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iamphibolous8 days ago
Only update for today I tried to flop onto my pillow and I hit my head very hard against the bedpost
Ow 猸愨湪
#personal#lesson is: Look beforr you flop :] I am in pain but it is lessening#coworker never got called in so I got to stay home but I been awake since 10 which is a new record today#aaaaaaaaaand hm what else. It iz 3 am now oh nooooo I zhould sleep#Oh yeah I have so many things I want to do yes but I got adulty things I have to do aaaaaaaa summer start!!! begin!!!!!!!! take me back!!!#But I also really really wanna talk about... a thing... I am making#.... 馃憠馃憟But am shy so u will never find it on this blog >:D Ahahahaha!!!#Also.... . uh I have been having a think about some things I might post about em lator idk. This week is just this week xd#why shud I find a word to describe it I am !! doing thimgs so here I am writing on a here yes this ow my head 鈿帮笍#I will be fine. Took 20 melatonin and thats sufficient. But yes anyways busy school got car driving this wednesday n friday plus work but#last week and then when I'm done driving that will be over with... but like hell I should wait till then! I will do whatever I want ty#And what I want right now ismmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm sleep. And maybe talk to friendz but no I should sleep#QwQ I always feel like doing things at the most inopportune timez#OH YEAH LAST NIGHT I HAD A WEIRD DREAM THERE WAS A QUESTION OF IF I FEEL MORE OR LESS LIKE ME#i chose more but I regretted it because I had to fight through a gauntlet and choosing more made the enemies like disappearing flesh clouds#that could conjure the images of other enemies and it was really confusing to try to beat them#I wanted to go back and choose less because through dream Logic I knew that would've turned the gauntlet into a much easier#minecraft blackstone maze with skellytons instead of hallucinatory flesh clouds brhrbrhrbrb#Never got too tho. also there was a shitty sfm sans undertale model I got to hang out with it was chill#and I think??? there was a cat??? and a seamstress of some sort??? I think I was afraid of the seamstress#It was a very typical dream :) Anyways goodnight for realsies sending out warm hugs and electric thots byeee <3
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ssa-sarahsunshine10 days ago
A concept that just appeared in my head a whole second ago while scrolling your page: Vampires are normal and revered. Mortals want to be feed off of and whiningly donate blood for feeding banks for vampires. Vampires are also the only people that are allowed to be in important roles, dangerous roles. Meaning that only vampires can be in the FBI. The whole BAU is made up of the most acclaimed vampires, which is how everyone likes it. The only problem is that Spencer isn't a vampire. Early on he figured out he couldn't do what he wanted in life unless he cheated the system and found a way to appear like a vampire. It works out just fine until it doesn't. I have no idea where I was going with this and it's A/B/O vibes but out well, I share lol
I love this so much, Maze.
A/B/O vibes, right? Except it's more like... Vampires, Humans, and those feeder things we talked about before (they really need a better name, lmao. Noa called them Sources in their fic they're working on, but I don't wanna take that name from them. So in the meantime, I'll call them... Donors. Cause that makes the most sense LMAO).
Donors are the weakest of the ranks, the same way Omegas are in A/B/O. They're considered lesser than Humans and are only used as feeding bags for Vampires (usually). They can also carry the children of Vampires, with a 99% chance of the offspring also being Vampires (the 1% being Donors). Humans cannot carry Vampire or Donor offspring. Donor/Donor pairings will always result in another Donor (so there's a literal market for them, and it's gross).
The Reid being Human angle is super fun, but what about him being a Donor? (Like Omega Reid) He doesn't know what makes him different, not really. As far as he's concerned, he's always looked like a human. He's always acted like a human. He doesn't see a reason to be scared of what he is-- but society isn't ready for that, he supposes. So he masks as a Vampire (however he can, maybe with medication or potions he made himself). He pretends for quite a few years, successfully, and even the Vampires on his team have no clue.
And again, it works... until it doesn't.
I think I accidentally just created a whole new AU-
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whatdoesshedotothem2 days ago
Sat[urday] 14 June 1823
12 3/4
H[a]d a few spoonfuls of boil[e]d milk and a m[ou]thful or 2 of br[ea]d and but[ter] and took Geo[rge] and set off w[i]th Mr Proctor at 6 40/60 to Dowkabottom
hole - g[o]t there at 7 50/60, hav[in]g walk[e]d ab[ou]t (near) 2 m[ile]s on the Littondale r[oa]d and then turn[e]d up the hill on our left, and
and gone a mile bef[ore] we ca[me] to the rock-surround[e]d basin in the large pasture belong[in]g to Mr Teunant of chapel-
-house, in w[hi]ch the caverns (close to each oth[e]r) are situat[e]d - to a strang[e]r they w[oul]d n[o]t be easy to find - scrambl[e]d
d[o]wn a narrowish, steepish descent (lad[ie]s com[monl]y ha[ve] and ought to ha[ve] a step-ladder) int[o] the large one - you
desc[en]d first int[o] a fine large, lofty, stalactitic, conical space; then wind thro鈥 a nar[row] vault[in]g vary[in]g in
height, b[u]t where one c[oul]d ev[er]ywhere st[an]d upright - nowhere ver[y] wide - fr[om] 2 or perh[aps] 3 y[ar]ds high to 1 wide -
2 or 3 ascents in the cavern, ver[y] steep; and the wat[e]rworn rock rath[e]r slipp[er]y - a pool or 2 of shallow
wat[e]r - we w[e]nt (ab[ou]t near 200 y[ar]ds Mr Proct[o]r s[ai]d) till we ca[me] to a 搂 sm[all] open[in]g bare[l]y suffic[ien]t for one to creep
int[o]. Mr P- [Proctor] told us it w[a]s n[o]t worthwhile try[in]g it; for nobody car[e]d to ta[ke] the troub[le] as the cavern end[e]d
w[i]thin a y[ar]d or 2 of it 搂 - we ret[urne]d and f[ou]nd we h[a]d been just 16 min[ute]s in the cav[er]n - ab[ou]t 1/2 way b[a]ck, in hold[in]g 聽
up my candle too sud[s]y, I lost my light - and Geo[rge] slipp[e]d and made a fam[ou]s clatter. On com[in]g out of the larg[e]r
cav[er]n, we immed[iatel]y descend[e]d the small[e]r by an eas[ie]r ent[ran]ce, tho鈥 I h[a]d n[o]t perceiv[e]d it at all on go[in]g d[o]wn at first -
this small[e]r cavern is a mere sunken cave, one tol[erabl]y large, lofty chamb[e]r, and ver[y] lit[tle] ext[ent] of pass[age] bey[on]d it -
this took us on[l]y five min[ute]s - no wat[e]r in it. On emerg[in]g and reconnoit[erin]g the rock-surround[e]d basin, f[ou]nd
a sm[all] sink in the gr[ou]nd the bot[tom] cov[ere]d w[i]th stones, that so[me] gent[leme]n christ[ene]d 聽the devil鈥檚 oven 鈥 the aptitude of the name
n[o]t obv[iou]s - on mount[in]g to the top of the scar call[e]d Hawkswick Clowder, limestone trap-rock? like the Eglwyseg rocks n[ea]r Llangollen as it were, several steps of rocks, look[e]d d[o]wn Littondale. Hawkswick,
Arncliffe, (just ab[ov]e w[hi]ch Arnbar scar a fine feature in the scen[ar]y) - Litton, and Halton Gill, beaut[ifull]y scatt[ere]d
along the Dale at one feet. Pendle Hill topmost in the dist[an]ce - c[oul]d n[o]t see Pen-y-ghent -Whernside
magnificent[l]y stretch[in]g his shelvy side along the East of Kettlewell-dale.
Ret[urne]d al[on]g Kilnsey pastures - ov[e]r sev[era]l walls, to the top of Kilnsey crag, and at 9 50/60
Stood wrapt in admirat[io]n at the magnific[en]t prosp[ec]t stretch[e]d out bef[ore] me. A rich valley
m[oun]t[ai]n [grit] fr[om] Kettlewell d[o]wn to the Bolt[o]n bridge, Litton-date open[in]g int[o] it on my left, and yield[in]g its streams
(Litton-dale beck) a tribut[ar]y to the br[oa]d, transpar[en]t Wharfe here and there retir[e]d fr[om] its gravelly bed, then foam[in]g r[ou]nd a few large stones scatter[e]d in its course, and wind[in]g in a
thous[an]d mazes till lost to the eye beh[in]d the wood[e]d headland on w[hi]ch stands Netherside house. At my feet
our Inn and there 8 or 10 houses form[in]g the vil[lage] of Kilnsey. Just oppos[i]te on the oth[e]r side of the wat[e]r the vil[lage] of (18 or 20 houses) Conist[o]ne its lit[tle] chapel
and 3 arch-bridge across the riv[e]r - the high m[oun]t[ai]n range call[e]d Conist[o]ne moor and Grassingt[o]n wood and Rylstone bark and Thorp- fell, the dist[an]ce clos[e]d
bey[on]d Bolt[o]n bridge by Romalds pron[ounce]d as if moor - to the left of Coinst[o]ne moor, Whernside majestically ris[in]g and shew[in]g a
consid[era]ble length of elevat[io]n ab[ov]e the m[oun]t[ai]n mass fr[om] w[hi]ch it springs. It is the trap-rock of Whernside that forms
the fine scen[ar]y on the right fr[om] Kilnsey to Kettlewell - and on the left, next bey[on]d Kilnsey crag, is 鈥榳ind-bank
belong[in]g to Mr Barstow of York鈥, vid[ere] the next p[age] line 16 fr[om] the top, 聽(of Fulford that mar[rie]d one of the Joness?) and bey[on]d the wind-bank wood (till just
just close to the town of Kettlewell and then they call it Snipes) and the val[ley] clos[e]d by Kettlewell-Cam - Langstroth-
dale and the Wharfe running along it to the left of Kettlewell, and the Dale lead[in]g to Coverdale to the right. This val[ley] fr[om] Kettlewell d[o]wn tow[ar]ds
Bolt[o]n bridge is clos[e]d by Kettlewell-Cam or Kettlewell-fell and Rumblasmoor - Netherside house looks admirably -
搂 (Sun[day] 13 July 1823)
Fr[om] wh[a]t the guide at Malham (Ja[me]s Lund) one of the 2 shoemak[e]rs liv[in]g in the vil[lage]) told us whi[le] we were at Gordale, I d[i]d n[o]t see 1/2 Dowkabot[tom] hole - the sm[all] open[in]g led
to a finer cavern than that we h[a]d gone thro鈥; and it m[u]st ha[ve] been Mr Proctor鈥檚 idleness or fear (for the place is rath[e]r awkw[ar]d for a lit[tle] bit at first) that made h[i]m say it w[a]s n[o]t worth
whi[le] to go an[y] furth[e]r. H[a]d Ja[me]s Lund kn[o]wn the pl[a]ce well en[ou]gh, we sh[oul]d ha[ve] gone ag[ai]n the next morn[in]g - it w[oul]d on[l]y be ab[ou]t eight miles to it ov[e]r the hills; but the man who w[oul]d be the best guide
(the oth[e]r shoemak[e]r I bel[ieve]) who h[a]d shewn it to Ja[me]s Lund sev[era]l y[ea]rs ago w[a]s a strict Methodist, and noth[in]g c[oul]d persuade h[i]m to go w[i]th us on a Sunday.
View from Kilnsey crag etc
like an old baron[a]l mans[io]n - fine[l]y situate[e]d. Descend[e]d Kilnsey crag d[o]wn wh[a]t they call Hunter鈥檚
stye-nick . ver[y] steep and rugg[e]d, and rath[e]r a diffic[ul]t concern - my a[u]nt met me at the bot[tom] - close to us the rem[ai]ns
of wh[a]t w[a]s once (in Cromwell鈥檚 time) the spac[iou]s fam[il]y mans[io]n of the wades Kilnsey Hall - we turn[e]d to see a sm[all] lead-mill - they were stamp[in]g
the ore w[i]th a com[mon] mallet (or rath[e]r a flat piece of iron fast[e]d to a handle) and melt[in]g it in the open fire.
Ca[me] in to br[eak]f[as]t at 10 3/4 - ev[er]yth[in]g ver[y] good. Dowkabot[tom] hole is a large past[u]re belong[in]g to Mr Teunant
of Chapel-house. Gr[ea]t p[ar]t of Hawkswick belongs to h[i]m (he has 900 ac[re]s) and 3 broth[er]s of the na[me] of Teun[an]t (b[u]t no realt[io]n to
Mr T- [Teunant] of Chap[e]l-house) ha[ve] ver[y] n[ea]rly all the rest of the town - Mr T- [Teunant] and the d[uke] of Devons[hire] joint lord of the manor -
of the lead g[o]t in the manor. They take one pig in 5, readymade, clear of all the exp[ense] - the pigs we saw at
Kilnsey were run 123 l[i]b[ra]s the 11 l[i]b[ra]s ab[ov]e the [?] were s[ai]d to be en[ou]gh to pay for fruitage to Hull - the Lords of
Conist[o]ne manor (all the freeholders are joint lords) on[l]y ta[ke] 1 pig in 13 - there is no lord of Kinlsey -
it was Frentons-abbey land - b[u]t Lord Grantley takes 10ths on acc[oun]t of the right of the abbey - Mr Teun[an]t mar[rie]d Mr
Wilson of Eshton鈥檚 sist[e]r who left 2 child[re]n, a son and a d[au]ght[e]r - on w[hi]ch acc[oun]t Mr W- [Wilson] h[a]s so[me]how g[o]t the
manage[men]t of Mr T- [Teunant]鈥檚 est[a]te, and allows h[i]m 300 a y[ea]r - a gr[ea]t debt - perh[aps] 拢9,000 on an est[a]te of 1,700 acres
total, in Kilnsey, Hawkswick, and so[me] oth[e]r pl[a]ce I th[in]k. Mr Trueman has 5 or 6 hund[re]d acres at 10/ an ac[re]
so[me] of it n[ea]r the riv[e]r is worth 40/ an ac[re] b[u]t so n[o]t w[i]th 6d on the moors and the farm is too dear as times are at pres[en]t -
wind-bank (vid[ere] line 4 fr[om] the bot[tom] of the last p[age]) put up to auct[io]n 10 y[ea]rs ago - val[ue]d at 拢5,500 b[u]t knock[e]d
d[o]wn at 8,100 - tit[le] n[o]t good; the pres[en]t possess[o]r claim[e]d and got and keeps the prop[ert]y - the lime made fr[om] Kilnsey
and Kettlewell stone remarkab[le] for its whitness. They co[me] fr[om] all quart[e]rs for it to whitewash their houses
w[i]th - none burnt at Kilnsey b[u]t burnt at Kettlewell. Off fr[om] Kilnsey at 12 - pass[e]d al[on]g the foot of Grassingt[o]n
6 m[ile]s fr[om] Kettlewell, Baines鈥檚 Yorksh[ire] Direct[or]y i. 510 and thro鈥 Linton, and Rylstone, to Skipt[o]n. Pret[ty] drive as far as Linton - then dullish to Rylestone, a pret[ty] vil[lage] and thence
to Skipt[o]n pret[ty] en[ou]gh - fine app[roa]ch d[o]wn up[on] Skipt[o]n. Stopt there at the Devonsh[ire] arms at 3 - a good
bustling c[oa]ch-house - well built house - near assemb[l]y r[oo]m in it - nice gard[e]n at the back - went to
the cast[le] - walk[e]d ab[ou]t the gard[e]n - 2 lit[tle] girls (perh[aps] 7 and 8) d[au]ght[e]rs of the stew[ar]d Mr Hodgson, allow[e]d by their fath[e]r
to shew us the old uninhabit[e]d p[ar]ts of the cast[le] - those occup[ie]d by Lord Thanet when he co[me]s d[o]wn w[i]th his fam[il]y
in the aut[u]mns n[o]t allow[e]d to be shewn to an[y]one - gave the lit[tle] girls 6d each - look[e]d in at the ch[ur]ch wind[ow]s - saw
noth[in]g partic[ula]r. Off fr[om] Skipt[o]n at 5 1/5. Turn[e]d sh[or]t of Gargrave to the right. G[o]t out at Eshton-hall
walk[e]d in front of the house to look at it - pret[ty] pl[a]ce - rath[e]r handso[me] look[in]g house - thro鈥 Aredale, and Kirby Malham-
dale (a good ch[ur]ch there) to Malham, and g[o]t out at the Lister arms, the last, farthest of the 2 pub[lic] houses in Malh[a]m, at 8 20/60 - a beau[tiful]
dri[ve] fr[om] Skipt[o]n - the rocks ab[ou]t Malh[a]m partic[ularl]y the cove a fine obj[ec]t b[u]t cert[ainl]y n[o]t so strik[in]g at a dist[an]ce
At Kilnsey crag - at 8 陆 (as immed[iatel]y as possib[le]) took a man stand[in]g at the Inn door as our guide and w[e]nt
to Gordale - magnific[en]t - climb[e]d up the rock as high as where the wat[e]r gushes out - a lit[tle] bel[ow] this
level is a cavern ind[eed] there are 2 cav[er]ns - I m[u]st explore them so[me]ti[me] or oth[e]r - the guide s[ai]d one w[a]s a large one -
and no one h[a]d ev[e]r been to the end of the oth[e]r - my a[un]t fright[ene]d to see me mount up - and it cert[ainl]y was tremend[ou]s -
saw Jasset鈥檚 cave waterfall, ver[y] well worth see[in]g, ver[y] pret[ty] ind[eed] n[o]t 10 y[ar]ds out of our way, b[u]t gen[erall]y ov[er]look[e]d -
that is n[o]t shewn by the guides - d[i]d n[o]t get b[a]ck fr[om] Gordale till 10 7/60 and s[a]t d[o]wn to a good din[ner], r[oa]st leg of lamb,
ham rasher and eggs etc at 10 20/60 - w[e]nt upst[ai]rs to bed at 12. Ver[y] fine day - dr[ove] Percy fr[om] Skipt[o]n - he d[i]d
n[o]t like to trot the latt[e]r 1/2 the way and I w[oul]d n[o]t push h[i]m - he goes as lame as ev[e]r. E. O. - hilly r[oa]d today all
along, partic[ularl]y fr[om] Skipt[o]n to Malham and rath[e]r roughish so[me]ti[me]s. They call it 12 miles fr[om] Kilnsey to Skipt[o]n direct- by
Grassington ab[ou]t 13 - the mule posts say fr[om] Kettlewell to Skpit[o]n 16 m[ile]s - that I sh[oul]d th[in]k we ha[ve] co[me] ab[ou]t 14 miles - (Kilnsey 3 m[ile]s fr[om] Kettlewell vid[ere] p[age] 39)
Linton, Rylestone.
Skipt[o]n. 聽 聽 聽
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yuingram16 days ago
Online Games - The Progression
Now we discover many individuals playing on the web games such as tetris, ping pong, mario bros, super mario etc for free but despite their history dating backside to 1970s, with regard to most people on the web gaming began with the explosion associated with Internet in 1993 and with typically the advent of Trouble and Warcraft sometime in 1994 or 95. This got further boost with marketers starting to add Internet connectivity to video games in 1994-95. The media, inside fact, have themselves been ignorant regarding online games background. As far because they are concerned, online gaming simply coincidentally happened whenever their advertisers started out producing Internet-capable online games. But it basically so... Early Decades of growth Throughout early 1950's a school student created the game much like Tic-Tac-Toe for a class project to get enjoyed on dinosaur computer systems of those days and nights complete with cathode ray tubes for the screen display. The 1960's had MIT students coding a game named "Space war" that could be played with a couple of people over an old fashioned network. The past due 1960's brought typically the first "real" games like table tennis and shooter games. The 70s - the sport begins Significant online gaming began using the first fun gameplay called DEVELOPMENT. In fact networked game playing got conceptualized with ADVENT. Networked gaming had users taking part in against each other within an on the internet fantasy world. The first networked game had been called Mazewar, a game which involved network players traveling through the maze and trying to kill one another. Next came the particular interpersonal interaction inside a multi-player surroundings. The first this kind of game was named DUNGEN. DUNGEN acquired players competing in opposition to one another to be able to complete a series of missions. DUNGEN furnished with brand new settings and gamers each time the consumer logged on. The particular late 1970's found the start of video activity craze with additional and more households receiving computer savvy. As being a natural corollary, men and women started writing their own games for the particular home computers. These kinds of programming hobbyists traded and sold these kinds of home-grown games within local markets. Various other changes in the particular 1970's were residence gaming consoles which usually used game carts and catomizers. That meant the people could gather games cartridges with regard to one base unit instead of possessing bulky game gaming console systems. The 1980s - some stop prior to the storm 1980's saw growing phenomenon for your video in addition to computer game craze, nevertheless online gaming wasn't coming yet. New games with better sound and graphics have been introduced and gained popularity. Pole Location and Pac-man had been two that reached big popularity. That was during 1980's when Nintendo introduced its first gaming system. The 90s - revolution commences The 1990's noticed the phenomenal expansion both in popularity and even technology mostly mainly because of the climb of 3-D and even multimedia. Myst, the intellectual adventure adventure introduced gaming for the CD-ROM format. More fancy 3-D graphics hardware made FPS (first person shooter) game titles such as Go pitapat possible. The overdue 1990's saw typically the exponential growth regarding the Internet, MUDs (multi-user dungeons) which in turn made online video games wildly popular. Brand new and improved graphic interfaces had folks all over the world playing towards each other not simply in FPS games but also inside real time strategy games (RTS games) as well because third person video games like Grand Thievery Auto. read more was in addition the period when websites started providing online games such as tetris, titled ping pong, mario bros, super Mario, as well as other free online flash games and non-flash arcadeprehacks free with regard to playing after signing up with these. This actually pushed online video gaming to the popular psyche. The 21st Millennium - world is just a gemstone Early years of the particular 21st century were dominated by typically the DVD-CD-ROM. It offers changed just how on-line games are performed. The latest gaming systems such like Sony's play train station and Microsoft's X-box have networking capabilities to enable men and women play with every other instantly through all over the particular world. Exponentially rising broadband internet services have made playing these online online games possible in genuine sense of the word.
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yuingram16 days ago
Online Games - The Advancement
Now we notice thousands of people playing online games for example tetris, ping pong, mario bros, super mario etc for no cost but despite the history dating back to 1970s, with regard to most people on the internet gaming began with the explosion involving Internet in 1993 and with the particular advent of Trouble and Warcraft sometime in 1994 or 95. This got further boost with web publishers starting to add more Internet connectivity to computer games in 1994-95. The media, inside fact, have themselves been ignorant regarding online games record. As far while Additional hints are worried, online gaming only coincidentally happened any time their advertisers began producing Internet-capable video games. But it isn't so... Early Decades of advancement Inside early 1950's a school student created some sort of game much just like Tic-Tac-Toe for any category project to get enjoyed on dinosaur computer systems of those days complete with cathode ray tubes regarding the screen display. The 1960's had MIT students encoding a game named "Space war" that may be played with 2 people on the ancient network. The late 1960's brought typically the first "real" game titles like table rugby and shooter games. The 70s - the overall game begins Severe online gaming started out with all the first active gameplay called ADVENT. The truth is networked game playing got conceptualized with ADVENT. Networked video gaming had users using against each other within an on the internet fantasy world. The very first networked game has been called Mazewar, a game title which involved network players traveling by way of a maze and seeking to kill one one other. Next came the interpersonal interaction inside of a multi-player atmosphere. The first these kinds of game was called DUNGEN. DUNGEN acquired players competing towards one another in order to complete a number of quests. DUNGEN supplied with fresh settings and participants each time the user logged on. Typically the late 1970's observed the beginning of video game craze with more in addition to more households obtaining computer savvy. As more info , individuals started writing their particular games for the home computers. These programming hobbyists dealt and sold these kinds of home-grown games inside local markets. Some other changes in the 1970's were house gaming consoles which used game carts. That meant the people could gather games cartridges for one base device instead of possessing bulky game system systems. The 1980s - some pause before the storm 1980's saw growing phenomenon for that video in addition to movie craze, yet online gaming had not been coming yet. Brand new games with far better nicely graphics had been introduced and acquired popularity. Pole Place and Pac-man had been two that reached big popularity. It was during 1980's when Nintendo launched its first game playing system. The 90s - revolution begins The 1990's observed the phenomenal growth in the popularity in addition to technology mostly because of the rise of 3-D and even multimedia. Myst, the intellectual adventure sport introduced gaming on the CD-ROM format. Fancier 3-D graphics hardware made FPS (first person shooter) video games such as Quake possible. The late 1990's saw the particular exponential growth of the Internet, MUDs (multi-user dungeons) which in turn made online video games wildly popular. Brand new and improved graphical interfaces had folks all over the world playing against the other not only in FPS games but also found in real time strategy games (RTS games) as well because third person game titles like Grand Thievery Auto. It was likewise the period if websites started providing online games this kind of as tetris, titled ping pong, mario bros, super Mario, along with other free online flash games and non-flash arcadeprehacks free with regard to playing after signing up using them. This really pushed online video gaming into the popular psyche. The 21st Centuries - world is usually just a play ground Our childhood of typically the 21st century were dominated by typically the DVD-CD-ROM. It offers changed the way on the web games are enjoyed. The latest gambling systems such as Sony's play stop and Microsoft's X-box have networking functions to enable folks play with each and every other in real time by all over the particular world. Exponentially increasing broadband internet solutions have made enjoying these online game titles possible in genuine sense with the expression.
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maxlordd6 days ago
lucifer :D
favorite male character: LUCIFER <3
favorite female character: chloe
least favorite character: dan i'm sorry
prettiest character: eve
funniest character: maze
favorite season: season four
favorite episode: bloody celestial karaoke jam
favorite romantic ship: deckerstar
favorite family ship: linda and amenadiel and charlie
favorite friend ship: linda and lucifer
worst ship: chloe and cain
leave a tv show or a movie in my askbox <3
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revati30087 days ago
uhm hi
Tumblr media i did not expect this at all, because i planned on being invisible when i first joined tumblr lmfao. idk why y'all follow me but thank you???
uhm i jus wanna say i love all my mutuals sm <3 (however i will not be tagging y'all cz im a lazy ass bitch) especially the no quack gc, y'all are superior 馃挄
uhm tbh i DONT know what im supposed to write so here's what you can ask me in my ask box :D (no emojis either cz you will not get what you asked for lmfao)
tell me a few things ab yourself and i'll tell you which character fits you best (specify a series if you'd like :))
cym as (any tsc series/s&b/soc/pjo/hoo/divergent/maze runner) characters
opinions on ships/characters
lol idk ask me anything you want djshss im not creative at all bye
feel free to dm me if you wanna talk, i love fangirling w y'all pls馃槶鉁嬸煆
ALSO : yes me and naina (@clarys-heosphoros ) are working on the tatiana x belial fanfic 馃槱 be prepared for heartbreak bitches
uhm i don't have a taglist so ima just tag some of my mutuals, lmk if you wanna be added or removed :) @wannabe-warlock @clarys-heosphoros @untowardflower @pjo-tsc-trc-otherthingstoo @more-than-starlight04 @jvmescarstairs @nenyx @muresetivoire @my-spirit-animal-is-a-crow @queenlilith43 @clockworkprincess19
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minionlord20068 days ago
SpringLock Maze
First Post! Yay! Imma Put One Of My Stories I Made Here-)
Alexander... Actually, lets go with Alex... Was a troubled kid you could say. He never really got along with his mother, he had a decent relationship with his father. Although they were gone a lot, which usually meant that he had a lot of time to himself, he usually spent this time wandering about his neighborhood, exploring abandoned buildings. Today, he was walking along the sidewalk when he heard some kids talking and snickering, he turned around and saw 3 kids he knew from school, Jackson, Jacob, and Andy, they were coming over to him on their scooters, Jackson, the tallest of the three, with jet black hair said, "Well Look Who We Have Here, Its Idiot-ana Jones!" he and the other two laugh, it was a nickname they gave Alex after they found out he explored abandoned buildings, Jacob who is the shortest of the three with blond hair, pipes up and says, "Yeah! I Bet He's Going To Some Dangerous Tomb To Collect The Arc Of The Covenant!" they laugh again, Alex retorts with a, sarcastic, "Ha Ha Ha, Are You Guys Done? Because I have To Get Going," Jackson looks at him and says, "Actually, We Were Just Talking About A Cool Abandoned Building That You Could Go Into, Some Even Say Its Haunnteeed" he says that last part in a mocking tone, Alex responds, "I Dont Believe In Ghosts," Andy, who is about middle in height, with bright red hair says, "Or Are You Just Chicken?" he then makes some attempt at chicken bock's, then Alex says, "No, Of Course Not," Jackson stares at Alex dead in the eyes, "Then Prove It," Alex sighs, "Fine," ~~fast forward~~ Alex and the small group all arrive at a old abandoned building, its grey paint slowly peeling away, the big sign on top reading "Fr d ea s D n r," it seems to be missing some letters, Jackson says,聽"Well, Get In There Idiot-ana," he laughs at the name, Andy then says, "We'll Even Wait For You, Chicken!" he starts to bock again, as Alex rolls his eyes, "Alright, Lets Get This Over With," he walks over to the front door, and touches the handle, the door falls over as he does, he sighs and walks inside, he looks around, the room has a large stage at one end of the room, the walls are grey with purple and yellow accents, the paint peeling away, he sees a large cutout of a yellow lizard, pointing to a "Sp i gL z's Fu M ze," he walks over, a sign in front of him reads as follows, "Welcome To SpringLiz's Fun Maze! Collect The Fredbear Poster, The Stuffed Plush, And The Golden Kazoo! Return Back Here For A Prize! But Be Careful! If SpringLiz Catches You, You'll Have To Come Back To The Start!" Alex feels compelled to walk into the maze, and he does, its mostly decorated with random posters and streamers, but as he goes farther in, the rooms become darker and more barren, he turns around to leave but the way he came in isn't there anymore, he hears a loud TICK, then a strange intercom noise, as a strange robotic voice speaks, "Well Well Well, A Little Critter Has Wandered Into My Maze, Lets See How Long You Can Make It, You Have 3 Hours To Collect The Items, Better Start Now... Before I Find You..." the intercom stops, and Alex is afraid, he runs around, looking for the items, he ends up tripping and falling, he looks behind him and sees a small crate, like one they hold the lunch trays at school in, its staring at him with a pair of googly eyes, it makes a quiet "Shhh" noise, Alex runs along, and runs headfirst into a strange plushy thing, its wet, he looks up, its the SpringLiz animatronic, its eyes are black with white pupils, it had blood all over its body, it stares at him and says, "Looks Like You're Not That Good At Being Stealthy," it picks up Alex and stabs him in the chest with a knife, Alex then wakes up and looks around, he's at the start, the intercom blares, "Oh, Did I Mention? Death Wont Even Save You, And Dont Worry, Since I'm A Good Sport, The Clock Resets Each Time," the intercom stops, and Alex stealthy walks along, worried he'll be found, he hears a loud whirring from a vacuum, he steps back, and a strange vacuum with arms zips past, it states, "Wheeeee!" as it goes away, he goes along faster, he sees the poster, and grabs it, then he hears a pop, and looks over, a trashcan with a string and a broken balloon is next to him, he starts to run out of the room, and he sees to his left SpringLiz start to rush over, he begins to run away, then lock himself in a closet, SpringLiz stomps past, he stands infront of the door, then walks past, Alex waits for a bit, then leaves the closet, he goes to find the next item, he sees the plush, and runs to it, but then a post with a bucket head and a pan head start banging heads repeatedly, hurting Alex's head, he then is picked up by SpringLiz, "Too Slow," he stabs Alex again, and Alex wakes up once more, after several attempts that he failed, he's running around, holding both the plush and the poster, he's looking for the kazoo, he then sees the kazoo, he looks around for the other trash creatures, he breaths a sigh of relief, then goes over, and grabs it, suddenly everything goes black, then the lights change red, "Good Job Alexander, Now Theres Only One Thing Left For You To Do... Is Find A Way To Leave," they cackle, then alexander runs along, looking for the way out, he sees SpringLiz, but they dont see him, he sneaks past, then BOOKS it to the door, he jumps through, then breaths heavily, the intercom sounds again, "Good Job! You Made It! Now Its Time For... Your Prize!鈥 SpringLiz jumps out of the maze at Alex- THE END
So Thats That, Tell Me What You Think, Maybe What I Can Improve On, And I Hope You All Enjoyed It!)) ((P.S: Before Anyone Says It, I Am Aware It Seems Like There Is Some Baldi鈥檚 Basics Type Stuff Thrown In, That Was The Original Inspiration Anyway!))
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packageload80811 days ago
Awc Automatic Wallpaper Changer Serial Number
Tumblr media
Chuckw99 March 07, 2013 / Version: Automatic Wallpaper Changer 4.11.2 2013-03-07 13:55:32 By chuckw99. Serial Number Changer free download - IP Changer, Extension Changer, Logon Changer, and many more programs. Wondershare-ppt-to-ipod 4.7.0 serial: Movavi Video Converter 7.0.4 serial keys gen: Xplorer2 Professional key generator: Apollo Dvd Copy 4.7.0 crack: Kms Foldersize crack: A-pdf Office To Pdf 4.7.0 key generator: Time & Chaos patch: Automatic Wallpaper Changer 4.7.0 serial key gen: K-lite Mega Codec Pack 4.7.0 serial. New in Automatic Wallpaper Changer 4.11.0: Added the ability to specify a file containing an alpha-channel mask to be applied to the main image when it is displayed over the background.
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nanoland13 days ago
lucifer s5 ep13
and then, suddenly, it was everything i wanted
god this fucking show聽_(:3銆嶁垹)_
seriously! everything! eve is back! eve has explosives! eve and maze are in love! eve got picked up and carried in maze鈥檚 arms! my two favorite characters spent the whole episode together and kissed at the end, i mean...... show, you could have given me ONE of those things and i鈥檇 have been thrilled
amenadiel trying to figure out how to be a good God is fantastic and fun and even kinda thought-provoking, i love it. i love him. i love his conversations with dan and ella, i SCREAMED with delight at the final scene :D :D :D
LINDA. omg linda and her daughter, i鈥檓 so glad they picked that plot thread up again. and lucifer gave her a hug aaaahh <3聽
i am Happy聽
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tarysande13 days ago
I hope next season Dan鈥檚 friends will be able to tell him how much he means to them, especially Maze and Lucifer. Cause as much as they acted like they didn鈥檛 care his death crushed them. Also that Dan and Charlotte are together because I think that would make those two the happiest.
Look, maybe some people have gotten over the way Maze sobbed over that NSYNC t-shirt, but I sure haven't.
Since Dan being in Hell was a catalyst for Lucifer's realization that the whole system is unjust, I am sure he'll play a role in S6's arc. And given the intense emotion shown by everyone who loves(d) him, I'm sure conversations will be had.
Dan's arc is so freaking fascinating. I mean, I hated the guy in S1. I'm pretty sure I was actually okay with thinking Malcolm had killed him.
I reluctantly started to like him in S2 ... and that just grew until, y'know, I spent last Friday ugly-crying into a pillow. And of course Dan has to be the one to show us (and Lucifer) how wrong the system is. We know Dan is a good guy. We know he's grown. We know he took his second chance and used it to become a better man. We love him, and we know he doesn't belong in an eternity of pain and torture for mistakes he made and atoned for--but for which he couldn't forgive himself.
He's an echo of Lucifer: the pain, the suffering, the rebellion, the impatience, the guilt, the self-loathing. So, if we're uncomfortable with the idea of Lucifer returning to Hell (and we should be; he doesn't want to be there), we should be just as uncomfortable at the thought of Dan there.
I think something Lucifer and Maze's reactions to Dan's death show so well is how potent personal connections are. It makes things more real.
Even with the ribbing and the occasional animosity and jabs and shootings and epic prankings ... Dan is family. Dan is like a brother to Lucifer, to Maze. The kind of brother that sometimes drives you crazy. The kind of brother a stranger might think you dislike if they heard you speaking about him out of context. But in Lucifer and Maze's world, that like-calling-to-like of darkness, of struggle, of violence is familial. Like, Lucifer may call him Detective Douche, but if anyone else said it, he'd go full Devil-face on them. You can tease your own family, but god forbid some outsider is mean. It's like Maze's "No one calls my skank a skank" line.
Oh, this last season. It so brilliantly showed so many different flavors of love and affection. And Lucifer and Maze, especially, highlighted this variety so beautifully.
And yeah. Dan needs to know that. He needs to know that he belonged in the weird messed up found family we've all come to love just as much as the others do. He deserves to know that he wasn't just tolerated, he was loved.
And of course he and Charlotte deserve to be together. <3
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cyberphantic15 days ago
"It's a pleasure meeting you."
Allow me to introduce myself to all of my wonderful companions. My name is Zetteroid Well that's my Tumblr name. Please feel free to call me that but also my real name. Which is "Simeon." Or my nickname "Zetty." I also accept petnames.
Tumblr media
The content I make is Genshin. This is a Genshin impact Blog! I've played genshin impact for a short while so excuse me if I get a character wrong or out of character.
I might think about also making this a obey me Blog. Or a Witch's heart blog. But for now. This is specifically a Genshin impact blog. 馃挱
Tumblr media
Rules and info.
I've laid down a set of rules. You must follow these if you plan to Request. As long as you follow these rules, I'll gladly Do what you've asked. Here are thw rules.
No Nsfw. I'm sorry for this rule. But i want to try and be Minor friendly. I might show off Nsfw Later but for now it's not allowed.
Don't be mean towards me. I'm not the best at writing. I've Done it a few times in the past but i doubt my skills are all that much.
I will allow Fem! Or Male! Reader. This Includes Trans! And Non-binary! But if you don't specify gender they'll be Gender neutral.
Don't rush me. If i feel I'm put under pressure. I will delete your request. I don't work well under preasure and your not helping.
Explain what you want. I need full on details. The more details the better! I want to get what you had in mind right.
Be nice to other Anons. I will not allow you to Disrespect anons who are here to support me. Unless they are being rude in any way. I expect you to be nice.
I don't really interest in Mental illnesses or disorders. However test the waters anyways. Based on what your asking, I'll accept or deny.
Once my requests are closed. DON'T. Keep requesting. If i see your requests I'll delete. Then again. I'll Accept it based of how i feel about to Request.
I'm not very good with au's. But I'm willing to give it a Try. Don't expect anything all that good however. Reminder that I'm not very good with writing.
Based on what you requests, I'll align it based on What i think will fit it more. Between headcanons. Or Longshot style.
Heads up. I do Things like Angst. Or fluff. I'm willing to do Suggestive Themes but no actual Nsfw.
Also the Limit of characters is 4-5. However the limit for oneshots are 3-2.
Tumblr media
Fun infomation.
I am a male! But i go by he/him/they. My favorite characters are Venti, Zhongli and diluc. I don't hate any characters. I'm genuinely not homosexual but like.....Childe. And like...xiao.
I am a Pisces. I was born march 1st. I have Catchphrases for when I'm happy. And they Limit from "Zetty :D" to "Zetti-mazing." I can't help myself. My dad made them up when i was younger.
My favorite animals are Turtles, Ducks and Foxes. Especially the fennec fox. My favorite food Are Dumplings. I'm writing a book.
I have a dog named 'Tubbs' she's a Blue-nose pitbull.
I'm currently seething over Ninguang and Scaramouche. It'd be funny if i was Bisexual Haha, Could never.
I'm always looking for friends. Feel free to interact. I love compliments, they make me flushed but in a good way.
Oh and i Love to bully characters.
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thagreatgatsby16 days ago
D. No. 100 - PART 5
聽聽聽 As I awake from reality, I find myself in New Orleans...I thought I would awake at Grand Central Station but I quickly assumed something summoned me here. I was at my future family home in the field, those two little girls who I dreamt of last time I was here greeted me again but they looked different. One of them had a halo and demon horns with red eyes but gave off negative energy that was slightly calm and pleasant. The other had demon wings and a tail but she wore this cross that outshined the hot, southern sun, her energy was intense and brute and it seemed like the angel she was with kept her tamed. They told me their names were Grace and Mercy and I told them that I already met them...but older:
Yeah guys were a lot taller and scarier if I鈥檓 gonna be honest.
Well there鈥檚 nothing to be scared of now, we won鈥檛 hurt you.
She might not but I will.
No she won鈥檛, if she does we won鈥檛-
MERCY!!! Shut up before you fuck up the timeline.
Oops, my bad. Disregard what I said.
I will definitely not...What timeline?
Nothing, we need to take you get up.
Oh yeah, we鈥檙e going to see grandma.
Grandma? Who鈥檚 your Grandma?
You鈥檒l see when we get there. Let鈥檚 go.
Grace & Mercy both began to float into the air, for some reason they expected me to follow but I was never able to fly on this astral plane. They looked down on me waiting and for some reason I really tried to fly because they looked at me like I could always do it:
Come on, what鈥檚 the hold up.
There鈥檚 no hold up...I just could never fly.
Yes you can, you taught us.
Oops, sorry.
What? I didn鈥檛 hear you.
Thank God.
Let me just go get him.
Mercy swooped down and carried me high into the sky, the sun was setting as we headed deep into the bayou. I knew we were getting closer because I felt this overwhelming but reminiscent aura coming from the bayou, we descended on this beaten up old shack surrounded by 3 Grizzly Bears. Mercy put me down and quickly ran inside calling out for her grandma and as serious as Grace was she softened up in the presence of this woman. When I walked into the shack it was beautifully interior designed, it gave me that old warm feeling about a it used to be mine. I started looking at family portraits and saw my siblings, I was shocked holding a picture of my brother and I as babies and quickly shouted:
For some reason my body moved so quickly, I was somehow right in front of her in the blink of an eye. We hugged each other so tightly like it鈥檚 been years but I was slowly realizing that I don鈥檛 ever encounter her here on this plane. She sat me on the couch and I told her about everything involving this, Daisy, my memories and even what鈥檚 going on with us in the real world:
Well Dominique, you have got a lot on your plate. Nothing I鈥檝e ever experienced here or in the real world. Conflicts like that out way each other, creating an imbalance but you seem to have an understanding of how the scale works.
I don鈥檛 though, this is all happening as I go. Sometimes I feel like destiny is just fucking with us.
Me...and Ari鈥
I know I just wanted you to say it.
You鈥檙e so lucky I can鈥檛 curse you out.
You thought nigga but seriously...destiny is very tricky but deep. It鈥檚 a hell of a maze for us 鈥渓ab rats鈥 letting destiny just watch us go down millions of paths just to hit a wall but it鈥檚 on us to keep searching for that beautiful piece of cheese. Yes patience is key especially when destiny is involved and it鈥檚 annoying but like I said it鈥檚 all about how much you want that piece of cheese. Do you want that piece of cheese?
Yes...I want that specific piece of cheese.
Then you鈥檒l get were hard headed as hell when you were little, it鈥檚 kind of what created your patience and consistency, seeing something through as minimal as finishing a 200 piece lego set at 4AM on your birthday.
I remember that. I was like 4.
Yeah me too cause I was up with your little hard headed ass. So this piece of cheese...YOUR piece of cheese, will be yours just don鈥檛 stop after you hit a wall.
Ma...I love cheese so a lot.
I know you love her...I got proof of that in the kitchen.
My mom stared into the kitchen and I looked too, watching Grace and Mercy fight over snacks. Seeing my mom on the astral plane completely made me forget that these two were calling my mom 鈥淕randma.鈥 They did look a lot like you and I but I assumed the children I seen in my previous dreams were ours:
Nope, those were just planted images given to you by Daisy. Grace & Mercy definitely belong to you two, they鈥檝e been through a lot too...scary, horrific shit but they pushed through and broke walls like their parents and are the most powerful and beautiful protectors of the world you two created.
What the fuck?...
Aye, watch it.
Sorry...but why鈥檇 you tell me this? Won鈥檛 this fuck up that possibility?
Nope, nothing can fuck this guys already won. Now go back to the train station and keep waiting.
Wait Ma, no let me just talk to you for a bit. I miss you, I don鈥檛 get to see you here.
My body began transitioning for disapparation but before I left, I could hear all of them speaking:
Grandma you sure that was him? He seemed a bit frail...the Domo that raised us was brolic as shit.
Grace, use that language in front of me again and I鈥檓 gonna slap your mouth up for adoption. Now say bye.
Bye, see you eventually I guess.
Bye Daddy, see you soon!!!
Ooops, sorry!!!
I appeared at Grand Central station, Daisy was still sitting there and I just remained on the floor. Looking up at the Celestial Cieiling, I鈥檓 gazed by the living solar system above me...wondering how and why the stars aligned us so perfectly but made it so hard for us to reach. I closed my eyes and tried to summon you but instead I just heard your voice...singing to me and I smiled until I woke up, back to reality...
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For: @ask-toxic-the-yokai
New Information!
Theme Park Information (Part 2):
Tumblr media
Dark Circus Theme Park (Continued)
10th Area:
Tumblr media
Toyz of Terror
Includes: 1 Scare Zone & 1 Haunted House Maze
Ringmaster: Fionabear (Fiona)
2nd Ringmaster: Pammytrap
Killer Toys:
鈥 Amy Doll
鈥 Barbara "Harley" Afton
鈥 Belle the Puppet (Ms. Jigsaw)
鈥 "Buddi" Charlie
鈥 Candy the Bat
鈥 CH1-B1
鈥 Charlie
鈥 Ceila (Charlie's 5 year old daughter)
鈥 Charline
鈥 Dolly Dimple
鈥 Empress Zurg
鈥 Jacqueline Crank
鈥 Knuckles Doll
鈥 Molly Dolly
鈥 Nurse Bunnyhop
鈥 Plushtrap
鈥 Pennytrap
鈥 Segan
鈥 Sonic Doll
鈥 Sunshine Cuddlebear
鈥 Tina
鈥 Twilight the Dummy
Haunted Game Characters:
鈥 Sonic.EXE (Cinos)
鈥 "Real" Tails Doll
鈥 Twisted Amy (Yma)
Withered Toy Animatronics:
鈥 Withered Toy Freddy
鈥 Withered Toy Bonnie
鈥 Withered Toy Chica
鈥 Withered Mangle
鈥 Withered Toy Golden Freddy
鈥 Withered Balloon Boy
鈥 Withered Puppet (Molly Emily)
Scare Zone: Toyz of Terror
Scare Zone Music: Dead Silence theme
Haunted House Maze: Toy Factory
Haunted House Maze Music: Toy Factory Theme Song (California's Great America)
11th Area:
Tumblr media
Food Truck Carnival
Includes: 20 Food trucks, 2 Restaurants, & 1 Special Big Top Restaurant
20 Food Trucks:
1. Fair on Wheels
2. Bread and Circuses
3. Fish & Chips
4. The Slide Ride
5. Churros & Cream
6. Whataburger
7. Cousins Maine Lobster
8. Ruthie's Rolling Cafe
9. Tiffany's Food Truck
10. Romeo's Vegan Burgers
11. Tacos El Jerry
12. Back Porch BBQ
13. Waffle Wagon
14. Dippin Dots
15. Chloe's Ice Cream
16. Kal & Mooy East American Food
17. Poppy's Waffles
18. Fresh Seafood
19. Kauai's Food Truck
20. WcDonald's
2 Restaurants:
1. WcDonald's
2. McDonald's
1 Special Big Top Restaurant:
鈥 Foxy's Dark Circus Restaurant
Center Area:
Tumblr media
The Dark Circus Big Top
Includes: Spectacular Dark Circus Show, Spectacular Scary Dark Performances & Blood and Gore intended victims
Ringmaster: Jonathan Afton
Ringmistress: Jesslin Woods Afton
2nd Ringmistress: Liuse Woods
3rd Ringmistress: Hexi the Clown
4th Ringmistress: Jubileena Bing-Bing
鈥 Wacky Rozy
鈥 Circus Sara
鈥 Cerebella (Acrobatic Clown)
鈥 Peacock (Gangster Clown)
鈥 Madison Babe (Monster Eater)
鈥 Samantha Babe (Cannibal/Monster Eater)
鈥 Scrapbabe
鈥 Lolly Popsicle
鈥 The Killer Klowns From Outer Space
鈥 The Joker
鈥 Harley Quinn
鈥 Chloe B. Helsing
鈥 Glamrock Baby
鈥 Glamrock Ennard
鈥 Elizabeth Van Helsing Ray (Circus Baby)
鈥 Brenda Van Helsing Ray (Showtime Baby/Scrap Baby)
鈥 Circus Snow Miser
鈥 Circus Heat Miser
鈥 Jennifer Van Helsing Ray
鈥 Harley Valentine
鈥 Heartsick Baby
鈥 Broiler Baby
鈥 Debbie Van Helsing Ray (Diner Circus Baby)
鈥 Sarah D. Roselyn
鈥 Pennaris
鈥 Killer Baby
鈥 Mime Baby
鈥 Goth Baby
鈥 Nightmarica
鈥 Barbara "Harley" Afton
鈥 Beppi the Clown
鈥 Quinn the Clown
鈥 Nightmare Baby
鈥 Nightmare Golden Baby
鈥 Charline Carter
鈥 Giggles the Clown (Crypt TV)
鈥 Eliza Miranda
鈥 Cassandra Clucifer the Clown
鈥 Violet Rose Helsing the Clown
Acrobatics, Wrestling, & Fight team:
鈥 Cerebella (Normal Acrobatic)
鈥 Rainbow Mika (Wrestler)
鈥 Chun-Li (Fighter)
鈥 Rosy the Rascal (Fighter)
鈥 Lolly Popsicle (Acrobatic Clown)
鈥 Saiko Bichtaru (Fighter)
Undead Slashers:
鈥 Frida Kruger
鈥 Jessie Voorhees
鈥 Charlie
鈥 Charline
鈥 Tina
鈥 Shelly Carter
鈥 Alice Carter
鈥 Oliver Greenwood
Punkrock Animatronics + 2 Vocalists:
鈥 Punkrock Freddy (Electric Guitarist & Lead Vocal)
鈥 Punkrock Bonnie (Electric Guitarist)
鈥 Punkrock Chica (Keytarist)
鈥 Punkrock Foxy (Organ Piano Player)
鈥 Angel Dust
鈥 Cherri Bomb
鈥 Ballora Afton
鈥 Glamrock Ballora
鈥 13 Dancing Ballerinas
鈥 Backup Ballerinas
鈥 Minireenas
Opening, Final Acts & Grand Finale Dark Circus Performers:
鈥 Tinker Bell (Opening and Grand Finale Closing)
鈥 Peter Pan (Flyer)
鈥 Jackie Skellington (Opening/Closing Halloween Singer)
鈥 Marie Korbel (A Real Skullgirl Opening Performer)
鈥 Double (Scary Nun Opening Performer)
鈥 Foxy's Dark Circus crew (Final Act)
鈥 The Twisted Circus (Final Act)
鈥 Marathon Mayhem (Every Cast makes the Grand Finale)
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