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#(enoch the scarecrow)
enbinah · a month ago
One of these days I'm gonna actually make an abt page but for now ig I may as well pin a kinlist post (if I can figure out how to do that)
Angela (3 canons)
Binah (3? Canons)
Nothing There / Nathan Teare
Plague Doctor (2 canons)
WhiteNight (2 canons)
Big Bird / Corvus Bird
Big and Will be Bad Wolf
Beta the Carnival
Hokma (2 maybe??)
Blue Star
Child of Galaxy
Der Freischütz
Dimensional Refraction Variant
Fragment of the Universe
Funeral of the Dead Butterflies
Little Red Riding Hooded Mercenary
Melting Love
Scarecrow Searching for Wisdom
Burrowing Heaven
Dreaming Current
King of Greed
Knight of Despair
Mountain of Smiling Bodies
Queen of Hatred
Servant of Wrath
All of the Sephirot are listed ik one of my canons was uhhh endgame instead of A doing His Thing all of the sephirot merged and that was. Weird
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sinbinfamiliar · a year ago
My darling, what are your interests??? ~Enoch🥀
Tumblr media
I’m not exactly the most uh... exciting person I guess?
Interests, well... gaming and shows, just stories in general if it’s a source I like I can ramble for daaaays on end about. Otherwise, some very odd interests I have, to name a few...
Sea creatures! Especially octopi!
Cryptids, spooky creatures, creepy stuff actually in general. I’m a fan of horror aesthetics and such! (Werewolves, and scarecrows are some top spooky creatures of mine. But I love them all lol)
Here’s a odd one. Furbys! Absolutely could talk days about them.
Halloween! Autumn! Rain! This whole time of year is a interest to me basically lol
Fantasy settings and stories. Whether this is witches and wizards, or elves and orcs from the high fantasy spectrum, I just have a huge soft spot for this sort of stuff. (Though I’m awkward when talking about it eheh)
And of course, any form of media I’m into lol games, shows, stories, you name it. If I’m into it, I can talk about it for days on end
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