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mads-weasley · 22 minutes ago
Love & War Masterlist
40s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat nurse in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t expect to fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
New Beginnings: A young girl travels overseas to help her country during the Second World War.
Coming Soon!
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mads-weasley · 2 hours ago
Love & War
Pt. 1: New Beginnings
1940s!Bucky x Medic!Reader
A/N: This is going to be a series about the Howling Commandos during WWII! It’s going to be slightly anon because we don’t know much about their different missions. I’m such a sucker for 40s Bucky! Sadly, I do not own any of these wonderful characters except (y/n). Bucky isn’t in this chapter btw, but it’s important for the rest of the series. I hope you like it!
Summary: When she volunteered as a combat medic in the war, (y/n) (y/l/n) did not think that she’d end up working with the Howling Commandos. Most of all, she definitely didn’t think she would fall as hard as she did for a sweet brunette from Brooklyn.
Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of blood, gunshots, World War II, mentions of death, descriptions of injuries.
(y/n) - your name
(y/l/n) - your last name
(y/n/n) - your nickname
(y/h/c) - your hair color
Tumblr media
As (y/n) is packing her small bag for overseas, she can’t help but feel excited and terrified at the same time. Since the attack on Pearl Harbor, she wanted to do her part for her country, so when she got the opportunity, she took it.
“Why do you have to go, (y/n)? There are plenty of other girls who are nurses.” Her best friend, Allie, asks.
Taking a deep breath, she speaks passionately. “Well, Alls, if not me, who? I’m sick and tired of sitting on my butt at home knowing I could help so many people over there!”
“You could work in the factories like the other women! They’re doing their part! You could so do that!”
“No! I want to save people, Allie! I can’t do that here.” Her voice softens to just above a whisper, tears welling in her eyes. “Please, I don’t want to fight during my last day here.”
Allie walks up to her and envelopes her into a big bear hug that made both of them start crying. After many, “I’ll miss you’s,” the girls broke apart and went to have dinner. Being from North Carolina, (y/n) wanted to have some bbq as her last meal before she shipped out.
Laughing inside of Gary’s Diner, they drank milkshakes and reminisced from their childhoods. As both of them were about 25, they had a good bit of funny memories to share with each other, many involving the other. After stuffing their faces full of food, they walked arm in arm back to (y/n)’s house.
Looking at her watch, Allie sighs. “Less than 12 hours, (y/n/n). I’m going to miss you so much. Please, please, please be careful. I don’t know what I’d do if I lost you.”
Wrapping her arms around her friend, (y/n)’s voice betrays her by cracking before correcting itself. “I’ll miss you too. But it’s a good thing that I’m not going to be saving people. You know me, if I got hurt, I’d just patch myself up and I’d be fine.”
Seeing Allie’s lower lip tremble, she realized she should not have let that slip out of her mouth. Trying to backtrack, she sputters, “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine! I’m not going to be on the front lines anyway. I’ll be far, far, far away from the front.”
The new nurse sends her friend a sweet smile that doesn’t quite reach her eyes. With one last hug, the duo says goodbye and (y/n) walks into her house. She gathers the last of her things and goes to bed thinking of all the things that could happen in Europe.
6 Months Later
Above the chaos of battle, bullets, and heavy artillery fire, “Medic!” Can be heard around the battlefield. A young woman with a bloodstained uniform runs to the man who called out. When she reaches him, she immediately sees the empty space where his forearm was supposed to be. Biting back the bile that rose in her throat, she shakily tried to sooth the soldier while giving him a shot of morphine.
“Hey, kid. What’s your name?”
“D-Desmond.” He replies with a pained sound.
“Well, hi there, Desmond. I’m (y/n) and you’re going to be just fine.”
She applies a tourniquet to his bicep and places gauze to the bloody stump of what used to be his arm. He cries out at the action, resulting in her apologizing for the pain it caused him. Quickly calling for a stretcher, she reassures him and moves on to the next man who needs her help, crouching to avoid the bullets flying above her head.
By the end of the day, her once spotless uniform was littered with dirt and blood. While in the field, she can’t let her emotions show, but when she is alone, she lets them flow freely. The death that surrounds the young woman is enough to break the strongest men, but she refuses to crack. The last place (y/n) thought she would be was on the front lines in France.
The place her unit, the 107th, is currently residing in is an old abandoned school. The classrooms are still intact, minus a few that were destroyed during different bombings. Normally, (y/n) would stay with her friend Betty, who was also a medic. Tonight was different though. She had lost more men today than she had in quite a while.
The Germans rolled out a new weapon that took out soldier after soldier, leaving them screaming in agony in the mud. Seeing this day in and day out took a toll on her, and she often isolated herself to deal with it. With a soft “Goodnight” to her friends, (y/n) found herself wandering the school to find a empty classroom where she could be alone.
When she finally finds one, she closes the door behind her and sinks to the floor, knees pulled up to her chest. Every time she closes her eyes, she just sees the men she couldn’t save; the ones begging her to save them. It becomes too much and she starts to sob quietly.
Suddenly, the door opens and an middle-aged burly man with a mustache walks in. The man looks familiar, but the absence of light in the room made it hard for her to make out his features. His eyes soften when he sees (y/n) against the wall.
“Hi there.” He says softly, bending down or her level.
Sniffling and looking up at him through her lashes, she replies. “Hi. I’m sorry. I’m such a mess. I’ll be ri-“
“It’s okay, sweetheart. Don’t worry. Everyone does this, even us men. You’re a medic right?”
She nods, her mind thinking back to the day. “I’m sorry if I couldn’t save someone you knew. I-I really tried, and th-there were ju-“
“Hold your horses. I watched you save so many men. Our squad has been needing a medic, and I think you’d be a great fit. What’s your name, kid?”
Head shooting up in confusion, she replies.“(y/n) (y/l/n), sir. What unit are you in?”
“Let me introduce myself. I’m Dum Dum Dugan, and my unit is the Howling Commandos.”
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@confusednerd09 @ahahafudge @bluemoon-icecream @lunamadhatter99 @thatfangirl42 @fionanovasleftnut @youcanstandundermyamberella @friendly-letters @caritobbg
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random-brushstrokes · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Norman Rockwell - The Homecoming (1945)
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marziwritesfic · 10 hours ago
a pair of fools - b.b.
1940s Bucky Barnes x reader
Request by @canyonmoonnn:
hiii :)
can you please do a drabble where 1940s bucky and the reader have hidden their feelings for each other, but just before he needs to leave, they confess to eachother and he promises to give her the world when he returns.
Note: I started writing this and... oops, the drabble became an one-shot. I hope you still enjoy this, because I certainly loved the idea and writing this <3
WC: 1.6k
Tumblr media
You had met him when you were 16. When your family moved to Brooklyn because of your father’s new job, you never expected to enjoy the neighborhood that much. Right down the street, lived the Barnes family, they were kind and welcoming, and your mother liked them. So did you, and that’s why you always offered to accompany her when she visited them for coffee and cookies in the afternoon.
One day, coming back from the bakery with goods for your father’s birthday, the elder Barnes son - only a year older than you - crossed paths with you. It was the first time you two met alone, without any of your parents. James was just as charming and handsome as you expected - swooning over him in your wildest dreams. He helped you with the bags and walked you home, and the way he smiled at you before waving goodbye would be forever carved in your heart.
When the holiday season came around, your families would celebrate together - and it would be so for years and years - bringing you two even closer. It always made your stomach flutter when you got to see them, especially James. Always the sweet gentleman, complimenting you unexpectedly, offering help, and making small talk feel like the most interesting thing ever.
You got close to the Barnes girl, Rebecca. She was outgoing and friendly, and your parents encouraged the friendship - you needed to be around people of your age more. Visiting her was ever the best excuse to see her brother too, whom you admired in secret. In the rare and lucky encounters you two had in your street, he always made you smile and promised to take you on a walk through the city someday.
You’d always give the excuse that your father would never let you go alone with him, so the promises would never come true. You’d love to spend the day with him, get to know even more about him, but you were happy with the small conversations and little things you two had grown to share over the last years.
Of course, your father would never allow you to date before turning 18, even though your birthday was just a couple of months away. Not that you’d think that James looked at you like that, like the way you looked at him. He was very good-looking and had a natural charm that attracted ladies anywhere he went. He could pick any girl he ever wanted, why would he choose you? You knew he had other friends and that you were just the girl next door.
As the years passed, you two kept getting closer - your parents trusted James enough to let you go out on the weekends with the Barnes siblings and their friends, after promising you’d get home safe and at a respectful hour. Bucky showed you his favorite places in town, took you to where would become your favorite ice cream parlor, and when the circus arrived - just in time for your 19th birthday - he was eager to take you there too.
Your parents trusted him because they saw no threat from the young man, your families were pretty close after these years, they saw a friend in James. You saw more, you wished you could have more, but kept these feelings buried in your heart. If anything other than a friend, he probably saw you as a little sister.
Little did you know that his feelings were the purest, and his fondness for you was sincere. At first, you were the pretty girl that had just moved in, the neighbor who spent the holidays with his family and made it all so much more pleasant. Then, you became his sister’s best friend, and he enjoyed seeing you around his house so often. But when you started hanging out with him, his feelings were too strong to be mistaken for anything else. He adored you.
The first time he lied to your parents was on your 20th birthday, when he had asked them to take you out for lunch to celebrate with Rebecca. To your surprise, he had the whole day planned out - and there was no third wheel from his sister in his plans.
As the sun was setting and you two watched it walking through the park, he seemed nervous about something. With both hands in his pockets, he looked at your face for a while, then dropped his gaze to the ground. When he repeated it for the third time, you stopped walking and touched his arm.
“What’s going on, Bucky?” You had been enjoying the day with him, cherishing every moment and every little thing he did for you. The visit to the bookstore, to the ice cream parlor you adored, everything. But as the day passed and he got awkward about something you couldn’t figure out, you thought it was your fault. “You didn’t have to take me out just for pity.”
His eyes widened, surprised by your words. “What? I didn’t… No, that’s not what this is.” You watched as he sighed and fidgeted with something he had taken out of his pockets. “I just have so much I wish I could tell you, I don’t wanna make a fool of myself.”
You chuckled at his unusual insecurity. “A fool? You don’t need to open your mouth for that.” You playfully teased him and scrunched your nose. He thought it was the most adorable thing in this world. It eased his worries, giving him the courage to open up about whatever troubled him.
“Darling, you’re something else.” He started, making your brows furrow slightly. But before you asked what he meant, he continued. “I’m going to miss you like crazy.” His words only puzzled you even more.
“Miss me? And why’s that?” You put one hand on your hip, leaning your head slightly to the side. Something in the way he looked at you made your heart jump almost painfully in your chest.
“I’m going overseas. The war, you know.” He looked down at his hands, still fumbling with something in his fingers. “In two days. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before. I didn’t have the guts until now.”
Your heart sank. You remembered the day he joined the military, all proud. Everyone in both of your families was proud too, even you, despite the worry that weighted painfully. That feeling had been almost forgotten, until this very moment. “You… you can’t leave.” You mumbled, feeling stupid for it right after the words escaped your mouth.
He gulped, guilty for making you feel that way. He saw in your face the pain he shared in his chest. Bucky parted his lips a few times, before finally saying something. “I can’t leave without telling you the truth.” He stepped closer to you.
Your surprised eyes met his gaze, heavy with anticipation for something you couldn’t put a name on. “The truth about what?” You managed to ask.
“About how I feel. About what I see when I look at you. About how I never thought I’d have to part ways from you, ever since you came into my life.” His hand grazed your face with such delicacy that you felt you would melt under his touch. “I’m only telling you this now because I might never get the chance again. And I would never forgive myself if I’d never let you know that I love you.”
His words stole the breath from your lungs. Tears prickled in your eyes against your will, your lips parting to let out a whispered “wow”. He didn’t make a fool of himself, you thought, not for a second. But still, you were the one who felt like one.
“And you’re telling me this before you leave for the war. God, this is cruel.” You chuckled, a single tear rolling down your cheek. “I love you too, silly. I’ve been in love with you all this time.”
He took in your confession and opened a gorgeous grin. “Guess that makes us a pair of fools, doesn’t it?” You nodded, and he licked his lips before leaning in to give you a chaste kiss. It was filled with passion, nonetheless.
His hands grabbed your own, and he put something between them. As he pulled away just slightly, you looked down to check what it could be. A golden delicate chain with a heart locket for a pendant. You opened it to find a photo of him inside. A low gasp escaped your lips, and he caught you for another kiss - a deeper one this time.
Before pulling away, Bucky made sure to leave many kisses all over your face. On your cheeks, over your eyes, on your nose, on your chin. He showered you with love. For a moment, everything was alright. Everything was perfect and you wanted that moment to last forever. Then you turned around for him to put the necklace on you, and he placed another kiss on your neck, sending shivers all over your body.
“Darling, I’ll come back for you. I promise. And to make up for the lost time, I’ll give you the world.” He whispered in your ear, clear enough for you to remember every word, as he wrapped both arms around your waist, hugging you from behind.
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heyquxxns · a day ago
Tumblr media
The semester is nearly over! I just have a few projects to turn in but I no longer have to wake up early until I start work. Usually, I take questions for this series all the time but I hope on doing a giant session form now and until I move out on Monday. So you can ask me anything like:
 certain parts you liked
my plans for future chapters ( without spoilers of course ) 
 head canons
literally anything, doesn’t even have to be a question
I’m also an illustration major so I don’t mind make a few doodles here and there. I’m more than willing to ignore my homework XD
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heyquxxns · 2 days ago
Say You’ll Remember Me - Chapter Eight
Tumblr media
Summary: The last stage of grief is acceptance 
Words: 5.1K
TW:  a bit of violence, death, smut mentioned in the beginning *skip if you’re a minor* 
A/N: Hopefully the tags actually work for this chapter but if not, please please please comment and reblog >_< It would mean a lot if people could take the time to. Also I have a taglist for this series so if you want to be added, DM or send me an ask!
Siberia, 1993
Two weeks after the first shower
“They’re going to put me under cryo freeze soon.”. The asset’s voice is soft, watching as the nurse takes care of his latest wounds. Dislocated his right shoulder and knife wound on his side. Nothing the Nurse couldn’t handle, although, being as gentle as she could. She had convinced one of the agents to get her some ice after popping his shoulder into place. He’s not all too sure how Y/N could get them to actually do as she said, but he figures the thought of him getting involved scared the life out of everyone in the building. As long as the Nurse was somewhat happy, no lives would be threatened today. 
A frown forms on her lips, stitching up his wound.Y/N doesn’t respond right away, causing him to wonder what was going on in her mind. However, she finally does speak up when she finishes the last stitch. “How soon?”.
“I don’t know. Probably sometime in the next few days. Wouldn’t put it past them to put me under without saying goodbye to you first. Might be the last time I see you for a while, doll.”. Despite being well aware of her situation, aware that his lover was immune to time itself, the asset still worried that by the time Hydra called for him again...she would be long gone. Not being able to age didn’t mean Y/N couldn’t be killed, whether by accident or by murder. And by some miracle, if the Nurse could escape, she would need to be smart enough to cover her tracks. Had the resources to do so. They both knew that if Hydra couldn’t find her again, they would send him to deal with the problem. 
She would need to cover her tracks well enough that even he wouldn’t be able to find her.
Y/N climbs to her feet, picking up the top half of his tactical gear and mentioning her head to the door. Two Hydra agents stand on the other side along with his handler. “Think we should continue this in the showers, Hon. Gotta get all that stuff off ya.”.
Someone had fucked up, causing him and his team to have to take a shortcut through a farm. The Soldat was sure he stepped in cow dung. One of the agents had actually slipped at some point. They all assumed it was mud.
It was not mud. 
He was not going to tell her though he was sure Y/N knew already.
A content sigh escapes him as the hot water rains down on him, eyes fluttering shut at the feeling. It’s not before small hands reaching for his lock of hair, massaging his scalp. Neither of them says anything, silently agreeing to enjoy the other’s presence while it lasted. Y/N only had an hour for her showers, and after that, they would drag her off to her own cell. The Asset didn’t want to think about what they planned on doing to her after they put him back in cryo freeze, what they planned on doing once he was no longer around to protect her. Would they let her go, or would they keep her here to continue their experiments? When they brought him back out, would Y/N be a Hydra agent willingly or against her will?
Steel-blue eyes flutter open, watching as Y/N sprays him down with the showerhead. She’s covered in her own bruises and scars, the result of Hydra’s many experiments done on her. Result of the physical abuse she faced. They might go away over time, but it was hard to say; the bullet graze scar was still there after all these years. 
Just as she goes to put the showerhead back in its place, the super-soldier gently pulls her closer to him. Ignoring the worried look on her face, the Asset leans down to place a kiss on the bruise making a home on her collarbone. His lips find more bruises as if he was playing connect the dots, thumbs forming circles on her hips. Finally, The Winter Soldier finds her lips and kisses her softly. 
“I love you.”.
A small smile is formed on her own, arms snaking around his neck. 
“I know. I love you too, Winter.”. 
Again, the man before her wasn’t actually the Winter Soldier, nor was he Bucky Barnes. Before her stood a man that was somewhat in between, and this very moment, he was leaning more towards the man she had once loved.  
In a quick motion, he has her pressed against the cold metal that makes up the shower wall, her leg hitched to his side, and his metal hand squeezing her thigh. The asset starts at her mouth before gradually moving down her neck and over her collarbone, nipping at the exposed skin. It’s not long before the nurse is fully lifted, legs wrapping around his waist.
Sex and ecstasy fill the shower room faster than the clouds of steam, the two lovers taking a little more than an hour. Not that either of them cared, the Winter Soldier enjoying the new feeling of the woman tugging at his hair. Almost as much as he enjoyed the sounds of pleasure leaving her. They only grow louder with each thrust, forgetting about the agents standing outside the shower room door. The asset leaves the shower with scratches on his back and flesh arm, something the agents are quick to notice as well as the bruises on the Nurse’s neck, shoulders, and various other places. 
She doesn’t see him for a few days after that night in the shower, noticing a lot more scientists have been walking around lately. Y/N had also noticed how she was able to walk around the halls freely now as long as she had a guard on her, watching her. It wasn’t until the fourth day Galina brought to Pierce’s office that she found out what had happened to the super-soldier. 
“The Asset had been put back into cryo freeze as he completed his mission.”. The man’s back is towards her as he pours to glasses of whiskey. Walking over, he offers her a glass. 
She doesn’t take it, not that he blames her. Y/N had been here for almost two months against her will. He would be surprised if she trusted anyone here so willingly. Shrugging, he places the glass on the desk in case she did decide she wanted it. Going to sit at his desk, Pierce leans on the table with his hands clasped. 
“I brought you here to offer you a deal, Sweetheart. A bargain.” He motions his head out the window of his office, a view of one of the many labs this place had. “The lab coats down there no longer have a use for you as of now. I’m sure you know more than anyone here that it’ll take time for any sort of progress to make itself known. Until then.” The man takes a sip of his drink. 
“You’re free to go. Until we need you again, of course.”.
“.....Are you serious?”. The question causes the man to smile and nod. 
“There are agents waiting to fly you home to your apartment as well as a cover story already made up. Last-minute business trip. Oh and don’t worry about your dog, we hired a dog sitter to take care of him.”. 
Y/N is hesitant before getting up and walking out of his office. Just like he promised, in a few hours, the Nurse was back in her apartment. Her emotional support dog at the time, Private, was more than happy to see her...but knew something was wrong. The woman stands in the middle of her apartment for a moment before rushing to her bedroom. Luckily, nothing was touched. Or so it seemed. Either way, it was quick to find the dog tags.
Right where she left them.
A single tear runs down her cheek. Followed by a few more. Eventually, her legs give up on her as the woman sinks to the floor. The St.Bernard rushes over to its sobbing owner, making itself comfortable on her lap. But not even her emotional support dog could start the horrible feeling in her chest. 
She lost Bucky. Again. 
Latvia, 2023
After Y/N’s much-needed nap
None of the men wanted to wake her up, Bucky having moved her from the couch to the master bedroom
“C’mon, hon. We gotta get moving.”. Someone is shaking her softly while speaking. Cracking opening Y/E/C eyes, she looks up at Bucky who can’t help the small smile on his lips. She sits up and rubs at her eyes, yawning. 
“We found out that Donya Madani’s funeral is in an hour. Zemo said we’ve gotta go if we’re gonna make it in time. He and Sam are waiting for us in the other room.”
She looks back at him before hiding underneath the warm blankets, turning her back towards him. “Ten more minutes, then we can pay our respects.”. However, the super-soldier removing the blanket and pick her up, ignoring her squirming as he places her feet first on the floor.
“You’ve been sleeping for the last few hours, Y/N. Though...I don’t blame you, you’ve been up for hours. And your naps only last for thirty minutes, maybe even less than that ‘cuz of your arm.”.  
“I have a hard time sleeping without Sergeant.”She mutters softly, following him out of the room. “Got used to his loud snoring.”.
She doesn’t speak the entire walk’s mostly silent anyway. A few words were shared between Bucky and Sam, Zemo would throw a few comments here and there only to be told by the Avenger to shut up. Y/N wasn’t really listening to them speak, trapped in her own thoughts as her mind traveled back to the Sergeant’s unprompted speech as well as Sam’s words that had stuck with her. 
Maybe she was blaming herself for his death, put blame on herself for everything he endured under Hydra’s control. And maybe she was trying to convince herself that she didn’t need him to protect her anymore because...because loving her probably did more harm than good sometimes. But she was going to admit that she was being a hypocrite about all this. How could she possibly expect Bucky to cope with everything Hydra made him do when she couldn’t cope with...with the fact that despite all these years, she actually did feel at fault for everything. And that she needed to learn that it was okay to have someone watching her six. 
 However, Y/n was now seeing how stupid it all was. Justified but still stupid. 
“Karli Morgenthau is too dangerous for you guys to be pulling this shit!”.
“Ah! How’d you find us now?” Bucky calls out, gently grabbing her elbow in a protective manner but notices how her jaw clenched. He quietly had to swat her hand away, noticing how she was slowly reaching for one of her throwing knives. 
“Come on. You think two Avengers can walk around Latvia without drawing attention?” the man with John questions as they get closer to the team.  
“Right, because your friend screaming his head off like a mad man isn’t making it worse.” The Nurse mutters, arms crossing over her chest. The so-called mad man goes shoots her a dirty look before taking in her features. Despite how pissed he was, the looks in the False Captain’s eyes soften just a little before looking at the Sergeant and The Avenger. 
“No more keeping us in the dark. You can tell us why you broke him out of prison and who this woman is.”. 
“He did that himself, technically. And who she is doesn’t concern you.”Bucky answers again, putting himself in between Walker and Y/N. His answer doesn’t satisfy him, the blonde getting louder and causing a bigger scene.
“This better be an unbelievable expl-”.
Sam takes control of the situation finally, the Nurse glaring at the man from where she stands behind Bucky.
“You’re gonna let him do this? You’re gonna let your partner walk into a room with a super-soldier alone?” Walker questions Bucky in pure disbelief, judgment clearly in his tone. It was a Y/N turn to take a hold of Bucky’s arm, Y/E/C eyes darkening at the False Captain. 
“He’s dealt with worse. And he’s not my partner.”.
“And you.” Walker narrowed his eyes towards our beloved nurse. “Who exactly are you and why are you tagging along with them?”. The Sergeant goes to step in between him and Y/N for the second time but is surprised when she stops him. 
“I don’t owe a goddamn thing, dipshit.” The blonde is taken aback by her tone, opening his mouth to say something only for the nurse to tell him to shut up. “Maybe, if you picked up a history book and actually read it all your answers would be answered. If you actually read it, you would know the legacy of that shield and how you’re doing nothing but tampering with it. Fuck, you wouldn’t even have to ask and you could quite possibly be better at your job. But because you not only lack basic brain cells but also know close to nothing about Steve Rogers, I’ll just make your life easy and hand it to you like everyone else around has.”. The Nurse holds out her hand, smiling at him and yet….she looked like she wanted to tear him apart. 
“The name’s Y/N Y/L/N, a medic for the Howling Commandos. Would get into the details but it’s clear you have a hard time listening just like how you have a hard time paying attention to your surroundings.” Her head motions to the few people recording them. Just the look on her face causes them to stop recording and keep it moving.
“I’m not entirely sure who you think you’re talking to but in case you need a reminder, Sam Wilson is an Avenger. He not only fought Thanos twice and fought half the Avengers but unlike you, Sam actually befriended two super-soldiers. Enough that your successor gave him the shield Something you could never achieve!”The Nurse pretends to be shocked, Walker visibly closing in on himself as the woman continues to tear him apart. 
Bucky is also is trying not to laugh, having seen her go off on Steve before. Hell, he’s been on the receiving end of this before. Zemo is silently wishing he could record this. Even Lamar is snickering behind his friend. 
“So unless you decide to save the world from the big three on more than one occasion and then your dumb ass decides to get frozen for 70 years, I suggest you just shut up? Just looking at the de-aged version of Carl from Up makes me lose brain cells.”She winks at him, not helping the small smile at Walker’s clenched jaw. It was obvious he was so used to everyone loving him, praising him for being the new Captain America. But it was also obvious that he was trying to see if her story was true. 
Whether he believed her or not, Y/N quite honestly didn’t care. “Now, how about instead of walking around Latvia like a mad man we actually go deal with the problem at hand. Because in case you haven’t noticed, we have some serious shit going on. ”. She then shrugs. “Just a thought, love.”.
Patting his shoulder, the rest of the group follows the young girl Zemo had somehow befriended. The Sergeant can’t help but feel a bit of pride form in his chest, glancing at the Nurse before shyly taking her hand into his. Y/N doesn’t look but still gives his hand a soft squeeze.
Somewhere in France, 1944
A few days after their fifth mission
“Are you fucking kidding me?”.
Bucky gives her a sheepish smile as Y/N, Gabe, and Monty entire the small campsite the group made, the three have gone out to get water from a nearby river. Mostly to drink but also to cook up their rations as the Nurse figured out how to make them taste a bit more decent. Even more so as she and Steve went out to London one night, buying simple things like pasta and bread. It was probably against the rules but it meant they could all have a decent home-cooked meal. 
The Sergeant was on pasta duty. But there was a small fust over the last pack of cigarettes they would have for a while and the boiling pot of water had spilled all over his hand. The moments before their arrival was chaotic. 
Bucky was screaming in pain
Steve was freaking out, taking one of the tubs of water that was recently brought back. It was the coldest.
Dum Dum forgets about the cigarettes, going to stop Bucky from screaming
Jim and Jacques are crying from laughing so hard
“Hey D-”
“Don’t call me Doll, Sergeant.” She snaps at him, going to grab her medical kit before taking a seat next to him. Y/N misses the look of shock on all their faces, none of them expecting the harshness in her voice. “I told you that you had a nicotine addiction, told you that you should probably cut back on the smoking. But no! “. The Nurse carefully takes his hand out of the water, drying it off with the cleanest rag before actually applying any sort of medicine to it. 
“You knuckleheads decided to goof around over a damn pack of cigarettes. Maybe, just maybe, if you guys just asked if the three of us had any when we got back, I would tell you guys where I put the stash I got us. Not all too sure if I should tell you guys now.” Y/N is now wrapping his hand in a bandage wrap, still grumbling and scolding him. However, Bucky can’t help but look at her with so much love in his eyes. When she looks up, there’s a frown on her lips. “What?”.
“You’re fucking adorable.”. 
Dead silence. 
“You’re an idiot.”. The Sergeant can’t help but chuckle, placing a kiss on the back of her hand. 
“But I’m your idiot.”. Y/N rolls her eyes going to fill the pot up with more water. Dum Dum goes with Gabe and Monty to fetch more water, deciding it was his only way of escaping Y/N’s wrath. And also, like the others, he rather not witness the two love birds argue like a married couple.
Latvia, 2023
John Walk ruins everything
“I don’t like him,” Y/N grumbles, the two walking back from their walk around the city. Bucky had found a nice gelato place on his little excursion. He figured with everything that had just gone down, The Sergeant thought it would be nice to treat her. Zemo had woken up a few minutes after and Walker and Hoskins had to make a call, acting like the good soldier wrapped around the government finger they were. But it was also obvious that she had no problem stabbing the False Captain.
“I know you don’t, Doll. I don’t either.”. Steel-blue eyes land on her, chuckling a little as the Nurse somehow gotten a bit of the dessert on her cheek. He brings his hand up and wipes it away. Y/E/C Eyes land on him now, a faint blush forming on her cheeks. Both stop walking, only a few minutes away from their destination. 
Dark red. A color associated with many things. Vigor. Willpower. Rage. But between them? Longing. Paired perfectly with a lighter red around the rim. Love. The romantic type of love. 
For the first time in a long time, something they both believed was impossible at this point in their lives....they felt like the kids they used to be.
A Waitress telling herself not to fall for local dreamboat’s charm, and ultimately failing.
A Sergeant wishing he had the nerve to kiss the girl of his dreams. 
“What made you tell John who you were? If you don’t mind me asking.”. The Nurse shrugs, eyes still on him. 
“I can’t possibly expect you to cope with everything Hydra made you do when I can’t even come to terms with the fact that...that I’m putting false blame on myself. Maybe I am blaming myself for everything that happened to you...and maybe I convince myself I don’t need you to protect me anymore. I just guess the first part of accepting everything that has happened to me is accepting who I am now? That I’m not my niece or some high school sub named Miss. Benson or any of my alias over the years. I’m just Y/N Y/M Y/L/N, a girl from Queens who joined the Nurse Corps in hopes to bring men home to their families. I need to learn that it was okay to have someone watching my back. And besides...John Walker is clearly too stupid to have recognized me from any photos.”. 
Bucky couldn’t help but smile at her, not realizing that he was smiling like his old self. “A pretty name for a pretty woman.”. Y/N couldn’t help but giggle, deciding two can play that game.
“You need to come up with better lines than that one, Sergeant.” And yet...neither of them decide to make their way back to Zemo’s place or, in the Nurse’s case, getting an Uber to the airport. The passport Sam got her to Germany, could get her back home. His flesh hand goes to take hers, softly squeezing it.
“Call me when you get home? And tell Sergeant I said hi.”. 
Y/N tangles their fingers together. “Of course.”.
She goes to do just that when she finally makes it back to her apartment hours later. But for an entirely different reason. It was all over the news when she got landed at Newark Liberty International Airport as well as social media. Live footage taken from multiple angles, all capturing the same scene. 
John Walker committing a war crime, proving why the Sokovia Accords was created. Ruthlessly murdering someone in broad daylight, ignoring all those recording him. It didn’t matter that the man was a member of the Flag Smashers. He had been screaming that he didn’t do whatever the False Captain was accusing him of. To everyone around the world, he just looked like another person of color getting decapitated by a white American man.
And the shield. That piece of rare metal the Nurse had known for decades, that stood for everything her late friend believed in. Ruined. Stained with blood, a substance Steve never gotten on it before. 
Well, it’s quite simple really, at least to me it was.  Steve Rogers never liked bullies. Didn’t care where they came from or what they looked like. Weapons such as guns, knives, and swords all were made to harm. To kill. Like I’ve said before, humans enjoy finding new ways to kill each other. But a shield? Not only could it be used as a weapon...but its main purpose was to protect. Steve Rogers was great because he wanted to protect those who couldn’t protect themselves. 
England, 1945
After Bucky was assumed KIA
She finds the Captain at the bombed-out Whip and Fiddle, trying to get himself drunk despite knowing that the liquid courage had no effect on him. When his eyes land on the Nurse, it’s clear to the both of them that they had both been crying. Bloodshot eyes, the small sniffles coming from the both of them. She knew the details, having been given some of the scientists’ notes. 
Without a word, she picks up one of the chairs and sits with him at the table. He offers her the bottle. The woman declines. However, Y/N notices how he’s having a hard time looking at her. Further proving that they were on the same boat. Both blaming themselves. Reaching over for his hand, the Nurse gently squeezes it. It finally gets the Captain to look her in the eyes.
“I’m sorry.”.
“It’s not your fault.”. 
“Did you read the report?”.
“Didn’t have to...I was there, remember. Waiting for you all back at the camp.”. The blonde just nods, using his other hand to wipe away a stray tear. But then those blue eyes land on her hand, heartbreaking as he remembers one of the many promises the Sergeant had made the Nurse. That when they got home, he would get her the biggest ring. And that he would marry her, give her the life she always wanted. 
That they would grow old together. 
“He never stopped talking about you, you know? After the two of you first met, I mean. Whenever he was bugging you down at the diner, he was with me scheming on how he was gonna convince you to go out with him. I told him he was an idiot for asking you out every day.”. 
“It worked, didn’t it?” She offers him a sad smile. But the very thought as a single tear running down her cheek as they fall back into silence. The nurse finds a glass on the ground and Steve pours her a drink. She down’s it in seconds. 
“He loved you, Y/N. So much.”.
“And he loved you, Steve.”. 
A moment of silence passes through the two, the Captain pouring them another round. “ you think his family got the letter yet? I know it just happened b-”.
“Those types of letters are top priority in getting delivered. So I would say the letter would be getting to the Barnes residence in the next day or so. But I also sent them a letter out, sending them my regards before I can go back in person. Hopefully, I can be the one to give them the folded flag. It...It would be better than receiving it from a stranger. Then again, I guess I am a stranger still.”. 
She wasn’t sure if the woman who would have been her mother-in-law would want to see her. It was one thing to lose a husband like her mother did. Another to lose your firstborn. 
To lose a husband.
Bucky Barnes would have been her husband. 
She would have been Y/N Barnes.  The thought makes her down her drink a second time. 
They stay there together until Peggy comes, Y/N goes to leave. Not before the agent pulls her into a tight hug. Steve watches her leave, making a promise to himself at that moment. That if he got out of this war alive, he would have her back for the rest of her life. Whatever she needed, he would be there. Just like how Bucky was there for him. 
But he was already doing that, whether he realized it or not. 
Bucky was always happy to see them interact, to see his best friend and his girl get along. Sure, he knew they had met long before she had met the Sergeant as the two revealed they shared a few classes at school. That Sarah Rogers was actually the woman who taught the Nurse to bake as the older woman also worked at Ma’s Diner. 
The Cinnamon Apple Pie was a Sarah Rogers recipe. 
But Steve always told himself that he needed to protect her for Bucky. That he brought her to the Howlies for Bucky. But in reality? She had turned their duo into a trio. So upon finding out she had been erased from their history? It took many angry calls to multiple museums. Dug through old archives to find photos of the Nurse, his dear friend. For the next few years, finding time between finding Bucky and dealing with everything, he told her story. 
The Nurse hadn’t been to Smithsonian in years, a decade even. But now, the moral of the Howlies had been repainted to include the Nurse, standing right by the Sergeant’s side. Her uniform stands among them now as well a small section of her own, talking about her heroic act. But Steve Rogers didn’t stop there. 
By 2024, new history textbooks will now be including her story. 
He refused to let her be erased. Not after everything she had done for them. If only he knew she had been alive the entire time. 
Brooklyn, New York 2023
Y/N has just stopped crying
There’s a fairy loud knock on her door, frantic. Getting up from her spot on the couch, the Nurse opens the door with teary eyes only for them to meet steel blue ones. Neither of them has to say anything, Bucky allowing himself inside before pulling Y/N into a tight hug. Soon enough, he’s picking her up and making his way to her room. Sitting down, the Sergeant allows her to just sit on his lap with her face buried into his neck. 
He rubs circle into her back, 
“Did you eat yet?”. She shakes her head, muttering that she wasn’t hungry. He wasn’t surprised. Side effects of trauma and shock included a loss of appetite. But he was set on making her a big breakfast the next morning as the body would recover from the shock. And her silence didn’t worry him as much as it would have, having seen a familiar behavior after the Battle of the Bulge. And so, he helped her change into pajamas before slipping under the covers with her. The bed was soft. Too soft for his liking but he would make due. His discomfort was nothing compared to her mental state right now.
“I love you.”. The Sergeant doesn’t expect an answer. He just felt like she needed to heat it.
Silence, apart from Sergeant’s snoring
“I know. I love you too, Bucky.”. 
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metalarmb1tch · 3 days ago
So I saw this somewhere so I decided to post about it because it broke my heart.
Tumblr media
So we all know this photo from, Captain America First Avenger, when Steve saves Bucky and the 107th from Hydra. But notice where the scars are on his face. Now look at this.
Tumblr media
The machine goes around his left eye and ear. The scars are the same way. And as we know when Steve first found Bucky he was muttering to himself his name and something about a number. Which means Hydra had already started brainwashing Bucky even before he fell off the train.
Bucky has gone through so much shit and I just wanna give him the biggest hug. 🥺
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natasha-romancff · 4 days ago
1940s Bucky Headcanons
a/n: under the cut because I went ~a little~ overboard
he was definitely raised right and a complete gentlemen
he would always walk you home, the usual for the time doing what his mom had taught him to do when he was with a lady
but bucky wasn’t just a gentleman, he was a hopeless romantic
he would have gone on dates here and there before but he had always been set on a true love, wanting to just find someone who he could see himself spending forever with
so he went on his dates but never courted any girls. it wasn’t that he didn’t want to have a real relationship but didn’t want to settle for courting anyone who he didn’t see himself marrying.
as sad as it was he never saw himself marrying any of those girls so he would go on a date and nothing more with them
bucky, ever the hopeless romantic, was willing to wait for the person he would want to spend forever with
and he did find that person in you when he saw you
instantly bucky just knew that you would be the one so when he was walking down the busy streets of Brooklyn and saw you
maybe you weren’t any more beautiful than the other girls in the city. after all, brooklyn was not short of beautiful girls but to bucky you were something special
a diamond in the rough, if he ever saw one. so when he saw you he stopped dead in his tracks, catching a clueless steve by surprise
whatever bucky had been doing had ceased as he caught your eye and he found himself strolling across the busy road over to you, not caring about the traffic.
steve had called after him but bucky didn’t seem to notice and he make his way over to you. they had places to be, bucky knew this, but he didn’t care. you were the only person on his mind even if he didn’t know your name.
from the very first time you met him, bucky had swooned you. he was confident, handsome, and ever so funny,
there was more to him than that though, you soon learned. not only was he a gentleman and raised right bu his parents, he cared about you.
you could tell how he cared about you how he really listened to you, valuing your opinions and respecting you in a way that the men you had met had rarely done. 
it was easy to say that bucky was unlike any other man you had met before
and god, was he a romantic. he bought you flowers before a date - not the red roses all the guys bought but your favorites. you hadn’t even told him that those were your favorite but he knew somehow. he really paid attention to you, that much was certain.
the dates you went on were always simple - the the dinner to shake a shake, grabbing a slice of pizza at your favorite place, or a drive in movie - but it was who you were with that made it special.
it was every time you caught him fond stare, every time he held your hand so tenderly, every time he kissed you like you were his entire world and his stars, that you knew he not only loved you but was different than all the rest.
bucky knew it the frist time he saw you, before he even knew your name, that you were it for him. perhaps you did too because looking at him for the first time you just knew that he was different form all the rest.
all of his actions, his sweetness and caring attitude, showed that he loved you. you were so lucky, this you knew more than anything else in your life.
because of this it wasn’t at all surprising in a way when he got you those flowers you loved more than anything, took you to the first place you had told him you loved him, and got down on one knee and asked you to marry him
and it was certainly no surprise when you said yes, giving him the kiss of his life with the promise of many more to come
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historygeekfics · 5 days ago
Moonlight Serenade, part 2
Here is chapter 2 of Moonlight Serenade, the 1940s Bucky Barnes fic I've been working on.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character
Summary: Gwen meets Bucky for their date in London. After an air raid siren interrupts their fun, things get passionate...
Warnings: Flirting, fluff, and smut, so strictly 18+. There is also a reference to surgery, but it's very brief.
Tumblr media
I've posted the fic on AO3 and shared the link here, so please don’t copy or repost it anywhere else. But if you like it and want to reblog or comment, I will love you a lot ♥
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heyquxxns · 6 days ago
Say You’ll Remember Me - Chapter Seven
Tumblr media
Summary: A waiting game starts
Words: 5.5
TW: Violence, death, war themes
A/N: Thank you to all those who took the time to comment and reblog ;;. It means the world hearing your thoughts and interacting with you. 
March 10, 1944
It’s Bucky’s Birthday
It’s quite a pitiful party. But Steve and Y/N had insisted on celebrating the Sergeant’s birthday even if it meant breaking a few rations. The Nurse had done most of the work, though, throwing smiles in the direction of a few different Sergeants and Captains. She targeted only the doe-eyed and young ones, though for they believed her when she told them that it was one of the nurses’ birthdays. They all had been wrapped around her finger, not thinking twice before handing over their sugar and flour. Eggs were easy to find, Steve having sent out Dum Dum and Pinky to retrieve them from a farm: an exchange of a pack of cigarettes for eggs. 
The former waitress made a nice-looking caking in a small ration tin, using cotton swabs from her medical kit to serve as candles. It probably tasted like shit no matter how hard she tried, but he couldn’t be more grateful as the group sang happy birthday at the top of their lungs. 
“Happy birthday, dear Buckaroo! Happy birthday to you!”
“Go on,” Gabe says, patting the Sergeant on the back. “Blow out the candles and eat.”.
Bucky can’t help but laugh, going to blow out the cotton swabs but stop when the nurse speaks up.
“You’re doing it wrong, Hon. You gotta make a wish first.”.  
Steel-blue eyes land on her, the orange glow of the campfire they surround making her eyes looking heavenly. There’s a cigarette between her lips, his dog tag hanging around her neck right along with her own. With blood and dirt, Y/N Y/L/N was still a sight for sore eyes. And she was his. And he was hers. 
“I have everything I could ever wish for right in front of me, Doll.” He blows out the candles, plunking them out of the cake. Taking a heaping spoonful, he shoves the cake into his mouth. Despite the limited resources, it tastes almost like home. It was no cinnamon apple pie with ice cream, but it was still Y/N’s baking. And compared to the baking of Sarah Rogers, his fiancée was a very close second.  
His expression alone is enough to make them all laugh. The way his shoulders fall back, eyes closing as if it enhanced the taste. 
“Y/N, Doll. This is amazing.”.
“Oh, you’re just saying that to be nice.”. 
The Sergeant leans, shaking his head. “I’m serious. C’mon, everyone gets a slice so we can prove her wrong.”. The other men are quick to do so in case he changed his mind. The Nurse takes her spoonful, a content moan leaving her lips. It’s sinful, Sergeant feeling his cheeks get a little warm from the sound. But the smile is still there, seeing her happy and warm for the first time in a while. She had started acting like her old self lately, the cold of Bastogne melting away.
She catches him staring and throws a wink in his direction. And he falls in love with all over again. It was was easy too, just like how you fall asleep. Slowly, and then all at once. Having her by his side throughout the war was a dream within itself. But to know she wanted to be by his side for the rest of their lives? To grow old with him? The Sergeant couldn’t help but kiss her the second the others go to sleep. 
Somewhere by the docks
Bucky steals glances at the Nurse, Sharon weaving the team between the multicolored shipping containers. The second she would steal one at him, he would immediately look away and pretending he had been scanning the area. Things were starting to become complicated fast. They still didn’t know where they stood in their relationship, and the almost kiss on blurred the lines more.  And Y/N had made it clear she had no intention of talking about it until after dealing with the Flag Smashers.
He didn’t know if he could wait that long.
“I still think you should have waited on the jet, Y/N.”He says when the Nurse actually does catch him, seeing a frown forms on her lips. But she doesn’t say anything to him, looking away again. And Bucky knows that he had hurt her feelings, but….could you blame him for being worried?
“He’s in there.” Sharon stops in front of a unit, turning to look at the group. “Container four-two-six-one. I’ll keep an eye out while you guys talk to Nagal but hurry, we’re on borrowed time.” Each took an earpiece from the agent. The blonde, however, looks at the Nurse and hands her gun. 
“Hopefully, you know how to use this.”. Y/N eyes darken a little. 
“I’m 103. What the fuck do you think I’ve been doing this entire time, sitting on my ass?”. 
During WWII, she learned how to use one, during her time as an agent, escaping Hydra. She had decades to learn how to fight, to learn how to take on people much more significant than herself. For Sharon ( And Bucky ) to just assume she was weak? It annoyed Y/N a lot, actually. 
The Nurse pulls out an automatic knife from her pocket. It was nice looking, Bucky’s eyes watching it as she twirls it in her hand. However, he recognizes it, for he had used the same knife before. It’s only after the Sergeant stares at it a little more that he realizes just how she had gotten her hands on it. 
A gift from the Winter Soldier. He remembered it being one of the asset’s favorites; the handle’s weight had been excellent. It was advance for the period he had given it to the Nurse, probably gifting it to her during her escape. Something to remember him by in hopes that they would never have to see each other again, that he would never be sent to kill her. Why and how she kept it on her all this time was beyond him, could only assume she had it hidden in a pocket somehow. Y/E/C eyes land on him, noticing the look of concern. 
“I’ll be fine, Bucky.” She mutters, checking her gun to make sure the gun was loaded before she and Sharon split off from the group. He watches her retreating form for a moment before following Sam and Zemo into what looks just like an empty unit. 
“Hey, Sharon, you sure this is the right one? It’s empty,” Sam’s voice came through the comms, the two women navigating through the maze of shipping containers. 
“Positive, it has to be,” then her eyes land on the Nurse after looking around the corner. “How good are you in combat?”.
“Good enough. Why?”. 
“We’ve got company.”.
Just as she says that Y/N dug her knife into a man’s side as he made attempted to sneak upon Sharron. Luckily, this guy had some throwing knives on him. How convenient. Looking over at the blonde, she doesn’t think twice be throwing one right into another bounty hunter’s shoulder before she shoots them in the hand. The blonde looks over at the bodies, watching as Y/N goes to retrieve the weapon and ignores the cry of pain from them. It’s only when the Nurse goes to steal the rest of the set; she sees the agent is in a bit of shock.
“Close your mouth; you’re gonna catch flies.”. Walking over to the man who’s grunting, she rips the knife out. “I do believe we need to buy them time?”. 
She knocks another man unconscious before speaking. “Where did you learn how to do that?”. 
“The shooting from being a Shield agent back in the day. And the knife throwing,” two bullets introduce themselves into another bounty hunter’s shoulders. “May have watched the Winter Solider done it a few times. They were convinced I would never escape and that they could turn me into another one of their toys that they allowed me to walk around the building. As long as I had a guard, I would be fine.”. 
The two run around the dock, the Nurse taking the time to take the throwing knives off the body of the one from earlier. Sharon was on the floor choking a guy out as Y/N slammed a woman’s head into a shipping container, pushing him at another bounty hunter. “You two would be perfect together, you know.”. 
“You and Bucky. The both of you are grumpy old grandparents.” Sharron ducks as a knife shoot past her, hitting another hunter in his chest.  
“I’m not grumpy. I just don’t like you. Something about you doesn’t sit well with me; reminds me of someone.”. 
 The blonde ran up the side of a storage unit to do a backflip and land on the shoulder of another hunter, choking him out. The nurse takes this chance to shoot him in both the knees, watching as Sharron hops off before he could fall to the ground.  Looking up at Y/N, the Nurse addresses the niece of her old friend. 
“Now, if we’re done here, I would like to get out of here.”. 
For once, Sharron doesn’t have anything to say as they weaved through the unit, landing in the doctor’s hidden lab. “Guys, we’re kinda outta time here,” Sharon announces, the two women quickly making their way inside. 
The sudden sound of a gunshot made them all jump. Shortly after, before anyone could get a hold of Zemo for shooting the Nagel, an explosion comes next. The Sergeant is quick to pull her underneath him, using his body as a shield as debris floats around them. The ringing in her ears is the only thing reminding her that she’s still alive, eventually opening her eyes. They are met with worried steel blue ones. He’s quick to get off her though, helping her up from the ground and out the now destroyed lab. 
“All right!” Bucky yells over the commotion, taking charge like the Sergeant he once was. “Wait for my signal!”
He hadn’t even finished speaking when Sam started shooting towards a pack of bounty hunters and taking off on his own. Wanting to make sure someone was covering him, the Nurse follows after the avenger.  “Damn it! I thought we were gonna go left!”
“You went the wrong way!” Sam stopped firing to criticize him, leaving the Nurse to do all the work
“I was clearing the way!” Bucky argued.
“Are you two seriously fighting right now?”She screams, only to be ignored. 
“I came out first; you were supposed to follow me!”.
“And where are we now?!”.
“Oh my god, can the two of you just shut up!”.
Another explosion goes off, followed by a person they couldn’t see through the haze, causing a distraction. Sam takes this as a chance to practically shove the two women into an open shipping container.  The Sergeant takes care of a couple more bounty hunters, throwing a pole right into one’s shoulder. However, he doesn’t see the bounty hunter coming up behind him. Without think, Y/N takes out her last knife and throws it. 
It goes right into their head, Bucky turning around just to watch them drop to the ground. Blue eyes land on the Nurse who steps out of the container, sighing as she realizes the knife will be impossible to get out. 
“Where you learn how to do that?”. Y/E/C eyes snap up to meet his. She doesn’t say anything, staring back at him.
“Winter taught me in 1999. Figured it would help me escape from them once and for all, so I practiced throughout the years, just in case they sent someone after me.”. She watches as the super-soldier eyes her, having a hard trying to his expression. Then, Bucky walks over to her and gently grabs her forearm. 
The Baron drives up shortly in a slick blue convertible. “Supercharged.
“You’re going back to jail,” Sam said.
Zemo sighed, exhausted with Sam’s fixation on placing him back where he belonged, “Do you want to find Karli or not?”
The Sergeant is still looking at the bullet graze on her arm, a frown on his lips before he speaks. “He’s right; we need him,” Bucky opened the back door for the Nurse, allowing her to slide in first before following.  
“Let me take care of it when we get back to the jet.”. 
“I’ll be fine, Bucky. It’s nothing compared to the one I got at the Battle of the Bulge.”. 
December 20th, 1944
The Battle of The Bulge 
It’s a loud night, just like the other nights they had been there. However, the foxhole the Howlies are in is dead silent. All of them are bundled together to keep warm as explosions go off in the distance. The sound of large tree branches snapping causes The Nurse to flinch each time, the sound of her heart getting louder in her ears each time. 
Another explosion goes off. And then…
She’s up, feet scrambling to get to the call and ignoring the wide eyes on her as they watch her tighten the strap of her helmet. They had all seen her work before, seen her patch-up cuts and such for them. But never had they seen her like this, pushing aside her fear and taking deep breaths. They only heard the story of her rushing out into the battlefield, but none of them had witnessed this side of her. Her mood changed, going from their happy and welcoming nurse to a medic ready to risk her life in order to look me in the eye and tell me, “Not today.”
With one last glance at her friends, one last reassuring smile, Y/N climbs out of their foxhole and runs into hell. 
More explosions. 
More cries for a medic. There were only so many medics out there, running around and avoiding getting killed. The very idea of that makes them all worry about the woman they all considered family. But Bucky worries the most, wanting to go out there and find her. Wanting to drag her back into their fox hole and keep her safe. 
But he knows Y/N Y/L/N would give him pure hell if he risked her life for that. 
But the longer she’s gone…, the more he worries. 
You all may be wondering, “Sir, how come we’re not reading from Y/N point of view?” or “How come we’re still in the fox hole with Bucky?”. Well, dear readers....there’s a reason why Y/N Y/L/N is traumatized, in which we will get to that shortly.  
The Battle of the Bulge wasn’t just one day. It from December 16th, 1944, to January 25, 1945. The Howling Commandos only stayed there throughout the bulge from December 20th to January 5th, spending a short time at the mansion before taking down Hydra’s train. We both know how that story ends. 
According to the U.S. Department of Defense, over 1 million allied troops, including just around 500,000 Americans, fought in the Battle of the Bulge. With that said, approximately 19,000 soldiers were killed in action, 47,500 wounded, and just about 23,000 missing. Compared to the Germans, you may ask? Only 100,000 of their soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured.
That’s a lot of bodies. 
A lot of wounded men.
And so few medics. 
But...if you all insist.
“I need that morphine.” Her voice is harsh as shaking fingers try and fish it from her bag, proving difficult to with the blonde on her hands.  She and another medic, a young teen named William, sit in another foxhole with a man who has both metal and pine tree lodged into his chest. Whenever he coughs, blood is splattered. 
Andrew drops the bandages, shaking just as much as she is. 
“I got the bandages. I just need you to get the morphine, hon.” Despite the fear in her heart, she’s still so kind. If she’s scared, then she knows that this 18-year-old kid is terrified. The man before them isn’t much older than he is, probably only 24. 
“W-we don’t have anymore. We used the last of it on the other.”William whimpers, looking at her sadly.  The man, Oliver Black, could see the defeated look on her face, and he knew that was near. But instead of being scared, he gently reaches out to take The Nurses hand. 
“Thank you….for trying.”.
Then...silence. Both medics stare down at the man, William reaching out to close his eyes. They have no time to mourn for him, someone screaming for a medic nearby. Both of them are quick to wipe away their tears, running towards another fox hole. It’s a lost cause for this one; the man had bled out by the time they had gotten there. 
The next man had his legs blown off.
A fox hole they were heading to met their end when a tree fell on them, branches impaling them. 
Y/N comes back in the early morning, Steve and Bucky rushing up to help her back into the hole as her legs have gone weak. She and the other medics had been working nonstop, running back and forth to get men onto jeeps, the few that weren’t on fire. 4 men died before they could get loaded on, their bodies among those covered in blankets a few feet away. So many men had died that night. 
Blood. She was covered in so much blood. There’s some on her face, in her hair. Part of her sleeve is torn, wrapped around her arm. But it’s also soaked in blood, her own. Bucky realizes she must have gotten injured while she was out there, not taking as much time as she should to help herself. 
The Captain and Sergeant help her sit down, Gabe giving her the last of their water. But she doesn’t take it, only staring blankly ahead.
“Y/N?” Pinky tries frowning when she still doesn’t budge. 
“Kid.” It’s Dum Dum’s turn. Still nothing. 
“Doll, you’re scaring us.”. Y/E/C eyes land on Bucky, instantly tearing up. 
“I...I lost 64 men. The majority of them were younger than us.”. Her voice cracks, looking down at bloody hands. “Oliver Black from Oxford, United Kingdom. Aiden Black from Princeton, New Jersey. Theadore Carter from Bakersfield, California. Benjamin Potter from High Wycombe. Untied Kingdom.” She names all the men she lost that night. Just as Bucky fell in love with her, The Nurse’s composure shatters. Slowly...then all at once. Despite the blood on her, the Sergeant pulls her into his lap and just holds her, rubbing circles into her back. Steve grabs one of the few blankets and wraps it around the two as Pinky and Jim both go through her medical kit, hoping to see if there’s anything to patch up the graze on her arm. 
There isn’t much. 
The graze would leave a scar on her arm for the rest of her life, just like how she remembers the name of those she couldn’t save. 
The next night is no better, the Nurse having no choice but to shove her fear deep down once again before crawling out from the safety of the fox hole. But every now and then, maybe three times within an hour, she would come back to the Howelies to make sure they were safe. To make sure they were alive. When Y/N left, she was grateful that she had taught them how to do the basics if she wasn’t around. That the Sergeant had some idea what he was doing from patching up Steve. And each morning, right when the sun came up, Y/N would come back just to sob in his embrace. The nightmares started the third day and yet, under those his arms? There was no war roaring on, just sweet nothings whispered in her ears. More promises, Bucky painting the image of their future in her head. 
A beautiful white dress. 
A big diamond on her ring finger.
Their first dance would be to her favorite song, Moonlight Serenade.
A lovely apartment in Brooklyn. Or Queens if she wanted. 
He could see himself being a teacher. She would study either art or medicine. 
A life full of nothing but love and happiness. 
The Jet heading to Latvia
She’s sitting next to the super-soldier, letting out a small sigh as he takes care of the wound. It happened to be on the same arm as the first graze, right under it. The memory of that night causes Bucky to clench his jaw, remember how she clung to him for dear life when she had gotten back. How the next night, despite pushing aside her fear and putting on a brave face, she came back to the Howlies foxhole multiple times to make sure they were alive. When Y/N left, she was grateful that she had taught them how to do the basics if she wasn’t around. 
It came in handy now, Bucky now wrapping her arm. 
“I’m sorry for what happened back in Baltimore. And for everything that went down in Madripoor.”His voice is soft, not wanting to make things worse and not disturb Sam’s call with Torres. “And I know you wanted to wait until we dealt with the Flag Smashers, but…with what happened at the club.”. 
The Nurse takes a deep breath before turning to look at him, a frown on her lips. She goes to speak, but he beats her to it.
“I know everything is different, that we’re different. I...I’m obviously struggling to cope with everything Hydra made me do, convincing myself that the Winter Soldier is gone. And I can tell that the war still has an effect on you. That the effect of the comet has you spiraling into an identity crisis. But...I’m willing to try again if you are, Y/N. I really am.”.
“I know you are, Hon. But I...I don’t want to dump all my problems onto your shoulders. I spent the last 80 years surviving on my own, coping with the fact that I was erased from history. And when I saw you at the diner? I was trying to tell myself that I didn’t need you to save me anymore, that I don’t need Bucky Barnes or the Winter Soldier coming to my rescue. If anything, it was my turn to come to your rescue. To make sure nothing ever happened to you.  That night in Maryland...just made me question if I was trying hard enough. If I ever had tried hard enough. Maybe if I had hunted down Steve, told him that Hydra was keeping you locked up.”.
Bucky lets her ramble on, realization slowly hitting him as Y/N thinks up more scenarios of what she could have done. The Sergeant takes her hands into his, tangling their fingers together. “You remember everyone you couldn’t save, even to this day?”. The Nurse nods, and he frowns. 
“Do you blame yourself?”.
Y/N says nothing. 
“It’s...Doc told me it’s quite common in situations that a patient would feel a kind of guilt.”. 
A girl who could no longer age - Y/N Y/L/N
A boy who could not  remember - Bucky Barnes
Some words - “Say you’ll remember me” “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
A comet - Stark’s Comet
A second war - World War II
An organization with six heads - Hydra
The last thing on that list was:
And notebook full of names 
You may have thought the notebook full of names was Bucky’s list of those he needed to make amends with. I can understand why you may think this. It’s the only notebook full of names that I have mentioned. That was my mistake. What I should have added was this:
A list of those who cannot be forgotten
Or perhaps “Those who couldn’t be saved”? Either way, one of the soldiers on that list was the super soldier before her. Steve Rogers was on that list, even after he was found frozen and defrosted.
It’s very common for people to invent blame or create a casualty when in was completely out of their control. The battle of the bulge was out of her control. Just like Bucky’s “death” was out of her control. His time as the Winter Soldier was out of her control. Perhaps she blamed herself for Bradford’s death as well. 
“You’re not really upset that your history was erased because you loved me. You’re upset because you think loving me somehow got me here. That’s why you don’t want to be remembered as just my fiancée….you’re blaming yourself for everything that has happened to me.”. His voice is still so soft, trying to get the Nurse to look him in the eye. 
During the war, he would risk his life if it meant protecting her. Peggy sometimes had to remind him to not let his emotions cloud his judgment. When he was under Hydra’s control they would use his love for her against him. Y/N knew Bucky wouldn’t think twice about throwing himself into harm’s way for her. 
It could get him killed one day.
Y/N still doesn’t say anything.
Zemo is still preparing food.
Sam is still on the phone. 
“Y/N….what happened that day wasn’t your fault. There was no way you could have known I would have fallen off a side of a train. You said it yourself, you didn’t even know I was alive until 1993. And even if you had told Steve I was alive, being forced to work for Hydra...they had bases all over the world. You couldn’t have known which one I was being held at. It also meant you would risk your secret being exposed or them finding you again. Had they found you told Steve, had been the to send the Avengers after them? They definitely would have killed you, would have sent me to do the job.”. The flesh hand reaches out, tilting her chin to look up at him. And his heart immediately breaks, wiping away her stray tear with her thumb. 
“It wouldn’t have been the first time I risked my life. I still could have done something if I was only brave enough to hunt down Steve. The risk of my secret being exposed was there, but that risk could have saved you years of suffering. Could have given you more time with Steve had I been brave enough.  I-”Y/N voice trails off, more tears running down her cheeks. The super soldier continues to wipe them away. 
“It’s not you’re fault, Y/N. I don’t blame you for anything that happened to me, and I know Steve would say the same. We couldn’t possibly be mad at you, knowing what they did to you. Look, it’s like you said: things are different. We’re different. And we’re not going to have a perfect relationship. No relationship is perfect, especially between a traumatized 106-year-old super soldier and an equally traumatized 103-year-old nurse. And I know it’s going to take some time for you to get used to having someone watching your back, to get used to being loved unconditionally after being alone for so long.  Just like it’s going to take a while for me to cope with my time as the Winter Soldier. Y/N, I’m willing to try if you are.  All you gotta do is tell me when your ready, okay? I’ll wait for you. And when you’re ready? I pro-.”.
The Nurse looks up at him, seeing how he’s looking at her with so much love and hope in his eyes.  And she watches as his smile instantly falls.
“Bucky, I’m immune to time itself. I can’t age. This...this curse forces me to move around all the time, forces me to change my name and my identity. Getting attached to anyone isn’t ideal. And like you said, it’s going to take you a while cope with what Hydra made you do. Doc told you to maintain relationships. You can’t maintain one with someone who’s a different person every twenty or thirty years. And I can’t ask you to suffer the same faith as me, Bucky. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone and especially not you.”.
“But...Y/N, we could make it if we just tired. I prom-”.
“When have you ever been able to keep any of the promises you made me, Bucky?” She didn’t mean to say that, nor did she mean to sound so harsh. But...the words slipped and she watches as the super-soldiers body suddenly becomes tense, slowly letting go of her hands. 
“Bucky, I’m so sorry. I d-”
“I promised I’d remember you, didn’t I? Even when Hydra kept wiping my mind clean, I remembered you. How your favorite song was and still probably is Moonlight Serenade. That your favorite flower is not yellow roses but the yellow one with red tips. How all you wanted for Christmas since you were a kid was a kitten and your parents could afford one until one day, your dad brought you home a puppy. It had been abandoned by his office building.  A collie you named Scout. And you loved her more than anything, so much that you called her your soulmate. She would walk you and your brothers to school each day and would return to walk you back. You loved her so much that when she died your mother had a friend make you a plushie identical to her. Sometimes, the fact that she’s gone makes you cry.”.
I always feel bad for taking away someone’s beloved pet.
Bucky is sheading his own tears, quick to wipe them away. “I remember how you and Steve would bond over art things, things I could understand. I remember how my world seemed to go into slow motion the first time I laid my eyes on you, sporting the blue uniform with the nice hat. Greeted us with that sweet smile of yours and in that thick Queens’ accent. The same accent that brought me to my knees whenever you said my name. How I would lay awake each night thinking about you, knowing that I was wrapped around your finger. I remember how I spend hours in front of the mirror before our first date, worried that wearing my dress uniform would be too much for you. I remember the relief I had seeing you after Steve said us POWs. And I remember how scared I was in France when you were pinned in a corner, worried that the fucker would shoot you right there. I especially remembered the days in the shower room at Hydra, one of the only fond memories I have. I remember every promise I ever made to you how I failed to keep them.”.
The super soldier climbs to his feet, eyes still filled with tears as he looks down at Y/N. “I love you, Y/N Y/L/N. And I understand you have your doubts and that you’re scared. I’m not going to lie to you, I’m just as scared as you are. I’m fucked up and nothing went as planned. I have a hard time maintaining relationships and I lie to my therapist about my nightmares. And you’re right, we have some serious shit going on. But I’m going to be there, right by your side figuring out all this comet stuff. No matter how long it takes. I’m willing to wait for you, Y/N. I’m willing to wait forever if I have to. Even if you decide to just be friends, I won’t let anything happen to you. I won’t let you be alone again.”.
His words stay with her even as they touch down in Lativa early that next morning, heading to one of the Baron’s hideouts. The Nurse and the Sergeant hadn’t spoken much since their conversation, following behind Zemo as he talks to Sam about the remnants of Sokovia. Their hands did brush against each other often; however, both resisting the urge to grab the others. 
“I’m gonna go for a walk,” he suddenly announced as they approached the stoop of Zemo’s place.
“You good?” The avenger asked, all eyes on the super-soldier. 
“Yeah,” Bucky nodded, already backing away from the group, “I’ll see you guys in a bit.”. However, steel blue eyes land on the Nurse, and he gives her a small smile. 
Y/E/C watches as the man walks back down the sidewalk, fighting the urge to follow him. She didn’t know if it was because she knew him like the back of his hand or he had just gotten worse of the years, but it was clear that it wasn’t just going to be a walk. But...she trusted him—more than anything. And so, she follows the Barron and the Avenger inside. 
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marchten · 8 days ago
Hey Doll
a letter from bucky
Tumblr media
December 1941
Dear, Y/N
Hey doll, i know my letter is a bit unexpected but i can't really leave you without a little letter, can i? It had been really tough without your arms wrapped around me and you with your talks about sweet nothings, i do miss it.. Very much, it's all dirt, guns, and mud around here, even a steve rogers could help me calm down a bit.. I really miss your touch doll, and i can't wait to wake up right beside you again. I would also love to taste your delicious meals, i know it's only been a few days.. But what can i do? You've done a lot to me that i couldn't even explain it myself! I'll hold on just for you, even if it would cause a gunshot through my knee.. Just a phrase. For now, love. Take good care until i get back, yeah? I love you t'ill how far the world goes.
Your one and only,
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natasha-romancff · 8 days ago
military uniforms used to be so sexy wtf happened
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earlgreydream · 9 days ago
| bucky x reader | fluff | smut |
1940s!bucky drabbles 🥺💕
anon requested. I just tried to give my boyfriend a kiss but he told me no cause I have lipgloss on
Tumblr media
You sat in front of the mirror in your bathroom, touching up your makeup while you waited for your boyfriend to get home from work. You were excited to see him, putting in the extra effort to dress up for the occasion. He’d been planning a date with you since the weekend before, to make up for all of the time he’d spent at work. 
“Doll?” You stood up as you heard Bucky call out to you. 
You ran through the house, squealing as he lifted you up. You tried to kiss him and he pulled away, setting you down.
“Bucky!” you gasped, your eyes widening.
“You’ll get your lipgloss all over me,” Bucky kissed your forehead, and your eyebrows shot up.
“You won’t let me kiss you because I have lipgloss on?” 
You shook your head, pushing out of Bucky’s arms. Agitation flashed across his steel eyes, and he tried to grab your waist, but you were too fast. Bucky called after you, and you slipped out of his grasp, moving swiftly toward the door.
“Don’t follow me, I will go on this date by myself!” you insisted, your eyes sparkling. Bucky’s fingers caught your skirt, dragging you backward. You shook your head with a shriek, and he begged out apologies, trying to kiss you as you twisted away, your giggles echoing off of the walls.
“Doll, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean it, I’ll spend this entire night kissing you!”
The air left your lungs as Bucky pushed you up against the wall, kissing you roughly. You grinned into the loving kiss, your heart racing and stomach full of butterflies. His hands were planted on the wall at either side of your head, and your fingers twisted into his hair. 
Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling your boyfriend in closer. Hands were under your skirt, his body pressed against yours.
“What about our date?” you gasped between starved kisses. 
“Fix your lipgloss.”
Bucky slapped your ass as you walked away from him, making you blush. Bucky followed you, leaning in the doorway of the bathroom as you stood in front of the mirror. He watched you pull the pins from your hair and turn and lean on the counter.
“I think I’d rather stay in with you,” you confessed, feeling all needy for him.
“Yeah?” A smirk crossed Bucky’s face, arrogant, knowing he’d made you weak.
He walked over, carefully undoing the buttons of your dress, hanging it up on the back of the door.
“Sergeant?” Your voice was soft and sultry, and he turned quickly.
“Come and fuck me?”
He was pulling his uniform off, and grasping your wrists before you could move to sit on the counter. You didn’t understand at first, continuing to try to sit on the edge of the cool marble.
“No, bend over and watch your Sergeant fuck you in the mirror. I want you to see how well your cunt takes my cock. You were made for me.”
Bucky flipped you to face the mirror, your hips meeting the edge of the counter. Bucky’s filthy words made arousal pool between your legs, heat burning through your body. His hands gripped and kneaded your ass roughly, spreading you open for him and kicking your stance wider. You looked in the mirror, seeing him behind you, rubbing against your folds. You would’ve fucked yourself back on him out of pure desperation, if he hadn’t held you down.
“Want me to fill you up?” Bucky’s hand slid up your spine, fisting your hair and tugging you back, your hands planting on the counter.
Your body jolted forward at the sharp slap against your ass, your hips bruising at the impact on the bathroom counter. You whimpered softly, and Bucky’s look came as a warning to correct yourself.
“Yes, Sergeant. Fill me up, please!”
Your body knocked against the counter again as he thrust into you all at once, your hands bracing against the marble. Bucky pulled your head up to watch as he slammed into you, his hips knocking against yours.
“I’m going to tear up your tight little pussy. I want to hear you scream, doll,” Bucky’s breath was hot against your neck. Your hand flattened against the glass mirror, pushing back against his thrusts.
A scream ripped from your throat as he fucked you fast and deep. Bucky moaned, nearly coming from hearing the loud moans and screams he pulled from you effortlessly. He let go of your hair in favor of grabbing your hips, his strong grip making your head spin. Bucky snapped into you roughly, aiming at a different angle that had you falling apart almost instantly.
“Sergeant, I’m going to come!” You cried, your arms shaking as you struggled to hold yourself up.
“Come around me, doll, want to feel you squeezing on my cock,” he smirked, driving himself against your cervix.
Granted permission, all the pressure inside of you released, your head dropping forward and shudders of white-hot electricity wracking through your body. It was like wildfire spreading through every nerve, shooting off a million sparks inside of you, blurring your vision and sending you tumbling into rapture.
Bucky followed closely, holding your hips against his, keeping himself buried all the way inside of you. A strangled cry escaped you as you arched your back, all in response to the feeling of his release filling you until it was spilling out, lewdly dripping down your thighs.
“Can’t keep it all in, Sergeant, m’sorry,” your eyes met his in the mirror, your cheeks wet from the overwhelming high you were coming down from.
“I know, doll. It’s just too much, yeah?”
You nodded, resting your face against the marble and throbbing around him, your boyfriend still buried deep inside your pussy. The mixture of your come was smeared across your swollen sex as he pulled out. You whimpered at the sudden emptiness, and Bucky watched his come drip out of you, the filthy sight making his head spin.
“Look at you, all fucked out and messy. Can’t even try to clean yourself up,” he pushed some of it back in with his fingers, eliciting a broken squeal. You squirmed, too weak to avoid his touch that overstimulated you in all of the best ways.
Your eyes opened as you felt him began to clean you up, taking pity on you after such a rough fucking. Your drowsy smile made him soften, and he kissed your cheek as he lifted your sore body. Bucky carried you to bed, laying you down in the soft sheets to rest.
Tender kisses were pressed to the darkening bruises on your hips, your fingers loosely weaving into his hair.
“I love you, you know?”
You pulled him up into a real kiss, assuring the soldier that you didn’t doubt his love, even for a second.
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anywherebuthere · 9 days ago
I've been blossoming alone over you || b.b.
Tumblr media
1940s!Bucky Barnes x fem!reader
"You always came back. Until you didn't" based on Pink in the Night by Mitski
Wordcount: 580
A/N: the reader is hinted at being a person of colour or just a visible minority, (because I just know Bucky loves his women of colour) but no physical descriptions are included. also i'm following the movie canon dog tags, which say that Bucky was drafted, contrary to what he tells Steve. this was also going to be a lot longer but.. i lost motivation <3
Warnings: angst, allusions to sex, nudity, mentions of the war, bad writing dude I struggled with this, no happy ending
Please do not repost this!! I do not consent to this piece of fiction being published on any other site besides tumblr unless it is by my doing.
wanna be tagged? join my taglist!
Some too many miles away from Brooklyn, an uncharacteristically gentle wind blew through the cracked window, brushing lightly on the bare shoulders of the sleeping lovers. Covered only by an aged comforter, their limbs a tangle of silken skin, indiscernible as to where one ended and where the other began.
In the chill of the night, one James Buchanan Barnes stirred, eyelids fluttering open. He felt himself grin at the figure laid next to him, basking in her presence under the light of the moon.
There was a rosy pink quality in the air, as though the feelings shared in the hours previous had materialized into a tangible sight, seeping into every crevice of the small, damp room.
The space in which they laid was not much, but it was wholly theirs; settled away from the prying eyes that followed the pair regardless of where they went. A place safe to simply exist within proximity of each other, their own safe haven.
He leaned in, pressing a soft kiss to her sweat sheened temple. Her eyes flitted open, still glazed with sleep as she peered into his storm blue gaze.
He felt his heart flutter, blooming at the sight.
Moving in to meet her lips this time, it is easy to forget why he is here and where he would be in the morning. In this frame of time, all that mattered was the taste of cola on her tongue and the way she grinned against his lips.
To merely exist beside her was a blessing in it of itself.
One that was being torn away from him in approximately five hours, alongside his home, his family and friends.
"What did you tell Steve?" she asked, her voice but a murmur against his mouth.
"...that I enlisted," he replied, breath shaking. It had been a decisive lie he had made, one to appear as though he had a semblance of a choice in the matter.
Bucky loathed lacking autonomy.
The pair sat in silence, foreheads pressed together as the cheap alarm clock ticked steadily in the background. It wasn't until he heard a timid sniffle that he opened his eyes to the delicate sight of her teary eyes reflecting in the tinted moonlight.
Just a little away from the safety of their bubble, beyond the fragile glass paned window, it began to rain. They gazed into each other's eyes, silent, save for the echoing pitter-patter of rainwater against cracked concrete.
"Promise me you'll come back?" she choked out, sobs racking through her body so viciously, shivering in his embrace.
Somewhere in the orchestra of a summer shower and distant cabs, the sound of their heartbreak joins the symphony in a deep, devastating crescendo.
And... silence.
"I promise," he murmured into the still air, kissing the tears on her face as though erasing the pain with it.
With every drop, he whispers an "I love you" into her skin, face cupped between the wide expanse of his palms, calloused thumbs stroking her cheek methodically.
Even as the sun peaked through the horizon and her tears had long run dry, he continued to breathe promises into the mercy of her lips, desperate to savour every part of her until the very last moment.
"Once the war is over, you won't be able to keep me away doll," he teases, caressing her backside, tracing the outline of her spine with his finger. "I promise to come back, I always do."
Until he didn't.
taglist: @anchoeritic @gxtitobxby @mollysolo @widowdays @1800-shutup @just-here-to-escape-from-reality
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historygeekfics · 10 days ago
Moonlight Serenade, part 1
Hey guys, so I wrote my first ever fic on AO3 and thought I’d share the link here. Please don’t copy or repost it anywhere else. But if you like it and want to reblog or comment, I will love you a lot.
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Original Female Character
Summary: After Steve Rogers’ infiltration of the Hydra base and the rescue of the 107th, the men are recuperating in London. After joining the Howling Commandos, Bucky agrees to join Steve Rogers back on the battlefield. Gwen Powell, an overworked doctor, is tasked with giving him the all clear before he ships out. Quite unexpectedly, her patient is very taken with her, and she finds herself unable to resist his charms.
Notes: This my first time posting a fic online, and what better way to do it than with an OC that I absolutely love. Meet Gwen Powell, a Welsh doctor and surgeon living in London during WW2. Gwen was born in Swansea in 1914, and that makes her around 30 when the story takes place.
Warnings: I read stories about POWs to research this fic because I wanted it to be realistic. However this means there are medical references, mentions of blood, battlefield injuries, amputations, wounds, infections, and parasites. Nothing graphic, but please don’t read if medical stuff isn’t for you.
Hope you enjoy. Chapter 2 coming soon (with smut!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So that was my first ever fic! I put in a lot of time and research to write it, so I’m excited to hear what you guys think. I will post part 2 very soon on AO3 and share it here. It won’t have lots of medical references like part 1, but it will have smut so 18+ only!
Again, please don’t copy and repost it anywhere without my permission.
If you have any feedback then feel free to comment or message ♥
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