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rashfcrd · 52 minutes ago
good luck to people who work retail and in hospitality that will be open tomorrow hope you all have decent shifts with good customers
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amelia201 · an hour ago
A friend who gave me her Crunchyroll (aka my enabler I guess haha) is currently fludded with Soukoku tiktoks but it's also her fault:
Tumblr media
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mikeisthricedeceased · an hour ago
Prompt for the best space men, Din and Ezra. You can pick one.
"you always smell so good."
Gonna go with Ezra because I don’t write about him enough
You’re sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling your boots on and lacing them up, when a warm weight appears at your back and a scruffy chin hooks over your shoulder.
“You always smell so good,” Ezra drawls, accent still thick and slow with sleep as he lazily trails his fingertips down your arm.
Cracking a smile, you sit up a bit straighter, saying, “Thank you. I try to shower as often as I can while on board.” You pat his hand and he lets out a bemused huff.
“I was referring to something more than simple soap,” he grumbles.
“Trying to flatter me back into bed, prospector?” you ask as he nuzzles against your neck.
“Are my intentions truly so transparent, condottiere?”
You twist around to look at him, squinting. “Yes. And I think that one is a little too specific.”
He cuts you a sly grin. “Would you have preferred ‘mercenary?’”
“Maybe,” you shrug, “for the sake of accuracy.” Then you scowl at him. “You’re trying to stall.”
“I only ask for another half hour of your company,” he says, offering a playful pout. “It’s too early in the morning to be parted from you yet.”
“I have responsibilities.”
“They can wait a bit longer,” he insists, tugging at your arm. “You’re the only one that holds up the routine anyway.”
He has a point. “Ten minutes.”
“Twenty,” he counters.
There is a quiet moment before he relents. “Fine.”
You shove him off and back over to his side of the bed before laying down beside him. “I’m leaving my boots on.”
He scoots closer, cozying up against you. “Do whatever you like. This is technically your bed.”
“Fiend.” You roll onto your side, facing him, and slide a hand into his hair while hooking a leg over his hip. “This what you wanted?”
He makes a happy noise and sighs contentedly, wearing a smile as his eyes close. “You do smell nice,” he rumbles.
You tuck in a little tighter and kiss his forehead. “You’re not so bad yourself.”
That earns you a soft grunt of indignation before the two of you settle in for your few stolen minutes of peace.
Prompts & HCs
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Actually I think Raphael should've been more villainous <3 I think they should've killed Dean for the "dude looks like a lady" comment. If anyone deserves to have given Dean stomach cancer, it's Raphael then and there
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Three dollars AND a quarter and we have a deal
Sure kid, $3.25. Now hold still, how do you feel about trees?
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Hi, I am not very knowledge about the fandom ship discourse so I just wanted to ask - are anti-anti and pro-ship the same thing? I am so confused most if the time when I encounter stuff like that and there's a lot of people just screaming at each other and it's just hard to figure out what tf is going on. Sorry if I ask something you anwsered multiple times. Your blog is really good and intresting btw, gives me something new to think about
Very much in summary (I invite you to my “antianti vs proship” tag both here on tumblr and my DW if you want more context):
the differentiation between anti-anti and pro-ship […] was entirely about the awareness of a disconnection between the presumed stance toward fiction that the community was broadcasting vs how they actually acted and spoke.
I was already active back when “anti anti” had just started being used and was mocked for its ridiculousness (there were jokes about being “anti anti anti” and “anti anti anti anti”), and their manifesto was supposedly that of being against the cyberbullying antis employed, not specifically against their ideas toward fiction. Pro-shipper started being used both as an alternative to the cacophonic “anti anti” (so with the same meaning), and as a specific attempt from other shippers to distance themselves from those who still judged others negatively for the fiction they enjoyed, even when there was no explicit and open harassment involved.
That separation failed completely because there was no established definition, but the tension around the label, the community, fictional tastes, and what warrants anti-like behavior is still a very active topic, just less openly meta.
So even more in summary: they’re used as synonym, and based on the platform they will also share a different history (i.e. twitter proship is another 4-headed monster), but if you look closely you’ll notice how at least on tumblr there were attempts at separating the labels years ago. 
In the end “anti anti” all but fell in disuse because it was just not a good choice of words, independently of their meaning. “Proship” pretty much adopted the entire label. 
EDIT: Tumblr decided to completely eat the first line of this post, for some reason, so here it is again  “Very much in summary (I invite you to my “antianti vs proship” tag both here on tumblr and my DW if you want more context):”
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omgimsuchadork · 2 hours ago
watching mets yearbook 2015 under the rain delay is fucking SO EMOTIONAL
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emo-nova · 3 hours ago
Random Ideas for lore on Dream smp bc I am hype fixated on it rn.
First these are just ideas on what I would've or could've done, second, this is just for fun and scattered ideas, plus i love the lore.
So the whole god thing is fun to me, but when I thought of it more I thought that some characters could be legacies. Now bare with, I was thinking the reason why George would sleep through most of the conflict in the major lore and I thought that he could be a long descendent of a peace and nature god that was or is associated with DreamXD to balance him out (more on this later). And after the first war with L'manburg he went off the radar, as his godly part was filled with stress and unbalance after helping in conflict and chaos (DreamXD scene), which made him want to do other things and why he thought he outgrew his OG house. A reason he was making his hobbit house, and not knowing of the second war going on. Another is that he basically had no issue sticking with DreamXD until he asked to be friends forever, he was perfectly fine trying to equal out XD's chaos and unstable ways, he even benefited from it, this could show more of his Godly Heritage.
Dream and DreamXD could be related, this is my own headcanon and idea, Dream being the perfect host for DreamXD who we've seen a mainly dangerous and unbalanced, this could make it perfect for him to get more power than before and terrorise the whole smp. Next is that he (Dream) spiralled into this behaviour, making it fully possible that XD could be a god of madness and chaos, possibly unnatural as well, making people run from both. This could also make him an agent of Choas more than lost with everything around him, but we will talk about this later.
Foolish being a literal god is badass, and honestly, I love it, but this is about how he could help contain XD. But let me say this now, I don't know much about Foolish's lore so I am shooting in the dark. But my thought of him coming out of some kind of hibernation because of the wake of XD and why his appearance, to contain him and show that the Gods don't want XD to run around any further as his host (Dream) could be more than ready. This is just a random idea of Foolish being in the smp, so don't come for me, please.
Next, Dream himself because I want an explanation for Ranboo being controlled, so my thought is that Ranboo was made by XD himself to awake with memory issues so he'd be easier to manipulate. Along with this is that Dream could subconsciously control to use for certain tasks and the unknown half could be part of a star or something (idk i haven't thought much of it).
Time for our good ol' friend Angst, throughout this Philza could have seen all of this similarly happened but because he is not as knowing he wouldn't notice the whole thing unfold. As Ranboo could be made after the failure of what happened, and Philza wouldn't piece together this half enderboy being able to be controlled by literal chaos. So yeah, those are my ideas.
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isitinacnh · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
the ice chair was redesigned in acnh
and was renamed to frozen chair
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mechsalters · 3 hours ago
So you know how we got a burn on our palm right? Jonny stabbed it and now we can’t get any bandaid in it.
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call-me-ala · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This week doodles
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questionabletrash · 4 hours ago
Tumblr media
I redrew an old drawing as a test for drawing multiple people in one place, think it came out pretty good!
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regulusrain · 8 hours ago
You know what? Jjba Homestuck au, no one can stop me anyways.
Full disclaimer I'm only gonna do the characters I like.
I think Caesar would be an oliveblood (I was going for blue or higher at first but with his background... Nope) with a wolf lusus - because I think that would make him really big on pack mentality which is kinda cute and suits him - also loyal for life once you earn his trust (which is. Hard). I just have a thing for subtly feral Caesar even if I have never seen it in fanfic which is a shame. Genuinely no idea about the gamin bubbles- don't think it can be an aspect thing. Maybe his strife specibus is a bubble gun for some reason? Oooh it's ridiculous I love it (nobody knows how he wins fights with a weapon like that and yet he still manages to win most of his fights). He's Joseph's kismesis* (even if they stray towards red or pale sometimes). I think his aspect would be Rage-Time with like a little bit of Heart? Not sure about his typing quirk, capitalizes the Os and ads a ° after, because his bubbles. Like... "I'm nO°t sure"? Perfect grammar because in his criminal days his grammar was awful, but barely any punctuation (limited to ? And !)
(* listen, I love fanfics where Caesar and Joseph are all fluff but come on. Their Canon relationship is absolutely what a healthy kismesistude should be!!)
Joseph would make a fine cerulean - all sneaky and pirate-like. He's in a black relationship with Caesar (even if sometimes it's a bit red or pale). He has little psionic abilities - can guess what people are about to say and slightly influence their minds (by talking bullshit). Strife specibus could be a whip? Because of hermit purple. I think he would be Light-Space but I'm genuinely not sure, he's weird. Maybe he's a Seer of Space, so he can see where exactly people are, for Hermit purple's ability? Not sure, I'm bad with classes. Typing quirk would be hm. Those are hard to think of. Maybe a ⭐ instead of As? Because Joestar? Like... "i h⭐ve never been re⭐lly sure ⭐bout th⭐t..." it's flashy like him!! But it also would be a pain in the ass in Pesterchum... But given that I do not intend to write the fic, I can make the quirks as weird as I want! He is a BIG FAN of punctuation, lots of !!!! And ???? He's extra like that. His grammar is kinda bad, mainly because he writes super fast so he uses lots of shorthands.
I think Jotaro would be indigo! Mainly because he's STRONG, haha. Well Star Platinum's main thing is strengths, after all. Stopping time is definitely a Time Aspect thing, and thinking about it he does fits the Time aspect! So Time he is I guess. No strife specibus (I mean - fistkind, I guess? Like Equius.). He's pale-red with Kakyoin - quadrant blurring IS considered weird but they both never had any friends or quadrants so they're not too concerned with what's normal and what's not - they do their own thing and are figuring it out by themselves :) his typing would be something small, I think. Like... A ° at the beginning and end of sentences? Like, °how have you been° with very proper grammar and absolutely no ponctuation at all, except the ' in words like "don't".
I think Kakyoin would rock Teal or Jade and I was gonna go with Olive cause they're kinda feral and I dig feral Kakyoin but then I thought - Purple! Because they paint and they're unhinged and also chucklevoodoos are cool :D He would be a weird purple because he's all polite and doesn't seems all that interested in killing even if he's kinda rude and intense and blunt and creepy sometimes. And then he gets mad, and oh boy there you see the why he's a purple blood (also there you see that the "not interested in murder" part was actually - not true. Yep). He's been raised by an olive lusus (I really dig feral Kakyoin, like a lot), a slitherbeast (the Alternian name for snake never ceases to amuse me) which makes him not, hm, racist? But like, with the hemospectrum? I mean he doesn't looks down on lowbloods. Also he has a pet slitherbeast named Hierophant who tuRNS OUT TO BE FIRST GUARDIAN! OKAY! THIS IS FINE! No idea about his stand's powers, but I'm pretty sure Hierophant the slitherbeast can teleport and also bite, he's venomous. As a purple blood, he can control people with powers (like Kurloz) and also make them freak out, but the control part is much more developed than the freak out part. His strife specibus is a gun + a grappling hook gun that he uses more than his chucklevoodoos. I think he would be Space-Rage with a bit of Doom? Not sure about the typing quirk, again. Maybe since he has hierophant + a snakedad, a ~ at the beginning and end? And doubles the s? Like ~I wassn't ssure it would work~
For Giorno, I was torn between Jade and Fuschia because fuschia have this thing with Life, and gold experience is definitely a Life thing. But the rainbow drinker thing, you know because Dio... I mean, nothing says that there's only Jade rainbow drinkers... But Dio can't be a fuschia because he was, like, poor before. So Jade it is I guess! His lusus would be kinda bad... Some kind of cruel feline? Who taught him how to hunt and hurt... By hurting him :( maybe Witch of Life for Gold experience? I think after analysis that he's actually Space-Hope with a little bit of Life? So Idk. He's Fugo's matesprit :D his typing quirk would be tripling and capitalizing the O!! Like "I dOOOn't knOOOw" you know for his hair! Proper grammar and proper punctuation (is trying very hard to sound classy).
Bruno is a cerulean, but raised by a Jade lusus (because this guy is a Mom™). There's been a error of lusus maybe? It's not a cullable thing - it's just weird. So, cerulean caste powers- maybe he has some power over emotions, like sensing them? But he can't manipulate them. Sticky fingers would be a Space thing for sure. But I don't really know about the class. After analysis I think he would be Life-Space-Blood? Maybe his quirk could look like his zippers? Like... o>? Plus two x at the beginning (honestly, it's because of his weird braid) like... xxI do>n't kno>w abo>ut that...xx yeah it looks nice. Punctuation fluctuating, sometimes yes sometimes not, and perfect grammar. He's also Abbachio's moirail.
I think Mista would be a Rust? Honestly, just because of his pants x) for sex pistols, maybe he manipulates bullets by telekinesis? Or maybe it's a heart thing and the pistols are tiny parts of him? But I like telekinesis better... I think he would have a lion lusus! Not sure about his aspect? Maybe heart-rage? Also he's Narancia's and Fugo's moirail. Pale trios aren't very common but do they care? No. He also has some black thing with Trish but it's nothing official yet. His quirk would be... i=1, to and z=2, e=3, s=5, b=6 and t=7. For the sex pistols !
Fugo is definitely some kind of Highblood! A violet I think, because the fins would suit him and the color would suit his bad temper. He's some kind of mutant - skin and hair all white (but still violet eyes) and he's also venomous. He bites when he's mad, which causes necrosis (basically purple haze but slower). His lusus is a venomous sea serpent. Fugo isn't in the sea often - it's kinda lonely (plus most seadwellers don't like mutants like him). I think his aspect would be Rage? He's Mista's and Narancia's moirail. Narancia and him have a kinda aggressive way to blow off steam (kinda very aggressive actually, to the point where they have been mistaken for kismesis often) but it's never out of black feelings, they are genuinely pale for each other and fighting really calms them but theyr'e all really really pale for each other (Mista isn't part of the fighting because it doesn't calms him like them but he doesn't feels excluded or anything). Fugo is also Giorno's matesprit. After analysis I think his aspect would be Time-Mind with a bit of Rage? His quirk would be hmmm. Replaces O with <>? For Purple Haze's pattern? That would be weird quadrant-wise but I can't think of anything else. And < at the beginning and > at the end? Writes in all caps when he's mad! Perfect punctuation and grammar when he's calm. Punctuation goes to hell when he's angry but the perfect grammar stays - with a LOT more swears and name calling and his quirk dissappears? :D maybe when he's just irritated it's just the first two words that are in uppercase? And the most words in uppercase the more mad he is. Like, < I d<>n't kn<>w f<>r sure > to < I D<>N'T know for sure > to I DON'T FUCKING KNOW (because when he's mad the quirk disappears)
Abbacchio is so à teal. Maybe not a legislacerator... A neophyte? Maybe he failed his fist mission cause someone paid him to fail - and hmmm maybe legislacerator are reputed to be incorruptible so he's been... Expelled? And after that he's destroyed because a teal that can't be a legislacerator has no future. But then Bruno finds him? Moody Blues seems to be a Time-Heart-Mind thing? Or maybe just Time-Mind? But Abbacchio isn't that... Or maybe he's Time but the worst kind? I think he's Doom. Turtle lusus! Also Bruno's moirail. No idea for his quirk... Maybe 00:00:00 at the beginning? For Moody blues? And capitalizes As? Like... 00:00:00 not sure About thAt... Weird but it works I guess. His grammar is kinda bad becayse he doesn't cares and same for the punctuation.
Narancia is a gold blood - I didn't find anything with aspects to explain Aerosmith so yeah, psionics. He can fly and shoot lasers (the colors of his eyes and lasers are orange and violet which makes Fugo kind of smug because ha ! HIS color on his moirail). For the CO2 detector thing maybe he uses a drone he made? He's Mista's and Fugo's moirail (even if his relationship with Fugo is a bit aggressive sometimes) they're all very close :) he's definitely Breath with a bit of Void. Not sure about his quirk... Maybe he just capitalizes N? Atrocious grammar and hazardous punctuation.
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Perhaps Race and Albert drinking tea together? You were asking for drawing prompts 💙
Tumblr media
Tea party babes <3
Please excuse the horrendous lighting (and scribble andkajrka) its 10 pm and one of the lights in my room is blown
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thinkingabzuko · 8 hours ago
i really love art of katara with hand scars like. where it’s not the focal point of the piece ?? idk i like when it’s just sorta a casual thing it just makes me happy
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