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bisexualreginaldpeters · 56 seconds ago
reggie for the random headcanon game thing
my boy! i have many reggie hcs! here’s a list of a few because i love him too much
- he saved up the money for his bass from various birthdays/holidays/chores/etc and had to bring it home in a trash bag because he didn’t have enough money to get a case at first but it became his baby and he stayed after school to practice and the music teacher showed him how play
- he’s super book smart! him and alex were in the same advanced classes together! (reggie was a straight C student though. he had trouble doing work on time and paying attention but he’s a great test taker and generally a fast learner. it drove alex a little crazy because he had to take so many notes and study often for his high grades. they did study groups together).
- math is reggie’s favorite subject and he knows how to count cards (which has gotten him in trouble in clubs when money was betted on).
- when he’s mad at someone he pulls ‘pranks’ on them. for instance he has put talcum powder on alex’s drums when they did a gig because alex scratched his green day CD. he let the air out of luke’s bike tires over spoiling a star wars movie. and wrote ‘traitor’ on bobby’s forehead for ditching him for a girl and reggie had to walk home in the rain.
- no one gets mad at reggie (mad as in yelling) and avoids arguing in front of/with him because of his home life but the boys know to avoid making him mad as well. petty pranks are the least worrying thing he does when he’s upset and it’s scary how silent he becomes when really angry. no one has ever heard him raise his voice either and they’re sorry for whoever is the first
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noncommittalhum · a minute ago
Chickens and flowers, that's pretty much it 🤍
😔i mean. youre not wrong
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sleeping-lilies · a minute ago
I leave for a few hours and come back to u shipping maribat 😐
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keep-me-in-mind-22 · a minute ago
You’re absolutely adorable with very tender and kind heart.
Thank you! This made me smile 😘💙
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strawberrynight-doodles · a minute ago
💍 and 💘
💘 The slasher you’d MOST like to meet IRL: chop top, because i think we'll mostly get along with each other and have a few things in common.
💍 Would you rather be proposed to by a slasher or you propose to them: i rather be proposed to instead of proposing to em.
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noostrichsinthesand · a minute ago
sorry, what usw article? i haven’t seen anything can u link
Here you go anon
Maybe take some things with a pinch of 🧂or it might be best not to read it 😉
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lucky-bun · a minute ago
So how did s.bon get kitty?is kit their legitimate child?
Yep! Spring Bonnie and Kitty are blood related parent and child!
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averagetm · a minute ago
🐾 Her actions brought the subconscious urge as the beast held her closely, almost as if grooming the faire flesh that clothing did not protect. A brush of the bushy tail against the dirt behind it as it's grasp remained, the lycan giving a soft hum beyond it's jaws as length of the tongue swept up towards her chin and cheekbones. Hugging her bundled figure into his crotch while she did so for the one before her.
The younger lycan hummed in response, feeling her small hands grip at his coat. Eventually unable to ignore as his body shifted, then rolled slow to face her. Half lidden eyes from sleep watched her as he sealed the distance to reseal the distance. Seeing for himself the instance of her being licked prompted him to nuzzle at the cheek not being brushed by the wide, coarse tongue.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
*:・゚✧     𝐈𝐓   𝐖𝐀𝐒   𝐈𝐍   𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐓   𝐌𝐎𝐌𝐄𝐍𝐓       that she was thankful to be laying down with her head upon a pillow ;  large grip tugging her closer towards the elder lycanthrope and making her thoughts grow hazy   ( the attention,   the misplaced affection on a woman so starved of touch  …  she dared not even think about how nice it felt )   Though she soon uttered a small noise of complaint,   tongue trailing towards her cheekbone,   causing for her head to turn over her shoulder to him.    ❛❛ I – I’m awake  …  I’m awake   … ❜❜  
     The addition of the younger nuzzling into her opposite cheek caused for the smaller woman to squirm between the two.     ❛❛ Y -You guys can settle down now  … ❜❜     mumbled words ladened with vanishing exhaustion,   one hand upon features of the younger in attempts to halt one of their movements.     ❛❛ You’re both suddenly so  …   I don’t understand at all  … ❜❜    
Tumblr media
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sal-3am · a minute ago
Underbelly wishes you a nice trip in the cave of towns =^)
:0!! Why thank you, Underbelly!
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hella1975 · a minute ago
hi loser while you were gone i changed my url 47 times and started doing crack cocaine, nice to see u back bestie 👍 -gummy
gummy idk how i've just seen this but it's always very comforting to know i will never be the most unhinged on this site with you still around <3 i hope you're well <3
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akvilenotfound · a minute ago
oh my god i tried roller skating a few times when I was a kid cus someone got me a pair for my birthday but I was so bad. I fell on my ass so many times and one time like flat on my back. If i wasn't wearing a helmet I think I would've split open my skull
i think i tried once when i was very young, and it was on inline skates :'))) did not go well at all lmaoooo! i really struggle with balance so i knew this was gonna be hard as hell but i'm determined! >:)
i don't have a helmet which probably isn't very smart but i've got all the pads for my knees, elbows and wrists! so hopefully will be fine, and so far all my falls have been either on my ass or on my knees :') i'm gonna try just taking it very very slow so minimise chances of falling just so i don't get hurt cause my spine is really fragile :')
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dajdjsa idk you are just <33 skdkaks
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exitwound · a minute ago
you inspire me
🐚 <- put this shell up to your ear and listen to the name of god (one thousand lone grasshoppers stridulating themselves in glass jars)
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trashytums · a minute ago
Hi I just found your blog and i'm over the moon. your content is so soft and happy that I just want to live here. Plus, it's so hard to find a SFW source for this kink, and on top of that, you keep putting out BOTW content and I can't get enough of hungry/growly Link and honestly I might just melt into puddle of delight.
Tumblr media
Nonnie I am absolutely delighted to hear this, thank you so much!! ❤️💕 Welcome to the blog!
I agree that it's not terribly easy finding softer, non-sexual kink, and I am more than happy to produce that kind of content for you guys. Hehe, especially with hungry Link c; he has such a special place in my heart
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eliasbouchardslut · a minute ago
you are not a femme do not call yourself that if you are bisexual
I literally did not call myself that, Jack called me that and hy is a butch lesbian. like I literally did not call myself that and you would see that if you reread the ask, I do not understand what you’re trying to yell at me about
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sanssssastark · a minute ago
Wait are you guys telling me that you all have like a bunch of WIPs just sitting around and not posted? 
Yeah....I don’t have that kind of self control. 
I write the thing. I fling it immediately out into the universe and hope validation gets flung back at me.
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katslutski · a minute ago
Top five self care activities?
(I hope your day gets better mwah) - 🐰
stop you're so cute -- I read this before I went to bed and was like 🥺 just ur sweet emoji improved my night so much!!! <3
1. drinking tea (jasmine green -- highly recommend!!)
2. playing guitar!
3. good nap in clean clothes that make me feel cute
4. bubble bath with Epsom salts!
5. going to bed at an absurdly early hour so I can get up early too :)
ask my top 5 of anything (if you want!)
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ratld-sideblog · a minute ago
Head empty just Raya screaming at the top of her lungs Olivia Rodrigo's songs when she and Namaari fight
WAIT I HAVE ONE OF THESE only because I listen to good 4 u at least 3-5 times a day. I'm addicted to this song, bro
Traitor is so good too because "you didn't cheat, but you're still a traitor" HITS when I'm thinking about them 😩😩 and HAPPIER??? dude just- I'm- SOBS WHY DO ALL HER SONGS APPLY TO RAYAARI
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arwenindomiel · 2 minutes ago
Want to make a Ratatouille AU edit with Aragorn as Linguini and Arwen as Colette.
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afro-elf · 2 minutes ago
Bullshit on Affleck, he is definitely way more given of head than Bale
see? i knew in the depths of my soul that someone who liked batfleck would pop up with an Opinion
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