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#((Let me know if I misunderstood!))
creepy-crowleys · 3 days ago
((Does the in-game bee motif have more standing on Meredith, or is it something developed IC here over time?))
((Honestly? Crowley's pretty ambivalent on bees. She likes bugs in general, so she's not particularly bothered by the association. It's just probably not something she would have picked for herself if she'd had any kind of say in the matter.
So yeah, most of the bee motif is derived from canon content and, I suppose, other people's IC reactions to it. Crowley's tolerating it because she doesn't care enough to stop anyone from associating her with them.))
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giogio · 4 days ago
hunter x hunter it is about love
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mythvoiced · 5 days ago
-. @starwhispcrs  | ♥
Maybe this is one of the reasons Sunhee has such difficulty making friends: she doesn’t know how to handle them.
Most of her connections had been forged by pure accident, people in her class she’d partnered with in group projects, accidentally shared a table with at lunch, or had dragged her into a pseudo-friendship because friend of a friend of a friend of an acquaintance. Then there’s the dance group, people she spends most of her ‘free’ time with, people who share her interests and some of her goals, ergo, people she shouldn’t have too much difficulty befriending.
But it’s easier for her to be alone rather than nurturing any of these connections beyond the necessary. Less tiring, less distracting as she might put it. Or maybe she just isn’t made for these things. So it feels almost... like an inevitability that even this friendship would start feeling tense, sooner or later. She likes Hojin. Very much, even. He’s almost an opposite to her, he gives and gives freely, the whole world seems to be worthy of his affection, but much like he can’t possibly give it all to every person in existence, Sunhee can’t take the full of extent of what he’s still intending on giving.
Which is why it almost feels like a reflex, when she suddenly jumps up before his head can fully connect with her shoulder. She knows she’ll feel the habitual guilt, that odd sense of discomfort that accompanies most of what she attempts to do in regards to other people. But right now, she just stands there, brushing her hair out of her face with a tense sigh. “Could you.. maybe... not be so...,” he’s older than her, that’s also to consider, but is he that much older? Does it count? She just... “Touchy? We’re just hanging out, right? There’s no need for getting close, I mean, it’s not a horror movie,” she gestures at the slapstick comedy on the screen behind her, without turning to actually look at it. “You don’t have to hold onto me all the time.”
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vivian-is-writing · 11 days ago
Hello Vivian, I hope you're well! I have a question for you: what is the most accessible way to make a character intro, a series of small individual posts, or one long one? Thanks for any help you can offer!
Hi @oh-no-another-idea!
If the question is about whether you should make a post for each character, or include all the characters in one post, I’d go with the former. One long post could seem overwhelming, and it’d be harder to organize.
To make sure the info is easy to find, you could make a masterlist where you link to each character’s introduction.
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formosusiniquis · 14 days ago
speaking as someone whose favorite starkid show is twisted, there were some spots in cruella that did stretch my willingness to ignore the previous canon to its limits
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lady-a-white · 29 days ago
I can't believe I just lost 20 minutes of my life trying to find who Cang Laoshi and Lanlan are on Baidu only to find out they are nicknames of two Japanese p*rn actresses. I really hope I didn't misunderstand what Priest is talking about.
And all of this only to say that Zhao Yunlan is unexpectedly an expert of chinese classics.
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uglypastels · a month ago
For New Beginnings, 🎢- Were there any scenes you were nervous about? For audience reception or otherwise? :) it seems like a different type of au / story, so I was wondering about this. thanks <3
I didn’t really think about it being different?? I think I had just watched a scene from New Girl and felt very inspired, haha, and there are lots of roommate!aus out there, so i suppose it is a bit of a different take on that, since they didn’t know each other... 
honestly, i don’t remember much about writing this because it was just a quick blurb that escalated into a slightly longer fic heh, but I do remember being a bit self conscious about my horrible dark humour. And I still am in my other fics. But, taking for example this fic, you have to be aware that moving in with a stranger is a dangerous situation that could end horribly... so why not laugh about it in a safe and fictional environment??? uhh yeah, i hope that makes sense. 
> writing asks
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mythvoiced · a month ago
Tumblr media
@veritasvirtuous​ | ‘you read any stephen king?’ / from mary-sue to titus. STRANGER THINGS SENTENCE MEME
He isn’t often on land.
And when he is, he can’t say it’s by choice.
This time, it’s by someone else’s, namely, someone who decided he’d just halt in this port, visit an old friend, waste the entire crew’s time by taking a lot longer than mentioned, although no one is really surprised, considering the particular emphasis gifted to the title granted to this stranger. And with the captain away and the others devoid of duties, or anything even remotely close to it, and no trouble seemingly waiting at the horizon, in the span of a few minutes, it had only been Titus left, to dangle his legs above the water and bask in the sun, as beneath him waves crashed against cement - gently, this isn’t the open sea, although he wishes it’d be - and behind him people walked on by pursuing their business.
He tries to not be devoid of gratitude. He knows any person travelling on that ship is as useful as they are until they are no longer and instantly turn into a liability. Not to mention that any added number means more mouths to feed and more trust granted with much reluctance.
But it’s the sea. The sea beckons, calls, demands his attention. He can almost feel the water below trickling through his soles and slithering up his skin, even though his feet are dangling metres over the surface. He wants to dive in. And he doesn’t want to part from it. And he knows how weird that thought is.
Which is why he’d sort of half-welcomed the impromptu conversation with an unfamiliar face. And the sudden, almost deadpan to his ears - perhaps because lacking in set-up - question, bizarrely casual, is enough to distract him again, make him look up with an amused snort. “Not really,” is the first answer, as he looks at them, tries to gauge if they intend actually carrying a conversation down this topic, or simply meant it as a question as good as any.
He was expecting more something along the lines of... well, where are you from? What do you do for a living? Why have you been sitting here for the past two hours, barely moving? Okay, maybe he’ll take the book one. “Well, I read some of his stuff,” he leans forward, hands now hanging between his knees. What if he falls? What if he doesn’t? “But I don’t really take books with me anymore. Kind of lost a few under very tragic and wet circumstances. I did read... Bag of Bones was the one, I think, yeah. I don’t remember much of it, to be honest. Was some time ago. Do you?”
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theyarebothgunshot · a month ago
Ok I'm doing this. Because... mental health. Sorry for choosing you, but so far you're the one I trust here. What is it in SPN + cockles (+ destihell iyw) that drag some to a black hole dead end street? Why are there fans losing their minds over it and I perceive cockles shippers as toxic ppl? Where is the boundary? Is there a code for how to ship correctly? What are the main magnets about all that? How big is divergence inside the fandom? I'm talking mostly about Tumblr but you can include reddit etc. Also FOMO issues can make it all worse, right... Thank you so much.
hi! i’m not sure if i understand everything correctly, but i think you mean to ask why there are so many fans who think cockles shippers are toxic, and what i see as the boundaries when it comes to talking about real people. i hope i have that right, if not just let me know. 
i don’t think i am an expert on the subject because i have only been in the fandom for a few months, and i only stick to tumblr, not any other sites. but i think the reason people think ‘shipping’ cockles is morally wrong is because it involves real people instead of characters and they think that is disrespectful to the people it involves.
in my opinion, it’s only disrespectful if what you talk about leaves fandom spaces. so how i see it is: it is okay to talk about it amongst friends, in private, or on your blog, but don’t go on instagram/twitter/to conventions and talk to the actors about it/in public about it, and the biggest no go is involving their families or loved ones. 
it’s hard to say how big the divergence is, but this is what i have noticed: a LOT of the heller fandom have Eyes. by which i mean: they see how jensen and misha interact, and they do not deny it. but, a large part of those people are like switserland: they don’t wanna say they believe there is anything going on there out loud, but they have thoughts, they just don’t wanna Go There which i get. then, there is a small but loud portion of the fandom who DOES want to talk about it (like me) and people support them. even those who are quiet about it themselves. unfortunately, there is another part of the fandom who is very loud about hating the people who talk about it. which, again, i would understand if we were crossing any boundaries, but the people i surround myself with on here would never do that, so i always kind of hate seeing posts like that because i think it’s a bit much. 
i do think that some cockles truthers are going too far on here as well. the other day i saw a post about how shipping real people is wrong, and the notes were full of cockles blogs who tried to convince the op that it was real etc. that’s just in poor taste and gives people the wrong idea. it’s on the same level of j/2 tinhatters coming into our inboxes, and i don’t like it.
sorry this got kind of long, but i hope this helps.
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dazeddoodles · a month ago
Hi!! I was wondering if itd be okay to use the izuku swear on all might picture you drew as a popsocket or a credit card cover? Either way, sorry for bothering you and thanks for answering!
Hi there!! Yes that's fine as long as it's only for yourself and it's not being sold
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starfirechan · a month ago
“Don’t be scared, it’s all okay.”
Gentle Pain Starters 
[[Thank you for sending! :D]]
There just hadn’t been time. With more time, the team could have gathered. Raven could have maybe stopped the missile without having it detonate, or teleported it somewhere safe for it to explode. But with the battle that they had been busy with, it was only Starfire in the air at the moment of it being fired, and there was no time to inform her friends (who were likely too busy with the fight to notice) of the sight. No, she had rushed after it without telling anyone, and when she caught up with the missile and it exploded upon her grabbing it, her communicator probably had been destroyed too. Not to mention that she of course ended up wounded, and rather badly so, and crashed to the ground without any of her friends even knowing where she had taken off to.
Her worry and fear did not help at all, of course, and she kept lying in the dent that her crash had created, trying to not give in too much to despair. If her friends hadn’t seen where she went or what happened, at least someone had to have been nearby and notice the explosion and the crash, right?
It was hard to say how much (or little) time had passed by the time that she heard a voice calling her. It was surprising, since it was a very familiar voice and she truly hadn’t expected her friends to be able to find her so quickly. She did her best to shout for him in return, and soon enough, found herself gently lifted up into his arms.
Tumblr media
“... Robin?” Having him here, so unexpectedly, helped, but it felt so impossible and through that unreal, that her fear must still have been very visible. “M-mhm...”, she hummed in response, leaning her head against him and closing her eyes as she managed to calm down some more. “I... I am sorry... there was not the time, I had to stop it...”
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lightasthesun · a month ago
Hot take— Padmé enabled Anakin to break the Jedi code because she didn’t truly understand it. We see her shallow understanding when she says “to be angry is to be human.” Jedi are allowed to be angry. Anakin wasn’t feeling guilty over that. Similarly, I think Padmé, like most fans, does conflate love and attachment. I think she interprets Anakin’s answer about compassion as a squirrelly loophole rather than what Anakin is actually explaining about Jedi views on love (to be fair, Anakin loves squirrelly loopholes.) I read a post somewhere that said the reason a romance with Anakin appeals to Padmé is because it’s illicit and therefore exciting, and a taboo relationship is her way of rebelling against the expectations placed on her since she was a teenager and carving out a space for her to be her own person and not just a political servant (which is also what appeals to Anakin about it, since he’s in a similar situation, besides his preexisting attraction to Padmé.) Like most fans, Padmé thinks it’s unfair that she and Anakin aren’t allowed to be together— but without that enticing forbidden element, it’s dubious whether she would fall for Anakin in the first place (for reasons fans are well aware of.)
Hm no thoughts head empty.
I think their romance was intended to come across as falling in love so quickly and so deeply that everything else around them lost importance if the writers and the production team managed to do that however is a question for another day.
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aspecpplarebeautiful · 2 months ago
I want to ask about the relationship between aesthetic attraction and romantic attraction... does one have to be aesthetically attracted to someone to develop romantic feelings for them? or are the two totally unrelated? (this is super confusing sry
I'm ace & romantically attracted to my best friend (goodness this is so cliche) and don't really care how she looks. But I feel strong aesthetic attractions to artists/stars. Like, the attraction's stronger if I'm familiar with their works, but sometimes it's just the looks that appeal. I do feel weird that ppl develop romantic feelings towards celebrities...or ppl they don't know well about in general. I also feel kind of guilty for not caring about my friend's beauty when I'm aesthetically attracted to total strangers.
Thanks for reading this! Your blog has been a primary source of support since I realised I'm ace. Best wishes to you and all the aspec ppl who're reading this!
It’s one of those things that vary from person to person. For people who experience both types of attraction, some people do need to experience aesthetic attraction to experience romantic attraction, some experience them both together at the same time. Some experience them completely separately, and for some people it can vary.
Some people can only experience different types of attraction separately, so they’ll never be attracted to the same person in more than one way. And some people experience different types of attraction very differently.
So yeah this is a lot of words to say that it’s totally normal for you to be experiencing romantic attraction and aesthetic attraction to different people. I’d also like to add this is something that’s completely outside of your control, so you’re not doing anything wrong not being aesthetically attracted to your friend. There’s also a lot of things to appreciate about a person other than just how they look. And I’m sure there’s a lot of things that make your friend really special and interesting you do care about.
And thank you so much, and all the best!
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peacockhermit · 2 months ago
Man so I got my new oracle deck today and its fucking great but it keeps reminding me of mensis and that........... God no. Like it (not its fault) keeps snapping me back to that reality and its making me think like. I was wondering what the point was with making it so close to reality irt alchemical ideas? What was the point making it so close to reality but Just Not? Ugh. Because the closer it is to reality the easier it is to get trapped and stay trapped in the illusion. A spiders web is hard to determine for a fucking reason
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