an inkling of satisfaction at seeing it smash into a thousand pieces. He grabs more ornaments, at that moment not caring how much they each cost, just enjoy the release of anger he felt every time he smashed one.
You could hear the blood in your brain roar through your ears, the feeling of your heart hitting your chest in shock as you stared down at Lemar’s dead body.
Your eyes flicker to John’s who knelt beside him, trying desperately to wake him up, but you knew it was hopeless. Lemar was gone. Your eyes flickered around the rest of the room, Karli and her friend realising how bad they have messed up were already running away from the room. Bucky and Sam looked at each other as if knowing what was to happen. Your eyes finally land on Zemo’s. John had tried to arrest him, but you were able to stop him. Zemo was still useful though you hated to admit it, it wasn’t long however till the Dora Milaje would find him.
You feel a hand brush against your shoulder and snap back into reality, “We need to leave, now,” Zemo whispered in your ear, pulling your arm to make you move.
Gathering your senses, you let Zemo lead you out of the building as you hear a crash from above. Running out into the road, you and Zemo catch up beside Sam and Bucky and watch the disaster unfold.
There was John, in Cap’s uniform, holding Cap’s shield above that man.
Steve’s shield.
You feel a scream tear from your lips as you watch John Walker bring the shield down, penetrating the man’s chest, staining it in blood. Tears leak from your eyes as you attempt to rush forward, to try and stop it, but arms grasp onto you, pulling you back.
“NO” you repeatedly cried, trying to worm your way out of the grasp, but they gripped you, refusing to let go. Your knees gave out and you sink to the floor, collapsing in the arms of the person who held you, your head buried in the fur part of their coat as they held you to their chest.
You kept sobbing, shaking as the image replayed over and over in your mind.
“Captain America just killed someone,” you whispered, unable to say anything else. The arms which held you picked you up, quietly shushing you, and carried you down a road, back into the safe house.
They tried to put you on the sofa but you clung to their body, not believing you could survive without their support, so they settle on lying down beside you on the sofa.
They turned you to face their body as their arms draped around you, gently rubbing circles into your back. Burying your head into their chest again, you let the sobs wail out as your chest ached from breathing.
“Captain America just killed someone,” you whisper again to him.
“That wasn’t Steve, y/n, Steve would never do something like that,” he murmured, his accent soothing your nerves.
“But it was his shield Zemo. The very thing I had idolized for so long,”
“A shield which by now no longer belongs to him. He was never Captain America y/n, what we just saw proved that. They will give the shield to someone better,”
You sniff, trying to prevent the snot from coming out of your nose as your bloodshot eyes look up into his, “Really?”
He gently smiles at you, taking his hand off your back to push a strand of hair that was hanging over your eye away.
“Yes, they won’t make the same mistake twice,”
Zemo’s words brought more comfort than you could have ever imagined. His embrace brought you warmth and you could feel yourself slowly stop shaking as he held you. Looking away from Zemo in embarrassment, you instead choose to snuggle your head back into his chest, hearing the rapid beating of his heart which lulled you to sleep.
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honeyyhoneyyhi · 10 days ago
omg hi!! I love your writing and saw your requests are open!!
if this sounded interesting and you felt like writing, I would love to read a one shot from you where Steve's GF is just a total history nerd and loves hearing stories from the 40's and she doesn't realize how much it means to him that she asks about his old life instead of tip-toeing around it? It could be a cute fluffy thing or angsty if you were feeling it!!
Anyway, you are so amazing!! Thanks!
Thank you for this request, anon! It was really fun to write; soft steve is my favourite!!
This Love of Mine; Steve Rogers x reader
steve is a man of the past; y/n honours that, just like she honours history
Y/N woke to the darkened shadows of nighttime. Birds had long since silenced; not a soul insight; the sky a blanket of stars as Y/N stretched searching for the warmth of the body that occupied the spot next to hers, sighing when it came up empty.
Rubbing at her eyes, she reached for her phone over on the bedside table, squinting to read the time, 3:27am. Y/N sighed, far too early for Steve to be on a run, she thought. Pulling back the thick, heavy covers, she forced her body out of the bed; the chill in the air causing ripples across her skin. She reached for one of Steve’s shirts, pulling it over her body as she made her way out of the room, feet dancing delicately towards the kitchen of the compound.
Steve heard the footsteps approach him; the sound accompanied by the whistle of the kettle causing him to turn; a tired smile tugging at his lips as Y/N approached.
“What are you doing up, sweetheart?” Steve questioned, pulling teabags from the cupboard before filling the mugs with hot water,
Y/N yawned; a hand reaching out to rub the sleep from her eyes as she spoke, “you weren’t next to me.”
Steve smiled; eyes full with adoration for the woman in front of him, “milk and sugar?” He inquired,
Y/N nodded as she smiled, body coming to slump in the chair at the kitchen island. She takes the mug as Steve passes it to her; blowing lightly on the heat before taking a small sip.
“Steve? Was there really a shortage of sugar in the 40s?” Y/N whispered, eyes lolling up to meet the ocean of blue that always swam in her boyfriends eyes. Steve smiled lightly, nodding as he spoke,
“Mhmm. Everything was rationed during the War, it was the only way to ensure that everybody had access to the necessities.”
Y/N had always loved history; she had always thought that it was important to learn of human societies; to understand what it meant to have empathy and an understanding of the past. It’s a story of sorts; with characters, and a narrative; the plot enthralled with great adventure; richly detailed and skilfully woven with tales of selfless individuals like Steve.
Steve adored the way Y/N’s eyes would gleam whenever she spoke about History- he had never told her, but he was thankful for how much she honoured his past; he was Captain America to the rest of the world, but to his Y/N, he was just Steve- a man out of time, with a past that he honoured. Many nights were spent curled up in their bed; Steve telling tales of his life before the ice. She would listen with intent; a hand over his heart as her head rested in the crook of his neck, arms encircling her in a warm embrace as she asked question after question about the life he lived before.
Y/N looked up to Steve, smiling as she processed his statement; “Do you miss it?”
The question made Steve pause; his brain a jumble of thoughts as he tried to form a response, “Parts of it- but my home is here now, with you.”
Y/N hummed; eyes light and adoring as she stared at the man before her; the man she loved, “What do you miss most about it?”
Steve paused again; taking a small sip from the mug of tea in front of him as he pondered over his answer, “the music- jazz, big orchestras. My mom would always have Ella Fitzgerald playing in the kitchen. Bucky would never pass up an opportunity to dance with some dame he’d met that night -“ Steve laughed, eyes scrunching up in amusement as he relived the memory.
“Did you ever dance, Steve?” Y/N mused, eyes sparkling in amusement as she spoke.
Steve shook his head, “No. Not really- “
Steve’s sentence was cut off as Y/N jumped up from her seat, a laugh admitting from her as she ran to retrieve her phone, “Wait there!” She whisper yelled, laughing to herself once more upon her return, phone in hand.
“I can’t take you back- but I can bring Ella here!” She laughed, fingers typing away quickly at her phone as she did,
Steve stood confused, eyebrows scrunched together in thought, “Y/N, what are you-“
“I don’t underst-“ Steve paused as he heard the opening chords to This Love of Mine start playing from the speakers of Y/N’s phone; her eyes alight with adoration as she placed it on the counter, stepping over to take Steve’s hand,
“dance with me.” she breathed; arms wrapping around Steve as her cheek pressed into his chest, his hands holding her waist as they swayed to the music,
“Thank you, Y/N.” Steve whispered,
“For what?” Y/N replied, genuinely confused as she stared up at him,
“For allowing me to remember who I was-“
“It’s who you are, Steve. The past will always be apart of you. I’m just thankful I’m part of the present.” Y/N mused, placing a kiss to his neck, Steve sighing as she did,
“You’re a part of me, Y/N.”
The couple continued to sway; the chords of the song dying out before it started back up again. And so they continued to dance, held in one another’s embrace; a man out of time, and his love.
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multifandomwritings · 11 days ago
hello! i would like to request a ship :) for the fandoms, supernatural, marvel, and the haunting of hill house! my mbti type is isfj (i think), i'm very awkward and sensitive and i can be dramatic lol, but ig I'd say i'm nice and understanding. I'm an over-thinker and I worry a lot. I'm also short and have long reddish brown hair. I like to read, watch movies and shows, listen to music, make edits, and spend time with my loved ones. :) Thank you sm!! <3
Sure, I hope you like it, and sorry for the wait! :) I tried writing this in a slightly different way, so I hope it’s ok ^^ 
Supernatural: Sam
Tumblr media
- Sam would naturally be drawn to you simply because you’re nice and understanding. He’d find himself opening up to you without even realizing it, and would be so happy if you did the same
- He would be awkward around you too, at least at first, often stumbling on his words and laughing nervously as he’d embarrass himself around you a lot
- He’d definitely understand your tendency to worry and over-think, but would reassure you a lot, always having the sweetest, most comforting things to say (he needs reassurance too, even if he doesn’t act like it 🥺)
- Loves talking about books, movies and music with you, happy to bounce recommendations off each other and get into things together. 
(Bonus: he also finds your shortness very cute!)
Marvel: Bucky
Tumblr media
- Becky would find comfort in your sweet and understanding personality. He would be hesitant to open up to you, but he wouldn’t be able to resist after a while, your kindness making him want to be closer to you
- Your sensitive, worrying personality would make him somewhat protective of you. He’d often reassure you about things you hadn’t even said anything about worrying about, as he’d be quite intuitive and observant of you, and would want to comfort you the way you did him
- He’s really just a tired old man, so if you liked spending your time with him at home just watching movies and listening to music, he’d be very happy! (...40s music, of course)
The Haunting of Hill House: Nell
Tumblr media
- This would be such a soft pairing! Nell would love how nice and understanding you are, and she’d be the same toward you, listening to the things that worried you and reassuring you
- She’s awkward too, so your first interactions would be full of nervous laughter and embarrassment. It ends up being funnier than anything else though, as you’d both just laugh at each other (and yourselves) until you were comfortable
- She’d love watching movies with you, cuddling up together and eating snacks. Asks you a million questions about your favorite things (books, movies, music, etc.) because she’d want to know all about the things that made you happy. Would love watching you light up when you talked about them!
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syiano · 15 days ago
Hi can I ask for an headcanon of tony x male reader who’s a singer and sings a song about tony that only him and tony know is about him and it gets super popular:3
Being Tony's Singer Boyfriend Headcanons
Tumblr media
💲You were a singer, song writer, and instrumental player (of your choice)  before you joined the Avengers.
💲It's common for everyone to hear you humming alot. (Especially during missions)
💲Tony calls you a humming bird.
💲When you're in your room, you're either singing softly or writing new songs.
💲There's only one song that's stuck in your head the most and one you remember by heart. It's the one you made for Tony.
💲The Avengers would hear you humming the song daily and when they ask you the title of the song ('cause it got stuck in their heads) you blush and just completely avoid the question.
💲Tony teases you and asks you atleast who or what the song is about, and as soon as you would blush or get flustered, he has the biggest smirk on his face.
💲When he caught you singing on time, Tony steps in and he jokes, "you singing that song about yourself, baby boy?"
💲You were really embarrassed when he found out, so he did reassure you that you don't need to hide from him. "Come on, what other songs you got for me, hun?"
💲You shyly show him the rest of your songs, and he's literally just dancing while you sing.
💲He likes to hear you sing and hum while he's working.
💲Tony definitely has the song you made for him as his ring tone.
💲Tony surprises you by making you your own music studio room, just pushing you to happy tears, making you run to him and just tackle him with a hug.
💲Bruce and Bucky love hearing your singing. It's so relaxing to them. They would rather just listen to a simple acapella of the song, not really caring about the instrumental, though.
💲Whenever your song comes on, Scott and Wanda are all like, "EVERYBODY SHUT UP, MY FAVORITE SONG IS ON!"
💲Natasha and Rhodney pretend not to be too into it but they do listen to your songs in private.
💲Pietro bluntly criticizes your music and comments how your songs are too slow for his liking, only for Wanda to scold him (and probably yell at him).
💲Thor is just so excited and loves listening to your songs.
💲Loki chuckles and flirts with you on how beautiful your voice is, saying you should offer him private lessons only for Tony to chase him away.
💲Peter would put his earbuds in and listen to your songs while he's taking classes.
💲Steve is just like, "nice, it's different from 40s music."
💲God forbid Sam making a parody out of it.
💲Vision literally spends hours listening to the same five lyrics over and over again and he's just questioning everything.
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rachaelswrites · 17 days ago
could you do a stucky!reader in the 40's at her first day of school, also question what do you think she calls steve and bucky because they are both her dad but so she doesn't get them mixed up
I start working on this but it may take a while since I have a few requests to get to first.
And to answer your question, I think it depends on the timeline. I think of stucky!reader being biologically Bucky’s (for obvi reasons) so she calls Bucky dad. And since Steve and Bucky got together after she was born, I think she’d call him maybe Steve/Stevie.
And I think that stucky!reader would follow the same kind of timeline as barnes!reader so when they’re all reunited in Civil War she calls Steve pops for the first time and Bucky dad for the first time in forever
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moteldwelling · 17 days ago
hear me out a fic where Bucky catches y/n listening to 40s slow songs in the gym showers & kinda sorta falls in love
hear me out when i say in my faq i don’t take reader insert requests </3
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xoshifts · 19 days ago
So idk if ur still doing the fandom pairing thing (congrats on 200, btw ^^) but if you are, my DRself is 5'5 with short brown hair and brown eyes; she loves to draw; she's persuasive, funny, not very open about her emotions, optimistic, active, not easily scared, and organized; she's a Capricorn, and she's an ISFP. I'd prefer a romantic ship but platonic is fine too and I want a MCU character. Also, my DRself is 22. Thanks, and congrats again! :)
So sorry for the late response, anon! TY for the congrats:))) I’d pair you with:
Bucky Barnes (MCU, coworkers to friends to romance); I’ll try to keep the descriptions straightforward and in character incase you or others haven’t seen MCU movies, but I’d recommend them and put everything below the cut! (My 200 follower celebration/pairing requests are now closed)
Bucky Barnes:
Tumblr media
Is there an appropriate age range to be friends/otherwise with this man? Because he’s like 100 something but I’m just gonna ignore that for a second
When he first meets you at work, he finds your optimism secretly very refreshing and is glad to be partnered up with you for missions
He’s a pretty guarded person you keep it mostly professional and to yourselves when working but slowly start to open up to one another and become friends little by little and gain inside jokes, stories, etc.
You’re a really great artist and get in practice by sketching people around the compound/tower; Bucky complements your work a lot and you offer to sketch him one day
He’s really flustered because you ask him to sit still so you can draw him and he keeps asking if he’s doing it right
Both of you are in a crappy motel room one night in the middle of a mission and he wakes up startled from a nightmare; you get him to talk to you about it which ends up helping him and over time you bond more and more
Flash forward: he’s classically romantic (he’s from the 40s, after all) and always brings you flowers, does little things like hold the door and give you his jacket and such
Overall you have a very strong and mutually respectful, understanding and eventually more vulnerable relationship
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ohbuckie · 20 days ago
i have a request and you don’t have to write this but i’d just like to hear your feedback on this idea, it was a dream i had last week and i’m in my feels lol 😩
neighbour/parents friend!bucky picking up reader from school (she’s 18!!) and seeing her walking out of school all sad and tired so he parks and gets off his bike, runs up behind her and swoops her up and asks her what’s wrong until he makes her laugh.
she’s so embarrassed like “bucky stop! people are watching!” and he just growls back like “let them” and subtly kisses up her neck before hoisting her up on his back, running though the parking lot to his bike. she’s so embarrassed but he doesn’t give two shits because he got her to smile and then he gives her his helmet, he climbs onto the bike in front of her, she wraps her arms around his chest and squeezes her thighs around his waist but she doesn’t think he notices.
he gives her kisses at stoplights and when they take the backroads home it’s so nice without anybody watching them. when they get back to her house, she thanks him for making her day but she’s all timid but then buckys like “aw cmon, sweet girl don’t get shy on me now. i felt the way you clenched your thighs together earlier” and he takes her back to his place instead.
and even tho they’ve hooked up before but she’s always so shy and quiet with him that he really goes to town trying to get her to be louder because he’s insecure about the age gap between them and if he can please her but she assures him that he’s the best and she’s so grateful for him and it’s overall just fluffy and a bit hot and sweet bucky 🥺🥰
hey! this is a great idea & rly creative but a relationship between an 18 yr old high school student and a 40+ yr old friend of their parent just makes me really uncomfortable especially w the insinuation that the older person has known the younger person since they were a minor. i’m fine with age gaps but imo this is predatory & inappropriate. to each their own but i won’t write this i’m sorry
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imaginedreamwrite · 21 days ago
Into The Wild: Part 3
He had went through his entire life until this point, knowing and not knowing who and how he would meet his soulmate. He had went through the 30’s and the first year or two of the 40’s as a skinny sick kid from Brooklyn who couldn’t attract any woman, despite his best efforts.
After the arum, shy and sick kid Steve, was at the centre of women’s attention while boasting a body that was a result of the super soldier serum. He was the centre of their attention with the mentality and personality that he was still the kid who couldn’t get a woman if he tried and basked in his awkwardness around women.
When he met Peggy, he thought she was the one. He thought the mark appear on his skin and they could be happy together after the war. Needless to say the mark didn’t appear and the war for Steve had never ended.
Peggy wound up marrying another man and started a family that wouldn’t have included Steve anyway. Peggy was clearly destined for another, like he was, and after crashing into the ice, there was no hope for him after he emerged in 2011.
With a newly formed date on his arm, belonging to his soulmate.
After Peggy, there was a brief romance with Nat. While that relationship was built on passion and adrenaline from being chased and targeted by the Winter Soldier, it burned out quickly after Steve threw everything he had at trying to save Bucky.
After Nat, came Sharon.
That relationship was also brief, like his relationship with Nat’s, yet it had taught Steve that until his soulmate appeared, any relationship with another woman would ultimately end in a break.
Eventually, the thought of meeting his soulmate had slipped to the back of Steve’s mind. There were real threats to the world, to the people that he had to protect.
It was another round of battles and a war for the world. It was another fight on another day.
When the fighting stopped and his world fell silent, Steve had concluded that now was the time to try again. When the fighting in his life had stopped because of his retirement, he finally felt as if he was ready to be with his soulmate, whoever she may have been. It was a mystery until the case and the favour landed in his lap via a request from Tony, Sam and Bucky.
It was a mystery until he studied the information he was given about the scientist who had recreated the super soldier serum without any of the problems and his daughter.
The pictures proved it. The pictures proved that his soulmate was 82 years younger him, 17 years adjusted.
His soulmate was now under his care, in a mountain estate for roughly a year.
He should’ve been pleased, yet he was annoyed and far more irritated than he should’ve been by her arrival. Perhaps it was the way she reacted to Steve being the one who was supposed to keep her from being captured and killed by any number of organizations that wanted the serum or her father. Perhaps it was the way she rolled her eyes after trouncing inside, dropping her bag to the floor and kicking her shoes off to the side, purposely leaving them there in a pile to annoy him.
“Pick up your shoes.” He would not put up with it. He would not put up with his soulmate, this young little brat spending a year in the same cabin as him, unable to pick up after herself. “Put them where they belong.”
“Is that how we’re going to start this?” You fired back, standing in between the kitchen and one of the living rooms, your arms crossed over your chest.
“We’re going to start this off right.” Steve came around the island, imposingly burning holes into you. “If you think you’re going to spend the entire time here being lazy-“
“It is a vacation isn’t it?” You spoke with obvious disdain for your situation and were using sarcasm to deflect.
“Is that what you think?” Steve added to the back and forth. “I’m in charge. I’m responsible for you.”
“Because you’re my soulmate or because you an authority complex?” You weren’t going to interact with him without a fight. That much was clear.
“Pick up your shoes.” He ordered, he spoke with finality.
“They’re fine.” You stood 10 feet away from him. Maybe more. You stood across from him, almost directly, with your arms crossed over your chest and a potent streak of stubbornness that would have you stuck in your place unwilling to move.
“Pick up your shoes.” He ordered again. “Now.”
It was your first interaction with each other, and that was enough to tell Steve that you would be a brat. He knew that you would’ve given him a run for his money with your attitude and your unwillingness to comply with what he thought you should’ve.
It was the first interaction he had with his soulmate and the barbs were already digging into his skin. He was already growing attached, at least in the way that anyone else would become quickly attached to their soulmate without actually building a relationship.
It was like the kid on the playground who was meant to his sibling and made fun of them. If anyone else came along and tried to mess with their sibling, they’d get beat up in the sandbox.
Only he was allowed to speak to you that way.
“No.” Your eyes flashed, you doubled down.
You were a brat. From this first interaction he knew that. And he liked it. He liked the thought of having to teach you manners in the future. He liked the thought of having to pull you over his knee and punish you for your sarcasm and your sharp wit that was so unappreciated.
“We’re at an impasse. Who will win?” You commented, your lips twitching.
Steve would let you have this round, he would let you think you won this battle.
“Fine.” He straightened his posture and glanced toward your discarded bag. “At least get unpacked. Your room is upstairs, first off the stairs to the right.”
Your eyes flashed, your lips formed a smirk as you moved toward your bag and threw it over your shoulder. Before you moved toward the stairs, you picked up your shoes and placed them on the small shoe rack just inside the door, pointedly watching Steve the whole time.
** **
You dropped your bag on the bed and unzipped the top. You reached in and pulled out a small box, the velvet fuzz covering the wood beneath was the safe in which your most prized possession sat in.
You didn’t bother unpacking. Instead you sat down on your bed and opened the small box, peering at the piece of jewelry sitting inside. You tenderly picked up the small locket hanging off the chain and opened the heart. You gazed at the image inside, your stomach coiling and growing sour.
Your heart clenched, the sting of tears building behind your eyes had brought a new sense of dull pain to you. You wanted to curl up on the bed and cry until the year was up and you were free to go home. You wanted to scream and shriek, curse the entire world until your lungs were empty of all air.
“I miss you.” You clutched the necklace in your hand, screwing your eyes shut tight. Inside the locket was a picture of your mom on the right side, and a picture of both of you on the left.
She had died when you were young. She’d died without ever getting to see you grow up and date, have your heart broken. She never got to see you graduate high school and near your graduation in university. She had never got to see you meet your soulmate or grill him about treating her only child well.
Your mom missed out on your entire life to this point and there was a side of you that almost wished it had been your dad that died instead. It was a selfish thought, wanting your mother instead of your father.
He was busy, he was busy your entire childhood, youth and adulthood to this point. He had driven himself headfirst into his research, into his patents, into the super soldier serum that was led to his disappearance.
Your father wasn’t there. He wasn’t there when you needed him most and it felt like, for most of your life, you didn’t have anyone in your life who cared enough. Your father had loved you, it was obvious he did, but he was so preoccupied with so many other things in his life, that you fell to the wayside.
“What would you have thought of all this?” You opened your hand, gazing at the image of your mother, with blurry vision as your tears started down their paths on your cheeks and neck. “Would you have approved of dad’s work?”
You could hear him moving and rummaging around the kitchen from your bed. You could hear the clanging of pots and pans as he prepared something in the kitchen. The time on the clock hung on the wall told you that it was a little past 6 and he was making dinner, yet you had no appetite. You had no resemblance of an appetite.
Forgoing the unpacking process, you finally did curl up on the bed. You curled into yourself and clutched your locket tightly in your hands, neither preventing or stopping the flesh wave of tears and the quiet, pained sobs that were ripped from your mouth.
You missed your mom.
And you wanted to go home.
** **
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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earlgreydream · 22 days ago
Random thoughts coming throuuuughhh:
I’ve been so stressed out lately and I just learned that my comfort movie is Thor Ragnarok. This spring break alone, I watched it 6 times. As much as i laugh every time I watch this movie, I feel guilty enjoying it later on because this movie is also when Thor started losing *everything.* I feel like I’m not even supposed to laugh but I’m supposed to feel bad instead.. because Endgame Thor is the result of the events of Ragnarok.
There are so many good sides to Ragnarok tho. Like, seeing Hemsworth’s comedic side? (Wow ) He just felt like a whole different person compared to the first two movies.
omg, I watched Thor Ragnarok literally two days ago when I was writing an anon request for it. It’s such a trip.
I am personally not a Thor fan (don’t come for me, I’m sorry!! It’s just Loki for me) but I definitely get this. And, he’s hilarious in that movie!! Tragic they cut his hair, though.
Totally don’t feel guilty about it, my favorite marvel movie is The Winter Soldier, where Bucky is literally tortured into becoming a homicidal maniac. My second favorite is the First Avenger (because i love the 40s) and they go to WAR.
Some more thoughts on Thor, Ragnarok: we get that awesome brother content where they’re like, it should’ve been us forever. I’m actually no shit terrified of Jeff Goldblum, I hate that he’s in it, but he does a GREAT job. Also, Valkyrie is super hot and a badass. We love that. Queen shit. 
If anyone else wants to share their thoughts on Thor Ragnarok, please drop them in the comments. 
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chloecatina421 · a month ago
Steve Rogers One Shot
Could you write sth about Steve coming to reader before he does the whole time travel thing to go back to Peggy. He tells her about it (she’s buckys gf and they’re all besties so her opinion matters to him, maybe she’s also from the 40s) and she just completely blows up in his face alla “are you out of your damn mind Steve!”. She explains why Peggy doesn’t deserve that and why Bucky and the rest of the team don’t deserve that. And he’s like 😳ok ma’am you are right. And they all live happily and he never leaves ^^
The fight was over. Thanos and his 'children' had been defeated. Tony and Natasha were gone. The remaining Avengers were picking up the pieces, trying to figure out what came next.
"We need to put the stones back exactly where we got them."
Bruce/Hulk explains.
"I'll do it."
Steve says as everyone looks to him.
Even before Thanos, Steve was seen as the leader so it wasn't a surprise that he would be the first one to volunteer.
"Y/N, can I talk to you for a minute?"
Steve asks you as Bruce/Hulk gets everything ready.
You had joined the Avengers a year before the fallout of Steve and Tony.
When it came down to it, you sided with Cap and after he broke you and everyone else out of the prison, you went to Wakanda to be with Bucky who you had fallen for.
Over the past five years, you helped when you could, spending most of your time mourning Bucky with Steve.
The two of you had gotten pretty close and he now saw you as family.
You follow him over to a secluded area, sitting down on a bench by the water before he starts talking.
"I don't think I'm coming back. When Tony and I went back to get the tesseract, I saw her. I saw Peggy. I need to go back to her."
He explains.
"Are you out of your damn mind Steve? What are you going to do? Just waltz in thirty years after she thinks you died and say 'honey, I'm home!' No! She doesn't deserve that! Think about the life she had after she thought you had died! She got married. She had children. Are you really going to ask her to give that all up? And what about Bucky? Do you think he deserves this after everything he has been through? And the team? We just lost Nat and Tony! We can't lose you too. We won't survive it and you know that. The world needs Captain America. Especially now."
You were angry that he could even possibly think of such a thing.
After everything you had all been through in the past five years, the fact that he would even consider leaving, was insane to you.
"You know what? You're right. This is my life. This is where I belong. Peggy and I had our chance and I don't want to screw up her life."
Steve says a few minutes after thinking about what you had practically yelled at him.
"So you are coming back right?"
You stare him down, using your mind reading powers to make sure he didn't lie to you.
"I am coming back."
He says, placing his hands on your shoulders.
You nod and the two of you walk back over to the group, you wrapping your arms around Bucky as Steve prepares to return the stones.
"Don't worry guys. He will be back in 60 seconds."
Bruce/Hulk says just before he presses the button and Steve disappears.
Sixty seconds later exactly, Steve reappears on the platform as promised.
"Everything back where it should be?"
Sam asks him.
"It is."
Steve confirms as the two men join you and Bucky.
"So what now?"
You ask.
"Now, we find a way to rebuild. If there is a problem, we take care of it. We are the Avengers. When the world needs us, we will be there."
Steve says as the four of you stand side by side, ready to take on whatever came next.
Tumblr media
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eurynome827 · a month ago
Eury's 2K Challenge
Tumblr media
To prepare for this challenge, I polled some friends and asked them to name one or two things that they associate with me. There were many mentions of Sweet Space Husband and Government Bureaucrat Daddy and 40s Bucky, Soft Trumpet Boy and Daddy Andy, and that I'm Always On My Charles Blackwood Bullshit ™ - but mostly I was touched and inspired by their thoughts of friendship, kindness and of how they look at my idiosyncrasies and see someone worthy of their support.
The prompts were inspired by their answers.
I really never thought I'd reach this milestone. I'm happy to share this with my friends and followers and readers, who inspire me every day. THANK YOU for following me and for playing with me!
This challenge is open to anyone! You don't have to be following me (but it's nice ❤️)
My blogs are 18+ spaces always, so you must be 18+ to participate
Characters accepted: any Sebastian Stan/Chris Evans character, any MCU characters - please no RPF. Crackships welcome! Reader insert or OC!
Smut/fluff/angst/any combo thereof - please no underage, incest, noncon/dubcon, gore etc - if you have questions please ask 💕
Deadline to be included on masterlist: April 12, 2021
Please use #Eury2kchallenge and tag me when you post! If I haven't reblogged your fic, send me a DM
To request a prompt, please send me an ask. One person per prompt - if we run out I'll add more!
Prompts Under The Cut
Daisies @ikaris-whore
Lingerie @nano--raptor
Stockings @uncafeavecbarnes
Library @daytonsferrari
Friendship @drabblewithfrannybarnes
Vintage black&white photos @meracles
A well-dressed man - suit, tie and watch @book-dragon-13
Red lipstick @angrythingstarlight
Sharing Reese's Peanut Butter Cups @ladyfallonavenger
Hailing a cab in Manhattan
Pearl Necklace (literally or figuratively 😏)
Opening Lines:
In my younger and more vulnerable years my father gave me some advice that I've been turning over in my mind ever since. Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, he told me, just remember that all the people in this world haven't had the advantages that you've had. (The Great Gatsby, F. Scott Fitzgerald) @happygowriting
It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. (Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austen) @theycallmebecca
It’s hard being left behind. I wait for (him), not knowing where he is, wondering if he’s okay. It’s hard to be the one who stays. (The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffenegger)
A glass of chilled white by the seaside @constantwriter85
A glass of red by the fireplace @buckybarnes101
A glass of red by candlelight in a cozy Italian restaurant @gigglygiddybarnes
An Old Fashioned in an oak-paneled, dimly lit bar @definitelybarnes
A cosmopolitan on girl's night (A Cheeseburger, Large Fries & A Cosmopolitan - a series posting on @laurencouldnthelpbutwonder) @a-little-counter-esperanto
Sangria in a pitcher outside on a warm, sunny day @jewels2876
Mimosas and Bloody Marys at brunch @divine-mistake
A Glass of Rosé By The Pool @navybrat817
Tequila on the rocks in a lipstick-stained glass
"It was like she was someone you'd always known
It was like you were holding the world when you held her
Like yours were the arms that the whole world was in"
Hadestown by Anais Mitchell @godofplumsandthunder
"Love doesn't discriminate
Between the sinners and the saints
It takes and it takes and it takes
And we keep loving anyway
We laugh and we cry and we break
And we make our mistakes"
Hamilton by Lin Manuel Miranda @marvelgirl7
"But he's never really there
So you want him even more
And you drown inside the eyes...
I could look at him forever"
Sunday In The Park With George by Stephen Sondheim @whisperlullaby
"I've been waiting, for a lifetime
For someone simply
To look and see me
The way that I see you"
Violet by Brian Crawley & Jeanine Tesori @jobean12-blog
You can build me up, you can tear me down
You can try but I'm unbreakable
You can do your best, but I'll stand the test
You'll find that I'm unshakeable
Six The Musical by Toby Marlow & Lucy Moss
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cevanslatte · a month ago
it’s been a long, long time | steve rogers
Tumblr media
requested: by @yes-sir-hotchner
brief summary: Steve sees a familiar face through less than ideal circumstances
pairing: Steve Rogers x reader  
word count: 1,930
warnings: fem!reader, hydra!reader, fighting, flashbacks, kidnapping, fluff, angst, like one curse word, song fic
song: it’s been a long, long time - bing crosby
Tumblr media
A grunt escaped you as you jumped to hide behind a pillar, a starred vibranium shield being flung in your direction. The pillar shook beneath the impact, little cracks forming as you leaned back against it. You took the split second you had to make a mad dash towards your opponent, twisting your body to dodge the punches thrown your way. It was getting a little hard to breathe through your mask but you pushed through it, your orders blinking in red lights in your mind. 
“Get the files and terminate anyone who stands in your way, Soldat.”
You kept those words on repeat as you quickly jabbed at his stomach, a little groan leaving him as he grabbed you by the arm and threw you back. Your head hit the wall, your mask flying somewhere in the room and exposing your face. Your eyes scrunched in pain as you tried to get your bearings.
You had to get up before he could get to you.
Shakily, you stood up but before your vision focused, you felt a hand wrap around your throat and push you back against the wall. Your hands flew up to grip the one restricting your air flow, a murderous look in your eyes as you kicked your legs out in an attempt to free yourself. 
You watched his eyes widen and change from a look of anger to shock, his blue eyes flitting over your face as he took you in. It only irritated you further as you struggled against him, the man leaning forward and pressing his leg in between yours to keep you pinned. 
“(Y/N)?” He asked quietly, your thrashes stopping so you could get a clear look at the man in front of you.
You couldn’t see much of his frame as he kept himself pressed against you but you already knew he was massive, his broad shoulders blocking your view from the room behind him. His plush lips were curled in a confused pout as he reached to unclasp his cowl. It fell to the floor with a clatter, his blond hair falling to cover his forehead while his eyes stayed trained on you. You hated the uneasy feeling that swirled in your stomach as he stared down at you.
“Who the hell is (Y/N)?” You glared up at him, his expression turning from one of confusion to... sadness? Who was this man and why was he looking at you like that?
His grip on your neck loosened just slightly so you took the chance to lean up and headbutt him, the both of you groaning as he stumbled back and held his head. You sidestepped him and ran as fast as you could towards the exit. You’d have to stake out and come back for the files later. The man quickly composed himself and chased after you, managing to catch your wrist and spin you back into his chest. He wrapped his arms around your waist and held you tightly, bending over slightly to keep you from running. 
You grunted in frustration as you tried to break from his hold again, a foot hooking around your ankle until you were flipped onto your back. Your wrists were pinned above you and your hips were straddled by his, effectively keeping you from escaping. The uneasy feeling in your stomach intensified as he looked you over, sorrow radiating from him the longer he stared. What the hell was his deal? His eyes met yours and the intensity behind them forced you to stop wriggling for a moment. Seriously what was he staring at you like that for?
“It’s been a long, long time, (Y/N).”
His words struck a chord in you, your eyes widening as images rapidly flashed through your head. Images of the two of you together. 
Shrieks of laughter escaped you as Steve’s fingers poked and prodded at your sides, a smile spread across his face while he tickled you. Rain softly pattered against the windows of Steve’s apartment, the sweet melody of the record player dancing through the living room. You loved when he played music from the 40s; it put a smile on his face that you absolutely adored.
Your giggles quieted as you pushed his hands away, reaching up to loop your arms around his neck and pull him closer. You shared a loving smile as he rested his forehead against yours, enjoying being in each other’s arms as you listened to the combined sounds of the rain and Steve’s record player.
“So kiss me once, then kiss me twice. Kiss me once again. It’s been a long, long time.” 
You met Steve when he accidentally took your coffee order, a sheepish smile on his face as he handed you your drink and you handed him his. You recognized him immediately when he came to stand in front of you while rubbing the back of his neck. How could you not? He was Captain America, one of the Avengers who protected New York and the rest of the world. You always thought he’d be smooth and charming so imagine the surprise when he gave you a little crooked grin and apologized for stealing your coffee. 
“Captain America a coffee thief? I’d better call the New York Times so people can start guarding their caffeine when you’re around.” You lightly teased, smiling when your comment pulled a laugh from him. He had such a nice laugh. 
“Is there any way I can make it up to you? Can't have you running to the news and outing my secret criminal life.” You bit your lip and pretended to think about it, narrowing your eyes playfully at him.
“Trying to bribe me, Captain?” He shook his head and grinned at you in amusement.
“More like trying to score a date with the cute girl whose coffee I accidentally stole.” Your cheeks flushed as you looked up at him through your lashes, a hopeful glint in his eyes as he tapped his thumb against his cup.
“You free for dinner Friday?” You watched as his baby blues lit up with excitement, the two of you exchanging numbers before parting ways. Neither of you could wait for Friday to come.
That fateful Tuesday morning led to date after date before Steve built up the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend, sickeningly sweet smiles spreading across both your faces as he brought you into his arms after you said yes. Your relationship was nothing less than perfect, the two of you soon becoming New York’s sweethearts when paparazzi captured photos of Steve carrying you on his back because your heels were hurting your feet.
He made you the happiest you’d felt in a while while you did the same for him, his teammates often teasing him for the heart eyes he’d been caught using to watch you as you told embarrassing work stories to Natasha. You shut them down quickly as you told them they were just jealous they didn’t have girlfriends as cute as you, the group groaning playfully as Steve pulled you in for a kiss.
Everything was going great between you. 
Until it wasn’t.
You were walking to Steve’s apartment after picking up some takeout, the two of you agreeing to meet at his place for dinner. He was stuck at the compound so you promised you’d stop by your favorite Chinese restaurant after you got off work. You started searching through your bag for the key Steve had given you to unlock the main door, your gasp muffled as someone wrapped their hand around your mouth and pulled you into an alley. You dropped your dinner as you grabbed at the hand over your mouth, struggling in whoever’s arms as they wrestled you to the ground.
“You’re stronger than you look. Though you are Captain America’s girlfriend so I’m not that surprised.” Your eyes widened in fear as you fought to get free, your limbs falling limp as you felt a sharp prick in your neck before you were out cold.
You woke up in a frigidly cold room, head groggy as you tried to figure out what was going on. You went to rub the tiredness out of your eyes but found your wrists strapped to the arms of your chair, your feet tied in a similar manner. You tried to pull yourself out of them to no avail, your breathing picking up as you looked around the empty room. Where were you? Your panic only intensified when you heard the door open, two older men and a couple of scientists filing through it. You kept your glare harsh to hide the fear that was coursing through your veins, voice brash as you questioned them.
“Who are you and what am I doing here?” You asked, not really expecting but hoping for a serious answer because villains only revealed their masterplans to their victims in movies. 
“You are at one of HYDRA’s underground facilities Ms. (Y/L/N). You’ve been selected as our next subject to become our newest super soldier seeing as your boyfriend took our first.”
Your fingers trembled slightly as you tried to keep yourself composed. Bucky told you stories about his time at HYDRA when he was still the Winter Soldier, the dread in your stomach weighing you down as you realized what was happening. 
“This is our director, Alexander Pierce. I’m Dr. Zola, I’ll be in charge of your transformation.”
“Like hell I’m gonna be your next plaything. Steve is going to find me and when he does, it’ll be over for you.” The group of men smirked at your words which only angered you more. 
“Then we’d better make sure you’re ready for him when he gets here. Won’t it be fun to watch his little girlfriend kill him in cold blood, all while he begs and pleads for you to remember who he is.” Pierce smiled wickedly at you, his smile quickly shifting to an irritated frown as you spit at him. He said nothing as he wiped his cheek, using the same hand to back hand you. Your head snapped to the side, your cheek burning as you glared at him. 
“Eat shit.” You snarled, Pierce only smirking as he turned his back to you.
“Take her vitals and prepare her to go under. I want to start seeing results as soon as possible.” You tried to resist as Zola and his goons approached you, tears filling your eyes as you were once again pricked in the neck and put under.
“Please hurry, Steve. Please save me.” You thought as your vision faded to black, later waking up to a man speaking to you in Russian. You repeated his words as they unstrapped you and led you to a room to begin training, HYDRA’s new super soldier awake and ready to learn how to tear the world apart. 
The next year was a blur, your memory being wiped at the end of every week to ensure you stayed under HYDRA’s control. You were given orders and acted on them with no questions asked, killing whoever you had to to complete your missions. You were ruthless. You were cruel. You were exactly what HYDRA hoped for.
The next orders you were given were to retrieve some files from one of their old bases where you were met with an equally strong red, white, and blue clad soldier who gave you one hell of a fight. You weren’t sure how he got in but you knew you had to take him out as your orders rang in your ears. 
“Get the files and terminate anyone who stands in your way, Soldat.”
The two of you fought tooth and nail before you were pinned down by the man not once, but twice, his eyes piercing as he drank you in. You had no idea who he was and the way he stared at you made goosebumps rise on your skin, his voice soft as he spoke to you. 
“It’s been a long, long time, (Y/N).”
You blinked rapidly as image after image flashed through your mind, the gears in your head turning as you tried to figure out why his words were affecting you so much. There was something about him that seemed almost familiar, something about the color of his eyes that caused your chest to tighten. The way he held your wrists gently contrasted the way he handled you earlier, his gaze soft as he took in everything he could. 
“I missed you so much.” The man said tenderly? He missed you?
“Who are you?” You asked with a quieter tone, no longer struggling against him as you looked for answers. You wanted to know who he was and why he had this effect on you. He smiled sadly as he answered you. 
“My name is Steve Rogers. And your name is (Y/N) (Y/L/N). We have a lot to catch up on, doll.”
taglist: @chrsaya
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vanillanaps · 2 months ago
Bucky Barnes Masterlist
*Please read RULES before requesting*
Tumblr media
⚘ — fluff | ❦ — smut | ❆ — angst | ✵ — all
Ravished & Ravenous ✵ CEO!Bucky - Writing is your passion, and something you always saw yourself pursuing, leading you to major in Student Journalism, maybe even hoping for a big job in the future. However when you come into contact with a big shot CEO, you both find yourselves trapped in a blurred cycle of love and lust that could either change your life for the better.. or for the worst. TBA
Making Amends • Two • Three ❆ When Bucky’s efforts to make amends don't go exactly as planned, he catches himself in a very difficult situation and the only way to get out of it is to come clean. ~coming soon
Unthinkable ❆ 40s!Bucky - Tired of hiding your relationship with Bucky, you decide that you’re ready to go public, but when he doesn’t have the reaction you expect, things take a turn for the worst
Entanglements ❦ ⚘ Neighbor!Bucky - You’ve had a situation going on with your hot neighbor for a while now, but now the benefits aren’t enough for Bucky anymore. ~coming soon
Brother’s Best Friend ⚘ You’re Sam Wilson’s sister and you’re in a secret relationship with Bucky. When you make a decision to take your relationship a step further, you realize it’s time to come clean to your brother. ~coming soon
The Other Side of the Door ⚘ 40s!Bucky - The course of your on again, off again relationship with your first love, James Buchanan Barnes. ~coming soon
Little Fears ❆ ⚘ Bucky getting nervous when you tell him you’re pregnant. Scared he’s too messed up to be a father. You could tell he was off and comfort him.
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slothspaghettiwrites · 2 months ago
"This hurts? Imagine your wife flirting with other men" + spanking with 40s!Steve or present day Steve anything you prefer! Please 🥺🥺
For you my sweet little Berry, let's do a wonderful 40s AU Steve.
Tumblr media
Wife Lessons
Warnings: Spanking, Yandere, Possessive Behaviour, Soft(?)!Dark!Steve, Captain Kink
You were bringing Steve his lunch, he'd just finish training up some of the new SHIELD recruits with Bucky and today had been trying to say the least. It only got worse when he saw the useless, sweaty recruits surround you. Your pretty dresses and luscious curves attracted men like flies to honey. It's what got him, that night at the dance hall, but it was everything else that made his need for you so great. He decided after a single dance you would be his and his alone for the rest of your lives. Your eyes never wandered, but he had taken out more than one man who had the nerve to so much as wink as you.
He was sure that number would only just keep going up and up.
You weren't shaking off the men quick enough for Steve's liking though. Your laughter sealed your fate. Looks like Steve needed to teach you a lesson, again.
"Mrs. Rogers," Bucky called out.
The gym went silent and your eyes landed on a seething, sweat drenched Steve. He heard your heart rate jump. Bucky ushered the recruits out, they had more training to do elsewhere. He passed a quick nod to Steve as he closed the gym doors firmly.
You walked over to your husband, your heels echoing across the hardwood. Steve finished unwrapping his knuckles before took the basket from your arm.
"What are you supposed to do when men are staring at what's mine, Babydoll?"
Your breath stuttered as he hands grabbed your hips, squeezing.
"I tell them, I'm happily married and to leave me alone," you murmured.
Steve hummed, analysing your features, deciding on your punishment.
"And what happens when you don't?"
"No Steve, please, tha-"
He has you thrown over his lap before you can even finish. Your skirt and slip were shoved up around your waist. The first smack to your bottom was followed by fingers digging into the meat of your cheek. The hand anchoring you to his thighs was of no comfort, only reminding of you his real power.
"Steve, I didn't-"
"Watch your manners, Baby, or I'll double it."
Two more harsh smacks landed on your ass.
"Captain, please," you dug your fingers into his trousers as your tears started to well up.
Steve continued to spank you until you were crying for real, promising you'd learned your lesson, apologizing over and over again that you wouldn't let it happen again. When he was satisfied you wouldn't be able to sit for the next week without think of this lesson, he pulled you up and forced your legs around his waist.
His hand squeezed your cheeks, pulling and pushing on the sore flesh so you would grind his erection, feel how your punishment effected him.
"Hurts, Captain," you whimpered, forehead resting on shoulder.
"This hurts?" He slapped your ass again. "Imagine your wife flirting with other men."
"I'm only yours, Captain. Only you."
"Then prove it to me, Mrs. Rogers."
Request a Yandere Fic
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WIPs List
I have decided to provide a list that will be pinned to my page so you can get an idea of what I’m working on! All original Works get updated on the weekdays Monday - Thursday and any request sent in get put out Friday-Sunday!
Works that are in progress will be released when one of the works I am working on is completed!
Brave Heart:
It’s a bucky x reader, where reader always had these powers but never knew where it came from. Bc of these powers , the father that she never knew is after it for the intent of evil and would do anything to get it. She’s the only one who can stop him and eventually sacrifices herself to protect the team after fighting the father.
Caught In The Web:
Aight so BOOM So when you have the time could please write a (Bucky x Reader) fic Where Reader and Bucky have kid together but they are not together anymore but co parent and Bucky’s new girlfriend doesn’t like that. So when out on a mission she doesn’t cover Nat due to the fact the reader and Nat are Friends and causes Nat to be hospitalized. Reader is also the new Director of Shield goes off on the girlfriend for taking the animosity she has against reader out on Nat?
Back To The Future:
Could please write something where Natasha, Steve and the reader somehow get transported back to Catfa? They meet the Howling Commandos, Peggy and Howard and stuff. Maybe some Romanogers👀 since there are 2 Steves, there is total confusion. Also the reader isn't with Bucky but they are idiots in love who haven't realised it so Steve and Nat try to be inconspicuous about 'leaving' 40s Bucky and the reader by themselves? Imagine the chaos 😂
Original Works In Progress
A Maiden’s Tale:
Growing up you found yourself working with your mother for the Barnes residence. You didn’t expect to make friends, much less find a person your heart loved. A love that you couldn’t have because it wasn’t written in their books, so you have to forget. Fast forward years later and your once more working for the Barnes residence, but now you’re working for their son, the one your heart yearned for, but will the set arranged marriage keep the two of you from one another.
Brooklyn Wars:
Childhood friends pulled apart by a move and a rivalry between families, will a shared promise of ‘till the end of the line’ be enough to keep them together. Or will a deal struck up gone wrong, and an indecisiveness to choose who your heart loves be the ‘end of the line.’
Original Works Coming Soon
Tales Of Submission:
A Series Of One Night Stands And The Morning After:
Thirst Tweets:
The Compound:
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Stay Alive
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader
Warnings: Swearing, mentions of blood, hospitals, gunshot injury, much angst
Word Count: 1273
Summary: It should be the happiest day of yours and Steve's lives, your wedding day. But tragedy strikes...
A/N: I'm finally getting to work on my requests! I changed the ending to the request slightly so it wasn't fully angst! This is also my entry into @anika-ann 1111 follower challenge! Congrats again, lovely and enjoy! The prompt I used is in bold! Thank you all for reading and let me know if you want to be added to my taglist! 💖 Also big shout out to @a-little-counter-esperanto for proof reading this for me! 💖
Tumblr media
“I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
The room erupted into cheers and applause. The newly-wed husband and wife had their first kiss as a married couple, everyone was happy, everything was perfect.
Until the apparent noise of gunshots rang through the building.
Until Steve looked down to see the white of your wedding dress being stained with the scarlet colour of your blood.
The world stopped in that moment for Steve. Everything came to a standstill.
All he could focus on was you falling forward into his arms in slow motion. In. Slow. Motion. He caught you, and gently lowered you to the floor, hand supporting your head to soften the fall.
Every came together when the world started back up in regular motion, almost as if someone had pressed fast forward on a TV remote. Steve looked up from you and at his surroundings. The gunfire had stopped, but the screaming…the screaming took Steve back to the 40s for just a second. It was like he was back fighting the bad guys, back fighting Hydra, not at his wedding. This couldn’t be his wedding. This day was meant to be the best day of his life, filled with happiness. But instead…
Steve looked down at you. Your eyes had already lost their sparkle, skin growing cold to touch. He was losing you and he was scared to do something about it.
“We’ve got to get out of here, Steve, it’s Hydra, they’re-holy shit.”
“Buck, call an ambulance. Tell them there are multiple casualties,” Steve breathed out, snapping into action. He cast his glance at you, his wife, who’s life was slowly fading away in his arms. “Just breathe, okay? Deep breaths, come on,” he moved his hands, so they were no longer supporting your head, instead moving them to apply pressure firmly to your stomach where blood was seeping out of your wound like a slow moving river.
You were dying.
Steve wasn’t going to allow it.
Especially on your wedding day.
You were the love of his life, and he wasn’t going allow you, his newly-wed wife, to die in his arms on your wedding day.
“Emergency services are on their way. We need to get her out of here, Steve, it isn’t safe. The rest of the team are trying to hold the bastards off but there’s dozens of them,” Bucky said, kneeling down next to Steve.
You groaned in pain, causing Steve’s eyes to quickly fill with tears. “Ssh, it’s okay baby, it’s going to be okay,” he said to you before turning to Bucky. “We can’t move her, we-we just can’t.”
“I’m here, baby, I’m here,” he whispered gently. “Buck, do you mind taking over?” he didn’t realise before, but his hands were shaking as he pulled them away from your stomach, and he moved so that he could take your hands in his, leaning down to kiss your cheek gently. “You’re going to be okay, my love, I promise you, I promise you-“
You smiled weakly at him, tears running down your face as your vision started to fade slightly. “Til death do u-us part, huh?” you whispered. “I didn’t think it would,” you took a shaky breath and gasped in pain. “I didn’t think it would mean this soon.”
“N-no. You can’t say that. You’re not dying on me, not today, not ever,” Steve said, shaking his head whilst bringing your hands to his lips, kissing them softly.
“I-I think it might be too, too, too late for that,” you shook your head, starting to sob a little. “I don’t want to die, Stevie, I don’t want to die…” you started to close your eyes, but Steve shook you awake.
“Hey, look at me. Don’t shut your beautiful eyes just yet, okay? Help will be here soon, please, Y/N, please…”
“I’m s-sorry,” your eyes started closing again and Steve tried to shake you awake again, only this time it didn’t work.
“Y/N, wake up!”
“Steve the paramedics are here.”
“Is she going to be okay?” Steve asked in a frantic tone.
When the paramedics took you away in an ambulance, Steve and Bucky followed in the car you and he were meant to leave in when the ceremony ended. Not a word was exchanged between the two men as Bucky drove them to the hospital. He had no idea if you were even still alive, hell, you were on the brink of death when they took you away. You were so cold…so cold.
“She’s out of surgery, and she’s stable for now. She’s not out of the woods just yet,” the doctor said.
“Can I see her?”
“Right this way.”
Steve looked back at his friends, all the Avengers cramped into one tiny room still in their clothes they wore for the wedding. The only difference being the suits, the dresses, everything they were wearing was covered in mud, blood, tears…this shouldn’t have happened. They beckoned Steve to go, and he did.
He followed the doctor through the winding hallways of the hospital until they reached a room, the doctor opening the door wide enough for Steve to walk in.
“She might be a little drowsy,” the doctor warned and Steve nodded.
“Thank you.”
The doctor walked away, allowing Steve to walk into the room, his breath catching in his throat when he saw you lying on the bed. “Oh, sweetheart…”
He walked slowly over to the side of your bed, sitting down on the chair next to you. You weren’t awake just yet, but he could already see that you looked a little better from the last time he had laid his eyes upon you. Your breathing was slow, but steady, and the sound of the machine monitoring your heartbeat was music to his ears every time it beeped, knowing that you were still here. Still alive.
As he did when he was last with you, he took your hand into his, placing a chaste kiss on the palm.
“I’m right here, my love, I’m right here.”
Steve smiled a little, watching in anticipation as your eyes started to flutter open.
“Ow, my head,” you mumbled, trying to sit up, but stopping when you felt a hand guide you back down.
“No, sweetheart, try not to move. You’ve had surgery,” Steve said gently.
“Surgery-what? Where am I?”
“The hospital.”
You lay there a minute, confused before breathing out slowly. “Our wedding, oh God..”
“Hey, it’s alright,” Steve said quietly, leaning forward to push your hair behind your ears. “Everyone is fine, just bumps and bruises. You probably got the worst of it, sweetheart.”
You sighed, looking at Steve. His face was red, eyes puffy from crying, his gelled hair now ruined because of the number of times he ran his hands through it. “You look terrible,” you managed to laugh a little before groaning in pain.
“And you’ve never looked as beautiful,” Steve leant forward to place a kiss on your cheek.
“That can be argued,” you smiled. “I’m sorry for scaring you.”
“You’re here now, that’s all that matters.”
You breathed out before looking at Steve again, squeezing his hand gently. “Do you want to have that first kiss again, soldier?”
“I thought you’d never ask.”
Steve slowly leant forward out of his chair, taking your face in his hands as he gently pressed his lips against yours, smiling when you kissed back with the same gentleness. This was finally the beginning of the rest of your lives, and Steve was going to make sure that Hydra was never going to get in your way ever again.
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