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#20th Century Fox
corikane · 3 days ago
Where Wolverine Comes In
Where Wolverine Comes In
X-Men (2000) by Bryan Singer [This review was first published on my movie blog.] The other day, I fell into another WandaVision think-spiral (as one does) and started wondering about the mutants. Consequently, I thought going back to that whole movie series might be a good idea. I mean, I never finished it, really, not with all the new films. And I know, some of them might not be ‘good’ but I…
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gavillain · 5 days ago
Just as the real Rasputin was suspected of manipulating and controlling the Czar during his time at court, that was exactly what this Rasputin was actually doing in a similar manner to what Jafar did to the Sultan in Aladdin. He in particular preyed upon Alexandria and seduced her to get his claws into her. Nicholas found out about this, and that was the last straw that got him banished from the palace.
The entity that Rasputin sold his soul to was actually Maleficent, and thus his magic is Unseelie Fae magic in nature (which is why it's the same green as her fire). The creatures his reliquary summons are dark fairies, and his ability to get inside Anya's mind and cause her to sleepwalk is a weaker variant of the same spell Maleficent used on Aurora.
Rasputin studied magic under Baba Yaga as her apprentice, and though she was never especially evil in her own right, she failed to quell his thirst for power and darkness. This ultimately led to him killing her and taking her power for his own. Baba Yaga didn't stay dead, but her failure to stop her apprentice left her a broken shell of the woman she was.
Rasputin first met Bartok through Baba Yaga, back when the little bat was still known throughout Russia as "Bartok the Magnificent.". Bartok doesn't know that Rasputin killed Baba Yaga; he thinks it was just a terrible accident that they both grieved. Bartok follows Rasputin around as his sidekick out of loyalty to the memory of his dear friend Baba Yaga, and though he saw that Rasputin had gone down a dark path, he never gave up hope that he could make Rasputin give up his evil ambitions. After all, Baba Yaga was only misunderstood, so Bartok genuinely believes that to be true of Rasputin.
Rasputin hated the Romanov children when he was in the palace, and Anastasia in particular was a frequent meddler in his affairs, always underfoot. I think she ultimately exposed Rasputin's manipulations to her father, getting him banished. That's why he went after her personally on the ice with such vigor.
Send me a character, and I'll tell you five headcanons I have for them.
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the-desolated-quill · 5 days ago
We’re getting an Avatar game?
So... not only is James Cameron making god knows how many sequels to a film that nobody remembers, but we’re also getting a spin-off video game as well?
This is starting to scream of desperation now. I mean does Avatar even have a fanbase? Is there anyone legitimately excited for this? Has there really been demand for a Star Wars style multimedia expansion? I don’t even remember what happened in the first movie! Who actually wants this?
Oh. Wait. Hang on. Avatar was a 20th Century Fox film, right? Which Disney now owns. Aaaaaah! Now it makes sense! The House of Mouse really can’t leave any cash cow alone. Get ready for the inevitable James Cameron shared universe, which will feature a crossover between Avatar, the Terminator, Alien, and Titanic. You think that sounds stupid? Have you seen Cruella? I honestly wouldn’t put it past them at this stage 🤣
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Hero Collector Unveils Retail-Friendly Alien + Predator Collection
Hero Collector – publishers of high-quality collectibles from across the worlds of pop culture – is bringing back the best of their comprehensive Alien & Predator figurine collection, available for the first time in new retailer-friendly boxes! In stores, no one can hear you scream…
The Alien & Predator Figurine Boxes series recreates the most iconic creatures from these titanic sci-fi/horror movie franchises as highly detailed, hand-painted figurines at 1:16 scale (approx. 6” tall). Each figurine will retail at $29.95/£22.99 and comes in newly-designed packaging that will fit perfectly on any collector’s shelf.
Set to hit stores in August 2021, the first wave of these monstrous models features:
Xenomorph Drone, the titular creature from Ridley Scott’s 1979 classic, Alien. A perfect showcase of H.R. Giger’s timeless design, this model captures the Xenomorph’s pose as it lunged from the shadows to kill Captain Dallas.
Xenomorph Warrior, one of the swarming monsters from the 1986 sequel, Aliens. This figurine exhibits the design changes the Xenomorph underwent between films, locked in a deadly stalking pose.
Xenomorph (Grid), the “alpha alien” in the 2004 crossover, Alien vs. Predator, named for the scars on its skull. This model places Grid in the depths of the Predator pyramid, atop the skulls of sacrificial victims.
Predator (Unmasked), the lead monster in the original 1987 film Predator. This figurine captures the Predator’s final challenge to Dutch, its mask discarded as it roars with flared mandibles.
These releases constitute part of Hero Collector’s concerted push into retail, with new products, new packaging, and new concepts designed to reach a wider audience. The Alien & Predator Figurine Boxes will be available from August 2021 at HMV, comic shops, and specialty retail, and direct from the Eaglemoss online store.
Fans and collectors should stay tuned for further details about this range, as well as the reveal of new upcoming Alien & Predator figurines and models! 
Alien + Predator Collection is set to HIT THE SHELVES Set to hit the store on August 2021.
Thank you for the support.
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maxmarvel12345 · 10 days ago
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Iron Man (Xenobuster Armor) vs. Aliens fan art (2021)
[for The Line it is Drawn]
Artist by: Marco D'Alfonso
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rudegayboy · 12 days ago
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end of the night is such a weird draw for this
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theworldspot · 13 days ago
Assassins Creed
written on: 05/06/2021actors: michael fassbender, jeremy ironsstudio: 20th century foxdirector: justin kurzelwriters: michael lesslie, adam cooper, bill collage———————————-tomatometer:critics:18% (rating 4.0/10)aantal ratings: 225audience: 43% (rating 6.0/10)aantal ratings: 50000+imdb rating: 5.7/10aantal ratings: 189000personal rating: ★★☆☆☆   ———————————-production budget:  $ 125.000.000total…
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numberonehologramchaos · 13 days ago
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chewbaggins · 15 days ago
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I’m happy that Marvel Studios can use the Fantastic Four and X-Men now, but I’m even happier that Fox isn’t able to.
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theartofthecover · 17 days ago
Tumblr media
Alien vs. Predator commission (2021)
[Mike Mignola's Aliens vs. Predator #0 (1990) homage/recreation]
Art by: Tristan Jone and Simon Gough
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princessgina88 · 17 days ago
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faeb1tch2910 · 18 days ago
I would like to present my ideal cast for a live action Fantastic Mr Fox.
Boggins, Bunce & Bean played by James May, Richard Hammond & Jeremy Clarkson.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Would it not be perfect? I’m not saying we need a live action film, but these three would be perfection!
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