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timotzj · 19 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Eileen Gray, Study for a Rug, 1920s.   Gouache on paper.
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queerunclegabriel · an hour ago
30 and still on this website 🙄
i don’t really get why people are so worried about people’s ages here? let me enjoy shit, i work a full-time job and go to school full-time, i need something to distract myself from the real world. sorry that hurts your feelings or whatever
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bubblesoul · 2 hours ago
you’ve only read two fanfics?? and they were both unfinished?? rip which ones were they 😂😂
it was years ago so i dont remember the titles. both were beatles'-related fanfics. one was about a girl (model?) who had a one night stand with paul and left him but never got him out of her head. then she met george, they fell in love and george intoduced her to his best friend who was paul and well... it ended with paul hiding in her wardrobe... and the second was a mc/ennon fic in the regency era which may now be finished but there werent updates for at least a year and i lost interest.... anyhow it'd be interesting to know what was the big secret stu knew about paul's family which made him hate paul...
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butterxflames · 3 hours ago
this fool really dont know about consent apparently i think im done taking his money lmaooo
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scars-on-my-hand · 3 hours ago
just realized i’m gonna eventually have to face my friends as a completely different person than who i was when i last saw them 
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uptothestarsxx · 5 hours ago
Gang, Gang, Gang
Word Count: 927 Warnings: gunshots OC X OC
  She's The Sweetheart Of Six Other Guys plays softly in the background on the radio as Lorraine brushes through her short brown locks, her brown eyes trained on her reflection in the mirror that sat upon the vanity in front of her. She wore a black dress that was adorned with sequins that reached her knees. There were tassels attached to the end that swished when she twirled and a black headband with a feather on it sat atop her head. Her red lips curve up into a smile as she places the black feather boa around her shoulders.
  Lorraine worked as a flapper at the Cotton Club, and even though she loved singing and dancing, she didn't like working there. When she was but a little girl, her dream was to sing and dance on stage, but working the Cotton Club could be a dangerous job at times, and Al Capone and some of his gang members frequented there. The brunette put herself in harm's way every time she went to work, although she didn't care. As long as she got to sing and dance on stage with her best friend June, she was happy.
  "Lorraine?" the short African American calls from downstairs, hoping her roommate was ready so they could leave for the Cotton Club.
  "I'm almost done!" Lorraine calls back, applying powder to her pale skin so that her makeup would stay on. She gently grasps her heels, waltzing down the stairs.
  June laughs at her friend's stance, her hand on her hip. She wore a dress that matched Lorraine's, although her's was white. They were a duo and sang and danced together. "Tony's gonna kill us for sure this time!" she slightly shrieks, realizing what time it was. The ravenette touches up her hair, her green eyes darting around the room quickly as she searches for her headband.
  "We'll be fine, I'm sure of it," the brown-eyed brunette smiles as she sets the white feather headband on her friend's head, taking her hand. "If we go right now, we can make it by 8!" June shakes her head, softly chuckling.
  "You've always been the pessimistic one, what happened Lorraine? What has Tony done to you?" Lorraine's cheeks flush red at the statement, opening the door.
  "I-I don't know what you mean," the smaller flapper protests, marching out the door, her best friend trailing her onto the dark streets of Manhattan.
  The pair soon come to 142nd street, beaming when they see the club. "You ready?" Lorraine questions, crimson lips curving up into a broad smile. June nods as they open the doors, the last performers stepping off of the stage. A tall white male steps towards the two young adults, a soft smile splayed across his lips. His brown hair was slicked back and his green eyes were trained on the two women.
  "Took you shebas long enough," he laughs, shaking his head slightly. Lorraine blushes at the term, tucking a loose strand of her hair behind her ear.
  "Yeah, well, Ms. Beauty Queen over here took forever and had to look perfect because apparently, you're the bee's knees," June cackles, her green orbs crinkling as her red lips quirk upwards.
  Lorraine shakes her head, beaming up at the taller male. "Thank you for getting us this job Tony, if you didn't June and I would behind the eight ball."
  "Of course," he replies. "Now you two canaries go get on that stage there, and sing your hearts out, the guys and gals are waiting," he winks.
  The two giggle, walking onto the stage. She's The Sweetheart Of Six Other Guys starts playing once more and the two start singing. "On Monday she takes a walk with Johnny," Lorraine sings.
"On Tuesday I suppose she talks with Jim," June continues.
"And on Wednesday she likes to dance with Tommy," Lorraine grins, winking at the crowd.
"On Thursday she takes a chance with Tim," the ravenette takes the brunette's hands in her's as they dance.
"And on Friday she goes to dine with Archie," she titters, whirling June.
"On Saturday it's Percy that buys," the shorter female releases the taller, smiling as they proceed to dance around the stage.
"Sunday's my only time with that bozo of mine!"
"Cause she's the sweetheart of six other guys~!" they both sing.
  The melody soon dies, the couple taking a bow. "Thank you," they both beam at the crowd before stepping off of the platform, towards Tony.
  "You two were the cat's meow," he chuckles, winking as he handed them each a twenty-dollar bill. The pair smile, folding the bills and gently putting them in their purses. Lorraine then pulls out a deck, lighting one.
  "Put that thing away!" June squeals, swatting the brunette's hand lightly. Lorraine shakes her head, softly laughing as she stomps it out and then throws it away.
  The door abruptly swings open, revealing a few men. "They got mohaskas, everyone, down!" Tony yells as the men walk around, demanding money and jewelry. Lorraine and June both shriek, attempting to run. Men corner them, demanding the money that was stashed in their purses. They deny, and when the men attempt to grab the purses, Tony runs forwards, attempting to fight them all off.
  The cops soon arrive, taking the men and handcuffing them. Lorraine throws her arms around Tony's neck, squeezing him tightly. Tears streamed down her cheeks as he squeezes her back, just as tight. He buries his face in her hair, closing his eyes. "I love you," they say in unison.
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declqn · 8 hours ago
obsessed  w  the  idea  that  jordan  is  older  than  declan  n  he  rly  is  her  lil  trophy  husband
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andgladly · 9 hours ago
Humpday cocktails yo *HICK*
Wow. That was STRONG. Mercer made me a 'Mummy's Night Off' jug of sangria (it's amazing, it has passionfruit!) and said go forth, cook, wine, eat, bubble bath, cat snuggle, self care, relax, no boys over unless Ben Barnes.
I so needed tonight.
Had much meetings, many work tasks.
Kiddo is at sitter's.
Mercer is at work. I haven't had a day off in, well....months.
I have made the MOST SPECTACOOLAR baked chicken and Persian rice dish and ZOMG if you could only smell this sunnofabitch. Don't think I should be operating heavy ovenmachinery right now, but damn, I am a good cook.
It's the preserved lemon you see
Also cranberries.
And 4 kinds of nuts.
When it's done I'll take a photo for you and reap much praise. I will need to crumble the feta and sprinkle mint. Need. to. stay. focused.
Sangria in moderation, woman!!
I'm eating radishes. They are crunchy and spicy. I am too old for a school night off! Who said that, show yasself.
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lethotep · 10 hours ago
Sometimes I think about this one time in high school, in like... 2006, when me and a group of other teens decided to go to the cathedral square, where there was this one well-known bigoted soap-box (literally, he would stand on a soap-box) preacher who would yell out bullshit, and like the shitty, irreverent teens we were, we all decided to all sit down in a circle around him like disciples... and start heckling him.
But really, he wasn't what was important in this story.
What I think about is how my one friend, who at that point was very much not out as a trans girl and very clearly forgot herself for a moment, said we should kiss to freak him out (in what was hindsight clearly intended to be a wlw kinda way on her part), and me, who was very not out as non-binary/trans-masc, got confused because I was both very much hyper-aware of external views of myself as being afab, but also... kinda thought she meant it in an mlm kinda way
And I just think about that day sometimes in terms of like... peak closeted, teen, pre-social media, trans confusion
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