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#... just realized this may have been 10% of the reason that reading that story made me crack up
mean-scarlet-deceiver · 3 months ago
Regarding my last post... 
While I will not be adapting the tale for them (I already have ideas to steal it for two fic projects, none of which have to do with these boys) the classic line 
The driver, realising that abusive language would only traumatize him even more, adopted a more consolatory tone - 'I say fireman', he screamed over the pandemonium, 'would you kindly stop blowing that f.....g whistle!'
is absolutely the embodiment of my early Charlie-and-Sid dynamic. 
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augustbutwinter · a month ago
my tears ricocet #9 | kth
#9 it’s not living (if it’s not with you)
Tumblr media
word count: 2008 words
series: my tears ricochet [masterlist]
summary: you wonder, if he plans to come back at all
pairing: ghost!reader x taehyung
genre: ghost!AU, roommate!AU, fluff / angst / crack
warnings for this series:  (still kinda) sfw  // it’s a ghost story, so death will be touched upon // questionable ghost mythology //  language (curse words)
chapter warnings: suggestive/suggested mature content, it’s implicit and basically a fade to black, but spoiler alert, there’s implicit boinking, alcohol is being drunk by a moping Taehyung (not the best coping mechanism.)
beta read by  @snackhobi​ (THANK YOU!!! And sorry, for objecting you to my punctuation…but seriously thank you. <3)
A/N: This chapter’s title comes from a The 1975 song, so this is for you Hana (@cutechim​), because  I wouldn’t have rediscovered them, if it wasn’t for you, and their music has been a big source of inspiration. (ALSO the biggest Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your kind words and your encouragement and support.) <3
Also: This is it. We made it through the worst of the angst (I think...) Get ready for some cheese and fluff after this (for a minute at least).
#8 at least one of us is living – #10 no, i’m not a snack at all (look baby i’m the whole damn meal) 
It’s been weeks and Taehyung still hasn’t come home.
You can see him leaving Yoongi’s house for work and coming back in the evening. You see him sitting on the couch watching TV, drinking maybe a little too much wine, looking sullen, a sad pout on his lips.
And you - you can’t even leave the fucking house, and every day you miss him more. The pull inside you getting stronger and stronger. You fucking miss him, and you don’t know how much longer you can take it, before you go insane and turn into a poltergeist or some other kind of vengeful spirit.
It’s a gloomy afternoon when you finally snap and decide you can’t take it anymore. In your opinion, the worst case scenario has already occurred: Taehyung has disappeared from your life. So how much worse could it get? 
You know that you have to act, because his stubborn ass probably won’t. And you need to. You need to talk to him, you need to at least tell him that you’re happy he’s the one living with you, even though you aren’t. That you’re not angry about what he said, because even though it hurt you, it was the truth. You want to tell him that he’s the best thing to have happened to you in your current state of afterlife. You have to at least try.
So you decide to go for it, fully prepared to go crashing back through the whole house and disturb the bees and the cat while doing so.
When you arrive at the little gate separating the garden from the sidewalk, you take a deep breath, open it, and remind yourself you're only trying to cross the street and not a whole ocean, even though it feels the same - you just hope you don’t drown.
While you slowly move your right foot in front of your left foot, you carefully examine your body and realize with surprise that the force pulling you back to the house isn’t pulling at full force.
Putting your foot down, you take in another deep breath and move the other one forwards. The elastic band inside you hums, but still gives you some leeway. Air leaves your lungs in a relieved sigh, while your eyes are trained on your goal: the house across the street. Less than a hundred meters, and the ocean shrinks a little bit as you gather courage from the first successful step. 
You grow more and more aware of the pull that draws you there. Taeyhung is over there. 
Step by careful step you venture across the street, always mindful of the push and pull inside you. You wait for the point that your tether decides that you have wandered off too far, and pulls you back, but it never does. 
It feels a little strange and tense, but it allows you another step and then one more.
The tension shifts and dances inside you, and makes you feel a little nauseous. But then again, is it really the tension of the tether, or is the nausea coming from the fact that you’re about to see Taehyung? You’re painfully aware that this could very well be the last time you talk to him, because the reason behind him not coming home is not that he wants to honour your wish of putting some distance between the two of you, but rather that he has had enough of you, enough of living with a ghost.
When you finally arrive in front of Yoongi’s door, your courage deflates even more. What now? You need to talk to him, nothing else will do, no matter the outcome. But at the same time you’re deathly afraid.
And so you make yourself ring the bell, even though your thoughts won’t stop running in circles.
What if this is it? What if this is the moment you’ll find out that Taehyung has decided, you're not worth it, you're not even a real person, so what should he want with you, why should he waste any more time on you? Why even be friends at this point? What if…
Yoongi opens the door, gives you a once over with raised eyebrows, and mutters as if to himself: "Huh, strange. I thought it was the house." 
Then louder - before you can even tell him why you’re here, or what he means by that -
"Tae, your g - uhm - your good - uhm -  friend is here. It's time to stop the moping."
And then you can feel it, you can feel Tayhung moving inside the house, coming closer to the door. Something inside you shifts again, some of the pressure is released with every step he takes closer to you, and you feel relief oozing out of you and happiness slowly starting to bubble up.
When he arrives at the door, he is quiet, and you can’t turn your eyes away from his face. On the day of your cursed fight, the night he left, you couldn’t stand looking him into the eyes, and now it seems you can’t look anywhere else than into his warm and soft gaze. You’re so ridiculously happy to be close to him that you don’t even try to stop the word vomit that leaves your mouth.
“Hi.” You give an awkward little wave. “I know, you probably despise what I am and maybe even who I am, and I get that. I...I just miss you.”
You might have imagined it, but his eyes widen a little bit at your words, and he opens his mouth, as if to say something, so you rush on.
“Please come home? Let me be your ghostly roommate. I know I’m dead. Inside and out, but I really miss you. And I want you to live. With me. Even though I’m not. I mean, living.”
He interrupts you, and by the velocity by which the words leave his mouth, it’s obvious that he has also been waiting to get them off his chest. 
“I didn’t mean it. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean a single word I said. About the living. If there is one thing, I have realized since then - it’s not living what I’m doing, not really. I’ve just been existing, but not living.” 
He takes a big breath and locks his eyes with yours. 
“It’s not living, if it’s not with you.”
And suddenly his hand is on your arm. It’s warm, and your worlds stop turning.
Taehyung thinks he might be hallucinating for real now. He already thought Yoongi was messing with him, when he told him you were there, but this? This can’t be real.
Your skin really is the softest thing he has ever touched.
“I don’t know what this is. I don’t know what this means. And I don’t know what this could be.” His voice grows smaller, and a little uncertain, while his eyes are now locked onto his hand that hasn’t moved from your arm one inch.“ But I want it. I want you, in whatever way there is. In whatever way, you’ll have me.”
While his gaze stays on your arm, yours is on his face, and you can’t contain the smile that starts spreading, as you revel in the feeling of his skin against yours, and you feel the love you have for this human spread through your body, warmth filling you up until even the smallest corner is brimming with it and you feel encouraged to finally ask him what you came here to ask.
“Do you want to come home with me, Taehyung?” 
You hold out your hand to him, and with wonder in his eyes he takes it and intertwines your fingers with his, marvelling at the way your hand fits into his perfectly, as if it’s the only place it was meant to be.
You cross the street for the second time in your afterlife, and the tether inside you is quiet, there’s no humming, no push, no pull. There’s only you and Taehyung crossing the street together, going home. There is only his hand in yours.
No more words are exchanged until you’re back in the same space you fought in, but there’s no more thought of that. The only thing Taeyhung can think of this second is that night in late October, the night he almost got to touch you. He still can’t believe he’s doing it now, your hand still safely in his. He thinks he might not ever want to let go of it. It’s more than he dared to hope, but at the same time not nearly enough. And so he dares to ask.
“May I touch you?” he whispers, barely audible.
“You’re already touching me.” You look down on both of your hands, fascinated by the way they fit together so effortlessly, like they are meant to be like this. Intertwined.
“No, I mean...” He searches for words. “I want to touch you, really touch you.”
“Please.” You hope he can hear you, because your voice is barely above a whisper, so you try again. “Yes, please.”
“Okay, let me try this.” He echoes his own words from weeks ago and this time you know you feel his warm breath on your cheek, and you see a strand of his hair being moved by the sudden rush of air leaving your lungs. 
His hand that is not intertwined with yours makes its way to your cheek and you think you might pass out when skin touches skin. It’s so warm and so soft, and you lean your whole face into his palm and your eyes flutter shut.
Like the last time, your faces are just millimeters apart, but this time - with a little pull from your hand - you urge him closer to bridge the small gap. He moves more than willingly and when his lips touch your lips, stars explode behind your eyes.
His lips are softer than you could have imagined in your wildest dream and your arms develop a life of their own as they sneak behind his neck and pull him closer until you’re all but pressed against him, your lips moving against his gently, exploring their softness - slowly, as if you had all the time in the world.
For the first time since leaving Yoongi’s front porch, his hand leaves yours to embrace you fully and keep you anchored against his body. You’re grateful for this, because your knees already feel like jelly.
A small sound leaves the back of your throat when his hand finds his way underneath your shirt and touches the naked skin of your back, and his breath hitches as he holds you even closer, and thinks he might have a new favorite sound. 
Slowly, step by step, he starts moving, until his back hits the wall, and he’s relieved he’s made it this far. Your lips, your body, your warmth - his senses are thoroughly overwhelmed. Stars dance behind his eyes, as your mouth opens to his, and swallows the whimper that becomes your undoing.
Without uttering another word, you let go then. You allow yourselves to get lost in each other. Each touch, each meeting of skin against skin lights up fireworks. 
Each kiss, each gentle caress of lips and tongues accelerates the fire that burns inside you.
Each sound, each stuttering breath, each whispered name, each moan, and each whimper that leaves one of your mouths a testament of the love that fills the room.
You wake up with sunlight in your face. It is warm. 
As is his arm around your middle, as is his chest against your back. 
As is the breath that leaves his mouth fanning over your shoulder, as are his lips pressing a soft kiss on the curve of your neck. 
As is his voice that whispers little sweet nothings into your ear, as is the smile that starts blooming on your face
You’re not sure how long this is going to last, but you vow to savour every last second of it.
tagging: @btsarmy9593 @sahmfanficbts @cutechim @xjoonchildx @jinpanman​ @snackhobi​ @inkofyoongi​ @tangledsparkles​ @amand-uhh​ @ggukkieland​ @weasleyswizarding-wheezes​
Ⓒaugustbutwinter 2021  (Please don’t repost. If you like it, reblog it, leave a heart, drop me an ask or a message. I’d love to hear from you!)    
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annakie · 2 months ago
Are we out of the woods yet?
Hey all, haven't been on tumblr in a few days!
I have been living through what so many other Texans have been living through, so I thought I’d write a bunch of words about it, for posterity.  My story isn’t nearly as bad as so many others, but hey, it was still a fairly major historical event so... writing it for my own memories. :)
Post title because that particular Taylor Swift song was stuck in my head for most of the last few days, for obvious reasons.
So the last week has been an adventure! Last Friday I got my first Moderna Vaccine, and I posted about it a few times, but by Monday was feeling pretty good. Of course, it snowed overnight. I'd been so out of it all weekend I didn't realize quite how bad it was going to be, but when a friend who lives nearby told me his power was out I kinda went "uh oh", baked myself a box mix of orange cranberry bread, fortified some windows with blankets, and crossed my fingers. Also starting that morning I'd reduced the temperature in the house, and shut off and unplugged everything non-essential.
I was feeling pretty happy when the power stayed on all day. My friend's power came back that evening so I thought I was out of the woods.
And then at 10pm... plunged into darkness.
I threw some more blankets into areas where the cats hang out and my bed, let some friends know, and tried to go to bed, hoping for the best in the morning. Couldn't fall asleep for hours, worrying, as the temperature was plunging to the negatives for the first time in living memory in Texas. Finally fell into a restless sleep, and woke up a few hours later, no power.
The worst thing about no power is like, all the things you can't do. My phone started at 100% charge and I'd charged all my devices including my backup battery, but still tried to conserve power. The scary thing was hearing that this could last for days. And boy the news that day was bleak about the possibility of having power again anytime soon. The house, however, stayed at about 51 degrees the entire day. So, it was cold, but very bearable with a few layers and blankets. Whichever cats I was near were very cuddly though.
I was really glad to have the cranberry orange bread because it was tasty and easy to eat. Also had a sizeable amount of beef jerkey, and chips, and I'd bought about 48 bottles of water at the start of the pandemic that I never drank, so I had no worries about what to eat for the time, luckily. I figured, worst case, I'd figure out a way to do soup over a candle to have a hot meal eventually.
I’d been dripping the bathtub and checking the other faucets regularly.  I’ve never had a burst pipe in the normal cold we have, and was hoping for the best this time as well.  All seemed well the entire day.
I slept a lot when I wasn't scrolling twitter and nextdoor for information. And early afternoon there was a knock on the door. My mom literally called the cops to do a wellness check on me because I hadn't answered texts in a few hours, lol. I thanked him, and called my mom. Internet had been spotty and her calls weren't going through, nor notifications when I got texts. So that was... notable.
I tried doing some reading, and playing on my Switch but to be honest, I was so anxious about everything that I couldn’t relax and keep my mind on anything but the lack of power and when it’d come back.  I did take about four naps though. Considered bringing some of the cats into the car with me to warm up but realized I’d have to lift the garage door manually to run the car without, you know, dying, and instead just turned it on for less than a minute twice that day to keep the battery without carbon monoxide poisoning.  (My garage door is solid wood.  Even with good springs... it’s heavy.)
By the time it started to get dark, I started to worry about how much longer this would go on. I have a friend who has a 4-wheel drive... idk a land rover or something. He lives about 30 minutes away normally. It'd probably take well over an hour for him to get there now, especially since there was another storm coming that night. Since learning my power was out, he'd been asking if he could come get me, and they had steady rolling blackouts in their neighborhood, several other people I knew nearby were also saying their blackouts were rolling along.
I resisted, because I really didn't want to move the cats but I would never ever abandon my pets. But also it would be very difficult to move them. Patchy doesn't get along with any of them -- she stays in the master bedroom 100% of the time. There was a short period of time last year she would explore the house, but she got along with everyone else, especially Fry, so poorly that she decided she did not want to explore the house anymore. Fry sometimes wanders into the master bedroom and if they're both on the floor there's lots of hissing and yelling, and maybe swatting. She also has nothing but hissing for Pemily and Leela if she sees them. The master is her domain, the rest of the cats can have everything else.
Everyone else can be mean to Leela, though she gets along OK with Pemily most of the time. 
But Fry is just... hoo boy he is nothing but a problem child I don’t want to subject on others.  He’s a bully and an asshole and yells loudly when anything doesn’t go his way.  He would really, really not take a new environment well.  He hates the outside, and runs away when I even open a door.  And getting him to the vet involves kitty sleeping pills, though he also still fights through it enough to freak out the entire time he’s in a carrier badly, yeowling the entire time and literally rips all his nails off trying to get out, still trying to dig his way out with bloody paws.  It’s a nightmare.  So the thought of getting all four of them into carriers at the same time, then putting them all in a car for well over an hour (and the entire trip would be nothing but all four of them crying the entire time with Fry being the worst), then bringing them into someone else’s house, and needing two separate rooms because I can’t put Patchy in the same room as the other three... and trying to keep them all calm in a whole new situation when none of them were used to any other environment than my house (aside from yearly trips to the vet) man... moving them was a last resort.
But around 10pm when I had been sitting in the dark for 24 hours, I texted him and said in the morning, if the power wasn't on, we'd talk about him coming to get me and the cats in the morning.
Tumblr media
I fortified Leela’s bed with a blanket fort.  (Pic above was from later, when I got power, and was way more open than I kept it when it was cold.) I couldn’t get her to move anywhere else... it actually worked pretty well. 
I fortified the master bedroom with blankets over the sliding glass door on Monday and then put Patchy’s cat bed on the bed and fortified IT with more blankets.  After she was settled in I managed to get her covered up.  Then I went into the living room, which is the smallest room in the house and a room most would use as a bedroom, and snuggled into the couch with Fry and Pemily, the door cracked for ventilation, and four candles burning. 
Fell asleep around 10:30.
Around midnight I was woken up by a terrifying sound... running water.  Honestly thought I was dreaming for a moment, had to work to pull myself out of my dream, and my heart froze in terror that I may have a burst pipe.  And then I heard a very, very good sound... the furnace turning on. 
POWER!  26 hours later.. POWER.  The running water sound was the cats’ water fountain.
Got out of bed, nuked myself a small frozen pizza, checked around the house for everything and everyone being OK, plugged in all my portable devices to recharge, and went back to sleep.  Woke up around 4 and still had power.  I thought... I really wanted a hot meal and should cook something that wouldn’t be bad as cold leftovers for lunch, as I’d finished the cranberry orange bread when I woke up at midnight.  I didn’t want to use too much power so uh... I made Fettuccine Alfredo, and ate half of it... at 4am.  What?  It was good.
Also... I hadn’t seen the stray cat I’d been taking care of since Sunday night.  He hadn’t even visited because there were no tracks in the snow.  Checked the backyard randomly and he was there!!!  So he got food and water.  I was very happy.
Tumblr media
THERE’S THE BOY!  I call him Patchy’s Boyfriend.  Taken through the blinds as to not scare him.
Tumblr media
Animal tracks in the snow!!  I was glad some birbs got some water, too!
Went back to bed in my own bed.  Woke up a little later than normal for work with the power still on.  Texted my folks to tell them the good news.  Got up and went into the kitchen, started contemplating coffee and pancakes for a hot meal.  Opened the fridge for the first time and checked the milk.  Sadly, it didn’t survive, and realized I was a dumbass for not just.. putting the groceries... in the garage... where it was cold...
And just as I sighed and started to decide if I wanted coffee without milk... the power went back off.  Aw, damn.
My spirits were lifted, though, at having power and a warm house overnight.  I checked in with work and let them know I’d be out again unless the power came back, told my friends and said NOT to come get me, decided NOT to tell my mom the power was off again, because all that would do is make them worry about me all day again, checked on the cats and tucked them in, and went back to bed.  Got some more sleep.
Relaxed more that day, with the house taking longer to cool down.  Actually played some Switch, read the first couple of books in the Mass Effect Comic Collection.  Had cold Alfredo and an apple with peanut butter for lunch.  Scrolled twitter a lot more, not afraid to have to go to my backup battery if needed.
Right around the time I’d usually be knocking off for work... the power came on again.
And it didn’t shut off.  Yay.
In total I was without power somewhere around 34 hours.  It sucked.. but also... I didn’t have my pipes burst... they didn’t even freeze.  The house never dipped below 50, thanks insulation!  My water was always running, though for a few hours it was very low pressure, and always clean.  My city government and congressman were both very involved and communicative, doing their best to help people and get the word out.  City had two warming centers should I have needed them, one of which was pet friendly.  I had plenty of food and water, enough for a week or more easily.  I had friends willing to put themselves at risk and through inconvenience to make sure I was taken care of.
A lot of people had it much, much worse.  So yeah.  I don’t ever wanna do that again, but for me, it wasn’t all that bad.
Shoutouts to:
My nearby friend Eric, who would have let me stay at his place if needed.
My far-away friend Marcus for offering to come and get me, and suffer the inconvenience of my cats.  Other friends would have if I’d asked, too.
My queen sized purple fleece blanket for being so warm and comforting.
My warm fuzzy bathrobe, messy bun beanie, and fuzzy slippers for making sure I was never all that cold.
My cats for weathering things well.  They also learned that maybe they DO like being under covers now.
My LED Headlamp for providing hands-free light for hours and hours.
My mom for a bag of candles she gave me YEARS ago I always would see and want to throw out, but didn’t let myself just in case I needed them someday.  I burned many of them and they kept me warm that second night.
Also my mom for... calling... the police... on me?  I know she loves me.  Also that cop for having a sense of humor about it and telling me to call my mom more often lol.  ACAB and all, but I shoulda checked my texts.
My Switch and Mass Effect Comic Collection for being huge piles of entertainment when I could finally relax and read them.
My coworker Monica for suggesting I make something I could snack on easily in case we lost power.  That cranberry orange bread was perfect.
Me for never throwing away a blanket.  I should probably donate some, though.  Between the cats and covering windows and me, though.. I used... a lot of blankets.
4am Fettuccine Alfredo.
My municipal utilities for already saying our bills wouldn’t be drastically higher from this month.  Although, I take it back for being real bad at the “rolling” part of the “rolling” blackouts.
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what have I created?
idk if yall like this, but they just exist not i guess :/
ok the the first one is Royalty AU
first things first, when I say Royalty AU, I don't mean the classic shit we've all become accustomed to. Im talking about the good old Chinese royalty! And I want to emphasize that these guys will/should be dressed in century appropriate attire. As someone thats read a handful of 'marinette, princess of china' fics from the ML Fandom, I've noticed a common trend. Marinette wouldn't be in the culturally appropriate clothes, always ballgowns. Not that there's something wrong with it, its just most of if not all these fic are set in China, so I'd expect Chinese royalty to dress as THERE dress code calls for. And since this AU takes place far in the past like, it won't make sense for any of the characters to be in royal clothing that wasn't from there region. I'm not trying to white knight/gatekeeping. Im Guyanese not Chinese. But since JTTW and Monkie Kid take place in China, it's only right. In my opinion that it. You don't have to outright agree with me.
With out of the way, it's time for that good old AU crack
- Wukong is the king of the Flower Fruit kingdom(or a different one if you'd like, again I'm only familiar with what western culture has taught me, but I'll try my hardest) 
- he’s single but rumor has it he used to/still is dating the Vigilante/thief The Six Eared Macaque
- *chants ShadowPeach violently* 
- no one know whether it true or not
- On of his wanders around the kingdom he finds an abandoned baby in a basket. 
- and no shit sherlock it's fucking baby Xiaotian 
- I think we all know where this is going because i'm a simp for Monkey Dad & Monkie Son shenanigans
- Xiaotian becomes prince
Shit, ill be referring to Xiaotian as Mk from now on, I mentioned this before in a fic I wrote for lmk that Mk's a nickname for Xiaotian for some reason- wait i don't have to explain my self to you people!
- Sun loves his son
- MK is treated differently by staff and others because he's not blood related to the king
- no one mistreats MK per say, because there King loved his adopted son, but words are said behind his back
- Sometimes MK hears what’s said, and he feels as if he won't live up to his dad’s legacy.
- He meets Mei during a festival
- Mei is from a noble family, that wouldn't mind if they got a connection into the royal family.
- but it becomes hella clear to Mei’s family very fast that the two are just friends, and will always will be. but hey there daughter is bffs with the prince so that's a plus.       
- the Demon Bull Family is rules a kingdom as well, I dont/am not creative enough to think of a name I leave that to you.
- It's a common misconception that DBK is a tyrant, when he’s not. 
- most of the time...
- they have been at war with the Monkey King for some time now and settled for a peace agreement.
- that agreement being there sons to marry
- oooo original i know
- MK and Red Son are roughly the same age, Mk being 20 and RS 22
- RS is revolted/disgusted at the idea of being wed to the Monkey Kings child, even more so when he realizes MK is adopted,
- but, that all changes the second he meets MK while he meets him by accident when he gets kinda lost in the palace when he and his parents go to discuss the arrangements.
- the second he looks at MK, he's instantly in love. MK less so, he's nervous and honestly kinda bummed he's not marrying someone he loves but it's for the good of his ppl, and he'll do anything for them.
- RS isn't even aware that MK is Suns adopted son until MK walks him back to the meeting room.
"Oh There you are MK! I was about to have a servant go fetch you!" Sun Wukong says, gesturing for his boy to come sit with him.
"S-sorry for keeping you waiting I got caught up in my lessons with Mr. Tang" MK responds, sitting next to his father. Red Son looked gobsmacked. The beautiful young man he had bumped into, was the prince of this land? Damn, life truly blessed him. Or cursed him depending on how you looked at it.
- the two are left alone in a separate room for a while.
- And MK straight up tells RS why he's agreeing to this union.
"Look Red Son. I've dreamed about meeting my one true love for a while. And I would give almost anything for that dram to be real. But I wouldn't ever dare give up my people, for as there price they mean more to me. I'm doing this for them, no other reason" MK says, his back straight and hands folded neatly in his lap. The look in his eyes was a mix of sadness, but that was drowned out by loyalty and determination. It just made Red Son fall for him even harder. Clearing his throat Red spoke.
"I understand, for im doing this for the betterment of my people to. But I propose a wager"
"A wager?"
"Yes, if i can make you fall in love with me by years end, before our marriage, we can live together like in the fairy tales from far away. But if I fail, in a years time afterwards you will be permitted to find your own path in life" Red Son stated. MK took a moment to process what was happening.
"So, if you succeed in making me fall in love with you, before our marriage we can live happily ever after?" Red Son nodded in response, letting the younger continue.
"And if I shouldn't fall for you, in a years time after our union, im free to leave?" Red Son nodded once more.
"So, what do you say?"
In the end, your free to choose their fate, should Red Son win the hart of Mk? Will he fail? Or will he let him go, and let him travel the country, after all Mk's a free spirit and keeping him trapped in a big house is like keeping a cannery trapped in a cage only for its song, only for it to dul. Or will the unthinkable happen and will both boys find their freedom? together or appart? I don't know, because that's all up to you 😉
personally, I’m partial to where MK and Red Son both find freedom together. Like they straight up run away together to somewhere far away and just live out there lives together. 
this could also be genderbent thing as well. MK or Red as their respective counterparts. Again it doesn't have to be, but it’s whatever bro. im just spitting out the idea. 
Also, there is a main side plot that they fight the WBS throughout the year as well, along with other shenanigans you wanna throw in.
The second is a My Hero Academia/BNH/MHA AU
truth be told i'm not a big fan of MHA i think it to over hyped(this is also coming from the same person that’s a Fairy Tail fan lol), and the fandom i don't even know how to describe that mess, but I will admit not the whole of its toxic since every fandom has some toxic members, some even more so. 
I just sometimes find myself enjoying MHA AUs like the Fullmetal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, Evil!Deuk AU and several others. 
to make it clear I don't see this AU taking place the same time as the main plot of the actual Anime/Manga. This could be either like 6-10 years before or after the plot idk bro. But i’ll do this after the main story plot of MHA, so keep that in mind ya? another thing, the gang is still in China, the top hero school in the world just so happens to be in Japan, and it’s only ever mentioned by Sun wukong and other pro heros. So MK never attended AU. in short it’s only ever mention/ reference.  
- Mk was considered Quirkless as a kid. 
- he was just a late blumer, i swear  
- Mai’s Quirk is called Dragon. 
- it pretty much works the same way as it does in the show(duh)
- Tang’s got a knowledge Quirk, 
- my man can retain information and he’s basically an archive of information drawback being his personality lol 
- Piggsy is a Animal that gained a Quirk
- in cannon to my current knowledge, there are two other characters that can confirm animals can become sentient. the characters being Fumikage Tokoyami, & Nezu the principal at the school UA.  
- Sandy is just Conner Kent, aka he like superman but can't fly, or shoot lasers from his eyes. And blue.  
I have two scenarios for Macaque and Wukong  
*- The first one is that, Sun Wukong & Macaque are brothers. twins to be exact. 
- they where legit people, but have mutation quirks that made them too like monkeys. 
- the added powers were just a boues. 
- Sun and Mac are close growing up, like there brothers but also best friends.
- the draw back to there quirks could honestly be whatever you want bro idk, same with the others tbh. Personally I like to think Sun just has lack of motivation, and Macaque needs to draw on other people's energy.
- Sun is a hero, Monkey KIng and Mac is a villain Six Eared.
- Sun was always treated has the golden child in the family, Mac always resented that, but there shitty up bring didn’t stop the two from being good brothers to one another.
- soon tho the resentment became hatred when Sun was able to attend UA in Japan, while Mac didn't.
- Mac be angy 
- so he became a villain, and joined the Chinese branch of the LOV(league of villains)
- Sun doesn't know this till he finds out during the all out war during the main story. and by that time he’s a full on hero with is own agency(The Flower Fruit agency)    
- when the hero's ultimately win and Mac is arrested 
- This ultimately hurts Sun a lot, his brother was in jail now, arrested for his involvement and wrong doings, he knew nothing about this! this brother, his blood. A bad guy? why? he hadn't seen his brother since he left for UA, he hadn’t seen him when he came home, and started his agency. 
- this just puts Sun into a funk so he’s not as active as he used to be, and he starts thinking he might need a successor 
*- The second one is that they were two separate people that had similar quirks and both attended UA but Sun ended up in the hero corse. so 1A.
- Both Macaque and Sun have similar quirks, Sun’s is obviously more light based while Macaque’s is more shadow based(this applies to the first one as well)    
- Macaque was placed in class 1B, U.A.’s High's Heroics Department, I believe, you can correct me. 
- In cannon Class 1A and 1B both went to the training camp. I can see the teachers pinning Sun and Macaque against each other to hone their skills. 
- And because of that they become great friends    
- In fact when they graduate they both co-found there hero agency together in China and are a duo.
- But due to Monkey King’s popularity and Six Eared's association with shadows(people sometimes saying he has more of a villains quirk than a heros) the public see’s Macaque as Sun’s sidekick when thats far from the truth. 
- now it’s up to you whether you think that Wukong and Macaque would be in a relationship together, but knowing how cooked we all are, ShadowPeach is a thing here more than likely. 
- If you do or don’t support/ like the ShadowPeach aspect, the two would be living together regardless since its more cost efficient. 
- They my be heroes but living costs are expensive!   
- I would imagine there would have been a huge fight/argument between the two in privet of course, at there home.(or in there shared office if you want the extra angst of the other people they work with hearing them fight)   
- If the two are dating, then this would either lead to an out right breakup, or Macaque just up and leaving with Wukong thinking he’ll come back once he’s cooled off. But after a week, with no sign of his partner, or him answering texts or calls, not even coming into work. Wukong gets worried that something might have happened to him. so there wouldn't be a confirmation if they were still a thing or not. 
- But Wukong remains hopeful, despite the nagging at the back of his head, and gut telling him to go find Macaque, or atleast make a public statement, or even just tell another pro hero about it.   
- on the not so shippy side, Macaque and Wukong still have there argument, and much like the ShadowPeach esc side, Macaque up and leaves, and isn't seen for weeks. the only difference here is that when Wukong comes home one night to there flat, most if not all of Macaques stuff is gone. 
- where as if this was the ShadowPeach side, Macaque leaves all of his possession in the flat he and wukong share. for the simple reason being, he still loves him and wants to go back, but Macaque being Macaque can’t bring himself to do it, especially after seeing just how hurt Wukong looked when he yelled at him just before he left.  
- in other words, ANGST DIALED UP TO A 10 BABY  
- in either case, its a news report that confirms Wukong's suspicions that he desperately didn’t want to believe, and that is Macaque turning into a villain.
- much like if the two were brothers, Wukong just can’t take it and is no longer as active as he once was, and is thinking about, either A) Retirement  B) Saying, “Fuck Society, Be Gay Do Crime” and join Macaque as a villain himself, or C) find a successor, and a way to bring Macaque back to there side, but most importantly, back to him.    
- also extra points if you're after people's hearts and want to make them suffer;  - If there dating, Wukong curle’s up in the bed he and Macaque shared, holding/wearing something of great value to Macaque and just crying himself to sleep, where as Macaque is getting wasted on alcohol, as he stumbles out of the bar he’s in, he either see’s something that reminds him of Wukong or while he’s trying to put his wallet back into his pocket, a photo of them on their first date fall’s out. and Macaque just cries in a nearby alley way. And it’s there where he gets indoctrinated into the League.
       - If there just friends, macaque heads to the nearest forest and just levels it, where as Wukong just gets engrossed into his work, trying not to think about it. you could add you own spin on this, again i'm just spitballing.             
- NOW BACK TO MK! :D     
- Obviously MK is a huge Monkey King fan     
- at Twenty MK has come to terms he's quirkless (HE’S NOT)
-for ANGST reasons MKs fokes kicked him out at this realization at 13.
- he works at Piggsy's Noodle shop, and has been since he was 14.
- don't need a quirk to drive or cook!
- the boy lives a content life with his new family, till DBK happens :D
- DBK runs a Mafia(in conjunction with TLOV) and has been in jail for like 5 years thanks to Monkey King, PIF and RS brake him out one night when MK's out making a late night delivery since Piggsy had the bright idea to go 24/7 service!
- one thing leads to another and Mk somehow manifest what looks like the Monkey King's staff, but its not, it’s MKs powers, it just so happens to be the same power the Monkey King has. And it practically goes down the same way in the pilot. 
- but unlike the pilot Mk and Mei go straight to the FF Agency, after making a panicked call to Pigsy and Tang.
- one way or another Mk are lead into Wukongs office. Mei being forced to stay in the lobby.
- they have there convo, butterfly monkey squishing included.
- "And so, I want you do be my success-" BOOM 💥
- from there they rush downstairs and see that the lobby has been infiltrated by the DB fam, and you know fight.
- once the DB family seems like there down, PIF wisks them away. Much to Monkey King’s displeasure.
From there stuff kind plays out like cannon, the calabash ep is just a conjoint quirk the Demon bros have. As for EP9, ill have to script that one out myself lol. I'll get onto it as soon as my will to commit stabs me in the face. Till then have a dancing Kermit the frog.
Now if you'll excuse me, am about to Kermit a felony :D
(For legal reasons thats a joke)
Psst @writingamongther0ses its done
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top-man · 3 months ago
alex (1.31.2020)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The previous week had strung on indefinitely but he had still only slept a few hours before stirring awake, the sunlight through the bedroom window prying at his eyes until they opened. He sucks in a staggered breath and slinks away from the bed, leaving Mikey and the dogs in the beckoning warmth behind him, reluctantly pacing down the staircase to curl into the couch and start his research. It’s been this way for awhile, and now it’s even worse as his time is being sucked by long days at the studio and never-ending rehearsals. He’s exhausted from dodging glances all week, biting back compulsions as they rear their heads until a scene ends. Sometimes working is manageable and even a welcome respite from his thoughts but other times it’s like holding a full bladder for hours.
He launches Google and sighs shakily before searching for ‘Fatal Car Accident’ and feels a hit of relief when the gory images flash before his eyes. Alex scrolls vigorously, devouring the shots with desperation and guilty satisfaction, though he’s scanning the wreckages for something familiar. He types in ‘Fatal Car Accident Pinned’ and his heart starts racing as if his accident may show up any moment. When it doesn’t, he types in ‘Fatal Car Accident Pinned Seattle’ and searches again, these same searches had been performed hundreds of times in the past, never yielding any results. 
Eventually he sets the phone down in frustration and gets to his feet, cautiously making his way towards the refrigerator and opening it slowly. He eyes a carton of milk  and brings it out towards him, feeling to his dismay that it’s already been opened and it’s half full. Alex sets it on the counter behind him and twists the cap, arching over the carton to sniff its contents, his stomach growling as he thinks about its creaminess, the satisfying way it used to accompany a cookie, how his grandmother would fill a cup of it to the rim so he could ‘feed his bones.’ He decidedly gets a glass from a cabinet and sets it before him, tipping the carton to fill it a quarter of the way, its frothy white sloshing around before settling. 
Alex brings the glass to his lips and instantly recoils, barely allowing the milk to wet his lips before slamming the cup down onto the counter in a panic. He furiously wipes his lips with his wrist and dry heaves, sinking to his knees in frustration when he realizes that he’s almost in tears because he can’t drink it. He thuds his head against one of the counter drawers and fights back the prickling warmth in his eyes before standing up again and sprinting towards the door in a moment of impulse. He walks outside onto the street, still in his pajamas, the wind nipping at his bare arms and socked feet as he wills himself back to the scene of the accident. 
Seattle isn’t any warmer but he’s numb to the elements when he eyes up the electrical box, the object having been the core of thoughts for weeks now, and it’s oddly pristine considering the hood of his car smashed into it only weeks before. He drops to his hands and knees, his fingers tumbling through the frozen grass for any remaining debris alluding to the fact that there had been a deadly, fiery, crash. Nothing, the ground is just as perfect, devoid even of fragments of ash. It’s impossible how well the scene has been restored, down to each blade of grass, untouched by tires or fire, almost leading him to believe he may be in the wrong place. But he couldn’t be more sure of anything as he crawls around the box, his eyes scouring for something they may have forgotten. 
He freezes when he hears the jingle of a dog collar and the silhouette of a woman casts over him. Her dog, a young and wiry yellow lab, is pulling furiously towards him and she’s rearing back with the leash, her eyes wide as she drinks in the sight of Alex scrambling on the ground behind the box. Once she eventually coaxes her dog back to her side, she remains planted on the sidewalk beside the box, guardedly. 
“Sorry...uh, do you know anything about an accident that happened here a few weeks ago?”
The woman looks confused and she shakes her head before starting to urge her dog away from him.  
“Excuse me, but do you live here?” Alex calls meekly after her, getting slowly to his feet. 
She begins to quicken her pace. 
“If you did, you would have heard about it!” he yells, his voice cracking in defeat as she hastily pulls her dog up the street to continue to distance herself from him. 
“I don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about!” he hears her scream back over her shoulder.
He crumbles back onto the ground and sits with his back against the box, his body beginning to tremble against the cold, his lips turning a pale shade of purple as his head falls into his hands. His mind is reeling as he contemplates the woman’s words; it wouldn’t be the first time he’s made something up. 
He’s eight years old and standing against the front door of his home with his head pressed against the wood. 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10. He hears the lock unlatch and latch again ten times. Sighing in relief, he’s about to turn from the door when his wrists are roughly grabbed and he’s turned by his father instead, coming face to face with him, the stern creases of the older man’s features twitching in frustration. 
“Stop it… Stop this,” his father growls, the man’s tough, calloused, nails biting into the tender flesh of his wrists as he backs up against the door. 
“Alex, there’s no reason to lock it ten times. Once is enough.” 
“Harold! Leave him alone.”
“Alex, look at me…” his father snaps, ignoring the fretting woman behind him. 
Alex woefully lifts his gaze to face his father, who’s staring back at him, unblinking, his expression still riddled with mounting impatience. 
“You are safe. Stop doing these things or people are going to notice. You’ll get hell in’ll never get a job... “
“Don’t tell him that! The doctor says-”
“Shut up!” his father howls, shaking Alex’s wrists to redirect his attention, “you’re only going to get better if you realize the truth. Nothing happened to you. Do you think I’d let anyone hurt you?! It’s. all. In. your. Head.” 
He stares at his father in bewilderment, knowing he had been gone for weeks at one point- how could his parents not have noticed? He still remembers the smell of bleach in the woman’s house, the way she brushed his hair until his scalp bled, the scalding baths she made him sit in. His head is still itchy from all the chemicals and heat and he needs to scratch but his father’s grip is too tight. He writhes in his father’s grasp and starts crying which just provokes him further. He can only remember being slammed against the door repeatedly before waking up in his bed, his head and back throbbing, his mother telling him that he fell asleep early, and asking him if he wanted her to read him a story. 
He’s jolted back into awareness when he feels a swift kick under his ribs. Two men are lingering above him, wearing steel toed boots, dressed in hunting gear with one of them holding a rifle. The barrel of the rifle dips down to eye level and Alex stares into its endless depths, his stomach churning from the whiffs of gunpowder. 
“ wife said there was a weirdo out here...she was right,” the man with the gun booms, keeping the nose of his rifle trained on Alex, “you have five seconds to explain what you’re doing crawling around out here. And if I don’t like the answer...well, we’ll cross that bridge when it comes…”
Alex’s words are caught in his throat; he can’t talk about the accident again, he knows what will happen if he does that. He wracks his mind for a suitable explanation but those five seconds are slipping through his fingers like sand. 
“You scared the living shit out of my wife. And your five seconds are up! I don’t know, Jim, should we give him another chance or should I just put this motherfucker out of his misery?”
“Give the fucker one more chance...only because I’m curious about what he has to say.”
“Okay then, c’mon boy, talk!” the man with the gun hisses, roughly grabbing Alex’s chin. 
“Nothing… nothing...just...sleepwalking,” Alex moans, struggling to pull away from the man’s grip, the pads of his fingers eerily familiar, thick and calloused and smelling like wood and gasoline. 
“Well how about this...if I ever catch you ‘sleepwalkin’ around here again… especially if you talk to my wife… there’s gonna be hell to pay. Maybe we’ll just drive that point home now so there’s no further misunderstanding.”
Alex watches the man lower his rifle and pull out a small, metallic, bottle. Before he can determine what’s going to happen to him, his eyes are assaulted by an acidic spray, burning them to the point that he swears they’re frying out of his head. He feels his body being hauled upward by two sets up hands and he’s roughly dragged away from the electrical box. He feels the frigid dew from the grass soak through his socks as the two men pull him further from the scene, his feet hardly able to keep up as he’s forced to blindly comply, far too focused on the searing pain in his eyes than trying to figure out where they are taking him. 
The texture of the ground eventually begins to change, and he finds himself stumbling over rocks and fallen branches- they’re taking him into the woods. He can feel tears soaking his cheeks as the mace continues to wreak havoc on his eyes, his vision dulled to warped blurriness. After quite some time, he’s released, thrust roughly on the ground and he falls limply on his side, the burning in his eyes unrelenting. He hears them cackle as he starts feeling the earth beneath him, trying to find a tree for stability, but he’s completely at a loss. 
“Don’t come back now, ya’ hear?!” one of them sputters in laughter before he can hear their footsteps beginning to fade, leaving him to blindly scramble around in the frozen depths of these woods. 
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queenrileyrose · 3 months ago
Retrograde Chapter 8: We Were Built to Fall Apart
Tumblr media
No part of my content may be stolen or repurposed and claimed as your own.
Series Premise: Someone from the past steps into the spotlight, throwing everyone’s lives into turmoil.
Chapter Summary: The stress begins to affect Riley. Leo and Riley turn to Drake and Ari following a security breach. Liam participates in an interview. Olivia reacts, Jin gets ready.
A/N: Obligatory this is not canon Liam warning. This is also not canon Olivia.
A/N 2: I can’t quit Taylor Swift and I don’t know how to feel about it. I feel HC Riley judging me. 🤣 
A/N 3: Sam is the nanny. It was Eric, Ari fired him in the miniseries. I’ve referred to him as both, I’ll go back and change it. Yes, Sam because of TNA, the thought of him being a nanny made me giggle, but it’s not the same Sam.
TW: Mention of past affair, discussion of mental illness, angst, panic attack, mention of violence.
Leo, Riley, Liam, Drake, and Maxwell belong to Pixelberry. Enzo, Santino, Val, Ari, and Andy are mine, as is this story.
Word Count: 3790
Music Inspo: Out of the Woods—Taylor Swift
Thank you so much for the continued love of these guys. I appreciate it so much. ❤️
Leo jerked awake as a sudden ear-splitting shriek pierced the quiet night. He looked at the monitor, automatically assuming it was Enzo. The lights were dark, with no indication that he was making noises. Leo realized it was Riley. 
“Baby, wake up.” Leo slid his arms around her, pulling her to him.
Riley fluttered her lids open, a scream caught in her throat. She looked up at Leo, the dim glow of an outdoor light peeking through a crack in the curtains making her eyes shine, the panic evident. 
“Fuck, are you here?” She touched his face gently, moving her hands over his chest, her fingers seeking out his warm skin.
“I’m here. I’m here.” Leo soothed as he held her closer. “You were screaming.”
“You were at the bar.” Riley swallowed hard. Her throat was dry and felt raw. How loud had she screamed?
“In the dream?” 
Riley nodded, clutching at his arms, still recovering.
“And what happened?” Leo said gently.
“Someone shot you. The same exact way as Drake...” Her voice trailed off, her lip trembling as she remembered. 
“It’s probably because of the other day, baby. You’re usually on edge this time every year.” Leo pressed a kiss to her forehead. “No one is going to shoot me.” 
“It felt so real.” Riley’s eyes filled. “I swear I could smell the gun powder.”
“Could you, that night with Drake?” Leo rubbed soothing circles on her back.
“No.” That night played in Riley’s head like a film, even as it happened. She was detached from it, though she’d been there. She felt the terror, nothing else.
“That's a horrible dream. I’m here. I’m not going anywhere.” 
Riley nodded and curled into his chest, her eyes closing again. She was so tired. “I love you so much.”
“I love you so much.” 
Leo kept her wrapped in his arms until her breath evened and her body relaxed. He lay awake for a few minutes. He thought of everything she’d gone through. Tariq’s attack, learning Constantine was behind it. Anton trying to kill her, Liam’s betrayal.
Leo dropped a tender kiss on her crown. She was stronger than she gave herself credit for. 
1 week later
Riley made it to the grocery store and back. Leo had to be at the bar for new vendors, and she couldn’t put it off any longer. 
Riley was having a bad day. She hated leaving the house. She’d look around at everyone, trying to figure out who was there because of Olivia. 
Tracy gave her exercises to complete, to cope. They weren’t working. They had phone sessions every other day now. 
It’d been just over three weeks since Olivia’s thinly veiled threat. Liam’s interview was today. Hers was next week. Riley didn’t want to do it. She was exhausted.
Riley climbed out of her car, Andy; her usual security detail hopping out to open the trunk. 
“It’s not that many bags, I got it.” Riley protested as he started to gather the handles of the cloth bags in his hands. 
Andy shook his head. “Your husband asked me to help. You do too much.”
Riley smiled gratefully and started for the front door. A small box lay on the blue doormat, obscuring the R monogrammed in the center.
“Open the door and go inside,” Andy instructed. “Here are the bags, I will look at this.”
Riley took the bags, her heart racing. She hadn’t ordered anything. She got a flashback of the horse. It was probably something dumb again. 
She walked to the kitchen and started putting away groceries in the refrigerator. 
Andy came in with the box, now open. “Here, it’s just papers. I put it through the metal detector.”
Riley furrowed her brow. “Thank you.” Andy took the bags from her and resumed putting food away. 
Riley picked up the small stack of papers and started scanning them. It was copies of texts between Oliva and Liam. She picked up the box again and tried to find an address. It was a p.o. box. 
She skimmed the papers, wrinkling  her nose as she read. Really, Olivia? Not a good reason to use the word penetrate, equally bad use of the word throbbing. She shrugged and looked back to the box. Something about it was setting off an alarm bell.
Riley turned it over, looking at all sides again. It hit her suddenly. No postage.
Riley felt her chest constrict painfully as she dropped the box. 
Andy rushed over. “Riley?”
“It wasn’t-there’s no postmark.” She gasped. “Someone left this.”
Riley tried the square breathing and managed to get a few breaths in. “Leo.” She choked out to Andy. “Get Leo.”
Andy pulled out his phone and dialed the bar.
Riley wasn’t any better by the time Leo came rushing through the door, 10 minutes later. 
Leo saw Riley on the couch, pale with the sheen of sweat on her forehead. Andy moved from his position behind the couch and returned to the kitchen. Leo lowered himself next to Riley and took her hands, putting one on his chest.
“Breathe with me baby, okay?”
Riley nodded quickly, the feel of his chest rising and falling already soothing her. She breathed with him, aiming for slow and deep breaths. Her breaths were shallow and quick at first, but they progressed. Soon her chest relaxed and she didn’t feel like she was gasping for breath. 
Leo kept her hands in his. “What happened, Riles?”
Riley gestured to the kitchen. “There was a box on the mat, full of old text message shit between Liam and Olivia.”
“What the fuck?” Leo glanced at the kitchen, where Andy was now sifting through the papers.
“Yeah, truly terrible text sex,” Riley said. “That’s not it.”
Leo made a disgusted face. “What is it?”
“No postage. That box wasn’t mailed.”
Leo inhaled sharply. “That’s impossible.”
“And yet.” Riley shrugged.
“Operation Bug Out.” Leo went to the closet and pulled out a few bags.
Riley’s eyes rounded. “Huh? How long have those been packed? Is that where my Bowie tee is?”
“A few weeks, and yes.” Leo answered. “We’re going to stay with Drake for a while.”
“What about Llamanade?” Riley put a hand on her chest and kept breathing slowly.
“Drake and I will come back for her. They have space out there, it’s all good.” Leo dropped the bags in the foyer. “Let me call him.”
Leo grabbed his phone and dialed, shifting his weight from foot to foot as he waited for Drake to pick up. 
“Hey, Leo.”
“Guesthouse still set up?” 
“Yes.” Drake said slowly, feeling uneasiness form in his gut.
“Bug time.”
“Okay,” Drake said hurriedly. “I’ll get the trailer sorted for the llama. Can you grab the chickens?”
“On it.” They hung up.
Riley’s mouth was open. “What the fuck was that?”
“We made some plans when Olivia showed up.” Leo went to the laundry room for the crates to transport Henri and Sparkles.
“How many plans are there?” Riley stood from the couch.
Leo was silent as he thought. “3.” He went out the back door and herded the chickens into their cages, Riley not far behind him.
“Do you have codenames for all of them?” Riley tried not to giggle at the thought of Leo and Drake coming up with contingency plans. The reason why they were being made at all sobered her.
“Yes, you can ask more in the car. Let’s go.”
As they were nearing Joshua Tree, Riley was trying to wrap her head around staying at Drake and Ari’s. “Drake is in the middle of nowhere. Uber Eats won’t even deliver there.”
“And it’s fully fenced and gated. Ari says she can hear someone coming from miles away before they get there.” Leo reminded her. “I know, city girl. I know.”
“I don’t want to do the interview anymore.” Riley turned tired eyes on Leo.
“Because of this?” Leo steered with one hand as he found hers with the other.
“No, I never really wanted to.” Riley sounded exhausted. “It feels like high school, the he said she said.”
“You can cancel.” Leo brought her hand to his lips. “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”
They pulled up at Drake’s, Ari waiting for them. 
“Hey, Ari,” Riley called as she hopped out. “Thanks for this.”
“Do not worry.” Ari grabbed her hand as she approached. “This is why we have the guest space.”
Riley squeezed Ari’s hand. “Can we blow up shit?”
Ari giggled. “I have a broken microwave and all kinds of fireworks.”
Drake came out to help Leo carry in bags. “Hey Brooks, you okay?”
“I’ve been better.” Riley shaded her eyes with a hand. “How’s Enzo?”
“Sam just put him down for a nap with Val.”
Leo came back outside after depositing bags inside the small home next to the main house. “You are going to bed, lady. You have two little noodles in there, making you tired on top of everything else.”
“I haven’t had a panic attack in forever.” Riley slumped on Leo’s chest when he stopped beside her. “I did not miss them.”
“Those take a lot out of you, babe.”  Leo draped his arms around her shoulders.
Leo was calling the doctor after she was asleep. He needed to ask about stress. Riley had been bordering on panic since the nightmare. He wasn’t sure what shifted, maybe remembering a time that was also stressful or more worrying about Leo being hurt. 
“Come on, I’ll stay with you until you’re out.” Leo wrapped his arm around her waist and walked with her toward the guest house.
Riley settled into the large bed. “Oh, Ari has good taste.” 
“She does.” Leo agreed. He turned to her and rubbed her belly. “How are you?”
“I feel a little calmer.” Riley put her hand on his. “Thank you.”
“For what, baby?”
“Always being here.” Riley moved her hand to trace his jawline. “Coming up with plans for if shit gets real with Drake. Just being the best.”
“You’re my world, Riles.” Leo looked into her rich dark eyes. “I will do whatever I need to to protect you, and Enzo, and double trouble in there.”
Riley’s lip lifted in a half smile. “My life would suck without you.”
Leo chuckled and kissed her nose softly. “So would mine. I love you.”
“I love you.” Riley yawned. “I-”
“Need to sleep.” Leo interrupted. “I’ll be back in a little while with the llama.” 
“Cuddle me a minute?” Riley scooted closer to Leo in the large bed.
“Forever.” Leo enveloped her in his arms. “For now, until you crash.”
Leo came out about an hour later. He’d fallen asleep with Riley.
“Ready?” Drake stood from the patio chair.
“Yeah. Sorry, that took long. I zonked out.”
“Not a problem.” Drake patted him on the shoulder. “You probably needed it.”
They got into Drake’s truck, the trailer hooked up already. Andy, with part of Drake and Ari’s security detail, were waiting in a dark sedan to follow them.
“I need to call Riley’s doc.”
Drake nodded and Leo dialed. 
Dr. Monaghan answered cheerily. “Hello?”
“Hi, It’s Leo Rys. I had a question.”
“Ah, my favorite inappropriate couple. Ever figure out where these ones were conceived?”
They had, the weekend Enzo stayed with Max and Luca, when they’d gone to Palm Springs.  Leo wouldn’t share. They needed to stop running down the list of places they’d had sex in the doctor’s office. 
“I’ll keep that to myself. Riley had a panic attack today.”
“I’m sorry to hear that. How is she?”
“Good.” Dr. Monaghan shifted the phone to grab a pen. “I’m making her an appointment. What brought it on?”
“Olivia Nevrakis.”
“Sorry, who?”
Leo massaged his temple as he gave her the basics. 
“Well, I’ll be damned. Would have never thought of you all as former royalty.” Dr. Monaghan fought a laugh. The situation was serious, but Leo as a prince was hilarious to her.
“We can talk about managing her stress. This interview? I don’t think it’s a good idea. After the baby, maybe.”
‘I’ll tell her. She was talking about canceling today, she’ll probably welcome the excuse not to do it.”
“You’re taking good care of her. I’ll see you all Tuesday at 4?”
Leo glanced at the calendar on his phone. He had something at the bar that morning, but he’d be done way before 4. “Yes. Sounds good.”
“Great.” The phone went dead. Leo shook his head. He liked the doctor, but her social skills were all over the place. 
“How bad is she?” Drake asked quietly.
“Not great.” Leo sighed. “She had a nightmare last week and has been scared ever since. She doesn’t want to leave the house, she doesn’t want me or E leaving ever. The security guards aren’t making her feel safer. It’s a struggle to get out the door. She’s been working from home, phone sessions with Tracy.”
“What about-“ Drake paused, wondering how to phrase this. “The bad thoughts from before?”
“None of those,” Leo assured him. “She went grocery shopping today. First time she’s left since the nightmare. The box was waiting for her when she got back.”
“Someone was watching, Leo. She hasn’t left in a week, and it shows up the day she does?”
“I know.” Leo scrubbed a hand down his face. “I called the cops. They can’t really do anything.”
“What was the nightmare?”
Leo hesitated, not really wanting to tell Drake. “She was screaming in her sleep. I had to wake her up.”
“Shit,” Drake said. “That happened just after the wedding, with Anton. Liam told me.”
“It did?” Leo couldn’t remember if she’d talked about that. He was tired.
“Yeah. I don’t know what made them stop. Maybe ask her.”
“I will.”
“It must have been pretty bad if you aren’t telling me.” Drake glanced at Leo out of the corner of his eye.
Leo sighed. “She dreamt someone shot me in the bar. The same way you got shot.”
“Holy fuck.” Drake gripped the steering wheel. “She ever talk to you about that night?”
“Yes, how it all went down. How fucking scared she was.”
“Yeah, she was. She told me later she didn’t know how she’d held it together and drove to the safe house, then patched me up.” Drake was silent a moment as he thought. “That’s when she stopped driving so much.”
“I know. She said it would come rushing back. All the fear.”
“That woman has been through it.”
“So have you.” Leo reminded him.
“Fine, we all have.” Drake quipped. “Now, Llamanade only spits on you, right?”
“So far.” Leo frowned. “Riley thinks she’s jealous.”
Drake chuckled. “We need to give Max and Luc a heads up.”
“I’ll call them from the house.” Leo leaned back in the seat and closed his eyes.
Liam sat underneath the hot lights of the television studio, waiting for the cameraman’s cue. The bright glare made it impossible to see anything past the set. 
Megan was one of the things Liam couldn’t see, she was there on behalf of the publisher. Megan stood in the wings, desperately wishing she could move back to New York already. She had a few weeks left.
Liam sat across from June in a raised leather chair, the same interviewer Olivia had. He’d been lucky to get on so soon. It would be live, as they had warned him half a dozen times.
June looked up from her notes, meeting Liam’s gaze. “Ready?”
Liam nodded. “I am.”
June nodded, recrossing her legs and flipping her blonde hair over one shoulder. She reminded Liam a little of Madeleine, her poise mostly.
The cameraman counted down. “5, 4, 3,” He held up two fingers, then one, and pointed to June.
She turned to the camera. “I’m here with the former king of Cordonia, Liam Rys.” She turned back to Liam. “May I call you Liam?”
He smiled widely. “Of course.”
“Great.” June smiled warmly at him. “Let’s jump right in. Were you shocked to learn of the memoir?”
Liam’s face creased in concern. “I was gobsmacked. I thought we had settled things.”
“Can you tell us an abbreviated version, in the interest of time?” June gave him a sympathetic look. 
Liam nodded reluctantly. “Riley and I had trouble conceiving. I refused to face it. Olivia was a distraction. Nothing more.”
“The conversations Olivia has relayed, that you told her during the affair. Those don’t seem like a mere distraction.” June’s tone hardened.
“I suppose not.” Liam agreed. “The explanation for that is that I thought my marriage to Riley was irreconcilable.”
“So you had been working at it?”
“No. That was how I explained my affair with Olivia to myself. At the end of the affair, I realized how thoughtless it was. I wanted to give it another shot, with Riley.” Liam folded his hands together. “I realized Olivia and I wouldn't work and that I had the best woman for me already.”
“Riley found out.”
“Yes.” Liam squeezed his hands together tighter. “She tried for two years to get through to me before she left. She tried after. The burden, the reason we aren’t together, it is on me.”
“Interesting.” June rested her chin on her hand. “Why didn’t you try after that? You obviously wanted to. With Riley, I mean.”
“There isn’t a logical explanation,” Liam admitted. “I’d wanted a family. We couldn’t have one, because of me. I felt inferior. Then, Olivia, I was ashamed.”
“Care to expand on that?”
“I thought Olivia, a woman who had me on a pedestal, would make me feel better, I suppose. I could do no wrong.”
“That didn’t pan out.”
“No. I never romantically loved her. I was horrible to string her along so long. I understand why she’s so angry. She has a right to that feeling.” Liam hesitated.
“Finish the thought.” June urged.
“However, directing vitriol at people who have nothing to do with the sordid affair is not something she has a right to.”
“The end of her interview is getting some heat.”
“Is it?” Liam fought not to grin. “Good.”
“How are you handling it?”
“We have all taken extra precautions. Olivia’s words can’t be taken lightly. Leo and Riley have a child, and twins on the way. She can’t casually mention armed robbery.” Liam fought to keep the anger out of his voice.
June gave him an appraising look. “Are you still in love with your ex-wife?”
Liam kept his face blank. He wouldn’t tell the truth. He wouldn’t do that to Riley. “I love her as a friend.”
 Now, you live in LA?” Jane shifted tracks.
“Yes.” No one needed to know he was headed back to Cordonia after all this was over. 
“Was that because of Riley? You seem very close.”
Liam smiled. “Riley is the reason I am standing at all today. She never gave up on me. I am forever in her debt. I wanted to be near her and Leo, and several of my other friends are here now too.” 
June put her hand to her heart. “I’m divorced, and I know how hard it is to stay friends. It sounds like you two make it work.”
“We try.” Liam gritted his teeth.
“Back to Olivia.What is your response to her interview?”
Liam sighed. “Olivia had had a difficult life. Some of that is her own doing. She’s clearly unhappy.”
June nodded. “What do you think of Olivia’s assertion that Riley didn’t love you, and came here to Leo, to be with him?”
Liam chuckled. “Olivia likes to speak about subjects she has no grasp of. Riley loved me, and I loved her.”
“And Leo?” June pressed.
Liam rubbed his chin. “Neither of them were looking for what they found.”
“That’s so sweet.” June gasped. “I was at a benefit for their foundation, and I’ll admit it was hard to keep my eyes off them.”
Liam gave her an awkward grin.
June blushed. “I’m sorry.” She cleared her throat. “Olivia maintains that she has also apologized. Is that true?”
Liam crossed his arms. “Technically.”
“What does that mean?” June squinted at him.
“Olivia flew to LA and showed up at Leo’s. She apologized to Riley and tried to get more information.” 
Liam took a deep breath. “She apologized to get a read on everyone. To see if she had a shot.
She then called me and apologized. I reciprocated and did not see her again until the day I stepped down as king.” 
“Did you speak that day?”
“Yes. We had a rather tense exchange.” Liam hoped this was almost through. “She made a pass at me, I shut her down.”
“Have you read the book?”
“My lawyer is as we speak. I don’t plan to.”
June nodded encouragingly. “Anyone special in your life?”
“No,” Liam said firmly. “To be frank, I still have work to do on myself. Being alone is what I need right now.”
“Is it true you were dating Olivia’s editor?”
Liam blanched. “Yes.”
“Did Olivia break you up?”
“No.” Liam clenched his jaw. “Olivia’s intention was just that. We broke up because we are not compatible.”
Megan rushed out of the studio. She’d heard enough.
“I wish you luck, going forward,” June replied. “Thanks, Liam.”
“Thank you, June.” 
The lights went down and Liam unclipped his mic. He walked out of the studio, passing where Megan stood seconds earlier. 
Liam squinted at the bright sunlight as he pushed through the doors. He unlocked the silver sedan and slid in, starting the engine. He needed to go back to his townhouse. He had packing to do.
Olivia stood in the hotel room, fists balled. A muted commercial played on the screen she was staring at. Jin was nearby at the small table, cleaning a pistol.
She looked over at him. “Tuesday. It needs to happen Tuesday.”
“What happened to waiting until the anniversary of-“
“I want it done.” Olivia snapped. “I want to go home.”
“Did you not think they would respond?” Jin asked. “Riley is a fighter, from what I have read.”
“Do not say her name.” Olivia snapped again. “I didn’t think they’d be so public. That was my mistake.”
Olivia took a seat across from Jin. “Tuesday. Noon.”
Jin nodded. He had it mapped out. Someone would have to get hurt, it was unavoidable. No death. Olivia wouldn’t understand, but he wouldn’t have to deal with her after it was done.
Jin knew Olivia was angry, but he hoped she would regret her actions soon. The path she was on would end with her in a precarious position. Or she would be the one who died.
Tumblr media
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shaicarus · 3 months ago
FOR THE FANFIC ASK MEME THING (I finally picked beyond 'just... all of them?'): F, I, K, M, N, Q, S, T, V, W, X, and Y. WHICH ISN'T ALL OF THEM it's just... several...
(from here)
F. Share a snippet from one of your favorite dialogue scenes you’ve written and explain why you’re proud of it.
I’m working on a Final Fantasy XV AU, because that’s basically all I write for FFXV; I really love the building blocks it gave me, but I don’t like a lot of the architecture. Anyway, conceptually it’s a fairly standard ‘what if Ardyn wasn’t a villain?’ thing, and on the off chance it ever sees the light of day, it will be called There Is a Crack in Everything.
This is a really early scene.
Regis stepped into his study, and Ardyn scarcely gave him time to close the door before wondering, with a languid sort of ease, “For how long have I been Adagium?” He sounded as if the word tasted foul.
“Longer than I can be certain of,” Regis sighed, taking his seat at his desk, across from Ardyn.
“And I’ll be able to relax long?” Ardyn wondered pleasantly, leaning an elbow on the desk and propping his chin in his hand. “Before those lovely toy soldiers of yours try to haul me back to my stone box, that is.”
For a moment, Regis was quiet. For a moment, Regis thought of his father. Mors would have reacted the instant he realized who Ardyn was, and Regis wondered how many of the Glaive would have died and what sort of enemy they would have created.
He thought of his son, just a few weeks old. Already, Regis knew he did not want to teach Noctis to be that sort of king.
He did not want to be his father.
“You may stay here, should you wish it,” Regis answered at last.
Ardyn blinked, slowly. His expression didn’t change, but his words seemed carefully picked for carelessness. “And no one will wonder at another of the bloodline suddenly appearing?” he asked. “Or am I forbidden from showing off?”
“We’ll say you’re my half-brother,” Regis answered before he was even fully aware he’d come up with a solution. “It won’t surprise many.”
Ardyn’s eyes narrowed. “You’re awfully eager to dub me family.”
“You already are family,” Regis reasoned. “It seems it’s time someone finally treated you as such.”
That, at last, seemed to unmoor Ardyn. His posture went rigid for a moment as his gaze went distant. Twice, he opened his mouth to respond, before closing it without saying a word.
It took him only a moment to gather his composure, though, before he cleared his throat. “I have to say, this is the most elaborate method anyone has ever used to call me a bastard. I suppose that alone means it’s worth putting up with it.”
Regis laughed before he could help it.
I like it for a handful of reasons. For one thing, I’ve successfully weaponized it (and a few other snippets of the same WIP) to make my friend Ala emotional. For another, I didn’t really see this dynamic between Regis and Ardyn coming. It just sort of happened while I was typing, but I liked it when it showed up. It felt natural for an Ardyn who hadn’t been driven mad by turning countless people into daemons, but who was nevertheless not the same gentle healer after 2,000 years of isolation.
I. Do you have a guilty pleasure in fic (reading or writing)?
I got paid for years, plural, to write really bad porn about people who could turn into animals fucking. I have no shame left. I’ve had no shame since the first time someone offered to pay me $500 for smut.
K. What’s the angstiest idea you’ve ever come up with?
It is, again, related to FFXV. I wrote If the Ring Fits and Backed in Silver years ago, and ever since, I’ve tossed around the idea of writing another sequel for Ignis.
The only issue is that my idea for it would forcibly make him realize that the Prompto that had been in their world was not actually their Prompto, and had not been for over a decade. And it would be a conflict he’d have to grapple with through the entire fic, trying to decide whether to force that same replacement on someone in a different world or to just endlessly keep hopping from one world to another because he can’t return to his.
I’ve never actually written any of it, and the concepting never got beyond Ignis’s revelation about Prompto. But considering If the Ring Fits was 10,000 words long and Backed in Silver was 20,000, I can only imagine what sort of behemoth it would be.
M. Got any premises on the back burner that you’d care to share?
Like, WIPs, or things that I’ve pondered but haven’t started working on?
I’ve got a few WIPs. There’s the aforementioned non-villainous Ardyn AU. I’ve got another FFXV fic that’s been on hiatus on AO3 for legitimately over three years, and the next chapter is very nearly finished and I just...can’t seem to get there. I’ve got a Persona 5 new game+ fic in the works. That one’s fully plotted out already, and just the outline is like 15 pages long. Based on how the first chapter is going, each chapter will probably be anywhere from 10-20,000 words long. And I’ve got a melancholy immediately-post-season-two Mandalorian one shot in the works, spawned almost entirely so I could make Mando say ‘fuck.’ I know no one says fuck in Star Wars, but I don’t care. I will not say kriff and no one can make me. And I’ve got the Dragon Age uber fic that I’ve just sort of been plugging away at since Inquisition was released and none of it has ever seen the light of day, unless you count me shoving a few snippets at Siobhan.
Oh, and I’m rewriting an older Mass Effect fic.
For things that I’ve thought about but haven’t really worked on, they’re mostly more Dragon Age and FFXV. The “canon” stories for the two timelines not covered in the uber fic, and more AU nonsense spawned from ItRF and BiS.
N. Is there a fic you wish someone else would write (or finish) for you?
Like, finish one of MY fics? No. I would bite them if they tried. Hell, I love you and I would bite you if you tried.
Just, in general? At this point I would take a monkey paw-style deal to get someone to finish Home.
(for anyone who isn’t Jim, Home is a nuTrek Jim/Spock fic that I think I was in high school when it was published. I graduated from college over five years ago.)
Q. How do you feel about collaborations?
Mixed feelings. I’ll take feedback, assuming I’ve offered the mic for it. I’ll prattle on about whatever I’ve got cooking. I’ll ask for ideas or suggestions. But when it comes to the actual writing of it, I’m a control freak. So, people are welcome to help me gather up the building blocks, but I’m gonna wind up doing the actual building myself.
S. Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?
Overly elaborate AUs.
T. Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?
That thing fandom does where if they’ve decided a character has anxiety, then it does not matter how that anxiety presents itself in canon, in fanon they are a weepy, shy introvert who can hardly string a sentence together because they’ve polymorphed into a shivering puppy.
V. If you could write the sequel (or prequel) to any fic out there not written by yourself, which would you choose?
Does it count if I just say I wanna rewrite a series as a whole? There’s a FrostIron series I read ages ago before the MCU made me wanna gag, and at the time I LOVED it. And then not that long ago I went back and read it again, and it felt like I was saying goodbye to it because oh my god it was unbearable.
Loki was NEVER FUCKING WRONG ABOUT ANYTHING, unless he wasn’t in the room, in which case Tony picked the slack about not ever being wrong about anything.
W. Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?
More specific. Not this past Christmas, but the one before that, I was doing some Advent Drabbles for one of my roleplay blogs, so I was open to drabble suggestions anyone wanted to see. Like 70% of them were just one or two words and I’m just staring at my ask box like ‘thanks, I hate it’
(Kudos, though, to the random stranger who gave me a very specific, paragraph-long prompt for a Spider-Man (PS4) fic.)
X. A character you enjoy making suffer.
...All of them?
Y. A character you want to protect.
I guess Din Djarin.
I mean, he still falls into the above ‘all of them’ but when I make him suffer it’s more related to exploring something that happened in canon, rather than me directly causing it.
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douchebagbrainwaves · 4 months ago
Dilution is a hard problem. I don't think they'd do much differently if they were merely hiring people. And yet when I was growing up.1 Jessica more than anyone made YC unique, the very qualities that enabled her to do things that ordinary companies don't, like raising money and getting incorporated are an O 1 pain in the ass, whether you're big or small, and others like selling and promotion depend more on energy and imagination than any kind of special training. But within three days we loved it, and he was right. When you want to keep in close touch as you develop it further. If you have impressive resumes, just flash them on the screen for 15 seconds and say a few words.2 If you don't believe your startup has such promise that you'd be doing them a favor by letting them invest, why are you investing your time in it?3 It's pretty clear now that the broken windows theory famous, and the only reason you need them is to make credentials harder to hack, we can also make them matter less. I count them as false positives because I hadn't been deleting them as spams before.
Angels don't like publicity. A sharp impact would make them unavailable to the people who think they don't need to: it lets them choose their growth rate is, sometimes they tell me we get about a hundred new customers a month. There isn't so much at stake in his interactions with other investors, his relationship with the founder is only going to last a couple years, whereas his relationship with other firms will last his whole career.4 For startups, growth is a constraint much like truth. Whatever its flaws, the writing you find online is authentic. If they stepped back and looked at the whole picture they might be less indignant.5 But startups often raise money even when they are or could be profitable. Seem confident. I think the problem with politics too. Probably the most important thing we do at Y Combinator. Most founders have such low standards that they'll feel rich with a sum that doesn't seem huge to investors. So one advantage of forbidding meanness is that it isn't succinct enough.6
As this new kind of venture fund that invests smaller amounts at lower valuations, but promises to either close or say no very quickly. They're as expert in their world as you are in yours. Apparently Kleiner and Sequoia with a $75 million premoney valuation, their reaction was probably Ouch! And they may be right. Disasters are normal in a startup, you're probably going to have to think of something. They know they'll have to deal with these guys was in high school. If a post has a linkbait title, editors sometimes rephrase it to be more readable than a line of Basic is likely to be more matter-of-fact. Why spend twenty years climbing the corporate ladder when you can get rewarded directly by the market?7 Focusing on hitting a growth rate reduces the otherwise bewilderingly multifarious problem of starting a startup into trouble.
A recruiter at a big company, these qualities must have been very valuable. For example, many of the stories about Jeremy Jaynes's conviction say that he was a fairly big spammer. If someone proves a new theorem, it takes some work by the reader to decide whether or not to upvote it. If you write software to teach Tibetan to Hungarians, you won't be selling the company for 20. The reason I warn startups not to get their hopes up is not to describe everything your system might one day become, but simply to convince investors there will be a lot simpler. A rapidly growing company is valuable. That was an unusual problem to have in 1975. It shows no sign of slowing. We decided we ought to give priority to the ones that occur a lot.
As a rule, any url sent to millions of people in America, have some amount of funding to get started painting that ten minutes of rearranging feels very long. The other kind of spams I currently do have trouble with. That has always seemed to me full of random stuff. The whole tone is bogus. But they might as well flip a coin. But working on this is not my first priority, it's unlikely to happen at all. Always have some alternative plan for getting started if any given investor says no. They're hard to filter based just on the content because the headers are innocent and they're careful about the words they use. Everyone buys this story that PG started YC and his wife just kind of helped.8
I thought I'd already been cured of caring about that.9 So in borderline cases, and reports that it works well.10 6x.11 And they may be right. Every successful startup is at least partly a product of the imagination of man, he meant that if you just keep following the truth wherever it leads rather than being influenced by what he wishes were the case.12 If you're going to start with something that doesn't do much, you better improve it fast.13 Maybe there is some important trend afoot.
For example, would be possible to have to give up legal protections and rely on cold calls and introductions.
Like us, the average employee. There's nothing specifically white about such matters. No central goverment would put its two best universities in the same price as the cause. The philistines have now missed the video boat entirely.
It is a bit dishonest, incidentally; it's not uncommon for startups. Or demolished to be younger initially we encouraged undergrads to apply, and why it's such a low valuation, that probably doesn't make A more powerful sororities at your school, because the rich. By all means crack down on these. This is, because you couldn't do the same reason I did the section of the infrastructure that this had since been exceeded by actors buying their startups.
But I know one very smooth founder who read a new version sanitized for your present valuation is the discrepancy between government receipts as a cause.
It's interesting to 10,000 computers attached to the customer: you post a sign saying this cupboard must be kept empty.
It's much easier to make money from mediocre investors. We could have used another algorithm and everything I say in principle get us up to 20x, since that was more rebellion which can happen in any case, because a she is very common for the talk to mediocre ones. Most computer/software startups. Though in fact had its own.
The reason Y Combinator certainly never asks what classes you took in college.
The Duty of Genius, Penguin, 1991. Possible exception: It's hard for us. It tipped from being overshadowed by Microsoft, would increase the size of the next year or two, and mostly in Perl, and this trick merely forces you to stop, but it is to get good grades in them, maybe 50% to 100% more, and I don't think these are, but countless other startups, so we also give any startup that wants to invest in your startup.
If Ron Conway, for example I've deliberately avoided saying whether the program is no. Since they don't have to do is fund medical research labs; commercializing whatever new discoveries the boffins throw off is as straightforward as building a new version of Word 13. Usually people skirt that issue with some equivocation implying that you're talking to you; you're too early for us!
This argument seems to have to resort to in order to switch the operating system.
Cit. So you can base brand on anything with it, but it wasn't. The angels had convertible debt is a convertible note with no valuation cap at all.
That would be reluctant to start a startup. Robert Morris wrote the editor written in C and Perl. Why Are We Getting a Divorce? Perhaps realizing this will be out of their professional code segregate themselves from the conventional wisdom on the ability to predict at the final whistle, the less powerful language by writing an interpreter for the same, but most neighborhoods successfully resisted them.
It's hard to judge for yourself and that the word content and tried for a small amount, or how to do better, because she liked the outdoors, was starting an outdoor portal. The first alone yields someone flighty. There should probably start from the success of their times.
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saintsnsinnersbdb · 4 months ago
The Investigation: Deliverance Part 13
Written by @PegLegPhury and @TohrSASRP
Phury: -I had been over the events of the prior weeks in my head thousands of times. My brain hurt from all the angles I attempted to see. Talia was out of control, got in league with drugs, and was on a dark path. She knew of mine but had not known the full story and how bad it got. I was steeling my nerves to talk to her about the full truth. 
I knocked on Tohr’s office door, I needed someone to talk to in order to confirm my idea was a good one and wouldn’t just fuel the rebellion fire. There were consequences to her running off and there was another reason too. It appeared another Chosen had decided to run off. I would need him to run the trace program on her phone. I walk in.- Tohr, what’s doing? -I hadn’t really talked to him since I sent the text when she was found, now I had to admit I lost another Chosen, would he see me as the failure I considered myself?- @TohrSASRP
Tohr: There’s something to be said about copious amounts of paperwork. It forces you to stay sober despite how much you’d love to see the ass-end of who’s-even-counting-anymore bottles of whiskey, vodka, and whatever else one could kidnap from the various bars around the manse when no one was looking. Tohr furrowed a brow as he was looking over Leethall’s admission papers, reading over the notes he had made during his interrogation of the kid. Impressions of bottled-up anger, tendency to have a violent temper, and how sloppy he got when his temper flared. Plenty to work with but the kid had fucking potential. Definitely a blooded son of a Brother, that much was clear with all that raw talent in the boy. Tohr’s thoughts were interrupted by a knocking and he soon packed away the papers, crossing his arms as he leaned back into his chair. “Enter,” he said shortly, halfway expecting a trainee to come in. The massive form of his brother surprised him, causing him to arch a brow. “What’s doing, brother?” he asked Phury, his expression changing subtly to one of concern rather than the stern face he had taken to always have. Phury: -Sitting in the chair offered, a hand scrubbed over my face.- I need your help on a couple of things. First … should I tell Talia the truth of my addiction? I seem to be in a space of I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t with that one. I don’t want to encourage her to do it again but she needs to know the path she’s on will lead her to that destruction. She already overdosed once I don’t want the next call to be to come to get her body. 
And I need help reading a phone trace. Greyhson, she’s missing now too, if it’s not one Chosen sneaking out it’s another. I swear I am a fucking failure, maybe the Scribe should have enlisted someone more competent than myself. I’m failing the Chosen at every turn. I can’t even keep them safe. -Handing over the paper with the newly missing Chosen’s cell number written on it for the program.- 
-Stopping my own pity party and looking up I see how tired my Brother is and now I was adding to it.- Fuck, Tohr I’m sorry. I can just go to V if you’re too busy. You really do need an assistant. 
Tohr: Listening to Phury’s troubles certainly was still something Tohr was getting used to. The Brother had always been secretive, carrying his pain on the inside. Hearing him finally opening up and seeking help active was still something Tohr was getting used to, but it made him happy. Relieved and happy, to be exact. As soon as Phury mentioned the phone-tracking, Tohr opened up the program, letting it load as he continued to give Phury his attention. He reached out and patted his Brother’s arm softly. “You, my Brother, are not failing anyone. You are doing the best you can in a duty that is new to you,” he said and nodded. “The Chosen have always been secluded until now. It’s only natural for a transition period to occur and in no way, is it your fault.”
Tohr ran a hand over his own face, shaking his head softly. Was it really that obvious he was exhausted? Had to be, since someone had picked up on it. He looked to his brother and offered a smile. “I’m fine, don’t worry. The paperwork is just doing my head in,” he said and motioned around to the office that was overflowing with papers and folders. “Greyhson’s phone, you say?” he said and took the paper, typing the number into the program. “Sal’s is the last signal in the system. When do you want to beat feet there, Brother?” he asked as he pulled a .45 from a drawer.”
Phury: -Nodding my thank you to Tohr for his words, they resonated deeper than he knew. I respected the hell out of my Brother and the headache he had stepped in to with the training program. He had all of our support and confidence. It may not have actually been my fault, but it felt that way. Perhaps I was still my own worst enemy in a way. Tohr had trusted me to come to my own conclusion, maybe I needed to trust myself as well.-
-When he mentioned Sal’s, I perked up. What the hell was she doing there? It seemed Tohr was done behind the desk for the night and he was offering to go with. Glad I was already dressed and armed I nodded.-
Ready when you are Brother.
-I could think about my other issues later, what was important was getting this Chosen home before she met any unsavory characters. After collecting myself, I head outside with Tohr and dematerialize to the alley behind Sal’s. As soon as my feet hit the ground I could smell the familiar scents of herbs and spices. The restaurant was famous for its flavor. I look over to Tohr and another silent nod of communication as we stepped into the restaurant immediately surveying the area, but I didn’t see Greyhson. I growled a low curse.-
What the fuck is going on?
Tohr: Tohr was out of the office in a hurry, swinging by his room to properly arm himself up with leathers and daggers before heading out with Phury, dematerializing and cracking his neck as his molecules reformed in the alley by his Brother. Sal’s was as it always had been. A place that smelled incredible and made your mouth water for the food iAm cooked inside the kitchen. It was obvious Greyhson was not in the restaurant but Phury’s growling was starting to gain looks. Tohr placed an arm on his Brother’s shoulder. “Easy now. Let’s go check out the security tapes in the back. She was here, so there’s bound to be a tape of what happened to her.” With a nod to the staff, Tohr went into the back of the establishment and tapped the worker in there on the shoulder. “Take 10 minutes to get an update from the kitchen,” he said, rummaging around in the poor kid’s brain for a second, watching the human trotting off without a care on the world to get clued in on what the kitchen needed. Tohr then sat down and started working the machines, pulling up footage of Greyhson outside the restaurant and playing the footage for Phury to see. 
Phury: -It was a damn good thing he came with, I was scaring the humans. I stalked off toward the office with him to get the information we needed. Greyhson wasn’t here. I had failed again and lost another of the treasured females. Fuck I seriously doubted myself on this.-
What is that? -I point at a corner of the screen when I see a female that resembles her.- Slow down the footage. 
-Watching it several times, attempting to identify what is going on in the moments, I tightened the grip on the hilt of my dagger to keep me in place. With everything going on we now had a Chosen that was truly missing. My previous guess was wrong. I was no longer hungry for the food the building offered, the scents no longer held my attention.- 
Tohr, do you recognize who this is? -Pointing at another visage in the tape, the question dripped with acid as I spoke. There was no mistaking what that was, the blonde hair, the sunken features.- Fuck!
Tohr: Watching the tape made Tohr’s stomach stir. A fucking lesser of all things approaching any vampire was shit news, but a lesser approaching a Chosen was shit news that had been skullfucked. There was absolutely nothing good about this in any way, shape, or form. “Shit fuck,” the Brother added before he pulled back his upper lip, his fangs fully exposed as he snarled. The lessers were getting too damn cocky taking females like this. A small lightbulb went off in Tohr’s head and he looked to his Brother, his eyes narrowed and concentrated. “That kid, Leethall. He said he came to Caldwell to investigate females vanishing. I think we just found our fucking culprit to that mystery. We need to send intel to the others, all hands-on fucking deck” he said and looked to Phury. “We need the entire brotherhood on this one, to have a chance of finding her.” Phury: -The growls rattled the glass in the office. Those baby powder fucks. The lesser touched a Chosen, he cracked her on the head and stole her. This was one of my worst fears realized, I had failed to keep her safe and now she was paying the consequence if she hadn’t already paid the ultimate.- 
I’m on it. 
-I flipped out my phone and called Vishous and Z quickly after to have them make the rounds of contact. Greyhson had been kidnapped and we needed to find her.- Had she fed from anyone recently? Could we use that bond? 
-Was there traffic cam footage?- Can we get the footage from outside? Are there cameras outside? -Looking at the file listing reading the camera titles. Letting Tohr take the lead on the tech shit I knew I was liable to break the computer if I lashed out like I was doing on my phone. Soon all the Brothers would be informed. We needed the trainees too. It was going to be time for everyone to hit the ground running-
I need to send the Chosen back temporarily till she is found, we can’t leave them unprotected while we search for Greyhson. 
Tohr: Tohr listened to Phury’s questions, his hands working fast on the keyboard. Not as masterful as V, but all his admin work at a PC had given him a few skills when typing. “Let’s see..” Tohr pulled up the outside surveillance, looking over the parking-lot footage and cursed, nearly biting his lower lip as he watched the screens. “Fucker knew how to stay in the blind-spots,” he said pointing to Greyhson being dragged along. 
He suddenly paused the footage and pointed to the screen, smirking. “Bingo, license-plate and make of the getaway car. Go figure, a shitty Honda”. Tohr noted down the license number and nodded. “V can roll with this, I’m sure of it, anyone responding yet?” He asked and made sure to email V all the relevant footage before deleting it from the memory of the computer. “It took off towards the east, so maybe we can snoop around, see what we might find while everyone else is gathering up”. Tohr looked to Phury, offering him a soft look. A rarity given the many recent circumstances. “I can’t tell you what to do, Phury. But, at the very least they all deserve to know why if you do send them off,” he said as he looked to his Brother. “Your mission here was to give them freedom of choice. Maybe this is the perfect opportunity for them to have just that. Given them the option and the reality, but let them choose whether they stay here or go back to safety?” He suggested. “It’s your decision of course.” Phury: -I nod to the question of responses.- Brothers and several trainees are getting strapped now. They should be on the hunt within minutes.
-Looking back at the footage, seeing barely a glimpse of the male dragging off one of our females. It stung bad- what was she even doing here? Why was she out without an escort? 
-The mention of going east pulls me from the thought.- 
Yeah, let’s get moving. Maybe we can beat the fuck out of something tonight. Let me know if there’s a hit on the Honda. Till then do we want to try the old stomping grounds? Maybe they went back to one of them.
-Grabbing my shit and following Tohr out of the restaurant, more than a little ready to fight tonight.- 
Tohr: As soon as Tohr was out of the restaurant he nodded to Phury. “I was thinking the same thing, 
Just to see if there’s some sort of trail we can follow,” he said and pulled out a map on his phone, showing it to Phury. He pointed out a few key areas eastward, sending coordinates out to the trainees and his fellow brothers. “Let’s get going. The sooner the better. I’ve sent images of the Honda and license plate to everyone, so they know what to look out for and asked if anyone has recently fed from her,” he said and nodded. “Let’s head off to the first area and see what we might come up with.”
Phury: -The Brother was thorough. I enjoyed working alongside him, our brains sometimes worked on the same wavelength. His phone showed the warehouses, and the rural house we had raided previously.- Do you think they’d be dumb enough? -Already knowing the answer, it was yes.- After you, Brother. -Dematerializing to the tree cover at the first location Tohrment wanted to check out. It wasn’t a secret Tohr was a great strategist. He had the ability to calm and rally his troops.- 
-Stepping out from the trees and inching closer to the house. I watch for traps and movement within the house. I couldn’t see anything. I waited after several steps, weapons drawn and ready to demolish any lesser who dared appear.- 
Tohr: “Given how ballsy kidnapping a Chosen is, I’d say our boy is stupid enough to go to an old location, thinking we won’t search there,” he said. He wasn’t sure how much he meant it, but Phury definitely needed some form of hope. They all did, but Phury the most. Greyhson was at the end of the day his responsibility and this had to be tearing him apart from the inside, given how twitchy his brother was. Despite the area being a rather large one, it really came in handy that both Tohr and Phury were seasoned warriors. It didn’t take long to scope out the shithole they were at, but sadly it only amounted to a whole lot of wasted time. Tohr frequently checked his phone receiving reports of the same nature from both trainees and the other brothers. Just a fuckload of nothing but empty warehouses, farms, barns, and outhouses. Well, shit. The place was completely abandoned after they had last raided the place. Back then it had been a storage facility for the Lessening society, containing a couple of jars and they had already been stored in the Brotherhood’s secret cave. 
“Looks like flyboy has some brains, so we need to find out if she has fed someone or been feeding herself” he explained and crossed his arms. He walked around inside the abandoned farm, his shitkicker making contact with a support beam, leaving behind a nice deep impression of the sole of his boot. “FUCK!” Time was really of the essence now.
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metalbvcky · 4 months ago
2020 Fic Year in Review
I’m waiting for my Sims game to finish updating, so I thought I’d do this since I saw @kalee60‘s post about it :) 
Total number of completed stories: 
14 (15 if you include a short 1am-oneshot I orphaned haha) 
Total number of words: 
111,575 (and that’s not including stuff I scrapped/haven’t posted omg) 
Fandoms written in:
Marvel/Stucky but also Supernatural (on my main) just a tad because haven’t posted anything yet but I’m including it anyway haha 
Looking back, did you write more fic than you thought you would this year, less, or about what you’d expected?
Oh, absolutely! Heck, I never thought I’d write anything when it comes to fic because I’ve always kept quiet about my writing. (And I’ve been doing it since I was like 12 and it all started with my Club Penguin phase pffft)  But my interest turned into an obsession rather quickly and I honestly can say, without a doubt, that @buckybees​ is the whole reason why I even got the courage to post my first fic! I’m so glad I did because writing fic has given me a new perspective on fandom in general. And it makes me appreciate fandom/fanon even more. 
What’s your own favourite story of the year?
Pretty much all of them but Bucky's Got a Bun in the Oven? holds a special place in my heart. Not only was it my first published fic, but I never thought I’d write something like that. I go back and re-read it frequently since it’s so short. 
No lie: Sometimes I look back at that fic and it makes me wanna write a series of short oneshots with Pregnant!Bucky. Like, just Domestic Steve/Bucky living in the modern day with a baby on the way. Bucky shopping for baby clothes, decorating the nursery, having snack parties with Natasha, taking care of the baby after the birth, those sort of things. Oh, I think I just talked myself into another idea. 😂 
Did you take any writing risks this year?
Ehh, not really? However, I did write a series of crack oneshots lol. Some are crazier than others. 
Do you have any fanfic or profic goals for the new year?
Tumblr media
Apple Pie Crumble Cake - This is my #1 goal. It’s a Bakery!AU Kid Fic that I’ve been planning for months. It’s gonna be multi-chaptered, and at least 50k. I have 10 chapters outlined and there are still more I need to get to, but probably won’t until I start writing the darn thing lol. 
I wanna start posting some smut oneshots on my secondary pseud, I have some done but I don’t think those will ever see the light of day since they’re just for practice- most of them were thought of on the spot without any outlining. I’d like to keep anything (totally) nsfw separate from my default pseud, just to be organized lol. And yes, this asexual read/writes smut. 😏 (my personal rule is as long as it doesn’t involve me, I’m good!) 
I thought long and hard on this in the past week or so, and originally I thought I’d join the Shrunkyclunks ‘21 Bang but the more I thought about it, the less I wanted to do it. It’d be my first bang, and while I have an idea, it’s just a little intimating to me lol. Soo, I’ll pass this year. Instead, I’m gonna look out for a Bingo whenever a new one starts up, since I’ll prob be more comfortable with that :) 
(Does this short lil Beach!AU count even though it’ll be done in 2020 but will be posted next year?? lolol) 
On my main, I’m writing a Supernatural + Spongebob crossover fic. Sort of like the episode, Scoobynatural. And I have a feeling that it’s gonna be turned into a series because I’m latched onto this idea- that started as a joke. 
Most popular story of the year.
Are we talking hits or kudos?? Hits, Buchanan Medical. Kudos, The Case of Bucky’s Wisdom Teeth. Eitherway, I’m so happy those two made it as my most popular stories. Buchanan Med is close to me on a personal level, and Bucky’s wisdom teeth fic is something I’ve always wanted to read but never existed :3 
Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion:
I think @kalee60​ explained it perfectly when it comes to fics ‘flopping’ (I see this a lot on r/fanfiction) People will see it, they might like it, or won’t like it. And that’s okay! Not everything is for everyone, neither are tropes/genres. I know myself, I’m not a fan of A/B/O and the same could go for someone else who likes my personal favorite genre, hurt/comfort. And sometimes it’s kinda like an age old Tumblr saying: A post that took time and effort can get little as 10 notes but a spur of the moment post can get thousands. (Okay so, I made that up on the spot pffft) 
Most fun story to write.
Buchanan Medical, but Mercury In Retrograde was super fun since I added the whole ‘space puns/pickup lines’ aspect to it. They basically share the same AU, but they’re totally different and that’s why I love them.  
Most unintentionally telling story:
The entire Buchanan Med series. I wanted to explore Steve having asthma in a modern universe (because I too suffer from it- my whole life) and I really, truly, bled a little bit of my personal experience with the disease into the series. Having Bucky there, taking care of/treating Steve? It felt really comforting to me. And hey, write those self comfort fics!!! 
Biggest disappointment.
I hoped to finish the last oneshot of Buchanan Med this year but sadly, my motivation for it just tanked. I write hurt/comfort best when I’m in the right mood for it, and I’m still waiting for it to come back to me, whenever that may be XD. 
Biggest surprise.
The amount of reception I’ve gotten overall, the people I’ve met, the friends I’ve made, and new fandom experiences I’ve gotten to experience myself! Seriously, never in a million years did I think I’ve ever call myself a fanfic writer. But here I am, and I couldn’t be happier <3
My Sims game finished updating on the fifth question but I kept on rambling because I love taking about my writing!!! It made me realize that wow, I really did do a lot this year when it comes to fanon- especially since it was my first time delving into the world that is fanfiction writing <3 I have many hobbies, video games being the longest one, but I think I’ve spent more time writing/reading than playing games this year. My teenager-self WOULD NEVER believe that! But as the legendary Reggie Fils-Aimesays once said, "If it’s not fun, why bother?” 
I’m gonna tag you guys if you wanna do this! @buckybees​ @justice-for-plums​ @hbalbat​ @its-tortle​ @captainjanegay​ @greyhavensking​ @snarky-drabbles​ @joharvele​ @musette22​ @mysterious-marvel​ 
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solofelt · 4 months ago
No matter what I (25M) do to improve my situation and grow as a person, I cannot go 5 minutes without thinking about a girl I briefly dated nearly a year and a half ago. [long read with TLDR]
Some basic history to start... (Age 16 to 24)
I'm currently 25 years old and have only been in one serious relationship. My first girlfriend made moves on me in May of 2011 when I was in Grade 10 and we ended it in August of 2015 (4 years). After this, I wanted to be single for a while. I initially wanted to be single for at least a year or two. That turned into 3 years. Then 4.
It's important to note that from 20 to 24, I was single by choice. I simply hadn't met anyone that I felt compelled to ask out. I was also in university this whole time while running my own successful business, so I had my hands full.
Girl #1: "Kelly"... (The girl in question and the two dates we went on) [May - June, 2019]
In the summer of 2019, I took a 6 week night school course at my school and had the usual intentions of going to class, getting my work done, and going home. You all know where this is going... I walked into the class and noticed this incredibly cute and beautiful girl in the back lefthand side (let's call her Kelly). I even remember what she was wearing: purple top with black high waisted jeans and little oxford shoes. If I had to pick a celebrity that she looked most similar to, I'd say Lilly Collins. She was petite with brown hair and a really nice face. I did something that I'd never done before and I went and sat a couple seats over from her.
She seemed like an airhead at first, but turned out to be well-educated and was beaming with positivity. Whenever we would talk, we'd both begin giggling for no reason. It felt good and my subtle crush for her turned into something really serious. After the final exam, I wasted no time and asked her out on a coffee date. It's important to note that this is the first time I'd ever asked a girl out. I thought that there was absolutely no way she'd be single, but I had to put my mind at peace knowing I took the shot. To my surprise, she agreed.
This is where the issues really began. I had about 5 days out to prepare and I googled more dating advice than you could ever believe. I was nervous beyond belief. We eventually had the date at a cute cafe and it was fine. I was a little shy, but I still cracked some jokes and she was laughing a lot. Even to this day, she's still the most excited and enthusiastic first date I've ever been with. It was a tad job interview-y, but when I'd suggest things we could do, she was genuinely optimistic and enthusiastic. We agreed that the next date would be a movie later that week. But the date ended on a really awful note...
As I was walking with her back to the subway, I gave her a hug on the South platform (we live downtown in a big city). I looked down at her and she had the cutest most coy look on her face. She jumped up on her tippy toes expecting a kiss and... I pulled away. I quickly said "I'll see you later!" and rushed off. I went over to the North platform and we both had to wait for probably 5 minutes until her subway showed up. She looked so puzzled and uncomfortable as she waited and wouldn't make eye contact across the tracks with me. When her train eventually showed up, she quickly looked over, waved, and smiled. I have no clue why I did what I did. Of course I wanted to kiss her, but I just wasn't comfortable enough yet. I was realizing that I was basically dating for the first time again since it had been so long. If you're cringing reading this, then you should be -- it was the worst.
The next day, she texted me and said "We should see Toy Story soon lol". I was even more nervous for this second date than the first. Date #2 was a disaster. As we were walking together and talking, I stuck out my hand to see if she wanted to hold hands. This was my shitty rationale at the time for trying to make things more romantic after pulling away from the kiss (I know, I know). She sighed in a really condescending way, then forcefully grabbed my hand back. She seemed pissed. When we got into the theatre, I lifted the arm rest and asked if she wanted to slide over. She scoffed and crossed her arms, but did it anyways. I felt super uncomfortable when I put my arm around her. After a few seconds I asked "If you want, you can slide back over to your spot?" and she said "No, it's fine". Even halfway through the movie, I asked "Hey, if your neck hurts, you should slide back out to your spot" (because it was getting kind hot under my arm) and she was like "No, I'm okay." I felt gross. Like I was violating her boundaries despite that not being my intentions at all. I obviously didn't grope her and I've thrown my arm around a girl during a movie a few times since, but this time felt so wrong.
Quick aside: I've brought this up with maybe 5-6 of my female friends and they felt I'd handled it right. I wanted to get the female perspective to make sure I wasn't violating her boundaries considering it was a romantic date --- or at least supposed to be.
At the end, I went in to give her a kiss and she didn't pull away. She sat there frozen with her arms crossed. I remember her teeth were shut in case I tried to tongue her and she didn't move her lips once. It was like kissing a corpse. After, I pulled back and she had the most disgusted look on her face. I looked at the ground because I felt so uncomfortable. She let out a big *sigh* and said "Well, I have to go" and she stormed off. I turned around one last time and looked back at her and she pulled out her phone and had a big smile on her face while texting someone. That hurt. I went home after this and vomited until 4am. Didn't sleep that night.
After this, I had to go on a week-long family trip to Europe and she had the decency to send me the text dumping me when I got back. She let me down lightly by saying "I'm too busy to be dating." I texted her once during my trip to see how things were and she just asked if I was back yet. Basically, this whole experience was filled with rookie mistakes + some other awful ones.
Girl #2: "Emma"... (first foray into dating apps) [August - November, 2019]
The following month was very painful, but eventually I downloaded a bunch of dating apps and within a few minutes matched with a beautiful Italian girl on Bumble (we'll call her Emma). We went back and forth for a bit and I was able to bond with her over our family-oriented lifestyles. She was super excited to go out with me and I was looking forward to it as well... kind of.
I'll never forget my first date with her. We grabbed a coffee and were walking around downtown. I was in such a DGAF mood because I'd just lost my dream girl, so I was just pointing at random things and making funny comments or cracking jokes here and there - aka, being myself. This girl was practically peeing her pants from laughter. My jokes with Kelly were much more safe and lame, but with Emma (and every girl since) I was being genuinely really funny - which is the same way I am with my friends.
We keep dating and within 2 weeks, we're sleeping at one another's places on the regular. She mentioned that she's been dating since 16 and had never gotten past the third date with a guy because she didn't like them, but was head over heels for me which surprised me because this girl was conventionally hot. She begins bringing me around her friends, but then she suggests I meet her family for the holidays...
At this point, I realize that I have no feelings for this girl and I'm going way too far with her. My friends were telling me to stay with her because she's such a perfect fit for me, but I just couldn't. All I could think about was Kelly. Right before Christmas last year, I sat Emma down at a park and just began crying. I told her about what had happened to me right before I met her with Kelly. I told her that I couldn't stop thinking about this other girl and wanted to forget about her more than anything. When I told her that this was preventing me from developing feelings for her, she let out a few tears and then her face quickly turned to anger. She never said a word. Just got up and walked away from me. I didn't pursue her, but I texted her the next day and she'd blocked my number. I never heard from her again.
I'd never felt so guilty and awful in my life. I didn't realize until then, that I'd been leading this girl on for 3 months. I was so ashamed of myself.
Girl #3: "Judy"... (getting good at dating apps) [January - June, 2020]
I was torn up about Emma for only a night, but by the next morning, my brain had defaulted back to thinking about Kelly non-stop. Even throughout the 3 months I spent with Emma, she'd pop into my mind on the regular, but after I broke it off with Emma, it was almost every 3-5 minutes.... and that's never changed. I was seeing lots of girls throughout January and February of this year (2020) and was getting really good at dating during this time, but in March, I scored a date with an insanely hot college volleyball player off of Hinge (let's call her Judy). She was my height (6'2") and had an incredible body. She was funny and we'd constantly roast one another, but was totally real with me all the time as well.
My friends couldn't believe how hot of a girl I managed to score and how lucky it was that she was cool as well. Her friend group took a strong liking to me as well and we went on weekend trips to our cottages as a group. Meanwhile, I couldn't develop any feelings for this girl. It was almost like I was trying to force myself to or something, but at this point, it had been a year since I'd gone on those two dates with Kelly.
I remember back in May I was staying the night at Judy's place and she dozed off before I did. I was laying there just looking at her. She was perfect. And I was so lucky that she was dating me. She picked me when she could have picked any other guy. I began crying to myself knowing that it wasn't going to workout because of the battle I was having with my own brain. I was watching this perfect girl next to me and all I could think about was another girl who crossed her arms and looked at me like a worthless sack of shit when we last went out.
We had an argument about something menial the following month and I used this as leverage to end the relationship.
This was 6 months ago, but I have not gone on a single date since. Partially due to the pandemic, but I also wanted to see if taking a break would help, but it's only gotten worse. I also didn't want to keep emotionally hurting these poor girls. They don't deserve it. I'm unwell and I can't keep using them thinking they'll make me better.
One year later: texting Kelly out of the blue [June 2020]
A few days after I broke up with Judy, I texted Kelly for the first time since she dumped me. By that point, I was a completely different human being. I'd dated 17 different girls (Including Kelly) since her and most were ones that nearly all guys would consider "hotter" than Kelly, but all I wanted was her.
I told a few of my female friends about Kelly and if I should try to give it another shot one day. As you'd expect, the response was mixed. Some of them said it wasn't a good idea and that I shouldn't be surprised if she out-and-out friend-zoned me
This past June, I texted Kelly. I told her that her favourite restaurant followed me on Instagram out-of-the-blue and that it reminded me of her. We caught up a bit, but I could tell she was in full nice girl syndrome mode and dropping hints to end the conversation. It was frustrating because she was talking to a guy that didn't exist and I tried to imply that. I told her that I was sorry for not being myself and not respecting her boundaries which led to an uncomfortable situation for her. I was too shy to go in for the kiss on the first date and I told her it was probably because she was the first girl I'd ever asked out. She kept saying things like "Oh, I didn't notice!" and "You were really nice and easy to talk to :)"... FZ stuff. I hit on her a few times in clever ways, but she "lol"'d me every time.
I asked her out in a good way. Told her I wanted one last shot with her. Mentioned that I know she was likely reading the text and rolling her eyes thinking there was no chance, but that the guy she went out with simply wasn't me and that I wouldn't have texted her if I was confident we'd probably click. She hit me with a long-sugar coated maybe and I didn't even reply.
After this, I completely deleted her contact info. It's gone for good.
What I've done to improve myself over the past year-and-a-half... [June 2019 - December 2020]
It's important to note that when I asked Kelly out originally, I weighed 262 LB of fat. I was tall and my weight was proportioned decently. I was still decently good looking, but I felt so shitty after she dumped me that I went into full fitness mode. I'm now 175 LB and am pretty muscular. This has helped big time with women. I'm now confident enough to pull my shirt off at the beach and while I'd always been called "cute", I now get called "hot" by girls who are also hot -- which is something I'd never thought would happen!
I started an online e-commerce business in 2014 which helped me move out, graduate debt free, and claim my own financial independence at aged 20. I still run this business because it's a great source of income, but now that I'm done university I began investing in real estate with a bunch of money I've been saving. I've turned this into another source of income. I brought in $214,000 total between January 1st and today -- the first time I've cracked six figures annually.
I also have been investing into the stock market since I was 19 and currently have a stock market portfolio worth $685,000. The past year I've gone hard on the investments to try to better myself and it's been paying off big time. My portfolio has increased 6% since Monday alone.
I also bought my dream 1968 Mustang GT in the summertime and am planning on picking up a 1988 BMW E30 M3 and 2021 Tesla Model X in 2021. The intent is not to show off here, but these are things I never thought would happen. Being dumped by Kelly lit such a fire under my ass that I'm in this dream financial position now.
I wasn't born into a rich family by any means and have just always pinched my pennies when I can. I've worked my ass off for my financial independence -- especially in the last year. I know for a fact that at the rate I'm going, I'll be worth about 10 figures by the age of 37. I'm driven and have goals set out for me between now and age 42.
Girls see this in me and love it. I was kind of embarrassed to talk about my business when I went out with Kelly and had no aspirations of becoming a real estate investor yet.
Because I wasn't in good shape yet and technically wasn't employed despite making more on my own, I felt inferior to Kelly when I went out with her. It wasn't until I began dating other girls and realizing I could score dates with hot women that I became fully confident in sharing what I had going on in my own life.
What ELSE I've done to help myself... (trying to meet new people, taking a break, therapy) [June 2019 - December 2020]
I initially figured that time would just need to pass before I'd forget about Kelly. My friends were giving me the advice to keep dating and you'll meet better people and forget about her eventually. I've done this and it's only made it worse. The more I date, the more I think about Kelly. So, in June, after I texted her and she blew me off, I decided to stay single again for a while.
Around February is when I realized that this was getting worse. I began seeing this local therapist for about 5ish weeks (let's call her Michele). Michele was referred to me by a good friend and while she is a lovely lady, her help wasn't very good. She kept asking about my upbringing and really wanted to delve into that. My parents struggled with money growing up and I wasn't spoiled, but if I ever wanted something, they were able to provide. While other kids snowboarded, dirt-biked, went camping, etc., I was easy: I just liked a few video games and skateboarding. I wasn't an expensive kid in that regard.
Michele suggested that because I always got what I wanted as a kid, it created an obsession problem with me when I didn't get something I wanted. Fair enough. Her solution? Try volunteering. I've been volunteering for a local film organization since 2011 and have been volunteering for the local hospital since 2013 off-and-on, so adding more volunteer work into my schedule wouldn't really help. Her other bit of advice was to fully rearrange my house. I actually moved to a nicer place entirely and it did nothing for me. I thought about Kelly non-stop throughout all of this, naturally.
Lately... [June 2020 - December 2020]
This past 6 months has easily been the worst patch. I go to bed and she's the last thing I think about and in the morning, she's the first thing I think about. Lately, I lay in bed late at night and just cry out of hopelessness. Before this past 18 months, I never really cried and now it's a usual thing for me. I think about her so much that it physically exhausts me and I need to come home and take naps to just get through a day.
It shames me to say this, but as I work out, I think about Kelly constantly... almost as if this will help me get a better second chance with her or something. It's as if my brain thinks there will ever be another chance when I know there won't be and honestly want to say that I hope there won't be.
I've been a workaholic over the past year, but because I am missing a massive void of not having Kelly in my life, I'm beginning to lose all motivation to keep going. I'm not working out as much and I'm putting less effort into my work. I barely leave my place and just lay around most days.
What is scaring me is that it's getting worse despite the fact that I'm beginning to forget what her face exactly looks like. This next part might sound a bit ridiculous, but this is where I see my mental health slipping the most...
I think I've developed PTSD from the end of the first date with Kelly and the whole second date. If I'm walking down the sidewalk or something, the pulling away from her or the arm around Kelly at the theatre will often flash in my head and to get it out I'll yell something out loud or make an audible noise like a loud groan. Similar to having tourettes syndrome. If I'm doing something unrelated and she flashes through my mind, I'll twitch or yell something out loud. I can control this in most instances, but I do it frequently when I'm by myself and it's really worrying me...
In conclusion...
I've been told it all:
"You like the idea of her and would probably be less attracted to who she really is"
"Why would you want to be with someone who lied to you and doesn't give a shit about you?"
"She's beneath you now, you can score dates with hotter girls"
"You date hot girls? You have nothing to complain about."
"You've idealized her because you're lonely"
"You're obsessed with her because she's the only one you couldn't get" Etc.
And you know what? All of that is completely true. But my brain won't accept it.
My brain keeps thinking I stumbled across the one when I least expected it and blew it. One moment that really killed me was when my best friend was telling me that it's impossible she was so good that it's rendered every other girl insignificant to my stupid brain. Then, I showed him her little WhatsApp pic and he said "Woah... she's incredibly beautiful". You might think he was just fucking with me, but he's not that kind of guy. Since then, he's kind of understood my pain a bit more -- and looks weren't even the thing I cared about most with her.
It's odd because Kelly dumping me has made me so unhappy in life, but I'm the healthiest and wealthiest I've ever been as a direct result. It's very bittersweet.
I want to forget about this girl and just move on with my life. I want to see girls going forward for who they are and not being stuck thinking about this dumb girl from my past and idealizing her constantly...
Was single by choice for 4 years and asked a girl out 18 months ago that I developed a massive crush for. My nervousness paralyzed me and I completely blew the two dates we went on, so she dumped me shortly after. I've since been improving myself including losing nearly 80 pounds and exponentially increasing my wealth/income streams to over $200k annually. I've dated many girls since, but had two mini-relationships in the interim and had to end them since I can no longer develop feelings for girls. I texted my crush back 12 months after she'd dumped me to take another shot and she blew me off, so I fully deleted all of her contact information. I have not dated in over 6 months and things have gotten worse to the point where I yell things and twitch when the thought of her comes into my mind sometimes. I've also attended therapy and employed the advice, but I still cannot stop thinking about this girl I dated 18 months ago. She is the first thing I think about and last thing I think about each day and I'm running out of options.
While I'm clearly very unwell, I would not say I'm suicidal, so I didn't flair it as such. My brain has gone there as a last resort option numerous times throughout this horrible ordeal, but I haven't ever actually considered doing anything like that.
Also, I clearly have an obsession with this girl. However, I don't have any stalker tendencies or anything like that. This includes cyber-stalking - never done it or thought about doing it. I never harassed her via text or tried to find out where she lives or anything like that. It's not my style and my sickness has never even considered going there...
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dramione-tea · 4 months ago
recommendations & little snippets of myself
by Cassiopeia Candles ( Instagram: @casseopya.candles )
Tumblr media
note: click the title in order to be directed to the desired fan fiction.
- for the dramione shippers, I wish you luck! 
Unrequited Love  [ casspiane ]
“Darling, I wished you knew,” 
Draco Malfoy x Original Characters (OC)
1. Love Never Dies. [ rosebuds_ ]
Rachel Farrell, pure blood witch, family of Gryffindors. First year is not the best for Rachel. She struggles trying to fit in and be accepted by those around her. Falling for Draco Malfoy, Rachel has to overcome a wave of obstacles. She finds it difficult to be accepted by her family and turns to the Malfoys... Which was undoubtedly one of the biggest mistakes she made. Find out what happens to Rachel and what truly changes her life.
- Literally binge read the whole book during my 6th grade examination. ( I know it was bad for me ) But hey I didn’t fail.  
P.S. Don’t be like me. 
2. midnight of the masquerade [ seraphilims ]
a story in which two people realize masks only hide the appearance - not the heart. 
- Love the story plot.  I’ve read this thrice in different years. 
3. Imperio [ pansyparks ]
The younger sister of Cedric Diggory, Arden, is a Slytherin who doesn't fit in. Draco Malfoy, a wealthy Slytherin bully. The two come together, and Arden realises that being a Slytherin isn't so bad after all; but with a few bumps in the road for Draco, can they stay together?
4. Dear Draco [ malfoyuh ]
❛stay a little longer❜
- 15 year old me were in tears, so was my heart.  Rate it as 5/5.
5. Let’s Kill Tonight  [ Bambey ]
Rebecca Rosewood's life is dramatically changed when she becomes a Death Eater. With blood on her hands, she is summoned by Voldemort to go to Hogwarts and extract information from the famous Harry Potter, finding herself hopelessly attracted to Draco Malfoy at the same time. But it all gets a little too much when her past finally catches up with her...
- One of the first fan-fictions I’ve read about Draco.
6. if looks could kill [ WhenInDoubtSleep ]
In times like this, the truth can rewrite the past and alter the future. In an attempt to find herself amidst the deceptive lies and horrible truths, she finds Draco Malfoy instead. She honestly just wants to make it out of the year alive...and maybe with a few less kisses from the blond git. Love story set during the sixth year at Hogwarts.
7. Always Had A Thing For Bad Boys [ oxNeverShoutNeverxo ]
8. Who Are You?  [ TheBlondeAdventurer ]
Draco Malfoy. One of the most arrogant teenage boys in Slytherin's house. He struts through the school and doesn't miss an opportunity to cut someone down, just as he has been by his father his entire life. Now enter Elena Crowe. A quiet girl who tries her hardest to stay out of trouble, and one of Ravenclaw's best students. She always has the best answers and never fails to help someone in need, even if they may not deserve it. In their sixth year at Hogwarts, Draco finally runs into Elena, whom he has never seemed to notice before. Elena does her absolute best to stay away from him, because all he can be is trouble, but Draco finds amusement by forcing himself into her life. For what reason, he doesn't know; but what he does know is that he enjoys bantering with this quiet girl, because even she can get riled up and fight back. But Draco will see that Elena is a lot more than what she may seem. Soon he will be battling morales, his past, his family, and both of them may end up facing off in the final battle not with Lord Voldemort, but each other.
- To be completely honest, read this one more than 3 times. 
9. Unwanted Legacy [ writtenbyciara ]
" admit it, you care about me. "
- Recently read this months ago and found it quite interesting. The author’s writing style is different from the rest as her words make you visualize more on what is happening. 
- Book 1 & 2 is complete, while book 3 is still on its way. 
Draco Malfoy x Hermione Granger (Dramione)
1. We Learned The Sea [ floorcoaster ]
Draco Malfoy turns himself in after a very successful career as a Death Eater, then enlists Harry and Hermione to help him in a scheme to bring down the Dark Lord.
- This gave me the feels.  Draco’s personality in this is far most different from the books and other fan fictions.
2. The Bachelor  [ Fluff ]
Hermione's mother is pressuring her into finding a boyfriend. On a whim, she applies and is accepted into the wizard version of The Bachelor. But what happens when The Bachelor is none other than Draco Malfoy himself?
3. Defending The Dark  [ Cece Louise ]
Almost three years after Voldemort's defeat, Hermione Granger is a Ministry-appointed Defense Inquisitor. Her next assignment: defend Draco Malfoy. She's sure there must be some mistake. Confronted with mysterious memories, candid conversations, and confusing feelings, she is plagued with uncertainty. Just who is Draco Malfoy? And does he deserve a second chance?
4. Graveyard Valentine  [ Bex-chan ]
Hermione thought she was the only person in the world who would spend Valentine's Day in a Graveyard, but she was wrong. He's there. Every single year, with his gloves, roses, and answers. Dramione Valentine's Day one-shot. Post-Hogwarts. 
- All time favorite.
5. Eighteen Months  [ Istalindar ]
When Hermione is diagnosed with a magic allergy and kidney failure during the summer, everything changes for her, friends,
6. Love Me Twice [ Bex-chan ]
'"They tore her apart and then wiped me out of her mind to send me a message. To mess up my life. To break..." he trailed off. Blaise nodded his head with understanding. "To break your heart," he finished for him.' Dramione. One-shot.
7. The Wrong Strain [ Colubrina ]
Everyone knew what veela were. Veela were magical creatures, breathtakingly beautiful, who captivated men with a single look. It would have been nice to have been that strain. Instead, Hermione Granger was infected by another. Instead of captivating all men, she was captivated by one. She'd die without him. She was already in almost constant pain. 
8. Entwined In Time  [ TheSummerNightingale ]
When Hermione and Draco get put into detention together, a potion mishaps throws them back in time: into the Marauders' era. As they begin to adjust to life twenty years into the past, the two become drawn together, sharing the bond of the future as they are forced to work together to return to their own time.
9. Destiny [ Annie Lockwood ]
Hermione's wedding night is everything but perfect for the young witch. Her new husband and long-time friend, Ronald, is passed out drunk and she thinks upon her life leading up to that night. Hermione falls asleep, despondent and alone. When she wakes up the following morning, she is still in bed with her husband. But it isn't Ronald Weasley.
10. Silencio [ AkashatheKitty ] 
One late night, hate turns to lust.
11. Clean [ Olivie Blake ]
Malfoy's handsome face was contoured into a condescending smirk. "No faith in that giant brain of yours, Granger?" She looked up at him defiantly. "Maybe I don't have faith in you!" she said, raising her voice. Malfoy only looked at her. "You'll find I'm very surprising."
12. Marked  [ Olivie Blake ]
Two dead. Three missing. The Order is down a leader and another innocent takes the Mark. Where is the Chosen One, and who killed Draco Malfoy?
13. The Fallout [ everythursday ] 
Hermione learns about growing up through the redemption of Draco Malfoy.
14. Every Day, a Little Death [ LovesBitca8 ]
It has become common knowledge that Hermione Granger cannot have an orgasm. Many have tried, none have succeeded. Can Draco Malfoy offer his assistance?
15. familiar faces, worn out places [ LovesBitca8 ]
“You are at St. Mungo’s. You were in a coma.” He looks me over again, taking a pause. “I am a Healer here now,” he says, like it explains something. My fingers stretch, drifting across his sleeve. He looks down, like I’ve thrown mud at him.
Forcing my vocal chords together for the first time, I whisper, “What’s your name?”
16. Kiss Me, Haunt Me, Kill Me [ LovesBitca8 ]
"So," she said, and her voice was just as he'd remembered it, "you've chosen to haunt the castle as well?" She lifted her brows. "I'm dead. What's your excuse?" ~*~ Draco Malfoy returns to Hogwarts as Potions Master to find the ghost of Hermione Granger floating through the halls.
17. Ribbons Down Her Back [ LovesBitca8 ]
The unintentional annual seduction of Draco Malfoy through a series of ribbons and bows - or - Christmas Fluff with a dash of Secret Santa.
18. Manacled  [ SenLinYu ] 
Harry Potter is dead. In the aftermath of the war, in order to strengthen the might of the magical world, Voldemort enacts a repopulation effort. Hermione Granger has an Order secret, lost but hidden in her mind, so she is sent as an enslaved surrogate to the High Reeve until her mind can be cracked.
19. The Library of Alexandria  [ SenLinYu ] 
 The Library of Alexandria is not for just any witch or wizard. Many bookworms may try but few are permitted to pass through its doors. The books residing there are ancient and powerful and, if one happens to make a mistake, the consequences can be rather—novel.
20. A Slow Cruel Descent + A Fragile Ascent  [ SenLinYu ]
A Slow Cruel Descent
The war grinds on and Hermione Granger, the lead intelligence for the Order of the Pheonix, is captured. Unable to crack her through interrogation without risking her mind, Voldemort conceives a cruel method of breaking her that involves a reluctant Draco Malfoy.“He stared at her in disgust.She looked—broken.The fire she’d still had when she was dragged in was now extinguished. Her eyes were locked on his face like she were memorizing him.“Stop staring at me.” He snarled. “You stupid bint. You’re supposed to be so clever. They can’t break you with torture but a fucking potion reduces you to a sniveling traitor.”
A Fragile Ascent
The War is over. Voldemort is dead. And Hermione Granger is broken.
21. Sweetly Broken [ LadyKenz347 ] 
As the dust settles following the Battle of Hogwarts, Draco’s confidence, belief system, and world are shattered.In an attempt to mend his broken pieces, he turns to vials that take the pain away. But once the high’s are no longer so high and the lows get so much lower, Draco has to start a journey of healing and redemption that often hurts more than it helps.
22. Truth, Lies, and Storytelling  [ BreathOfThePhoenix ]
“Hermione,” Harry took a deep breath and flipped the book over to see the back cover, “why is my name on this?”“Like I said, someone is writing about us. The film we just saw was based on that book,” Hermione tapped the cover of the book on the top of the stack, “and it was incredibly accurate.”Harry passed the stack of books over to Ginny, holding on to the first one. He turned the title of the book over in his head, mumbling the words quietly to himself.“Harry Potter… me… Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Philosopher’s stone. Hermione, this feels weird. Am I the narrator?”When Hermione and Draco uncover a familiar new film called “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone” they learn that the wizarding world may not be as well hidden as they thought.
The latest in magical advancements is an enchantment that reveals the bearer’s romantic compatibility with another person. Effectively eliminating uncertainty from dating, the charm can tell you whether or not you’ve found The One with a precise, Hermione Granger-approved calculation of traits and preferences. It’s a foolproof method of predicting relationship happiness. It’s also, for Hermione, positively dreadful news.
24. Isolation [ Bex-chan ]
He can't leave the room. Her room. And it's all the Order's fault. Confined to a small space with only the Mudblood for company, something's going to give. Maybe his sanity. Maybe not. "There," she spat. "Now your Blood's filthy too!"
25. Hunted [ Bex-chan ]
Forced to work together when their old schoolmates start dying, Hermione & Draco must overcome their differences to solve the mysterious deaths. The tension in the office is getting rather...heated.
If you reached to this part. 
Feel free to message me on instagram if you ever feel the need to fan girl, I do too most of the time. 
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12/6/2020 DAB Chronological Transcription
2 Corinthians 10-13
Welcome to the Daily Audio Bible Chronological, I'm China. Today is the 6th day of December, welcome. Today, we are continuing in the book of Second Corinthians with chapters 10 to 13, and since it is a new week, we switch our translation. And this week we are in the English Standard version. Commentary:
Another powerful message from Paul and another writing. I feel like Paul and I would have been like pen pals. Where we right back and forth to each other different things of like let's compare notes, or I just feel like we would have really understood each other because whenever I read what he's talking about, I feel very validated because he's saying, like, look, I'm apparently being viewed as somebody who's rough around the edges, who sends letters that are just too bold for some people. And I'm like, oh yeah, like that feels true over my life where I definitely can be disregarded, or misunderstood as too intense, too bold, too this. And that, like, never really resonated with me. I definitely thought, like, I have a little bit more grit than probably the average person, but I'm not scared of that. Other people are scared of that. Anyways, so I just like it finally clicked with me today. Wow. I actually feel really validated by what Paul's saying. And then of course, he talks about suffering and boasting in our weakness. And this is a concept that I don't think anybody really gets, because if we got it, people would stop feeling so alone in life. And I have's like I don't want to talk about it, but I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to it, which is so annoying. I just like hit a point in my pregnancy where I just don't feel in control of my hormones and emotions. And as someone who's always looking for the healthy control of life, I realize the only thing that I can healthily control is myself and having self control and not being super rigid and legalistic and super rules. But like realizing, OK, I can control my responses, my reactions, what I wear, what I eat when I go to bed, different things like that. You know that doesn't make you a crazy person for controlling that. And typically when you get pregnant, everything changes. I don't think there's anything about me that hasn't changed and that's been really hard for me. And I think I have been really repressing how hard it has been. Until the other day, I just broke and was just sobbing for no reason. And it was really hard and I hated it. I did not like the fact that I was like falling apart. And, gosh, like I my skin is crawling. I hate talking about this, but just reading where Paul is even saying, like, if I must boast, I will boast about my weakness. And he's talking about that Christ's power is made perfect in our weakness. I literally read that and rolled my eyes. I hope you know that because I was like this again. Like, of course, of course I had a crappy weekend. Of course it was really hard. And then of course, I would read this like, Lord, you're so funny. Not really. But I really just say this to say there was a moment where I was like, wow, I feel really alone in how much is changing because, yes, our lives are going to change, but they haven't quite yet until our daughter is born. And like the drastic way- like that's like the ultimate peak of how much change is going to happen. But like, my body's changing and Ben's isn't. And so it's hard to, like, share all of that. And then it's like, oh, man, am I complaining too much because other people are just kind of definitely tired of hearing me talk about how much my hips hurt and how tired I am and how I can't breathe fully anymore. But just to like, really focus on the fact that if we are going to boast about something, it's to boast about our weakness and just to say, like my point is, I'm saying, I really thought that I could have this super, like, holy, great, effortless pregnancy. And then I just realized, like, actually, I'm human. Everything around me is changing. And it's a lot of change and it's progressive. And sometimes it sneaks up on you and it feels like it happened all at once and my point really is to say, like, I've never encompassed boasting in my weakness. And I think that if I had seen other people boast about their weaknesses and talk about their struggles, maybe I would have felt more prepared, maybe I wouldn't have felt so alone. And and so, like, I know like why is she talking about her pregnancy again? Like, this is weird. Stop it. How does this relate to the scripture? I'm saying this to say, I've really honestly committed my life to talking about things that people don't talk about and walking through things publicly so that other people can know, oh, wait I don't just have to talk about this when I'm on the other side of it, I can talk about it through the process. And that's always been really scary for me, because when you talk about things in the process, you're always inviting people to come and speak into that whether you want them to or not. Like I shared something on social media of like I had a really bad day today and I just let it all go. And this is what's going on. And I had a message of someone trying to sell me something to regulate my hormones. And I was like, that's look, look, that's not what I needed. And and so, I mean, that was just always a possibility of someone not knowing what exactly to say. But they mean well, and that's what I have to remember. So what I'm trying to make the point in this is I don't I don't know what thoughts or ideas you have made up about me. There's definitely people who have my family on a pedestal. And I just want to say, like humbly, I'm coming off forever, never to be put on anything again, because this is like the most raw place of my life that I've ever been. And it's annoying to me that I can't perfect it. It's annoying to me that weakness is OK and that it's normal and that it's supposed to be there because we are not on the other side of heaven, but that Christ came for this, and when I'm trying to pick up myself together, I'm actively denying the power of Christ and his love and his will to be made perfect. And all of that is just like, whoa, I got to get out of the way here Like, I actually need to allow Holy Spirit to come and do what he wants to do. And so I share all of this to say, I don't really feel like I have anything together in life and I'm realizing that that's OK. Like, people need to see that. People don't need another perfectly stitched together story. People don't really relate with perfection. I don't. People don't need another start to finish story where you left out all the details of what was really hard when you wanted to give up. Like this is my story, but insert yours like the plot is kind of all the same. And so I'm really thankful for Paul's message that encourages us. Hey, your pride is like cement thick, and it's time that that foundation cracks and it crumbles because that is not the will or the love of Christ, and that's gonna help other people not feel so dang alone. And if nothing else, somebody else doesn't feel so alone, then like it's worth it, because feeling alone, especially this year, has to stop, like it has to.
And so Father, I just thank you for this annoyingly good word today that really just struck my heart. And although I'm like not even close to being on the other side of this, I thank you that Your grace is sufficient. It sustains us. And Lord I just thank you that somehow you're using me to first and foremost break down my own pride, but then also allow other people to walk through their own stories messily. And it not have the perfect ending, or the ending hasn't even come yet. But you are with us and we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony. And so Lord, I just pray for all of those who are feeling like they're struggling and feeling like they're alone and feeling like there's nobody else who gets this. I thank you, Jesus that first and foremost you do. I thank you that also that's just not the truth, that we are alone. And I thank you, God, that even in the weirdest year in the year where we're all being told to stay home and to stay away from each other, I thank you, God, that you are uniting us together through the word of our testimony. And so, Father, I just thank you for what you're doing in my heart, for what you're doing in our household. I thank you what you're doing in the people who are listening hearts and in their households. And it might not be anywhere close to where we want to be, but I thank you that where we are right now is OK and that you are holding us. You have sustained us, you are loving us well, and you are sending those around us to love and encourage and nurture us so well. And so I thank you for the mess. I thank you for the beautiful mess of life that you aim for, that you died for, that you saw was worthy. I thank you that you aren't asking us to get ourselves together and come and just stare at the cross but that you are asking us to leave our crap at the cross that you've already paid for. And somehow we get to walk away with freedom. So we choose that today. And Father, we just thank you for your perfect strength that is made perfect and whole in our weakness. And so may we just stay contemplative, may we stay humble before you. And it's in your name we pray. Amen. Community Prayer and Praise:
Hello DABC. This is T-bird from Texas. I just want to say that I am just so blessed with China's decision that she's stepping down. We know it was hard and it was in prayer. But we just want to thank you so much for your reading of the chronological Bible. I've been with you since the start. And we will miss you, but we will look forward to hearing from your mother and daily DABers, let's just keep hanging in there. Bless you, China, Ben and Baby Brown. We look forward to knowing that you are probably going to be listening along with us this time. So thank you. God bless you guys. 
Holy Father. Lord Almighty. Honor, glory and praise be to you, mighty Savior. Father, it is bittersweet to hear that China will be stepping away from the DABC. Words are not enough to thank you for using her so mightily for your kingdom. I pray your blessings over her and her family as she takes time to concentrate on ministry in a different way to take care of her family. May you continue to direct, protect and bless her and Ben and baby girl in Jesus name, I pray. Amen. China. Oh, I'm going to miss saying, hey there China. Thank you for all that you have poured into this community. You will certainly be missed, but I'm very happy for you and know that you have made your decision with Christ in it. Just last week I was thinking about what you would do after the birth of your baby, and that was probably the Lord preparing me for this announcement. One thing that resonated with me is what you said about the inability to do many things well- something we can all apply to our lives. I welcome the announcement of Jill stepping in and remembered when she stepped away from More because she felt the Lord preparing her for something else and hallelujah God had marriage and baby in the works for her daughter and her stepping in. Our amazing God has every minute of our lives all planned out. I will continue to pray over you and your family and look forward to your visits. Maybe you and Ben will do another Facebook live sometime eh? Well, we'll see. God bless and peace all. This is Viv. Take care and love everybody. This is From Junk to Treasure. And after hearing China's message about stepping away, I am grateful that she is hearing from God and has been obedient to step back away, even though we will miss her from the daily readings. We ask a special blessing over her throughout her pregnancy and into her days of motherhood. That the child will bring such a blessing to the family. And we ask that Jill will be inspired and uplifted as she takes the place for the daily readings, that she will find great joy in this. And we thank our lord and savior for this platform. We thank you for the ladies who are willing to step up to the plate and continue on with the chronological. We thank Brian for bringing this wonderful DAB family for us. And we praise the name of Jesus for such a wonderful ministry. Amen.
Hi, China, this is Karen from Virginia. I'm going to call myself His Constant Love. I just wanted to congratulate you and Ben on the baby. I know I'm a little late, but I was praying for you guys as I pray for the family of the DAB and the DAB baby. So congratulations to you. Also glad that you're going to take this time off to be mommy and your mommy is going to step in your shoes and do a wonderful job. So God bless you all. God bless you, my family DAB and the DABC. I can't not say anything about Lady of Victory and her wonderful husband and everybody else that needs prayer, you're getting the prayer. I may not mention your names, but you are getting the prayer. Blind Tony, you inspire me every time you speak. Continued blessings. Put a light on that fire guys, 2020 is my year to start contributing to the DAB. I'm definitely gonna do that. So God bless you all. And you have made my my year, my partial year, I started in April, amazing. God bless you. Bye.
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wordsfromthesol · 6 months ago
Summoning Ritual (2/3)
Author: @wordsfromthesol Taglist: @malfoys-demigod  @pricetagofficial  @zphilophobiaz @queencommonsense @edenspolaroids @bonzhur @silverw19 @sleepingwithsirensfangirl1 @red-for-harleen Pairing: Tim Drake x Reader Summary: You try a summoning ritual, optimistically hoping to be reunited with your parents, but somehow end up in Gotham. At Wayne Manor. Doesn't this stuff only exist in comic books and television? Word Count: 1.5k
Part One   Part Three
It'd been a week and you heard nothing. A week running around the Wayne Manor – okay it could be worse, this was like a dream – but you just wanted answers. You wanted to be home. How could the spell have gone so wrong? You stumbled down the stairs and wandered into the kitchen to see Alfred making breakfast.
"Good morning Miss Y/N. I'm afraid you won't have company this early. It was a rather late night for our caped crusaders."
You gave a faint smile, still forcing the sleep from your eyes. "No worries Alfred. You're all the company I need." Your eyes shot down to the cup of coffee placed before you. "They haven't found out anything, have they?" Cradling the mug, you looked up at him, hope bursting through your eyes.
"I would not know miss." That wasn’t the answer you wanted.
"They would tell me though…right?" The question was pointless, you knew them well enough to know the answer, but you asked anyway.
"I am sure they will tell you what they can."
You let out a deep sigh, the diplomatic answer. You weren't really sure what you were expecting, but that didn’t help. An awkward amount of time passed before you decided to speak up again.
"Do you think I could get out of here for a bit? Go to a coffee shop or something? It's 9 am. Gotham can't be that bad at 9 am." You were trying to reason with Alfred as much as you were trying to reason with yourself. You've read the stories.
"I do not wish you to feel a prisoner, Miss Y/N. You may take whichever vehicle you like. But please also take this, it is equipped with a distress signal." Your eyes lit up as Alfred handed you the cellphone. Eagerly, you grabbed the device and headed for the garage. "Oh, and don't be gone too long. I fear Master Timothy would have my head."
"We wouldn't want that!" You called out behind you as you raced down the hallway.
Barely an hour had passed before Tim traipsed downstairs and into the kitchen. Alfred jumped at the sight of his half-asleep form rummaging through the cupboard. "Master Timothy, I did not expect you awake so soon. You only retired a few hours ago."
"Hm…unfortunately Wayne Enterprises doesn't acknowledge my nightly escapades." Tim shuffled towards the coffee machine, mug in hand. "And my presence is required on a conference call in 10 minutes." Tim's eyes shifted around the kitchen, "Where is Y/N?"
"She decided to get her coffee elsewhere this morning." Alfred's calm demeanor made it difficult to get angry, but Tim managed it anyway.
"SHE WHAT?! And you let her?!" His voice echoed through the room.
"She is not being held captive Master Timothy. We must let her forge her own way, especially when the answers she seeks are sparse."
"Do you know where she went?" Tim tried to regain his composure, after all, Alfred did have a point.
"I do not. I did, however, send her with a phone." Tim jumped out of his seat just as Alfred finished the sentence and raced to the nearest computer. It was only a matter of seconds before he had your location.
"She's standing in an abandoned building…" Unsure of the unusual results, he double-checked the information. When the same location appeared on the screen, Tim sat back in the chair with a puzzled look plastered across his face.
"Perhaps she is at a nearby intersection?" Alfred suggested upon seeing Tim's distress.
"Maybe…I'm going to check it out."
"Sir, your conference --" Tim was gone before Alfred could finish his sentence.
Tim found you standing in the middle of the abandoned building staring blankly into space. You seemed to be in a trance. "Y/N…" He whispered as he approached you. As Tim gently placed his hand on your shoulder, your vision went black. You slumped down, losing all feeling in your body as a scene played in your mind.
"Fuck Z, what are we going to do?! I can't…she can't --" He looked down, staring at the tiny hand wrapped around his finger.
"I know. We have to let her go."
"And what? Just hope and pray that that fucking demon doesn't find her?!"
"No. We send her somewhere else. A world where he is just a scary story. A myth." The raven-haired girl looked down at the child with an overwhelming sorrow in her eyes.
"A barrier even he can't break…" The scruffy blonde man mumbled, realizing what had to be done.
"We have to say goodbye. It's the only way." A dark void appeared behind them.
"Y/N…" the voice just barely broke through the scene which had begun replaying in your mind. "You're going to be okay." The next sentence came through clearly as the features of the abandoned warehouse formed around you.
"Tt…Tim?" Your voice cracked.
"Y/N!" Hope beamed through his voice. "An ambulance is on its way. Just stay still." Tim urged as he grasped at your hands.
"No…no. I'm fine." You weren't entirely sure how you got here or how long you had been there. Did Tim come with you? "I just want to go home. Can we go home?" You closed your eyes as you pulled yourself into his chest. The motion was instinctive, you didn't realize what you had done until you felt him pick you up.
The solemn silence lingered in the air the entire ride back to the manor. Neither one of you could bring yourself to say anything. What was there to say? As the car pulled into the driveway, you let out a long sigh, bracing yourself to move again. Only as the car stopped, your feet stopped working as well. As much as your mind willed it, your body didn't budge from the seat. Relief flooded over your body as Tim opened the car door and gathered you in his arms.
You woke up a few hours later, only vaguely aware of this morning's escapades. You turned on your side, trying to piece together the events and shook at the sight of someone else in the bed. The momentary fright subsided as you recognized Tim typing away on his computer.
"Uh…what happened?" You figured it must have been something bad since Tim apparently had left your side since.
"You're awake, how do you feel?"
"Dizzy and confused," you sat up and stared down at your hands, intertwining your fingers over and over again. "I remember an abandoned building. I don't even know how I got there, or what compelled me to go inside. "Then I heard your voice, and I woke up here."
"I got there, and you were just standing there. In the middle of the building. You looked as if the life had been drained out of you." Tim's voice hitched at the recollection. "As soon as I touched you, you collapsed. I was able to catch you just before you hit the ground."
"Was there…uh…was there anyone else in the room?" You urged him to continue, as two distinct faces plagued your memories.
"No…it was abandoned…" Tim furrowed his brows and shut his computer as he turned to face you. "Do you remember someone else?"
"I don’t know. I keep seeing these faces. They seem so familiar –"
Tim cut you off before you could continue. "Y/N, there's something you should know." Without thinking, he took your hands in his. "About your parents." He watched as a confused stare settled on your features. "They are from this world. My world.” He let out a sigh, preparing himself for your anger. “Zatanna and Constantine." Tim didn't need to say anymore, you knew those names. You knew those people.
"How long have you known?" You dreaded his answer, but you had to know.
"Since the day you got here." Your breathing grew heavy at his response, but before you could react, Tim continued. "I didn't want to tell you until we found them. We've put everyone on notice, and no one has seen them…well since you got here."
"And you didn't think that was important?!" You got up from the bed, unable to sit still any longer. "Did you think it was some coincidence?" You scoffed at your own question. "Of course, you didn't. You're better than that. We both know you're better than that so don't insult me."
"I didn't want to present you with another problem, okay!" Tim screamed back at you as he joined you in the center of the room. His voice sombered, "I wanted to give you answers. You deserve answers. And I don't have them." You could tell he was just as mad at himself. Then, as if almost on cue, Dick raced into the room.
"Enough with the lover's squabble! We found them." Apparently, your argument could be heard throughout the Manor. Dick motioned for you to follow him. All your emotions soured, and you didn't know how you were supposed to react. You stood there, like a deer in headlights, until you felt Tim's hand intertwine with yours.
"Whatever happens I'll be right here." He whispered to you before tugging you out of the room.  
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𝐂𝐇𝐀𝐏𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝟑 : Evidence Hunting
𝐖𝐀𝐑𝐍𝐈𝐍𝐆! This chapter includes:
Foul Language (Is there even foul language? Well, just in case...)
𝐒𝐄𝐑𝐈𝐄𝐒 𝐒𝐘𝐍𝐎𝐏𝐒𝐈𝐒 : “You came here to assist your boss at a party he’s invited to, not to solve a murder with a group of strangers you’ve just met. Yet here you are, staring at the dead mansion owner who hosted the party in the first place, surrounded by nine men with high statuses in society: and one of them is a murderer. The question is who? And can you solve the mystery without being killed yourself?”
Visit the masterlist first before proceeding. It has all the info you need to read this series.
“Are you sure it’s okay to look at other people’s belongings?” You turn to Felix, who’s currently digging through a cherry red handbag that must’ve belonged to one of the ladies who attended the party. “And why don’t we just search each other’s bags and leave the ones who left the party alone?”
“Because if the killer might’ve placed their weapon in one of the other party guest’s bags, as a sort of way to frame them,” Hyunjin answers your question when Felix fails to do so, however, they way he empathizes each point of his sentence with a tub of pink lipstick in his hand almost made you giggle.
“Y/N, do you know why so many women carry handkerchiefs and bottles of creams and… what is this?” Jeongin holds up a thin object in his hand.
“That’s a nail file.”
“Right, nail files, in their bag? It seems like so much stuff to carry around,” Jeongin finishes his sentence, and you hear a hum of agreement coming from Seungmin, who takes out a bottle of rose tinted perfume from the bag he’s inspecting.
“I don’t know either, honestly. I usually just carry around the essentials,” you shrug as you pick up another bag, this one being a particularly large leather mailbag.
You turn your attention to Hyunjin out of boredom and watch him pull out a single white glove from a leather bag, looking at it for a few seconds in confusion before throwing it over his shoulder.
Felix also appears to notice Hyunjin’s discovery. “Whose bag is that?”
“Doesn’t say,” Hyunjin replies, and Felix goes back to the last remaining bag in his lap.
Soon enough, the pile of bags are gone, all of them being thrown off to the side without any care. Your shoulders slump over in frustration. “Did we really not find anything from this?”
Jeongin shakes his head sadly, before pausing with wide eyes and staring directly at you in a paranoid manner. “Then… the weapon could still be on one of us, since we already checked the living room.”
“Well that’s fun to know,” Felix rolls his eyes with sarcasm lingering in his voice. “What room are we searching next?” He asks as the rest of you stand up from the tile floor.
Seungmin starts walking into the living room, carefully avoiding the dead body that has been left there for emergency officials to inspect later. “I think we could possibly find something in my uncle’s office, I used to hang out there when I was a child—“
He gets cut off by Hyunjin suddenly gripping his arm, “Uncle? You mean the party host is…?”
“My uncle? Yeah. I’m not really close with him business wise though, so I can’t tell you if he has any bad relationships with other businessmen,” Seungmin shrugs as he leads the rest of you into the grand office of his uncle’s. You can recall Seungmin casually speaking to your boss about starting up his own business, fresh out of a prestigious university.
A sparkling chandelier hangs in the middle of the room, and right in front of you is a desk with mountains of paperwork on it. Behind the desk is a backdrop of bookshelves, along with a fireplace that isn’t lit up. However, you realize that the room would look a lot more nicer if the sun weren’t down and the night sky didn’t fill through the cracks of the windows.
“And what in particular do we look for in this massive room?” You observe, noticing how the bookshelves touched the ceiling, and how you couldn’t see the top of the owner’s desk due to the aged papers spread throughout the surface.
Seungmin clears his throat and turns to face the four of you. “Anything that can be concluded as a possible motive, such as if we see any conflict between the mansion owner and somebody else.”
“And anything about money. Money is one of the biggest reasons to murder somebody, followed by revenge,” Felix adds, putting his hands inside the pockets of his dress pants. That’s right; Felix’s father runs a bank downtown, no wonder Felix out of all people mentions money in this scenario.
“Then let’s get to work.”
The five of you open drawers and spill out tens of hundreds of documents. Your common sense is telling you to not get involved, remembering how your boss would scream at you whenever you touch a document on his desk, accidental or not, but you put it aside for the sake of being useful to the group.
Your mind drifts to the side as you start to realize how much work you really have to do to prove yourself innocent. It doesn’t benefit you that you were the one who discovered the body, as that would definitely put you as suspect #1 in any given case. You know you didn’t kill the party host, you know that you don’t have that much of a corrupted heart to do such a thing.
But the other eight won’t know that until they can believe you.
Jeongin lets out a small gasp and your head shoots up, his hand encouraging you to come look at what he found. You’re careful not to step over the papers littering the floor as you make his way over him, the other three doing the same.
In Jeongin’s hand is a scroll of paper unraveled, with bits and pieces of the edge tiered out. At the top of the document, in big letters, said:
“Last Will and Testament of Lee Hyungwon.”
“You found his will,” Felix states simply as Jeongin nods. “This can be useful.”
The five of you skim through the letter, ignoring names that don’t sound familiar, until one particular name makes you let out a small gasp.
“Seungmin? Is your last name Kim?” You point at the handwritten notes. “Because that’s your name… right there.”
“Yeah, that’s my last name, but why is it here—“ Seungmin’s breath is caught when he reads the words that came before his name on the will.
“You’re supposed to take the mansion after he dies?!” Hyunjin’s eyes widen in surprise, and Seungmin seems to be just as shocked as the rest of you.
“That doesn’t make sense though. Shouldn’t your children and step-children go before your nieces and nephews when you want them to claim something?” Seungmin mumbles to himself faintly, but the four of you could still hear.
Hyunjin perks up at his question, “Step-children? Did the mansion owner have a step-child?”
Seungmin lets out a deep sigh, “Yes, he does. And it just so happens to be…” He points at the name that happens to be right below his in the lengthy paragraph.
“Minho. Lee Minho.”
Before you could process the information, you hear a loud bang coming from upstairs, followed by vicious shouts. The sound echoes through the spacious office, and you see Hyunjin flinch in the corner of your eye.
“What are they up to?!” Jeongin cries out as he hands clam together from the sound of another bang, this one replicating something slamming a table.
“Might as well find out.” Felix heads towards the door, his shoes clacking against the sleek, mahogany floor before any of you could step in with a different opinion. Seungmin shrugs before following him, and a rushed Jeongin hurries after the two men.
As you start walking towards their direction, you turn your head back to see Hyunjin look at a particular letter one more time, inspecting the manilla envelope encasing it. He flips it back and forth before shoving it to the side, out of your view, and that’s when you decide to turn your head and move forward.
You could only hope that he didn’t put it in his pocket for nobody else to see, as if he were hiding something.
Felix busts open the door, his necktie flying in the air, and you take a breath in at the sight in front of you.
Changbin is shoved up against the wall as Minho holds him there, his fist digging into Changbin’s shoulders as Changbin grunts in pain. You see Chan and Jisung trying to pull Minho off of him, to no avail.
“Hey! Do you think resorting to violence is the answer in this situation? No! There’s a murderer in this house for god’s sake!” Hyunjin’s voice booms through the room as Minho quickly releases his hold on Changbin, stepping back a couple feet. You watch as Changbin’s body gives up, crumbling onto the ground, as Chan stares at him alarmingly.
Minho tips his head to the side in annoyance, and shoves you and Jeongin, who’s blocking his exit, aside to walk through. You hear him murmur a “Forget it” as he walks out the door, heading down the twisted stairs. The rest of the group watches as Jisung follows right behind him in worry, mumbling apologizes left and right as he softly closes the door behind him.
Baffled by what you just witnessed, you wonder whether you should go after Minho and Jisung and find some reasons as to why Minho did such a thing, or rely on Changbin’s perspective to get the full story. You also had a chance to bring up the mansion owner’s will to the others, as well as question how exactly Minho’s related to the mansion owner.
So many options, so many possibilities. So many ways to have an advantage over the others, so many ways to become the main suspect.
You just have to cross your fingers and hope that you pick the best option for yourself, and only yourself.
VOTING RATIO: 9-7 (16 Total)
QUESTIONS (Comments are not answered)
Response 7: Hmm.... 1940s? The author may not be accurate, however.
Response 10: bro you’re lying LMAO
Response 16: And why would I tell you this? Don’t try to get too much information from me. It won’t work.
THEORIES (Will be answered with either Yes, No, or Cannot Say)
Response 1: Yes. No. Yes. No.
Response 2: No.
Response 4: Yes.
Response 5: No. Yes. Yes.
Response 7: No. No. No. No. Yes. Yes. No. Yes.
Response 8: Yes. Yes. No. No. No. 
Response 9: No.stray kids
Response 10: No. No. No.
Response 14: Yes.
Response 16: Yes and No.
Good luck figuring it out, players. May the Killer King spare you today.
taglist: @desertofdessert​ @crscendoforsung @cotccotc @poeticallyspaghetti @skzctnightnight @dreamy-dreamies @nizhonimoon @hanniiesuckle17 @binniesbabybear @tsuki-moons @lbxgsunshine @csbverse @mangoisawesome @yunhoesss @wherevermyway @golden--rain @bubblyjisunq @kimpchi @loey-letters @pokyloky @worldtriiiip @avrea-tt @bossuns @sunoo-luvs @katherineee19 @ph0ebevix @qt-k1mb 
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bnhainsert · 7 months ago
Sound Out
Here is part 3 of my story
Chapter 3: Recitative
Jiro and Hado were both up pretty early, ready to get a start on this case. They both looked through the files given to Jiro before they left for the briefing. Seeing the photos of so many missing people made Hado’s blood boil. She only hoped that they were still alive to rescue.
The two arrived in their hero costumes ready to get started. Hado’s costume wasn’t too complex. Her top half bore a crop top with long sleeves. It was flowy so that She could get deep breaths to project her voice to manipulate those soundwaves. Her bottoms were comfortable black pants with the same blue wave patterns as on her crop top. They were supposed to be soundwaves, but she knew you couldn’t see soundwaves, so she went for a visual representation that most technology could produce. She had her signature black and white headphones to help both cancel out and amplify sound. Attached to the headphones was a very small mic that people could only see if they tried hard enough to find it. Around her waist was a belt with small grey devices that allowed her speak through. If for any reason she couldn’t get too close to a target, she would slap one of them down, get a decent distance away, and speak into her mic, causing the sound to come from the device. If she bent the soundwaves just right, she could sound like anything, or anyone, that she has heard before.
The two heroes sat at the conference table. Hado looked around at other heroes she may or may not have known. She clearly recognized Deku. He was studying the case notes very intently. Hado could understand. She looked just to Deku’s right and saw what looked like a knight in shining armor. Literally. Hado wracked her brain for who this hero was. “Oh yeah! That’s Ingenium! The hero with the built-in engines” She remembered. Ingenium was looking over Deku’s shoulder at the notes as well. The two seemed close.
Jiro leaned over to whisper to Hado. “Most of the heroes here were in class A together. It’s why we communicate so well and why we are so hellbent on catching these villains” She explained. Hado nodded in understanding. She continued to scan the table as more heroes arrived. She started to remember the hero names she had read about before. Uravity was here along with Froppy the frog hero. They were both probably good at reconnaissance for this particular mission. Hado remembered that they would team up quite often.
She was shocked to see Ground Zero here as well. She understood that they were probably in the same class but Ground Zero seemed a little scary and a little too loud for this mission. She kept scanning so as not to make eye contact with him. 
There was Tentacole, the hero who had dupliarms as a quirk. Creati was also present, which made a lot of sense to Hado. Chargebolt managed to take a seat to jiro’s left side. He started chatting her up. Hado decided to stay out of that conversation. “Who else is here....let’s see” .
Eraserhead was here! It had been awhile since she had seen that sleepy face. Jet-black hero Tsukuyomi was here. Tape hero Cellophane was also here. Before she could continue to look around at familiar faces, a detective cleared his throat and started the briefing.
“Thank you all for being here so early. We are trying to piece together this case in a way that makes sense, and helps us advance to some kind of rescue. Most of the upcoming missions will be reconnaissance just to give us any more possible information so that we can surprise the enemy” the detective stated. “I’ve worked closely with most of you now, but I would like to welcome Vocaller to our investigation. She is a hero from a small town but her quirk is incredibly useful”.
Hado stood up and bowed. “Thank you for this opportunity to serve. I hope I will be of use” She said and sat back down. 
“Wait wait but how does your quirk work? How is she going to be helpful?” Chargebolt interrupted, genuinely curious. The detective looked at Hado, seeing if she was comfortable enough to divulge that information to the large group of heroes in the room. Hado sighed and stood back up. “I can manipulate soundwaves. If there are soundwaves present, which unless you live in space are always going to be present, I can bend them to create different frequencies or amplitudes. By doing this I can mimic sounds of things or people I have heard before. I can also basically stop the sound waves in an area to deafen anyone there. Having a quirk based on sound also made me train my ear so I have an acute sense of hearing as well” she explained. “That enough for you sparky?” she jeered.
“Um yeah. That was a lot more than I expected” Chargebolt responded.
“Ahem...anyway Vocaller will be helping us get any kind of new information to help us really crack this case” The detective continued.
The detective turned on the projector, clicking through slides of information. Hado watched as faces from the case file flashed across the screen. They all were different ages and different genders. It was suspicious though that one of the first people ever kidnapped had a quirk that essentially keeps small groups of people hidden. “Were they using this quirk? And if so how? Did they voluntarily do it? Were they held at gunpoint?” Hado thought to herself.
Jiro bumped her with her elbow. “Yo are you okay? You look incredibly confused and upset” Jiro whispered. “I’m just.....I’m stuck on the first person they kidnapped” Hado responded a little louder than a whisper.
“What do you mean you’re stuck on them” snarled Ground Zero.
Hado momentarily jumped from the intense voice directed at her. “I mean....Look at that quirk. A quirk with the ability to keep a small group of people hidden...Don’t you think a villain would jump at the chance to use that quirk? And if they are using it, How are they using it? Is this person doing it voluntarily? Are they holding them at gunpoint?” She explained. “I was wondering the same thing” Deku spoke up. “There’s also someone with the quirk ‘Reset” which can reset an area back to the way it was 5-10 minutes before. It only effects inanimate objects so the people would still be there, but it would be pretty convenient for a villain” Deku continued.
“Those people that were kidnapped are probably being threatened into using their quirks for them” Ingenium interjected. Hado felt a pit in her stomach. “If that really is the case it is incredibly important that we get this job done without being detected. If they find out we are trying to track them they may hurt those that have been kidnapped more than they already have. Chances are they are not dead because their quirks would prove to be very useful. We have to do this right” the detective replied. Most everyone in the room nodded in agreement.Hado looked over to Deku who shared a knowing glance with her. 
“We are splitting you guys into smaller groups and spreading you out across the city to look for suspicious activity. We have several spots that we think may be of interest to them. That where we will station you guys. Vocaller! You will be in the area where we are most certain they will appear” the detective explained.
“Oh god oh god what if I fuck up oh no” Hado’s internal monologue had her sweating and shrinking into herself.
“I’ll go with her” Deku said confidently.
“Why should you get to go where the enemies are most likely to show up?” Ground Zero growled. “Look Ka-...Ground Zero, I think I would be able to work well enough with Vocally that if the need arose, we could use my quirk to fight undetected thanks to her” Deku elaborated. 
“Yeah I think it would be hard to control the soundwaves of a bunch of explosions. Plus I would see them so it would be a dead giveaway” Cellophane added.
Everyone got their assignment and were told to start scouting at around 11p.m. that night. Everyone started moving to leave when Deku called out to Vocally. Hado looked at Jiro and Jiro gave her a knowing nod. “I’ll see you later so we can prepare for tonight okay?” Jiro reassured her. Hado nodded but the pit in her stomach had just grown bigger.
“Do you mind if we had another chat?” Deku asked Hado. She couldn’t really say no.
The two pro heroes stayed in the conference room, knowing that it would probably be one of the safest places to have a discussion about the case.
“I saw your face during the briefing. You think something is off too. You think something worse is happening don’t you” Deku pushed. “Woah hold on. Please give me some time to breathe. I’ve just been told that I would be put on the front lines here with the big time criminals. I’ve only ever fought your run of the mill thieves and crooks” Hado said frantically, sitting back down to try and catch her breath. Her chest started to tighten. “Oh god a panic attack? Right now? In front of this incredible pro please stop...”.
Deku’s face flashed with a realization. Hado was having a panic attack and he had probably caused it. He sat down next to her, took her hand and told her to breath in and out with him. They took a few deep breaths together. “I apologize. I may have pushed a little too hard there. I’m just....just so frustrated” Deki said clenching his fist around Hado’s hand. He looked like he was about to cry.
Hado felt the pressure he was putting on her hand and it helped her calm herself a little bit. “You’re probably the most frustrated one here. I can empathize with that. I know that if people were disappearing in my town and I couldn’t stop it myself, I would feel pretty awful” She told him trying to help with the anxiety plaguing them both.
She pulled her hand away and patted Deku on the back. “Look here’s what I know...”.
They discussed how weird the first few disappearances were. They talked about how it made them feel sick to their stomach, unsure of what was actually happening to these people. Objectively the combined powers of the quirks talked about would probably be why they were so hard to catch or follow. They tried to come up with strategies to get information without alarming the crime syndicate. Hado knew how to sneak around and gather information but this seemed a bit above her pay grade. She was relieved to have Deku there who seemed to know the ins and outs of everything involving heroes.
“So you can deafen people with your quirk, you can manipulate sound waves to make them sound like people or things you’ve heard before,You can amplify the sound waves to push yourself to increase your mobility....Is there anything else you could do that might be helpful in this situation?” Deku questioned her.
Hado went through her quirk in her mind. He had just about listed everything she could do. She was impressed by how observant he was. She tried to think hard about her power. “Creating different sounds at once has been a bit of a struggle for me considering I need to have an idea of both sounds at once happening in my head. The training that takes just to adjust your ears to be able to seperate sounds and analyze them is rough....but it can be done. I’ve done it maybe once before when the situation looked really bleak. I had to close my eyes and concentrate really hard, but it was doable” She revealed.
“Would you be able to make those two sounds happen in two different places?” Deku asked. “Oh....I might be able to do that. Hold on. Let me see if I can try in this small space”.
Hado closed her eyes and thought of 2 different sounds in her mind. She thought of the frequency and the amplitude they would need to be put in opposite corners of the room. Two things she was very familiar with. She had to think. Her voice would be one and her keyboard would be the other. She knew what they each sounded like and visualized the soundwaves and where they would happen. The sound of her voice saying “We will save these people” rang at one end of the room while the faint sound of a piano playing a simple melody barely made itself known on the other side.
Deku’s eyes widened with surprise. “That’s incredible Vocaller! You did it!” he praised. Hado let out a huge puff of air. It gave her a headache to do this much work. Focusing on one sound and manipulating waves in the same area was fine. Working in two different places with two different sounds was a whole new ballgame. “Yeah I did it.....but it took a lot of effort and the piano was no where near as loud as I was hoping I could make it” Hado said clearly disappointed. “But this is so useful! If we need a quick last resort distraction, you can make 2 sounds happen in different areas! It’s perfect!” Deku continued to gush.
Hado gave a small laugh. “You sound like a small kid discovering heroes for the first time” Hado jested. “Well I’m a pro hero and I don’t know everything there is to know about every pro hero. I learn something new every day and I hope that never stops” Deku smiled a bright genuine smile. It made Hado feel warm and safe. His attitude toward his heroing duties made her feel like she could do anything herself as a hero. “Is this what Jiro was talking about?” She thought.
The two sat and talked just a little bit longer before going their separate ways.”Oh hey! Deku!” Hado turned around and shouted to the green hero. “None of this is your fault. We’ll figure this out tonight”
Deku looked surprised again watching Hado as she left. He smiled and nodded to himself. They could do this.  
Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 4   Chapter 5   Chapter 6
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