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#3d model
papercutkoi · 34 minutes ago
3D modeled and animated by me. original design by mossworm
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azeler · 49 minutes ago
Me, a 3D artist, watching the Mask MV : Yeah, it's really neat, the art direction is great, although the cloth sim is kinda wonky and there are a few frame glitches that ruin some parts, that could easily be fixed by changing the scene a little bit.
People that have probably never even touched 3D software in their life : This is horrible, look at that, it looks gross and-
Me : If you say anything else about this masterpiece, I will take your skin off and use it as a mop to clean the Internet off of filth like you.
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bramvanvliet · an hour ago
Get your own limousine (stretch), ready to use in a low-poly styled Grand Theft Auto game. Personal limo driver not included!
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rhcreations · 4 hours ago
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