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#(4) a werewolf possibly
pilferingapples · a month ago
I remember in a post you once mentioned that Jehan Prouvaire and Bahorel are based on Victor Hugo's fellow Romantic friends. I think you said it was Nerval that he based Prouvaire on, and I have to ask...for Bahorel, is he based on Gautier? His fighting at La Bataille d'Hernani and his red doublet can't help but remind me of him, but I could be completely wrong.
Thank you for the ask, Nonny!
Bahorel is pretty openly a nod to Petrus Borel (the name itself is a bit more of an obvious nod in French pronunciation than in English); like Gerard, he was one of the big organizers in the Hernani showdown--and also like Gerard, died in the 1850s.  
Like Bahorel, Borel was a peasant’s son, and had a reputation for being extremely down to fight; politically, Gautier called him “the only true republican among us”.  As Philothee O’Neddy would point out, that was an exaggeration--but O’Neddy called Borel the Montagnard to his own more moderate “Girondin” republicanism, so the “extremely republican” association is still there.  And the scarlet waistcoats are very much there too; he was painted in one ( for a gallery showing; only the account of the painting seems to survive) and , apparently, arrested for wearing one(...he was arrested a lot, though...) and generally wore a lot of very openly political Fashion Statements. Unlike his fictionalized counterpart, Borel was never a law student (he was practically everything else at some point!); but very much like his fictional counterpart, he hated lawyers so much XD
(As for Gautier, he was avowedly apolitical; of his famous doublet, he said “In order to avoid wearing the infamous red of ‘93, I had admitted the slightest admixture of purple in the dye, for I was very desirous not to be suspected of any political intention. I was not an admirer of Saint-Just and Robespierre, as were some of my comrades...”  (It’s worth noting here that being ‘political’ at the time had a somewhat narrower meaning,and Gautier did a lot that would be considered political activism now, but at the time and in his own context, everyone including himself saw him as apolitical.)  If it weren’t for his noted in faith in art and Romanticism itself, it would be easier to link his general social/political outlook to Grantaire than anything, if that didn’t almost feel like slander against his personality :P  Hugo writing him into a red-hot revolutionary would have been hilarious-- and also almost certainly somewhat dangerous.  Gautier was still alive, still living in NIII’s  France, and there’s reasons Gautier was very anxious to not be suspected  of political intention. )
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nanamistuff · 3 hours ago
So guys, I have to confess, that all the anti-Remadora posts that we`ve been graced with recently really got to me and I finally see the error of my ways! I no longer support Remadora, I can’t believe that I`ve ever shipped Remus with Tonks, ewww. To make up for it I though we could all combine forces and find Remus a perfect mate so he can dump his stupid wife and finally be happy!
So my Bachelor contenders for Remus are:
1. Professor Vector - we don’t know much about her, so the possibilities are endless, they`ve met in Hogwarts and the rest is history!
2. Professor Slughorn – he is kind of old, but Remus looks old, because he is a werewolf, so they would look almost the same, plus Slughorn is well off so he could provide Remus with a lifetime supply of Wolfsbane! Kinda perfect!
3. Tom “a toothless walnut” – he exists and might be single, so I guess? Also Leaky Cauldron is a nice place to stay and there is booze?
4. Aunt Muriel – again, close in age and maturity, you don’t really need much more!
5. The Trolley witch – she has a stable job and access to all the good candy! And Remus loves candy!
6. Bellatrix – ok I know its unconventional, but hear me out. Opposites attract amirite? Yeah she`s married, but we can just kill her husband off or keep him alive for some forbidden love. She's pure blood, but she might be tempted by the forbidden fruit, you know “she`s crazy, he`s crazy for her, works like a charm!
7. And my personal favourite – WALBURGA  BLACK! Yes she's older than him, but as we`ve established, Remus looks old as fuck and after Sirius dies he will surly look for someone who looks like him, right? And who looks like Sirius? Yeah!
So, these are my picks, but I`m open to suggestions. I just want my boy Lupin paired up with someone worthy of him, unlike cool, young, beautiful, badass Auror with great personality like Tonks, gross! Who would want to date her?
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darkesthourrpg · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
CLEO MORALES (Lindsey Morgan) is looking for their FORMER PARTNER connection. Please message KOURTNEY for more information regarding this connection. The connection is OPEN.
UTP. They were a hunter but got turned so they’d be likely a mermaid, vampire, or werewolf.
It’s up to player but some suggestions:
Male: Peter Gadiot, Michael Trevino, Regé-Jean Page, Ben Barnes, Charles Michael Davis, Sean Teale, Zeeko Zaki, Sidhnarth Malhotra
Female: Summer Bishil, Candice Patton, Jamie Chung, Melissa Barrera, Adria Arjona, Adelaide Kane, Olivia Munn, Olivia Liang, Gabrielle Union
Former Partner.
For the purpose of this I’ll call them A. 
A and Cleo were partners ever since Cleo graduated from rookie to superior agent. They’d worked together for years so Cleo took them turning really hard.
Nathan (the old agency head) was working Cleo double duty and when they were out on a call Cleo went to sleep in the car. A went to find out what was going on and got themselves turned. 
They would be whatever species they are now for the past 4+ years. 
After they turned Cleo quit for a bit and went back to school. Spend another year kind just taking time off but Nathan kept calling her so she went back. Eventually he passed, but with Nadia at the head Cleo felt like things were going to change. She probably has spoke to them a lot about this tbh. 
She’s a huge advocate for life after turning and would do everything she could to help them transition as smoothly as possible.
Cleo has never returned to the field since their attack, she just can’t bring herself to go back out there. 
I would like for them to be close still even if they can’t be partners. If you want them to be more distance or blame Cleo for them turning then that’s fine too. 
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dracimalfoy1988292 · 10 days ago
(ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ 36: ʙʀᴏᴋᴇɴ ғɪɴɢᴇʀs)
"Whoever made these bloody stairs," Macey commented, climbing up the stairs as if it were the hardest task. "Should be sent to Azkaban."7
"You're just out of shape," Valentine teased, but Macey sent her a venomous look.
"I'm very in shape, no thanks to you. Constantly popping out cookies like you're an easy bake oven. What'd expect to happen?"7
Valentine stifled a roll of her eyes, Macey constantly finding a way to bring up the muggle toy, Easy Bake Oven, which Valentine had introduced to Macey a ways back.
Macey finally grinned triumphantly as we reached the top, and she grabbed a Valentine hand, dragging the blonde behind her as she worked on determining which seat she wanted.
Per usual, Macey had griped to Valentine basically all morning about how she was 'deathly bored', and Macey had forced her to quidditch practice. Valentine didn't necessarily mind, knowing she could watch her boyfriend practice, but it was starting to get colder as the weeks passed, and she didn't want to get sick.
It felt as though Halloween was just yesterday, although in reality it had been almost three weeks ago. Valentine was almost sad how fast the days were passing; she spent so much time with James and her friends, studying or messing around, that hours just flew by.
Valentine was still wounded by the fact Lily hadn't apologized for her behavior; she was in the wrong, after all. She had no right to judge Remus for something he couldn't control. It was closely related to her being judged due to her blood status: while being a muggle born is a sensitive subject, especially with rumors of war beginning, Lily grew highly defensive when anyone said anything or called her the... M word.11
Just as Lily cannot control her blood, Remus cannot control his little problem either, and it was hypocritical for Lily to even dare to call Remus a 'monster'. Not to mention it was just bitchy. Especially with the way that she'd go about handling it.1
Valentine understood that the girl was shocked at first. Finding out the boy you fancied was a werewolf would probably be... surprising. And Valentine understood it would take time to fully digest that information, but Lily jumped to conclusion and she did so in the worst way.1
It was all worse because Remus' first transition since the Lily incident will be happening tonight, and the sandy-haired boy was in a terrible mood. He wouldn't allow anyone to visit him, and when Sirius had gone, apparently Remus had thrown a box of tissues at his head.
Valentine felt sorrow for him. She'd never admit it because that would only piss him off farther, but she did feel bad. Remus was an incredible boy, and he didn't deserve what he got. But he's even stronger because he's endured it, and Valentine thought it was amazing.
And Valentine possibly went a bit hard on Lily, but the Hufflepuff viewed Remus as a brother, and Lily's words really struck a nerve.4
"If you were bored," Valentine groaned as a cold breeze shuffled past, causing her to pull her jumper tighter around her body. "Why didn't you ask Celia to hang out?"
Macey shrugged. "I was with her yesterday. She helped me study. She's actually really smart, you know? When she's not being a total snob, I mean. I love when she's a snob though, it kind of turns me on."
"Merlin, you're the female Sirius," Valentine uttered, rubbing her temples.
"Please," Macey laughed. "My hair is way better than his. How much you wanna bet I could steal his girl?"8
"None. I want to bet none."
"Only because you know I'd win," Macey retorted, a cocky grin on her face. "Oh! Here they come! Ew, your boyfriend is waving at us. Let's pretend we don't know him."6
Valentine shoved Macey, then she turned to the field, and sure enough James had strolled out the changing rooms, broom held in one hand and a Gryffindor sweater on his chest.
"Who're you gonna cheer for when Hufflepuff plays Gryffindor? Are you gonna make one of those cliche signs that say 'Number seven on the field, number one in my heart."
Valentine chortled. "Please," she said, shaking her hand. "As much as I want my boyfriend to win, I want him to lose even more. So I'll be in the Hufflepuff stands."8
Macey grinned. "Atta girl."1
They were brought from their banter as a whistle went off and the Gryffindor quidditch team flew into the air, hovering as their scarlet colors were bright against the sky. James steadied himself, watching as the quaffle was released. He wasted no time in diving for it, securing the ball beneath his arm as he zoomed through the air, hair whipping against the wind and cheeks pink from the cold.
Buldgers were sent his way in an attempt to intervene, but to no avail, James weaved through the line of fire, launching the quaffle effortlessly through the ring, the keeper just missing it.
Valentine clapped, watching as James went back to his original position and set up to do it again.
"Show off," Macey muttered. Valentine couldn't help but agree.
And that was basically how the majority of the practice had gone. Celia saying crude and inappropriate remarks, Valentine trying to keep up with the quaffle and snitch darting back and forth, and the cold wind only pushing harder.
Luckily for Valentine, not so much for James, just before practice ended James and Marlene had collided. Marlene had been perfectly fine, and she'd gone out of her way to boast about it to James who had landed in the sand hard.
From there Valentine had to grab James and help him to the hospital wing, and all the way James held his hand and whined like a baby who's lollipop had been taken away.
"It hurts, I don't think I can walk," James admitted, his bottom lips peeking from his mouth and eyes wide.
"You injured your hand, not your leg," Valentine reminded him dryly.
"Maybe you should carry me," James continued, wrapping an arm around her shoulders and slouching, the both of them nearly falling from his weight.
"Stand up before I hex you to the hospital wing!" Valentine threatened through a grin, pushing him up, although careful not to hurt him.
"Ouch! Watch the arm, woman! I swear, you're out to get me," James yelped, moving his arm from Valentine shoulder and holding it to his chest.1
"Be grateful it was your arm and not your face," Valentine snorted, leading James down the hallway. He was walking annoyingly slow, so she took his shirt in her hand, yanking him along.1
"True," James nodded, running his un-injured hand over his face in a caressing-like manner. "I don't think I could bare it if my face had gotten all mushed up. I don't think you could either. Imagine walking into class and instead of my beautiful face and wonderful glasses you see a gaping hole where my features used to be. Ghastly."
"You're so dramatic," Valentine sighed warily, grateful to finally see the hospital wing. Truth be told, his hand did look disfigured; his ring, fore, and middle finger bent to high hell.2
"You love it," James sung, sticking his tongue out at the blonde.6
"I hate it," she refuted, repeating his action.2
"No you don't."
"No I don't."
James smiled triumphantly, and Valentine shot him a falsely annoyed glance before they'd finally entered the hospital wing.
MADAM POMFREY HAD BEEN QUICK to tend to James' bedside, and Valentine wasn't surprised to see Remus in the cot situated next to him.
"Maybe you shouldn't. . ." Remus looked around discreetly, making sure no one was around. "Come out tonight."
"Puh-lease," James puckered. "This hand will be mended in no time... I hope. So I'll be perfectly fine to help you deal with your furry little problem."
Valentine flipped the page on her book, legs crossed as she sat between the two boys. She'd wanted to go get dinner, but James complained about "his only girlfriend leaving him in a time of need", so she'd stayed. But only because he promised to take her to eat afterwards in the kitchens.14
"Ugh, she's reading again," James whispered as if Valentine couldn't hear.
"Reading extends knowledge as well as vocabulary," Remus explained expertly.
"Like she needs to learn more words. Already insults me daily, she doesn't need to get anymore ideas," James rolled his eyes and Valentine shot him a snarky look over the top of her book.
"Maybe you should try it," she offered.
"Try what?"
"Reading," Remus and Valentine said in unison, and Valentine figured she wouldn't get much quiet, therefore she shut the book and laid it flat in her lap, strumming the tips of her fingers against the cover.1
"What- I do read! I just don't do it on my free time," James defended.
"You read Romeo and Juliet?" Valentine tried, and James went quiet in consideration and thought.
James blushed. "I only did that to impress you."
"Impress me that you could read? Well done, Jamie, I'm impressed," The Hufflepuff sarcastically drawled, and James scowled, reaching for the cotton balls by his bed and throwing them at Valentine's face, one by one.
She gasped, using her hands to fan them away, and only when James finally ran out of the small puffs did Valentine gather them and get to her feet, using her fingers to force them into James' mouth. Since he had been laying under the covers, he didn't have time to wrestle his hands out and fight back.1
As a tactic, the Potter boy drug his tongue on her palm so she'd withdrawl, and she did, making a fake retching nose and wiping the saliva onto her robes.4
Remus watched the interaction in disbelief.
"Blimey, you two really are made for each other," he commented, shaking his head and wincing in pain as he repositioned himself. Valentine frowned, sitting back down.
"Sorry you go through so much pain each month, Remus," she quietly stated. Remus looked suddenly shy.
"It's okay. I'm so used to it that it's not hurting so bad anymore. It's kind of like a background noise, just barely visible but still there, you know?"
"Why would she know? She's not a werewolf," James joked, but he shut up at the flash of venom that went through Valentine's eyes.2
"I mean, I don't really know, but we're all here for you. I know I can't turn into a massive moose every full moon-,"
"I've told you, Val, it's a stag!"
Valentine had only been let into the secret when she'd walked into the boys dorm one night to return James' jumper after letting her borrow it. She'd nearly lost it right then at there at the sight of a Stag in the corner of the room wearing a scarf (her very own Hufflepuff scarf she'd loaned James, mind you), a rat scurrying around the carpet, a shaggy black dog laying in Sirius' bed, and Remus sitting in the middle of it looking amused.7
Valentine, however, was most certainly not amused.
"Stag, moose, same thing," Valentine waved him off.
"No," James shook his head. "No, it really isn't. You know, for all that reading you do, you sure are brainless sometimes."
Valentine smacked James across the back of his head.
"Oi, I've already gotten three shattered fingers, I don't need a concussion to add to the list!" James complained loudly, earning a disapproving look from Madam Pomfrey, telling the three to quiet down.
"So vicious. You're like a bloody water Buffalo. Stomping around and roaring at people," James uttered, disgruntled.
"I don't think buffalos roar, mate," Remus corrected him.
"Maybe you'd know that if you, oh, I don't know, read," Valentine added as an afterthought.2
James crossed his arms and huffed, leaning into the massive mound of pillows behind his head as he muttered unintelligent words beneath his breath. Valentine laughed, reaching across and ruffling his hair.
"Okay, you're a stag," Valentine gave in.
"Thank you," James acknowledged, holding his chin high in appreciation. In all honesty, he loved the teasing. Wether it was him teasing her or the other way around, it was all done in fun. The past few weeks Valentine and him had truly been inseparable; wether it was sitting in the library doing homework in quiet or the two arguing over rules of Wizard Chess, James enjoyed her company more than anything, and she felt the same way.2
So if it made Valentine happy to call James a moose, no matter how stupid it was, he'd let her. He'd let her call him anything if it would make her laugh.
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pls tell us about the were woofs
TL;DR: The two main subtypes are 1.) Can control shifting at any time + during a moon phase, and 2.) Can only shift during a moon phase
A werwolf's transformation can also be affected based on if they were born a werewolf Vs. if they were bitten and turned.
Finch, having been bitten and turned, has transformations that take between 5-10 minutes on average. These transformations are also painful to some degree. This is because his body was not originally intended to do this, and is a constant state of adjusting to its changed DNA. A werewolf who is born a werewolf has quicker transitions (anywhere between less than a minute and 3 minutes max) and their transformations do not cause them any pain.
Finch is the first subtype, which is the less common of the two. I say "moon phase" because some werewolves have an induced moon transformation during a full moon, and also during a different moon phase. These are often referred to as "dual-shifters", but I'm going to go into the specifics under the cut, along with talking about how their bodies react to the upcoming/just passed induced transformation
I first wanna talk about the way in which a werewolf's body will react to the moon the week before and then in the several days after the moon itself. The week leading up to the moon, they tend to have a sort of growing anger, tensions can become very high and this is why pack leaders are very important as they often have to act as mediators. This is also why it's so common for Finch to take in a victim the week before a full moon. Now, after that surge of anger during the full moon, there comes an extended time of peace. It is common after this for children to be conceived because the wolves will be so tired they often find themselves with their mates.
Now, multi-moon shifters. Multi-moon shifters have the typical full moon transformation, but also take on induced transformations during a secondary moon phase. Moon phase transformations are passed genetically, so if a dual moon shifter has a child with a full moon only shifter, the child will have the full moon transformation along with their parent's secondary moon transformation. The amount of dual moon shifters used to be relatively low, but after many many generations have become much more common.
This is where things get complicated.
There is no genetic limitation on how many moons a werewolf can inherit as an induced transformation. There are some who have an induced transformation on 3 or 4 moons due to their parents & grandparents. Now there is no record of this happening, not that there are many records to keep, but it is technically possible for a werewolf to be born who suffers an induced transformation on all 8 moon phases. Typically, couples will try to avoid producing a child with more than 2 other moon transformations excluding the full moon. This is mainly due to the amount of stress placed on the body in the days leading up to the moon. A werewolf who would transform on all 8 moons would live in an almost constant state of intense highs and lows. Approximately every 3-4 days, the moon is in a new major phase (this obviously can change and depends on a bunch of space shit but you get the point). If we be kind and say it's every 4 days, this is what an 8 moon transformative werewolf's life would be: building anger, release of anger on the moon phase, 1 day of peace and calm, building anger, repeat, repeat, so on and so forth. It would be absolute hell.
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spikeface · 12 days ago
hey, anon about stiles and liam here! no, please, give me your thoughts. i've rewritten this four times now trying to make it coherent, cause i don't write metas, i'm just here to vibe. season four feels like they tried to pack a hundred different overlapping storylines into twelve episodes. it feels rushed. when scott is a berserker and liam is trying to snap him out of it, it doesn't feel like anything. it doesn't feel like there's any special bond between them. it's just a beta trying to get to his alpha. liam explicitly says that he doesn't wanna be a part of this, but betas follow their alphas. as we hear from derek to the twins previously in the show, that's what betas do. in season five though (and i'm only four episodes in, so i could be wrong!) it's like every time that stiles turns around, you can pretty much expect liam to be there. scott seems to give liam werewolf-y advise, but stiles is the one he seems to have an actual friendship with. pun intended, but stiles is the one that liam is following around like a lost puppy. liam follows stiles into the woods to look for theo against scott's wishes, liam hops right in to help stiles with the jeep in a way that makes it seem like it's not the first time he's done it. "the adults are trying to have a conversation." - "okay, you're like two years older than me." even in season four, stiles was the one that could get through to liam and help him gain control on the way to mexico. they honestly seem like siblings to me. if i had stopped watching after season three, and someone sent me these scenes and told me that liam was introduced as stiles' long lost, secret brother, i would easily believe it.
Thank you for expanding, anon, and my apologies for taking so long to reply. You've brought up a lot of points here, so I'm going to try to respond to each of them briefly--there's a lot more to say about all of it!
I definitely agree that Season 4 was rushed, and suspect that part of the problem with that season overall was that it was written as 24 episodes, as season 3 was, and was then cut to 12.
I also really agree that Stiles and Liam have a sibling vibe, and liked this as a way that Stiles grows in season 4. At the beginning, he blurts out harsh truths about the possibility of Liam dying from the bite, and then appears flustered that he has made Liam cry. This is the first time Stiles has ever seen someone visibly, vulnerably upset by what he's said onscreen, even if Liam turns out to be faking, and I think that, though he remains the sarcastic little shit we all know and love, Stiles grows from the experience. By the end of the season, he thoughtfully tells (harmless) lies to Liam in an effort to help him control his shift.
The Alpha-Beta bond between Scott and Liam was also hard for me to get into at the beginning of season 4--in part because I simply wasn't ready for new characters, especially after the loss of Allison, one of my favorite characters, and Isaac, my favorite of Scott's Betas. I loved the way they did the Alpha-Beta bond between Scott and Isaac, and how, though we see moments where they have some sort of supernatural werewolf ~*connection*~, the two are also friends and teammates--even brothers, since they live together.
I would have happily taken more of that with Scott and Liam, but also respect that the show tried to do something different with that relationship. Like Scott and Isaac, Scott and Liam are also teammates, but the show moves away from that aspect of their relationship after Liam is bitten. Scott initially calls them "brothers," but that's not meant to be correct. The season is interested in what it means to be a werewolf, not a monster or a human, and tries to investigate the Alpha-Beta bond on its own terms.
Which is hard! I'd argue that it is a special bond, but it was definitely one that was harder for me to understand at first, because it's outside of the human experience and the show stresses it as such. The Stiles-Liam or Scott-Isaac bonds were a lot easier for me to relate to; many people unofficially adopt a younger sibling, or make friends with someone who believes in them. "Special wolf bond from a bite" is harder to parse. When Scott hugs Liam at the end of "Orphaned," I was touched, of course, by the worry and tenderness Scott shows there, but also disoriented by it. Scott is a caring and tactile person generally, but it was intimate--and not a hug between two people who are just friends, or teammates, or brothers. It's a hug between Alpha and Beta, an expression of the same bond that can call Scott back from the abyss of being a berserker, or drive him to defeat the man trying to destroy him and his pack.
It's also the bond that helps Liam decide to go to Mexico, though I might push back a little against the idea that Liam goes to Mexico just because "Betas follow their Alphas." Liam has several significant moments where he faces his fears, about the supernatural (especially the berserkers) and his own personal issues that pre-date the bite, and going to Mexico is part of that. The bond is also meant to be about more than obedience or blind loyalty, which I think the show stresses by having Liam be so (understandably) freaked out by and disinterested in Scott and everything he represents at first. Scott earns Liam's faith and friendship by being a good Alpha--including explicitly telling Liam that he doesn't have to follow him if he doesn't want to, in "Monstrous"--which is why Liam ultimately decides to help him.
The question of what the bond between Alpha and Beta means continues to be a theme of season 5. I suspect that by this point, you've watched more of that season, but just in case, I won't go into it now. I also think the season investigates Stiles' relationship with Liam, though it has more to do with Stiles' paranoia and how he handles it. Stiles has some fun sibling-type quips with Liam at the beginning that reflect their fraternal dynamic, but I see his scenes with Liam in "Parasomnia" as him taking advantage, a little bit, of the fact that, like you said, Liam will follow him around like a puppy, in order to stalk Theo.
To sum up, I agree that Scott&Liam's friendship is different from Stiles&Liam's, and I respect that the show made them different, and what they tried to do with Scott's relationship with Liam. The last thing I want to add is tangential to what you asked, anon, so forgive me for tacking it on, but I just want to stress that none of these relationships need to be in competition. Everyone will have their preferences about favorite characters, relationships, and dynamics, and liking one doesn't have to mean the others are insignificant.
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surveyhoursss · 14 days ago
Cringe culture is dead; embrace tradition
You'd Rather Be Pale Than Tan
You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things
You're Lustful/Sexual
When You're Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them.
You're Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive.
You've Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It
Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak
You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others
You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything
You're more active at night
Total: 2
You're Incredibly Lustful/Sexual
Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind
You Could Make Someone Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing
You're Not A Virgin
You Burn Through Lovers Quickly
You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath
If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane
You Have Strong / Long Nails
You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want
Total: 1
You have a bad temper
You're incredibly physically strong and fast
You Love The Moon
You're Very Loyal
If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them
You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed
You Like Dogs
You're fairly Sturdy in stature
You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person
You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time
Total: 7
You Like Cats
You're lithe and agile
You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet
You Like Gymnastics
You Love To Eat Seafood
You're Affectionate And Cozy
If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them
You Like Yarn
You Like Chasing Things
You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter
Total: 3
You're An Outcast
You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive
You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry
You Tend To Zone Out
You Don't Feel Very Smart
You Like Worms
You Like Taking Things Slowly
You Like Odd Foods
You Prefer To Suffer In Silence
You Don't Get Much Sleep
Total: 5
You're Invisible
You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence
You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them
You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face
You're Incredibly Gentle
You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive
You Tend To Simply Disappear When No One's Looking
You Enjoy Scaring People
You Like The Indoors
You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens
Total: 5
You Will Eat Just About Anything
You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically
You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed
You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them
You Like Stalking People
You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces
You Get Hungry Easily
You Like Torture
You live to hurt people
You Like The Idea Of Being Insane
Total: 0
You're Into Wicca/Paganism
You Like Magical Objects
You Believe In Magic
You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis
People Find You Intolerably Cruel
You enjoy manipulating people
You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization
You Love Black Cats/Ravens
You Practice Voodoo
You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive
Total: 2
You Have Different Personalities
Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second
You Have More Than One Lover
You're Unpredictable
You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit in
You Are Fond Of Many Different Things
You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor
You often say one thing and mean another
You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off
Total: 4
You Have A Very Bad Temper
You're Usually Angry
You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take
You Worship Satan
You like pentagrams
You love to mess with people's heads
You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud
You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt
Physically Harming Someone Turns You On
You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person
Total: 0
You're A Very Good Person (I like to think so ;w;)
You Take Care With Everything You Do
You Can Be Extremely Serious
You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies
You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone
You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love
You're A Virgin/Lip Virgin (Have Never Kissed Anyone Apart From Family)
You Love God
Total: 3.5
You Enchant People
You Like Organic Things
You're Almost Always Smiling
You Love The World Around You
You Get Attached To Animals Easily
You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick / Prince-Charming
You Fall In Love Easily
You Don't HATE Anyone
You Have A Very Bright / Bubbly / Friendly Personality more so than a really dark or mean one
You like long hair on myself
Total: 7
You are: Faerie/Elf ^-^ 非常可爱!!
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notanotherspnrewrite · 16 days ago
Supernatural Rewrite - 1x21 Sloth
Summary: Believing that a family in Louisville, Kentucky is set to be attacked in the same manner as Mary was, Sam, Dean, and John head there to save them and finally kill the demon using the Colt. However, Meg has other plans for them.
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester, John Winchester, Meg Masters, Jim Murphy, Original Characters
Words: 6K+
AO3 Link
Chapter 1
Shreveport, Louisiana
Pastor James Murphy stands at the pulpit of his church. Rows of empty pews stretch out before him as he flips through a bible, rehearsing a sermon, “Sloth! I feel it when I’m slouched on my couch, snack in hand, mindlessly watching TV. I’m sure a lot of you can identify. But is it really a sin? Does it really matter to the Lord if you live in a cluttered house, have an unkempt lawn, or constantly update a to-do list of unfinished chores? Are such things a sign of failure of character, an offense to God? Well, maybe. But it’s not the whole picture. Proverbs 10:4 - 
‘Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth’...” 
Engrossed in the passages, James doesn’t notice when the door to the church opens. 
“...Paul, in his letter to a young pastor, urged him to step up in his ministry, in his preparation to preach the Word, and in his development of his spiritual gifts. He says, ‘Be diligent in these matters; give yourself wholly to them, so that everyone may see your progress.’ With these things in mind, we err if we think of sloth as being the same thing as laziness, though that is one aspect of it. The greater issue with sloth has to do with what we love, with what shapes our attitudes towards life. The worst part of sloth is not laziness, but rather is apathy. It’s the failure to do the things that we should-” 
Someone claps. 
Startled, James looks up and into the pews. His eyes fall on someone. “Good morning. Can I help you with something?” 
“Maybe,” comes a voice. 
Meg Masters sits in the very last row. “I have a few things on my mind.” She gets up and walks toward James, an amused smile on her lips.  
“Would you like to talk about them?” James asks.  
“I would,” Meg says. “But first, I’d like to know where the Winchesters are. I heard a rumor that you might be able to help me with that.” 
Fear creeps into James’ expression. “You’re one of them, aren’t you?” He backs away from the pulpit, his eyes darting to a door behind him. 
Meg’s eyes flick to black, then back to their normal color.
James nearly stumbles and falls, but rights himself at the last moment. “You can’t be here! This is hallowed ground.”  
“Yeah, that might work on some demons, but not me.” 
James turns and runs through the door.
She rolls her eyes. “Seriously?” 
James hurries into the vestry and removes a panel from the wall. Behind it is an arsenal - firearms, silver blades, crucifixes, chainsaws. “Dammit. Where did I put the holy water?” 
“Oh, Jimmy!” Meg’s voice calls from out in the hall.  
James picks up a silver knife and grips it in his hand. He turns back to the door. “The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack-” 
She steps into the room. “Really?” She raises an eyebrow. “Cause it looks like you’re going to have to rescue you. Pretty lame if you ask me.”  
“-and will bring me safely to His heavenly kingdom.” James raises his arm and throws the knife. “Leave here, demon!”
Meg catches the knife by the handle, the blade inches from penetrating her heart. “Not quite yet.” She twirls it around her fingers before tossing it aside. “You know if that had hit me, it wouldn’t have done any good, right? I’m not a werewolf.”
James stands his ground. “What do you want?” 
“I already told you,” Meg says. “I want to know where the Winchester’s are. Can you tell me?”  
“I haven’t spoken to any of them in over a year,” James says. “You’re wasting your time. And even if I did know where they were, there’s no way I’d ever tell you.” 
Meg sighs. “I heard your sermon. I know you understand sloth. You should do this, Jim.”  
James doesn’t say a word, only stands there, chest puffed out, chin held high. 
In response, Meg simply shrugs and starts to back out of the room. “Well, okay, then. Later, Jimmy.” She waves as she disappears from view. 
James hears a few paces of footsteps move down the hall, then abruptly stop. “What?”  
Bewildered, he bends to pick up the knife, then goes to the door and looks out. 
Meg is gone.  
Chapter 2
In their same motel room in Dover, Sam, Dean, and John stand, looking down at something. 
“This is it?” Sam asks. 
Strewn across the beds and desk are countless newspaper articles, maps, photographs, books, and handwritten notes. 
“This is it,” John confirms. “This is everything I know. We’ve been searching for this demon for a long time, right? Not a trace, just nothing, until about a year ago. For the first time, I picked up a trail.” 
“That’s when you took off,” Dean says. 
John nods. “Yeah. The demon must have come out of hiding.” 
“What’s this trail you found?”  
John picks up one of the maps and moves his finger across it. “It started in Arizona, then New Jersey, California. Parents killed in the same manner your mother was.” 
“Parents with infants?” Sam asks. 
“Yeah, the night of the kid’s 6-month birthday.” 
Sam frowns. “Wait. I was 6 months old that night?” 
“Exactly 6 months.” 
“So, basically, this demon is going after these kids the same way it came after me? So Mom’s death, Jess’ death, it was my fault,” Sam says. 
Dean shakes his head. “We still don’t know that for sure, Sam.” 
“I’d say we can be pretty damn sure, Dean.” 
“What happened to them is not your fault.”  
“Fine. But it is my problem.” 
“No, it’s our problem.”
“That’s enough,” John snaps at them. As he does, he sways slightly and puts a hand on Dean’s shoulder to steady himself.
“Dad, you okay?” Dean asks. 
John lets go of Dean and stands on his own. “Yeah, just a little dizzy.” 
“Maybe you should have gone to an actual hospital instead of breaking into a veterinary clinic,” Dean says. He eyes John’s bandaged face and arms, remembers the crack his head made, even from a distance, as it hit the concrete. 
“I’m fine. Can we just focus, please?” 
Dean wants to argue, but Sam returns them to the case, “So why is the demon doing what it’s doing? What does it want?” 
“I don’t know,” John admits. “I wish I did. I’ve always been one step behind it. I’ve never gotten there in time to save anyone.” 
“Then what do we do?” Dean asks. “How do we get there in time?” 
John picks up a handful of newspaper articles. “There are signs. It took me a while to see the pattern, but in the days before the deaths, warnings crop up in the area - temperature fluctuations, electrical storms. So I went back and checked - these things happened in Lawrence, too, the week before your mother died. And in Palo Alto before Jessica.”  
“Where’s the last place you saw these signs?” Sam asks. 
“Louisville, Kentucky. Just before I met up with you two.” 
“Then let’s go,” Dean says. 
The three of them start to move about, picking up John’s research to pack away. 
John’s truck drives down a highway followed by the Impala. Behind the wheel, John talks on the phone. “Alright. Thanks, Jim.” He hangs up, then puts his turn signal on and slows, preparing to pull off.
From the passenger seat of the Impala, Sam asks, “What’s he doing? We’re not there yet.” 
John pulls into a rest stop and parks. He gets out, slamming the door behind him. 
“What’s wrong?” Dean asks when he and Sam reach him. 
“I just got a call from Jim Murphy,” John says. “Apparently your friend Meg paid him a visit. She wants to know where we are.” 
Sam’s mouth drops open. “Pastor Jim? Is he okay?” 
“Yeah, he’s fine.”
Dean lets out a relieved breath. “What did he tell her?” 
“Nothing,” John says. “He didn’t have anything to tell. I haven’t talked to him in a while. But her boss must know we’re getting close.” 
“So what now?”
John already has a plan, “We act like every second counts. There’s 15 hospitals in Jefferson County. We split up, we cover as much ground as possible in as little time as possible.”  
“What are we looking for?” Dean asks. 
“Records,” John answers. “I want a list of every infant that’s gonna be 6 months old in the next week.” 
Sam’s eyebrows shoot up. “Across the whole county? Dad, that could be over a thousand kids. How the hell are we gonna know which one’s the right one?” 
“We check them all. That’s how.” 
“That’s gonna be impossible.” 
“Have you got any better ideas?” 
“No, sir,” Sam admits. 
“Good,” John says. “This ends now. I’m ending it. I don’t care what it takes.” 
“Yes, sir.” 
Dean isn’t feeling as obedient, ‘I don’t care what it takes’ ringing in his ears. “Yeah, okay.”
Louisville, Kentucky
Sam sits at a table in a hospital’s record room surrounded by dozens of manila files. He reads through them and takes down the names, dates, and addresses of the infants in a notebook. “Audrey Ford, six months tomorrow...” 
The clerk comes up and sets another pile of files on the desk. “Here you go, officer. Here’s the rest of what you asked for.” 
Sam immediately reaches out for the files. “Thank you.”
The clerk watches him. “You must be on some time crunch.”  
“Yeah, I am.”  
In another hospital, Dean walks up to the reception desk and leans on the counter, waiting for the receptionist to get off the phone. When she does, she glares at Dean’s elbow, inches from her face. He quickly straightens up and drops his arms to his sides. 
“Can I help you with something?” the receptionist asks in a less-than-friendly tone. 
“Yes, ma’am,” Dean says. He reaches into an inside jacket pocket and pulls out his FBI badge. He holds it up for her to see. 
The receptionist studies it, unimpressed. “I wasn’t aware the FBI had gone so far down hill.”  
Not in the mood, Dean snaps, “Could you just point me in the direction of the records room?” 
Sam walks out of the room in a hurry, eyes scanning through the notes he’s made. “Cameron Dale, six months in two days...” 
He makes it a few feet down the hall, then stops suddenly, a strange look forming on his face. He winces and doubles over, reaching for his forehead. The notebook falls to the ground. 
In a nursery, a young woman, Savanna Day, is holding her infant daughter, Rosie, in her arms. 
Outside, a bus horn sounds, followed by a screech of tires and angry shouting. 
Savanna looks out the window and peers down from the apartment window. She shakes her head. “All that noise... No wonder this place was so cheap.”  
Across the street, she can see a bus attempting to pull out of a station. The bus driver has his arm out the window, trying to wave a group of pedestrians out of the way. 
Sam blinks, pulling himself back to the present. He leans down and picks up the notebook. He stuffs it into his backpack and pulls out a map of Louisville. He opens it and searches until he finds a tiny bus symbol. 
He walks down a street and stops in front of an apartment building. Across from him is the bus station he saw in his premonition. He turns away from it and makes to go into the apartment building, but another stab of pain shoots through his head. 
Savanna steps into the doorway of the nursery. She freezes when she sees a figure standing over Rosie’s crib. The figure's head turns to look at her. 
Sam rubs his temples, then pulls a water battle out of his backpack and takes a long drink. As he’s wiping his mouth, he looks out ahead of him and sees Savanna coming down the street from the opposite direction. She is pushing a stroller, Rosie inside. 
“We’re almost home!” Savanna says happily to her baby.  
“Oh my god,” Sam breathes. 
Savanna struggles with a large bag of groceries, trying to move it from one hand to the other while still pushing the stroller. She drops it with a CLANG. Groceries spill out across the sidewalk. “Oh, f- fudge.” 
Sam quickly puts his water bottle away and hurries up to her. “Here. Let me help you with that.” He kneels down and collects the spilled groceries, putting them back in the bag. Then he gets back to his feet and holds the bag out to her.
Savanna takes it. “That is so nice. Thank you so much.” 
Sam extends his hand. “I’m Sam. I just moved into an apartment up the block.” 
Savanna takes it. “Oh! Well, welcome to the neighborhood. I’m Savanna. This is Rosie.” 
“It’s nice to meet you,” Sam says. “Have you two lived here long?” 
“Well, the three of us - my husband, Rosie, and I - moved here just after Rosie was born,” Savanna says. 
“How old is Rosie?” 
“She’s 6 months old today. And she’s growing like a weed.”  
Sam forces a smile. “Yeah, I bet,” he says. “Listen - I’ve, uh, got to get to work, but you take care of yourself, okay? 
Savanna smiles back at him. “You too, Sam. We’ll see you around.” 
“Yeah. Definitely.” 
Savanna pushes the stroller forward and walks with Rosie into the apartment building. “Here we are!”  
Sam watches after her. Once she’s inside, he starts to walk away, but another premonition pushes to the surface. 
Savanna is on the ground outside the nursery, her eyes burned out. 
Her husband, Noah, falls to the ground beside her and pulls her body into his lap. “Savanna? Savanna!”  
Chapter 3
In their Louisville motel room, Dean and John each sit on one of the beds watching Sam, who is curled up in the desk chair, hands pressing an ice pack to his forehead. 
“So does anyone want to tell me what’s going on?” John asks. 
“I had a premonition,” Sam says. 
“A premonition?”  
Sam slowly nods. “Yeah. I saw the demon standing over Rosie’s crib, and then Savanna was dead outside with her eyes burned out.” 
“And you think it’s actually going to happen because...?” 
“Because these things happen exactly the way I see them,” Sam says. “Every time.” 
“It started out as nightmares,” Dean explains, “and then he started having them while he was awake.” 
“It’s like the closer I get to anything involving the demon, the stronger the premonitions start to get,” Sam adds. 
“Why didn’t you tell me about any of this?” John asks.  
“Well, we didn’t know what it meant,” Dean says. 
“That’s exactly why you should’ve told me,” John snaps. “You should’ve picked up the phone and called me.” 
Dean scoffs. “Called you? Are you kidding me? I did call you. Sam called you. Getting you on the phone wasn’t exactly easy.” 
John sighs. “You’re right,” he admits. “Although I’m not exactly crazy about this new tone of yours, you’re right.”  
“Premonitions or no premonitions,” Sam says, “the fact is, we know the demon is coming tonight. And this family’s gonna go through the same hell we went through.” 
“No, they’re not,” John says. “No one is ever again.” 
“I’d drink to that.” 
Dean shifts in his seat, uncomfortable. “Guys-” 
Sam’s phone rings. He unfurls from the chair, puts the ice pack down, and answers it. “Hello?”  
“Sam?” comes a voice. 
Sam frowns. “Meg?” 
“The one and only.”  
“The last time I saw you, you had a bullet hole in your chest,” Sam quips. 
“Yeah, thanks to your brother,” Meg complains. “Who’s the real villain of this story?” 
Sam’s brow furrows, unsure how to respond to that. 
John gets up and walks over to him. “Give me the phone.” 
Sam shakes his head and puts a hand over the transmitter. “Hold on.”  
“No. Now, Sam.”  
Sam doesn’t. He opens and closes his mouth, still trying to form an answer. “Uh-” 
John doesn't wait. He grabs the phone from him and puts it to his ear.
Tupelo, Mississippi
400 miles away, Meg stolls down a street eating an ice cream cone and gazing into shop windows. 
“This is John,” she hears through the phone. 
She smiles. “Howdy, John. I’m Meg. I’m a friend of your boys. Could you put Sam back on, please?” 
“No. You can speak to me.”
“Fine,” Meg concedes. “Are you going to tell me where you three are, or do I need to visit another hunter friend of yours?” She comes to a stop outside of a gun shop and tosses the remains of her ice cream cone into a nearby trash can. “I’m in Tupelo, in case you were wondering.”
She hears John suck in a breath. “Caleb?” 
Through the shop’s window, Meg can see a man behind the counter talking to a customer. The man, Caleb, pulls a shotgun down off a display and shows it to them.
“That’s right,” Meg says. 
Back in Louisville, John’s expression has become dark. His free hand clenches into a fist. “You listen to me,” he says, turning away from Sam and Dean, “He doesn’t have anything to do with this. He doesn’t know anything. You leave him alone.” 
“Come on. Your buddy Jim is alright, isn’t he?” Meg asks. “Now, rumor has it, Daniel Elkins left you his special Colt when he died. You and your boys wouldn’t happen to have it with you, would you?” 
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” 
“Somehow, I really doubt that’s true.”  
John sneers. “I’m gonna kill you. You know that, right?” 
Meg is unconcerned by the threat. “Oh, please. Mind your blood pressure.”  
“If you won’t tell me where you are, how about you send me the gun?” Meg suggests. “How does priority mail sound to you?” 
“What do you want with it?” John asks. “What does your boss want with it?” 
Meg shrugs. “The same thing you do. We have something we’d like to kill. And hey: at least it’s not you!” 
John doesn’t respond as he starts to formulate a new plan in his head. 
“So what’ll it be?” Meg presses. 
John glances over his shoulder at Sam and Dean. “Okay,” he says. “I’ll meet you. I’ll bring you the Colt.” 
“Great!” Meg says. “There’s an old warehouse in Tupelo on the corner of Wabash and Lake.” 
“It’s gonna take me a few hours to get there.” 
“Take your time. No worries. I’ll be waiting.”  
Meg hangs up. John drops the phone from his ear and turns back around to face Sam and Dean. He hands Sam his phone.
“What the hell was that?” Dean asks. “You’re gonna give Meg the gun?” 
“No,” John says. “But I am gonna go to Tupelo and meet her, serve as a distraction.” 
“Dad, the demon is coming tonight for Savanna and her family,” Sam says.  
“Exactly,” John agrees. “Which is why you two will be here, with the gun, to deal with it.” 
“What happens when Meg realizes you don’t have the gun with you?” Dean asks. 
“Besides us, no one’s really seen it,” John explains. “No one knows what it looks like.”  
“So you’re gonna fake it?” 
“Yeah. I should be able to find something similar at an antique store,” John reasons.  
“And you really think she’s not gonna notice?” 
John tries to wave off Dean’s concerns, “As long as it’s close, she shouldn’t be able to tell the difference.” 
It doesn’t work. “For how long? What happens when she figures it out?”
“It’ll be fine, Dean.” 
“You mean it’ll be fine for Dean and me,” Sam puzzles out. 
John gives him a sad smile. “Yes,” he says. “I want for you and your brother to be able to move past all of this. I want you to be able to go back to school. I want Dean to have a home. I just want this to be over.”  
Later, the three of them stand outside the motel by their cars. They make sure no one else is around before John pulls out the decoy Colt. He shows it to Sam and Dean. 
“You know this thing with Meg is a trap, don’t you?” Dean asks. 
“Yeah,” John says. “I can handle it. I’ve got a whole arsenal prepared.” He pats his truck. When Dean doesn’t look reassured, he reaches in and pulls out a flask with a cross on it. He shakes it and liquid swishes around inside. “I’ve even got holy water.”  
“Okay,” Dean relents a little. “Just promise me something.” 
“What’s that?” 
“Try not to die.” 
John hesitates. “Yeah. You too. Speaking of...” He puts the fake Colt and the flask in his truck and pulls out the real Colt. He handles it carefully, running a hand over it like it’s a prized possession. “As you know, the bullets for this Colt were made special. And there’s only four of them left. Without them, this gun is useless. You’ve gotta make every shot count.” 
“Yes, sir,” Sam says. 
“I’ve been waiting a long time for this fight,” John continues. “Now it’s here, and I’m not gonna be in it. It’s up to you boys now. It’s your fight. You have to finish this. You have to finish what I started. You understand?” 
When Sam and Dean both nod, John holds the Colt out to Dean, who tentatively takes it, holding it like the true weight that it is.  
“We’ll see you soon, Dad,” Sam says. 
John puts a hand up to cover his mouth. “See you,” he says through a yawn. “Excuse me.” 
“You sure you’re okay for a long drive?” Dean asks, wary. 
“I’ll be fine,” John says. “I’ll stop and get some coffee on the way.” Before Dean can protest further, he gets in his truck and closes the door. He doesn’t look out at them. 
Sam grabs Dean’s arm and guides him to the Impala. They get in and both cars drive out of the parking lot, speeding off in opposite directions.
Chapter 4
John’s truck pulls up to the corner of Wabash and Lake and parks. An old warehouse looms up through the dark beside it. John gets out, looks around, then reaches into the back of the truck. He pulls out the fake Colt and the holy water flask. “You’ve got this, John. You’ve got this.” He sticks them into jacket pockets and walks toward the warehouse.
Bus after bus drives into the Louisville station and lets out tired, travel-worn passengers. The Impala is parked off to the side, facing away from the pandemonium. They hear the announcement, “The next bus to arrive at platform 3 will be the 10PM service from Chicago...” 
Across the street, Savanna can be seen standing on her balcony. Inside, Noah taps on the glass and waves at her, holding Rosie. Savanna smiles and waves back, then goes inside and embraces the two of them.
Sam and Dean watch the scene, neither of them speaking. 
Then Sam disrupts the silence to let out a long, frustrated sigh. 
“What’s wrong?” Dean asks.  
“Maybe we could tell them there’s a gas leak or something.” 
“Or something?” 
“Something that would get them out of the house for a few hours,” Sam suggests. 
“For a few hours,” Dean repeats. “Okay, but we don’t exactly know what the timetable is other than sometime tonight. The demon could just wait around for them to come back.” 
“We could always try telling them the truth.” 
“Yeah, right.” 
“I know, I know.”
“We’ve only got one move,” Dean says. “It’s the Colt. We’ve gotta wait for the demon to show itself, and then we get in there before it gets them.” 
“I know,” Sam says again. “I wonder how Dad is doing. You think he made it there okay?” 
“I don’t know,” Dean admits. “But I’d feel a lot better if we were with him, backing him up.” 
“I’d feel a lot better if he were here backing us up.” 
“Maybe next time.” 
“Well, if we’re lucky, there won’t be a next time.”  
Dean looks away, troubled. “If we’re lucky.”  
Sam doesn’t notice. An oddly carefree expression on his face, he says, “This is all so weird.” 
“What is?” 
“After all these years, we’re finally, actually here,” Sam says. “It doesn’t seem real.” 
“We’ve just gotta keep our heads and do our job like always,” Dean says. 
“Yeah, but this isn’t like always,” Sam insists. After a pause, he adds, “And Dean... I do want to thank you.”  
“For what?” 
Sam waves a hand around in an encompassing gesture. “For everything. You’ve always had my back. When I couldn’t count on anyone else, I could always count on you. I just want you to know I appreciate that. Just in case.” 
Dean’s head whips around to look at him. “Are you kidding me?”  
“Don’t say ‘just in case’.” 
“Why not?” 
“Because nothing’s gonna happen to you,” Dean says. “Nobody’s dying tonight. Not us, not that family. Nobody except that demon. That evil son of a bitch isn’t getting any older than tonight. You understand me?” 
“Yeah,” Sam lies.  
They return to staring quietly up at the apartment building.
John walks into the warehouse. It’s a dim and dusty space with elongated shadows from long-forgotten crates. “Hello?” he calls. 
Meg steps out. “John, you made it!” 
“You must be Meg.” 
Meg saunters up to him. “I am. And look at you!” She gives him a once-over. “I can see where Sam gets his good looks. Though I must admit, considering what they say about you, I thought you’d be a little bit taller.” 
“How about we just get down to business,” John snaps. 
Meg raises an eyebrow. “Touchy, touchy. Okay, if that’s what you want. Hand over the gun.” 
John squints and rubs his forehead. “If I give you the gun, how do I get out of here?” 
“The same way you came in.” 
“Or I could just shoot you and get it over with.” 
“Yes, you already threatened that,” Meg says. “Go ahead, if you want. It doesn’t matter anymore. But it won’t end anything. There’s more where I came from.” 
The door to the warehouse opens and a man steps inside. When he sees Meg and John, he comments, “Well, it looks like I’m in the right place.” 
“Benji!” Meg greets him. 
John follows Benji with his eyes as he walks over to stand beside Meg. “Who the hell is he?” 
“A friend.” 
“Why is he here?” 
“Because I invited him,” Meg says. “So are you gonna give us the gun, or do I have to search you for it?” 
John reluctantly pulls the fake Colt out of his pocket and hands it to her. 
Meg inspects the gun, holding it close to her face. “This is the Colt?” 
“It is.” 
Meg passes the Colt to Benji. “What do you think?” 
Benji checks the cylinder, closes it back up, then raises the gun to his shoulder. “I think there’s one way to find out.” 
“Are you really sure you want to do that?” Meg asks. 
Benji grimaces. “No. But we have to know for sure that it’s the real deal.” He cocks the gun and pulls the trigger. The shot echoes through the warehouse as the bullet shoots through Benji’s shoulder and hits a crate behind him. Benji stumbles backward a few steps and falls to the ground, eyes closed. 
Meg hurries over and kneels beside him. “Benji!?” 
Benji’s eyes pop open. He gets to his feet, pulling Meg with him. He gives her the revolver back. “It feels like a garden variety gun to me.” 
Chapter 5
Meg tosses the gun to the side. It skids across the floor and hits the wall. “So it’s a fake.” 
“Yep,” Benji says. 
Meg turns to John and folds her arms across her chest. “Seriously?” 
John puts up a hand, feigning innocence. “I can explain.”  With his other hand, he reaches into his pocket. 
“Can’t wait to hear this,” Benji mutters. 
Trying not to draw attention, John starts to undo the cap on the holy water. “I hadn’t used it. How could I know it didn’t work?” 
“You really expect me to believe you got your hands on thee Colt and you didn’t test it out?” Meg asks.   
John doesn’t answer. In one smooth move, he pulls the uncapped flask out of his pocket and tosses the contents in Meg’s and Benji’s direction. 
Benji realizes first, “Oh cr-” 
Meg frowns. “What-” 
The holy water hit them. They both scream as the flesh on their faces starts to burn. 
“No, actually,” John admits. 
“John!” Meg screams. 
John hurries to pick up the fake Colt, then runs from the warehouse.
All is still quiet at the Day’s apartment building. In the Impala, Dean is on his phone.
“This is John Winchester,” the voicemail message says. “I can’t be reached. If this is an emergency call my son, Dean - 785-555-0179. He can help.” 
When the message ends, Dean hangs up and tosses the phone onto the seat beside him. “Dad’s not answering.” 
“Maybe Meg wasn’t there,” Sam suggests. “Maybe the cell reception is bad.” 
Behind them, they can hear the bus station’s announcements say, “The next bus to arrive at platform-” The words fade out, overcome by a crackling sound.
Both brothers become more alert. Overhead, lights all along the street begin to flicker on and off.
Sam pulls the Colt out of the backseat. “It’s coming.” He checks the cylinder. 
“Are you ready?” Dean asks.  
“Aren’t you?” 
Sam and Dean look at each other - this is it. They both nod, then get out of the Impala.
CLICK. The door to the Day’s apartment opens and Sam steps inside holding a lockpick set. “Let’s go,” he says a little too loudly.  
“Shh,” Dean hisses as he follows Sam inside. “Do you know where we-?” 
“Watch out!”  
They’ve barely closed the door when Noah comes at them with a baseball bat. He swings at Dean. “Get out! Get out right now!” 
Dean grabs the bat and tosses it aside. “Mr. Day, we’re not here to hurt you. We’re trying to help you, okay?”  
“Noah, is everything okay out there?” Savanna calls from somewhere in the apartment.  
“Savanna, get Rosie!” Noah shouts back.  
Sam tries to move farther into the apartment. “No! Don’t go in the nursery!”  
Noah lunges at Sam, but Dean grabs him and shoves him against the wall, holding him in place. “Sam, go!” 
“No!” Noah yells as Sam disappears down the hall. He struggles against Dean, who punches him hard, knocking him unconscious. 
Savanna runs out of the bedroom and toward the nursery. She opens the door to find a figure standing beside the crib. It’s head turns to look at her. 
Savanna starts to charge into the room. “What-” 
“I don’t think so,” a voice says. It doesn’t come from the figure. A man, dressed in a suit, materializes beside Savanna and puts out an arm, stopping her from entering. 
Savanna presses against his arm, trying to move it. “Get out of my way!” 
“Sorry, can’t do that,” the man says. He lifts his hand and places it onto Savanna’s forehead. 
“Savanna!” comes Sam’s voice from around the corner. 
The man looks down the hall. “Oh, crap.” He vanishes into thin air just as Sam appears. 
Savanna starts into the nursery again, but Sam reaches her first and holds her back. “Don’t.”  
Savanna points desperately into the room. Sam follows her finger. The figure is still there, watching them. Sam raises the Colt and fires. “It’s over!” 
The figure disappears in the same manner as the man. The bullet crashes into the far wall. Rosie begins to cry. 
Savanna runs to her. “Rosie!” She lifts her out of her crib and starts inspecting her. “Why- why is there blood on your mouth? Are you hurt?” 
Dean comes up beside Sam and grabs his arm, trying to pull him away. “Come on. We gotta go. Somebody probably heard that gunshot.” 
Sam isn’t able to move at first, a mix of emotions running through him. Dean gives him another nudge and he reluctantly runs back with him the way they came.  
John returns to his truck and tosses the fake Colt and the empty flask into the back. “Alright. Time to go, John.”  He gets into the cabin. As he closes the door, Meg and Benji step out of the warehouse, already fully healed. 
John fumbles with the car keys as he tries to put them in the ignition. “Dammit!” 
Meg opens the passenger side door and she and Benji slide in, Meg right next to John. “Well, this is cozy.”   
“I’m not going to give you what you want,” John says. “If you’re going to kill me, just get it over with.”  
“Let’s forget about all that for a second. Including the fact that you just tried to burn our faces off,” Meg says. “I have another proposition for you.” 
The Impala pulls out of the bus station and starts down the street. As they go, police cars pass them going in the opposite direction. They stop in front of the Day’s building.  
Chapter 6
Sam and Dean burst into their motel room and collapse onto the beds. Sam is still holding the Colt. 
“Well, that sucked,” Dean grumbles. “Where’s my-” He rummages around in his pockets and pulls out his phone. He dials. “Dad, answer, dammit.” 
“This is John Winchester-” 
Dean hangs up. “Something’s wrong.” 
Sam doesn’t react. He is staring straight ahead at the wall, consumed by the anger of failure. 
Dean watches him. “Sam?” 
“Yeah, something’s wrong.” 
“That’s what I just said. Are you okay?”  
“Am I okay? The demon is still alive, Dean.”  
Dean sighs. “I know. But we’ve got three more bullets. We’ll get it next time. We’ll be more prepared.” 
“What if there is no next time?” Sam asks. “What if we can’t find it again? That thing killed Jess. That thing killed Mom.”  
“I know it did,” Dean says. “And I want to end it just as badly as you do. But, look... even if we don’t, it’s okay.” 
Sam stares at him. “What the hell are you talking about?” 
“Sam, you said yourself once - no matter what we do, Mom and Jess are gone,” Dean answers. “And they’re never coming back.” 
Sam jumps up, leaving the Colt behind on the bed. He glares down at Dean, teeth bared. He advances on him.
“Sam, what are you-?” 
Sam grabs Dean by his jacket, lifts him up, and slams him against the wall. “Don’t you say that!” 
“Not after all this. Don’t you say that.”  
Dean tries gently to reason with him, “The three of us - we have each other. As long as that’s true, it’s gonna be okay. Whether we kill the demon or not.” 
Sam blinks. “The three of us...” He shakes his head, trying to come back to himself. “Dad...” 
“Yeah, Dad,” Dean says. “That’s what I’ve been trying to tell you.” 
“He should have called by now. Why hasn’t he?” 
“I don’t know-” 
Sam lets go of Dean and takes a step back. “Try him again.” 
“If he hasn’t answered by now, I’m not sure he’s gonna.” 
“Do it anyway!” 
Dean steps away from the wall. “Okay, okay. Geez.” He moves carefully around Sam to pick up his phone. He dials, then puts it on speaker.
This time, it picks up. “Hey, Dean,” Meg’s voice comes through. 
Sam’s eyes go wide. “No.” 
Dean glares at the phone. “Meg. Where is he?”  
“He’s busy,” Meg says. 
“Put him on. Right now.” 
In the warehouse in Tupelo, Meg rolls her eyes. Nearby, John and Benji are talking quietly, calmly. Meg waves to get John’s attention, then holds the phone out to him. 
“Who is it?” John asks.  
John walks up and takes the phone from her. He puts it to his ear. “Hey, boys.” 
“Dad?” Dean says. 
“Everything’s okay,” John says. “You don’t need to worry about me.” He hangs up. 
Sam and Dean gape at the phone. 
Dean starts, “What-” 
“Call him back!” Sam urges.  
Dean frantically redials. They’re immediately sent to voicemail, “This is John Winchester-” 
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angelicamerlinbarnes · 16 days ago
James Potter, Remus Lupin, & Sirius Potter Lupin’s QPP Rules & Boundaries as discussed and mediated by Minerva Mcgonogall and Severus Snape
QPP = queerplatonic partnership
(this is weirdly formatted please forgive me i have very limited options and i'm new here)
“Friend-dates” will occur approximately three times per month at least. Sirius Potter Lupin and Remus Lupin hereby rescind their right to the planning of said friend-dates exempting my birthday.
I absolutely do not rescind.
I do.
Remus Lupin will be allowed at least two hours per day for homework without any interruption from the two idiots he’s chosen to spend his life with lest one of them be on fire or dead.
Fair enough.
Picnics will only take place by the lake with the giant squid.
Sirius Potter Lupin is forbidden from being within five hundred feet of the giant squid. So is his wand.
You’re no fun, Moony.
When James and Moony are doing that
disgustingly sappy curse upon my innocent eyes
THING where we close our eyes and press our foreheads together for an unspecified amount of time, Sirius Potter Lupin must agree to leave us the fuck alone.
Remus Lupin will not be doing any of Sirius or James’ homework lest there is an emergency. (Emergencies include: lying letters from bitch mothers, depressive slumps, shortage of ADHD medication, self-harm recovery, anxiety/panic attacks, relapses into unspecified eating disorders, traumatic episodes, James fucked something up with Severus and/or Lily and needs to focus all his energy into fixing it, a prank involving Peter of which I am disinvolved.)
(What about
Remus and James will tell Sirius these exact words: “I love you” without alteration or exception at least once every day. Twice is preferable.
The same words will be repeated to Remus at least once a day, barring the occasional addition of “fucking” in between “I” and “love” for reasonable purposes. Seven times per day is required the day before, of, and after the full moon.
I love you, Pads.
I love you too, Moonshine.
James and Sirius hereby agree to spend an obscene amount of their respective riches to shower Moony in affectionate gifts, such as chocolate, jumpers, and books.
Absolutely not.
Remus Lupin, in return, promises to keep on being his wonderful breathing self and to understand that aforementioned gifts come from a place of love and never pity.
I said no.
Moony acknowledges that his refusals have been duly noted, discussed by the council of Padfoot and Prongs, and swiftly dismissed on the basis of being complete and utter dogshit.
Sirius and Remus will set aside at least one hour per day for time with James.
Three is preferable if possible.
Of course. This time can either be split between the two of them or spent with all three of them together.
James and Sirius promise to take care of Moony always. Because of full moons or otherwise.
This is non-negotiable. They will do what work they can for him, help him study for tests, speak with professors on his behalf, stand up for him against friends and foes alike, and never take his unconditional love for granted. They will love him the same and accept every part of him, regardless of illegality or immorality.
We love you, Moony.
Remus will hold Sirius and James’ hands (respectively or together) between at least three classes per day. On the weekends, he will hold both their hands during Hogsmeade visits.
You two are insufferable.
Think of it as keeping us on a leash.
James’ house is open to both Sirius and Remus at any point in time, regardless of season or circumstance. By extension, Regulus Black
Apologies, Regulus Lupin will also be permitted at any time, night or day.
Sirius and Remus hereby agree to give James advice regarding Lily and Severus whenever he asks, barring his understanding that their advice may very well be shit.
Fine, you wankers.
Remus hereby agrees not to blast his sad indie music at two in the morning, especially on Mondays.
Fine. You can’t wake me up with Queen at three.
We could just play Taylor Swift.
And Hamilton.
Fine. Agreed.
James and Sirius vow not to make fun of Remus when Regulus calls him “Mum”.
We do?
You do. And you can’t make fun of Regulus either, he gets shy.
But Moony
I said no, Sirius.
James and Sirius will make themselves scarce when Remus cries.
James and Sirius promise to give Remus his space but still give him hugs and cuddles and tell him they love him when he cries, because they know Remus hates crying and especially hates crying alone and that no matter what he says he wants them to stay.
Fuck you guys.
It’s okay, Moony. We love you.
Sirius and James hereby swear they will not make any werewolf jokes in front of Remus’ mother.
You’re no fun.
I love you, my Moonshine.
Sirius and Remus hereby promise to keep their sappy gay shit away from James’ embarrassed bisexual ass.
Sure, sweetie. Sure.
Sirius will not sing, reference, dance to, play, or otherwise acknowledge the existence of any and all Disney Channel movies, High School Musical included.
NO, Sirius.
Short pecks on the mouth are permitted. Short pecks are also acceptable on the nose, cheeks, forehead, hands, shoulders, jaw, ears, neck, and elsewhere if specified and consented to.
Remus and James will keep their dirty lips off of my hair.
We will not.
Remus and Sirius hereby agree to be referred to as Remus Potter and Sirius Potter respectively at James’ introduction.
Fine, but only if I can call you Sirius Lupin and James Lupin to total strangers.
I don’t want either of you to have my name.
Your name is Sirius Potter Lupin. It was never anything else. I don’t know why you’d be ashamed for us to borrow it.
I love you guys.
We know. We love you too.
When Sirius wears a skirt, Remus and James are required to tell him he looks beautiful in it.
And when Remus wears a skirt, Sirius and James have to tell him he looks beautiful in it.
Yes, yes, yes, we’re all gorgeous. Old news. Moving on!
Jealous, Jamie?
Oh stuff a toad up your ass you
Sorry, Moony.
Sorry, Moony.
Sirius Potter Lupin, Remus Lupin, and James Potter solemnly swear to spend the rest of their lives loving each other, to the best of their ability and with the utmost honesty.
We solemnly swear to protect, defend, and guard each other from our own demons and the world around us that extorts them.
We solemnly swear to be loyal to each other above all else, to encourage the best in each other, and to accept one another as we are without conditions, exceptions, or judgement.
This list may be altered at any time by either Remus, Sirius, or James so long as there is a communicated understanding of why so. Until said altering is necessary, if said altering is necessary, this list will be kept in the safety of Remus’
humongous and annoying and boring oh my
favorite book, Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
Oh. I thought you were gonna say that Defense Against the Dark Arts book you’re always carrying around.
That’s a textbook, you dipshit. I’m required to carry it around.
Ah. Sorry.
ANYWAY, these rules and boundaries may always be altered or discarded. Understood?
Except for #22.
Except for #22.
Except for #22.
Alright. Except for #22.
The violation of any of these rules will result in Remus crying, Sirius punching something, and/or James refusing to eat. For the safety of each other and your poor friends and family (Merlin help them), please take care to act within the boundaries you all have agreed upon. Best of luck.
Translation: Try not to fuck it up, losers.
Signed 1976
James Potter (guys this is gonna be so great)
Sirius Potter Lupin (do you think Peter’s jealous???)
Remus Lupin (I swear to Merlin I will stab both of you)
Minerva Mcgonogall (now I know how you felt with Albus and I, Mr. Lupin)
Severus Snape (why am I involved in this again?)
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halolalassurveys · 17 days ago
00516 - which fantasy creature are you?
Hey, some of these are really cringy, yet still enjoyable lol XD also: why does every single word in this survey start with capital letter??
VAMPIRE: You'd Rather Be Pale Than Tan You Like To Eat Or Drink Red Things You're Lustful/Sexual When You're Kissing Someone, You Tend To Bite Them. You're Dark, Mysterious, And Seductive. You've Tasted Your Own Blood Before And Liked It Being Out In The Sun Too Long Makes You Feel Weak You're graceful, lithe, and can appear threatening or dangerous to others You have incredible charm and can get people to do nearly anything You're more active at night      Total: 3
INCUBUS / SUCCUBUS You're Incredibly Lustful/Sexual Sex Is Almost Always On Your Mind You Could Make Someone Completely In Love With You By Merely Kissing You're Not A Virgin You Burn Through Lovers Quickly You Can Make Love With Someone And Drop Them In The Same Breath If You Don't "Feed" Your Lust, You Go Insane You Have Strong / Long Nails You Could Get Nearly Anyone You Want      Total: 1
WEREWOLF You have a bad temper You're incredibly physically strong and fast You Love The Moon You're Very Loyal If You Love Someone, You'll Do Whatever You Possibly Can To Protect Them You Would Go On A Devastated Rampage Should Your Loved Ones Be Harmed You Like Dogs You're fairly Sturdy in stature You're Either A Good Leader Or A Solitary Person You Have A Hard Time Controlling Yourself Half Of The Time      Total: 4
NEKO / WERECAT: You Like Cats You're lithe and agile You could fall off of anything and always land on your feet You Like Gymnastics You Love To Eat Seafood You're Affectionate And Cozy If Someone Is Able To Sneak Up On You And Startle You, You Jump Up Or Swat At Them You Like Yarn You Like Chasing Things You're An Excellent Hunter/Fighter      Total: 3
ZOMBIE: You're An Outcast You Feel As If You're Not Truly Alive You'll Moan When You're Hurt Rather Than Scream Or Cry You Tend To Zone Out You Don't Feel Very Smart You Like Worms (ew!) You Like Taking Things Slowly You Like Odd Foods You Prefer To Suffer In Silence You Don't Get Much Sleep      Total: 4
SPIRIT/GHOST: You're Invisible You Have An Oddly Eerie Presence You Can Send Chills Down A Person's Spine Just By Looking At Them You Have Messy Hair That Is Partially/Completely In Your Face You're Incredibly Gentle You're Very Shy Around Someone You Find Attractive You Tend To Simply Disappear When No One's Looking You Enjoy Scaring People You Like The Indoors You Are Deeply Connected To The Ones You Love No Matter What Happens      Total: 6
GHOUL: You Will Eat Just About Anything You Like To Attack People Verbally Or Physically You Are Thrilled If You Can Make Someone Bleed You Wouldn't Care If You Hurt Someone As Long As You Can Get What You Want From Them You Like Stalking People You Find It Fun To Crawl Into Tight, Small, Cramped, Dirty Spaces You Get Hungry Easily You Like Torture You live to hurt people You Like The Idea Of Being Insane      Total: 1
WITCH W I T C H C R A F T: You're Into Wicca/Paganism You Like Magical Objects You Believe In Magic You Perform Odd Rituals On A Daily Basis People Find You Intolerably Cruel You enjoy manipulating people You Feel Deeply In Touch With Nature And Hate Industrialization You Love Black Cats/Ravens You Practice Voodoo You Tend To Laugh Hysterically While Picking Up On Someone You Find Attractive (w00t?)      Total: 1.5
SHAPESHIFTER: You Have Different Personalities Your Style Could Change From Goth To Preppy In The Same Second You Have More Than One Lover You're Unpredictable You Would Change Yourself Entirely To Fit in You Are Fond Of Many Different Things You Can Easily Get Out Of Trouble By Changing Your Demeanor You often say one thing and mean another You Like To Leave Your Clothes On The Floor After Taking Them Off      Total: 3
DEMON: You Have A Very Bad Temper You're Usually Angry You Have To Make Other People Miserable With Every Breath That You Take You Worship Satan You like pentagrams (even have pentagram-shaped earrings lol) You love to mess with people's heads You Could Do Just About Anything Bad To Someone And Feel Proud You Laugh When Other People Are Hurt Physically Harming Someone Turns You On You Respond To An Insult By Viciously Attacking The Other Person      Total: 1
ANGEL: You're A Very Good Person You Take Care With Everything You Do You Can Be Extremely Serious You're Gentle And Kind To Even Your Worst Enemies You Cannot Hold A Grudge Against Anyone You Would Gladly Endure Anything For The Sake Of The Ones You Love You're A Virgin/Lip Virgin (Have Never Kissed Anyone Apart From Family) You Love God      Total:  1
FAERIE / ELF: You Enchant People You Like Organic Things You're Almost Always Smiling You Love The World Around You You Get Attached To Animals Easily You're A Walking-Talking Chick-Flick / Prince-Charming You Fall In Love Easily You Don't HATE Anyone You Have A Very Bright / Bubbly / Friendly Personality more so than a really dark or mean one You like long hair on myself (well... I don’t know if I like long hair on yourself, but certainly I like it on myself, so.)
 Total: 5
You are: a Ghost.
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rpgsandbox · 19 days ago
Part homage, all farce, the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! is an irreverent, affectionate parody of pop-culture tropes and a love-letter to 80s roleplaying games in a new, modern comic-book sized format! It’s a wacky roleplaying game of action comedy!
Tumblr media
       Hardcover collector's omnibus, softcover rules and adventures, blank ID cards, monster cards, hero role cards, VTT tokens
Are you a fan of the Ghostbusters RPG from the 1980s? Danger Mouse or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Bill & Ted or Rick & Morty? Back to the Future, Indiana Jones, Dracula, or sci-fi adventures on the final frontier? Do you enjoy chortling at TV tropes or chuckling at pop-culture parodies? Then the Awfully Cheerful Engine! is here for you!
ACE! is brought to you by Russ 'Morrus' Morrissey (EN World, WOIN, Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD), Dave Chapman (Doctor Who, Star Trek Adventures), and Marc Langworthy (Hellboy, Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD). With a foreword by Sandy Petersen, co-author of the Ghostbusters RPG!
ACE! is designed for everybody! From talking animals to pulp heroes to eldritch horrors, kids and adults alike will find adventures to love with the Awfully Cheerful Engine!
Tumblr media
This tabletop roleplaying game, which we’re calling ACE! with an exclamation point, is one of fast, cinematic, action comedy. To play you need a handful of six-sided dice, a pen, and some paper. Each player plays one Hero, except for one player who takes the role of the Director.
Tumblr media
Think of ACE! as an irreverent, fun-packed movie. You might play as ghost hunters in New York City, a band of plucky galactic guardians, vampire slayers, or soldiers of fortune in the Los Angeles underground. Heck, you might even be cartoon animals. Good grief!
This is a multi-dimensional, time-hopping, genre-mashing, pan-galactic portal into any type of adventure you can imagine! Want to play in a fantasy world full of elves and orcs? Crew a starship as it explores the galaxy? Hunt vampires in Victorian London? Play as animal detectives, robot cowboys, wizards, ninjas, or time traveling bounty hunters?
The only limit is your imagination, and the requirement that you have fun.
Tumblr media
This Kickstarter is for the full five-book set.
What? Five books, you say? Fear not -- they're pretty small books! They include the core rules, and four hilarious genre-hopping adventures. Each book is about 30 pages long. Except for one which is longer, but we wrote 'BUMPER SIZE ISSUE' on the front of that, so it's OK. If you’ve ever held a comic-book in your hand, the Awfully Cheerful Engine! will feel very familiar!
The core rulebook is just 30 pages in a bright, colorful comic-book sized format. We even gave it an issue number, like a comic-book! After that, each 'issue' is a standalone adventure, designed for one-shots or short campaigns with new characters each time. One week you might be fighting ghosts on the streets of Manhattan, and the next you might be exploring the frontiers of space in your trusty starship!
You don't have to play them all, or in order. The standalone format means you can fit them in whenever and however you feel like it. GM can't make your regular game? Go bust some ghosts instead! Pickup game at a convention? Investigate the strange goings-on in a small American town in the 1980s. Running a livestream? Board a starship and fight the Kulkan Empire! Play one of them, some of them, or all of them! It's up to you!
Tumblr media
                Are they comics? Or are they RPGs? (They're RPGs)
ACE #1: Introducing the Awfully Cheerful Engine! With a foreword by Ghostbusters RPG author Sandy Petersen, this book tells you the rules, how to create your Heroes, and gives you a bunch of Extras (NPCs & monsters) to use. By Russ Morrissey.
ACE #2: Spirits of Manhattan. Strap on your Anti-Plasm Particle Thrower, grab your Electromagnetic Field Detector, and jump into your Ghostmobile. New York City needs your help! By Dave Chapman and Russ Morrissey.
ACE #3: Montana Drones & The Raiders of the Cutty Sark. At the request of Army Intelligence, Montana Drones and her team travel the globe in search of lost or hidden artefacts, often exploring dangerous sites and racing against hostile enemy agents to keep the objects of their quests from falling into the wrong hands. Striking locations, exciting chases, dangerous enemies and monotonous classroom lectures await! By Marc Langworthy.
ACE #4: Strange Science. Welcome to Wilden Falls, your average American town in the heart of the country. Surrounded by trees, nature, and there’s a wonderful waterfall that brings the tourists. It’s a quaint little town. Until weird things start happening at the local research facility, people go missing, and there’s a sudden influx of fitness nuts in the town. That’s before we get to the time travel, bodysnatching, and portals to other dimensions. Maybe ‘strange’ isn’t strong enough a word for it! By Dave Chapman.
ACE #5: Beam Me Up! These are the voyages of the starship FSS Brazen. Its continuing mission: to recklessly go where plenty of people have probably been before… and hope a major interstellar incident isn’t sparked in the process. In this highly illogical adventure for the ACE! roleplaying game, you’ll explore frontiers you never thought you had. By Marc Langworthy.
Tumblr media
We give you four adventures to start with, and we have plans for more, but there's also a free compatibility license so anybody can write and publish material powered by the Awfully Cheerful Engine!
Tumblr media
Hardy Hobbit. Teenage Samurai. Cheerful Stuntman. Clumsy Vampire. Squeamish Ghost. Who knew you could say so much in just two words? The possibilities are endless.
It’s not just Awfully Cheerful! It’s fast and fun, too!
You won’t get bogged down in endless rules and character sheets that look like tax forms. Your ACE! ID Card contains everything you need to know, and it’s only about the size of a credit card! But don’t try to spend it. It’s not a real credit card. Honestly, we tried, and it didn't end well.
Tumblr media
You can download blank ID cards from our website. Don’t worry, there’s a printer-friendly black-and-white version too!
Making your Hero takes about five minutes. And that includes a coffee break.
You can choose from an array of talking animals, alien and fantasy species, and occupations from a bunch of genres. Play a cat, a crow, or a turtle. An alien, an elf, a robot, or a vampire. A knight, a pirate, or a wizard. An astronaut, a burglar, a reporter, or a spy. The core book has dozens of Roles to get you started with, and each adventure book introduces more!
Even better, you can already use our online character builder and make a character in about 30 seconds! It's so quick! Give it a try! And if you felt like sharing your Hero on Twitter with the hashtag #awfullycheerful and a link to this page, well, we'd be most awfully grateful!
Tumblr media
                                       Build your Hero online!
Alternatively, each adventure comes with its own selection of pre-generated characters. If you don't want to make your own characters, you can simply use those - perfect for one-shots or new players!
Tumblr media
Download the pre-gens for all four adventures from the official website!
Tumblr media
In A.C.E! each Hero (that's you!) has a Role. Your Role gives you a special ability only you can use. Here's a quick look at some of the Roles you can play!
Talking animals like Ape, Cat, Crow, Dog, Kangaroo, and Turtle.
Species like Alien, Dwarf, Elf, Ghost, Goblin, Golem, Hobbit, Monster, Ogre, Robot, Vampire, and Werewolf.
Fantasy roles like Alchemist, Assassin, Barbarian, Cleric, Druid, Knight, Ninja, Outlaw, Pirate, Ranger, Samurai, Slayer, and Wizard.
Occupations like Actor, Archeologist, Astronaut, Athlete, Bounty Hunter, Boxer, Burglar, Chef, Con Artist, Cowboy, Detective, Doctor, Engineer, Gambler, Gangster, Hacker, Hermit, Inventor, Musician, Pilot, Priest, Professor, Reporter, Scientist, Smuggler, Soldier, Spy, Student, and Stuntman.
Even a couple of superheroes like Speedster and Vigilante!
Tumblr media
Yep, you can play a Ghost. You don’t take damage unless its from a holy source or some special sci-fi ecto-gadget. But you also can’t pick things up. So there’s that.
Each of the adventures adds some more Roles (or recommends some old ones)!
Spirits of Manhattan adds Ghost, Demonologist, Doctor, Engineer, Exorcist, Inventor, Priest, Professor, Scientist, and Student.
Raiders of the Cutty Sark adds Botanist, Double-Agent, Socialite, and Witch.
Strange Science adds Brain, Cheerleader, Outsider, Protector, Radio Presenter, and Tycoon.
Beam Me Up adds Captain, Chief Engineer, Comms, Hologram, Gunner, Counsellor, and Pilot.
Tumblr media
ACE! is a pretty fast, light game. If you played 1986's Ghostbusters RPG, you'll see the influence immediately.
Stats! The AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE! is a d6 dice pool system*. You have four Stats -- Smarts, Moves, Style, and Brawn. If you have a Moves score of 3, you roll three six-sided dice when you try to jump a motorcycle over a ravine. If you roll high enough, you succeed. It's pretty simple!
Focuses! For each Stat you also have a Focus. For Smarts it might be a science, or chess, or history. For Style it might be bluffing, singing, or fashion, and for Brawn it might be brawling or swimming. You can choose from plenty of focuses. Foci. Focuses. Whatever.  Anyway, if the thing you're trying to do relates to a Focus, you get to roll an extra two dice.
Trait! You choose a trait, like Angry or Cheerful or Rebellious or Despondent. This, combined with your Role, makes you a Gullible Vampire, a Brave Turtle, or a Squeamish Scientist.
Karma! Finally, you have a bunch of Karma points. These can be spent for extra dice or to absorb damage from attacks, and they're recovered by using your trait.
*Fun fact -- did you know that 1986's Ghostbusters RPG, by Sandy Petersen, Lynn Willis and Greg Stafford, was the first ever dice pool RPG? Also Sandy Petersen has written an awesome foreword for the AWFULLY CHEERFUL ENGINE!
Tumblr media
What, I hear you ask, is a CALAMITY DIE?
The Calamity Die is how you find out that your friends really aren't your friends. You see, when you make a roll, one of those dice is a different color, and is called the Calamity Die. And if your roll fails, and also the Calamity Die rolls a 1, your so-called 'friends' decide what happens to you. It won't kill you or anything, but...
Well, we'll leave that thought with you.
Tumblr media
                             Nooooo! And it was all going so well!
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chiropteracupola · 19 days ago
Tagged by @i-was-bored-so-this-happened, thank you so much, gosh gosh gosh!
Post 7 comfort movies and tag 7 people
I don’t get to rewatch a lot of things anymore, mostly because I am not highly technologically adept and don’t have much time...
1. Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003)  This should not be a surprise to anyone.  I knew this movie backwards and forwards before my brain had settled enough to actually remember character names.  This may be a clue as to why I am the way I am.
2. The Secret of Pirate Island (2009)  If you’ve ever heard of this in your life, please let me know.  The brother and I watched this so frequently that we can still probably recite the entire thing.  I have many questions, such as who funded this absurd Playmobil movie, who approved this plot, and how can I meet them.  There is a game show, with fabulous prizes.  There is a dragon.  There is, as my friend puts it, “suddenly John Lennon but he’s southern”.  Also definitely influenced why I’m Like This.
3. The Hunt for Red October (1990)  Probably a weird choice for a “comfort” movie, but it reminds me of my granddad, and, to a certain degree, more modern warships are just as Aesthetic™ as older ones, just in a very different way. 
4. The Green Hornet Strikes Again! (1941)  I have never finished this, ever, and I doubt that I ever will.  But, given that the full serial has a runtime of about 4.5 hours, and I can only watch it at my grandparents’ house, I think that’s reasonable.  It just has strange, nostalgic vibes, and the constant alternation between Sudden Intense Cliffhangers and Everything Being Perfectly Fine is weirdly relaxing for me.
5. Emma (2020)  Amazing colors, amazing costumes, amazing sets... the entire cast continually astonishes me with their beauty... and the soundtrack.... *is currently listening to the soundtrack*  Johnny Flynnnnnn....
6. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl (2003)  *shrugs* It’s just good!  The music alone... I have nothing more to say.
7. Wolfwalkers (2020)  Possibly the most beautiful movie I’ve ever seen.  The animation style is like nothing else I’ve ever seen, looking alternately like old woodcuts or watercolors... also I just love a well-done werewolf story. 
Tagging.... let’s say.... @urtica-dioica-22, @thescarletpaperback, @dratandbotherbotheranddrat, @littlewoodenworld, @graduatedpillowmonster, @natdrinkstea, @benjhawkins, if you want to?
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Poll for Curiosity
Hi there! I have posted five prompts/ideas for future stories and I would like to know which one each of you likes best. As we can’t have a poll the traditional way, please leave your choice in the comments; you may pick up to two choices.
Choice #1: Bruce is given the ability to change into different animals by Strange but can only return to his human form if someone calls him by name. The Rogues look after him in the mean time and kind of spoil him.
Choice #2: My Underworld AU where Jerome is a werewolf, Jeremiah a vampire, and Bruce’s ancestor is their Little Prince, with the other Horribles being their Generals. Someone manages to lock them away by killing the ancestor, but Ivy, who’s a descendant of one of the servants who got away, has found them and is ready to reawaken them.
Choice #3: Matrix AU where Bruce is The One but the Matrix puts him back to sleep by creating a city for him to save; Gotham, and makes some of their best Agents into ‘villains’ for him to fight and distract him from the truth. The Agents eventually take over the system and Bruce is their pet that they try all these ‘fantasies’ on.
Choice #4: Arkham in Space. Arkham is a prison/sanitarium in space where Bruce is a temporary guard. Thing is, it’s getting closer and closer to his expiry date and none of the inmates want him to leave, especially the Legion of Horribles as Bruce is the only guard to treat them like actual people. Not to mention every member of the Legion thinks Bruce is adorable and just wants to cuddle him forever. When they hear the other guards threaten Bruce, they breakout, take over the ship, and keep Bruce as their pet.
And Choice #5: Jervis is a vampire who, to get revenge on former vampire hunter Jim Gordon, turns some of his worst foes into other vampires. To make his revenge complete, he also turns Bruce into a vampire, tying him so intricately into his Court that death of even one member will hurt Bruce, possibly kill him. When he refuses to feed, the others treat him like a baby and use a baby’s bottle to get him to feed.
Those are the condensed versions of the five prompts; if you want to read more on them before you make your choice, just check out my posts regarding prompts (Choice #2 is titled, Blame jeromiah). Happy readings!
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justanawesomeowl · 23 days ago
Owl shares some of her most favourite bookmarks
because I have 50 bookmarks in Ao3, AND I have favourites, And i want to share them. I mostly bookmark those fics that I:
was subscribed to and followed while they where WiPs
read on one sitting
So they are all completed works, and cover a variety of fandoms and ships. ALso, I skip smut/porn scenes (and fics) because i don’t care and i (personally) believe they don’t add anything to the plot. So there are no explicit fics in here
Wonderstruck by bruadarxch (AWAE)
Delphine Lacroix raves about Miss Shirley and her crazy lessons. Her uncle Gilbert thinks his niece surely has an overactive imagination, but one day he has to pick her up from school and a certain redhead covered in paint from head to toe crashes into him.  
OR: Gilbert Blythe puts his foot in it when he meets Anne in every universe. Luckily for him, she didn't have any heavy objects around in this one.
Insatiable Curiosity, by TomasNostradamus (AWAE)
Gilbert and Anne both go to Avonlea high, but have never actually met, even though they also live close to each other. Through John Blythe's orchestration and Marilla's cooperation, they finally meet after Gilbert graduates and his father dies. Anne is a strong, confident junior who hates hockey and while she is aware of Gilbert's existence, that's about as far as her interest in him  goes. Gilbert is the golden boy who has become sick of false pleasantries, platitudes and people who just tell you what you want to hear.
I love the dynamic. Even if I feel like Annen is a bit Mary sue, i still love this fic waaaay too much
the in-between times by theprimrosepath (skyward)
Location: the restaurant at Alta. Event: their late-night meetup they’d decided to arrange every two weeks. Jorgen’s status: seriously distracted by his half-empty basket of algae fries.
In which Skyward Flight is a family, and that includes conspiracy to set up your friends.
I cant explain why I’m so obsessed with this fic. Just read skyward and read this
boy with a scar by dirgewithoutmusic (Harry Potter)
This is a series of what ifs, all of them lovely
Love in this Club by MelikaElena (pride and prejudice)
"What's not to like, Darcy?" Elizabeth grinned at him saucily and then turned, sweeping a hand grandly to the festivities below. "Tell me- the flashing, epilepsy-inducing lights? The music mix that some pretentious asshat from Bushwick made in his basement apartment at 4 AM? The over-priced drinks and lack of bar food? Or is it all the girls who keep 'accidentally' knocking into you every time you get up and get drinks at the bar, and thus subjecting you to- horror of horrors- flirting with a side of small talk?"
He blinked at her. "You enjoy my discomfort, don't you?" He said flatly.
Because there are more ridiculous places to fall in love. Modern AU
a P&P classic fic
The Seconds Before I Jumped by stars_inthe_sky (west wing)
A man, a woman, a wager, and about forty of the world's best journalists who should really have better things to do, including—especially—the one who won a Pulitzer Prize from the fourth row. But he’s playing the long game.
so tell me you love me the way i love you by magnetichearts (AWAE)
Whenever she looks up at him, she’s always a bit overwhelmed with this—this feeling, like she wants to kiss him or something. It’s usually ok when they’re in class, when she has her other friends and school work to distract her, but now, with him walking her home, the lines get blurred in a very real, very nerve-wracking way that she doesn’t know how to handle. And it’s all Gilbert. His dark curls and dark eyes, coupled with a jaw that looks like it could cut glass and a smile that she’s sure no sculpture could ever replicate. He’s like a black hole, sucking in all the light and pulling her in without even trying.
or; everyone at avonlea high knows that anne and gilbert are dating. except, you know, anne.
(title from “you spent all your love” by mega mango)
A Family of Their Own by Ms_Pimprenelle (pride and prejudice)
After having been rescued by Darcy, a fifteen year old Elizabeth comes to live at Pemberley.
Yeah this one is bookmarked and I love it but I also have a bit of mixed feelings about it (the whole falling in love with your ward thing). Still, a favourite
The Berners Street Hoax by 3tuxedocats (pride and prejudice)
Elizabeth and Darcy meet under very different circumstances from canon, in 1809 in London. A one-shot based on a true event.
Gardiner for Americaby Rosie J/darthmelyanna (pride and prejudice)
Seeking a shakeup in Governor Gardiner's troubled Presidential campaign, Will Darcy goes looking for a new spokesperson and finds Elizabeth Bennet.
I looove this fic (and anything by this author). Like... I’ve re-read it several times, it made me start the west wing. I just... love it (and anything by darthmelyanna). Also, How she weaves P&P character and dynamics in this fic? Im amazed
Universally Acknowledged by Realmer06 (Harry Potter)
It is a truth universally acknowledged that a Malfoy who insists on being perpetually mysterious must be prepared to deal with an insatiably curious Weasley. Rose/Scorpius with a healthy measure of Pride and Prejudice thrown in.
This fic lives rent-free in my heart
Tales of full moon nights by CosmicCthulhu
this is a dramione series that deals with a werewolf draco bUT FLUFFY and family edition! It’s technically a WIP, but seeing how it’s a series...
Sin and Duty by catie_writes_things
As a child, Bumi knew: his mother was a waterbender, his father was an airbender, and he was a firebender. Something about these facts did not add up, but it would take him a long time to understand.
Or: One choice can have a lot of consequences.
This is NOT a zutara fic, but I love it. Also, check out her Fate Deferred!
Castle on the Cliff by Darespireka
Sophie Hatter had a lot of things to worry about during her Seventh Year at Hogwarts. There were NEWT exams, Quidditch, a foolish sister, and a war on the horizon. The last thing she needed was the complication of one Howl Pendragon.
amazing worldbuilding PLUS lovely written siblings (I love it when characters have realisitcally written siblings I just.... LOVE)
Salmon Fishing in the Olympics by GhostofBambi (Harry Potter)
Modern Era AU: When Lily Evans seeks assistance from James Potter to avoid the attentions of a suitor who just won't take no for an answer, she accidentally lands them both on the front page of every gossip magazine in Britain. She should have thought about that before pretending to be the girlfriend of a famous athlete.
this fic AND this author in general. Like... go read their Jily content, it’s all perfect and hilarious
Wait and Hope by mightbewriting (Harry Potter)
“Harry,” Hermione began, voice very controlled, but she could feel the blade of panic slicing at her vocal cords. “Why was Draco Malfoy just screaming bloody murder about his,” and the word almost strangled her as she said it, “wife?”
Harry's green eyes blew wide. Healer Lucas pinched the bridge of her nose, clearly displeased with the recent series of events.
“He was referring to you, my dear,” she said. “That was the other question you got wrong. Your name is Hermione Jean Granger-Malfoy.”
Hermione had to be sedated again.
OKAY, I have thoughts. I've always loved a nicely written rivals/enemies to lovers trope. And so, it frustrated me that I wasn’t able to understand some of the most “famous” enemies to lovers ships (dramione and reyl*). ANd while I still can’t understand reyl*, I knew there was a possiblity I could enjoy (well written) dramione fic based on the fact that I enjoy rose/scorpius. THIS is the fic that changed my mind on dramione. Dramione might not be an OTP (and I’m still okay with romione as I don’t get most ron-bashing), but it certainly is a beloved ship
The Green Girl by Colubrina (Harry Potter)
Hermione is sorted into Slytherin; how will things play out differently when the brains of the Golden Trio has different friends? AU.
YES. Like... everything written by colubrina is gold
i think i've seen this film before by magneticwave (Harry Potter)
It doesn’t occur to Harry until supper that night, while Luna makes a Spanish tortilla with pink and blue potatoes from her garden, that Granger might actually be his friend now. Not just a transferable friend, comfortable with him because she’d grown up with a strangely domestic alternative version of him with short hair, but a real friend. Since he’s not sure how to feel about it, he eats his half of the tortilla in a silent daze and then helps Luna go over the last of the proofs for next week’s Quibbler.
I’ve already rambled about this fic HERE (in the tags)
Broom Polish and Butterbeer by wafflesandkruge (six of crows)
What does Amortentia smell like to the great Kaz Brekker? Perhaps it’s the victory and elation of a winning Quidditch match, or studying outside. Maybe it’s careful event planning and the lingering memory of surprise. But one thing is for certain: it smells like Inej.
Rose Wheezely and Healer Scorpius by Frogster (Harry Potter)
"So, Miss Weasley," he drawls. "What are your symptoms?" She glares but answers anyway. "A sore throat; a throbbing, pounding head; a stuffy nose; and a pain-in-the-arse who won't stop badgering me." Rose is sick and Scorpius Malfoy appoints himself as her personal Healer-or is it Heckler? Lots of banter, a little fluff, a snarky Rose and a smirking Scorpius. Please read and comment!
this is just cute and fluffy
Good News, Bad News by tatapb (Harry Potter)
Two sides of the same coin live in adjacent offices at the Daily Prophet: Good News and Bad News. Rose Weasley is all joy and repressive outbursts of anger, and Scorpius Malfoy stews in his cynicism and hides behind a smirk. When a Magical Storm ravages London, the two are yeeted into a forced cohabitation that works far, far better than either of them would have predicted.
They also had a WiP called witch slap that deserves an honorable mention even though it isn’t bookmarked (yet)
Double Pride Double Trouble - series by SrebrnaFH (pride and prejudice)
Elizabeth Bennet and Will Darcy had twins... Or, what if Pride and Prejudice met Parent Trap.
catie_writes_things her work for ATLA is amazing
metsuryuogi their oneshots are GREAT (awae)
darthmelyanna I’m just in awe. all those AUs...
Colubrina her fics are amazing????
And that’s it!
While doing this I realized that there are many fics that I adored and apparently haven’t taggued, but still! And there are also WiPs that live in my mind and I await for updates and hope to bookmark someday.
If you want to see what othe fics I’ve bookmarked find me on ao3 (same username)
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Yeah okay so Lydia being the one going the hardest for Stiles is literally the worst.
Stiles is Scott’s best friend, his brother. He saved Scott’s life saying that if Scott was going to commit suicide then he was going to have to take him too. He is the reason he’s a werewolf.
Malia is his first love. He’s her anchor. Possibly his first kiss, and they were each other’s first time. He’s her anchor. He is the reason she’s no longer trapped in her coyote form. She’s loosing control of her shifts because he’s not there. Did I mention that he’s her anchor? If anyone should be realizing that something is off its her unless it was a recurring thing that she looses control. But then again Malia isn’t a werecoyote so I mean...
His father isn’t even thinking about him. The son he raised. The literal person he was living for for years. He dropped a bat and automatically screamed Stiles. And the fact that Claudia is alive is basically implying that Stiles is the cause of her death which is absolutely vile. But I’m going to give the writers the benefit of the doubt and say that Claudia is there to be a distraction.
Even Melissa, who he called mom at one point.
But Lydia is the one going the hardest for him. The girl that ignored him and his attempts for years? The girl who acted like he didn’t exist is the only one who refuses to let his existence go? I’m sorry but that’s bullsh*t. Someone is going to use this claiming that that just shows their development but no. It’s really not. Lydia went from Jackson to Aidan and if the writers would’ve committed to what they were doing; Jordan. Two of which were while Stiles was single and completely available. If she wanted him she could have had him but she didn’t. Stiles was there and a better option than Aidan who she literally admitted was a bad guy and yet she still chose him over Stiles. The guy that was at her side, they were on the same team actively working with each other. They literally worked while she was sneaking around with Aidan. So no 🖤.
Though to be fair I’m only on episode 4 but girl I—
Tumblr media
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angstfactory · 24 days ago
INTIMACY - 4 or 39 (Aiden and Chris)
39  an actual open honest conversation
Aiden hadn’t expected for Chris to be there when he came to see Jason, but he wasn’t that surprised, either. The two had become good friends, and the cop knew that. Though, after The Text, things between himself and the younger man were definitely strained. Things had always been tense between the two of them, but certainly more so now. Aiden could say nobody had ever blocked him via text before and now it was awkward to be sitting across from the guy as Jason made clear efforts to keep the air as light as possible. Which, honestly, only made the werewolf feel guiltier about the situation. It wasn’t Jason’s problem, he shouldn’t have to deal with this kind of stuff. Aiden hadn’t wanted to place him in the middle of something like this. As soon as the alpha excused himself for a moment, he scooted forward to the edge of his seat. “Chris,” he called the other man’s attention, “ah, I’m.. The other day-- the text-- uh..” Now that the opportunity to say something was there, he felt himself stumbling over things as he tried to figure out how to get it out. It was so easy to talk to Jason now and yet, with everyone else, Aiden continued to struggle with the basics. “Look, I--” he rubbed the back of his neck, looking down, the apology there on his features, “--shouldn’t have said any of that. It’s not my business, uh, whatever you’re doing. You’re full grown... you can make those uh, decisions and stuff.. Sure you know what’s best for yourself.”
Tumblr media
He stood up, swiftly. Too embarrassed and uncomfortable to remain any longer. “If Jay asks, I had to get to work,” he muttered then, crossing to the door in jerky movements. It wasn’t a huge lie-- he did have work, but about an hour before his shift started and there was more than enough time to stay a bit longer. “Just--” saying this as his hand paused on the doorknob, he glanced back at the younger wolf... Lips tautening at the corners, gaze dropping, unsure what else to say. It was best he leave, though, he knew that. So he did. @chrisharwood
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hazelquartz · 25 days ago
Rhapsody of a Veela part 59
Summary:  Y/n is really starting to question if it is really wise to keep her relationship with Fred, after they were attacked in their own home in Diagon Alley. Y/n travels back to Hogwarts bitterly, where she encounters Draco who seems just as troubled as she is. 
Pairings: Fred Weasley x Reader, Cedric Diggory x Reader, Draco Malfoy x Reade  x Reader / Yes I know, so many ships but still, this takes place over a few years so I think it`s fair.
Warnings: Angst, fluff, blood.
Word Count: 1.6k
Wattpad Link / Playlist
Part.1 / Part.2 / Part.3 / Part.4 / Part.5 / Part.6 / Part.7 / Part.8 / Part.9 / Part.10 / Part.11 / Part.12 / Part.13 / Part.14 / Part.15 / Part.16 / Part.17 / Part.18 / Part.19 / Part.20 / Part.21 / Part.22 / Part.23 / Part.24 / Part.25 / Part.26 / Part.27 / Part.28 / Part.29 / Part.30 / Part.31 / Part.32 / Part.33 / Part.34 / Part.35 / Part.36 / Part.37 / part.38 / part.39 / part.40 / part.41 / part.42 / part.43 / part.44 / part.45 / part.46 / part.47 / part.48 / part.49 / part.50 / part.51 / part.52 / part.53 / part.54 / part.55 / part.56 / part.57 / part.58 / part.60 /
Tumblr media
Part.59 – Background noise
Tumblr media
The attack you had faced in Diagon Alley during the Easter Holiday had shaken up everything, and subsequently turned your whole world upside down. All you had ever been sure of, the things you had convinced yourself would turn out fine with you and Fred`s engagement. Even if all three of you had gotten away from the clutches of the Werewolf, Greyback, unharmed. The very fact that the beast even knew you were there meant that they must be aware of your relationship with Fred, and soon enough they would uncover the fact that you were to be married. A fact which would certainly make Fred a target too.
He had tried his best comforting you, assuring you that everything would be all right before you parted ways yet again. Leaving you to count down the days yet again, till summer, till Bill & Fleur`s wedding. The mere idea of it overwhelmed you thoroughly, made you feel like you were going to vomit.
“A bloody werewolf stands no chance against us, love”
Even if it was true that the two of you were stronger together, yet to be defeated by anyone, a day would come for sure, when the enemy would attack while you were separated. Vulnerable, weakened. This time, when you kissed Fred goodbye, a horrible thought had struck you. It might very well be the last time. Nothing could be for certain.
For as Greyback had gotten away, Bellatrix Lestrange would not give up her wish to see you dead and disposed of. The day the news of your engagement would become public knowledge, the same would inevitably apply to Fred – but this time not from merely one enemy, but for the Dark Lord and all his followers as well.
When you stumbled out of the fireplace in Dumbledore`s office late in the evening, you felt more overwhelmed by all your burdens than ever. Evading the curious kind gaze of the wise old wizard, as you excused yourself and left the chamber. Had it not been for your suitcase, your shaking hands would`ve told of it all.
That night you barely slept, as you lay in your four-poster bed pondering about everything. Trying hard to resolve it all, as you cradled the black opal engagement ring on your finger. The only thing you knew for certain, was that the only way you could possibly keep Fred and everyone you loved safe, would be to distance yourself from them. To cut them out of your life completely would be the greatest gift of all, even if it left you lonely and vulnerable. But you were selfish, the love you felt for Fred had made you too greedy to do the right thing up untill now, only dragging out the time, playing house whilst pretending the war was nothing but background noise.
As charming and beguiling as your Veela magic could make you be, you were also sure it could sometimes have the opposite, most polar effect, especially in hard times like this. It felt as if your aura had changed to something dark, something that made everyone around you be on edge. Cautiously distancing themselves from you, which was a notable change from all the times you had so desperately wished people would just leave you alone.
Now as you could be left peacefully alone in the library, not to study as much as to gaze into the air pondering through deep thoughts, conflicts and challenges. Moving from there to either find a lonesome spot outside whenever the weather was decent enough, or in your dorm room which remained empty most of the time expect at nights. You worried your friends, Hermione she acted as if you were a creature made of glass whenever she was around, and you had forced Ginny to promise that she would not write Fred anything that might cause him to worry about you.
Meanwhile, it took you much longer to reply to his letters. It seemed like you kept putting off reading through them as well, as quite frankly you weren`t in the mood for any glitter bombs or fireworks. Or any sweet nothings for that matter. As understanding as everyone tried to be, the only one who possibly could understand even a fragment of all the troubles that ravaged your tired mind, was Draco.
Sometimes he would come and join you in the silent pondering, not demanding anything but company. You were sure he had more than enough to think about himself.
“I wish I could just runaway, disappear until everything is over” he sighed, filled to the brink with melancholy which he still refused to share the causes of.
The warm breeze rustled through his blonde hair, and he looked out over the lake with small eyes, as if he was really seeing right through it rather than appreciating its beauty.
“If only I could run away from myself, but there`s no magic for that is there?”
You had to chuckle by the absurdity of it, although it indeed seemed like a fantastical way of escaping from everything.
“None known to wizardkind, closest I’d presume would be to become an Animagus”
“It`s stupidly difficult isn’t it though?”
A moment you pondered what you might turn into had you successfully gone through all the training and preparations necessary to successfully turn oneself into an animal at will. Apparently from what you recalled from reading, it would often be something similar to ones corporal patronus. Yours were a unicorn, and it seemed like no registered Animagi had ever turned into a magical creature before.
The wind was getting colder as the sun was going down between the distant mountaintops, you pulled your robe on again as you turned back to Draco, who had remained lost in thoughts.
“I wish I knew what you were running from” you stated, hoping it would help him spill his heavy heart a little bit.
“Trust me, it`s better you know as little as possible” he replied coldly. And the paleness swiftly returned to his face, that had only briefly been reddened by the cold breeze.
“It`s not like it could be much worse than all my troubles, and you`re the only one I`ve spilled it all to”
Draco got up, and dusted grass of himself with his hands.
“Well, You`re wrong” he curtly stated, turning to return to the castle without as much as a goodbye.
You quickly gathered your books as well to run after him, as it was time to go to the great hall for the dinner feast.
Tumblr media
You joined the others at the Gryffindor table, putting on a half-convincing smile as you sat down next to Hermione and Ginny. They both looked up at you worriedly, returning the nervous smile with caution. Looking across the hall, you tried to spot Draco at the Slytherin table but he was not there, but you tried not to think much about it. Perhaps you had been digging into his secret a little too intrusively earlier and he was now avoiding you again. You ignored Pansy's grin and crazed glare, as you turned back to the others.
But just that moment you spotted Draco entering the great hall alone and following his eyes you saw they met with Katie Bell's, who looked strangely glassy eyed for a moment. Again, you would not have thought much of it, if he had not subsequently hurried out the great hall instead of joining his spiteful friends at their table. Then, another figure followed after him with great intent already reaching for the wand in his robes pocket, Harry Potter.
“Excuse me for a moment” you mumbled, as you got up to follow after them. If Draco needed someone to talk to now, it would certainly not be Harry who he had had this childish rivalry with through all these years. You pushed past students, out into the halls, barely catching a snippet of Harry as he passed the corner to the next corridor. You followed him from a safe distance up the grand marble staircase to the sixth-floor of the castle, where you eventually lost track of both him and Draco.
The corridor was empty and silent, as you slowly passed through it listening for any noise that might reveal their location. It did not take long until you heard what sounded like explosions coming from the boys` bathroom. When you approached the door, water was running from under it and you saw the flashing lights of the duel taking place.
“What have you done?” you gasped.
You quickly grabbed your silver lime wand as you pushed the door open, walking into the flooded bathroom. The duel was over, and looking down on your feet you saw the water was diluted in waves of scarlet. When you walked further into the room you found its source, laying on the flooded floor in front of Harry.
Draco laid there heavily wounded, from within his white shirt, made translucent by the water, deep wounds appeared all across his upper body.
You clasped your hands in front of your face in shock, as you saw him twitching and crying in pain. Harry was in panic, he was just standing there looking palely down as the blood spread across the drenched floor tiles. You threw yourself to the ground with your wand and started chanting all healing spells you knew, yet to no avail. You tried every single charm that came to mind, becoming more and more panicked by the blood loss, as Draco stopped moving, falling completely unconscious.
“E-Episkey” you hiccoughed, turning to Harry teary eyed,
“Get someone! He`s dying, don`t just stand there!”
That moment someone rushed into the flooded bathroom, pushing past Harry before crouching down before you and Draco`s unconscious body. Professor Snape first turned to Harry with a look of disbelief, before he pointed his wand above Draco`s wounds.
“Vulnera Sanentur……..Vulnera Sanentur”
It was as if the blood was drawing back into his wounds, clearing the water off the flooded floor of all it's scarlet.
“Vulnera Sanentur”
You felt the panic ease, but leave your chest feeling completely knotted as Snape mended Draco`s wounds, as Madam Pomfrey appeared to help as well you knew nothing but to watch speechlessly.
Part.60 - Lies Uncovered
Tumblr media
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kamenriderlogik27 · 26 days ago
Despite what's going on with Toei bullying us and whatnot, Here's a random list of what I would love to see regarding Rider and Sentai
1. An official place for international fans to watch Rider and Sentai with subs
2. A Reiwa version of Super Hero Taisen where Rider and Sentai are at "war" again (but focused more on the current Rider and Sentai teams instead of Decade/Gokaiger or Zi-o/Zenkaizer)
3. A Rider who's the long lost prince of some mystical kingdom
4. A Rider series based off fairies. (Fairies are my FAVORITE mythical creatures)
5. A Rider and Sentai season where they two shows interact for MOST of their series.
6. A Sentai team that has a female/male violet ranger in place of yellow or pink. (or even black)
7. A sentai team where all the members are different mythical creatures (i.e vampire, werewolf, fairy, mermaid, elf, etc) and they only really start to fight because if the humans die, then their own kind dies. But, as they fight for humans, they begin to see a possibility of humans and creatures living together in peace.
8. A Main Rider who's been asleep for centuries and get's unsealed by accident and finds himself fighting his old enemy in the 21st century (followed by him reacting to the lifestyle as well) The girl that finds him unwillingly becomes the secondary Rider and he ends up having a HUGE crush on her.
9. A Rider series based on Alice in Wonderland where the red and white queens chose the Riders as their 'chess pieces' and force them to fight not only monsters, but also sometimes each other.
10. Another Rider series where a random guy finds a driver (like Gaim) and uses it for things like work and fighting bullies. *like seriously, we need more Riders like this*
11. a Male main Rider who's been doing Rider stuff for years now, but the "real" main character is the female secondary Rider who accidentally gets caught up in everything and accidentally gets Rider powers. And they end up having an enemy to lovers relationship.
12. A Rider who's a cat that can turn into a human. ( I love cats, ok?)
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The Huntress’ World Ch. 4
Summary: Sequel to Welcome to the Hunter’s World Imogene Winters, now dating Dean Winchester, introduces him to more of her family and people from her past life. However, things are not as happy as they may appear when they start acting oddly around the pair of them. Could something sinister be happening? 
Trigger Warnings: Blood, canon typical violence, mentions of abuse, if I forgot to list any, please let me know in a comment!
Beta Reader: Yes
Pairing: Established Dean Winchester x Original Female Character, Potential Sam Winchester x Original Female Character
Word Count: 1407
Series Masterlist
Story under the cut! 
Chapter Four
Later on that evening, Sam, who was still awake due to his noisy neighbors, thought he heard something outside his motel room. He got out of his bed and tugged on his flannel, grabbing his gun and walking over and opening the door. When he looked out, he initially saw nothing, but then he caught sight of a small animal darting from the bushes under his window.
“Well, that explains it, I guess,” he told himself, moving to head back inside. Then he saw something out of the corner of his eye, seeming to be a couple walking into a room. Again, he thought nothing of it, up until he saw her push him against the wall and drive her hand through his chest.
“Hey!” he yelled, aiming his gun. The woman looked his way and glared, turning and running off, leaving the man to drop to the ground in a heap. Sam gave chase, not finding a clear shot. As he ran towards the parking lot, he lost sight of her. He took several moments to look around before heading back to his room, stopping to check on the man. However, he was already gone.
A few minutes later, he was knocking on Dean and Imogene’s door.
“What is it, Sammy?” a tired looking Dean asked as he opened it, Imogene behind him on the bed wearing his flannel shirt.
“I just saw some woman attack a guy out here; no idea what she was but she shoved her hand through his chest,” he told Dean, edging his way into the room. Dean closed the door and looked at him.
“Some chick killed some random guy and you’re in here?” he asked, looking at his younger brother. Sam shook his head.
“I tried to chase her first but I lost track of her. She was going for his heart, so it’s most likely a werewolf, I’d guess,” he replied. Dean frowned and walked over, sitting beside Imogene.
“A werewolf? What did she look like?” she asked, looking towards Sam, who was trying very pointedly not to look directly at her.
“She was shorter, not much over five and a half feet, I would guess. Long brown hair, and she seemed a little pale, from what I could see. Other than that, I can’t tell you much; I didn’t get a good look at her face or see anything too identifying about her.”
Imogene thought a moment before nodding and standing up.
“Alright then. So we know there’s something in the area posing as a college girl, and now we have a woman trying to rip out a guy’s heart. Great.” She grabbed her pants and started pulling them on, buttoning the flannel a little more securely around her, then she walked over to Sam. “Show me.”
* * *
Imogene, Sam and Dean all looked over the body and the surrounding area, but none of them were able to find any evidence other than what Sam had seen and shared with them. When they were finished, Sam and Dean headed to the Impala while Imogene pretended to be terrified as she called the police. Then she joined them in the car.
“They’re on their way,” she told the brothers, leaning on the back of the front bench seat to talk with them. Dean nodded, looking over his shoulder.
“Alright. Let’s head back over to the campus, do a sweep of the grounds. Maybe we’ll find something there we missed earlier,” he suggested. Sam nodded.
“Sounds good. We’ll have to be careful, though; we don’t want anyone thinking we’re prowlers or something.”
Imogene scoffed a little and shook her head.
“Guys from the dorms would apparently sneak over there often; I heard the girls who lived in the dorms talk about it from time to time when I still went there,” she told Sam as Dean started up the car just as sirens sounded in the distance.
* * *
The trio arrived at the campus well after midnight. No one was out, and only the streetlights and headlights lit their way. Dean grabbed out the flashlights, handing Imogene one and tossing Sam his. Then they headed towards the campus, starting to search around the girls’ dormitory specifically.
After several minutes of finding nothing, Imogene signaled the both of them over.
“I think I’ve got something,” she told them when they approached, holding something up. It was bloody, and looked to be an ear, and she also found some other bits of hair. Sam frowned and looked them over.
“Looks like traces left from a shifter…” he informed her, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. “The woman at the motel acted like a werewolf; seems like we have two cases on our hands, possibly, then.” He looked towards Dean.
“Nothing we haven’t handled before. And now there’s three of us instead,” he replied, looking towards Imogene with a little smile. She cleared her throat and looked away; she was concerned he was putting too much faith in her.
“Shifters burn when you touch them with silver, right? That’s one way to tell who it is?” she asked, and Sam nodded.
“Yes, but they’re not the only creatures. There’s a long list of them that will burn when you touch them with silver. For right now, let’s keep looking, see if there are any other clues,” he suggested. They split up to cover more ground, but ultimately, that was all they were able to find.
* * *
Back in the Impala, Imogene was in the backseat, thinking over everything that had happened in the last few hours. When she had gone to bed with Dean, she imagined the case would be easy enough to handle. Then Sam showed up at the door to their motel room, telling them about what he suspected was a werewolf, and she realized how much more complicated it was going to be. She was concerned telling Dean about her fears would be a mistake though; the last thing she wanted was to disappoint him. He noticed the look on her face when he glanced at her in the rear view mirror.
“Everything alright back there?” he asked her, flashing her a little smile. She nodded, forcing a smile of her own.
“Yup, nothing to worry about!” she lied, looking back at him. He didn’t seem convinced, though. When they arrived back to the motel, the crime scene marked but the cops cleared out, he headed into their room with her.
“Okay, talk to me. I can tell there’s something off,” he insisted, leaning against the door and crossing his arms. She tried the fake cheerful routine still, but he shook his head. “Imogene, I know you better than that. What’s going on?”
She sighed and bit her lip. After a few moments, she tucked her hair back.
“Dean… I don’t want to disappoint you… But I… I feel like you put too much faith in me. I love that you do, don’t get me wrong. Just… I’m scared about this case. Not… not just because of where it is, but because there’s two monsters,” she finally admitted sheepishly. She expected him to yell at her or lecture her about how it was going to be okay and she was underestimating herself. Instead, he pulled her into his arms.
“I’ll keep you safe. Sam and I have handled packs before with just the two of us. I know you’re still new to a lot of things with hunting, but I’m not going to let anything hurt you,” he told her, tilting her chin so she was looking at him. “I promise.”
She gazed into his eyes, hers tearing up a little.
“But if you get hurt because of me, Dean…” she started, but he shook his head again.
“Hey. I have faith in you, now it’s your turn to have some faith in me, okay? Don’t worry about things like that; I’ve survived worse than shifters and werewolves. They won’t take me down so easily.” He grinned to try and ease her nerves, picking her up and setting her on the bed. She couldn’t fight back a little smile, pulling him in for a kiss.
“Okay,” she whispered. “I trust you, and I love you.”
Dean set a hand on her cheek and met her gaze.
“I love you too,” he replied, crashing his lips against hers and laying her back on the bed.
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etherealwitchfics · 29 days ago
I want to answer some commonly asked questions for my Harry Potter/Twilight AU fic that I get. I wish I could answer these questions directly to ever individual but I simply don’t have the time. I wish had the same commenting system as AO3 so that everyone could view your responses but alas....
1. Why doesn’t Bella recognize the Cullens for what they are immediately/Didn’t they teach about vampires in DADA?
Yes, they did teach about vampires in DADA and yes, Bella took DADA her entire career at Ilvermorny. The reason Bella does not immediately recognize the signs of vampirism is simply that the Cullens are unlike most of their kind. It is mentioned pretty extensively in the series that they are unusual and different from other vampires, and since I am attempting to blend the lore of two series, I thought this was a pretty good reason for her not to notice right away. I tried to show this when she mentions writing to her old professor; who is surprised by the idea of golden eyed vampires, and has never encountered or heard of them. Plus, she isn’t expecting to see any other magical beings in Forks so the signs wouldn’t immediately scream VAMPIRE to her; so she tries to logically explain them away. But in the wizarding community, like seen in later chapters, most wizards notice right away what the Cullens are because they expect to see it... And also, Bella is a 17 year old girl, even if she did have a full career at Ilvermorny, she is still young and inexperienced.
(I’d also like to mention that I am trying to show how ignorant and arrogant wizards can be. It’s mentioned often in the HP series that most wizards don’t bother to understand other creatures and most their education on them is usually from secondhand experiences and books; which are typically bias and filter by the wizard and their personal beliefs and ideas. So the idea that a wizard wouldn’t even know what a werewolf, vampire or goblin is even actually like seems possible, and their superiority would keep them from trying to understand them on a more human level. )
2. Why is Bella so emotional/childish.
This one kinda makes me laugh, because I wonder if the commenters have ever encountered a teenager? Most teens are emotional and a little dramatic and also, I enjoy that kind of over dramatic type of inner voice for my characters. I try to show it, but maybe it doesn’t come through, but Bella isn’t particularly ‘emotional’ besides in her own head or when she is interacting with Edward. Which is in line with her character in the saga. Both Bella and Edward seem to struggle to act ‘normal’ around each other, which I think is in line with being in a relationship/having a crush. I definitely had people around me look at me weird when I was around my husband early on in our relationship because they’d never seen me act that way. Being in love can make you do weird things and I just really enjoy that concept.
3. Why doesn’t Bella use a lot of magic?
She isn’t living in a wizarding community, even though she is legally an adult and can perform magic. I’d think the habit of refraining to use her powers would be pretty deep seeded and hard to break. She DOES use magic though, they just aren’t showy or meant to attract attention. I think some people were hoping for some big show of her powers to the Cullens, but that’s a little cringey to me to be honest and I just enjoy subtlety.
Side note, if you’re hoping for more magic and the wizarding world, you’ll enjoy the sequel. But just know I typically read very fluffy, romance, drama and family dynamics type HP/Twilight fics so it will be more relationship and character development based still.
4. Why does Bella use Muggle instead of No-maj?
Her first friend at Ilvermorny was Cole Abbott, who is a distant relative of Hannah Abbott from Hogwarts. His father attended Hogwarts and moved to the States later in life so I thought it was likely Cole grew up hearing British wizarding terminology mostly. Bella’s first introduction to the wizarding world is through Cole so I think the habit just stuck for her.
5. How can Bella be an Occlumens when she’s emotional?
This is another funny one to me, because I don’t really see how she’s so ‘emotional’ beyond any normal teenager—Is this a sexist thing? I don’t get it. Lol But to answer the question, this really comes down to my attempt to blend two lores. Bella is canonically a shield so I thought it’d be natural she would be an Occlumens in the wizarding world. Unlike Harry, who was not a natural and was ruled by his emotions when trying to master Occlumency, I just don’t think it would come down to her emotions for her—she is simply naturally gifted. If you want to use Snape as an example, who is also a theorized natural at Occlumency and/or Legilimency, I think he is anything but unemotional. He spends the entire series letting his emotions get in the way of his judgment and actions so if we’re going to compare him to Bella—I think what it comes down to is the fact that he is a grown man and Bella is a teenage girl—and teenage girls are often look down upon and seen as Too Much... so let’s try not do that, yeah? 🥴
I hope this answers anyone’s questions, though I don’t think many of my readers follow me here. But just remember my story isn’t canon and isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. 😁
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