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#(and anyone that reads this lol)
holyshit19 days ago
#'what worries me' anon from a bit earlier:#answering in the tags because it seems the discourse has moved on since i got your message and went on my work break#and don't want to drop random discourse on people freaking out about the louis songs lol hope you understand ily!!!#but i think in this case it is not as big of a deal bc people like lil nas x are nominated as well#so he isn't being prioritized instead of poc artists doing similar things#and they seem to be deliberately nominating both out artists and allies/people who have been more vague and haven't done an official#coming out like matty healy and lizzo#so i don't think he is particularly being spotlighted moreso than everyone else if you know what i mean#and despite the stunts#anyone who actually does pay attention to celebrity gossip should know how harry has been hinting at being not straight for YEEAARS now#since 2014 when his 'not that important' quote got tons of headlines#and then again with Medicine#and some of his comments about his sexuality in interviews (even if they were vague) still reads as something someone who isn't straight#would say#and these are all things that a lot of people should have seen if they pay attention to celebrity gossip even if they are not fans#so i think it's fair for him to be treated as someone who is likely not straight but just hasn't officially come out yet#and for MP#remember that emma ended up coming out recently so there is an out woman in the film now!#which is great#as for david#he could easily not be straight as well and just not out of the closet bc he hasn't had any public relationships as of yet#so i don't think we should treat him as straight when there is no indication of his sexuality one way or another#and i think actors in the closet should still be allowed to take on roles they can relate to and that are important to the#*them#and they shouldn't be forced to come out in order to take these kinds of roles#it's a nuanced topic so there are levels to it#but i don't think anyone should be forced to put their personal and professional lives on the line by coming out to be 'allowed' to#play gay roles#discourse /#hs
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se0kluvr25 days ago
hi hello 馃憢 I am a mess hope you鈥檙e all well 馃専
#heyo I鈥檝e been gone lmao I hope ur all oki#I don鈥檛 really have any friends on here but I feel like talking to anyone who reads this#but ahhh yeah I鈥檝e been gone. so much has happened man. so many things have changed but also stayed the same#schools has been stressful. i changed my major last year so now I鈥檓 studying to be a preschool teacher lol#I was originally doing psychology but it became too much for me so now I鈥檓 starting a new career. its been nice but also difficult to#catch up. I was supposed to transfer this year originally but my plans changed 馃榾 so now I鈥檝e gotta take as many classes as I can#oof also I recently got into another relationship but it鈥檚 so complicated and it sucks 馃槂 he has his own issues tbh and the relationship has#become kinda toxic ngl. he gets jealous way too easily and it鈥檚 become a huge problem with us. we haven鈥檛 talked#in like a month because he鈥檚 been going through some mental health issues which I respect u know but he hasn鈥檛 responded to any of my texts#馃檭 yeah. i know. i feel like I鈥檝e just been ghosted basically lmao this whole situation is so messy and bad.#I wanna break up with him but I wanna at least know what鈥檚 going on with him but he鈥檚 not responding to me djdndj#it鈥檚 his bday tomorrow so I鈥檓 gonna say happy birthday and see how that goes 馃馃ぁ if he doesn鈥檛 respond by the end of this month I鈥檓 just#gonna message him and say it鈥檚 over. he really has no right to act surprised after I鈥檝e sent him all these messages#anyways!! that鈥檚 how my life鈥檚 going babes 馃グ I鈥檝e been in pain#idk if I鈥檓 for sure coming back but ill chill for a bit lmao#personal
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prose-for-hire29 days ago
So after the disaster that was me trying to get a job last year, I decided I might try working at the local antique shop. There's a downtown row of stores that usually go in and out of business but I've met these people and they seem really nice and it just seems like a less anxious environment (the problem last summer was anxiety even before I started) so first job maybe 馃憖. They're also giving away free vintage dresses for prom this weekend which is insane, I can't even do prom because of my online schooling but I might just get one for the hell of it - 馃彍
Aw babe good luck !! It took me ages to get my first job for the same reason (anxiety) but you鈥檒l definitely get there and that sounds like a cool place too!
Oh and definitely get yourself a vintage dress that鈥檚 the absolute dream !! 馃挅馃挅馃挅
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stardestroyer812 months ago
Guess what time it is? Time for another Ao3 post!聽This one may not be as long as my previous work, but this new one has two upsides: one, it鈥檚 spoiler-free, and two, it鈥檚 a thousand times more light-hearted!聽 If the last two months鈥 worth of content on my blog are any indication, one might be able to deduce that I鈥檓 an avid fan of Rivals/Lovers of Aether鈥檚 characters, and that鈥檚 exactly what this fic is about鈥 more appropriately, it鈥檚 about Zetterburn and his brother Forsburn!聽 Not a lot of remedial knowledge about Rivals is needed to fully appreciate this work, so if you鈥檙e looking for a good read, go and give it a look! I had a lot of fun writing it!
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runnyeggsnham3 months ago
martin took his swipes at gil but really every other scene of this episode drove it explicitly home that the real usurper of martin鈥檚 role in the family was malcolm. (and martin, in the yelling scene he pretended was acting, is very aware of that.)
malcolm went beyond filling the shoes of big brother and shoulders the burden of worrying about and trying to guide ainsley like a father should. he always has. jessica breaks down at her darkest moment and calls martin for reassurance, yes, but would she have called him if she and gil were still on good personal terms? and anyway, the first lie she catches onto is malcolm鈥檚 and she sees right through his words at the dinner, too, as they talk about losing ainsley. if jessica had gotten reassuring words from gil and not 鈥榓pples don鈥檛 fall that far from the tree鈥 from martin, how long before she overturned the living room anyway? her inkling fears, prompted by malcolm, would have kept festering. malcolm gave himself away.
the one jessica鈥檚 always worried about was malcolm, but ainsley鈥檚 been so perfect for so long because malcolm protected her and supported her too. for ainsley, it鈥檚 like she always had two parental figures. jessica remembers all of malcolm鈥檚 darkest moments of his childhood - when she thought she was losing him, when he stopped talking - but the few times we鈥檝e gotten ainsley鈥檚 pov, she expresses a kind of admiration for malcolm. for ainsley, malcolm has always been a Secure Point. the one telling her聽鈥榚verything is going to be okay鈥. (did he tell her that also when he wasn鈥檛 talking to anyone else?) her concern and worrying has an element of reciprocation to it, like she wants to support him in these Present situations how she remembers him always having been in the Past (childhood).
so, even at his worst, how much did malcolm show ainsley? seems to me, not much. jessica saw it and worried and hover-watched (for the psychopathy signs even) but they鈥檝e always been likeminded about ainsley and watched over her together, like a Team. the Traumatized protecting the Innocent from the Monster. thus even when jessica鈥檚 desperate to find no evidence but searches so hard that she does find it, she confronts malcolm alone. and with no fear of him - she knows him too well, endicott was horrible, and there must have been extenuating circumstances. it鈥檚 clearly another weight on malcolm鈥檚 shoulders regardless. jessica鈥檚 fears really stem from the unknown. she just needs to know how bad it is - if you know, at least you can plan, prepare. at least you know. (another way that malcolm really is 鈥榟is mother鈥檚 son鈥.)
but a part of jessica must be expecting, or at least hoping, that ainsley only rehearsed a story with malcolm to help malcolm. that malcolm asked her and she went along to protect, out of solidarity. that any part of the truth she knows was given second-hand. jessica confronting malcolm, one on one, guarantees her the truth. no distractions, no worries. it forces him to put all cards on the table. and he can鈥檛 lie to her when it鈥檚 Important. ( 鈥榶ou know me too well鈥 - 鈥榙o i?鈥 ) setting the table like that, casually yet calculatingly confronting malcolm without ainsley there, and then malcolm admitting it was actually ainsley, and the way they discussed the went from mother confronting son to parents anxious about daughter vibes very quickly.
which...i鈥檇 argue this dual role for malcolm - and malcolm and jessica - has been since day one of the show. malcolm didn鈥檛 just run away from martin, he ran away from malcolm whitly and all that being malcolm whitly entailed. when ainsley lies to him in the pilot, it really bothers him. it鈥檚 unexpected. with jessica, it takes him spiraling and seeing the truth in jessica鈥檚 interrogation tape to re-find the balance with her. and it鈥檚 only one whole episode after that that they Team Up about ainsley (attempting to veto her interviewing martin).
them being a Team is a recurring theme thereafter. about ainsley. against martin. often being more honest wiith each other (malcolm鈥檚 need for cases, visiting martin, and jessica with her own concerns, plans, secrets) than with anyone else around them. season two has just picked this up and run with it further. from the premiere of jessica sharing what was almost definitely an in-confidence gil conversation ( 鈥檓ore brightish than usual鈥 ) with malcolm, to now.
鈥榠鈥檓 just trying to protect the family. please. believe me...please, you can鈥檛 tell her. i don鈥檛.. we might lose her.鈥 (malcolm, s2e04)
鈥榳e can still keep our life, jess. our perfect family. we don鈥檛 have to throw it all away. but i don鈥檛 get to make that decision.鈥 (martin, s1e04)
as malcolm essentially admits this episode, he turned his father in because martin tried to make him a monster. ( 鈥榠t destroyed me. he destroyed me.鈥 ) he realized that it was the price of his father鈥檚 attention and love. ( 鈥榯hat was the only way i could be close to you. by listening to you. no. becoming you.鈥 ) and it was a price he wasn鈥檛 willing to pay.
now, it took the chloroform redux and the knife for malcolm to remember The Trip. but what would martin have done, what would malcolm have maybe thought that martin would have done, if malcolm ever truly said no? martin would remove his attention. he鈥檇 find somewhere, someone, else. where, most obviously, would martin鈥檚 attention turn? ainsley. what has malcolm been anxious about so far this season, what was one his worst fears come true? ainsley visiting martin.
malcolm has been acting like the gate-keeper. (聽鈥榶ou can鈥檛 talk to him.鈥 -聽鈥...what aren鈥檛 you telling me?鈥 ) and this episode, martin saw it all on display. a front row seat to malcolm鈥檚 desparation to keep them separate. to protect ainsley and her innocence and how malcolm throws his relationship with martin into the wind hard to drive home that martin鈥檚 The Monster and get ainsley to back away. he also saw how malcolm holds higher rank with ainsley. ainsley immediately explained herself to malcolm - with an excuse in lieu of an apology, because visiting martin is Bad because it鈥檚 malcolm that鈥檚 said so - and it鈥檚 malcolm she questions. it鈥檚 malcolm she lets distract and pacify her (for now). it鈥檚 malcolm she looks to most. it鈥檚 because of malcolm that she leaves.
the line 鈥榠t鈥檚 exactly what you want!鈥 makes martin snap (for however briefly, it鈥檚 real) not just because of how much of his current life isn鈥檛 what he wants, but also because how much his current life continues to be limited by the actions of malcolm. malcolm turned him in, malcolm usurped him over the years into adulthood, and malcolm still fights against martin鈥檚 influence on himself and blocks martin from ainsley. ( 鈥榶ou must have really hated him.鈥 / 鈥榠 would hate you!鈥 )
this episode makes me more certain than ever that a part of young malcolm, either at the surface or deep down, thought about all that and worried about that. he was too thoughtful about everything else around the arrest - the decision, the call, what to tell the first officer to show up - not to at least once entertain the avenues of the other side of what if鈥檚 and what might happen to jessica and ainsley too if he said nothing, if he wasn鈥檛 his father鈥檚 prodigy.
鈥 i knew it. your little breakdown in group wasn鈥檛 just for show. you really feel that way about me.鈥 - 鈥榖ecause i can鈥檛 trust you!鈥
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my-bated-breath3 months ago
A look into the聽鈥減arallels鈥 between Kuzon/Painted Lady and Blue Spirit/Painted Lady
Tumblr media
The Painted Lady/Kuzon parallels do exist on some level, yes, but they鈥檙e more conceptual than anything else. Since the first half of season 3 was largely focused on humanizing the Fire Nation, these two episodes followed the same themes, so similarities would obviously result from that. Other than these episode鈥檚 end goals, however, I don鈥檛 think there鈥檚 anything too profound about these parallels, especially because Aang and Katara鈥檚 character arcs revolving around the Fire Nation are mostly separate. The moods permeating these two episodes were vastly different as well, since Kuzon is much more grounded, playful, and youthful, while the Painted Lady comes across as an old and terrifying spirit. (There are more differences between the two of them, but I think the 鈥渁tmosphere鈥 surrounding these episodes is able to explain a lot of it.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Just look at how different these two screenshots feel from each other, at how connected to reality and other people these two aliases are.)
Now, this may be an unpopular opinion, but I don鈥檛 think the Painted Lady and Blue Spirit are intentional parallels either. What do I mean by that? There are similarities in their set-up, purposes, and messages -- the Painted Lady and Blue Spirit share much more than the Painted Lady and Kuzon because both the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit present a morally gray stance on justice, a duality within Zuko and Katara鈥檚 characters (the prince and the refugee for Zuko, and the healer and the fighter for Katara), a mask they can wear to achieve the freedom to do what they desire, and they both have a mythical quality about them, a fleetingness to their reality. However, while these set-ups were there, the show never expanded upon them and truly connected their characters, especially since the Painted Lady only appeared in one episode and was a one-off character while the Blue Spirit appeared in three. Thus, the Painted Lady鈥檚 relevancy to the plot was reduced, and thus its connection to the Blue Spirit was reduced too.
(Of course, the parallels that do exist in the set-up do leave you wondering.)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
To be honest, when I watched the show itself, the Blue Spirit/the Painted Lady never struck me as a parallel that was developed in-depth. This makes something that鈥檚 well worth exploring in fandom, both in meta, fanfiction, fanart, and other fan content, and I love seeing that. As I mentioned before, the mythical-like, morally ambiguous quality both the Painted Lady and the Blue Spirit have lent themselves very well to transformative works, much better than the Painted Lady and Kuzon would at any rate.
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mymelodyisme3 months ago
You ever just remember something embarrassing about yourself that was very public and you go on YouTube to see if you can find it. Yeah, hi, I made white cat ears to wear to my first anime convention and I am very much still embarrassed to this day. Have a picture 馃挄
Tumblr media
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mistypluie3 months ago
Tumblr media
SANGCHENG CHERRY MAGIC AU!!!!! (basically: jiang cheng is still a virgin when he turns 36* and he suddenly gains the ability to read people's minds when he touches them)
#*changing it from 30 to make this post canon lol#sangcheng#jiang cheng#nie huaisang#mdzs#the this picture takes place shortly after jc's bday nhs is visiting lotus pier for a cultivation conference or something#and jc reads his mind and realizes nhs likes him!!! bro is having whole ass fantasies about him meanwhile jc is having a sexuality crisis#bc u know hes been justifying this by saying he doesnt have time and he doesn't want to marry some random woman but. hes never really#considered men before.......granted he probably hasnt rlly liked too many ppl before (demi jc rights!!!!)...#(he told himself that teenage crush on lxc was just admiration 馃様馃様馃様)#but he gradually realizes that.....people care he 馃ズ馃ズ馃ズ his disciples look up to him his nephew loves him his brother misses him (THINK of#the possibilities for a yunmeng bros reconciliation if jc can read wwx's thoughts) ..... and he grows as a person and realizes how valued he#is and how its important to do things at his own pace bc hes only now having the time to live his life without worrying about so much shit#and of course he. eventually loses his virginity and the ability to read thoughts and has to learn how to communicate his feelings w ppl 馃ズ#anyway. cherry magic owns my soul now and sangcheng is my fave i simply had to make an au......ill never write it tho but if anyone wants to#PLEASE do 馃憖馃ズ#also dont @ me about lazy coloring i didnt feel like coloring this lol the lineart was enough work#r yall proud i didnt use mint green ad a background color again??? i was going to lol but then i changed it#this color scheme has more cherry vibes 馃崚馃尭
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purrfectly3 months ago
finished reading Learning to Die in the Anthropocene (or, well, listening to) and it filled me with similar emotions to Parable of the Sower, which I suppose makes sense because they're both about collapse. More importantly they both also connected to why I feel I've been wanting to read more, and older, books
I think our cultural inheritance, our stories, is perhaps the greatest think we've accumulated. This time is amazing because of the access we have to the stories of the world, to tell our own stories, to become together. Its what I think must continue no matter what, our stories. I read the Epic of Gilgamesh and I see humanity just like now. I hope humans will always have that. Anything people can do to ensure stories persist is righteous.
To the you a hundred years from now, from a millennium ago, hello, we are the same and our struggles and our joys and our love and our humanity, and in that connection I think is endless warmth
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4bikersoftheapocalypse4 months ago
I'm currently building a life sized lego sword and watching unsolved on the tv. My sister just walked in while Ryan was talking and said, "Omg bae" and called him a "short queen". That is all, have a vibing holiday and Merry Krampus!
P.S. I'm stoked for the Puppet History Holiday Special this year!!!
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boxboysandotherwhump4 months ago
Tumblr media
I know this happens like a thousand years later in the story and their not even friends jet but have this spoilery drawing of Gideon and Sahar in love anyway.
(Charlotte took the photo and teases them mercilessly with the fact that they fell down right after the picture was taken when they all cuddle in bed later 馃挄 she also kisses their bruises all better so it鈥檚 Oki)
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