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vashappenin071321 hours ago
Hey guys me and a couple of besties have started a 1d account on insta馃お we post updates, pics of the boys and threads馃グ
Give us a follow if you feel like it @1d.wrappedinparmaham_28
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thebvillewriter2 months ago
new years eve (N.H. imagine)
hi everyone! I am SO SORRY it has literally been months since I posted. truth is I haven't had time, energy, or will to write. a ton has been going on that I've been dealing with such as school and um my parents are most likely getting divorced and I struggle with eating and school is very demanding and that's not the half of it so I'm so sorry but ill try my best to write more!
i spent little time editing/revising it so i would hardly say it's edited but it's not exactly unedited (i hope it isn't trash it's like 4 am while i'm writing this)
btw this is nearly 2,000 words so it's slightly longer.
this song came to mind while i was writing this imagine and i thought it was cute enough to share.
this imagine is in celebration of the new year, 2021
bye bye 2020, I hope you rot in hell :)
anyways, enjoy! - em <3
^wrote this in january of this year^
Tumblr media
^this is what i pictured him looking like for this imagine... you鈥檙e welcome.
You sigh longingly as you look out the window at the L.A. skyline. Your eyes shift to the drink in your hand as you gently swirl the champagne flute around. You glance back up as you lazily scan the room. Your friend had practically begged you to accompany her to a New Year's Eve party she had been invited to and had been looking forward to for months, only to ditch you within the first five minutes.
It's not that you had anything against parties, you just sometimes suffered from social anxiety. Particularly when you were in large and loud social settings where you didn't know anyone attending said gathering.
You peered down at your shoes and smiled to yourself thinking how content you were with your image tonight. You had spent a decent portion of your time looking for a cute but comfortable dress and you happened to find the perfect one. It was a dark blue godet-esque dress with little gold stars all over it, and while it was casual it also didn't appear childish on you. In all honesty, it made your legs look really good but you weren't going to admit that to anyone.
You continued to gaze out the window as you sip your champagne, wishing you had charged your phone before you left the house. "Y/N!" you heard. You quickly turned your head, the thoughts previously in your mind vanishing. Your friend had rushed up to you looking excited and out of breath. "What? What is it?" you questioned concerned. "I want to introduce you to some people" she stated proudly. "And I'm sorry, I didn't mean to ditch you I just got a bit excited" she explained, still smiling. You nodded your head and followed her lead. She glanced down at your drink and said "And while you're venturing out from your little hiding spot maybe you can get that glass refilled eh?". You chuckled in agreement and followed her to a small group of people who you assumed to be her friends. You reached the group and they all stopped their conversations to look at you, their interest piqued. "Everyone, this is my good friend Y/N," she quietly shouted. "Um hello," you waved nervously. Your eyes quickly scanned over everyone standing around you and your eyes caught onto a man with striking blue eyes. You stared a little too long, slightly stunned at someone so handsome as him just standing right across from you. He caught your eye and gave you a warm smile and blushed. You nervously smiled back and broke eye contact looking at the floor.
The party continued and you found yourself once again standing in the corner alone. Your friend had introduced you to that lovely group of people and there was a bit of conversation but eventually, they separated and went their own ways. You were honestly quite bored and with two hours left until midnight, you didn't know what to do. You didn't want to leave because then you'd just be spending New Year's Eve alone in your apartment and what's sadder than that?
You sat quietly sipping your champagne and observing the people around you, completely absorbed in your thoughts. "Erm excuse me is this seat taken?" a thickly accented Irish voice enquired above you. You looked up and saw the guy from earlier with the entrancing cerulean eyes. You nodded your head, surprised by the gesture. He smiled softly and sat down next to you.
"I noticed you were just sitting here alone and um, well, I thought I could come over and we could have a chat," He explained. "Haha yeah. I don't really know anyone here my friend sort of dragged me along" you laughed nervously. His presence intimidated you, but in an intriguing way. "Yeah, that's how it always happens right?" He chuckled along with you. You agreed and you both smiled, enthralled by each other and from there a conversation was birthed.
You and Niall talked for what felt like forever and you looked down and realized your glass was empty. He glanced down at both your drinks and then looked up at you smiling devilishly. You grinned nervously and looked him right in his gorgeous blue eyes. "What?" you whispered tentatively, excited to see what idea was brewing in his mind. He started slowly but the excitement in his voice was evident. "What if- what if we snuck a bottle of champagne and went out to sit on the beach?" Your eyes widened at his remark but in all honesty that sounded so exciting. "It would be much quieter plus we'd get a front-row seat for the fireworks" he whispered. You smiled widely nodding your head vigorously, the tipsiness killing your tendency to overthink every situation. "Oh my god yes let's do that" you agreed expeditiously. He beamed laughing in surprise at your hasty agreement.
"Okay, so here's the plan you go and talk to some of the servers around the food table and distract them while I sneak over there and snag a bottle" he explained carefully. "Okay okay I'll go now before you do," you stated as you stood up slowly, wishing not to tip over due to the alcohol you already consumed tonight. He smirked up at you from the floor, his eyes glimmering. You returned the same look and made your way over to one of the servers.
You smiled politely at him while you struck up an aimless conversation about how tasty the different treats were, and how you were very much enjoying yourself. The server looked at you slightly confused but cordially contributed to the exchange you had started. Your eyes glanced over to Niall's as his eyes quickly darted around the room making sure that no one was watching him as he grinned back at you and carefully snagged a bottle and effortlessly made his way to the back door. You abruptly ended the conversation with the very dazed waiter and slinked your way to the back door quickly following Niall's tracks.
A shiver left your body at the drastic change in temperature from the warmth of the house to the brisk December air. You saw Niall sitting a little ways away on the beach, his jacket discarded on the sand next to him with his shoes placed neatly beside it. You grinned to yourself as you gingerly stepped out of your short white heels and clasped them in your hand as you walked across the sand to Niall.
You sat beside him crossing your legs and setting your shoes down next to you. He looked over at you with a wide grin on his face as he handed you the champagne bottle. "Hahaha, thanks" you laugh as you grasp the bottle and take a few gulps. You and he continue to pass the bottle back and forth sharing various stories from different things you both had experienced so far throughout your lifetimes. Niall had countless stories from all the places he'd been and the people he'd met. He was very interested in what you had to say as well, you sharing experiences and memories from your childhood as well as many other things.
You two talked for what felt like ages with music gently playing from your phone that was placed on his jacket lying in the sand. You both had been subtly moving closer and closer to each other as the night progressed, and you could see his enticing ocean eyes shining brightly under the moon. Your cheeks ached from all the smiling and laughter that had occurred that night but you couldn't help yourself.
You couldn't recall the last time you'd felt this happy and well... alive. You both shared everything from your favorite colors to your biggest dreams and fears. You had absolutely poured out your soul to Niall tonight and he had done the same with you. You weren't sure if this was the effect of the copious glasses of champagne you'd consumed or maybe it was just... him. Something was so distinctive about Niall, how familiar and alluring he was. The warm feeling surrounding his persona just made you want to lie in his arms and never leave. Niall was mesmerized by you. He'd never met someone as unique and fascinating as you. There was this spark about you that just pulled him in. Despite your timidness, he could see something past your physical beauty to something much more hidden and protected inside you. He wasn't quite sure what it was yet that reeled him in but he knew that this wouldn't be the last time he'd see you.
You leaned your head down on Niall's shoulder as you took a swig of champagne and enjoyed the comfortable silence you two were briefly sharing. You began to hear people chant the countdown to the New Year and you lifted your head up to peer at him. He was already affectionately looking at you with a glimmer in his eyes knowing what was about to happen. You both gazed at each other's faces as the countdown continued.
He looks fondly into your eyes.
Your eyes roam his face soaking in every gentle feature of his.
He tenderly brings his hands to your waist and gently pulls you closer to him.
You wrap your arms around his neck and play with the nape of his hair.
He brings one of his hands to your cheek and tenderly strokes it.
You stare deeply into his eyes.
He takes your hand and kisses your knuckles gently, not breaking eye contact.
You pull his body flush to yours.
You shiver as his warm breath tickles your face.
He stares at your lips as he slowly leans in.
Suddenly time stopped in a collision of senses when his lips met yours. It was as if you two were the only people left on earth. You heard fireworks exploding all around you as cheers rang from the people inside. You pulled away only for a second to catch your breath and you and Niall had the biggest grins on your faces. He pulled you in, claiming your mouth again, hungry and intense, until your knees gave in. By the time you had become aware of your fingers, they had already slipped under his shirt, his skin smooth and radiating heat.
This time he pulled away and rested his forehead against yours, completely breathless. He smiled at you wildly panting as the two of you sat in complete awe of what just happened. She knew she hadn't known Niall for long but she knew this would just be the beginning of their story. Niall stared longingly into your eyes as he leaned in to kiss you again. "Happy New Year Y/N" he whispered as his lips met yours once again. Fireworks continued to explode in beautiful streaks of colorful light as they sat there on that beach holding one another with the intent to never let each other go.
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landhinlove2 months ago
My favorite thing about Larry fonding
Louis always has soft energy and radiates love. He gets shy and blushy when he gets caught. He tries to be sneaky and then someone (Liam) nudges and teases him (鈥渁lways so obvious鈥). Then Louis smiles sheepishly, gets the squinty eyes and looks away (bloody hell this really is a fanfic isn't it)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then you have Harry
This boy has zero chill. He doesnt care who tf catches him because have you seen how utterly gorgeous my adorable husband is? He looks at Louis so intensely. When he gets caught he just smirks and keeps on staring or barely even reacts at all
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Then when they鈥檙e both looking at each other you can see the connection
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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sionapereira4 months ago
I willl never skip them...wil you ? 馃槍 - - - 掳 鉁库溈 鉁库溈 Anyways, asalways I love y'all..My DM's are always open for you.馃 Treat People with Kindness. Harry's and 1D merch available (link in my bio) Have a good day/noon/evening馃尲鉁 鉁库溈 鉁库溈 掳 掳 掳 Follow @harrystylesiu (backup) 掳 掳 掳 掳 . #harrystyles #hshq #onedirection #1d #1dfamily #1dfamilyforever #hazza #beauty #zayn #liampayne #louistomlinson #niallhoran #harry #harries #happy #youtube #video #adoreyou #fineline #bts #arianagrande #justinbieber #energy #eminem #kylejenner #larrystylinson #kimkardashian #gucci #model #kendalljenner (at Harry Styles)
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ponova-de5 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥庰焼嗮焻葛焻 馃叧馃叴馃吀馃吔馃叴 馃吇馃叴馃叡馃叴馃吔 _______________________________________
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emilygrace7745 months ago
The harry style cover
okay so I managed to rant to my mom and sister about the whole harry styles cover thing. im all for harry and him wearing a dress. its his body he could do whatever and put whatever he wants on it. so after I finished ranting to them about how that girl is stupid and messing with the wrong people. I found out that my mom got into a fight with someone on instagram about it. she was defending the shit out of one of my idols. so when she told me that I started ranting again and was like how is harry wearing a dress hurting you? is it because you think and kinda know that he is rocking that dress. probably better then her?
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emilygrace7745 months ago
Okay so I didn't pull an all nighter last night but I'm going to try tonight. Might go live on my Instagram tonight to show a bit of it. So go follow it
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landhinlove5 months ago
I was just talking about George Michel with my mom and she said
鈥渉e never really came out when he was popular, everyone kinda knew because he always surrounded himself with supermodels so we were all just like 鈥榟uh鈥 and figured it out鈥
Can you guess who I immediately thought of
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niall-the-churchboy6 months ago
Just Like聽Family pt 4 ~ Harry Styles
In which she鈥檚 avoiding him
Warnings: none :)
Word Count: 3.2k
A/n: Yay! Surprised you all聽didn't I? Well,聽honestly聽surprised myself too. Anyway, this is the last part to聽鈥楯ust Like Family鈥, even though I took my fair time I enjoyed writing this so much! From the bottom of my heart, thank you all and happy reading!
Pt1 Pt2 Pt3聽
Y/n was completely shattered, her posture was slumped and her eyes were lost, her walking seemed vague and everything felt tasteless. Her heart swelled with pain and she no longer felt like reading or being her usual self.聽
Y/n was heartbroken to say the least.
Not only did she felt so much pain, but deep down she knew she was a moron and this was her price to pay. Once again, Y/n had let her fantasies get to her head, ideas of what-ifs and scenes taken from the many books and movies she had read and watched. The truth is, reality sucked. A聽hell lot.聽
How could she lie to herself so much?聽Dear God, how could she have believed that? No way in earth would Harry freaking Styles want to be her boyfriend-- her friend even -- but she had had reused to think otherwise and here she was.聽
At the end of the day, everything was as clear as water. Olympic Gods like Harry are meant to date Olympic Goddess like Sofia.
No matter how hard Y/n tried, her name would never sound hateful to Y/n. Besides, it was聽not Sofia鈥檚 fault Y/n had this聽nerve-wreaking crush on a boy for more than two years. But it would have been so much easier if Y/n hated her, blamed Sofia for her own stupidity and tried to move on.聽
Now, that seemed impossible. It was like every turned she made Harry was there waiting for her, to talk or ask her if she was fine. Y/n tried her best to avoid him, avoid the look on his eyes -- amazed and so in-love -- as he looked at Sofia, they fingers intertwined.聽Every little step Y/n made further, would take a single glance at them to push her two steps behind.聽
Three weeks since Harry and Sofia got back together and Y/n felt more broken than ever.聽
鈥淗ey, Y/n?鈥 Tracy waved her hand in-front of Y/n trying to gain her friend鈥檚 attention. She placed her fork back down and sighed,聽鈥淵/n, when are you going to be okay?鈥
Y/n felt guilt rushing through her veins, the sadness in Tracy鈥檚 eyes was so genuine she almost forgot about Harry for a second. Almost. Then he聽came rushing back in and Y/n could see herself聽hiding further behind her lunchbox.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 trying Tracy...鈥 Y/n鈥檚 sight was lost between the head of students.聽鈥淚t鈥檚 just harder than I thought鈥 She was lying, Y/n wasn鈥檛 trying at all, she had given up two heartbreaks ago. She glanced back at Tracy, her friend was looking at her helplessly, Tracy鈥檚 eyes eyed her up and down as if she was trying to figure something out.聽
鈥淚 know, Y/n. I just wish you could see...鈥, Tracy turn her head around and allowed herself a small glimpse towards the table full of boys,聽鈥淭here鈥檚 plenty of fish in the sea, and you are such a pretty girl. It wouldn't be a surprise if a couple of boys liked you鈥.聽
Was she really pretty? Not like Sofia, at least.聽
Y/n sighed trying to clear her mind from those negative thoughts that would only ever bring her down, it was just that it was getting harder to get away from those thoughts when it seemed like it was the only thing she could think of.聽鈥淚 know, but... they are not like Harry.鈥
And it was true. They were not like Harry and they would never be. Harry could simply walk by and take her breath away, literally. He mesmerised her in every way possible, making her get lost in seas of green and memorising the way that rebel curl would differ itself from the other locks. The way his smiled shined and how the only sound she wanted to hear in repeat was his rough laugh.聽
Tracy wished she could understand her, she supported Y/n at least, but it was so difficult for Tracy to comprehend how someone could have such a strong crush. She knew Y/n wasn't lying, it was obvious by the way her friend鈥檚 cheeks would redden and how she stumbled on her words as she tried to express herself to Harry. But Tracy聽couldn鈥檛 believe how a feeling could be so intense, no boy had ever made Y/n feel this way.聽
Y/n was lost in Harry Styles鈥 spell and it seemed like she wasn鈥檛 going to get better anytime soon.聽
Y/n L/n, Y/n, L/n, Y/n L/n... Y/N L/N!
Harry couldn't get her out of his mind, she was like a catchy song that would keep on playing on repeat until it became so tedious he had to find another one to fill in. The thing is, Sofia didn't seem to be doing the job just right.聽
Everything, somehow, had its way to connecting him back to Y/n, it wouldn't be as bad if she wasn't avoiding him. It started to seem as if the were playing cat and mice, and Y/n was a pretty good mice.聽
What had he done?
He asked himself the same question over and over. Harry knew he had done something wrong, he could see it in the way her eyes would get lost with pain, how she walked with no direction in particular, her back hunched down and her shoulders fallen.聽
Harry began thinking some girls were messing with her? He had noticed the way Y/n would look at her feet as soon as Sofia鈥檚 group passed by. If that was the case he would have a long talk with Sofia.聽
Regardless of what it was, something was bothering Y/n, and that seemed to bother him too. He had noticed this pattern a few weeks ago, somehow it was as if his and Y/n鈥檚 emotions were in some way connected. Y/n would feel angry, Harry would feel angry; Y/n felt happy, Harry felt happy; Y/n was confused, Harry was confused.
That鈥檚 probably the reason Harry was certain Y/n was feeling an enormous amount of pain. Because he was too. His chest felt empty and his stomach bloated, his mindset was completely lost and out of control and there was a certain swelling in his heart that would make his eyes prick annoyingly.聽
Whatever was going on, he had to fix it as soon as posible. For both their sakes.聽
They were terrible聽terrible news.聽
How on earth was Y/n going to survive a second dinner with Harry by her side? She had barely survived last one and they weren't even friends, now, she was actually avoiding him and his weird questioning look. There was no way she was going to get away this time.聽
No way.聽
That鈥檚 what scared her, she barely had enough strength in herself to keep avoiding Harry. Oh god, how many times had she desired to run back to Harry鈥檚 opened arms. She knew well enough that the second she came back to him, Harry would be pleased as ever to have his friend back, maybe she wouldn't have to answer any questions and he would let himself live with the doubt of what had her distanced so much from him.聽
It seemed easier in a way. But she couldn't keep hurting herself in this absurd way, because at the end of the day, what did she win? Maybe third-wheeling with Harry and Sofia?聽That sounded awfully fun.聽
She had finally settled her mind in getting over her stupid crush on Harry, and her mother had come to ruin her plan.聽
With everything going around, Y/n had almost forgotten about the fact that her brother was dating Harry鈥檚 sister. That seemed to be the key problem that prevented her from achieving her goal. Well, that and the significant pair of green eyes.聽
Her hands were sweaty,聽extremely sweaty, she kept rubbing them on her jeans as she looked at herself in the mirror. Y/n聽didn't feel pretty. In fact, she felt awkward --her back hunched down, a rebellious straw of hair standing out and a smile that felt way too tight and fake. She thought that maybe she could come up with an excuse, say that Tracy needed her help or that an emergency had come up and avoid the night altogether.聽
But it was too late, and besides, when had she become so self-concerned?
鈥淵/n!鈥, her mom called,聽鈥渢he Styles are here! Come down, honey!鈥
That was her cue, and oh god how much had she wished it wasn鈥檛.聽
鈥淭here she is!鈥, Y/n could barely hear anything as she descended, the stairs felt like they were moving and her grip on the railing was definitely not a soft one. She kept feeling her heart throbbing on her throat and an intense panic.聽
鈥淥h, look how beautiful you are!鈥 she finally raised her head to catch Anne wrapping her tight in a warm hug, standing to the side both Gemma and Mason watched Y/n with a pleasant smile.聽
鈥淢om, let Y/n breathe, you are going to suffocate her鈥, it was funny how his voice would probably be the reason for Y/n鈥檚 suffocation given that her breathing seemed to stop every time he鈥檚 near.聽
鈥淥h, Harry, dear鈥 Anne gave Y/n a final squeeze before setting her free,聽鈥測ou know how I am.鈥 Everyone but Y/n laughed at this and soon enough Harry was approaching her too.聽
鈥淗ello鈥, he said with probably the warmest of smiles as he leaned in to give her a quick hug,聽鈥渉ow are you?鈥
鈥淕reat鈥, Y/n answered as they parted. The strange thing of it all was that it was the longest conversation they鈥檝e had in weeks, well, of course it was given that Y/n鈥檚 had been avoiding Harry like a聽pro.聽
鈥淒inner is ready!鈥, Y/n鈥檚 father called followed by Robin as he held a big plate full of pasta. Chairs and plates were moved and soon enough everyone had sat down, Y/n had been oh so deeply blessed to have Harry right in front of her. Great. Now there was no way she could avoid interaction.聽
Fortunately, most of the dinner was focused on political matters, jobs and the two oldest children. Y/n鈥檚 dad had done a great job with the pasta, it was soft yet not overcooked, the salsa had just the right amount of spice, and a spoonful of pasta was enough to warm Y/n鈥檚 insides. She though that maybe, she could keep her head hung low and focus on eating.聽
Y/n wasn't oblivious to the fact that Harry鈥檚 eyes were stuck on her, what was he even doing? Examining her every move? The thought聽did break a sweat on her back neck.聽
鈥淵/n? How about you?鈥, suddenly every pair of eyes was on her and she felt like breaking into a run and completely dipping dinner. Anne was talking to her, what about? That, she didn't know.聽
She gulped down the pasta and cleaned her mouth with her fist,聽鈥渉mm?鈥
Anne laughed kind-heartedly,聽鈥淚 asked you if you had a boyfriend?鈥 That took Y/n completely by surprise, so much she coughed a few times as if trying to realise if Anne was in any sort of way joking.聽
Everyone looked at her expectantly.聽
聽She inhaled a huge lump of air. Where they聽for real, now? She tried to remember when did the once calm conversation took that unexpected turn. No way in hell was she answering that in front of everyone, in front of Harry. Oh how awkward!聽
Of course Harry already knew the answer. Y/n was as single as anybody could be. After all, who would want to date someone like her?聽Harry would most聽definitely not want to.
鈥淚鈥 em鈥撯, she brought her hand to her throat that still聽hurled from the recent cough,聽鈥渁 boyfriend?鈥
That sent everyone into a fist of laughter. How dare they make fun of her? Y/n felt humiliated and dumb, ugly even. Everything was turning out so wrong, just like she predicted. How dare they make fun of her when she was the one who聽didn鈥檛 want to be here in the first place? She felt tears prickling her eyes.聽
鈥淚鈥檒l take that as a no鈥, Anne finally said,聽鈥淚鈥檓 glad Harry isn鈥檛 the only one, then鈥
This made Y/n frown. Harry was not single. He was dating Sofia. Everyone knew that, they were together everywhere, held hands in the hallways, whispered things in聽each other鈥檚 ears, made out in classrooms.聽
Y/n had tried not to pay attention to it, but it was almost impossible given that it was the only thing the school could talk about.聽
How was Anne not aware of such thing? It was wrong, Y/n knew it was wrong, but it boiled her blood and raged her body. How had Harry not said anything? She had to suffer watching them everyday and he didn't even dare to tell his mother.聽
Y/n knew it wasn't her place, but it would feel good. Just聽a little bit of revenge.聽
鈥淏ut Anne...鈥, she sounded confused, the right touch of innocence,聽鈥淗arry is dating Sofia. They got back together weeks ago.鈥
Oh, how the tables had turned. Everyone was silent. Anne looked at her son confused, unsure as to why he would keep that a secret from her. And Y/n鈥檚 mother watched her daughter with uncertainty, why would she say that?
But Y/n didn鈥檛 feel bad at all, they all had mocked her, laughed at her and her absurdness. Why was it so wrong to fight back?聽
And then she looked at him. His eyes were fixed on her, a prominent frown on his face and a sad glow on his green eyes. Harry looked at her, up and down, trying to figure why in the world would she betray him. And that was enough to break something inside Y/n鈥檚 chest.
聽But it wasn't her heart. This time it was her pride and her morals that knew what was right and what was wrong.聽
And what she had done was completely wrong and out of place.
She had overstepped her boundaries and by doing so she had hurt someone she cared about. Someone she loved. And there weren't enough words to describe how much to pained her.聽
鈥淗arry?鈥, Anne asked in a whisper.聽
It was all too much, too much for Y/n to handle and she could feel her cool crumbling down.聽
鈥淚-鈥, Harry looked at his mother and then turned back to Y/n,聽鈥淲hy?鈥
Why had she said that? Why did she have to be so jealous and angry? Why did she have to love Harry? Why did it have to hurt so much?
Y/n once heard that love makes one blind. Right now, she could confirmed it.聽
鈥淚... don鈥檛 know鈥, a single tear rolled down her cheek,聽鈥淚鈥檓 sorry鈥
In a moment Y/n had stood up and hurried away from the table, a slam echoing through the house as she ran away.聽
Y/n was cold, her hands rubbing her bare arms due to the fact that in the hurry she聽hadn鈥檛 been able to grab a coat. It was dark, and single cars passed every minute or so through the otherwise empty street.聽
Now, long gone from the heat of the moment, she felt stupid. Everything. The way she acted, how she reacted, and the fact that she had runaway.聽
How was she able to go back to school on Monday? Go back home, even? There was no way. No way at all. She could take in the cold and stay here on the bench forever.聽
Y/n鈥檚 heart completely stopped for what felt like the third time in the night. No no no. She didn't need Harry right now, in fact, she needed to stay as far from him as possible.
Yet, why did it feel so right when she was near him? So mind-numbing? His eyes, his tugged smile, everything about him made Y/n want to open her arms and throw herself towards him.聽
Y/n looked up at him, remained quiet, and looked back down embracing her legs with both her arms as she rested her head on her knees. Harry watched her for a while, taking in the way she glowed with the light of the moon and the tear-stained cheeks, then, he walked towards her and sat in silence next to her.聽
The silence was comforting.聽
Even though both of them where well aware that there were many things to be talked and explained, they remained in silence, absorbing their surrounding and silently enjoying the peacefulness of each other鈥檚 company.聽
A fresh breeze touched their skins and Y/n gritted her teeth. Without second thought, Harry took off his jacket and placed it over her shoulders. His scent was reassuring, a hint of roses and rusty smoke. She wanted to remember it forever, engrave it on her mind for when he鈥檚 long gone and only her dreams keep her awake.聽
Surprisingly so, Y/n was the first one to talk.
鈥淚鈥檓 sorry.鈥 Her voice came out raspy yet with her usual softness. She looked at Harry straight in the eye, catching the way his green orbits moved from side to side examining every inch of her face.聽
He shook his head with a faint smile,聽鈥渇orget about it, Y/n. Everything's okay.鈥 She nodded, and a faded gasp falling from her lips when Harry intertwined his fingers with her. They were warm, his hold gentle and in a strange way soothing.
鈥淵/n, me and Sofia aren鈥檛 dating. I know we were back together for sometime, but we weren't working, mostly because I lost interest on her a long time ago.鈥 Y/n didn't know why, but it didn't surprise her at all, or concern her for the matter. It was simply okay.
Slowly, their surrounding began to blur away, and in a moment they were all alone. Two lonely hearts staring at one another.聽
鈥淢ay I ask, why did you tell my mother?鈥, Harry鈥檚 hot breath reached Y/n鈥檚 lips. She breathed in, suddenly realising how close they both were, their noses barely inches apart.聽
鈥淏ecause I love you. And that makes me selfish.鈥澛
The words rolled through her tongue without warning whatsoever, and before she could retract herself, Harry caught her lips.聽
His thumb rubbed her tinted cheeks and Y/n could feel herself loosing her mind slowly. The kiss was so much more than she had ever imagined. It was snug and warm, their soft lips against one another as it magically started heating their insides until the only remnant of the cold where the tips of their noses. The feeling was so incredibly heart fluttering, it made Y/n stomach twist and turn with excitement.聽
She let her hands roam through his hair, hooking her fingers on one of his curls and tug it softly. That made Harry react with a low moan, bringing Y/n closer until their noses brushed against each other.聽
When they finally pulled apart and Harry rested his forehead on hers, she smiled, a bright full smile that Harry hadn't seen in so long.
鈥淚鈥檓 glad mom made me attend dinner鈥, Y/n said.聽
鈥淚鈥檓 glad our siblings started dating.鈥
Y/n nodded, leaving one last tender kiss on his lips. After all, Y/n L/n and Harry Styles were just like family.聽
Okay, that鈥檚 it, I finished just as I promised, I hope you all enjoyed this mini series as much as聽I did. Love you all!
masterlist is here
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rodrigorord6 months ago
Tumblr media
my boy
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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rodrigorord6 months ago
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heaven sent u to me
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landhinlove6 months ago
So we all agree that Harry has read and is using Tired Tired Sea and Young and Beautiful as part of his inspiration for music videos right? Ok cool.
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stargirlren6 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥淭hese high walls never broke my soul.鈥 - Louis Tomlinson 鉁煂熲湪鉅鈥╤ttps://
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landhinlove6 months ago
Things that happened Today, 11 October 2020 also known as Coming Out Day
- HSHQ posted this on TikTok and tagged the girl
- Queer Eye posted this on Instagram. Harry is friends with them
Tumblr media
- 3 year anniversary of Just Like You
- Just Like You is high up on the charts again
- Louis tweeted twice (before and after JLY was on charts)
Tumblr media
- 1 year anniversary of Lights Up
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landhinlove6 months ago
I鈥檓 kinda freaking out
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The 28 Enamel Pin Badge was addded to Louis鈥 mercy store today. There鈥檚 no 鈥楨鈥 tattoo
A blank 13th track was added to the walls track list
this coincides with the clock theory that tbh I didn鈥檛 believe but holy crap with the Golden MV coming out soon and possibly a new Louis song???
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