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#-love addict-
shmitty · 5 hours ago
Cupid the next time you take aim and put your sights on me and let your Arrow fly
Just please make sure it's fatal
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shmitty · 6 hours ago
The space between us
With everything we say
And everything we do
Brighter than the constellations
The Light Within us grew
In the Infiniti of the cosmos
That were floating through
There's one thing I will promise
If you're scared to try something new
Just stare into my eyes
To find a different View
If you orbit me
Then I will orbit you
-love addict-
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shmitty · 2 days ago
The Descent
I had a dream
That I was with you
With my head resting in your lap
You running your fingers through my hair
The moment I got comfortable
I thought I felt your tears dripping on my face
Turned and opened my eyes to find out it was you and everything around me were melting into a black pitch I began to sink into
Fought and thrashed around
I struggled to breathe
But all in vain
Drew my limbs in tight
As I lay on my side
Beneath Everything
Beneath the depth
Of it all
Placed on the bottom
with the
Discarded sediments
I woke up
In the same position.
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shmitty · 5 days ago
Midnight drive
Is it all for nothing
Is it all in vain
Are you here with me ?
Driving down midnight streets
Can you see the pain and desperation in my expression ?
Can you hear the screams that come from my cracked voice ?
Can feel my trembling hands?
Do you at least try wipe the choked up tears from my eyes?
I can almost see it in my head Mark in the back seat looking out the window
Mama glorie sitting in the middle
My dad sitting behind me leans up just enough to put his hand on my shoulder
And I glance to the side to see Jessica perched up in my passenger seat knees to her chest leans her head to the side smiles at me wipes the tear off my cheek
Leans in close and whispers "you know it's ok "
But it's not
I leave my mind
And I'm in by myself
And I feel so alone
Or am I
-love addict -
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shmitty · 8 days ago
Out of range
I have a heart
Made up of yarn
With strings of fate that come from my chest and transcend all existence all space and time
And. What did they connect to? you might ask
A father
A great creator
Connects from above
From three corners below
The son
The beautiful feathered serpent
And the brothers
The gorgeous moon bird
And the cunning scape goat
And the savior
Connects from the front
But it doesn't stop there so many strings
So much cord that I've lost count
So many brilliant shades of reds and pink any you could think of
To my strong mother
To my loving father
To my faithful brother
To my beautiful daughters
And to my amazing son
To my caring aunt
To my similar uncle
And my wise grandfather
To a sinner like Mark
And a saint like Jessica
To all my family,and all my friends
But it still dose not end
Strangers so many connections
To all of them
They lead to the sky
There buried within the Earth
So many connections so many feelings
And some wonder why I'm stuck here
Because I'm bound, tangled in this knotted web of love
Sometimes I wonder what would hurt worse how the pain of how hard these heart strings are tugged on
Or ever bringing myself to cut one
Then I remember I cut my own along time ago
-love addict -
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shmitty · 11 days ago
Your Romeo
Night mares of exile and manipulation
Romeo to your Juliet
To stand at the entrance and watch you walk away
Is hell utter and complete hell
Your father blocking me from going any further
I stand there begging to be let past like Adam at the entrance to paradise
Yet this infernal angel is not armed with a flaming sword but I fiery tongue
I call your name he shouts
I try to look past he unfolds his wings to obstruct my view
I try to beg and reason
Get nothing in return but a lashing from that scorching tongue
If all are punish'd why dose it just feel like me
I hate this
I miss fair Verona
I miss my paradise
I miss you
So all alone
I consume poisons in hopes it'll bring me to your lovining arms again
Or at least to a God for answers and apologies
But it never dose and there is no acknowledgement and no amending of the honorable
Unlike Romeo I'll say
"I wish I was forgetful"
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shmitty · 12 days ago
Think again
If you think you want me
Think again
I'm a candle that would burn so brightly to illuminate the darkness around you
But eventually like my tears the wax will run and eventually Sear your flesh
I'm an ocean rolling by to carry your boat home but even I do not know when my calm waves will turn into a violent Tempest to tear your boat asunder and drag you under
I'm the Mountain that you climb I'll let you enjoy the beautiful view just to give Way crumble beneath your feet and watch you fall
I'm the Sun that shines above you providing warmth and light to your life but even I do not know when I'll eclipse and leave you in the Darkness
I'm the perfect dream that can in a blink of an eye convert into the worst nightmare
I'm the word that's sitting on the tip of your tongue you dare not say
The thought on the back of your mind
You wish you could forget
I am the skipped beat of your heart
And The hunger that pains you
The long walk you take that half way you turn to look wondering if you should go back
I'm the sun shining through the rain clouds
And the rainbow promising never to do it again
I'm the bird that sings at night
And the treasured trash
bitter sweet
Think again
-love addict-
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shmitty · 16 days ago
(Enoch the scarecrow)
I've stood here ever vigilant
My clothes old and weathered
Just like my rough burlap skin
Though I do thank you for my
Crimson stitched smile
Teaching me my Lord
That sometimes silence is golden
I've stood here ever vigilant
Over these Vineyards
And watching as you put your hands to work
Planting seeds into the dust of the earth like souls into welcome bodies
And watched as you stomped the serpent
To death out of figured that it would strike you and used it as fertilizer burying it
I've stood here ever vigilant
As your labors were rewarded with an abundance of growth and watched as the growth produced fruit
But I failed at my job as all manner of raven and crows descended upon the earth to partake of your grapes
And in there d'lites intermixing muscadine seeds to grow strangling out your grapes for substitutes
I've stood here ever vigilant
As you past judgement on these fields
And you drowned out all the plants and all the fruits they yield
Only plucking 8 grapes to save them for the seeds
And in asking the birds who was to blame
Crow past the buck onto the raven
So you shoved him in a cage
Then you threw a stone
Knocking the raven dead from the sky
Then you hung him from a tree branch for every one to see
I've stood here ever vigilant
As you've gone to work again
And as the work has produced growth and fruit again
But now the ground is burden and cursed
And it's harder to tell the difference in grapes and muscadines
So you consider harvesting what you will and burning all the rest
But I've stood her ever vigilant
Crucified to this post
And there's a place and time for silence and I guess my time is through
Because even with my button eyes I've seen the love you've put in these fields with very gentle hands
And even with these button eyes I've seen the work and effort
And you best laid plains
But if I were you and you were me
I'd tend to theses fields
And when the time was right I'd harvest
Every fruit
Because if I could unstitch my lips
I'd savor the flavors every fruit
No matter how bitter or sweet
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shmitty · 19 days ago
My favorite color is black
But I identify with gray
But my intentions are white
Nothing makes sense anymore
-love addict-
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shmitty · 20 days ago
Why did you have to go ?
Why did you have to leave ?
So distant and far away to gently fall asleep in the field of poppies
But you've been there for far to long
And I miss you
How can you slumber through
My lamenting lacrimation?
How can you sleep during my sorrowful screams of solitude?
And as you lay there is it me your dreaming of
I wanna fix this but I can't
I wanna pull the poison from your veins and heal your pain
I wanna sleep like you but I can't without you next to me
I want to sew my mouth shut with Crimson thread
Because I don't wanna eat unless your the one feeding me
Besides I have nothing to say besides
Whispering your tetragrammaton
I wanna eclipse my eyes
Like the way my suns been eclipsed from my life
because there is no more beauty in the place without you
I wanna tear my god forsaken heart out because that what it feels like anyway
Besides I don't want it to beat if it can not fucking beat for you
You once made me promise that we'd be ok
Why did you have to break that promise to me
Now neither of us will be
How long ?
How fucking long do I have to carry you piggy back
I've had a lot of time that's equaled up to a lot of weight
And I am so so exhausted and tired
I guess you can just call me Atlas
Because resting your beautiful face on my shoulders angel or not
You were truly my world ........
Either bring the rain to wash all this away
Or please just let my tears be enough to flood this place and drowned me
Because that's what this feels like anyway
Because I can't fucking breath anymore
And it's like screaming under water
Because no one not even you can hear me
I just want you to wake up
To roll over and smile at me
I want you to wipe away these tears
But it's ok nap as long as you need
And I'll carry you as far as you need to go I'll tote you all the way to the end
I long for you
I miss you
I love you
-love addict -
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shmitty · 24 days ago
Nothing at all
Real or Make-Believe
Truth or lies
At this point
I want to feel anything
besides numb
-love addict-
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shmitty · 28 days ago
Bind up the birds
Why did you push me away tied and bound here like Samyaza to your yahweh ?
To dangle
Here from pluto's moon
The farthest point from the light of your sun
Forced to watch the inevitable down fall on my brothers and sisters My mother's and fathers aunts uncle's cousins lovers and friends The carriers of the blood in my veins
As I have to watch the inevitable downfall of myself as well as a glutton for punishment I might have brought you the supplies to bind me here
But to beg for mercy , patience and understanding I asked you
" do the knots and shackles have to be so damn tight?"
It hurts and is impossible to breathe
In simply knowing that the one way to cut these chords The one way to find the key To unlock these shackles and shake these chains
Is love
But in hating myself do I hate them If I hate them do I hate myself
You ask us to be like Christ
To love the way that he did
But I'm so scared in terrified that they'll try to nail me back up the way they did my father
I don't need them
For that I have myself
And I'll trade my nails of hate for needles of pleasure to put into my arms
And put a end to it myself
I try
I try so fucking hard
but they will never
What they use
What they abuse
And what take for granted
They'll never understand
-love addict -
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shmitty · a month ago
Enlightened Enoch
( turn the lights off)
I'm caught between gods watch over us and devil's wriggle underfoot
In a place of sorrow and sympathy
In a place were angels soar the skies like birds of prey tempted watching with a ever lustful gaze
A place were giants roam there stomachs roaring louder than they ever could their hunger bigger in stature than even themselves set out to devour and cannibalize everything within me but my brothers and sisters there is no need for such conflict and amongst you my hearts big enough for you all to have a taste
But make haste work quickly
With the last words from my trembling tongue being
It looks like rain
......But even that can't wash this away
-love addict -
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lamaladelcuento · 2 months ago
And here is the concert i got to attend. This was the first and only time I ever got to see one of my faves so close! P.S. I did get to meet him a day later, and ... That was an entire insanity all on its own. 
So yeah, I just get happy thinking about at least having been able to put a tiny itty bitty dent in one of my faves lives. lol. I’m sure he’ll remember me as the girl with her brother who recognized him while he was trying to get lost in Venice Beach. 
Happy Birthday my OG Muse. 
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hatefulbitch · 2 months ago
Just a reminder to the ladies out here that if it feels wrong it probably is. TRUST YOUR GUT. You have instincts for a reason and ignoring them for a manipulative man is not what love is.
You DO NOT have to stick around to find out exactly in what new, exciting, and clever way he’s gonna hurt you. It’ll be exactly as excruciating as you can imagine.
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p-artsypants · 4 months ago
That early 2000′s youth group vibe where people would just shout out 
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lezbfrenz · 5 months ago
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