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#((They're pretty. I just know it.))
theseimmortalsouls · 20 hours ago
kids are still claiming to have mental illnesses to be trendy online... we couldn't leave that in the early 2010s...
#i know therapists and psychiatrists are a luxury few can afford . but if u think u have something getting an actual diagnosis helps a lot#bc you'll have paperwork for it. my mother applied to programs to cover the cost of the testing and some specialists aren't a good fit#and u do have to find another which is hard if u live in an isolated small town but it does help to have a proper diagnosis.#self diagnosis can only go so far and can be dangerous bc u cant say well i experience this n this so i must have this it's not that simple.#also it's not great feeling when someone says they have what u have when they dont .#it's not catching them out like aha ur lying it's like they don't understand or have the key characteristics of it#and then eventually they stop 'identifying' with it and it's like.. pls stop diagnosing urself and focus on ways u can find to help aid u#thru it and manage it to ur best ability..i guess that's the key difference.. some just want an excuse to their behaviour and some of us#just want to exist and function.#and be reminded by everyone and everything everyday that u have something for life u cant shake. god im tired .#im not discouraging kids from diagnosis just don't think u need to have a name for it. there's time for that. focus on management.#i saw therapists psychiatrists and specialists for years before i got most of my diagnoses. even when ur pretty sure u have it . takes time.#*self diagnosis i mean . if ur able to see specialists then do so. it can help a lot.#im so tired of telling people what they're saying is ableist for them to turn around and say they have the same diagnosis as me..#and u never brought it up til now?? convenient.
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seesgood · 2 days ago
within the past 24 hours my job has been like: just bc the cdc mask guidelines have changed doesn’t mean our policy has. jk, we’re now not gonna enforce that policy for those that are fully vaccinated. but you can’t ask people if they’re vaccinated. only security can. oh you don’t have security at your location. okay. you still can’t ask people if they’re vaccinated. but only people who are vaccinated don’t have to wear masks. but you can’t ask them if they’re vaccinated to see if that’s why they’re not wearing a mask but if they’re not vaccinated they have to wear a mask but you can’t ask if they’re ---- 
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artsy-hijabi · 2 days ago
We all know that Grim literally is a 1st year school kid monster, and acts and behaves even younger (his signature???? hello??) right??? Not just me?? He is literally a kid???? and yet there are literal nasties out here fawning over human grim.......... I invite you to seek help
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sleeping-lilies · 2 days ago
It’s pretty much just about seeing bad takes 😂 like I don’t mind if people don’t like what I like but I get so confused when they complain about stuff like it’s happening 8 times everyday when I’ve never seen it once 😂😂
Like I get it if you don’t want the batfam to get along (no I don’t) but what are people talking about when they complain about them all like living in the same house, being overly affectionate, etc., it sounds like they’re reading batc*st but feel guilty about it so they complain about things that don’t happen in the normal people part of the fandom 😂
ok i get what ur saying in the first part... but bro... that second part got me 🧐
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aupair · 4 days ago
Hiii i am not sure if this will work but I think you can create a account on PlayStation site and "buy" Horizon Zero Dawn (today is the last day that it's for free) and when you get the PlayStation you can login and download it! It's worth a try!
oh thanks for letting me know!! honestly a large chunk of my ~gaming~ experience is downloading games i can’t play when they’re free or on sale so they can sit in my library and i can look at the titles longingly and think about buying an actual console one day lmao
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drowning-in-neon · 8 days ago
every time i feel myself managing to cling to some semblance of feeling like i’m on top of my life, something drags me down again and you know what, you know what, i’m sick to fucking death of constantly doing this if i’m just gonna end up at the smae place i started lmao
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shihwon · 9 days ago
something I’ll never get is when weird kpop fans on twitter (ok I don’t understand most of what these people do) will drag another group by calling them ugly or members of the group ugly. (obviously it’s unnecessary and also very subjective), but what is that supposed to prove? do all artists you listen to have to be pretty? do you hear a good song, look up the artist and find out they’re ugly and then think “oh no I can’t listen to them because they’re unattractive” ???
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