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#104th battalion
shuckfaced-fangirl · 10 hours ago
One day, one fandom aesthetic of me
Tumblr media
Lightsaber color: blue then white
affiliation: formerly Jedi order, formerly galactic republic, rebellion
force side: gray Jedi
starship: x wing
battalion: 104th
master: plo koon (formerly)
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penguinkiwi-writes · a day ago
Hello and Goodnight
Fandom(s): Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars (Prequel Trilogy)
Rating: K
Summery: Ahsoka wanted to see the meteor shower, and unexpected visitor shows up at the docs but he's not an unwelcome one. || AU of an AU— Wolffepack against Child Abuse x MerMay AU
Pairing(s): PloKit, Micah/Plo (Past)
Part 2/3 of the May the 4th fics I have planned. Is this the cursed one? Probably not.
It's also my MerMay bit, though It might not be the only one I do for MerMay, we shall see
Children, Plo Koon knew, were precious. From the moment he had held his baby sister— he had been six years old then— to his career as a teacher, and then as part of the Child Protective Services, to when he held his niece for the first time, to when he first started acting alone outside of the Protective Services…
Yes, children were very precious.
The first children that he had adopted had been when his best friend and first partner had still been alive and with them. They were the same age, though one had been eight when she had been brought into the family, the other seven.
Lissarkh had been the eight-year-old, and had survived in back alleyways, eating scraps from the ground and dumpsters, and had bitten him when he had lifted her up out of the one behind his and Micah’s apartment building. Now she was just older than Wolffe, her hair dyed green and working with Mace to uncover smuggling rings with the Courscant Police.
Or she would be, had she not decided to go back to school. And Plo was fine with covering the costs for both her and her sister.
Bultar Swan had been Plo’s— and Micah’s— very first child. She had been taken in a year before Plo rather unceremoniously found Lissarkh behind their apartment building.
Taken from abusive parents in the city of Kuat, Plo hadn’t the heart to allow the child to enter the Forster System and appealed to Micah then for help.
Ah, but that had been such a long time ago.
Micah had been shot and killed close to fifteen years ago. Bultar and Lissarkh had been twelve, and Lissarkh had only managed to have four years' worth of rather fuzzy memories with him.
Still, in grief and death, he didn’t stop his care of other children. When Bultar and Lissarkh were twelve, he had found Wolffe and his brothers.
And life continued from there.
Plo loved all his children. It was as simple as that.
And as the night continued on, and the embers of the fire began to die, he knew that. Children were precious, and he loved his children.
Plo gazed over the sleeping forms of Boost and Sinker, tangled with Nex and Nox, and Comet. Warthog, Ghost, and Wildfire sprawled in the grass nearby, and Ahsoka wedged between Wolffe and Tracer, with Bultar and Lissarkh nearby and a number of their other brothers and sisters laying in the grass around the once blazing bonfire.
Ahsoka wanted to watch the meteor shower that was due overhead rather soon. Somehow that had translated into inviting as many of the ‘Plo's bros’ from across Coruscant as possible and everyone having a cookout and bonfire in the fields by the docs. 
Plo didn’t mind.
It was lively and rather amusing to watch Ahsoka and Maul gang up on Anakin and Obi-Wan. To meet Bultar and Lissarkh’s friends again, to see Sha again— though she didn’t live too far from Dorin, just on the edge of the city and no more than a three-hour ride to her apartment building.
It had been a good evening. 
But now the children were all settled down to rest until they woke back up due to the numerous alarms set on various phones.
A splash down at the docks made him perk up a bit, folding his glasses back into their case and setting them on the picnic table. He stood, picking his way through the sleeping bodies and walking down to the docks.
Data and Cable (And Plo would never question the boys on the names they wished to choose for themselves) had a small boat that was docked there for when Data needed silence from the noise of the house, but that wasn’t what had alerted him and that's not what had splashed down there.
It didn’t take long to get there, nor did it require much effort to find the switch that turned on the lone lantern at the end of the dock, and a familiar form was leaning on the planks.
Had the figure been a normal human, Plo might’ve been concerned about why they were on the end of his dock, but they weren’t— he wasn’t. 
Not with green skin, large, dark eyes, and tentacle-like tresses instead of hair. No, this one was not human, though he did walk around in a human skin sometimes. He was a Mer, simple as that, though very different in appearance than the mermaids so commonly seen in movies and fiction. Most all of them were.
Nonetheless, Plo chuckled as he walked down the dock towards the figure. 
“Hello, Kit,” he greeted, sitting down and crossing his legs upon reaching the end. A grin full of razor-sharp teeth was flashed his way before melting into a quizzical look.
“No glasses tonight?”
He chuckled. “No,” he told the other, “The light isn’t as bright at night, so my eyes aren’t bothered.”
Kit seemed to ponder on it for a moment before accepting it, something Plo assumed he would, considering how he knew a number of other Mer from the depths of the sea who were also sensitive to light.
Kit had been showing up at Dorin’s docks for a few months now, ever since Wolffe had accidentally fished him up, really. And then, of course, Plo had connected the dots a few weeks later and had met Kit Fisto the Mer-Rights activist, Kit’s human guise.
It had been a good few months of friendship, and, later, a rather interesting romantic partnership.
And Plo rather enjoyed the time spent talking with Kit.
“So what brings you by here?” he asked and the green Mer just flicked his tail, a few drops of water splashing onto his cheek where the medical mask wasn’t covering it.
“Heard some noise when I was on my way back from Aayla’s bar and decided to pop in,” Kit hummed loftily, before be paused. “Foul's still missing, by the way, so if you hear anything make sure to pass it on to her so she can get it to us.”
Plo nodded slowly at the mention of the other two— while Aayla herself wasn’t a Mer, nor was Foul, the two were still targets for the Creatures Trade. A faerie and a yeti, far from their homes, and now Foul was missing.
“I will,” he assured the green-skinned Mer, who just grinned again. “So, why are all of you and yours out this late?” he asked, leaning on his elbows as his tresses curled, flicking drops of water.
Plo hummed, glancing back at his sleeping children. “Ahsoka wanted to watch the Meteor Shower,” he told him simply.
The Mer clicked softly, chuckling before nodding. “Yes, a rather wonderful sight, even for us. If the waters are clear enough out in the open ocean, many of us head to the surface to watch when astronomical events such as this happen.”
“I think humans and non-humans can agree on that at least,” Plo chuckled softly as well, “I studied space in school a long time ago, and once wished to go, but ended up on a different path.” Kit hummed, tail and tresses flicking as he listened. “You humans are so interesting, thinking about duties you want to do for the future, even if they don’t come to pass.”
“While you Mer live in the moment.”
The said Mer just laughed, head tossed back. “Of course,” he agreed. “Why worry over something that is uncertain, and fret over what is not there yet? The future might not come, so live as you do now and enjoy it. If you look too far to the future, you lose sight of what’s around you.”
Plo couldn’t help but smile under his mask. “Perhaps,” he agreed before the sharp sound of phone alarms going off rang out in the night. Kit made a face, shaking his head as grumbles and groans came from Plo’s children, most still half asleep in the grass.
He glanced back at them, seeing Wolffe shake the sleep from his head before lightly punching Boost and Sinker so they woke up. 
Kit whistled to get his attention again and Plo turned back around as the green-skinned Mer pointed upwards. He tilted his head back, smiling again under his mask as Ahsoka let out a whoop behind him. The first of many silver streaks crossed the sky, bright and beautiful and Plo reached over to the lantern, clicking it off without a word.
“Quite a sight, isn’t it?” Kit mused, “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one at the surface. I was down near Muunilinst last time, all the way across the ocean. It’s rather bleak there, so I’m glad I’m down over here for this one.”
Plo hummed, watching the sky still as he nodded. “It is rather beautiful. I missed the last one. Feral had been extremely ill and the Nightbrothers were staying with us until he got better.”
There was silence for a moment before another splash sounded and Plo let out a slightly disgruntled noise as he was splashed, Kit hauling himself onto the dock.
He turned to gaze at the Mer, raising a brow, and Kit just grinned before leaning forwards. A single, clawed finger hooked on the edge of his mask, pulling it down and before Plo could say anything, Kit closed the distance between them.
It wasn’t a deep kiss, not like the first time Kit had kissed him out of nowhere, but it also wasn’t playful like the quick and teasing pecks the Mer had peppered across his face while he had been slightly tipsy at Aayla’s bar. 
It was nice, either way though, as Kit pulled back. “Cute.”
Plo reached up, touching his cheeks before huffing a bit and pulling his mask back up to hide his flush.
“Hush, you,” he huffed again, smacking the Mer on the arm as he laughed. That just made Kit laugh harder, tresses curling and moving in that happy way they did when he was delighted.
Plo rolled his eyes, turning his head back up to the sky as more and more meteors crossed the wide expanse. Behind him, he could hear his children talking, words of awe and wonder drifting down to the docks. 
“It really is beautiful,” he murmured as Kit rested his chin on his shoulder, tresses curling and draping across the other one.
“Just like you,” the Mer teased, an equally teasing croon leaving him, and Plo bit back a laugh. The compliment was sincere, but nonetheless.
“I will push you off this dock, Kit.”
And Kit just laughed, wrapping his arms around him as the stars continued on their paths over head.
Dorin is the name that belongs to Plo's farmhouse, Data and Cable show up briefly in some of my other work and Nex and Nox showed up in the previous WPACA installment. Ghost shows up like all the time in my works hagjkfjghd. Anyways, was this the cursed one? That's for you to decide. Happy May the 4th!
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avxngerssherlockfan · a day ago
I had a headcanon (I don’t know if it already exists) that Plo Koon is really good at cooking. Like, he doesn’t even have to taste the food as he makes it, he just whips together the best meals. Also, when Ahsoka was little, he would make her dinner, and he would keep refilling her plate until she was too full (like grandmas do)
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Wolffe: You’re worthy of love.
Boost: Your quirks, your body size, your disability, your scars...
Sinker: Your acne, stretch-marks, and anything else you’re insecure about.
Warthog: None of it means you’re any less lovable.
Comet: Everything about you deserves love, even the parts you don’t like.
Wolffe: And even if you don't think so, we do. You're worthy, more so than you know.
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Wolffe: Boost's Manga lied to me. I never see bad boy types protecting stray kittens, therefore revealing to me their soft side. It’s always me picking up the cats.
Wolffe: Maybe I’m the bad boy.
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ivorydragoness44 · 4 days ago
Kinda getting excited over all of the different Star Wars stuff I'm going to share with you all on the 4th, and possibly the rest of the week.
There's characters that I haven't written for yet, so I'm ready to see how that is received. :)
Hope you're doing well!
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Ahsoka: Wow, Master Plo! You're so brave! You didn't even hesitate to throw yourself in danger!
Plo: That's because I have no regard whatsoever for my personal safety. You can ask Commander Wolffe.
Wolffe: I have never been more stressed in my entire life.
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Wolffe: Don’t wanna end the year on bad terms with someone so, if you have beef with me, die.
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jenstar1992-2 · 8 days ago
✨Clones + Celtic Symbolism✨
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This was the closest I could find to represent the traits I was looking for. This symbol is said to represent Truth, Honesty, and Justice.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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xautunno · 8 days ago
Noble - Chapter Nine
Bleeding Gold
“Well, one Jedi is worth a hundred droids, so a padawan is what? Half of that?” Someone called out from the back.
Boost and his team, consisting of twelve troopers total, stood on one side of the room. Rubber balls twirled menacingly in their hands.
Sinker opened his mouth to retort but Aishah laid a calm hand on his arm. Two lonely balls stood at their feet.
Others on and off duty gathered on the upper level to watch.
“Really?” Aishah smiled. “So I’d be a match for fifty droids?”
“I’d say so.” Murmurs of agreement rippled from the team.
Either they easily forgot her cane tucked away into a corner of the room or they seriously bought into the mystics of the Jedi. Or they were trying to boost her ego.
The rest is right here
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angelwars11 · 9 days ago
'Bad shit happens' angst series (NEW) 1/31 chapters!
Tumblr media
Author: me (AngelWars) and yall_its_me_Nicole
Summary: During a protest against the war in front of the Senate building on Coruscant, the 104th is sent to assist the Coruscant guard. And of course, it doesn't go exactly to plan.
Warnings: Graphic stab wound/good amount of blood
Enjoy! 😈 🔪
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Monnk: What if everyone just chilled out?
Wolffe: No.
Monnk: What if the whole galaxy just relaxed, just a little bit?
Wolffe: I neither can nor want to.
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nibeul · 13 days ago
I have many thoughts right now, but here’s one that I want to share with y’all:
We all know Plo Koon is an excellent Jedi, and on top of that, an excellent pilot. He demonstrates compassion without possessive attachment, understanding and empathy even for those who were trying to kill him, beats the shit out of slavers (as he should, thank you comic book content), shows control and patience when in strenuous situations (electric judgement), and cares for the men under his command. Then, while there are only snippets in the show, his skill behind the controls of his starship have got to be some of the best in the Order. He was considered to be one of the greatest Force Sensitive pilots right after Saesee Tiin and Anakin with 300~ years of experience under his belt.
Which leads me to Order 66.
Plo Koon had to have sensed something. Not only that, but his ship’s radar would have picked up on the incoming bolts, that pairing with his already natural intuition thanks to the Force. The Jedi starfighters (I believe he was still using his Delta-7 Aethersprite by Cato, I would have to rewatch RoTS to double check) were specifically built without shields because the Jedi were expected to be able to use the Force to ward off attacks. The defenses of that ship quite literally relied on a Jedi’s connection to the Force, and a Jedi had to keep hyper focused in order to avoid going down in a spiraling ball of molten metal. Unlike most of the Jedi we see fall to O66, Plo Koon had the benefit of being in the air; he has the ability to move in a 3D plane instead of being confined to the ground. With all these factors combined together, Plo Koon should’ve lasted longer than he did. I would even say there was a chance at his survival.
So why didn’t he? The easy explanation is that he was just a side character, someone who was meant to be expendable just to show the full extent of Order 66. Maybe he was taken off guard by the sudden surge of deaths through the Force that he was so connected to (but Plo Koon was a master at shielding, so I’m shaky on that explanation too). There are a dozen explanations that could be boiled down to minor plot holes and the fact that he wasn’t supposed to have much of a story, but..
What if he hadn’t gone down with those first few shots? What if he saw that it was his own men firing at him, the men he trusted with his life and still loved as his sons (of course he can’t be close with every single clone in his battalion, but these are his wingmen we are talking about. There has to be an established level of trust and connection there) even when they are trying to kill him? He could fight through them—shoot them down like they were trying to do to him—and peel off before more fighters can arrive, push through the Republic blockade but... that would require bloodshed. That would require for him to shoot down his own men who he had sworn to care for and protect with his life since the tragedy that was the Malevolence.
What if Plo Koon, in a singular moment of clarity, lifted his hands from the controls and surrendered himself to a death he decided against avoiding?
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