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#... but he makes you feel good' made sense
bybdolan · 5 days ago
What does "I'm kind of like a prettier Jesus" mean. I am getting "60s folk singer comparing himself to Jesus" and "He doesn't look a thing like Jesus but he talks like a gentleman" vibes but at least those make sense.
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thebuttsmcgee · 27 days ago
Dear lord, I watched some bits of that video where stan lee was criticizing todd mcfarlane and rob liefield on making a character and GOD. I would seriously consider giving up everything if I got called out immediately on shit like that.
#I like to think that while Mr. Stan Lee is responsible for so many great things he was not without faults.#If I recall correctly he wanted Spides to be a galaxy wandering hero but I think due to Mr. Ditko he stayed as a friendly neighborhood hero#that being said he made INCREDIBLE points during the video. A character is more than their objective and in order to feel for a character#we need to know how they feel how they act how much of a person they are.#granted I personally dont think characters NEED to be relatable to be enjoyable or thoughtful but it helps.#hell even with my own err. ideas. Im trying to make a relatable character in the sense that shit thats happened may never go away for you#but learning to live with that fact and trying to do better is good. or something along those lines.#also that family isnt related blood. and some other stuff#it sounds like shit when I describe it uGHHHHH#anyways hiya everyone Im so fuckin tired.#counseling went good I spose. I. I actually talked about owl casa near the end and I felt so nervous#cuz ya know almost everyone here is homophobic and if they caught wind I like a show thats openly lgbt#theyd start assuming I myself am lgbt (which ya know. yea.) and then Id probly get kicked out or disowned.#or have to hear them talk behind my back like Im some sorta freak. so basically the same but a bit more hurtful.#is kinda funny how I started the appointment talking about serious stuff then ended with my hopeful webcomic and owl casa.#so is been day. we did get milk so thats really nice. uhh. also ate some spaghetti microwaved. man Im tired.#hopefully yall have been well tho!#the butts chronicles
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mildcicada · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Please! Save this town from despair! Show me your dazzling light of hope to crush despair!
#my art#danganronpa#nagito komaeda#dr#ultra despair girls#ive been thinking ab what tma entities dr characters would be aligned with. mostly nagito lol#i feel like....okay. from what ive seen. nagito is either made an avatar of the spiral or desolation#WHICH IS VERY GOOD.''the world you know is wrong. that your mind is lying to you. Fear of deception lying deceiving of the mind and senses.#Nagito being under the spiral does seem to especially fit in with some paets of his worldview and also his illnesses does make sense but#hmm....idk. i see a lot of ppl make nagito basically Michael? which i like but. hmmm i feel like other entities could maybe fit him better#TThe desolation fits very well too !! i like it more than the spiral in some cases. ''The fear of pain loss burning and destruction''#'especially with a senseless cause.Followers are enriched by destroying the lives of people who had things to live for and destroying thing#before their potential is realised.Manifests as fire wax heat burns destruction of potential.'' I FEEL LIKE. that especially fits nagito#during his time as a remnant of despair yknow? like his whole relationship with bringing in more despair bc the hope that comes after it#will be even greater. what i personally like to see nagito with is the Vast !!! OKAY. i know that kind of seems weird but hear me out#''The fear of heights falling and large open spaces including sky space and deep water. More broadly: the human fear of insignificance and#meaninglessness of losing oneself in too much space.Manifests as void wide-open spaces vertigo falling the transformation of something that#should have a limit into something infinite. now what i wanna focus on for nagito is the human fear of insignificance and meaninglessness#nagito craves the feeling of loosing himself in something alrger than himself. his main goal shown throughout sdr2 is wanting to be a#stepping stone for hope. he wants to get to see the great hope that comes from ppl like the ultimates. udg where he mentions that#he wishes he got to see junko being taken down lol. hes very focused on his insignificance and that like. even though he himself cant be a#symbol of hope. he still wants to propell other ppl he sees as symbols of hope forward. i could ramble ab this more but idk how many tags r#left lol. ALSO.....the whole plane + parents dying part of his backstory. id like to use that + him being an entity of the vast together fo#something. also....this doesnt matter but i just like the aesthetic of him being an avatar of the vast lol#i think ive also seen him done as having some connections to the Lonely as well?? WHICH I THINK. fits so well actually with how isolated he#seems to be from his peers and how noone's rlly. tried to understand him i guess? before hajime at least lol#from what ive sen. the spiral + desolation + lonely do seem like theyd fit him well in different ways. im just very attached to the idea of#nagito and the Vast lol. PROBABLY BC i connect myself to the vast as well. well...the Vast + the Corruption#hmmm i rlly just. do not have enough brain power to decide what entities other dr characters would be connected to. not smart enough i feel#like lol. im not the analyzing type. its already embarasing enough just talking ab this in the tags through a bunch of disconnected thought
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feathery-dickmuffins · a month ago
Listen, I don't mind Ethan in theory. I didn't mind him in RE7, when like 50 % of the people were booing him to death (however I did fucking hate Mia). I just think that:
A) they somehow managed to reduce his nearly non-existent personality even further, he's literally just that Heavy Rain glitch that lets you shout your son's name over and over and over and-
B) I don't know how to explain that you can't expect me to feel anything for a character that is not even a proper character. "Look at his death. Isn't it tragic? Don't you feel super sad :(? Won't you cry :(?" No because you spent the last two (title) games making him a self-insert while simultaneously wanting him to be a character. You made him neither as a result.
C) by the way I have literally no emotional connection to this baby. "You're a lot like him" do you mean personality-less??
#listen first person has liter the opposite effect than it has in books and I'll keep saying that forever#it isn't really a problem in the REmakes because we already know these characters; they have a personality; and we see them often enough in#cutscenes as well.#but with Ethan it's a problem because he doesn't really have a personality and we don't see him in most cutscenes either#and when we do we never see his face. it creates this alienation; or actually the opposite of it but not in a good way#instead it creates this sense that you are this vessel; that it's a self-insert; it creates a fusion with the character; which in turn makes#it hard for people to feel something for this character as it is not even a 'character' for them; but more of an extension of themselves#it doesn't create the impression that you are in it with them; it creates the impression that you are them; and the character isn't#again I think that literally any of the three factors would help: if Ethan was a full-fledged character with a strong personality of his own#he could get away with a first person camera and with never being in cutscenes. if the personality was strong enough; if he was a complete#character; that'd likely be enough. 3rd person camera would also help massively on its own; I think.#I remember when someone made a WIP mod for RE7; a 3rd person camera mod; and a lot of people commented that they instantly felt better#or more natural; or like they could see Ethan more as a character that way. so I think that even if he stayed a blank slate;#people would have an easier time connecting to him on an emotional level; on a 'this is a character and I care about him' level; if they#could at least see him. not necessarily his face; just seeing him as a separate entity helps
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tiredsadpeach · 2 months ago
Woke up and got immediately sad
#it feels so stupid to be sad about but I’m gonna tell y’all anyway#I sometimes tweet a lot on private and last night I was having a good time and made two edits and everything and shared them on priv and my#monkees twt and kpop twt because one overlapped and one was just classic rock#and like I posted them at 5am so I don’t expect my mutuals on Monkee twt to see that’s fine#but my friend has told me before that he reads every tweet and that sometimes it’s the first thing he does in the morning#and like idc when he does it I just want him to see my tweets because I see every single one of his even if I don’t want to#because idk if anyone else on my priv sees them but if at least one person does then it wasn’t for nothing if that makes sense#like on here I vent in tags and shit and I usually get a like on the post which at least to me means you heard me yknow?#being heard is such a huge thing to me and not being heard on top of my friend basically lying to me hurts so much#I worked so hard on that one edit too and not to mention the zine I made a while back and posted that he never saw#my other friend didn’t see it either but I went over to his house the next day so I just showed him no big deal#I just hate putting effort into something and posting it and waiting for him to wake up only to get no reaction#like I did my entire homescreen and he knew I was doing it that night and I posted the finished product but he only saw it yesterday when we#were on the phone because I was trying to help him with something so I screenrecorded me doing it and he saw part of my homescreen and got#excited and so I sent the photos but I didn’t mentioned I posted them on twt because I didn’t wanna sound petty but I just am#like I’m bad at texting directly so posting on priv is how I relay info most of the time and I know I’ve told him I’m bad at messaging first#idk I just hhh I wanna be heard I don’t wanna say shit and no one listen like I keep talking about being a Monkee historian and shit on priv#and he hasn’t seen any of it not a fucking word and I really think it truly is my dream job this time hhhh#I have like five priv followers and yet I only hold him to that standard but I know why it’s because I see every tweet of his on every acc#of his that I follow#I’ve said before that I see every tweet because I don’t always like every tweet especially if I don’t feel well#I feel stupid and annoying for being upset but also hhhhh I’ve watched him do it before and blow up my notifs it makes me feel so good why#has he just not done that lately why doesn’t he look at them anymore if I post while he’s asleep he just doesn’t see them anymore it hurts#so fucking much especially because my dumbass self keeps seeing all of his I feel stupid hhhh
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toytulini · 2 months ago
the cycle of me realizing over and over i dont know how to make Ellie a good villain
#toy txt post#ocs#like as in i dont know what her motivation is beyond some like personal issues with Birdie#i dont knkw what she says her motivation is. but she is supposed to be birdies big antagonist but its a STRUGGLE bc everything is hollow and#empty rn bc i dont have a good motivation for her! and briefly i thought i had something in like. her being anti-science anti-hybrid magic#but i dont know how to make that WORK exactly w the magic systems i have so far#and i also dont know to what extant that would be like how far do i take that?#does she believe in medicine? is she an anti-vaxxer? does she still believe in miasma theory? fucking humoral?? that doesnt work for me#esp bc i kinda want the witch community to he Ahead of humans at least a little in figuring out like. germ theory etc. we took way too long#with that yknow? i want Birdie already doing Genetic Modification Mad Science Magic in her basement in the victorian era at the latest#i was joking awhile ago in the group chat the Ellie would technically be anti vax for her personally. but if you put her near anti vaxxers#she'll destroy them in seconds. and 2020 shouldve made this EASIER bc like we've all seen now. the bullshit that ppl will believe despite it#making no sense despite it being contradictory to their other beliefs despite it being hypocritical like it should be easier than ever to#make a villain who believes hypocritical contradictory dumb shit and yet. i cant. im struggling#what does Ellie want? she wants to politically take over the witch council. for one#why does she want that? to change things. (BUT WHAT THINGS??) frustration with how slow it is? and to specifically usurp Birdie.#turn them all against Birdie. have birdie exiled and put to death (well. she'll try. shes just making a deadly escape room)#why does she want to turn them against Birdie? she feels wronged by Birdie and is definitely projecting a whole lot of shit onto Birdie#for Birdie refusing to continue to teach her after finding out her views on Something. she Scared Birdie. Birdie had already been reluctant#to take on any pupils and she took a chance on Ellie after Ellie kept begging her to mentor her. and she regrets it#and at some point Ellie starts revealing ideologies that disturb Birdie. originally this was going tk be her extremist puritanical views on#magic. a vehement hatred for hybrid magic which she doesnt know/understand yet that birdie practices hybrid magic a lot#and Birdie gives up on her. she cannot keep teaching her. she hates the hybrid magic. and so she essentially abandons Ellie#and then Ellie latches onto that and projects a whole lot of shit onto Birdie. she hates birdie so much and wants to defeat her and destroy#her. but theres still a part of Ellie that wants Birdie's approval. which only makes her angrier and more unhinged when she tries to make a#creature like birdies creatures. and birdie is horrified by it. bc siiyr was not made well. she is created of suffering and pain and its bad#and i just. theres so much missing from ellie. there's so much there with her passion and feelings and shit. but#in terms of motivation. she feels Empty. not even like a proper fake motivation. bc i want her to have that too. it was originally her real#thing. that Birdie rejected her for. and then after birdie rejected her she Uses whatever that ideology is to get ppl to follow her.#and then at the end the world is in shambles bc of Ellie. whatever she does. its catastrophic. and she didnt predict it. she wasnt prepared
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variousqueerthings · 2 months ago
Something about Elliot Page’s interview in Time and Lil Nas instagram post to his 14 yr old self and the specific narrative of shame and naming where that shame comes from, our stories moving on from ideas of transition and coming out and into living and telling our younger selves “it’ll be okay, even if you didn’t realise it then, look at where we are now”…
idk, something about reclaiming shame and retroactively being kind to our childhood selves, because we couldn’t be kind then. Something about us telling stories about shame, versus the shame put upon us by others and how I want to engage with those darker feelings so that I can face them, in both fiction and reality…
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wizzardhowl · 2 months ago
#for some reason i had never watched the behind the scenes from the karaoke block of last year festa#and now i feel terrible for jm bc the comments are a MESS#that part when he was singing epiphany... you could tell he was serious#his face was serious. he was standing straight controlling his breathing. he was trying to cover the song for real#you can even tell how upset he got at all the interruptions bc he entered the room alone#even jk -whos the closest to him- was very respectful when he was singing. just nodding along and keeping him company#and the comment section is filled with ppl arguing about his vocals. it really sucks#bc he really couldnt hit the notes. he couldnt. and that's fine. i dont think th could've either#but that's besides the point bc he didnt do it on camera and jm did#and like they were lowkey mocking him?? it doesnt sit right w me#he gave his best but he's simply not sj or jk. and that must suck for him too. but this clip made me think abt something#that maybe he doesn't realize he's not as good? i mean. he looked decided to sing the song. he seemed proud of himself. and#when nobody reacted after he was finished. he kinda stormed off (? and then came back smiling again#this poor man... he carried the whole karaoke thing by crashing everyone's booths and making the session more enjoyable#you cant tell me it would've been better without him. you cant.#and also nobody talks about how perfectly he was during zero o'cl0ck??? he sounded incredible! nobody praised him!#idk man im feeling bad for him today. ive been watching all the festas and you can tell how emotionally open he is#and how none of them seems to get him. during festa 1.9 he barely talked and if he did everyone cut him off#and during 1.8 he just seemed tipsy and didnt make sense#this is why i understand his akg fans being so protective of him. it does feel like he's not valued enough#he did try his best w ep1phany and i just wish he had gotten a 'well done' at least yk? maybe im babying him and all that#but he's human after all and they keep bringing up how sensitive and perfectionist he is yet cant seem to have any kind of#emotional intelligence when it comes to him#im of course overanalyzing this and all that bs but idk you dont have to be a genius or close to someone to notice their emotions#what truly bothers me is how fans treat him. that denial and overall condescending tone. 'he was joking' no he wasnt. you know that#i wish we could all agree he didnt hit the notes and that at the end of the day it doesnt matter bc it wasnt his song#he's a great idol! no hes not the best singer ever! these concepts can coexist#anyways lil tag rant for myself#post.7#jm
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sad-starsign-student · 3 months ago
So when do you guys accept apologies fr??
Like are apologies just not meant to be accepted anymore?
God, I don’t want to be that type of person but what are people meant to do, honestly
#cos here’s the thing no matter what they do you guys are just gonna say ‘we don’t owe you forgiveness’#like okay i get that because toxic forgiveness and toxic positivity has silenced a lot of victims over the years#but at the same time for blatant mistakes made with no malicious intent??#atp i feel like if you feel like u owe no one forgiveness we also don’t owe you sh*t either#like every mistake you make we’re gonna judge and hold it against you forever#now it’s gonna be an issue your gonna say we don’t let people learn and grow ‘you can’t expect people to be perfect’- well...babes?#idk maybe it’s the christian upbringing in my slightly and truss i’m not the christian to ‘turn the other cheek so it can be slapped’#Jesus is better than me in that aspect (then again he’s-well-Jesus-so kinda expected) but i’m not tryna be taken fiya idiat- THAT being said#i feel like (in CERTAIN situations- watch it) you can’t in the same breath recognise that nobody’s perfect then turn around...#...and say ‘nobody owes you forgiveness’ no sorry its not making sense to me#once again this is for blatant mistakes with no malicous intent which can be rectified- not fot racism- homophobia-transphobia#like i say there’s levels to it and i don’t think the levels are that hard to read- sometimes the lines are blurred- but sometimes...#...the solutions so damn obvious and you acc just want to cancel for cancel sake like i promise you the amount of people you call out does..#reflect on your morality at all it doesn’t prove you to be a good person- okay maybe a little it shows some responsibility but if that’s...#...all you can offer to show you’re a good person i’m-not impressed??? anyways this gone everywhereee and only makes sense on my head-barely#you know what- just always try you’re best- learn and grow and if u know you’re genuine- then anyone on the internet trying to paint u irredeemable monster- they just don’t matter- like at all- they can try and get u cancelled all they want but who gaf honestly#deffo be self aware- but don’t live trying to please any of these internet people- they will never be satisfied- just try to do your best#all anyone can ask for—
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bichazz · 4 months ago
kalin for the hc ask pls!!!
oh poggers ok I love this bastard man
A: I don't think it's too unrealistic for me to say he's gay lol. like. look at him ok. look at him. hi.
B: an unrealistic but funny headcanon is I think he's somewhat illiterate??? or rather he was when he was younger lmao I think he was a proper street rat and while martha will have gotten her kids (like yusei crow and jack) as much in the way of education as she could I think kalin was on his own and as a feral little kid just said fuck that I'm playing duel monsters instead. like he can read well enough to duel and that's good enough for him!!! I do think he'd really enjoy reading and writing if he found something that caught his attention though and I think he's stubborn enough to teach himself once he realised hey maybe I should be literate. he wants to be as much of a role model to nico and west as he can and that includes helping them with schoolwork even if he didn't go himself!!
C: god uh. this man has lots of problems and issues!! I think it's really tragic the situation he was put in as a kid and had to just Deal with. I just get real sad when I think about what it must have been like growing up like That y'know!!! especially since I believe he legit just has some underlying mental health issues that he was never able to deal with and all the stress of growing up in satellite would have just made it so much worse for him ;-; just give this guy a therapist and some healthy coping mechanisms please ;-; also more specifically I think he has issues with self-perception and impulse control like I feel one night post crash town he decided he was sick of his hair being longer and he cut it back to a style more similar to what he had as a kid and suddenly he wasn't himself anymore he could just see the dark signer version of him and it Freaked Him Out. I headcanon he has a lot of difficulties reconciling everything that's happened to him because it was so much in such a short period of time so he Blocks It Out so he doesn't have to think about it. trauma sucks, man.
D: fuck canon - I THINK KALIN AND CARLY SHOULD BE FRIENDS AND I AM RIGHT. they were both sidelined in season 2 (other than crash town) and I think they deserve to hang out while everyone else is busy. I feel like they'd get along pretty well together in general actually. also kalin would be there to help carly when she starts remembering stuff about the dark signers (I think her just completely forgetting forever is Bullshit) and carly can help kalin out with readjusting to just being a living person basically lol. they're mlm/wlw solidarity (carly's bi) and kalin helps act as carly's wingman when she goes after jack. also they talk about Gender together because I headcanon carly as a trans woman and kalin as (masc-alligned) non-binary!!! friends!!!!!!! I love them both so fucking much
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thecherrygod · 4 months ago
i miss having cats like yeah i am extremely allergic to them but. they are the supreme house pet
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cheekblush · 4 months ago
finally finished true beauty and all i can say is han seojun deserved better
#i'm so 🙃😬😕#they way they created the most perfect guy only to make him suffer.....#my heart really broke when he cried 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭#like i knew they wouldn't end up together but they did him sooooo dirty#they literally only incorporated that time skip to make it look like seojun actually might have a chance even though he never did#and then he was even responsible for jukyung and suho getting back together like shsnsnsmamam#this whole show he's just bringing them together and fixing their relationship while swallowing down his own feelings#i hate how basically all his scenes just revolve around jukyung & then when it's clear that she choses suho they let him become an idol???#and like suho was gone for 2 fucking years and didn't contact jukyung for a whole year but then they act like nothing happened???????#all the while they had seojun being in love with her for 3 fucking years and then when he finally confesses suho shows up shsnsnan#and jukyung not having ANY feelings for him is so fake like she couldn't even hug him back????#he was always there for her and supported her so much while suho couldn't even stay in contact with her lol#and i'm not even mad he didn't end up with jukyung bc he's way too good for her anyway but the writers just did him so dirty...#he carried the whole show on his back and always put EVERYONE before himself only to end up absolutely heartbroken#sure they gave him that idol plotline but it was so rushed and it seemed more like a distraction from his feelings for jukyung#can you tell i'm pissed dbsbsnsnsnsn#suho & jukyung were super cute btw but that time skip literally made absolutely no sense & neither did him breaking off all contact with he#like i get he didn't want her to wait for him but like you could still remain friends at least?? that pissed me off in the webtoon too tbh#and to have seojun pine after her for 3 fucking years out of respect for suho like snsnsnns they couldn't let him move on???#in the webtoon the waiting at least pays off for him and jukyung actually loves him a lot#oh and the writers coming up with this whole childhood love story sbsbsnanhshsns#anyways i hope hwang in yeop gets casted in LOTS of dramas & movies from now on & not as a high school student anymore 😭#the man is so talented and versatile and has the RANGE please give him roles his age 😭😭😭😭#true beauty#☁️
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amber-angel · 4 months ago
So cruising through the Stand tag (which I do sometimes, because I have no self control), I saw a post sympathizing with Harold, talking about some kind of attempted consolation from the Boulder crew that I can only assume happened in the latest episode that I haven't bothered to speedrun yet, and how they didn't deserve to try and comfort him. They were talking about how shallow Frannie was to suddenly want to care about Harold when she's never been interested in him, and only went with him in the beginning because everyone else was dead, even though honestly, if I were Frannie, I would have just gone on my own, like... Harold in this version is so much worse, I would not trust that guy to sleep next to me at night.
Anyway, I'm making this post to say that this is what happens, Boone, when you decide to center your shitty remake around a character that a) you decided was not a good person to begin with (the peeping, the obsessive behavior, the general 'nice guy' attitude with several unsubtle hints at violent tendancies) and b) by the end is so far corrupted (it was a short fall though) that he was completely willing to kill at least seven people just because a girl he liked snubbed him. This is what happens when you decide that you're going to take that asshole and make him a main, and give him the roster of (frankly overdone) 'feel sorry for this dick' tropes: 'mean and uncaring family,' 'emo lonely boi,' and 'but he was bullied!!!!!' in some misguided attempt to humanize him. Like seriously, what the fuuuck were you even thinking??? Was this what you wanted? And why???? I don't even have a witty remark anymore, just why????
Also, can I say that from what I remember of the book, and from the 94 series, the whole thing with Harold wasn't that he was a really bad guy (I say while cringing) to begin with, but that he fell to Flagg and gave in to that dark side of himself. He started his journey more or less in the middle, and kind of fell over the more things went on, because he wasn't willing to put in the work of being good.
But no, because Boone is a moron who obviously sees too much of himself in Harold, we get this utter mess of a setup that's ultimately going to crash and burn (jesus, I swear that was not an intentional connection) and collapse in on itself once he does the deed. Unless King's rewrite means that Harold won't blow up the meetinghouse, you've written yourself into yet another corner, locked yourself into a character direction that cannot happen, because unless you want to somehow make killing Nick out to be a good thing (and I swear to fucking god, that'd better not be your fucking angle), you cannot reconcile the two halves of Harold that you've created, or somehow redeem him after this. Partially because fuck you, but mostly because this is an act that isn't meant to be redeemed! You want to have your goddamn kin cake and eat it too, but congruency and character consistency are sticky plates, and if you try to take a piece off, it's going to have gluey shit on it and taste accordingly.
Look, Harold can either be your uwu sad boy who should be pitied, or he can be the way King wrote him. You cannot have both.
Tldr; Harold is not a character that was meant to be pitied, and Josh Boone is a worthless fuck
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persefoneshalott · 5 months ago
real mourning Ginny Weasley’s potential hours.
#sortinghatchats#related?#that last post made me think about how like#the chamber of secrets was probably one of the things that made Percy start to distrust Dumbledore#and it'd be interesting to explore that Ginny x Percy dynamic like Percy acts like the parent to heir siblings we know this#and he probably blamed himself for Ginny and he wanted to protect her and I just imagine like#if we believe this idea of the weasley family just avoiding conflict. just not mentioning it. and Percy feeling so ??? what the hell why#aren't his parents doing anything you know#why is ginny going back to hogwarts the next year without any sort of security measure#so I can imagine that starting the rift and I can imagine Ginny ending up angry at Percy because she doesn't want to feel like the 'victim'#she doesn't want to feel like people have to protect her#(which tbh I do think that is part of her character and could be attributed to this I remember the whole why she broke up with... Dean was#it? they argued because she thought he was helping her to go through the portrait which I think that's not why she broke up with him prob#an excuse more like but she still was really mad about it because it made her feel weak I assume)#and it'd bring a whole new. thing into their dynamic when Percy is fully not speaking to his family and she seems to be so angry with him#eave but she does because she doesn't want to keep thinking about it she wants to move on and Percy feeling so powerless and angry at his#parents angry at Dumbledorelike I'm not saying it was solely because of this but I think it could be part of it the reason why he's like fuc#fuck this why should I trust these people? Aren't they supposed to keep us safe?#nd then after he's stranged he hears about his dad risking his life for Dumbledore again#I mean even if the parents did talk with Ginny and try to help... I don't know that they'd know what to do and the vibe you get from her#very badly written character development is that she learned to toughen up and protect herself and not trust anyone#so I think Percy was probably doing the most but he'd still very overwhelmed understandably#Ginny being the warmest towards Bill when he and Charlie were also the only ones who weren't in Hogwarts when that all happened is also#something to think about because if she felt any sort of resentment she wouldn't towars him and we don't know how much he knows about it#she probably feels the most 'normal' around him and like she doesn't have to.. filter herself yknow#anyway idhkjshkjfdhshdhkjjmade up this whole story in my head huh#now I want to read about them : '#I don't think this is actually sortinghatchats related sorry but hey they're both snakes#uhhhh alsooo#Percy and Ginny having vastly different views on Arthur? Percy probably having been his mom's confidant and so having this very negative vie
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