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#++The nets are gonna be fine omg
akibf · 9 days ago
aha i had nothing funny to say after the nets game lol sad. i go through series-eses so slooowly so it’s not like… a great idea to keep adding to the to read/watch list but been hearing good things abt tokyo rev! (don’t add more things to your list don’t add more things to your list aaaand its added)
Tokyo rev is sooooo good you're gonna love it, if i haven't made it obvious yet (LOL) i highllyyyy recommend it omg. the character development is top tier and the characters themselves (boys AND girls) are so well written ):
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amimimi · a month ago
Hi it's actually my first time requesting 💀 can you do like the reader is a volleyball player from a different school who came to their school to compete and is hella intimidating cause they're really quiet and doesn't really smile that often and their team won. Maybe do yamaguchi, tsuki, tendou, bokuto and suna?
I'm sorry if it's messy i get nervous cause it's my first time requesting 😭✋
hey angel! thank you for sending this in!! And don’t worry, this wasn’t messy at all!
also, i didn’t know if you meant reader’s team played the guys’ teams so i’m sorry if i misunderstood!
Tumblr media
the strong, silent type; yamaguchi, tsukishima, tendou, bokuto, suna
synopsis: in which you somehow manage to catch a certain someone’s attention without having to say a word (well, barely a word)
pairings: yamaguchi x reader, tsukishima x reader, tendou x reader, bokuto x reader, suna x reader
warnings: swearing
notes: this is my first haikyuu request!!
Tumblr media
baby boy is intrigued to say the least
he’s also, you know, very intimidated
karasuno is hosting volleyball camp for the weekend so a few of schools from the area come over
karasuno lost a match so they go do a lap up the hill and back down
yamaguchi shakily walks back into the gym, panting and sweating profusely from the run
two other teams are playing so he decided to watch and catch his breath
it’s getting pretty intense until your team’s setter sets the ball for you
you run up and leap in the air, your brows furrowed with determination and tongue sticking slightly out, and you spike ball, slamming it to the opponents ground
and it’s slams so fucking loud
yamaguchi mouth drops, impressed by your raw power
by then tsukishima has joined him, standing alongside yamaguchi
“sheesh” tsukishima mutters at how hard you struck the ball
meanwhile, yamaguchi’s jaw is still on the floor as he watches you with sparkles in his eyes
your teammates erupt in cheer while you’re just like 😐👍
yamaguchi tells tsukishima that they should congratulate your team (he’s talking about you mostly)
and tsuki is like “okay have fun doing that!”
and yamaguchi is like “w-wait! please go with me? they’re scary 🥺”
and tsukishima is like “this is so stupid...” but he ends up going with yamaguchi nskdicnwiwjs
you’re drinking from your water bottle when you feel a slight tap on your shoulder
you whirl around to see tsukishima and yamaguchi LITERALLY standing like—
⠀ ⠀ ⠀(\__/)
 _ノ ヽ ノ\_
`/ `/ ⌒Y⌒ Y ヽ
(  (三ヽ人  /   |
| ノ⌒\  ̄ ̄ヽ  ノ
   |( 王 ノ〈 (\__/)
  / ╰ ╯ \/ \>
yamaguchi pipes up from where he stands, slightly behind tsukishima
“that last spike you did was really cool!” he squeaks, mentally slapping himself for how he voice cracked on “cool”
you blink in surprise before you gently smile
and yamaguchi, in his head of course, is like “HOLY SH*T THEY SMILED??!&)&8:9:”
“thank you” you reply, “i don’t think you told me your name”
when i tell you this man is not FAZEDDDDD
like he does not give a shit how intimidating you are
he notices that you’re a great volleyball player and that you’re a great coordinator
but that’s where it ends
he’s not intrigued enough/doesn’t care about the motivations of other people
you both walk up to the lil fountain outside the gym to refill your water bottle at the same time
you both sorta halt, before tsukishima motions for you to go first
you nod and thank him quietly, moving to refill your water bottle
tsuki feels his eyebrows furrow when a loud yell suddenly splits the silence, already recognizing who that might be
he turns around and of course, it’s hinata yelping and dodging kageyama’s blows, while the latter yells profanities at hinata
tsukishima sees that you’ve turned around too, trying to see what was going on
“what a couple of morons...” tsukishima mutters to you
you blink at tsukishima, straight faced as ever, before saying, “you shouldn’t bad mouth your team mates”
he thought since you were quiet and serious looking, that you kinda hated everyone/were pessimistic
you thought WRONG
he turns back to you with raised eyebrows, a little surprised and slight embarrassed about being scorned
you just smile at him and tsuki is surprised for a second time
“see you inside” you nod politely and before walking past him
get rekt tsukishima
yes, my slightly odd looking yet handsome son
he is NOT intimidated by you—AT ALL (have you seen his bestie? 😭)
in fact, the first time tendou sees you, he watches you for like 17 seconds and is like “oh...oh i’m bout to ANNOY TF OUTTA OF THEM”
i feel like he just wants to single out serious people and f*ck around with them—all in good taste though!
will try and goad you into messing up from across the net
but you’re just like 😐😑😐
switches tactics by trying giving you odd compliments
“y/n, right? i like the curvature of your spine,,,very unique 😌”
or “you have such delicate earlobes, y/n!”
if anything, he’s annoying both his teammates and yours
but he’s not done
starts crooning these lil songs about you, that he’s making up on the spot
he’s still not throwing you off your game but you are glancing over at him with a strange expression on your face
that just encourages him even more
eventually, semi smacks the back of tendou’s neck and gives him the “stfu” look
tendou glances over to see your lips twitching into a smile and he’s just smiles real big and wide at you
my precious boy
he’d probably see you, standing there off to the side from where your teammates are huddled
and he thinks “omg,,,they’re shy,,,and lonely,,,I HAVE TO HELP THEM!”
but you’re just zoning out or something, completely fine
bokuto is trying to collect introverts like they’re f*ckin pokemon cards
he thinks he’s good with all kinds of people (and he is!) but he thinks he’s especially good with quieter people
after your match, bokuto bounds up to you with akaashi trailing behind (he’s there for damage control mostly)
“hey there!” bokuto smiles and your eyes slightly widen at how his voice booms throughout the whole gym. “your team did amazing out there! i couldn’t believe how coordinated you all are! and the way that you flew? your spikes could use a bit more force but you’re amazing either way—”
you generally feel overwhelmed by hyperactive people, but you’re REALLY feeling it now
especially considering how tired you are after that match and how fast Bokuto is talking
you honestly can’t keep up with what he’s saying to you, his eyes glimmer are glimmering and his whole face is lit up and DAMN you don’t have the heart to interrupt him
so you just nod at him with wide eyes like “yup, mhm, yea, that’s right, of course”
when he finally finished his spiel, you take the opportunity to ask for his name
and you’re like “oh! yeah! you’re one of the top 3 aces in the nation right?”
bokuto’s grin widens even further, but before he can respond, akaashi cuts in with “top 5 actually”
and bokuto whirls around with a look that screams utter betrayal—like B*TCH!!&/8:73?
“that’s really impressive!” you smile and bokuto’s mouth drops because DID YOU JUST MAKE A FACIAL EXPRESSION???
he’s hyping himself up like “aha, didn’t even talk to them for FIVE minutes and i already cracked them 😤”
he’s just gonna stare at you
like a creepy ass owl or something
he sees your minding your own business respectfully and he’s like “...this feels insulting”
he thinks that YOU think that you’re some tough ass b*tch
suna: they’re trying to intimidate us
ojiro: ...they’re just standing there
suna: you think they’re trying to intimidate us?
ojiro: no, i don’t actually—
suna: nah, they’re definitely trying to intimidate us
so suna tries to intimidate YOU—reverse uno that b*tch
will stare at you from across the court with his hands shoved in his shorts like—🧍‍♂️
it honestly is a little unsettling because you just see this tall ass, lanky figure in your peripheral vision and your turn to see this guy STARING AT YOU LIKE—👁‍🗨👄👁‍🗨
he scares your teammates too dkfjdkshs
if you’re team is playing his, he will forcefully block your spikes and then just stare back at you LIKE DAMN, YOU GOOD?
the whole thing lets up, when your teams go to shake hands
you take his hand in yours and give him a firm shake, genuinely smiling
“you play well!” you compliment
“ do too” he says hesitantly and you nod slightly before letting go of his hand and going to shake Osamu’s
he tells ojiro later that you had a “firm grip” and ojiro’s like “...mhm 😒”
Tumblr media
notes: i wanna write more haikyuu (specifically timeskip)! also not me projecting the odd feeling i have for suna where it’s like a cross of “everything about you annoys me” and “damn u kinda hot 🙄”. my love/hate relationship with aquarius men 😌
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misseqaasjourney · a month ago
33 ❥ ᴛᴏᴘɪᴋ ɪ.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
안녕하세용~~ hahaha. So today I woke up a little late (12pm lol) cos I slept at 6 doing FYP stuff and shiz. Also, I was tired bcos was waiting for my other member to send in some work :'3
Anyways, upon waking up I immediately went to the laptop and send some artworks to a dear friend of mine who works at a printing company to print my FYP stuff, took a shower and zoomed to the photo studio to renew my outdated passport photo loooooool. My last passport photo was about 8 years ago, dem.
So, I went to this xx studio at Batu Besurat and omg, the cashier uncle was so rude I can't even. I POLITELY asked if I could get my photo printed in IC size when my photo was printed in Passport Photo size and then did you know what he did? He JALING at me, my god. (jaling means eye rolling, lol) like mr dude, if you don't wanna work.. just quit the job man. It's not like I'm not paying for my photo to be printed, sheeeesh.
Anyways 😒😒 after getting my pics taken and printed, I immediately went to the Korean Embassy to submit my registration form and alhamdulillah everything went fine. My registration number was 7! EHEHE, lucky number? Only yesterday, I was updated that the current number was 4 and I said to myself, it'd be amazing and things will work for me if I get number 7 and wow... I couldn't believe my freaking eyes. I was feeling superb!
Now that I've registered myself to sit for the exam, I hope that there'll be at least 10 or more people registering bcos if it's less than 10, the exam will be cancelled and I don't want that bcos this could be my chance to step up my application form for KGSP. I also hope that I will have no competition for this year's KGSP, I pray to Allah for this and if there is someone who's also registering themselves for KGSP-U, I hope and pray to Allah that my TOPIK, academics, LOR, SOP and study plan will boost my application to get into KGSP-U bcos Brunei's quota is so sad like it only has 1. Can u imagine that? 😔😔
Tumblr media
Anyways, I'm currently pushing myself to finish my character design for my FYP game. I promise to give my very best in order for my team to get Distinction. Hoping this could also increase my CGPA. This is gonna be my final push for Politeknik Brunei. I'm gonna be free net month and I'm gonna focus more towards KGSP stuff, hehe. Thanks so much for reading. (that is.. if anyone is reading. lol)
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hopesown · 2 months ago
Journal -
I don’t know if I’ll ever lose the cheap, cheap bug thing. The person who gets a buzz off a bargain. I think that’s why I’ve had more than my share fall in my lap, thankfully. I can’t even tell you how much stuff I’ve gotten for under a quarter over the years. It’s ridiculous.
My sweet spot when I did a Christmas tree/wrap project for several years was scoring stuff for an average 93% off retail after season & storing it food grade/sealed 55 gallon metal drums in my workshop - for families w/needs the following year. I had one of those “teachable moments” I still feel was divinely designed to show me how desperate someone might feel who had nothing to give their kid on Christmas, or a tree or trimmings. That’s another story, another day.
The tree project subsided 2-3 yrs ago. My brother was a big part of helping me and his deterioration the year before his death played a major roll in curtailing it. I had a school social worker call me this past Christmas - I had to refer her to another program. Kinda sad, but the season I was in.
My numbers (best to highest) with the evergreen glean project was netting gift wrap needs for a family (wrap,bags,boxes,tags,ribbon,bows) for $1.30-$2.20 +tax total. (😆)
For tree trimming with all new merch (topper,lights,ornaments,skirt,garland,hooks) was $3.75-$6.75 (😆😆) a couple times found new artificial trees for $5 per, so an add on
I hooked up with a Lowe’s, a church tree lot and a super sweet local tree seller for last minute freebies trees - first year 20 then 27, 40, 52. On target for 100+ the year it ground to a halt. The idea was to keep refining it for a couple more years, add some new ripples, to scale up, write up the plan and then share with other communities/individuals how to replicate. I don’t have a biz degree though.
It’s on the shelf. Not a hard project to pass on. All you had to know was which retailers discounted to 90% off or greater, what their markdown schedule was and a few other basics.
Here’s another doozy. A price chopper store in my area was going out of business so I hit them on the last week. They had a pallet full of socks marked 3/1.00. Not bad. But my kid was picky about socks - he didn’t care if his shirt was 2 sizes either way of optimal, but the socks were sacred. So I was digging for gold toes when an associate walked up. I asked her if they were all 3/1.00 and she told me they were actually ringing up 3/.10.
For real? I asked her if she wouldn’t mind scanning a few just to be certain &when she verified I snatched 2 buggies so fast. I didn’t take all of them but I loaded hard. People asked what I was going to do with them. I don’t know. I’ll sell some - some will be donated - do you really have to ask? I’m about to go ham on the socks - y’all better get what you want and back on up - I’m going in - .0333 cents apiece?
Best part of the story is when I went to check out, they were about 2/3 through ringing them up when the register crashed. So they started over and they got a little way into it and the register crashed again. So the manager said we’re not gonna bring this up again if you’re happy with taking them all for $10 we are good with it. And I was fine with that. So I got home and tallied and those 677 pair of bad boys cost me ~.015 a pair, plus tax.
Ditto 1000 packs of seeds @ Builders Square GoingOutOfBiz sale once for .01 (non taxable) My bro - “why you gettin all those? Whatyagonnadow/em.” I wasn’t selling then so it was - Uhhh, grow some, give some, The prison program, the homeless program, the senior center, school treasure boxes, garden clubs, the community garden, anonymously put them on peoples freaking windshields in a parking lot. Dude, that’s a lot of sunshine for 10 bucks. (You know I just used my calculator to double check my figures, right?) OMG - gettin stocked just thinking about it.
The way I got into EBay is an insane story, too. Not now.
I don’t know what the point of this is. Maybe it’s just that I’m not wired like normal people, whatever that is. Maybe it’s that I know what some of my giftings are whether I’m degreed, traditionally educated or not. Decent sense of how/where I operate properly/optimally.
I could punch a clock, behave, comply if that’s what was required but I was often miserable or frustrated in closed or inefficient systems. I don’t buck everything but The USPS. The 2016 Tampa Dem office were a challenge.
By the time I took a Census position last fall I didn’t give a rip about the tight &tidy opening script rules. I cared about doing the job well, legally, ethically and running through the tape, pissing on inefficiencies, exercising new thinky muscles and playing reliably well with others.....but that’s another story & I still have work to do tonight.
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cherishingruru · 2 months ago
🍙 how enhypen text their s/o
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
[✿] heeseung — don't expect a morning text cause he's either asleep/on his way to wake up; he isn't that into texting so he'll just go "I'll call you later"; literally one word replies like "okay" "hmm" ":)" "stupid" etc.; uses reaction photos/memes to respond at times; tbh he'll most probably text you to check on you/when he's coming over at your place/ to tell you his schedule etc.; in case you don't meet him often, he'll send cute messages and probably regret sending them when you tease him about it <3; he'd send his covers/soft songs he'd sing for you through voice mails *sobs*
[✿] jay — is really considerate about the time he's texting you; his texts really depends on the time of day and situation he's in, like : 1) if he's really in the mood to rant, expect a spam coming your way 2) if he's just checking on you, expect mom texts; he'd send over link of home remedies in case you're out of town; is ready to solve 49% of your life problems over texts itself + through voice messages; "I'll make you something when I come over, don't eat from outside everyday"; texts to updates you with his activities/ for song or movie recs; he's most likely to leave you on read because he got kids to raise :")
[✿] jake — the softest texts omg; like a cute morning greeting/sweet good night message; puppy stickers <3 if you're in a bad mood, expect a Layla spam or like even if you're not :) cause you can't stop a #1 Layla fan :) surprisingly, he'd say things to you he'd never dreamt of saying face to face because he's too shy <//3 when you'd send a "im bored" text to him, he'll text about his day and send you jokes he probably searched on the net during break : "How do you tell the difference between an alligator and a crocodile? You will see one later and one in a while." ;) jake shim and his ten thousand ways to say "i love you",, geez <3
[✿] sunghoon — he won't text you too often; he's gonna text you only when he feels the need to; if you're sad/demotivated, his endearing and adorable texts will get you back in no time <3 won't hesitate to call you right away :"") send short funny videos of him/other members to make you laugh, cause he loves his princess's laughter <3 spam you with his selcas with a message "your handsome boyfriend~" or better : "watch out, someone might steal me from you~" this boy-; would send you photos of places he found pretty while travelling/shooting :))
[✿] sunoo — longest texts; would rant about his whole day and what new prank riki played on him; would send a lot of emojis uwu; replies to every single text with enthusiastic reactions : "hahahha" "lol" "wha-" "girl you-" etc.; would send you his selcas for your opinion; "y/n, is this good? or the other one? which ones should I post?" ; soft, adorable messages in times when you're in a bad mood/ when you guys don't meet for long <3 sends his cute tiktoks before posting, cause he knows you'd love them <//3 + his car window doodling photos uwu
[✿] jungwon — caring and affectionate texts from wonie <3 he's 50/50 jay and jake; sends "hii" first and waits for you to come online; would only proceed/let you proceed when both sides are free; sheep + cat emojis <3; if you're ranting, he's gonna point out every detail and give opinions; "I get most of my exercise these days by shaking my head in disbelief"; sarcasm 📈; if nothing, he'll give you a little tmi : " yesterday ni-ki switched off the bathroom lights and played our scary teaser bgm, and sunoo hyung who was inside ran out of the bathroom ㅋㅋㅋ "
[✿] riki — he really said media>text ; talks about sunoo a LOT; "niki" "hmm?" "stop talking about sunoo" "o-okay"; emojis, stickers, memes, his tiktoks, you'll never fall short of them because he won't stop sending :] rip storage; he's naturally good at joking lol; clown his members over text; WON'T HESITATE TO CLOWN YOU EITHER; "remember when you couldn't find your assignments the day-" "was that you?" "I never said-" "WAS THAT YOU MR NISHIMURA" "okay fine it was me *rolls eyes* "
Tumblr media
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nightwideopen · 2 months ago
i think i would like to know more about night at the cap statue if its not too late for the wip questions?
never too late! omg this fic was a thrilling idea but once again i got too big for my britches and it died a tragic death in my google docs 😭 it was basically a night at the museum au where bucky is a night guard for the mall at which this very real cap statue stands in brooklyn
Tumblr media
i wanted to post just a snippet but the entire thing is gold up until the point where it abruptly cuts off nfkdfnfn so below the cut is 1.2k words of disaster millennial bucky
wip folder meme
There’s a statue of Captain America at the Liberty View Industrial Plaza. It's a shiny thing, big and bold and captivating; a lot like what Bucky always imagined Captain America to be like. Sometimes they ship it to conventions or drop in the middle of a park, and a couple of years ago it was notably placed outside of the Barclays Center. Bucky had gotten a glimpse of it once when he went to a Nets game with Becca, and it caught his eye for a long moment before she yelled in his ear to hurry up. He's never been to the mall to see it (“It's a tourist trap, Nat, why would I give myself a headache like that?”) but he's seen the photos. It stands proud and tall on the ground floor with people staring at it all day long, mesmerized and imagining the hero it's sculpted after. Steve Rogers is the pride of Brooklyn. And it's not exactly an exhibition at the Smithsonsian, but it certainly draws a crowd.
And Bucky’s not the biggest fan of Captain America, and he's most certainly not patriotic in the slightest, but he thinks that maybe being in front of the thing makes you feel a certain way. He never thought he'd get a chance to find out, but–
“I'm late, I'm late, I'm so fucking late,” Bucky mutters to himself.
He tries to pick up his pace, but all he succeeds in is tripping over his own feet and stumbling across the sidewalk. The subway doesn't run for shit at night and by the time he'd clambered out of the 36th St. station he was already ten minutes late for his shift. It's just a summer gig for a few extra bucks and he's not exactly taking seriously, but he doesn't want them to know that. He'd gone through three separate interviews and rigorous background checks for this, he’s not about to lose it on his first day.
Well, night.
It's a night job. There's been an uptick in overnight vandalism in the mall and the city needed a watchman for the summer while the usual guard is away. It seemed like the perfect gig for Bucky, who's paying tuition on top of medical bills on top of rent on top of the million other expenses that come with living in New York City.
There really should be a discount on things if you're a native.
Bucky bursts through the door with a loud crash, panting. There's only one person around, but they're staring at him with an unimpressed look that he can't exactly say he doesn't deserve. It’s a middle aged woman – her name tag says Mary – who looks like she'd rather be anyone but here. She wordlessly hands him a jumpsuit and a set of keys.
“Sorry I'm late,” Bucky tries to amend, “The subway’s a bi–” He stops himself at the sharp look Mary gives him. “Mess. It's a mess. I'll leave earlier tomorrow.”
Mary leaves, still silent, and gestures wildly at him through the door until he understands that she wants him to lock the door behind her. It shuts with a bang and locks with a click and Bucky realizes with a start that he has no idea what he's meant to do now.
He starts with finding the employee locker room to change into his jumpsuit – which is a far cry from the outfit he put together – and fix his hair. The jumpsuit is a horrible shade of dark green that actually doesn't look too bad on him but it's not good. He'll bring a hat tomorrow. He’ll make it work. He stashes his stuff in the cleanest looking locker and grabs his book and phone charger.
There's a front desk near the door, just across from the Cap statue, and he sets his stuff down before crossing the lobby to get his first good look at it. It probably looks better in the daylight, rather than the dim night lights that outline the ground floor.
It's still something else up close, though, and Bucky kind of gets what the big deal is. Captain America is like background noise after years of hearing about him in school, seeing the comics lined up in grocery stores. He's common knowledge, a blip in history. But this, it paints him larger than life. A leader. Thestaple of Brooklyn and a hero for the ages. Bucky feels like he's looking at a statue of a Greek god, trying to wrap his head around mythology.
Bucky holds up his phone and takes a photo, the sound of the artificial camera shutter snapping out of his reverie.
Captain fucking America.
Bucky unceremoniously dumps himself into the wheelie chair behind the desk and settles in for a long night. The chair's uncomfortable and this book is terrible and thinks he falls asleep for a moment… His head snaps up. He's really going to have to adjust his sleep schedule. Bucky doesn't know how but he's going to have to stay awake for the next few hours somehow.
He facetimes Natasha.
Upon answering, she glares at him. She was almost definitely asleep.
“Sorry,” he says in lieu of greeting. “I need you to keep me awake.”
“Oh, the irony.”
Her hair is all askew and she looks soft and sleep dimples as she flicks on her lamp and makes herself comfortable. Bucky misses her for a horrible fraction of a second until he remembers that he's not allowed to. He broke up with her.
“Shut up, it's summer. Why are you asleep at 11PM anyway?”
Natasha growls. “Was at Joffrey all day, I'm exhausted. I have the day off tomorrow so, it's fine, whatever I’ll talk to you. But if I fall asleep you're not allowed to be mad.”
“Deal. Are you doing the summer show then?”
And Bucky forces himself to focus as she explains that she's doing an extra credit for the summer so she can take one less class next semester. Plus, there will be scouts from the NYCB at the summer recital and she's really hoping to make an impression with her solo.
She's asking him about his plans for next semester when he hears a clang from across the room.
“Wait!” He shushes Natasha even though she isn't speaking. She quirks an eyebrow at him. “I know, whatever, just shh.”
Bucky strains his ears for a long moment, squinting into the darkness. Nothing seems to be amiss and he's sure he locked all the doors, so he turns his attention back to Natasha.
“Sorry, I thought I heard–”
It happens again.
“Okay, I'm gonna go investigate, I'll let you go.”
Natasha shrugs. “Alright, goodnight. Don't die.” Then Bucky's phone beeps sadly with the hang up tone.
“Very funny,” he mumbles as he grabs the flashlight off of the desk. He shines it towards where he thought he heard the noises come from, right by the statue and—
The statue isn't there.
Bucky blinks. Then he blinks again, harder. No, still not there. He shuts his eyes really tight for ten seconds and when he opens them… there's still a fifteen foot empty space where the bronze body of Captain America was standing not even half an hour ago.
“What the fuck?”
“Watch your language—”
Bucky screams.
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makeste · 3 months ago
BnHA Chapter 306: the beginning of the WHAT
Previously on BnHA: Nana and the Gang were all, “hey Deku, we can read your thoughts and feelings so we should already know the answer to this, but for some reason we want to quiz you on whether or not you’d be down to kill Shigaraki Tomura.” Deku was all, “um okay, well tbh, probably not seeing as Saving People has been my entire thing since literally the start of the series.” The Vestiges were all, “yes that makes perfect sense and again we already knew that, but well, good for you buddy and I’m glad we had this talk. Anyway I guess we should ask these two cryptic fuckers in the corner to finally turn around now before we run out of -- ” and then the chapter ended. Because OF COURSE IT DID.
Today on BnHA: Horikoshi is all “YOU DON’T NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT, WOULDN’T IT BE SO MUCH BETTER IF I GAVE YOU A CONFUSING CHAPTER WHERE EVERYONE FINALLY LEARNS ABOUT OFA, AND GOES BACK TO THE DORMS, AND THEN THE CHAPTER ENDS WITH DEPRESSED NOMAD DEKU STANDING ON A PRECIPICE WITH GRAN TORINO’S TATTERED CAPE FLOWING IN THE WIND.” Everyone is all, “???????????” Horikoshi is all, “also the parents are moving to the U.A. campus, and Jeanist’s neck is two and a half feet long, for everyone that was wondering.” Everyone is all, “WHERE ARE KACCHAN AND TODOROKI AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, WHO ARE THE SECOND AND THIRD USERS”, and Horikoshi is all, “:)” and fades away into nothingness like the fucking fae he is. Like a fucking imp who’s kept his end of the cursed bargain. What, the, fuck.
okay guys, so after the longest Thursday of my fucking life, during which I was secretly hoping that my spoiler containment net would be somehow be breached, inadvertently exposing me to theta spoiler radiation, so that I could be all “oh no... spoilers... there’s nothing I can do... I have no choice but to look” (which sadly did not happen), it is finally Friday and the chapter is finally out. so I’ve got my clown kit at the ready and other self-deprecating memes on standby, and I’m ready to go. and I should note that I’m also ready for Horikoshi to pull some absolute bullshit and be like, “oh you know what, we haven’t checked in with Rat Principal in a while have we” and spend the entire chapter on nonsense like that. I’M READY FOR FUCKING ANYTHING so bring it
(ETA: it would be nice if this man wouldn’t call my bluff every now and again.)
oh, right, we were due a color page! wow look at this
Tumblr media
isn’t this supposed to be the future?? what’s with all of these staticky CRT TVs
anyway, so! is this the first time we’ve seen Tomura’s stylish finger prosthetic glove thingy in color?? because I didn’t expect it to be red. also, at some point you just have to give in and change your pants into cutoffs or something, Tomura. start a new trend of stylish villain capris
meanwhile Deku is dressed like he’s going on a journey into the desert to find a mystical oasis. actually this cape looks a lot like Gran Torino’s. I have to go back and see if Gran’s is all raggedy like this
(ETA: it wasn’t before but APPARENTLY IT IS NOW. I also forgot that Horikoshi had showed it sitting on a side table in the hospital a few chapters ago.)
lastly, AFO looks like someone’s thumb after they’ve been washing dishes for twenty minutes. you are just the ugliest dude in history, and as always, fuck you
Tumblr media
oh, Twowy McTwoface is finally starting to turn around? better CUT BACK TO DEKU’S HOSPITAL ROOM THEN. wouldn’t want to accidentally ANSWER ANY QUESTIONS or SOLVE ANY MYSTERIES, god forbid
well, whatever. whatever!! anyway so now someone’s knocking at the door. I say “someone” but we all know it’s Hawks
Tumblr media
they were actually standing outside the door for a while hoping they’d overhear another juicy plot conversation, but no such luck this time
lmaooo Jeanist wtf
Tumblr media
acting all embarrassed, but you’re really just as curious as Hawks is. making him do all the dirty work for you huh
Tumblr media
so like two seconds after Katsuki gets dragged away you open the door for the rest of them!! well, fine!! I really want it to be a more private/personal moment between the two of them anyway so let the other kids check in on Deku first then
and in the meantime, time to see Hawks put the thumbscrews to All Might’s resolve lol
Tumblr media
I wonder how much of it Hawks has already put together in the last five minutes. One for All is something connected to All for One that Tomura seems to want. Tomura was apparently targeting Deku. that’s more than enough to make a few deductions right there. I wonder how much Hawks knows about Deku’s quirk. he did watch the sports festival, and he ran into the kids interning under Endeavor that one time
okay well maybe he hasn’t put the rest of it together just yet, but Hawks is making a pretty reasonable pitch here to All Might
Tumblr media
also this is a pretty spectacular view. is this a hospital or a hotel??
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
( •̀_•́ )
Tumblr media
[sitting cross-legged on the ground pulling up little clumps of grass and letting them fall from my fingers one by one] yeah. sure. okay. fine. sure
Tumblr media
everybody better hold tight cuz I’m about to pick up this whole chapter and yeet it into the ocean like a fucking frisbee lol
-- OH
Tumblr media
well okay then. proceed. though lord help me if they’re about to reveal the secret of OFA to the whole fucking world skdkj
oh snap
Tumblr media
well, there it is. pretty much what I expected, but it’s good to actually get to see this moment with him taking responsibility
though at the same time, thank you Horikoshi for not forcing us to sit through the rest of that
Tumblr media
their fucking faces omg. okay but seriously, what nation doesn’t secretly love a good scandal
Tumblr media
the Endeavor Pamphlets, part two. thank you for giving the country something to opine about on twitter in these trying times, Enji
so now they’re asking about Hawks and Jeanist but I cannot even focus on anything all of a sudden because what?!
Tumblr media
is Jeanist even a real actual human being you guys?! are we sure he’s not three kids sitting on each other’s shoulders?? are you related to that one guy with the really long neck from the Jedi Council?? are you Orochimaru, bro??
so now Hawks is apologizing for the murder of Twice, and for hiding the connection with his dad
Tumblr media
the fact that he has to give this serious formal apology and beg forgiveness for the shameful crime of Having An Abusive Father is really something else, though. just. it’s realistic, but I still hate it
moving on now to the one thing he actually does owe the public an explanation for
Tumblr media
not to go all “Hawks did nothing wrong” on you guys yet again, but seriously. 100% facts. fandom can (and no doubt will) debate this until the end of time, but if Twice had gotten away they wouldn’t be having this press conference right now because there wouldn’t be any heroes left to give one. anyways though, I’ve already said more than enough about that in previous posts
so now some severe-looking lady with the weirdest fingers I’ve ever seen is saying that her mother was injured during Machia’s rampage
Tumblr media
and she’s basically all “a fuck lot of good ‘I’m sorry’ does us all about now.” true true
wow she’s really getting fired up
Tumblr media
and now Enji is basically saying that he understands that an apology isn’t enough, and what they really need now are solutions. okay, well! SO THEN WHAT IS THE PLAN THEN
Tumblr media
this eloquent PEZ dispenser makes a good point you guys
wait, hold up
Tumblr media
CERTAIN citizens?? um excuse me, what??
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh shit
Tumblr media
holy shit. well, this will go over well
okay! so this tells me a number of things, though
basically the minute that Hawks learned about One for All, he realized that anyone connected to Deku (e.g. Inko) would be a target for AFO. AFO wants OFA, meaning AFO wants Deku, and one of the easiest ways to get to Deku would be to target his family
Hawks therefore realized that Inko needed to be placed into protective custody
but the fact that ALL of the hero course students’ families (and is it only the U.A. hero course, or all of the hero course students across the country?) are being given protection tells me that Hawks and co. don’t want to single Deku out as being important. so then it looks like they’re not going to tell everyone about OFA (or at least not the public. which, good). so rather than drawing suspicion by saying “we’ve got to protect everyone connected with this one kid”, they’re making it seem like all the U.A. kids’ families are getting this treatment
but since the heroes are now spread so thin, they can’t just send a protective detail to each and every family, so they’re bringing all of the families to the same place instead to better keep an eye on them
so that’s all well and good, and a very smart move. except that idk how all of this is going to go over with the general public, all of whom are probably feeling unsafe at the moment, and who will probably see this as preferential treatment -- basically just the heroes looking after their own and leaving everyone else to fend for themselves
(ETA: okay so @hanashimas​’ translation clarifies that U.A. is offering their services as an evacuation shelter for everyone who wants it, not just the families of the U.A. students. that’s much more appropriate so I withdraw my previous “wtf” reaction lol.)
anyway though here’s Mitsuki and Inko
Tumblr media
can we take this as confirmation that the two of them really are friends? that’s one piece of fanon that I’ve always hoped was true, so I’m gonna go ahead and say it’s confirmed
(ETA: also this means that Hagakure’s parents (or maybe “parents” in quotation marks) will supposedly be moving in as well. sure am curious as to how that’s going to go.)
now someone in the press crowd is asking whether U.A. can provide adequate security, which is honestly the LAST thing I expected these people would be outraged about lol. shows what I know I guess
(ETA: again though, this makes sense if the “certain civilians” thing was just a translation error.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
you tell me, Dabi! weren’t you the one who said that wouldn’t be enough to kill him? what even is your endgame here. I’m starting to worry about the villain brain cell supply you guys. I feel like Compress took most of them with him when he left
Tumblr media
“when asked about One for All, Endeavor fucking lied through his teeth.” well, well, well
( ⁰ ⌂ ⁰ )
Tumblr media
(ETA: 9. also if he really wrote every kid in his class then that means the U.A. traitor -- or Hagakure as we like to call her around these parts -- also knows about OFA, and knows that Deku has run the fuck off and isn’t at U.A. anymore. so that’s just great!)
Tumblr media
the hell does that mean, you must leave. leave to go where. son you are not up and leaving to go power up and lead us all into a timeskip. and I swear to GOD, if you left Kacchan too...!!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
y’all I’m not even gonna waste your time with more keysmashing, JUST ASSUME THAT I AM DOING IT NONSTOP, FOREVER. and let’s just jump RIGHT IN HERE
okay so here I thought that All Might and co. had taken him away somewhere to train, but that is CLEARLY not what’s going on here. this kid is standing here in his Apocalypse Aesthetic hero costume which has CLEARLY seen better days, with Gran Torino’s cloak (GUESS THAT EXPLAINS THAT, THEN?? SO DID GRAN FUCKING DIE EXCUSE ME WTF), and a fucking backpack. this little green idiot has RUN AWAY FROM HOME. this is the absolute LAST THING ON EARTH I ever expected to happen so PARDON ME WHILE I SCREAM CONFUSEDLY INTO THE VOID
he does not look okay. you guys he doesn’t look okay at ALL. he has NEVER looked like this. this isn’t just a “I’m sad because I’m leaving all my friends behind” kind of look on his face, or even just a “Gran Torino died maybe and I’m still having emotions over it” look. this is an EXHAUSTED, dead look in his eyes. something terrible has happened
love how this random building is just straight up collapsing, like that’s just a normal thing that happens every day now. lovely
did he go with Deku?? did he get a chance to talk to him before he left?? did he get his own private letter which he read and then promptly blew up in a fit of panicked rage?? is he going to go after him?? DOES HORIKOSHI KNOW WHAT HE’S DOING TO ME RIGHT NOW?? OF COURSE HE DOES, DON’T BOTHER ANSWERING THAT
omg. though actually the fact that we’ve already jumped a few weeks forward makes me hopeful that there won’t actually be another timeskip, or at least not much of one. I’m sure that’ll be the big debate of the week, but I don’t think we can jump too far forward here. for starters because of that All Might prophecy I mentioned. and also because TomurAFO isn’t just going to wait around for months. and also because I’m 100% sure that Deku’s running-away backpack is just filled ENTIRELY WITH NOTEBOOKS and this asshole cannot possibly survive more than 3 days on his own. UNLESS SOMEONE COMES TO HELP HIM THAT IS. OR SOMEONES, EVEN. OMG. omg omg omg. fuck this chapter lmao
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ak-fantasies · 3 months ago
I always win
Tumblr media
Yunho Imagine
inspired by: I don’t know… I just thought yunho playing basketball was hot ..
Genre: Fluff?? School!AU
Summary: He didn’t like losing, especially when it comes to games.
(a/n: omg hey... lol ... uhhhhhhh sooooo i randomly had this inspiration to write this.. sorry for not uploading in the longest time ever ... hahahahahahhahahhah ;^; i hope this makes up for it ..)
Tumblr media
You bounce the ball once before spinning it in your hand. You look at the net and took a deep breath before dribbling the ball two more times and spinned it again in your hand before getting ready to shoot. As soon as the ball left your hand, a loud thud scared you causing you to throw the ball way way of course.
“What are you doing?” You heard the voice of someone you could recognize anywhere. Quickly running to get the ball that had air ball and missed the net completely.
“Uh… sorry, I was just leaving..” You said, quickly not looking at the owner of the voice and leaving the gym quickly.
Though you didn’t turn around to look at the owner of the voice, you already knew who it belong to. Yunho. The captain of the basketball team and very tall, but also very handsome. Him and his group of friends were very popular around the school. You hate to admit but you had the biggest crush on him. You really remember why you really liked basketball, it was because of him. You blushed profusely as you had never expected someone to come during that time, especially since you’ve always done that, shooting and playing by yourself. You never had the confidence to tryout for the team, but you had practice and played by yourself.
“Hey! Wait!” You can hear Yunho’s voice as you clearly can hear him running. You started running, trying keep your basketball in your hand well running. However, you couldn’t hold on to it and run as fast as your could and ended up dropping it, but instead of going back to grab it, you left it and ran as fast as you could. The basketball managed to slow Yunho down as he went to grab it and by the time he got the ball, you were already far away that he wouldn’t be able to catch up. He pouts as he held the ball in his hands.
Today was a rare day that he forgotten something in the gym and thus is why when he saw someone in the gym, he called out to them. Only to have them run away from him. It confused him. He looked at the ball in his hand and smiles before heading back to the gym. When he arrived, his friends were already there.
“Where you go?” Seonghwa asked him and saw Yunho had a ball in his hands.
“Uh.. long story..” Yunho said, before Seonghwa tried to reached for the basketball. Yunho quickly pull the ball away from the older’s grasp.
“Yah! Let me see that ball..” Seonghwa pouts.
“No.. Its not mines.. I’m holding it until I could find the owner.” Yunho said and the others raised an eyebrow.
“The owner? Couldn’t they just buy a new ball?” Hongjoong spoke up, stretching his arms.
“Im sure they will come back..” Yunho said, before returning to their practice.
Later on that night, you sighed. Without your basketball, you couldn’t help but be a bit sad. How were you going to get your basketball back without having to face Yunho? Yunho was too popular to walk up to and honestly you couldn’t face him after running away from him.
You sighed and called your best friend, San, that night whining.
“Sannnnnnnnieeeee….” You whined, as he sighs.
“What? What do you want me to do?” San asked, knowing you would want him to ask Yunho, someone he was only close with because of his boyfriend Seonghwa was on the team.
“Could you get it back for me? Ask Seonghwa to ask Yunho for it.. or something..” You said, whining. He sighed.
“I can ask but I’m sure Yunho won’t give it to Seonghwa. Why don’t you just ask him yourself? Cause not you have an excuse to talk to him.” San snickered, a smirk appearing on his face. You pout, giving up in knowing San wouldn’t do it. “I don’t see why you can’t just talk to him (y/n)… It’s not like he’s gonna bite you or something.”
“He won’t but everyone else would.” You said, knowing how vicious girls at your school can be.
“Please, they wouldn’t dare touch my best friend.” San said, making you smile.
“I think you’re a little delusional.” You said, making him gasp in disbelief.
“You did not just said that to me..” San said and you mocking repeated what he said, causing you both to laugh. “I’ll ask Seonghwa but don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen.” San said giving you a sense of relief.
“Thanks Sannie, you’re the best.”
The next day, San and Seonghwa found you sitting by yourself, eyes closed and face laying on your arms.
“Hey…” Seonghwa said, greeting you, causing you to shoot up.
“Did you get it?” You said, looking at Seonghwa who had nothing in his hands but holding San’s hands.
“No.. Yunho said if you want it, get it yourself.” Seonghwa said, causing you to sigh. You were never getting your ball back.
“I told you (y/n)..” San said, making you glare at him.
“Just go and ask him, why are you so scared for?” Seonghwa asked and you stood up angrily.
“FINE!” You said, glaring at the two of them.  You walked toward the gym, your feet dragging as you really didn’t want to do this.
Once you reached the gym, you can see Yunho shooting with your basketball. You glared as you stomped in.
“YAH!” You shout, making Yunho slightly jump at the sudden noise. Yunho looks over to see you stomping over to him. He found it rather cute.
“Why hi… You’re San’s friend right?” Yunho asked, holding your ball between his hips and his arm. You sighed.
“I just came to get my ball back.” You said when Yunho took a step closer to you, making you step back a bit. He smirked.
“Oh yeah? How you going to do that?” He asked and you raised an eyebrow.
“Can I please have my ball back?” You asked, politely this time. Yunho smirked but before he could really answered, you quickly knocked out the ball from his hands and ran to catch it. It really took Yunho a couple seconds to completely process what just happened but when he did, you were already out the door. He chuckled lightly at your actions.. Not only did you manage to completely steal the ball from him, but you also manage to make quite an impression on him. He wasn’t going to lose if thats how you wanted to play.
You decided that you were not going to play in the gym after school anymore as you didn’t want to risk another interaction with Yunho. Why was it that, your first instinct was to run away from him?
But as week passed by, it was proven difficult to avoid him. Yunho would constantly show up when you least expected it. Such as when you and San were talking as San was waiting for Seonghwa. Yunho unexpectedly came with Seonghwa today.
“Hey babe.” Seonghwa said, giving san a quick peck on the cheek before sitting down next to San. You missed it as you found your glaze occupied by Yunho.
“Oh, Yunho came with you?” San asked, taking you out of your thoughts. You quickly looked away, but Yunho smirked as he caught you staring at him.
“Oh yeah..” Seonghwa said, shrugging. Yunho took a seat next to you as you ignored him. Your eyes glued to San who was looking at you in amusement. You got up and picked up your basketball on the way, making your way to the courts nearby. You dribbled the ball, wanting to take your mind off of Yunho. You got near the three-point line and took a shot, your shot making a swish as it made it in the basket. You run to grab the ball when Yunho took it before you even reached it.
“Hey..” Yunho said, holding the ball in his hands.
“Hi?” You said, placing your hands on your hips.
“Let’s play a game..” Yunho said, spinning the ball in his hands. You make an attempt towards it but he was faster. Yunho smirked and held the ball with both his hands and leaned in close to you. “Let’s play a game. If I win, you let me take you out on a date. If you win, you take me out on a date.”
“That sounds like a lose-lose situation for me. How about if I win, you leave me alone?” You retorted back at him, causing him to chuckle.
“Then I guess, I better not lose then.” Yunho said, handing you the ball. You sighed and walked to the free-throw line.
“Okay, we play one game of 21. First to 21 wins. Shoot for ball.” You said, passing him the ball with a chest pass.
“21 is too long. First to 11 and you shoot first. I want this to be fair.” Yunho said, passing the ball back to you with a bounce pass. You rolled your eyes, thinking how cocky can he be. You stepped up to the free throw line. You bounced the ball once, twice, and then spinned it your hand before shooting the ball, making the basket.
“My ball.” You said, walking towards the half court line as Yunho went to grab the ball.
Yunho passed you the ball and you passed it back saying “check”. Once you got the ball back you held it a bit before make a fast move toward your right, dribbling the ball, causing yunho to chase you but you faked him and spinned around him running towards the basket into a lay-up, making your first point. Yunho took a minute to process that you had just made a point passed him. He sighed, he didn’t like losing and surely enough he was not going to lose.
He grabbed the ball and passed it to you again, starting another round.
“check.” You said, passing the ball to yunho. He threw it back to you and you pump faked him before dribbling passed him down the court, reaching the free-throw line and shooting it, making it swish into the basket. You smiled as it had been a long time since you were able to play a game. San always gave up after you made the first point because “you’re too good and I don’t want to play anymore. Ask Seonghwa.”
“You’re pretty good.” Yunho said, passing you the ball. You shrugged.
“I can’t say the same about you. Check” You replied, passing him the ball again. Yunho felt hurt in his pride a little but he was determine to win.
He passed you the ball and when you start dribbling towards the basket, Yunho managed to steal the ball, clearing it before making a shot from the three-point line.
“That right there is 2 point.” Yunho said, grinning. You rolled your eyes before grabbing the ball.
You two kept up the game until it was 10-9. You were losing by 2 and you really couldn’t let Yunho win. Yunho held the ball, before dribbling closer to you. He quickly faked to his left before crossing the ball to the right getting in closer and when you manage to catch up, he took a step forward towards you, causing you to back up and when you did, he stepped back and shot a fade-away. You tried to block the ball but was too late and you rushed to hopefully rebound the ball if it was to miss but unfortunately it didn’t. You pout and sighed. You looked at Yunho who had a smile on his face.
“Looks like I won.” Yunho said, coming closer to you. You rolled your eyes.
“You got lucky.” You said and he chuckled.
“So I get to take you out on a date.” Yunho said and you had hope that he forgotten about it.
“Fine..” You said and he took your hand and pulled you closer to him. You landed in his chest, as he chuckles.
“Can I kiss you?” He asked and you blushed. You looked at him but pushed him away.
“Like you would want to.” You said and he pulled you back to face him before kissing you. And wow, did his lips feel so soft. You were lost in the feeling that when he pulled away, you had the biggest reddest face. He smiled, enjoying the reaction he was pulling from you.
“(Y/n) I want to take you on a date.” Yunho softly smiled, causing you to feel the butterflies in your stomach.
“You win this time..” You said, agreeing to the date.
“I always win..”
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newsteds · 3 months ago
alright this might be a bit of a weird ask but. seeing all ur posts on hockey teams n whatnot makes me Interested in hockey but i have absolutely no idea about the majority of it like all the positions n shit so. where do i start
not weird at all omg !!! it's probably one of the only sports i enjoy, cuz it's super easy to understand and very active :'-) 💘💘💘
i've written out a basic guide to rules, penalties, and positions below the cut:
ok first off: the object of the game is to score the most goals :-) yayyy! nice n easy. it gets a little more complicated when you start looking at things like points, stats, player rankings, etc in the NHL, but you don't have to worry about that right way.
each team normally has 5 players on the ice at a time (3 forwards, 2 defence, plus a goalie).
there are also referees around! the NHL has 2 refs and 2 linesmen for every game, but community leagues/kid's teams would prob just like.... hire a teenager and pay em $50... yknow...
sometimes we have what's called a powerplay, which means one team is serving a penalty, so one team has more players than the other. (e.g: "a 5 on 4 powerplay", which means there are 5 guys playing against 4 guys. easy stuff.)
(ok now let's talk abt rules, penalties, and positions...)
short version, i promise!! first, you kinda gotta know what the rink looks like (this diagram looks complicated but i swear it's not skdjskndj):
Tumblr media
to kick off the game, (& every time the game stops and starts again), a faceoff has to happen. this means two players get in one of the 5 faceoff circles, the ref drops the puck (aptly called the puck drop lmfao), and they do that little swipe with their sticks. you gotta love it !!
from there on, it's really pretty simple:
the only person who can grab the puck (closing hand on puck) is the goalie
you can't shoot the puck out of the rink or move the goal ("the net") on purpose
you can't raise your stick above shoulder height to smack the puck out of the air (called "high sticking"). if you score a goal that way, it doesn't count
when your skates crosses the blue line (#4 on the diagram) before the puck does, you're offside. (if only one skate is over the line, you're "onside")
icing happens when you're on your side of the center line, but you shoot the puck all the way across the ice and it crosses the goal line (#7 in the diagram) on either side of the net. when that happens, the game stops and another faceoff has to happen in the offending team's zone (#6 on the diagram). HOWEVER, icing won't be called if the goalie is outside of the crease (#10), if the other team just lets it happen on purpose (lmao), or maybe if the ref says it was an attempted pass.
if you were about to score, but another player tripped/yanked/whatevered you (or knocked the net outta the way), you get a penalty shot! this means the other players clear outta the way & you get to take a shot on the other team's goalie >:-)
GOAL HOLES lmaoooooo why r they called that + a fun infographic
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
stick side low
glove side low
glove side high
stick side high
five hole! (hardest place to score)
the game goes into sudden-death overtime! this means the timer is set for 5 minutes, and whoever scores first wins
if no one scores in overtime, the game goes into a shootout! this means the teams take turns taking penalty shots (3 each)
if that STILL doesn't end the game, the shootout continues until one team scores and the other team doesn't match it... ta-da !!!
FIGHT RULES (per the NHL):
the ref blows a whistle, everyone else has to stop what they're doing and go to their bench
the players have to drop their gloves
they can't remove their helmets before the fight starts. (if it falls off while they're getting whacked that's fine, but taking it off beforehand is a minor penalty)
the fight is allowed to keep going until one player hits the ice, or the refs decide to stop it
both players automatically get major penalties, plus any other penalties that apply. (this site explains it really well!!)
(in community leagues and kids' leagues, fighting is either not allowed at all, or it's a lot less regulated... it could really go either way lmao. in 2021 we know that concussions = bad, but back in the day... hoo boy!!)
3 types: minor, major, and misconduct
penalties are basically decided on severity/degree of injury, etc
a standard minor penalty is 2 minutes and it's served in the penalty box. if the other team scores during this time (the powerplay), the penalty ends and the player can hop back on the ice.
examples of minor penalties could be high-sticking, tripping, elbowing, hooking, slashing, roughing, boarding etc ... like. if a player is acting shitty but didn't do any real damage, that kind of thing
there's also a thing called matching penalties (aka coincidental penalties), which means both teams have a player in the box at the same time. in that case, they usually just keep playing 4-on-4, and the penalty keeps going even if a goal is scored. (except if the game was already 5-on-4 before the matching penalty was called, in which case both teams would be allowed to make substitutions to keep shit moving lol)
there are also double minors or triple minors, which just means 2-3 minor penalties all at once lmao ... so a player could be stuck sitting in the Shame Cube for 4-6 minutes, and if the other team scored, it would only cancel out one penalty at a time
a standard major penalty is 5 minutes in the box, and the player can't get out early if a goal is scored. (if there are matching major penalties, both teams sub players in)
fighting is always a major penalty!!! other examples could be spearing, boarding, butt-ending, charging, clipping, or cross-checking
there are 3 "subtypes": misconduct, game misconduct, & match penalty
a misconduct penalty means 10 minutes off the ice, & the team can sub a guy in. if the player returns and then get another, they can get ejected from the game lmao
misconduct calls also usually come with a minor penalty (called a 10-and-2), which is served at the same time. so like ... the player with the misconduct has to leave for 10 minutes, the substitute joins the game, and then a separate player is picked to serve a 2-minute minor penalty in the box
if you get a game misconduct penalty the player is ejected from the game. their team replaces them, plus there's usually a major (5min) penalty served by a different guy. (you also still get charged with 10 or 20 penalty minutes, which go "on your record")
you can get a game misconduct penalty by getting 2 misconduct penalties, butting into a fight/joining a fight (called "third man in"), leaving the penalty box early, or if you board someone & they get a head/face injury
a match penalty is serious shit but they're less common, i'm just gonna drop screenshots if you wanna read:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(also here's a handy chart off wikipedia lmao:)
Tumblr media
ok this is gonna the MOST basic guide lol. here they are on the ice:
Tumblr media
2 types:
FORWARD = center, right wing, or left wing. job is to score. they're usually smaller and faster than the defense players.
DEFENsE = right D or left D. usually physically larger, their goal is to protect their zone.
GOALIE: ok everyone knows what the goalie does lmao
they all have different jobs and skills specific to their positions, which you can find on this site in really great detail!!
ok, we're done !!
i think this should cover all the basic areas of ice hockey... there's definitely a lot more to it if you feel like doing more research (like how the NHL draft works, the different players and teams, the different divisions etc), but i hope this will be enough to get you started ..... it's also fun to watch even if you don't understand all the rules imo, i could probably sum all of this ^^ up by saying "ten players, two goalies, put on skates, chase puck, put puck in net" LMAO.
i genuinely love ice hockey so much, it's such a huge part of my personal sense of culture & community :'-) if you have any more questions, please feel free to ask em and i'll do my best to answer !!!
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hai-nakyuu · 3 months ago
I have saw your previous post about haikyuu boys personalities turn180 when they are around you. I would absolutely love if you do it for Kageyama and Tsukishima too. (or characters you would like you write too)
haikyuu boys whose personalities would do a 180 when they’re around you (part 2)
includes: kageyama, tsukishima
Tumblr media
(okay this was quite hard for me because you ALL know what a chaotic baby boi he is JASJAKSJAKJSKAKSLA also before we get started omg this baby’s birthday is the day after mine!!)
so kageyama’s naturally intimidating
i mean have you seen him try to smile??
but with you, oh, the baby tries his damn best to be an ideal boyfriend.
it’s so cute and endearing, cause you see how he kinda gets around you.
even if he messes up just a teeny tiny bit, he will apologize
please let him know his efforts are valid, bb boy is doing his best
“GWAH-!” hinata once again receives too late and gets another ball to the face.
“BOKE!” kageyama almost growls, fanning himself with the collar of his shirt. “get up and help me, i need to get this perfect by the end of the practice.”
hinata grumbles and scrambles off the maple floor, but does a double take at the setter’s words.
“did... did you just say you need my help?”
the rest of the team hears it too. they’re all staring at him, and kageyama fights the urge to punch something, particularly an orange-haired freak.
“i did, boke. now get up before i follow up that ball with another.”
“kageyama,” hinata pops a mentos and runs back to the net, “what do you even need to practice for? there isn’t a match until next month-”
“or is tobio-kun trying to impress a special someone?” sugawara raises a cocky eyebrow. the vice-captain knows what his successor’s trying to do.
“wha- sugawara-san- i-” kageyama stutters on his words.
“OH HE IS!” tanaka and nishinoya bounce around him. “TOBIUO’S ALL GROWN UP! HE’S A BIG BOY!”
they tackle him in a hug, and hinata follows after, leaping in and cheering for kageyama. yamaguchi and ennoshita pull asahi in a bit quite harshly, and the ace accidentally tugs both daichi and sugawara along. tsukishima tries to sass about how the great king has his own queen now, but sugawara shushes him and yanks him onto the pile of screaming volleyball boys.
amongst all the screaming, the laughter, the teasing, and the shouts of pain because BOKE HINATA BOKE YOUR FOOT IS IN MY FACE-
they all turn to you, standing at the gym gates with an eco-bag full of milk cartons.
god damn, you look like an angel to kageyama. (and it’s not just because you’re holding a load of his favorite drink.)
“kageyama-kun, is that her?”
kageyama smiles. it comes to him genuinely. it’s like once he sees you, the weight on his chest is gone. (quite literally, because the team takes this as their cue to scramble their way off kageyama).
“yeah. that’s my girl.”
“hi bubs!” you grin and hold out the eco-bag. “i got you some refreshments.”
“hi babe,” he sits up and takes the bag from your hands, and presses a kiss to your knuckles. “you didn’t have to get me these.”
“it was on sale, anyways,” you turn red at his public display of affection.
hinata makes his way to you, stars in his eyes as he shakes your hand. “hello! i’m hinata-kun, nice to meet you, kageyama’s girlfriend!”
you smile back and eagerly shake his hand. “i’m y/n, nice to meet you all!”
nishinoya and tanaka are in tears. they kneel down in front of kageyama, who turns horribly red.
“s-senpai?!” kageyama’s eyes widen. “get-get off the damn floor! the both of you being single has nothing to tdo with me! the two of you are just idiots!”
he turns to you, his cheeks burning. “t-that’s noya-san and t-tanaka-san, they’re just jealous... that i.... have such a lovely and supporting girlfriend.”
your heart melts at his words.
meanwhile, sugawara-san hoots and claps for his first-year setter. “kageyama-kun, nice!”
kageyama turns impossibly redder. “i’m s-sorry about them, babe.”
you laugh shyly, and brush a hand through his hair to calm him down. “bubs, they’re just happy for you. i’m happy for you too, you’ve always done your best to make me smile.”
hinata pipes up before kageyama can react. “he really has been trying, y/n-chan! he wanted to impress you with his tosses earlier! he wouldn’t stop being so nervous abou-”
a volleyball collides with his face. needless to say this story ends nearly quite the way it began, only with our precious blueberry boy smiling just a little bit brighter.
Tumblr media
okay, this dude has a big bro. he was taught how to treat a lady.
you cannot change my mind that he’s a gentleman
he loves you w all of himself
has this inner conflict of whether to keep his cocky self around his team when he’s with you
or just be a simp and snarl at anyone who teases him for it
 “tell us about her!”
“well, she’s pretty cool. and smart. she’s beautiful and-“
“yamaguchi, urusai.”
“ah!- gomen, tsukki. yachi-san’s just so pretty i can’t help complimenting her.”
“oi, tsukishima!” hinata chomps into a meat bun. “don’t tease yamaguchi for simping for his girlfriend! at least he has one.”
tsukishima’s eyebrows narrow. “what are you insinuating, shrimp?”
sugawara points at him with his chopsticks. “when are you getting a girlfriend?”
before tsukishima can answer, yamaguchi pipes up.
“tsukishima already has one! she’s super sweet... and funny, and... oh no.”
tsukishima chokes on his food and turns to yamaguchi. yamaguchi’s eyes widen and he whispers a sorry before the first-years and second-years let out a collective scream of suprise.
guess it’s too late to tell him to shut up.
“TSUKISHIMA-KUN YOU HAVE A GIRLFRIEND?” hinata screams. Kageyama spits out his water.
“tsukishima, why didn’t you tell us?” nishinoya karate-chops him on the head. “what is she like? tell us! tell us! T E L L  U S”
“i don’t have to tell any of you airheads anything,” he grumbles, trying to will himself not to blush.
“if you won’t tell us, we’ll just ask yamaguchi! yama-yama! is tsukishima a simp?”
yamaguchi turns red and stutters. “i-i-i can’t tell you anything! ju-ju-just ask her, she’s coming over today- oh no! oh, no, no, no, no, no, no!” he buries his face in his hands.“i spoiled the suprise! y/n-san’s gonna be saaaaaaad!”
tsukishima rolls his eyes. “yamaguchi, urusai. i can always just pretend i’m surprised.”
everyone falls silent.
yamaguchi feels tears of joy. “tsukishima... you would do that for y/n-san?”
tsukishima furrows his eyebrows. “yeah. i wouldn’t wanna get shortcake’s effort to go to waste-”
there’s a knock on the gym doors. yamaguchi aggressively shushes everyone, then pushes his best friend a little too harshly to open the door.
“who is it- shortcake?”
he tries his best to pretend he’s shocked, but he’s met face-to-face with a dinosaur plushie just as tall as he is.
“surprise!” you smile, placing the stuffed animal down and hold your arms out.
tsukishima really is surprised. his features soften as the corner of his lips quirk up.
“shortcake,” he pulls you in for a hug. “what’s all this?”
“congrats on your win! you were fire!” you grin.
“you don’t have to say that. it’s fine. but thank you for the gifts.”
“yama-yama!” you run to your friend and bear hug him. “i saw you too! you were badass!”
“b-badass??” he blushes. “pshaw, no, i just stayed on the court for a while-”
“don’t say that! the both of you were great!”
“shortcake, huh?” hinata glares at tsukishima. “you just call everyone who isn’t taller than you a shorty, huh?”
tsukishima smirks, and snakes an arm around your waist, pulling you close and pecking you on the lips. “what’s wrong with enjoying the little things in life?”
Tumblr media
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ashtraythief · 6 months ago
Hi, firstly omg I love your underneath verse. I rarely read fics based on real actor but yours seriously blow me away. But moving on from my gushing I was just wondering if you would ever include a headcannon where the Jensen Campbell 'cover story' was real. I'm not sure how well I explained that, but I would just love to see how Jensen and Jared's relationship would truly blossom if they were both criminals with dark pasts.
Hi nonnie,
thank you so much for your lovely ask! I’m so happy you enjoy the underneath verse *beams*
As for your question, I’m not gonna lie, I’ve thought about it. I’ve had conversations about it with one of my friends who alpha reads the underneath verse for me. And maybe one day, I’ll write a few scenes from it. What it comes down to, I think, is that it would actually be much fluffier and much less angstier :D But the plot wouldn’t really change.
Campbell would detest dating a mob boss, for exactly the reasons Jensen pretended kept him away in the beginning. I think one of the more fundamental changes would be that Campbell would be less secretive. Like, he wouldn’t try so hard to keep his real name a secret for example. He’d be, at some point at least, more open about his past. Campbell would also be harder. If he had the backstory I gave him and be a real career criminal, always on his own with absolutely no safety net, then he’d be harder than Jensen. Maybe a little more okay with what Jared does morally speaking. He would still consider mob stuff to be pedestrian, but a necessity. So there’d be less conflict about Jared’s work, but there would be more conflict about Jensen’s work. Because as a real thief, Campbell would have a stronger drive to keep on stealing, pull the more high profile heists, putting himself in more danger. Jared thinks it’s hot yeah, and he would of course keep bailing Jensen out, but when Jensen goes to Europe for three weeks, Jared is not amused. But Jensen would care much more about both the fulfillment of his work and his reputation.
I also think that he probably wouldn’t have proposed. Jensen’s proposal came out very much for the state he was in at that moment, with the whole needing Jared to know it's a real thing and I don’t think Campbell would go there. Which would lead to a whole different kind of continuous friction between them. Which eventually, after years of being together, would result in one big fight, in which there’d be a lot of screaming about trust and a foot out the door and control freak tendencies and Campbell would eventually exasperately ask Jared what the fuck he wanted from him and Jared would tell him that he needed Jensen to be his. “I already am,” Campbell would say. “In any way that counts. What else do you need?” And Jared would say, “I need you to say it. Publicly. In front of witnesses. I need you to marry me.” And Campbell would roll his eyes and tell Jared that he’s a fucking idiot who needs to learn that he can’t control everything in the world, but, “ugh, fine, but I’m not wearing a white suite, you asshole.” And that’d be that.
Jensen would also absolutely adopt a cat. Jared would hate it. Harley would be scared of it, Sadie would form a tentative truce with it. Jared would try to ban it from the bedroom, but Jared would undermine him as soon as Jared leaves the room in the morning, so really, it’s a lost cause. Honestly, I would just write all the scenes about Jensen’s cat—which he’d call Van Gogh of course—so maybe it’s a good thing that I didn’t write the fic of Campbell the art thief :D
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aeolianalien12 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
149 DAYS. i mean, as long as i dont waste it and even if i jsut am in the moment doing little stuff that fine. i jsut dont waste my time here for some reason. but is it just a temporary thing? i mean thats okay if its a temporary thign. omg i love it! i love how it turned out. soooo goood. amazing. beautiufl. what a coolc haracter. just every eol and experiened with lots of itneresting stories and choices. ok ehres the plan. i may have almost 10k but im jsut gonna save it for htis moment. on emor emonth wont matter. ill be so annoyed honestly. youc ant time shit. just. invest lsowly and steadily. im balance remmeber. over longterm. i got an okay price. i dont watn to rely on luck for thse kinds of big things. hmmmm. i think once a month for 20 dollar noodles is fair. not liek eveyr week but every once in a while. its very boom and bust. i need to buy chicken and stuff too. and then save up for the next isntallment. and buy gloves again cuz i musta lost one lol. ohw ell. hmmm. sooo. lets see. this ins nice. i like this freedom int he air. it sjust like. little things you know. organizing and cleaning up and having the sapce to do so. and its only 11 also! still got the full day ahead. thats right when you wake up. you want to trush and its killing you. you want to rush. jsut sremmeber. your commitment and faith. adn it will bring you through. thats true. the value of a man is in how much he gives and how he can give. rulership etc. ill do anet worth assessment every month also. semi retired soon? semi retire dby kids time.or like. i can use that moment to just stop working etc. hmm. or stop full time atelast anyway. yeah i guss. id like to do it a ltitle before so i can enjoy it. yay 440k net worththats +10% in 2 months! owoohoo. i eman the stokc market is crazy good right now. sot hats why. but still. i can see it on a month to month basis so thats relaly good. thats how much theyre worth today if i casthed out. hmmm. well yeah. i think i honestly get exhausted if i think too far ahead. just think one thing at a time. rest time! yeay! just enjoy eveyr part of it you know. wow this liked playlist is literally form last year. from last year. the ski trip was like 1/3 right? that was on the trip there. its been a year pretty much. i guess thats not too much for a whole year of music listening. mmm Yume. ok wow i did not know that boston was liek the 4th most expesinvesive city to lvie in. like dam. what else can i do for costs adn stuff. i shoudl live xomehwere cheaper and ncie also at the same time. ooooh i want to organize my books into 1 and 2 and maybe others. so yeah lets its like when writing music, it slike you have to connect how you feelw ith the sound. its transfiguring emotion into soudns. and finding sounds and lyrics and eveyrthign that matches that emotion. 3 notes per string! land on the 1 3 and 5! jso yeah. like. today was good. one thing at at ime. and yeah. new things. imean. t hey werent that good. hayyyy. they wer eokay. i mean tiktok and all that stuff. coochie destroyer lmao. i mean. shes awesomer right. and has a hot body. so yeah. athelticc. ferel powerufl with the xesual stuff. lol whatever. hmmm. whatever. i forget it. well not really. i eman. i dunno dsfits liek fine for now since things are fine. but like. i remember what youd id and how you made me feel and how youf elt so i will know not to trust deep stuff with you. but thats fine. i just hasve to let the fires burbn if i see a c2 come up. missing. okay so im nverouvs. but it will eb aweomes . i will be graetul for it. i will be grateful for friday. i have to thinka bout it a lot. 2 more days. and tmr its early, covid, then probably cook. and then. think abotu friday. i get off at 23. so like. when do you get off i guess i can say! and yeah. hmmm. ill ask her tmr morning. what time can you do on friday? also i will have to shave also. just get ready. metnally and plannign waise. hmm. what do you want to do!!! aggressively shake/threaten it. lmaooo. hmmm. hmm. a question. or like. more. yeah. lets seeeeeee. i guess. i dunno. i jsut have to get ready for my date tmr. and do eveyrthing i can. ill ask about it lots tmr. because i just have to do other stuff. i mean shes stil a student. oh shit write a paper. i mean. it was never my major but i think im pretty good. lol. probs not. but a lot of people cant write for shit. i dotn think im that bad. i think i know some stuff but i dont relaly practice a lot. im probably like okay. but i know a few things. i think im okay. i know a few things. i think im bad but hting i meet people who are a lot worse and hten i think im pretty good. oaky ill thin about it more tmr. also. today was ood. i ate kinda bad and didnt eat the riht wthings and spent a lot of money. but othe rthan that... lol. well. whatever. astelast i brushed my eteeth and stuff. it was so easy jsut do it aevery day. okay. hmm. i think i could fall asleep. i could use anothe rday but whatever. as long as i dont beat myself up about it. i mean. just dont htink too much int eh future. i did . but i coulda planend it mroe. buti udnerstand that i coudl do mroe. oh shit. urgh so fuckign annoying. well if i cant sleep owr wkae up at 6 am i have some time to redo it and then pick it up before work. i have an opportunity at least just to remember that. fucking laundry dont do it nles syou go first in the am so you dont have to deal with other poeles bullshit, as well as the lands bulshit.
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dc41896 · 7 months ago
Safety Net
Tumblr media
Hey guys☺️! This is something I thought of based off the song Safety Net by Ariana Grande ft. Ty Dolla $ign and I hope you like it!
Pairing: fratboi!Chris EvansxBlack Reader
⚠️: slight suggestive content, dash of angst, mentions of divorce, fluff as always💕!
“We gotta stop doing this.”
Back pressed against his chest, you feel warm soft lips peppering kisses along your shoulder and neck as you begin to catch your breath.
“Mhmm that’s what you said last time, and the time before that, yet here we are,” he smirks against your skin.
“I’m serious.” Turning to face him, the bare upper part of his body shines from the light illuminating off the tv screen still playing the movie you were supposed to be watching.
His blue eyes appeared amused as he leaned back against his headboard, like he didn’t believe a word you were about to say. “This isn’t fair to either of us.”
“What isn’t fair?”
“Chris don’t play dumb.”
“I’m not! You’re the one who treats this as if it was something we both agreed on.”
“You didn’t say anything against it though did you?,” you counter. There’s silence as he watches you pull the covers closer as if trying to hide parts of your skin from peeking to the open air of the room.
A playful smile appears on his lips as he lightly tugs the tan sheet making your grip tighten. “Cmon don’t act shy now-.”
“And stop changing the conversation! You always do that.”
“And I’ve been upfront with how I felt about you since day one! I’ve tried to take you out, invited you to come hang out with me and my friends, even invited you to dinner with my family but, as always, you say no! If this isn’t fair to anyone it’s me.”
“Then why’d you stay?! Since I’m just this heartless person who doesn’t care about your feelings, why do these meetings keep happening?!” Laughing to himself in disbelief, he rakes a hand through his wet hair staring straight ahead as his thick arms cross in front of his tattooed chest.
“I could ask you the same since apparently I’m not on the same page as you.”
Friends for about a year, he could see the walls you had up after your first conversation. Not that it wasn’t pleasant or you were short with him, but he could tell you were protective of yourself and who you let enter your space, which he completely understood and respected.
After all this time, though, he just hoped that maybe he’d passed enough that you’d fully let him in, but apparently he had a few more to cross.
“I gotta get home so I can change for the banquet.”
“You’re going?,” he asks as you go about picking your clothes up from the floor and putting them back on.
“Yes, and because I know it’s gonna be your next question, I’m going with my brother.”
“Actually I wasn’t. I was uh, gonna ask um...what you were wearing.”
Pausing from lifting your jeans over your ankles, a smug smile appears on your face peeking up from your bent position. “Like you actually care about what I wear.”
“Well I wouldn’t want us to show up in the same thing,” he jokes making you laugh. “Heyy she’s smiling again!”
“Shut up,” you shyly smile pulling your shirt over your head.
And in typical Chris fashion, he had to make it difficult for you to be mad at him for long. Just as sure as you could count on water to be wet, if he knew you were upset with him he’d try to make you laugh with a dumb joke or smile by simply giving you that too adorable for words pouty face.
“Seriously though let me see.” Searching through your phone while you move on your knees towards the head of the bed, you find the picture of your dress, heels, and jewelry spread on your comforter turning the screen around so he could see.
“Hmm, I don’t know...”
“What? You think it’s too much? Not enough? Ugly?”
“No it’s beautiful,” he answers sneakily snaking his arm around your waist pulling you close to his body. “I just don’t know if they’ll still let me play if I go to jail for fighting all those guys that’ll try to talk to you.”
“You’re unbelievable,” you giggle rolling your eyes as you try to move his arm with no luck.
“You know, it’s probably gonna be boring. Coaches giving us little speeches on how they’re proud of us, awards and certificates only parents back home really care about. I mean really the highlight there will be me, which you can have right here,” he explains, arms out as if showing himself off.
“Oh? Well I’ve already had the highlight and I still want to go soo what does that mean?” Feigning hurt, he gasps pinning you under him with face hovering inches above yours as you giggle.
“That means I’m gonna remember that,” he whispers coming closer to your lips until he surprisingly makes contact with your palm blocking his lips from yours.
“If I don’t leave now, we’re gonna miss everything.”
“Then miss it. Tell Noah you’re not feeling good,” he suggests grazing a thumb over your lips.
“You’re supposed to go too.”
“I can’t help it if something comes up though.” Before his fingertips could trace further up your thigh, you grab his hand raising it to your mouth kissing his knuckles with a grin.
“Bye Chris.”
Sighing, he rolls on his side letting you slide out of the comfortable bed to put on your sneakers and collect your final things. Looking back at his relaxed form dangling one toned leg off the bed while the other stayed bent under the disheveled covers, you smile walking over to sweetly kiss his lips.
“I hope that’s not a goodbye kiss.”
“...not a forever one,” you reply pecking his lips again before standing up to leave his room.
Although he didn’t want it to happen, and it pained him to know what you truly meant, he knew it was for the best. He really wanted you to grow as more than friends, or whatever you currently were, but if that thought never crossed your mind, or you would rather be with someone else, he didn’t want to stand in the way of that.
He’d rather see you happy even if it meant his heart would be broken.
“Looking for your boy?,” Noah asks with a smirk sipping from his beer bottle.
“I can’t help it if I look every time I hear the door close. You do the same thing.”
“True, but I don’t get a disappointed look on my face when I see who’s come through it,” he counters leaning towards you. “Y/N you know you like him, just be with the man already. I don’t understand the problem.”
“Exactly, you don’t understand.”
Sighing, he takes one final swig from his beer before crossing his arms on the white tablecloth slightly tilting his head as if in thought. “Listen, I don’t know everything, but what I do know is that you shouldn’t let what happened with our parents stop you from being with a great guy. Also for me to call a guy great as your brother that’s saying a lot.”
Times like this you hated how he knew you so well, but also appreciated it for telling you what you needed to hear whether you wanted to or not.
“When did you become a relationship expert?”
“I don’t know, maybe beer just makes me wise like that,” he cockily smiles before standing up to get another drink from the bar leaving you giggling to yourself.
Following the slight commotion coming from the other side of the room, you’re eyes spot Chris laughing with some of his teammates as they do their secret handshakes. His gold pendant hung effortlessly around his neck while the black fitted long sleeve on his arms emphasized his bulging biceps. Paired with his dark blue and black plaid dress pants and black shoes, he was easily one of the best dressed men in the room.
There was no stopping the smile that tugged at your nude colored lips. Especially when he briefly met your eyes, softly smiling before licking his lips.
This didn’t last long though seeing a bubbly brunette, hurriedly make her way up to him wrapping her arms around his neck. Any other time you wouldn’t be phased by it having seen fans and other girls with crushes on him display the same reaction. But he’d never been as excited to see them as he was with this mystery girl. He hugged her back and they kissed each other’s cheeks before she led him to a far off table where they were blocked by other people.
You knew all his friends, and even the of couple cousins that were also on campus. This girl fit into neither of those categories only making you wonder more.
“A huge place like this, you’d think they’d have more than five stalls in the bathroom,” Noah speaks sitting down beside you.
“Hey um did y’all get a new athletic trainer or cheerleader? I saw this brunette with Chris-,”
“Oh boy here we go,” he chuckles taking a bite of his appetizer.
“What? I’ve just never seen her around before and wanted to know that’s all,” you innocently explain taking a drink from your water.
“Yea right you just want to know if something’s up with them.”
“No...well not entirely,” you answer to be met with his side eye. “Alright fine, you got me.”
“She’s the new offensive athletic trainer so she helps all of us with injuries and stuff, but she’s pretty much been his right hand man. I don’t see it in a flirty way though, they just talk a lot.”
You knew you shouldn’t be emotional about it seeing as though you and Chris weren’t together, plus your “efforts” to distance yourself from him, but you could feel your heart split as the possibility of him being with someone else ran through your mind.
And for him to move on so quickly didn’t make you feel better.
As everyone quieted down with the start of the evening, you forced yourself to focus on the speeches and awards being given to avoid the thoughts of your mind. You laughed along with the jokes told from occasional coaches and players, and couldn’t have been more excited to watch Noah accept his offensive MVP award.
If only Chris wasn’t asked to say a few words at the end being the quarterback and team captain, you probably would’ve made it back to your dorm without him on your mind. Now standing at the bar as music played and everyone around mingled, you wished there was something invented that would temporarily erase your memories.
“Omg I love your dress!,” a cheerful voice states beside you.
And now here was the mysterious brunette herself as the cherry on top.
“Thanks, yours is pretty too.” White with off the shoulder long sleeves, the skin tight dress stopped just below her knees showing the flower tattoo weaving up the side of her leg.
“Thank you! It’s just something I picked up last minute,” she dismisses waving her hand. “Hey don’t I know you? You look really familiar..”
“I’m sorry I can’t say I know you. Maybe you’ve seen me around since Noah’s my brother. Or seen me on campus?”
“Hmm maybe...No, wait I know! Chris!”
“Greatttt,” you think as you sip the strong liquid from your plastic cup. “Wh-what about him?”
“That’s where I know you from! He’s shown me pictures of you guys and said a lot about you.”
“Yea we’re uh pretty good friends.”
“I’d say more than that girl. That boy is in love with you!”
“L-Love?,” you ask as she nods her head taking a sip of her wine.
“Yes! Ugh it’s so cute! He talks about cute little date ideas for you guys and the guys sometimes tease him when he messes up a play saying stuff like ‘wifey on your mind huh?’,” she giggles before taking in your speechless expression. “H-Has he never told you that before?”
“Oh no, maybe he was planning on telling you in some special way and I just ruined it.”
“No don’t worry, I doubt he had something planned. Trust me he’s more private and low key with things like that.”
“Oh good! I’d hate to mess that up.”
Your mouth may have been able to move now, but your heart still raced as her words repeated throughout your mind. Yes you knew he liked you, but love? It was hard for you to wrap your mind around it, but you also felt giddy as your thumb tapped against the side of your cup.
“If you’ll excuse me I have to go do something really quick. It was nice meeting you though, um..?”
“Bailey! Sorry, I just started talking and never introduced myself,” she laughs lightly tapping her forehead as if to facepalm.
“It’s okay,” you giggle sticking out your hand. “I’m Y/N. It was nice meeting you Bailey.”
“Same! Have a good night Y/N!” Shaking your hand, you both give a small wave before scanning through the crowd searching for the QB himself.
Figures he’d be sat at a table surrounded by a few of his teammates as they drank beers and joked amongst themselves.
It seemed all their eyes were glued to you as you approached the group. Red silk like dress with paper thin straps framing perfectly around your body, some nudged who they were sat next to before sneakily pointing between you and Chris making “ooohh” noises.
“Hey um can I steal your captain for a second? Promise I’ll give him back later.”
“You can keep him as long as you want! We’ve had enough of him for the night,” one of the players speaks clapping his shoulder and giving it a slight squeeze as the others chuckle. Shaking his head at their teasing, he moves closer giving you an eye level view of his neck as he bends down to whisper in your ear.
“Everything good?”
The sensation of his words against your ear along with his musk scented cologne made your heart flutter as you nodded.
“So how long have you been in love with me?,” you whisper back with a smile, making a blush creep along his face and neck as he slyly grins looking around the both of you as if making sure no one could hear.
“Let’s talk somewhere more private.”
Entering the single hotel room, the night sky with all of its sparkle, both natural and coming from the towering buildings, is the first to catch your eye making you awe at how it was seemingly framed behind the borders of the large window.
The plush, cloud like white comforter atop of the queen bed and remaining dark wood, modern furniture follow as you mindlessly run your hand up and down your arm. Not wanting the chance of anybody attempting to drink and drive, the coaches were thoughtful enough to buy out three floors of the hotel, giving players a place to stay in case they had a bit too much and didn’t have a ride.
“You can sit down you know. It’s not like we haven’t shared a room before,” he smirks sitting at the edge of the bed removing his shoes.
“My mom always told me it was rude to immediately sit on someone’s bed when you go to their room,” you counter with a smirk of your own.
“Well this isn’t my room technically, so get over here because, although cute, I know those heels are killing you.” Peering down at your strappy stilettos, you peek at him through your lashes, grinning as you make your way to the bed next to him.
“You never answered my question,” you start slipping off your shoes and placing them by his. “How long?”
He rakes a hand through his hair as he leans back on his elbows, vividly remembering the night like it had just happened moments prior.
“It was after CJ’s house party.”
“Seriously? That was just the second or third time we hung out.”
“I know, and definitely realized how crazy it seemed but I couldn’t help it. I saw you sitting outside by the pool so because we somewhat knew each other, I thought it’d be cool to hang out for a while. Me being a bit tipsy-,”
“And deep down, a dork,” you add giggling.
“Alright and that,” he chuckles tapping your leg with his knee. “I asked if you were a crayon, which color would you be....and you answered.”
“I mean of course, it was a question. A little out there, yea, but still.”
“Yea but you genuinely answered. And that showed me you, too, were deep down a dork and it just drew me to you more. So that led to us texting, then getting food, and well you know the rest.”
It was supposed to be a funny, light hearted memory, but you could see the shot of pain in his eyes as he laid back looking up towards the ceiling. “Like you said earlier though, this gotta stop so I know those feelings have to stop too.”
If only you had been honest before, this wouldn’t be such a mess now. You knew there was no changing everything that happened and debated on whether telling him was worth it.
In your heart though, you wanted to at least try.
“...I knew a couple months ago.” His head turns to watch you lie down next to him with eyes closed as your head now faces the ceiling.
“I was with my roommates and one of them asked what I was doing that weekend. The other made a joke about how I’d probably be with you, which then led to her singing ‘Chris and Y/N sittin in a tree...’ and more teasing,” you lightly chuckle. “And she mentioned us getting married and having kids and although on the outside I just brushed it off, I kept thinking about it a-and it made me happy. Like I could see you holding a baby on the couch watching the game in your matching jerseys, and trying to tell them what plays were happening and how you would’ve chose something else if you didn’t like it. Then I’d be right there laughing; reminding you that they have no idea what’s going on or what you’re saying.”
Feeling his thumb delicately wipe your tear trying not to mess up your makeup makes a small smile form on your lips as you lean into his touch openning your eyes.
“I saw then I had fallen hard and it scared me.”
“And that’s why you kept talking about us stopping,” he quietly speaks. Slowly nodding your head, you feel his arms pull you closer rubbing up and down your back trying to calm your crying as your head finds his chest. “Was it the feeling itself you were afraid of? Or something else?”
“It was the idea of ending up like my parents. Being in love and thinking you’ve found the one you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, then all of a sudden you’re looking for separate places.” You prop your chin on his chest deeply looking in his eyes while his soft fingers tuck a loose strand of hair behind your ear. “Chris I really do mean it when I say I’m in love with you. I just don’t want us to end up like that.”
“Who’s to say we will? Don’t count us out before we even had a chance to start,” he smiles at the sight of your light chuckle. “Y/N I know you’re scared and I wish there was something better I could say, but sometimes things don’t work out. It can reveal itself early on or later, but that’s one of the not so great sides of relationships you may have to go through. I can tell you this though, you don’t have to worry about falling around me because I promise I’ll be there to catch you. I do play football after all.”
“You’re the quarterback though, you don’t really have to worry about catching anything.”
“Well...yea but when it’s hiked to me I gotta catch it, which I’m very good at,” he winks making you fall back onto the bed laughing.
“I can’t with you.” As both of your laughs die down, there was still a lingering question on your minds that you were dying to ask, but also nervous to hear the answer.
“So what now?,” Chris asks looking at you. “We both love each other, but if you still need time and want to take a break then I understand.”
The silence as you calmly breathe in and out only make him more nervous before watching you eventually turn your body to sit up on your elbows.
“If it’s okay with you, I want to start over. No hidden feelings and with complete honesty.”
“That’s perfectly fine with me,” he widely smiles feeling a weight lift off his chest.
“I have an important question for you though.”
“If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?,” you ask making him grab his chest and eyes close as he laughs.
“Alright, I’d be a bright blue because it stands out and is fun but also, when needed, can be calming I’d say. What about you?”
“Lilac. It’s a soft color, but, like you’re bright blue, stands out in its own way.” Sitting up, his lips connect with yours in a deep kiss that feels long overdue, yet as if it’s the start of something new at the same time.
“I love you Y/N,” he speaks with lips still on your now smiling ones.
“I love you too Chris.”
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loseyoutoloveme · 7 months ago
i'm always interested in what you have to say when a big album comes out so what are your thoughts on positions? i've seen a lot of mixed opinions about it and would love to know! also if you have the time/energy maybe do the rating/summary of each track that you do? you dont have to if you dont want to but im intrigued!
omg thank you so much for caring about anything i have to say sdkjdsk 🥺 posting my opinions below!
SHUT UP: a good opening track, with suuuuch pretty strings and runs and harmonies and everything else. - 7.5/10
34+35: the laugh at the beginning should not be there bc it scared me on first listen lmao, but honestly this is so funny and catchy, “give me them babies” made me lol and i’ve had the coffee/healthy/squeaky thing stuck in my head since i heard it. - 8/10
MOTIVE: one of those weird songs where i really really really like the production and instrumental itself but i don’t like the melodies or lyrics or anything else, idk what it is... will definitely grow on me in time (i’ll keep listening to this one until it does because i can tell that i’ll love it like a year from now). i like doja a lot and really enjoyed her album but i hate her verse in this, like her voice is just not working for me in this, maybe just bc it’s such a strong contrast from ariana’s much smoother vocal. - 6.5/10
JUST LIKE MAGIC: so i remember when thank u next was released and everyone was losing their minds over nasa and i was like “’s.....fine i guess” lmao that’s me over just like magic for this album. it’s okay, but it seems to be almost everyone’s favourite/top 5 and i don’t get that. some cute lyrics though. - 6/10
OFF THE TABLE: so this song is really beautiful and sad, but i did not need abel on this. in general, he’s been a bit hit or miss for me the past couple years. i love her parts, but his verse feels really hollow in comparison to hers, and i just think it would have been so much nicer and more intimate if it were solo. - 7/10
SIX THIRTY: i like this! i haven’t read many opinions on this song but i’m just remembering when everyone hated make up from tun and i loved it and went on to be like 1 of 5 make up stans, and i can see this being similar. - 7.5/10
SAFETY NET: i have...... no thoughts. definitely not a bad song, i just find it boring and feel no need to ever listen to it again lol. - 5/10
MY HAIR: definitely my third favourite of the album. so so so good, just the most insane vocals... like whistles for a whole verse? okay ma’am. - 8.5/10
NASTY: like safety net, it’s fine but i just don’t find this interesting and don’t think i’ll be re-listening. - 5/10
WEST SIDE: again, i’m not interested in this sdkjdsds. i think this would grow on me a bit because the chorus is catchy enough, but i don’t really care to keep listening long enough for that to happen. - 5/10
LOVE LANGUAGE: no, the way i lost my mind over this song on my first listen. SO good. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. absolutely my favourite of the album and my second favourite song of hers in general (behind ntltc which is gonna be #1 for forever and ever). just ugh. yes! the second half of the album was feeling bland to me and then this completely salvaged it. the random outro feels unnecessary but i do not care. - 100/10
POSITIONS: really catchy! tbh i wish this album had just been a surprise drop with no lead (this could still be the single, but just have it released as a single at the same time as the album, like cardigan/folklore) because i feel like this song would have stood out on the tracklist sooo much more if i hadn’t already heard it when i listened to the album, if that makes sense? - 8/10
OBVIOUS: does this sound like a song that would be on yours truly to anyone else? not a really memorable track but i like it v much. - 8/10
POV: this might be the most mature and beautiful and touching song of her entire discography. such a real, mature love song that i think touches on parts of love and life that her love songs kind of hadn’t until this album. “i wanna trust me the way that you trust me” made me tear up so much. really sweet and genuine, i’m so happy for her. also such a great closing track. the thematic content of thank u next vs. positions is such a great reflection of her personal growth and healing! - 10/10
this is apparently my ranking for now:
Tumblr media
overall as an album... i think it’s a good album. fun and quite unique to ariana (have seen a few comments saying that this album is not even pop or r&b but literally just her own genre, and i agree with that, everything on here sounds really distinctly ariana). not the best album in the world, and not her best album either (but not her worst at all). there are no bad songs tbh, just like... 2 too many filler tracks. the main criticism i’ve seen so far is that it’s just kind of a bland album, which is a criticism i understand (def don’t understand people who were yelling all over twitter about how bad it was when it leaked; i understand that tastes vary and such but this is literally not a bad album at all).
not to already be like “let’s move onto her next album,” but i think her next album will be a more interesting one; this album was really in line with what she did with sweetener and thank u next and i feel like the next album is gonna (have to) be a bit more of an evolution (the same way that sweetener was a definite “new chapter” after her first 3). if i had to rate the album out of 10 it’d probably be a 7.5. there are some tracks that i’ll never revisit tbqh, but love language and pov are gonna be on repeat for the next few days for sure.
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thatwitchysimp · 7 months ago
Shinso Game Night G/N!
A/N: omg it is incredibly hard to write for someone that's not hawks so I wrote this in the mind of hawks (oops) so I had to go back and read some Shinso facfics so I can make it about Shinso but the other part to this is still under revision for the same reasons so I will probably post that when its done 
Word count:837 including part two it will be 1,666 give or take cause like I said under revision
Warnings: nsfw leading?
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~You where playing on your switch waiting for Hitoshi to get home since he became the number two hero he had been a lot busier the usual you weren't upset or anything you where just bored you almost had fully upgraded your village on animal crossing you still had this one ugly villager though so most of the time you ran around “accidently” hitting them with the net after a few hours you finally got rid of them and got a better looking villager and then  Hitoshi walked into your room perfectly on time (actually a few hours late but who Tf cares) holding a bag you asked what was in the bag and he said “something” you rolled your eyes and chuckled “ok mister” he put the bag on the dresser and looked at you said “don't open it” you said “I won't” he looked at you skepticaly he walked away to the shower you looked over to the bag very tempted to take a look to see what is inside but you know you shouldn't so you walked to the living room trying to take your  mind of it you look in the fridge to see if there was anything to eat (there wasn't) so you would probably ask Hitoshi if he want to order some pizza later. you got up and starting to plug up your switch to the tv   Hitoshi walked over “now can look if you haven't already” he said holding out the bag “I haven't I swear” you say laughing  “mkay open it” you take the bag and look at him nervously “just open it” you look in it and pull it out it the smash bros game you been wanting you jump up and down and hug him quickly and said “thank you so much” you wanted this game for so long you just haven't gotten around to buy it yet (broke ass) “your welcome” as he bent down and kissed your forehead “ooh we should play” you suggest he agrees “ but first in need something to eat”  “yea I was thinking about ordering pizza” “ooh we could have a game night” “just you and me” you said reaching for your phone to make him call the pizza place so you two sat down on the couch and started playing he of course won several times but he ‘let’ win A couple of times the pizza came within like 40 minutes you were cuddled up to him when you heard the doorbell “I bet that's the pizza” you grabbed the money from the table kinda excited he loved seeing you like this you answered the door you immediately recognized the pizza-man was an old friend from highschool that you had lost touch with recently so you stood there talking to him for like for five minutes just catching up on whatever you two could think of in to Hitoshi the time you took was more like two hours the dude was clearly flirting with you  the casual touches the little giggles he felt something stir up inside him and he wanted to trust you but it seemed you didn’t even notice he was mad why where you still talking to him just pay the man and get it over with so you two can continue spending time together and cuddling he knew had to do something so this guy didn't take up all your time he got up and walked over to to you and wrapped his arms around you waist put his head in the nape of you neck and looked up at the man with the most murderous eyes(just something he learned from aizawa) you just gave him the pizza and told him to put it on the counter This pissed him of even more did you notice that the man was flirting with you?! Did you just not care?! he looked back up at the man again with the same eyes he quickly got the message and left not even a minute later you closed the door and walked  over to put the pizza on the counter almost excitedly like everything was fine and turned around “how many slices do you want” you asked in a cheerful voice you saw that he was mad and only now you realized how the pizza man was flirting with you (in this moment you knew you fucked up) he started walking towards you like a panther stalks his prey “what was that all about” “oh just catching up with an old friend” you tried to play it off (you really wanted to be able to walk tomorrow) “oh really” “he was realll friendly don't you think” “It wasn’t like that Hitoshi” you grabed his hand gently in an attempt to calm him down (it wasn’t working) he picked you up by the waist walked to the bedroom and threw you on the bed you had awakened some them inside him and he wasn't gonna let you get off that easy
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artificialashley · 8 months ago
OMG UR DOING PROMPTS WHAT A GREAT DAY could i pls get uhhhhhh a fluff 7 with Vanique pls bc it just Screams them thank u 💖💖💖
Thank you girlie!!!!! I’ve never wrote them before so loved this! Not exactly the definition of fluff but hope you enjoy!
7. “You’re and idiot.” “But you love me.” // Vanique
“What you wearing to the social tonight?” Vanessa asked as she passed the ball to Monique, hoping their team captain didn’t notice the fact her feet moved three times as she did so (or if she did that she was being too nice to point it out).
“Not going.” Monique passed to right but Vanessa’s little legs weren’t fast enough to follow. That or she was far too distracted to even see where it was going. Most likely the latter, given that the fifteen-degree temperature meant everyone had opted for shorts and ponytails for training that day. Monique was wearing shorts that day.
“But who will I hang out with?”
“Erm, all of your other friends?” Monique stopped passing altogether, keeping the ball tight in her hands despite the mixture of mud, leaves and general gunk that it’d accumulated over the seven times Vanessa had dropped it that day. Vanessa didn’t question it. “Besides, it’s a mixed social. The whole point is that you’re gonna get paired up with some arsehole rugby player and spend the night with them, I wouldn’t be hanging out with you anyway.”
“But I never see you anymore!” Vanessa exaggerated, knowing fine well that even if Monique didn’t join her on the social, she’d still go to the club with her housemates after and they could have a dance then. Because those vital hours had started to become the highlight of her week, counting down the days until Wednesday when she could get lost in the laugh that tied her stomach into bows and lifted her all body the way to the top floor of the club, where they played the songs that were just a tad to gay for floors one, two and three. “Please!”
“I don’t wanna get coupled up with none of them white boys, Vanessa.” Monique rolled her eyes and Vanessa was sent spinning down her own spiral, falling through the netball court and into an endless black hole of stars, planets and aliens who told her to grow a pair of balls and tell Monique that she fancied the pants off her (or at least that's what she assumed they were telling her, she could never grasp French in school nevermind the native language of extraterrestrials).
“You can couple up with me.” Vanessa watched as Monique passed the ball lightly between her own two hands, letting it dance between the two different options. Vanessa wanted to run up to her and push it on the one that said: “Yes, go to the social and have the best night of your life with Vanessa”. 
“Like they’re gonna let that happen.” Monique laughed and it made Vanessa want her to come even more, despite thinking that wasn’t humanly possible at the start of the conversation.
“Who’s gonna stop us?” Vanessa replied, reminding Monique that she was the hardest girl in the whole University, nevermind on their team. An image that was faltered not even a minute later when Monique suddenly passed the ball back and Vanessa squealed as though it was a machete coming her way.
“Erm, Jackie?” Monique pointed a finger at their captain, Vanessa too proud to miss the opportunity to throw back and catch Monique off-guard too. “Jesus, V!”
“You really think Jackie could take us?” Vanessa laughed. “Besides, I think she fancies me anyway, pretty sure I could break every single handbook rule and I’d still be on this team.”
Vanessa watched Monique's smile break for a minute before she grabbed the ball and tossed it back. “What, like you haven’t already done that?”
“Exactly!” Vanessa’s mind flashed through images of the pair on their initiation the year before, sneaking drinks into the twenty-four-hour library and convincing nerdy third-years to buy them drinks in the SU to make definite that their team won the challenge. That was the night Vanessa realised how much they had in common; both loud and fiery and determined to keep trying even when the biggest of odds stacked against them.
The perfect wing to her centre.
“You’re a terrible influence.” 
There was Vanessa’s glimmer of hope. Maybe Monique wasn’t quite as determined as herself after all.
“I’ve convinced you!” Vanessa just-about growled with excitement, throwing the ball as high as she could in the air and catching it like a kid on their break time full of energy and enthusiasm. 
Jackie obviously didn’t share the same enthusiasm, blowing the whistle in her direction and telling her to hustle like the control freak she was. Maybe she didn’t fancy Vanessa quite enough to get away with that one.
“You haven’t,” Monique spoke between laughs, shaking her head at Vanessa in a way that made her want to never behave anything but bad for the rest of her life.
“What do I have to do then?” Vanessa replied, hoping Monique didn’t say something like run a marathon or eat an onion whole (not that she wouldn’t have done those things anyway).
“Score a goal.” Monique stuck her tongue out, knowing fine well that all five feet and two inches of Vanessa were incapable of doing such a thing, evident in the fact she hadn’t left the centre third yet that day.
“That’s all!” Vanessa grinned like a serial killer but didn’t care. Because her night would be spent drinking shots with Monique, letting the other girl twirl her in the club and again in her dreams later on.
“Yvie!” Vanessa started to run across the court without any further hesitation. “Let me hop on your shoulders for a minute?”
“Shit.” Monique caught up with her, trying and failing to pretend that the corners of her mouth weren’t fighting to turn upwards at the sight of Vanessa clambering up the taller girl like she was a tree. “You’re an idiot.”
Vanessa felt Yvie grip her legs tightly as she “scored her goal”, giving one last helpless look at Monique before plopping the ball into the net with the utmost ease.
“But you love me.” She shouted back before getting down, hoping that at least an incy wincy tiny little part of that was true.
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lornasaurusrex · 9 months ago
What disrespecting is the way you exploit that child. Even if you truly believe with your entire heart in babygate yall have to leave the 4 year old child out of your narrative and stop posting pictures of him with creepy caption and zooming him on his facial features trying to prove a point that has nothing to do with him he’s four!!! He doesn’t deserve for this stuff to haunt him online forever. And yeah his mum should know better but so should any other adult
This has been cooking for a hot minute so go ahead and buckle the fuck up. You guys say all this shit with your performative outrage, meanwhile you have F Stan accounts, posting the exact same, publicly posted, accessible photos. And that's fine right? And they go to a whole other rude ass level and tag every single person in the entire family, and the kid's despicable family does nothing except positively reinforce them by following and liking and reposting them.
So a Larrie, once a month or every other month or even less, just posts one or two of those exact same photos, zoomed in with a contrast change or an arrow drawn, and a not at all creepy caption that says anything absolutely harmless like 'yeah he does look like Brett.' And we post that shit on our own blog, in our own lane, as far away as possible from that godawful family, and away from you guys? And tons of you are coming to our house looking for a fight and coming for our throats behind an anon safety net. But? I don't see anyone going after the creepy fans that call themselves F stans and run update/stan accounts that post dozens of photos with captions that actually really do sound genuinely borderline creepy 'like omg 😍 I stan a 4 year old.' Excuse me while I go barf up my guts. Most of us do keep him off our blogs for the most part. Some of us entirely do. I avoid it except for the very obvious stuff that I think needs to be seen or documented. I think very obviously photoshopped pictures should be seen and the kid calling Tammi 'mom' yet again should be documented. And the other 98.4% of my blog is literally anything the fuck else. I post about the situation, absolutely. And I will until it's fucking over, then I'm going to pretend it never happened. ....They're literally posting about stanning the child. 😬
I have seen none of you going after them for 'exploiting' him by posting his pic side by side with Breep and Louis to show off that they're 'twins.' Because they agree with you. You're not going after antis/het Harries who just use the kid as an argument to remind us Louis is straight. You're not going after Twarries who are using that argument and whatever 'twin' pic to go around to try to prove to us he's Louis' kid and shame us into submission and demand we fucking repent. How is that any different? Why aren't you going for their heads too if you're all really that up in arms about it? Because they've been deemed by some made up God of Holy Twitter Wokeness to be 'respectful enough'? Because they just shutup and believe what they're told and don't make you uncomfortable? I also don't see anyone going after people with update accounts for neither the baby twins nor the big twins. Theo? Lux? The Zaby?
Your poorly chosen argument doesn't really stand if you can turn it around on your literal exact same behavior, huh? It's the people that are the problem for you. Not the behavior. Not the posts. It's just us. Isn't it cute how only Larries are the problem always? That's the common denominator. These creeps think they stan a 4 year old, but really? Whether they realize it or not? Deep down; they stan what that child represents: Het, 'Accessible,' Louis and/or Harry.
That kid is more than likely never going to know shit about any of this, at least until he gets his access to his sweet little trust fund if they don't spend it all going to Hawaii every month til hes 18. And thankfully his face is so Photoshopped, no one would even recognize him after a few months. He will never see this blog. I assure you, I am not that special. Do you guys really think a 5 year old is gonna be Googling his fake name he doesn't even fully know from his kindergarten Chromebook?
Larries are ALWAYS made out to be the problem regarding anything uncomfortable that people don't like. You probably wouldn't know because you've been here a whole 14 months or whatever, but no joke, being a Larrie in the fandom has been just like this for 10 years. The only thing that changes are the buzzwords and the beards. We're deluded. We ruined their friendship. Rainbows make them uncomfortable. We're disrespectful. Over and over and fucking over. It literally does not matter what we post about or how we say anything. The same stupid ass buzzwords and pre-recorded catchy sayings you just indoctrinate back and forth into each other's Twarrie heads and repeat over and over trying to silence us? They have always been used for, and will continually be applied to literally, truly, ANYTHING we say or do. If you wanna mind control people, go back to your gullible bright eyed and bushy tailed Twarrie moots who aren't this fucking exhausted and done with every single iteration of your asses with your holier than thou hypocritical bullshit that we've had to hear these recycled arguments from, every fucking day, for a decade.
Larries aren't the problem. We feel sorry for that poor child. We are concerned about the situation. No one has a problem with him like you guys like to say. We're not 'hating on a child.' Most of us have been truly furious about the actual root of this problem from day one and the more they push this and the longer they let it go on and the more they alter his face, the more obvious it gets?...The more fed up we get.
Conchobar's parents are the problem for selling their baby to this evil ass dumpster fire. (And just FYI I don't call him Conchobar just to be an asshole, I do it to never use his name, actually. Is that ~ReSpEcTfUl💫~ enough for you?)
Their label and management are the problem for creating and enforcing this.
The whole world is a big homophobic fucking problem which is why they 'needed' to do this in the first place.
You're part of the problem for buying it and doing the free footwork trying to sell their make-believe for them when there's so much that clearly doesn't add up.
Larries are not exploiting that child. His parents are. Louis' team is. Go to the real root of the problem if you really wanna die on this hill actually defending that poor kid. You don't give a shit about the real problem because it's Larries that people don't like. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Larries are the only ones even talking about the actual real problem, and most of us know it's a much much bigger problem than just his shitty fucking parents, so we're kind and bright enough to keep it on our own blogs and not go tagging the families and Louis in every single post for attention.
If you really mean what you say and really believe what you're preaching? Stop plucking the dandelions to just look like you're busy doing the lord's work and expecting them to not grow back when you really need to pull out the motherfucking taproot.
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dolce-peach · 9 months ago
AAAA I LOVE SIDELINES!!! are u planning on making a part 2? 🥺
Tumblr media
sidelines [part 2]
pairing: akaashi keiji x reader
warnings: fluff
a/n: omg thank you all so much for the love for sidelines 🥰 just had to continue hehe -- hope you guys like it!
permanent taglist: @kaitlynmalikisnotonfire​ @just-another-loki-fanblog​
** TO MAKE A REQUEST -- please check the status in my bio **
To say you had a headache when you woke up was an understatement.  You knew for a fact that if you saw anyone’s face before noon, you’d absolutely rip them apart.
“Perfect,” you grumbled as you slipped out of bed, stretching as you exited your tiny bedroom.  “Just perfect...”
You yawned while you washed up, tiredly rubbing your eyes.  Your memory was a bit foggy, but that was to be expected.  For some reason, you couldn’t remember getting home, but you supposed it didn’t matter, since you were home and safe.
Unless there was something else.
You shook your head as you walked out of the bathroom.  You would’ve kicked someone’s ass.
You froze in your tracks, seeing Akaashi asleep on the couch in the living room. Though his tall frame struggled to stay curled on the short couch, he still slept soundly, his lips slightly parted.  A couple minutes went by until you realized you were staring at him.
As he curled deeper into himself, you stifled a laugh as you crawled over, eventually stopping in front of the couch.  You couldn’t help but poke his cheek.
“Mm, stop...” he breathed.  “Five more minutes...”
“You and I have class,” you said.  “Want me to call Bokuto?”
Akaashi immediately sat up straight, his eyes half open.  You laughed at the sight.
“I guess not.”
He yawned.  “Did you sleep okay?”
You nodded before heading to the kitchen to put on a pot of coffee.  “Fine,” you replied.  “You?”
“Could’ve been better,” he groaned as he stretched, his shirt lifting just high enough to reveal his toned stomach.  Feeling your face grow hot, you turned away, focusing on making coffee.
What the hell, you thought.  He’s a guy.  All guys have abs, especially sporty guys.  You shook your head.  You’re probably still drunk, you idiot.
Though you knew that couldn’t be possible.  Right?
You sighed.  It was way too early for this.
“Can I use your bathroom?” he asked as he leaned into the kitchen, his voice low and scratchy with sleep.
“Yeah, of course,” you said.  “Want some eggs?”
While he took his time washing up, you managed to make a pretty extravagant breakfast with what you had.  The toast turned out a bit dark, and the apples could’ve been cut cleaner, but you happened to cook the most beautiful eggs you’ve ever made.  
As you celebrated your somewhat embarrassing victory, Akaashi staggered sleepily out of the bathroom, sitting with you at the small dining table.  His eyes lit up at the sight of food, making your heart swell a bit that you were at least able to cook for him.
“Thanks,” he said softly before digging in.
“Anytime,” you said.
The two of you ate in silence, not that you wanted to complain.  There was a certain calmness about Akaashi’s presence that forced you to relax.  You were glad to have a friend like him, otherwise you’d end up tearing yourself apart.
“Do you remember anything from last night?” he asked out of the blue.
You furrowed your brow.  “Not really,” you admitted.  Your interest was piqued.  “Why?  What did I do?  Did I make a complete fool of myself?”
“No...just...well...”  He looked back down at his plate and continued eating.  “Never mind.”
Your face was flushed as you took a bite from your toast.  “Wh-what did I do, Akaashi?”
“You were making out with Bokuto.  Hard.”
“What the hell, Akaashi!” you shouted, choking.  “Really?”
He chuckled, handing you your coffee.  “Kidding.”
You glared at him before taking a gulp.  “Has anyone ever told you you’re really not that funny?”
“Just you.”
You huffed, finishing the rest of your meal.  He took your plates and washed them, leaving you still sitting at the table, wracking your brain for any kind of memory.
There was nothing but haze, but you then remembered it was Akaashi who took you home.
“Hey, Akaashi?”
“Can...can you stay with me?”
Did I say that?
You looked up, wincing as Akaashi lightly flicked your forehead.
He handed you your book bag.  
“We’re gonna be late for class.”
Needless to say, you couldn’t focus at all that day.  You spent all your energy thinking of the most embarrassing and ridiculous scenarios of the night before.  It wasn’t like you to get that drunk.
When you were finally free for the day, you stopped by the campus coffee shop to clear your head.
“Hey, Y/N!”
Good grief.
Your eyes widened as Bokuto threw an arm around your shoulders.  “You feeling okay?  I heard from Akaashi you were completely sloshed last night!”
“I wasn’t --!”  You could feel yourself blushing.  “That’s exaggerating things a bit.”
“Don’t worry about it!  I’m glad!”  He grinned.  “It was the first time I’ve seen you cut loose.  It’s quite refreshing.”
You elbowed him lightly.  “You were imagining things.”
“I was not!”
“You were drunk too.”
You eyed his gym bag.  “Going to practice?”
“Yep,” he replied happily.  “You should stop by later!  Akaashi and I have been working on this new attack!”
Bokuto’s enthusiasm was infectious.  
“Alright,” you found yourself saying, though you couldn’t see how you could possibly face Akaashi at the moment.  “See you later.”
You hurriedly got your coffee and escaped, taking in the fresh air.  You sighed heavily.  You couldn’t believe what you got yourself into.  It seemed like the more you tried to untangle your mess, the more it ensnared you.
Rolling your eyes to yourself, you took a sip of you drink.  Why were you making such a big deal out of it?  Knowing Akaashi, he probably just took you home and stayed to make sure you were okay, like a good friend.
Like a good friend.
Those words stuck bitterly in your head.  Weren’t you happy with being friends with him?  It wasn’t different from being friends with Bokuto.
You shook your head.  It was very different.
But why the hell did you feel like this?
As much as you didn’t want to go to the gym, you went anyway.  You figured you might be able to confront the thoughts that were eating you up.
The volleyball team was made up of tall, muscular guys, and Akaashi and Bokuto were no exception.  The entire gym smelled like heat, sweat, and muscle.  It was almost suffocating.
Shoes squeaked against the floor as you watched them go again, attack after attack.  They moved swiftly, almost too fast for you to comprehend.
“You made it!” Bokuto exclaimed, trying to give you the biggest hug while sweat gleamed from his skin.
“Bokuto Kotaro, I swear if you hug me, I’ll roundhouse kick your ass!”
The boy ended up laughing hard, so much he almost fell over.  “You should see your face!”
“I can still kick you if I want to!”
“Bokuto-san, can you help me with the net?” a teammate called.
“Be right there!” he called before bounding over, leaving you alone again.
You scanned the gym and found Akaashi on the side drinking water.  Your body moved on its own, walking over to greet him.
He looked surprised to see you, his blue eyes questioning.  
You pursed your lips.  “Bokuto said I should come watch.  You guys are pretty cool.”
He nodded, going back to drinking his water.
The silence that followed was deafening.  The team had begun to clear out, the volume in the gym in a sudden diminuendo.  You tried to busy yourself with the handles of your book bag.  How was it that you didn’t know how to interact around him anymore?
“Were you studying?” he asked suddenly.
“Yeah...”  You were suddenly aware of your sore shoulders and neck.  
He closed his bag with a quiet zip.  “You hungry?”  Seeing your eyebrows raise, he rubbed his neck.  “I mean, you came out here, right?  And it’s late.”
You shrugged.  “Wanna come over?  I can order pizza.”
Did I really just say that?
Akaashi didn’t look too bothered by the offer.  “Okay.”
You inwardly sighed with relief.
The two of you didn’t say a word as you walked back to your dorm room.  You were surprisingly fine with the silence, as that was how the two of you seemed to communicate anyway.  It also didn’t help that you had absolutely nothing to say.
You didn’t want to say you were afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of Akaashi, but the fact was, you were, especially after the previous night’s antics. Earlier that day, you remembered you nearly puked in front of him, and you whined.
You managed to regain your composure after you got the pizza.  Akaashi was using your shower, leaving you in the living room waiting.
“Can...can you stay with me?”
You shook your head.  You couldn’t have done anything the night before, and Akaashi would never do anything like that, given your state.
“Sorry for the wait,” Akaashi said as he came and sat next to you on the floor.  
His lean muscles were bulging through his t-shirt.  You noticed his hair was still pretty wet, heavy drops threatening to fall.  
His brow furrowed.  “You okay?”
“What happened last night?”  You had to know.
He ran a hand through his wet locks.  “That’s what you’re so worked up about?” he said.  “I just took you home.  I was going to leave when you asked me to stay.”
You gulped.
“You were scared of the dark.”
You sweat-dropped.  “Scared...of the dark?”
“What did you think happened?”
“N-nothing!” you exclaimed, your face hot as you turned away.  “Just forget it.”
He chuckled.  “That’s why you wanted me to stay.  But I wanted to stay because I was worried.”
He leaned closer to you, making your eyes widen.  “What?  You want me to spell it out for you?”
Your mouth opened and closed again.  You had nothing to say, that is, nothing that made sense.  Having Akaashi that close to you made your head spin.  The heat from his body radiated onto yours.  You could smell your shampoo in his hair.  
“What are you doing?” you whispered.
Your breath hitched as he leaned closer, the gap between the two of you slowly closing.
“What I wanted to do last night.”
It took you a few seconds to realize his lips were on yours.  Nerves made you pull back, but he held the nape of your neck ever so gently, his callused fingers fluttering over your skin.
Everything seemed so clear.  Your feelings didn’t exist in vain.  They were as real as his.
When he pulled back, you nearly leaned forward again to keep the connection.
He licked his bottom lip.  “You get it now?”
You were dazed.  “I think so.”
“You think so?” he mused as he leaned forward again.  “Maybe I should work on convincing you.”
“What about pizza?”
“Pizza can wait.”
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survivor-tierradelfuego · 9 months ago
Ep. 10: “Not all hero’s wear capes, some wear pajama pants and robes!” - Cody
Tumblr media
Amy A
Everything worked out PERFECTLY. Ugh I love a good plan. Hopefully my new core 4 plus Najwah stays in power. 
Olivia A
WHAT THE HELL!! Grae was my closest ally this is so disappointing. On top of everything, Aimee didn’t even vote with us!! So we’re at a 6-4 disadvantage. I don’t think anyone wants to work with us. Our last hope is finding and buying the idols and utilizing Kalle’s fake idol. I hate this.
Pedro A
woke up on the bottom...and thinking i was going home...guess still here ahahahhahahahahahahhhaahhah...yall though...kalle is my guardian angel if it wasnt for that girlll i would be out
ben kessler
Wednesday, July 29th, immediately after the tribal grae got voted out: heheheheheheheheheheheheheheheheh
I had a long day and now Grae is gone. I’m honestly crying. Jay asked if I was okay and the river of tears just started flowing. I only knew Grae for a short while and really wanted to get to know them more. They brought such a beautiful, fun and loving energy to this game. Grae, I really am going to miss you. I’m just gonna go hug a stuff animal. 
I knew Pedro was going to play an idol. He didn’t do one single puzzle, it’s obvious he felt safe. Snakes are slithering. 
Kalle N.
I truly cannot believe that our plan worked but it did and my splitting headache is totally worth it. I really feel like I deserve an Emmy or an Oscar for my performance with Maddison and Olivia after tribal but it's fine. I have absolutely no idea what comes next but boi will it be messy. I'm so sorry it had to be Grae but I didn't know what else to do. Also I hate that I'm working with Ben but don't worry I will use my chaotic energy to go against him eventually. I will now be erasing myself from the narrative and taking a break for several hours. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk.
OK last night's tribal was wiiiiiiild af. I think the funniest part is that this all started with me planting a seed. I told Amy L that she is at the bottom of their alliance and that I was open to working with her to get Maddison out. She spilled all the tea about Maddison having two idols and that she's been wanting to gether out for a while bc she says the same thing to everyone lmao. I think the thing that pissed Amy off is that she told her "I feel closest to you" anyway, Amy didn't respond to me immediately so I thought she wasn't on board at first so I told Cody I'd work with him and that I have the idol from Alan. Ffs. Wrong move. Cody just trust other people wit information and it's really annoying. While I love Sarah, I can't really trust her bc she's really close to Ben and Aimee - who I do not trust. Well, Aimee I am not sure about. I guess I only don't trust her because of her close Ness to Ben and Ben blatantly lies. Anyway. So Amy told me that their alliance is still trying to vote Pedro which is perfect for us coz we can still stay Hanúha strong. So at this point I realise I wouldn't have to play my super idol and Cody wouldn't have to play his extra vote. Anyway. Amy tells Kalle about the plan to get Maddison out. I send Amy a long ass message Pedro sent Zack that Zack sent me. She tells her group that Zack had sent it to her, to solidify their vote for Pedro. And then She, Kalle, Ben and Pedro form an alliance and they pull off one of the most epic blindsided. I mean, wow. Amy told me beforehand so I saw it coming and I told Cody about it too. Lmao but Ccody just can't be low key he wrote something about Maddison's two idols and he asked in the Old Hanúha group whether anyone had known about the plan lmao obviously Ben was like "no" and wtf. Ben's facial expressions at tribal was hilarious especially because I know he careful conducted this whole genius plan. I mean people still think their alliances are with their alliances and that no one has moles but there are so many layers right now and there are a few moles. 
Cody just needs to shut up. Be like Ben who claims that everything he is doing is for James lmao but is in a secret alliance with the person that got James out lmao love it. I love that I can see through some of the BS right now. The only person that could fuck up my game is Cody atm but I am taking a leap of faith and trusting him. He needs to trust me too. I kept telling him to just trust the process last night and he kept freaking out. I think the realisation of Ben being a BSer got to him a bit. Also, he toldd Sarah that I spoke to Amy? Like I'm so fkn mad. Can he just shut up? Ugh that's my biggest problem right now. I LOVE CODY OMG WE SPEAK ON VIDEO CALL LIKE EVERY HOUR LMAO but I'm just scared that he is too trusting with certain people, especially at this point in the game. He also doesn't know how to be low key lmao which is kinda funny. Also, Pedro. Wev ebeen talking a lot. Pedro's friggin Greek they're speech and the vote with Grae that ended with "sorry not sorry" just. Lmao. I wish I watched this on TV. I'm sad that it happened via skype😂😂 also I am not sure how this VL confession thing works. Did I say the right things? Yall probably have all the tea already. I'm a little sad that Grae went home. She seemed genuinely nice but she was our only option because Olivia won immunity. Maddison also made us all uncomfortable coz she took the time to chat to none of the new people at merge. Like? Olivia and Grae made the effort. She just seems too safe. Too comfortable. She isn't even participating in this challenge. Is she THAT comfortable or just pissed? Who knows? Never keep to yourself like that. It makes people suspicious. Pedro does seem very smart and manipulative though and I will be weary of him. Let's go idol hunting then woohoo. 
Also I keep laughing at how ridiculously bad I am at answering questions at tribal. Omg. Embarrassing. I need like a few minutes to THINK. I always look back, and wonder why tf I said what I said. In retrospect, I'd answer last night's question with "don't we all feel like we are on the outs?" ugh. I'm so bad at it. I realise it makes me look dumb and perhaps that's not a bad thing. I don't mind looking dumb tbh. Lmao. 
Cody A.
I haven’t done one of these written confessions in a while! Obviously things have been absolutely fish crazy. Idek what fish crazy means but it just came to me. And on the topic of fish... I’m pretty positive I called Maola a bunch of sharks at tribal council. 
If it wasn’t for Naj last night, I would have been completely blonde sided by the vote. I had no idea what was going on, I thought the plan was to put votes on Pedro and Madison and one of them would go. 
About 20 minutes before tribal naj called me and said she did not want me to feel left out of the events that were about to occur. She told me the real plan of Pedro and Madison both playing idols and Pedro casting the sole vote on Grae. Not going to lie I was scared shitless... I was so close to writing kalles name as a safety net for myself. What if Pedro would’ve cast the sole vote against me? At the very least it would’ve been a 1-1 tie between myself and kalle. I just didn’t want to be Denise’d out of this game. 
Ultimately I trusted my gut which told me to just trust naj. If I had got fucked over last night, at least I would’ve went out trusting the right people. Naj also told me about a 4 person alliance between Amy, Pedro, Kalle, and BEN... My Ben!!! Smh. So moving forward I have to be very careful with the information I give and receive from Ben which sucks because I thought I could trust him more :/ Basically THANK THE LORDT FOR NAJ. Not all hero’s wear capes, some wear pajama pants and robes! 
Kalle N.
So this entire time that I've worked with Ben, he always dictates our moves and every single thing I can or can't say to certain people. If I suggest something he immediately turns it down and will only do what he wants. Men are the worst. Anyways, a little bit ago after he told me what our next move is and didn't let me have any input, he suddenly said "Actually what do you want to do? You go ahead and tell me what you want". That is EXTREMELY sus and makes me think that he's just trying to make me feel better while he's secretly plotting against me. I could go along with it and just let him vote me out bc honestly I'm exhausted, or I could reveal all of the insanity that happened in the last vote to my other alliance and then expose him to his own tribe for working with me. Which would get him voted out. But that's a lot of work so I'm ngl I'm leaning towards just getting voted out myself
I’m so glad I’m not actually on an island playing real life Survivor right now. I would constantly be in the ocean or somewhere in the bushes bawling my eyes out. And then coming back to camp like, “oh hey guys! No puffy face here, I promise! Yeah everything is peaches! Hanuha strong! Those red eyes are just from too much sun, I think I need to lay down in the shade” I’m not crying over Grae and how shitty I was to Maddison or anything, JayKay I totally am! I hate that I didn’t tell Maddison the votes were going her way. I’m not even sure why I didn’t. I’m so sorry Maddison, I really hope we can rebuild our connection and work together again. I just feel like barf and am exhausted. Trying to play this game with a full time job is tough. I hope I have the emotional fortitude to pick myself back up and put on a poker face. The last thing I need is anyone figuring out my tells and knowing what I am up to. I want to work with Ben and Maddison the most at this point. I hope I can make that work out. 
Pedro A
I'm honestly scared...for the next tribal ...I feel like everyone is gonna go after me...cause apparently I'm the villan lol
Kalle N.
It's a little hard to focus on the game at the current moment bc an exciting/terrifying development may be occurring in my life in the next couple of days. I'm having a prolonged anxiety attack. We were going to try to take out Aimee so F's in the chat to pay respect. Don't know what I'll be doing. Need to go cry in the shower now.
Sigh. It's been a very long day. I really played hard at this challenge, knowing I have a 15% DA. Do I think it's insane that someone came into the game when half the players had already been eliminated and over half the 24 hours had already passed only to NOT even try to eliminate the one person not in our alliance in there, then pretend it's all kumbaya and eliminate our alliance (who we said we won't eliminate, we made a pact?) one by one? I mean yeah it's damn insane. And not that I'm a sore loser or anything, but I wish she'd have been there when things were actually heated and when everyone else was putting in the hard work. This isn't endurance in my opinion. This is coming into a game late and reaping all the benefits. However, well done on her tactic. Love it honestly. I think she made good moves and knew when to strike and for that, of course I think she's a fkn Queen. Even though I felt as though I was so close to winning immunity, even though I tried really hard. At the end of the day, it's how you outwit and outlast your opponents. Next time I'll be sure to not read challenge rules at 4am and then try to actually understand the game properly and how I too, can make things easier for myself dammit coz I think i keep making everything so hard for myself in this game ugh. I just need one fucking WIN. Goodness I am playing so hard. Wow. Wow. Starting to wonder what panderosa is like lol must be fun. Anyway I need to sleep coz the sleep deprivation is making me feel sick af and making me paranoid about having corona. 
Aimee QUEEN SARAH!!!!!!! 👑 ♥️ This challenge proved to me so much that Sarah is in it for the long haul with me! I could tell she was never guessing for my word and I wasn’t trying hers. Team Casanova is once again coming up equal on all challenges and I love to see it! I can’t believe I got to have my Michele moment and come from behind after being hours behind in the challenge and eliminating the last three people in a row to kick down that damn puzzle! I am on such an adrenaline rush!!! After the low lows of last night this rollercoaster of game really proves you can get right back up and thrive! Haha it was so hard saying my word since I’m a pretty positive person and my word was “not.” Sarah and I never gave up in this challenge and we ended up being the last two remaining!!! I also really bonded with Najwah and Cody. That challenge was so much more than immunity it was also a great opportunity to bond with cast mates and I really capitalized on that. Even during this challenge I patched things up with Maddison too and it seems like we are back to trying to make things work with us. I feel like Grae would want that for both of us too. I went from crying my eyes out the night before to total redemption today. It was on my bucketlist to win an individual immunity and I did it on something I never knew I could win. I’m just so amped and trying to calm myself down. I’m just Wheeler island in the sun The song I was listening to when I won immunity. 🎃🐻🌈🍑❤️💜🧡💛
There have been so many things that have happened today... This morning Ben, Naj, and I gave Cody enough coins for him to hopefully get the idol. Cody showed me what was in the store and how there were two necklaces for $20 which was odd. He got one of the necklaces and we thought it was a real idol. Tbh we still don’t know if it’s a real idol. Cody sent a fake message to Ben and I showing that it was a “fake idol” (he got the message from Naj when she had found a fake idol). We thought it was real but when Cody found it it said “what seems to be an idol,” which makes me think someone planted a fake idol there and he did get a fake idol. I will send in more soon... 
I thought that making it to merge would be enough for me lol but somehow my goal is just to get further now. I'm at a crossroads though bc there is no one I really want to get out or back stab or whatever. Cody found a supposed idol yesterday. I told him just to tell Ben it's a fake idol and if Ben wanted to use the fake idol, he could give him my idol. Thing is, Cody is paranoid about it being a real idol or fake one that he found. I think he should just chill about it and it'll be fine. I just want Cody to be calm, I feel like without Zack's constant talking and scheming, the silence is getting to him a bit. But I quite like the silence. He thinks it means something is happening or people are plotting against him. I just think it means people are trying to sleep lol. I mean even if he was a target, he still has an idol. Ugh. Anyway it's actually a religious holiday for me today and tomorrow. So I will spend time with my husband and perhaps go to a fancy restaurant or something. I haven't felt fancy in so long and I realised everyone in this game has really seen gross, messy haired, late night Najwah lmao like I usually don't even let my friends see me this way 
It's silly trying to keep wondering who tf I can trust. I need to just go with my gut. There are a few people in the game I really like. Cody, Sarah, Amy, Pedro and Aimee. I don't know the rest and I don't trust Ben. I don't know what he's up to. He was supposed to be in some secret alliance with Kalle and Amy but he told Cody and I about them so what's really happening? Who knows? Also he keeps asking me what do I want to do who do I want out? Lmaoooooooooo. 
We had a lot of deep, crazy conversations yesterday and one of my favs were actually drooling over survivor players and realising how gay everyone is lmao. I love that. As someone who has struggled with my sexuality for most of my life, thinking I'm gay for a long time and then finding myself attracted to boys too was bizarre in the early 2000s. and being told being bisexual is a "phase" or "confusion" or that it was bc I went to an all girls school (shout out to Rhenish girls High), being in a space where everyone is really open and accepting of all this is amazing. I'm happy i live in a country where gay marriages have been legal since 2006 and ironically being trans or gay is not that big of a deal here as it is in countries way more progressive than ours. I still struggle with non binary pronouns but I am learning thanks to this game. I feel free just being who I am, whoever tf that is in this game. And for that I'm obviously very thankful. Today, I'm married to a man who appreciates my sexuality and is open to me exploring it even more. Its been a long journey and it makes me extremely happy seeing people in this game, so much younger than me and so much more sure of themselves. I'm happy that they will be spared a lot of pain and confusion. I love GenZ. I love that they just are who they are and there is no pretense. This Is so important and a luxury previous generations could only dream. Of. 
From two nights ago....
Olivia A
Our plan for this vote feels really ambitious but I think it’s gonna work. We’ll likely get the numbers back :)
I’m going to have to use my advantage tonight to save my ass. Guess that’s what advantages are for, eh?
Ben Kessler
I am trying to vote kalle out. If it works, my name will be out there but it may pay off. Maddison and Olivia are definitely going for me which is fine. I need to tell Pedro 5 minutes before tribal to trust me.
Kalle N.
Maddison will use her advantage, Olivia will play my idol, the only votes that will count will be the votes we put on Cody. That's it that's the plan
Cody A.
Pedro A
Okay so me olivia kalle and amy are voting maddison will leave tribal......and olivia will play the idol kalle has....i swear if olivia votes for me...and i go HOMEEE....IM DONEE...i have a bad feeling about this trusting the devil lol 
Olivia A
Kalle has been playing double agent this whole time and told everyone about the safety without power advantage grrr what a mess 
I’m making a big move tonight and I’m not sure yet how it will pan out. 
Olivia A
Kalle has been playing double agent this whole time and told everyone about the safety without power advantage grrr what a mess 
Olivia A
Initially we were going to all (Maddison, Cody, Najwah, Sarah, Aimee, and I) vote Ben but we are going to switch it to Kalle because Aimee and Ben are kinda close and we want to keep Aimee as a number. I’m happy to see Kalle go after how much she has lied to Maddison and me.
Olivia A
I am SO nervous for this vote. Here is the whole plan: Maddison will play her safety without power advantage and I will play the (fake) idol that Kalle gave me. This is just so that Kalle doesn’t get tipped off that we know about her lies. Kalle believes Maddison, Amy, and I are voting for Cody and think that she is voting for him as well. In reality, Cody, Aimee, Sarah, Najwah, Amy, and I are voting for Ben. We suspect Ben, Kalle, and maybe Pedro are voting for me and expect it to work because of the fake idol that Kalle planted. I really hope this works because if people are lying then I’m definitely going home. 
Ben Kessler
Dearest confessional, My life is out on the line. I am in a very vulnerable position right now and if I stay in the game tonight damage control must be done. There are many complicated plans and I work best under chaos, so these votes are hopefully good for my game overall. If kalle actually gives her idol to Olivia and we vote out kalle, maddison and Olivia and Amy will be pissed, but they do not have the numbers. I would need to do some more work to make sure I get the info that kalle is currently giving me, but it's not as bad as going farther with kalle and then losing later on. I now need to video call kalle goodbye.
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woozisnoots · 10 months ago
beach volleyball player!jeonghan
Tumblr media
° pairing: jeonghan x reader ° genre: comedy, fluff ° summary: summer was getting boring until you meet yoon jeonghan in unfavorable circumstances ° word count: 1.4k ° warnings: uhh w/o spoiling anything, yoon jeonghan + foul language ° a/n: i know very little about volleyball, i am so sorry boo seungkwan, i don’t think i did you justice :(
a tct summer collection!
Tumblr media
you’re already two weeks into summer vacation
but the most that you’ve done is: clean your room, attempt to exercise, and rearrange/decorate said clean room
and as much as you love the comfort of your own home, you’re fed up and want to actually do something before the summer ends
so you call up a bunch of your friends to go to the beach this weekend
and you prepare for every possible beach activity there is out there: surfing, frisbee, limbo, volleyball
were you gonna make use of those things? you have no idea but you weren’t just going to let this day go to waste just because you know at least half your friends are only going to be there to debate “to tan or not to tan”
you guys arrived midday with a decent amount of people already at the beach. there was a nice little spot, not too far away from the waves but far away enough that you were fairly close to the parking lot. as disgusting as the bathrooms were, you weren’t going to pee in the ocean like the savages you knew your friends were
making use of the blazing sun, you pull out a book from your bag and decide to begin your festivities by reading with some soft classical music lingering in the background
your friends did their own thing for a while. some went to splish splash in the water, others made use of the frisbee you brought. from the corner of your eye, you saw a few of your friends awkwardly doing tiktok dances in their swimsuits in front of the lifeguard tower.
something you definitely WOULDN’T be doing during your stay here
so that leaves you… alone
you’re only a few minutes into your book and you’re right to the point where you can zone out all your surroundings and fully indulge yourself into the story
and then you hear ‘roxanne’ blasting in your ears accompanied by some out-of-tune, offkey singing
turning your head to the direction of the noise, you notice a group of boys coming towards you, passing around a volleyball as they walked  
well shit
turning the other direction, you notice a volleyball net propped up…
you throw your head back, letting out a noticeable groan
out of the volleyball courts plastered around the entire beach, they had pick the one right next you
you can literally see three other ones in your line of sight from where you were. it was a bit of a walk but see how fast these boys were heading in your direction, you’re sure they’d have to problem getting there
you look away, burying your face into your book once again as they pass behind you
yes, because they’ll definitely not notice you at all now
you try not to look back, but luckily based on the amount of screaming coming from their end, you didn’t have to
well now what were you supposed to do? it’s not like you could just move all your stuff without going unnoticed
maybe if you just try to ignore them, they’ll just magically disappear in your head. and for the next couple of minutes, it actually works. it was like they were never there.
you were about to curse the hell out of the dickwad that decided to wreck your stuff, but as soon as you turned your head, a boy’s face appears right in front of you
you blink once. twice. with your mouth opened.
yup, that was definitely a beautiful boy in front of you
“i would just like to say, that wasn’t my fault”
beautiful boy then takes the ball that was splattered all over the sand and throws it back to his little posse
and before walking back, he turns around to look at you again, eyeing you up and down
“maybe you should come play with us. doesn’t look like that book is interesting you at all anyways” giving you a little smirk before prancing off
your face is hot, maybe bc he was literally inches away from your face or maybe from the fact that he just indirectly called you boring
moments pass and you realize a few of your friends coming back
“is that who i think it is? i’m seeing this correctly, right? seventeen?”
“no way, like the ‘volleyball state champions’ seventeen?”
“i mean, it would make sense. championships are in our town this year.”
as you hear your friends babble on about the game, all you can think about is how the heck are you supposed to react and respond to what happened early
now that the dude knows the b a n e of your existence. so as quietly as possible, you tell your friends what went down in hopes that they would give you advice
“you got asked to play a match with seventeen? you should have said yes!!”
“omg you’re telling me that you turned down the yoon jeonghan to go read your stupid book, why are we even at the beach?”
based on their responses, you let your friends decide on the next move
which apparently was to walk as a group to ask if they could join in on a game of volleyball. in which you have no idea how to play.
while they were dividing up the teams, you stayed behind your friends, avoiding the gaze of yoon jeonghan. too embarrassed to even show your face at this point. luckily, you guys were on opposite teams so you didn’t have to worry about actually interacting
you stand at the back of the court, not necessarily sure what you’re supposed to be doing. you’re able to keep an eye on the ball and pass it towards your teammates so they can hit it over the net, but other than that, you stayed pretty stagnant
it’s nearing the end of the game and the teams are desperately trying to break the tie. the rest of your friends that came back from their own leisurely activities decided to sit on the sidelines and watch, which only made you more nervous and uncomfortable
halfway through the final match, you hear your friends cheer in the background, catching you off guard and looking over your shoulder
leaving the perfect spot for the volleyball to hit you at the back of your head
the blow causes you to fall forward and sink down to your knees, grabbing the back of your head, wincing in pain
“jeonghan, you idiot! don’t just stand there, go help her!”
“ah shit, you’re right”
the people around you give you some breathing room as jeonghan approaches you, helping you get back on your feet
you guys walk towards the lifeguard tower where jeonghan retrieves some ice to put on the bump that is now surfacing at the back of your head
“okay, that one was completely my fault, i am so sorry” pleading out an apology
you mumble a ‘it’s fine,’ not sure if he even heard it. you definitely don’t tolerate this kind of behavior but you will admit that this time was kinda your fault
and for the first time, a very pretty boy is willing to substantially take care of you so at this point, you decide to let this one slide
jeonghan guides you back to your spot, which was once again, left abandoned. but the boy generously moves aside your book so you can comfortably sit down
“you know, i can make it up to you” he fiddles around with the pages of the book that he strangely hasn’t put down yet
“oh really? how so?”
he notices the little pen sticking out from the corner of your bag and grabs it
was this volleyball playing, sand kicking, head hitting son of a bitch gonna write inside your book?
before you could scream bloody murder, he hands both items back to you
he nervously laughs and slowly starts to back away. “would you look at that, the boys are calling me back”
“a new game hasn’t even started yet”
and you watch him scurry away, kicking the sand towards your direction
scowling, you look down, disgusted at the fact that yoon jeonghan had the audacity to do such a thing 
but your displeased expression was withered away, turning more into a baffled smile with the note he left inside
‘maybe i can take you out on a date? i promise it’ll be worth it just as much as reading is… hopefully xxx-xxx-xxxx’
well guess your summer wasn’t gonna be boring after all 
Tumblr media
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